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**sidecar and family** i've been mia here and didn't know he was ill. **hugs**
(((Sidecar and fam))) I'm so sorry.

Flyby, Mr. Dusty and I are in Quebec City, we came for a political convention. Its so lovely. We are headed for points east of here to go whale watching.

my condolences to sidecar and her family. i'm really sorry for your loss, no matter how expected it might be it's still always hard.

we got back from the states this morning and i am jet lagged as all hell. i just woke up from a two hour nap on the sofa and had no idea where i was.

it was a nice trip despite some family drama that went down during the first half. we went out for breakfast a lot and i drank as much coffee as possible.

while we were in san francisco we went to aquarius records and jeremy asked the guy behind the counter for some reccomendations and the first band he suggested was our friend spencer's band. we told him that we'd just been out for a pint with one of the members the weekend before and that the drummer has recently found jesus for the sake of his new girlfriend.

my brother is an air marshall and we have had a couple ragers about the value of racial profiling. it's been awhile since either of us has felt comfortable bringing it up so i don't know what his thoughts are on it these days, but i do know if anyone in the security queue is going to get asked to go in for the extra x ray screening, removal of shoes or thorough bag search it's going to be me. j says it's because i have shifty eyes. regardless, i'm kind of happy now that everyone has to remove their shoes. it makes me feel less singled out.

i still think i should get some sort air marshall's little sister exemption from all lines and security checkpoints, i know i'm a frequent traveller and a liberal and all and therefore a threat to the world in general, but seriously, like i'd embarrass my brother like that, come on!
((sidecar and family)) May your grandpa rest in peace.

((mando)) & ((rose)) Enjoy your kvetch hiatus. We all understand and wait patiently for your return!

As someone who has had to insert foot into mouth on these boards a few times before, I appreciate the fact that sometimes we can have these debates, and I know that sometimes things don't come across the way we want them to, and we say things that we didn't really mean, and in most cases we can get past it. I have faith that 99.9% of the Busties (and Busters) are decent, caring people and in the end, that's all that matters
(((Sidecar and family))) has had some really interesting stuff in its "Ask the Pilot" series by Patrick Smith about airport security and just how ineffectual and stupid it all is, and how it serves to give us the illusion of security rather than actual security (for example, the recent ban on gels and liquids, for god's sake.)

I'd really encourage people to read some of them.

(((Mandolyn))) You can smack me way harder than that right now, if that's how you feel! (Um, that sounds passive aggressive. I didnt' mean it that way. What I meant was it really is ok to tell me I'm full of shit if that's how you feel. You are being so nice and you don't have to be. Really.)

I don't know how your doctor handled it, and I'm not saying he did it right. I'm sorry if he just said 'no" and didn't help you come up with a plan or anything. (Personally I don't think that's the right way at all.) I can't say I know he did the right thing--I was just giving my impression. And whatever happened, I know this is hard, and I'm sorry about that.
{{{{stevie, love}}}} and your family.

Lacking in things to say (even if not lacking in thoughts) about the thunderstorms around the boards. Though I *will* say that TG has a talent for getting selected at security checkpoints - and she's six feet tall, fair, and naturally blonde.

Re: work today, to quote 10 Things I Hate About You: "The shit hath hitteth the fan." The boss is out for scheduled training, and then:

- Designer 2 didn't make it in yesterday...and only today, when he's out again, did we discover he's ill.
- Admin M is mysteriously out for the week - I'm very concerned, as I do not know if she's ill, has a family member ill, or if there was a death.
- Design Manager left early yesterday to go get checked out at hospital, and is still having tests today.

So it's just me, Designer M, and the Web Dude today, taking care of business. I'm about out of time to explain, but I could use some "hang in there/no big uglies" vibes for the three of us...please and thank you.
~*~*~*hang in there and no big uglies~*~*~* for txplumwine and her co-workers. For crassy and designermedusa whilst I'm at it.

I got an extension on my dissertation until Monday - woot! On the back of my sinusitis thingy. I'm very behind and lucky to get one so no taking the piss from now on. Promise.
QUOTE(surly @ Sep 12 2006, 11:32 AM) *

but i do know if anyone in the security queue is going to get asked to go in for the extra x ray screening, removal of shoes or thorough bag search it's going to be me.

MrP and I were stopped once for a full search. We had gone home for my mother's birthday day, and while we were there, my grandfather passed. Moral of the story was, we'd cancelled our old tickets and in order to get back, bought new, last-minute, one-way tickets to Washington, DC. My first reaction when they tapped us was, "what the..." then I realized, "oooooooh, yes, because I have a last-minute, one-way ticket to Washington, DC." I'd have stopped me, too.
(((((((sidecar and family))))))))) I am sorry sweetie.

Ha, that's funny about TG. I never fail to be selected for secondary when I travel. I've just come to accept it and expect it. I always wear slip on shoes, no jewelry. Hell, I once was questioned up and down because the scanner kept beeping on my the hooks of my bra! Whatever though, I would rather them question me up and down then pass me through because they thought I couldn't possibly be a threat, ya know?

((((faith))) thanks for sharing your story with us.

((((msp)))) and thanks for the links. you ma'am, are a wealth of good info!

hi dusty, glad you are enjoying Quebec with the mr smile.gif

(((anoushh))) I hope the chilbirthing class gets better for you

hey mavin and surly! stop by more often smile.gif

(((mandi & rose))) ~~~head petting and keeces~~~

(((bunny, polly, syb, dm, mornington, crassy, raisin, billy, fina, tempest, everyone)))

My apologies for the negativity being directed here in the first place. I am glad we've proven that differences can arise without the whole place going to pot. I love BUST, but Kvetch holds a special place in my heart. *cue cheesy music* Seriously though, you all got me through a really rough patch last year. Some of you helped me in real life, and I will never forget it. For all the differences we have, and the occasional bickering, we also have the outpouring of support, the opinions we all share, and the sense of community that far outweight the rest. *mwah* and huge hugs to all (((((kvetchies))))
((((((sidecar & family))))))

I always get stopped for a pat-down at airports - I wear a lot of bangles on one wrist (and a belt, usually) so I've got this pavlovian response of stepping through the detector and raising my arms. Every now and again I don't set it off and look a fool. In tripoli, they never paid any attention to the detector - except once. I set it off, and because I'm special (and female) they took me into a cubicle for the pat down. To protect my modesty *eye roll*. The security guard was pissed when she didn't find anything.

(((bunny))) go do some work, you idle toe-rag tongue.gif
****no big uglies**** for (((txplum))) & (((crassy)))
yay for holiday flybys (((dusty)))
(((who'd I miss?)))

so... my wireless card isn't working, so I get up, toddle into the apple store, and speak to the rudest woman i have ever come across and get sent to another company. I hand ibook in, and get told i need to ring apple to get a code as they need to extend the warranty - it runs out in a couple of days - so I ring apple. They tell me the company can get the code themselves and they won't give me one as it's in warranty. I tell the company this and they send me back to apple... i ring apple and they still won't give me the number, and then i get put though to repairs and they want to arrange collection! I'm going to get ibook back tomorrow and will call apple as I can't be bothered to be shuttled back and forth - and customer services make me want to hurt people with pointy sticks.

Hung out with G... email from F waiting. Spent waaaaaaaay too much money on beads and books. And carted G all round the shoe shops. Apparently I mess with his head laugh.gif .

((((everyone))) *mwah*
Ooooh, you're a stronger woman than me, mornington! I would have shoved the pointy stick up their ass and twisted. *okay, scary bunnyb taking a few, deep, cleansing breaths*. Apple are usually so good, I'm shocked. The boy loves apple and shoes!

what books did you buy? what books did you buy?!!! tell tell! I can read vicariously through you this week.

Yes, I am an idle toe-rag unsure.gif. Did you notice I've been erm productive around here, though? I guess it doesn't count?

Mmmm, just had some lovely Indian food. Mmmmm.
That's terrible, mornington. I've never gotten downright bad service from Apple like that. Hope it works out.
((((mornington)))) ugh. customer service issues are indeed enough to make one want to poke people with sharp sticks.

Again, my sincerest apologies for bringing that negativity in here by discussing the remark I made in confessions about callous people being pathetic. I stand by that remark though, because it was just my own opinion. I do feel a little bad for inciting a near riot in confessions now. I did not intend to. I was just saying how I felt, which is what I thought that thread is for. It's not like I addressed someone specifically and certainly didn't follow anyone in to other threads to continue. Nor did I become abusive or make prejudiced remarks. I just hate being responsible for starting yet another shit storm around here. Can you all tell as big of mouth as I have and as opinionated as I can be, I still hate conflict and fighting? *heavy sigh*

Yuefie, it happens. The shitstorms happen, then they die down. Hell, I'm just happy when it's not me starting it, 'cause I've been there plenty of times. I still think it's a better deal to air it out rather than read someone's nonsense and just sit there seething. I've seen it around here a little more recently, and although hey, I'm no fan of conflict, but I still think it's generally for the better. Good God, the number of times I've seen things that practically made my head pop off and bit my tongue for the sake of keeping peace. I don't think that helps anyone.

Oh, and thanks for the link love. Full disclosure: I work at the ACLU. I have that kind of shit at my fingertips.
((((yuefie)))) *mwah*. and (((msp))) who put it brilliantly.

bunny, I'm going back to shove and twist and shove again tomorrow. I couldn't get an appointment at the genius bar... and the people at the service center were less than helpful. The customer services at apple were really nice... gah. I've always had brilliant service from them before, and I'm tempted to blame the center. So I will.

I got *drum roll*... the sirens of titan - kurt vonnegut, Pale Fire - Nabokov, Beowoulf (penguin epics version), the ascendancy veil - chriss wooding (sf book I've been after as it's the last in a trilogy) and Subversive Cross-Stitch. Hurrah for student discounty goodness. Or maybe not, as it's faaaaaaaaaar to tempting.

I had curry. I'm on the wine now (hic - I know, drinking alone, bad) and about to go write F. His dad had to have a transfusion today and he stopped breathing... I feel so helpless but all I want to do is wrap both arms around him and hug him.
~*~*~sidecar family*~*~* (((sidecar))) i'm so sorry!



(((amilita))) being on vacation doesn't warrant a hug, but i lurve ya!

(((bunnyb))) you're the best!


(((yuefie))) what msp said.

(((txplum))) hang in there. i'm right with you in job weirdness because announcement:
our executive director was escorted out of the building today, the locks were changed and the am ex card in her name was promtly canceled. i don't know what exactly happened at the board meeting last night, but it's good news as far as all the managers are concerned. now of course comes the 'pain in the ass' extra work plus search/interviewing, etc. still, it's very good, and i for one am going to have a beer to celebrate as soon as i get home.

oh, and in more good news, the mr went to the dr. & found out that his clavicle bone is growing together with the electro-therapy thing and it's only about a 1/2 inch away from meeting in the middle! funny thing, over the weekend we saw a profile on ozzy osborne and it turns out he had the same surgery the mr. had. biggrin.gif
((((crassy))) darling, I love you even more for your signature. It's just made my day smile.gif

(((msp))) thanks, I needed to hear that. And yes, sometimes shit does need to be stirred up. And in that vein, I just stirred the pot a little more.

I am done now. Fuck it. I need to focus on real life. I love you all to pieces. Be back soon. *mwah*

(Belated reply to Yuefie's love note to us) I was thinking the other day about how I only have 2 BGP's IRL (and their respective husbands, who I'm also close friends with) and how that didn't seem like a lot of friends, and it struck me that I didn't feel like I was lacking in friends or lonely, but I couldn't figure out why. Then I realized that all of you fill that hole in my life, and I feel like I may as well know you in's like a 24-hour girl chat around here! wub.gif
why thank you crassy! *mwah*

(((yuefie))) yeah I'm off too. Been an exhausting day around here! The days of me being the peacemaker and biting my tongue are gone - beware! wink.gif

I'm going to try to be quiet over the next days -not cos of the shit that's been going on- but because I really need to do work without distraction.


eta: aw bless (((polly))).
what (((polly))) said is true, and I only realise it sometimes when someone else says it or there's a fight or a bad day but... 'tis true.

*goes back to cowering in fear of bunny* tongue.gif

(((((((((((Sidecar and family)))))))))))))))

Polly, what a very sweet thing to say. And how true!
rose, i only just noticed what you've got underneath your picture... I'm so very slow, but bwah-ha-ha-ha!
laugh.gif when did you change it? I was only looking at it earlier thinking "rose is the most advanced of us all"...

yep, not disappeared yet. You can keep cowering mornington, mwhahaha.

mm, bed. wine makes me sleepy... night all ((((busties)))) and... it's fuckin' tipping it down out there!

(((sidecar))) acos.
I love that busties are so civil and sweet, but tough as nails when called for. Ah, women. I wouldn't want to be anything else...(not that I don't love the busters and think men are great)

I'm being quiet after dipping my toe in earlier, but I wanted to echo the bustie-love. I don't have many face-to-face friends either, really, and I don't feel an absence...

(((sidecar))) I'm so sorry about your grampa...

tempest, I will totally take you up on that book offer (I promise to PM you this week). My mom really surprised me and said she thought we should have something a tad more formal than just a courthouse affair. It's out of character for her, which makes me think this means a lot to her. We're happy just to be married, but I'm willing to make some compromises for her (nothing huge; we're thinking nice dinner at one of the wineries near where our parents live following some sort of ceremony). Which means I need to get a clue, as I have none.

mornington, I am about to finish off the bottle of excessively cheap red wine that's been on the counter for three days...

I found out yesterday that because of a budget spreadsheet error two years ago, my conservatory program is short $40k, so in lieu of just canceling the classes (which is what the dean told them to do), they fired all the part-timers and all of my professors are teaching more classes than they are being fairly compensated for. This pisses me off for several reasons, not the least of which is they threw a design class last minute at someone who had taken on a different project already, so he's not even around and had no time to plan the course. It's supposed to be a fundamentals course and he has projects on the syllabus that are really complicated, with no foundation of drawing or color or light or form, which are all things I freaking need to learn. This is exactly what my summer nightmares were about - being dropped into a class and being expected to be proficient in something I haven't had a lesson in for over 10 years.


crassy, that is so odd about your boss...



I'm nodding my head over polly's post, too. Feeling a lot of Bustie love, here, as I'm scanning things.

Crassy, how weird! Hope it makes things better for ya. I wish we could find out what happened!

(((Sidecar and family)))

Today the Mr. and I rented bikes and rode on a bike trail through the sand dunes up to a beachy place, where we watched the tide come in and the sand kippers (I think that's what they are) scurry around eating. So nice. Legs tired. We were gonna walk to a late movie, but decided to stay in. Just as well. Tomorrow, I want to go on a whale-watching boat. Dusty said she was gonna do that...I wonder where and when? Oh! Today I saw a little seal poking his head out of the ocean, turning side to side! Woo!

(((sidecar))) so sad to hear about grandpa. sending fortitude vibes your way, sweetpea. we'll all be there with you, in spirit. but you know that.

(((annoush))) not to worry. really. you didn't push any buttons. i just can't deal with that right now. (see below.)

(((yuefie))) quit apologizing. you didn't start this thing. i brought it in here too, and for that, i'm truly sorry. but sometimes it's easy to forget that this isn't a physical, warm little niche, closed off from the rest of the world, much less the rest of bustlandia.

and i know i said i was taking off for a bit. (and truly, it's for the best, i'm a farking MESS and a half this week. there's no way i can give you all the attention you deserve, i can't concentrate for shit.) but i could use some super bustie vibes for danny's tummy. long story short, he's on prevacid and we have a gastro appt next month, so we'll finally - hopefully - get an accurate diagnosis. but i just want him better NOW. he's miserable that he's missed two days of school and band practise. i'm miserable that he's miserable.

thanks in advance, you princes of maine, you kings of new england.
(sorry. cannot think of a good paraphrase for the life of me. one of my all-time favorite quotes ever. gets me right there.)

*off to find those corgi pictures again*
~*~*~*~*~* Danny's innards ~*~*~*~*~*

So um, hi. How's your day been? Mine has been kind of crappy. I stayed later than I anticipated to work on a crazy project last night and I am now still working on it. I had to go to my supercilious doctor and forgot to get a refill on one of my mediations that can't be done by phone. Then I went to work and felt bad about the project, and my period, and the fact that my fat pants are now my tight pants, and took two crazed phone calls from my brother, who's getting married. Then I went on the Internet and got offended and said some pretty nasty things, including a brilliant *totally made-up* insult which got taken to have racial implications which serves me right for not being a normal person who is insulting in a normal way. Then my boss called and I couldn't play on the Internet anymore because I had to second-chair a deposition (which involves sitting in a room saying nothing for hours on end). Then I decided to sneak off to whole foods. Then I cooked dinner and started working on that damned project again. Then of course, I decided to procrastinate by going back onto the Internet, only to find out that I had stirred up lots of people hours and hours ago (who also had their own legit issues, I am not taking credit for the whole damn thing but Maude). So it's 10 pm, I still have work to do but it's been a really really shitty day and I am sorry for my part in bringing the shit into any of your days.

When I was little the joke in my family was that I didn't need a steak knife, my tongue was sharp enough on its own. They still say it every time we set the table. That's why I am a really excellent litigator, but it's an instinct I have been working on curbing. As I said in the "confessions" thread -- where I hardly ever go! Why did I leave the neighborhood of Kvetch??? -- I stand by my content but regret my tone. When old-timers say they wish Bust wasn't too nicey-nicey I vow to be more honest, but I don't mistake my nastiness for honesty.

Kvetch: I've been a big zed.
thank you all. to echo what polly says, I have a fair number of close friends and they matter to me a great deal, but I consider so many people here on the same level. When my brother died, I came home and opened my mailbox, and no shit, about forty cards fell out--with the most amazing messages of support. Almost all of them were from Busties (and LJers who used to be Busties). I couldn't keep up with my email from all of you. It meant the world to me then, and it means the world to me now to know that you all are here -- when I need you, when times are rough, and when everything is cool.

So anyway, I talked to my mom. His sister came to sit with him around 7:30 this morning while my grandmother went to do some prefuneral arrangments, and he died right after his sister arrived. Viewing on Friday, funeral on Saturday morning at 11. I seem to have acquired the beginning of a cold, so I'm drinking tea and eating zinc. Hopefully I'll feel better by the end of the week. I have to give away the Cubs tickets I got Martini as a gift (his team that he grew up watching is playing Chicago) and we had to cancel our weekend trip to Wisconsin (to a cheese festival held every other year; we may go up Sunday afternoon as it's only a few hours), but these things happen. The hotel that we booked at are being dicks about it. Ugh.

Thank you again, everyone. I really appreciated all the thoughts and hugs. I can't imagine anywhere else on the Internets that I'd rather be.

It's okay, faith- at least we were all in agreement that you couldn't have meant "zed" how that weirdo took it. Even when you haven't heard a particular racial slur before, you can usually tell when it is one, and "zed" just didn't have that tone and we all knew you wouldn't say something like that anyway. I think she was looking for an excuse to spew vitriolic crap all over and took your post as that opportunity. You weren't the guilty party.

Enough of that stuff, though (at least in kvetch.)

~*~*~Danny's tummy~*~*~ I hope the specialist will work it out- maybe you could end up on that Mystery Diagnosis show on Discovery Health Channel- I love that show!

((more hugs for Sidecar and ~*~*fight off that cold~*~* vibes))

((mando, mornington, lucizoe, tempest, yuefie, faith, anoushh, rose, bunny, crassy, txplumwine, tallgirl, msp, surly, dusty, sybarite, raisingirl, mavin and anyone else I missed))
(((((sidecar)))) ~~~~soothing~~~ for you and ((((sidecar-family))))

((((mandi))) & (((danny))) ~~~danny's tummy~~~

((((faith)))) you are not a zed, love.


I still feel shitty about being so hot headed in confessions, but it's who I am at times. I could delete the stuff, but that just seems cowardly to me so I wont. As it's been pointed out before, things aren't always smiles, giggles, rainbows and ponies. Well, neither am I. Or anyone for matter. At least we can all agree that it's easy to misunderstand things said on a message board. And really, I agree with what polly said too. I have some great friends, but sometimes when things go down I can't wait to share it with all of *you*. So, at risk of sounding like a broken record, I lurves ya all to itty bitty bits wub.gif

I'm off to hang out with a boy for a bit. He's someone new. Wish me luck!

This morning when I left for work I was all in a flurry of, "I think I inadvertently pissed off my Bustie friends!" I was really sad about it and during my break I was DYING to know what was going on here just in general because a lot of us were upset. I can't Bust from work, as many of you know. And now for the past two hours I've been sitting here at my little silver computer ruminating about things, life, you know...

And I know I said I wouldn't say anything else about the subject in here, but I just don't know where else to put it, so here it is: I was wrong about the racial profiling statement. I don't equate profiling with racism and never in a million years meant to imply that they are one and the same. I have a freaking bunny rabbit for a pet and I have a bleeding heart but a short fuse and there's a reason why I never pursued being a writer for a living, you know?

MsP, thank you for the full disclosure statement of yours. wink.gif

And in the interest of full disclosure on my part, I spend the entire workday at this new job surrounded by the news. There is no escape. The TVs are on (both with volume and no volume), the newspapers are around, coworkers talking all the farking time (I am a jibber-jabbermouth, too, as if it's not painfully obvious). But it's my business to know what's going on, so I was on sensory overload especially on Monday. Not making excuses; just making an explanation. At least I know what to expect every September 11 in the future. Sigh.

So I don't claim to have all the answers, but I also don't flounce. I was wrong and should have done something else about my hot temper. I meant no maliciousness with that original post and I hope I haven't caused any of you pain from my brain fart.

QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Sep 12 2006, 11:41 AM) *
As someone who has had to insert foot into mouth on these boards a few times before, I appreciate the fact that sometimes we can have these debates, and I know that sometimes things don't come across the way we want them to, and we say things that we didn't really mean, and in most cases we can get past it. I have faith that 99.9% of the Busties (and Busters) are decent, caring people and in the end, that's all that matters

Same here, Polly. Thank you for saying this.


((((Sidecar and her family)))))

That's enough from me on this matter. xo
(((((((((((( Hell, all y'all! ))))))))))))

I love my Busties more than I can say. You people kick some serious ass. Truly. It has been such a gift to know that, no matter what state or country I'm living in, my friends are as close as the nearest computer. Thank you all for being here!

~*~*~*~*~*~ sparkly healing for Danny's tummy ~*~*~*~*~*~ Poor lamb! Please keep us up-dated, Mandi. We Bustie Aunties worry about our little Dan-Dan, ya know.

Amilita, what a wonderful afternoon! Sounds like something out of a movie.

[waves happily at Dusty] Tell us about the whales!

Luci, I'm sorry to hear that your conservatory has hit such a major set-back! As a person with a few years of theatrical costuming under my belt, I'm wondering what this fundamental course was about. And by the by, you may already know about this, but a lot of costumers I know enjoy The Costumer's Manifesto. It's far from the fanciest site on the web, but I hear it has some good info.

Mornington & Bunny ... I actually changed the words under my avatar more than 100 posts ago! When I hit 500 and I finally had the option a part of me was reluctant to change it, but then I thought, "What the hell?" so I chose something subtle. I think the only person who noticed it before you two was maybe Polly!

Tempest, thank you again for the wonderful PM about purse shopping!

(((((( hugs for Mavin)))))) Just 'cause.

I fear I'm forgetting somebody. Crap.
(((((( all-purpose love ))))))

So today was another emotional day for me. Even if there hadn't been such a big bru-ha-ha in that other thread, it would have been bad. I had a few crying spells. And just like last night, I wept on Sheff's shoulder when he came home from work. I suppose I'm just very sensitive about anniversaries and, as I've said, 9/11 affected me far more than I could ever possibly express. And because I'm not working now, it was easy to get swept up in all of the media coverage. It has been hard. But I try my best to believe in the power of love ... as cheesy as that sounds!

Anti-kvetch: I went out with Whino again tonight! We had such a great time, just talking and whatnot. This woman is sooooooo amazingly fantastic. Truly. I just can't express how wonderful she is. We both like Neil Gaiman. And "Bring It On". And we're considering having a charades party. I know I've said it before, but Whino is fan-damn-tastic! She totally made my day. smile.gif
faith, in all honesty, I don't think you (or yuefie or mandolyn) instigated that little debacle. It was a trainwreck waiting to happen.

(((rose))), hunny, I'm sorry you had such an upset day. Glad whino cheered you up smile.gif. Moi jealous!



~*~*~*vibes for danny's tummy~*~*~* and squishy hugs and hairbrushing for (((mama-bear)))

(((sidecar))) continued love and sympathy to you and I hope the hotel peeps stop being asshats.

(((lucizoe))) and (((pollystyrene))) and (((crassy))) for being sweeties.

kvetch: the boy and I were supposed to go down to Manchester on Friday once the dissertation was submitted to drop his car off, stay the night and get the train back up Saturday. We forgot his mum was having people over on Friday night though to say goodbye to him. So then we decided to drive down Saturday morning but now the dissertation has an extension AND the train tickets are rather expensive. I'm in a quandry: I don't know if I'm going to have the dissertation completely finished by Friday ... but I also don't want to miss the boy's last day (he gets another train Sunday to his week's training, that's him gone for the next three years and our LDR commences). I'm so confused, I don't know what's best and what's best for me... I suppose instead of stressing out I should go write so that it's not an issue.

eta: now that we have crassy back and fly-bys from amilita and dusty on their holidays (and we know tesao is, um, indisposed), where is damona?
continued (((sidecar and family))) The feeling is mutual, there is no where else I would rather be. And it's cheesy, but I have always been blessed with really great female friendships (my love life is, as you all know, an entirely different story) and I remember when I was younger a teacher telling me that you have to be a good friend to attract good friends, and you demonstrate that. Love grows love. And if you need the ass-kicking boots to come out re. the hotel, you just shout.

My apology was just limited to the fact that I know I have the potential to fan flames and be nasty when I am already upset and it results in others having to deal with my nastiness (the name calling in particular is something I am quite proud of) -- but I want to be clear that I believe anger is a healthy emotion and reasoned disagreement is healthy to friendships.. I just feel badly that I was being passive agressive wtih hummingbird (not in kvetch) and shouldn't have been, regardless of the proportionality of her response. And I do appreciate that no one is asking me to be rainbows and kittens all the damn time (and I will never not be a bit hotheaded and thus appreciate it in others).

Though I do love me some cute furry animal pictures.

And I want to thank Raisin for her grace and courage and articulateness-- and also to say that for the record I know that there are some reasons why lots of people believe that racial profiling should be an element of a security system (it's sort of like the affirmative law here in the US, at least until the Supremes destroy it with their upcoming aff. action case, but I digress) -- a racial element could be a "plus factor" - like, we're going to search a big swath of people, some with last minute tickets, some with arabic names, some who are just looking suspicious, and some who look like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths because, hey, what better disguise? And even my ex-Mr didn't resent being constantly searched in the few weeks post 9-11, as long as the police officers were not rude, because he figured that in New York, a young, obviously middle eastern guy (he was growing a beard at the time for a play he was in) schlepping around in the middle of the day with a backpack, he would be suspicious of himself. But, again, that's different than having a formal, iron-clad policy of racial profiling which is troubling for the many excellent reasons others have pointed out. So while I reacted strongly to your post, there is nothing per se racist about wanting to explore racial profiling as a part of a security system, and of course, as your words and deeds amply prove --- and you don't need me to say, but I need to say -- I know that you weren't advocating anything callous or abusive or racist. /end policy discussion, beating dead horse, etc. (((raisin)))

(((Rose))) I know when I am not working I am totally exposed re. media, it's so hard to turn off/turn away from. I am glad Sheff and Whino are around to give you in-person support.

Mando, you take all the breaks you need but you never need to feel like we need a certain amount of attention or energy, it's ok just to lurk and be mellow and we will love you no matter what.

((bunny)) Sometimes the prospect of a LDR can be really stressful, before you've gotten settled into your groove. I hear you about the procrastination though. She said, busting from work, in blatant disregard of the many stacks of paper on her desk.

~*~*~*~*razzle dazzle having fun with a new boy vibes for Yueffie ~*~*~*~*~* oooh la la.

((all the brilliant busties without whom I would be lost))
I also don't think the controversy was caused by any of you, yuefie, faith, or mandolyn.

((((rose))) I'm sorry to hear things have been rough lately. I'm glad that you've been able to make a friend who lives nearby (and a bustie, no less!)

~~~feel better danny~~~
hey all, i can't believe i've never been in this thread before. i really don't even know what kvetch means-talking? i thought it was some weird thread smile.gif and i never went in here. i'm glad i checked it out today-because i was feeling a bit bad about my stubbornness and anger in another thread. i was feeling like, well, i want to be nice, but dang it! why do we have to always be nice and polite?! so it's nice to hear it being discussed in here. i'm a nice person, but i am stubborn and i get cranky when i'm not being heard.'s a little embarrassing, how much i love this board smile.gif i keep finding myself talkign to people about stuff from here and saying stuff like "well, the women on my feminist board..." I think it's time to make some new real life friends, hee hee. It's just so nice to be able to check in here at any time of the day, and post if you want, or just read and feel better. and, when i'm really cranky, it's nice to just know that there are other nice feminist women out there feeling upset about the same things.

i'm very jealous of amilita seeing a seal. i saw one last winter, it dragged itself onto the beach and was just hangin' out. every time i go to this beach i'm wishing i'll see another one. they are so cute!
Okay, just to put this out there: wtf Chuck?
Welcome to Kvetch, Maddy!
Kvetch: Yiddish word meaning to whine, complain. Also a noun for someone who does this frequently.

Minx- huh?
Polly, I think Minx is refering to the latest happenings in the BustSecret thread.

[takes a few deep, cleansing breaths]

Here's the link to those cute pics of the corgi on the beach. Just in case any of you need it.

I love my Kvetchies. Just wanted to say that again! smile.gif
Ahh, yes, I hadn't gotten there yet when I read Minx's post. Now I have. Yeah.
*fucking ho bitch looking for a big fat cock to suck throws herself into thread*

what, no cocks? If I don't laugh I'll go insane, it is way too amusing in it's extremity - what she directed to me, everything else crossed the line - but she's obviously disturbed/deranged (I'm not apologising - what else would you call it?) I've reported her several times over. So anyway, I thought I'd get that confession out here in kvetch; love me or loathe me.

welcome maddy!

*goes looking for something to suck, cocksucker that I am*
thanks for the welcome. i love to complain smile.gif
I agree--no need for apologies from Faith, Mandolyn, or Yufie, or anyone except the blindingly obvious. In fact, you've once again reminded me of why this place is so terrific.

(Yufie, I don't find your text too small, but i do find it very pale pink, which is hard to read, which is a shame b/c I don't want to miss out on what you are saying!)

Hi Maddy.
Yuefie, I think with the fonts, like women's clothing smile.gif, a "size 6" in one font is not the same size as a "size 6" in another font. I think the font you had before (the one with serifs) ran smaller than the one you switched to.
bunny... bwha ha ha ha! there are no cocks in the naughty corner! tongue.gif

and no-one needs to apologise! i know i said it before, but i think that everyone has been remarkably... brilliant wub.gif

hi maddy!


(((rose))) I love those corgi pictures.
(((yuefie))) for listening to my crap...
(((mando)))) & ****danny's tummy****
(((amilita))) yay for seals!
(((tempest))) is the mr home yet?
(((luci))) gah.


I've aranged for apple to fix my ibook - they were really, really helpful & didn't charge me for the support either. smile.gif .

I've spent the rest of the day napping and playing with the myspace. I also picked up some fabric and floss for my embroidery - I'm torn between "kiss me you fool" and "go fuck yourself". hmm... subversive cross stitch is brilliant.

And now... bloggery. blink.gif

((((everyone)))) *mwah* and *double mwah* because you're all fanbloodytastic
I need to take time out. I should have stepped away days ago and concentrated on my dissertation.

~*~*~*~vibes for Montreal College students~*~*~*~* news just broke, puts things in perspective.
oh. my. god.

****montreal college students****
I had some trouble finding an article, so here's a short cut-

A guy opened fire at Dawson College in Montreal:

It's very preliminary.

~*~*~Montreal students~*~*~*
Hoping for more good news for Crassy!

(((Sidecar and fambly)))

Not again, re: Montreal. Jesus.

Am feeling particularly pissy as I had to go into Edinburgh all afternoon for a training session to learn scheduling for projects we will not be working on next year. The session lasted oh 10 minutes and the trainers were not ready for us and the network was flaky as always so we sat there for ages while their IT lady fucked around and we ate cake (which, to be fair, was really fucking amazing cake and I must buy some ASAP- M&S Swiss roll apparently) and chatted about books we have been reading etc and wondered why we all had to go for half a day for this nonsense. Gah.
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