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Yep, I did say that, rose- I'll be there the last week of October. The conference is the 21st-26th, and I'll be there a little longer for travel and set-up.

Re: the Jewish thing- I agree with you, rose- I think it does come down to a personal thing. I come from a mixed-religion family. Neither of my parents are religious, so my sister and I weren't raised with any formal religion. My dad's side is the Jewish side, and his parents aren't religious, but my grandma's sister and her family are. I guess I consider myself of Jewish heritage, or culturally Jewish. We celebrate the basic holidays- Hanukkah, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, but I've only been to a synagogue, oh, 3 or 4 times in my life. When we celebrate Passover with my great aunt, we do the seder (although this year, we did a "Thirty Second Seder", an online, flash-based thing that I can't find now, otherwise I'd link to it, because it's pretty cool.) My grandparents speak pretty fluent Yiddish, some of which I've picked up (that's how I knew about "kvetch") and it's really an important part of my life, but it is what it is- I have no intentions of fully practicing the religion.

I think a week is an appropriate waiting time to call them, rose. I'm sure the "no phone calls/faxes/emails" thing is just so people don't bug them excessively, but a simple "I just want to confirm you've received my application" shows interest and initiative, as long as you're not pestering them every day. I just lay on the sweetness extra thick when I have to make calls like

yuefie, I couldn't live without my iPod. It keeps me sane at work.
Did everyone who wanted the latest Bustline receive it from someone? I know I sent it to a couple of people but probably not everyone who asked.

Rose, I was told that calling a week later is a good thing because whoever takes your call will have to look through the pile of resumes to check they got yours and then will leave yours on top where it is bound to make a good impression and be more favourably remembered. Very crafty. I absolutely hate doing it though and usually can't bring myself to make the call.



~~~DM painless wallet items replacement vibes~~~ what a nightmare.

My dad's partner emphatically states that she is not just ethnically and religiously a Jew but racially as well. I don't buy it myself but don't want to argue about it and I kind of feel that I should defer to her greater experience.

Welcome back Dusty one!
fly by because i just got home and i'm tired and a little bit cranky (because it is almost 9 pm here KVETCH!!!):

kvetch: i am one of two people authorized to sign checks in our office. two of the accountants came to me today and told me that the checks i had signed had been REJECTED. because the signature they have on file in their computer didn't match the one on the check. i feel ridiculously embarrassed by this. i got high marks in everything in primary school EXCEPT for handwriting. because i couldn't do those horrid practice books with the perfect Os and As and dotted Is and crossed Ts. i couldn't WAIT to get out of school and be able to go outside of those nasty lines!!!! and now some frelling computer doesn't think my signature MATCHES??? well, that is a good thing in my book, because that makes it harder to falsify. meh.

~*~*~*~*~ mornington mom to algeria vibes! ~*~*~*~*~*~

(((((rosev, darling!))))) sure, go ahead and call them! or, if you like, drop me a pm so i can let you know if there is anyone that i know who either works there or knows someone who does. it can't hurt, right? and that area isn't all that big, so mayyyyyybe.....

(((((bunny nana)))))

(((((hunny bunny))))) bunny, i am in awe and lust with you because you can quote joyce. marry me????

~*~*~*~*~*~* don't get bumped and have easy flights to and fro for Q vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ bakery be gone!!! vibes for side car ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

minx, querida, you flip my skirt up, grrrrrrrrrrrl.

(((mandomyheart))) you soooooooooooooo do not have a lazy ass! you just scrub cleaned the entire house!!! you are giving a surprise party that will be the BEST party that anyone will have been to in decades!!! you are THE BEST MOM around!!! you will be the ENVY of all of those robot cult moms!!!

(can i just say that i ADORE that you actually started telling people that it was your fault, and that you had unplugged all of the lines personally???? heeeeee! you are so wonderful! hundreds of kvetchettes CAN'T be wrong!!!!!)

kvetch: i meeeeeeeeeeeece SAPPHIRE!!!! *weeps openly*

kvetch: i also miss knowing what colour billy bonka's boxer briefs be.

kvetch: i am missing TONS of things and people and i suck.

anti-kvetch: i am going to bed early, which means soon.

anti-kvetch: if i can hold on for one more week, i am meeting mr. hotbuns in lisboa, and we are flying together to madeira.....and staying here at ponto do sol

hugs and kisses and silly silly pomfret!!!

I called. The position has already been filled. No job for me.

(((rose))), sweetie, something bigger and better will come along, or kvetchies will kick their ass.

tes, hun, honestly my Joyce isn't that good (you should meet my friend who has the same name as heroines of Sound of Music and West Side Story who is a Joyce and Dante fiend/expert) but if you really wanna ... I do wub.gif!
Thanks. Really. It's been said before, but you people are terrific.

I'll be back when I can be less "me, me, me"--which should be soon, as I'm getting bored with my self-absorbtion!

(Actually, I need a nap, then I'll be back later.)

(((rose))) that sucks
(((bunny))) glad your grandma is doing better
~~~go fast test~~~ for anoushh ugh. that's the last thing you need.

i am exhausted. but! Martini is going to visit his folks this weekend, and i am very much looking forward to having the place to myself. I love him, but a weekend alone is going to be soooo nice.
((Rose)) That's sorta what happened to me with that electronics store. Then they called back months later, the week I was interviewing for the job I just started. I was on my way out the door, and they were supposed to call back. Never did. Oh well.

I don't know what kind of job you're looking for, but I cannot say more good stuff about going through a staffing agency- they get an idea of what you're looking for in a job, what their clients are looking for in an employee and really make good matches. They do all the legwork, you just show up at the interviews. And it's free to you.
Fina (or Sidecar, even), would you please send the BUSTline to me as well at my Bust address?

Tonight I came home from work so very tired and ready for bed. It's not even 10pm and I'm going to crawl into bed. Yes, this is the swinging life of a bachelorette on a Thursday night. Ho-hum.

Mornington, I hear you. I want a boyfriend, but I hate dating.

You guys are awesome. Have I said that lately? Waving hello and goosing the bums of the Lurky McLurkersons who read Kvetch but never post. cool.gif
Happy Friday people!

Enjoy your weekend after tiring and stressful weeks (sidecar, what's your plans as martini away?)
I'm not seeing the boy as usual tonight as he's going shopping for business suits tomorrow with his mama so seeing him for rest of weekend. Besides, I have something to do... what was it again? Um, type 10-15,000 words? Oh yeah, was trying to forget that one.

I am, however, after a day of work today going shopping for bunnymama's birthday present (I'm thinking Williw Tree mother and daughter figurine), reading in favourite bookstore coffee shop and then meeting kinkykaty to go see Volver.

undies: torquoise girl shorts with lace trim and miniscule white polka dots with white tshirt bra.

(((kvetchies, lurking or otherwise)))
*sheepishly raises hand* I hold an Irish passport yet have never read Ulysses. So, yeah, I got nothing, sorry. Although I understand that Bloom's Jewishness informs a lot of it so agree that it's a good source for anyone asking questions about the nature of Judaism. (Bunnyb, I bet we had the same Joycean professor... does he still have black hair and chainsmoke?)

And guess what? I too have to write about 10,000 words asap. Would help if I had my arguments straight first maybe...

Yuefie, I too have weakness for La Brillohead (hee!), especially Signs. And it is true that MP3 addiction can come to rule your life. I don't know what I would do without our Russian friends for downloading...

Mornington, I love the V & A. Fie on boys who don't like the Cultural (or hey, just spend time doing other things). 'Tis a shame though. Hope you two can find something fun to do together that's not overtly Romantic.

(((RV))) A job that suits you will come along, and that will help everything to fall in place. It takes a while to settle in somewhere new but it will happen. In the meantime, keep looking; the activity of sending out CVs helped keep me going when I was in a similar situation. Ongoing good luck to you.

It's Friday! Not that it matters to me, as with a looming deadline I'll be working through the weekend. I'm kind of enjoying it though which is good. My internet access is patchy though, which is probably good too as it means I'll get more done offline.

Black re-ribboned knickers and no bra, as am working at family house in the country and will probably see no-one for days...
Syb, hmmm, that could be one of two... the Joycean expert does indeed have (died) black hair and chainsmokes but so too does the Irish diva of the department... who is also my supervisor. I've succesfully avoided too much Joyce which some would say is a sacrilege...

Mornington, syb reminded me: did you see the fashion exhibit at the V&A? That was my favourite part, I'd gone to see a Modernism exhibition but it was bleh. I bought a great fashion book for my aunt (who I was staying with, and who is going to fashion school next month) from the giftshop too.
Ooh I forgot about the diva! Specialises in Restoration drama as well, yes? He once told us our essays were late back because he had forgotten them in his vegetable drawer. Nice. Still, he's a good advisor to have once you get past the eccentricities, I imagine.

/off-topic academic in-jokes...
how could you forget about the diva?!
he terrified me as an impressionable first year by saying to some other impressionable first year when her phone rang during lecture, "only pimps and whores have mobile phones, which are you?" I've since discovered he said that a lot.
Once you get past the abrasive exterior, he's really a puppy dog underneath and, yes, a good supervisor.
I do not have a weakness for The Brillopad. I like his songs more than I thought I would, but other than that? Meh. Not my type. Give me one of the Fiennes brothers instead, thankyouverymuch. Mrowr! wink.gif

~^^^~^^^~ extra motivational kick-in-the-pants for Bunny & Sybarite ~^^^~^^^~

Polly, I was in Salt Lake City back in January. There aren't any Busties in the area as far as I know. The mountains there are very pretty! The view is especially nice from the university's campus.

Annoush, when do you have to take the glucose test?

Sidecar, do you have any plans for your big weekend?

Last night Sheff & I got to talking about lurking in this here thread. He talked about how (back in The Day) he was so intimidated to come in here because all the Kvetchies seemed to know one another so well. But I've found that we've always been very welcoming to people who decide to drop in. So come on, lurkers! Jump on in!

Thanks for the love re: the job. I'm just sad because I really looooooooove what this company does. So I'm saddened that I don't get to work with them. It sounded so perfect. Sniff. But the good news is that now I can visit BestGalPal in Cali, as well as the fam. So there's a good side to this, too. Ijust wonder why they keep running the ad if the job isn't available.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff came home at a normal hour again last night. And he brought home the DVD of Curse of the Were-Rabbit! Watching it cheered me sooooo so much. I think I finally got most of that anger out of my system now. Laughter sure does help!
Please, more of those motivational and productivity vibes my way!

kvetch: need to work ASS off. Need to stop allowing myself to be embroiled into my friends' upsets -not matter how much I care- and prioritise. Sigh. Why is it that one of the most important things in my life is the hardest thing to sit down and do?
My plans are awesome. Tonight: Take dog to dog park, order in Chinese food, clean out closet and install new software on my computer. Possibly work on self-promoting Web site to kick freelance career into gear. Pitch local entertainment weekly with kickass idea, using PDFs I have finally uploaded to my Web site.

Tomorrow: Take my fitness class, meet up with Best Pal C to drive to outlet mall, potentially finish evening with Mexican food and meet up with another friend later for drinks.

Sunday: Grocery shop, go to local antiques fair with dog, clean up house, finish ironing curtain hems, possibly go watch my friend, the rock and roll economist, and her roller derby team.

I know this sounds super-boring, but this is all stuff I can't really do with Martini around, except the roller derby and ordering in. It is going to rock!

(((everyone)))) garsh, i'm so self-absorbed lately. Now that work is settling down a bit, that will improve.

beige Wacoal, pink boyshorts.
Hello, hello, hello!

RV, I agree with you. I don't have a thing for JT. But I also like his songs. I can't help it! They're just so damn catchy!

and I think it's funny that you guys call him brillo head. My friend used to say that his hair looked like he had a patch of pubes on his head. smile.gif

Thanks for all your responses regarding the jewish question. I appreciated all the answers!

Kvetch: I'm in the last stages of moving from one apartment to the other, which I'm very happy for. However, I'm feeling kinda sad about leaving my sister (my old roommate) and my gorgeous apartment for a smaller one with my friends. I needed to move anyway, but it's sad to leave that part of me behind, so to speak. I know that sounds lame...

Kvetch: My last day of work at my current place of employment is next thursday and I'm dreading saying goodbye to everyone. We all work for the same company, so it won't be hard to keep in touch, but they'll be 2 hours away and I know we will most likely lose touch with each other. Which upsets me a little bit as well cause these people were pretty much my only social outlet for the year or so I've lived up here.

Kvetch: I walked to my car today and got stuck in the pouring rain. The only sweater that I haven't packed, I happened to be wearing and got completely drenched. I'm still fairly damp and the AC is on at work and I'm freezing.

Anti-Kvetch: A co-worker of my friend's bf happened to catch a glimpse of me very breifly a couple of months ago when we were visiting. And appartently asked if I was single, (I am.) And he got my number and called me twice last night...

Kvetch: ...I missed both calls. And he's from Morocco, which I don't have an issue with AT all. But, I'm afraid that the cultures may be way too different and things won't go anywhere and I'll get hurt again. That tends to happen to me all the time. <sigh>

Sorry, if this sounds really self-absorbed or full of kvetchs and not many anti-kvetchs to off set them. I'm just in a quasi sad mood today.

I mentioned JT to Mr. Dusty at brekkies this morning, and he told me about the free concert (known as Sarstock) that he went to a few years ago which was intended to encourage Torontonians, especially health-care workers, after the SARS epidemic. It was headlined by the Stones, but AC/DC stole the show. JT was booed and people threw stuff at him. Mr. Dusty said that JT was very cool about it, he had a really tight band, and that the Stones made a point of bringing him back on with them.

Red floral mesh g-string, black underwire.
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too tired from past 5 weeks from hell to do anything except say ooooooodles of flying spaghetti monster nooooooodles to every one of you!!!

lilac lace with nude mesh bra with darker purple lace threaded through straps; matching lilac lace and mesh thong

i'm going to guess that billy bonka is wearing grey boxer briefs!
Maybe we can call today Self-Absorbed Posts Day!

Here goes mine:

I made it through my first week back at school, and almost everything has gone really well, except for that I caught a cold that is really taking me down - I'm so tired. Which sucks, because my best friend is in town this weekend and we're supposed to drive down to Santa Cruz. Unless I get worse, I'm still going to go, but I hope going doesn't make me feel worse, 'cause then I'll be really screwed for the next school week. Ugh.

No underwear yet, as I don't expect to leave the house until much later.

Boy am I glad to be kvetching on this school-free day.
*squeaks as Raisin pinches her butt, which is wearing pale blue underwear with an all-over splash of mod flowers in cornflower, teal, violet, and fuchsia*
Tesao is so right and I'm in such a rut. Grey boxer briefs, it is. It's hotter than hell today, as anyone in this part of the world can attest. I am SO ready for autumn. Have a great weekend, my friends.
Billy! Sweetie! How are you? Good to see you 'round here smile.gif

[gives Plummie an extra pat on the bum]

Tes always has the sexiest underwear. Mrowr!

Undies: white silky boy shorts with white lace trim.

~~~~~ healing vibes for Flanker ~~~~~~

~~~~~ smooth moving vibes for CStars ~~~~~

On a serious note, I need to request some major vibes. My pseudo-niece has been very sick and the doctors think that she may have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It will take a few more days for the lab work to come back and let us know for sure, but she has lots of the symptoms. So please send plenty of vibes to my sweet little pseudo-niece. Thank you!
~*~*~*~*major vibes for rose's pseudo niece~*~*~*~*~

rose, hun, I PMd you but now know the answer so definitely *fretting*.

(((everyone else)))
((rose's pseudo-niece)) ((rose)) Sorry the job didn't work out. Hopefully something perfect will come around soon.

((flanker)) Feel better.

((cstars)) I understand the moving blues, especially having to leave a sister.

((sidecar)) Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you.

((bunny)) *****Motivation******smile.gif

((polly)) What staffing agency did you use? Mr. DM is looking for a good one. He has tried Apple One, but no luck so far.

Tomorrow I'm going to file a police report about my wallet. I guess I can do that even if I don't have proof it was stolen? I just know I didn't lose it. Then who knows what the rest of the weekend holds, but I'm sure Mr. DM and I will have fun.

Black bra and multi-colored undies.

((Good things for all Busties))
This time I used Select Staffing, but I think they're only in the Chicago area. When I got my job before this one, I used Office Team, which I think is more nationwide, and I had a really good experience with them, too.

I ended up buying the new mother and daughter figurine.

Volver was great although my friend was in a really stressed out mood because she'd parked too close to another car and worried about it ALL NIGHT. I (the learner driver) had to direct her out of the space and she's now eternally grateful. Honestly, you have no idea how freaked she was about it.

Anyway, to work (and lots of it) I go.
((((((rose's pseudo-niece))))))
(((rose))) bah on the job.
(((billy))) grey can be hott. wink.gif
(((bunny))) ***motivation vibes***
(((dm))) ***wallet vibes***
(((cstars))) ***smooth move***

((((pink, mando, yuefie, anoushh, tg, and everyone else)))

I forgot today was saturday mellow.gif

kvetch: splitting headache since thursay and no doctors appointment.

exaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaams. that is all.

can I get some vibes for a friend and his dad? They've just discovered his dad has advanced cancer and less than a year to live...

*mwah* and *double mwah* for (((everyone)))
Aw your poor (((friend))) and his (((dad))) that just sucks, plenty of vibes their way and your's for exams.

It's not so much the weekend when studying is constant sad.gif.

I agree: grey can be soooo hot. The boy wears black or grey trunks, never anything else and I always get *so* excited when I see his lovely ass in the grey... sorry, looking forward to seeing my boy unsure.gif . He's just phoned and is the sweetest boyfriend in the world. He's just been to the best menswear shop in town and bought three suits, three pairs of shoes and six shirts and ties for his first "grown-up" job.

please forgive me for not catching up proper, but i just got this email from sapphy, and wanted to pass it along asap:


"Hi ladies,

I haven't Busted in so long and I miss you all. I can't seem to log back into the Lounge since they
revamped it.

SapphMan and I need all the vibes anyone can spare. We have been in Tennessee for almost two weeks.
My f-i-l is in really bad shape. He had a cancerous tumor removed from his intestine and has had a horrible
time recovering from the surgery. He is in terrible pain, and has so many tubes sticking out of him and
needles stuck into him. We are not even sure what to hope for at this point.

Anyway. Sorry to bring bad news after being out of touch for so long. I'm e-mailing from the hospital and
your email addresses were the only Bustie ones I could find in my book right now. So please deliver this
message to the Lounge and keep us in your thoughts.

I hope you are all doing great. I can't wait to catch up with everyone when life returns to (semi) normal.


*all good thoughts & prayers for the (((sapph fam)))*

(((mornington & pal & papa)))
(((rose))) so sorry about the job. those bastids don't know what they're missing. *shakes fists*

so nice to see the texas-contingent checking in ... yee haw!

so jealous of walkingbytch's weekend at the emmies (manly man works on the colbert report)! this will be the first time i've watched those suckers in probably 10 yrs .... can't wait to hear her stories!

i'll try to pop back in, but sis is here for bro's annual fantasy football kick-off party, and then cousin's annual reunion bbq tomorrow. i'm tres pissy that the weekend weather is tres dismal. and i'm all tensed up anticipating the usual family drama. i have strong suspicions that sis's 2nd marriage is heading for destructoland. and mamasan still has a spitting-mad hard-on for bro's wife. argh.

hopefully at least our pampering girls-afternoon-out mani/pedi today will be the one drama-free bright spot.

((((saphmandad))) & ((((saphfam)))

(((Mandi)))) Thank you so so much for posting that. I was thinking about Sapphie just yesterday & stopped by her website just to see what she could be up to. I wish so much that things were going better for that family. I think a lot of us here have a very clear idea of what they're going through right now.

((((((((((( love, hugs, blessings, and peace for SapphMan's father and the entire family ))))))))))

((((((((( Mornington's friend and father and their whole family ))))))))

(((((( continued love and healing for my pseudo-niece ))))))
Apparently the medicine used to treat Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is not easily found. PN's poor family had to call multiple pharmacies before finding one that (1) carried the drug and (2) carried it in the dosage needed for PN. But the good news is that she's on the medicine now. She feels absolutely miserable (fever, muscle aches, rash, vomitting), but she's on the road to recovery.

So WalkingBitch will be seeing th Emmys in person I'm guessing? That is so cool. Maybe she can tell us what happens during the commerical breaks. If nothing else, I know she's going to look fabulous on the red carpet in her dress. Mrowr!
(And for those of you who don't know what dress I'm speaking of, check out her link in the Kick Bootay thread)

Which gets me to thinking ... Sidecar, has Martini run off to do some Emmy coverage this weekend? Is that why he's out of town?

(((((((Tes)))))) Because she's had a hellish month.

~^~^~^~ more motivational pants-kicking for Bunny, Sybarite, and anyone else who needs them ~^~^~^~

BunnyB, I really like that Mother and Daughter figurine that you picked. My mother has received some of those figurines from friends and I must say they're quite lovely. There's an elegance to their simplicity and a feeling of tenderness. And although I'm not normally a figurine-type person, I have seriously considered getting Promise or Together.

Sheff did not get home until 2am last night. Yes, two o'clock in the morning! That means he spent about 17 hours at work. Poor thing! But because he stayed so late, he doesn't have to go in today. The down side? I don't know if he's going to leave the bed at all this weekend.
(((sapphy))) and (((sapphman family)))


*~*~*~*continued vibes for pseudo-niece and her family~*~*~*~

rose, I love those two! remind me of the boy and I and considered buying one, even though I too am not a figurine person (neither is bunnymama but I think it's beautiful, I also bought the birthday girl one v early for the bunbun's birthday).
~~~stopping by~~~ to send out some healing & soothing vibes for (((((sapphdad))))) and comfort vibes for (((((sapphy, sapphman, & sapphfamily)))))

also for (((((morningtons friend & family))))) & ((((rosev's psuedo nieces family)))) and of course get better quick vibes for (((((rose's psuedo niece))))) & ((((mornington)))) anyone else suffering with headaches and whatnot.

Hi mandi, mornington, bunny, rose, polly, sidecar, plummie, raisin, tes, cstars, flanker, msp, anoushh, amilita, faith, crassy, dm, fina, billy, mavin, tg, dusty, & everyone else!

combo anti-kvetch & kvetch: so roomate announced he is moving back home after all the first week of october which *is* a good thing but it means we have to move again. fortunately it will just be to a different unit in this complex, but man I hate having to pay all the transfer fees on utilities. however, it's for the best. I really don't like the roomate sitch anyhow. I've been avoiding talking about it lest I open a pandora's box, but I do need to vent it.

Huge kvetch: Living with PJ is one thing, cause, well cause I'm big sis therefore the boss and he can handle my quirks and *ahem* particular nature. But living with non family is just stressful to me. replacing things you use up of someone elses is just, oh, a fairly standard courtesy I would say. And sometimes I want to be left alone. Period. Sometimes I don't want to have to answer the knock at my bedroom door. It doesn't mean I am "mad at you" or mean anything. Sometimes I just need a shred of privacy, damnit. And sometimes, most times, it would be fab to come home and not have my farking bedroom be the community center. I know I am the one with the computer, but it doesn't mean it's cool to come home to you and your wierdo friends lounging around in my MY room. And for the love of humanity, DO NOT EVER lay across MY bed in your nasty street clothes! My bed is sacred and requires a shower and clean clothing if you even want to think about sitting on it. Sorry just had to vent there.

anti-kvetch: yesterday my friend monica called me up and informed me that she had an extra ticket to a concert tonight and that I *am* going. though I already had made other plans, I'm in no position to argue with this girl. she's always been the boss rolleyes.gif I've known her since we were ten and I'm still intimidated the same as I was back then, heh. So tonight I will be dancing around underneath the stars, yay.

*keeces for all*

Oh dear; I posted a few hours ago and it looks like it didn't go through.

(((((sapphy, sapphman and family))))) oh sweetheart. i hope ... I hope whatever needs to happen happens.

Martini is just on a visit home; I didn't have the vacation time (or steely nerves) to join him. They've already been to the mall. Twice. He got in yesterday at 6:30 pm.

((((mornington's pal & dad))))) and (((((rosie's pseudoniece))))))

man, fuck cancer and rare diseases.

last night, i got a ton of stuff done. it's nice to be productive! I ordered Chinese, wrote about 1800 words of a personal essay I've been thinking about writing, and cleaned out my closet. And I got to bed by 1 am! Anyway, I'm off to check out Best Pal C's wedding gown and go shopping. Have a good day everyone...

((Sapphy and family))
((Rose's pseudo-niece))
((Mornington's friend and dad))
((Everybody else))

Yuefie, I understand- I won't even sit on my bed with outside pants on. Won't put socked feet on the couch. Won't walk around friend's houses barefoot.

I had a good day- went to the farmer's market with Le Boy, BGP and her husband. We had brunch afterwards, then did a little shopping, where I got some handmade Belgian chocolates, a vintage amber ring from an antique store and a Burt's Bees sampler pack of baby stuff for my cousin who's coming in from San Francisco this weekend with her 6-month old twins. We're having a family brunch tomorrow and I haven't seen pictures since they were newborns, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they look now.
ugh, where's that :sick: smiley?

kvetch: feeling really unwell, hence why I'm awake at 3.45am. My tummy is upset and I'm dizzy, nauseous, shivery and my muscles ache sad.gif. I'm currently curled up in the boy's comfy chair, wrapped in my soft blanky/throw so I don't disturb him sleeping. I feel as if I'll vomit if I lie down.

polly, your shopping trip sounds fabulous. I love amber and the boy has bought me a few pieces (mainly chains with amber pendants although I have a beautiful bracelet too). my best friend C who is due her baby in three weeks (and who I considered buying the Burt's Bees set) is considering naming the sprog Amber if it's a girl.

(((yuefie))) you're home sitch -and the having to move again- sucks but I know that it's the best for you and PJ (how I miss that boy). How was the concert? eta: just saw your myspace blog, you didn't mention that you were dancing beneath the stars to mandolyn's favourite! the boy is a fan too.

sidecar, being productive is nice! must try that again, sometime.

(((rose))) just 'cos and your (((pseudo-sis))).
(((yuefie))) ugh, moving often sucks. i hope you get settled after this next one.

we went to the outlet mall, and i bought a few things, most notably ankle-strap heels at nine west for $20. I was rather dismayed by some of the fall fashions; why should I spend $35 on a skirt that appears to be made of sweatshirt material? No thanks. Best Pal C and I headed back to the city and went out for Mexican. It was a very fun day.

(((bunny))) hope you feel better.

have a good time at the family brunch, polly!
((((((((((love for sapphire and sapph man and everyone in their family))))))))) it sounds so hard, querida. may it all work out as it should, in its own time, way and place, and may all of you feel whatever you need to feel in order to get through this.

(((((((mando my heart)))))) thank you for carrying the news to us. you are very much loved here.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~* moving vibes that give you peace to yeufie ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

<3<3<3<3<3 continued vibeage for rose, her pseudo-niece, and pseudo-niece's family <3<3<3<3<3

ace those exams, mornington!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ for mornington friend's papai and family ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

*flashes momentarily green eyes filled with jealousy at thought of mani/pedi with mando*

okay, all right now.

((((((sheff sleeping all weekend)))))))

sidecar, i just ADORE productive weekends/days/nights like those!! go you!!!

(((((((((no more upset tummy feel better vibes for bunny b hunny bee))))))))

polly, those chocolates sound sooooooooooooo good! and burt's bees stuff is made very near where mr hotbuns and i live in the US!!! yayayayay!! i love their stuff! have fun at your brunch, querida!!

quick update: have been total slug this weekend. loads of sleep. silly bollywood movies. comfort foodage. no alcholol. LOADS OF WATER. yogurt!

trying still to rid myself of nasty UTI, which is better, but still present. only now there is also yeast. and DAMN! i still don't have an oven!!! however, with any luck -- and drugs and yogurt -- i will have a nice clean healthy snatch by friday when i get off that plan in Portugal!!!!! poor mr hotbuns won't know what hit him!

have been having dreams about first fiance for months, after hearing just before i left for africa that he had died in september. finally had courage to send email to his father asking for details -- after having non-stop dreams about him, his mother, his father, his sisters, AND a non-existent little red haired boy who was his son in my dream. wrote it first thing this morning so that i wouldn't chicken out or find yet another reason to put it off. i don't really know if i want to hear back from him or not. but the entire thing is so strange, and makes me uncomfortable, and i just can't believe that he is dead. it will be a year in september. also not so sure why it matters so much. i'm just hoping for resolution.

hugs and kisses and silly silly anglers!!!
(((tesao))) it hurts so much cos you loved him once, it's natural.

I'm confused with the bakery analogy: do you mean that you still don't have an oven in kitchen?

So, I'm still feeling crappy, v tender but the boy looking after me. I wouldn't post (as I've been post-happy recently and self-absorbed) but I need kvetchies' know-how: I've posted in OBOH and LTAS but no answer yet and I'm freaking out, my nipples are purple, as if they're bruised (but not from sex, don't hurt and period just finished), any ideas what's up?

Bunny, I have no idea. Did you walk into a wall? I just can't imagine how they got bruised!

((((tesao)))) I think that your reaction to your first fiance's death is completely understandable, esp. since you were out of touch were so long. Also, I hope your snatch feels better (mine is getting there, but I think we'll need a second round of diflucan. I'm so happy: my new insurance only charges $3 and change for it, not $20 like my old insurance.)

Sophie got me up at 7:15, so I took her for a run. Now, she keeps standing in front of me, panting, refusing to eat, and insisting on playing. And I'm like, "Dude, we just ran-walked for more than a mile! Eat your food!"
Because the skin is so thin, I get broken capillaries on my breasts all the time, like when I scratch too hard, but it's just little red dots, like a rash, and it goes away after a day or so. Actual purple-y bruising? I dunno.

So sad that I didn't get to sleep in at all this weekend.
I didn't get to sleep in at all either. That was the downside to Martini being out of town&mdash;no one else was awake to walk Sophie. And I'm not one of those people who can go back to bed very easily.
So relieved Hurricane Ernesto seems to be veering away from New Orleans...sorry everyone in Florida and the rest of the path! I'm a bit nervous about going away in a couple weeks...I hope things can stay clear for us. I do not trust the levees we have right now. At all.

Watching Mayor Nagin on Meet the Press right now...may or may not watch 60 Minutes tonight. Boy, he's really good at putting his foot in his mouth. He should be able to make his point without being flip and pissing people off.

Sidecar, I tend to be totally baffled by current fashions. I was looking at some cute skirts on Anthropologie and one looked great, but I was not going to pay $150 for an elastic waist and an unfinished, surged hem! Puh-leez. And I think your productive weekend sounds great...I love that kind.

Tes, I, too, think it's totally normal what you're feeling about your first fiance. I wonder about people I've dated in the past even though I love my Mr. and think he's the best partner for me. If an old beau died, I would definately try to find out about it and be thinking about him a lot.

(((saph and family)))

yuefie, sorry you have to move, but glad it'll ultimately be better

(((rose's pseudo-niece))) and (((rose, for dealing with family)))

~~~vibes for mornington's exams~~~

...and love to all!

The Mr. may go to a therapy session with me tomorrow...he doesn't seem to understand why I'm going or why things have been so hard this last year. It's frustrating. I've told him, but I get frustrated trying to explain it. And he's benefitted from counseling in his past, so it isn't like he thinks it's stupid or something.

I think I'm gonna watch the Emmys tonight. Good distraction. Still better do some hurricane shopping, just in case. My mom is ready to have us show up, just in case we do have to evacuate. Bleh. I hope we don't. At least we're already trying to go through what food we have in the freezer and fridge in preparation for our vacation...these days, ya go out of town in hurricane season, ya leave with those empty. I'm never dealing with a fridge full of liquified food ever again! ~Raises fist like Scarlett O'Hara~

hee, no, bunny be sweet, the bakery is because i have had a nasty UTI, and have been treating it, thereby killing off all of the GOOD flora that keep the yeasties in check. so now i have a snatch that is full of yeast as WELL as a UTI. but it does me no good to take the diflucan until i have FINISHED the course of antibiotics, because it will just happen again. and then, i ALWAYS manage to get a nice case of vaginal bacteriosis when i am having loads of sex with mr. hotbuns. i would just like to START OUT the vacation with him with a welcoming um, place for him to hang his um, hat?

((((amilita)))) i, too, am V. glad to see Ernesto projected to miss NOLA. of course, i don't want florida to be hit badly, because i have family THERE, and that one year was sooooo bad to the treasure coast.

i am supposed to be working and i am busting.

does this surprise anyone???

no idea what could be up with the nipples, bun. sometimes they just have minds of their own. is it COLD in your house? could they be chapped? sometimes that happens to me if, in the heat of the moment, they are handled roughly, which i don't interpret as pain at the time, but later.....

i don't know what to tell you. how long have they been like this???
Just last night (I noticed them in the early hours and panicked), they may have chafed against bra I was wearing but they're not sore at all. Coldness is an idea as it was cold when I was wrapped up in throw (ah, that could be it - I was naked except for throw, tes, you're a genius!) eta: although just had another little examine and they're kinda black now.

still feeling very nauseous and sore. we were supposed to be going out for dinner tonight but the boy cooking instead and we're going to curl up and watch dvds.

*~*~*~*ernest, stay away from nola and sweet, lovely amilita and tes's family*~*~*~*~

~o~o~o~no rising dough for tes and sidecar~o~o~o~o


~~~moving vibes for Yuefie~~~

Happy lady bits for all!

Another good weekend, went to visit Scotland's Secret Bunker, an old nuclear survival shelter for the bigwigs who would pick up the pieces in the event of a Cold War bomb here- very snapshot of the past with ancient computers, scratchy wool sheets on the bunks in the dorm, and store mannequins wearing old air force and army uniforms to set the tone. It was really cold though because it is two storeys underground and encased in 15 feet of solid concrete. Then we went to the best chippie in the country (supposedly) in a wee fishing village on the coast for fish and chips and slaw. Last night we saw A Scanner Darkly with our friends who are addicted to interactive gaming and never come out to play. Then today we went up to the Highlands and took a funicular train up the 6th highest mountain in the UK. The heather is all purple and it was quite pretty, although very windy and cold at the top.

We have also done some number crunching re wedding, so have a Plan, and set the date: Oct 5/2007. While the costs add up pretty fucking quick, I think we can do it and still have some fun in the next year.
I used to get chafed nipples back in the day when I used to walk around wearing overalls with no bra just because that was the only time I could get away with it. BAD IDEA.

Yuefie, I'm like that with my outside clothes as well. I have indoor and outdoor clothes, in fact. Indoor clothes = loungewear. I almost always change my clothes when I get home and I know I'm going to be in for the rest of the day/night or for a significant amount of time. How soon are you moving? November?

Oh, Sapphy is Sapphire, right? Poor Sapphy.

Amilita, I give you a lot of credit for staying down there and not moving. It can't be easy. Nagin definitely needs a course in public speaking or at the very least something like Tact 101. Ooh, 40 more minutes until "60 Minutes"!

I don't have a bladder infection (those are nasty fuckers), but I do want to watch Bollywood movies and eat yogurt. Tesao, you must be counting down the hours until your reunion with Monsieur HB.

I shouldn't be typing at all, but was online reading my email. I gashed one of my fingers on a goddamn umbrella today. I'm all pissed at myself because it's raining out and I forgot to buy cilantro. I was going to make a tomato and chickpea soup tonight, but that's not happening since I forgot to stop at the store. I am in a serious nesting mood and don't feel like going out at all until tomorrow morning. There is always something about Sunday nights that make me introverted and want to stay at home.

ETA: You're going to have to get back here, Miss TXPlum. You ran out of here before I could get a good grab!

ETAA: My calendar tells me tomorrow is a bank holiday in the UK except for Scotland. A happy day off to those that have it. Me, I'll be laboring on Labor Day in the US (a week from Monday) because I can't pass up the opportunity to earn a hell of a lot more money on a holiday. I'm going to bed super early tonight in the hopes of waking up even earlier for a spinning class tomorrow morning. I have slacked off big time in the group exercise department. Sorry for writing, like, the most boring Kvetch ever.
((((((((( continued love for Sapphire's FIL and the entire family ))))))))

(((((((( Mornington's friend's father and that whole family, too ))))))))

~~~~~~~ smooth moving for CStars ~~~~~~~~

Yuefie, I feel for you. Although I don't much mind having ordinary clothes on my bed, I HATE having outsiders in my bedroom. My ex would regularly bring friends 'round & he'd bring them into our bedroom and I hated it! People should be allowed to have one totally private place in their home.

~~~~~~~ soothing for Bunny's tummy and nipples and everything else ~~~~~~

~~~~~~~ soothing for Tes' nether regions ~~~~~~~~

Ernesto, you are not welcome! Go spin out into the Atlantic and fade away like a good hurricane. That's a good boy.

((((((((Amilita & all of the gulf coast)))))))) I didn't catch 60 Minutes tonight, but on Friday I watched Dateline. They spent the whole hour talking about the conditions and evacuation at a certain hospital - the very one where you were working, I believe. Astounding.

Kvetch: This is a very silly kvetch. I've been trying to change my avatar, but Bust won't let me! I've tried deleting my avatar entirely and then adding a new one, but the old one keeps popping up anyway! It's driving me nuts. Especially because I found a really cute pic of Dougal from The Magic Roundabout & I reeeeeeally want him as my avatar. Pout.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff had both Saturday and Sunday off from work! Two days in a row! That hasn't happened in maybe 6 weeks. We spent the time watching Wallace and Gromit films and cooking and Sheff read to me and we cut his hair and we, uh, enjoyed one another's company in many lovely ways. biggrin.gif
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