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((((Sapphy and Mr Sapphy's families))))

((((Mornington's friend's father and family))))

RV, the same thing happens when I try and change my avatar. I find the software eventually allows me to choose a new one only after I've gone a few days with no avatar at all (she explanined scientifically). I think it's a glitch in the software. You seem to have managed it in the end!

So I'm here buried in the country and getting some good work done. I also keep fantastising about job opportunities around the world but as they would depend on me finishing this thesis it might behoove me to stop daydreaming and write the damn thing. I miss the boy a lot; other than that being here is great.

Happy monday all... especially any non-Scottish UK people with the day off!
How strange ... I tried to change that avatar multiple times last night and it wouldn't seem to do it. But this morning I turned on my laptop and, lo and behold, it has changed! Oh, I'm so confused now.

Kvetch: Sheff's alarm went off 2 hours early. And I'm not the sort who can go back to sleep once awakened. Grr.
(((bunny))) & (((bunny's nipples))) ouch
(((tes))) I think it's understandable, and I hope you get a response that helps. oh and ***happy snatch***
(((yuefie))) ***moving vibes***
(((continued love for sapphmandad & sapphfamily)))
(((fina))) mmm, fish and chips...yay for wedding plans
(((amilita))) ***stay away ernesto***
(((rose's pseudo-niece)))
(((sidecar))) ***happy snatch*** & woo for new heels & productiveness
(((cstars, walkingb, flanker, pink, minx, faith, dusty, crassy, txplum, tg, and everyone else)))

So... I've had a headache since thursday. Super-fun but not so bad... until I got up this morning. Fever, nausea, dizzy as you like (I was lying on the kitchen floor as it was easier to lie down before I fell down), hot flushes, shivering... the lot. And I was crying with pain. Ring the emergency doctor - gp being shut on a bank holiday - and get told go to a) the teaching hospital in east london (I live north) or the one round the corner. The hospital round the corner is a freaking mental hospital. I have a headache, I don't require a straightjacket just yet. So... we find a closer hospital, toddle along, stand about for two hours, and now I get really strong painkillers because I suffer from "cluster headaches". Great. I also have swollen tonsils, although I could have told them that because I can feel the damn things.

And... I've done very little work. The whole blinding-pain thing... argh. Stress.

antikvetch: one of the boys I went to school with is making his england XI debut for the 20:20 cricket against pakistan. Yay Broadie!

And i'm expecting a phone call from this boy... smile.gif . *glees*

*mwah* & (((fantastical mondays)))
Have made it through the so not fun glucose tolerance test.

I'm going to lie down now for a while (while really hoping against hope the test is negative.)

Will be back when I can converse like a normal human being again (as normal as I ever was, anyway.)
~*~*~*~*~*~ feel better, darling mornington! ~*~*~*~*~*~*

huzzah!!! for syb in the country getting things done!!! yayayayay!!!

~~~~~~*~~~~~~*~~~~~ more love and coping as best you can vibes to sapphy and mr and in-laws~~~~~*~~~~~*~~~~~*

*picks up picket sign*


*blows kisses at bunny's nipples*

i don't know about this blackness, dear. maybe you should see someone??? black nipples = not GOOD.

raisin d'etre, you hereby have a STANDING invitation to come and watch bollywood and eat yoghurt with me!!! (maybe even a sitting on the sofa cuddling invitation, not just a standing one!!)

DUSSSSSSTY!!! where aaaaaaaaaaaare you???? i want you to know that the postie of the lovely nakie man in the cool fan air is in my bedroom, on my mirror. i see him daily, and think of you. it makes me happy inside.

fina? that bunker sounds amazing and bizarre all at the same time. do people still think that it would have protected anyone in it from nuclear fall out?? and OH! the heather sounds SO lovely!!

amilita, you are such a strong woman. i admire you for your steadfastness, for your courage in seeking answers to your own psyche, and for staying put where it sounds as if you are needed.


(confidential to tes'ass plum wine: you are the click to answer my clack!!! i meeeece you and long to see you here soon......)

tallgirl, i hope that your life has calmed down. you deserve it.


kvetch: i just calculated my next moontime. yep, you guessed it. guess who is just going to have to re-earn his red wings????

mandomyheart, i hatehatehate that you are not here! i vaguely seem to remember that the club was going to be closed for a few days.....i am hoping that it is now. hurry back!!!

re my fiance's da: he hasn't responded yet. but i know that he just moved in with his brother, and that his computer may not be set up yet. what i *can* say is that i did not dream about himself, or his da, or his sisters, or anything remotely related to him last night. perhaps just writing to his da was cathartic in and of itself. of course, being me, i still want to know what happened, and why he was in a wheelchair, and and and and.......but in the meantime, just having the dreams stop is a good sign. let's see what happens tonight.

rose: how CRUEL!!! an entire TWO HOURS????? i hope that you punished sheff thoroughly!!! cool.gif

hugs and kisses and silly ikan mas!
I am right here, plotting another postcard, Tes. Seriously, heh heh.


(((Sapphy and fam)))

(((Yuefie))) strike out for independence vibes

(((Mornington's head)))

Yay for (((Fina)))'s Wedding Plan!

(((Bunny's nipples)))


Update on my Friday underwear report: I had them on inside out but I didn't realize.

Yay for the love shown to my nipples! I have received so many PMs regarding them - thank you sweeties! I have no shame, I figure if we can talk about snatches then we can talk about my love buttons. So, update: not black, or even dark purple but a slightly darker pink than normal. The boy says they look fine but what does he know (although he probably looks at them more than I do...)? I'm gonna keep an eye on them and going to the doc's later this week anyway so will keep you posted on nipple-gate!

raisin, you have no idea how much you cheered me up this morning: even though I'm in Scotland I work for a bank so I realised that tonight would be oh so quiet (it was, we played quizzes).

dusty, your underwear post cracked me up!

tes, 4 days - woot!!!

mornington and a boy sitting in a tree ... *feel better hunbun*

and same to *anoushh after nasty glucose test*

@@@@non-snail like working vibes for sybarite, mornington and myself (cos I need them)@@@@

(((rose))) and (((mandi))) cos I love ya and (((yuefie))), (((tesao))), (((mornington))), (((sybarite))), (((fina))), (((sidecar))), (((rasingirl))), (((amilita))), (((anoushh))), (((dusty))), (((treehugger))), (((crassy))), (((designermedusa))), (((cstars))), (((txplumwine))), (((pixiedust))), (((sapphy))), (((msp))), (((flanker))), (((faith))), (((prettynpink))), (((pinchejoto))), (((billybonka))), (((minx))), (((tallgirl))) and everyone I've missed cos I love you too.

anti-kvetches: I bought the cutest lil baby grow for my bf C's unborn today that says "I love mum and dad (they made me say that)" and comes in matching gift bag. bunnymama and I going to lunch with her tomorrow as probably last time I see her before she drops.

it's so nice to log on to lovely PMs and posts in kicking booty thread. Busties do indeed rock wub.gif.
this is just a fly-by, but I wanted to say that I'm thinking of amilita a lot today. I know this anniversary is hard on you, and I hope you were able to get through it.

((big hugs))
"mandomyheart, i hatehatehate that you are not here! i vaguely seem to remember that the club was going to be closed for a few days.....i am hoping that it is now. hurry back!!!"

um, i'm here, tesao. i haven't gone anywhere. i just missed one day. in fact, i was a little self-conscious about my blue being all over the place last week. hee.

but thanks for missing me. and glad to hear abour your upcoming happy rendezvous!

(((amilita))) is it horrible that i'm glad ernesto is veering north? i'm worried for all my friends in FL, but lord knows that NO can't deal with another hurricane, no matter on what scale.

nipplegate. hee. i so heart your sense of humor, bunnyboo!

(((sapphie & sapphman & papa-in-law)))
(((annoush))) all parts crossed, luv.
(((mornington))) headache be gone!
(((sybarite))) all parts crossed for you too, sweetpea.
(((raisin))) just cuz.

had too much fun this weekend. you guys had to see my kid stealing the scene at bro's fantasty football party, with his superior football knowledge! all the guys (20 yrs his seniors!) were asking him for his advice with future trades and who got the best picks. it was the cutest thing eva. i told him after, even tho i complainy-razz him about being a madden-addict, i'm hella proud of how much he knows. he just needs a little humility, tho. the kid can get his smug on a little too much sometimes.

and i'm so glad my bro has this party every year. he's singlehandedly kept his high school crew together, if only for one day a year. and they all appreciate it and have the best time. it's especially rewarding, considering the roller coaster ride he's been on these past years, how he sort of had to disengage from everyone during his dark days. but now he can still party and have fun, just sans alcohol. i'm so proud of him.

speaking of which, i drank my WEIGHT in beer and sangria this weekend. and am paying for it now. luckily i didn't make a spectacle of myself. but something tells me i wasn't far from obnoxious-ville.

off to veg and watch the family stone.

((sapph, sapph man and family))


((bunny's nipple))

((mornington)) Headache go away.

((tes and sidecar)) Yeast go away. I had issues for months last year, and it was miserable.

((mando)) Glad you had a nice weekend with your family.

Saturday I went and filed a police report for my stolen wallet. Then Mr. DM and I went to see a film, grabbed a late lunch, walked around Greenwich Village, got ice cream and watched The Station Agent on tv. Sunday was a lazy day, grabbed some food and slept. We weatched the Emmys, but it was rather predictable.

I'm so tired tonight.

((Good things for Busties))
mmmm sangria... I could use a tub o' sangria right now....
Hunting and pecking with the wounded finger covered in aloe vera gel... but damn, this private message function is the shiznit! Proper responses to come when I have 100% use of all 10 digits. Big kisses to Anoushh and Tesao and Bunny and Mando. Go away, Ernesto, no one wants a visit from you. Laughing @ Dusty's inside-out underwear. I would fly halfway across the world for sofa cuddling, yogurt, Bollywood, giraffes made out of tree trunks, and all the rest of it. I didn't make it to the spin class, but I went to the gym regardless. I woke up thinking I really need someone who sleeps in my bed with me who will make me want to "sleep" in and do a little something something. (Why, pray tell, do I never meet men in real life who look like Maxwell, let alone sing like him?) Someone brought brownies and cupcakes into work, but I didn't eat any because they smelled like they were not made from scratch. Thank heaven for small miracles. We watched Oprah at work today and snarked about it for the entire hour. Good times. Now I have to return phone calls to family members being all demanding of my time. They purposely call me when they KNOW I'm not home, which just pisses me off to no end. Then when I call them back, they say, "Oh, we were [doing nothing of importance] and must not have heard the phone ring." Why, exactly, am I in a rush to talk to a machine or voice mail? No paragraphing just because it's indicative of my mood. Color... just because. xoxo

Bit of a drive-by from me. I've been feeling oddly allergy-y today. My eyes have been weepy & I can't wear my contacts, as well as other things. Sheff has had some allergy-ish symptoms, too, so maybe there's something in the air.

Update: The pseudo-niece is improving. The meds seem to be helping! Hooray! Thank you all so much for the vibes.

(((((((more hugs for the SapphFam))))))))

((((((Amilita & all of NOLA)))))) I'v been thinking about you sooooooo much today, Amilita. Hope you're doing okay.

~~~~ Raisin's fingers ~~~~ What exactly happened with the umbrella?


Maxwell! What an incredibly fine-looking man...

Thank you much for the hugs, hi's, and vibes ((dm)), ((rosev)) ((bunny)), ((mornington)) and ((yeufie)).

~*~*~ get well mornington & myself ~*~*~

((((((sapphy & family))))))

((tes)), what can I say, your spirit makes my heart do a little dance. Glad you're seeing Mr. Hotbuns soon! And I hope you get the scoop on former fiance sooner.



((a certain kvetchette who has posted 666 times!)) biggrin.gif

So glad to hear the good news about PN, roseviolet! I was feeling allergy-ish today too, wierd (for this part of the world, at least)!
Quick post...

((Amilita)) My thoughts are with you and NOLA for the next few days (moreso than usual, anyway.)

((Rose)) Boof for allergies, but yay for pseudo-niece.

((Bunny and tes and mando and prettynpink and everyone else.))

((Sybarite)) I'm hoping your theory about the avatar is true...if so, my new one should be appearing soon.

ETA: I didn't intend the "Boof" but I'm sticking with it!! tongue.gif
((Mando)) Cheers for that. It's a shame my mister and your son aren't in the same country; I'd love to watch them go head to head with the sports talk. (Then we could slope off and drink sangria!)

Feel better fast mornington and flanker ji.

(((Amilita and mister))) Hoping these few days pass quietly.

I need to get back to work. I rewarded myself last night for work done by staying up late and watching all manner of US crime shows, sometimes switching back and forth between them. Imminent deadline + access to cable TV... um, not good.

Good morning, darling Kvetchies. How is everyone feeling today?

Polly, Boof on alleries, indeed! How are things going at work?

Bunny, I'm glad to hear that the nipplage is returning to normal.

Annoush, congrats on getting through the glucose test!

DM, I know the wholes tollen wallet sitch sucks, but I'm glad to hear you had a nice time with Mr DM this weekend. ((((DM))))



(((((( snuggles for Mandi & Tes & Flanker & Mornington & Dusty & Plummie & everybody! ))))))

Kvetch: My eyes are still a bit funky. Last night they huuuuuuuuurt so badly! I couldn't even read anymore at one point. They're a bit better today, luckily. I'm still wearing my glasses & feeling ugly & self-conscious. Bleh.

Anti-kvetch: We do not have a 3 day weekend coming up. We have a 5 day weekend! Sheff just found out yesterday. But what should we do? Where should we go? We considered going to the coast, but I'm sure that all the hotel rooms are booked. Plus, the storms are hitting the area on Thursday & will be dumping water on us for daaaaaaays. So maybe we should head to the mountains? I don't know!

Anti-kvetch: My beloved mommy is having cataract surgery next month. I know we should be super-concerned, but Mom is looking forward to having clearer vision, so we're focusing on the positive. As a bonus, I'm going to travel over & spend a week with her as she recovers! So I plan on doing lots of cooking & having tons of Girl Time. Yay!
Thanks for all the moving roomie sitch vibes. I just hate the total invasion of privacy I seem to get, but I'm sure that is due to my mother hen nature. I tend to be all nuturning and mama like, so then they treat me like mama. Sometimes I feel like I can't even take a pee in private without someone knocking on the door. It's my own fault though, I don't demand some privacy so I dont get it. You best believe that its being rectified. I made new rules about MY time and MY room, and just had to get over the feeling that I'm being unreasonable or bitchy. Oh well, I am bitchy tongue.gif

((((((amilita)))))) you are on my mind. I'm sending lots of positive and healing vibes your way sweetie.
boof on allergies, indeed. and all illnesses. and really, fuck cancer!
feel better (((flanker))), (((bunny's *headlights*))), (((mornington's head))), (((raisin's finger))) & (((rose's eye)))
~~~no more bakery snatches~~~ and ~~~MRG please ease up on tes & mr. hot buns!~~~
dusty, how's the mr's foot doing?
(((dm))) mean ass karma for the dickwad who took your wallet
((((mandi)))) cause I lurves her oodles.
(((((tes, plummie, polly, sidecar, crassy, cstars, fina, syb, faith, msp, everyone else I know I'm missing -sorry- hello and *hugs*)))))

Just want to add to the (((amilita))) love. hunny, you're a survivor, literally and figuratively, and I have oodles of respect for you.

hee, "headlights" and ta mandoheart! My sense of humour isn't always my strongest attribute.

I also have an underwear amendment for friday: I showered really early Friday and changed into fresh underwear AND PJs as I wasn't going out until later; anyway, when I was in a store changing room trying something on I realised that I had the shorties to my PJ set on still under my jeans! So embarrassing.

kvetch: days are going by waaaay too quickly.
antikvetch: met bf C for lunch and then bought adorable bumblebee costume (baby grow with wings and matching hood/hat) for her baby.

Oh, can I ask for really selfish vibes please (in case I forget between now and then)? Scissor Sisters concert tickets going onsale Friday and I really want some!

love and smooches and silly, silly little chocolate fishes (like those in phish food).
Thank you bunnyb, yuefie, rosev, sybarite, polly, flanker, designerm, mando, sidecar, tes, mornington, and raisingirl! Your sentiments really, really have meant a lot to me these last couple days, and I hope I haven't missed anyone. It's been hard, but I have a lot of hope that this anniversary will become some kind of turning point for me.

I loves me some busties! Been lurking, will post more soon.
Work is so stressful. No one should have to come home and want to cry and scream everyday. I'm the only money maker right now, so it's not as if I could quit. I wouldn't anyways because it's not in my nature. ((Job, please get better so I can stand to go)).

((All Busties deserve the best in life))
((((((amilita)))))) continued vibes and huge hugs for you and the mr. you are on my mind a lot.

((((((designermedusa))))) I am sorry things are not working out for you sweetie, that's just terrible sad.gif I am sending out lots of ~~~DON'T SUCK so DM can stand you job!~~~ vibes.

~~~concert tix vibes for hunnybunny~~~

kvetch: I sliced my right thumb open on a jagged top of a coconut milk can while making dinner tonight. It hurts like a real m-effer. It not only sliced right through, it initially punctured and bruised it. There was a lot of blood at first and poor PJ looked like he was going to pass out, heh. It hurts awfully bad, so I took some advil, cleaned it and bandaged it with one of the waterproof thingies.

anti-kvetch: thankfully the meal I made was fantastic. although, I am not sure it was worth the pain, but yeah, it was yummy. I also got an early birthday present from Jerry, the Season 8 DVD of Southpark, yipeee! Yes, I am juvenile and am very excited about owning such classic epi's involving Awesome-O, satanic woodland critters christmas, a giant douche and a turd sandwich running for school mascot, the Paris Hilton whore-off and the Wall-Mart overtaking Southpark. Good times, good times biggrin.gif


Amilita, you've been on my mind a BUNCH lately. I know I haven't been posting much lately (I go in spurts) but I'm still here and just wanted to give you (((hugs))).
Hellooooooo? Where is everyone? It's been eerily quiet in here lately. Creepy!

(((((((((Amilita & NOLA & the entire gulf coast)))))))))))) A year ago I couldn't handle watching the coverage of the storms and the flooding. I've been watching it this week and it's just stunning. Some of the wreckage reminds me of films I've seen of Europe during WWII. Astounding. You and your husband are true survivors.

((((((((DM)))))))) So so sorry to hear that the job is so rough. I've been there (sole bread-winner at a soul-crushing job). Maybe you could talk to an employment agency or even a temp agency just to see how quickly you could get placed with them & how much you could make.

~~~~~ healing for Yeufie's thumb ~~~~~~ I winced when I read about that. Those kinds of cuts really sting!

**SS**SS** Scissor Sister vibes for Bunny **SS**SS**

[waves at Treehugger] Hi!

~~~~~~~ safe travel & healthy cooch vibes for Tes ~~~~~~~

(((((((( much love & hair-brushings to all ))))))))

Sheff's last project seems to be done & he has moved on to a brand new game. And with this new game came a brand new corner office with a view of the woods! Nice! Too bad I'll never get to see it. sad.gif The video game industry is veeeeeeeeery secretive, you see. Any visitors to the office have to sign confidentiality agreements. Sheff isn't even allowed to tell me about most of the projects they're working on because the news hasn't been released to the press yet. Wacky.

In other news, we decided to spend the vacation at home. I found a place on Hilton Head that was available, but what's the point if it's going to rain the whole time?
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 30 2006, 06:37 PM) *

Hellooooooo? Where is everyone? It's been eerily quiet in here lately. Creepy!

I think you mean DEAD. I've been so bored without kvetching to do, I have made crappy posts elsewhere on the board. O where for art my lovely mornington? I want internet access sorted in her home so that we can hang out virtually and procrastinate together some more! We could hang with the raisingirl. When are the exams?

When I don't procrastinate by busting I experiment in the kitchen so no bad thing (although it makes me sad when people aren't around or are and not posting/biting their tongues...)

~*~*~*thumb vibes for yuefie and raisingirl~*~*~* what is it with BUSTies sharing ailments? anyone else have discoloured tender buttons?

okay, I'm talking to myself again.

(((amilita))) cos she needs -and deserves- much hugs and soothing hairbrushing.

(((absent kvetchies, lurking ones and my lovely rose)))

Hello, my lovelies!

This new Lounge is freaking me out (and I had to change my name to log in). Bear with me while I learn how it works.

Thank you all for the vibes for my f-i-l. Last week was really horrible. This week he is still in the hospital, but out of ICU at least. SapphMan is still in Tennessee with his dad, but I have been back home since Sunday. I have very mixed emotions--I hated to leave, but I am also relieved to be back in the outside world. At least this way one of us can be here, going to work, paying bills, taking care of the critters, etc.

I have missed you all and I hope to get back into Busting, at least on a limited basis. You all are wonderful. *mwah!!!*
Yay for Sapphy! Glad things are better, (((SapphmanDad)))

(((Yuefie's thumb))) Ouch.


Ticket vibes for (Bunny)))

Sapphy!!! Great to see you pumpkin!
welcome back sapphy smile.gif.

~*~*~*sapphman's dad~*~*~*~*
((((((Sapphy, SapphMan, SapphMan's father, and the entire family))))))))

I'm freaking out a bit. There was a shooting at the local high school today (which is located very close to where I live). Luckily, the two people who were injured are expected to live. But I'm still in shock.
((((((amilita)))))) I don't know what to say other than what has been said already. you really are a strong person and my heart still aches for you, and all the other survivors. especially with all the feelings you must be being flooded with. *many hugs* and ~~~strength vibes~~~

(((((rose))))) oh my, how scary.

((((sapphy)))) continued vibes for you, sapphman & family

((((mornington, we meece you!)))

we all like to be ailment twinsies bunny tongue.gif I don't have discolored nipples but hey sure do hurt like the dickens. bleh on hormones.

my thumb still hurts really bad. I bandaged it up but today I was going through a stack of papers and the bandaid came off without me noticing (it's supposed to waterproof and long wearing, YEAH RIGHT!) and it began to bleed badly again. I didn't notice though until someone asked me where in the hell all the blood was from. It was all over, dripping down my thumb, all over the papers and on my shirt. Ugh. I showed it to PJ this morning and he was squicked out by how jagged the cut is. boys are so funny sometimes. my sister's best guy pal is in town because he is playing with the headlining band of the reggae sunsplash tour, so we had lunch with him today. the show is tonight and he has left passes for us so we are picking niecie-pooh up and heading out there. It's up in the mountains in a little town called Alpine, outdoors in a park. should be pretty there and since today was HOT it should be nice out. another night of dancing under the stars. I heart summer time shows.

((((treehugger, dusty, DM, mandi, fina, flanker, raisin, tes, sidecar, polly, faith, msp, plummie, tg, syb, crassy, lys, cstars, everyone))))

Thanks for the work vibes. Today was pretty good. I'm taking it day by day.

((yuefie's thumb))

((Scissor Sister tickets for bunny))

((Sapph and family))

((rose)) That's scary to hear of a shooting close to where you live.

((sheff)) Yay for a new office.

I must tell everyone of how nice Mr. DM is. There's this Volkswagon advertisement with a rat on it, and I don't like rodents at all even cartoon ones. So when I get my magazine in the mail he cuts out the advertisement so I don't have to see it. That's love.

Project Runway tonight, yay.

((Rose)) That's very scary. I've got NPR on while I make dinner, but they're talking about Katrina stuff, so I haven't heard about it yet.
*delurking again*

(((rose))) how scary!! sad.gif I'm glad you are okay though; although I know I'd be pretty shaken up if that happened to me. Here's thinking about you.

Yufie, just one word. Superglue.

Seriously. I've superglued really bad cuts together. Make SURE it's clean, like sterile...drip some superglue on the cut and hold it together. It works like a charm.

And in the job I work; I get a LOT of cuts. I'm currently recovering from one that went clear through the tip of my thumb...including my fingernail!

Superglue. Great stuff. cool.gif Make sure you don't superglue your other hand to your cut though.....or to your lips! smile.gif
(((sapphie & sapphman & p-i-l & sapphfam))) thanks for checking in, darlin.
(((dm))) i'm so sad that you're sad about your job.

(((yuefie's booboo finger)))
(((raisin's booboo finger)))

(((rose))) i just went and read about it. those poor kids. those poor families. it's one of my biggest fears. our high school isn't exactly the safest to begin with. *shudder*

sorry for being m.i.a. - danny has yet another pukey tummy bug, but he's toughing it out at band camp. 8 hrs a day. in rainy miserable weather, too. i'm trying not to baby him. but i hate seeing my kid suffer. beating myself up sorely for not following thru with the gastro doc over the summer.

today's laugh, courtesy of office manager (who i hated once upon a time, but now we're friends, sort of), who asked me if my mom might consider taking the crap weekend receptionist job at the club. i could barely keep a straight face. i had to think so hard what to say and what not to say. but basically i really really wanted to tell her: a) i don't want to work with my mum ... cool.gif what if something went wrong, how awkward would THAT be? ... and c) if all you'd have to do is say ONE SNOTTY CONDESCENDING MEAN thing to my mum - like you do to most of the other employees - and i'd have to kill you. i still can't believe she was serious, and kept pressing me to at least ask my mother. i know part of her means well. she knows my mom is miserable at her customer service job. but the cold-hearted, selfish "company man" part of her just wants a quick fix to her staffing sitch.

i'm attempting to soothe my nerves in ginger tea & brandy as we speak.
(((rose))) so scary, especially as in a school where it's supposed to be safe sad.gif.

can't sleep, won't sleep again although eyes sore I'm so tired. Have an allergy and forgot to pack my allergy cream (I'm at the boy's) so itching like crazy, the heat from duvet wasn't helping so I got up and came online.

nice night with boy, we watched prison break and weeds before some quality time together. I fucking love weeds.

designermedusa, mr_medusa a cutie to do that! hope tomorrow another good day.

enjoy more dancing under stars, is it that festival that the spam in MW advertises?


eta: xposted so ~*~*~*get better vibes for danny~*~*~*~
lol treehugger! I managed to get superglue on my finger the other week and it's so incapicitating, a bit like a plaster I suppose.
This is so bizarre. I just went to the CNN website & their top story is the school shooting. It's surreal.

I found out about the shooting when I went to the grocery store. I was in my car & I came to the major road that passes near the school and there was so much traffic. And that is bizarre because we are kinda out in the boonies here. A truck let me through & I drove on to the store. I didn't hear what happened until I got in line. I heard the news from the cashier & one of his friends who ran in and talked to us about the incident while the cashier was checking my groceries (they're both teenagers). At first I thought that it happened in Durham, but no. Just down the road. The traffic was backed up because there was a police check-point. As of 7pm, there were still some students locked down in the school, but I imagine their parents have picked them all up by now.

Before the shooter went to the school, he killed his dad.

Sorry to bring down the mood, everyone. I'm just rather stunned. But I'm relieved that the students weren't terribly injured. A couple kids from that high school died in a car wreck just a week or so ago, so they certainly don't need this additional pain.
It could have been another Colombine so I suppose we have to look at (the slightly less blacker) brighter side that it wasn't. (((rose)))

This is me awake again (I don't do early mornings) and I NEED calomine lotion and anti-histamines stat.

eta: managed to get to asleep again despite the crazy itching. I think it's a MAJOR case of hives (about 30 of the blighters).

minor-kvetch: two friends have asked for loan of same amount of money from me this morning. Kinda funny. They don't make a habit of it -one not at all, was emergency- and I suppose it's nice that they know they can depend on me.
RV, I'm sure it's a shock being in the vicinity of something like that. I too am glad the students are relatively unharmed but that is horrifying that kid would shoot his own father. Why the fuck was a gun anywhere within range of a teenager?!

Anti-itching vibes for bunnyb. Scissor Sisters are coming here too, but I don't like the venue so I probably won't go. I've become a major wuss about going to gigs. Oh, and I saw Weeds for the first time *ever* the other night and loved it! Damn, I want cable.

Sapphire, I think it's good you're holding down the fort at home; as you say, it keeps things ticking over and means Mr Sapphire can be on hand for his dad. Take care the two of you.

DM, I'm sorry your job is so stressy. I was similarly unhappy at a job last year and part of this, until finally I quit. Even if you can't leave now and want to stick it out for a while, could you consider an exit strategy? As in, if you're still unhappy by, say, 6 months in/a year, you'll look for something else? In the meantime, as you say, try and take it day by day.

I am working away here but am nervous about producing something decent by my deadline. Writing here about what I'm writing is sure to be deeply boring so I won't; suffice to say it's never over with academic writing--there's always another esoteric theorist you could have thrown into the pot (not literally... mostly) smile.gif
TallKid is two years old today. And that's all I've got to say about that.

((((Rose, Yuefie, DM, Sybarite, Mandi, Bunny, Amilita, Sidecar, Dusty, and everybody else))))
QUOTE(tallgirl @ Aug 31 2006, 08:53 AM) *

TallKid is two years old today.
NOT POSSIBLE!!! blink.gif
POSSIBLE!!! laugh.gif
Oh my goodness! Happy 2nd b-day to the TallKid! Have a wonderful time!

~~~~ soothing for Hunny-Bunny's hives ~~~~
Where do you think they came from? Could they be related to stress? When my mother was in college, she occasionally broke out in hives while working on major projects, so I'm wondering if that's happening to you.


((((( more hugs for Sapphy )))) It must be hard to return home alone, but I'm sure that SapphMan appreciates what you're doing.
((((((((SapphMan's dad & family)))))))

Mandi, that's a tough corner to be pushed in. At my old job, they often asked if we had friends who might be able to fill jobs that had been empty for too long. these were always the jobs with sucky hours, no benefits, & horrific pay. Ummm, sorry but I love my friends too much to suggestion that sort of job for them!

~~~~~~~~ healing vibes for Danny's tummmy ~~~~~~~~

Yuefie, Treehugger is right about the super glue! My mother - an ER nurse for decades now - has used super glue on many a bad cut.

~~~~~~ -->- continued healing & safe travel vibes for Tes ~~~~~~ -->-

(((((((( Continued hugs for Amilita ))))))))

Thanks to everyone for the vibes. It really freaked me out to see arial photographs of this sleepy little town as the main image on CNN. The story isn't prominently displayed on their website anymore, which is a good thing because that means it wasn't as bad as it could have been. For anyone interested, you can read the latest CNN article here. The shooter is 19 and a member of the national guard. They found home-made pipe bombs in his van, along with a lot of ammunition. It could have been much worse.

[deep cleansing breath]

Anti-kvetch: Sheff is home! Until Tuesday! And his boss gave him an additional half-day off that he gets to use whenever he chooses. Wee!
Either stress-induced hives, rose, or fleas sad.gif. Mandoo was de-flead today and now home has to be treated. I am white practically from head to toe in calomine lotion and in a lot of discomfort and basically feeling very sorry for myself!

Happy birthday to tallkid!

Wow, Tallgirl. It feels like last week you and TXplum were roommates!

(((RV)))) I remember when the DC sniper(s) were out and about when I was home from law school interviewing, my ex and I had just been to a scary movie (the Ring) and we were pulling into my parents' residential neighborhood when a cop flagged us down and started flashing lights into the car. There had been a shooting a few minutes before, and they were looking for guns. Just knowing a big crime has happened nearby pierces a bubble of safety, though we know it's just a pretend bubble anyway.

(((saph and the saphfamily))))

DM -- I am the SAME way about rodents, I cannot tolerate them at all. Your Mr sounds wonderful.

Mando, I wouldn't want to work with my mom either -- love her to death, but who needs *that* much togetherness?

((syb, bunny, amalita, yueffie, dusty, fina, vesica, everybustie))
((((rose)))) I understand your feeling unsettled. I live a couple of miles from where the Santana High shooting took place, but my sister lives on the very same street and whenever I drive by there (which is pretty much a daily basis) I think about it. It's just so scary that angry kids have access to firearms. I mean, it's bad enough that adults do. But children who have not developed skills to deal with the frustrations of life and do not have an outlet for them, just frightening and a shame. A real shame on the adults who allow such easy access to these weapons. And really, it's a shame that nobody ever seems to see these things coming, though there always seem to be plenty of stories after the fact of strange behavior and cries for attention & help. *heavy sigh* when will we learn to heed thse warnings?

((((mandi)))) my sweet, how'd that ginger tea and brandy work on soothing your nerves? Need a hair bushing? I am sending you a ~~~virtual hairbrushing & head petting~~~

((((((amilita)))))) you can fall apart darlin', it's ok. just remember we are here for you to lean on. please don't stay away because you are not feeling "together", we want to be here for you in the bad times as well as the good. sending lots of ~~~soothing & strength vibes~~~ your way love.

(((dm))) I would say that cutting out an offensive ad for a loved ones sake is the utmost of sweetness.

go away fleas and stop biting bunny, you loathesome vermin!

Happy Birthday wishes for TallKid! Any updated pics to share TG?

~~~writing vibes~~~ for (((syb)))

Thanks for the superglue advice (((treehugger))). My thumb still hurts is pretty gross now. I'm putting neosporin plus (with the pain relief) on it and changing the bandage often. Sounds like the sg would be a good idea. I need to go pick some up later.

Last night was so very wonderful. I saw people I haven't seen in quite a while, danced with my niece under the stars, barefoot in the grass. We had backstage passes but I don't really like the whole "scene" so I stayed out front till the very end when I wen't back to say goodbye to everyone. In my past experience, it's best (at least for me) to keep the illusion alive, and avoid hanging out back there. I dunno, I guess I want to enjoy the music, not think of what an asshole so and so really is when I am at a concert wink.gif

mutli-purpose vibes and hugs for (((((everyone)))))

This week, I had three straight days of training for the new content management system, followed by overtime to catch up on the work I wasn't doing while I went to class. Oy! So anyway, that's why I've been scarce in these parts, and just lurky mclurkerson this week. I can't begin to catch up with y'all, so ((((hugs and kisses and sparkly multipurpose vibes)))).

count me in as not believing Tallkid is two! I remember when you found out he was on his seems like last week. Time sure flies -- my fourth wedding anniversary is coming up, which means that Crassy, Mavin, and a bunch of other busties are having their fourth anniversary too because we all got married about the same time.

Seriously, tomorrow is September? WTF? Where did summer go?
Can I get in on that virtual hairbrushing? I had to drink some pink death this afternoon...I'm not nauseated or anything, just stomach achiness that comes in waves. And it sucks because normally I'd just call in sick tomorrow, but a) I don't have the time yet, because I've only been there 2 weeks, and b ) I wouldn't get paid for Monday (Labor Day) if I took the working day before off. If it doesn't get better by tomorrow, I think I'll make it through work, but I won't be happy about it. sad.gif

Happy birthday to Tallkid and ((hugs)) to everyone else.
I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself, mourning a summer I never got to enjoy, a summer fling that never materialized, trashy books that have not been read, so on and so forth. The summer was what it was. I hate it when I'm like this, full of self-loathing and Why Can't You Do Anything Right? Sometimes I push myself so hard that I don't know if I have a breaking point anymore. I felt like crap all day today, just a fat blobby loser who can't do anything right. I hate blaming it on hormones, but in the interest of full disclosure, this is the first day of my period. Blah. I made a million trips to the bathroom, too. Poke a pin into my skin and I'm sure water, not blood, will come out of me.

::heavy sigh::

At least my finger is better.

Tallkid is two?! Happy Birthday! Where does the time go? I remember when you and TXplum were roommates, too. Wow.

Is this color too obnoxious? I kind of like how it looks like blood. wacko.gif
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