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(((mando))) good to know that danny is better, and I'm sure his trip to washington will go swimmingly. And you will be fine. and many vibes for your cousin as well.

yay! for sophie & sidecar - dogs on the beach in the best thing.
and yay! for crawfish amilita, sounds like a day out.

very quiet here; hungover so doing very little. I went to see the gal pals - lots to catch up on; bgp1 has split up with her long-term bf (I went to school with bgp1 & now-ex-bf) by her choice, and wanted to tell me all about the new man & explain why she left.While H is a sweetie, and my flatmates are good friends, bgp1 & bgp2 are sometimes a little easier to be with - and it's good to have loooong chats. H & friends went to a club I don't like (it's also expensive to get in, and the music is shite) so I had my decision made for me - I don't think I was missed much.

anyhow... revision. Woo! Hope everyone is having sparkly fun shiny weekends and good times.

sure is quiet 'round here on the weekends huh?

I love the article amalita, your home is lovely and you guys really are an adorable couple. Okay, now dont'cha gag just cause I said adorable, I could'a said cute ya' know cause it's applicable too :-) I wish there was shot of wally though, hehe. Re: what you said about wanting the tie-dyed dress & scarf ala Erykah Badu or Jill Scott, hee hee :-) I am like that mah'self, and I don't are if I look like a stupid hippie. It's just comfy to me.

((((daphne & mornington)))) and some ~~hangover away vibes~~

((((mandi))))) lots of hugs for you lovie, and for (((danny))) and ~~~anti evil-C vibes for your cousin too~~~

(((sidecar & sophie))) yay for feeling better & being so darned cute

yay for rose & sheff having water!

yay for the Tall's house!

hugs and multi purpose vibes for everyone I missed

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was a little stressful, but I got some things done that needed to be done.

Thanks for all the support from my ranty rant the other day.

I'm a little tired, so I will be a proper Bustie tomorrow.

I hope Monday brings ((good things)) for all Busties!
psssssssst! I passed the bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[pounces into room, flinging confetti]
Congrats, Faith!!! That's marvelous! Excellent job! Allow me to give you the first congratulatory hug.

Off to bed for me. I'll try to post tomorow!
[blows kisses all around & stumbles off to bedfordshire]

congrats to faith! That is a huge achievement.
(((mando)))) I'm glad everything worked out great. And Danny will be fine -- this is a good rehearsal for when he goes away to college. In 85 years. :-)
Congrats to the talls, too! Home ownership is pretty great.

I've spent the day being a crampy, bloody mess. Aren't periods supposed to be easier and lighter on the pill and also as you get older? It was so bad that I kept waking up last night, and this morning I skipped my fitness class because my ovaries hurt so much. I may need to consult with my physician.

I did go to Trader Joe's and the fruit market though, and that helped. Man, do I love Trader Joe's. Best $3.50 shiraz in the world. Oh, and they had super-fresh mint at the market, so we had mojitos tonight, along with plantain enchiladas en mole (all homemade).
*barges in* to ask for some F*/*/ you barbara (er cancer) vibes.

sigh. 1. beloved coworker's mamogram came back denser(?) than last year 2. good friend's mom's breast cancer has possibly spread - they are going to biopsy a lymph node (95% sure it is cancerous) and she is going back to treatment

wooo hoo faith!!!
i am glad danny is doing better
congrats to faith!! what an acomplishment!!!!


just a quick drive by. i am at work and busy.


woo! faith! congratulations... soooooooo pleased for you

***vibes for miri***

I'm waiting for a practical to start... nothing to report except I have a mighty sore throat and feel a little queasy too. This may explain why I felt so dreadfully hungover (and, uh, was a leetle ill on saturday night) when I hadn't drunk that much. So, monday. Hope there are good things happening

Whoohoo Faith!!!!!
hey all... I am starting the most agonizingly slow week of my life...yes, the week before the honeymoon cruise. I am so ready I can almost taste the salt air!
And to start off the slow week, the recpetionist took the day off so I am stuck sitting up front and Bustig all day long!

~*~*~*~*vibes for everyone~*~*~*

Faith, that is amazing!

RV, how is the unpacking coming?

Mando, poor thing. As much as i am looking forward to the honeymoon, the idea of leaving minipixie for 10 days does make me nervous. Especially since I won't even be reachable by phone.

Does anyone have any ideas for curing teeth grinding? I have decided that is definitely what is causing my tooth woes. I am really sick of waking up with one side of my mouth all hurty and sensitive and downing asprin every morning.

I want to escape the city so badly that I dreamt last night that there was a sleepy little beach town in the Waldorf Astoria (you had to take the elevator to a sub-basement, then round a dingy corner, and there was a door that led to COUNTRY!), and that I lived on a house boat there.

I'm thisclose to calling my grandparents in mississippi and asking if i can go stay with them for the entire summer.

*taps the microphone*

Attention please, The weekend is over....The Kvetchies can come out and post!

Seriously, where has everyone been lately?
wooohooo! for faith passing the bar! you're awesome!

~*~*~miri's coworker*~*~*~ (((miri))) fuck cancer!

aw, sophie on the beach= ca-yoot! glad the walk went well sidecar.

(((mandi & cousin))) good news on your bro & danny though...

amilita, hope that jazzfest brought in a lot of business to the gallery. did you get my e-mail (i sent another..)?

(((pixie))) wow, you really are bored waiting for the honeymoon! *crossing parts that time will go quickly for you*

this weekend was fun but exhausting, on friday we went to a wine tasting fundraiser for the shelter where we got zeke, and they want me to be on the board, which i'm considering. then on saturday we did all the yard stuff, mowing, sweeping, planting, trimming hedges, etc. and a trip to the container store to finally organize the office/sewing room/zeke's kennel room. on sunday we went to the mets game (where they lost miserably even though they won the last two games! --argh!) we put the top down on the jeep on the way home -and guess who has a sunburn now? it's worth it though, that thing is a lot of fun!
pixiedust the receptionist desk I can not do any of my work because teh software isn't loaded up here. So on days when I have to sit here all day...I am literally on the computer all day. So yeah, bored doesn't even begin to describe it!

That is cool about the shelter doing a wine tasting! My boss adopted a dog over the weekend and that is all she has talked about today. She is even suggesting a "bring your pooch to work day." I think I would bring Mr. P's Boston Terrier. His name is Romeo and he's a sweetie. My little Shih tzu is a spaz!
I took a potty break and it reminded me of my latest kvetch: Yesterday morning Mr. P got up to go to the bathroom...and incidently ran upstairs to check something on the pc. I decided that I needed to go to so I stumbled out of bed in the dark witout my contacts on. I forgot I wasn't wearing my contacts so I didn't even bother to put on my glasses. This is of course assuming that I would actually open my eyes to go to the bathroom before I was ready to get up! Anyway, I stumbled on a shoe, twisted my ankle and somehow managed to land with the shoe in my crotch area. The WHOLE inside of one thigh is purple and blue! Won't I look cute in my bikini next week? I mean it looks like I really like it rough!
And of course since Mr. P was upstairs he didn't hear me scream or cry or anything.
My bosses always used to bring their dogs to work (they have daschunds) but they would pee on the carpet and on people's feet (wearing sandals- so, so gross) and finally they got the hint that it would be better to leave the precious bastards at home.

Faith, I am so proud of you! You done good, girl!

Hope you have a fantastic honeymoon Pixie! (ETA: and ~~~bruise-healing vibes!~~~)

Excellent news on the hizzouse Tallgirl! Hope it all goes smoothly from here on out.

I had a rather bizarre weekend as I developed Bell's Palsy and by sunday morning when I had total paralysis of the right side of my face, I decided to skip the artists studio tour I had been planning to do in order to spend 4 1/2 hrs at the hospital. Not entirely fun but it is reassuring to know that it is only temporary and should not come back once it's gone. I can't close my eye completely on that side of my face so I am wearing my specs for a few weeks as my contact in that eye feels claw-your-eye-out-NOW painful. It's kind of funny that at work everyone noticed and complimented my glasses (I never wear them publicly due to hideous-frame trauma in my teens, thanks Mum) and people didn't notice I can only talk out of one side of my mouth until I explained why I was wearing the specs! I get to tape my eye shut at night so I don't get cornea damage from drying out. Anyway it was quite scary at first because I felt like I had had a stroke without noticing (can that happen? when you're only 33?) but the rest of my body is fine and it should go away in a few weeks so I guess it's ok. Nothing I can do about it anyway.

They said it happens to 1 in 60 people in their lifetime and I just find this so odd because I never hear about it and that seems really quite common. They don't really know what causes it although it could be viral, and there's no treatment for it except waiting for it to go away on its own. I joined a clinical trial to see if steroids (for the nerve inflammation) or antivirals (if it's a viral cause) will do anything but for all I know I'm on the placebos and it sounded like they expected the trial to show they don't work. Am planning to lift a lot of weights in the next week just in case I'm on the steroids though!

I get to have the clinical trial guy take medical portraits of what my face can't do in a couple of days and maybe someday I'll appear in a medical journal with bars over my eyes!

Amusingly I slept so well last night that I am almost hopeful that Bell's Palsy will cure my insomnia! How stupid would that be?!
Fina, a grade school teacher of mine had Bell's Palsy. We all thought he was quite the curiousity. Hope it resolves soon...what is the average time, do you know?

Crassy, we did not have increased sales at all over Jazz Fest! Dang. Did you get the article? It talks about how we will be making the downstairs/storefront part of our house what was going to be an annex, but may become IT. Almost no overhead...weekend hours only...hmmm. But no foot community. Bleh.

I wish, wish, wish NOLA had a Trader Joe's. So envious, sidecar. My friend who moved to Oregon was telling me about Costco...envious about that, too.

I'm depressed. And grouchy. More bleh. I started a livejournal to use like a diary...uh oh.

I am gonna do my hurricane preparedness shopping this coming weekend, and after that I can start painting the walls. Woot. I imagine we will have to evacuate at some point this summer...with FOUR cats. To goodness knows where. Yay! I try not to think about it. Ha.
Wow, (((Fina))). My friend/coworker's bff just got Bell's Palsy coupla weeks ago and Mr. Dusty told me his FIL had it in his early 40s and my other coworker had a relative who had it. So, for something I never heard about until 2 weeks ago, it suddenly seems like everyone has it.

Fuck Cancer.

Yay for Faith!

Pixie, your dentist can make you a mouth guard to wear at night so you wake up with monster breath instead of a headache.
Oh, I forgot to say, YAY FAITH!
Congratulations to faith.

((amilita, dusty, pxie, crassy, bh, mornington, lady library, rose, sidecar))

((fina)) I hope you are feeling better soon.

((miri's coworker and friend's mom))

Mr. DM got a bonus at work so I got a shirt, he got a pair of pants and we had dinner out. Yay for bonuses.

I started some new meditation tapes, and wow today was so nice. I hardly stressed at all.

((Good News))

Yay for Faith, congrats!

(((((Fina)))) how scary, glad to hear it is something that will clear up and is not permanent.

((((crassy))) owww, sunburn.

yay for Mr. DM's bonus!

((((Miri's friend's mama & coworker))) a HEEYOOGE boo-hiss and FUCK YOU to Cancer!!!

((((amilita))) ~~feel better vibes~~
I'm feeling meh too. I have an LJ but don't update much. Been thinking I should, but then I worry about everyone on my flist being like "Shut the hell up already" and seeing my true nuerosis. Besides, I already do that here, heh.

((((anoushh))) how are you feeling mama?

((((ladylib))) and how 'bout you darlin'?

(((car & baby car)))

(((sidecar))) ~~~cramp's away vibes~~~
I'm all super crampy too, but my period is MIA. I thought it was here for the 4th time and it was just spotting again. I wonder if it's cause I started this new excercise routine? That and all this darned stress lately. Eh, at least I know I'm not knocked up this time.

(((mandi & bunny))) for being such super duper sweethearts

(((bklynhermit, dusty, pixie, rose, mornington, damona, plummie, TG, lys, sybarite, rasin, KMP, tyger, polly, qspice, vesica, and anyone else I'm forgetting))))

WAAA, Tesao is in NY and I wish I was there so I could meet her. And get my hugs from Mando mah'dear.
A quick visit to say FUCK YOU, CANCER!!!! Fuck you in the ear!!!!

((((((((Fina)))))))) Holy crap, hon! That sounds so scary! Glad to hear that you're dealing with it so well, but still! Holy crap!

DM, congrats to the Mr! Bonuses are loverly. Good to hear that the meditation is working, too. I might have to try that some day.

Mandi, glad to hear that Danny is doing better. Poor thing! I wonder what made him so miserable. I know there's a bad stomach bug making the rounds at my old stomping grounds (my brother has it), but it isn't nearly as bad as what poor Danny had/has.

Pixie, sorry I wasn't here to chat with you in Kvetch today! Been busy unpacking stuff. I got a ton done, so the place actually looks like a home now, but there's still much work to do in the kitchen. And I still have to send official change-of-address notices to various companies and get us set up with the trash service and blahblahblah.

Kvetch: I hurt a muscle in my back whilst lifting heavy boxes. Ouchie.

Kvetch: Stupid boys who are stupid to my friends. Grrr.
Hummm....maybe the stomach virus would explain why Mr. Dust was positively green when he picked up minipixie this morning....*makeing the sign of the cross to ward off stomach viruses that could interfere with the cruise!
Just took a peek at all the posts, and I'm happy to see so many familiar faces. Just wanted to say hi, and let all of you know that I meece you! And it looks like now that I've been at ye olde job for about a year, I'm about to start looking for something newer and cooler, so vibes would be appreciated.

I send some vibes of goodness to cure all right back atcha!
[drags self in]
I do not feel well this morning. Maybe the tummy bug has got me. I just know that I feel miserable. Also, I had a dream that I was being chased down by a beaver. And I only have bizarre dreams like that when I'm sick.


~$~$~$~$~ job joy for our sweet Seabird ~$~$~$~$~
How are you doing, Sea? I was actually thinking about you just this past weekend. Have you been writing anything lately?

~~~~~~ soothing, healing vibes for all & sundry ~~~~~~

Must rest now. Ugh.
Rant! So I must preface this by saying that I LOVE sleep. Probably to an abnormal degree. And I like to wake up gradually. I may open my eyes, then go back to sleep or just lay there for awhile. I like to pad around for a bit, have a cup of tea, slowly get ready to face the day, etc.

I married a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed man. Who can sleep like a rock at the drop of a hat, and thus does not appreciate the tenuous nature being asleep can be for some...i.e. me.

Who doesn't see the problem in asking me if I want to have portions or go for a walk while I am lying in the bed with my eyes closed.

So I got so mad this morning because it's the one day since forever and for a few more days when I don't have to get up for any reason. So I said to quit waking me up, and if my eyes are closed, don't ask me anything because the answer is "no" becaue I'm ASLEEP and if you wake me up to ask me, the answer is still "no" because now I'm mad at you.

And he's like, "not even to plan anything?" And I say, "no. If you wanna plan something, do it the night before, not when I'm still sleeping."

Argh. We aren't fighting or anything, but I wish he would LET ME SLEEP when I'm in bed. He'll sing and talk all loud to the cats, too. Oh well.

Back in the day, he would wake me up after I worked a twelve hour night shift because he thought I'd "slept enough." This was at oh, around 1 pm, after approximately ~~~four~~~ hours of sleep. Yeah.

End rant. I feel better. Will come post a normal post later.
Fina, BTW, about wearing glasses, my friend's friend was told by her doctor to wear glasses (even though she doesn't have a prescription) to protect her eyes, since she doesn't have feeling in one of them, the thought was she might bump it, or have something fly in it and she wouldn't know.
Fina, that must've been alarming. I hope knowing the Bell's is temporary is reassuring for you. (I feel your pain on the glasses aversion too; even with all the cute library lady glasses around I'm still convinced I look like my ugly bespectacled 8 year old self in specs.)

Amilita, I love my sleep. I can relate. Even when we're on vacay the mr bounds out of bed at 8am raring to sightsee. Portions I'm more understanding about. :-)

Congrats Faith!!!

((RV)) Feel better soon.

Oh, and definitely Fuck Cancer!
(((fina))) woah, i've never even heard of bell's palsy. that's gotta be scary!

(((pixie))) ouch, that sounds like it really hurt!

(((amilita))) that sucks about no increased sales, and about the sleep thing too-- my mr. is also a morning person --i purposely act like i'm asleep until he leaves in the morning so that we don't argue, i'm just not too nice before 11am actually. hey and if you need to evacuate you can always stay at our house, even though it's hundreds of miles away (we do have a guest bedroom now.) i got the article & e-mailed you back.

(((lively))) i don't think that people are like "shut the hell up" on lj--i don't have one but i think that people just wouldn't read it if they didn't want to hear what someonme had to say, right?

hey seabird! *waves* *~*~*cooler job*~*~*

a bring your dog to work day would rock! except zeke doesn't seem to like tall men & we have a new guy that's at least 6'4.
I would like to weigh in, however and say that I think I had the ugliest glasses evah at age 12. Italy in 1973 was not into cute frames for kids, they were small and ugly, and they had yellowing rubber things with lines on stuck on the back of the lenses.

~****~*~*~*~*~healthy vibes for all busties~**~~*~*~*

kvetch: UPS arguing with me about refunds and next day delivery and the package being almost a week overdue and 'not responsible' crap. grr.
kvetch: having to email amazon about their account with Ups being bogus and complete idiotic.
Kvetch: as soon as email was sent, mom found 'package' at neighbors house in a bush. IN A FRICKING BUSH.
anti-kvetch: at least i have my book now.
kvetch: hand is hurting from classwork--heal soon hand.
Aw, thanks guys. I really am ok with it, I know there are a lot worse things out there that could happen to me so I'm happy enough to take a few weeks of facial paralysis. It was scary at first, though, for sure. Am now hearing stories from everyone I know about how they know someone who has had it so I guess it's just because it's temporary that it's not on the radar so much.

Dusty, I dunno, I had a series of way too large 80s purple plastic frames as that was the style my mum liked... not good. I especially liked it when the frames snapped right in half while attempting to learn to ski because the plastic got too cold. I must say the yellowing rubber things on the back of the lenses top mine though. Did you save any of them? They could be great for a costume party these days!

Does your friend's friend get the sexy librarian comments just from wearing the glasses? Interesting about the protection aspect.

I forgot to say the other day, thanks for rubbing it in about Mr. Dusty being so hairy.

Seabird! How ya doing, girl?
(((msgoof))) hope your hand gets better!
get some sleep (((amilita)))
(((rosev))) feel better ***go-away bug***
***no-boredom vibes for pixie***
yay! for Mr DM & (((DM)))
(((miri))) & (((co-worker))) & ***fuck cancer***

(((crassy, dusty, syb, seabird, lively, tyger, bunnyb, lys, vesica, txplum, tallgirl, and everyone else)))

I had some sexeh NHS-issue plastic glasses back in the day... I looked really quite good in my old-lady frames that were about half the size of my head. I wear contacts now out of fear of plastic glasses.

I'm sick. I have the dreaded sore-throat/hacking cough/constant snottyness that doesn't qualify as any particular illness, or enough to really count as an excuse for slacking off, but nevertheless makes doing anything an absolute chore. Yuck.

I've been trying to do some revision today... and our physiology/pharmacology lecture notes (we get given powerpoint printouts by most lecturers) are even worse third time round! He repeats himself, contradicts himself, miss-spells words, misses things out, etc etc etc. And my own versions aren't much better.

tomorrow... going to see a counsellor. I finally told my mother and it naturally turned into a "how she's over her divorce, totally over it, yes, not the slightest bit bitter about her divorce, but she knows that it left scars on me and my brother, and obviously we've been surpressing them, and this is all her fault" conversation. I think she's forgotten that she suggested I see someone because she thought I was depressed a few years ago; now I take the initiative it's all about the divorce. I am so glad she's in thailand when she does this.
((mornington and rose)) I hope the both of you feel better real soon.

((amilita)) Sorry the mister disturbed your sleep. I have to admit though I'm a morning person most of the time. I get up really early even on vacation.

((seabird)) Cool new job coming your way.

((lively, msgoofball, fina, dusty, crassy, syb, pixie))

I know it's only Tuesday, but I feel really good this week. I've not really stressed much at all.

Last night I sent an email for a job I'd be perfect for, so maybe some vibes that they'll contact me.

((Good News))
Hope you feel better, Rose. You were on my mind as of the reasons I decided to pop back in here. I've been doing a little writing, but mostly just the stuff I have to do for work. Need to get back on my novel, which I can never seem to make time for.

Amilita, I worship the sleep, so I know exactly how you feel.

*waves back at crassy* Glad to see you, and thanks for the job vibes. So funny you mentioned the dog at work dream job has a resident pooch in their office.

Msgoofball, I've had my share of trouble with UPS, so you definitely have my sympathies.

Hi Fina! Not entirely sure what your situation is with the bell's palsy, but I'm glad it's only a temporary thing.

Nice to meet you, Mornington! Hope your throat stuff clears up soon, and that seeing a counselor does you some good.

Thanks for the job vibes, everyone. I just applied yesterday to a gig I really want, and I'm trying not to get my hopes up. But I get attached easily, and I get so impatient to see whether I'm still in the running or not.
Today at work, I found out the hard way that the plastic explosives known as C-4 has a chemical that can be absorbed through the skin when you handle it with your bare hands.

The major effect on certain people (me, apparently) is that it causes severe migraines.

Advil does not work. At all. Anybody here certified in trepanning?
Poor Fina. It must be stressful, plus there's Dusty trying to one-up you at every turn: hairier boyfriend, uglier glasses...hee.

Hmmm, dunno. She kinda is a sexy librarian by profession, but I'll ask.


(((Go Seabird)))
Lol! *shakes fist impotently at Dusty*

Antiotter, you're having a crazy month eh? (((recovery vibes)))

Sorry I've been MIA; I've been dealing with a crazy/demanding jewelry client (the kind who says, "There's no rush on this project" and then proceeds to call every day to see how it's going, and also says, "The design is totally up to you" and yet has more specific requests every time he calls).

The biggest news in the past week is that I got my hair chopped off. Wheeeeeeeee! My hair is now short and sassy (like the rest of me, heh).

Would love to stay and catch up but have to go track down obscure beads for client. Grrr.

((((Kvetchies far and wide))))
Antiotter, is that an on-going thing or does it go away again after the chemical dissipates?
It goes away after a few hours. We started off using Claymore anti-personnel mines (made in, I shit you not, 1968). They were so old, half the time they wouldn't detonate properly.

So I had to walk out on to the blasting range (mind you, the Claymore is now active and live) and drop a stick of C-4 (about 1.25 lbs) on each Claymore to try to set it off.

Well, it turns out that the C-4 was made in the early 80s, and it wouldn't detonate.

So, lather, rinse, repeat, until I have a mountain of C-4 on a Claymore mine (full of plastique and high-velocity ball bearings) that is uncomfortably close to the firing line for the amount of demolitions we're using, since we were only planning on having to set off the mine itself.

We finally said fuck it, went out about 500 meters, blasted an eight foot shaft into the ground with a 40-pound penetrating-shaped charge, and the blew that open with another 40-pound cratering charge, and dumped the remaining shitty explosives into the crater, and then set that off and went home.

Apparently we set off the seismic sensors at the nearby university with the final blast.

"No, nothing unusual happened out there. Why do you ask?"
*welcome back love for seabird & msgoofball & sapphy*
*palsy-be-gone vibes for fina*
*no more danger-danger-will-robinson vibes for antiotter*
*give-them-the-job-dammit vibes for designermedusa & seabird*
*sing-hallelujah-comeon-get-healthy vibes for mornington & rose & mr dust*
*we-love-you-but-get-a-clue vibes for mr amilita*
*calm-blue-skies vibes for bklynhermit*
*continual-loop good-prognosis vibes for miri's coworker & friend's mamasan*

kvetch: i sent danny off on the 8th grade DC trip this morning. i'm ok so far, but it's only been three hours. and yes, i checked out the bus drivers (they were wearing ties and checking out maps together, which i took as a good sign) and looked under the buses, hoping the brakes are all okay. they looked like cushy, new, well-maintained buses. i just hope he at least calls me when they get there. i bet he doesn't call at all. i guess having a nervous nelly as a mom makes for a more independent teen, huh?

i am happy he's happy and i know he'll have a wonderful time. i mean, really, clingy kids annoy the shit outta me. but friday evening can't come soon enough.

and how funny is it that sunny in her rental truck and danny in his bus will be passing each other in the next few hours on the jersey turnpike? hee!

eta: ironic aside: my 8th grade class trip to DC? um, yeah ... we smoked up in our hotel room and also smoked up with mr m, our social studies teacher/chaperone. who happened to be banging my 14-yr old friend m. yes, this was in the days before lawsuits. but it's making me cringe in shame nonetheless.

(((Danny be safe))) vibes for Mandi. Yikes. No wonder you're worried.

The word in the coffee room this morning is that Bell's Palsy is stress-related...
fly by~~

just to tell everyone that i meeeeeeeeeece you!!!

danny be safe!!

sunny get up here to NYC safe today!!!! maybe we could see each other on sat?? i don't leave until the pm.....

hugs for dusty and otter and rosiev and sheff (ill be THERE next week!!!! send my your phone number via pm and i'll CALL YOU!!!! wheeeeeeeeee!!!) and fina and amilita and her mr, and designermedusa and seebird and miri and sapphy and crassy and pixie and everyone else that i am not remembering...... i meece each and every one of you!!!

hugs and kisses and silly silly garopa com lula!!!
fly by~~

just to tell everyone that i meeeeeeeeeece you!!!

danny be safe!!

sunny get up here to NYC safe today!!!! maybe we could see each other on sat?? i don't leave until the pm.....

hugs for dusty and otter and rosiev and sheff (ill be THERE next week!!!! send my your phone number via pm and i'll CALL YOU!!!! wheeeeeeeeee!!!) and fina and amilita and her mr, and designermedusa and seebird and miri and sapphy and crassy and pixie and everyone else that i am not remembering...... i meece each and every one of you!!!

hugs and kisses and silly silly garopa com lula!!!
(((tes))) love to love ya & we meece you too!

(((msgoofball))) in a bush!?! (sorry but 'finding someone's package in a bush' sounds diryt) but, wtf?! your ups delivery person must really suck. i actually have ups woes, but in a milder form. they keep dropping off my package to my neighbor cause she's always home--thing is i'm not particularly fond of this neighbor (she said to my face i was getting fat and then kept telling my husband, who she really likes, about this really poretty girl down the strett he should meet!) anyway i know she only accepts my packages so that she can nose around and see what i'm getting (she's nosey as hell- i caught her going through my trash once!) *oops, sorry! /end rant


~*~*~get contacted by the job dm*~*~*
*~*~*get that job seabird*~*~*



would love to see a pic of your new 'do sapphy!

(((mandi))) you're the cutest mom eva for checking the brakes under the busses! *~*~*safe danny*~*~*

hee hee, my mom totally had 'sally jessy raphael' big red glasses and a tight perm in the 80's. the pictures of that time always crack me up!
argh! i am so pissed right now. i got my mom tickets to a broadway show for her birthday --it was a perfect show for her- and telecharge just called me to say that the show was cancelled! argh! it's a few days before mother's day, my mom lives 600 miles away and i already sent her a card w/the tickets in them! i'm beyond pissed!
Yea for a tes sighting!

Crassy, I would call Ups and tell them expressly not to leave packages with that particular neighbor! Leaving them in teh bushes seems to be a regualr thing for UPS. Whenever we are expecting packages we alasy search our bushes and porch to see where they have left it.

Rose I hope you are feeling better! I am going crazy trying to get everythign done befor the honeymoon. I feel like this is turning into as big a production as the wedding! Mr Pixiedust keeps wanting to take the maximum amount of luggage they allow. I keep trying to tell him about our trip to Europe and how the Dust family had to hire a seperate taxi just to carry the luggage. I used to pack Mr. Dusts bags when he went away for so long I could do it in my sleep. it doesn' seem to bother him that he is taking more clothes than me. He doesn't get the concept of wearing a pair of shorts/jeans twice before doing laundry. i might understand if he was a sweaty dirty guy...but he's not...just a bit prissy!
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