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So yay I got Scissor Sisters tickets (for Manchester) but I would be all wooty about it if I hadn't been such a dumbass and clicked on wrong one first and ALSO bought tickets for CARDIFF! Eeek. I can't even go as same night as Pink concert in Glasgow! Thank Maude I managed to get them for Manchester afterwards as otherwise I would have cried me a river (and it looked for a while as if sold out and Glasgow was quickly). There's me thinking: oh Manchester more convenient on that date (boy doesn't have to take hol for next day) but we have two cities to hedge our bets with and then I stupidly click on wrong city. So a major anti-kvetch has turned into bit of a kvetch.

Oh and I'm so itchy I've drawn blood.

I too am lamenting the loss of my summer, but then I shouldn't have had a summer cos I should have been steadily writing the damned dissertation all summer long instead of te last fortnight.

Grrr, who woke up on the wrong side of bed?

(((raisingirl))), (((polly))), (((sidecar))) and virtual hiarbrushing vibes for all.

undies: cherry red thong with small white polka dots.

eta: I was thinking this the other day about yuefie but more prominent with raisingirl: we should post together more often as looks very festive smile.gif.
((((polly)))) I have plenty of hairburshings for any lovely BUSTie who needs 'em.

You too ((((raisin))), mah' dear. anybody else need some lovies? I got lots! wub.gif . Wanna whole lotta love...

where the heck is mornington hiding?

Boo on clicking the wrong button bunny! But yay you got tix!

And as for the scratching til ya bleed bunny, I am with you. I started itching like crazy, so I jumped in the shower and when I got out I had hives on the back of my legs and under my arms. It is after 2 am here and I am wide awake, scratching like a maniac. Hell, even my eyes itch! rolleyes.gif I just took some Benadryl so hopefully it will stop this massive allergy attack and knock me out for a few hours. I'm thinking it must be a reaction to something I ate, but I have no idea what could set this off. I didn't get the superglue, but my sis brought me over some liquid bandage from her work on her way home. I used that tonight and so far it seems to be helping a lot better than the regular bandaids did. I went a little download crazy tonight and oh lordy, DL'd nearly the entire Beatles catalog. I was all happy listening to my favoirte songs like Don't Let Me Down, Within You Without You, Tomorrow Never Knows, Dear Prudence, Eleanor Rigby, and Julia. Then I relaized how sad Eleanor Rigby and Julia are and I got all weepy. I hate to blame everything on hormones but sheesh. And then I got the earphones caught on something and a wire came loose leaving one of them out of comission. I'm such a klutz, I swear. Guess I'll hafta go buy a new pair tomorrow dry.gif

See, I did have a summer, including short trips and fun in the sun, outdoor cafes and prosecco drinking, so I can't really complain. Although, like bunnyb, I shouldn't have gone anywhere but spent all summer reading and writing. I have decided on shorter deadlines as this is clearly the only thing to light a fire under my ass which I need if I'm to finish!

Anyway. I am relieved about something else that was troubling me so that's good (actually great) news. And it's Friday!

Boo to all those allergic reactions! Bunnyb, I hope it isn't fleas.. I was attacked by bedbugs in a hotel last year and those bites were nasty. I feel your pain (and yours too yuefie): being itchy all over is no fun.

Yuefie, I love Dear Prudence.

Raisingirl, I like your blood-like colour. laugh.gif Mourn not the summer and head off for a long weekend in September! I always think September is a great month for holidays... crowds have thinned out but the weather can be lovely.

Oh (checks), white mesh boyshorts with contrasting lace trim... I call them my football supporter shorts because they're the same colours as the mister's favourite team! No bra 'cause I'm not out in public.
*magically appears*

urgh... I am ill. I'm getting better but... migraine. Went to walk-in center, was given painkillers. Went to doctor the next day, given antibiotics. Threw up all over the place, massive stomach cramps and off to the a&e, morphine and saline drip, given anti-sickness tablets and stop taking the antibiotics... that was tuesday. Didn't sit exams as was ill, went to doctor and told to come back tuesday. Still have migraine. Fun fun fun fun.

Off to read the archives now, but... (((syb, bunny. yuefie. mando, rosev, raisin, polly, sidecar, dm, faith, flanker, pink, tes, amilta, anoushh, fina, txplum, tg, and everyone else)))
OMG Bunny, speaking of "festive," (cute!) I've seen Christmas decorations in the stores. That's too early, capitalism be damned. I used to be a DJ and used to be so up on music and what was going on and who was hot and buzz-worthy, but I have never ever heard of Scissor Sisters.

Yuefie, what about "Yesterday"?

Syb, I ain't going nowhere this long weekend, as I'll be laboring on Labor Day. But I'm not complaining in the least; I'll get a bigger paycheck for working on the holiday, something I desperately need right now. But it looks like Lunasol and I will be going to NY one of these weekends soon and meet a ton of Busties in the process, so I'm of course wicked excited about that. wub.gif

I feel a little better this morning. Oooh Social D is on the radio! And it burns, burns, burns, that ring of fire, that ring of fire... I always think of Minky when I hear this song, even if it's Social D covering it.

Mmm, pass the Prosecco. I so want to see Italy. I don't care which part.

ETA: Mornington, pukeyness-be-gone vibes for you. That sounds painful.

ETAA: Haven't gotten dressed yet, so just plain old black cotton knickers right now. I like the word "knickers."
Oh poor (((mornington))) and (((yuefie))), what are we like? the gum around one of my wisdom teeth is causing me a lot of pain too sad.gif.

mornington, by no means do I want to stress you out but what happens now that you missed the resit? I know from past experience that doctor's line or not it can cause some hassle.

syb, yay for being relieved!

I also bought nerina pallot tickets, this time for my home city!


eta: x-post with raisin, mmmm Italy, I would love to go. I'm so envious of NYC Bustie Con too!
um, I'm not sure how to explain SS - quirky? A lot of great tracks such as "Laura", "Filthy Gorgeous" and a cover of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb". Should be a great show and worth the hassle of extra tickets!

(Sorry, I really just wanted to make a red and green sandwich. Move along now.)
hehe, more festivity (and a club snadwich): sorry, it was you who didn't want to reminded of conventions, wasn't it? okay, I'm envious of the fantabulous BUSTie gathering in the Big Apple.

belated safe trip and happy reaquaintance vibes for tes!
red green red green red green... *glees*

bunny - all sorts of things involving retaking in june, and possibly going to first-year lectures, possibly twiddling my thumbs for a few months. Will tell more when I have time... ***wisdom teeeths pain go away***
Ah, stressville! Everyhting will work out for best though. You gleefully added olive to the avocado and tomato sandwich!
Would eggplant go well on that sandwich? Ya think? wink.gif

((((((((((((Mornington)))))))))) Poor thing! Hope you start to feel better soon. Best of luck with getting your re-takes sorted.

And what's with the hives all over my darling kvetchies?
~~~~~~~ soooothing for Bunny & Yuefie's itchy bits and all of their other hurty parts ~~~~~~~

Raisin, I really like the new color! Definitely keep it!

I wonder what the Tall Family did for TallKid's birthday.

Speaking of tall kids, how is Danny doing, Mandi? Is he feeling any better?

I don't mind that summer is coming to an end because I'm not that fond of it. Much too hot! And too much risk of sunburns. Blech! But I live in the southern US & I'm super pale, so it stands to reason. I have always looooved autumn. It's a very romatic time of year. So I'm enjoying the big cool-down.

We have survived Ernesto just fine in our neighborhood. No flooding & no devastating winds around here. There's some flooding east of here, though. I hope Whino & Freckle are okay!
no talk of NYC bustiecon allowed in here. because there’s a good chance i won’t be available for more than an hour or two, whichever weekend it winds up on. which is making me hella sad. sad.gif

much much love for (((tallkid))) – who will always be (((tallbean))) to me. even when he’s 20. *sniff*

(((mornington))) crap. just what you didn’t need. poor you!
(((bunny & her booboo toof)))
*itchiebegone vibes for (((yuefie)))* ta for the hairbrushing and … petting … hee!
(((polly & her oogly tummy)))
*fleabegone vibes & a special head scritch for my namesake, mandookitty*

(((rose))) & (((faith))) thanks for understanding/making me feel betta about the mama-work thing.

welcome back, (((sidecar))) – meeced ya.

(((sapphire))) i know you want to be there. but ditto on the holding-down-the-fort fortitude. please give our love to (((sapphman))) and do keep us posted.

*special happy squeezey hug for (((((((sybarite))))*

raisin, just don’t take my blue.
kidding, kidding, kidding …

september & october are my favorite months, weather-wise. color me psyched.

i am quite clueless regarding scissor sisters. but i have yet to hear anyone do a cover of comfortably numb that i didn’t automatically love.

(((rose))) danny’s much better, thanks for asking. i'm so damn proud of how he made it thru this week. last night’s first performance was stellar. All those poor kids - all their hard work these last two weeks - paid off. in the grand pooba director’s words, "leonard bernstein ain't easy". (they’re doing music from “west side story”, which happens to be my favoritist musical in the universe, how karmic is THAT?) But these kids aren’t "marching", they’re, like, walking backwards and sideways very very fast, to difficult songs like "cool" and "america", trying not to stab each other with clarinets and flags, elbows painfully high up, backs pin straight … eeeesh! (i'm sure this is bringing back many happy memories for all you band geeks!) all i could think of was, i know how miserable danny was this week, in the rain and mud with a sick stomach, but what about the poor girls with cramps? every.single.kid .... superheros in my book.

which is what spurred me to sign up for band parent stuff. and even make nice with these nutcase parents i despise (nevermind that i fortified myself with a glass of sangria beforehand). what can i say, i'm proud, i'm supportive … i'm hooked. just call me Cult Mama ... le sigh.

but, geez ... WEST SIDE STORY!!! aieeee!!!

“when you’re a jet,
you’re a jet all the way,
from your first cigarette
to your last dying day …”

k. shutting up now.

new black wacoal minimizer, new beige microfiber flexies control briefs. and low-cut sexy hawaiian turquoise clingy moomoo dress. me ... ow.
*mandoo nuzzles up to mando and head scritches right back* miaow =^..^=

I wanted to call the tallkid tallboy then wondered why that sounded so familiar.

rose, yay for ernesto satying away - he's not welcome.
Mandi, your post had me grinning from ear to ear. Yay for marching band! It can be very challenging, but it can also be a blast. I was in band for 4 years & although it was hard work, it was also tons of fun. We went to lots of competitions, won state 3 times, and even traveled to Phoenix for a competition in December! The icing on the cake, though, was when we marched in Clinton's first innaugural parade. I'm sure there will be many many happy memories for Danny if he sticks with it, as well as some great opportunities for college scholarships.

Not that we're ready to think of Danny entering college. Eep!

And I, too, love West Side Story. I have a weakness for just about anything touched by Stephen Sondhiem.

Cat Mandoo remains one of my favorite cat names out there. smile.gif

(((( more love for dear Sapphie ))))

(((( more hugs for Amilita, too ))))

~~*~~*~~*~~ magical soothing vibes for all the aches & pains and such out there ~~*~~*~~*~~

Kvetch: It's nearly noon and Sheff is still in bed. I'm not going to wake him because I know he needs his rest but, dammit, I want him to take me out to lunch!
biggrin.gif for your viewing pleasure:

front and center. soggy due to the traditional whipped cream/shaving cream/water balloon hazing.

and less soggy. the shaggy hippy kid with shades to the right, grinning.

rose, you understand then, how big a deal this is. our band has been featured in a couple of rose bowl parades, an orange bowl halftime, 2 or 3 macy's thanksgiving day parades, and in two movies, the remake of a miracle on 34th st and the upcoming spiderman 3.

k. really done now. honest.
hee, there's nothing like a proud, gushing mama smile.gif.
*gasps* so cute! And working so hard! I am tres impressed with Danny; the apple does not fall from the tree. You're going to be a great band mom!

RV: I was at that parade! Maybe I saw you marching by.....

((bunny, mornington, raisingirl, syb, yueffie, polly, sidecar))

Kvetch: somehow managed to *gain* weight on this whole no-wheat diet, I have been seriously overcompensating. Sigh.
Love it, Mandi! And how great is it that Danny's band has been featured in so many wonderful things?! Oh, I soooooo hope he gets to be in the Macy's parade someday. If that happens, I will be glued to my TV set!

Anti-kvetch: The episode of Passport To Europe that covers Amsterdam was on the Travel Channel just now. I friggin' love this episode.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff woke up!

Anti-kvetch: My allergy issues have cleared up and my eyes feel better, so I'm going to put my contacts back in.
oh: GOOD LUCK with the marathon this weekend, fina! Enjoy my home city and we'll hopefull catch up next time smile.gif.

(((faith))) that SUCKS!
Aww, look how cute he is! I wasn't a band person (can't read music to save my life!) but Le Boy was. For as good as our high school was in about everything else, our band was pretty mediocre and Le Boy was pretty miserable in it, because the band director was a total power-crazy asshat. Kind of guy who got picked on when he was young, still had students who picked on him as an adult, so he'd go after anyone who he saw as weaker than him. I feel a little bad for the guy because he retired a couple of years ago, then this past Christmastime, found out he had pancreatic cancer and 2 months to live, so he died in March or so. I've heard pancreatic cancer is really, really painful, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Tum-tum is a little better- I had some Cheerios this morning and I didn't suffer too much. I'm going to the deli across the street for lunch- their soup today is tomato rice, so I should be able to handle it. I'm going out for pizza tonight, so that will be the litmus test.

((rose, bunny, mornington, everybody else!))

ETA: I found out my company is okay with people bringing their dogs in....I'm just imagining the path of destruction my dog would create if i brought him in....yeah, that's not going to happen!! I am thinking about getting a little fish tank to keep on my desk- a few people who have offices have big ones, and there's a big saltwater one outside the president's office, with cute tropical fish- there's one that always comes up to the glass when I stop to look. So cute!!
danny: so impressive! you should be proud, mando.

I just got a test from a place i'm dying to freelance for, to be completed this weekend. yay! I am uber-excited and hope I can do well enough to get on their approved list.

it's quiet at the office today, most of our department is gone. hooray.

good luck fina!
good luck studying everybody!

ETA: Beige underwire from target, peacock blue boyshorts by felina
Raisin, the Scissor Sisters are kind of glam rock for the 00s. They're from NYC but by all accounts they are *much* bigger in the UK and Europe than in the US. They are camp and bombastic and great fun IMO.

And I know what you mean. I used to be so up on hip, esoteric pop music for the same reason; I had a few shows on pirate radio. I am now tragically unhip however... although I still love St Etienne.

(((((mornington))))) I'm sorry you're so ill! Fingers crossed you get your retakes sorted out.

Mando, Danny keeps growing! I have to say, he looks like a bona-fide teenager now. Be proud; that's some potential band exposure!

Good luck on the test editrix. Bloody hell, over here they just want to see you can string a sentence together and know what a sidebar is. However, we also have our fair share of journos who are crap. We could do with more rigour.

It's Friday night and I'm working away. If I'm good and complete this in time I will reward myself with a glass of wine.

thanks for all the nice words & patience & indulgence. you guys are too kind. feel free to tell me to stifle when it gets to screech level. i mean, the season hasn't even begun yet!

(((faith))) bad enough to be on a restricted-food diet, but to gain weight too. i feel your pain.

and because it's been far too long (and because i'm bored at work, but what else is new?):

the vegas wedding cam.
for all you other cat (or mac or cuteness) lovers:

=^..^= Cats who Love Macs =^..^=
OMG, Mando, may you never stop talking about the kidlet being in marching band! Brings back a LOT of warm memories. Marching band was soooooo much fun and the camraderie was the best thing ever. Even the discipline that comes along with it is pretty awesome -- you obviously have to be disciplined to learn your instrument(s), but there's a different kind of discipline that comes along with learning the marching sequence and working together with everyone and also how you physically march and hold your instrument. Oh wow. I can't remember every single piece we did, but as you know the kids learn music for marching and (probably) music for playing in the stands. One year we played Wild Cherry's "Play that Funky Music" and Katrina and the Waves's "Walking on Sunshine" and so many others -- my god, there was nowhere else I wanted to be during those times. (I love WSS, also.)

The guy who was the director for us percussionists was named Jude. We always sang "Hey, Jude" to him.

The one thing that wasn't fun was layering clothes under the uniforms when it got cold and also trying not to overheat when the weather was too hot. And yeah, menstruating while wearing polyester pants and being out on the field or in the stands and having to keep track of your instrument AND your hat was never a fun time while also being preoccupied with cramps and having to go to the bathroom. Luckily MandoKid won't have to worry about THAT stuff.

I really look forward to hearing more stories this season! Now I want to go one of the games. We always knew the REAL game was going on where we were in the stands, not with whatever was happening with that stupid ball on the field. (I still don't know how Amer. football is played.) He's going to have a great time and make new friends -- it definitely looks that way already from the pictures.
I'm baaaaaaaccccck!!

I was gone for a week or so because my work decided to be complete douche bags and block the bust lounge on the computers! I was sooo not pleased with that. And unfortunately, I'm lacking in the internet department at my new place until the 9th of september or so when the cable people can come and install it. So, when I can get internet usage for a few mins at a time, I tried to read everyone's posts and remember what's going on so I can reply!

To all those with hives and/or allergies or nausea, hope you feel better!!

Mando, I'm happy to hear your son is doing well in band camp...playing an instrument is hard in itself, but when you have to perform in front of tons of people while moving, while you don't feel well? That's just pure talent, if you ask me.

Faith, I'm sorry to hear about the weight gain on the diet thing. Can you talk to your holistic nutritionist and see what she has to say about it?

Hello to everyone else that I've failed to mention!

Kvetch: My last day at job in MA was on Thursday and a bunch of coworkers took me out to dinner. I will soooo miss them all. It made me sad to go into work this morning in RI and not see them there. <sigh>

Kvetch: I decided to talk to my friend's bf's friend,(let's call him "A"). We met for breakfast on Monday and he's a nice guy and everything, which lately I haven't been used to. He's just a super sweet guy. Problem is, I don't think I dig him. We started talking on Sun night and he has called/texted me every single day since. Which normally, I wouldn't mind, but he always seems to call me or text me at night when I'm in bed or during the day when I'm at work. His timing is just WAAAAAY off. And it's kinda unattractive when someone is completely up your ass like that. I just don't know what I should do with him. If I should continue to talk to him and hang out with him and see if there is any chemistry at all, or just leave it alone.

Anti-Kvetch: "A" speaks fluent french. It's hot. :-\

Would it be so wrong of me to get down with him and not have any intention of dating him? I don't know how all that works. sad.gif
(((((Faith))))) I cross-posted with you earlier. So sorry that the new food regime has added some pounds. Are you feeling healthier on the restricted diet? That's funny that you went to that parade! That thing went on for hoooooooours! Unfortunately I didn't get a good look at Bill because he turned his back to us for a photo-op with some boy scouts. But Hillary was ecstatic! I distinctly remember her waving enthusiasticly in her little red & purple outfit.

Raisin, I agree with everything you had to say about band! I have been to more football games than I can count, but I still barely have a clue how the game is scored because I was having too much fun in the stands to pay attention. smile.gif I didn't have as much trouble with my instrument because I played piccolo. So if I didn't have my hat on, I was usually carrying it like a basket with my instrument and gloves placed inside. The tuba players hated that! laugh.gif You definitely learn a lot about layering clothing in band ... especially if any of your uniform pants are white. Bleh. The worst bit, though, was late in the football season when it got super cold. I have had short icicles form on the end of my piccolo.

Welcome back, CStars! My sympathies on the stress of moving & starting a new job. As for the boy ... well, it's been a while since I've been out there, so it's hard to say. I think you should trust your instincts, but I also think that sometimes it's good to give someone a second chance ... especially if that someone speaks fluent French. wink.gif Maybe talk to your friend about him & try to find out if he's worth another go.

Fina is running a marathon this weekend? Did I miss something? Wow!!! That's really amazing!
------ cross-that-finish-line vibes for Fina ------

~~~~~~~ freelancing vibes for Sidecar ~~~~~~~ Keep us up-dated!

Polly, how is the tummy feeling now? Any better? That's cute about the fish at work that greets you. I wonder what kind it is. Some of the puffer fish out there are very smart and very friendly. Sheff and I have some ordinary fresh-water fish (guppies, neon tetras, etc), but I swear that they can tell us apart. Sheff is usually the one who feeds them and I swear they will follow him around! If he's standing to one side of the tank, all of the fish will hover near him & gaze in his direction.

So Sybarite, did you get to have that glass of wine? And by the by, I now have St Etienne playing in my brain because of you; specifically the little flute part on "Nothing Can Stop Us". It's starting to drive me a bit nuts!

Hooray for the Vegas wedding cam! I was looking at that just the other day, Mando, and I almost posted it here.

I think I may have to claim Harpo's title as "Miss Yappy Pants". I've been blathering on like I haven't been on here in weeks!

Kvetch: My eyes are red. They feel fine & I got the contacts in without any problems, but I look like I've been crying for hours. Very strange. And I've been getting headaches that don't always go away with ibuprophen.Someone suggested that I might be allergic to a grass here that we don't have in Oklahoma. Hmmmmm.

Anti-kvetch: I have a vacuum cleaner! And it's marvelous! And it costs soooooooo much less that I thought it would. Hooray!

Kvetch: You know you're an adult when you're excited about getting a vaccuum cleaner. dry.gif
((((mornington)))) ~~~feel better and headache away vibes~~~

anti allergy vibes for ((((bunny)))) & ((((rose)))) as well as mah'self! my hives disappeared and my thumb is looking better, yay.

And anti nausea/tummy issue vibes for (((polly)))) and anyone else who needs 'em.

glad to hear danny is feeling better (((mandi))). I think it is so adorable what a proud mama bear you are, thats the way it should be!

~~~ace that test vibes for sidecar~~~

~~~study vibes for all kvetchettes in need~~~

hi cstars, welcome back.

((((raisin, syb, faith, fina, sapphy, treehugger, dusty, crassy, tes, plummie, tg, msp, flanker, everyone))))

Oh my gosh, I am stuffed to the gills. And I feel so loved right now. A good friend asked me to stop by her place this evening to pick up a birthday gift and when I arrived she and her sweetie were in the kitchen cooking up a storm. She came out to greet me and then he appeared with a cat -hat-swallowed-the-canary grin. He inquired as to what my plans for the evening were and then announced that my plans were to stay and have dinner with them. He made my favorite, crab cakes and also made hush puppies, roasted sweet corn, broccoli w/ holandaise, and she made lemonade and raspberry almond oatmeal bars w/ a scoop of Ben & Jerry's oatmeal cookie ice cream on the top. She pulled out the photo album and we reminisced about the days of the two of us going out and partying, holidays spent together and laughed at our evolving hairstyles and make up choices. She also blessed me with an entire set of brown sugar fig bath products, including bathroom spray, hand soap and a candle. Ooooh it smells soooo good. I am getting ready to go have a shower so I can use it all. Then I got home and checked the mail and there was the sweetest birthday card ever from my grandfather with not only the money he always sends, but a gift card too. I'm always telling him it's unneccessary to send anything and I think it kind of annoyed him, cause he wrote in the card, "For my favorite granddaughter, who I can do whatever I feel like for. Now be sure and spend this on yourself on something fun! Love always, Grampa & Fran." Fran is his girlfriend, whom I adore. The rest of my family has been pretty lame to her, they are all such haters. I am stoked my gramps found his sweetie after my gramma passed away, ya know. I want him to be happy, and I can tell he is. I just wish I could make it out to Michigan to visit or they could make it out here more often. I really miss him a lot. I could not imagine having a cooler grandfather than him, he rocks hardcore! wub.gif I really do feel so loved and kinda weepy right now. Dang hormones I tell ya!

I hit a raccoon. With my car. I was out with friends, we had just gotten dinner and we were meeting at a video store, then back to my friend's house. It was just me and Le Boy in the car, and I changed lanes from left to right, just to see a raccoon laying in the lane, trying to get up. Someone must have just hit him, and I tried to swerve enough so I'd just go over him, but either I hit him again, or he was too big and hit the underside of my car.

I just shrieked and clapped my hand over my mouth. I tried not to cry while I was driving, but when we got to the video store, I couldn't even go in. sad.gif I've never hit anything with my car before. I guess did, sort of- I ran over a raccoon before that had already been hit and was very dead, but this time I saw the poor thing's little face before I hit it. I hope he was out of his misery quickly. Just when my stomach was starting to feel better....I know it happens all the time, but it's not something I ever wanted to experience first-hand.

I'll reply to your fishie question tomorrow, Rose.

((Hugs to all))
It's a half marathon, not a full one, but I've never run this far before and am feeling really good about it. I'm doing it with a few friends too and I hope I can beat at least one of them! Thanks for all the vibes, truly much appreciated.

Must leave soon as we're going to try to hit one of the tapas places Bunny raves about.

Fab birthday Yuefie, you've got excellent friends.

(((Polly))) I know that horrible feeling, and it truly sucks.

Btw Polly I have been wondering about your tagline and just saw the Simpsons where Homer is dancing around saying that on Thursday, I hadn't seen that one before and was like AHA!

(((yuefie))) yay for birthday weekends! that's so cute about your grandpa, I remember PJ telling me about him one time.

"I have had short icicles form on the end of my piccolo." hehe, is it wrong that I always see the dirty (how do kvetchies spell it again?) in the "one time at band camp" comments? I suppose it's cos I have nothing to contribute, no bands at school here and I suck at music anyways sad.gif. I was all about the drama at school (the subject and otherwise).

(((rose))) allergies suck, as yuefie and I can testify to! I had another very itchy night.

yes fina is running a marathon in Glasgow tomorrow for a children's hospital, she mentioned it way back when she signed up for it but I knew the date. *~*~*~run like forrest vibes~*~*~*~*

welcome back cstars! boo for no internet access although 9/9 not too far away.

Hey all. Playing with my avatar again. Dougal is cute, but he kinda clashed with my color scheme.

Marvelous happy birthday wishes to (((((((Yuefie))))))))!!!! That was so kind of your friends to cook you a glorious b-day dinner! And your grandpa sounds wonderful. Glad you're feeling happy and filled with love. You deserve it.


Kvetch: I feel as though I've been beaten with a cricket bat. Uuuuuuuuggggghhhh ....
[crawls into red tent & collapses]
yuefie's birthday is on monday. seems that it's kvetchette birthday season.

I played around with my avatar too, although I love -and miss- the bunny.
((((((polly))))))) i hit a bunny once and it was so upsetting.
~~~good luck to fina~~~
~~~feel better rose~~~
happy early birthday yuefie!

martini and i had trouble sleeping, so we got up at 4 am and watched star trek. we are such geeks. i just woke up; i'm not sure i'm going to make it to hot bod this morning. maybe tomorrow. i kinda need to chill and have some coffee.

last night, i made mojitos with fresh mint that i grew on my back porch. yum! I can't believe what a difference it made in taste.

superstar (one of our cats) got shaved yesterday due to all the clumpy fur we couldn't clean up. she looks like a lion now, if lions looked like mr. bigglesworth. it is so pathetic.
>>>>>>Drive by, ya'll!

I'm doing OK...much better than earlier in the week! I'm all in the works to start working with this agency...we leave next Friday, so I think I may wait until we come back, ya know?

sidecar, I went to a party and there was a shaved Chow dog...she looked so cute and funny. I love shaved critters.

polly, so sorry about the raccoon! What an awful experience. Bleh.

rosev, I love the new avatar.

Happy Birthday, Yuefie! Which is the actual day?

Love to all!

continued feel-better love for (((mornington))).
bunny, lovin the new avatar!
*ace-that-freelancer-test vibage for sidecar*
*kickass marathon vibage for fina*

big tight hug for (((polly))). please don’t beat yourself up, darling. it happens, it’s heartrending, but it wasn’t your fault. kudos for keeping your wits and not causing an accident.

(((amilita))) glad to see you feeling better.

welcome back, cstars. fie on workplaces that ban bust, fie fie fie! about “a” – i’d suggest not answering the phone every time, maybe every other time. and maybe don’t write him off just yet. chemistry isn’t always automatic from the get-go. sometimes it needs to brew for a while.

rose, i knew you’d enjoy the vegas cam ... that was for you, hee! and about your eyes, what lens solutions are you using? there was some warning about the bausch & lomb renu no rub a while back, which i still use, tho i probably shouldn't. i know it’s been taken off the market elsewhere. maybe try switching your regular brands? the amo “complete” line is very comfy.

speaking of harpo, she needs to drop by and visit. i miss her.

sidecar, fresh mint does indeed make the difference with mojitos. and club soda. and a splash of bitters. and fresh lime. and bacardi limon. damn, is it happy hour yet?! *salivating, licking lips, etc*

(((yuefie))) happy two-day early birthday wishes! i so heart your friends. i wish i had friends like that. half of them don’t even remember, and those who do never plan anything fun. i pretend i don't care. but of course i do. *pout*

raisin & rose, i’m eating up every word of your band stories! (even tho part of my anti-band thing from my hs years is still trying to rear it’s ugly head. conflicted emotions about this whole thing much, what, moi?) i’ve already been warned about the thermal underwear & double-socks for the oct/nov competitions. i plan on investing on some all-weather gear for myself too. (tho i can’t see myself sitting in the rain. i hatehatehate rain & wind.)

speaking of which, ernesto is bitching it up here today. not so much rain anymore, just a lot of wind. which always makes me nervous – i fear the large trees with ubersoggy roots. mamasan is without power, third time this summer. luckily we never lose power. (hopefully i didn't just jinx.)

we watched v for vendetta last night. excellent excellent flick, if unsettling and unnerving in it's very-possible future aspect. and despite natalie's overacting. when did she become such a mediocre actor? i blame lucas.
HUGE KVETCH: I am a complete and total moron. It is unbelievable. For the PAST TEN DAYS I have been accidently taking TWICE my prescribed ritalin medication because I did not register that the new prescription was for different, stronger pills. I just got curious and googled the pills (they're generic so it's not marked with the dosage I am used to). And I *wondered* why my pills were going so fast and why I was acting like such a speed freak. Now I know I am going to feel totally useless because I am used to the overdose. This also may be connected to some of my moodiness of late. I am so embarassed. This is just absolutely moronic. I can't even tell my doctor, I really don't want him to think I am abusing amphetamines! I mean, on purpose. I am literally blushing at my computer right now.

Anyway, I will stop with the ranting and shouting. Cstars -- I think you can totally have fun with "A" -- first because you might wind up liking him more than you think, and second, as long as you don't act like you're more into him then you are, you're not "leading him on" or whatever (which I also worry about a lot, so I understand the anxiety).

Sidecar makes me want to grow some mint and have mojitos. In my new office I have two big windows with sills so I might start a little herb garden type thing.

((((polly)))) You tried not to hit it, but there's nothing you can do. You did the right thing; it's really dangerous to swerve and wind up getting in an accident, and if he'd already been hit perhaps you simply put him out of his misery.

Avatars are fun. I like all the new ones (rose - I don't know yours but he's adorable). Yueffie's makes me smile every time I see it. I was so excited to find this random page of Quaker clip art, that's all these Quaker posters they used to have up in my library in elementary school. Underneath "declare peace every day" it says in smaller letters "work to eliminate the causes of war" but it didn't shrink down very well. The others were even less legible though.

(((bandmembers, exbandmembers, bandmamas)))

sidecar, you will rock that test. Poor little nekkid lion kittie -- We did that to our cat once, he looked so embarassed! But it's for their own good, I guess the matted fur attracts itchy bugs or something.

Yueffie your bday celebration sounds wonderful -- it shows what a good friend you are to have such good friends.

~*~*~*~*~ fleet of foot vibes for fina ~*~*~*~*~

Syb, I hope you got yourself the well-deserved glass of wine.

~*~*~*~*feel better mornington~*~*~*~

Bunny, it's awesome that you always see the "diryt". It makes life so much more fun.

((every kvetchie)) from your speedfreak friend, faith
awwww poor ((((((polly)))))))) sad.gif it's really not your fault sweetie. I'll share my horror stories since it's easier when you know aren't alone. one time when I was 12 my mom and I almost hit a squirrel. she slammed on the brakes and we stopped just short of it. It froze and then fell over, died of shock or it's little heart gave out. The saddest part is that it had a flower in it's mouth. My mom and I bawled so hard, thinking it was taking the flower to it's girlfriend. To this day I get sad when I drive down that street. even worse though, and this is a really creepy story, I was in a car that ran over a person that had already been run over who know's how many times. I was 17, and try to keep the memory of it blocked out but it doesn't always work. we were heading down the freeway, around midnight and we see all these cars pulled to side and the cars in front of us swerving. The driver of the car swerved to avoid the body, but when we pulled over there was blood on the side of the car. I fainted.

(((faith))) don't beat yourself up, it happens. PJ did something similar with his meds and it caused him a lot of grief. Just be glad it didn't go on any longer than it already has. And I am sure the doctor would know you weren't trying to abuse them, you just don't come across as the amphetamine abusing type, ya know.

~~~feel better vibes for mornington, rose and anyone else who needs them~~~

~~~and some serious go the hell away allergies!~~~ vibage for all of us Itchy McItchersons. I've scratched my underarms so much they are sore.

~~~get some sleep vibes for sidecar & martini~~~ and your bald kitty sounds so pathetically cute. we had to shave our big, fat, orange kitty boy Ralphie once and he looked so scrawny and humiliated.

~~~marathon vibes for fina~~~

yay for (((amilita))) feeling better! I'm always vibing for you and the mr. darlin'.

hee, bunny's diryt mind. my mind has taken up permanent residence in the gutter tongue.gif

*mwah* ((((mandi)))) just a'cause I lurves ya.

Awww, shucks. thank you all for the birthday wishes. I will be 33 years old at 4:45 pm PST on Monday, the 4th. Hehehe, I am such a dork. My mom always joked it was my Virgo nature that had to be born precisely at 4:45, not 4:44 or 4:46, 'cause that would've thrown off the program, ya know. And that I had to be early for dinner, heh. I think I am going to go see my dad today, and then my sis has something planned for me for the rest of the weekend. I know, I really am so fortunate to have such great friends & family. I remember when I was younger being frustrated that I always remembered my friends birthdays but nobody seemed to remember mine, usually because it was Labor Day weekend and school was just starting. Now I try and fly under the radar and the friends I have will not hear of it. But you know, I am not just blessed with those friends, I am really blessed with the friendship of all of you. I love my BUSTies! My friend D, of the very hot portions wants to see me this weekend. He said he has something special for me. He is such a cutie pie and so sweet too. And oh my word, the ex from long, long ago that I ran in to on MySpace sent me a very naughty birthday message. Why do exes think they have the right to be pervy? Um, make that skeevy. Feh.

(((((Faith)))))) Sorry to hear about the medication problem. But please please don't feel bad about mentioning it to your doctor. Mistakes happen. It's better to just owe up to what happened, rather than forcing yourself to take half of the required dose for a while. By the way, I really like your avatar! I should have realized that it's a Quaker poster.

((((((Polly)))))) You are far from alone, dear. I remember how awful it feels to hit an animal with your car. Please just remember that it was an accident and you really did nothing wrong.

Yuefie, what a horrifying story! You poor thing! (((((Yuefie)))))) On a happier note, I'm glad that we have advanced notice on your birthday. Now we can celebrate all weekend long! biggrin.gif

Mandolyn, I was wondering if my contact lens solution might be part of the problem. I just realized yesterday that one of my unopened bottles is the same stuff that was taken off the shelves. Eep!

I really really enjoyed V for Vendetta. I think Sheff cried a little at the end. I might have to buy the collecors edition.

Sidecar, I loooove that one of your cats is named Superstar. That's a marvelous name! How did you settle on it?

(((((((((( more love for Amilita ))))))))))

(((((( more love for Sapphie & her family ))))))

I just got back from meeting Whino! That woman kicks soooooooo much ass. Seriously. She's fan-damn-tastic. We're going to get together Wednesday night for dinner. I'm giddy just thinking about it happy.gif

As for tonight, we're keeping it low-key. I bought some lovely cheese today (while thinking of you, Bunny!). I bought some French brie for Sheff, some hearty 4-year-old gouda, and a lovely white stilton with apricots. I also have some sticky toffee pudding for later. Yum!
*cracks fingers and stretches them out in preparation for a session of power-typing*

Thank you for all the TallKid birthday wishes. At this point, of course, birthdays are still mostly about the parents teaching what a birthday is and moaning to themselves, "HOW did he get to be TWO?!?" smile.gif At dinner Thursday we had carrot cake cupcakes for desert, and his had a couple of candles stuck in the top, of course. We start singing the birthday song to him, and he starts screaming. Hated it. But then we're like, "No, no, TallKid, look - cake! and candles!" He sits up, blinks for a second, then this big smile creeps across his face. I can see going through his head exactly what goes through mine: "Ooooo. Caaaaake. Fiiiire. Preetty."

Yep, my son's gonna be a pyro, just like both his parents.

Anyway, so once he saw that desert comes with the terrible song, he had a great time. Mugged for the camera. (pictures to come as soon as I poke Radar with a stick enough times) Opened one clothes present - graciously sent by Plummie's folks - and one toy present from my own mom, which instantly became his new favorite thing. Slept with it in his bed and everything.

Oh, and today I'm playing a computer game and TallKid is watching. Something less than perfect happens - don't remember what - and he says, "Oh, shit."

Gotta learn to watch my mouth, I do, I do.

Oh, Lord, the band stories I can tell..... Love of band is about loving all the little things. Burning your legs through your pants on the blisteringly hot metal bleachers in August. Numbing your ass and thighs on those same bleachers in late November. Helping check the backsides of all your friends when you get up to go onto the field becuase it rained mud yesterday and you're all wearing white pants and for all 180 of you to have mud on your butts would just look bad. Walking into a stadium in the rain, by 5 minutes into the game it's snowing, by the end of the first quarter it's sleeting, by halftime the sun has come out, and by the time you go home, everyone's got a 2nd degree sunburn. And then there's the profanity: "A minute, an hour, the whole damn clock! All for the xxxxxx xxxxx, pull out your...... sock!!" Or the classic: "Stick your fingers up their nose and RIP! THEIR! FACE OFF!!!"

Of course, those last bits may have just been because I was a proud part of "The Most Obnoxious Band in the Southwest Conference". (RIP SWC) Still, good times, good times.

Speaking of the cold, two more stories I have to tell before I quit:

I've always had really bad arthritis in my finger joints. Marching a homecoming parade in a dense snowflurry, standing out in the freezing cold, wearing two pairs of socks, sweatpants under my uniform pants, turtleneck under the jacket, and a poncho on top of all that. What made me different from everyone else in the band was my hands - one pair of those band gloves, then a layer of rags wrapped around my knuckles, then another pair of gloves on top. My fingers looked like sausages, but it was the only chance I had of keeping my joints moving. When I finally got to thaw out my fingers would be in screaming pain, but I wouldn't have changed it for the world. I lived for that shit.

Also, everybody knows that when it gets cold enough, thin layers of water on metal will freeze instantly. Well, with a trumpet, you have to have spit and you're pressing your lips against a hunk of metal. So to avoid ripping our lips off, we'd stand around between songs with our mouthpieces in our mouths. Not just blowing on them or through them - that was good enough for October, but by the time late November rolled around, much less December, we would put the entire bowl of the mouthpiece in our mouth to keep it warm enough. Looked like a bunch of perverted lollipop suckers, we did.

One of the things I'll have to say is different between me and the others who have posted here, though, is that I've seen so much of the football games I've been to, I know the game as well as most guys do. The difference is probably that being a trumpet player, one of 4 girls out of 30 horns on the line, knowing the game was a prerequisite to survival. As were cussing like a sailor and having balls of brass, but that goes without saying.

I think I was gonna post more, but Radar is pulling me away to watch an Eddie Izzard video (squee!), so what I was gonna say is fleeting away. Love and kisses to all! ((((((((YOU))))))))

Quick ETA: I just realized that posting all this band stuff is making me way too happy. Thank God I work literally right next door to a high school football stadium. For three months, every Friday evening as I leave work I get to listen to a band warming up and/or running drills, and I gotta tell you - it feels like home.
Heh. Nice post, Tallgirl.

I have to say I was in the stands with the percussion kids -- the majority of them were guys, and almost all of them weren't into the football games, either. For us, not knowing the game -- or maybe I should say, not caring about the game -- was a prerequisite to survival. Like you cared enough to know when to play and cheer and shout, but if you REALLY cared about who was winning and scoring touchdowns, you were letting your bandmates down. Ha!

I am seriously shutting up now about high school. tongue.gif

Not to lecture tallgirl BUT ... cracking the fingers won't help the being-in-a-band-induced arthritis! Oh, and my lil sis (bunbun) is a pyromaniac too. The boy's dad too - he set a fire recently in the garden and it almost reached the power lines above ... and there was the time too that he was crawling about in the eaves of the house doing whatever and he burst a pipe, setting a fire AND flooding the roof, whilst banging his head, electrocuting himself and almost drowning. Yeah that was fun: the entrance to eaves are off the boy's bedroom and I was there flapping and asking if he was okay when he was screaming "turn the $*&£!@" water off!"

Spent today in Ikea shopping for furniture for the boy's new bedroom and a new bed and dvd storage for myself (window shopping today but know the ones I want and the boy collecting his mid-week) then shopping for baby things for me to put into gift basket I'm making for bf C (the basket is from ikea). I suppose now I should do some work ...

or kvetch some more.

So, fina had a yucky day for running (although I'm no running expert, far from it, so perhaps torrential rain intermittent with bursts of sun is good running weather) and I saw the runners whilst driving on motorway (they were running across fly-over) so was with her in spirit!

faith, thanks for supporting the dirytness!!!

rose, mmmm cheese. Was it good? I've eaten a lot of goat's cheese, feta and marscapone this week. Oh and some shaved parmesan.

mando, danny knows a lot about american football though, doesn't he? You mentioned the other week at family reunion, he was the knowledgeable one, yeah?

yuefie, hope the birthday celebrations are continuing to rock!

sybarite, congrats on making deadline!

(((polly))) hope you're feeling a bit better, nature can be cruel sometimes.

cstars, have you replied to A yet? allow it some time to see if anything transpires, sometimes feelings can spring up on you.

where's crassy?

(((mornington))) and (((raisingirl))) just cos.

I want tes to return and fill us in on all her (s)exploits!
lol @ pyro tallkid.
being a little ... horrified at the frozen trumpet phenomenon. ohmy.gif

yes, that's right, bunny, danny's a football aficionado, tho strictly pro football. i imagine he's going to be all about the games, regardless of his bandmates 'tudes.

we just got his class schedule. they ask that parents come with the freshman, for the first hour or two on tuesday morning, for orientation - and i guess, to soothe nerves, since it's the first day of scary high school. i'm playing it oh-so-cool on the outside. on the inside, i'm already a mess. mainly because my kid's shedding his kid-ness fast & furious. but also, that building is symbolic of everything that was bad in my life for a good chunk of my adolescence ... gah. trying to keep in mind that now it will become the backdrop for HAPPY memories.

amping up the pre-birthday love for (((yuefie))). which may include a walk. we've had grey/rainy/crappy weather for the past 12 days. tis beyond-nice to see a blue sky again!
Thanks for the reassurances, ladies. I'm better about the raccoon now. Still sad, but not too guilty feeling.

Rose, the fish is sort of like a little puffer fish, like a chartreuse color, with little lines/stripes and bulgy, blue-iridescent eyes. He's got spikes all over him. I might get one of these, in the 4 gallon size for my desk.

What's everyone doing for Labor Day this weekend? I'm going to my grandparent's house today for a thing with my family. Le Boy went up to the farm that his friend's family owns in Wisconsin, with a bunch of friends, to do paintballing. He puts bandaids on papercuts, and is terrified of getting Lyme disease so why he decided to go paintballing in deep woods Wisconsin, I don't know. At least he's with friends who won't be too brutal on him, and not at a public place. He comes back tonight and we're going to his parent's house tomorrow. I bought Boursin potato salad (with Boursin cheese) and mango/peach salsa at Costco to bring with. My stomach's still a little iffy, so I don't want to risk making something and passing the bug along.

ETA: I just discovered this new show on HGTV called Kitchen Crimes. It's sort of like that British show, I think it's called "How clean Is Your House?", but it's 2 people who focus on germs and safety, just in the kitchen, then they help the people fix them. It's so disturbing- they swabbed all these areas in this couple's kitchen, and found e-coli all over their dish rag and some bacteria in their fridge. They have a really small kitchen and there's all these safety issues, and now I'm all creeped out about my own kitchen. I made beef stroganoff the other day and didn't clean the counter very well after I cut up the meat (juice dripped from the cutting board onto the counter)...I hope I didn't get sick from that. It was steak, not hamburger, so the chances of e-coli are a little less. ((Sigh)) I don't know how my house goes from neat and clean to squalid so fast. There's tons of dishes in the sink, splatters on the floor (mopping is my most hated chore), the inside of the microwave is coated in gunk (Le Boy's fault- he always forgets to put a cover on whatever he's making. He owes me a microwave cleaning.) It's so overwhelming sometimes!!!

mando, danny and i would get along great, because i also love the pro football. thursday night! yay!

I've mostly sat around this weekend; totally what I needed. Tonight I'm going to Ravinia, this open-air concert place, to see Cheap Trick. Martini's company is the sponsor so we got free tickets. It should be a lot of fun.
Mando, send that no-rain weather my way. It's miserable up here.

Still "cleaning," which translates to faffing around the house (that's the correct term, right?) -- although I prefer to say futzing around or puttering -- which, I admit, is really just code for picking up the house while listening to my Hotty McHotterson boyfriend Maxwell sing to me. I'm also reading an Oprah magazine that's, like, months old. I don't even know how I acquired it, it just fell into my posession. Go ahead and laugh at me. Oh, okay, reading this magazine reminds me that I hate Dr. Phil and his southern accent. I can still hear his accent when I read his column, so I ain't readin' his stinkin' column no more. Fucking pop psychologist. He's the one that needs to get real.

Anyway, Lunasol and I haven't gotten together to figure out when we're coming to NY. But Mando, I so want to go to a football game! haha. No, really, I'm totally serious. Okay, maybe just the opening sequence and then come back for the halftime show.

I'm working tomorrow so I can make lots of CASH MONEY. It's all about the Hamiltons, Kvetchies.

Sidecar, now I have "The Flame" in my head. Have an awesome time.

I have absolutely nothing else to contribute to this Kvetch. Why is my computer even on?!
I used to go to football games my freshman year of college because my friend's dad made the most killer tailgate lunches...he got me to love meatloaf sandwiches! Throw in a marching band, and that was enough to drag me out there even though I loathe football. Marching bands are the best things about the Mardi Gras parades down here.

Right now is Southern Decadance, which is a big gay party every Labor Day weekend...we just got back from the parade, which was small but fun...through the quarter, with bar stops. We went to one where young boys dance on the bar in their underwear and my friend made me tip him...I kept saying, "I'm too shy!" But the dancer, who happened to be smokin' hot, saw our interaction, and kneeled down in front of me and pulled the front of his underwear I put the bill in there, and he grabbed my hand and pushed it down his underwears! I totally got to cop a feel!

And then the Mr. tipped another boy and got a kiss on the cheek...on the face. That cheek.

Faith, mistakes totally happen with meds...don't be embarrassed. Glad you figured it out so you can get back to where you should be.

Mando, I'll write again before Tues, but good luck with Danny's first day.

Polly, I hear ya on the house going from neat to squalid in no time. What's up with that? What are all those droplets on the kitchen floor? Sheesh.

Sounds like everyone's fairly low key for the weekend, eh? Maybe productive, maybe not...

So cool you met Whino, Rosev! I'm always envious of Bustie meet-ups...but it seems especially great for you, being in a new city and all.

Cstars, I say go for it with A as well...why not? As long as you're honest and up front.

Yuefie, I hope you're continuing to have a fabulous birthday weekend.

Hi, bunnyb! You are such a solid poster- we can always count on may say it's procrastination or something, but it makes us lucky!

I think I'm going to go to a BBQ to see some friends I haven't seen in awhile due to my depressed hermit-ish ways of late...that's tomorrow afternoon. I'm really feeling like the dark cloud is lifting...I hope things keep going like that.
<----------- Ooooooooh! Wicked jealous of Amilita's copping a feel at the bar!
"solid poster" not sure if that makes me sound boring or not rolleyes.gif! thanks tho.

Now I'm singing "I want you to want me" and it's reminding me of Ten things I hate about you and freaky ass Cruise's beard singing it in Dawson's Creek. Sidecar, enjoy!

which pro football team is danny a fan of?
OK, the words I picked were goofy, but I totally meant it as a good thing, bunny. I love that there are certian people who post just about every day, or even a few times...those folks kinda change and rotate or whatever, but keep it all dynamic. Anywho...I just am happy seein' lots of green lately!

Hey, here's a question...should we take the computer on our vacation? I kinda assumed we wouldn't, and that we'd get all unplugged...but my friend was like, "You can look at the news and your emails..." Actually, I think that may answer my question, because I think I need a break from the local news. And I can ask my mom to keep up on the hurricane situation and call me if there's anything I need to know...

Hee, raisin! Damn, I wish I could show you a picture of this guy...I'm a newlywed and all, but I could not deny the hotness.
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