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(((((mornington)))))) I'm so sorry sweetie sad.gif

(((mornington))))) oh, i am so sorry! daphne was such a special companion to you, and i'm sorry you lost her so suddenly.
((((Mornington)))) I'm so sorry. RIP, Daphne. sad.gif

Treehugger, did the pipe fall on you at work? If so, did you tell your supervisor? If not, then you need to. Seriously. And the company needs to pay for you to go to a doctor's office to have it checked as soon as possible. Don't hesitate at all. You've had an on-the-job accident and the company is supposed to look out for you in this situation.

I filled out an accident report and told the guy about it yesterday. I'm pretty sure it's just badly bruised. But at least I have the wheels in place if it turns out to be something more.
((((((((continued love for Mornington))))))))

Treehugger, I'm glad to hear you filled out the report. I worry about my darling, wonderful Kvetchies!

Crassy, you have drama to deal with at work, too? Heaven sakes! You're surrounded!

Mandi, I'm sooooooo glad to hear that you had a great time this weekend. Tell Danny that his Bustie Aunties wish him the very bestest birthday ever!!!!!!!

By the by, I'm still stunned that he is 14 years old now. 14!!!! Amazing!

Much hope for you that this all turns out okay.

((((((Amilita)))))) I forgot to say so earlier, but I admire you for going to a therapist. I know first-hand how hard it can be to go at first, but it can do so much good. I'm glad to hear that you're taking the time to take care of yourself.

(((((((((((( oodles more love for all of you ))))))))))))

Thanks so much for the occasional kick in the pants, everyone. I tidied up the résumé, whipped up a cover letter, & mailed the whole thing off just a few minutes ago. I'm still a bit stunned that I did it! But all in all, I think this is good. When I originally told BestGalPal about the job, she was positively stunned because it sounded like such a perfect place for me to be. Now we just hope that the position is still available & that the schedule is more flexible than I fear!
((((((((mornington & pete)))))))) I'm so sorry to hear about Daphne.
Rose, I went and read the article on the YouTube guy - didn't know people had been giving him crap. I'm so glad people stuck up for him. And as far as the job goes, glad to hear you got your info to them, and I hope it's everything you want it to be and more smile.gif

Amilita, I'm so glad to hear you found such an awesome therapist! It reminds me that I should keep trying to find one myself.

Rasin, congrats on loving your new job! Hope you're having the same experience, polly!

Thanks mando - it's just so hard 'cause I want to come close to being as awesome and considerate as everyone else here is, y'know? And I'm easily overwhelmed - I actually took notes today, as someone here has recommended before rolleyes.gif
Glad to hear you had such a lovely birthday weekend! Sounds like it's Danny's turn today, yay!

({*({!({*sarah*})!})*}) I had to make up all new vibes for you! Hope they help! They are wellness vibes with hugs and backrubs in them.

~*~*~ wellness vibes for yuefie, sybarite, and treehugger's foot ~*~*~

((pnp)) ((quantum)) ((everybustie else))

I have all my classes scheduled!

Now I just need to get my act together here at home.
((((((((mornington)))))))) I read the news in another thread. I'm so sorry, hon.
((mornington)) I'm so sorry to hear about Daphne. Losing a pet is very hard.

Just wanted to pop in and say Mr. DM and I have officially moved to Brooklyn. My job is excellent so far, but I stay very busy. Mr. DM is looking for a job. Our apartment is the cutest, and we finally got cable, internet and phone yesterday on our 2 year wedding anniversary. I'll be checking in, but it's still a bit busy here.

((Good things for all Busties))
kvetch: can't sleep. again. had such a crappy day - was so down and incredibly moody. be back once more awake to kvetch properly.

health and job vibes where required (((yuefie, treehugger, txplumwine, raisingirl, sidecar, roseviolet, tesao...)

kick for roseviolet.

no asshats allowed.

stress-free vibes where required (including myself - syb thanks for the advice and crassy, i'm going to speak to my manager tomorrow).

happy birthday danny! wikipedia-ed is so a verb. like googled and BUSTed and ebayed.

no sore toe vibes for treehugger.

i too admire amilita for the therapist and going back to nursing.

welcome back designermedusa!

continued love and cuddles for (((mornington))).

I was going to wait until I felt up to posting everything I wanted to post, but as usual that's never going to happen, so I'll do the best I can for now.

(I'm having trouble focusing because my teeth hurt so much. Yes, my teeth. I must have been clenching like the devil b/c it hurts just to sit here, and eating is even more painful. Pah.)

Anyway, mornington, I'm so sorry about Daphne. Like everyone's said, though, I'm sure she had a great life with you. (((mornington)))

Treehugger, glad you filled out a report. Lots of people don't realize that they are entitled to worker's comp, and if (as so many of us do) you have the experience of being uninsured or underinsured you just wait until you are desperate before you go to the docs. Then worker's comp uses that delay against you. (I was a claims adjuster in workers comp for 5 years. Drove me bonkers that the more arrogant and/or priviledged people had no clue--and didn't seem to want to--about why people might not go to the doctor unless they were desperate. Well, a lifetime of no insurance does that to a person. Duh.) Anyway, hope it gets better soon and this is all academic.

TG--that is just inexcusable. What is wrong with some people?

Amilita, that sounds like a good start for the therapist! And sounds like it's a good time/right time for you, which matters a lot, I think.
And a slightly belated congratulations on the tests. (And your avatar STILL puts me in a good mood whenever I see it!)

Ok, I know there's a lot more, but the mister is back from his first day at work so I'm off to see how it went. Then I'm off to my second swimming lesson (I can't swim, so am trying to be brave and at least learn to not drown.)

Oh, and I forgot the first commandment of the native pacific northwesterner--don't tell anyone it's nice here and encourage them to move. So...don't move to Portland or Seattle. You'll hate it here! Cold, gloomy, depressing! Horrible!!! Stay away, stay away!!!!!
i’m still new, but I read this thread regularly and just want to say a few things:

((( mornington))) so sorry about daphne. she clearly had a very caring and loving mom in you.

(((anoushh))) good luck with the swim lessons. I had a friend who learned as an adult recently and she said that she always had the song “just keep swimming” from Finding Nemo stuck in her head while she swam.

(((treehugger))) i’m so glad that you made a report. i went through the whole workman’s comp. situ a couple of years ago, and was so glad the I filed, because the problems from my accident didn’t show up until later.

(((amilita))) congrats on finding a good therapist! I just started back myself a couple of months ago and can’t believe the progress i’ve made already.

(((roseviolet))) way to go! i guess all the kicks worked. but I also want to ask where you went ice-skating. i’m also in the triangle, and have never skated and thought it might be a fun hot weather thing to do. do you need your own skates?

And good vibes to all busties!!

{{{{mornington}}}} I am so sorry for your loss. Daphne sounds like a real sweetheart.


Brief update to yesterday's post:

1. I did get that e-mail from minister K, but did not get to speak with him. He also seemed sad that I hadn't heard and was apologetic that he hadn't contacted us lately. As GB put it, "It's a sad ending, but at least it's not a tragic one." Maybe someday we'll go visit.

2. I arrived at 8 am on the DOT today...I was there before any of the boys, who have long started at 8. Boss has apparently started cheating and was outside smoking when we returned from lunch. Not coincidentally, she seemed to be in a much better mood today.

3. Obviously, it's a much better day.

4. TG called to check on me as we were all heading out to lunch. I regret that I only had a moment to talk to her...and then I came home and crashed out for three hours. I will try again tomorrow, my dear...hope you're OK.

5. The anti-spasm, turn-your-pee-bright-orange medicine is apparently working, as my pain is drastically lessened. Fingers crossed that the Cipro is doing its job as well.

And now...back off to the sack.
Oops, forgot my kvetch!
i live above a store on a main street in my town. the city is repaving the road right under my bedroom window. their hours are from 10 pm to 6 am. i'm okay with the bulldozer, and have made peace with the jack-hammer, but the stadium light that shines right in to my (no blind) window is killing me. the good news is that they should be done by the 24th. (cackles for a bit too long). blink.gif
((whino)) that suuuucks. Maybe you could get an eye mask... whatever you do, hope your sleep isn't too disrupted.
bom dia, todo mundo!!!

it is 7 am here, i am GOOOOOFING off (but i am NOT ms. gb!!!! blink.gif because i am busting instead of taking a shower or - GASP - drinking coffee!

so this is just another morning quickie (i love them so!)

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ daphne ~*~*~*~*~*~*

it is soooooooo hard to lose a loved member of your family! and that it what your bun bun was. don't let anyone tell you anything different. if they try to, just ignore them. the kvetchies know, and we are here for you!

(hugs mornington tightly)

if no one else has suggested it, www.rainbowbridge is just the ticket. i'm not completely sure of the addy, but it has "rainbow bridge" in it. it will make you cry, but in a good way.

what IS is with our girlie bits infections and red pee and now orange pee??? ((((mandomyheart, i hope you are long over your issue, and tes'ass plummy wine, my raven haired beauty, here are boobah squishing hugs, kisses on your nose, and mad.gif grrrrrrr! @^%$ baddy infections be GONE vibes for you %$@&#%* mad.gif

whino, you don't need your own skates. just look up ice rinks or ice skating rinks in your local friendly yellow pages. there are at LEAST two in the area that i know of. it depends on where you live. (i'm quite leery about posting anything specific about where we are because i've been stalked here on the boards)

rosie, YOU GO GIRL!!! muito muito muito pleased that you DID IT!!! even if it doesn't work out, you will ALWAYS be glad that you tried! and that means that perhaps you are beginning to adjust. THAT is beyond price. i own you a pm; will try to get to that today, querida!!

treehugger, i took one look at that monster that you posted the picture of and thought OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! good for you for turning in a report. you might want to go and have it checked out as well. i've broken parts of my foot and though there wasnt' much to do each time, it helped me to know what i COULD do and what i shouldn't.

((((((anousshka, darling!!! i am AMAZED at your fearlessness. i once dated a man who took a class called swimming for the absolutely terrified. he wouldn't let me shower with him because having water on his face freaked him out. BUT he wanted to sail with me, so he did it. and YOU CAN TOO!!!! the just keep swimming Nemo advice is right on!

YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!! its designer medusa!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!! sounds like things are coming together fo you, grrrl friend!! HUZZAH!!!

amilita, it is a really tough first step. i admire you, more than you know. think of it as an intensive course in learning -- about yourself. (((amilita))) frankly, i'm astonished by your strength and how marvellously you have dealth with this issue so far. *kisses amilita on the forehead, and gently places her cheeck next to amilita's.)

hokay. i now have 15 minutes to get ready for work. and i did it on purpose. so there! laugh.gif

LOADS of hugs, brasilians of tiny little cheek kisses, and silly silly silly Nemo and Dori fish!!!

will try to be back on my lunch hour!!
(((mornington))) So sorry about Daphne. She sounded like a sweet little bunny.

I'm going to have to Bust at work tomorrow (whadda they gonna do, fire me?)'s 12:45am and I need to shower before work, so off to bed! So much to catch up on here!

P.S. Raisin posted the Rainbow Bridge poem. I'm getting choked up just thinking about it, so I didn't even look at it.

Could I request some vibes for the boy please? He's emailed interest in a room in a house (5 sharing) that would be perfect for him/us: good price, modern build, fully furnished, onsuite in room he's requested, 2.8 miles from where he'll be working... It's in great location, professional affluent area with lots of resturants and shops. The onsuite room would be good for when I visit (I hope they don't mind an extra houseguest one weekend a month) and he has heart set on it so I have everything crossed for him.

I know BUSTie vibes work so thought I'd pop in - and if any to spare can you vibe them towards the dissertation please?

Still tired, love ya all x

eta: The Rainbow Bridge poem is beautiful. Sniff.

eta: So maybe not as much of a fly-by visit as I originally thought. My awful mood yesterday scared me as I thought that maybe the antidepressants were no longer working but all is okay, I realised as I lay awake suffering from bout of insomnia or whatever it is that I am, in fact, PMSing. How crazy is it that I can justify/not worry about my foul moods and overwhelming sadness now? As long as I can explain why.
Designer Medusa! I was thinking about you just the other day & wondering how NYC was treating you & Mr. DM. It's sooooooo wonderful to hear that it's all going so well! Hooray!

(((((( continued hugs for Mornington ))))))

~*~*~*~*~ en-suite vibes for BunnyBoy ~*~*~*~*~

~^~^~^~ gentle, encouraging, bum kicks for Bunny & her dissertation ~^~^~^~
You like it. I know you do. happy.gif

~zzz~zzz~ sleep vibes for Bunny & Whino, too ~zzz~zzz~

Whino, you poor thing! When I visited New York for the first time, they were doing that very same sort of construction outside of our hotel. Living with those jackhammers for 3 days was maddening, so I can only imagine how horrid it must be to have all of that racket right outside your own home!

Only a couple days left at work for Polly! Marvelous!

Anoushh, what's up with the tooth pain? Do you have TMJ? Your comment about the northwest made me laugh out loud! laugh.gif

~~~~~~~ sooooooothing for Anoushh's teeth & Treehugger's foot & Plummie's urinary tract & any other achey hurty bits out there ~~~~~~

Tes my darling, how's work? Getting any better?

Mandi, how was Danny's big birthday? Hope he had a great time!

(((((((( all of you'ins ))))))))

Kvetch: Feeling very sickly again this morning. I'm starting to have some of my old endometriosis symptoms on a far more regular basis lately. Hmm. I have also started shedding a LOT more hair than usual! So bizarre. I feel like a cat preparing for the changing seasons.
Hi guys...checking in to see how you all are doing and what this whole newfangled Lounge is like.

Mornington, I'm so sorry about Daphne. Right now, I can really commiserate, because Beauregard, our weimaraner of thirteen years, was just put down by my parents because of health problems. I know I've posted about him occasionally and LJers have seen a pic of him in bunny ears. I've been completely torn up about it and you have my love and support, if you want to PM me and we can cry togetha or sumthin'. ::hugs::

Hope everyone else is well; right now I'm trying to sort out moving out and going abroad (well, abroad from where I am abroad right now), and I bought my first car (!!), and etc. etc. etc. Eek, is all I can really say.

Kisses always!

ETA: how do you change it from saying "Advanced Member" to whatever else you want it to say, like Tes has? Anyone? Bueller?
Oh, the Dupont Circle love. I lived there for almost three years - first at 17th & P (so in the mix you can't even stand it), then the place we just moved out of, at 19th & S. I'm not at all pleased about having to move out. I know Mt. Pleasant is lovely, and we can afford a 2BR place there, but it's not the Circle, darling. Tsk. I miss my gay boys already. When my friends would tease me about being a "District snob," I'd pooh-pooh them for giving me far too much credit. Yes, leaving the District was clearly out of the question, but why would I really want to leave my neighborhood?

Damn it. Now I hardly have a Metro stop to speak of. The one good thing is that I've been riding my bike much, much more. There are far worse things than having to get in shape.

Mornington, I'm so sorry to hear about your bunny. It's crazy awful to lose a pet.
Lys! wub.gif Stay a while, luv, before you have to motor off in your Argo (hahaha -- you can G00gle it if you don't know what it is). I think the general consensus was that you have to be at 500 posts to change that member status field. You're not far from it now! Someone feel free to correct me if 500 isn't the magic number.

I'm still really sad about baby Daphne. Mornington, I totally feel your pain and I don't mean that in an insincere Bill Clinton kind of way. I don't think I ever got over the death of my first buns (he died of pneumonia while we were on our way to the animal hospital for the second time), also my first pet. I'm so attached to Mr. Wonderbunny now that I cry when I think that he's considered elderly and that all life must come to an end and that his could be soon. Sniff! I want him to live forever! I get more upset about pets dying than rotten family members dying. Pets give you this wonderful unconditional love and it's something that humans can't replace. You gave him a life filled with love, though, and that at least must give you some comfort.

Crap, I guess it's good I haven't put on my mascara yet.

All of my kvetches seem so unimportant now (um, because they are). I'm just mad at myself for not managing my mornings better (i.e. waking up at 6:00 instead of 7:00) so that I have enough time to walk to work. I guess I'd have to drive to work today anyway since I have errands to run via car after work anyway. Ho-hum. I'm still getting used to this new routine or, really, trying to come up with one. Not everything is going to happen at once, I guess. And I still have nothing good to wear to work. Whaaat-evvvah!
Congrats on the move to DM and Mr, I love Brooklyn.
~*~* vibes for Bunny and her boy ~*~*~*

((((TXplum)))) glad you're feeling a bit better.

I can't believe Danny is 14. Wow.

Kvetch: dr appt with the mean med guy, plus crampy and hormonal.
Continued hugs for (((mornington))). Keeping you and daphne in my heart, luv. (and please forgive my aged addled brain for not keeping better tabs, but who’s “pete”?)

(((Beauregard))) & (((lysistrata))) I’m so sorry for your loss, hon. But it’s nice to hear from you again. I was worried you were off on another 3-yr hiatus.

Crassy, what happened with the board mtg?


*sing hallelujah comeon get healthy vibes for rose & plummie & yuefie*

*big fat welcome back hug for designermedusa*

* feel better vibage for bunny & get-that-flat vibes for bunnyboy*

mwahs to (((rose))) & (((bunny))) & (((flanker))) & (((faith))) for the danny birthday love!

(((rose))) danny’s day was pretty damn fine if I say so myself, thanks for asking. i treated him to lunch at his favorite diner, then a window-shopping trip at our favorite mall, then a few little presents at home (he LOVED the tee shirts!), then off to see pirates – which we all LOVED, I so want to see it again! – and then a late-night nosh at the cheesecake factory. He must’ve thanked & hugged me 12 times for making such a great day for him. And since his favorite sushi restaurant was closed last night – and that was what he had his heart most set on – we’re heading there this evening.

um, not that i can button my pants. ugh.

(((((mornington))))) endless lovin's and hugs sweetheart.

((((lys)))) I'm really sorry to hear about beauregard sad.gif I'm with mandi though, and glad to see you around. I believe once you hit 500 posts you can customize it.

((((mandi-luv)))) pete is the new fuzzy bun-bun that mornington brought home when she returned from her trip to belgium. he is a cutie pie that daphne got very attached to and she could not bear to leave behind. *sniff* so sad for them both sad.gif thanks for the get better vibes. I must admit that I was listening to Jeff Buckley earlier, so when I read your "hallelujah comeon get better" I imagined you singing it like him. oh and happy belated b-day wishes for danny. glad you guys had a good time.

~~~~vibes for bunny's boy~~~~

and sleepy vibes for (((bunny))) and (((whino))). in fact, I'm sending some ~~~go thee heck away jackhammer~~~ vibes for you, whino.

(((((anoushh)))) sorry about your achy teeth, owww.

(((((treehugger)))) how's your foot feeling?

(((((rosev)))) feel better vibage for you too.

~~~~sending out soothing vibes for the aches and pains, mind, heart, body or soul~~~~

(((((fina, amilita, faith, crassy, pink, polly, msp, raisin, tes, flanker, sidecar, syb, qspice, dusty, sonik, billy, mavin, car, catlady, cstars, doodle, anyone I forgot)))))

So I checked my account this morning and not only had the outstanding check cleared, but... they credited my account with the provisional credit. Yay! So now I just fill out the necessary forms, send 'em back, and let the bank handle it. Phew. And thanks everyone so much for all the vibes and the get better wishes. I think I need to step up the pace of my vitamins, supplements and eating better consistently. I realized I've been sick with little cold and bugs quite often this year. I suppose a lot of it is due to my allergies, which it seems I am allergic to everything under the sun these days. I dunno though, compared to the year of constant asthma/bronchitis and cold symptoms following the discovery that I had been sleeping against a wall full of black toxic mold for 6 months, I suppose it hasn't been that bad or frequent. Maybe I'm just being paranoid and nuerotic. Who me? Nah wink.gif


I pop in here every so often and read what everyone writes and usually if I have something to say, I'll de-lurk and say something, but maybe I'll stick around for a little bit...

Mornington: I'm sorry to hear about your bunny. I meant to send you a message on myspace but I completely forgot, I'll make sure to send some condolences your way once I get home. The loss of a pet is a horrible, HORRIBLE feeling and it makes my heart hurt just thinking about it.

Mandolyn, I read all the fun activites you did with your son on his birthday and it all sounded really fun! Birthdays are important and it's very cruical to have an awesome time with loved ones, and it sounds like you did an excellent job providing that for your son. Enjoy your sushi dinner this evening!

To all the other "kvetchettes", what exactly does kvetch mean and how the heck do you pronounce it? I feel like a dork but I have no idea. I'm assuming, judging by the context clues, that a "kvetch" is an annoyance or some sort? In which case, I have a few...

Kvetch: One of my coworkers that i don't really talk to (cause i find her to be a bit two faced) had a sex toy party last night that i wasn't invited to. Which is fine, but today every female in the office is asking me why I wasn't there and saying stuff like, "You should have come! We all had a WONDERFUL time!!" I'm finding it hard to be like, "Yea, well...i wasn't invited, so..." But I hate making people feel awkward.

Kvetch: I have a feeling of tightness around my forehead, kinda like when you frown too much, but I haven't been so I don't know how to make my head feel better! (stupid kvetch)

Kvetch: I got a 3 month old puppy named Shamus on Sunday. He's adorable and I love him to death. But I'm in another state while my roommates take care of him until I move in with them for good. That's another two weeks I'm without my little Shamus. sad.gif

Anti-Kvetch: I got a 3 month old puppy named Shamus on Sunday!!

Ok....that's all I got for now. Hello to everyone!
Mandolyn, your post about Danny's b-day is just so....wonderful! Made me all happy just reading it.

Anyway, sushi is good for you.

I broke down and took some paracetemol for my teeth last night, they hurt so much. Then promptly did it again, I think, last night, based on the amount of pain this morning. Ouch.

Yufie, glad the banking stuff is going ok so far. Fingers crossed the rest works out, and fast. (I had a heck of a problem when I had a card used fraudulently about a year ago--and I still had the card--and the stupid card company couldn't seem to get me "fraud affadavit form" which they insisted they needed to get the items off my account, but could manage to send me countless copies of the statements with late charges, etc. I finally wrote them a letter detailing my outrage--and the number of long distance--overseas--calls I had to make to try to sort it out due to their incompetence and they finally fixed it. Ignored my letter, but fixed it. As further proof of their incompetence they did the credits wrong and gave me $12.95 too much. Probably didn't even pay for the calls I had to make, but it was better than nothing.)

I have a serious pet peeve about the term "Workman's Comp." It's not Workman's Comp, its Workers--all of them, because women work too, and are just as important as men.

I know lots of people say the former, and it becomes habit, but technically it's now wrong as I don't believe a single state actually calls it that anymore, and, well, it's the the principle to me.
[end rant]

I did a sort of double-take seeing Lys in here! "Is it really.... Could it be??? It is!!!"

I need to start posting when I have more time. I need to run to catch my lift to the pool for water aerobics, but I should say that last night, at my second swimming lesson, I actually swam. Not well, and not far, but I did it. I can hardly believe it I(which seemed to be the sentiment of most of the rest of the class, too, who also all swam.) It's actually nice having a class (which is only 4 people anyway) as it is encouraging to see other people who are scared just like me but giving it a go anyway--and then you see them succeed and while I'm still scared, it does help make me more determined.

(I also had a scary experience that I'd not care to repeat, but while I was scared I didn't totally panic and did make myself do several more short swims so as not to leave freaked out. But you are not getting me on my back again for a bit, at least.)

Ok, gotta go!

Yuefie - glad to hear the good news about your bank acct.! ~*~*~ continued health vibes ~*~*~

Cstars - please, come and stay awhile!
To answer your questions, kvetch is pronounced phonetically (As far as I know, anyway! It's not a word we use here in northern California...)
And yes, a kvetch is an annoyance, such as having to deal with an ass hat like your co-worker who could've showed a little consideration and invited you to her party, since anyone with two brain cells to rub together could figure out that people might talk about the party the next day... (Sorry, big pet peeve of mine!)
But on a positive note, congratulations on getting your new pal Shamus!

I really need to get going on some home organization, but before I do that...

I've had a hankering for a special kvetch concoction... Lesbian Iced Tea! Would anyone like some? Help yourselves, I may not be back for a while! *Pouring a glass for meself* biggrin.gif
Close, flanker ji- Actually, "kvetch" is Yiddish and it means a complaint, or one who complains a lot.

Welcome, cstars!
good to know polly!

welcome cstars, your anti-kvetch made me laugh!

R.I.P Beauregard. Welcome back Lys, and the others are right - it's 500 posts.

yay for the bank yuefie!

mando, sounds like a lovely lovely day and I'm so envious! of the sushi too!

*~*~*~*pain-free tooth for anoushh~*~*~*~ my stepdad lost one of his front teeth on a salad roll on monday and my mum's really cross at him for not going to dentist before his b-i-l's funeral on tuesday (I don't get it, it's not like they were taking photgraphs...)

sidecar, I thought of you today when out for lunch as there was a cocktail on the menu called a sidecar exclusif (don't ask me why it's not exclusive). The dessert menu reminded me of some of you other naughty BUSTies as they had nuttella pancakes!!! Unfortunately I didn't have time for dessert today but I will return for some market research wink.gif.

(((rose))) feel better - you really are the sweetie, just thought I'd tell ya wub.gif

continued love and support for mornington, we miss you sweetie and worried about you.

kvetch: work and time owed back. That is all, I will kvetch about it next month when I'm not writing my dissertation.

anti-kvetch (I presume non-complaint in Yiddish!): mum and bunbun home from Ireland tomorrow. I've meeced them.

(((raisingirl, flanker, designermedusa, tesao, txplumwine, dusty, tallgirl, whino, sybarite, crassy, faith, fina, everyone I've missed)))
i had a fantabulous time tongue.gif
q'spice, sorry I've missed where?

PMS + depression= unhappy bunny.

Sorry, I'll vibe when I have more energy and don't feel this bad; it's taking a lot of resolve to hide under the duvet with ice-cream for an unlimited amount of time.

It's early, and I'm still a little lost in the fog. So let me ask you - how do you change that little line under your avatar? Or is another one of those things you can't do until you have X number of posts? (God damn dingoes...)
If I remember correctly, Q spent her evening with a, uh, person who is new in her life. smile.gif So glad to hear you had a good time, Q!


MsP, you have to wait until you reach 500 posts to change that (which is unfortunate because, if it weren't for the dingo attacks, I'm sure you'd be above that number). But you can change your signature that appears at the bottom of your post at any time.

Flanker, if you're still serving up the Lesbian Iced Tea, I'd be happy to have a glass!

CStars, cngrats on the puppy! What kind of dog is Shamus?

Yeufie, I'm so glad to hear that everything turned out okay.

Anoushh, how are your teeth feeling today?

Mandi, I'm so glad to hear that your son had such a great birthday! Sounds like you had a really good time, too. smile.gif

Sheff has been super busy at work. The designers decided to completely redesign the last segment of this game, which has create a huge pile of work for him to do by Monday morning. I'm glad that the company is feeding him dinner on these late nights, but he says that eating at his desk instead of at home with me is making him sad. The sooner this project is over, the better.

I was soooooooooo sick yesterday. I think I still have a touch of a sicky-hangover or something. So I may be back later, but I think I ought to lay down again.

(((((((((( germ-free lovin' for all y'all ))))))))))
I cannot believe they may have finally found the man who killed JonBenet Ramsey. When I think of what that family has been through in the past 10 years, up to her mother's death, and he was out there all the time, I am literally crying. And of course, he's a sex tourist in Thailand. (Although I have been doing some work on trafficking and I am impressed at the new efforts to bring down American/Euro sex tourists in Asia). Anyway, sexual predation on children is more like a nuclear kvetch but it's on my mind. Argh.

Bunny, I feel you on the intersection between PMS and depression -- my dr took me off of chemical birth control, and it's helped a bit.

Welcome Shamus!

*Faith shoots Quantum a wicked grin*

The dingos have eaten my posts but I am not going to sweat it. WHile I love the new boards, I remember on the "Fizz" boards there was so much crap about who'd been there longer and it was all because of the little post counter.

Yueffie, I am relieved about your bank account.
Rosev - feel better!
Oh, yeah! I grabbed dinner last night* and the guy at the counter says, to no one in particular, "Did you hear they caught Jonbenet's killer?" Other Employee and I look at each other, and neither of us respond. I thought it was the beginning of a tasteless joke! I was finally like, ".....Seriously?" After all this time. I'm a little surprised. And I can't lie, I thought for sure the parents had something to do with it. Now I just feel bad that the mother didn't live to see this happen.

Faith, I went to Amsterdam Falafel for the first time last night. GOOD GOD was that good. I'm guessing you've been there because I'm told I'm just about the last person in the world not to check it out. $3.50 for a falafel! Unlimited toppings from a buffet of 20 choices! I'm in LOVE!

I had pickled turnips (which I love), red cabbage, cilantro/jalapeno pesto, tomatoes, and tzatziki. So good. I think I might have to go back tonight.
(((((((hunnybunny)))))) ~~~~soothing vibes~~~~

(((((((mornington-luv)))))) ~~~comforting vibes~~~ and the biggest hugs I can muster.

you too (((((lys)))))

((((plummie)))) you feeling better love?

((((anoushh)))) how about you?

(((((rose)))) ~~~feel better~~~

a huge boo hiss on illness, aches & pains, depressions, pms, asshats, & missing dearly departed loved ones sad.gif

yay for yummy falafel, new puppies, homes & jobs, refreshing lesbian ice tea (which I must hear more about!), good birthdays with kidlets, and fantabulous times!


So, SO glad to almost be out of the woods as far as this bankcard thing is concerned. The replacement card arrived in yesterdays mail. My best guy pal thought the whole thing was hilarious. He's just lucky I hardly get to see him anymore, or I'd have to give him a nice kick in the ass for his incessant ribbing. tongue.gif

Good morning, everyone!

RoseV-I hope you feel better! Hangovers are awful. Esp when they last for days.

Shamus is a Carin Terrier (like toto in the wizard of oz). And I talked to my roommates last night and apparently, he literally ate through the plastic baby gate we used to keep him in the bathroom while everyone's at work. Luckily, he didn't really eat anything, so he's not sick, but that means we have to shell out the dough for a crate. I don't think they're that expensive though, so it doesn't matter.

The whole Ramsey case is very odd to me. Granted, I haven't really followed it the past 10 years, but it's all very weird. I'm interested in seeing how that all plays out.

I don't have any kvetch's today, but it's still very early. I do, however, have an anti-kvetch

Anti-Kvetch: I have these deeeeeeeelicious sugar cookies that I can only find in MA for some reason and I call them my "crack cookies" cause they're highly addictive. Soooooo yummy. I'm hiding them in my desk. smile.gif

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :-D

CSTARS! You wouldn't be talking about Dancing Deer cookies, would you?! I've only tried a few things they make (they have these chocolate/tangerine cookies -- or orange, I can't remember now -- that are to die for) and everything has been really yummy and close to tasting like homemade.

I'm sorry to also hear about the passing of Lys's family dog, too. I'm sorry I missed that the first time around.

Okay, so about JonBenet's (alleged) killer being found in Thailand: I am so not surprised, yes, what with the sex trafficking that goes on there. Horrific. But something is weird about this and I can't wait until I get into work to check it out. Let me just say that this man's name that I saw yesterday that was originally released doesn't match with the name they're giving out today. Now, just to satisfy my own curiosity, I want to try to find out who this other person is and if he has anything to do with the case at all. It could have been a very big mistake, though, made on the part of my source (I'm not a reporter, just using the word "source" in a general sense) but I would like to think there's something more going on that isn't being talked about in the press today. Hmm. unsure.gif

I still think children's beauty pageants are one of the creepiest things ever. In my eyes, JonBenet's parents will never be saints. What secrets did Patsy take to her grave? That's what I want to know.
QUOTE(msp @ Aug 17 2006, 10:25 AM) *

I thought it was the beginning of a tasteless joke! I was finally like, ".....Seriously?" After all this time. I'm a little surprised.
I'll never forget the day I was in a shop, no one else there except the guy who was working the counter, and he said, "You know, they found that little girl" and for a second or two I was wracking my brain trying to recall hearing about any little girl being missing, and then he said "Elizabeth Smart", and that she was alive, and I swear I almost cried.
((((((((Lys)))))))) Sorry I missed you in my earlier post. It's so good to see you around here again. My deepest sympathies go out to you on losing your beloved dog.

CNN has some interesting coverage on the Jon Benet case. There's a video of the accused killer. It's interesting that on the tape he'll freely say that he killed her ("accidentally"), but when asked how long he'd known the family & what his ties are to them, his answers are all "no comment". There's also an article on there that gives Mr. Ramsey's response to this. Apparently, the Boulder Police Dept. was on this guy's trail before Patsy died & told the Ramseys about it.

It's all still very strange. And I agree that the child beauty pageants are creepy & deliver a very damaging message to kids.

CStars, your puppy sounds ADORABLE! Well, apart from the destructive behavior. Eep!

Faith, the dingos have eaten my post count a couple of times, & I'm really not that bothered about it. Even when I reach the 500 mark, I don't know if I'll change the text.

Although I am thinking about changing my avatar. Don't be surprised if I fiddle with it a bit over the coming weeks.

Thanks for the vibes, everyone. I hate it when I feel like I have a hangover, despite the fact that I haven't had anything alcoholic to drink in a week. But I'm drinking plenty of water & I can already feel myself bouncing back.

Kvetch: Still can't watch Project Runway on TV. Frickin frackin Time Warner Cable grrrrrrrrrrr. dry.gif

Kvetch: I don't even know if I want to watch the show now that Alison has been kicked off & Vincent is still there. UUuUuuuuuuuuugggghhh!!!!

And yes, I know that those kvetches belong ing another thread. I'm just irrationally upset & pouty about this.
Omigosh raisingirl, I've been trying to remember the name of these sugarcane lime cookies I got when I was up in Berkeley last and it's Dancing Deer! Yay, that's been bugging me for a bit. They are so good.

I agree with you about the Ramsey's. I just don't get how anyone could want to exploit their child like that. Shameful and disgusting.

"And I can't lie, I thought for sure the parents had something to do with it. Now I just feel bad that the mother didn't live to see this happen."

ditto. i'm really upset about this. i guess i jumped on the anti-ramsey bandwagon early on, but it never quite jibed with me. then again, i have a hard time fathoming parents killing kids, kids killing parents, etc.

mornington sends her love and much much thanks for all the love and hugs. she'll be back soon. she's just not up to kvetching yet. poor pete is missing his daphne.

i know "kvetching" means complaining. but because of this thread, it's just morphed into "shooting the breeze" and/or "catching up" for me now.

shamus is like the cutest name eva. specially for a toto dog.

thanks again for all the sweet things said about danny. birthdays are beyond sacred to me. i'm just glad i made a nice one for him.
[quote name='mandolyn' date='Aug 17 2006, 11:42 AM' post='97861']

shamus is like the cutest name eva. specially for a toto dog.

Yes, we thought so too. The type of breed that he is was originally from Scotland, I think. So, we named him appropriately. His full name is Shamus Jameson O'Shanahan (so he can sound more Scottish). smile.gif

RoseV- Alision got kicked off? That gave me such a sick feeling in my stomach when I read that. I haven't watched the past two episodes and that just makes me feel awful! I was sure she would have made it to the final 3. Gah!

Raisingirl, the crack cookies are not dancing deer cookies. I don't think I've ever had those. They sound really good though and I soooo don't even need another cookie addiction! The cookies that I'm addicted to now are called "lofthouse delicious cookies". So far, I've only found them in Hannaford's and Market Basket. And only in Tewksbury too, which is weird. I've looked for them in other parts of MA and no dice. I think I might have read another one of your posts that led me to believe that you live in Boston as well? Btw, the quote you have below your avatar is my FAVORITE Tori Amos song ever! Love Tori to death!

Yuefie- Glad to hear everything worked out with your stolen bankcard!
I truly never thought the parents had anything to do with killing her (I probably read too many "true crime" books and know more than I should about this stuff) but I wonder if perhaps the whole reason so many did think they did was exactly because the whole beauty pagent thing was/is so fucking creepy? I mean, bad enough parading your kid around like that and teaching them that what matters is approval based on how they look and perform, but how much worse is it when it has turned into this creepy, weird, and just eeeeeeuuuuwwww kind of sexualizing of young girls? Make up, dye jobs, coy behaviour they don't even understand--at such young ages? That's just sick.

Faith, I'd definitely be interested in hearing more about what is being done about the sex tourists in Thailand. (About damn time, by the way.)

Cstars, don't forget that a lot of desctructive behaviour comes out of boredom/too much energy. Make sure the pup gets a lot of exercise! Terriers are full of energy even more than some other kinds of dogs.

Also, chewing can be linked to teething as well (though not as much as the former). I know that when lily was a pup she liked chewing on ice cubes. Not too many--just one now and then.

Rose, I love your avatar!

MsP, they had those falafal bars in, yes, Amsterdam, and whoa! Gooood! (And I am a falafal snob, seeing as the best falafal in the world comes from the Casablanca restaurant right here in my little town. I'm spoiled.) There was one of that chain in Soho and yes, still very good. (Can't remember the name--very annoying.)

Now I want a falafal....

Teeth still hurt. So much so that last night I ended up taking a paracetamol, though I"m really trying not to take anything unless absolutely necessary. But by last night when I'd been trying to fall asleep for an hour and couldn't b/c it was so painful, I decided it was. I took only one, instead of two, and it seems to help. And actually though yesterday was really bad, this morning it actually seems a bit better. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the sympathy, everyone.

Oh, swimming update. The scary experience Tuesday night freaked me out a bit more than I realized, I think. I'm just not doing stuff on my back for now, I"ve decided. (The fact that I'm hugely pregnant and can't use my abdominal muscles normally can't be making that easier, anyway.) I felt pretty darn scared all over again, but I made myself practice floating--and letting go of the wall, albeit briefly, and swimming short distances. Considering I couldn't even imagine floating a couple of days ago, let alone swimming, I'm trying to remind myself that this is very good.

That said, I'm relieved that after tonight there's a break until Monday. And nervous a bit b/c its such a big break....

I am so taking the baby for baby swims, etc. I don't want it to have to learn to swim this way, as a scared adult.
QUOTE(mandolyn @ Aug 17 2006, 11:42 AM) *

birthdays are beyond sacred to me. i'm just glad i made a nice one for him.

I agree! Now I just can't get my freakin' mom to sign on this year. She's going to be here in town for her birthday, and my sister and I are wracking our brains for ideas. We were going to do spa day, but MissP can't find a place that'll take all three of us at once. So I talked to MamaP and she's like, "Oh, you girls don't have to do anything, don't worry about it....." Yeah, right.

Mind you, this is the same woman who had a crazy blowout for her 50th. The theme (my idea, thankyouverymuch) was "fuck it, I'm 50!" Oh my God, we had such a blast. She rented a karaoke machine, a margarita machine, had tons of food, and music, friends, family. So much fun. Anyway. This is not a woman who pooh-poohs birthdays, so I don't want to hear it.
Oh, curses, I missed Project Runway last night and have been purposely avoiding spoilers because I didn't want to know. I think maybe next week, I need to just stay off the Internet entirely 'til I see it. I don't mean to be pissy...but I guess I kind of am. Sad to hear it was Allison. If Vincent makes it to the top 3, I may go back to that "no reality" pledge I gave up for this show.

((yuefie)) glad that's getting sorted out.

(((cstars))) my dog was very chewy when we first got her (she was about a year old), and putting her in a room with a babygate wasn't enough. We ended up having to crate her whenever we're gone. It's fine, though. She has a doggie bed in her crate, some chew toys and a water bottle. Now, she loves it and runs inside it whenever she thinks we're leaving. It was useful for housebreaking, too, because she backslid a little when we first got her.

(((mando)))) danny's birthday sounds awesome. glad it was a special day for both of you!

(((((mornington & pete))))))

I wasn't sure what JonBenet's parents had to do with it either. It's odd; I just edited an article on good true crime fiction to stock in one's library, and a number of books discussed this case, so I'd been thinking that they'll never catch her killer. Something about the confessor and his confession makes me a bit skeptical, but he seems to know stuff that's never been publicized, so why shouldn't I believe him? The whole thing seems very weird, but this case has never been normal.

Sidecar, I'm soooooooo so sorry! I didn't mean to ruin it for you. I hope you'll forgive me unsure.gif

And I think it's cute that your dog loves her crate. I once had a boyfirend whose mother put their little dog in a crate during the day while she was at work & that dog really loved it! He had some little chew toys & his favorite blanket in there. Super cute.

MsP, that birthday party theme is hilsarious! My parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary next year. I suggested that they could either have a big party or go on a nice vacation & I'd kick in a pile of money to make it happen. Sadly, I think they're going to go for the vacay. What kind of fun is that?! wink.gif

Anoushh, I hope that you keep up the swimming after the baby is born. I can't imagine how much different it must feel to swim while so far along in a pregnancy! I think some things might be easier for you to do after the baby is born. I looooove to swim on my back, but I imagine it would feel very different if I were pregnant.

Mandi, thanks for passing along the love from Mornington.

Cstars, I love your dog's name even more now. Perfection!

Feeling better. Made some banana bread, so the house smells wooooooonderful.
Here's a good link to fighting trafficking in general,, and here's some info about american sex tourists specifically I have been working on a domestic slavery/trafficking case so this is much on my mind.

Sorry you got spoiled, Sidecar. And Rosev, I have done that accidently myself.

Kvetch: a gigantic zit on my chin. Yeah, trafficking and zits.
MsP, you are famous! You were quoted in the Bustline! Go you!

~~~Swimming vibes to Anoushh~~~ I love swimming and yet the local pool wierds me out a lot so I never go here. It's well designed and seems perfectly clean, but the changing room situation is completely different from back home and I don't like it. This winter I WILL get back into it. That sensation when you kick off the side and just glide is pure bliss.

My mum had me in the pool at 6 mths or a year and I've always wondered if that's why I love it so.

(((Mornington))) Oh sweetie, I've been there and it's never easy.

I adore falafels but for some reason don't trust them in the kebab shops here. Fast food places that do pizza, meat on a stick, and falafels... just, no.

ALSO, word on the post count. I know I must've posted at least 100x on evolution alone back in the day. I rather like the sound of 'advanced member' though so would probably just leave it anyway.

I have another great weekend coming up with key members of the Fun Patrol in town for a wedding ceilidh we're all going to. The venue is outrageously cheap and is likely where we'll have ours next year so this is a research trip as well! Also have just found out friends of ours have hired a posh country house in Speyside for a long weekend in September, just imagine the feasts we'll have around a 14ft mahogany dining table with chandelier! Fab.

I've just spent half an hour cleaning blackcurrants to freeze. I've found a nice raspberry/blueberry/blackcurrant coffee cake recipe but everyone in Scotland seems to think a coffee cake has coffee in it... and seem confused when I explain it's a cake that you have with coffee.

Um, I'm strategically drinking wine to prep for the weekend and I think it's making me loquacious. As my grandfather used to say, over and out.
Would someone forward me the Bustline? I stopped getting it mysteriously and now I can't seem to sign up. (I mean, it looks like I do, but then it never comes.)

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