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(((bunny))) hope the uni thingy goes well. And a cunning plan, eh? would that be cunning like a fox?

(((treehugger))) gah.

(((fina))) have fun in edinburgh. and boo on coworker

(((yuefie))) ****money vibes****

(((anoushh))) ****job vibes for mr anoushh****

(((amilita))) ****job vibes for you**** I hope it works out for you. and how's wally?

(((sidecar, mando, sonik, msp, pink, tyger, faith, surly, maxine, tallgirl, txplum, damona, tyger, and everyone else)))

The bunnies are cuddling. I hate cleaning. And why is the only nice boy I can find in freaking pensylvania. I don't even know where that is except it's *over there*. Gah. That is all.

Oh, and I hate moving. I need to figure internets in this new place, but when it works, there will be photos and what have you. And before I forget - red boyshorts, blue racerback bra.

*****fabulous weekend vibes for all*****

don't think there is anything as yet; bbc news reported it recently. stephen fry mentioned they'd been in talks. the boy has complete boxset - some funny stuff.

mmm, I loved fry and laurie but I adore hugh laurie as House...

eta: anyway, I'm not cleaning and freally should.

morn, penn boy? tell us more!
last night, i dreamt that someone mentioned a park in london would be nosmoking in kvetch, and tesao responded, "you mean the one with the dog park? are you frelling serious?"

so i dreamt about nonexistent postings on an internet message board.

((yuefie)) what a pain in the ass.
~~good luck to mr. anoushh~~

still mopey about the job, esp. when i found out that the new hire is a nationally (not locally) published freelance writer who has also directed two short films and holds a library degree. i feel very naive for thinking for a second that it would be me in comparison.

sophie woke us up early, so i got up and paid bills. could i have started the day any more boringly?

still in pajamas so no underwear report yet...

PS: Fina, no one really dies on Passions. Unless they die in real life like the dude who played the doll. Still, a fire in Hollyoaks? I may have to sneak that onto the tivo.
Amilita, if you'd mentioned going back to nursing before yesterday, I certainly hadn't caught it, so I was suprised by your post. I must say that I fully understand why you may have needed a break from nursing after living through that nightmare last year. However, I admire your strength & your spirit for deciding to give it another try.
~+~+~+~+(((((( many hugs & test-passing vibes for Amilita )))))) ~+~+~+~+

Treehugger, I know it can be hard seeing that others are doing crappy work. Is there any way you can send a report to a higher-up that lets them know that you're having to fix the mistakes of others?

PrettyInPink, did the boy straighten out that whole mess? I sure hope so. It's about time he learns that you do not piss off the bride!!!! wink.gif

Polly, are you out there? How did you sleep last night?

((((((Bunny)))))) Sending much strength to you so that you'll get through tonight okay. And I, too, looooved the nod to Blackadder. We own every episode on DVD!

Yuefie, I certainly hope this all works out for you. You do not deserve this kind of stress!
~$~$~$~$~ flowing money vibes for Yuefie ~$~$~$~$~

~~~~~~~~ smooooooooth mooooooooooove for Mornington ~~~~~~~~

~$~$~$~$~ job and money vibes for Mr Anoushh ~$~$~$~$~
The thought of having to live with my in-laws makes my flesh quiver with fear. Can't imagine how hard this has been on you guys! Hope it works out for him.

~~^~~^~~^~~ buck-up-lil-camper vibes for Sidecar ~~^~~^~~^~~

Fina, I well remember your long struggle to find a flat. Sorry this has added to your frustrations and hoping that a nice weekend enjoying the festival will be good for you!

So, since when are penguins the hot new trendy animal? Does that mean that the monkey fad is dying out?

~?~?~?~ vibes for MsP's whole family ~?~?~?~ Since no one seems to know what is really best for the situation, I figured the question marks were appropriate! By the by, how's that adorable kitty of yours doing today?

[waits to hear what Mando did for her birth-night]

Welcome to Maxine and to Whino! Nice to have you two around smile.gif

(((((( oodles of hugs for everyone! )))))) I really need to start taking notes while reading this thread so that I don't leave anyone out!

I'm stressing out a bit over the terrorism thing. Sheff spent a while last night reading up on the latest news on The Guardian website. Personally, I just felt like crawling into bed & crying. sad.gif

Kvetch: My poor daddy (who is still recovering from his surgery) was called in to work a 12 hour shift at the airport yesterday. He should only be working shorter shifts now. So I'm worried that he may've worked too hard yesterday & that he might be bleeding again and .... well, I'm just worried for my poppa.

Kvetch: Sheff has to work on Saturday. This sucks because I already had a nice afternoon planned for us.

Anti-kvetch: I'm going to bake some banana bread today. Everything is a little better with fresh baked goods, right? happy.gif

No undie report yet (still in my robe), although I plan on wearing a red cami/tank-top-y thing with a built in bra & a white cotton thong. As you may have noticed, that's pretty much my uniform during the summer months.
So I go away for a few days, come back, start checking the archives and ran right into what looks like a shitstorm a few days ago! I'm going back to read the rest of the archives but wanted to pop in and say hi, or buongiorno... I've been in Italy with the mister and his little 'un. Theme parks were involved and I was generally on call in loco parentis. Can I just say a serious 'respect' to all you full time parents (Mando, I'm looking especially at you). I have no idea how you do it 24/7. I am exhausted... but I am also slightly tanned. smile.gif

'K, read the archives and have nothing really to add as (as often happens to me in here) other people articulated what I feel so much better... and anyway I can see this is all so five days ago by now!

I will say that I have been more anodyne in posting recently in an attempt to please all the posters all the time, as it were. I re-read a post I made elsewhere and it was such a qualified, cautious piece of timidity that nearly all the meaning had been leached from it. I may have to throw all that overboard and be more of the irascible, intolerant grump I am IRL from now on.

Anyway... happy late birthday Mando!!! Leo birthdays rock.

Mornington, moving does often suck but it is temporary; that's what I always tell myself. Also, wine helps you pack faster. dry.gif

We were actually in transit yesterday (but nowhere near heathrow or the UK) and only heard about the threats while watching Sky news in Germany. Nice to see that Dubya is still coming out with the same tired old justifying bullshit this time around.

I now have excellent German bread, Italian marinated garlic and limoncello in my house, plus last week's birthday chocolates. Hooray for airport shops!

Peach boyshorts and white(-ish) bra... the only clean clothes in my suitcase this morning.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 11 2006, 08:51 AM) *

~?~?~?~ vibes for MsP's whole family ~?~?~?~ Since no one seems to know what is really best for the situation, I figured the question marks were appropriate! By the by, how's that adorable kitty of yours doing today?

Nooooooooooo, no, no. Everyone knows what's really best for the situation, it's just not going to happen. And there's nothing to be done about it, but get happy and let it go. She's having this baby come hell or high water. The thing is 1) They're so poor. Poor poor poor. Their having a third child is going to place a strain on the whole family, because in no way can they afford it. 2) Nobody thinks her husband's in it for the long haul. Nobody - including, I suspect, her. Which is why I think she keeps wanting to have kids. Meanwhile, we let out a resigned sigh that... now she'll be 30, broke, and single with three kids... oh, she just breaks my heart.

Yuefie, that suuuuuuuuucks about your bank card. What a horrible pain in the ass!

Oh, Walt's fine today. I talked to Nana last night, who's diabetic, and she insisted it was never a big deal, but hey, I didn't know that. She also plays fast and loose with her own insulin sometimes, so she might not be the more reliable source.

Finally, today's moving day! MrP's at home finishing the packing and managing the move. I'm at work. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Oh, I forgot about Walt and the insulin...and ya, I think Nana is downplaying the seriousness! To herself, I imagine, most of all. I've met a lot of diabetics, and tested their wacked-out blood sugars...and then gotten these long-winded stories of how they were too busy to eat all day so they chugged a giant bottle of juice or some such thing. Yeah, and they were pregnant, too.

I'm sure I'd be the worst diabetic, though, so I should be kind. Anyhow, so glad Walt is OK. You're awesome for taking care of his special needs and all, as far as I'm concerned.

And Wally is great, mornington! The funniest thing he's doing these days is thinking he can climb up my body, like he used to climb up our legs. Now if I'm standing in one place for a while, he may take this running jump onto me and then a few claw-pulls upwards. It makes me scream- partly of surprise and partly of being clawed- and the Mr. thinks it's hysterical.

Welcome back to the thread, sybarite!

(((rosev's dad)))

sidecar, I've never worked in an office setting, but isn't it good to show the higher-ups that you're interested in advancing with the company? That's a good outcome of all this, yeah? I'm sorry it was such a let down...but you also never know what they're looking for or who the other applicants are. Doesn't hurt to apply.

fina, have a good trip.

treehugger, that sucks...I hate slackers at work.

Thanks for all the test vibes...I should say that they are all open-book, so more tedious than anything else. And on boring topics, like nurse practice acts and crap like that. Bleh.

Has anyone seen the news about the guy that tried to commit "suicide by cop" here? He was a newspaper photographer who lost it mentally and then just drove around trying to get the cops to shoot him. Here's a link to a NYTimes article I haven't read yet. So sad. My heart is breaking for all the people here who are enduring so much. I don't even feel like I'm going through half of what many are, and I can't say I'm doing great. I have an apt. with a Dr./therapist on Monday.
((yeufie)) I hope they resolve the bank card issue soon, and thanks for the link to the food sensitivities thread!

Amalita -- I;m glad you're going to get to a therapist, there's no required amount of trauma before going, but if there were, you'd qualify.

Kvetch: Stoopid stoopid wheat is in everything I want to eat! And everything I want to eat is white! I cheated and had some potatos last night at a restaurant because they were just on my plate, gazing at me enticingly. I think it will take me a while to figure out wht's allowed, but I found a good sweet with no refined sugar or wheat and so that makes me feel better.
kvetch--you know, if you've posted twice in the last couple of weeks on Freecycle about how you want something (a kitchenaide mixer, no less!) and no one's offered one up, they aren't going to and you don't need to post yet ANOTHER wanted post.

That's just greedy. And annoying.
De-lurking again, sorry!

Faith, if you're trying to not eat wheat and are looking for yummy stuff, may I suggest a snickerdoodle cookie from whole foods? They're very yummy and wheat and gluten free. My sister had a wheat allergy and used to eat them all the time.

However, on second thought, I'm not sure if they're a local thing that whole foods just happens to sell. And I'm not even sure if whole foods is located in every state, or out of this country and I don't know where you live, so this whole post could be pointless.

But, if you go to, they have a list of wheat-free things that you can buy. And, I'm a very picky eater and 90% of the things I've tried from there are yummy.

Anywho, good luck, hope this helps and back to lurking...
QUOTE(anoushh @ Aug 11 2006, 12:12 PM) *

kvetch--you know, if you've posted twice in the last couple of weeks on Freecycle about how you want something (a kitchenaide mixer, no less!) and no one's offered one up, they aren't going to and you don't need to post yet ANOTHER wanted post.

Hee hee. I felt the same way about this guy who keeps trying to get rid of his ugly loveseat on Craiglist. You've posted it three times (that I know of) in the 'free stuff' section and no one's responded. Even for free, no one wants it. It's called bulk pick-up, my man. Check it out.
I've never worked in an office setting, but isn't it good to show the higher-ups that you're interested in advancing with the company? That's a good outcome of all this, yeah? I'm sorry it was such a let down

Yeah, I know. It's ultimately a good thing. I just really wanted this job, and editorial jobs here rarely open (there have only been two in the two years I've been here), and I have come in second on each. So I think I'm just feeling a little sorry for myself. I feel like I'm making a good impression with the right people, so I should probably hold onto that.

good luck with the test -- and NPR did a big report today called 24 Hours in New Orleans, and I thought of you, amilita. (It was on Morning Edition.)

((travelin' busties))

faith, I had to give up wheat for three weeks earlier this year and it was a fucking nightmare. EVERYTHING has wheat in it. I so feel for you.

Dear Freecycle: I would really like a porsche. Anyone have a spare? Love, Stevie.

A little Friday fun for you. Do any of you remember those old PSAs from the G.I. Joe cartoon? Someone's redone them and posted them to YouTube. Too. funny.

Here's my favorite.
There are many, many more here.
sweet fina thanks for the heads up. they've been killing off all sorts of people on hollyoaks lately. i wonder who'll start the fire, maybe that trouble maker from ibiza or sam the escaped convict, hmmm.
Well, I made it through the first week at the new job. THANK MAUDE. My brain hurts a lot and I'm going to spend the next two days at two different beaches trying to drain all anxieties out of my head. Tonight I should have gone to bed at sunset, this is how tired I was when I got home. Instead I looked at catalogs I'm never going to buy anything from and ate too many cookies.

Oh, and I totally have no clothes to wear to work, even though pretty much anything goes over there. Just because we can dress sloppily doesn't mean that I want to dress sloppily (because, um, that's kind of gross). For five days it was, "OMIGODILIKEHAVEABSOLUTELYNOTHINGTOWEAR!" I wore the same pair of jeans three days this week! Go me. The other two days I wore a cute skirt and a dumpy but comfy potato sack dress. Today I wore purple sneakers. I so need to go shopping, because the majority of my clothes are either suits or workout wear, neither of which are appropriate for the new office. Feh. This never used to be a problem, but I don't know what I'm doing; I need a personal stylist.

I'm talking about dumb shit like clothes because I can't talk about the bigger things like how inadequate I feel at my job or how I feel like a total fraud or how I fear that this job is going to bring out the Type A Perfectionist Bitch in me even more than it's already out. Blah. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before I get better, but it's hard to remove the ego from these sorts of things. It's such a mental game, like the inner game of tennis or the inner game of music (those books were boring, but the concept is spot-on).

Sometimes I think I should have been a farmer, keeping my days according to the sun. So... goodnight, moon.

(And I'm sorry for the self-absorbed superficial post. I should have had a drink or four tonight. I've read everything here, but again don't have the energy to comment individually. I suck.)

kvetch: can't sleep. woke up obscenely early and lay for an hour tossing and turning and now I'm tyring to tire myself out by actively thinking so I can enjoy at least an other hour before having to wake up. It's Saturday after all! I stayed up late too finish reading a book and had a few glasses of red wine so I'm surprised that I'm not in a deep slumber. I think I'm stressed about uni, being around uni people and discussing academia has that effect on me!

Had a good night, however, and ex bf (or whatever she was cos she never treated me as I should have been) and I didn't look in one another's direction or acknowledge each other which suited me fine.

Happy Saturday! I have a long weekend of reading french feminism ahead.
Kvetch: Can't sleep! Sheff accidentally woke me up (which is rare because I'm a deep sleeper). The problem, though, is that once I wake up it's nearly impossible for me to get back to sleep. So it may be a looooooooong night.

((((Raisin)))) Be gentle with yourself. Deep down you know you're going to be okay. I think everybody feels stressed out & inadequate when starting at a new job. Just hold on & keep learning. Hope you enjoy the beaches!


CStars, there's no need to apologize for posting in here. Come by any time! smile.gif


Faith, here's hoping you find some yummy food this weekend!
rose, I know that feeling well! ~zzzz~zzzz~zzzz~dreamland vibes for us both~zzzz~zzzz~zzzz~ I am sooo tired but now it's a decent time to get up and stay up.
G'morning Kvetchers. Seems strange to be saying I "slept in" when I was up at 6:00 AM! But it feels sooo nice and indulgent to me. Hope you got some sleep, Rose. And maybe, Bunny, you can catch a nap later.

Raisingirl, I agree with Rose...the first week at a new job is stressful! I don't care WHAT the job is. But I'd be so glad to not have to wear suits to work, if I used to have to. Might be a great opportunity. I live in jeans and tee shirts in the summer, at work, and during the winter, jeans and flannel shirts. Just like 100% of our shop. Sometimes I feel like I'd like to dress, just a little dressier, but doing what I do...I can't justify dressier clothes because they'd just get stained with refrigeration ooze.

And the whole feeling inadequate and like a fraud....I get that occasionally, even after ten years doing this work. I think just about any kind of heavy-thinking job will cause that. It sucks when you even DREAM you're trying to learn your job. I hope that isn't happening to you, at least.

Anyway, raisingirl, try to get some relaxation in this will get better. Maybe you'll find a groove next week.

Sidecar, I'm sorry to hear about the job. I hope another position comes up soon! You've been so close each time, your time is coming, I'm sure of it.

Yuefie, have you been able to resolve some of the bankcard issues?

Mornington, how is the move going? I imagine you might be short of computer access right now...but maybe you have a laptop instead of a desktop.

((((amilita))))I can't even adequately say much of anything because I cannot imagine what you're going through. I hope the therapy helps you to find peace.

((((kvetchers I might have missed))))

So I don't really have much of a kvetch today. Yesterday went really pretty good (we make an effort to treat ourselves well and have FUN on fridays) but we underestimated how long it was going to take to repair a reach-in cooler (you know like those store/deli type display cases)...had a component that was installed BACKWARDS (yes, yet another mistake made by a co-worker, that I'm repairing)...but got there and was told I had fifteen minutes before lunch hour opened and students would start coming in.

It took thirty minutes. blink.gif It's interesting working on a display case that kids are milling around trying to grab sandwiches and fruit and yogurts off of it. Meh. Oh, well, they are happy anyway. Now that the component is installed correctly, their case will no longer need a new compressor every year.

Treehugger, I know it can be hard seeing that others are doing crappy work. Is there any way you can send a report to a higher-up that lets them know that you're having to fix the mistakes of others?

It eventually gets back to the higher-ups. Because the people who call in to request repairs, eventually they get to know that Joe Blow is a screw-up and that Jane Roe comes in, fixes what's wrong and it works right...they start requesting Jane Roe and rejecting Joe Blow. Eventually your reputation comes through. There are several guys who are banned from working in certain buildings...

The trouble is that we all work for a big bureacracy and it's nearly impossible to get fired. So I'm sure that's why these guys are so blatant about being screw-offs. In fact, the guys who are screw-offs, normally eventually get put on EASIER work.

But they DO lose the respect of the rest of the shop and eventually nobody in the shop will help them when they actually need help. Our shop is sort of passive-agressive that way. I hate to blow my own horn...but I think at this rate I stand to become one of the top three or four respected people in the shop...maybe within ten years or so. (there's 40 people doing what I do and being up that high in the "respectability" aspect would be an AMAZING thing...especially being a woman). I really hope I'm up to it.

did that just sound incredibly conceited???? Because I'm really not the conceited type...I'm just proud of the fact that I care and that I make an effort to do a quality job for these people....

Anyway, everybody, have a great Day!
treehugger, hopefully I will later as feeling rather out of it and need more sleep blink.gif (the yawn smiley's gone).

When I did dream, though, I too dreamt of non-existent posts! Um, sidecar, do you think we're addicted to the lounge? My name is bunnyb and I'm a loungeaholic.

So, tesao was online earlier but no post sad.gif. I miss her kvetch posts but maybe she thought it was still shitstorm season.

Hey, gang. Still awake. But I'm not too bad. I think a nap later in the day will set me right.

Treehugger, you don't sound at all conceited. Truly. Sorry to hear that you'll be stuck with the asshats, but glad to hear that you're earning a good reputation around campus!

Sidecar, I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend! Or, at the very least, something that will restore your confidence & remind you that great things are still in your future.

(((((((( Kvetchie kitties ))))))))
(((((((( All Kvetchies! ))))))))

Thanks for the vibes for my dad. Sounds like life at the airport has gotten really nutty (as one would expect), but they're taking it easy on him ... or as easy as they can right now. So instead of working a 12 hour shift like they told him, they ended up letting him go home after 8 hours. Such a relief. He's had some further complications since the surgery, though. It's pretty intimate stuff so I won't get into it, but we're just going to keep our spirits up & hope he's feeling better in time for my parents' trip to Hawaii next month.

Sheff just left for work. I wonder what I should do while he's gone today. Hmmm.

By the by, we have baby guppies! Again! They're so small that we really can't tell how many there are, but I'm guessing around 10. This is the third litter(?) of babies we've had in just over 2 months. Amazing! Luckily, they've all been really healthy. And the older ones are starting to look quite pretty.
bunnybemine!!! yesh, i was here, reading the archives. i think that there was DEFINITELY an internet saturn in retrograde here since the last time i posted!


yayyayayayayyay!! i can breathe!! i can take a nap! i can play with mimi! i can eat food that laura has made for me instead of always eating out! gah. two straight weeks of HELL. there is still a LOT of work to be done, but at LEAST i will now have a day off! i worked this morning (that's why i signed off after reading archives ) and just got home now. it is almost 16:00. the guy i just dropped off at the airport is the one i used to work with brasilians of years okay and was so instrumental in getting me this job. HIM i will miss.....

okies. need to go back and finish reading back posts, but saw bunny's lament and wanted to pop in and send out big hugs and little kisses and loads of rosiev and sheff's silly little baby fishes!!
Nah, treehugger, you don't sound concieted. Confidance is good...and pride, to a certian extent. What your situation made me think of is what my brother talked to me about when I was getting upset with the help one family member was not getting from another family member...and he was like, "Just do it the way you think it should be done. If you think someone should be with her in the hospital 24 hours a day, make it happen, even if the other person just stops by for an hour."

I hope I'm gonna make this make sense...but it has become this larger-spanning philosophy of life for me. It's like, just do things the way you feel that others get treated the way you think they should, or so that the job gets done correctly, or that there is a little more justice in the world, etc.

And I've had to apply that at work with people slacking if I had to say "hello" to every patient walking up to the nurses' desk and walk them to a room, it would start to get on my nerves, but if I reframed how I was thinking about it, it would help me feel better. Because it's important to me to feel like I'm good at my job and that people get a good birthing experience. More important than the other stuff.

So it's really just a way of thinking of things that helps me not get so frustrated with other people sometimes...sorry if it's long-winded!

bunnyb and rosev, I hope you get some sleep later.

raisingirl, I second what everyone else says. Give it some time and you'll get your legs there, I bet. Hope you're having fun at the beaches!

We opened the gallery downstairs on Saturdays starting last week, so I've gotta go hang out there!

Oh, and I feel very proud of myself because instead of doing the 3 tests on the state nursing board website for $20 each, I found free tests all over the internet (CDC website, etc) to get the required number of hours AND I finished them all in about 4 hours yesterday! Yay me! So I just have to mail off my licensing stuff on Monday!

Have a good weekend, all!

ETA: Hullo, Tes! Have a great day!
[cozies up to Tes & gives her neck a little nuzzle] Who luvz ya, baby. That's right .... we do! Soooooo glad to hear that you survived the madness. Hope there were no more suprise switcheroos!

((((((Amilita)))))) All that in just 4 hours? Woo hoo! Good job! Hope you have an excellent day at the gallery.

Major anti-kvetch: It rained this morning! So it actually feels nice & cool outside!

~~~~~~~ blows extra cool breezes to all the Kvetchies ~~~~~~~

A dear friend of mine is taking a poll, so I thought I'd run it by all of you. If you had your choice, which of these cities would you live in?
a) Seattle
b ) Portland
c) Denver
Of the 3, I've only visited Denver & thought it was nice. Sheff hasn't visited any of them and is voting for Portland. What do you all think?
I always have the warm and fuzzies when I read tes's posts as she's always so upbeat and lovely; yeah, I echo roseviolet's sentiments.

I love guppies; T had an aquarium years ago with tons of tropical fish and was working away during the week and my mum had to install a new heater... she, um, boiled the fish but the guppies survived.

amilta, congrats on the tests! That was a very productive day!

rose, the boy's sis has told me good things about both Portland (her hubby was physio for Candadian woman's soccer team and they played there) and Seattle. I think I'd go for Seattle though ... it's the home of Starbucks, after all!

I'm glad I left when I did last night, although it was early (my friend had to make last train home and I left with her) at 11pm and it went on until after 2am! I'm sad I couldn't stay longer but I think it was better than staying and getting too tipsy; I brought baklava as gift to our host and she emailed today to say that it was up to her Greek standards which is nice. Besides, I got home and caught up with T for while and then read late.

fina, did you ever reschedule you and mr fina's shopping trip? I came across a durex vibrating cock ring today in Sainsbury's but the boy was too much of the prude to put it in amongst the groceries!
I've only been in the airports in Seattle and Denver, but I would pick Portland because a lot of my favorite bands are from there. And it's reportedly very pretty.

Last night, I went out with some coworkers after work to celebrate a few birthdays and we had a good time. My coworkers all teased me about my rock and roll lifestyle, because this is the first weekend i'm not going to 3 or 4 concerts. smile.gif

Then I met up with Martini at a college friend's birthday party, briefly, and we went and picked up Sophie from daycamp. Then we went to our favorite sushi restaurant, about a block from our apartment. We went there a lot when they first opened, so they always comp us a few things. Last night, they gave us edamame and cherry ice cream. We were settling the bill, and the waitress asked if we wanted a sake bomb on them. Martini said, "Sure!" so the owner and the sushi chef came over, laid out the sake bombs (we put the sake on top of two chopsticks on top of half a pint of Kirin), shouted "1,2,3 sake!," pounded the table, and then chugged the glass. The woman at the table said, "Hey, she finished before him," because I finished before Martini.

"I'm from Wisconsin," is all I could say.

So it was a nice night, pretty much what I needed. Today, I'm going to take my fave fitness class, our pal B is coming over to do some computer stuff, then we're taking in a double feature. So it should be a good day.

((((((raisin))))))) My office is similar, and we are shaped similarly. I get a lot of stuff at H&M and at sales at Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic. Target's a good place for casual-but-nice-but-not-crazy-expensive clothes, too.

((((sleepless busties)))))

((((((tesao)))))) hope you can relax a little! i was actually talking to martini about you last night. we were discussing places we wanted to travel in the future, and he mentioned brazil, so naturally i told him all about you.

((amilita)) good for you.

*flings in*

I have no internet. The phone doesn't work. But the old place has internet and I am paying rent on it until september. So I am here.

(((rose))) hope you get some sleep! And... I have no idea. Seatle for some reason speaks to me.

(((tes))) have a great day off!

(((bunny))) get some sleep too! & ***no stress*** vibes

(((treehugger))) you don't sound conceited!

(((msp))) & walt. good luck with the move!

(((amilita))) but... wally must be big now, not a teeny-tiny kittin! and yay for getting the tests done. & hope all goes as you hope with the therapist.



(((syb))) yay! for holidays! and airport shops. mm, wine. good plan batman.

(((yuefie, mando, fina, faith, polly, dm, sonik, cstars, and everyone else)))

I have discovered good things in the oxfam bookshop, and now have no money. I still have to get out and explore the new area - but there is always tomorrow, and the day after, etc. I just miss the internet and busties so had to pop in... I'm a loungeaholic, you've corrupted me tongue.gif . The move is going ok, I've just about discovered how the boiler works (because yes, I am an independant feminist and do not know where the gas meter is) but have yet to turn on the heating. Although if it gets any colder I will have to. Seriously. What happened to summer?

(((everyone))) have good weekends!

I wrote a blog about the house. I do talk an awful lot of shit, don't I?
Yes, where has summer gone? I was informed yesterday that winter officially begins in EIGHT WEEKS! Yuck. It's suddenly become cold here and dark (no more sun until February I'm sure).

*Runs off to look at mornington's blog.
Just a quick drive by to weigh in on the cities poll.
I've never been to Denver (just the airport) but I was born in Portland and went to grad school there. My parents grew up there as well. I LOVE Portland. It's got so much going on, is very cool, and is gorgeous as well. And the new(ish) light rail system rocks.

(In fact, we need to go to Portland Monday to get some business stuff done, so if I think of anything else after being there, I'll let you know.)

Seattle I know less about, but is supposed to be a very nice city. I'd think of it, culturally, as a bigger Portland. It's too big for me, but I'm sure it's nice. Expensive, though, as all big cities are. (As is Portland, of course.)

Yep, cold here too. After Italy which was almost too hot I don't mind but I will soon.

Good on you, amilita!

I say Seattle. Dunno why. I have this idea it's bigger than the other two.

Comped after dinner shots are always nice, 'cause, you know, it would be rude to refuse...

Am feeling slightly more alert today. I was a sleep-deprived zombie yesterday. I'm also relishing having the house to myself until the mister and kidlet return. I wish we could move; our place is too small when she's visiting and I think she feels like she's camping out, which is not ideal.

I need to clean and get some food and a kid-friendly video. Any recommendations for something that won't also bore the pants off the mister and I? She's 12...
Portland has a light rail system? Ooooooh ... that's good. The couple in question likes nice public transport. Definitely give me more info if you think of anything, Annoush! That goes for everybody, actually smile.gif

I asked SmokeBoy the same multiple-choice question & he voted for Seattle. He said that there are too many hippies in Portland(?!). I told him he hasn't a leg to stand on, though, seeing as he's never been there!

Hooray for free al-kee-hawl!

Sybarite, for some reason The Iron Giant popped into my mind as soon as I read your question. I think it's a good all-ages flick. It's animated, but the story is strong enough that hopefully a 12-year-old won't roll her eyes at it.

~*~*~*~*~*~ sparkling moving vibes for Mornington & MsP ~*~*~*~*~*~
Somehow I missed the bit where MsP said she was moving ... although it's more likely that my brain is too wonky to remember! wacko.gif

I am a good girl, as I weeded the front flower bed. I'm sure the yard freaks in our neighborhood are relieved. wink.gif
So much to catch up on!

((mornington)) Good luck getting settled

((sidecar)) sorry about not getting that promotion. Sake makes everything better!

((roseviolet)) I'm glad your dad was able to get his hours cut down a little. Hope he's 100% by the time they go to Hawaii!

((amilita)) good luck with your decision. Sounds like you're really passionate about nursing and god knows we need more of them!

((treehugger)) it sucks having to deal with incompetent co-worker. That's half the reason I'm leaving my job. My HR person gave me an exit interview questionnaire yesterday and one of the questions was "Do you think you were treated fairly?" I said, something to the effect of, "overall, I was, but it wasn't fair that my co-worker's mistakes and behaviors were ignored by our supervisor and I was expected to help him catch up or fix mistakes that were a direct result of his behavior." It was just me, my co-worker and our supervisor in the department, so I don't think it will be hard for them to figure it out. Yeah, I was pretty harsh (but professional) in the questionnaire.

((raisingirl)) that's going to be me in a week. You'll adjust and find something to wear smile.gif

((bunnyb, tes, surly, msp, faith, sybarite and everyone else who I may have missed!))

I'm going to the Ginza Fest today! Yay!

Oh, and I vote for Seattle. Portland next and Denver last- I don't think the climate would agree with me there. I get enough nosebleeds in low-altitude!
Just a quick drive-by to post my city vote....PORTLAND!

Of course, I am a hippie. And I love mass transport. smile.gif
Sybarite, films I would recommend (that bunbun, who is 9 loves):

Pirates of the Carribean (that's her current favourite)
Ella Enchanted
The Goonies (she stole my video and then my dvd of this, my all time favourite)
Peter Pan (the newish one with Jason Isaacs)
The Harry Potter films
The Chronciles of Narnia
Wallace and Gromit (rose, I'm surprised this didn't occur to you!)
Yes! Wallace & Grommit! [smacks forehead] How could I have forgotten? I really love those shorts & the movie.
[whispers] And just in case you're wondering, Sheff is currently working on a project with the very same people who brought us W&G. But you didn't hear it from me [places finger on side of nose]

Of course, if the 12-year-old in question has somewhat darker tastes, you could introduce her to the world of Neil Gaiman with Mirrormask. Veeeeeeery unusual film. Amazing visuals & the main character is a tween-aged girl. All of the real-world scenes were filmed just a couple blocks away from our old stomping grounds in Brighton, so it has a special place in my heart.

Scenes from that romantic comedy Wimbeldon were also filmed around the corner from our place, but that's another story.

Bunny, because of you, Sheff & I watched the final Blackadder last night. smile.gif

My plans for this afternoon include a jacuzzi bath, a glass of wine, & a little WaitWait ... Don't Tell Me. Not terribly productive, I know, but at least it'll get me off the damn internet!
Oh, if there are a lot of hippies in Portland, I might change my vote. wink.gif (I still like you, treehugger!)

Sybarite, I second Wallace & Gromit, Pirates, and the Chronicles of Narnia. I could do without the first two Harry Potter films, but I quite love the third one. Whatever you do, don't let the kidlet force you into watching the Princess Diaries. Maybe the first one is okay, but I saw the second one as part of a double-feature at a drive-in, and it is known in my house as Princess Diaries 2: Apocalypse. I haven't been around a child in several years, but I'm awfully fond of Pixar stuff -- The Incredibles is especially good.

(((mornington))) oh god, moving. I am never moving again, unless Martini is transferred to New York and we're forced to move. (There's a small possibility of this happening, but it's unlikely) How is it that phone/Internet companies are completely unable to take care of business in a timely fashion when someone moves? Best of luck with the odds and ends as you figure everything out. And don't forget: IKEA is your friend.

Hot Bod (my stupidly named fitness class that I adore) wrecked me today. I really can't afford to skip it for three weeks, on so many levels. I'm not sure I'm ever going to feel my hip flexors again.
Speaking of Pixar: the boy and I are going to see Cars tomorrow night before dinner at a lovely Italian place that has a traditional wood oven to cook pizza. The last 3-4 meals I've had out, I've had salmon done a variety of ways (and marinated salmon fillets myself last weekend) so a change will be good - maybe I'll go for mussells!

kvetch: cinema we're going to tomorrow offer premier seats but NOT at student prices. Grrr.

Have tried to nap as so very sleepy and every time I pick up a book my eyes shut but once I snuggle up the sleep won't come! I think it will be an early night for me. I need to learn to function on less than 8 hours sleep as that's indulgence just now (last night I managed 5 hours).
sybarite, get spirited away! it is awesome! or some teen movies, like 10 things i hate about you or bring it on, there is some very sly humour in some of those

we just saw school of rock again last night, that would probably be good too

very exciting news has come to surface in the home of surly and her guy, when we are back in chicago at the beginning of september there will be a very big music festival at the hideout for touch and go's birthday. some of j's favorite bands of all time are playing for the first time in and is super geeked to relive his hardcore days.

i am very geeked because sally timms, calexico, and man or astroman, so everybody wins! this rarely happens with rock n roll shows.

and on the plus side when it comes to terrorism scares, my brother the air marshall will be getting more flights to london now so i will get to see him a bunch more and even though he is often a tool it will be nice to see him because he is still my brother.


(((((raisin))))) what everyone else said, take it easy on yourself sweetie.

I vote for Portland. I am a California girl through and through, but if I ever had to move somewhere else it would either be Oregon or Washington, and Portland would be my first choice, Seattle second. I have a friend who just moved from Portland back to San Diego, and he misses it terribly. Honestly, I think he regrets moving back here.

Thanks everyone for all the vibes. I had no luck with the merchant at all and filed a dispute through the bank. the lady I spoke with from the company was beyond condescending and rude and well, I snapped and ended up calling her a nasty name telling her where she could shove her 'tude and hanging up on her. it's been a stressful week and I just didn't need her to be such a flaming asshole, ya know? Only one of the charges came through for some reason and my outstanding check didn't post yet either, but the csr I spoke with said they are there pending. oh well, now comes the waiting, the calm before the storm. I thought I stressed myself in to a sore throat, but then I realized that my niece has a down pillow on her bed and I am highly allergic to it. So I took some antihistamine and my throat is feeling much better, yay. I wasn't going to post that because I feel like every time I post lately it's about not feeling well. And well I just don't wanna be ms. complainy-pants yuefie 'round here. unsure.gif That and I know stress will do that to your body and I need to take a chill pill. So I am. Not really a pill, but I am spending today relaxing with my sister. Niecie-pooh is at her dad's in Virginia for another week, so it's just us big girls today. I think she has a date later tonight, which means I am going to swim laps and then watch movies all snuggled up with the puppers. I feel a bit antisocial, so that suits me fine.

(((((everyone))))) be back later to read through and vibe ya'll properly. *mwah*

surly, i was thinking of going to the touch-and-go thing, but haven't decided for sure. i may be festivaled out. good choices for movies. school of rock is a great suggestion (and i love bring it on.)

yuefie, i'm sorry the merchant was crappy. i hope you have a run of good luck, soon.
(((((yeufie))))) stoooooopid merchant! sometimes it is just really impossible NOT to yell at the incredibly rude.

apropos of NOTHING, i scanned the archives, and SWORE i saw that yeufie said that niecie poo's dad was taking viagra, and could not think of WHY she felt compelled to tell us this......

sidecar, i will BET that is why i was in your dream last night! (i ALWAYS love to hear people say that they dreamed about people in the lounge!! hee. i'm sure that it means we spend too much time here, but i'm SO glad that i'm not the only one who does it!!)

i am so so sorry that you did not get the job that you wanted. i know how it can feel to have your hopes dashed. BUT!!! i will say that perhaps the universe held off on this one because it has something much much better in store for you!

i'm glad to hear everyone saying that it has cooled off! it sounded so dreadfully HOT there for a while (and rose, you are quite right! it is ALWAYS hot and MUGGY there in AUGUST! what were they thinking? huh.gif i noticed today that it was much WARMER than it has been, and thought to myself: hmmmm. maybe spring is on the way.... (not that there is a SPRING, per se, here. it just gets progressively hotter and stickier. no daffodils or tulips. i MISS my garden!!!)

city poll: i would say seattle. even though it would be way too cold for me. portland would be TOO close to my sister. although anti-otter really seems to like portland. however: his taste often seems to run to seedy strip joints that serve big slabs of beef (something incongrous there). caprial's restaurant is in portland. plus, it RAINS a lot there. then again, that means that there are loads of mushrooms to make yumminess out of. AND there is fab pinot noir to imbibe. okay, maybe portland. but DEFINITELY not denver. they won't let you have real fires in your fireplace because of pollution levels AND they are anti-gay. don't know if anyone else remembers it, but they refused to let some gay group have a conference there and there have been some anti-gay legislative efforts there that have been voted in.

syb, i second surly! spirited away is AWESOME. you will like it, too! i WANT one of the little black charcoal-ly puffy things as a pet!

i totally relate to you, bunnybewonderful!! ~*~*~*~*~ more and better sleep vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~
i don't think i've been getting enough sleep, either. i've had a sore throat (just on one side) and a drippy nose and just generally felt le blerg. this could, of course, be due to the fact that i have been getting up early to get to 6:30 am meetings and then working until 22:30 or later. i just woke up from one LONG nap (from about 17:30 until 19:30 or so). i tried to go back to sleep but couldn't seem to do it. so i got up to bust and eat some chicken noodle soup. beeeeeg fat bowties plumped up by chicken broth with spinach and carrots and yum.

amilita, querida, i am sending healing soothing warm safe-in-mother's-arms vibage to you. if i were there i would cuddle with you and brush your hair.

i know i have more to say but my mind is one big vacuum. worm hole.

loads of hugs to everyone, especially mandomyheart and tes'assplumwine just because i think that they need them.

(((((((treehugger, mornington, PINK!!,polly, sonik, the ever-hilarious-am-i-on-passions MSP, raisin d'etre and everyone else i am missing)))))))

*throws kisses all over the thread*

big hugs, little kisses and silly silly silly gar fish!!!!

I got Spirited Away as a Xmas gift. The beginning kinda frightened that hidden part of me that is still a little girl, but I ended up loving it.
And I loooove Bring It On. And Josie and the Pussycats and Can't Hardly Wait and other films of that variety. Definite guilty pleasures.

((((((Yuefie)))))) You can whine about feeling under the weather aaaaaaall you want. We can take it. And remember that you'll never be the only sickie as long as I'm still around here biggrin.gif
~~$$~~$$~~ continued vibes for fundage ~~$$~~$$~~

Hooray for music festivals!

~~zzz~~zzz~~ peaceful sleepy vibes for Bunnykins ~~zzz~~zzz~~

I hadn't heard that Denver wasn't gay-friendly. Good thing to know! Eep!

((((All y'all ))))
I have been wanting to see Spirited Away for an age and just asked the boy if he has it and he does so we may watch it. My suggestions were a little younger suited ... I think I'm in denial that the bunbun is entering into double figures. I assumed the mr's daughter was much younger, syb, that must be difficult for you step-mothering a twelve year old?

I managed to nap a little before dinner but I have no idea how long for and am still a little disorientated. Hope rose and tesao are holding up too! I love sleep and v crabby when I go without.

(((yuefie))) sounds like a blissful night, you need relaxing you-time.

I get the impression Portland is certainly not anti-gay; I think it was there that the boy's sis saw a naked bike-athon... they seem to be as liberal and laidback as possible which is why she liked it so much.
sidecar....~muah!~ Glad I didn't totally turn you off by being a hippie! I'm really, a very cool person.

Did I hear you say you're from Wisconsin? In terms of drinking? Cause I'm SO in wisconsin...and I totally get it about the alcoholic state of the nation...heh. It's funny how we can drink people under the table..if they're from another state. I think Wisconsin would be just about the only state where women drink an average of six beers per night... wink.gif

Bunny...are you the one who mentioned the HOTNESS of Hugh Laurie? Because every episode of House has me feeling warmer and fuzzier....OMG.

And the boy is accepting....heh. I love him, he's a dearie. smile.gif He humors me. cool.gif

I have never even heard of "spirited away". How out of touch am I? Geesh....

I'm so out of touch with children...but what about the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Or is that not kid friendly? I can't remember/am not used to even trying to classify things like that.

(((yuefie, amilita, mornington, roseviolet, bunnyb, tesao, and any others I may have missed))))
I am indeed the one who mentioned Mr Laurie. Oh goodness, he is fiiiine! tyger has a thing for him, too, I'm sure. I love his American accent in it - it's such a good one! And the stubble and those eyes ... mmmm, can't wait for season 3 to start!
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Aug 12 2006, 05:25 PM) *

I am indeed the one who mentioned Mr Laurie. Oh goodness, he is fiiiine! tyger has a thing for him, too, I'm sure. I love his American accent in it - it's such a good one! And the stubble and those eyes ... mmmm, can't wait for season 3 to start!

You mention his American is SO good I had no idea he wasn't American! Anyway, I'm looking forward to the season too.... wub.gif
hehe, he's English and has a rather glorious accent IRL too.
((yuefie)) I forgot you in my vibes before! Oops! Gah, I've lost my cc a few times....fortunately I've always noticed soon enough and cancelled it before something bad happened. That really sucks, and even as a former CSR, it sounds like the bitch had it comin'!

I haven't seen Spirited Away, but I have seen My Neighbor Totoro and loved it! And I loved Mirrormask, rose! So wonderful. What about Nightmare Before Chirstmas for the whippersnapper?
Where is everyone today?!

kvetch: I'm in meltdown sad.gif (have I mentioned I miss blue upside down smiley? I do, the yellow one doesn't cut it.)
(driveby post...)

on the couch, where i've been most of the weekend. mmmmmm sloth...

what's up bunnyb? you ok?
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