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is it truly mornington's proper birthday today, or are we jumping the gun again?
tons of love either way, m'luv! (((mornington)))

yay (((bunny))) - you've earned every second of that rest!

(((tesao))) your smelly squished ants story made me laugh out loud. your drinking of microscopic ants made me a tad nauseous, however.

(((minx))) so glad to hear everything's sorted out so well for you. you've had more than your fair share of crappola these past few years, you poor thing. i cannot believe your wee one is starting kindergarten, that just.can'! here's hoping your visit wasn't a bored-weekend thingie hee! and you'll come chat with us more often.

kvetch: finally entering the red tent. two weeks overdue. have i told you lately how much i hate the unpredictablity of perimenopause?

kvetch: coworker and i are alone, since the club is closed today and tomorrow. somehow we got onto the subject of rumors. i now know far too many perverted nasty things that seem to be going on under my nose at this place. i'm seriously grossed out. about people i thought i knew. and liked. not in a prude way, in more of a god-i'm-an-ignorant-naive-asshole way. and of course this only makes me wonder what they say about moi behind my back. especially with how .... playful ... bossman and i are with one another. no matter how innocent. *shudder* not sure how i'm going to be able to look at these guys again, much less be nice to them.

kvetch: first day of band camp, and it's already disrupting our lives. just found out that danny's first competition is *wait for it* the day of my mother's surprise party. the invitations were sent two weeks ago, we can't change the date. i'm sick that he'll miss at least the first half of the party, and my mother's gonna be sick about him not being there. and nevermind that i have to come up with some plausible excuse why i can't go to the competition, she's going to want to see his first performance. (can't even use it as an excuse to get her to my house either, timing-wise.) and no, he cannot miss any competitions, much less the first one. they'll excommunicate him. i won't even ask him to ask. i can't do that to him.

i knew this whole new band universe was going to change life as we knew it, but i didn't realize to what extent ... and how soon. wah.
flyby to say happy birthday to mornington.

can't talk busy!
No, mandomyheart, we are not jumping the gun again! I have it on very good authority that today is mornington's birthday - from mornington herself! The only reason we jumped the gun with your's is because it was after midnight MY time (GMT) so your birthday according to me wink.gif.

work goss always makes me feel icky, although I indulge. often. I told you all about the ex co worker recently who told us he had split up with co-worker, I text friend (and other co-worker) the busker who emailed co-worker the next day to ask how she was doing and coworker had NO IDEA they had split up. Talk about getting us to do his dirty work for him.

Would it be very insensitive of me to joke about "this one time, at band camp..."? unsure.gif

on my pink ipod today: pj harvey, alanis morisette and kt tunstall.
This thread has been kinda dead today, huh? Usually it's really busy. Maybe because it's

Mando, I'm sorry to hear the schedule conflicts with your mother's surprise birthday party and your son's recital. Hopefully things will work themselves out. Just out of curiousity, what instrument does your son play?

Also, i find that any type of gossip is REALLLLLY hard not to indulge in. I love scandalous behavior! Especially when it comes to people I know...

Bunny, nice choices of music on your ipod!

Kvetch: I had a dream last night that I was being raped...not fun. And I keep remembering it every so often and getting really skeeved cause my dreams are horribly vivid. Which sometimes can make for some very good dreams (if you catch my drift,) but last night was definitely not one of them.

Anti-Kvetch: I signed Shamus up for pet insurance and I thought I would get a discount through my employer. But the very nice lady I spoke to on the phone, said I didn't, but would give it to me anyway. smile.gif Yay for 5% and cheaper insurance!

Anti-Kvetch: With my lack of a love life, I often find myself thinking I'm destined to remain in this man drought. However, as I was buing cigarettes at a gas station on my lunch break, I get hit on by a guy who works there...

Kvetch: ...that I'm not attracted to.

Oh well...more important things to be concerned about. Hope everyone is having an excellent day!
Happy Birthday, Mornington!

I'm dying to know what kinds of stuff Monsoon has...not that I can spend a lot on clothes right now...especially when I'm all excited about a new kind of Lush bubble bar that smells like You Snap the Whip! I can't go to Lush without spending way too much money. And I'm bidding on some eBay dresses right now.

Mando, that sucks about the scheduling stuff.

Bleh on Tes's UTI.

I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna do on the Katrina one year anniversary...there is one march going by our house, so that may be a good one to join. And then some people speaking in Congo Square, including some young hip hop folks, so that could be interesting...and it's more grass roots than some of the other options.

And I do think I may cook dinner and invite some folks over or something, too.

Anyone watching Spike Lee's documentary on HBO? I don't have cable and not sure if I'm ready yet, anyway.

*sigh* More therapy. More exhaustion. Realizing I'm avoiding some things...but coming to a point where I think I can start to deal. Can't wait for vacation in September!

Love to all!
Happy birthday mornington.

Belated birthday congrats to mando.

Work is crazy busy, I'm exhausted.

amilita, we are Tivo-ing the Spike Lee documentary and plan to watch it (although right now, we are watching, um, the E! True Hollywood Story on William Shatner...) I also cannot walk out of LUSH without leaving $$$ behind. I can't believe it's been a year since Katrina!

minx!! glad to hear things are going well. We sure do miss you (I used to be steviek and editrix).

*waves to tesao* Can I just say that I love that I, the squarest person ever, have a snatch with a reputation? I hope you get cleared up before your tryst with mr. hotbuns. Boric acid always works!

(((mando)))) just 'cos.

Work is going to be crrazy this week. I have a lot of stuff that I'm finishing up, and I need to work ahead because I have a three-day onsite training class next week on content management. I had a good weekend, though--we went to the horse races for a friend's birthday and had some really good meals out. Next weekend, Martini is going to visit his folks, so I'm batching it. I can't wait! I love my man, but a weekend alone is sounding really fun.

Belated thanks to everyone for the ass-kicking vibes for my asshole lawyer uncle. The move is over and done, and while there are miles of things I could tell about what's happened since Friday morning, I'm too emotionally drained to write or even talk about them. The best I can hope for right now is to be able to quietly become numb as soon as possible. sad.gif

I love you all. Kisses, hugs, and blessings.

First day of work was good, had to share this from Cute Overload (I didn't look at today's posts, so hopefully no one's posted it already!)
fly by because, as usual, i'm late getting myself downstairs to get to work. which won't mean that i am late to work, because i try to get there before most everyone else (thus setting a good example). i have friends who can't believe that i get to work, not only on time, but EARLY. dren, *i* have trouble believing it!!! being in upper level mgmt does straaaaaaaaaange things to you!!

*sound of eyes exploding from cuteness overload*

obrigada, polly!!! i hadn't seen that before!!!

stevie, you CAN'T be the squarest person ever. the squarest person ever wouldn't have a friend like me!! heee!!! and YES INDEED, your snatch has a reputation!

bunny, i'm glad i'm not the only one who had that thought! rolleyes.gif

mandomyheart, my brain is too feeble to think about solutions to your timing problem. all i can do is say that it sucks and that if anyone can figure it out, YOU will!!

yay for tallgirl being through with the move from hell with the lawyer uncle who is a perfect example of why shakespeare said "first thing we do, we kill all the lawyers"! (apologies to faith, if she is lurking)

ooops. gotta go. just got buzzed. will try to pop in at lunch.

hugs and kisses and silly fishes!
(((cstars))) bad dreams like that freak me out sad.gif.


~*~*~*~*productive work vibes for sidecar, dm, tesao, sybarite and myself~*~*~*~

(((mandolyn))) I too have entered the red tent, let the stories and the shared wisdom commence.

tes, hehe, well we all know how your mind works!

cute overload link didn't work for me sad.gif.

I need a nap, I was up very early and now too sleepy that reading going over my head. More caffeine methinks.

(((you and you and you and you and even you)))

eta: bunnymama is taking me for lunch so that should wake me up or, depending what I eat, more sleepy once I return.
thank you for the birthday wishes! It was indeed yesterday... I'm a whole twenty years old now rolleyes.gif . *hides slippers and embroidery and pretends to look hipster*

(((tes))) ***uti & yeasties go away***
(((polly))) my head just exploded with cute. yay for good first days
(((raisin))) you are fantastic. so there
(((dm))) ***anti-tiredness vibes***
(((rose))) you can call me sweetie all you like, sugarplum biggrin.gif
(((mando))) ***bandcamp vibes for danny*** (no, not those, bunny, you dirty girl) and ***party vibes*** for you. You will be fine. I'm a gossip tart ... bad bad bad gossip. You are not to worry.
(((cstars))) ***good dreams*** & ***start raining fanciable men***
(((bunny))) good choices! ***headache-go-away and moontime-be-nice***
(((yuefie))) how are you, dearest?

Feel a little better today. I'm sorry for the venty-dumping of the weekend. sad.gif . The birthday was good, but low-key... Boy Wonder is on hockey camp, so it was just me and mum. It didn't seem like a birthday 'cos none of my cards arrived in the post... but then mum pitched up with presents and everything! I got a kenwood pro... it blends and shreds and grinds and makes dough and everything! I've been after one for a while. Honestly, nesting behaviour much?

Kvetch: going to go back to the doc to see if I can change antidepressants as this is still giving me a headache & I'm sleeping far too much (as in two or three naps of at least an hour every day). And... I've been really low over the past few weeks - understandably, I know, but it started before.

Antikvetch: G has not called me sweetie. He's really very nice... we had a proper talk about it, and I think he understands. We also cleared the air re his kidlet (he has an eight-year-old son...) and going out for lunch later today.

I really, really ought to go revise though. Feh.

(((everyone))) *mwah*
Awww Tessie, you are doing such good work!! I am still so proud of you for having taken that position; it makes a Minx such as myself shed tears of pride to have you as a friend. Asshattery abounds still, and these ASSHATS THEY DOTH VEX ME!

Stevie--I totally remember you. You're that rad editor bitch with a reputable snatch.

*looks down at her snatch and tells it "See, I told you it could be done, but NOOOOOOOOOO..."*

I really need to roadtrip to Chicago this fall to see you and Turbo.

Kvetch (ongoing): Jumpin' Jaybuss on a Popcicle Stick! Ya know, I got stood up twice last week, and it is really starting to piss me off. I feel that shitty anxiety in my chest, like my whole body is vibrating. The Weasel (my complicated mostly-ex-boyfriend) has put me on the end of the fishing hook again and it is making me crazy. I am only 32. I get that this is an arbitrary number, but even my once divorced brother has had a girlfriend for nearly a year now. I'm not fugly. I have an advanced degree. I am even becoming a relatively reasonable person. tongue.gif

This makes me think that I should pay a visit to my hometown hottie, Jason. He told me two weeks ago that he will marry me if we both make it to 40 and are not coupled-up. He's a raunchy perv that makes beau-coup cash. Who thinks I should take a stab at it even though it would be a LDR?

Or maybe I should just take up whittling?

ETA: Happy Belated Birfday, Mornington. Ya don't know me, but I've been here for fucking ages and it is nice to see such lovely fresh meat at such a tender age. Also, have you tried Wellbutrin? It is a pretty damned okay antidepressant with a penchant towards making folks a little zippy.
Hello to everyone!!!

Mornington- what anti-depressant are you on? I take effexor and it works pretty well for the most part. Makes me yawn ALL the time, though...even when I'm not tired. Weird...

amilita, I too am a lush addict. I don't think I've ever spent anything less than $60 everytime I go. And i've stocked up on SOOO many bubble bars and bath bombs and bath melts even though I haven't had a bathtub in a year. But once I do, I'm all set!

Minx, why not go for the LDR thing? How far away is this guy? One of my friend's bf (the one she's thiiiiiiiiis close to getting engaged to) lives on the other side of the country and they've been dating for over a year. So, I think LDR's can work.

Polly, the cute overload link didn't work for me either. But that's cause I'm at work and they blocked whatever website it's on. I'll check it once I get home and let you know what I think. smile.gif

Kvetch: I dyed my hair black yesterday and still have hair dye on my hands, so it makes my hands look dirty. sad.gif And I'm very OCD about my hands being clean, so I'm almost having a breakdown over it.

Anti-Kvetch: I think I'm gonna try to get my haircut tonight. And I loooooove me some haircuts. smile.gif
ooh, zippy... I like the sound of that, minx (hello, btw... nice to meet you).

I'm on prozac and I like it not.

right... lunchdate lunchdate lunchdate and I'm running late. *mwah*
Happy belated birthday mornington!!!!!

Minx - you are fabulous. I'm sorry you're feeling the stress of the ex -- but we will remind you you're hot as hell and your time is a'coming.

Tallgirl -- so sorry you're drained. At least the move is behind you. Cuddle the bean, and treat yourself to something. You deserve an indulgence!

A good friend of mine is in the Katrina Requiem (the Spike Lee doc) and I am terrified of watching it. But I will.

Mando, I here you on the work goss -- I love to hear it but hate to have heard it smile.gif Sorry about the conflict with Danny's recital and the party, that's so frustrating.

Don't worry about eating ants -- I have eaten lots of bugs on purpose (in South Africa there are these things called Mopana Worms, which are really grubs, and they sautee them in a rich tomato-ey peanut sauce, so good).

I join in on the Lush love -- I keep a bottle of American dream in my desk for when my hair gets frizzy, which is always in this DC humidity.

Kvetch: insomnia
Antikvetch: I went on the elliptical for like the first time in a month last night, watching Dark Angel reruns.
i so don't even remember being 20. *weep*

glad you had some bright spots in your day, mornington.

polly, you're such a tease. the cute overload linkie didn't work for me either.

cstars, get thee some lava soap. the pumice will wreak havoc on your hands, but it'll get them clean. i'm married to a plumber, so i know of dirty hands. (k. that didn't sound right.)

reputable snatch ... sounds like a band name to me. hee. (so not making fun, stevietrix, but i know you know we all love your snatch and want it to become forever healthy.)

a raunchy perv that makes beau-coup cash? sounds like a win-win to me.

(((tallgirl))) one day at a time, sweetpea.

amilita, i posted about when the levees broke in the movie thread. i kept thinking of you the whole time i was watching it. not sure if you could handle it, not right now, anyway. altho you're one strong cookie, so ... i'm sure you could at some point. i nearly turned it off 17 minutes in, tho. then again, this is Super Hormonal Week From Hell for me, and you know how that goes.

but it's haunting me. to be sure. very very emotionally draining, and not sure i can handle it again tonite. may wait for a rerun. and i feel hella selfish even admitting this, especially since i was safe and sound and quite clueless while the whole thing was happening. but ... it's a pretty brutal doc.

but to end on a lighter note, best quote of the movie (k, maybe not the "best", but the only humorous one, anyway): gentleman speaking of dubya: "he gives C students everywhere a bad name."

i am so plagerizing that one!

Insurance companies are so freakin' annoying. So are car dealerships. I am sooooooo sick of having to track down & fix other people's mistakes. I'm especially sick of having to call multiple times to get problems fixed.

RV, I work for an auto insurance company and I will tell you that unfortunately, unless you get someone like me on the phone (:-D) you WILL have to talk to multiple people to get things fixed.

And if you're in the US and you have a policy with a certain company (I.E: the one I work for), I may be able to help you...just let me know! smile.gif
I'm not sure I'm ready to watch When the Levees Broke, either, mando. And I'm glad it seems to have strong impact; it should, dammit. By the time it's on DVD I bet I will be ready. Faith, I'm so curious about who this friend of yours is.

The local paper is running a series about the hospital I worked at (conditions, chronology, etc.) and it's really poorly written. Like my shrink said, it doesn't know if it's reporting or just descriptive or what. To be fair, it is a very complicated situation, but pick an approach and stick with it. I am learning some very interesting things, however, like that the airboats on which I evacuated were obtained/summoned/whatever by a private which I say...I don't know. Sorta "thanks" and sorta "you ruined my life."

I wish I had left by hellicopter, although some of those folks just got left by the side of the road in a huge group and had to wait hours for busses. If this story ends just with the evacuation of the hospital and does not go into the conditions and places that some people were evacuated TO, I'll be pissed. And then I guess I'll write a letter. I expect that is how their story will end.

So, ya'll can tell I'm a bit preoccupied and I doubt it's gonna quell until after the anniversary, so thanks for indulging me.

I need to clean the bathroom so that I can go get some new bubble bars from Lush! The bathroom is filthy. cstars, you are so funny with your collection of bombs and bars and no tub! I have pretty much given up on bombs because they are more expensive. I can use a bar for a couple baths, but bombs are one-shot. And I'm an American Cream devotee, as well! That and Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo really help my hair be less frizzy. And I smell so great! I've got the Mr. hooked on the solid shampoos. Eh, I'm a commercial.

Love to all!
((((((((Amilita)))))))) Talk all you want, dear. We're not indulging you by listening to you. We honestly care about you and want to know how you're feeling. Talk and vent as much as you'd like.
And I can totally understand your frustration with the reporting in the newspaper. My friends have experienced that first hand, so anything I read in the paper is always taken with a heavy pinch of salt.

I don't have HBO, so I wasn't able to watch that film. I don't know if I could take it, though. The ads for the World Trade Center movie still makes we cry sometimes.

(((((( many hugs for Mornington )))))) I hope things work out for you and the meds.

((((((TallGirl))))))) I'm just glad it's finally over! Lordy!

((((((Tes)))))) How are you feeling today? Any better? Is there anything you could take to keep the inevitable yeast infection from getting out of control?

I love Sidecar & her reputable snatch! Speaking of, we haven't heard much about it lately. Has the bakery closed down for good, Sidecar? I sure hope so! ((((SideCar))))

(((((((( many hugs for Minx ))))))))

~ZZZ~ZZZ~ deep sleepy vibes for Faith ~ZZZ~ZZZ~

Here is another link to that clip from Cute Overload in case the other link didn't work for you. It goes straight to the video on YouTube. So cute!

CStars, thanks so much for offering to help. You're such a sweetheart! We've just been having problems related to the move. Our old insurance agent in our old state is still charging us to insure a car that we now have insured through a different agent in our new state. But it sounds like it should be taken care of today (And hopefully, they'll be mailing us a couple hundred bucks). I'm frustrated because this is the 4th problem we've had with the insurance company since the move. And we've only been here 4 months! So now when they say they'll take care of a problem, I can't help but expect them to f*ck up the situation even more. dry.gif

But there are good things about living here. I love the local dairy. And there's this lady at our local bank who kicks soooooo much ass. I love her so much I've considered sending her flowers.

Kvetch: Sheff didn't get home until 11 last night. And he's expecting another late night tonight.
Anti-kvetch: His boss told him not to come in until at least 11am today, so we got to have a little quality time. Yay smile.gif

(((((((((((( all of you ))))))))))

[runs off to drool over products at the Lush website]
((RV)) sorry about the insurance woes.

Mando, I too love the lava soap.

Amilita, I haven't seen the documentary yet, but my friend is a civil rights attorney. I don't know what she talks about but I assume it's her efforts in NO to get criminal defendants duly processed.

Kvetch: free-ranging feelings of inadequacy anyone?
well, I didn't want to say anything, less my snatch gets more infamous, but the bakery now appears to be on a regular opening schedule tied to the day before I get my period. I have a prescription called in, and need to conference with my doctor, because at least it would make some sense to have it tied to hormone levels.

Minx, you crack my shit up. Don't ever leave again. smile.gif And you totally need to road trip down here (and despite living a mile away from her, I STILL haven't met turbo.)

(((((((amilita)))))))))) Today, I read a letter on a friend's blog, from someone in NOLA about how terrible things still are there (it was sarcastically titled "Our Summer Vacation"), and I thought of you. How can anyone vote for the party that lets George W. Bush be its leader? How can he sleep at night? I am more disgusted than ever. It's one year later, and it's all ... still crap. I have so much anger; I can only imagine what it's like to be from there. I really, truly wish there was more I could do for your city.

I am completely out of the Big shampoo. I'm using the Sea salt solid because it's apparently the same thing, but I like Big better. And I'm crazy for the Veganese. Maybe I'll hit LUSH on my lunch break on Friday.

mornington, glad your mum came through in a big way for your birthday! I hope your lunch date was nice.

So tonight: Martini got tickets to see Justin Timberlake for free! It is going to be awesome. And believe it or not, it's 21 plus, so no annoying teenagers for me!

I'm about to have anervous breakdown, so please excuse my selfishness. Someone stole my wallet. I can only think it was someone at work. I told the CEO and she is pissed. I am beyond paranoid about my things so I know I didn't lose it. I did all the normal stuff of calling credit cards, banks, credit agencies but i seriously would like to punch whoever stole my wallet.

Sorry for being so dramatic, but I am very upset right now.
((((((((((((DM)))))))))))) I'm so so sorry to hear thta this has happened to you. Here's hoping they find the culprit and they are punished.

That blows. I hope that the assmonkey that did it gets pelted with petrified gooseshit.

Stevie--I love you. I am now planning a roadtrip for the fall to come and see you. How does October sound?
Oh gosh, DM, I'd be ten shades of pissed off and upset! What a horrible feeling of violation. Where's Surly's pipe so we can break some kneecaps with it?!
((DM)) That sucks. The downside of my job is that I don't really have much private space- my old desk had more than enough lockable drawers and I could keep some personal items and my purse in there. All the drawers at my new desk are full of files. I'm going to ask if I can move some stuff around because I really don't like just putting my purse under the desk. Good luck with finding the perpetrator!

Thanks for posting the new link, rose. That video made me very happy yesterday. Hope everyone could watch it.

((Amilita)) I'm having some friends Tivo the Spike Lee movie for me and we're going to watch it together.

((Mando)) That sucks about the band competition/party conflict. How does Danny feel about it, even if you're not asking him to choose?

Happy belated birthday Mornington! Hope you get your med problems sorted out.

((Tallgirl)) Glad that's over with!

((cstars)) Dreams like that haunt me for days.

((everyone else who I missed))

My first couple of days at the new job- raisingirl, I feel your pain. I got so used to being bored to tears at my old job and having a totally ineffectual boss that it's taking some getting used to actually having a full day of work, and having real 'projects" to work on. Holy shit, I have projects! And I work with people on stuff. It's like, a real job! Anyway, the people are nice, even though I feel terribly inadequate, but they seem happy with me so far. There's some nice perks- I don't start until 9am, so I get to sleep later. Then there's little stuff like, oh, they have toilet sear sanitizer in the bathrooms- yes- it's like a liquid soap dispenser where you hold your hand under an push the button, but instead you hold a wad of toilet paper under, it sprays something on it and you wipe the seat. It's an OCD'ers dream! Le Boy is so jealous- "you get to work in a Mac-based office AND you have toilet seat sanitizer?!?!"

Some other department has had meetings everyday this week and they cater them. They put the leftovers in the breakroom afterwards and it's not crappy Subway or anything. It's all doctors, so it's somewhat healthy- yesterday it was whole wheat wraps with yummy filling and couscous. Today there was breakfast with roasted potatoes, quiche, turkey bacon. Lunch was cold cuts, and this awesome red pepper dip and roasted veggies.

They have this crazy coffee machine that is like a coffee vending machine- you push a button and it puts out a cup's worth of regular, decaf, hot chocolate, cafe au lait.

In October, I get to go to their annual convention in Salt Lake City....are there any SLC Busties out there? Next year, it's here in Chicago, 2008 in Philly and 2009 in San Diego- Yuefie, if I'm still at this job and you're still in S.D., we'll have to get together! smile.gif
((((((DM))))))) that is terrible. i hope they're caught, too.

minx, i'm spending a third of October in Ireland with a pint in hand. So earlier better than later that month.

polly, i'm glad the new job is going so well!

Oh, the cute overload is making me swell up. Awww, they are so sweet.

Sidecar, how was Justin? I saw him a couple of years ago and, unfortunately, there were screaming teenage girls!

Polly, we too have one of those coffee vending machines at work. Don't know about yours but ours tastes rank, just as well there's a Starbucks on the way.

(((designermedusa))) that's awful, some people have no morals at all.

Can I ask for some vibes for my nana please? She's really not well and my papa had to call the doctor out twice yesterday (her hip is really hurting and she's reacted badly to the pain medication).

Anyway, I need to go get as many hours as possible done before driving lesson, meeting the boy's mum for a drink and then quality time with the boy once he's finished work.

(((everybody))) have a good day.
Polly! That sounds really great. I do think the feelings of inadequacy will go away in due time, but GOD DOES IT BITE IN THE MEANTIME, don't it? I am finding with so much work to do and with the way my days are structured that the eight hours just seem to fly by. I guess that's a good sign that I'm not watching the clock, right? Still, when it's time to leave, I just get up and go. Not like I'm sad to leave or anything. I am laughing so much at that toilet sanitizer thingamagig. Those coffee vending machines are horrid! They always remind me of hospitals. ::shudder::

Sidecar, so jealous that you saw JT. I can't even believe I just typed that. I never paid attention to him or his music until he and Britney stopped dating. Inqiring minds want to know: did he bring sexy back?!

Bunny, I do hope your nana and her hip are going to be okay.

I flaked out on going to the gym this morning. No good reason, really, just slept in. I am having a time management problem. I'm going to walk to work instead. It's no substitute, but at least it's less time sitting on my fat arse.


Howdy all, I'm back from my annual two weeks at the cottage. It was very lovely, but I realize that in a way I was a little restless because I was afraid it would be over before I knew it. It was.

Mr. Dusty stepped on a rusty nail. He hates injections and I am obsessed with tetanus, but he was very brave and took his shot.

We saw April Wine (does anyone know April Wine?) and Sam Roberts. The Sam Roberts was cool because there were only about 800 people there.

My aunt with Alzheimers was there for a week. I get the impression sometimes with older people who have dementia, that when they say, "I want to get out of here" they don't mean out of the nursing home specifically, or wherever they are, but "Get me the fuck out of this situation, I don't want to be old, and dependent and have dementia."
Yeah, things are still so messed up here, sidecar, and it does piss me off so bad. And it's in weird ways you wouldn't necessarily think of...or wouldn't directly associate with flooding, like how in a shambles the criminal justice system is.

People in jail since before the storm waiting to be...what's the word? Arraigned? They did finally let some of those people out, or at least I assume they did, becase one judge made a big deal about how he was going to release some. And I bet some of those folks would have been found not guilty, never gone to trial, or would have had sentences shorter than the time they spent waiting in jail.

Some of my friends were like, "I can't believe they're letting criminals out!" And I was like, "They are violating people's civil rights!" I don't want the people accused of violent crimes out, but disturbing the peace? Public intoxication? Boy faith, I bet your friend is having a field day. The whole system here is such a mess! And I belive that has a negative effect on criminal activity, as well.

(((DM))) That sucks!

polly, Dr.s always get the best food! No stacks of donuts.

~~~bunnyb's nana~~~

dusty, glad you had a good vacation. I'm afraid I'm gonna be like that on our week vacation; anticipating it being over fast. I'm gonna try not to do that.

And, I can't belive I'm saying it, but I'm jealous about sidecare seeing JT, too. Ha. I can't help it; I like the new song. I sometimes think there is brainwashing stuff inside top 40 in the Josie and the Pussycats movie or something. My friend told me, way back in the day, that the reason Duran Duran songs made you like them so much was that the guitar did the bass part and vice versa...and it like, hypnotized you. And I sorta believed it then and I sorta still do.
Dusty, it's good to have you back.

~~~~~ vibes for Bunny's nana ~~~~~


Hooray for Polly's new job! Hooray for sleeping in!

Mandi, I keep forgeting to send you some ((((((hugs)))))). I know very well how much time and dedication is required to be in band. I know it can be difficult sometimes, but I'm sure Danny appreciates it.

~~~~~~~ more vibes for DM ~~~~~~

((((((hugs for all of you ))))))

Since a few of you were declaring your love of Hugh Laurie last week, I watched an episode of House last night. That show was messed up! He got shot and he was having hallucinations or something and ... wow. Is the show always that strange?

Kvetch: Sheff didn't get home until 11:30 last night. The producers (and the producers' lawyers) keep finding things that need to be changed. We are hoping that Sheff might get to have some time off this weekend, but they've already warned all employees that they'll be on-call in case the producers make more demands. Ugh. On-call?! For heaven sakes, they're making video games, not performing emergency surgeries.
JT was pretty good. You can tell that he's someone who's been performing half his life. He's very at-ease on stage, he's a good dancer, and he's a very snappy dresser. He tours with a full band, which is pretty cool, and he didn't have any prerecorded bits. So that was fun. The crowd was pretty lame (it didn't help that the venue was oversold and everyone in it overserved), so I didn't stay to the end, which means I missed him performing "SexyBack." But I did see "Cry Me a River," "Senorita," and uh, a bunch of other songs whose names are escaping me. I got elbowed in the boobs five times, and then as I was leaving, some chick almost spilled a beer on me. So that was frustrating. But he was fun and seemed to be having a good time. I don't really think he brough sexy back, in that I don't think he's sexy (my type is more older than 35 and/or wears eyeliner), but much of the crowd did -- he came out wearing a fedora, a button-down oxford, a vest, a tie, and well-cut pants, and removed the fedora, the vest, and the tie in the hour or so I was there.

I think it's hilarious that we're all excited about JT. In 1998, if you'd asked me if I would be at a club, watching that teenager from NSync play the riff from "Smells Like Teen Spirit," I'd probably have asked you to share some crack with me.

(((Bunny's nana)))

Thanks, Rose!

Ooh, I forgot to mention my senior moment. Does forgetting to mention your senior moment qualify as a second senior moment? When we went to see Sam Roberts, we kind of made a day of it because we had to drive into town anyway, we visited the Barren Canyon in Algonquin Park first. So, I had my huge-ass leather bag with me filled with a book, a magazine, two cameras, sketching supplies and a pair of binos (the latter actually came in handy because there were no video monitors at the concert). When we got to the concert venue Mr. Dusty and I walked in under a sign that said "No large bags" and past the security guards waiting at their tables and got respectful smiles all round. Not a hint that anyone was going to challenge my bag or even search it. OMG, I bet you that given our age, I coulda walked carrying a farkin' 24 of beer and they wouldn't have said anything...
Totally self-absorbed post ahead (sorry):

My glucose was high on the test so I have to go back for the full, three hour test. I'm not at all happy about this.
I dunno if it's my old age or what, but sometimes I really appreciate those seasoned performers...those old hats...even if they are relatively young. And I don't often see acts who do dances, so I feel like that would be highly exciting.

I'm having this image of dusty walking into the place smoking a joint with a gun in a holster on your hip...and just getting the smiles from the security folks...ha. It's cracking me up, anyway.

And anoushh, that sucks! Sucks to not eat, sucks to have to drink the nasty glucola! Hope the 3 hour turns out OK.

I cleaned my bathroom spic and span...and everytime I do that or mop, I always think, boy, I should really do that more frequently, but it doesn't seem to happen...and then I went to Lush and bought some staples and two of the new bath bars. Woo!

Project Runway tonight! We played poker last week before and after, and I think that's gonna be the habit. Yay!

Thank you to everyone for the vibes. I needed to vent, and it actually helped me. I think I know who took my wallet, but it's hard because I don't know for sure. I think he has a drug problem, the company does not do drug testing. The thing is I am white, and the minority at my work. I don't want to accuse someone of stealing and then have people think I'm rascist, which I'm not. The CEO has been stressed, so I'm going to try to talk to her and also ask for a locked place to store my purse. I just don't see myself loosing my wallet because I'm always so careful. So I'm doing everything I can to replace all the documents, and not stressing every second. I really like my job, but I've also been stressed about it because there is so much i don't know. I think I've lost weight, which for me is bad because I don't need to lose any. I just need to go back to my meditating, and tell myself i made the right decision by moving to NYC.

((polly)) Glad you're new job is going well.

((bunny's nana))

((dusty)) Glad the cottage was a nice time. I don't like needle's either, but it's a good thing Mr. Dusty got the shot.

((rose and sheff)) Sorry Sheff has had to work so much. I told Mr. DM not to get a job working nights and weekends because I'd be sad not to have him around on my time off.

((anoushh)) Sorry you have to take the test.

((amilita)) Yay for cleaning the bathroom and Project Runway. PR is my show right now, it relaxes me to enjoy some good television.

((Good things for all Busties))
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 23 2006, 01:44 PM) *

Since a few of you were declaring your love of Hugh Laurie last week, I watched an episode of House last night. That show was messed up! He got shot and he was having hallucinations or something and ... wow. Is the show always that strange?

the season 2 finale was pretty messed up, even for house.
(so, not really)

i don't really have anything to add, except i've been really grumpy lately. two parts OTR, one part stupid boys, one part work, i think. it'll be really nice to go home next week, but jesus christ, could i have been more oblivious to the news when i bought my tickets? because three days after the strike threat starts ... i'm flying back on nwa. heh, that'll be interesting, anyway.
Hi kvetchettes! I've been pretty much lurking the past couple days. The reason for it is mostly because I am an MP3 downloading fool. Yep, I've gone off the deep end. I resisted owning any sort of MP3 player, being the technophobe I am, but was gifted one by my roomate who received an Ipod for his birthday. I've been going crazy downloading, seriously nuts. Which reminds me, I need to download some Gnarls Barkley! Craaazy. Oh and I really want some Joy Division. Great for when you aren't feeling so joyful. I'm feelin' crabby, not sure why tho'. Just kind of short fuse, the everything seems like nails on a chalkboard kinda pissiness. Oh well, I've just been steering clear of everyone so I don't take it out on anybody I love. I did snap at the lame ass neighbor kid who was stomping up and down the stairs at 4 am today. He threw his ciggarette down and it landed on my porch and on my grill. I asked him if he needed a coffee can to keep his butt's in because my porch is not a public ashtray, knowing full well his mother does not know he is out there with his hoodlum friends smoking at 4 am. All the color drained from his face and I was as pleased as pie. Oh yeah, I'm also here to reveal that I'm a closet Justin Timberlake fan. Oh the serious risk of shame and ridicule I am running by admiting to that. My best guy pal would publicly flog me if he heard such a thing (ha!). But yeah, (to steal the cute nickname from grrrlyouwant) I have a little thing for La Brillohead. And damn SexyBack. It's addictive. My first JT songcrush was Rock Your Body. I could still listen to that song on repeat and never get tired of it.

((((DM)))) a pox on whoever stole your wallet!

((((anoushh))) sorry to hear about the glucose test.

((((bunny's nana))))

((((mornington)))) how are you doing lovie?

((((mandi)))) and you dearest?

((((rasin)))) I love ya girlie but I just gotta say that I am so jealous you & luna get to hang out with mandi, aural, and all the other busties! damn me for being on the west coast!

((((amilita)))) I was reading an article in Food & Wine about these three katrina survivors who are chefs/restaurant owners/food critics and they were discussing how they've all had to adjust what it is they thought their purpose in life is, and how home has a new meaning. It seriously made me tear up. I kept thinking of you and how strong you really are. Don't ever feel like you are carrying on, cause you aren't. We are all here for you to vent whever and whatever need be. *hugs*



(((mr. dusty's foot)))

where's plummmie at? ohhh... plummie darling? and crassy? anyone seen damona around? ladylib/girltheory? I feel like there are some MIA kvetchies. it's great that lys stopped in and we've been getting a lot more of the temptress tes lately. color me pleased wub.gif

~~~yeasties be gone!~~~ vibes for sidecar, tes and anyone else who needs 'em.

~~~MRG & cramp soothing~~~ vibes too

Hi Minx!

(((((flanker, cstars, faith, pink, vesica, sonik, syb, surly, msp, fina, qspice, tg, everybustie))))) mutli-purpose vibes and lotsa hugs.


Bunny nana is much better, thanks for the vibes. Also, T's niece whose waters broke weeks ago? She was C-sectioned yesterday and had healthy baby boy.

Yay for the music.

Feeling a bit stressed just now with impending deadline and need to get my ass into gear. Was supposed to meeting uni people tonight for a last hurrah before the madness really sets in but I've cancelled, need a me night (just now I'm with the boy which helps).

(((yuefie))), (((mornington))), (((mandi))), (((rose and sheff))), (((anoushh))), (((tallgirl))), (((designermedusa))), (((quantumspice))),(((amilita))), (((txplumwine))), (((tesao))), (((dusty))), (((faith))), (((msp))), (((flanker))), (((sonik))), (((crassy))), (((polly))), (((cstars))), (((fina))), (((sybarite))), (((prettyinpink))), (((surly))), (((minx))), (((everyone i've missed)))
Oh, I forgot hugs to your ((grandma)), bunny! Glad she's better! And glad your niece and baby are doing well!
Hi everyone!

anoushh, I'm sorry about the glucose test, hopefully everything will work out ok for you!

yuefie, enjoy your mp3 player...they get to be really addicting!

I have a question for everyone, though. My friend and I were arguing about this recently and I wanted to get other's opinions on the matter:

Is jewish a race? Like my friends are saying that judiasm is JUST a religion but not a race. I, however, think that it can also be a race. I've had friends who were jewish and if they were asked what nationality they were, they replied, "jewish". I just thought it would be interesting to see what everyone else thought. Thanks.
"i'm spending a third of October in Ireland with a pint in hand."
color me green with envy!

i'm afraid i'm not a card-carrying member of the JT fanclub. tho i do like rok your body. i missed the whole boy-band boat.

cstars, i'd think that jewish pertains strictly to judaism. but as per wikipedia, jew is an ethno-religious term. so ... now i don't know either.

yuefie, congrats on your new addiction! i know i'm an ipod-addict waiting to happen. but i'm afraid of it affecting my mood too much. when i'm down, i tend towards depressing music. lord knows, i don't need anything else to fuel my blue funks. i also wonder if i'm too plugged in as it is, and fear tuning out the world even more than i already do. which is not to say i'll be refusing a nano, should santa put one in my stocking or anything.

(((Bunny nana))) bunny, i think it's too cute that you're such good pals with the boy's mama.

(((annoush))) i had maternal diabetes when i was pregnant. the only bitch of it was having to switch to natural peanut butter for three months. both of our glucose levels zoomed back to normal the second danny popped out. i know it's hard, but try not to worry.

*safe n'stress-free travellin' vibes for q*

(((dm))) try not to let one ubercrappy thing get you down about your new job, even tho i realize it's easier said than done. hopefully things will get better. i'm sure the locked drawer will give you peace of mind.

"everytime I do that or mop, I always think, boy, I should really do that more frequently, but it doesn't seem to happen." amilita, ditto on that.

(((rose))) thanks for the understanding on the band sitch. i just hope i don't become a broken record about it. it's just all so ... weird. danny heading into yet another one of my schools - and this one brought me enough angst, i doubled up and graduated early (the "great escape of '77, hee!). and here's my son, about to become one of the "establishment" - the popular kids, the gods & goddesses of the high school - whom i so resented. yet i'm hella proud. i cried yesterday just seeing that uniform on the hanger. i imagine i've mellowed. but there's still something that's bristling inside. i bet it's just my lazy ass, dreading the upcoming fund-raising & having to socialize with the cult-like parents i can't stand, etc.

and yes, this is why god created blogs. *guffaw, referencing CF* best i try to rev up my LJ again, so i don't bore you all silly.

kvetch: yesterday the phones were out and somehow that became MY fault. nevermind that con ed severed a fiberoptic cable down the street. by mid-afternoon, i was just telling everyone that, yes, i had indeed unplugged all the circuits downstairs, and yes, indeed, it was MY fault. i had several anxiety work-laced nightmares last night as a result. woke up with a headache and feeling disoriented and unsettled. le blergh.

oh, and i am having a mighty mighty Fat m' Fugly week. i want to staple my mouth shut so i can stop myself from eating everything that's not nailed down. oh, and i want to slice off my breasts, they are just too.fucking.heavy.

that is all.

(((group hug)))
cstars, maybe syb will be able to help me out (or anyone else, not just the chickette in his home-town) as my Joyce isn't too good, but I think Bloom in Ulysses replied to "What is your race?" with "Jewish" and it's a contentious part of book (also, I think the Q originates in one of the bard's Henry plays (IV or V?) or maybe it's Richard...)

mando, thanks. She and I were discussing that last night over bottle of rose: so many people don't get along with their inlaws and I consider myself very very lucky. I've been making more of an effort recently to spend time with her as the boy's sis has just moved back to Vancouver and the boy is preparing to leave so it's very difficult for her.
(((mando))) mum read somewhere that listening to depressing music when you're down actually helps. I know you can tell my mood by what I listen too. ***work vibes*** & ***you are gorgeous*** because I say so.

(((yuefie))) I am an ipod addict and unashamed. Alfred gets little covers embroidered for him and everything, to keep his ageing body cozy. He's three now. (and yes, I'm talking about a piece of disposable technology)

(((bunny))) good to know your nana's better - I was all ready with the vibes - but instead I shall turn them into ***bunny get your arse into gear*** vibes. Any spares, pass 'em back... I too think it's cool you get on with the boy's mum.

(((anoushh))) what mando said.

(((yuefie))) *fling*

(((dm))) a pox, definitely. A nasty pox. But good to see you, deary! And you wanted to move to nyc so much, I'm sure it's just a settling-down period while you get everything sorted and get used to the work.

(((cstars))) I think it depends of your level of jewishness... this makes no sense, but it depends on whether or not the individual considers themselves ethnically a jew or simply by religious upbringing, probably family history and whatnot. Yeah, I'm not much help...


(((rose))) bah.

(((qspice, dusty, polly, raisin, sidecar, minx, tes, faith, syb, fina, crassy, damona, and everyone else)))

today, kvetchies, is officially "meh" day. First I had a nightmare where my water pipes were leaking, then I had to get up to clean the outside drain because it was blocked by the people upstairs' hair. Yuck and double yuck. It was threatening to rain, so I suggested that G and I go to the natural history museum (as opposed to a picnic... I'm finding the cheezy romance moves he's putting on me a little irritating) and there was a queue to get in. Bloody school holidays! So we went to the V&A instead. I loved it, but he... *head/desk*. The comments were funny for about ten seconds, but it was like carting a hairy bearded five-year-old around. I like museums. Feh on him. He's very sweet, but... did I mention I hate dating?

Other than that, mum is coming to live with me from sunday (can I get some "mornington's mum get permission to go to algeria" vibes?) for two fucking weeks. I love my mum, but I need to study! I need space! Grr. And I'm going to ring the dog adoption center and see about getting a hound. biggrin.gif

So... yes. (((kvetchies)))
((mornington)) I feel you on the loving the mom/stressing the visit dichotomy. Having moved back to my parents' hometown, it's less for me, but it's always hard.

((annoush and her glucose levels)) I hope it all resolves properly and speedily.

Yuefie, I am ipod dependent - mine broke and I stole the one I had given my pops for Xmas, since he never bothered learning to use it! I am that needy.

(((bunny and nana))) glad it's better.

*faith blushes* I had a secret crush on JT, but then got over it when I read too much about his personality.

DM I am very impressed with your attitude about the job and the setback with the wallet.

Amalita, I too have the thriving PR addiction. I vented already in the PR thread about last night's epi.

(((cstars, qspice and her safe travels, dusty the noncovert concert smuggler, txplummie wherever she is, tesao, polly, raisin, sidecar, minx, sybarite, fina, crassy, damona, rosev and sheff, everybustie)))
Hey all. I'm trying to come down off of an Angry Day. There's just some stuff going on (especially with loved ones back home) that has gotten me soooooooooo upset. One friend was even surprised to hear I was so enraged because, as he said, I'm usually the calm one who tries to keep things in perspective. But there's a certain person out there who has gone too far in my book & I feel that there's nothing I can do to make the situation right and my loved ones are hurting and ..... ugh. I'm just sick. The whole think makes my heart hurt.

Pardon me for not going into more details. I just wouldn't feel right airing my loved ones' dirty laundry around here.

Mandi, I really like listening to The Cure when I'm feeling low. Some people find their music depressing, but it actually cheers me up.

(((((Annoush))))) Best of luck to you on the glucose test. My two pieces of advice:
1) Take a snack so that you can eat immediately after it's all over. Don't wait until you get home or get to a restaurant.
2) Get a ride if at all possible.
3) Take a book. Or magazines or something. You'll be there for a while, so you might as well read something you really like instead of whatever magazines are laying around. smile.gif
I was very dizzy and weak after having a glucose test last year. I think if Sheff hadn't driven me there & back, I could've gotten in an accident. And (silly me) I thought it'd be fine if we just went to a restaurant afterwards, but I nearly fainted while waiting for our table.

Polly, pardon me if my memory is failing, but did you say you'll be visiting Salt Lake City with your new job?

~$~$~$~((((((money vibes & hugs for DM)))))~$~$~$~ I know very well how hard moving can be, but hold on. I'm sure it'll get better.

CStars, I've always been confused on the whole Jewish thing, too. One of my very best friends from college is Jewish religion-wise; he converted to Judaism in his early 20s (he was raised a Catholic). Yet I know other people who haven't stepped inside a synagogue for decades but who identify themselves as Jewish because of their family heritage. I think it's one of those words that will always have two meanings & the only way you'll know for sure what someone means when they say they're Jewish is if you ask them.


((((((Bunny-nana)))))) Because the Nanas of the world always need more hugs.

~!~!~ productivity for BunnyB! ~!~!~!

Yuefie, I have not popped my MP3 cherry. I'm afraid to. I don't want it to take over my life. I think I'd be just like you & fall in love with it! And then I'd suddenly feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars on music! Eep!

~~~~~~ permission to go to Algeria for MorningMom ~~~~~~
Sorry the boy is being sucky. Sounds like he's trying waaaaaaay too hard. Maybe you just need to feed him a pint or two of cider & hope he loosens up wink.gif

(((((((((all y'all))))))))))

Anti-kvetch: Sheff got to come home at a decent hour last night! I made a proper dinner & we hung out together & the whole bit. Yay!
Kvetch: Looks like he has to stay late tonight. Poo.
Anti-kvetch: The Colbert Report. Good ol' Stephen can keep me company until the hubby gets home.
Kvetch: I still feel kinda angry. And confused. And like my hands are tied.

Question: It has probably been a week since a Certain Office received my job application. Should I give them a follow-up call? Their ad said "no phone calls, faxes, or e-mails" but I'm wondering if it'd still be okay if I called just to make sure that the job is still available & they got my application. What do you think?
(((roseviolet))) angry days are understandable, especially as you're not there to make it better (if you could). Hoping it all works out.

p.s. meant to say earlier: that was one fubar ep of house, not usually so confusing! oh, anyone watch prison break? omg I need to discuss first ep of season 2!

*~*~*~*permission to go to algeria for morningtonmama~*~*~*~

I have pinky: a pink ipod mini who has a (somewhat grubby just now) pink ipod sock covering her at most times. Speaking of inanimate technology: boy has pda mobile/cell phone and bought GPS programme for it so we tested it out on road to mine and "the voice of Phillipa" even told him when he was going over speed limit! Boy said he may have to adjust speed limit settings but I told him that the law would probably object.

Anyway, off to be productive as BUSTies request it! *~*~*~*spare (not that I have much wink.gif) get ass into gear vibes~*~*~*~*~ for mornington (so much more generous than vibing them our own way!)
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