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Hey Bunny-baby ... what's up? ((((((Bunny)))))

((((((hugs for COCL )))))) Sorry about unintentionally killing part of your soul in Celeb Gossip wink.gif

When I see Hugh Laurie, I just imagine him as the Prince Regent on Blackadder. So I find it hard to see him as hot stuff. But that could be fixed.

Polly, I love My Neighbor Totoro! I like the cat bus happy.gif

((((more hugs for Yuefie))))

~~~~~~~ soothing anti-aches-&-pains vibes for the movers amongst us ~~~~~~~

It looks like everyone is for either Portland or Seattle! But what are the major differences? Is Portland smaller than Seattle? Is Seattle as wet as they say or is the weather pretty similar in both cities? Which has the better airport?

I got some sleep last night. Hope the other sleepless Busties did, too!
hey (((roseviolet))) and (((COCL))) I'm just stressed about dissertation writing and my academic future... same ol' same ol'.

I love Hugh's Oxford accent too ... god, he's even sexy as Mr Little in Stuart Little! That voice and those eyes ... yes, I am repeating myself - procrastination manifests itself in many forms!

Just for my kvetchies (I wouldn't share him with just anyone): Hugh in da House
Martini thought that there was another Hugh Laurie because he just couldn't see how the guy from Blackadder was on a US medical drama.


Treehugger, yes I am! I am from Hudson, originally, and went to school in Madison. Now I'm a FIB, much to my parents' regret. That's the way it goes.

Last night, we went out to the suburban drive-in with a car full of goodies from Trader Joe's. We saw Talladega Nights, which was really funny. We started John Tucker Must Die, but it was crap and we were cold, so we bailed and went home. I think movies are meant to be seen under stars.

Denver is very anti-gay. Colorado, outside of Boulder, is surprisingly conservative. Last night, we were talking about how happy we were to live in a deep-blue neighborhood in a deep-blue city in a relatively blue state, but that it made us very sheltered from the political climate in the rest of the country.

*waves to tesao* glad you had some time to pop in!
kvetch: I have just styled my hair myself for the first time since having it cut and I look like worzel fucking gummidge.
Yipe! ~~~~~~~ smooth, happy hair for Bunny ~~~~~~

I need to find a hairstylist. My last haircut was in April just before I moved, so I'm looking reeeeeeeeally ragged! If my hair was still long I wouldn't mind just getting a trim at any old place, but now that it's short again I am picky.

I'm so surprised by the news about Denver! I was really hoping it was better. I wonder how it compares to Tulsa. I mean, even in T-town they have gay pride parades, a LGBT newspaper & the like, but I don't know of any gay couples who feel that they can hold hands while walking down the street there. sad.gif

We now live in a very blue patch of the world. It's strange because, outside of this metropolitan area, the state is red. But in all of my months here, I have seen only 2 bumper stickers for W. This is quite refreshing after living in T-town! I also love that it's so much easier to recycle our trash and that the people here really care about shopping locally. For instance, a lot of the food we eat comes from our own town - milk, eggs, meat, veggies, and even cheese and ice cream! All raised within 10 miles of where I'm sitting.
bunny, i'm SURE that you look NOTHING like worzel! besides, i think that it would be far far worse to look like that dude in the lower right hand corner with round red circles painted on her cheeks!

*waves back at sidecar*

i think i feel sheltered here as well. i try to avoid us news if i can, but at least i have the option of watching bbc and tv globo news as well. that gives me perspective. it was wonderful to watch the world cup from a nation that CARED about it. just as it is to be living and working amongst people who don't like shrub and don't understand how their neighbours to the north could have elected a president who had never been outside of the us before.

i'm feeling a bit blue today. not really sure why. maybe it is post "big potatoes here to turn our lives upside down" blues? i turned my phone off. i don't want to have to think or to be around anyone except mimi who bites me. or maybe it is the change of the seasons? (not that you can notice it here except by the weather and what fruit is available here. it doesn't seem like 6 months. it really doesn't.
((((((((Tes)))))))) Sorry to hear you're feeling down today. It's okay to take some time for yourself & just hang out with the attack cat. Just remember that we're here for you & we love you to bits & that you're never really alone as long as you have us [smooch]

I miss our kissy smiley.

Yesterday afternoon I finally snapped out of my blue funk (Thanks again to all of you who've sent such sweet vibes & PMs to me!). I'd been feeling so low for a whole week. But then I stopped by YouTube and came across a video made by this 79 year old Englsihman. And it was so nice to see him amongst all the crap that clutters that place. His videos are very simple (he's created a series in which he's telling his life's story). I found it refreshing & encouraging. And the best thing is that people have been so amazingly warm and welcoming to him. It somehow restored my faith in humanity. And of course, it helps that this gentleman reminds me a bit of my father-in-law. I really love & miss my FIL smile.gif
Brrrr! I'm with the rest of you here wondering what happened to summer (it must be on its way to Tesao). It was too cold to be at the beach yesterday, and the beach I had been planning on going to today has too-high bacteria counts in the water. GROSS. ::shudder:: Now I'm just a little bummed out since I technically have no plans now for this afternoon, and I must have what Tesao has (that must be a pretty amazing mix of feelings, being there for six months already), because I don't really want to do much of anything, anyway.

Thanks, Sidecar, for the store suggestions (oh, and funny sake story)! I love sale racks. I didn't buy anything last night, but I did look. Still, one of these days I'm going to get around to learning how to sew and then... WATCH OUT! I will rock A-line dresses and skirts so hard, I will have a different outfit for every day of the month. But yeah, soooo glad I don't have to wear suits to work anymore; it's just trying to find what I do want to wear and re-entering the world of "anything goes" while still trying to find what my own standards are. I found that it was so easy to hide behind the uniform-like quality of suits. Now that that's gone, it's like, well, now what?! How about jeans every day! haha. Sometimes I wish Trinny and Suze were my real-life friends. (ETA: I just wrote a novella about this subject over in the Empress thread in AbFad...)

RV, my vote would be for Seattle, but that's because it's the only city of the three that I've been to. My two friends who live there love it a lot. I am jealous of the architecture of their public library because it's so unlike the one in Boston (which I adore, too). It's a cute city but SO FAR from everything (says me in my I-love-the-northeast-and-it's-the-closest-to-western-Europe total faux snottitude).

POLLY! Oh, good luck to you and I'm looking forward to hearing about your first week as well. Oh Maude, it was so exhausting, but it will only get better.

Yuefie, what a mess.

I just wrote a whole bunch more, but then deleted it because it was really boring. And like this isn't long enough already? Anyway, I think I'm going to walk over to the farmer's market. Maybe my relative will be there selling her non-edible wares.

We may not have the kissy face, but we now have the wub face! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

/ridiculousness off.
Ooh, raisin! I went to an art-walk thing last night, and there was a lady selling dresses and skirts she makes. She does printing and applique and pieced-together was very inspiring! I think I may try to sew a few a-line skirts to wear on our vacation in early Sept. It's hard for me to find stuff to buy that I like.

Rosev, glad you're feeling better! Tes, you totally deserve a day to recoup.

Bunnyb, I think that picture is gonna give me nightmares! But I don't think your hair would, really.

Huh. I don't know about the whole drinking thing...I think we may need a Wisconsin vs. Louisiana drink-off. Not that I think I would win, as I'm a total lightweight. But I never, never met so many serious drinkers until I lived here. For reals.

Watching movies. Eating ice cream. Yay.
I vote for Seattle, it is really cool and Dan Savage lives there. It must be said it does rain an awful lot but get cute waterproof shoes and a colourful umbrella and you're good to go. They've been arguing for ages about ever building a light rail system though so public transit may not be that great.

I've not been to Portland but have heard very very good things about it. I mostly liked Denver when I was there but was shocked at how geographically separated it is by race. It seemed really noticeable that you were driving through a Black Neighbourhood for awhile and then would pass an intersection and then you were in a White Neighbourhood and then after awhile it would switch again.

It's not that odd that Denver is so conservative when you consider that it is just north of Colorado Springs which has a really high number of fundamental/evangelical xtians and I'm sure I read somewhere that a lot of the big fundie churchy/social conservativism groups are headquartered there.

Anyway. Bunny, yes, we did pop into Ann Summers last weekend and got a gel-filled one, it's pretty cool (and dolphin-shaped). Finaman really likes it and I think I will learn to like it, but I'm used to a much stronger vibration with the magic wand so I need to learn how to make it work for me, if you get me.

I just had the best weekend ever. I love Edinburgh, it is extremely pretty and it's absolutely hopping in August when the Fringe Festival is on. We took the train in, instead of the bus, which is always nice, and did a pub crawl on friday night as our festival show didn't start til 11. It was amazing, so good, I just loved it. The show was by a guy who is a teacher by day and dj by night, but he is so earnest in his neddy tracksuit about mashing up the phat shit, yo, that it was really funny. At one point he handed out instruments to people in the audience and the people who got triangles were the Triangle Massive.

We went to the Camera Obscura and climbed Arthur's Seat (the remains of a very old volcano that is now a completely naturalized hill-park right beside the palace in the centre of the city) and I bought massive quantities of stained glass and we met up with friends and took them to the Malt Whisky Society private club, of which Finaman is a member, extremely posh place. He ended up buying 3 bottles of very exclusive whisky too and is guiltily chuffed. The ned party was rocking and I won the prize for best outfit although the guy who brought the Buckfast was a strong contender. The prize was a supercan of 9.5% lager, but I did not drink it (I'm sure someone else did...). I forgot to bring my temporary tattoos so we just had to draw some on with marker. Finaman had badger tattoos on his arm.
Just got back from going ice skating! Holy crap, it has been sooooooo looooong since I've been skating. Maybe 5 years! Hard to believe I was a competitive figure skater once upon a time. Anyway, I managed to remember the basics. Even attempted a few spins! But my leg muscles are not what the once were. And the additional padding in my bum & boobies had me struggling to find my center of gravity! Luckily, we had a really good time, so we'll have to go back.

Anti-kvetch: No blisters!

Fina, your weekend sounds fantastic! Congrats on winning the contest. I wish we could see your costume, as well as FinaMan's badger tattoos.

Amilita, that art walk sounds really cool. Forgive me for asking a stupid question, but what does one wear to those things? I hear that we have a monthly art walk around here but (1) I keep forgetting about it & (2) I have no idea what you're supposed to wear to such things. I fear that I'd show up & I wouldn't look hip enough or smart enough or something.

~~~~~~ vibes to Polly on her first day ~~~~~~ Just want them to start sinking in before the big day arrives smile.gif

Raisin, I am always deleting stuff I write here! I'll just be typing along & realize that I've rambled too much. It's kind of embarassing to admit because I feel like my posts are always full of random crap anyway!

And I'm sorry to hear that your trip to the seaside was a bust. Hope the ice cream & movies make it all better.

~~~~~~ appropriate weather vibes for each of your general locales ~~~~~~

Where is Dusty? And is Mandi out having fun this weekend? Perhaps a belated birthday outing?

((((( peace, love, and understanding for Tes, Raisin, Fina, Amilita, Bunny, SideCar, COCL, Yuefie, Polly, Mornington, and the rest of the gang ))))))

I think our plans for the rest of the day include laundry (I've already done 2 loads today), watching stupid movies, and making pizza for dinner. Amidst all of this, I think Sheff will donate a good couple of hours to playing with his Lego castle set. Yes, we're dorks. And we like it that way.
Rose, thanks for the link to the 79-year old Englishman's videos - he's so endearing! And I should also thank you for some of the other video links you've posted in the Lounge - they are my new favorite thing to watch online!

I am so behind on kvetch, but I'm trying to not let it overwhelm me. I'll just try to remember as much as I can for replies, then go back and check myself once I've posted.

I just came back from Portland and LOVED it. I didn't see too many hippies at all. In fact, I was struck with the fact that there seemed to be a really wide cross-section of people there and what seemed like tons of fun stuff to do. But, I was only there for 1.5 days, and there were a few parts of the city I didn't get to see. Haven't been to Seattle or Denver.

Fina - sounds like you had the greatest of weekends cool.gif

Rasin, I'm sort of in the same spot you are, since I'm moving from full-time work to becoming a student - I feel like I have an opportunity to spend more time on personal style again, since I spent the most money and focus on my work wardrobe - I'm kind of excited biggrin.gif

Oh dear, I've run out of time and I must run to the Texas Hold-Em game I'm due at. ((((everybustie))))


Every California girl has to have a British moment once in a while, right?
All y'all who are wondering where summer went? I think you sent it to us in TX. We're expecting the hottest temperatures of the season this week. Ah, six-month summers, how I loathe thee.

Not much to contribute overall, though I did a shit-ton of knitting this weekend and spent a not-too-unpleasant evening at my folks' with GameBoy.

Love and hugs to go around...I have to get to bed!
((((tesao)))) So nice to see you again, hope you get in better spirits, though I know how tough it is with long distances from loved ones...

((((bunny)))) Hope thoughts of Hugh Laurie got you through the afternoon smile.gif

A ((sonik)) sighting! Hope you're doing well!

((yuefie)) I give you ~#~#~bank account resolution vibes~#~#~

((car)) Nice to see you again, and a very belated congrats on your second boy!

Happy Belated Birfday to mando!!

Congrats p'np on getting hitched!

Belated (again) congrats to anoushh for the bun in the oven!

~*~*~ temperate weather distribution vibes - movin' some cold air to TX, movin' some hot air everywhere else that needs it. ~*~*~

Lost my $10 playing Texas Hold-Em, but had a very nice time drinking beer and having some laughs along the way. Ah the pleasures of buzzed posting on a Sunday night. With nowhere to be until 1:15 PM tomorrow.

Tomorrow I take placement tests to find out which math and english classes I need to take, yay!

OMFG - my pink worked this time!!
Fina, your weekends always sound like the most fun, and the ned party sounds superb!

Mmm, Hugh Laurie, successfully dampening knickers on both sides of the Atlantic...

I am originally from Wisconsin and I attest to the amazing inbuilt tolerance all us Wisconsinites have. I have tested this internationally so feel confident in my results.

Thanks all for your viewing suggestions. Our favourite (by consensus) was a cool little Aussie film called Hating Alison Ashley, which was refreshingly twisted after all the Hilary Duff stuff we'd been watching.

I am back working but now have an icky head cold. I am trying to bomb it with lots of fruit, green tea and omega 3.

Happy Monday all...
Kvetch: Found out last night that my @#$!%&! lawyer uncle not only hasn't reserved a truck for moving my mother and grandfather down here next weekend, but is leaving it for them to do. Leave renting a moving truck to the 91-year-old deaf man and the severely schizophrenic 60-year-old woman who's never rented a truck before and has no idea what to ask for? That's a great idea. Grrrr. Not just that, but he kept insisting to them that he wants a specific truck line that only has one office in Amarillo and doesn't do one-way rentals, so they've been going nuts trying to figure out what to do. This same uncle told me a few weeks ago that he was planning to come help with the move because he's the most qualified to drive the truck (Excuse the fuck out of me?!) and two days ago told me he can't help with much of the lifting because he has a bulging disk and sciatica, so the work is all gonna be on me and my brother.

God help me, I'm gonna kill the motherfucker. If I didn't need him to wrangle my grandfather when the time comes to actually leave (Grandpa doesn't really want to go) I'd go kick him in the nuts right now.
That sucks, Tallgirl. At that point, you just want to say, "You know what, don't bother." I hate when people offer to help, but their help is more of pain in the ass than if they just left well enough alone.

I'm torn on the Seattle/Portland/Denver question. They're all so.... west. Of the three, I've only been to Portland once, for work. I've never lived farther west than Ohio, or farther south than DC. I guess I'd have to go Portland, because I have friends there. But between the rain and the cold, I'd suffer terribly in either Portland or Seattle. I need as much sun as possible. Denver would be just too, too western for me.

I blogged about the move, but I can't type it all out again. Suffice to say, it's not going off as planned. I don't have that kind of luck.
Oh Tallgirl, that sucks. Do you have movers? If all else fails, definitely post something on craigslist or similar to get young college-type guys to help, they work cheap and it might just help to have some extra hands. But I cannot even imagine how frustrated you must be -- I would want to do some kicking as well!

Feel better Sybarite!

Kvetch: Trying to balance my pro-bono work wtih my paid work.

Antikvetch: meeting a single guy I was attracted to randomly this weekend. I have no idea if he was into me at all, but it was nice to know that such a species exists, which has been seriously in doubt in my mind lately.

Cross-posted wtih Ms. P, sorry you're leaving DC but it sounds like you have some exciting options. Portland is indeed a cool community (and of course, the most amazing bookstore ever) and in terms of sun, I was prescribed a full spectrum light by my GP (the company that has been tested in actual clinical trials is Sunbox, and they're available online, when I moved from DC to Providence and I have used one ever since (for more than 10 years). I have one in my office (it looks like a desk lamp) and one at home. It makes a big difference for my mood. I know it doesn't cure the blah feeling of rainy weather, but Portland has such gorgeous gardens/nature, it might balance it out.
TG ... wow. Just ... I can't say it any better than MsP. What a complete ass!
~~~~~~~ smooth moving vibes for TG's mom & grandpa ~~~~~~~
^^^^^^ swift kick in the pants for the uncle ^^^^^^

MsP, I read your blog entry and am frustrated on your behalf. Uuuuuuuuuugggghh!!!!! So what are you going to do? What's the plan?

Faith, MsP isn't moving to Portland. She was just responding to a little poll I've been taking on behalf of my BestPals. smile.gif So happy to hear that you met a decent guy! It's nice when complete strangers give you hope, isn't it?

Re: the poll ... As for everything being so west, that's actually the point. BestGuyPal has a job that requires him to travel a lot in the west & the company wants to keep him in that area. Right now they're in LA because that's where the company told him to be, but the company has decided that they can move! Yay!

Gotta run. I've a lot to do today!
(((((((((( all y'all ))))))))))
ok, I'm off to read the archives, but... can I get some vibes for Daphne? She's got snuffles, which basically translates as one sick bunny. She's on antibiotics and electrolyte solution as she's not eating, and hopefully I caught it early but... I'm worried. And I feel guilty for being here when I should be, I don't know, chafing her little bunny paws. or wiping her snotty nose at least.


ok... (((tg))) what an ass... I hope something gets sorted
(((txplum))) I want the summer back! I'm cold!
(((fina))) yay for costumes!
(((rose))) dorks are good
(((rasin))) how's the second week (or shouldn't I ask)?
(((bunny))) what's up, darling?
(((yuefie))) any news on the cc?
(((msp))) bah on moving
(((mando, dusty, sidecar, catlady, all the kitties and bunnies and puppers, anoushh, tes, tyger and everyone else)))
well i'm back and the wedding was nice, i really liked the other bridesmaids too. my mom acted like an ass though w/a sour look on her face the whole time ( i had to talk to her about it and advised the bride not to pay attention) my mom even got there really late on friday morning and f'd us all over since we had to wait for her and were supposed to meet her at the hotel but had to drive to my brother's house instead, we got so nervous about getting the tuxes etc (since we were so late) that the mr. got distracted and accidentally hit a parked car. argh! we only scratched their car (and of course f'd up ours much worse) but the people we hit were assholes and went directly to their dealer for a $1500 estimate on a car that probably isn't even worth that. they said they keep getting hit there (so why do you keep parking there?!) out insurance will look it over before paying anything, but still, it put a little damper on things since i had to spend over $2000 on this wedding with dress & alterations, the mr's tux, gifts, showers, hotel, traveling, etc, now i have to pay a $500 deductible too. did i mention i overdrew my checking account? argh. thank goodness this is all over, i mean i'm happy for my brother and the bride's family seems really nice, but i cannot afford anymore of this!

in other news the ohio state fair was awesome! we saw so many cute bunnies and goats, sheep, etc. they had part of columbus done out of lego-it was amazing! the rides and food were great and we got to see the butter cow sculpture. too bad we didn't get to stay longer, i used to love columbus and would have liked to see a lot of other things. oh well.

anyway, hugs for everyone, especially (((tallgirl))) and (((msp)))

plummie, i hope you have a/c! usually my one unit in the bedroom covers it (since my house is very shaded) but this year has been killer. i had to lock the pup and kit in the room.

~*~*~daphne get betta*~*~*~*
ah, crassy, i sympathize with the car. Martini took ours in yesterday for a routine oil change, found out it also needed some filter and new front brakes. cha-ching! it was nice to have a savings account, but thanks to the fridge, the animals and the car...goodbye, sweet money.

((((tallgirl)))) gah. also
I gotta say it, and growing up in Ohio I would never have imagined these words passing my lips - thank God I don't have a car. Oh, there are plenty of times when it's a pain in the ass, and we have to spend an arm and a leg on ZipCar, beg a friend for a ride, or take some crazy roundabout way, but when I hear about break-ins, and gas prices, and maintenance, I feel lucky. Very lucky.

QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 14 2006, 11:34 AM) *

MsP, I read your blog entry and am frustrated on your behalf. Uuuuuuuuuugggghh!!!!! So what are you going to do? What's the plan?

The movers came back today. Again, MrP is home and I am at work. (There's one good thing coming out of this date change. Again, we all know I'm going to do the lion's share of unpacking and organizing. He can supervise the move.) I was just looking forward to having all this past weekend to unpack and get situated. This coming weekend, my mother, her husband, and I all are all meeting up at my sister's, in Charlottesville.

QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 14 2006, 11:34 AM) *

Faith, MsP isn't moving to Portland. She was just responding to a little poll I've been taking on behalf of my BestPals. smile.gif

Thanks. That confused me. Yeah, I'm only moving a few neighborhood north of where I was. Breaks my heart, though. I loved my Dupont Circle - so gay, so fabulous, so *in the mix*. Tsk. I feel like that episode of Sex & The City where Miranda moves to Brooklyn...
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~daphne darling, your mama loves you please feel better! we love you, too! ~**~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*


dren. you KNOW that there ought to be some way to get compensated by these fuck chops. some sort of legal recourse. what do you think your next step will be? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. i'm PISSED OFF for you!! hope that you and mrp and the kitties are doing OK. know you aren't doing well, but OK is good enough.

ooo oooo ooooo!!! rosie!!! at dan'l boone???? heee! sounds like you had fun.

*lifts glass*

here's to dorkdom!!!

fina, i haven't asked but: what the FRELL is a ned party??? oh, and you simply MUST post pix of the tattoo-age!! you always go to THE BEST PARTIES.

HUZZAH!!! for CAR!!!! yayayayay!!! your babies are the BEST! the BEST, got that? that means that they deserve the best, and this nanny of yours has been pretty flakey in my humble opinion!

flanker!!! your pink works!!!!

speaking of pink: did prettynpink REALLY get married this PAST WEEKEND????? yowzah!!!! sometimes i just cannot believe all of the chhhhchanges we have all gone through!

tall girl, i am speechless. with anger. with disbelief. WHAT WAS THIS IDIOTA THINKING??? oh, excuse me.. it is clear that this idiota does not have a brain with which to think. can you call the whole thing off at this late date? clearly things are not in place to make this happen. this entire situation SUCKS BIG TIME. i'm soooooooooooooooooo sorry that you have to deal with this. and so SOON after the mother-in-law-from-the-hell-dimension. ((((((TG))))))

while i am distributing hugs, ((((((crassy)))))) gadzooks, i loathe these outrageously expensive wedding dos. my nieceoid elle had two bridesmaids fly in to the USA from finland, so she paid for their dresses. and shoes, if they wanted them. she supplied their jewellry as their gifts, and also paid for everyone (including me!!) to have our hair done. how cool was that??? i'm really sorry that on top of all of that dren that there was an ASS HAT (they do vex me, you know!) who insisted on making you deal with the frelling insurance dren. BAH. i hope you at least had a good time at the wedding!!!

yeufie, what is new with the bank/credit card sitch??? i hope that is clearing up. (((yeuf)))

right. am sure i am missing LOADS of kvetchettes.


tes'ass plummy: i heart you. heart heart heart heart. stay as cool as you can.

*waves large palm frond over plum wine*

may i peel you a nice, COLD, grape, my darling????

oh where o where has our mandolyn gone? o where o where can she beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????

we meeeeece you, mandolina!!!

muito thank you to everyone who told me it was okay to just let down for a teeny bit. i came home early today, too. because i wanted to BUST. which is NOT to mean that i don't have buttloads of work. or that we didn't get hit by one DOOZY of a bomb today. but fiddle-dee-dee! i'll think about that -- TOMORROW!!!!
Sometimes I wonder if I have too many exclamations in my posts. Then tes posts and I feel better biggrin.gif

{{{backrub for tes, tallgirl & msp}}}

~*~*~ healing vibes for daphne & sybarite ~*~*~
Sorry Ms P! (I live in Dupont now! We should start a DC thread, but there don't seem to be so many DC busties). I got confused about the moving.

(((daphne))) hope she gets better quick.

Tes, when you say you got hit by a bomb, can you elaborate??? Hope all is well with you.
muito sorry, faith! i forget that i am living in a country covered by unexploded land mines.

my bad.

that was directly translated from the portuguese. basically, the minister of health called us and told us to STOP IMMEDIATELY one of our most successful programs. tooooooooooooooooo many reasons that he may have understood, or NOT understood, or simply taken the wrong way because the man is positively schizo. total break with reality. TOTAL. it is truly scary.

anyway, we don't have to have a response for the Minister until thursday, when we have been granted "an audience". i dren thee not!! so, we had to get the people working in those sites OUT of there and to scramble to get legal assistance.

it realio trulio is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAy too much to go into.

sorry if i am being cryptic.

msp: i, too, used to live in the Dupont Circle area. 21st and N. walked to work, which was ON the circle, #1 Dupont Circle. aaaaaaaaaaah. for the good old days.....

please please please forgive my feebly pea brain if i have left anyone out. NOT my intention!!!!

hugs for (((((((all)))))))
Ack! I am not married!! I will be in less than ten weeks though... *faint*

*revives* wha---?

Fina, how fun!! I heart Pub Crawls. When the rugby team does theirs in Seattle, they design it to start out uphill and work its way around, that way by the time you're good and Irish you're stumbling DOWNhill. MUCH easier.

Rose, I think that there will soon be a dork revolution and dorks will be the mainstream sexy. Jocks are pretty to look at, but Revenge of the nerds said it best. "Jocks only think about sports, nerds only think about sex." Dorks, geeks and nerds are hot.

*boobsquishy hug* Tes! Dahlink! I meeeeeeeeeeessed you.

Tallgirl, how on earth does that jackass think that they will manage?? I think that you should be juvinile, and walk straight up to him, glare menicingly into his eyes and kick him full force in the shin and walk away. Its theraputic. Or you know... punch him.
*~*shinkicking of the jackass vibes*~*

msp, boo on late stinky movers. Shinkicks to them too!!!

Mornin' take care of that cuteness known as Daphne. *~*get better from snuffles*~*

I am peaceful and free today. Its my Friday, and last night Irishboy and I had an excellent evening. Yay for things going right for a split second.

My life is curently my job, and planning the wedding. I am so tired and worn from it. Tomorrow, I am going to go to the gym and then to check out a reception site with IrishMum, and from there I am going home to clean my house because Irishboy works so hard that he deserves to be surprised with a clean home. And also because its finally driving me bonkers.
Um bombs? huh? Cyptic indeed. Oh, and how could you diss Aunt Sally (the dude with the rosy cheeks?) I am looking less like Worzel (who is also one of the Dr Whos - the one from early seventies) today and obtained tons of compliments.

Asshats do vex me too (((tallgirl))) and (((msp)))

~vitC~vitC~vitC~immuse system boost for yufie~vitC~vitC~vitC

^..^^..^^..^ get well bunny vibes for daphne^..^^..^^..^ and ~*~*~*de-stress vibes for bunnymama~*~*~* I'm ok, mornington, just stressed. However, I did find out that I can begin my PhD in January instead of late September so going to speak to my supervisor as that sounds like a plan: a much needed break, more time to de-stress, work back hours in work and save money and read for pleasure.

(((crassy))) weddings are stressful enough without mother of the groom and car mishaps.

*~*~*~*~pretty stressfree wedding prep for pink~*~*~*~*

(((flanker))) for the exclamation comment - the point made me laugh!

fina, yay for you winning first prize! Although buckfast as accessory is inspired. On friday night my tutor told me that his SO, my other tutor, had buckfast in her fridge as an aperetif and then told us he had published articles on buckie! much kudos.

What is the best bookstore ever in Portland? I need to go!

Dupont circle reminds me of The West Wing.

kvetch: I owe work a lot of hours cos I've taking a lot more holidays this year than I should have (mainly january and february for uni). Anyway, I've slowly been making them back by working a five day week instead of a four day one (I had one night off so I could do uni work). Anyway, I still owe them lots but told them I'm willing to work crazy shifts to clear slate as soon as dissertation submitted Sept 15th. However, work have said that I can only make hours back when there is a company need for it and have said that's Saturdays. My manager if off until Wednesday so I haven't yet blown a fuse but I will. From September I will be unable to work Saturdays because my BOYFRIEND IS MOVING TO A DIFFERENT COUNTRY AND I'LL BE SEEING HIM WEEKENDS (ok, only as far as cross border but that's not the point, the point is that they know this - he works with me!) Not a happy bunny. Yes, I know they've been very good to me and accomodated uni but now they're screwing me.

kvetch: boy is going to Manchester this weekend to flathunt and taking friend instead of me but cos I have to work ass off at dissertation.

anti-kvetch: bought pretty new underwear, yes, another set.

anti-kvetch: guy from uni shared taxi with friend and I on Friday night after drinks and didn't contribute to fare. However, I received a very sweet email from him tonight apologising, said that he was very drunk and felt bad about it and offered to reimburse us.

kvetch: boy is going to Manchester this weekend to flathunt

okay so I read this and went ... "whats a flat?" thinking of actual hunting. I was like, well is that like clayhunts?
hehehe, yes it's a flat beaked duck, or a flat footed sommat or other wink.gif

sorry, US BUSTies, apartment hunting!
crassy's in ohio? weird tongue.gif so'm i (at least for a few more months...)

my apartment smells lovely, i've got this nutmeg and pomander candle burning. i love love love this smell.

work is work, play is play. ne'r shall the two meet.
[gives Q a smooch on the cheek] I love it when you stop in here. smile.gif


~~~~~~ healing vibes for Daphne ~~~~~~ Poor sickly widdle bunbun!

Flanker, Yahoo News actually has a story up about that guy on YouTube! I wonder what he thinks about his sudden fame.

Crassy, what a mess! Glad that you at least had a good time at the fair.

PIP, I hope you enjoy these weeks leading up to the big day! I know I was super stressed, but we planned the whole friggin thing in 10 weeks.

Tes, what is this about dan'l boone? Me so confused! We went skating at a sports complex that is located in this little town where I live now. They also have an olymic size swimming pool & workout equipment and all kinds of stuff! Looooove it!

Yuefie? Are you out there?
~~$$~~$$~~ no-more-bank-problem vibes for Yuefie ~~$$~~$$~~

((((((((((( all my luscious Busties ))))))))))

Kvetch: Sheff is working late. Lord only knows how late. Normally he would've been home 2 hours ago. Poor lamb.
Anti-kvetch: This project will finally be over in 2 weeks. We might have to do something special to celebrate.

I soooooooo need a swift kick in the pants. I found out about an interesting opportunity. I need to go after this. I'll be terribly disappointed in myself if I don't at least try. But there's a little work I need to do first & I'm seriously dragging my feet. So if you're wearing some boots that aren't too pointy, aim them in the direction of my behind, s'il vous plait.
*!*!*kick*!*!* for rosev!! Ya better do it!

quantum, I love nutmeg, too...but what is pomander?


pnp, wedding planning is hard, and mentally exhausting, for sure!

((tes, flanker, faith, mornington, daphne, sonik, sidecar, car, mando, txplum, tallgirl, yuefie, crassy and everyone))

I was so nervous about seeing this therapist for the first time today, but I really liked her. She seems blunt in a good way, down to earth, and like she is going to suggest concrete things to help me. And she is going to let me start working and then negotiate a price per visit with me...that is so cool it's making me tear up!

Can't wait to feel like I'm tackling things, ya know?
Oh my goodness there are a lot of posts here. You guys need to stop writing so much so that I have less to read! I feel like I can never keep up.

FIRST OF ALL... a swift kick in the pants for RV. Break it down into manageable steps and GO FOR IT! Go right down that list of steps until you've done everything on it. Just think about it this way, you will feel worse if you don't do anything about this opportunity (now I am so curious to know what it is, hmm, the mind wanders!) than if you go for it and don't get the outcome you're hoping for. Believe me, I know what it's like to sit on a big old pile of inertia and IT AIN'T FUN. It's more fun when you go go go after the big stuff. wink.gif

And a dissertation kick to Bunny, while I'm at it.

Oh, I'm getting nostalgic for you guys mentioning Dupont Circle! I almost moved to DC last summer. I was thisclose to signing a lease on an apartment that would have been very close to the pandas at the National Zoo (Woodley Park station). Awwww! Dupont is pricy, yo, and that's coming from someone who knows too much about paying a lot for rent.

The second week of work is off to a smashing start -- it's ok to ask, Mornington! One of my favorite coworkers was back this week (he was on vacay/holiday last week) -- I told you guys I used to work in this department before, right? Looong time ago. So there are still a few people there that I used to work with, it's REALLY COOL, actually -- and oh my god, I can't even tell you guys, he just cracked me up sooooo much at one point in the afternoon. I was howling with laughter, had to stop what I was trying to do because I was laughing so hard and had to dab at my eyes with a tissue, the whole thing. I really thought I was going to start laugh-snorting, that's how bad it was. And of course he tried to make me laugh even more each time I thought I had gained my composure and we'd try to resume what we were supposed to be doing. Interesting how we just clicked like that again after how many years of not working together, and he knows exactly which buttons to push to make me totally lose all composure. GAWD! Yeah, he's a good egg, Mr. Funnyman; I just need a thicker skin when it comes to laughing at his jokes.

Holy shite, Crassy, that's a whole lotta money for a wedding that's not yours! More people need to elope.

I miss Mando.

Yet another long-assed post. I'm sorry.

~~flyby~~ 'cause I'm feeling kinda poopy and bleh. no word on the bank card issue yet, I won't know anything until after tonight when everything clears my account what the total charges are and just how bad it really is. I filed a dispute through the bank, and now I have to wait for the paperwork, fill it out and then send it back.

Thanks for all the continued vibage everyone. And thanks bunny for the extra immune boosting vibes too *mwah*

I am vibing for you all, I just don't have the energy to write it all out here. (((((kvetchettes)))))

~~~get better Daphne~~~
I did a scan and consider yourselves {{{{loved}}}} and ~*~*~vibed~*~*~, but it's ventation time:

1. While we haven't been to the church in months, the amazing like-a-brother associate pastor has taken a job in Michigan. I did not find this out until 11:30 pm last night - by happenstance, I might add - and cried myself to sleep (long story). E-mailed in hopes that we would catch him and his lovely husband before they left. They're off on their adventure tomorrow afternoon.

2. Slept shittily, woke up puffy, went to work in a funk...and got a group dress-down from my really pissy boss, who desperately needs a cigarette (she quit last week...I'm all for health but DAMN is it making her bitchy). It was ugly and unnecessary, and I am pissed. Upshot: *everybody's* hours are 8 am to 5 pm, effective immediately. Problem? My normal start time is 9. Thanks for the warning, bitchface.

3. Could this day *get* any better?

4. Yep...found out that TG is having more hell, as reported...and y'all have no idea how much her asshat uncle could really use a come-to-Jesus meeting with a two-by-four.

5. Aaaaand my favorite part, because all this wasn't enough: I started feeling twinges last night and ignored them, then gradually got more and more uncomfortable and had more and more pain. The reason I'm still up right now? I just returned from a trip to the urgent care clinic and the pharmacy, because I have a FUCKING BLADDER INFECTION.

I should really go to bed now, since I have to be up in goddamn seven hours.

~~~~~~~~~ fly by before i leave for work ~~~~~~~~~

rosiev, my lovely: (same place. it USED to be called daniel boone! there also used to be a bunch of antique stores right next to it, ALSO called daniel boone. no idea why!

NO MORE ASS HATS TO VEX my lovely plummy tes' ass and her BFF TG!!!!

despite the fact that i am wearing pointy toed boots, here is KICK for you!! DO IT!!! what raisin said!!

yayayayayay that raisin is enjoying her new job with her old playmates!!!

SORRY about the bomb thing. it is a figure of speech in portuguese. it just means that we got some REALLY BAD NEWS. that's all.

well....that's all i have time for. maybe later???

((((((((hugs to all!!!))))))))

and kisses! and silly silly silly FISHES!!!!!!
It's asshat central 'round here apparently! Moving fuck-ups suck. Moving is difficult enough without people dropping the ball. Here's hoping all gets righted asap!

My family used to live just over a mile from Dupont Circle, towards the other end of the alphabet. I used to love walking around there when visiting.

Bunnyb, I am here to tell you that if taking a little more time before starting the Ph.D is remotely feasible you should do it. Try and get some advance reading in where possible and otherwise prepare yourself, plan research directions etc.
(says the woman who is procrastinating on chapter revisions to come in here and waffle...)

I am still ill and not happy about it. Sometimes being ill is an excuse to lie around and watch daytime TV. Unfortunately I cut myself no slack for upcoming chapter deadline so cannot afford the luxury of mindless telly watching (except at night). However, the weather outside is truly autumnal so being at home is a mixed blessing.

Cute but young boy at cafe yesterday gave me a list of sickness cures: chili, hot clear soup etc, when I stopped in for takeaway tea. I was amazed he was being so sweet when I clearly looked (and sounded) a snuffling mess. I will take his advice though. Mmm, chicken noodle soup... not clear but close!
Tesao, it's always nice to see you. Sorry about the bad news. sad.gif

((((txplumwine)))) lots of ~~vibes~~ and good wishes coming your way. It sounds like it was a tough day.

(((((yuefie))))) here's more money and health ~~vibes~~

Raisin, Yay!!! I'm glad this weeks going better! (I agree with you about not being able to keep up with the's tough with working a full time job with NO computer access during the day and a squiggy internet connection at night.)

(((Daphne))) feel better, bunny.

Amilita, I'm glad you're getting good vibes about your therapist. I think "pomander" far as a scent goes is probably an orangey spicy smell. Isn't a pomander when you take an orange and stick it full of cloves? And hang it somewhere?

And, rose, I'd kick you but....

Kvetch: A five inch iron gate valve fell on my FOOT yesterday! These are very, very heavy! I can't lift one alone. Here's a pic: IPB Image
Okay, the picture is is actually a picture of a much smaller one. Couldn't find a picture of a five inch one. This one would be a two inch one.

(the size refers to the size of the pipe connections). Five inch pipe is five inches in diameter. Pretty big stuff.

Luckily, it didn't fall from very high; it was sitting on a low shelf, about ten inches above my foot. I don't think my foot's broken (I can move it and walk on it) but it's pretty sore today. I don't think I am going to work a full day today. I have to go in and check on a couple things I did yesterday...but I think I am coming home at noon. Unless it feels a LOT better.

Kvetch: My foot isn't as ugly as it seems like it should be. Why does any tiny bump on my legs make a horrific black bruise, but a valve weighing over 100 pounds falling on my foot makes a pale blue bruise you've gotta look at in bright light to see? Sort of seems anticlimatic or something. But on the upside, my foot DID start bleeding through my shoe....

Maybe this should go in grossies? Okay, no more details!
bit of a flyby this; I've read everything but...(((treehugger, yuefie, bunny, tes, fina, syb, txplum, tg, raisin, sidecar, msp, amilita, rosev, anoushh, surly, faith, qspice, mando and everyone else)))

Daphne died last night. She hadn't eaten for over twenty-four hours and I think she collapsed and couldn't get back up. I couldn't feed her and the emergency vet said she wasn't ill enough to be put on a drip when I took her in again yesterday evening.

Thanks for all the vibes though, they really meant a lot to me.
(((((mornington))))) and (((((Pete))))) I am so so sorry sad.gif. Poor daphne is in bunny heaven and she had the best bunnymama in the world (no offense raisingirl).

Kvetchies wub.gif Daphne and feel your pain.
((((((daphne & mornington)))))) my god, how horribly sad. i don't even know what to say. much much love to you, darlin. we're here for you.
(((daphne and mornington))) so sorry!

ow! treehugger. hope your foot is doing better.

feel better sybarite and txplum and yuefie!

The bad news is there is blasting top 40 radio coming into my house but the good news is there are painters out there painting the house behind us, so it is lookin' very fine out my kitchen window. Looks like they will be done soon, so no more annoying morning DJs waking me up!

The house getting painted had a brick chimney blown off their roof and into the roof of this tiny purple shotgun house next to it during the the purple house had a giant hole in the roof for months and months. Then when it started raining again, they put a blue tarp on it...then I saw them tacking tar paper over the hole, so I thought they were gonna do some kind of cocamaimy patch-job...but then they stopped there with the tar paper. After awhile, that got ratty and there is a blue tarp up again.

Oh- and there are people living in there. I can't imagine the mold and other water damage that occured when rain got in the house. I wonder how many people are living in badly damaged homes and just cobbing repairs together?
Oh, your poor little Daphne bun bun. I'm so sad for you, Mornington. It seems especially hard with bunnies, because they give you practically no warning that something is wrong until oftentimes it's too late. I'm so sure you did everything you could to save her, too, knowing what you're studying in school. Poor baby, all three of you. Is your other bun okay? Are you okay? It's okay if you're not. Gosh.

And, you know, if you need to cry some more... (don't say I didn't warn you, animal lovers here, I cry whenever I read this.)
((((((((((mornington))))))))))))))) I am so sorry honey; I hope you are doing OK.

I can't believe there's so much Dupont love! That makes me happy.

I am being plagued by an annoying paralegal. I love that she's young and enthusiastic, and the project we are working on is exciting and feminist BUT -- I have a million things to do and I cannot drop everything because she has time. She's new and I don't think she's totally absorbed how tightly things are scheduled. I am just trying to be polite and firm but not mean. Sometimes I like to be mean, but not to baby paralegals, fresh out of college and at their first job. Right? Right. Sigh.
Oh mornington, I am so sorry. I hope you are okay; I could see how much you loved daphne. It sounds like you did everything you could as soon as you realised she was ill. (((Mornington and daphne)))
(((((((((((( Mornington )))))))))))) I'm so so very sorry, dear. I wish there was something I could say & I really wish I could give you a big hug right now. It was clear to all of us that you were a good mommy to dear Daphne & you did all you could do. (((((((( more hugs for Mornington ))))))))

Treehugger, did the pipe fall on you at work? If so, did you tell your supervisor? If not, then you need to. Seriously. And the company needs to pay for you to go to a doctor's office to have it checked as soon as possible. Don't hesitate at all. You've had an on-the-job accident and the company is supposed to look out for you in this situation.

(((((Plummie))))) I hope you get a chance to say goodbye to the pastor, even if it's just over the phone. And I hope your bladder starts feeling better ASAP! Ouchie!
Your story about your boss reminded me of a story I read in one of my favorite literary magazines. The person is writing about how they've just quit smoking and they're just consumed by frustration and thoughts of smoking. If someone asks him, "How are you doing?" His thought is I'm not smoking. How's work going for you? I'm not smoking. What are you doing for the holidays? I'm not fucking smoking, okay?!?!? I bet your boss could really identify with these thoughts. Sorry it's affecting you, too!

-A-A-A-A-A- anti-asshat vibes for all -A-A-A-A-A-

Amilita, that's astounding that these people are still having to live with that hole in their roof. I remember you telling us about that tarp many moons ago.

Sorry to be so vague earlier. I've been put in a postition that seems great on one hand, but there are a looooot of issues on the other. Basically, I found out about a job that I think I might reeeeeeeally like. But the hours could make things much harder on our homelife. I talked about it a lot with Sheff & he's very conflicted. I think it sounds like an interesting opportunity, but I don't want to put the health of my marriage on the line. So the plan is that I'll apply anyway & find out more. And if it doesn't work out, then at least I tried, right?
rose, good plan. go for it and then evaluate.

(((treehugger’s foot))) ouch. That hurts just thinking about! And btw, welcome to kvetch. You are a welcome addition, fersure!

*feel better vibes for sybarite & yuefie*
*de-stress vibes for bunny & plummie & prettynpink & tesao & msp*

Oh and msp? Thanks for the Panzanella recipe. Our tomatoes are coming in full-force, and I’m ripe (pun intended, hee) to attempt something besides plain ol’ tomato/ mozzarella /basil platters.

((TG))) gah. My heart aches for you. What you’re going thru is stressful enough without fucked-up relatives piling on more worries, for no good goddamn reason, either. And what you’re doing for mama and grandpa? You deserve a medal, and nothing less. All parts crossed things smooth out for you soon, darling. We’re all here for you.

How happy am I that raisin is so happy in her job? THIS MUCH HAPPY, THAT’S HOW HAPPY I AM!!!!!

Congrats & good luck to polly on her new job – can’t wait to hear how it’s going!

(((amilita))) I’m proud of you for going to a therapist. I know of the vacillation. Someday I’ll find the gumption myself. Maybe.

Sure is nice to see tesao back in here regularly. Even if she freaks us all out with casual, cryptic explosive device mentions. unsure.gif

And prettnpink & flanker, welcome back to you too. And don’t stress reading & responding & leaving out and all that jazz. Taint nothing wrong with jumping in mid-stream and going from there.

Crassy, glad you survived the wedding semi-intact. Can’t wait to see pics! And I hear you on glowering mothers. mine is currently on the warpath with bro’s wife. She’s creating completely off-the-wall excuses to get her hate on. However, the poor girl is somewhat dim, does and says everything wrong and stupid possible, and sure as hell ain’t trying to make nice. So part of me thinks she’s reaping what she’s sowing, and so be it.

I want fina’s life. Le sigh.

Anti-kvetch: birthday weekend was good. laughing way too much with beloved cousin friday night, with a spur-of-the-moment party. Gorgeous day saturday, meant for being outside, soaking up the sun. and what do we do? Spend 3.5 hours wandering the MET. But hey, we were all in a museum mood – that doesn’t happen that often, so it’s best to take advantage. Sunday involved much wine and good friends and yet another gorgeous day.

Kvetch: having to work on my kid’s birthday, and the Club is closed and there’s really no damn reason to be here. But I’m earning yet more brownie points, holding down the fort, answering phones and trying to patiently explain to members that if you'd just read your fucking mail once in a while you'd know about aerification closings you dumb rich bastids you.

Antikvetch: leaving at 1 pm, then treating the kidlet (who’s 14 today, so I guess I should be retiring “kidlet”, huh? *sniffle*) to lunch, maybe a movie, maybe some video/cd shopping, and then his fave sushi place tonite. Oh, and I bought him a wikipedia teeshirt. How cool is that? It’s his favorite thing to do on the internet, he calls it 'wikipedia-ing' (ok, maybe not his favorite thing to do, but leave me to my naivete for a bit longer, k?) so he’s gonna pee his pants. I also got him a “madden pro” tee shirt and his favorite jaguars player’s replica jersey, both of which he’s going to be entirely gleeful over. Football fanatic? Why yes, yes he is.

more hugs and love for (((mornington))).
i feel like daphne was our bunny.
(((mornington))) oh. my. gawd. i'm so soo sorry! please know we're here for you.

(((tallgirl & family (except ass-hat) )))

(((sidecar))) yeah, having a car is a pain in the ass. my car is in ok driving condition otherwise so i'm going to hold off a little on making repairs until i have some cash!

(((msp))) argh. moving is a pain in the ass even if the movers don't suck!

(((tes))) so nice to see you on here! i guess you're still overseas? (i forgot which country, sorry!)

and i thought (((faith))) was in nyc for some reason. see what happens when you don't bust for a while? boy am i off!

woohooo pink is getting married! pink is getting married soon! (sorry folks, i'm slow...)

(((bunny))) that sucks about work, maybe you can work something out though when your manager returns?

q-spice, i'm not in ohio anymore. i grew up there and just went back for my big brother's wedding. alas, i'm back in joisee again.

*kicks rose gently*, go for it!!!

(((amilita))) awesome news about the therapist!


(((plummie))) that sucks about the change in hours w/no warning!! maybe you should offer her a piece of (nicotene) gum!

~*~*~feel better sybarite~*~*~

(((treehugger & foot))) ouch!!!

kvetch: we have a board meeting at work tonight that i thought i had to go to and wore a suit & the uncomfortable but super cute shoes that match it and now i don't know if i'll be 'allowed to go'. it's weird, my boss uninvited the 'chief of staff' who has only missed 1 board meeting in 27 years! things are tense, i think my boss is going to demand the resignation of the board president or she'll threaten to leave herself. argh. i know what i want to happen, i'm crossing my fingers that i can go and see what the hell is going on --i haven't been 'uninvited'... yet.
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