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*drags self in*

feeling crappy. tempest, I've been eating (and not too well, I may add) but less than normal as not much of an appetite but drinking lots of fluids. tummy is settling a little but head and face really sore: sinus, headache and sore gums from wisdom tooth popping through. all in all, I have a bit of everything.

mornington, G has the same name as the boy - for some reason that makes me happy! loving the greyhound love and all parts xd you pass the home inspection.

rose, I am so glad you have whino.

mandi, here's hoping wedding and dave don't clash.

yay for dm twin visit!

yuefie, he will be gone sooon and you will have peace.

continued vibes for dinah kitty and grandpa sidecar.

Ooh, bunny, I feel you--sinus trouble is the worst. I have chronic you have the "mask of pain?" (my term for pain in the shape of a Zorro-style mask across the face) I eat spicy things in a futile attempt to clear the sinuses, but dropping a dollop of Vicks Vapo-rub into boiling water is the fastest way for me to get relief. And sleeping propped up. Can you get anything done about the wisdom teeth? I hear pulling is much easier than excision, if they're already coming in. sad.gif

Mornington, I'm so excited for you about the greyhound! I'll be crossing appendages for a good home inspection. If we had more living space, I'd love to adopt a greyhound. They seem so sweet and elegant. Also, I dig the whole adoption-out-of-retirement aspect.

Anti-kvetch: Oh today was the mr.'s and my 5-month anniversary (we're such sappy jerks) and he tried to get some flowers for me from the hospital gift shop, but his mission failed. However, we did 6.5 laps around the floor, which is a fantabulous accomplishment and gets him closer to coming home!

Anti-kvetch: Saw pictures of my cousin's new baby boy, who has the roundest, squishiest cheeks I've ever seen!

::vibes:: and ((((((hugs))))) to everyone...I'm off to make a late dinner and watch High Fidelity for the umpteenth time.
Confession time. I sold a piece of furniture that I couldn't stand to an unsuspecting student. The price? The same amount I paid for the buttery leather purse. Heh. Guess who's thisclose to snipping the tags off her purchase now, guilt-free? Aww yeah, you know it, baby.

I hope Amilita's having fun in my part of the country.

Greyhounds. The retired ones are sweet and docile, seem like the kinds of dogs that would curl (or not curl, maybe lay) up with you on the sofa, assuming you have a sofa large enough for such pets, so you can pet them on the head in that space between their eyes, that big forehead of theirs.

Too tired to read any more of the Lounge. Eyes crossing. Bonsoir, tous.
Grandpa Sidecar is in a bad way; his kidneys are failing and he's lost consciousness. I think now it's just a matter of time, which is okay. I just hope it's peaceful and painless. Thank you all for the hugs.
(((((sidecar grandpa)))) ~~~peaceful and painless~~~

((((((sidecar)))))) & ((((((sidecar-family)))))) ~~~strength and soothing~~~

*~*~*~*peaceful and painless wishes for grandpa sidecar~*~*~*~

I feel bad vibing for that but I understand your need for it (((sidecar))).

tempest, yes I had the "mask of pain" and went for spices too to try to clear it. Is slightly better today - evenings seem to be the worse for me, maybe it's the crappy a/c in work. As for wisdom teeth, it's been intermittent for years and I really should go to the dentist but I need to get through this week first and then I'm lady of leisure (officially) for while. In the meantime, I find strepsils sucked on that side of my mouth really help as they numb the gum.

I heart me BUSTies, the Depp ones are my faves just now smile.gif. rose, not a fan? where art thou anyhow? ditched us for whino? wink.gif

oh, tyger sighting in okay... meeced her. Meecing tes too - anyone know when she's back? and where's crassy?

okay, back to work I go ... solid poster that I am - I've hit over a thousand posts! woot, testament to my powers of procrastination.

~~~~~~ a peaceful and painless release for Sidecar's grandpa ~~~~~~
(((((((( much love and support for Sidecar's family )))))))) You all will certainly be in my thoughts today.

Happy monthiversary to Tempest & Mr. T! That's so sweet that, even in his weakened condition, he tried to get you flowers. Congrats on making those laps! That's a great sign!
~*~*~*~ coninued healing for Mr. T ~*~*~*~

(((((( Sapphy & SapphMan & SapphMan Sr. & Dinah & the whoooooole family ))))))

Hooray for Twim DM coming to visit! Hope this will relieve a lot of stress for you. (((DM)))

Mornington, that greyhound sounds lovely! I have a weakness for brindle dogs. I guess the big test will be how the dog deals with a fluffy bunny in the house.

- - - - - anti-clashing-date vibes for Mandi - - - - - Sorry to say it, but I have few ideas on the drug subject. However, if you're really just taking the pills to help you sleep, you might see if the Dr will give you some Ambien. My mom swears by that stuff!

Yes, that's right, kids. I know virtually nothing about drugs. When your dad is a cop and your mom is an ER nurse, you hear stories. Scaaaaaaaaary stories. Stories of the "Requiem for a Dream" variety. [shudder]

I think Tes was supposed to be gone with Mr HB for maybe 10 days or so? Maybe? I suspect that she'll return to us next week, feeling happily exhausted. wink.gif

I know I'm missing people. Please forgive me! I still haven't caught up on the archives.

So I'm not dead or sick or anything! I was trying to take a bit of a technology break, but I failed miserably. I spent hours on the phone with various people. And then yesterday afternoon I decided that my blog was looking boring, so I spent hours downloading a new template and adding images to the header and tweaking with the colors and I have sooooooo much to learn about programming! Luckily, Sheff taught me some of the secrets of the HMTL hexidecimal color thingamy. For those of you who may be interested, my new template looks a lot like this. I've tweaked with the colors and the sizing a bit, but that's basically it. I'm considering trying some other templates, too.
****peaceful and painless release for sidecar's grampa****
(((sidecar & family)))

happy anniversary (((tempest and mr tempest))) & yay for the laps.
(((rose))) ooh, me likey.
(((bunny))) feel better and hope the work's going good
(((yuefie))) & (((sashie)))
(((raisin))) cunning like a fox there. sounds perfectly reasonable to me

(((tyger, tes, mando, polly, dm, flanker, pink, sapphy & dinah & sapphman, amilita, anoushh, txplum, billy, and everyone else)))

I've just been watching Pete lick a soft toy. My rabbit is weird like that.

Mum left today - rang me from the airport going "the plane's late" - and I'm waiting for her to ring me from algiers... it's nice to have the place to myself but now it feels kindof lonely and quiet. I'm having one of those days where I mooch around the flat going "I don't know what to doooooooo" despite having several things I could be getting on with (housework, putting up my whiteboard, etc etc). I'm still having a brain-block as far as the name goes too. Gah.

Hope everyone's having great weekends (((kvetchettes)))
My mom called again this morning. He's awake and lucid now. We're going to see him tomorrow afternoon. He moves to hospice on Monday.

I took Hot Bod this morning so I would feel better and get my mind off everything. While I was doing a basic step, I seem to have pulled my left calf muscle, and because I'm a bonehead, finished the class. Now I can barely walk. Hopefully some ice and some Advil will take care of it.

(tempest) happy monthiversary! i'm glad to hear mr. is getting stronger.

(((hugs and whatnot to everyone))) sorry. i'm just not up to individual posting today.
(((sidecar))) Glad you'll get to see him before the time comes. I hope he goes peacefully, and your leg feels better!

((mornington, rose, yuefie, sapph & family, bunny, raisin, tempest, mando, designermedusa, everyone who I missed))

I'm going thrift storing with my mom this afternoon. I need more work clothes. So not looking forward to the wardrobe aspect of this conference in SLC in October. Because my department is the philanthropic part of the member society, we can't dress as casual as people who work for the member society (I guess they're afraid people wouldn't want to donate to us if we dressed in simple khakis and relaxed fit button-down shirts that everyone else gets to wear- god forbid!) I bought a nice jacket from Lands End:,,2_17...p;CM_MERCH=SRCH

So that's a start. Ugh, six days of dressing like a tool. I hate suits.
(((sidecar & grampa & family))) i'm so sad for you, darlin. i wish i could make it all better.

color me impressed by rose's techno prowess!

clicking my heels together and saying "le blergh" three times, in the hopes it'll entice tyger back to us.

happy anniversary, tempest!

thanks for the non-clashing vibes. but now it turns out DAVE may not be touring this winter. *sob*

kvetch: just basic grumpiness along the lines of billy's "why is it, when we're miserable, that we want to spread it around?" not that I'M miserable per se. just that i let other people who are angry and miserable get under my nails. people who i don't even know, don't care about, and who ultimately don't matter in my life, too. my own fault, though. feh.

antikvetch: working. today. on a saturday. which normally should be a kvetch, but it's our member-guest tournament, and i'm making the OT, collecting those brownie pts, and the food is good. chef's making me a special sushi plate as we speak.

antikvetch: picturing petie and his toy. hee.

((((sidecar)))) ~~~soothing for your leg and your soul~~~ you and your family are in my thoughts

((((dinah-kitty, sapphy & sapph-family))))

me too (((mandi-luv))), with the letting people that don't matter get under my skin. me too. no dave tour? hmmm. well, methinks I need to start saving now so that perhaps some day we can see him together smile.gif hope your day goes smoothly and that the yummy sushi helps to unruffle your feathers. and I can't say it enough, thanks for being so thoughtful & sweet. *mwah*

((((rose)))) we meeced you and glad to hear you got to hang out with whino! it's great that you have a new pal to hang out with there. tell sheff he should come back. we've been lacking in cool BUSTers 'round here lately, all the pressure is soley on billy!

((((mornington & pete)))) awww, pete's more like the turtle than the hare eh? picturing him taking his own sweet time putting around, hee hee.

((((tempest & mr))))) happy monthiversary! ~~~speedy recovery for mr tempest~~~

((((bunny)))) ~~~continued feel better and focus vibes~~~ good luck with your dissertation, kick ass and take names!

I too have chronic sinus issues. my ears are eternally plugged up, and I often feel sinus pressure, which makes my jaw ache. feh. a huge boo hiss on sinusitis and allergies.

polly, I hate suits and also feel like a tool when I have to wear something like that. thankfully it's not often. I deplore having to wear pantyhose more than anything though. Yuck!

Raisin, I like your style wink.gif I think what you did was clever and well, a fabulous idea! Now you can keep the bag guilt free and you got rid of something you didn't care for!

((((flanker, faith, syb, dusty, fina, cstars, pink, anoushh, billy, amilita, tes, plummie, tyger, everyBUSTie))))

Eeep - so rude of me. I never ever post here, but I participate in such a select group of threads and it would be totally obnoxious of me to post this everywhere, and I really really reaaaalllly need to tell like, everyone...

I'm engaged!!!!!

'Kay...back to regular kvetching...

Yay!!!!!!! Congrats!
woo! congratulations Luci!!!

I'm so pleased for you!

So... I'm waiting for him to call. No, not him. The other one. mellow.gif

hehe, mando, I'll try and get a photo of him. Boris - the stuffed dog - is about three times the size of Pete. Who really is starting to resemble Dylan from the magic roundabout... I don't think he knows how to run.

YAY for luci, congrats sweetie! and it's not rude to come in and share your news. and you can come back sometime, ya know wink.gif

(((treehugger))) how are you doing?

anti-kvetch: I was just realizing that it's almost dinner time and I haven't eaten anything all day except for a protein smoothie for breakfast, and PJ knocked on the door to tell me he had warmed up the left over curry & brown rice and put some garlic naan in the oven. He even set the table, so I am off to go have a late lunch/dinner with him. My bro is a sweet boy and yay, I don't even have to cook!

Congrats, Luci!!!!!!!!
How exciting! How did it happen? Give us some details! wink.gif

Raisin, I forgot to say so earlier, but I agree with Yuefie. You are a GENIUS! Enjoy your swanky purse!

I need a purse. I haven't bought a new one in a couple of years. But I went shopping and didn't find one I liked. Hmph.

((( Mornington ))) What names are you considering? Maybe we can help.

(((((( snuggles for my Hunny Bunny ))))))

(((((( Mandi & Billy & anyone feeling down ))))))

~smile.gif~smile.gif~ happy shopping for Polly ~smile.gif~smile.gif~ Hope you found something good for the trip.

Yuefie, I'm glad that PJ is making a lovely dinner for you. You deserve it!

Kvetch: I'm boooooooored. I should call someone and try to fix this. But instead I've spent my afternoon poking about on YouTube & listening to NPR.
Awww, thanks y'all smile.gif It's so anticlimactic; we don't really have any friends here yet and my best friend won't answer her damn cell phone, so it's like I have no one else to tell. Not that telling the busties wasn't like, the third thing I thought of 'cause I'm a big dorkus malorkus.

It was cute...apparently he bought a ring two weeks ago and has been carrying it around in his pocket for three days, panicking about how to ask me. I feel like a mafia bride smile.gif I never thought I would want a big diamond ring, but it's so sparkly (and lab-created, so it was both cheap AND non-conflict. Yay!)

Anywho - I was joking about how we need dishes and silverware and we should stage a fake wedding in order to get some for free, we were standing in the kitchen and he had just fed the cats (cat food smell is so romantic), and he said "Why stage a fake one when we can have a real one?" and then handed me the little box, after he dropped it and picked it up because his hands were shaking so bad. He was shaking! He never gets nervous about anything...

We bought ice cream (he got sticky toffee pudding, naturally) and champagne and I'm calling my parents tomorrow, although they already know about it...I have myself an old fashioned dude, apparently. I think he needed a confidence boost or something; they adore him.

That feels so much I said, I have no one to tell in "real" life and I'm so excited...I actually started crying. I feel so silly about that. It's not my style at all, but I'm just sitting here with a big goofy grin on my I said, that's better. smile.gif

Congratulations lucizoe!!! That when-we-got-engaged story is so cute! and definitely an anti-kvetch wink.gif.

hehe, reminds me to tell a cute story I heard last night of some work peeps - the guy is someone we never thought would settle down - he got her out of bed the morning after the Rolling Stones gig, and she bitched at him cos she wanted to have a bed day, then he took her out for a drive and she bitched cos it was miserable out and she wanted to be in bed, he took her to Loch Lomond and they skimmed stones and she bitched cos it was cold and wet and she wanted to be in the car ... he got down on one knee and she was speechless and very guilty! Awww, all these getting engaged couples. Sniff. Just watched the ep of Sex and the City (the Hubble ep) where Big tells Carrie he is engaged to Natasha. Sniff.

Way past my bedtime and my ear (drum) was vibrating a moment ago - wtf is with that?
Awww luci, that is such a cute story! Sticky Toffee Pudding seems appropriate, heh. And I'm glad you came back to share the details with us. Stop in more often, k? smile.gif

((((bunny's ear))))

((((rose)))) just 'cause

(((((EVERY BUSTie))))))

((lucizoe)) yay!

The thrift store shopping went okay. I got a few shirts, a silk, off-white sleeveless top I can wear under the jacket (I'm thinking sleeveless tops won't make me feel as sausage-like in the jacket.) I got my Lands End jacket today and it's wonderful- I highly recommend it before it's sold out. Washable Irish linen for $50?!?! You can't beat that! I'm becoming a big fan of Lands End. Some of it's a little preppy, but I find that it's just kind of neutral, which is how I like to be at work. And it so well-made, well-fitting and generally reasonable prices. And the customer service is really great. I just can't say enough good stuff about them.

I'm waiting for my coupons from Haagen-Dazs before I get that Sticky Toffee Pudding...the second they get here, I'll be on my way to the store to get it!!
Ugh. Insomnia blows. I took something that should have knocked me out, but here I am at 4 am. I've read, cleaned, listened to my MP3 player till my ears felt like they were going to bleed. Geez, Robert Smith could've used some Zoloft. Prolly not as badly as Morrissey though laugh.gif

So roommie informed me tonight (or last night rather) that he is moving out to Ohio instead of back to where he moved from, which changes the plan to him leaving at the end of October or beginning of November. Whatever, I don't care as long as I know he really is leaving. I guess this gives me more time to pack and get everything situated with the manager. Please keep your toes crossed for us that we can get a downstairs unit in the front building, it's so much nicer up there! I hate being in the back "family" building, with all the screaming demon children and their poor excuses for parents. It's a nice way of saying the "ghetto" building. PJ and I are quiet enough to hang out with the old people.

Insomnia does indeed blow goats. ~*~*~*get some sleep~*~*~*~ vibes for yuefie.

~*~*~*~get that downstairs unit~*~*~*~* vibes for yuefie and PJ.

Ear drum has stopped vibrating but still sore. I'm in meltdown and my internet is running at an agrravating snail's pace for some ungodly reason. Looking forward to seeing the boy for snuggles - he's back this evening after moving in to the new pad.

Lazy Sunday to you all.

(((sidecar))) you're in my thoughts.
H0ly crap, it's early on a Sunday. Fuck, I'm out of coffee, too! Not happy about this.

Bunny, how's the schoolwork going, eh? Heh.

Yuefie, get some sleep. I love Robert Smith more than Morrissey, but not by much.

Oh, I'm so sorry, Sidecar. Poor Grandpa Sidecar, I hope he isn't suffering or in a lot of pain. Hugs to you and your family. I am thinking about you.

Mornington, what's it like in Algiers? I've always wanted to go there.

Lucizoe! Congratulations. That's a sweet story (pun intended).

I was on family overload yesterday. Love 'em, but they drive me bonkers, same old same old. We went out for a nice dinner and then had homemade dessert at my parents' house. OMG, it was alllllllllll really good, like food porn come to life good. Then we watched the very end of Sharapova win the US Open. Actually, just PaRaisin and I did; no one else really seemed to care. It was cute when she was jumping up and down with the cup and didn't realize it was two pieces until the top of it flew off.

Got a haircut yesterday and ohmygod it's short! It just shrunk up when it dried yesterday and now it's all bouncy and dare I say flirty. It's good and has these chunky layers in it, but I don't want it any shorter (longest parts are to my shoulders when dry). I probably look more my age now that my head doesn't resemble a mop. Whatevs. Anything to not look like a diryt hippie, you know?

I'm supposed to be seeing Lunasol today. We are going to hash out the details for NY or Bust, aww yeah!

My back hurts (no big deal) and it's not too comfortable to sit at the computer, so off I go to make some toast and pout about not having any coffee. You know what? I should just go to the damn neighborhood coffeeshop; isn't this why I live in a city, so I can walk to these sorts of places?! Feh. Maybe I'll take the bunny out, too, for a little hopping around in the grass. That sounds like a plan.

But before I finish this, I'm seriously so out of love with living in this city that shall not be mentioned, the politics, the elitist snot attitudes, the high rent, the political correctness, and just the general vibe. I don't know, maybe I've just outgrown it; maybe I'm trying to convince myself that I don't like it anymore so that moving next year when the lease is up will be less painful. I'm still kinda/sorta undecided about what to do, but I have a lot of time to sit and drive myself crazy. Shh, I might actually move to a suburb instead of another part of the city or its immediate area, can you believe it?!

p.s. Glad to hear y'allz appreciate my ninja shopaholic/thriftaholic tendencies.

Sorry for the long-ass post, comme d'habitude. Have a lazy Sunday, suckas.
(((sidecar))) Stay strong...I'll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Luci!!! So exciting! Let me know if I can send you anything--my Anti-Bride Guide, any of my other resources, anything. I'm so happy for you!

(((yuefie))) I'm a big advocate of getting sleep any way you can...take a nap today, if you're able. Here's hoping you can move to the quiet building, too. ::crossed appendages::

Raisin, I want to see hair pics!

Bunny, glad the eardrum stopped vibrating...maybe the stopping is a good sign for your sinuses? I hope you get some relief soon.

Mornington, here's some telekinetic "pick up the phone and dial" vibes to the one you're waiting on. ~~~call, dammit~~~

Rose, what kind of bag are you looking for? I was raised in a shopaholic family, so maybe I can help...I'll look through my online shopping favorites and see what I can send you, if you'd like.

Ooh, super anti-kvetch: THE MR. IS COMING HOME!!!! I'm on my way to pick him up...I'm so happy I could cry! Thank you all so much for the good vibes and thoughts...further bulletins as events warrant. And I'm a kvetchette for good now, so I won't be disappearing. smile.gif *mwah* to all!
Oh yeah, bunny, I was going to reply to your eardrum thing- I get that too sometimes, like an eardrum spasm. But I don't usually get pain with it. Sounds like some congestion pushing against it. Ouch.

Ugh, I have to go to a baby shower for Le Boy's cousin today. Feh. I'm going to get "And when are you going to have a baby?" about a million times. "Not that it's any of your business, but when hell freezes over, that's when." mad.gif

(((polly))) feh on baby showers. (and please please please actually say that). And yay! for good shopping. I used to live round the corner from the land's end factory shop and I used to get a few shirts from there.

(((tempest))) yay! that's really good news.

(((raisin))) I haven't been yet, but from what I've heard... it's part french part arabic; there's not a lot to do but there are apparently some really good ruins and world heritage sites lying around. I'll come back with stories after christmas! Ooh, bunny walkies... reminds me, I must halter-train pete. Daphne hated it so I gave up.

(((bunny))) that just sounds... odd. But maybe linked to your sinuses. I hope it clears up in time for the boy's return. And... your boy does indeed have the same name as G. How random. Maybe it is a good sign.

(((yuefie))) ***get some sleep*** & ***get that apartment*** I've been getting into the cure again. I missed them the first time round... unsure.gif . I think I love rs more than morrissey.

(((rose))) ***find a handbag*** I too am booooooooooooooooooooooooored.

(((luci))) aw, cute story.

(((everyone else))))

He has still not called. Feh on him. Although to be fair he is five hours behind me and might not have to the message or been at his pa's (F's pa is the one with cancer). I'm just grumping because I want a phone call for no reason.

I'm trying to put a website together for the earrings... it's confusing me and I'm not sure I like it. Bah. I think I need to know html or something. But I've made some more earrings!

Where has the day gone? It seems like I've done nothing.

happy sunday (((everyone)))

ph34r.gif edit: just got a very sweet, very very apologetic email. did I mention sweet? *huge dopey grin*
(((Sidecar and family))) Hope you had a good visit today.

Congrats lucizoe!! I was the same; I never wanted to get married particularly but went all 'eeee!' when my boy proposed. The celebration sounds good too. smile.gif

Thanks all for your kind words when I was stressing about the mister. We've made up now and I feel better than I have for weeks. It's good to remember these things go in cycles.
squee! he just called he just called he just called he just called!!!!


am I over-excited or what? squee! he's calling later too.
((((((sidecar & family))))))) thinking of you, hope all is going as well as can be expected. ~~~~peace for ((((((grandpa sidecar)))))))~~~~
((((sapphy & fam))))) (((dinah-kitty)))
(((((bustie furbabies)))))
& (((((non fur babies)))))
bunny, I agree with polly and think it has something to do with congestion. I've suffered from chronic ear infections and sinus issues since birth (even had to have the tubes in my ears as an infant!) and have felt that sensation before. it still squicks me out though. ~~~bunnys ear & sinuses feel better~~~
yay for mr tempest coming home!
squeeeee for mornington! (((pete))) the fluffball of cuteness!
((((((raisin)))))) causes I lurf her wub.gif
((((rosev))))) *mwah*
(((((mandi mah'dear))))) *always*
((((tes & mr. hotbuns)))) may they have enjoyed eachother fully tongue.gif
((((anoushh))) how's it going?
(((((amilita & the mr.)))))) hope your vacay is just fab)))))
where in the heck is (((crassy)))?
((((prettyinpink)))) how's the wedding plans coming along?
((((((((flanker, faith, plummie, fina, dusty, polly, cstars, luci, billy, sheff, tyger, msp, tg, mavin, minx, lys, damona, ladylib, whino))))
(((((and lurkers too))))) wink.gif

yeah, I love RS more than Morrissey too. but he was one of my first major crushes and held a place of high regard, on the wall above my bed. the poster was black and white, except for his lips being red, and always gave my mother the willies! I've been going a little crazy with The Cure reissues. hey now, I waited years a decent copy of "The Top"!
and thank you all for the sleep vibes. I caught 4 1/2 hours of good, solid sleep, which beats the heck out of the broken 8 hours I usually get. I am off to try and be a productive citizen today. yeah, right.

*continued love for (((sidecar & grampa & family)))*

many congrats to the luci's! how exciting!

kvetch: no matter how hard i'm trying to avoid, 9/11 memorial stuff is EVERYWHERE. the local paper is flooded with especially poignant stories of families left behind, how they've been affected, the thougtless and downright cruel attitudes they have to face from insensitive assholes who just.don' ("it's been 5 years ... why are you still in therapy?" ... "because my husband is still dead.") i wish everyone who has issues with the blood money some of these people received could read these articles. and, yet - on the selfish-as-hell flip side - and as callous as it sounds, i really wish i could put this all on "ignore". i guess last year was easier because i was driving back from lil cousin's bachelorette weekend, hungover as shit.

kvetch: spazzing out about mamasan's surprise party next weekend.
kvetch: spazzing out about my doctor's appt tomorrow morning.
antikvetch: taking out my anxiety on the dust & dirt in my house.

apologies for being such a self-absorbed pissant.

((((Sidecar and family)))) Still thinking about you and your grandfather.

((((((((Mandi)))))))) I hear ya. I accidentally came across some disturbing photos from 9/11 when I was checking the news this wekend. So difficult. I may watch/listen to some coverage, but I'm limiting it.

On a happier note, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time at Mamasan's party next weekend. And with any luck, Danny will be able to show up after his concert.

Hooray for Mr. T's return home! And Tempest, I'd love to know where you like to shop for bags. My main requirement is that I don't want a bag that is covered in labels. That anoys me. I can afford to invest in a quality bag, but it mustn't be too fussy or covered in crap.

I love The Cure. I have Galore in my car's CD player at the moment. Makes me very happy, as backward as that sounds.

Hooray for boys who call!!!!! I am bad because I can think of about 5 people I need to call, but I haven't done it. Who sucks? Why, I do!

So, have any of you been in the Orlando area in late June? Is it as bad as I fear it is? Because I will be in Orlando in late June next year.
And it's aaaaaaaall my fault.
See, my parents will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on July 1st & I suggested that either we send them on a nice vacation or throw them a party. Mom has decided that we should do both! So she has rented 2 condos (which sleep a total of 12) at Disney World for the last week of June. I'm trying to embrace the cheese factor of all of this, but I am a very pasty white girl and all of that heat and humidity does not go well with the thick layer of SPF 5000 that I slather all over my body in the summer. Oh well. At least we can see Cirque du Soleil!

In other anniversary news, today marks 4 years since the first time that Sheff & I met face-to-face. Four whole years! Hard to believe it's been that long since I stepped off that plane at Manchester Airport. Anyway, we aren't doing anything special, since it isn't a real anniversary-anniversary. Just went shopping (I needed sun-dried tomatoes, he needed Branston pickle).

Major anti-kvetch: BestGalPal sent us a huge care package, complete with stickers and cute trinkets and even My Melody underwear! EEE!!!
As a teenager, I was more into The Cure, but The Smiths won me over in adulthood. I watched the video for "Girlfriend in a Coma" recently and was awestruck by how beautiful and electric Morrissey once was. Now I understand why girls still throw their underwear at him (this happened at the terrible Morrissey concert I went to in 1999.)

Anyway, the visit; ugh. He was a specter of his former self. I'm glad I went, but it was quite difficult. When he recognized me, his eyes lit up. In the two hours we were there, he faded in and out. He doesn't have the strength to swallow pills or drink water. He looks old and gray and tired. When I left, I said "Goodbye," and through his oxygen mask, he said, "See you in eighty years." He moves to hospice tomorrow, and I can only wish him peace at this point. He's ready, and his body has taken all it can, I think. I'm glad I saw him in June while he was still himself, because that's how I want to remember him, not like he was today.

Thank you all for the hugs and kind thoughts. It really does help.
(((((sidecar))))) ~~~~peace for grandpa sidecar & strength for the family~~~~
Hey girls!

Some of you may remember me. Others will not. It's Lori (xlori_dx). How is everyone? It's been a loooong time! When I left : RoseV was getting married, Tallgirl was pregnant, The Cars' baby was still brand new...

Ok, that's all I remember.

The forums have changed and I'm a bit confused but I think I'll figure it out.

So updates please. I know I missed TONS but maybe just the important stuff? Ok, it's all important but you know...


Oh yeah, I guess I should give an intro to those who don't know/remember me.

I'm Lori. 24, married, mom of 2 (that's right another has came to terrorize me!), have a bulldog, Canadian, blah, blah, blah...

I like my family of course, music, punk rock, tattoos, bike rides, being dorky, smoking (even though I shouldn't), going out with the girls and having crushes.

I guess this could of gone in the newbie thread or something but I know this is the hub. I look forward to meeting all of you!
(((Sidecar and family))) My step-granny spent her last weeks in a hospice; it was very calm and peaceful and we think she was happy there. I'm glad you got to see your grandpa again.

Happy monday all!

I remember you lori; you used to type in red I think. Hello again! I still smoke too despite a smoking ban where I live. Last night four of us all sat around a table, puffing away and saying 'we should really quit' *sigh* I'm pretty healthy in all other ways--maybe I'm afraid of dropping my last real vice.

Yay for squee making phone calls!!

I'm squeeing over my boy all over again, nice to know that can still happen after 5+ years!
((((((Sidecar and her grandfather and the whole family)))))) My eyes welled up when I read what he said to you. I'm glad you were able to say goodbye.

((((((Sapphy & SapphMan's father and the whole family))))))

Good morning, Lori! Brief update for you: Sheff and I have been married for about a year and a half now. And TallKid just turned 2, and Car has had a second baby. Congrats on your new little one!

How is everyone doing? Are you all okay? Five years ago, I spent a lot of time in this thread and on chat, talking to people like Car and BillyBonka, getting news moment by moment. So hard to believe that 5 years have gone by.

My parents are taking a long flight to Hawaii today. I'm sure they'll be okay, but I'm still nervous.
(((Sidecar and grandpa)))

Hi Lori!

Just back from the most amazing weekend ever. We went up north where friends of ours hired a fab and rather posh country house for three nights, there was a music room with grand piano and a billiards room with full-size snooker table and we played bocce on the lawns and went to the beach and did a distillery tour and cooked amazing feasts. On the saturday night we all got frocked up in our best and drank cava and had a candlelight dinner around the 14-ft mahogany table. We sang enthusiastically around the piano for hours with really lovely friends and it was all just superb.

Now I shall continue to revel in not being at work on a monday by, um, cleaning the flat and baking Finaman's overdue birthday cake, it will be a blueberry coffee cake with a crumbly topping. I was thinking of going for a swim but might just have a nap instead.
Remembering with Rose... those were the days when Chickchat still worked. I recall Mando and Fina being in the conversation as well. At the office, we were all huddled around a television, but I'd excuse myself to see what my fellow Busties knew.

It's a tragedy to see what's happened since. The goodwill shown by the entire world has been squandered in Iraq by this idiot of a president.
Hello and good morning all!

I'm glad to see some folks remember me.

Congrats Rose on the marriage! (a year and a half later...)
~~~good plane ride for the RoseV's rents~~~

5 years ago I was sleeping and my sister woke me up to tell me what happened. I was confused and had no idea of what exactly was going on. I remember watching the tv and being pregnant and wondering what exactly I was bringing this baby into...

(((Sidecar and fam)))
welcome back lori, I wasn't around that long ago but now I'm a "solid poster". *mwah* I miss amilita.

Sept 11th is our generation's "where were you when JFK was shot?" I was at home and my mum called me in to say "look there's a typo on the news, it says two planes but it can only be one" and then she was getting ready to go to the doctor's with me giving her a min by min update and she was mumbling over and over "we're going to war". I can't remember the bunbun being there but my stepdad was, bunbun would have only been four y/o. It would be nice to be able to say "I was BUSTing and my BUSTies got me through it". (((everyone)))

Tired. Schoolwork bleh (going to be a sleepless next few nights - yuefie, wanna make an online date?) Sinuses ok (mint good for them). Want to go see Little Miss Sunshine to cheer me up. eta: I really want ice cream which is another reason to go to the pics.

That's all from me, folks.

Yay for new babies, squee inducing phone-calls, BUSTies, great weekends with friends, squee inducing longterm partners.

~*~*~*safe flight for roseviolet's makers~*~*~*~

(((sidecar))) I'm sorry, I have no words but I'm thinking of you and feeling for you.
I was getting ready for school, my senior year. I thought it was a joke when I heard it on the radio... When I got to school, I saw. I didnt know what to think or do... I just stared.
I was getting ready for work. My parents had the TV on in the kitchen and I had just come out of the bathroom when my Dad yelled, "Oh my god!" at the TV. I stood there for a minute, watching the footage of the first plane that had just hit. I was kind of young when the first bombing happened, so I didn't really connect the two incidents, and I thought it was just a plane that accidentally crashed into the WTC. Then as they had the footage of the first building smoking, a second plane came into the frame and hit the other tower. I felt like the floor slid out beneath me, as I realized this was an attack. We just stood there in shocked silence as the reporter panicked and kept saying, "A second plane hit the other tower, a second plane hit the other tower." My dad, who is a normally a pacifist, began saying something about getting rid of that bin Laden S.O.B. when we had the chance.

I was running late for work, and seeing as how it was only my 4th day at the job, I didn't want to be any later, so we left, listening to NPR in the car, when we heard about the plane hitting the Pentagon. My job at the time was about a block from O'Hare Airport, so it was a little scary being in such close proximity. By the time I got to work, the fourth plane had crashed in Pennsylvania and the rest of the day was a blur. We could see the entire airfield of O'Hare from our building and the next month or so was just very eerie, watching the world's busiest airport completely shut down, like a ghost town.

Several members of Le Boy's family are teachers, and they talked about how they handled it, depending on the grade level they taught. His sister and sister-in-law both teach 5th grade, and they weren't allowed to discuss it or show any reaction the day it happened, leaving it up to the kid's parent's to talk to them about it that evening. His mom teaches high school, so all the kids knew about it, and I think they spent most of the day in stunned silence, with TVs on in all the classrooms and minimal schoolwork being done.

My mom flew down to Texas to visit a friend only a few days after planes were allowed to fly again and everyone on the plane, crew and passengers, were a little on edge. Before they took off, the pilot came on the PA, and trying to ease people, said something like, "I know we're all a little nervous here, but I assure you we'll all be okay. If anyone gets up and looks like they're going to do something bad, I want everyone to throw something at them, cups, hairbrushes from your purse, bags of pretzels!" People laughed a little and relaxed.

Around here, it was a big check-in, since there are a lot of NYC Busties. Just a lot of shock.

~*~*safe flight for rose's ma and pa~*~*
I was out rowing and didn't hear until my roomate told me much later in the day - I ended up going down to the common room and being really stunned and "what the hell happened to the world while I was in a boat". All the kids were running around going "we're going to war" and there was an argument because people couldn't hear the news, and the duty tutor wouldn't let us stay glued to the tv and sent us all to do prep. I was fifteen. (((everyone)))

((((((sidecar)))))) & ((((sidecarfam)))) & ((((sidecargramps)))) I can't say anything helpful but thinking of you.

Hi Lori - I'm too new to have met you before, but hello!

(((bunny))) mint ice-cream. You know it makes sense.

(((((mando))))) ***anti-spazzout*** it will all be fine.




(((rosev))) ***safe flight for the parents***

yay for squee! (((syb)))

(((fina))) yay for frockery!



I'm still going squee. rolleyes.gif I got an email this morning as well as nice comments on the myspace... I'm such a sappy sucker.

and G is trying to get me tickets to see the Dresden Dolls. Free. And is taking me out on friday. Admittedly he's working, but still. I have nice mens.

kvetch: it's hot and I couldn't find the petshop
antikvetch: going to make spiced calamari for supper. Mm, seafood.
kvetch: having to go to the apple store tomorrow as my wireless isn't working.
antikvetch: I'm still going squee
kvetch: having to do the washing up
antikvetch: they've reserved the pupper for me! I'm just waiting on the home inspection people...

did I mention I was still going squee? I've been waiting for him to call for weeks. So he did. Twice. Squee.

I'll stop now. Squee.
Aw mornington, you cheer me up no end! *squee*

In my world, going to the apple store would not be a kvetch. The boy loves the London store and that's where I bought pinky.

Mint ice cream a possibility! Only problem is, I'm not sure whether the art-house cinema we're going to does ice-cream! Although we're going to our favourite Italian and I'm pretty sure they do rockin' ice cream. A bit ice cream mad today ... my throat is still scratchy and ice cream good for that.
On the 12th, I was scheduled to fly to El Paso and meet up with some friends (other members of Rotary) for a trip into Mexico. The plane flew, but there were fewer than a dozen on the flight. One amusing memory was that even though there were 100+ empty seats on the flight, an elderly couple decided to sit next to me. I was aggravated by that smile.gif Our ultimate destination in Mexico was a village at the bottom of Copper Canyon where there was no television. In some respects, that wasn't so bad because we didn't have to listen to all the endless analysis afterwards. On our way to the canyon, we were touched by the outpouring of concern by the Mexican citizens we encountered. Our major concern was getting back into the US. We knew that if anything else were to happen, we'd likely be dealing with a closed entry point.
Very true, billybonka- I have a cousin who was playing semi-professional softball in Europe when it happened, I think she was in Amsterdam at the time. She may have been the only American on the team and was pretty devastated, and the team cancelled the games for the next couple of weeks. Someone stayed with her all the time, while she was trying to get back to the U.S.- I think it took a month. She stopped playing after that. Her mom was moving her brother from Kansas to California and couldn't get a plane to fly back, so she rented a car and drove all the way back.

On a lighter note, I had really good mint gelato over the weekend- didn't even miss having chocolate in there.
normally I love the apple store - but I have to go to the genius bar without a reservation and I'll be there forever.... urgh.

yay! I cheered bunny up!
I LOVE that they're called geniuses! geeks would be more accurate. Speaking of which, the last time the boy and I were down and visited the apple store (on a Saturday no less) we didn't have long to wait for a genius.
mmm, Sept 11, 5 yrs back.

Was in a meeting with a client, young lady of Arabic (Palestinian) & British descent, fun girl, good customer and generally chatty and lively. Finish meeting, listening to radio and hear something about a plane smashing into a building in NYC, thought maybe some light aircraft got lost and did something stupid. Park car, walk into pub and everyone standing mouths agape....could not believe what was unfolding before my very eyes. utter tragedy, of the highest order.
Next day, I call aforementioned client up and ask her about what was unfolding the day before, whilst we went on about our business discussion. Her answer: "For every Palestinian child that dies, a hundred Americans must die!".....I sat there with phone in hand ...WTF! blink.gif ohmy.gif ...not even a noise out of my mouth.....I just put the phone down...

Humanity suffered that day, and will continue to do so until the end of us all.

anti-kvetch: just been at the gym for 2 hrs
kvetch: ate 3 choc chip cookies after gym rolleyes.gif
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