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Oh, RV, of course I forgive you. It's hard to stay unspoiled on anything anymore. (I don't find that Project Runway is less enjoyable knowing who's off, at least!)

i saw that in the bustline too! When I get home, anoushh, I'll send it to you.

time to leave work. much love to all...
goodness gracious. lots of things have gone on in the past two days.

I'm going to have to request weekends off just to keep up.

Please forgive me, I read all but did not retain all.

((mornin')) I'm sorry that your bunbun is gone.

yay for apartment and job hunts and the like.

Mando, seriously? 14? sheesh. How did he grow up so fast? tell him to knock it off right now or the Kvetchies will ground him.

Fina, just explain that coffee cake is like tea cakes and tea biscuts. Silly Scots.

Child beauty pagents are just a less disgraceful way of whoring out your child. But thats my extreme opinion, which is not meant to offend.

Anti Kvetch:
I have fantasically cute new clothes from Macy's sale of awesomeness.

During that trip to Macy's, I got fitted for a bra. Apparently I've been wearing two sizes too small. Instead of D, I am DDD. I'm in my early 20s and I cant have cute bras. This made me cry.

Anti Kvetch:
I get to have my girly princess wedding cause Irishboy's parents are amazingly generous and are paying for the reception and invitations and cake and blah and blah and etc.!!!
Could someone send The Bustline along to me, too? I've tried to sign up for it a few times, yet I never get it. sad.gif

Thanks, Sidecar! I used to try to avoid finding out who won, but I realized that (1) that was REALLY hard to do and (2) I still liked the show even when I knew who won. smile.gif

Fina, I want to live your life for one weekend. You always seem to have the best time!

Mmmmmm ... coffee caaaaaaaaaake ...

Pink, congrats on the wedding support from the future in-laws!!! Woo hoo!

BestGuyPal is starting to lean towards moving to Portland. I think Seattle is in second place.

Silly Scots? Hmmm wink.gif.

Although, we can be - we would spell Shamus as Seamus, for instance smile.gif.

Thanks for the love. Feeling a bit better but need to catch up properly tomorrow.
annoush, i'm so proud of you for getting past your fear o'swimming. good for you!

i had danny taking swim lessons when he was 2. or was it 3? mainly to quell at least part of my irrational fears. and despite his being a fearless & good swimmer, i still made him swear up and down he wouldn't go near the outlaws' pool unattended during his 3 day-visit. there have been too many freak drownings this summer. color me unnerved.

for pinkie: you can so have cute bras. honest.

and stupid question of the day, pink. is that YOU in your avatar? you're hella purdy, darlin!

i know i've asked this before, but what is this bustline of which you speak?

i don't know how you guys can even watch project runway. each season, i can't get past 5 minutes before i just wanna smack - they are all the cattiest bitches on the planet! and this from a fan of celebrity fit club and breaking bonaduce and my fair brady and the surreal life and dog the bounty hunter and blow out ... so, you know, i have certainly ploughed the crappiest depths of television with the best of 'em. but project runway is just .... fucking nasty. maybe it's because i have no appreciation for couture. *shrug*

just had a lovely long convo with beloved cousin. i'm a bit ... unhinged ... that he still scans positive for cancer. something about the tissue they had to leave behind - ie the vocal chords - and they knew there'd be some pieces left behind. he's doing the radiation treatment/pills. having a tough time getting used to the synthrax. but he's got a fabu outlook. doing his gigs, writing songs .... avoiding self-pity & sleepy ruts .... but damnfuckshithelland a big fat huge FUCK YOU BARBARA TO CANCER, i thought they'd gotten it all. i guess i blocked.

on a happier note, i now have a muddler. a professional muddler (tho not the exact one pictured). and just made a rather exquisite low-cal mojito. how i wish you were all here with me now, partaking ....
Oh, fuck me. My beautiful post I made (ha) just got eaten when I went to preview it. POOF! All gone. It was all sad and full of vitriol, of JonBenet, Polly Klass, sex tourism, pedophiles and Thailand, at least Oprah is catching some of them even though the damage has already been done, and I bet this Karr guy knew JonBenet through those pageants because they are a magnet for child molesters and I had to see him in his goddamn Ed Grimley pants too many times on TV today and then I had to rub salt in my wounds by watching Oprah and her nabbing some of these sex offenders. But how many are still out there that will never be caught?

G0D. Where's the fucking emoticon of a dragon's head with fire spurting out of its nose?

Tomorrow really needs to be a whole lot better. It was hard to keep my composure at work and pretend that none of this stuff affects me. I don't know how I'm supposed to sleep tonight, but I'm too drained to let it really keep me up.

Faith, thank you for those links. This whole thing is so horrific and I feel like there's nothing that I can do as a single person to make an impact. I'm going to read those links, along with a stop at the Smoking Gun's website, when it's not so close to sleepytime.

I just want tomorrow to be filled with sunshine and chirping birds and children who don't get robbed of their childhood and innocence -- or, you know, LIFE.
*gasp, shock, and awe* Mando, you're so wonderful!! I've been looking on figleaves too. Apparently DDD translates to E as well? I dunno.

Yes it is me on my avatar. Thats my aftersex glow. Heh.
You look very Pre-Raphaelite or Art Nouveau. smile.gif
Mandi, you watch Dog the Bounty Hunter?! I tried to watch it once but the prayer circle prior to nabbing the bad guy really got me.

(((Mandi's cousin)))

Now I want a muddler too. I didn't know they existed.

Coffee cake= tea cake, of course! That will totally work.

While basking in the adoration of my weekends, I must point out that these days I have to maximize the weekend because the work sitch during the week is still pretty grim. I am likely looking at a good 6 months of administrative work as a transition period before *hopefully* some mystery work more suited to my skills and training comes along. I don't want to knock administrative work but it wasn't what I was hired for, it's not what I got two science degrees for, and it's not going to be brimming with promotion possibilities either. I am grateful that I do still have a job though.
Mando, what does a muddler do exactly? I've never even heard of them.

And I am also curious as to what the bustline is...sounds interesting.

Thank you everyone on the puppy tips. I'll definitely keep them in mind!

Bunny, we named our dog Shamus when it should be Seamus?!? Oh no. Don't I feel like a dork. sad.gif

Good morning to everyone else!

Kvetch: My stomach hurts. It feels like it's burning and sore. I think I need to go on a wheat and gluten free diet thingy similar to faith and see if that makes me feel any better. I have a suspicion that it might be the cause of my not feeling well. sad.gif

Anti-Kvetch: It's friday and I get two days off to spend with my new dog!

Kvetch: I got a little crack in my windsheild as I was driving to work this morning, and I have to get that sucker fixed.

Anti-Kvetch: I'm covered for the dent on my insurance with a zero deductible! Weee.
A muddler looks like a little bat. You take what always looked to me like the handle end and use it to crush mint leaves, and usually sugar, in the bottom of a glass. Then you add your liquor. People use them most commonly for mojitos and mint julips.

Yes, please, what is the Bustline? What did they quote? Was it funny? Oh my God. I enjoy any and all positive recognition. Must. see.

Mandi, I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. I have a friend going through much the same right now, and it's just awful because there's only so much (so little!) you can do for them.
Oh, Mandoliciousness, don't I love you completely... that Bare Necessities site has My Favorite Bra Ever, and even in colors other than white (I haven't been able to get the black one for YEARS).

The BustLine is an email (weekly? Monthly? I dunno) that gives little blurbs and news items and quotes from pithy posts here, etc. And I'm another one who has signed up but can't get it.

Yesterday afternoon a jet buzzed our downtown and rightfully scared the living crap out of people - I mean, they were LOW - turns out it was our lieutenant governor getting an "orientation" on the characteristics/capabilities of the F-16 (something about the whole base realignment/closure process affecting a local Air National Guard base.)

His staff aide said "It’s not just the thrill of riding shotgun in an F-16." Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
I love the muddler, required for old fashioneds.

I hate office politics.

I need DDD/E bras, but sometimes the Es wind up weirdly small.

le sigh.
Can I just get on up in here to share that Mando is not only a Muddler-weilding Diva, but she has REALLY GREAT HAIR as well? it's this darling, super-chic little blonde bob with bangs and it is adorable.
As you were.
QUOTE(faith @ Aug 18 2006, 11:15 AM) *

I love the muddler, required for old fashioneds.

Oh God, I can't believe I forgot old fashioneds! They used to be my favorite. MrP fell for me, in part, because of my taste for old fashioneds. (Well, whiskey in general, old fashioneds specifically.) When he used to bartend Saturday nights, it would make him crazy when I'd order them because they're not the quickest cocktail to make - not as fast as a gin & tonic, at least. Not as fast as opening a beer.

Out and about, it's so hard to find places that a) know how to make them, and cool.gif know how to make them well. I had the same problems ordering sidecars not too long ago - and in Vegas, of all places!
Urrrrg. Having a hard time waking up.

Mando, nice muddler. I'm sorry to hear about your cousin.

Cstars, good luck trying the gluten-free thing. Hope it makes you feel better. As far as your puppy's name goes, I say just pretend you decided to spell Seamus differently because then the name would be special just for your puppy. That's why my name (Jina) is spelled differently...

((Rasin)), the all Jon Benet case discussion really f*ed me up yesterday too.
I'm feeling slightly better now. I think I need to eat better and drink lots of water and that usually helps me feel better.

Msp, it's surprising how little bartenders know sometimes. I have to explain to people all the time how to make a Tom Collins, which is one of my all time favorite drinks. And I thought that was pretty common. Btw, I love your avatar. You're little south park version of yourself, i'm assuming. It makes me read your posts and picture you as a little kid. smile.gif

QUOTE(cstars124 @ Aug 18 2006, 01:07 PM) *

Btw, I love your avatar. You're little south park version of yourself, i'm assuming. It makes me read your posts and picture you as a little kid. smile.gif

An angry little kid. Yeah, I found that South Park avatar creator a while back and still can't get enough of it. I make new avatars of myself constantly - seething, sleepy, hungover, and sick.

Here's an actual picture of me.
Hey, all! I haven't felt like writing much lately...I think seeing this therapist kinda depletes me emotionally or something. In a good way, cuz I've been in a pretty giddy, stupid mood otherwise.

I saw her twice last week and will see her twice next some point I assume we'll go down to once a week. It makes me feel good in a weird way that I'm deemed worthy of twice a week! Like in a sick, fantasize-about-being-sick in the hospital way, which I'm embarrassed to say I used to do as a kid, probably because I was the youngest of four and didn't get tons of attention.

But therapy is an OK kind of attention to enjoy, I think, and as my friend says, it's like a massage, but it's a massage for your brain. It's cathartic just to talk for an hour and to have someone interested in YOU and YOUR FEELINGS for that long.

I'm writing without electricity, so I feel a little like my time is ticking away as the battery runs out...


Mando, so glad you gave Danny such a great birthday!

Welcome cstars!

I love whiskey! Anyone ever have a Scarlett O'Hara? It's whiskey and cranbery simple. So good.

Scary, vesica, about the plane!

Was it flanker who said something a few days back about being intimidated sometimes about keeping up? I feel that, too, but now that some posts show under the one we're writing, I'll most often respond to those that I can refer to...

Anoushh, I think you're very brave to tackle your fear of the water...and from my limited experiences, I think that fear tends to get passed down to your kids, so you are helping yours in a great way.

It's great having people returning and new ones joining in! Yay! Hi rosev, quantum, yuefie, txplum, tallgirl, faith, designerm, fina, mornington (miss ya), sonik, bunnyb, msp, gem, polly, crassy, gosh, I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of people, but I loves ya.

We're doing this art market tomorrow, so hope we make some moolah!
Dammit, I had a whole reply typed and the computer ate it...that's what I get for posting at work!

Anyway, last day at work and on Bust in all its magenta glory.

Co-workers took me out for lunch, where we met another co-worker who was given an early dismissal (he gave his 2 weeks to go to a company started by someone else who used to work here. A few days later they "excused" him.)

I had my exit interview with the HR guy; he had me fill out an exit questionnaire a few days ago, asking why I was leaving, what I thougt about the company, etc. I didn't hold back my opinions about my lazy-ass co-worker, my ineffectual boss and the ass-backwardsness of the customer service department where I was propmoted from. The HR guy agreed with me about everything I said and said that I was giving him a couple weeks worth of work. I'd hate to be responsible for heads rolling, but the company seems to be in the overthrow point of the workplace cycle...there's like a dozen positions open right now. So glad to be leaving!

Man, I typed ((hugs)) to everyone individually in my original post. Too lazy to do it again (((everyone!)))
This day is drrrraaaaaaging. I just need another hour to go by so I can go home and start my weekend. Bah!

Msp, i loved all of your south park characters. Soooo adorable! And they look so much like you! That's cute. My friend made a little south park character of me who wasn't smiling and had a cigarette in her mouth. Kinda put things in perspective for me, to see how other people see me. haha.

amilita, therapy can totally kick one's ass. But once you start to work through everything, it starts to be really helpful. One of my therapists said to me one time that therapy is alot of work and if you're not willing to put in the work to feel better, then it's a waste of time. So, I guess it's a good thing (in a weird way) to feel crappy after therapy, cause it means eventually things will get easier. I hope that makes sense :-\

Good job on telling your company how you feel about them, polly. Exit interviews are great cause you can totally talk as much crap as you want about the company and it doesn't matter cause you're leaving anyway.

Kvetch: My stomach, which was feeling better a little while ago, is now back to burning. sad.gif

Anti-Kvetch: I found some wheat and gluten-free cookies at the market and they're not that bad. I'm gonna store them in my desk for next week.

Hopefully, I won't post again for like the tenth time today, before it's time for me to leave. So, everyone have a wonderful weekend!
Msp, that photo of Walt sleeping on the arm of the sofa is one of the best things I've seen, oh, ever. Seriously.

Amilita--I think that's a fantastic attitude to therapy. I know I would tell myself it may be a lot of money, but what's a better investment than my own well being? It's paid off hugely for me, I know.

Kvetch--my teeth are still killing me and eating ice cream is just excruciating. That's just the universe being cruel.
Anti-kvetch--a very nice person gave me a lift back after water aerobics today so I didn't have to take the bus and walk a long distance in the increasingly hot weather.
*ahem* no friday underwear report? hmph.

mine: mint green nice ass knickers with pink trim and floozie printed in pink across nice ass.

amilita, loved you analogy of therapy as massage for brain - I need to get me some of that.

cstars, as far as I am aware it can be spelled both ways! It's more common in the Gaelic spelling here.

kvetch: just had a HUGE screaming match with my stepdad T over nothing really. We haven't fought for a looooong time. One of the last times, one of the real doozies, was almost exactly five years ago after which I ended up in hospital after taking a paracetamol overdose. Oh happy times. Oh and in upset text to mum (she's working nightshift) I blurted out that I'm on antidepressants so big oops there.

Anyway, I'm probably off to bed cos if I needed ice cream and hibernation this weekend beforehand, I definitely do now. Sorry for being so self-absorbed.
I hereby report that I am wearing underwear on a friday.
I, too, am wearing underwear on a Friday. And for once, I'm not wearing a thong.

I am somehow feeling emotionally exhausted today. I think that's why I haven't posted in here before now. Just feeling tired. I also had a weird dizzy spell while I was out shopping & felt strangely weak since then. Lordy, I've been such a wimp lately! I suspect that my iron levels have gotten low again.

["accidentally" kicks dust in the general direction of the step-dad's shoes]

Polly, good for you for being honest during your exit interview! I wish my old employer gave exit interviews. They would've gotten an earful out of me! I saw that company mistreat sooooo many excellent employees. It's as if they didn't even care that turnover was so high. And yes, I'm still bitter ... and it's totally unlike me to hold a grudge, but I can't help it. dry.gif

((((( Amilita, CStars, Flanker, Mandi & cousin, and everyone else who needs some lovin' )))))

Anti-kvetch: I'm making shepherd's pie for dinner. Yum!
*tiptoes in*

(((mando))) I loves you, I do I do I do.
(((cstars))) soooo kayute puppy! *steals* tongue.gif ***feel better stomach***
(((((bunny))))) I got nothing constructive, so *pulls face at bunny's stepdad and goes back to hugging bunny*
(((msp))) late, but woo on the bustline! And walt... is just sweet.
(((rose))) ***feel stronger vibes*** (mm, shepherds pie *dribbles*)
(((amilita))) sounds like the therapy is doing some good. And I found therapy left me feeling exhausted too.
(((polly))) yay for exit interview honesty.
(((flanker, sonik, vesica, dm, txplum, tg and everyone else)))

I know this is gonna sound trite, but... thank you for the vibes. It's helped a lot. I haven't really felt like posting, but I've been lurking a little and mentally hugging you all. I'm afraid I've been doing the whole cold, logical vet-student thing, and I guess I didn't want everyone to see that... I don't like doing it myself, but I think it's a protection mechanism-whatever-thing, and one I have to have.

But... other news. Finally got the house sorted - pictures on the flickr doodah, rose - and I'm waiting for the internets to be sorted there. Revising like... well, someone who's been revising the same thing since mid-march. Retakes are the end of this month ohmy.gif .

I'm debating with myself whether or not I go to v-festival for free. The bloke I *might* start seeing invited me (his flatmate is playing, he has a guestlist place). But... I'm not sure I want a proper bo relationship with him, or at least to rush into one... and I feel guilty for not revising. He's sweet, but... /ramble ramble ramble.

So, yes, I'll be around. (((everyone)))
*rugby tackles mornington and returns the hugs*

good to see you posting sweetheart. Love the place - the library pic looks like my bedroom on a good day. I currently have approximately 500 books stacked precariously everywhere and those are the ones unshelved. A trip to Ikea for storage boxes is in order. Your new home looks so cosy, adore the desk space and the earring display and the postcards (spied my own smile.gif)

Anyway, I have no idea where to start today with the work and fReAkInG out so may just hide under duvet.

First of all ...
(((((((((( big hugs for my Mornington )))))))))) I've missed you, sweetie.
Congrats on the new place. I deeply respect you for getting so many books up on shelves this early (I can be bad about such things). And I must say, Mornington-my-love, you have the most kickass earring collection on the planet!

Bunny, if you're still hiding under that duvet, I may find it necessary to come in after you wink.gif
((((( BunnyB )))))

Kvetch: I'm missing England a lot this morning. A looooooooot. Do you know that it's been almost 3 years since I was last there? Friggin-frackin-immigration-grumble-mumble. I should get off my butt & contact the British Consulate so I can get my passport problems settled with them. I'm hoping it might be easier now that Sheff & I have been married for a year.

In the mean time, I must simply imagine that I'm getting lost in The Lanes in Brighton or something equally fun.

(((((((( all of you )))))))) Hope you're having a good day!
((mornington)) Glad to have you back- your crib is bitchin'. tongue.gif
if bunny is still under the duvet, and rosiev is still there with here, can i crawl under too? this is the first day in a MONTH that i haven't worked. and all i have done with it is sleep. and play with me meeeee the african attack cat. i feel like i'm coming down with something. i have to go to a party tonight (my boss is giving it) and if i didn't feel obligated to go, i would stay home and be a slug.

or maybe just a cat. sometimes i'm not sure if there is much difference. except slugs have weird horns that suck into their heads when you touch them. are those eyestalks?????

no energy for indie vibes. i love all of you. the kvetchies KICK SERIOUS ASS.

hugs, beijinhos e peixinhos engracadinhos (i can't figure out how to accents to work on my laptop at home!)
Hey, I wanna join too! We could declare it a kvetchie slumber party/day of lazy snuggling couldn't we?

So glad to see you back (((mornington))), I meeced you! I'm gonna go check out your flickr pics now.

So I don't know what thread this would appropriate to post in but I'm sure it's fine to post it here. A little heads up: apparently a list of all mobile telephone numbers is to soon be released to telemarketing companies. You can register your cell # here at the national do not call registry.

I don't what is going on with me but these past few days I've been cooking like crazy, and rearranging the place. It's not even fall yet, I usually nest like crazy in the fall but it's early this year. Nobody around here has been complaining about all the cooking tongue.gif Just wish the oven didn't heat the place up so much or that I had a gas stove instead of the crappy electric one. My banana bread came out sooo good, the best I've ever made. But the oven temp is really off, sometimes it runs way too hot and scorches things, other times it seems to under cook and take longer. So I have to watch everything like a hawk. I sure do miss the fantasic gas one I had, *le sigh*.


yuefie, thanks for sharing the do not call registry.

Fina, I cannot explain my extreme love for the entire cast of dog the bounty hunter. I can forgive them anything. (not that prayer is something to be “forgiven”, of course.) i actually find that endearing.

(((fina))) & (((flanker))) & (((msp))) & (((rose))) for the cousin love.

(((amilita))) that’s exactly why I’ve avoided therapy. I’m not up to the commitment, or the effort. I very much salute you.

Oh and the fantasizing-about-being-sick thing? I used to do that. Only I was the sick and/or dying heroine in tv shows. My knights in shining armor included little joe cartright and hawkeye pierce and captain kirk and spock.

The above is not only damaging & cringeworthy info - that i'm not sure i've ever admitted to anyone - it’s blackmail material. See how much I love & trust you guys?

so happy to see (((mornington))) back in here!

flattering Jem drive-bys make me smile. smile.gif

“Msp, that photo of Walt sleeping on the arm of the sofa is one of the best things I've seen, oh, ever. Seriously.” DITTO!

Polly, congrats on your graceful exit!

cstars124, for me the appeal of ‘shamus’ is in the misspelling. Please please keep it that way?

Pinkie & vessie, bare necessities may not be the cheapest, but they’re fast-as-hell, great with returns & have a wonderful selection. I hope you wind up as happy a customer as i!

today's kvetches:
- a son who neglects to call his mother when away. which especially smarts after everything i did for him for his birthday. *selfish sniffle*
- revving up our recently zeroed-out credit card at the optometrist this past week. (with the anti-kvetch being kickass uberchic specs for the entire family, long overdue)
- and The Great Casa Mando Ant Invasion (& Subsequent Fumigation) of 2006.

*heavy sigh*

maybe a little erasure will help ...

I try to discover, A little something to make me sweeter
Oh baby refrain From breaking my heart
I'm so in love with you
I'll be forever blue
That you give me no reason
Why you're making me work so hard

That you give me no, That you give me no
That you give me no, That you give me no

Soul, I hear you calling, Oh baby please
Give a little respect, To meeeeeeee
Oh Mando, I love Erasure!

[briefly leaves comfort of the duvet & commences dancing around living room]
Oh baby pleeeeeeeeeeese!
Give a little respeeeect
Toooooo meeeeeeeee!!!!!

Oooh - a kvetchie slumber party!!! That would be so much fun! I was, however, too down to stay beneath duvet (without you fine ladies) so I got my ass up, called the boy's mum and arranged a shopping trip and late lunch/early dinner. We had tapas - mmmm... I have a bit of an upset tummy now -probably from overeating- so may return to duvet and dvd or book, as yet undecided.

My shopping, good company and food has made me more upbeat smile.gif. My purse not so much! Is having three tops -all different styles- in the one colour (mustard) a tad excessive? Mustard is my new colour of choice to wear, that and teal and red (not all at same time!)

Good news: the boy is in Manchester having a look around and met up with two of the guys from the house he has his heart set on (there are three girls too) and they seemed enthusiastic and asked him when he was coming in, so tootsies xd everything is finalised okay!

Happy Saturday! xx
Nah, bunnyb... I have three tops in an almost-identical shade of green. If it suits you the more the merrier!

I used to love erasure back in the day; I recognised all the words immediately! I had that album and the one before it, with Oh L'Amour. Soothed many a heartbroken moment away. (/cheesefest)

Sunday schmunday. I think I will do very little today, except possibly some thesis reading as deadline is approaching. If the mister leaves the house I will do some tae bo too.
I'm going to crawl under the blankets with the rest of you, as I've had a shitty no-good weekend thus far, full of disappointments big and small. All I want to do today is stay home and clean the crash-landing pad I call home.
Is there still room under the duvet? unsure.gif

the weekend went downhill. Felt guilty for not going to V with G... went shopping as the milk had gone off... G calls, slightly drunk, that was fine... started doing some work, took a nap... G calls again, even drunker. Insists on calling me "sweetie"... wants to take me to Reading Festival next weekend (I know he gets free tickets, but still, it's glastonbury mk2) and take me out on my birthday... by this stage I'm spiralling down rapidly... but I can't explain that as we've only been on one date and I really don't think I can confess the whole depression thing. Spent the rest of the night crying on the sofa missing Daphne and being thoroughly pathetic. I know I'm a fairly clingy person myself, but I can't deal with other clingy people. I need to want to be around someone in order to cope, and when I'm down I can hardly cope with anyone... and sweetie? After one date? He's nice, but (there's a huuuuge "but") ... *head/desk* ... I am not your fucking sweetie.

Oh, and H couldn't come see me. I'm spending my birthday alone, or with my mum. Woo-fuckin'-hoo.

*crosses toes for bunny's boy* (((bunny)))
(((mando))) I think I have ants too
(((tes))) ***don't-come-down-with-something vibes*** (did that make sense? nah.)
(((rose))) I wanna go to the lanes too! It's been years since I was in brighton.

Ok, I'm going to go... do something... hide on the sofa, maybe, and avoid humanity.
There's plenty of room, it is an extra special kvetchie duvet after all wink.gif I made a delicious plum cobbler last night, and there is plenty left over for all.

((((((mornington)))))) sad.gif I'm sorry you are missing Daphne sweetie (I can get away with calling you that cause I'm not a clingy boy, nyah!) ~~~~oodles and oodles of lovies, hugs, and comforting, anti-depression vibes your way~~~~

((((((raisin))))) ~~~sooothing vibes for you darlin'~~~

(((((tes))))) ~~~anti-something vibes~~~ I hope you don't get sick love. Be kind and gentle to yourself.

(((rose))) ~~~straightened out passport issues vibes~~~

((((bunny)))) toes crossed for your boy. how's your tum feeling? your tapas sounded great, I even showed your post in "what I ate" to my sis because I've been trying to convince her to go to this tapas place I've heard so much about. I think she's sold on the idea now.

((((mandi)))) ~~~go away ants! and be kind to your mama, danny! vibes~~~ and ~~~healing vibes for your cousin~~~

((((anoushh)))) how are your teeth feeling? I wonder why some of can't seem to get BUSTline? huh.gif I've also signed up for it repeatedly, using different email addy's and still have yet to receive it once. I signed up again yesterday using my BUST email this time.

((((plummie, crassy, amilita, vesica, polly, designer, sidecar, lys, fina, syb, faith, cstars, flanker, treehugger, pink, msp, qspice, damona, ladylib, sonik, dusty, car, surly, mavin, billy, sck1, anyone I missed and all you lurkers too!))))

wub.gif I too love Erasure. And darn it if you all haven't made me pull my cd out and put it on.

"Were we never to be forgotten
Lay down your sweet head and cry
We'll live in dreamland tonight
Oh come all ye who are faithful
Lay down your sweet head and cry
Enter the valley of light..."

ETA: *ahem* I went a little emoticon crazy there didn't I?

(((raisin))) what's wrong, muffin?
(((mornington))) i wish i could throw you a birthday party.

"All I want to do today is stay home and clean the crash-landing pad I call home."

um, that's all i've been doing. all weekend. i know i had a really good birthday weekend last weekend, i know my kitchen needed a good cleaning anyway, but i'm lump-in-the-throat bitchypissy that i've had to spend my entire weekend cleaning out cupboards, washing linens, reorganizing the pantry, etc. - am now waiting for the floor to dry so we can spray yet again. the mr is trying to convince me that the it takes the fuckers a few days to bring the poison back to their anthills, so we may still see a few. i wish he hadn't told me that. because now i'm going to humanize the little buggers and feel guilty.


Feh. I posted part of it in Confessions, Mando. I feel your pain on the cleaning front. Even though I'm pro-animal and all, I say kill all those fucking ants and don't feel bad about it because THEY DON'T BELONG IN THE HOUSE! So there.

Oh l'amour, Yuefie! And you, too, Mornington. Is your birthday this month?

Okay, in order to prove my undying loyalty and affection I spent about two hours today on and off catching up on the Kvetching. Holy Hand Grenade!

...and for those of you who may have forgotten or need a nudge in a general direction, this is the girl formerly known as Metagrrl


I dunno quite how to bust into here and give a proper synapsis of the last year or so but let's give 'er a try:

1. I won the custody battle after a harrowing 18 month struggle and much asshattery. And yeah Tes, THESE ASSHATS DOTH VEEEEEEEEEX ME! Minxlette is with me 90% of the time, support in place, and there has even been a truce on the exMetaman front. He's still married, and I still don't know her from a hole in the wall, but I am much more comfortable with the situation. Life is pretty damned okay. Minxlette is going to KINDERGARTEN next month and that is simply tripping my ass out. I have a hard enough time believe that Danny (whoot Mando!) is 14, let along my own offspring heading towards socialization hell herself.

2.The last guy I have dated, albeit crazier than a shithouse rat , taught me a great many cooking tips and reminded me that I need to play more. I even finally had sex in a graveyard and on playground equipment!

3. I moved out of my ginormous house in the 'hood and into a really nice part of town. The apartment itself has no real character but I am hoping that with some careful financial planning, I will be able to trick it out fairly nicely. I am going for minimalism as I threw away nearly half of my earthly possessions and keepsakes and burned a whole bunch of ex-boyfriend shit during the move. I just wish that I knew what to do with all of these fucking books...seriously, I have about fifteen cases of books.

4. For the first time ever, I have retained my teaching position at a high school. I have been laid off every year for the last three years and it has caused a lot of chaos and anxiety, but now I am in the position of my dreams. I even got a babysitter out of the deal that Minxlette loves. They watched Matilda together on Friday night as I made chili (hell, I got stood up, might as well make the best of a shitty situation). I will be teaching 11th American Literature exclusively this next year. Whoot!

5. I am in the middle of making plans to take my first vacation since 1999. A group of momma friends of mine all want in on a mid-winter warm-up. Fuck yeah!

6. I still go commando. tongue.gif

I do hope to pop in a bit more...things just got haywire and I had to back off for time contraints, and for the fact that a certain ex was stalking me. Do I know this for certain? No. Did it seem pretty obvious from the content of my life that he knew without any contact with my closest friends. Yup. My life is interesting enough to be scandelous in a court of law, but he didn't need to know any more gory details. At any rate, here's mud in your eye!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear wonderful, funny, intelligent mornington.
Happy birthday to you!

Have a great day sweetie (yeah, I get to call you that too!) with lots of hugs and good food.


yuefie, tapas are wonderful and I hope my post convinced her! The boy and bunnymama don't like (not that they've tried) so need to grab them where I can (luckily friends do like).

~"~"~"~"be gone you pesky ants~"~"~"~"~ and ~*~*~*hair-brushing soothing vibes for Mando~*~*~*~*

~vitC~vitC~vitC~feel better vibes for tes and rose~vitC~vitC~vitC~

hi minx!

kvetch: woke up with headache AND moontime cramps. ugh. have meeting with thesis supervisor late this afternoon to discuss starting PhD in January...

anti-kvetch: the boy got the house (and room) he wanted!!!! Woot!

Happy birthday mornington! Have a lovely lovely day today.

*waves at minx* Are you defecting from the Okayers then? smile.gif

Glad to hear the boy's housing sitch is sorted bunny. Good luck with the meeting!

Speaking of Ph.Ds, I am facing another chapter deadline so need to work my ass off from, um, yesterday.

Me and the mister are fighting which I hate. I'm trying to throw myself into work for distraction as much as for necessity...

Mando, just remember: you may have ants, but you also have great hair. Which is more important.
OMFG it's Meta!!! Long gone but never forgotten, so great to see you lady!!


*coughs* Bunny, I like tapas... and will be in your hood two weekends from now, care to get together? Btw did you see the new things in Monsoon, they have quite a few items in mustard. A bit pricy of course but very lovely (if you like mustard coloured clothing, which I must admit I don't).

Half marathon is in two weeks- eep!

Peace offering to Mandi re Dog the Bounty Hunter- just thought it was funny. The ads they show for it here kind of get my back up.

Great weekend seeing friends who've moved away. We went to a potluck wedding on sat that was fabulous, I hope they don't mind that we plan to steal basically all of their ideas (including the same venue)!
fina, I PM'd you. Mental note: try to avoid lovely but expensive Monsoon.

(((sybarite))) g' luck with the mr and the deadlines. I love your avatar smile.gif.
Oooooh! Glad to see that there are still lovely ladies under the duvet! I came to work today and our office manager (who is THE loveliest person ever!!! I adore him to eeeetsy beeeetsy beeets) kvetched at me!!! he told me that perhaps my husband (that would be mr. hotbuns) is not here, but HE is here, and he opined that perhaps I would be better off at home. I declined, reciting the tired refrain of too much work to do. So he made me promise – he made me SAY it! – that I would go home at 5 when I am supposed to. So I guess that is what I will do in about an hour and ½.

Mandomyheart, I wish that I was there so that I could help you clean!!! I don’t like doing it either, but together we could make it FUN and it would get done twice as fast!

And, as the wise woman below told you: GOOD HAIR trumps ants. GOOD HAIR trumps almost everything!

*raises hand timidly* I admit to having done the kill ants thing. No one bothers in brasil, because they have these teeeny little ants called ghost ants that seem to only live and thrive on sugar bowls. Sugar bowls are omnipresent in brasilian houses and businesses, even in shops, because you ALWAYS get offered a cafezinho and those usually require more sugar than coffee. I tell you, I KNOW that I have drunk more ants than I care to think of. We used to keep our sugar bowl in a bowl of water, so that the little suckers couldn’t cross the moat.

I hated squishing the ants in the states last year, (they made a NEST in my ficus tree during the summer! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. *flaps hands* ) because they smelled just HORRID when I squished them. formic acid. Now you know where THAT comes from!

(((((raisin))))) it’s okay, querida.

(((((mornington)))) you go ahead and feel however you need to feel, however long, about your precious daphne. We understand.

Is there any more of the plum cobbler left??? I <3 cobblers. Especially in the summer, with all of the fresh fruits!!! (I would in fact MAKE one – I wonder how a pineapple and passion fruit cobbler would tast? – if I EVER GOT AN OVEN THAT WORKED!!!! Grr. *great gnashing of teeth ensues*

((((rosie v, feel more bettah, hon.))))

they call people that there. Hon. Shug. Sweetpea. Gotta love the southern USA. (Gotta hate it too, but I’m on an optimistic roll!)

so, after feeling crappy flu-like all weekend, guess what starts to bother me last night? My body keeps wanting to pee. And pee. And pee. AND PEE. Even when there is nothing to pee. And it hurts like the dickens. (where does THAT expression come from? Is it as in Charles?)

yep. I have a UTI. I will see mr. hotbuns in 10 days and I have a uti. That made me think of sidecar, because, once I finish this round of antibiotics, which thankfully, is for EXACTLY 10 days…….I will get a yeast infection! Happens every time. So I have some fluconozole on hand for when that happens.

Right. Once again this post is almost a russian novel without the confusing names. And I have forgotten half of the people I should have remembered.

(((minx))) and I have been in frequent touch. So I will just give her hugs and remind her that tes is omniscient and that she should always listen to me.

and ((((((fina))))), too. Running vibes! And I’m sure I have said this before, but I want to be fina menina. She goes to THE BEST par-tays!

Hugs and kisses and silly silly kingclip!!!

Good Morning everyone! I hope everyone had an excellent weekend!

Mornington, happy birthday and glad to see you back!

Kvetch: It's monday. And it's kinda dark and a good day to just sleep all day, but I had to get up early to go to work. sad.gif

Kvetch: I have to go home and pack everything in my apartment so I can move on Saturday, and I hate having that hang over my head all day

Anti-Kvetch: I bought some probiotics this weekend and since taking them, my stomach hasn't hurt so much. :-D

I hope this day just flies by..but because it's a monday, it probably wont. Bleh.
Much happiness & love to Mornington on her birthday!
And I hope you'll forgive me if I call you sweetie. Blame it on my Okie roots. The men aren't allowed to do it, but the ladies always call eachother sweetie & hon & dearheart & all that. smile.gif

MetaMinx! How did I not catch that these two names were the same person?! Soooooo good to see you! I was wondering what was happening with you & your daughter (and of course, the Asshat & the girl he married after knowing her for, what, two weeks? Ugh. But let's not focus on that). Congrats on the work sitch & living in a nicer neighborhood & having a great babysitter & having wacky sex & ALL of that! Welcome back to Kvetch!

Ants! Ugh! My parents battle them every year. I heard someone saw that babypowder works, but I don't know how you're supposed to use it. Sprinkle it around the outside of the house or something? Who knows. Lordy, I'm of no help at all, am I!

~~~~~ soothing for Bunny ~~~~~
Congrats on the boy's room! Woo hoo! You'll certainly appreciate the en-suite during those conjugal visits. Mrowr!

((((((( hugs for Yeufie just 'cause ))))))))

Tes? You better go home on time today, you hear? Huh? Do ya?

(((***((( hugs & sparkles of productivity for Sybarite )))***)))

CStars, you're moving, too? Wow. Guess it's that time of year again.
~~~~~ smooth move vibes for CStars ~~~~~

((((((Raisin)))))) Just because.

Is Polly starting her new job today?

[hears the call of Monsoon]
Good thing there's a big ocean between me and one of those stores! Did I ever tell you that the Monsson in Brighton is located right next to the Lush? One of my favorite things was to walk east along the seafront, visit Monsoon & Lush in the Lanes, & then grab some G&B chocolate ice cream on my walk back home to our flat. Yup, I am a Bustie through and through. smile.gif

Thank you all for the healthy vibes. The tummy is better. I decided to spend the weekend resting & reading a lot (which was easy since Sheff was at work until 9pm every night). I was more tired than usual during my workout this morning, but I made myself stick it out. So it'll all be okay.

I need to start taking notes while reading this thread. So hard to remember everything!

(((((((((((( major love for all ))))))))))))
*fly-by (cos in uni library and the lounge "work-safe" mode is yucky)

Supervisor Rob (as opposed to supervisor leprechaun) is all for my thesis proposal and for me starting in January! woot! I can have a little rest once the dissertation is submitted then finalise my proposal.

Rose, dearheart, how did you guess why I was so keen on the en suite? tongue.gif
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