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Well damnit, I was just watching tv and there was a special report about the UK being on the highest level terror alert. It apparently involves an "imminent threat" of a new terror attack plot involving blowing up several aircraft mid-flight from the UK to the US . Scotland Yard has called in US "intelligence" and it has been mentioned that though they've learned some vital information about the plot and have several suspects in custody, they are not entirely sure it has been completely thwarted. al-Qaida has been mentioned, but the people arrested so far are British nationals. All hand carried luggage has been banned, as well as liquids, aisde from baby formula which the accompanying passenger is required to taste. The US has banned all liquids from being carried on flights as well.

Holy batshit, here we go.

(((((UK BUSTies)))))

*points and laughs at bunny* ((((bunny)))) send pictures. I think it will look good, actually.

holy batshit indeed, ((((yuefie))). I am now rather glad mum's not flying anywhere... *goes to check bbc*. Although woo for eating and fading pinkeye.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (((((MANDO))))) leo busties are the bestest.

yay for sheff's car being fixed (((rose)))


(((whino))) pink. always about the pink.

(((sidecar))) ooh, tom waits eh?


((((msp, polly, faith, fina, raisin, syb, tyger, sonik, dm, ladylib, txplum, tallgirl, surly, everybustie))))

I am moving house moving house moving house moving house and I really ought to be going to get my keys rather than busting.

And oh my god the daphne is mounting pete. I believe this is the wrong way round. Poor pete looks so confused.
*Sides hurting* at mental image of Daphne and Pete! Poor raisingirl's bunny will be disappointed.

Happy boxing and moving mornington, and I will try to post pics of the new 'do.

(((yuefie))) glad you're feeling better, I've been worrying about you. Oh, and um thanks for the teror alert! *frets*

Continued ~*~*~*feel better vibes for sidecar~*~*~*~*

kvetch: my thigh has broken out in TEN hives/bites/whatever the itchy buggers are and really really really beyond pissing me off now. The last time the doctor said they were bites but my legs hadn't been exposed so i thought maybe dust mites but I've changed my environmental factors (I'm currently sleeping in the bunbun's bedroom as I majorly tidy my own, and it doesn't matter if I'm at home or at the boy's) but I still break out in them so I don't know what's going on.

Anyway love to all, like yuefie said: kvetchies, drive-byers, lurkers, ex-kvetchies.

eta: also, TODAY is mandolyn's birthday, it was past midnight my time, sorry. Oh, and 99 is a good age! *see bottom of board index*

eta: forgot to say, cats who look like hitler? made me realise that mandoo does. Thanks.
Happy Birthday Mandolyn!!!

*throws confetti around*

I don't have much time right now, but i'm thinking about all y'all...

Happy belated birthday, Mando!

Kvetch: I think I'm on the brink of a summer cold. Those are the worst. I overate at dinner last night and didn't sleep well, so I feel like crap. I have to go to a memorial serivce tonight for a friend whose mom died. This is the first of my friends whose parents have died. He's a little older than me (33 or so) and he was a "change of life baby", so his mom was 78, so it's not like it's a big shock, but it's just sort of a new stage in my life to have friends parents getting up there.

Sorry I don't have the attention span to read more and respond. (((everyone)))
Happy birthday to the wonderful miss Mando.....

And thanks for all of the loving thoughts and well wishes with my return to work. So far, it is ok...the first two days were great, followed by Cooper having a middle of the night panic attack which entailed me rocking him pretty much non-stop from 11 pm to 3:30 am, when he finally succombed to his tiredness and let me put him to bed. Bones is taking it in stride, as long as he is fed and in a clean diaper. Me? I'm trying to be superwoman, balancing work and home...worrying about one when I am with the other, and of course, trying to make sure the stress doesn't affect my milk supply.

I'm glad that the discussion has taken place over the past few days...I think it hits pretty closely to why I haven't been around as much as I used to be (that, and the having 2 kids). I found that BUST became simultaneously MEANER as well as TOO-NICE, and the tone really bothered me. People were quick to jump on others for certain things, but then other things were just brushed under the carpet out of fear of "hurting someone's feelings" or whatever.

As others (tallgirl, plummie, anoush, mandi, sidecar, etc) have said, if someone says something offensive or hurtful, they SHOULD be called on it. If I did it, whether in real life or on the boards, I would want someone to tell me about it so I could realized my offense and prevent it from happening in the future. Blaming a poor behavior/attitude/choice of language on the "it's the way I was brought up" is irresponsible and ignorant. I won't even cite examples, because I find some of them too offensive to type out.

I too love BUST....this place was here for me when I first started dating D a million years ago; helped me when I decided to change careers and go back to grad school; on 9/11 and the aftermath; on my year-plus infertility struggles; on the birth of Coop, etc. I have made numerous real life friends, those who I have seen in person and introduced to my family, those whom I speak with in a time of crisis.

But I would still expect those friends to call me on something I did that was offensive or sometimes challenge me with tough questions when I post something questionable on the boards. Friendship isn't always roses and giggles, sometimes the best friend is the one who also makes you examine where you are coming from.
So good to see you, Car! You've been missed soooooooo so much.

~~~~~~~ soothing vibes for all of the tummies out there ~~~~~~~
I've been very sick this morning, too, so please forgive me if I don't vibe people individually just yet.

Yuefie, thanks for the heads-up on the terror alert. All this week I've been arranging travel plans for my mother-in-law. We were hoping she could visit us in October. But she called a few minutes ago and canceled the trip. Travelling is very rough on her & she just didn't think her body could handle the stress & delays.

(((uk busties, anyone traveling today))) yuefie, i liked how you called it US "intelligence." hee.

happy birthday mando!

my stomach is still all, "you bitch!" but i hafta work today anyhow. blargh. too much to do. at least the week's almost over.


TODAY's my birthday, dahlinks! but i'm lovin' all the early wishes. despite not being thrilled at turning 46. i'm actually trying to tell myself that in 10 years, 46 will seem really young.

hopefully some mojitos with the fam this evening will help spur along the mindgame. cuz it's not really working yet. le sigh.

omigod, they just got me sterling roses at work! (they're lavendar.) my FAVORITES! (ok, never mind i told bossman that sterling roses were my favorites like two months ago hint hint hint.) seriously, i can't remember the last time i got sterling roses ... i'm a little veklempt.

also veklempt for all the bustie love.

I had to go look up sterling roses, I'd never heard of them before. (Seen them, it seems, but didn't know them by name.) I can see why you like them. They're beauuuutiful.

I've made quite sure that everyone in my family knows my favorite flower - the gerbera daisy. Look at them! They're just so BIG and HAPPY! biggrin.gif And they come in a whole palette of bright colors. I just love 'em.

I think I was still relatively new around 9/11, and I remember that was when you really made a big impression on me, Car. (You know it's hard at first, in type, on a message board, to rememeber who's who... who's got the asshole boyfriend, who's looking for a new job, etc.) I remember how much time you spent volunteering every day, and I just thought you were incredible.

Thanks for your post. I nodded from start to finish. Yes, yes, and yes.
Yay Mando! You deserve lots and lots of sterling roses. (I remember when I went to prom, I was totally bowled over by "fire and ice" roses for my corsage, tragically I now realize they are a bit tacky, sterling are classy all the way).

Oh Car, I am so sorry Cooper -- and you -- had such a rough night. Has he gotten panic attacks like that before? Are they like night terrors? I can't imagine how stressful that would be when you're already doing the transition. ~*~*~*~* stay calm and fruitful vibes for Car's boobies ~*~*~*~* heh. I vibed your breasts. Wait, that sounds even more dirty. You get the point. (((little Coop)))

Sidecar, I love that your stomach calls you bitch. I get that from my body too sometimes.

Kvetch: the cool homeopath/psychologist/yoga therapist put me on a "no white, no wheat" diet (no dairy, refined anything, etc.) I suspected it was coming, since two of my cousins (one on each side) are allergic to wheat, but it was so sad! Last night, brown rice and beans (I totally overate to combat the deprived feeling) and this morning muesli with spelt flakes. Yuck. I know it will get better as I figure out more things to eat, but any kind of dietary regime makes me really hostile and frustrated and obsessed with food.

Antikvetch: I look supercute today. I am wearing a black puffsleeved shirt (15 bucks at Filenes), a straight black skirt with a slight flare at the knee (20 bucks at Filenes), and the art-deco inspired bracelet I made myself (it's pinkish seed pearls I got for 50 cents in China and have been holding onto for the past five years, and squares of abalone shell that are also pinkish). You can see I am sort of obsessed with budgeting lately, as I had an unhappy realization about the amount of money I have been spending for no good reason.

You know, one of the worst things is that I actually don't know that I believe the UK government. (Didn't they insist, INSIST, that there were "weapons of mass destruction" that could hit the UK w/in 45 minutes. Oh, and that was all, oh, LIES.) I mean, I know most of you won't have kept up on UK politics in depth (except, of course, perhaps the UK busties!) but John Reid, the current home secretary, is such an evil little twerp of a man, and the whole Blair government is so, well, just fucked up, that I wouldn't put it past them to 1) convince themselves of a threat far more serious than the one that exists and 2) use that to further their agenda of cracking down on civil liberties.

Car! Lovely to see you. I missed you, as you know!
(PS, I owe you an email. I haven't forgotten.)

Kvetch--I have a HUGE mosquito bite on my foot. Itchy itchy itchy.

Antivkvetch--I love it when I read something like "I look supercute today." I have no trouble believing that's true, Faith!
Mandi, those roses look gorgeous! I dont know if I'd heard of that variety before.
~~~~~~~ free-flowing mojitos for Mandi ~~~~~~~

And yes, MsP, gerbera daisies are certainly some of the happiest flowers out there!

Yuefie, I'm so glad to hear that you didn't have to run off to the ER. Here's hoping that gall bladder keeps in line until your insurance kicks in.

~~ZZ~~ZZ~~ healing, sleeping, and general soothing vibes for Polly ~~ZZ~~ZZ~~

~~~~~~~ uber soothing for Bunny's hives! ~~~~~~~ Poor thing!

(((((((more hugs for Car & the boys))))))

Faith, sorry to hear about the restrictive diet. But the positive part of this is that you feel good today! Hooray!

((((((((( hugs for all )))))))))

Still dealing with tummy nastiness. Blech. And sad that the MIL has canceled her trip. Pout.

Back to the serious stuff wink.gif

I agree, as so many others have said, that if someone says something offensive or hurtful, others should feel free to call them on it. But responding in a manner that is equally as offensive or hurtful doesn't help the situation, does it? Doesn't this just put people on the defensive and make the situation much much worse? Isn't it impossible to keep an open-mind and learn from a situation when you've been pushed into a corner?

I'm troubled because I've seen this sort of activity around the Lounge lately. Person A will say something that seems harsh/uninformed/rude/what have you. So Person B will angrily accuse Person A of being insensitive/trollish/stupid/what have you. And they'll just keep harping on it and harping on it and following Person A around the lounge, making life miserable for them, saying that they aren't a "real Bustie" ... and before long, Person B's reaction becomes far more destructive to the environment of the Lounge than Person A's original offensive behavior. Some people call it troll baiting, but there comes a time when I can't tell who the troll is anymore.

If you have a problem with someone, then by all means, deal with it - either by ignoring them or addressing the individual. I think a big part of the problem is that some people have censored themselves too much. They held so much in until they just couldn't take it anymore. This lack of communication can be very harmful for relationships and for the community as a whole.

I think there is a middle ground. I don't think our choices are silence or outbursts (And a lot of you prove that to me time and time again). It's just the extremes that I find troublesome. I am all for constructive criticism. I fully support efforts to educate one another. But there is a stark line between educating and bullying.

I guess maybe I'm trying to say that I hope that we can still maintain some relative peace in this community - not ignorant, puppy-dog-&-rainbows peace, but relative peace - without crossing into the rhelm of self-censorship.

Well, since the authorities on both sides of the pond are going ape about all this, it's hitting my job: I'm partially responsible for getting urgent alerts out to my company's corporate/private aviation clients, and it's very much a global business. So now I'm trying to decipher the NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) that explains that the UK and Ireland are no longer "portal" countries and that FAA/TSA waivers must be re-issued if they were given before today. And some other stuff that I haven't quite puzzled out yet. Our poor security services liaison has been up since 3 am our time.

As if we didn't have enough to worry about already.

{{{{car!!!}}}} It's so good to see you. And thanks for all you said - I completely agree and really appreciate your wisdom. So sorry about Coop's hard time! Less-stress vibes for you, mama, and kisses to both your gorgeous boys.

I think a big part of the problem is that some people have censored themselves too much. They held so much in until they just couldn't take it anymore. This lack of communication can be very harmful for relationships and for the community as a whole.

{{{{rosie}}}} I agree thoroughly with this, and I think you're right that part of the problem has been folks holding things in until they explode. I also like the idea of a *knowledgable* peace. Very sorry about the MIL having to cancel...this is going to make things tough for too many people...

{{{{yuefie, dearest}}}} Glad you're coming out the other side. Though I must admit that BUSTie cycle (and migraine) synchronicity are starting to weird me out a little... smile.gif

{{{{sidecar}}}} I dunno, beef and avocados sounds like heaven to me...but sorry that your tummy disagrees. Hope that resolves itself quickly.

In the immortal words of Dante Hicks, I'm not even supposed to *be* here today! I was going to try to take a day's breather...but I just couldn't. I'm glad I could come in and give a lot of love relatively unfettered.
i just got another dozen sterling roses! from the boys. i don't get them for YEARS, and now i get TWO!?
and i love them, but i'm pissy now that i didn't lay any hints for an ipod. dammit.
brat much? why yes, yes i am. tongue.gif

and i'm afraid i'm doing the ostrich dance today. especially about the terror plot.
please forgive my lack of vibage. my hypocrisy is not lost on me.

(((group hug)))
I hear you, txplumwine. We're prepared for a barage of press calls... although we're not really getting what we anticipated. Usually when shit like this happens, we get people like Fox calling, just assuming we'll oppose any and all security measures. So they can make fun of us on air. And then they're surprised when, oh, we just don't have anyone available today, sorry!

Today I was the worst. cat mother. ever. You may or may not recall that my big boy Walt is diabetic, and gets insulin twice a day. MrP and I have a calendar where we track that he's gotten his shot(s). So I get up this morning, and check the calendar - no marks for the AM shot. I give Walt his shot. I look at the calendar again and AHHH! There's a tiny mark! He's already gotten his AM shot, and now he's been double-dosed! Fuuuuuuuuck. He got seven units this morning - my nana gets seven units in the morning. I called the vet's and they suggested I bring him in. Of course. But we're moving tomorrow and the last thing I wanted to do is spend $200 on vet's bills today. So instead I stayed home with him - just hounded the poor thing around the house. I called the vet's back and they told me if nothing happened after five hours, then nothing's going to happen. So yeah, he's fine. I'm the one sick to my stomach.
((((Walt)))) Ms P, I must confess that I know virtually nothing about diabetes! What can happen if you (or your cat, in this case) gets too much medicine?

My BestGalPal had a diabetic cat named Lulu. We all though it was kinda strange because her other cats were rather plump, but the one thin cat had diabetes! Anywho, even when they kept up with her shots, Lulu still had bad episodes occasionally. It was hard to see the sweet thing feeling poorly.

Hooray for more flowers for Mandi! Gotta love those years when everyone gets their act together, hmm biggrin.gif

Hope the workday gets easier for Plummie & MsP & Mandi and ... well, everyone!

Kvetch: I was going to go on a special outing-thingy this morning, but I was just too sick.

Anti-kvetch: I'll have another shot at it next week. Fingers crossed!
Mandi mah'dear, Happy Birthday! Not one, but two dozen sterling roses? Why of course love, why not? You surely deserve that babe! wub.gif

((((plummie))))) ~~~sending some extra stress coping vibes your way today~~~

((((msp's tummy & walt)))) sorry to hear you have to deal with people at Fox. *snicker* I do not envy that position at all. Good luck with the move and don't be too hard on yourself.

((((rosev))))) very good points hon.

hi ((((car)))). sorry to hear about your rough night. I don't know you (yet) but I do know of you and was glad to see you stop by smile.gif

((((polly)))) ~~~echoing the all around soothing vibes from rosev~~~

((((sidecar)))) ~~~settle down tummy vibes~~~ I could not resist, glad you got a chuckle out of it too tongue.gif

(((faith))) ugh, food intolerance issues are rough. there is a newly founded thread in OBOH just for that here.

(((bunny))) ~~~go away hives!~~~

(((anoushh))) ~~~anti-itchines vibes~~~ when is your due date?

(((sonikk))) so nice to see you, even if you don't have time for more than a quick drive by.

(((whino))) welcome!

(((((mornington, crassy, amilita, fina, raisin, girltheory, syb, flanker, tyger, dm, tes, pink, catlady, surly, tg, vesica, dusty, miri, billy, sck1, anybody I missed)))))

I am thinking today should be declared Green & Blacks (or any other yummy chocolate) day in Kvetch. In honor of it being Mandi's birthday and all. And you know, chocolate helps frayed nerves too wink.gif I am seriously stopping and picking up a Maya Gold bar. My headache is no more, but the cramps have begun in full force, I was only able to stay asleep for 3 /12 hours (I couldn't stop myself from watching the news, damn OCD!) and well, I just think chocolate sounds like a good idea, all around! And extra special thanks and love for all the get better wishes. I think the gall bladder issues/tummy sensitivity and the migraine were both due to MRG's impending arrival. Plummie's right, the synchronicity is just crazy.

ETA: mornington, where are the pete and daphne canoodling photos?
Just had to come in & say that I'm watching the Travel Channel & they're currently showing lots of lovely Scottish men in kilts. Yum!
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Aug 10 2006, 01:30 PM) *

((((Walt)))) Ms P, I must confess that I know virtually nothing about diabetes! What can happen if you (or your cat, in this case) gets too much medicine?

His sugar could crash, in which case the best case scenario would be, he's woozy and sick for a while and maybe the vet has to give him something. If he were a person, I'd have him drink some orange juice. I did make him eat a 1/2 teaspoon of honey. Worst case scenario? Coma, death, and I have to kill myself from the guilt. Luckily, it appears none of these things are happening. His sugar's been high lately, so the vet thinks he's just shaken off this one mistake.

Oh, and I have other news, too. When last we left the Ps...

QUOTE(msp @ Aug 2 2006, 10:32 AM) *

Step-sibling #2, who just breaks my heart. She lives at the intersection of Bad Luck Lane and Bad Choices Boulevard. She's got two young children, a husband who ran off and came back once already, and not two nickels to rub together. She got pregnant a third time, and... as my mother said, "babies should always be good news." We tried so hard to be happy for her. Sigh. They can barely afford the babies they have, and he's been quite clear that he doesn't want any more children. (Shit, he hardly wants the ones he has. He's a crap father.) My mother did that, "You know, sweetie... you have options...." but SS#2 wouldn't hear of it. Truth be told, no one thought continuing this pregnancy was well-advised. Well. Two days ago she lost the baby. UUuuuuggghhh. Painful. So now the whole family's got this terrible guilt... you feel so bad for her... but....

Turns out, she didn't miscarry after all. Just found out yesterday. My mother called to tell me and I was like, "What? I, uh... have no idea what to say. Congratulations? I'm sorry?"

So let me ask you a question, because I honestly don't know. Am I on Passions? When you turn on Passions, do you see my family? 'Cause these past few weeks have been awfully soap operatic.
QUOTE(msp @ Aug 10 2006, 10:45 AM) *
So let me ask you a question, because I honestly don't know. Am I on Passions? When you turn on Passions, do you see my family? 'Cause these past few weeks have been awfully soap operatic.
Bwahahahaa! Oh lordy, you nearly made me spit my tea out. I dunno though, I've only seen a few scenes from Passions when I was hanging out with my niece, but it seems to me your family sounds a more interestingly dramatic than the dolts on Passions.

I am having a really strong deja vu moment. I am positive we have had this exact conversation before, where today (well, some other day) was declared G&B day and then Rose said that Scottish men in kilts are on tv... I don't think this was followed by MsP's Passions family though I could be wrong.

Anyway. Best of happy birthdays to the divine blue Mandikins.

MsP, just so you know, gerbera daisies are really pissy flowers to grow (that's why they're so expensive usually), they're really susceptible to just about every greenhouse bug. I was growing some hydroponically for a while but they didn't like it.

Bunny, better late than never but I think you should go against type and have the penguins, they are very "on trend" right now you know and it could be the most popular credit card ever designed and then you would get a big bonus. Well, maybe.

~~~yummy food inspiration vibes for Faith~~~ There are some non-wheat pastas out there that are really good.

I am selfishly hoping that this new air alert will cause prices to drop so I can get a stellar deal on my flight back to Canada this winter. Bad fina. But parts crossed anyway.

I am OFF tomorrow for a long weekend of fun in Edinburgh doing all the things I always want to do there but never make time for, plus buying GLASS, plus seeing a fringe festival show, plus attending the ned party in a totally fabulous tracksuit [it's by Rocawear (Jay-Z's label)! *snickers*].
Ok, I'll say it again. Msp, I love you.

I'm due approx Nov 6th. Or something.

Well, since I looooooooovvvvveeee Mandolyn, I'm willing to make the sacrifice to declare it "Good Chocolate Day." Because that's just now noble I am..... wink.gif

ETA--Oh, I forgot about the penguins. I ADORE penguins. In fact, I lucked out last night when my sister in law dropped by with a gift of one of those 1950's ice buckets for me. (like this) Go with the penguins.

And Walt is totally adorable.
(((itch releif for Kvetchies!))) bug bites, and mysterious bumpies and all sorts of things, what in the world. ick.

Yuck on the airport stuff. ((plummie)) Rose, sorry your MIL had to cancel. My dad has to travel next week, and because the plot apparently involoved liquid, you cant bring water, soda, shampoo etc. So, my not so well tempered father is going to be sitting in SeaTac with cracked ribs, excessive lines, and silly security measures.

((pets of all kinds)) to the memory of pixie's puppy, and to Walt who gets a treat of honey to make him all better. (marry poppins was right) and to bunny's bunnies.

Yufie, you are BRILLIANT! like guinness! Green and Black day indeed!

((car)) you dont have to try being superwoman. you are dear.

***CONGA LINE!!! DANCEYDANCEYDANCEY*** Happy Happy Birth-DAY! Happy Happy Birth-DAY! Way to go Man-DO! Happy Happy Birth-DAY!

Kvetch: I was trying to order my wedding invitation, so I was just calling to confirm with the church that they had my day reserved. They checked and said "I dont have any paperwork for it" so I said, "Well everything thats been done has been through Father Phil." They said okay, and asked if he had the paperwork. I told them the only paperwork I had filled out was the questionare that Father gave us. So, of course they were like "oh, well we need this paperwork not that." like I'm stupid.
GAHHHHH. Like I freakin' know that!!! Its not like I've done this before! So I sped to the chapel and got the paperwork and brought it home for Irishboy to fill out... (its a military chapel, so he has to fill it out) and he was supposed to fax it yesterday.
Did he? NO.
Did he fill it out all the way? NO.
Did he bring it with him to work so that he could finish it and fax it off? BIG FAT NO.
So, I have the paper work to fax to him once he calls me back with the fax number, and he has to send it out.

Oh, and by the way, our wedding is supposed to be in 73 days.

Oh, and he hasn't made an appointment with the kilt rental place either. Yeah. Color me tickled pink.

Fortunately, tomorrow is payday. That makes some things better.
msp are there zombies walking around trying to steal your man and or have you been buried alive recently and then saved by your ruggedly handsome police officer love interest who is being stalked by a crazy woman with a parapalegic alcoholic mother and a helper monkey? if the answer to either of these questions is yes then yes, you may be living on passions. watch out for that beth, she's nuts!

also, happy birthday to mandolyn lady of the many roses, next year you know to hint big!

Yes, oh my God, how did you know?? ohmy.gif I will, I will watch out for Beth! I knew there was something about her. Shit!
dude, she stole sheridan's baby! she's MESSED up.

goddamn i miss passions. stupid england, we get reruns of fucking sunset beach but no days or passions. no fair
I just caught part of shrubs press conference. So, it seems "The American people may be inconvenienced" by the added "security measures" but that this is just a "stark reminder" of the "Islamic fascists" who are a threat to us "lovers of freedom". Or perhaps this is another excuse reason for us all to stripped of our civil liberties even further. And seriously, WTF? Islamic fascists? As opposed to the regular old privlleged white guy or "christian" fascists? Fucker. I'm not saying that new terrorist plots don't warrant added security. But could that vile bastard try and hide his delight, even slightly? I just loathe that imbecile. His smarmy delivery and smirk cannot be masked. dry.gif

Sorry if this belongs in another thread. I needed to kvetch though because it makes me wanna hurl.

MRG is a mean, mean, meanie today. And I am really enjoying the mini maya gold G&B I found at the natural foods market I stopped at. I'd never seen the mini's before and am glad for it's small size. I didn't need the whole bar hanging around while I am feeling like this. It was also a good follow up to the nummy fruit salad & tabbouleh I had.

Speaking of chocolate, look what I found!

Especially this: "New research indicates that babies may benefit, too, when their mothers eat chocolate during pregnancy."
Am I on Passions? When you turn on Passions, do you see my family? 'Cause these past few weeks have been awfully soap operatic.

Has your stepsister been replaced by a zombie? (Oh, surly's description is much better.) Martini won't let me tivo Passions, and I am still pissy about it. What happened to Zombie Charity? Oh, and you should watch out for Theresa, too. Theresa is neve rup to any good.

"The American people may be inconvenienced"

Well, of course we are inconvenienced--he's still the president! I love how the UK has basically said, "Hey, don't attribute this to al Qaeda 'cos it may not be them" so Chertoff and Shrub are saying "al Qaeda-like" and "Islamic." God, do I hate those two.

Msp, the reason Fox is assuming you'll file suit is because you hate all Americans and won't be happy until the terrorists win.

This is the first time all day I've been able to take a break, although my stomach seems to be improving finally. (and plummie, meat and avocados are fine for three days in a row, maybe not seven! smile.gif )
Um, I need some vibes sad.gif

I just got off the phone with my bank after realizing when I was trying to pay for my lunch that my bankcard was missing. I figured I must have dropped in my car or at home. I stopped at home and couldn't find it, and it wasn't anywhere in the car. When I called to report is as lost, my bank informed me that my available balance was $800 lower than it should be. Turns out the someone who found my card went and used it at some specialty knife shop to buy swords. Great. Fucking fantastic. They said I should contact the merchant because it is likely I will get my money back quicker that way. Yeah, well I called their corporate office and got the run around in voicemail hell. I called one of the five locations in San Diego County, not knowing which one the transactions were actually done at. The guy I spoke with assured me he is going to pass this along to corporate. They are supposed to call me back. When they can figure out which location these transactions were done at. Yeah. Fabulous. My bank says if they do not cooperate, they can dispute the charges for me but it takes 7 business days for the provisional credit to be issued and up to 20 days for it to be resolved. Also he said there seems to be more pending charges but they do not know for how much for from where until they post. So I have no idea how ugly this is going to get and on top of it all I have an outstanding check for $1275 that should be posting to my account tonight. WAAAAA!!!

oh yufie, that sucks!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~GET THIS SORTED NOW vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
((((((((((((Yuefie))))))))))))I'm so so sorry to hear that youre going through this. What an absolute nightmare!
((((yuefie)))) that sucks. ~~~~fix it fast~~~~~
There were playing shrub's (I love that name, yuefie) speechifying on the radio and... *head/desk*. The uk govt press corps are running around trying to keep things as quiet as possible re who these guys are connected to so they can actually try them in court... and shrub's saying all sorts just to keep everyone reminded of how much of a threat this tiny minority of people are. The guys they've arrested are all uk-born-and-bred which is depressing and worrying, but the debate we were hearing was "how much of this was timed to keep John Reid in the popularity spot?". Stupid fucker that Reid is. I dislike this government more and more each day.

(((yuefie))) how's the head? & ****bank vibes**** migod, swords?! (and no, no photos yet)

(((sidecar))) good to know you're feeling better!

(((anoushh))) good advice, I say biggrin.gif & ***anti-itch vibes***

(((surly))) there is one answer: home&away. they have cults. or The Archers. they have a drug addict. I'm excited.

(((pink))) ***soothing vibes***

((((msp))) & (((walt)))

(((mando))) happy birthday again - and woo! for the roses. You deserve them.

(((txplum))) I too, am freaked out by the migraine-bustie-cycle. Cos I just had one.

(((car))) & (((cooper)))



(((bunny))) the catlers are the best. you should be proud of mandoo ***itch leg vibes***

I have managed to move most of my stuff. I think I live in a tardis... seriously. I had a houseload of stuff in one tiny room. Three car journeys. Most of it was books, admittedly. unsure.gif . One more night here, and a little more packing (mostly kitchen stuff) and then the tidying (eek)... and then new house! Poor Daphne is horribly upset and stressed though because the place is so untidy and empty. Hopefully she'll be ok once we move; at least she'll have lots of space.

It does not help that I raised the red flag and have raging cramps. And I'm not sleeping, and had a mini-breakdown after my mother well, mothered. My moods still aren't settled. This worries me.
(((yuefie))) eeek, I'm so sorry hun, that is stress you do not need.

Thanks for chocolate day though. And lovely flowers - my favourite are lillies, does that make me morbid? Oh, and penguins - I do love me some penguins (unfortunately by bank themselves have a very cute penguin design that can be selected so no bonuses!) I need to get around to watching March of the Penguins.

fina, please take photos of the ned party!!! Have fun, and enjoy the festival! V Scottish around these parts today with two mentions of kilts no less! Also, I hadn't thought of flight prices lowering ... I would rather poke my eyes continually with a needle coated in piri piri sauce than fly just now but maybe a cheap flight to San Diego could be purchased... Baldrick, I have a cunning plan.

so ... my hair is very very short and taking some getting used to and there was a power cut at lord farquhar's as he was doing it so I ended up being late for work and a meeting with my financial advisor. Ah well, it's not a huge kvetch.

Hope Wally is well and Mando is having a wonderful day and enjoys her mojitos and that mornington is finished packing and moving (or that it's coming along nicely), that faith, rose and sidecar are feeling better, that car learns to fly, that pink has stress free wedding prep from now on, that jobs are less stressful tomorrow with security, that everyone enjoys their chocolate...

ninja edit: I am very proud of mandoo, I love him oodles. Oh and stil itching like mad! (((anoushh))) I feel your pain.
Yep, swords. And they used it at some amusement arcade place too. mad.gif Little bastards! And what is up with these idiotic merchants not asking for ID?? My name is clearly signed on the back, however it says right after the signature "See ID". I always pull my ID out whether or not they ask for it and give the ones that don't a hard time about it. I asked the guy how they could have used it as a credit card without them being ID'd, especially because my last name is not very common and the spelling of it is anything but. He stammered something about sending it on to corporate. I just typed out a scentence about my phone not ringing yet, and it did. The people at "corporate" have already left for the day. UM, ok, it's not even 4:00 here yet! He said he left a message with all of my info and they will call me in the morning. GREAAAAT. So I am off to deposit as much as I can in that account to keep everything from bouncing to high heaven. GAH!

Thanks everyone for all the vibes. *hugs*

yuefie, excuse the personal Q but do you have a different surname to PJ?
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Aug 10 2006, 03:36 PM) *
yuefie, excuse the personal Q but do you have a different surname to PJ?
Yes, our names are different. He has his fathers last name which is *very* common.
yes, hence my confusion! PJ's surname is the same as the boy's and my future surname!
Ok, I'm posting way too much today (can you tell I'm avoiding stuff I should be doing?) but I just had to say that the mister appears to have found a job. And not a bad job either, it seems. Potentially insanely long hours (by my terms, but by truck drivers' terms about standard) but home every day (possible rare exception) and decent pay.

This means--I hope--we can start saving money and move to our own house. I hope.
~~~fingers crossed for Mr. anoushh~~~

Yuefie, that SUCKS! Bleh, I hope you have enough money to cover things before the charges are reversed.

bunnyb, I, too love me some penguins! St. Louis has a great new penguin house at the's all intimate and I always have to be dragged away by whomever I'm with. When my momma and mom-in-law come in Oct., we're gonna go to the aquarium here...they have otters! Also so fun to watch.

good luck packing, mornington!

I'm sleepy. Did stupid errands all day...did I mention that I'm working on getting my nursing license re-activated and doing a shift a week or something? I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing, but it's the way I can make the most money working the least amount of hours. And I like the work enough, if I can deal with being in a hospital. I gotta take these 3 continuing education tests off the state board website in order to get reinstated...bleh.

Oh. My. God. I just giggled insanely at the Black Adder quote. Two thumbs up!! smile.gif
o.k... i am de-lurking after reading yuefies post about her check card... i work for a bank and used to work in the check card fraud dept... i believe visa usa requires banks to issue provisional credit w/in 5 days- but most banks offer it w/in 24 hours of the posting of the charge... and in the case of actual checks being returned- i know we could have a check force paid even if funds weren't available (in the case of fraud) it just required the customer to monitor their account everyday to see if anything was being returned.
they should also reverse all of the overdraft charges and write a letter for you if anything bounces. it's different for every bank- but visa DOES have pretty strict rules about this stuff. i know i haven't posted in kvetch- but if you have any questions you can pm me.
since i am de-lurking for the moment- i will kvetch that i quit smoking 10 days ago and really want to just sleep for 2 months. that or hurt someone.
Hey, thanks for the info maxine. My bank is Washington Mutual, and unfortunately for me, they just switched last month to Mastercard for their check cards. Talk about timing, I wish it were still Visa. I remember when something similar happened with an internet purchase a few years ago, I recieved the credit the very next day. I went in and spoke with my branch manager and she also said it would be fastest if I contact the merchant directly to try and resolve it. I guess we will see what happens tomorrow morning. She did say I can get a letter from them and that any NSF fees will be reversed but that it may take a bit for that to happen, like once the claim is settled. Ugh.

awww...well i hope it all goes really fast for you!!! and i'm sorry such a bad thing happened!
Yuefie, that's so terrible, what is wrong with people anyway?! Best of luck getting it resolved.

Surly, there will be a big fire on Hollyoaks next month and they're killing off 5 characters in the fire, should be great and just imagine all the emoting at the funerals afterwards.

Bunny, bad luck on the penguin design. Pics will definitely be taken at the ned party!

~~~Moving completion vibes for Mornington~~~

Some of you may recall my insanely frustrating 7 month long, 10 offers rejected, attempts to buy a flat last year. My coworker has done it in just 6 days after getting the go-ahead from the bank. 6 days. First place she offered on, she got. I am trying not to be bitter but it's hard. And hers will probably be warm in the winter too.

Anyway I'm off to Edinburgh, have lovely weekends everyone.
Oh, gosh, (((yuefie))) what a royal PAIN! I hope it all gets straightened out soon. An arcade and swords, eh?

I hear you about the overly lax security with credit cards/debit cards. There's stores I go to, like big-box types where you stick your OWN credit card in the machine and the sign the screen...and the cashier never even sees the card. How does that work if there's an "ID" requirement? Does something pop up on their screen?

Yay anoushh!!! Fingers duly crossed. Here's to another step closer to that house! cool.gif

Mornington, hope the move goes well and that Daphne gets settled in.

Amilita, good luck on the tests! ~~good vibes~~

Mando, happy belated birthday!! My internet connection was squiggy yesterday...I was on but typing a reply/good wishes/kvetch when I lost connectivity.

I really should buy my own internet connection instead of stealing piggybacking on my neighbor's wireless.

Maybe with this next overtime check....

So I'm not a daytime soaps person...but I'm hooked on night time ones.

And I'm absolutely numb about the new terrorism stuff. I am really, really discouraged about the state of things. Shrub has stuck his hand in a hornets nest and I fear that Americans and people in the UK will be hated for 2,000 years or better, now.

Kvetch...more work stuff. Yesterday I went to NO FEWER than three calls yesterday that had just been screwed up serviced a couple days before. One guy had been there on a call that a freezer was getting too warm so he unplugged the defrost timer. Um, hello? You don't do that in a walk in cold room; it will be a ball of ice within days.

And the other TWO involved serious refrigerant leaks and the guys just added more refrigerant rather than, um, fixing the leak???? No wonder there's a big hole in the ozone layer.

And. These. Are. The. Same. Guys. Who. Are. Constantly. Fucking. Off.
mad.gif mad.gif

Blackadder rocks! Did you hear they're thinking of doing a new series/film?

~£$~£$~£$~money vibes for yuefie and job vibes for mr anoushh, amilita and treehugger~£$~£$~£$~£$

no undies as yet so will be belated report.

need to tidy, tidy, tidy today as T back this evening then have a driving lesson this afternoon, tapas with friends and then going to my course convener's flat for drinks - first uni get together since march and first time I will have seen ex bf since she screamed at me in the library that she wished I would die. yeah, not looking forward to that so much.

They're thinking of doing new stuff?! heehee!! *scampers off to try to find production info*
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