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My sis rocks hardcore! She brought me to my favorite lake front resort which is really close to where all my friends that I miss so terribly live. And there is a little "suprise" saure in the works, but being the nosy virgo I am I kinda ruined the suprise element. It wasn't intentional and I am sooooo super duper excited to get to hang out with everyone. Best guy pal's b-day is the day after so it's a combo birthday bash, and will be at our friend Pete's for a change which is so great 'cause he and his gf had a baby last month. Yipeee, I get to snuffle the top of a newborns head for 'mah birfday! And BGP is making his famous "Raiders Revenge" chili, which is a blow your socks off spicy white chili, and I don't know what drinks are involved but I'm sure they will be flowing too. And they take doggies here so I got to bring Sashie along, and everyones anticipating her arrival... she is so beyond loved, what a rotten beast! Ohhhh I am such a happy girl right now. And I am glad my sis told me to bring my laptop so I could still check in here. Thanks for all the birthday love, I lurves ya all more than you know!

thank you amilita biggrin.gif. I think that's the advantage of having a "set" font colour as everyone knows instantly who it is, especially in this thread which is a bit colourific! kvetch has been my outlet recently ... whether I'm ranting or venting or just staying attuned to what's going on with everyone else - it keeps me sane (or saner, at least)!

time off I'll spend online a lot but a holiday is getting away from EVERYTHING, it's nice to tune out every so often and just have time with you (and the mr) with no interruptions from the world - no internet, no mobile/cell phones, no contact with the outside world. Hmmm, I may have to do that sometime soon.

eta: have a blast yuefie! sounds fab and we lurves ya back wub.gif. oh, and it's your birthday my time so HAPPY, HAPPY, BIRTHDAY!
I'm always so overwhelmed by the things that are posted in this thread. From the mundane to the lifechanging.

How I love you all. Your perserverance, your hope, your ability to call someone an Asshat in one line, and support one of us so fully in the next line. The laughter, tears and love that is shared...

Everyone of you inspires me.

I just thought you should know that I think each and every one of you are amazing and I feel blessed to have you touch my life.
raisin, believe it or not, they actually played the flame! i never thought i'd see that...
Happy Birthday Yuefie!!
no one messes with my yuefie and gets away with it. fuck off fucker.

happy birthday, ms. yuefie baby yummy!
aw prettynpink, you are the sweetest!

and falljackets rocks hardcore and thanks for returning the kvetchie invasion in okay!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again) to beautiful, lovely, wonderful yuefie!!! how was your night?

btw, people, when you add the amazing asshole's new profile to your ignore list then the thread will readjust to correct size. moving on...

have fuck all to say but I need to be the solid poster that I am for you gals today. need to be bright and breezy and not show the anger or the tearful rage seething inside.

i am lovin' the reception towards the depp thread, makes me all warm and fuzzy. let's still discuss the lovely dr gregory house in here! yay new series starts tomorrow!

excuse the lack of punctuation but I have a mug of baby tea in one hand and the laptop precariously positioned on bended knees.

i really need to go do some work but wanted to bring some normalcy back to the lounge.

happy labour day everyone! tis so cool that your birthday is always on a holiday, yuefie (mine always falls during easter break).

(((my darling BUSTies and the genuine BUSTers)))

eta: rose, i've been meaning to say that I'm so happy you met up with whino as I know it's been hard on you moving to new town and not knowing anyone.
Hey bunny, thanks for the tapas tips. Loved it, but wished we had more time and money. We went to your first pick as the second one had a 40 minute wait for a table and we were starving by then. I want to go back for a proper paella.

So yeah, it being Glasgow I should have expected it to be raining during the half marathon... started out pouring, evened off to a steady drizzle for the first hour and then stopped mostly for the second. It was ok in that you don't get overheated but are really cold and miserable at the start. My time was 2:11:55, which was a bit too slow- my goal time was 2:10 but I lost a couple of minutes when I stopped to pee and had to queue for a loo. So if I hadn't had to stop, I would have made it. Anyway, it was great once it was done but was harder than I was expecting. I think I did a really good job of talking myself into believing that 13 miles isn't really very far, but yeah, it is!! Anyway, it was my first one so by default was a personal best and I know what I need to do to improve for the next one. My friends were all way faster than I was so I can't help being a bit disappointed with my time. My next race is a 10 K in a month, and if I can keep my shit together over the winter I want to do the half-marathon in Prague next April. It is two days before my birthday and I think that's a pretty clear sign that I should go to Prague for my birthday!

Mandi, I didn't hear anything about a contact lens solution recall here, what was the problem? Solution here costs twice what it does in Canada (so aggravating, considering it is about 0.0024% active ingredient) so I have switched to Boots own brand as it's cheaper, but I used to use the B&L Renu and liked it.

Polly, that Boursin potato salad sounds absolutely amazing and you MUST report back on how it was. And how I could make it at home!
I love the ignore feature! First time I've used it...

So, bunny, you don't have to be bright and breezy if you're not feelin' it! Vent if you wanna.

I've gotta figure something out to bring to this BBQ...what's this about Boursin potato salad? Of course, I've gotta go buy the stuff like, now...

Happy Birthday, Yuefie!!!
RIP, Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter.

Forgive me while I go sob some more.
Happy birthday, Yuefie!!!
Hope you're having a wonderful day! Sounds like your loved ones are making sure you feel special, which is simply wonderful! You definitely deserve it.

Fina, congrats on finishing the run. That's truly impressive!

((((((((many many snuggles for PIP)))))))) Your post made me feel teary ... in a good way smile.gif

Amilita, I would take the laptop on the vacation ONLY if you use it to find things to do while you are there! It can be good for that sort of thing. But DO NOT write chatty e-mails or waste time on there. Use it as a helpful tool, & then get out of the hotel! smile.gif

((((((((((Amilita)))))))))) Just 'cause.

I love all of the different font colors in here. It makes the place look so cheerful!

Sheff and I had a nice time last night. He found a restaurant he wanted to go to that was faaaaaar far away, so we just got in the car and he drove us around for a while. While we were out, we found a Sonic!!! I was so excited! I urged him to stop so we could get cherry limeades & tater tots, but he insisted that we go to the restaurant he'd already picked. Pout. But he promised that later he'll take me back there. Maybe we could go today! Oh, how I miss Sonic.

Now I want onion rings, too.

And did I mention that I'm loving all the marching band chatter? It's getting me in the mood for autumn!
Good morning, Busties. I just love how the Ignore function can turn pages of drivel into nothing!

It's raining! I'll say it again: It's raining! We've had 20% of our '06 rainfall in the last 48 hours and are still 30% below normal for this time of year. Can you say drought?

Happy Birthday to Yuefie! Congratulations to Fina Bambina! Hugs to everyone!

It's raining here, too, billy! We've had plenty of rain, though.

Happy birthday, Yuefie! And big congrats to Fina!

The recalled solution is B&L Multipurpose with Moisture-Loc. It was the Moisture-Loc that was the problem (so Renu is fine). Twice as expensive over there? Oy. It's super-expensive already!

Amilita, I'd leave the laptop. I'm leaving mine when I go to Ireland. I know I'll have photos I want to download, but I will just do it when I get back. I think when I do take my laptop on vacay with me, I spend waay more time online than I should.

Happy Labor Day to the US Busties! Hope you're having a great weekend.
nothing to vent about really, asshats to vex me is all. thanks tho smile.gif.

congrats fina! now I want tapas! that one is by far the nicest, please tell me you tried the goat's cheese with orange marmalade? or the stuffed aubergine? oh yeah I want tapas, I want to introduce roseviolet to that goat's cheese. yuefie, have you and your sis gone for tapas yet?

i'm sitting eating a bowl of cherries and pretty damn pleased with myself for popping my starting a thread cherry.

(((tallgirl))) it's so sad.

eta: it isn't raining here and that's what is so surprising.
OMG having the ignore button is like having a magic wand!!! I love it! Ahhhh. And it's super super easy for any technophobes, go to "my controls" then look at the left in little writing it says something like "manage ignored users" then just type its name, and kvetch is returned to its unsullied state. Heh.

(((yeuffie))) happiest day!
FINA RULES. I am almost inspired to start running, though I am still scared as hell. You are my hero.

I want tapas now too. My mom is coming for lunch and to see my new office, since there aren't that many people in the office due to the holiday (she is a therapist, so it's hard for her to get downtown for lunch, and I don't want to have to stop and introduce her to everyone and his brother. Maybe I will take her to the swanky tapas place. What procrastinating?

Prettynpink, you are the best. The feeling is reciprocated.

Tallgirl I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was totally disbelieving when I read that. I know he got a lot of flak for getting too close to animals, but this sounds like a totally odd freak accident. I feel so badly for his wife and kid. People can dislike his showmanship, but he was such an environmentalist and advocate, he got a lot of people interested in and motivated to protect the natural world. ((((Tallgirl, crocodile huntress and baby crocodile hunter, and all the crocodile hunter fans)))) ~~*~*~*~* RIP Crocodile Hunter ~*~*~*~*~*

So scary, a shrink was killed by his patient not too far from my mom's office. She sees a lot of troubled people, and has been in threatening situations, and has no security whatsoever in her office. At my old job, I had a button on my desk that went straight to the marshal's office, I am sure there could be something she could get that would be similar, even if it's just 911 on speed dial. Sigh.

Hi Billy! Thanks for stopping by! I am glad your drought is easing.

Bunny, you are the queen solid poster, QSP. Thanks to you and falljackets and everyone else for defending this space. Though I echo Amilita that you never have to be bright and breezy if you're not feeling that way.

I downloaded that song by Nouvelle Vague from iTunes and now all I can sing to myself is "Went to a party! I danced all night! I drank 16 beers and started up a fight! But now I'm jaded! And you're out of luck! I'm rolling down the stairs too drunk to fuck! Too drunk to fuck! Too drunk! To Fuck! I'm too drunk, too drunk, too drunk!" OK, maybe you have to be in my head for that to sound fun and not just diryt.
Faith, I've never heard that song before, so all you did was remind me of Lita Ford circa 1987. Which means I desperately need to put a different song in my head! Eep!

That story about the shrink is so frightening. Two of my friends work with patients like that. Very tough stuff.

Billy!!!!! So good to see you! Congrats on getting all of that rain. That whole region needs a good soaking. Are you having flash-flood problems, too?

Bunny, did you say goat's cheese? Info please! I've been having lots of fun with cheese lately. Sheff and I weren't very hungry at dinner time on Saturday, so we just had a cheese tasting. We had various crackers, of course. We also had ...
Blue stilton
Irish cheddar
French brie
4 year old gouda (which I loooooved)
And white stilton with apricots.
On the side we also had butter, strawberry preserves, and pepperoni. It was soooooo lovely!

I'm thinking I may need to drink more often. Last night I had one little glass of wine with dinner & that alone made me feel too tipsy to drive. Luckily Sheff was fine. But how pathetic am I?! rolleyes.gif

I think Sheff & I need to do some more aimless driving today. Just hop in the car & see where the road takes us!
much love to (((yuefie))) - she deserves all the lovely birthday fun she's having!

many congrats (((fina))) ... you should be very proud!

(((prettynpink))) that was, like, the sweetest post ever, and echoes my feelings exactly. thank you for that. *sniffle*

leaving the laptop home was a huge mistake for us. but only because we also accidently left all the travel brochures and road atlas at home too.

(((bunny))) thanks for that tip on the ignore feature... a thing of beauty indeed!

(((faith))) thanks for the good wishes for tuesday. much appreciated.

(((raisin))) you're too cute, wanting to go to one of our football games. oh that we can work it out.

i'm ubersad about steve irwin too. (((tallgirl)))

back later .... must go attempt to get a handle on all this new fundraising crap. which couldn't possibly be MORE confusing. i loathe asking people for money, no matter how worthy the cause. ugh.
rose, I refer to Queso de Cabra al Horno: grilled goat's cheese with seville orange and chilli marmalade. It is to die for and is more dessert like than tapas like but who cares?! I'll have it for either, I even attempted to make it myself last week and it turned out not too shabbily!

(((faith))) you're a sweetie too. You all are (except for mornington cos she doesn't like to be called "sweetie"!) I'm terrible for using it, it's my most commonly used term of endearment.
I apologize for only coming in here when I'm in the midst of a crisis lately, but that is what life has been like for me recently. The following is what I just posted in the Here Kitty Kitty thread:

Hey Bustie kitty lovers.

Sorry I have been away from the Lounge for a while, but I really need some support right now. Dinah, my oldest kitty (age 11), is very sick. Long story short...we took a trip to the emergency clinic on Saturday, where the vet gave us a list of several things it might be, but would cost almost $900 just to do the tests that would be needed to diagnose her. And then, depending on what it is, it might or might not be treatable. And if it is treatable, the treatment would cost thousands of dollars.

Oh, by the way? I was getting this news on my freaking BIRTHDAY. And SapphMan had just come back into town to surprise me on my birthday--he's been out of town for most of three weeks (and I was with him for two of those), taking care of his dad, who has been in and out of intensive care following complications from cancer surgery. So what a homecoming for SapphMan. And what a shitty, shitty time the past month or so has been in our lives.

We brought Dinah home and have been trying to make her as comfortable as possible, until our usual vet re-opens on Tuesday (they were closed for the long weekend for Labor Day here in the U.S.). The emergency vet assured us that she is not in pain, but she does feel "crummy." We will take her to the usual vet tomorrow and try to decide what to do.

SapphMan needs to get back to his dad in a few days, and I'm scared that 1) If I stay here, Dinah will take a turn for the worse while he's gone and I'll have to deal with it alone; or 2) If I go with him, something will happen while we're both gone and our friend who has been pet-sitting for us will have to deal with it; or 3) If we decide to (Shit, shit, shit, I hate typing this) put her to sleep this week before we leave town again, we will regret it and feel that we rushed into a horrible decision.

Fuck, I just feel like my heart is breaking, and guilty that I might have missed the signs that something was seriously wrong, and guilty for not having the money to give her the care she needs (we wouldn't have it in the best of times, but we've also missed a lot of work while taking care of SapphMan's dad), and this is all just too much stress to deal with at once.

Thank you for letting me babble. I am just in pieces right now.
(((sapphy))) I've replied to you in here kitty kitty but I wanted to add my love here and also belated birthday wishes - may it be a better year than it was day.

*~*~*~*feel much better vibes for dinah-kitty~*~*~*~*
((((((sapphire)))))))) what an awful situation, and on your birthday, too! ugh.
(((sapphy))) Ugh.
Oh Sapphy--it's good to see you back, but I"m so sorry about all the stuff that's been coming your way lately.

I know what you mean by feeling like you might be "rushing" into something--I had a situation where i felt that way myself, but in hindsight I realized I wasn't. It's just that you've had so little time to get used to the idea, and at least for me I so desperately wanted it to be "over" in some way or another--just b/c it was so painful--that I ended up spending a lot of energy on feeling guilty, which I really didn't need to do to myself.

You can only do your best. You love her and she knows, in her kitty way, that you do. There are no easy answers to this, but that loving home you've given her is something special, and nothing takes that away.

Ok, I'll shut up now.

Sapphy, that's a gut-wrenching situation for you, Sapphman and Dinah. I hope your regular vet has better news and a good treatment plan.
(((sapphie))) i hope it helps to know i'm using all my extra-strength positive vibage for (((dinah))).
extra tight, extra-love belated birthday hug for (((you))), too.
((((((sapphy)))))) You poor thing. I'm so sorry.

~*~*~ feel much better vibes for dinah ~*~*~
Oh Sapphy, that is a whole lot of sadness especially for it to be on your birthday. Sending you strength for the coming days and weeks.

Well, I had a crapass day and am feeling like I'm in a funk. Was going to walk to work today since the gym was closed, but stupid me, I couldn't find a shirt to wear, ended up running 15 minutes behind schedule, so I drove instead. The day kind of went downhill from there.

Today I hate my car, I hate my family, I hate my friends who live here locally* (I took the advice of the Lemonheads to heart, hah!), I hate the attitude of some of my coworkers, I hate my big boobs, I hate minimizer bras, I hate people who don't know when to shut up, I hate disappointment, I hate lies, I hate deception, I hate my poor vision, I hate driving, I hate my flabby/muscular Oprah arms, and I hate pants.

But I really like you guys. wub.gif I miss Tesao, but I'm sure she's not thinking about us at the moment.

I am thinking of working on Thanksgiving (actually that Thursday and Friday) just so I don't have to be around people I have to pretend to get along with (family). Is that so wrong? I would so love all of that holiday pay. The money I earn from that whole week could go to pay for my trip next summer since this summer is already down the toilet. (Good riddance!)

And poor Steve Irwin. A fucking stingray? What a way to go. I thought for sure a croc would have killed him. His poor children.

p.s. Sidecar, I totally thought of you today -- is that weird to say that about someone I've never actually met face to face? Well, I caught part of the MDA telethon on TV and Cheap Trick played a song. It was NOT "The Flame," however, and I just thought it was borrrrr-ring. Sorry. I'm not as big a fan as I thought I was. ::wink::

*And that so doesn't include my beloved Lunasol or any other Bustie.
{{{{sapph}}}} I'm so sorry for all your troubles...and hope your FIL's health turns better and your kitty's problems are easier (and cheaper) to fix than you fear. You know I understand the former, at least. Your b-day twin GB sends his good wishes too.

{{{{yuefie}}}} Happy happy! I am all for celebrating b-days for up to a week on either side.


We just returned from a long weekend with an important lesson in hand: plan much less to do than you think you should. We're so unused to having time off that we tried to cram way too much in, resulting in too little relaxation time, though we had fun. Lots of visiting, too much driving, and too much eating of heavy food.

Also, far too little time to visit with TG, TK, and Radar, with whom we had lunch today. I still find myself unable to sufficiently express what a fantastic kid he is. Seriously: I've been taking care of kids 2 and younger off and on for 21 years - one of them is a. 20 herself now, and b. my sister - and only she and one other little girl I used to work with were as gorgeous and as much fun and as well-behaved.

It may be obvious that I am exhausted and, consequently, not expressing myself too well. There's a lot more I could tell but I just can't muster the energy to do it! So I leave you all with *kisses* and hope the week brings good - better - best to everyone.
((((((((Sapphy, SapphMn, and Dinah))))))))
I'm so so sorry to hear that you're going through this on top of everything else. I'm sure that your regular vet will be able to provide you with some good advice.
~~~~~ gentle vibes & soft petting for dear Dinah ~~~~~

((((((((major hugs for Raisin)))))))) Sorry to hear you're having such a miserable day! I hope you find some good chocolate or something else that will make you feel better.

And I, too, hope that Tes is having such a marvelous time with Mr Hotbuns that she isn't thinking of us for one moments!

Welcome home, Plummie!

Sheff and I went out driving today. Just cruising along little 2-lane highways. We went up to a little town in Virginia, and then came back home ... stopping momentarily for tater tots and cherry limeades. Yay smile.gif
raisin, Robin Zander was wearing *the exact same outfit* last night as he did on the telethon. I don't think he even slept! Everyone else clearly had shuteye and a shower. I'm not super-crazy about the new stuff, but they play the hell out of "Surrender," honest!

(((raisin))) sorry 'bout your craptastic day.

i also am sad about the crocodile hunter. two little kids and he was only 44!

something in our house smells like home perm and we can't figure out what it is.

((((more love for SapphyFam and Dinah)))))

I have experienced that insidious home perm smell in my life, sidecar! It's so freakin' weird.

I'm a bit tipsy...just spent the last few hours drinking vodka tonics and playing poker! It's my new thing, so we're trying to establish some kind of regular poker night. Been getting headaches every time I drink these days, so I've got a big glass of water next to me. Oh, we blew off the BBQ...I've got to call those friends. It's just that I forgot I said I'd cook dinner for our poker date, and it was too much to do for a relaxing day.

Glad you got your tots, rosev!

Welcome home, txplum!


more for (((sapphy and dinah)))

I home tes isn't thinking of us, too...although I wanna tell her I totally thought of her when I stuck my hand down the boy dancer's underpants!

We're watching the movie Thumbsucker. Tomorrow I've got to go inside a hospital for my desensitization homework given by my shrink! The idea sounded scary when she first said it, but then it started to feel OK, so I don't think it'll be a problem.

I hope everyone who has to return to work tomorrow has a good, fast week!
((((((sapphy)))))) I am so sorry sweetie ~~~~healing and comfort vibes for dinah-kitty~~~ and lots of soothing vibage for (((you))) and ((((sapphman & family))) too. oh and happy belated birthday fellow virgo.

((((tg)))) R.I.P. poor steve irwin. poor, poor (((steve's family)))

(((((((EVERYONE))))))) for all the birthday wishes and love. I had a really great time last night partying with my friends until the wee hours of the morning. I miss them all so much and it was great to see how big all the kids are getting. We are all going to see Tom Petty & Beck in San Diego on the 27th, yay. That makes it only three weeks 'til I get to hang out with them again, which pleases me immensely. We ended up moving the party from one house to another to continue the festivities and so mama and baby could rest undisturbed. Once all the kids were asleep we cranked the tunes, got wasted, ate and drank way too much and shot pool until I realized it was 3:33 and my eyes were snapping shut. Sis and I made it back to the hotel only to discover that it felt like a muggy swamp in there. The AC was broken in our room so she called the front desk and the guy was a complete jerkass. He was condescending and acted like we were just too dumb to work the thermostat. He told us to open the windows. The AC was blowing out hot air and making an awful sound. Yep. And his answer was for us to leave the sliding glass door and the windows open. Cause yeah, that's safe. We both had fitful sleep until 7:30 when my sis got up and called the front desk again. They offered to move us to another room, which of course would have been nice several hours before, but we accepted so they moved us and we slept for a couple hours more. When we awoke my sister called to speak to the manager about the night clerks little 'tude. She apologized profusely, knocked some $$ off the room rate, comped us breakfast and gave us a nice late check out. The place is a fairly nice place and usually the customer service is top notch. I think the night guy didn't want to be bothered and the manager seemed to agree with this assesment and was none too pleased about it either. Oopsie, looks like he might have to consider doing his job in the future. Wanker. Oh and I woke up to learn that the bakery seems to have set up shop for me too. weeeeha, birthday bread? bleh. The rest of today was kind of emotionally draining. I was probably just over tired as it was but then boys had to go and be stupid. Why do people decide to resurace and contact you on your freaking birthday? Or always on a nice holiday weekend. I don't like the mens very much right now. Or wonky periods. Or being a one woman hormone imbalance infommercial. But mainly it's the shitty, poor excuse for friends kinda bastids that I don't like right now. Eh. Whatever. I don't know why I let this piddly shit get to me.

Hey though, you know what I do like? All of you. People like (((amilita))) who are an inspiration, even when they don't feel like they are. Sweethearts like (((billbonka))) for the birfday wishes. And (((FJ))) sightings in kvetch. and ((((mornington)))) stopping in 'tho she is without internet at her house. And sweet birthday songs that remind me of my mama from my (((bunnyb))). and extra lovies and a hilarious fifi french poodle b-day card from my luv-bug ((((mandi)))). and (((plummie)))) & ((((rosev)))). and gosh darn it, all of you. ((((polly, sidecar, raisin, treehugger, fina, dusty, faith, flanker, pink, anoushh, cstars, crassy, msp, syb, minx, lys, sck1, mavin, every wunnerful kvetchette and kvetcher))). speaking of that, has anyone seen northpole around? seems like it's been a while since we got a drive by. And I miss tes too, though I agree with raisin that we are prolly not at the forfront of her thoughts right now, heh. Here's to to her and mr. hot buns getting some time together, yay for them! Okay so I am all weepy and emotional and now I am going to jump on the coattails of prettyinpinks post and say you guys really do mean the world to me. I lurves ya all to pieces ((((Err'body)))) wub.gif

ETA - I got the cutest jammie pants that have kitties and say "hug a tree", tee hee, I thought of you treehugger.
(((yuefie))) sometimes birthdays are emotional, especially when hormones are in play.

(((mornington))) is truly the sweetest: I received the loveliest good luck card from her today for my master's dissertation. *mwah*

(((raisingirl))) sorry for your craptastic day.

(((mandolyn))) good luck to you and danny today.


I must go get as much work done as possible as I'm back at work tonight sad.gif and none too happy about it. Especially as it's such a yucky day outside and I just want to curl up... The boy is also delivering my new bed and bunnymama is going to flip as I haven't cleaned out my bedroom yet.

*~*~*~*continued vibes for sapphfamily~*~*~*~* hope things look brighter at the vet's today.
((((sapphfamily)))) Please don't feel guilty; I'm sure you are both excellent kitty parents. I hope the vet has better news for you soon.

I dunno, raisin, if it were me I'd work Thanksgiving. I love my family but sometimes think no-one's at their best on 'official' holidays... too much built-up stress around the rituals. And vacay money is good!

Just-do-it work vibes for you bunnyb. You'll feel better for getting even an hour or two done.

(((yuefie))) See above over holiday-related stress. I'm glad you had a fab time with your friends. Sorry about the hotel; bad service makes me scream, especially if it's just bloody mindedness.

I saw an excellent film yesterday: The Queen, directed by Stephen Frears and starring Helen Mirren as Elizabeth II (she just won an award for her performance). I love Frears and this was a subtle send-up of Blair. I also adore Mirren and she is amazing as Lizzie the second. She blends femininity and power like no-one's business, does the Mirren.

Getting work done today so should head back to it.
Thank you all so much for the vibes and well wishes.

We just got back from visiting our normal vet. She is so kind. Obviously loves critters and is sensitive to the feelings of humans as well (not all vets are good at the latter, in my experience).

Anyway. Dinah's situation is NOT hopeless. There are many things it could be, and many of them are dire, and some of them can only be diagnosed with those expensive tests. thing it COULD be is a certain liver ailment, the treatment for which The thing is, she doesn't feel like eating, so the vet gave us a special high-calorie food to give her via syringe. It could perk her up and get her to eat on her own again. Of course, it might not--but it is worth a try. She is alert, interested in things happening around her, and so on. So the doctor says her situation is NOT (at least for now) one that would warrant being put to sleep. She's not suffering, or in pain. She can walk around, use the litter box, and so on. It's NOT hopeless, and that's what we're focusing on right now. My stomach is less tied in knots than it was all weekend.

Again, thank you all for your vibes. And happy belated birthdays to ((((Yuefie)))) and ((((Game Boy))))!
I'm so glad! I just had time to skim this morning, but I had a feeling your regular vet would be less dramatic, Sapph.
I echo Dusty. I'm glad Dinah's probably going to be okay and that your vet was able to help.

Our older cat Oscar is also 11, and about a year ago, he lost half his body weight. Then he was trying to tear his scalp out. We were told it would be all sorts of dire things, and it turned out he was stressed from the dog and allergic to chicken. He's since gained two pounds back and has a full head of hair.

Someone who does not have a full head of hair is Superstar. Dear God.

Click here to see.

She looks like the Lorax. Or a very pathetic lion.
sad.gif Couldn't get your link to work, sidecar!
awww, I wanna see superstar! I couldn't get the link to work either.

So glad to hear things might not be as dire for (((dinah-kitty & sapphy)))

~~~good luck vibes all around for all those in need~~~

~~~feel better vibes for those who need them~~~

~~~anti-craptasic day vibes a plenty~~~

kvetch: yessiree, the bakery is open for business. thank goddess for AZO products already on hand.

kvetch: I'm so irritated right now that I know better than to write out what's bugging me, lest the dam of annoyance burst forth.

anti-kvetch: only another month and my level of aggravation should decrease significantly. let the countdown commence!

Oh, that sucks. Here's a smaller version:

IPB Image
Hee hee, just saw it over on LJ. Too cute! Very Lorax-ish too smile.gif
Aww, that's so sad! In a funny way! tongue.gif
Sapphy, I'm so happy to hear that your regular vet was so encouraging! I was hoping she could ease your fears.
((((((( more love for Sapphy, Dinah, SapphMan, and the family ))))))


Poor little Superstar! How is she handling being shaved? My cousin's black chow had to be shaved once and the dog was absolutely despondent. She laid down in front of the full length mirror and pouted & sighed for days! It was hilarious and sad at the same time.

Kvetch: My back huuuuurts! I feel as though I've been beaten. I don't get it. My period is officially over now, but the pain!
Lookit me, ma! I'm a hapless newbie!

It's so weird to think of you as a "newbie", Sheff. When did you join? 1999? 2000? Something like that?

[resists urge to run into next room and give Sheff a noogie] tongue.gif
sheffield steel sounds like you should be a kick ass detective that got kicked off the force for being to unruly for the squad, so you went solo and now you're a tough as nails bad to the bone private detective that follows no rules but your own...

I can hear the theme song now.
kvetch: the boy has flu (and the boy is hardly ever unwell, he has the constitution of an ox and that's probably one of the least romantic things I've ever uttered about him) and I think I've caught it from him. I'm all achey and my throat is scratchy. I've had a large mug of baby tea and I think I'm going to head to bed. This is not the time to be ill.

(((non-contaminated virtual smooches to all)))
~~~~~~~ healthy healing vibes for Bunny & her boy ~~~~~~~~

The idea of Sheff being unruly makes me giggle! He's one of the sweetest, most even tempered human beings I've ever met. He does have a kinda quiet rebelious streak, though ...

Speaking of Sheff, he brought me flowers today! No special occasion. Just wanted me to know that I'm loved. Aaaaawww!

[hands roses, carnations, and daisies to all of my kvetchies]
~~~~feel better bunny & boy~~~~

Superstar is actually beyond thrilled, believe it or not. She's very cheerful and more outgoing than usual. But she had so much matted fur before she got shaved that I imagine she just feels much, much better. *I* cried, but the cat is handling it much better.

We went to the Cubs-Pirates game tonight and bailed in the middle of the 7th, and got home just before the rain started. I'm not sure I've ever seen such bad baseball in person. Seriously, I saw three errors within one inning. At least the food was good. And it's still tied in the ninth.

*waves to sheff* You should come back in here more, stranger!
...well maybe I will smile.gif
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