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You'd better, you little Hottie McHotterson, you!
This is my first time as a kvetchie, but could I please get some hugs? I took the mr. to the ER last night b/c he has apparently ruptured his appendix. The doctors said it must have happened sometime around Saturday (!) and that his body is already starting to heal, so we're trying the approach of a round of IV antibiotics and a drain. He'll be in the hospital for at least a week, and I was in pieces leaving him there last night. We were both a mess, as it was the first night we'd ever spent apart. sad.gif We're still newlyweds, too. So...I guess I just needed to get it out; I'll be back on the boards tonight after visiting hours.
((((sapphy))) & (((dinah))) & (((sapphfam))) How's the syringe-feeding going?
(((bunny))) you know I had that sitting on my desk for a full week? tongue.gif ****get better bunny & boy****
Happy Birthday (((((yuefie))))) rather belated, I know.
(((pink))) what you said. word-for-word. *sniffle*
(((mando))) Woo danny! very cool.
(((sidecar))) don't tell superstar, but I did laugh just a little. She's cute!
*waves to sheff*
(((rose))) hehe. vacuums.
(((cstars))) do it. or do A. whichever.
ok, memory failure so... (((tg, fina, faith, txplum, tes, dm, billy, and everyone else)))

finally got the internets in the new place. have to sit on the floor 'cos Pete chews the wires in the other phone socket (damn rabbit) but... joy. I'm feeling much better - still have headaches but not sure if that's still ill or 'cos of aunt flo... either way, I go back to the docs in a couple of weeks and maybe see a neurologist if my head still hurts. Woot.

I'm resitting the year - starting from scratch a whole two years older than everyone else - hopefully; the senior tutor says it should be possible. I just didn't want to resit in june without going to a single lecture. I might not start until jan (bunny... I'm so planning to take my evil powers on an international roadtrip) but I can't do much until then.

kvetch: my mother is driving me insane
antikvetch: she's going on saturday.

Right... I have a boy to email, a coat to connect and... not a lot to do. I have a love/hate relationship with being at a loose end.

(((((everyone))))) I have missed you all. Lots. *mwah*
mornington! so, so, so good to see you around here again! We meeced you. Yay for having internet access in new place! Speaking of which, I have card to post now that I have your new address.

Look on the bright-side of repeating: there are advantages to being more mature, wiser and more experienced than everyone around you! It gives you perspective and intensifies the desire and determination to accomplish what you've always wanted to. Roadtrip? I am so envious!!! I don't start until January either ... I think that my evil powers need flexing.

I'm feeling a bit better than I was last night but please vibe some vit c my way cos I need to keep it at bay.

Loving and vibing you all, but not much energy just now - the little I had was exhausted in rugby-tackling mornington for squishy hugs.

(((tempest))) and (((mr_tempest)))
...yet another drive-by...

Mornington! Missed you, too. Wait, so what are you going to do for the fall semester? I'm a little confused. Do you know about the cord protectors that are available? It's like a tubing that you wrap around the cords, and they are really good for bad bunnies. Luckily mine only likes to chew on paper, which in itself is a problem. ::sigh:: More hugs for you and your dearly departed as well as Petey.

Um, okay. I seriously think I need to meet many more of you this fall in NY, if you're up for a weekend trip as well, depending on how far you're coming from. Lunasol and I are still in negotiations about what weekend we're coming, but rest assured it will happen. Consider yourselves warned.

I still think Suri is not real or at the very least not the spawn of Tom Cruise's seed. Barf.

Oh, okay, and here's a dumb little question. If you were cash-strapped and really in need of saving money and you know better to do what you just did, but yet you bought a gorgeous Italian purse for a deeply discounted price of 80$ U.S., would you keep it because it was a bargain and you really like the bag? Or would you return it within 30 days because you are already turning into a bag lady in the not-literal sense just yet, but will if you keep up this nonsense? Yeah, I really don't need the bag, but it's cute and kind of artsy and doesn't scream MONEY! and doesn't look like everyone else's purse. Add to the scenario that it is made of buttery leather (yes, Mando) and I am a veg but not vegan but still feeling some guilt. OH, THE HORROR! Uh, and it smells really good, too. Heh. I'm pure evil.

/PSA mode and ethical mode off and zooming on out of here...
(((((((((( Tempest & Mr. T ))))))))))) Poor guy! He must be in agony. It's wonderful that he isn't worse. that's one lucky man. Here's hoping he starts feeling better ASAP.

~~~~ more soothing for Bunny & the boy ~~~~

Mornington! I have meeeeeeeced you, sweet thing. ((((((Mornington))))))
So what does it mean that you have to re-sit the whole year? Are you basically having to take a whole year's worth of classes all over again? Do you have to write papers and everything, too, or are you only required to take the final exams? And what's this about headaches? I have some experience with bad headaches & neurologists, so I feel for you. (((((( more hugs to you ))))))

The BestPals have finally made their big announcement. They have decided to move to ....
[drum rollllllllll]
Seattle! And they'll be moving next month! So they have a ton of preparation to do, but they are thrilled. Frankly, the sooner BestGalPal is out of LA, the happier she will be. Thank you all for your suggestions. BGP read them all & found your suggestions very helpful.

((((((((all of you))))))))

I have much to do today, so I must be off!
Oh, buttery leather. I'm not into leather purses much (not for political reasons, they're just too much maintenance), but buttery leather is hard to pass up, no matter what financial strain it causes....sorry, I'm not much [sensible] help. I, too, have a purse addiction.
QUOTE(Sapphy69 @ Sep 4 2006, 01:47 PM) *

Fuck, I just feel like my heart is breaking, and guilty that I might have missed the signs that something was seriously wrong

Sapphy, darlin', I'm glad to read up above that Dinah's situation is looking better - I just wanted to respond to this "how could I not have known how sick she was" feeling. I have had a couple of situations where cats have suddenly, dramaticaly gotten deathly ill and I've been right there with you, feeling like the worst cat mother in the world, but here's my-sister-the-vet's assessment: she says that cats are extremely good at hiding the fact that they don't feel well until it's a dire situation. There's not really even anything you can do to try to predict problems. K. (my sis) had an elderly cat who she took in for regular bloodwork to try to pick up any problem before it got bad: first every year, then every six months, finally every 3 months, and suddenly one day, only a few weeks after her last checkup, her blood values went from fine to awful. Cats are just as devious in sickness as in health. So don't feel guilty.

(Despite knowing this, I still feel guilty when they get sick.)
(((sapphie))) so relieved to hear you got a better diagnosis for dinah. i shall keep all parts crossed anyway. any news on papa-in-law?

(((vesicapisces))) thank you for posting that. i'm still having issues about chelsea, and taking them out on poor maggie. every other day, i pick her up and think she's losing weight. i get on the scale, and then pick her up and go on the scale, etc. danny keeps assuring me she's fine. but color me paranoid.

and i've still got a hard on for the nastyass cold-hearted cruel emergency vet (who also wanted hundreds of dollars just to diagnosis). i know chelsea was probably too far gone, but because of that asshole, i'll never know for sure. i wanted to discuss him with my vet during maggie's last visit, but choked up and lost my nerve.

raisin, keep the bag. you know you want to. *evil witchypoo cackle*
*vitamin c vibes for bunny & boy*
(((tempest & mr))) welcome to kvetch. hang out here. we'll keep you company.

it's hard not to feel sorry for poor superstar. but i'm glad he's she's unmatted and happy (and therefore not a candidate for, i guess ... hee. did you guys shave him yourself, sidecar?

urgent hotel-reservation question: i booked a room directly at a best western and they want freaking $188 for one night. i don't care, but come on, on principal alone, $188 for a best western? meanwhile, if i book thru expedia or, i can get it for $90. but the best western person said those rooms aren't guaranteed (which i'm sure they're programmed to say). we really need a room for that night, the mr said not to take any chances - we're going to an evening wedding, 1.5 hrs away, and looking forward to the after-party more than the actual reception. but i'm tempted to take my chances with expedia. how can they NOT guarantee a room - they charge your credit card immediately upon booking?
OMG, a sheff sighting! I was sure you'd become the Household Rep. on Bust, rose! Thanks for the daisy, BTW. smile.gif

((((tempest)))) ~^~^~ get-well vibes for mr. tempest ~^~^~

I'm sorry to hear about this - not the happiest circumstances to welcome someone to kvetch sad.gif

Welcome back ((mornington)) and ~^~^~ feel better vibes for you too ~^~^~

And I've been in the same boat: "I have a love/hate relationship with being at a loose end."

But I finally feel like my loose ends are tying up, and a cloud of great uncertainty is lifting because... I got my first unemployment paycheck! Woot! I have been waiting for like a month (and it's felt like six)! I've never been in a situation where I was depending on the govt. for money, and it makes my insides tighten up.

And mornington, two years doesn't seem so bad to me anymore - at least you're not starting over at 24 in classes with a bunch of 18 year-olds like me!

Bunny, I have to ask: what is baby tea?? And here, I've got some Vitaman C chewables with your name on them.

I gotta go, ironically, I feel like posting for the first time in days, and I'm being kicked off the computer.

rose, I have to take the whole thing again. Luckily we don't have much in the way of papers (just a couple of end-of-module tests that count towards finals) so it's basically just going to classes - imo I'm better of this way 'cos I had problems settling back into studying at the start of last year & don't want to have to do it again.

The headaches are why I was ill - the doc's undecided between viral meningitis (I had a fever, throwing up etc etc) which I was slightly asymptomatic for, or cluster headaches possibly triggered by a viral infection - which I'm also slightly aysymptomatic for. It's all good fun and the doc wants me to go to the neurologist if I still get the headaches.

Raisin, I say take it. But I'm a bag lady too. tongue.gif It's odd, it seems to be just the one socket, under my desk. He's not bothered about any other wires... just the ones there. I feel the need to go wireless on his ass. He likes to throw and rip usually.

yay for tying up loose ends (((flanker)))! I know it's not much, but it can seem like it - this lot are fresh into college, living away from home for the first time and let near alcohol legally etc etc... meh. I'm just mentally a granny.

Suri looks... oriental. I say TC adopted an overseas baby... /takes self over to media whores
Mandi, book that shit online - I've never been refused a room before (nor do I know anyone that has). I guess they just say that they can't guarentee 'cause they only charge a deposit, and not the full payment for the room...

Mornington, I understand. I realize I'm a mental granny too every time I glare at the chatty youngsters for disrespecting the professor in my English class by not shutting up when she's talking. I think this sort of thing is more of a problem at my school, 'cause it's a community college that many, many of the high schoolers go to right afterward, so a lot of them know each other, and the mentality is sort of like "I'm going to go here so I can extend my high school experience a couple more years."

Also, I cracked up when I read Advanced Mumbler, rose!

Well, I guess I should go be productive or something now.
Gah. I just typed out this detailed post and lost the entire thing.

hi sheff! thanks for sharing your flowers with us rose smile.gif

mandi, I'm with flanker. I've used expedia, hotwire & travelocity without my room being unavailable when I checked in. just stay away from priceline dry.gif . and thanks for your email sweetie pie. it brightened my day, really. and that b-day card was too cute.

((((mornington)))) i read your blog, sounds like you've been through hell. ~~~feel better~~~

((((tempest & mr. tempest)))) welcome to kvetch.

((((bunny & boy)))) ~~vitamin c, zinc, & tea vibes~~~

(((sapphy & dinah))) ~~continued vibes~~~

(((BUSTie furbabies & parents)))

(((polly, raisin, sidecar, plummie, tes, faith, dusty, syb, treehugger, vesica, fina, cstars, crassy, damona, msp, tg, billy, sck1, ladylib, minx, everyone))))

kvetch: I'm a bit worried about sashie. she doesn't seem sick, she is eating and drinking fine but she's dropped enough weight that everyones noticing and commenting on it. that and how gray and frail she is beginning to look. I hate even thinking about losing her. *le sigh* she is old though, but still likes to play with PJ and pretend she's a pupper. but she gets so worn out from the 15 minutes of playing that she sleeps for 5 hours, poor thing. when I woke up this morning she was laying in PJ's arms while he enjoyed his morning coffee and the news. notice what a ham she is, posing for the picture.

and another kvetch: today feels like a monday to me. crampy + crabby = yuefie. i woke up with a huge, monster of a zit on my cheek next to my nose, and a cluster of tiny ones on the corner of my mouth and chin. after 20 years of this constant battle, I give up. nothing seems to work and I no longer expect anything to. but will I stop purchasing new things to try? never. will I continue to grasp at staws? yes. I just won't be mad when the products fail to deliver the fantastic results they promise. I bought this new acne regimen by natures gate and a supplement called actimine. anyone ever try the oil cleansing method? eh, I should head over the to skincare thread, sowwy.

and I apologize for being ms. complainy-pants.

Time for two quick things only:

Mandi, if I'm not too late, I say go for I have booked with them the last four times we've needed a room (as well as a few times before), and I never have ANY trouble. The first time (around Thanksgiving), our original reserved room in Dallas was still occupied by a Katrina evacuee (who certainly needed it more than we did). I don't recall if called or e-mailed, but in any case, I got an agent on the phone who helped us rebook...and when the best option nearby was $50 more a night, they ate the difference and we didn't pay anything more.

Oh - even this weekend, the online booking said we weren't guaranteed bed preference (i.e. king or two doubles), and when we arrived to two doubles, the hotel switched us to a king room with no problems (though that may have more to do with it being AmeriSuites).

Also - and I think Stevie may understand this - I realized this afternoon that not only was I reading the Chicago Manual of Style *just for the hell of it*...IT'S ALSO NOT THE FIRST TIME I'VE DONE IT. This may place me on the Top Ten All-Time Grammar Nerd list.

*in her only standard bow to her regional dialect, TXPW hugs {{{{{all y'all}}}}} and scampers back to work*
Oh, you're in big trouble now. It will be Elements of Style next, and you'll find yourself chortling over Eats Shoots and Leaves...oh, and then there is the Somerset Maugham short story about the woman who became famous for her clever use of the comma...
Everyone needs to be (((ms. complainy pants))) sometimes. It's ok.

I have been emasculated (for lack of a better word - ha! how ironic) as a grammer nerd. I'd never heard of the Chicago Manual of Style, or any of what dusty mentioned.

I am so tired and fed up of not being able to sleep at night. I hereby submit a request for desparately needed sleep vibes. Thank you in advance for thinking of me. Sleeping on a couch long-term is rough.
Too late, Dusty...I bought Eats, Shoots and Leaves a month after it came out. The Chicago Manual is my writing Bible - I have the CMS Web site AND their Q&A bookmarked. I know who Strunk & White are (even though I don't regularly use Elements of Style). I have contributed to Webster's Open Dictionary. I proofread store signage everywhere I go. I have even developed an ability to switch to international spellings when the situation calls for it.

What's worse than that? I'm not even *thinking* about hanging my head in shame.
plummie, flanker and yuefie, many thanks for the hotel advice. i de-booked from best western directly and then re-booked with expedia (which i hope doesn't cause a snafu by itself). expedia was kind enough to send me a personal email response, and i'm lord knows i'm a sucker excellent customer service. i'm going to check my confirmation about a hundred times, and listen, worse comes to worse, the mr watches his alcohol intake and we drive home that night. (or sleep on the floor in s-i-l's room, hee!)

i am ashamed to admit i never really understood the title of eats shoots and leaves. hand that dunce cap over here.

sometimes i wonder how you grammar nerds still find it in your hearts to love me. i'm like the worst mangler of the english language eva. and i was an english major ... tsk tsk, the sacrilege!

kvetch: bossman is being bitchy to me this week. which i don't really need. and i know he's confiding in other coworkers. which is making me jealous. i'm beginning to think he's one of those people who claim you're his best friend, but only for the moment.
kvetch: i'm exhausted but have so much to do, it's criminal. maybe if i force myself to go take a walk ....
kvetch: i'm blowing off the PTA meeting, even tho i had every good intention of going. but hey, i gave them money and my phone number. they can call me if they need brownies. i can't even deal with the band, much less anything else right now.
kvetch: a neighbor is powerwashing something .... nonstop. for like an hour already. what the hell can be that dirty?! i'd like to take that friggin noisy nozzle and shove it up his ass. grrrrr.

(((sashie))) is it time for a visit to the vet, yuefie? just even for peace o' mind?
pandas eats shoots and leaves but there's an example -or IRL story?- where someone wrote a panda eats, shoots and leaves which changes the meaning just a little! hence the title. I love the book and now I'm going to try to find the Somerset Maugham shorty-story Dusty mentioned as sounds fab!

flanker, baby tea is weak tea - lots of milk and very sweet, just like babies drink (or so it goes...)

speaking of babies: freaky ass child. Very cute but hell no, not his.

thanks from me too for the kitty explanation, vesicapisces, I worry about Mandoo even though he's a young Tom (and the vet says he's not a fat cat, even though other nasty people say he is and give him a complex).

raisin and mornington, you need to stop launching into the wire talk straight after something else cos I don't have time to be sitting here confused! sheesh!

raisin, trying to fly this below radar quietly but when you say you want to meet more BUSTies in NYC: would that include two rather lovely UK kvetchies?

(((sashie))) try not to worry yuefie, although I know it's hard.

kvetch: had hellish night in work -at least most of it was- cos I blew something out of proportion and the floodgates opened when someone was really nice to me. I'm stressed, tired and under the weather so I sucked it up and apologised even though I don't think I was majorly in the wrong, just bitchy.

Oh, I think I've got to get Eats, Shoots and Leaves! I studied journalism before fact, I spent my 21st birthday studying madly for a grammar test I needed to save my grade. With a beer and a friend...only slightly pathetic.

Oh, now I get the baby tea...I was gonna ask, too. (((bunny))) Are ya feeling better?

mando, have fun at the wedding reception! We'll be at a wedding Saturday that when yours is, too?

~~~sleep vibes for flanker~~~ I hear ya on accepting gov't help making your insides do funny stuff...but you deserve your unemployment funds!

(((Yeufie and sashie)))

Mornington! Gah...much luv to you. I noticed that you had frequent scary!

raisin, I say take the purse, too...I can't pass up a great deal!

Welcome, tempest! How is the Mr. doing?

Shout out to txplum, dusty, sidecar, rosev, sapphy, polly, tes, faith, anoushh, fina, tallgirl, sybarite, and everyone!

We are leaving for vacation Friday morning! I'm excited...nervous about leaving the kitties, but we've got an evacuation plan, so it'll be OK no matter what. I can't wait to get outta here for awhile! Then I'm all set to work right when we get back. Gotta rush over to our friends' house now for Project Runway! And poker!
enjoy poker amilita - I love texas hold 'em! Also enjoy vacation if I don't have chance to say before and pick up a copy of ESL!

I was feeling better earlier but now I feel crappy and trying to get to sleep but beyond drained.

mornington, I meant to say earlier (but brain is mush): I had to go see neurologist once for frequent headaches but it turned out to be stress and low sugar.

raisin, I'm the wrong person to ask about bags (or purchases in general) as I'm a shopping whore and have bought a number of bags in the last little while. I seldom take anything back.

okay, going to try giving the sleep thing another go...
amilita, no, step-nephew's wedding is oct 7th. the weekend of our 20th wedding anniversary. if we make it. heh.

hope you have fun ... you so deserve some fun! we'll miss ya.

*soothing sleepy vibes for bunny*

i just was downloading a song off of limewire, got redirected to this "artistsredirect" site. now i'm waiting for the sirens. maybe i should call my b-i-l, the fed. (who steals wi-fi from neighbors when he visits.)

*paranoid twitch*
(((amilita))) yay for vacays! and having an evacuation plan in place is great for your peace of mind, so double yay on that.

(((bunny))) boo on feeling crappy again. ~~~sleepy vibes~~~

I'm on the fence raisin. while I too love purses and agree that you can never have too many fab ones, I'm queen of shoppers remorse, especially when I'm strapped for cash. hmmm, I dunno. then again, if ya gotta pack up your stuff, that bag might come in handy!

mandi-luv, as a matter of fact we have an appointment with a new vet next week, just to ease mama's mind a bit. I'm sure it's just her aging, and all of us suddenly noticing it. she still has quite an appetite and will stalk anyone eating dessert. seriously, she runs in circles when she smells something sweet rolleyes.gif . oh, the other day I stopped at the pet store up in San Marcos where I used to shop for her and they had these all natural peanut butter carob bars that look like candy bars. she thought she was in heaven, hehe. I know she's older and her day will come just like everyones, but it just bugs the hell out of me to even think about it. now I wanna go pick her up and hug her!

I think I just have a little case of the blues, along with hellacious cramps, and a general achiness in the tops of my thighs, hips and lower back. so methinks a date with a nice a nice warm bath, my new comfy jammies, and one of those Playtex stick on heating pads is a capital idea. then I can curl up with a good book or a tear jerker flick, and the Dagoba chocolate bar I picked up earlier. and if it doesn't ease up, a muscle relaxer may be in order. and perhaps an early night so I can try to wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow!

You fucking no-good enabling bag ladies! Some help you are. Hmph!

Yeah, I might keep it because I suck. And because it's purdy and buttery.

Then again, maybe I'll return it. I still have time. I don't think I've ever spent $80 on a purse. It might be too nice for me to actually, you know, use. Der.

QUOTE(dusty @ Sep 6 2006, 05:01 PM) *

Oh, you're in big trouble now. It will be Elements of Style next, and you'll find yourself chortling over Eats Shoots and Leaves...oh, and then there is the Somerset Maugham short story about the woman who became famous for her clever use of the comma...

Oh yeah, Dusty! Been there, read most of that, am going to buy the t-shirt soon.

p.s. Date of weekend in NY to be announced soon in appropirate thread. Yeah, I want to wrap my flabby/muscular Oprah arms around you, gonna dress you up in my love all over all ovaaaaaaahhhhh your body... heh. WHOO!
Thanks for the hugs, (((((((kvetchies))))))!!!

Everything looks great. The draining went perfectly...they didn't have to leave it in. He's feeling much better, eating solid foods, and no longer running a fever. I'm very, very relieved. He'll still be in the hospital for a week or so, but there's reduced anxiety about surgery now. All I have to do is keep him from going stir-crazy while he's on bedrest, and make sure he doesn't try to overexert himself when he comes home.

I covet Eats, Shoots, and Leaves. At the moment, I own The Highly Selective Thesaurus for the Extraordinarily Literate and its companion dictionary. I fiercely guard all my old Structures of Modern English texts. I'm such a grammar queen/huge dork.

Yuefie, I soak in Queen Helene Batherapy Sport to help my hellacious cramps. It's like a mineral soak, and it takes the edge off while I wait for whatever I'm taking to kick in. Do you do well with muscle relaxers? I was prescribed Xanax to ease my cramps because it doesn't knock me out the way muscle relaxers do.

Raisin, I say keep the bag. It never hurts to have backups (but then again, I own 30+ bags, so I'm in the same category as bunnyb). As far as spending that much money on a bag: It won't be too nice for you to use. It was made to last and stay beautiful. And a beautiful bag is my favorite accessory. smile.gif

::sending good vacation/sleep/health/hotel/anti-shopper's remorse/general happiness vibes::

I'm off to bed. Who knew sitting for ten hours could be so tiring?
Yay for Mr. Tempest!!!

My favourite comma story, however, was my first term in library school when my classmate turned to me (and this was 17 years ago when there were still card catalogues) and said, "If I had known library school was going to be about commas and spaces, I never would have signed up." I was sooooo tempted to turn to him and ask what the fuck he thought library school was going to be about.

A panda walks into a café. He orders a sandwich, eats it, then draws a gun and proceeds to fire it at the other patrons.
"Why?" asks the confused, surviving waiter amidst the carnage, as the panda makes towards the exit. The panda produces a badly punctuated wildlife manual and tosses it over his shoulder.
"Well, I'm a panda," he says at the door. "Look it up."
The waiter turns to the relevant entry in the manual and, sure enough, finds an explanation. "Panda. Large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China. Eats, shoots and leaves."
Hahaha! Love that story!

Dusty, I could tell the same sordid tales about my profession as well (but in person, just because my field is uber-specialized).

CARD CATALOGS. I fucking love those things. When I was in high school, I wanted to be an assistant at the library so I could type out those cards. But the librarians kind of hated me because me and my friends would talk too loudly when we were "studying." I was doomed from the beginning.

Grammarians, have you seen Karen Elizabeth Gordon's books? ::salivating:: I luv huh.

Oooh, Queen Helene, I like that minty face masque from that company.

I am still in house cleaning hell, so off I go. My CDs look fabulous alphabetized, have I mentioned this already?! I beseech you, Kvetchies, where else are you going to find Sheila Chandra next to the Chemical Brothers? xoxo
Dusty, it was the semi-colon, actualleh. smile.gif Bunnyb, the story is 'The Creative Impulse'.

Glad things are looking better for the mister tempest.

Keep the bag raisin.. I have one good bag that was seriously spenny and I find it dresses up my clothes, which is good for days when I have to look particularly professional. So, y'know, a good bag is an investment.

/channelling my grandma

Mornington, I hope those headaches stop! Hopefully they were caused by exam stress and will now sod off? Fingers crossed that you feel better soon. And you sound quite positive about next year which is great.

The mister has a lot going on right now, all of it stressful so I've been worried about him.. until he turned around and was snotty to me for a stupid reason. Now I've transformed all that worry into anger and am sitting here being pissed at him. Grrr. I need to be supportive, probably, but right now I feel like biting his head off for being a dick. I'm a bad person.

I'm hoping I'll have more energy/inclination for supporting him when I see him later on. Yet I'm dreading it because it will be more stress. I should go over to confessions.
(((syb))) I know the feeling... you're not a bad person. ***energy*** & ***de-stress the mister***
yay! (((tempest))) & (((mr tempest)))
(((raisin))) I love card catalogues too... unsure.gif And yes, alphabetising is the way to go! (Fford next to Euripides here... the cds are in another room)
(((dusty))) laugh.gif
(((yuefie))) ***feel better*** & (((sachie)))
(((mando))) stop twitching, luv... you're making me paranoid.
(((bunny))) did you get some sleep?
have a good holiday (((amilita)))
(((flanker, pink, vesica, rose, sapphy & sapphfam, cstars, anoushh, tes and everyone else)))

I've been making earrings... I'm confirmed to do a craft fair in october - blink.gif - and I'm trying to make sure I have enough stuff. I ought to branch out and make some more stuff, though. Earrings are just... so relaxing to make.

And... *bounces with glee* I'm going to see The Springbok Nude Girls in november. They are my favourite band, and they split up a couple of years ago - well, the original band is back together and touring and yay yay yay yay yay. Me and Boy Wonder are going 'cos he loves them too. and i know you've never heard of them, no-one has

kvetch: stupid boy not sent email. grr. *mutters to self*

kvetch: having to make an appointment to go to the apple store to get my wireless sorted as something's missing.

antikvetch: I have the place to myself this evening.
I confess that I sometimes use excessive commas. Now it's out in the open.

Raisingirl, hooray for the CD organization. Last year, the Bonkas realized that CDs were separated from their cases, in the cars or laying about the house. We bought lots of wire racks and set out to reunite & alphabetize. There was only one unmatched CD case at the end smile.gif And, we've had no relapses since then (was that comma necessary?).

Sybarite, best wishes for you and the Mr. Why is it, when we're miserable, that we want to spread it around? You are not a bad person!

Good morning/afternoon ((((kvetchettes))))

(((syb))) it's hurtful when a loved one snaps at you when they are upset by something else. reacting to that does not make you a bad person.

(((mornington))) yay for concerts and having the place to yourself! how are you feeling?

and ((((hunnybunny))) are you feeling better today?

I am somewhat. At least I don't feel like running up to complete strangers, kicking them in the shins, and running away. I told my sister last night that I felt like doing that. She laughed so hard and suggested I have one of her xanax, which I declined. I just tried to go to sleep early. But of course the most clueless, moronic roomie ever decided to wake me up by knocking on my door at 11 pm just to inform me that: "OMG I'm SOOOOO excited cause Cyndi Lauper is playing here like next week and then OMG so is Ani DiFranco and OMG we gotta go cause we missed Fiona Apple when she came through and OMG girlfriend we just gotta go!". I get that he is excited. I get that he wants to share this with me, because yes, we usually get excited together about these things together. But I announced to all occupants of the apartment, quite loudly ,that I was not feeling my usual self so needed to be left alone and was turning in early for the night. *heavy sigh* I almost feel sorry for him. He really is just that socially unskilled. And yes, clueless. He is just lucky I didn't kick him and run laugh.gif

~~~~multi-purpose vibes all around~~~~ ((((((everyone)))))

I never read Chicago for fun. Grammar has been depressing me lately, but that's probably because this week, I edited a story that used first person, second person, third person, and the royal we.

That makes me want to eat, shoot, and leave.

(((((((sidecar)))))) extra hugs for you
Ooh...I'm packing and such, so I'll give general (((hugs))) and ~~~vibes~~~ to all.

We decided to take the laptop so we can work a little on this group show we're having at the gallery in early Oct., so I'll be around less but a little, maybe. I'm disallowing myself all news and New Orleans blogs!

I've said it before, but don't similar things happen to us around here sometimes? Seems like lots of folks have been having kitty-cat health concerns, including me. My babe with arthritis has been very limpy...I'm just continuing his meds and keeping an eye on him. Worried some, though.

Mwah! Mwah! to each and every one of you!

Amilita, have such a good time! You deserve it...just stick to your guns about steering clear of news and N.O. blogs. And give your arthritic kitty extra ear scratches from me!

Sidecar, that many points of view? How did your eyes not bleed? I have a hard enough time getting my students to stick to one point of view, and they confuse third person limited and third person omniscient...but they're in high school. blink.gif

Mornington, do you have pics of your jewelry? I have made exactly one pair od earrings in my life, and they were mediocre. But to do a craft must be talented!

Yuefie, I had a friend in college who would kick and run. I loved her. She was the sweetest, mildest thing, but if you pushed her limits, she'd make you pay with your shins. It seemed to work for her...hee!

The mr. keeps getting better. We'll see when I can bring him home. For now, I'm using my downtime to get some extra tidying finished, and catch up on laundry, so I can focus on him when he gets home. He's getting grumpy, which is a good sign, as it means his strength is coming back.

Good vibes to all!!
Yeah, I have no idea how you use four different points of view. That's what keeps me employed, though, I guess.

So I got off the phone with my grandmother a few minutes ago. My grandfather's not doing well. He's in kidney failure, and the doctors said all they can do is make him comfortable. I am actually fine with this. He hasn't been home from the hospital/nursing home since the end of June. I think it's his time; I just hope it's quick and peaceful for him.
(((sidecar))) and (((grandfather sidecar)))

(((amilita's babe))) mandoo's ailment was fleas and they're treated and my bites gone (and eczema from scratching so badly cleared up) and other than that he's fit and healthy but he's young (4years).

I'm ... meh. Flu symptoms coming and going, as is sleep. I am now awake at 3 plus am because I have an incredibly upset tummy complete with cramps.

billy, I too love the comma and I'm a English Lit postgraduate student. It's so versatile.
((((sidecar & sidecar's grandpa))))

(((bunny's tummy)))

((((mr. tempest))) ~~~quick healing vibes~~~ and ~~~caretaker strength vibes~~~ for (((tempest)))

(((amilitas kitty))) have fun on your vacay darlin'!

~~~continued vibes for sapphy & dinah~~~

((((all BUSTie furbabies)))


(((sidecar))) & (((((sidecargramps)))))

(((bunny and her tummy))) bleh on flu. I think I've given you postal germs. I hope not.

(((billy))) don't remind me, I keep finding cds in weird places... *ocd twitch*. Oh, and I like the semi-colon and the hyphen - nice looooooooooong sentence. But then again I only did EFL and my students used to confuse "I'm" and "She's" - "she'm nice girl". They were just starting out.

(((tempest))) I'm not sure about the talent thing... but here on flickr is where they live. I'm doing the fair with a friend of mine who makes earrings too; the whole thing is an offshoot of craftster really.

(((sidecar))) blink.gif *brainmelt*

(((amilita))) & (((kitties))) It might be a bit big/heavy for a kitty, but can you get a copper chain collar made for him. It helped with our dog who had chronic althritis (ooh, yuefie... that might help sashie)

(((furbabies))) everywhere

(((sapphy & dinah)))


Right... I'm off to find myself a greyhound. And I'm putting in a plea for help with naming my stall at this fair! I'm having a blank here...

*mwah* all round


greyhound? was that as a result of the PM the other day -seed of an idea- or were you that way inclined before? greyhounds are such graceful looking dogs and I think they need a lot of exercise and affection, neither I think you will mind much. Wow - update us later! As for craft fair name, hmmm, creativity is focused just now so I'm thinking something along lines of Pat Butcher, they're not.

tummy still upset but feeling bit better. tonight is boy's last night in work- sniff. dissertation due in a week, hence the fly-by.

undies: pink nice ass frostfrench knickers with floozie in chocolate x ass, teamed with padded, white t-shirt bra. the boy is wearing his sexy grey boxers.


eta: amilita, have a great vacation -you deserve one- I meant to say last night.
Belated birthday wishes for yuefie.

Have a great vacation amilita.

((sidecar and grandpa))

Twin DM arrives for a visit today!


Have a great weekend.
((((Sidecar, her grandpa & the whole Sidecar family))))

((((Mr. Tempest))))

Happy vacation, Amilita!

~*~*~*Bunny's tummy*~*~*~

Thanks for all the continued kitty vibes. We have been feeding Dinah her disgusting, stinky, pudding-like prescription food (or as we call it, "slop") with a turkey baster several times a day, and are trying to feed her some sort of snack in between. Bits of tuna and turkey have both done pretty well, and yesterday SapphMan bought her a little can of sardines, which she seemed to enjoy. The main thing is that she is keeping it all down--hurray! The vet had warned us that if she couldn't keep food down, that's when we would really have to start to worry. Her skin is still yellowish, but it hasn't gotten any worse, and she doesn't seem to feel any worse either (at times even quite perky). We aren't giving up on her.

SapphMan will stay here and work through the weekend, then head back to TN to tend to his dad on Monday. This may be our lifestyle for a while--him spending half the week up there, half down here.

Ah, so you all were talking about commas. I remember my 11th grade English teacher demonstrating the importance of the comma by showing the vast difference between:
"When eating, chickens make a clucking noise." ...and...
"When eating chickens, make a clucking noise."

Hee hee.
(((Sapphy family))) We cared for my grandmother, in much the same way, for some time. PM me if you need to vent/want to discuss/whatever.

(((Bunny))) Can you eat anything? Dry toast, or even tinned peaches?

(((Sidecar & grandpa))) I'll be hoping for peace and painlessness.

Thanks, Yuefie--he called an hour ago and asked why I wasn't there yet. I'm trying to take care of the house before I go so I can stay later at night. And, belated birthday wishes, along the lines of DM.

Mornington, I was right--you are very talented! I was drooling over the pics of your petrol drop earrings.

I'm off for the day, and actually looking forward to the soup du jour at the hospital coffee shop. I need some real food! rolleyes.gif
(((sidecar & grampa))) that’s how i felt when my grampa was failing. it’s “for the best” - but it doesn’t lessen the sadness or the hurt. keeping him in my heart, luv.

(((sapphie & fam))) poor sapphman. i feel so bad for him.

head scritches and megahealthy vibes for all the dearly loved (((furbabies))). i love how fiercely you guys love your critters. i just do.

happy vacation, amilita!

designermedusa, have things gotten better with the job?

(((tempest & mr)))
(((mornington))) how's pete doing?

(((yuefie))) glad you’re feeling a bit better. your roomie needs a slap upside the head. (and this from someone who gets overenthusiastic about concerts, too. but there’s a time and place, for chrissakes.)

speaking of concerts, i could use some not-on-the-same-date vibes please? if DAVE plays nyc on dec 16th (coworker’s son’s wedding, which i don’t want to attend but so cannot blow off), i’ll be inconsolable. i can’t even tell you how badly i’m looking forward to dave at msg during christmas with beloved cousin.

question: how best to tell new doc on monday that i want a large prescription for xanax? i know they help me, to take the edge off here and there, and i certainly don't pop them every day. well, sort of every night. to help me get to sleep. but just a half. which hopefully doesn't make her think, hmm, addiction. the only time i've ever asked for tranqs before, years ago, different doc, i lied and said i needed them for my fear of flying. and then i only got 10. i want alot more than 10. and a renewable prescription. i'm just paranoid about setting off unnecessary red flags. but i'm also tired - and scared - of getting them illegally.

maybe i should just use that approach. give me what i want or i'll continue to break the law.
so not funny. this i know.
Hey, it's Friday! Did the holiday throw everyone off? Boxer briefs - grey, of course.
Happy Friday kvetchettes & kvetchers!

Hi dm, yay for twin dm's visit! thanks for the b-day wishes. How's the job going?

where has rose been hiding?

((((mandi)))) ~~~no conflicting dates~~~ (and um, you are the sweetest snugglebear. evah. thanks!)

((((bunny)))) feel better ~~~drive & focus~~~

((((mornington))) a greyhound eh?

((((sidecar, sidecar grandpa & family))))

((((sapphy, dinah, sapphman & sapphman's family)))

((((amilita & the mr.)))) ~~~safe travel & good times~~~

(((tempest & mr. tempest))) ~~~speedy recovery for mr. & everlasting patience for tempest~~~

(((((dusty, faith, syb, polly, raisin, flanker, cstars, fina, rose, plummie, tes, billy, anoushh, everyone)))))

~~~~vibes for all~~~~

black lace frilly undies with a black polka dotted & hot pink front panel, black lace bra.

what holiday? I'm aaaaaalways on holiday...

(((sidecar))) & (((sidecargramps)))

(((mando))) ***concert-not-clash-with-wedding*** Pete's good, thank you smile.gif . He's feeling grumpy lately, but nothing's changed except it's warmed up a little. We went to ikea today to buy him some rugs because he can't walk on the slippery hall floor... he's such a coward, honestly. I say threaten to go illegal, but I really wouldn't listen to me...or just be honest.

(((tempest))) *blush* thank you! how's mr tempest doing?

(((sapphy))) & (((sapphman & his dad))) & (((dinah))) mm, turkey-baster... sorry, mental image there. How's she taking that, or do you have to wrap her?

(((dm))) yes, how's the job?

(((bunny))) no, it's been a long-term idea. I'd dropped it when Daph adopted Pete, but as she's gone I think I'd like to get a dog. He's an ex-racer, brindle and very shy... but so beautiful and I've totally fallen for him. I could have taken so many dogs home, but with Pete (who is the slowest bunny I've ever seen... honestly, he's such a lazybones) I think this guy will be ok. I just miss having dogs... and and and... yeah, I'm soft in the head. I haven't got him yet, though. They need to do a home inspection first... I'm crossing all available body parts.

(((billy, rose - where have you gone -, amilita, annoush, tes, flanker, pink, yuefie & sashie, raisin, syb, fina, faith, txplum, damona, cstars and everyone else)))

So, yeah... I've fallen for a greyhound... unsure.gif . You know when it just feels right? That. I'm so excited and nervous and worried and everything.

It's very quiet otherwise; went out for a cup of tea with G (who, thankfully, has stopped trying quite so hard) and returned... five hours laters, slightly mussed. I'm not sure where it's going (as I think there's someone else I'm far more into, but the chances are minimal due to the fucking atlantic ocean being in the way) but I suspect there will be fun involved. I know G's taking it fairly seriously - I've met his flatmate already when we went to see the rapture on monday... /ramble ramble ramble me me me.

Black lacy boyshorts, black bra.

*mwah* (((everyone)))

Mornington- have you talked to turbo about greyhounds? She's really knowledgeable about them. *~*~Good luck~*~*

((everybody)) I've got to get some stuff done before I leave work, so *drive-by*!!
hehe, polly, I have indeed... I've been reading up and everything! *polishes halo*. hope you get everything done!
[pops in]
I'm here! I've just been kinda busy over the last few days. Lots of cleaning, shopping, and talking on the phone. I'll need a little time to catch up on what everyone has said. In the mean time, here's a (((((((( big hug for all my Kvetchies!))))))))

Anti-kvetch: Whino kicks some serious ass. Wednesday night we went out and talked for ages! If the band hadn't started setting up their equipment, I don't know how many more hours we may have been there! We're hoping to go out again this weekend, too. Yay smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: My aunt and uncle are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Can you imagine? I'm so happy for them. I sent them a big bouquet of flowers and balloons, too.

I'll be back later when I have time to catch up.
[pops out again]
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