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woohoo for a new member of the car family!

(((mandi & danny)))


dusty, i would laugh so hard if that leopard print made it in! i swear bust needs to have an emergency 'boss' button! i can't tell you how many times i've almost been busted busting!

pixie, when are you doing the honeymoon?

(((rose))) oh gawd, no water sucks more than no electricity *~*~crossing my fingers it works out*~*~ will shef's job let him take a half day or owrk out a comp something? --they have to know how important getting the water on is!
Car news! Exciting!

I wasn't going to post until I could read properly and then post something that wasn't all "me, me, me" but you know, that's not how things are working out for me of late.

It's my last week at work. Last day Friday. The clients are not letting me forget for a moment (as if I could). Then I miss work today. Why? Because we spent several hours at ER yesterday, me convinced I was having a miscarriage as what else could be causing such painful uterine cramping?

After being in serious pain for several hours, throwing up in the triage nurse's office (she was lovely about it, and very comforting, I have to say.) and waiting for hours because it was an unusually busy night (and it's actually quite scary to hear that when you are in ER with something that painful and scary.

End result was she felt there was no sign of a miscarriage (though I'd have been happier if she'd checked for a fetal heartbeat or something) and that I had evidence of a urinary tract infection (which according to my pregnancy book at home can cause uterine contractions in pregnancy.)

Still feeling like poo, though nothing like the pain of last night.

Quickly, though:
congratulations to pixie on her wedding
sidecar, I hope Sophie feels better soon
Amilita--good vietnamese and chinese food is something to be grateful for!
(((Mandolyn and Danny)))
Fina--sounds like an educational weekend all around!
Rose--don't be too hard on yourself. Moving is a big deal and it takes tie to adjust.

And to anyone I left out, sorry, but I'm off to bed again. ((you))

I am going on my honeymoon May 13-21. We are going to spend one day in the Dallas/Galveston area and then it is a 7 day cruise to the caribbean!

RV-yuck on no water! Is it possible that as soon as you get the rental agreement you can take it down without Sheff...or maybe the landlady could Fax a copy to the water company?

As for the hair, I did recolor it back to a medium auburn color before the wedding(when RV left it was the same color as hers)I am going to cut it chin length, longer in front than in back and my niece is going to highlight it.
I normally have shoulder to mid back length hair, but I have had this particular cut once before and the ex husband actually liked it, which is saying a lot since he rarely noticed or cared about such things! Anyway, Mr.Pixie told me he wanted me to cut it short for the summer...
And man it is hard to type with my new fake nails...
~*~**~*~easy delivery vibes for car~*~*~*!
*drive by part two*

just got a vm from car. she had a baby boy, and all is well! hopefully i can get a call in to her later for more details .... but i thought i'd pass this much along for now at least!
Woo hoo! Another boy for the Car family!!!
Thanks, mando! Yay, baby boy Car!

I'm going into a premenstrual funk. Ick. I got the article pictures scanned, but the file size is too large to deal with easily...I'm not sure what to do next, but I'm working on it.
Congrats to the Car family!
(((mandi and danny)))) thanks fer the email, sweetpea
(((rose))) Hey, you're from the Bible Belt, right? Shouldn't life without flushing toilets and no running water make you feel right at home? /end bad regional joke. Seriously, though, that sucks. Hope it's cleared up soon.
~~~get through it finals for mornington and KMP~~~~
(((anoushh))) scary! glad you are ok!

Amilita, what kind of files are they? I am a Photoshop Wizard (and I work in production) so I might be able to help you. PM me.

Sophie seems to have recovered entirely. Her bloodwork is not back yet, but it appears the antibiotic shot, seven meals of medicinal food for gastroenteritis, a day of rest, and her IV injection of fluids is what did the trick. Thank you all so much for the vibes. I hope I never see her like that again. Poor dear.

I passed off a bunch of my work to the new person today. Hooray! Life will go back to normal-ish now. :-)
*flings self in*

woooooo! car & baby boy-car! congratulations to the car family

(((anoushh))) glad to know you're ok
boo! for no water (((rv))) hope that gets sorted soon
yay! for sophie feeling better (((sidecar))) *puts vibes in super-safe place until mid-june*
(((mando & danny)))
(((faith, lively, crassy, dm, pixie, dusty, fina, bunny, lys, syb, everyone else)))

finally managed to see the doctor... and she was so lovely and nice ... well, I could be ok. I just have to wait a week for the results to see if it's my body objecting to me running my bc together two times in a row or something worse. Woo!

kvetch: my total inability to get the damned dress to fit. I think I need a mannequin.
anti-kvetch: I did some work. development of the foetal heart. There are many many long words I don't understand, but hell, I did the reading for lectures. This never happens.

*flings self out*
((mornington)) I hope all is well health wise.

Yay for car's baby.

Yay for sophie feeling better. sidecar, woo-hoo for being able to get rid of some work.

((anoushh)) I hope all is well.

((rose)) Here's hoping you can get water by Friday.


((mando)) ((danny)) ((mando's brother))



crassy, I hope the new guy is not a dick.

Hmm, not much happened today. Twin DM and I spent much time discussing last night's episode of Veronica Mars, and I got to have lunch with Mr. DM. Other than that, it was a pretty normal day.

((All good things for Busties))
Oh, so here's something funny: today is our Sophieversary. I joked that I would give her a cake made of shoes, my favorite novel of the 1990s, and a DVD of Get Carter (these are all items she ate within the first week of her arrival in Casa de Martini/Sidecar).
Woohoo! for Car and fam! Thanks, Mandi!

Yay for Mornington!

I went to hear Cindy Sheehan talk tonight. Wah! It was weepy city. Everyone made me cry and made her cry and the woman from Christian Peacemaker Teams cried and she made Cindy cry and so did the War Resisters and it was a cryfest. It was good.
Congrats to Car and family!!

(((anoushh))) That sounds scary. I'm glad you're feeling better now and hopefully got some sleep.

(((mornington)))Here's hoping you get a definite diagnosis soon!

((RV and sheff)) Yikes. I've been without water before, but it sucks so I feel your pain. TMI alert: you can manage the loo by throwing buckets of water down it, um, after use. We used bottled water as an emergency measure. I have to say though, after day 2 I checked into a hotel. Hoping you're restored to full water provision soon!

Me: tired but productive. Madly looking forward to short sun break at end of May followed by London visit (and bustie meeting hopefully) at start of July! Gotta have stuff to look forward to...
(((anoushh))) hope you're feeling better, sweets.
(((rose))) yikes. just what you need, right? sending gushing water vibes to you as we speak.
(((dusty))) you're such a good soul. you're an inspiration.
(((mornington))) i'm sorry i missed what happened, but i'm glad it sounds like it's getting resolved.

so glad sophie's better - is she doing the walk on saturday with you guys?

congrats on a better workplace, crassy! i know how that fucktard got under everyone's nails.

LJ xpost: spoke with car for a little bit last night. she sounded wonderful and baby boy was crying in the background, sounding ever so cute. he was born around 6 am (i think?). he weighed in at 7 lbs +, so she done REAL GOOD cooking him these past few anxiety-filled weeks! papa was there and helped bigtime. her labor was another short one - tho it held its share of pain - they did not have to induce, no epidural, and it was au natural. cooper's been with nanny, grandma & pa and daddy, so all's well on the home front. she'll no doubt be filling us all in soon enough - she may come be coming home tomorrow! and of course i told her everyone sent their love and best wishes. i am sooooooo glad the baby's here and all is well!!!!! i am so proud of her!

i won't be talking to her til after saturday. so feel free to email her if you'd like. i'm sure she'd love to hear from everyone.

and heartfelt thanks for all the good thoughts sent casa mando way. danny puked again during the night, but decided to brave school today, since he hasn't had fever since tuesday. however, i am second-guessing myself hardcore for letting him go, and waiting for a call from the school nurse any second now. which is not helping my anxiety issues. i'm thinking today might be a two-xanax day. tonight's the confirmation rehearsal and i have to go fetch bro and then do last-minute shopping and then tomorrow is cleaning day, but as least i have the day off and i get to see lil sis who i haven't seen since xmas but i'm worried that she and her mr will fight and ruin the day saturday cuz that's what they do ... but yeah, i'm hella stressed ... le sigh.

(((group hug)))
woohoo for a new boy addition to the car family!!

(((anoushh))) whew! so glad you're feeling better today!

(((amilita))) i'm right with you in pms land!

ohh, pixie, just a week till you are off sailing! awesome!



(((mandi & danny))) *~*~*anti-stress vibes*~*~*

happy birthday to sophie, glad she's feeling better. does this mean she'll be in the dog walk this weekend? for zeke's b-day i actually made him a little pup ice cream cake out of two layers of dog ice cream with a bit of peanut butter in the middle. hey, what can i say, he's my 'son'.

speaking of pups, our neighbor's dog who was lost has been found. zeke is thrilled, he's been running all up and down the fence with her -it's his unofficial girlfriend.
Yay! Thank you, sidecar, for the offer to help with the files...I actually looked at my printer/scanner manual and figured it out!

So, the article about me and the Mr. and our house is now email-able to anyone who wants it...I sent it to roseviolet, cuz her email is in her profile. I gotta send it with attachments from my regular email, so would anyone who wants it (mornington, designermedusa, dusty, lively are the others I remember asking) send me an email I can send it to? Mando, I have your email, do you wanna see it? Crassy, I'd like to send it to you cuz you can see our never-remodeled kitchen, and we were doing the house-talk before...

I'm gonna go get some Chinese food tonight! Woot!

Mando, thanks for the Car details! No epidural! What a woman!

Hoping Danny is doing OK at school today.

~~~~water vibes for Rosev and Sheff~~~~

~~~well-being vibes for anoushh, mornington and faith~~~

~~~workplace vibes for crassy and sidecar...things sound improved for both of you!~~~

sybarite, hope things are continuing to be better!

Still bleh from PMS...I happened to be cursing at inanimate objects yesterday, and I think that was helping the Mr. finally understand that my PMS-related bad moods are not personal! That is a good thing. He is getting a kick out of my grouchiness lately, which is better than getting his feelings hurt.

Jazz Fest is not increasing our sales...could use some vibes in that direction.
oops! dingo attack!
Amilita, I'd like to see the article.

So I got the bob last night....and it looks terrific! Everyone at work today has been making a big deal about it. My niece put very subtle highlights in it and it really does look like I have been outside and the sun streaked my hair! I am getting too old for chunky highlights.

I got my new drivers license today since I look good. So odd to see my new name printed on there all official like. Now I just need to change SS and bank account.

Rosie posie, where are you? Don't go ignoreing the Busties and getting all depressed again. I hope you are just busy moving into your fabulous new place!

You know, it's cold and wet, and grey outside...I've had another visit from someone who can't let the past go...and yet, I feel so at peace and happy today. I think it's cause I love my husband!
done, pixie!

Oh, you reminded me of my other kvetch! I need a haircut so badly, and I don't know where to go. I've never found a person here who I loved. And I'm not sure if I should do bangs or not...I think I'm gonna get a decent length cut off, maybe not bobbed, but close.

I still need to do all my name changing things; I bet it's neato to see your new name on stuff, pixie!

It's raining so hard here I feel bad making a food delivery order, even though my tummy is rumbling. I'm gonna give it a little time.
((((bunny & mandi)))) for being such sweetie's

~~~mandi's brother, danny, KMP, mornington, faith's earlobe, pixie's tooth, feel better vibes~~~

~~~increased sales & anti-pms vibes for amilita~~
u can email me the article @ livelyupurself AT bust.

~~~cramp soothing & feel better vibes~~~ for (((anoushh)))

yay for car and new baby boy!

((((sybarite)))) glad to hear things are settling down for you

yay for sophie feeling better and for zeke's unofficial gf.

lots of love and vibes for (((crassy, sidecar, damona, dusty, fina, designer, lys, rose & sheff & everyone else I missed)))

(((((kvetchies)))))) thanks so much for all the vibes. Things are ok here, well sort of. At least they've calmed down considerably. I'm just feeling so drained and in a funk. When I'm stressed out I tend to have insomnia pretty bad, so I'm running on fumes. Also, because of the lack of sleep my left eye keeps twitching and it's driving me nuts. I did myself a favor and went to work out this morning and it felt good, great stress relief. I am still looking for employment, ugh. I am waiting to hear back from the company my cousin's gf works for. They have a position open for receptionist and I submitted my resume. Got my fingers and toes crossed. I'm thinking of applying at a few of the banks around here too. I feel like I'm barely treading water, but I'm trying to keep my chin up. Gah. I am just stressed & tired and sick of being tired & stressed.

kvetch #1: danny got sick in school. i had to go rescue him. i was so so hoping this thing was winding down.

kvetch #2: and i missed lost last night, have barely been online, and YET IT'S STILL BEEN SPOILED FOR ME! mother.fuck.

i'm this close to snapping.
Ugh, ((((mandi)))) & ((((danny))))
Ugh. We all need to feel better. And right NOW!

I feel a bit better. Ok, a lot better, as I'm not doubled over, writhing in pain. But still not great. Went to work today b/c it's my last week and had to say goodbye to my therapy group. Took it easy as best I could, though.

It was scary, scary stuff, though. Thanks so much for everyone's good wishes.

So glad to hear about Car & family. I am so pleased that everything went well. That woman's a star.

Amilita, I've been having a hair crisis ever since I moved here. I share your pain.

Haven't read the archives. Just wanted to say that we officially have the internet at our new place! Woo hoo! Still no water, though. Grr.

And I'm still thrilled to bunches about Car's new baby boy! It's a mini-mini Cooper! Yay!
ok, let's see.... yay for car and her new baby boy! boo for rose not having water, yay for anoushh feeling better, boo for danny getting sick and mando's show being spoiled, yay for lively feeling better, boo for amilita's rainy day and pms, yay for pixie's new 'do and new name, yay for sophie being better and for zeke's doggy gf. i think that about covered it! *phew*

kvetch: i was supposed to have a dentist appointment this morning, for a long overdue cleaning, but i had horrible insomnia last night and then could not get my ass in gear this morning, so i missed it. and i can't get in again 'til june 26th. boo to them.

anti-kvetch: i got little d an appointment at the (relatively) local ARCH (autism recovery and comprehensive healthcare) clinic. they don't use a lot of meds and stuff, they have more of a focus on alternative therapies like IV therapy, chelation therapy and using a hyperbaric chamber., in addition to your basic physical, speech, and occupatonal therapies. the downside?? the initial appointment is $400 dollars!!! i about died of shock. but, i think it will be worth it. they also do nutritional counseling, so maybe we can get back on track with that. (he's supposed to be on a gluten and casein free diet, but it's been hard to keep it up. more so for his dad than me.)

i could not sleep for shit last night. there were a couple guys standing outside my house arguing at the top of their voices around 11pm, and that made me nervous, so i stayed up with all the lights on for a lot longer than i usually do. then, when i did finally go to bed, i didn't put the pooch in his kennel like i normally do, just in case. so he was insisting on sleeping right next to me all night, and man, that dog is a serious bed hog! argh.
damn double posts....
I'm caught up now :-)

Amilita, thank you so much for sending the article! Loved it! I especially loved that Eli got in that one photo. Wally is cute & all, but I think my heart belongs to Eli!
~$$~$$~$$~ extra sales & big moola for the gallery ~$$~$$~$$~

~~~~~~ soothing vibes for Amilita, Danny, Anoushh, Lively, Mornington, Faith, & Car ~~~~~
I figured Car deserved to be in there after giving birth to such a big healthy baby!

Pixie, who arose from the past? Gimmee a call & let me know. And I still want to hear all the details about the wedding!

I'm going to call the water people & see if there's anything we can pssibly work out tomorrow. You know, see if maybe the lady who is renting the house to us can fax them something. I don't know. If that doesn't work, we figure that we'll just fill some buckets with water & use that to flush until this gets straightened out. Uuuuggghhhh.
Amilita, I probably wouldn't be as diligent abotu changing ame except that most of my Official documents still had my ex husbands name on them. I knew when the divorce finalized that Mr. P and I were getting in 6 months, so I didn't bother. The only real reason I changed back to my maiden name at all was for the wedding invitations and license. was the "other board" so I think you might be able to guess. SO sad, so pathetic, I am so glad I have moved on in my life.

I justthought I would throw out a little news of teh strange. We were watching our wedding video last night and it reminded of something I forgot to mention when I was writing about it....If you can imagine, there is a tornado warning, it is pouring cats and dogs...and right in the middle of the ceremony, a peacock comes to the window and starts "singing". Is that some kind of omen or what?

I am obcessing over my hair today...I have been to the bathroom at least a dozen times and I can't quit touching it. Mr. P has been teasing e.
(((mandi))) ~*~*~get better danny*~*~*


amilita, i'm e-mailing you now (i so want to see that article!)... and i so feel your pain on the hairdresser thing, i had roots that were like 5 miles long cause i was mad at my hairdresser and couldn't find another. i finally did, i selected by distance and hair coming out of the salon.

would love to see your new 'do pixie!

~*~*~get a great job lively*~*~*
(((Feel-better Danny and bro really really soon)))

Glad you're feeling better Anoushh.

(((RV and water)))


(((mando))) & ***get well danny***
(((anoushh))) ***get better vibes***
(((lively))) ***job vibes***
(((everyone else)))

nothing new here... working (or not); saw Tilly & The Wall play earlier and they were the good stuff, pissed of my flatmate by forgetting his birthday (we hardly speak so...) and... yeah. that's it.

oh, it's hot. and muggy and the air is heavy. yuck.

ETA: amilita, i just pm'd you
crassy, your email hasn't come through yet, but I'm lookin' for it.

I had a hairdresser here who I was pretty much liking, but after she cancelled on me for the second time in about 4 appointments, I decided she was too sickly for me. Geez, that sounds mean as I type it...I don't think she had any chronic disorder. If she had informed me that she did, I would have been more understanding. Probably. This was back in the night-shift days when my daylight time was very precious.

Anyhoo, I went to her assistant and liked her and decided that if my original lady cancelled so often and offered her assisstant to keep the appt., then all would be cool. But then the assistant had some kind of big nervous-breakdown-y kind of thing wherein she stabbed/cut her boyfriend. Who I don't think was a peach, but...she was gonna quit haircutting, but then came back, and I just decided I was not coming back to her.

And lots of my friends love this other guy, and he did great on my color, and the cut is skilled, but no edginess or something. And I don't feel like I communicate well with him.

Oy. This guy in my hometown is great and he knows what I'm talking about despite my cryptic descriptions of what I want. Once I said, "I want that, you know, rock and roll hair." And he did know. Sigh.

I'm in a bit of a tizzy. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this.
amilita, you're definitely not. I've just refused to go to any other hairdresser except this woman in my old hometown. Which means waiting until june for a haircut. I haven't had my hair cut since the last time I saw her... oh, at the start of december. But she's an absolute darling, and she's cut my hair since forever (seriously, I was three or something the first time she cut my 'do).

I hate not communicating well with hairdressers.
Kvetch: I'm stressed....and I've been trying all week not to have much worry and anxiety. I'm just very disappointed in myself. I'm sure everyone knows that I worry constantly, almost everyday for the past two years about getting Mr. DM's greencard. I try not to think about it all day, but there are days I just worry too much. For the past two months Mr. DM and I check the mailbox, and everyday we have been disappointed. I know one day everything will be completed, but that's not much good to me now. We want to move, and we need this card before we can move without worrying about anything getting lost. I know none of this makes much sense, but I am the most impatient person on the world not to mention a major worrier. Sorry for being very self-indulgent.

(((DM)))) Immigration stuff is stressful.

Kvetch--I had to stay home from a Billy Bragg show (it was about 1 hour away and I have to work tomorrow as well) tonight b/c I've been feeling so unwell. It was a good thing I did as had a major bout of diarrhea (TMI, probably. Sorry.) Arggh.

Anti-kvetch--I spoke--albeit very briefly--to Billy Bragg on the phone.
(((((danny & mando))))))
oh, hell, hugs to everyone!

yep, sophie's in for the walk on saturday now -- she got a clean bill of health from the vet yesterday. And we have raised more than $400 in pledges! Our goal was $200 so I am quite proud of us.

I've been taking this class at my gym for a few weeks called Hot Bod, on Saturday mornings, and it has just shredded me. The instructor suggested I try taking it twice a week, that I wouldn't be as sore, so I took it last night, and she was right.

Incidentally, I didn't get jury duty today (I got standby jury duty but they didn't need me) so I'm quite happy. Also, it's Cinco de Mayo!

No underwear as I'm still in my pajamas...
Driveby, as once again I should be on my way to work right now:

After much back and forth, "I'll raise the appraisal," "I'm not raising the appriasal", I don't have enough other stress in my life DRAMA -
A second appriasal was done, $5k higher than the first.
The seller came down $10k because their new house is finished and the wife wants to move on, even if it means them taking a loss on the sale.
The revised contract was filed with the mortgage folks and the title company yesterday.
SO - the house purchase is back on! And since this was the final hurdle, there's really not much else that could derail it at this point. May 26 we close, May 28 we move. And now I can safely get excited again!

Thank you all for all your vibes and good thoughts - Bustie vibes work again!!
I wish all of you with haircut woes could come here and have martha cut your hair. She rocks, does exactly what you ask her for but with an edge.

Glad to hear the news tallgirl!

DM I would so be the same; it's a huge deal, so I understand your stress. But, hopefully sometime very soon, it will end. *fingers crossed today is the day*

Hoping danny gets better soon! And mando, I missed LOST this weekend too, which says everything about how stressed I was. Normally I'd step over people on the freeway to see LOST.

Yay for Fridays! And for the end of our dragged out toxic-ass domestic disharmony, thank cod. Sheesh.

It's sunny here and I'm going to go out and buy something cute, or at least try!

Grey lacy knickers and a mismatched white lace brar.

Congratulations on the house tallgirl!

~*~*~*Health vibes to Danny and Annoush~*~*~
~*~**Anti stress vibes to DM~*~*~**

1 week until I leave for my cruise! I can.not.wait! It will be so much fun being alone with Mr. P for 8 whole days! No work, no kids, no exhusbands or ex cell phone, no e-mail.

Some of you may remember my near meltdown the week before the wedding brought on by a legal issue. After debating about it for two weeks and waiting to hear exactly what my ex is doing about it(information that he is obviously not giving up though I've asked repeatedly)I have made the decision last night about what my course of action will be. If certain people don't like it, too bad. I just feel like a weight has been lifted.
Yay for Sybarite and Tallgirl and Sophie!

Is (((Danny))) better yet?

I'm not sure I understand, (((DM))). Without wanting to make you more anxious, I'm puzzled that you are beating yourself up for wanting the green card to arrive in the mail before you move? Seems absolutely reasonable, but you're worrying too much, is that it?

I read Amilita's article. Clearly Amilita and the Mr. are very cool people (we knew that already) and deserve the haircut to go with.

I just wish I could drag myself out of bed in time to live up to my hairdresser's expectations.

Oh, and hot pink mesh hipsters and a hot pink lace underwire.
hello all!! wow its been awhile since i have been here. today i am off work so i have time to read posts and write. (((pixie))) you need to send me photos of your new haircut. i am trying to grow mine out and i am hating it right now. my hair is pretty thick so it is hard to do anything with it.
i too am in my pjs and plan to remain in them for awhile. work has been so chaotic and i have a sinus infection. i stayed home on wed and went in thurs even though i still felt like crap. i feel better now but i am still feeling under the weather. it is grey here again today. i wish it was sunny and warm. tommorow i am going to spend the day sewing with a friend of mine. we decided to start a sewing club and i am really excited about it.
well time for me to finally write emails i have been neglecting. god i feel busy all the time now.

(((dm & mr. dm))) i don't blame you for being stressed - it's like your life is on hold. *~*~crossing parts that you'll get the greencard right away*~*~*

(((anoushh))) missing the show sucks, but it's good you're taking care of yourself!

woohoo for the talls on their house! what a relief- congrats!

amilita, hotmail takes forever sometimes, did you get it?


i had a great hairdresser close to my old apt but when i moved it was too much of a pain so i saw this woman in target who had fantastic hair and i found out where she went. well, the hairdresser was really good but she was kind of a bitch talking about people all the time and stuff and then i had a really big event for work and i told her about it and she took a walk in ahead of me when she was already 1/2 hour late so i ended up getting there late! i was so pissed cause i heard her saying to the walk-in 'well, i have someone waiting, but i'll take you quick'. then she told me "oh, i didn't see you there waiting". i was pissed that she lied so i didn't go back. it took me months to find the lady that i go to now, but she's in my town and so nice and she does a decent job, not real edgy either but oh well. she makes me feel comfortable and even stayed w/me for my first eyebrow waxing --which i was terrified of!

black minimizer, black lacy boyshorts. it's a beautiful day, i even just volunteered to drive something across town to enjoy the weather. i am going to a wine-tasting fundrasier for the humane society where we got zeke tonight and then on sunday to a mets game. i'm excited, i haven't been to see a baseball game since i was little!

so nice to see (((ladylibrary)))!
Crassy, I still haven't gotten your email, but I'll keep looking! I would have left that hairdresser, too...I left one because she left me sitting in a chair with wet hair in my face to go shit-talk the owner of the salon with her co-worker. And then complained to me, as well. And she talked nonstop about her boyfriend and child. It's hard to find someone with the skills and the personality, huh?

And aw, shucks, dusty, thanks for all that, and for the email, too!

Ladylibrary, enjoy your relaxin'! I am really wishing I could see everyone's hair right now. Mine's thick, too, (not complaining, though!) and I love it when they use those thinning shears.

Pixie, I hope things go well for whatever is going on...

((Designerm)) I'd be stressing, too...I hope the greencard hurries itself up.

Mando and sybarite, the network website that Lost is on (ABC?) will be showing the entire episodes of certian popular Lost and maybe Desperate Housewives and ones like that. So don't fret! It's there now...I was hoping they'd put the entire second season (so far) up so I could watch it all, but no go.

Anoushh, hope you're feeling well. I've been thinking of how hard it must be to be leaving your clients...but maybe a little freeing, too?

Yay for tallgirl's almost-house!

We are still waiting for the financing to be solidified for the folks buying our land...these things are so laborious and complicated, no?

Sidecar, so glad Sophie is continuing to do well and can do the walk!

A couple people have been interested in specific pieces of art today and have taken cards...keeping my fingers crossed.

My sweetie is bringing me a sammich in a while and tomorrow I'm gonna go to Jazz Fest a little more...there aren't any big acts I wanna see tomorrow, so I'd like to hit the Gospel and Jazz tents. Oh, and I'm gonna attempt to actually meet up with my old coworkers; that's the real reason for going. No offense to anyone, but I'm leaving if they all go to the big stage to watch Jimmy Buffet. I no like.
Drive-by to say that we have water!!! Woo hoo!!!

((((hugs to all)))

Undies: white cotton thong with orange trim & a cute little orange fox on the front. Because I'm foxy, don't ya know. Plus a pink cottom camisole with built-in bra.
Well it looks like my legal situation might have worked itself out without my doing anything. But I did get an e-mail from the ex who doesn't read Bust *cough* right after I posted that.

~*~*~**~*good hair vibes to all who need it**~*~*

I am very lucky in that I have a sister in law and two nieces who all have cosmotology liscences. My SIL hasn't done hair in years, but my oldest niece is the head hairdresser in her salon. She's the one who did my hair. She also cut Mr. Pixies hair for the wedding and it turned out awesome too. Now I want to take minipixie and get hers cut, but the ex asked if he could take her to get pictures first.

We are going to have dinner with the inlaws tongiht. They told Mr. Pixie that They hadn't had a chance to take Mrs. Pixiedust to dinner!

Mr. P decided today that he is never going to cross me. My ex husbands house burned down in December, and it appears that my ex boyfriends neighborhood flooded Wednsday night. I don't know if his house specifically was flooded, But Mr. P decided that Karma likes me os he's not going to tempt it.
Yay! Water for Rosev and Sheff!
(((dm))) - anti-stress vibes your way
yay! for sophie being better (((sidecar))) & have fun on your walk
yay! for your house (((tallgirl)))
feel better (((ladylibrary)))
Yay! for (((rosev & sheff))) having water
yay! for (((pixie))) too
(((amilita))) I got your email earlier - very nice! and I heart the picture of eli on the table
hope (((mando & danny))) are doing ok?
(((everyone else)))

it's still hot here... argh. I don't mind heat; I can't stand muggy. At least there was a breeze tonight & it's cooled down. Quiet day - uni was ok; remembered why I hated embryology, had a nice little nap in the middle of "foetal circulation" and woke up in time to gossip with some girlies about lambing and bon jovi while other people did the work!
Saw Daphne too. She bit me - she's been grumpy the last few days; it might be the heat and adjusting back to the flat. It's so hot the windows are permanently open - and H lives right near a big station so you can hear the trains going past. Hopefully she'll settle down; we're going to the vet for her vaccines next week & I'll see if there's anything we can do for her behaviour. H's gf is getting scared to feed her as she's getting bitey.

it's not really a kvetch but: I've been invited to spent tomorrow night doing silly things with two groups of friends. H has some friends coming down & they want to go out - and my best gal pals are having a houseparty. I can't decide - I haven't hung out with the gal pals properly for ages, but I do want to know H's friends better as we'll be living together next year. Oh, and the houseparty is "superhero"-themed. For some reason I want to go as "bicycle-repairman" (from the monty python sketch) but no-one will understand, and I don't have a costume otherwise.

right... finish glass of wine (what?! it had to be drunk as it was open) and off to bed. white knickers, white bra, very boring.
Well, we're back from the walk (and we made it to Free Comic Book Day, too!) and it was a lot of fun. Details are over in F&F in bustie's best friend, if you're interested. Sophie played on a beach for the first time. We also raised $420 in pledges (go us!) and I'm hoping to have some pictures uploaded tonight.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
yay for sophie & the sidecars!
yay for running water for the shef's!

*all parts crossed tight for the tall fam's new house!*

*calm soothing non-bitey vibes for daphne* (i can never think of the word 'bitey' without laughing, thinking of sean's mom ... "well, he is a was a bit bitey" from sean of the dead. hee.)

good things:
1. danny is better. the doc recommended we see a gastro doc, tho she's sure it's nothing serious. one step at a time. i'm just thrilled he's finally stopped puking.
2. bro is doing well and going back to work tomorrow.
3. confirmation was very much a success, both the ceremony & party. it was a beautiful day all around. i'm still verklempt at all the family love.
4. we got approved for our equity loan. financial relief, here we come!
5. sunny will be here in 4 days ... i'm so looking foward to having her stay with us. the girl's a gem and a half.

bad things:
1. i only got to see my sister for 12 hrs. that's not enough time.
2. danny's class trip to washington is is 3 days. this is going to be a particularly painful apron-string-untying rite of passage. he'll be fine. he'll have a great time. still a wreck.
3. my beloved cousin has thyroid cancer. and no insurance and may have to have his surgery in a clinic. the prognosis is good, but he may lose his gorgeous singing voice, which is his livelihood. i can't even go there ... this boy is my heart.

ok. i must needs lie in the sun for a bit before i clean my house. yet again. le sigh.

massive love, y'all.
Yay, Sidecar and Sophie! Dogs running around on the beach is a super cute thing.

Mornington, what did you decide to do? I'd say see the new/potential friends and organize another thing yourself for the best gal pals...

Yesterday went to Jazz Fest and although the music was good, the food was outstanding! I was with someone who really knew which booths to hit and I had fried eggplant with crawfish sauce, crawfish strudel, and this crawfish pouch...I was crawfish crazy! Yum Yum. And then I bought some beignets on my way out.

I wanted to buy a tye-dyed cotton dress (to wear as a nightgown, and pretend I'm Erika Badu or Jill Scott or something in my own home...tie a scarf around my head and all that.) None of them were good...but now I have this fantasy, so I'm on the lookout.

I'm watching the gallery today while our partner goes to Jazz Fest and the Mr. has a day off. I think my sour mood is lifting a bit, at least.
(((((((Mandomyheart))))))) I have a relative going through the same as your beloved singing cousin. "They" say it's the best cancer to get because of the survival rate, but it's still cancer and it is no fun.
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