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(((amilita and family))) Like syb, I'm glad it was peaceful.

Overslept today sad.gif even though my clock was set (relatively) early. I kept snoozing. I don't know what's up with me this week: I've been having majorly interrupted sleep, dehydrated and several trips to the bathroom and then unable to wake up when I want to. Hence, the plans I had for today went askew sad.gif. I'm working a 10-4 shift tomorrow and then going straight out for dinner, "beauty and the beast" musical and drinks so hoping I don't oversleep!

I'm not dressed yet and not sure what underwear I'm going to wear: the boy's gone for long weekend to London to visit a friend so I think I'll leave my new sexy pink set until he comes back.

Anyway, this is fly-by as I'm a bit disorientated but I'll be back later xx
QUOTE(mandolyn @ Aug 3 2006, 12:03 PM) *

(((msp))) .... just ... whoa. your poor mama must be a stressball. how do you disconnect? i so wish i could quit internalizing my family's issues. (massive understatement)

Nah, MamaP's almost never a stressball. And I can tell you right now, if I asked her, she'd say, "For what?" What would be the point? I was actually surprised to see all the ((hugs)) yesterday - I'm thinking, "I'm fine, it's the family that's out of their minds."

Of the four I listed the other day, the only situation my mother's addressed directly is Vegas Cousin #1, aka "Christopha", aka "that pig." He's milking Nana for every penny he can get out of her, and it's seriously got to stop. He's in school and keeps pleading poverty, but he spends his money on the dumbest shit... expensive clothes, dinners, nights out, etc. He's bought $2700 rims, a DVD player for the big-ass SUV he can't even afford. I mean, dumb shit. So my mother (who I sometimes call "Michael" from Godfather, from the way she's taken over The Family) went in and laid down the law. She hates to tell Nana what she can do with her own money, but VC#1 is causing real financial problems for Nana and my other aunt (Fredo, if you will) and they weren't going to stop it themselves.

Me? I just enjoy the drama. What else am I going to do? I have no role in this. I called my mother every day this week to see what was going on. "Did you talk to him? What'd he say? *gasp!* Oh my God. What a pig! I know - oh, he's totally an asshole... no, no, you're right..."

Our joke is that the P Family motto is, "What are you gonna do," often accompanied by "Eh," and/or a shrug. I don't know how I wouldn't disconnect. Besides being there for the family, usually acting as sounding board, talking to everyone a thousand times a week, there's just about nothing I can do to affect any of their situations... and getting myself worked up isn't going to change anything. So. You know. What are you gonna do. smile.gif
((((((((((Amilita & family)))))))))) I'm so sorry for your loss, dear. I hope you find some peace in the fact that she went peacefully at home.

MsP, I bet your mother reeeeeeeeeally appreciates you!

~zzzzzz~ good sleep vibes for Bunny ~zzzzzz~

Crassy's gonna look classy at that wedding!

~$~$~$~ jobby job vibes for Polly~ ~$~$~$~ That electronics store sounds so scary. Why on earth has it taken them 4 months to get back to you?

Anoushh, thanks for the kind words. I have occasionally thought about whether this situation would be worse for me if we'd moved back to England. At least here there's just a one hour time difference between me & Mom, rather than 6 hours. That certainly makes things easier. Weren't you dealing with an 8 hour time difference while living in England?

Syb, last night we had white wine with dinner & I thought of you wink.gif

(((((( hugs for Mando just 'cause ))))))
In fact ...
(((((( hugs for EVERYONE just 'cause! )))))))

Kvetch: This afternoon Sheff's company is taking everybody out to this fun park thingy. Go carts, miniature golf, batting cages, etc. The problem, of course, is that today's high temp should be in the high 90s with a heat index of 105. And have I mentioned that I'm pale as a ghost and can burn in 15 minutes? I soooooooo do not want to be out in that heat! But I want to meet Sheff's co-workers, of course. I just wanna know what idiot thought it would be fun to spend an afternoon outdoors in early August. Because that person needs to be shot.

Anti-kvetch: We hear that there's an indoor arcade. I'm sure it'll be packed to the gills, but at least there's some shelter.
Mornin', everyone! This might (or might not, heh) be my last post for a little bit, what with the new job starting next week and me not being in a position to fuck around on the shared computers where we have Internet access for research purposes only, hah! I'm so excited but also totally daunted by the big mountain I have to climb in this new line of work. Is it possible to feel both those ways at the same time? It's going to bust my ass in every direction, but I think know it will be good for me because it's what I want.

Well, I have to do dumb things today like go through my clothes and see what the hell I'm going to wear to work from now on. I'll probably stop in at H&M, which always seems to be a zoo. wacko.gif I'm going to be going from business conservative (nylons, closed-toe shoes, suits) to wear-whatever-you-want-within-reason-just-make-sure-you-can-run-fast-when-needed. My boss sometimes wears two different colored Converse sneakers on his feet, yes, at the same time. When I used to work at this company many years ago, I remember wearing a sarong wrapped around me as a dress (with some kind of leotard-type thing or tank top whatever) and thinking it was appropriate. Ha! Youth. Yeah, maybe for the beach, but not the office. So I might be hanging out in AbFad more than ever.

How did it get to be 10am already? I need to make some coffee...

ETA: I have read everything here, but seriously don't have time to comment right now. I need to learn how to let myself off the hook more, too, and stop being so freakin' Little Miss Perfectionist about everything.

ETAA: The PM function on the new Lounge (well, not such a new function for those of you on Q's BPAL forum) is really neato. It's cool to stay in touch that way.
(((amilita & family))) sorry to hear about almost grandma, but very glad it was peaceful.

yay for yuefie feeling better!

anoushh, i think you deserve some serious props for doing the exercises in the deep when you can't swim! i can swim (although not too well) and don't like to go to the 12 foot section!

polly *~*~get the job that's best for you*~*~* a month off in december actually seems worth no-paid vacation during the year --esp. a place you can watch tv/movies and wear jeans!

(((bunny))) as someone who's been really weird with sleep lately (i'm terrified of rolling over and hurting the mr's surgery spot!) i feel your pain. i was in the middle of a weird dream and slept right through the alarm this morning, the mr. had to come and wake me and i was cranky until i stopped for dunkin'

(((msp mom))) that sucks to have to deal w/that. ugh. personally, i kinda mentally disown those types of relatives, i mean on paper they are related but somehow i don't feel like it's really true.

(((rose))) a lot of parks around here have those cooling water mist places, maybe they'll have one? i hope they do, those really work well. good luck!

i am soo pumped to be going to wildwood for the weekend w/ the gals. i packed the cutest fake coconut cups (w/pineapple swizzle sticks) and some pina colada mix plus a huge botttle of malibu. they have an 'adult' only cabana lounge with a deck, so we're going to try to sneak our drinks there --plus we'll try to get them by the pool, we're going to try to sneak in after hours!
yayayayaay!!!! it's FRIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

and, although i am still at work, i am NOT working. my boss is upstairs working with some other people and i am waiting for him to finish with them so that they can go home. i will then resume my job of sitting in a chair behind him as he looks at the slides for a presentation that our Director from NYC will tear to pieces and then rebuild from scratch on Sunday when we are back here at the office working with her on presentations.


and i actually had PLANS for tonight. i was supposed to go out with a mozambican friend and listen to jazz and eat LOADS of bacalhão but................

let's see:

gall bladders are EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVELLLLLLLLLLL!! i fart in their general direction! i plead with the goddess of quality health care for all that yeufie will get insurance so she can just yank the sucker out. OATS???? bah. glad you have happy pills, though.

CRASSSSSSY PANTS!! yappy pants!! wooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo!!! kiss kiss hug hug lovely to see you darling where on earth have you been????? *does happy dance*

(i, too, am EXTREMELY excited all of the time! just LOOK at all of those exclamation points)

going to see how much i can get into this post before i am summoned.

((((amilita)))) almost-grandmother knew you loved her.

mandomyheart, i still try to end my posts with braces. and i KNOW that my color is the right one because i used to have to type the number for it in manually. heee.

raisin: it is the RIGHT thing to do! i know how hard it will be without the busties, believe me!

(((((anoushhka)))))) i'm SO happy that you aren't dealing with the england thing anymore! am i right that you are back with your beloved puppy?? i am SURE that she is just as happy as you are!

rosiev. i am STILL cursing the gods for their CRUEL CRUEL joke on us!! i hope that you do not become third cousin to a lobster, because if you are going to the place i am thinking of, no mist thingees. sad.gif

PINK!!!! and getting married!!! let the air out of any ghosts lately???

~$$~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~$ get allllll of those jobs, pollyester!!!~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~$

msp, i BURN vegas cousin #1 with my firey x-ray flame-throwing eyes!!!! BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN!!

hugs for syb just because. sometime we must chat about this wonderful city i live in! i had NO idea you had been here. that is VERY VERY cool.

no time to talk about my dysfunctional family. what i generally do when i am with all of them at once or with one of them in particular, or certain combinations of them, is to pretend that i am in a Fellini movie. then i can usually laugh it off. at least, at neiceoids wedding, no one blew up until AFTER the wedding.

ooooooooops. being summoned.

hugs and kisses and silly silly whales (yes, i know they aren't fish!)

eta: gold lamé bra and matching bikini!!!!
I'm so sorry, (((Amilita)))

Oh, no! A missed opportunity to eat salt cod? Ok, so I have never actually tasted salt cod, but I have never really felt the urge either, hee.

Yay for Raisin! We'll miss you.

Bunnyb, you know that dehydrated and frequent peeing in the night can be a sign of diabetes, right?

Am I hungry or trying to avoid work? I'm trying to clean up so I can go on vacation.

Black cotton bikinis and black underwire. I discovered that synthetic mess undies are really uncomfortable in extreme heat/humidity.

Stay cool (((Rose)))
Dusty said synthetic mess undies.


RoseV, that person does need to die. That's just cruel/stupid.

How on earth did I sleep until 10 am today?? Wish me luck--I'm off to water aerobics soon. No-drowning vibes appreciated. wink.gif
Eek. Mesh. *blush*

Floating vibes for (((Anoushh)))

Did I tell youz that I saw a long-haired dachshund wearing a sweater the day before yesterday? It was the hottest day of the year, everybody was miserable and some woman puts a sweater on her dog. Maybe she's related to RV's coworker.

Where's Mandi? I want to know how it went last night...
Hey all. This week has flown by, I cannot WAIT to have a nice lie-in tomorrow.

I've had a great week for kitchen appliances: got a breadmaker on freecycle yesterday (!!! score!!) and won a cool blender/smoothie maker at my work health promotion thing today. Margaritas here we come!

~~~Buoyancy vibes for Anoushh~~~


~~~Rocking success vibes for La Raisin~~~
Well, I'm posting, so I didn't drown--whoohoo!

Breadmaker? That is a score! Freecycle has been good to me for baby stuff, too.

QUOTE(dusty @ Aug 4 2006, 01:45 PM) *

Did I tell youz that I saw a long-haired dachshund wearing a sweater the day before yesterday? It was the hottest day of the year, everybody was miserable and some woman puts a sweater on her dog. Maybe she's related to RV's coworker.

I bought my sister's pug a little Gap hoodie a while back, when I had him for the weekend. So cute. But as I was walking him, all I could think was... well, now he doesn't have any pants on. No clothes were preferable to some clothes, because it just drew attention his bare little ass.
Thanks for the sleep vibes, very sweet of you all! dusty, I'm probably due another test for diabetes: I was checked out last time I was dehydrated yet peeing lots. Thanks smile.gif At the moment, it's more the sleep I'm worried about as so much work to do and so little time, I'll see how I am over the next few days and then maybe make a doc's appointment for beginning of week.

~zzzzzzz~sleep vibes for crassy (and msyelf)~zzzzzzz~

(((raisingirl))) Good luck with the new job and I'll miss you around here!

rose, how did your day go?

msp, your godfather allusions made me giggle! I don't envy you family drama, I have a v small drama so lucky it's containable!

mornington, if you're lurking (or when you're back and catching up): bought v pretty shoes today (kitten heels) and thought of you!

~*~*~*~pregnancy vibes for a maybe lurking kvetchette~*~*~*~*


belated undie report: fuschia pink girl shorts with polka dots and flowers and white bra.
QUOTE(msp @ Aug 4 2006, 02:32 PM) *
I bought my sister's pug a little Gap hoodie a while back, when I had him for the weekend. So cute. But as I was walking him, all I could think was... well, now he doesn't have any pants on. No clothes were preferable to some clothes, because it just drew attention his bare little ass.
HAHAHA, msp you you cracked me up there! My poor doxie/pug mix has been subjected to many a sweater and tee shirt by myself and loved ones. She has a couple tees that she loves, her favorite being the snug fitting red one which is referred to as her "casing". She has one that was a gift for Easter that has a lil chick on it that says "Cute Chick" (of course), one that says "No Whining" and one that says "Devil Dog". She's been given little night gowns, has several christmas sweaters and even a snowsuit for a vacation we took. My sis even bought her a denim jacket, which she really hates. She usually loves her clothes and will pose in them as can be seen here, but the jean jacket here pissed her off. Don't even get me started on the costumes, she's been a witch, one of santa's evles, and a balleria. Yeah, it's pretty sick how spoiled she is. But then again, I am childless. I am sure if I had kiddos of my own, I wouldn't have the time to dress my poor doggie up in humiliating outfits.

But shame on whoever put that poor doxie in a sweater on a farking hot day. I think THEY should have to wear a huge snow suit and be locked in a hot car with no AC. The way people treat animals is beyond my comprehension.

How wrong is it that I make songs about BUSTies all the time now? First it was "Tes In White Satin", then it was "Oh Where Has My BunnyB Gone" and now it's "Mandi" sung to the tune of Iggy Pop's "Candy". "Mandi, Mandi, Mandi, I can't let you go..."

((((raisin)))) you will be missed! just drop in and say "boo!" everyone once in a while, just so we know you're doing well. I wish you much success, darlin'!


~~~lots of (((hugs))) and vibes all around~~~

be back later for more complete ones!

ETA: undie report - hot pink lacey bra & matching cheeky panties. Cause I'm feelin' kinda cheeky wink.gif
Damn, I missed you (said after finally regaining enough composure to type again b/c I was laughing my ass off....)!!!!

QUOTE(msp @ Aug 4 2006, 09:32 PM) *

I bought my sister's pug a little Gap hoodie a while back, when I had him for the weekend. So cute. But as I was walking him, all I could think was... well, now he doesn't have any pants on. No clothes were preferable to some clothes, because it just drew attention his bare little ass.

oh, too funny! cute lil bare-assed pug!
and sashie is mind-explodingly adorable!

(((amilita))) i'm so sorry for your loss. you must have some comfort knowing it was peaceful and not lingering?

(((omniscient bunny)))

(((raisin))) you'd better visit us as much as you visit LJland! moi, i shall just stalk you via email. i can be quite the email stalker. all parts crossed that New Jobbie is all that you're hoping for, and more!

(((dusty))) last night was sad, but ok. poor L's daughter did a lovely job with photos and other memorabilia. many of us had no idea he was a deadhead and liked gargoyles. i told her that last night was one of the worst nights of her life, but her TLC in personalizing will bring her comfort in years to come. i wish i'd done that for my father's wake.

getting lost in jersey to & from was NOT ok. i sort of hate jersey these days. (sorry, crassy!) stupid signage, nastyass aggressive drivers. argh.

TMI kvetch: i think i have a UTI. i've never had one before, so i'm not entirely sure. i'm peeing alot, even tho i'm not drinking alot. no burning, but pressure and feeling like i have to pee immediately after going. i peed alot last week on our road trips, but i kept chalking it up to my usual small bladder syndrome. today i looked up the symptoms of diabetes, got scared, and made a doctor's appt (i've been procrastinating searching for a new general physician, my bad). of course it's not until 9/11 (great. something else to go neurotic over on my least-favorite day of the year). i guess if i still have this peeing thing going on tomorrow or monday, i can call my gyno, right? i bought cranberry pills too, tho i know it's too late if it's already an infection.

sorry for the self-absorption, ladies. hard time focusing tonite. le blergh.

had a little tiff with danny too. over pizza. i must now go apologize for being pissy. tongue.gif
That could definitely be a UTI. The cranberry won't hurt, and lots of liquids will help as well. My sympathies.
The pug was porky-piggin' it! Hilarious!!!

I adore the fact that Fina will be making alcoholic beverages with the blender she got at the health fair!

Raisin, we'll miss seeing you around, but more than anything I'm just thrilled for you! Enjoy the new job & check in whenever you can ((((Raisin))))

((((((((more hugs for Amilita & family))))))))

~*~*~*~*~ pregnancy vibes for the mystery kvetchette ~*~*~*~*~

(((((( oodles of snuggles & hugs & hair brushing for Mandi ))))))

Tes, it is a cruel world that keeps us apart like this. Luckily for us, Sheff & I don't have any plans for Thanksgiving yet. In fact, there's a good chance that both of my parents will be working that day, so I'm 75% sure that we'll still be 'round these parts. I'll let you know more when ... well, when it isn't 100-freakin-degrees outside! cool.gif

So I spent the afternoon out with Sheff. We met for lunch, at which time I bitched about the timing of this little company outing. Sheff said that one of the co-owners of the company was responsible for the date selection & told them all today that he was deeply sorry that it turned out to be so hot.
Excuse me.
It's the first week of August.
It is ALWAYS sweltering during the first week of August, yes? Because it certainly is where I come from. And I don't think the weather is that much different over here. If I'm off base, Tes, and it's usually a pleasant 73F in this area in early August, then please let me know.
So we go to the fun park thingy & discover that there's a huge indoor area with lots of arcade games & such. And the company gave each of us a special card with $5 worth of credit on it to spend on the games. So we ran around & played pin ball & skee ball & even this trivia game & won TONS of tickets! Then when no one was watching, we snuck out. We'd been there for nearly 2 hours, so I don't think we ran out too early.

Oh, we did wander around outsie by the go-cart track & such for about 5 minutes just to see what it was like, but it was oppressive. The themometer on our car said it was 108F outside. I'm sure that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much.

Kvetch: People here are rude at the movies. Every time I've been to the movies here, I've sat next to people who played with or talked on their phones during the movie. The lady who sat next to me today arrived 20 minutes late and then answered her phone twice within 5 minutes. So I turned & openly glared at her (Which is soooooo unlike me). Luckily she got the point & left. She returned about an hour later. WTF?!?! Why did you buy the ticket if you had no intention of watching the whole film?

Amusing anecdote: Due to our differing accents, Sheff & I still occasionally struggle with a slight language barrier. For example, the following snippet of conversation comes from this evening when Sheff was telling me about a book he purchased earlier.
Him: The first book in the series is called "Pawn of Prophecy".
Me: Did you just say "Porn of Prophecy"?
Him: No. Pawn.
Me: Porn?
Him: No ... [takes out book to show me the cover] Pawn! Pawn of Prophecy.
Me: Ooooooooh ...
Hee hee, porky-piggin' pug!

Tes, I'm Pollystyrene; Pollyester is someone else on the biggie- I always mix up zoya and zora; I just wanted to clarify! smile.gif

I got a call from the staffing agency- the first place, the NPO has made me an offer. The issue- they want to pay me $1K less than I currently make. It's almost a neglible amount when it comes down to it, and I understand that I don't have any experience as an administrative assistant, but it kinda sucks. I wanted to move upward! Anyway, there's some weirdness- I talked to my contact at the agency this morning and we talked about my interview last night with the landscaping place. She was going to call me back when she heard something. I emailed her awhile later to get the address of the landscaping place so I could mail them a thank you note. She never got back to me, so I ended up going to their website and getting it from there. Just as I was leaving work, this other woman from the agency calls me to tell me about the NPO making me an offer. The NPO is her account, so that's why she called me. I told her that I was waiting for a decision from the landscaping place too and she said, "Oh, that position was filled last night, he called and made an offer with Jill [who is the woman I've been dealing with] for the other person who interviewed yesterday." Ooookay, that's interesting since i talked to Jill this morning and she said nothing about that. I haven't officially accepted their offer. I was having this other woman talk to her contact at the NPO about the vacation time there and she was supposed to call me back. But I'm worried that this woman is mixed up, that the landscaping postion wasn't filled and if I accept the NPO offer, I'll miss out on the other one. I'd gotten used to the thought of a month off and wearing jeans to work! sad.gif Hopefully, nothing with happen until Monday when I can talk to Jill and be absolutely sure the other position was filled.

Oh, and rose- here's what happened with the electronics store- I applied back in April. My uncle knows someone pretty high up on the ladder there, and my grandma, bless her heart, took it upon herself to call my uncle and ask him to put in a good word for me with his friend. Well, that completely f-ed up everything...rather than just literally "putting in a good word" this doofus took over the whole thing and gave my resume to the wrong managers (departments I wasn't even interested in working for, etc- big waste of time). When it finally got to the right person, she called me on a Friday night, I was in the middle of preparing for a dinner party, I was totally caught off-guard by her call, so it was a very awkward conversation. I told her that I was interested in getting an interview, though and she or her boss was supposed to call me back. A week goes by and I don't hear. I call my uncle's friend back and ask what happened and he said, "oh, she said that you told her you could only work 7-3 and wouldn't be available for overtime or weekends, so we've filled that position already." Um, I never said ANYTHING like that. Then he said I could come in and interview for another position. They wanted to pay me $5K less. Nope, can't do it, have a mortgage. So I forgot about it. Then this person calls me yesterday- I'm sure it's just that they kept my resume on file and have another position open somewhere. I'm pretty miffed about how they dealt with me the first time, and she still hasn't called me back. I'm pretty much writing them off as a lost cause. They're still a great electronics store, just some really dumb people behind the scenes.

I sprained my left ankle- I was in the break room at work today and earlier, someone had brought in a big bag of blueberries- they must have a bush at home or something- and left them on the table for anyone who wanted some. Some dunce dropped one on the floor and didn't pick it up; I was walking and slid on it, twisted my left ankle, banged my right knee. It's not a bad sprain- no bruising, I don't think it's swelled or anything, but it hurts to walk on it. I wrapped an Ace bandage around it so I quit walking on it funny.

Phew, long post!!

(((hugs to all!!))) I read all the posts today, but it's 4am and I don't feel like reviewing....did I miss the origin of these mystery pregnant vibes? All of a sudden, people were sending out vibes, and I can't find where it started!

Hi all! I'm also up at 4 am for some reason. Ugh.

((((amilita))))) i'm also glad it was peaceful. my thoughts are with you.
(((Polly)))) Good luck with the job sitch. It *is* a really cool store. My new refrigerator from there was delivered yesterday and it's really great! So clean. So modern. And the door doesn't have to be held in place with duct tape.

I went to Lollapalooza yesterday after a hellish day at work. Nothing bad happened, I've just had a major project that was all-consuming all week. I'm in one of those phases where I didn't have enough to do, so I took on a bunch of stuff, and now I have too much to do. It should peter out toward the end of next week. I'm looking forward to that.

I saw Sleater-Kinney one last time. Sniff. I can't believe that Carrie Brownstein is really going to give up playing guitar. She was soooooo amazing. I actually teared up at the end. At the end of their set, everyone started chanting "One more song!" I just never thought there would come a time where I'd never see them live again. Death Cab for Cutie was a bit of a letdown in comparison.

~~~mando~~~ good god, i hope it's not a UTI. If it gets worse, see your gyno right away. Cranberry pills and fluids will help, but it can wreak havoc on your kidneys if it's not treated. (not to make you worry or anything...)

Yesterday, I wore a beige Wacoal minimizer that may need to be retired, and hot pink boy-briefs that had the AC/DC logo on the front and said "For those about to rock" with a picture of a cannon on the back.

Tomorrow, I think I'm wearing as little as possible because I'm going to be outside in the heat from 12:30 to 10. But! I will be seeing: Nada Surf, The Go Team!, Built to Spill, Calexico, Common, Sonic Youth and Kanye West. (Due to scheduling, I had to choose between The Flaming Lips and Common/Sonic Youth and Gnarls Barkley. Boo!)
QUOTE(mandolyn @ Aug 4 2006, 08:57 PM) *
TMI kvetch: i think i have a UTI.
Mandi, go to the drugstore & get Cystex in the meantime (until you can see your doc.) It'll make things feel better.
rose, you're a better man than i - i wouldn't have gone. glad you had some fun.

(((sidecar))) i'm not a SK fan, but i feel your pain nonetheless. try to keep cool today.


*mystery preggo vibes for the taking, even tho i missed the post too*

(((annoush))) (((sidecar))) & (((vesicapisces))) many thanks for the advice.

i got AZO, but the red pee is freaking me out & i'm not sure it's helping. i bet my gyno won't be around today - and i don't know any of the other docs there - so i might just go on a cystex search to get me thru to monday. i also might just start popping amoxicillin on my own (except i can only get 12 at a time, they're for when i get my teeth cleaned).

fuck fuck fuck. i can't even think how i got this thing. there certainly hasn't been any action going on down there since forever.

plus today's my only day to sleep in and the mr & his friggin noisy truck woke me up at 7:30. grrr.

eta: insult to injury, the gyno's office isn't open on saturdays anymore. i'm not sure this qualifies as an emergency, either, so i'm not comfy calling the service. i so wish i could find Doc's private voicemail number that she wrote down for me last year. fuck fuck fuck.
The Cystex will help a lot. You'll probably be okay through the weekend. I hope it gets better...UTIs are the suck.
I'm confused, Mandi. Is the medicine supposed to make your urine pink? Because in my world, pink pee is a VERY bad thing. I think it might be worth calling that service. They should be able to help you figure out whether you should wait until Monday or if you should go into the after-hours clinic.
~~~~~~~ healing for Mandi ~~~~~~~

Polly, maybe that job was offered to the other person, but she hadn't officially accepted it yet when you spoke to your contact at the agency. The contact probably wasn't at liberty to say what was happening. At any rate, I certainly hope things work out for you!
~$~$~$~ more job & money vibes for Polly ~$~$~$~

Kvetch: My period started early. And tonight Sheff & I are supposed to go to some nice garden/dinner party thingy. My first day tends to leave my clothes looking as though a masacre took place in my pants, so as you can imagine, I'm a bit nervous about what to wear. I wanted to wear a cute little dress, but I'm not so sure now.

Kvetch: I'm nervous about meeting all of these new people. They're mostly Sheff's co-workers. I'd like to get along with them, but what do I talk to them about? They're all computer gaming people, but I'm a theater person who likes to cook & crochet!
Mandi...drink lots of cranberry juice and lots of water. The best thing you can do is flush the bacteria out of your system. I used to get UTI's a lot. Most of the time, if I could flush everything out, it would only last a few days. They are miserable sucker's while they stick around! Also, avoid caffine like the will make it worse!

((((hugs to all))))
Pixie, I tried calling you on your cell a while ago, but I think your phone is off. Give me a ring if you gt the chance, m'kay?
yes, rose, axo warns of red pee. i just wasn't prepared for how red!

does white cranberry juice work as well? i sort of hate red cranberry juice, unless it's mixed with soda. hence the cranberry pills.

thanks again ... i so appreciate the help! sorry to turn this into the UTI thread. sad.gif

kvetch: sooo jealous of nutsogalpal calling on her way to see DAVE at randall's island. perfect day, weatherwise too. but can you imagine how much WORSE i'd feel if i had planned to go? i fear the portopotties on a good day!
Mandi, I think white cranberry would work just as well. I usually use crangrape or something like that when I can't stomach regular cranberry cocktail.

Rose, I lost my phone. I got a replacement just a few minutes ago so you can reach me now, same number, but I lost my entire frelling address book!
Mando, it could also just be urethritis (inflamation of the urethra)- I thought I had a UTI (I've never had one before) and it turned out to be urethritis. I didn't have to have a pelvic, so I just went to my regular GP. Could you do that, or is there a urgent care facility near you? It would suck to have to wait out the whole weekend like that just for some antibiotics. I don't know about white vs. red cranberries, but i'm pretty sure it has to be 100% real cranberry juice, not that Ocean Spray 10% stuff. I actually detest cranberries in all forms, even at Thanksgiving, so I just take the cranberry extract pills to prevent issues again.

Also, Mando, I don't know if you noticed, but while you were on vacation I saw a doctor about that lump in my throat- it's just a little cyst and he's not too worried about it, unless it gets too big and becomes a problem with swallowing. For other reasons, I may be a candidate for having my tonsils removed, so if that happens he'll just remove it then. I know you had urged me to see a doctor about it, so now that i have I hope you can sleep at night tongue.gif

Going out for either Thai (even though I had it last night!) or Italian tonight with my friends who I mentioned before, who are moving back this week and having housing issues. They're in ton looking at apartments again since it's unlikely they'll get the one they wanted. Housing vibes, pretty please?

My ankle is feeling better- I think the bandage is helping support it when i walk so I don't keep throwing it at a weird angle and making it worse.

Jealous you got to go to Lolla, sidecar- I'm not a big fan of the huge concerts, but there were a decent amount of bands that I would have liked to see this year. So sad I never got to see Sleater-Kinney. I know the drummer was doing a thing with her husband- my dad actually saw them at the Beat Kitchen or Gunther Murphy's or someplace and said she is amazing to watch- she just oozes passion while she plays.
fly-by. I'm omniscient bunny which means I know kvetch vibes are required for pregnancy BEFORE they're even requested wink.gif

I love cranberry juice, although have no experience with UTIs.

^^^^^housing vibes for polly^^^^^

So, the boy kinda dumped me today and I was devastated and then we made up and he said he never wants us to end but I'm still drained. Oh yeah, and he's in London so it was over the phone and I can't get cuddles to reassure me although lots of lovely words.


Good catch Polly, I forgot to mention 100% juice. We have a brand here called heartland orchard or something like that I use.

This has been a draining day! It is so frelling hot here, it's hard to breath. It's so hot that Minipixie's dog succumed to the heat. We don't know if she over turned her water and didn't get any or if she just drank some and the rest evaporated or what. We filled a big 5 gallon bowl just last night, but when we got home from grocery shopping tonight, it was empty and she was gone. Mr. Pixie is taking it pretty hard. I think we've decided to tell the minipixies that we gave her away. We've been through too much to add teh death of a pet, plus we have talked about finding a new home for her already because she knocks them down, so it won't come as a complete shock to the girls.

And it was my first official non anniversary from Mr. Dust. Strangely, I feel nothing when I consider that I got married 11 years ago. I'm in such a different place in life now it almost doesn't seem real.

~*~*~Housing vibes for Polly~*~*~*

~*~*~*Healing vibes for Mando~*~*

~*~*~soothign vibes for Rose~*~*~

~*~*~*multipurpose vibes for all~*~*~*~
((((((((The Pixie dog)))))))) How absolutely tragic! I'm so so sorry, Pix. That's just terrible.

~~*~~*~~*~~ housing vibes for Polly's friends ~~*~~*~~*~~

(((( hugs & healing for Mandi ))))

Well, I officially suck. We did not go to the company dinner party thingy tonight. Why? Because I couldn't find anything that fit me (bleeding = oodles of bloating). And I just felt like shit and I broke down crying and I just couldn't face the stress of meeting all those people and Sheff's bosses and co-workers and trying so very desperately to make them like me. I just couldn't do it. I'm sad and stressed out and on top of that, I felt sick & my head hurt and I just didn't want to spend my night feeling miserable & pretending that I wasn't. Besides, when I met some of these people yesterday, none of them made any effort to have a conversation. And I tried, but it was obvious that these guys weren't interested. So why should tonight be any different? Why should we drive all the way over there if we're just going to stand around all alone? Anyway, I just felt miserable tonight. I miss my family and friends so much. I miss hanging out with friends that you don't have to impress. I don't want to be in a position of wondering whether somebody likes me or not, you know? I just want my good ol' friendships with my good ol' friends who already know tons of stupid stories about me and all of that good shit. I want to know that I can have a conversation with someone, disagree with them on whatever little thing, and not worry about whether I've lost their friendship - or worse - damaged Sheff's image at work. I don't want to be stuck in this town full of strangers ... especially when every time I try to be friendly with people, I don't get anywhere.

So. We stayed in. I sat around and cried for a while. Sheff hugged me and tried to tell me that it'll be okay. I told him that our income may have increased with this move, but our quality of life has certainly decreased. Then he started saying that maybe we should move back to T-town. I don't know. He seems to like the job, but it's clear that I'm not doing well.

And I'm sorry to dump all of this on you Kvetchies. I thought about posting it on my blog, but I honestly don't want to make my friends worry about me.
((((((rose)))))))) moving is really hard, especially when it requires you to start over, and be away from your family somewhat permanently for the first time. and i know you have sheff, but it seems to me that because you're not working and you're having some trouble meeting for people, to some extent you're very isolated. going back to t-town may make you feel better in the short run, but i think you really just have to give it some time and see if you can make it work. i wouldn't give up already. you've made a HUGE change and that's really difficult to deal with. i hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

i just spent the last four hours dancing in Grant Park to Kanye West, under the skyline and stars, with 50,000 other people. it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I am SO glad i went.
god, rose, i feel you. i'm in a new town far far away and am having to do the "go out of my way" thing to meet people or impress them or whatever. it's like, i'd rather just schlub around, because at the end of the day i don't have that kind of energy anymore.

crazy, nice to see you in here. relurk more often!

(((bunny))) gah. what a rollercoaster! poor you.

pixie, not sure i understand what happened ... was the dog old? or really young? sick? was it that hot in your house? i can't imagine how a few hours without water could kill a dog?! that is just too awful for words. and didn't you have another dog that ran away? don't meant to be flippant or touch a nerve, but maybe you guys should think about fish or something.

(((rose))) i think we all can relate. especially it being Day One. try not to give up, darlin. are you job-hunting? and what about regional theater? i bet both outlets would help you muchly.

sidecar, your evening sounds divine. sounds like my first DAVE concert, under the stars ... probably one of the best nights of my life.

polly, i'm in between GP's, so i only have a gyno-doc right now. and i've already put myself on amoxicillin. so hopefully this thing will clear up. uberglad to hear your mysterio lump is nothing serious.

kvetch: offering to work on such a gorgeous day. what was i thinking?
antikvetch: gazpacho and veggie panini for lunch.
antikvetch: using yesterday's illness and my birthday week to guilt my mens into housecleaning. hee.
Mando, the dog was fairly young, but very small for her breed, I have a feeling she had some kind of genetic defect. We got her from a rescue. She was about half the size she should have been for a lab and she had a constant supply of food, so it wasn't like she wasn't getting enough to eat. She was our outside dog. We aren't really sure what happened...but since her water was empty, we are thinking she just overheated and got heat stroke. It was 105 yesterday and very humid. Mr. Pixie blames himself for not checking the water that afternoon, but since he had just filled such a big container the night before, he thought it would be alright.

Rose, I understand, and as much as I'd like you to be close again, I think you need to try to stick it out a bit longer. So much has changed here with BGP moving and all, it wouldn't really be the same either. Whatever happened with that theater group you got hooked up with? I think Sidecar hit it on the head. Since you aren't working it is hard for you to meet people that you have some sort of mutual interest with. I have a similar problem since most of the women I work with are much older. Is there any chance you could arrange a short visit sometime even if it was without Sheff?
(((pixie family))) I'm sorry: I read your post as the dog had gone i.e. run away so I was hoping you would find him, that is such a shame for you all.

(((rose))) what about checking out local book groups/stitch and bitch as well as the local theatre groups and amateur dramatics? It is so difficult to meet new people and develop friendships especially when outwith the workplace ... however, you are a warm, caring and v interesting person who is also very sweet and funny so people in new enviroments will flock to you once you start coming into your own again. Maybe Tes has some suggestions of local groups or events you could get involved in?

(((mandoheart))), thank you smile.gif. I'm doing ok, woke up feeling really down but spoke to the boy and his mum and feeling much better; desperate to see him. Anyway been reading and cooking and tonight I'm going to snuggle up with Mandoo, good food, red wine, ben & jerry's and soppy movies!

(((kvetchies and lurkers)))
(((rose))) I'm sorry you're sad. I think Pixie's right (and she's better qualified to say, since she knows you IRL) You should give it more time, find something to get involved in. You seem like an amazing, fun, vibrant person and it would be a shame for that to go to waste. I think arranging more visits with family would be a good idea- it must be stressful to be away from them with their recent bout of health problems. Just curious- do you have any siblings?

(((pixie))) sorry about your dog.

poor mr pixie. that's a tough way to learn a lesson about leaving animals outside in excessive heat. poor pupper.
woo! I'm baaaaaack!

(((bunny))) *mwah*. I saw that card and thought "when I get back I'll send that to bunny"... fankoo dear, twas a lovely suprise. And you are not to fret about the boy.

(((mando))) mm, red pee sounds sexeh. I have missed you!

(((yuefie))) how you feeling?

(((pixie))) poor pupper & (((minipixie))) & (((mrpixie)))

(((rose))) nothing but hugs here, although I'm leaning towards what pixie said. lots of hugs.

****housevibes**** for (((polly)))

who wanted the ****preggers vibes****?



(((catlady, tes, tyger, sidecar, msp, pink, and everyone else)))

Belgium was... alright. I liked the guys playing jazz with a coffin for a drum (we went to a festival) but P drove us all up the wall a bit... he will fuss. Going to pick Daphne up this evening - and I might be bringing another bunny home with her. I'm mad.

Hope everyone is well? ***general vibes for everyone***. I have missed you all - there have been moments when I've thought "I need to kvetch, where are the kvetchies" but there is no internet at P's house... *mwah*
Yay to have mornington back! We meeeced you! Glad you liked the card smile.gif and tell us later about Peter rabbit/fluffymcbunbun (is it really bad that I keep thinking about McDonalds when I write that?) It will be good for Daphne to have some company. Oh, and thanks for the order re the boy.

As for mystery pregancy vibes ... read your recently added myspace friend's posts ... unfortunately, the test was negative this weekend but let's keep vibing cos kvetch vibes work!

kvetch: Overslept again sad.gif, it's really getting me down. I have so much work to do. Anyway, I need to go load the diswasher, check on the bunny, shower, take my Papa to a hospital appointment and then go straight to work. The boy is home tonight but I'm undecided whether to go to his after work or to wait until tomorrow to see him.

for whatever it's worth, i know that when i went to nm, i was all isolated/etc despite school because there really wasn't much interaction with other students (oddly enough, they seemed to make a point out of keeping us farily separated and getting batshit crazy if there was even a hint that there were study groups going on)... it wasn't until i joined the stitch n bitch that i really made friends out there...

speaking of which, i should really look into whether or not there's such a thing here. now that d (the other young engineer in my group) moved to chicago, there's really nobody at work i relate to enough to hang out with after work...

in other news, my car's battery light popped on last night and i'm not quite sure if it'll start this morning. fortunately, the closest aaa-approved mechanic is right around the corner, but if i have to rent a car because the battery is shot, it will be a huge pain in my ass. and of course, my manager is returning from yet another three week absence today. go figure.
RoseV, I can get more into this via PM if you want, but I, too, can relate to feeling out of sorts and isolated from moving. Give it time and it could get better. It could be a year before you really start to feel like it's home. It is a BIG DEAL to move and uproot your life. Like Q said, join an S&B group! They are a whole lotta fun. Take small steps to meeting new people and getting involved in groups. I think it will help a lot. PM me if you ever want to vent.

Well, drive-by posting to say I am online checking my bazillion e-mail accounts (it's really quite ridiculous) and dancing around to the English Beat. I think I fell in love with their music again over the weekend. I watched way too many clips of their music (and the Beat, General Public, Fine Young Cannibals, so on and so forth -- I think I need a flow chart to keep track of who formed which band and how they all connect) on You Tube this weekend. Getting ready for my first day of work (insert squee! here) and I am the most relaxed I've been in months. I'm so happy I'm going to be back in the fray with the old gang at the office. It really puts my mind at rest that so many of them are still there from when I last worked there. Less names to remember and more things to joke around with! haha

My company has a knitting group. I am so not kidding.

I have to shimmy/skank now to "Mirror in the Bathroom." (ETA: I used to be able to play the saxophone part, aww yeah.) Mwah!
The last 24 hours have been dramatic around here:

Yesterday afternoon - TallKid went pee in the potty for the first time ever. Much praise and hugs and kisses ensued.

This morning - TallKid said his first dirty word. Much panic and "Oh shit, how do I undo this one?" ensued.

Me: *sees the milk he's spilled in his chair* Oh, dammit.
TallKid: Dammit.
Me: Don't say that.
TallKid: Dammit. DAMMIT!
Me: *internal groan*

I told him not to say that, to say "Uh oh" instead, and he repeated "Uh oh" a couple of times after that, but still... the can of worms has been opened, and Radar's just glad it was me and not him that did it.

You may all laugh at me now. Really, it's ok.

Not laughing at you, TG. Laughing, yes, but not at you. smile.gif It's just cute what they'll pick up on sometimes. Then I think they get amused by the reaction they get when they curse.

And, you're not even half as bad as this couple I used to live next door to back in Columbus. So young, and so not interested in their child - well, dad wasn't, mom was okay. The child was 3, and could barely speak, but knew 1) how to pose like a pro wrestler, and 2) lots of obscenities. I was pretty young at the time, too, and I remember that the first time I really had this fully formed thought about wasted potential... here was a child who just didn't stand a chance.

RV, chiming in to agree with everyone else. Give it time. When we moved here, I dragged MrP away from his hometown and didn't realize how hard it would be on him. He struggled like you are, but he's finally settling into life here/away from home. It really will be okay.
Thank you all so so much for the kind words and support. It is such a comfort to know that I can come here & vent whenever I flip out! I think the main reason why this move has been so difficult is that I'm just not used to moving. Of my 31 years on this planet, 28 of those years were spent in & around my home town. The few times I've found myself in a new environment, it was always because it was my choice & because there were definite things for me to do at that new place. Plus, I always knew it was temporary. None of those things are true this time, so I feel rather clueless about what to do with myself. But you'll be happy to hear that I found out that a knitting & crochet group meets at the local library twice a month. And I sent an e-mail to the theatre company & told them I'm available to help & they've already written back. So there's hope. I just get soooo down occasionally, so please be patient with me!

((((((((Raisin)))))))) My heart is swelling with pride for you and your new job! Hooray!

Mornington, it's so good to have you back! You've been missed.

TG, that story is hilarious! I'm sure every parent has a secret story about their baby's first curse word. smile.gif

~*~*~*~ vibes for Q's car ~*~*~*~I hope it can be fixed quickly & cheaply!

Last night we discovered that something is wrong with Sheff's car. We fear it's the computer. We've only had the car for 18 months. Eep! So it was towed away late last night. Bleh.

(((((( continued love for the Pixies ))))))

(((((((((((( all of you ))))))))))))
rosev, love, you are not to fret. It does take a while to settle in to a new place (and by a while I mean months and months sometimes - or at least it seems like it for me) and you are definitely taking steps in the right direction.

woo! rasin! seriously, a knitting group?! that's cooler than my university (my uni is shite for that kind of thing, but still)

tg, my first swear was "shit". I kid you not. My mum swore when she dropped something, not realising I was behind her - and it took me weeks to come out with it. I feel that first curse words are important tongue.gif .

***car vibes for Q and Sheff***

I'm doing a craft fair in november! Woo! I'm a bona-fide crafty person... now all I need to do is learn to knit and i will be unstoppable. *insert evil laugh here*

(((bunny))) *pulls stern face* wink.gif
QUOTE(mornington @ Aug 7 2006, 11:13 AM) *

tg, my first swear was "shit". I kid you not.

Oh yeah, so was mine! My mother tells a story that when I was wee BabyP, we were walking around the neighborhood, naming things, and I said, "there's a house... there's a car... there's dog shit..."
crap. now you're all on myspace? i can't even keep up with the LJ peeps. *weep*

i'm a little sad that tallkid is no longer tallbean, tho i'm overjoyed at the potty success. and hey, i'm just happy danny's first words weren't "fucking bastard".

*singing oh happy day for raisin*
*healthy auto vibage for q & the sheffs*

(((mornington))) you're not allowed to leave us anymore. this i deemeth.

i know she no longer kvetches, but can we send some collective copage vibage to (((car)))? today's her first day back to work from maternity leave. my heart is aching for her right now.

doc gyno called. seems like i did just what i should've done (amoxicilin & acidophillus). she was a tad curt with me, and hollered at me for not calling the service. she also hollered at me for being late making my annual appt. color me sheepish.

i think i'm peeing normally now. just in time for the red tent. oy.

thanks again for all your advice and hand-holding and vibage. i feel silly. but i'm a big fat baby when it comes to "down there" issues.

this is for tesao: tonite i plan on breaking my Caipirihna -and possibly my tapas - cherries at the local latino fusion hot spot with galpal-from-grade-school. color me gleeful!
(((Roseviolet))) I'm glad we got to talk last night. I think I needed that as much as you did! O heard something truely newsworthy this morning....They are conisdering a commuter train from Broken Arrow to downtown Tulsa! OMG...Can you imagine a Subway out here?!!!

I'm kind of down today. I am so used to being able to go to lunch with Mr. Pixie and call him whenever I like during the day, his new job as a school teacher is already wearing on me and it's only the second day! It doesn't help that the first day started with a seminar on how to determine gang affiliations by what your students wear!

((mornington)) I'm glad you are back, hon!

Yuefie, where are you hiding lady? Is your gallbladder feeling any better?

~**~*back to work vibes for Car~*~**~*~
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