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OMG Montreal. what the fucking hell.

~~~~(((Montreal sisters and brothers)))~~~~
*~*~montreal college students*~*~*

(((sidecar family))) i'm glad you feel the bustie love, i know for our part we lurve you lots! *mwah* wink.gif

(((danny & mandi))) sad you have to take a break (just when i finally get back), but totally understand it too.

(((rose))) we all need pics of corgis on beaches! yay! smile.gif

i consider y'all my friends too, and i really think busties are fantastic, especially when life is tough and you've gotta vent.

(((bunny))) that's a very hard one. i hope you ~*~*~get the dissertation finished by friday~*~*~

welcome maddy! kvetch is the best, you'll love it here!

oh, and i'm a bit confused in here right now but i'm not looking into it since i don't need any extra 'drama' right now.

about work, the director of the board purposely left us out on what exactly happened w/my boss since she didn't want us to feel like we had a direct hand in it (although our recent 'testimony' in front of the board last week about having 'no confidence' in the boss couldn't have helped). i think some other things came out at the board meeting, in a way i'm glad i don't know cause then no one can ask me (i hate lying to people or leaving out things), i need to remain professional in front of my colleagues. my theory is that she was doing some strange things with money and not paying bills in order for the bills to pile up and wqe'd accumulate more debt so that the past executive director could not get a financial package that was promised to her by December 31 yet she still didn't get --it's a long story, but i was afraid i was going to lose my job if she stayed, especially after i had to testify 'no confidence' in front of her. things were really strained and i'm hoping now they go back to normal and the things i once loved about this place (the fact that we're a progressive organization that advocates in addition to providing services, plus having a very flexible workplace and schedule not to mention the and the culture of quality and empowerment that we're taught and refreshed on regularly --now i'm hoping we'll go back to that).
Okay, I am trying on the bold font for size since my color appears pale for some of ya. I admit that I am only skimming through, side stepping the carnage and what not. Stopping in to say I love Kvetch sincerely. And that I know I need to just keep my self in here. I tell my self this every so often, so when will I learn? (note to self: flaming should stay confined to flamewar, where you can say it in jest)

~~~~~montreal students~~~~~~ how awful sad.gif

(((((sidecar)))))) my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family still sweetie. and lots hugs too.
(((crassy))) here's hoping things straighten out at work for ya quickly.
(((mandi))) ~~~~get better danny's tum-tum~~~~
mad love for rose and the link to the corgis wub.gif
(((bunny))) for many and varied reasons
(((mornington))) for listening to my crap too and for the sweet messages!
hi maddy, welcome to kvetch smile.gif
(((polly, amilita, plummie, tallgirl, msp, faith, raisin, syb, fina, billy, dusty, tempest, luci, treehugger, cstars, vesica, tes, sheff, lys, everyone, I know I'm forgetting some!)))))
yeah, where is damona? wondering how little d is doing? and ladylib too?
all kvetchies, new and old, 'solid' or lurking, I loves you, I do, I do, I do!

and can ya'll spare some vibes for my arm, it hurts really bad and I have no idea why. BTW, last night was a bust (no pun intended).

I passed the home check! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

I've got a dog! Woo!


just watched the news though - ****montreal college students****

so glad i found the complain thread- ok, what kind of annoying roommate sets up roommate dinner tonight around 7ish. She said her mom was flying in at 10:30. Now she says, oops-I have to pick her up at 7:30, but we can still clean and have dinner, maybe i can start dinner or something before i leave, and then we can all eat together when we get home. ok, if her flight gets in at 7:30, you won't be home until close to 9. i'm not going to hang around and wait on her g.d. schedule! we already cancelled dinner on monday because she was so late getting home. grrrr. she's a sweetie but sometimes drives me nuts.

she also wants to invite a random homeless woman who hangs out by the bus stop bugging people, to brunch with her mom, our new roomie and new roomie's boyfriend. that's weird, right? me and new roomie are like "i don't 'wanna be mean, but that's weird." what do y'all think?
Yay! He's so cute Mornington (I can't gush enough!)
Mornington, yay for puppy! My co-worker just got a kitty last night. So jeolous. I guess I just need to find an apartment that accepts pets first.

Maddy, that sounds weird.

Roommate bitchfest. She comes home LATE last night at like 2 a.m., and woke my ass up. Not to mention that she didn't tell the landlady where the hell she was (we all rent rooms here). So, landlady was all over my case about it, and I had no idea where the fuck she was.

Ugh. And got shitty (literally) stomach bug from my boss's boss today. WHY the fuck do people come to work sick, and then affect all the rest of us. Fuckwads. I so loathe my job, but that's for the Working Grrl thread I guess.

((All Busties...))
((((((((( the students and other people of Montreal )))))))))) What a terrible story. What on earth compels a person to do something like this?

Maddy, I must agree. That sounds pretty strange. And jut so you know, this thread is about much more than complaining! It's about general fun and chatter and support, too. Stick around! smile.gif

Hooray for Mornington & the new pupper!

Yuefie, I forgot to say so earlier, but I've never had a problem reading your posts. It doesn't come off as small to me. How very strange! I wonder if it varies by web browser. It would be interesting to know whether the people having problems reading your posts are on Firefox or something.

Crassy, how strange! But at least she is no longer in your hair and you can finally start to move on, right?

((((((Sapphy, wherever she may be))))))
((((((Bunny)))))) You better be getting some work done, hon!
(((((((((( all of you ))))))))))
((mornington)) yay for the doggie.


((yuefie’s arm))

((crassy)) I hope your job gets back to normal.

((fina)) Boo to useless training.

((rose)) Glad you made a friend, it’s hard when you move a place where you don’t know anyone.

((amilita)) Glad you are enjoying your vacation.

((sidecar)) Sorry to hear about your grandpa.

((luci)) Congrats on your engagement.

Twin DM arrived last Friday, and to my surprise Mom DM came too. I walked off the elevator at work and she was standing there. I had no idea she was coming. We all had a nice time. Mom DM rode the subway, and didn’t freak out. We walked and walked and walked, ate tons of food, shopped, saw films and just had a good time.
Mornington--for your subversive cross-stitching, might I suggest


or perhaps (my friend has this in his office):

(((sassy-luv))) nice to see you 'round these parts smile.gif

(((dm)))) yay for a good visit with dm-twin & mom!

yay for new (((mornington-pupper))) what'cha gonna name him?

ugh. my arm hurts so much and I have no idea what I did to it. it starts right below the elbow, but on the top part of my arm and goes all the way down almost to my wrist. I can't straighten it out all the way either, and now my shoulder is beginning to ache. I am only a few weeks away from my insurance kicking in, but owwwwww. I am going to go take some advil now. oh and this gives me a chance to use my toasty chocolate bear davey to the full extent. he is the cutest little bear filled with lavender and other goodies and he serves as a hot or cold compress too. he's was a birthday gift that showed up on my doorstep from a very special friend smile.gif

Is it really awful that I just can't handle news right now? I news-overload constantly and once in a while all the pain in the world triggers a panic attack or depressive episode, so I go on hiatus, which I am currently on. I can't read about Montreal right now...but if it's awful, as I'm sure it is, how dreadful and horrid...((montreal and canada in general and families and students))

Mornington, puppers!!! Mornington, puppers!!! can't say anything but that...a solid chant of "Puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy!" I'm so jealous!!! Yay!!!

*sheepish* yeah, I kept quiet about the yuefie font...rv's is small, too, when I first open up the intarwebs, but I can increase the size on my browser, which I do anyway, so y'all do what you want with your personal text. Personally, I make it huge. Mr.Luci laughs at me about that.

ugh, sassy and maddy, roommate drama sucks goats and other ungulents and ruminents

((yuefie arm))


Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper

Go to this blog. Read it. Love it. Laugh with it. This woman cracks my shit up. If you don't read her already, you should start now.


I wonder if Danny is feeling any better. I hope so.

And speaking of MIA kvetchies, Dina shows up just enough to tempt us all and then is not seen again. I still want to know the story of the move!

That whole Montreal thing is so horrible, even worse with the memories it must be bringing up.

I just feel all bleaaachhh today. I can't explain it other than that. Just---yuck. It annoys me.

And in the general annoyance vein, I made some fresh corn tamales today (I can do most of the work sitting down, which is good right now). B/c my parents don't have a proper steamer (who doesn't have a veg steamer?) I had to use a stupid colander, which meant I couldn't get htem all in one batch, so had to steam them in two. The second one (which I asked them to watch and even set the timer for) had all the water burn away and they now smell like smoke. I'm more irritated than I should be that I did all that work and as far as I"m concerned half the batch is inedible.

Maybe I just need some nutella.

Mornington--I hope we get to see pictures of the new puppy!

(((anoushh))) I have days like that. The only cure I've found is moping around, watching sappy movies, eating chocolate and taking it out on anyone who crosses my path. And... gah on the tamales.

There's a picture on la myspace and flickr. It's the same picture, I only have one.... at the moment.

(((sassy))) & (((maddy))) feh and poxes on roomates.

(((luci))) That's basically what I've been doing since half ten last night... going "yay puppy". Even though I know he's not really a puppy.

(((yuefie))) ***arm feel better*** I'm gonna call him Indigo

(((dm))) yay for mums! and twins too!


(((rose, mando ***danny's tummy***, txplum, tg, raisin, polly, faith, bunny ***mm, work***, fina, tempest, msp, dina, flanker, pink and everyone else)))

but especially (((((sidecar)))))

It's an urgh day today. I've got to go pick up two letters - apparently they were a whole twenty-three pence short so they're going to charge me for that, and then a "handling fee". They won't deliver them and we couldn't find the depot last week as it appears to be a secret magical depot where only true believers can see it. I suspect it might be possible to go through the supermarket car park.

And then I'm gonna go buy stuff for Indigo. I'm torn between getting a cage and not - I might ring the rescue and see what they advise - but I have to get bowls and toys and treats and... dog stuff laugh.gif .

I am hopelessly over-excited. Excuse me.

((((everyone)))) *mwah*

Need to go on nutella run tonight....

Mornington, cool name!

Bloody fucking insomnia, damn nightmares.... .Bleh.
I'm with you sassy, both nightmares and insomnia blow. (((((sassy))))

(((luci))) I have purposely avoided watching any television or listening to any radio these past few days. Part of me feels bad, the other part says screw it, self preservation...

Yay for (((mornington & indigo)))!

and a big boo hiss on shitty roomies. speaking of which... mine has his plane ticket booked for the first of Nov., squeee!

On top of my usual insomnia, my arm is keeeeling me. I picked up my dog, who weighs about 16 lbs (give or take) and pain shot up my entire arm. If it keeps it up I will be visiting the urgent care for an xray or something.

(((((kvetchettes & kvetchers)))))

(is the red easier on the eyes everyone?)

Yue, like the red font better.

Yes, insomnia and bad nightmares blow. But, Eddie is helping per usual.
I was trying to avoid the news....

I just went to CNN to get the latest on montreal. I'm updated now, but there were links to footage saying things like 'watch students flee in terror--click here'. We live in a fucked up world.

Anoushh, you definitely need nutella.

TG, cheers for the blog link: I like her not-a-mom-blog disclaimer.

Eeeee for new dog mornington! I like Indigo as a name.

I too had insomnia then slept way too late, so I have to speed-read this afternoon to catch up.

Bunnyb, your dilemna's a tough one. Go nuts now and finish for Friday if you can and if you're happy with the result. Good luck!
I only just read about montreal this morning. It's awful, i can't even begin to understand.

(((((Crassy)))))i like the colour of your font!

Yay for new pets! I really want a kitty..and we sure need one because i saw what i'm afraid is a rat behind our house *shudder*

I went to the presentation of a prestigious fashion price yesterday. It was very fancy, in some hip establishment in Amsterdam. I went with a friend of mine, who also designs clothes. It was invites only, and i really don't know why i'm getting invites from the magazin who organizes all this. I'm not even a member! But hey, i'm not complaining, i sure like goodie bags! And free drinks and food. And looking at all these people who think they're important and hip and all.
We had a great night, and i overslept a bit today. But here i am again, sitting behind my beloved computer. It 's got a 20 inch screen, i bought it secondhand. It's a joy to work with.

Ptoo on thoughtless roommates even though they're sweet sometimes.

And even more ptoo on stupid jobs and the complete unnecessary hassle they (and colleagues) bring.

(((((((Yuefie)))))))Scary..i hope your arm gets better soon. Take enough rest, use your arm as little as possible, and relax. That beart sounds like a good help:)

I really should drop by more often *pinches self* really!

The boy says no to manchester and is cross with me for not telling him how behind I was (didn't want him to be ashamed, he says he's just disappointed for me...) so his mum is going instead. As he says, we have the rest of our lives together and I have one shot at the dissertation. Gah, I hate when he's right. He's also putting his foot down about his leaving night tonight - I don't have time to go; I'm going to have to use my feminine wiles for that one...

I'm being productive; it helps disconnecting. I'm still raw about things about the way things went down in the confessions thread but I'll get over it.

Yay for indigo accessories buying! It makes me smile that mornington is so happy and squeeful!

*~*~*~*yuefie's arm*~*~*~*

yay for designermedusa and sonik sightings.

(((everyone else))) sorry I can't vibe individually, I do need to single out (((sidecar))) though - despite what she's going through she still took time to worry about me and that means so much to me. Sidecar is a star in a currently bleak sky (ugh, melodrama much?!) smile.gif.
(((((sonik))))) so nice to see you smile.gif

(((tallgirl))) I skimmed through that blog and immediately cracked up. Sounds like a good read.

((((bunny baby)))) if I had the power to teleport you here, we'd go have tapas and sangria in down town San Diego, then to Ghiradelli's for some ice cream, and check out all the sights. But alas, I do not. And since you have a dissertation to write I am sending you ~~~much dissertation-ass whooping!~~~ vibage.

And I agree that sidecar is just plain rad. (((((sidecar)))) & (((((sidecar's loved ones))))) continued thoughts and ~~~~soothing~~~~

~~~continued thoughts with the montreal college students and their families as well~~~


Rose, I meant to mention this earlier but when I was in Orlando with my mum the highlight of our trip was Discovery Cove, it's certainly a bit pricey considering you'll likely get multi-day passes for all things Disney and this is not under the disney umbrella but it is really so fab, they have beaches and bird sanctuary and a nice faux lake with fish and manta rays that you swim with, and a river with a current that you float around with a mask and snorkel (plus you get to keep the snorkel so you know you are not getting a used one). You can also swim with dolphins although of course that costs extra. Aside from the dolphins though, absolutely everything is included in the entry fee. We went in january so it was a bit chilly but they had wetsuits for everyone and it was absolutely superb. They had barracudas too but they were behind a pane of glass in the fake submarine.

We also hired a canoe in the bogs just outside of town and paddled down a nice river with mangroves etc, it was pretty cool and so quiet considering it was right by the highway. We were really disappointed we didn't get to go to Gatorland, as it looks like great naff fun. Apart from these bits I thought Orlando was just hideous but to be fair it's just not my kind of place.
quickie fly-by:

danny's a little better. either the previcid is finally kicking in, or the stomach upset is running it's usual 4-day course. the good news is, i pleaded my case and got him in to see an adult gastroenterologist (whom coworker adores) on tuesday. so hopefully we'll finally get a diagnosis/treatment soon. he's making an attempt at school today, so continued healthy vibes for my little man would be appreciated.

i'm sad about montreal.
i'm sad about ann richards.
i'm sad that i don't quite feel safe here anymore.

QUOTE(mandolyn @ Sep 14 2006, 09:16 AM) *

i'm sad that i don't quite feel safe here anymore.


This too shall pass.

*breaks out the virtual hairbrush*
Hey hey hey lovely busties. I hardly EVER post in here (or anywhere else actually), but I do lurk.
Just wanted to congratulate lucizoe, and send dissertation vibes to bunnyb.
I've just arranged an extension for an essay that was due tomorrow, and what am I doing with my reprieve? I'm busting instead of working.
*marvels at own lack of discipline*

Yuefie, that is the funniest icon picture evar. I like that you're posting in red as well.

Mornington, do you know the song "Indigo Eyes" by Peter Murphy? I know I'm something like twice your age, but you seem like you'd be hip to these sorts of things. I hope he gets along well with Pete. Do you have any other way of separating the two (besides the bun's cage), like a separate room or a door, for when you're not at home and can't supervise them?

Sidecar, I'm thinking about you a lot. I still miss my sweet grandfather who died when I was in high school.

Anoushh, how's your pregnancy progressing? (Uh, I don't have a vegetable steamer! ::laughing:: )

Sonik, yes, you should come by more often.

Bunny, get to work on the dissertation. I am so familiar with the procrastination demons. It's all for your own good and your boyfriend sounds like a keeper.

(((Mando))) Don't let the bastids get you down.

Yesterday I did a bit of soap opera work, so I was off in la-la land of moronic dialogue and wasn't exposed much to the repeat footage of the Montreal shooting. Yeah, self-preservation.

Der... I've been going to bed too late and waking up even later this week. Why is it only Thursday? As you can see, I have nothing of substance to contrubute this morning, just saying hi.

Brrr! I'm freezing.
Drive-by anti-kvetch: I got my new insurance info today and I'll be able to keep seeing my old doctor without paying heinous fees! Her practice had dropped out of the insurance I had at my old job as of January 1, 2006 (which they failed to tell me when I made an appointment for January in December, so i got stuck with the cost!) But she's in network on my new insurance! I've literally known her all my life- she was the doctor on call when my mom went into labor with me, so I was pissed when I couldn't go see her again.

She's just a GP, but she's always done my gynecological stuff. I may still go to a real gynecologist in addition to her though- I'd like to make a plan to deal with my PCOS and how I can eventually go off my birth control pills without the horrendous side effects of my period coming back.

((Hugs to all!))
mornington, i highly recommend getting a crate. dogs do rather dig them (i don't know why) and it seems to calm sophie down. she usually looks forward to being in it. put in a dog bed, a couple toys and some water and indigo should be happy.

still fighting off a cold, on top of everything else. oh, and something's going on downstairs if you know what i mean (of course). bleh. wake is tomorrow afternoon, funeral on saturday.

((((mando))))) i think there's a lot of bluster and not much substance, fwiw. this will certainly pass.
Mando, what sidecar said. It'll blow over soon enough.

This from me who shrank from the furore. I will endeavour to kick ass in future squabbles.

Hope you feel better soon sidecar! And ongoing (((sidecar and family)))

Bunnyb, it's too easy to be evasive about your work in academia to your nearest and dearest; I do the same myself. Beware the temptation!

I've been autumnal clothes shopping instead of working. I suck... but at least I'll look nice at meetings. cool.gif

woohoo for getting a dog!! i wanna see a picture, can you direct me mornington? and i 2nd the thing about the crate. it's 'zeke's room" where he goes to bed at night and when he wants some quiet time.


maddy, did she say "why" she wants this homeless woman to brunch w/y'all?

dm, yay for your visit, it sounds fun!

i want a toasty teddy bear. my favorite bunny (yes, ladies i do sleeop with a stuffed animal) is in the wash cause the mr. says he's filthy--and he's been down there for 3 days now. sad.gif *pout*

*hands anoushh a big jar of nuttella and a spoon* yum!

(((yuefie's arm)))



polly, awesome you can keep your regular doc! when you find one that's good it sucks to lose one due to stupid insurance policies!

i'm wearing a skirt & haven't shaved my legs in 3 days. i don't care. i still look cute. tongue.gif

hey everyone smile.gif

that's exciting about a dog-i'm not a personal fan, but my dad's dog is literally his best friend, and they are pretty dang cute together. the dog is an airedale (sp?) and he loooooves his cage, but i guess that's also how they are raised. i guess theylike the security of it, it's smaller and feels cozy to them. although i can't imagine our old bratty dogs EVER going into a cage!

about the homeless woman at brunch-my new roomie told me that she was like "oh if we see her at the farmer's market that morning we'll have to invite her." new roomie was like "oh, you know her" she's like "well she talks to me at the bus stop." she's very sweet but it's like just weird to invite a total stranger to brunchwith your mom right?

yuefie your injury sounds very hurty! can you think of anything you might have done? holding your dog a lot? or sleeping in a weird way? is it like a pulled muslce feeling? weird.

toaster teddy bear sounds like one of the coolest things i've ever heard of. sounds like such a great gift to give someone who's sick, or grieving, or whatever. i have to check it out.

i sleep with my dog, fred-he's a discovery toys stuffed animal and he's very soft and squishy. my sister got himfor me cause she "felt bad that i didn't have anyone to sleep with." hah. but i actually love him despite that. sometimes i wake up on the weekends and fred is hanging out with my boyfriend and it cracks my ass up.
I guess I ought to get a crate. I was fairly certain about it, but they're not common here - or at least I've not seen much of them. All the ones I've seen have been tiny - I'll have to ask the rescue if they know of somewhere that sells big ones.

crassy, he's here. I too still sleep with a stuffed bear. I love him to bits, but not as much as I love my tiny koala bear who G threatened today and made me cry. He was joking, but as I said, it's equivalent to threatening to turn pete into pie for me.

(((syb))) hey, shopping is essential!

(((bunny))) I know it's gonna be hard, but I think the boy is right (and definitely a keeper, but you know that). ***dissertation vibes*** you know you can do it.

(((mando))) it will pass. And yay for danny feeling better but ***tummy*** still.

yay! (((polly))) that is good news

(((raisin))) pete won't leave the living room - he hates hates hates the slippy hall floor and still won't go there even though there are rug all over it. So I figure I can keep them separate that way. Also, I'm still off for a few weeks so I can settle them in together. If nothing else, I can keep Indigo muzzled when Pete's free-range. He's one of those dogs they're not sure about - he used to race, but given the chance he could be fine.

And the name... well, that was partly F's idea (he said General Indigo) - but there's also a song by Watershed called "Indigo Girls" that I adore. I've got a feeling I've heard Indigo Eyes as well - I'll have to go find it though.

((((((sidecar))))) ***go away cold***

(((sonik))) hello stranger!

(((rose, yuefie, sassy, funnybird, vesica, fina and everyone else)))

So, yeah, G made me cry. We made up, but... still. Bleh.

kvetch: I'm going to have to wash up. I hate washing up. Feh on washing up *strops*

I got lots of toys and that - I just need a bed. I've got a blanket, but nowhere sold really huuuuge dog beds.


thanks for the dissertation vibes, you gals rock (I really appreciate the de-lurk funnybird - good luck to you too!) smile.gif.

it's getting there and bunnymama has conferred with the boy and is threatening to disconnect my internet access here too so if I disappear that will be why ...

he is definitely a keeper, this I've known for a very long time smile.gif. Today he was in tears for his impending leaving whilst I am in such a state ... he is not usually soppy but when he is it means so much. he's just left mine a min ago after doing a fly-by to drop of bunnymama's birthday pressie and away out with friends whilst I type ... ah well, my own fault for procrastinating for the entire summer!

anyway, enough about me. yuefie, how's the arm? mornington, what did you buy for indigo (he was so not a "boss")? had an interesting experience earlier when mandoo and pebbles met for the first time, neither batted an eyelid, however.

(((mando))) do. not. allow. she-who-shall-no-longer-be-named. to. win. you hear me? it was a lot of hot steam and you will receive the wrath of bunny if you persist - think killer white rabbit in monty python and the holy grail!!!

(((rose))) I've left you a little gift in burning busting trolls.

(((lucizoe))) for joining the club of sidecar and yuefie.

~*~*~*ongoing vibes and love for sidecar~*~*~*

maddy, yuefie and crassy, I sleep with a tweetie-pie and also beddy bear in lilac for when I have cramp.

(((sonik, raisingirl, polly, sassy, sybarite, vesicapisces, pixiedust, dusty, amilita, anoushh, tesao, txplumwine, tallgirl, billy, PJ, sapphy and everyone I've missed)))
Pumpkin ice cream. Yuummmmmmmmmmmm.

(I'm having a very hard time eating of late but not a hard time thinking about food. Not by any means.)

((Mandolyn)) I really hope I didn't contribute to that feeling. And if I did, I"m sorry.

I thought about getting a crate for Lily when she was a baby, but it became very quickly apparent she wasn't a crate dog. Lots of dogs do well in them and find them comforting, but not every dog needs one or likes it. So don't feel you have to have a crate, thought it might be worth trying one.

(How's that for a completely unhelpful bit of advice?)
All right, Anoushh, pass the pumpkin ice cream over here and no one gets hurt... ;-)

Hugs to any who need em and huzzahs for dogs and teddy bears!

It's my day off and Mavacado is playing beside me. Aww. She is learning more and more words. It's just so fun! She wants me off the computer, tho. We video conference with Ze Love at lunchtime, so she keeps pointing to the screen, asking for daddy.

Not much happening over here, altho I was soooo sick yesterday that I threw up at work. I managed to make it through all day. I have a lovely sinus infection and my doctor was mightily impressed by the redness of my throat. I was all, yah yah just give me the meds. Really, I hate taking the time off from work (an hour oy), walking 10 blocks there, feeling like death, waiting around and walking back, all for an Rx for something I could have told her I had. Bah. Oh and the bill.

Anyway, she told me to rest. I went to bed at 9pm and slept till 6am. Then, I dozed all morning while Mavacado watched Fraggle Rock (her addiction). Bad mommy! But, uh, we went to the park later! *cheesy grin*

Hope everyone has a good day, gotta make a snack for the kid.
Oh! Talking mavacado! ((Mavin)) and ((sonik)) so good to see you both. Bunny it sounds like you are pulling the dissertation together, I am proud of you.

extra ((((mando)))) just cuz.

(((sidecar and fam))) Go away cold! and any other bothers for Sidecar, she has enough to deal with.

~*~*~*yueffi and her arm~*~*~*~* I like the new font and the bolded font.

Annoush, you sound like an excellent cook, I love tamales.

Congrats on Indigo Mornington!

Welcome Maddy!

Fie on bad and/or annoying roommates.

(Crassy, syb, dm and fam, fina, vesica, raisin, polly, any bustie I may have missed).

kvetch: my mood is still haywire, I went to my holistic lady and she was running late and I burst into tears. Losing my shit, I am.
Awww, ((((faith)))) and ((((mando)))) too. Extra tight *hugs*.
((((sidecar & fam))))) ~~~stay away cold!~~~
awww mavacado sounds so cute and has to be the cutest nickname ever! ((((mavin)))) ~~~feel better~~~
Yay for being able to keep your doc polly! You suffer from PCOS too? Ugh.
(((bunny))) get your work done or else!
((((raisin))) just 'cause
Hey funnybird, come back again soon. Kvetch is a very supportive and great place to hang out on at the lounge. It's my favorite, can you tell? rolleyes.gif
And yes, it's great to see so many people in here lately.
(((sonik, mavin, surly, sassy, luci, maddy, cstars, treehugger, crassy, tallgirl, msp, flanker, sheff, rose, mornington, amilita, anoushh, syb, fina, billy, plummie, vesica, dm, sapphy, tes, damona, anybody I missed)))
~~~~~mutli purpose vibes all around~~~~~

I am deleriously tired due to my inability to sleep last night. Thanks for all the vibes for my arm. It still hurts like crazy and it's up in my shoulder pretty bad now too. I am thinking I slept on it wrong, because I don't recall doing anything jarring to it. It ached a bit yesterday when I woke up, but the pain progressed as the day went on. By last night I was in agony. I have this hippy dippy all natural soothing rub stuff a friend gave me, so I am going to have a shower, put it on, warm up my Davey bear and have a nap. Luckily for me I got off early today, so I am already home. I had lunch with a dear friend and her adorable toddler Lily, who is one of the most free spirited and sweet natured children I have ever been around. She is a serious cuddle bug, and suprised her mom and I both by how quickly she has taken to me. Though I haven't been around her much since she was born, I was with her mom mostly every day of her pregancy and talked to Lily all the time. I used to tell her I couldn't wait for her to be done so she could come out and play, hee. So maybe somehow she remembers my voice? I dunno, but I do know she's crazy about me which I must admit, tickles me to no end. She wanted to get out of her seat several times at lunch because she wanted to hug. So we settled for blowing kisses at eachother. Afterwards we went and walked around the lake near my place, and let Lily feed the ducks. I think I am going to hang out with her on Saturday night so mom and dad can go out smile.gif
Drive-by, with kvetch and anti-kvetch....

Kvetch: Somehow, I injured my neck/shoulder early in the week. Hurts like hell. Luckily, my dr. called in a muscle relaxer, and now I can sleep at night.

Anti-kvetch: The mr. keeps getting better and better. And now he's well enough to help around the house again! I have him loading the washing machine.

~~~~~vibes~~~~~~ and (((((hugs))))) to all!
((yuefie)) Continued vibes for your arm.

((mornington)) I was at your MySpace, and realized you got a new bunny? He is so cute. Your new doggie is adorable too. Yay for pets.

((sonic)) Yay for goodie bags.

((bunny)) Good luck with the dissertation.

((sidecar and family))

((danny)) Yay for feeling better, and getting an appointment.

((mando)) Feel better.

((polly)) Yay for good insurance.

((crassy)) Yay for wearing a skirt and not worrying about shaving. I do that sometimes.

((maddy)) Welcome, and yay for airedales.

((tempest)) Hope your neck and shoulder feels better soon.

((anoushh, mavin, faith))

Tomorrow is Friday. Yay.

((yuefie arm))

((all bustie love))

Feel a little better. Today gives all new meaning to the term: Shit Happens.

Off to watch Grey's Anatomy, and drooling over McDreamy.

Tomorrow is the weekend!

Shit happens indeed, but when it's someone elses... Oy Vey. (((sassy)))

((((sidecar))) Ugh. Sorry life seems to be crapping on you too. *hugs*

(((tempest))) ~~~neck & shoulder feel better~~~ and yay for the mr. being well enough to load the dishes!


I had that nap and now I almost wish I hadn't. I've got a lovely headache, which I'm sure is due to my out of whack sleeping schedule. I think I will feel better after something to drink and a light dinner. I know one thing for sure, I will not have a problem sleeping tonight because I've got a hot date with a muscle relaxer. My shoulder hurts even more, but still not as bad as my arm does. I can't put any weight on it without feeling the pain. Time to see someone about it. Ugh.

Early tomorrow morning we leave for home...I had some days that I felt like I never wanted to go back, but now I'm ready. I really miss the kitties!

Yesterday, we went whale watching, which was fun despite being A) somewhat drowsy thanks to the free dramamine and B) somewhat nauseated despite the dramamine. But it was cool to see the whales...many humpbacks, including 3 different mamma/calf pairs, and a fin whale doing a side lunge. Or something pretty like that. And a harbor seal doing his little cute swim. Boy I love those guys. Then we ate clammy chowder and boiled lobsters.

Today, we walked around a marsh and went to a couple beaches and walked around. Then it was raining, so we walked to this Italian place down the street. Now we're chilling in our cute place...I never told you guys about this place. It's above a harbor, so you can hear the water when the tide is high and hear the seagulls. It's decorated all rustic antique-y. The quilts on the bed are hand-stiched! *sigh* It's been a great vacation. The one thing I haven't loved is our teeny shower stall...can't wait to take a long, hot bubbly bath tomorrow night...with Wally walking along the edge as usual, I hope!

I've been skimming, but I'll get back to really keeping up when I get home. So I'm sending (((hugs))) to you all.
Oh, Amilita, you're so close yet so far!
Hello all.

(((sassy))) for your shitty day.

(((sidecar))) for your shitty week.



~*~*~yuefie's headache~*~*~*

~*~*~tempest's neck~*~*~*~

kvetch: tried to buy concert tickets for The Killers this morning but that was a huge ol' waste of time. First my internet connection played up and then ticketmaster (I am so cross about that) and then they sold out. Now there are tons of tickets on ebay for extortionate prices. with two cities now to choose from to go see a band, this should be easier. now i need to get to the dissertation.

anti-kvetch: my very pretty irregular choice boots arrived this morning but (minor kvetch) I'm thinking of exchanging them for bigger size as forgot IC are small made.

undies: still in pjs. update later.


eta: as subversive as my cross stitch gets is little blue bear and eeyore.
((sidecar)) for you shitty week.





((everyone else I forgot))

undies: still in my pjs, need coffee. Just woke up.

Funny enough I read my horoscope last night for this week and it mentioned about overcoming an obstacle that was out of my control. Heh.

Happy Friday my busties!!

(((bunny))) ticketmaster is the spawn of satan. evil evil ticketmaster. five fucking quid for handling my arse. mad.gif ****dissertation vibes****
yay for wales (((amilita))) I'm so very jealous
(((yuefie))) ****arm feel better****
(((tempest))) ***neck feel better*** & yay for mr tempest
(((faith))) ****hold on**** and muchos hugs
(((mavin))) & (((mavacado))) ***infection be gone***
(((anoushh))) the rescue don't say anything about a crate - just a bed. I think I'll go for a bed and see...
(((mando))) how's danny today?

Woken up by ups with my box to send ibook away - arranged for collection this afternoon so about to rush off into town to see if another pet shop sells huuuuge dog beds - I have a blanket for him but no actual bed. And then I have to get it on the tube laugh.gif . But... got squee-inducingly sweet email from F this morning. I think I'm starting to heart him, which is confusing and impractical. Ah well.

and I am still in my pjs, despite it being half past eleven. Must... shower... dress... self...

happy friday (((((everyone))))) *mwah*
I agree with mornington on ticketmaster being evil spawn on the devil... they handed me my arse for my tom petty tickets.
arse, arse, arse, how I love that word! it's yuefie's fave too.

I hate that silly little thing where you have to type in the "word" they display - it's a made up, nonsense word! and today nothing was being displayed! grrrr. ah well, supposedly the killers aren't too good live but I would have preferred to make up my own mind.

I am, however, making a £50 (pounds, yes) profit so far on my Cardiff Scissor Sisters dumbass mistake, with 12 hours to go! don't mind so much now and at least I'm being honest by starting the bidding at face value (plus arse fee).

amilita was in wales? wink.gif

I've been up for hours and I need major amounts of caffeine. Going to be a loooooooooooooooooong day.

Giggles at image of mornington on tube with huge dog basket. Do ikea do dog beds? Cath Kidston does!
I concur: Ticketmaster do suck. Have you tried See Tickets and bunnyb?

My professor emailed me to say she would be in the British Library today if I wanted to talk to her about my essay crisis. Which is super nice of her, but I'm putting off going because I feel like a loser for having got into such mess in the first place. Must pull myself together. Would rather go back to bed.

Tomorrow is Architect Boy's and my first wedding anniversary. Woo Hoo! I can't believe it's been a whole year since I was getting my knickers in a twist over flowers and guest lists over in the 'Day to Remember' thread!

~~ Healing and dissertation vibes for those needing them~~

(((for everyone))).

Oh, and blue knickers and a white bra, both from good old Marks and Spencer.
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