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Yay for Dina! I really missed you at Mandi's party!
I remember you, Dina. I missed you. I'm only halfway here myself, but I hope to see you around more! At the very least, you need to get your sweet ass into the kitchen thread.
RABBIT RABBIT! Happy August! May it be... uh... an august month for all of you. Get it?

DinaofDoooooom, you know, it figures you finally come back to the Lounge (stay, stay!) after you've left Mass. (yeah, why did you leave, if you mind me asking?), and that I came back to the Lounge after I returned to Mass. -- are you sure we are not the virtual reality of two ships crossing in the night at Charlestown?!

I wasted soooooo much time yesterday. Today will not be a repeat performance. You want to know why? I started working at 7am, it's now 9something, and believe it or not I've already gotten more done this morning than I did ALL FRELLING AFTERNOON yesterday. Sheesh.

One more hour in the fridge and I think my coffee will be cold enough to drink.

Tyger, I saw Douglas Coupland do a reading once. It was to promote "All Families are Psychotic." I love that title. He was interesting, even going so far as to ask the audience where he could find an Internet cafe because he absolutely had to check his email soon after the speaking engagement was over. Ha! So you'd recommend his new book, eh (Canadian "eh")? I saw it at the library just the other day, in fact, but didn't pick it up.

Dina, I'll hold off accepting hair brushing (but I'll give, yes, I like to give), but I've got gallons of de-frizzing hair serum for the other curly-headed moptop Busties.

My kvetch: Had my plans originally went on as, well, planned, not only would I be getting ready to hang out with the NY Busties this weekend, but I'd also be getting ready to go to the Bust launch party for the fall issue! Nice timing on that one. Grrr.

Okay, sheesh, long enough? Getting back to work. I am going to go through such Lounge withdrawal once the new job starts.

Have awesome days, yinz people. WAKE UP! At the rate I'm going it's like mid-morning already.
QUOTE(raisingirl @ Aug 1 2006, 09:24 AM) *

Dina, I'll hold off accepting hair brushing (but I'll give, yes, I like to give), but I've got gallons of de-frizzing hair serum for the other curly-headed moptop Busties.

Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing. Come near me with a brush and I end up looking like Roseanne Roseannadanna. MrP used to ask and ask if he could brush my hair, until the day I gave in and showed him what happened. "NOW do you see why I don't brush my hair?" He doesn't ask anymore.

Raisin and I can be on hair scrunching duty.
So well said, yuefie. I came in here last night because my mom called to say my almost-grandma is in the hospital and not looking good, and I just didn't post cuz I couldn't deal. I'm glad someone could articulate what I was feeling.

Anyhoo, my almost-grandma fell twice in two days, broke a bone in her calf, has some congestive heart failure, a little pneumonia, and "sky-high" blood pressures. She is 98 and such a cool, cool lady.

She lived independantly until she was over 90, never married or had kids, always has such a positive attitude, and once she bought herself diamond earrings just because she wanted them. It's these times that are hard not to live close to home. (Which reminds me, rosev, your dad and mom are still doing better, yes?)

And I'm a little sick- sinuses.

And Wally is getting neutered today and I'm nervous.


Hey, so raisin or dina (I remember seeing you 'round) or anyone else who knows you know the Cape Cod area? We are going for a wedding in Sept. and I think we're just gonna stay in Provincetown unless there is somewhere better...I'm a little afraid of gross-rich-people-ness and figure Ptown will be quirky and fun. Any advice? I tell ya, I'm somewhat terrified there will be a hurricane down here while we're gone, but I think it will do me a world of good to get out of here for a week.

~~~job vibes for polly~~~

~~~soothing vibes~~~ and lurv for everyone!
(((yuefie))) just cuz.

*all job-related parts crossed for polly*

(((dina))) "i am going to make an effort to be more busty." *squeal of delight* ... please please please do! my hopes are already skyhigh.

*big ol' welcome-back hug for tyger, hoping she pops in here regular-like too*

now if we can just get HEVEN back in here. (who by the way is like the biggest douglas copeland freak in the universe.)

and where the hell is crassy these days?

eta: (((amilita & almost-grandma))) (((lil' wally)

re: hair frizz ... true conversation last night at casa mando:

mandi: we are so gonna lose power tomorrow. maybe we should look into getting a generator?
mr mando: why, so you can blowdry your hair?
mandi: um, DUH!

kvetch: a family friend of the outlaws (who was more of an adopted "cousin") died suddenly. he was only 57 or so. so sad. but in complete selfish-bitchface fashion, i'm praying the wake is thurs night and not friday. all that friday jersey shore traffic scared the bejesus outta me last weekend. i swear to god the entire turnpike was a parking lot. i am still stunned that people would sit thru that much traffic, for ANY reason ... much less to get to a fucking beach.

the man died, it's really sad, and i'm being a whiny self-absorbed brat. i'm evil, i'm going to hell, this i know.
Yeah, and Sapphire? Are you lurking? Because I miss you.

I went out to the 'burbs last night to buy a refrigerator. We went to this electronics store that played opera arias and had a fountain and an atrium in the middle of it. Then at a nearby restaurant that was faux-old had a $15 steak with garlic mashed potatoes and blue cheese. The whole experience blew my mind. I'm such a city girl anymore.

It is HOT again. Apparently it's going to be up to 100. Sweet fancy Moses. I wish I could lay in a tub of ice cubes all day. I guess that would get unpleasant after awhile, but I took Sophie for a fraction of her normal walk, and we were both miserable by the time we got home.

((((((((Amilita's Almost-Grandma))))))))
((((((((Mandi's family)))))))) You're not being so selfish, dear. You just don't want an already stressful situation to be made worse.
~~~~~~~ cool breezes for all ~~~~~~~

Thanks so much for asking about my parents, Amilita. They're both slooooooooowly recovering. Sounds like they're eating a bunch of Jello and chicken & noodle soup. They're both taking it slowly, but hopefully they'll be back on more solid food in a few days.

Speaking of the parents, I unleashed a ton of pent-up stress on Mom today. I wasn't yelling at her or anyhing. Just that on-the-brink-of-tears sort of venting session. She was on her way to a meeting, so she'll be calling me back later.

I'm just getting so stressed out & I don't feel I have a proper excuse for it. Moving has been so difficult. I really feel that we looked at the option of having money and then looked at the option of having family and friends .... and chose to take the money. And that feels so deeply wrong. Sheff and I have talked a bit about starting a family, but now I don't want to because I don't want to go through pregnancy alone. I want my mother to be with me. I want my old friends around me. Is that so terrible?
(((amilita))) & (((amilita's almost-grandma))) & (((wally)))

(((mando))) doesn't sound selfish to me, just practical.

(((tyger))) I like coupland, but I do get the feeling he's a wee bit up himself. I did love all families are psychotic though. The older stuff is less ego-y. (and as for the ticklefighter, just... go with the flow, and don't be afraid of what you don't know. I too have moments of emotional autism) And much woo for the dresden dolls.

(((yuefie))) acos of your general fabness.

(((polly))) ***get that job***

(((rosev))) not, it's not, and you do have a proper excuse. *mwah* I am no help.

(((dina))) I can't remember if we've interacted, but welcome back. boo on fucktards?

****cool breezes all round***

(((sidecar, rasin, pixie, bunny - who's been keeping me distracted all day - tes, syb, anoushh, msp, crassy, everyone else & thier families too)))

kvetch: having to take daphne over to the boarding place. I know she's in good hands, but I still don't like it.
antikvetch: lionhead bunnies and baby hares. I am glad H was not there, he wants a hare.
kvetch: I have come to the conclusion that I hardly ever have anything to say to my father any more. It's depressing.

I think I might go to the doctor about this whole memory-loss thing... I forgot my eye test on sunday (despite writing it down) and I nearly forgot dad was coming to pick daphne up. I couldn't remember my flickr password (and when all your passwords are variations of the same damn word...) and I forgot my uni email password too. It's starting to piss me off beyond belief. sad.gif

I'm off to Belgium tomorrow with mum, BW and P - it's mum's birthday and we're going to see P because he can't come here. I'm looking forward to it. If I don't pop in tomorrow - or you're not here - I will say byeeeee now. *mwah* *mwah* belgian-stylee.
((amilita, almost-grandma & wally))

Sidecar, lemme guess- you went to Abt, then to Johnny's last night?

Back from my interview. I think it went well...actually, I kinda know it went pretty well. That's the beauty of going through a staffing agency- the agency gets feedback from the interviewer about what they thought of you. Then, the agency tells you what they said, so you know if there's anything you need to improve upon. Unfortunately, they've just started interviewing and aren't going to make a decision for another 3 weeks. That's a long time to wait. I'm sure I'll have some more interviews before then, though. I think I need a new interview suit. Mine's black and I just felt too dark and winter-y. Hard when it's like 110 here with the heat index and all.

Ah, off to write my post-interview thank you note on my swanky Cranes stationary. Hoo-ha!
*tip-toes in* hey y'all, sorry about last night sad.gif

(((amilta, her grandma and wally))) I am so sorry you couldn't deal with posting last night sad.gif.

*~*~*~*get that job polly*~*~*~*


(((yuefie))) cos I love you and loved my myspace comment - still don't know how to comment back?!

(((mornington))), I was distracting YOU?! How'd the shopping go? I bought boy shape jeans and a gorge big mustard bag from Topshop and NOT the dress I wanted to wear Saturday night. I will speak to you tomorrow too, I'm sure to be online wink.gif

kvetch: I broke my toe. My pinky toe. Stubbed it on a big hardback catalogue (Next directory which is usually so good to me).

anti-kvetch: I have tomorrow night off work; I have cheese and I have Ben & Jerry's.

(((bunny))) imho you don't have anything to apologize for.

antikvetch: me & the kid & popcorn-fer-dinner & buffy on tuesday nights. just like olden days.
antikvetch: electricity's still working. thank christ.
(((prettyinpink))) I hope yesterday didn't scare ya off.

((((amilita))) ~~vibes for ((((amilita's grandma)))~~~ and some for lil (((wally))) too.

(((bunny's toe))) owwwwwcch! I've done that before, and did it again recently too. I kicked the closet door full stride the day before yesterday and now my toe is super sore and purple. I know there is not a thing you can do for a broken toe, but it sure hurts! Thankfully I can get away with wearing thong sandals, I don't need any added pressure there. Mmm, good cheese and Ben & Jerry's. I'd be in a world of hurt, even with a mega dose of lactaid, heh. ~~~toe soothing vibes for you~~~

~~~more get that job vibes for polly~~~

rasin & msp, I am with you on the hair brushing = huge poof thing. I don't even own a brush proper, besides the round brush I use for straightening my bangs out. I have a wide toothed comb, and mostly use my fingers. Either of you ever check out Naturally Curly? They have a message board as well, and a wealth of product knowledge and whatnot. Great resource for us curly girlies.

(((mandi))) cause I meeced her so, that's why smile.gif

(((dina))) I may not know you but I know of you. Come back more often!

(((mornington))) have a super fun and safe trip to beligium. I left Daph a myspace message, scolding her about the argument, tee hee. biggrin.gif I know, I am a serious dork.

(((rose))) I don't think it's terrible at all, in fact it seems perfectly natural to me.

(((crassy))) whereever you are, I hope you and the mr. are doin' okay.

(((tes, syb, anoushh, tyger, sapphy, plummie, tg, billy, sck1, lys, mavin, sidecar, pixie, fina, faith, miri, vesica,dusty, dm, & anyone else I'm forgetting, sowwy!))))

~~~~more super soothing vibes throughout the lounge~~~~ and hair brushings for the non curlies while the curlies get a nice head massage. Anyone else a sucker for those? I love to let my niece play with my hair. Massage my head or my hands and I am seriously putty, completely done for.
G'nite and *hugs* to you all. *mwah*

yep, that's where i was polly. there's pretty much nothing else like that combo, i think.

it is ungodly holy hot here. and i even have air conditioning. i don't have energy to do anything.
Amilita, your almost-grandma sounds like she has an awesome life and attitude (((almost-grandma & amilita)))

RV and Mando, although you describe totally different situations, neither of you are being selfish IMO. I usually find I am better able to be there for others once my own needs have been met. (In my case this involves huge amounts of me-time watching crap on TV.) In a related vein, it's probably bad that I am relieved that the mister and his young'un are away for a few days... this place is too small for three of us!

This does mean he is away for my birthday which is today. It's okay though, as we are off for a short vacay next week and we can celebrate then. Meanwhile, I am meeting up with a girlriend tonight for wine-fuelled catching up and chilled celebrations.

Sidecar, I hear you. It's nowhere near as hot here as it is in parts of the US, but my city is incredibly ill-equipped for any sort of heat. I spent last week in our baking hot office and got nothing done.

happy happy birthday (((sybarite)))! i hope you have a loverly day!

*safe n'fun trip vibage for mornington*

amilita, how's our wallyboy doing?

(((rose))) even after living away from home for years, once i had danny, even being one hour away from my mother was too far. i completely understand where you're coming from. but having the means to visit fam frequently can be a satisfying compromise.

kvetch1: still haven't heard about the jersey funeral arrangements.
kvetch2: m-i-l's best galpal died. very sad, but she was very sick, so it's for the best. i guess.
kvetch3: simultaneous or back-to-back funerals. yay.
kvetch4: f-i-l's having an ambulatory kidney stone procedure today.
kvetch5: i'm worried about my m-i-l. she must be a total wreck.
kvetch6: way too much death.
kvetch7: my mom's becoming a total hatah. i can't even stand talking to her these days.
antikvetch1: the power's still flowing. i'm in a/c 24/7. it could be worse.
antikvetch2: i'm looking the total sexpot today. working the cleavage, working the tan. rowr.

*iced chai latte keeces for all*
I talked to my mother last night. My family is a big ol' hot mess of tragic drama this summer, I swear. Luckily, I play no role in any of it.

Vegas Cousin #1, the one who's living in Nana's basement and can't seem to graduate college, quit his job and wants to break the lease on the pimpmobile he had to have. He's also gotten engaged and plans to join the Coast Guard. I mention these things second because no one believes a marriage or military service is in the future. I'll eat my shoe.

Vegas Cousin #2 broke up with her boyfriend, the first one of us liked. She's got the worst most out-of-control temper - odd for such a huge stoner, I've always thought - and this guy seemed to calm her. I was really sad to hear about it.

Step-sibling #1, the one who shares the exact same birthday as VC#1, shares his bad luck and penchant for bad choices. He got picked up for driving without a license and expired tags the other day. Oh, and did I mention that he's still got restricted driving privileges after his second DUI? He hadn't been drinking this time, mind you, but it's a setback nonetheless.

Step-sibling #2, who just breaks my heart. She lives at the intersection of Bad Luck Lane and Bad Choices Boulevard. She's got two young children, a husband who ran off and came back once already, and not two nickels to rub together. She got pregnant a third time, and... as my mother said, "babies should always be good news." We tried so hard to be happy for her. Sigh. They can barely afford the babies they have, and he's been quite clear that he doesn't want any more children. (Shit, he hardly wants the ones he has. He's a crap father.) My mother did that, "You know, sweetie... you have options...." but SS#2 wouldn't hear of it. Truth be told, no one thought continuing this pregnancy was well-advised. Well. Two days ago she lost the baby. UUuuuuggghhh. Painful. So now the whole family's got this terrible guilt... you feel so bad for her... but....

It does feel pretty good to be the one my mother calls when she wants to talk to "a sane child." I make sure to mention that to my sister, the young MissP, every chance I get. wink.gif
Happy Birthday, Sybarite!!!

Yikes, msp! That is a hot mess. It's hard to watch people struggle and all that.


((bunny's toe))

Have a great trip, mornington!

Yay, polly, for the good interview! I hate that you have to wait so long, though. Bleh.

((Rosev)) Moving is so hard, and I really think it takes at least a year to start feeling like the new place is HOME. But it's totally reasonable to want all the things you said. Absolutely.

Wally is doing great! He fell into my bath last night, so one incision opened up just *slightly* but it seems OK. He was really alert and everything when I got him home.

Thanks for the thoughts about my almost Grandma...she really is an exceptional person. I don't want her to suffer or to be unhappy about being stuck in a nursing home. No new news on her.

Last night, we went to a fancy dinner for a friend's birthday and had:

cold corn broth soup with crabmeat and avocado
taste of mushroom and parm. gnocchi
hangar steak with frites (I'm a sucker for a mess o' beef, even though it's usually the most boring menu item...but this one did have a pureed herb sauce)
peach tarte with port creme anglaise

Yumma yum yum.

I gotta get some crap done today! Yesterday was one of those days where you try to do stuff and can't...traffic too bad to get to Target, guy at car place not there to pick up fax, etc. Today I'm determined to try again.

Lurv to all!
Many happy returns of the day, Sybarite!!!

(((((((( Huge hugs for Mandi's family ))))))))
(((((((( Huge hugs for MsP's family ))))))))
(((((((( Amilita's almost grandma ))))))))
(((((((( Wally )))))))
(((((((( Anyone I forgot! ))))))))
~~~~~ healing vibes for tootsies everywhere ~~~~~~

Lordy, there's so much going on with everyone! I can't keep track! But you know I care about each and every one of you and wish you well, right? Because it's so true wub.gif

Kvetch: I saw some pictures of me from our vacation in June. Pictures of my pasty, bloated body on the beach. Pictures of my swollen self hugging my tiny ballerina friend. Needless to say, I'm feeling very unattractive now. Photographs suck!

Anti-kvetch: My mom. She drives me insane sometimes. And yet at other times, she can pluck me out of despair & help me to find my feet.
Thanks all for the birfday wishes! I have had deliveries of chocolates, champagne and gorgeous flowers, some of it from my far-flung but internet savvy family. So lovely to answer the door to it all!

And I did a small amount of work, enough to go out tonight without guilt.

I seem to remember a disproportionate amount of kvetchers having August birthdays... or is my advanced age causing me to hallucinate?

Eeek, RV, we have a raft of photos from Mexico and I look white and rounded in all of them. That'll teach me to try and eat enchiladas and wear a bikini in the same month.

Msp, being the sane child is not to be sniffed at!
Happy Birthday, Sybarite!

(((Almostgrandma and Wally)))

(((The P family)))

(((Mandi, friends and fam)))

I don't brush my hair ever, I comb it in the shower with detangling conditioner in.

Hmmm, I bought a VS bikini online and only noticed later the distance between the model's navel and the bottom. When it arrived, I looked at the package and thought, "Did I order a scrap of fabric from somewhere in Ohio?" Well, it doesn't clear my hairline, but Mr. Dusty likes it. There will *be* no vacation photos. He also told me that I was the most fashionable woman in the meeting this morning. Dude, you are so sweet, but I'm wearing Birkenstocks.

I was in a meeting last night where someone was presenting a paper to *six* people and one of the six people took a phone call on his cell. WTF?
happy birthday sybarite!

(((much luv and hugs to amilita, mandi, rose, sidecar, mornington, yuefie))) and did i just see pink!?! and msp is back?! hey there!!

yeah, i haven't been in Kvetch for a while. i'm in a funk & super busy too. i'm sad it didn't work out with the s-i-l, i really wanted her to get her life in order, i really wanted to help her and i'm sad that i couldn't. but she really wasn't ready so there was nothing we could do. she's supposedly making out better my being a caretaker for an elderly woman --she can live there too, so she's not out on the street either *pwew!* the craptastic thing is that she cussed us out and said he didn't care about her and that we were using her, etc (how we could do that when she wasn't paying anything to live there (well $20 a month shouldn't count especially since we were putting it aside for her and gave it to her on her departure --she threw it at us then grabbed it quick on her way out). she also got free food, board, etc, so i don't know how she could feel used, but whatever i guess). still, i'm bummed i couldn't help her.

then my house and street and yard flooded after all that rain the east coast got. i took pictures i'll have to post them at some point. some stuff was ruined but it wasn't too terrible.

the mr. is on the mend but i still have to take him to work and back every single day so my commute is 3 hours a day now. i can't wait until he can drive again in 2 weeks.

i'm going to ohio for my brother's wedding next week (are any columbusties gonna be around?) and visiting the state fair when i'm there (i'm pumped cause i used to sing in the state fair youth choir and spent a whole summer at the fair --i loved it! my mom is in wedding fever and calls me like every frikkin' day to complain about something my brother has planned. what the hell am i supposed to do about it. but i listen like a good daughter and then block out what she said so i can enjoy myself. the mr. just got asked to be in the wedding last minute since someone dropped out so now we have to run like chickens with our heads cut off to get his tux. my dress is cute though (it's the purple one).

this weekend is a ladies only weekend in wildwood. we've got the coolest/cheesiest motel ever! we'll be drinking fruity drinks and hanging out by the pool all day and we're taking the mr's jeep so we can "cruise" the "strip" with the top down.

things at work are hectic and horrible --my boss is pulling some shady shit and people are quitting left and right, i hope i have a job when i get back from ohio!

that's where i am right now, sorry this is so self-absorbed! i promise when all this is over i'll be back kvetching as usual!
Yay, a crassy sighting! I was getting ready to send a PM to ya girlie, just wanted to see how you and the Mr. are doing. We've missed you!

Happy birthday syb!

(((wally))) glad he is doing okay, poor 'lil fella wink.gif

((((everyone)))) ~~~~continued general and soothing vibes for all~~~~

(((Crassy))) welcome back!!! I just wrote you a postie to ask how the mr was and to say we's been missing you in here- oh well, may send it anyway cos cute card! Have you posted the dress before! I recognise it, it's beautiful.

(((amilita))), glad wally is better and ~*~*~*continued vibes for your grandma~*~*~* have I missed what you decided for Katrina anniversary?

(((mornington))), hunny, I am missing my fellow procrastinator already! left you a myspace comment (cos I figured that out - d'oh! how much of a technophome am I?) *~*~*~safe journey and fab weekend vibes~*~*~*~

sapphy, happy happy birthday!!! I said the same in book thread but got around to kvetching.

(((rose))) thanks for the tummy vibes over in ATWT, I'm still a little tender and think it was the chinese fajitas!

(((mando-luv))) thanks for that, sweetness. I really can't decide between you and (((yuefie))) who I love more, but then I don't have to choose!

so, the toe I think is only badly staved and not broken. I can't tell the difference I do them both so often, I am such a klutz.

(((designermedusa, dusty, pixiedust, fina, tesao, pinchejoto, raisingirl, msp, tyger, dinaofdoom, quantumspice, pollystyrene, sidecar, txplumwine, girltheory, damona, faith, car, sapphy)))
(((Crassy))) Inquiring minds want to know what shoes you'll be wearing to the wedding...
QUOTE(crassy_mcnasty @ Aug 2 2006, 03:46 PM) *

i'm going to ohio for my brother's wedding next week (are any columbusties gonna be around?)

ack! life is so unfair... I will be in Indiana all weekend at another wedding. I'll pass along your nearness to Jules & Risala to see if they might be around.
(((crassy)))) good lord. i wouldn't have the energy to post either. i hope your job sitch settles.

good one on the shoes dusty.

i hope wally's transition to an it has gone all right. it's for the best. i'm sure he's fine.

my neighbor put down her 15-year-old, very sweet labrador today. we're all very sad because he was one of those dogs that it's an honor to know.

happy birthday syb! hope it was good.

((((msp)))) oh do i sympathize; my mother's family is a hot mess and a half. my one uncle married an obese mormon women with HIV after one date, and they recently moved into a trailer that used to be a crackhouse and has no plumbing. that's the least horrible/sordid aspect of his life. he alone is a week's worth of springer episodes.

it is hotter than the dickens. hopefully it'll let up soon but i have my doubts.
*warning: wine-fuelled post*

Bunnyb, cheers! Altho I think by sapphy you mean me (unless by freakish coincidence it is also sapphy's b-day!) Thanks for your greetings in the readers thread!

Amilita, I too am glad wally the cutest kitten ever (prepares for evidence of the contrary from others) is okay.

Yay for crassy posting but sorry you are so stressed honey! *soothing G & T to you stat!*

I had the. best. time tonight. I don't see my girlfriends very often, but tonight we had a great talk and I am reminded anew how great it is to have friends who are like 'I am a feminist, and this is how it breaks down in real life.' Good talk and good fun. Yay!!

I got all kinds of fab b-day messages today and a random message from a potential new friend! I think this year I got friends for my b-day presents!

Dudes, you don't even know how many corrections I had to make to this post...

Happy Birthday, Syb! I hope the happy birthday extends to the morning after... haha...

Yuefie, oh yes, I do know about Naturally Curly (I even have one of their old t-shirts), but I did not know they have a message board. Do you post over there? (I can barely keep up with Bust, so I don't think I'll be going over there anytime soon, unfortunately.)

There's also a t-shirt I've seen that says "To Hell with Straight Hair." I'm thinking of getting one when my cash flow is actually flowing again.
SYBARITE, apologies, mind a bit kerflooey! anyway, since I gave you double birthday wishes (and considered resurrecting the birthday thread too but forgot sad.gif) I think that was a minor oversight wink.gif hey, in your drunken state you managed to pick up on it! I think the prozac affects my concentration to detail...

However, very good (corrected or not) drunken post: you should have gone ahead and stared inebriated schmebriated!

Happy Thursday. I miss mornington sad.gif and Tes disappeared again and Mandolyn is PMSy (btw, your night with Danny sounded blissful!)

My parents went to Ireland this morning to join the grandparents and bunbun, so I'm cat and bunny sitting (myself and the one in the garden). Oh that reminds me: Peter (as in rabbit) a cute name for bunny #2, morn, but fluffymcbunbun cool too (a powder puff with ears laugh.gif ).

eta: um, I'm apparently a little smiley happy today!
Happy belated birthday Sybarite!

I'll post more later when I'm not runnimg late for work!

I have been away on vacation, and am back. Work is overwhelming but vacation was good, at my parents' cottage in Canada, we had a big party with all the neighbors for my mother's 60th and my brother's fiance was not entirely appalled at the raunchy, loud family gathering. My cousin is pregnant again and her three year old is a delight and a half (I know, so easy when you're just there for the fun times!), she kept poking out her belly and telling me that the baby was living there too.

Happy belated sybarite! Congrats on surviving and thriving through a family vacation Mando! Dinathedivine, it is so good to see you round these parts.

((((mornington and bunny and amalita and pixie and roseviolet and txplum and tallgirl and raisingirl and dusty and crassy and polly and sidecar and yuefie and vesica and and know who you are))))

~*~*~* happy and healthy family vibes~*~*~* to everyone.

~*~*~*~*sunshine and low-stress vibes~*~*~*~ to everyone.

kvetch: still adjusting the meds.
kvetch: at 7:45 am I thought I was going to pass out from the heat

antikvetch: I thought I lost my passport but I found it. Since I have no driver's license it's my only form of ID!

I guess this isn't such a flyby, but it's so nice to see all of you.
Oo, where in Canada is the cottage, Faith?
Glad your vacation was fun Faith! And nice to see you.

Thanks again all. Today my head hurts a bit, but it's sunny outside and the house smells like lillies. I am not getting anything done, I feel in holiday mode.

(((hot mess families and the people who love them)))
yeah, bunny i think i posted it before. i like it a lot, which is amazing since i usually hate bridesmaid dresses.

(((amilita & wally))) check yer e-mail, i finally wrote back!

yay for an awesome b-day syb!

dusty, of course i'm wearing clear stripper shoes that light up!!! no seriously, i think the bride would have a heart attack if i wore them (and sadly i gave them away to a little girl at my other brother's wedding who liked them!) i'm actually wearing a tasteful strappy silver kitten heel with silver beads attached, although the gown is long so you can't really see them.

vesica, oh boo! that stinks you're going to be away! i've love to see jules or risala though, please do let them know i'll be around starting on Aug. 10th.

(((sidecar's neighbor))) losing a sweet pup sucks!

(((faith))) just cos!

work is weird today. everyone is kinda acting strange. i have to get some tickets we're selling for a charity shopping day at macy's though so i think i'll take a long lunch break in the air-conditioned mall for a little retail therapy. i need a tube top for sunning this weekend since i'll be wearing a strapless gown, hopefully i can get one cheap.
warning: self absorbed post ahead

I am having seriously gut wrenching pain. This is most certainly a full blown gall bladder attack sad.gif Oh, how I long for my medical coverage to kick in so I can have this evil thing removed once and for all! The pain is so bad I've taken a vicodin and it barely numbed the pain at all. If it gets any more intense I am going to have to head over to the ER to get a shot for the pain. Seriously, this is freaking awful. I have goosebumps up and down my arms! And what set it off? A bowl of steel cut oatmeal with soymilk and fresh berries. WTF?? I swear that the whole unfiltered apple juice thing really does do something to help keep it at bay. I was faithfully drinking it until a few days ago when I ran out and then blew off going to buy some more. Sweet PJ is running to the market to get some for me, but really it's too little too late as far as that's concerned. So I am not working today, I am in bed on my laptop. Wish it were more enjoyable then this, I feel soooo sick IPB Image

((((everyone))) ~~~mutlti-purpose vibes all around~~~

Ahhhh, the meds finally kicked in and now I am feeling quite *fuzzy*. And I lurve you all, hee tongue.gif
(((yuefie))) you poor baby. i wish i could offer something other than a virtual footrub.

(((faith))) welcome back! always nice to see you in here.
(((dusty))) just cuz.

(((sidecar))) "one of those dogs that it's an honor to know" made me teary. poor pupper.

(((msp))) .... just ... whoa. your poor mama must be a stressball. how do you disconnect? i so wish i could quit internalizing my family's issues. (massive understatement)

(((crassy))) welcome back. meeced ya. sorry about the sil & the flood. but that hotel is the cutest thing ever ... color me jealous as hell!

(((sybarite))) glad you had a nice birthday. i wish i could spend my birthday with a galpal or two. instead of my fam. (eeek. did i just sat that?)

bunny, how the heck did you know i'm PMSing ... does it show that much, lol?

i'm missing the heck out of sapphy. and mornington. sniff.

rose, glad to hear the rents are on the mend. i wuz worried.

antikvetch: the jersey wake is this evening. better than friday, but still. kvetch: not looking foward to being stuck in rushhour bridge traffic during thunderstorms.
kvetch: we can't make mil's galpal's services, which are also today. i feel guilty.
kvetch: office drama. and subsequent impending doom. ugh.
antikvetch: still haven't lost electricity/ac. thank you, ISO grid!!!

funny aside: just so y'all know, i keep prefacing my posts with \blue{ ... hee.
((((((Yuefie))))))) So glad to hear that the meds are helping! Get some rest, dear heart.

Hi, Faith!

Bunny is bunnysitting! Squee!

Hooray for Syb's fabulous birthday!

I use a hell of a lot of exclamation points. Why is that?

Mando? Are you out there somewhere?
ETA: There you are!

I hope Tes is doing okay. I know this week has been incredibly busy & stressful for her.

(((((((dearly departed puppy dogs))))))))

~~~~~~~~ cooooooool breezes for everyone ~~~~~~~~
With every passing day, we get closer to cooler weather. Just hold on to that thought.

Kvetch: Headache
Kvetch: Forgetfulness
Kvetch: My brother M's forgetfulness. But he's fixing the problem, so it'll all be okay.
Kvetch: I really need to go shopping, but I don't want to face the heat! Wah! I guess there's a part of me that keeps forgetting that I have a car with A/C now.

So, almost-grandma is terminal and my mom says she doesn't look good. Who knows. My whole family went to see her last night and I wish I could be there, too.

The Mr. says he'll go with me if I want, but I don't know if I really need to...I always see her when I visit home, although when we were evacuated, we didn't. And it's more complicated to leave town these days with it being hurricane season and all. But then I feel bad because we are doing it for that wedding and a vacation in a month.

I told my mom to tell her I love her when she visits her today.
Oh how I've missed you all.

(((sybarite))) I heart drunken posts. I especially heart drunken posts that address the feminist posters as "Dudes". It makes me giggle.

((Crassy!)) You did spot a Me! Sorry life is stressy dahlink. enjoy your girls night.

((yufie)) sorry you're in pain... or not, as the case may be now... if you're not in pain, yay for being high on

Amilita , I'm sorry to hear about almost grandma. Thats so sad.

Faith I was very confused as to why a three year old would have your baby in her, but then I read your post properly.

I am stressed. Planning the wedding is interesting.. Then work, then gym, then therapy, then money, then families, then everything else in the world all at once please.

I pulled my calf muscle at the gym, so I cant walk. The Mr. of Pink and I fought till one in the morning, when he gets up at 4:20. So we both are sick and have only had 3 hours sleep. We worked things out, but we're still exhausted.

Apparently, I have yet to greive for my mom, who died 9 years ago when I was 13... discovered this at therapy... cried like I havent allowed myself to in a long time, and discovered that I have lots of rules for myself that are apparently very silly and not at all reasonable, like crying only twice a year, for two hours at most.

On the up side, I have a very nice new tattoo and I have fabulous wedding stuff as posted in the wedding thread.

(((amilita & almost-grandma)))

(((pink))) augh. hope your leg feels better and it's better to cry and grieve now then not at all.

(((mandi))) hey, we have room for one more gal since one of our friends bailed, wanna go?

rose, there is no crime in using exclamation points!!! or i'd be in jail. my grade 6 english teacher said my writing sounds like i'm excited all the time. well, actually i am excited a lot, so there!

my head hurts cause my office air-conditioner sucks and puts mold in the air and the janitor won't fix it and it's too hot not to have it on, so i have allergies bad! and it's not even that cool in here, i've had perspiration on my head forehead all day!
Ahhh, the cute pet avatars are keeeling me!

(((crassy))) boo hiss on bad AC and allergies!

If using exclamation points were a crime, I think there would be a lot of us here behind bars or on the lam biggrin.gif

((((((amilita))))) I am sorry to hear about your almost grandma. my thoughts are with you love.

((((pink)))) cry it out sweetie, I promise it feels better than holding it in. have you visited the death of a loved one thread? it's not just for recent loss, and it's good for us all to have a place to vent. good luck on your wedding planning, I hope your leg feels better, and that you and the mr. kiss and make up quite nicely wink.gif

(((mandi))) as ticklish as my tootsies are, I would take that foot rub from ya. Hell, I'd even let ya brush my hair out till I had a nice red fro goin' on. *mwah*

(((syb))) I agree with pink, thought your drunken post was teh cuteness!

(((rose))) ~~go away headache vibes~~

I second the love for ((((hot mess families & their sane loved ones)))) coming from one of those mah'self.

Oh where, oh where has my (((bunnyb))) gone? Oh where, oh where can she be?

((((((tesao))))) ~~~lots of anti stress vibes your way darlin'~~~

(((((((msp, faith, fina, damona, girltheory, plummie, sapphy, designer, miri, lys, dusty, pixie, sonikk, northpole, sck1, billy, surly, vesica, dina, mavin, tg, antiotter, anoushh, raisin, mornington, sidecar, tyger, doodlebug))))))) who am I forgetting here? Ah, blame it on the meds and that fuzzy feeling that is lingering, heh.

So I am feeling tons better, just kinda tipsy as stated. I still cant belive that a bowl of oatmeal would bring upon such a fit of wrath from my whacky body. I mean geez, it was oats for crying out loud! No rhyme nor reason, I just can't wait for it to be outta me.

*hugs for all*

Exclamation points are fun! It makes us happy, shiny, excitable people. I like them too and smilies smile.gif I think the smilies cos I'm a ntaurally expressive person.

(((yuefie))) thank maud (the BUSTie goddess) for pain relief!!! and lovely brothers smile.gif. You poor thing.

(((mando))), hunny, I am the all-knowing bunny! (as opposed to the killer bunny in monty python and the holy grail...)

~*~*~*anti-hangover vibes for syb~*~*~*~ oh and maybe TMI but I almost peed my pants in CF when I read that wine is the urine of Satan (I take it it was white wine? what would red be?) Did you take any Irn Bru? wink.gif

(((raisingirl))) just cos and my missing (((mornington)))

welcome back faith!!!

pink, I love your colour! (*laments not finding pink before you returned, green makes me bit squeamish at times - yuefie, where did you find the sick smiley/frowny?) also, what's your tattoo of? I'm very tempted to have my fifth done.

crassy, I love the dress! Some bridesmaid dresses are appalling ... I was just saying to a friend tonight that there is no excuse for ugly dresses when there is such a good choice around, especially when you have money (in reference to recent "celebrity" wedddings in UK).

(((amilita))) I am so sorry sad.gif

eta: yuefie, here I am, here I am! wub.gif
my almost-grandma died this evening. it was peaceful, and she didn't have to go to a nursing home.
(((Amilita and loved ones)))

And Yufie, glad you are starting to feel better. That sounded horrible!

And I've been meaning to say, RoseV, you've only just moved so don't be too hard on yourself. It takes a while to get settled in a new place (says the person who never successfully adjusted to her move.... But it was the wrong place for me and even with that it did get a lot better in many ways over time and I started to feel more connected.)

Not feeling too well today, but looking forward to vegetarian buffet tonight at favorite chinese restaurant. Oh, and I took my first water aeorbics class yesterday, considering I"m getting too big and, well, pregnant, to do land based exercise. I am really proud of myself as it turned out to be in the deep water pool (12 feet!) and I can't swim. I think the fact that I ever stopped clinging to the side for even a few moments was very brave. The teacher was nice and encouraging, and she mentioned she'll be teaching again Friday's class, so I'll go back then. And I think I may take swimming lessons. Otherwise I think I'll always be wary of the scary pool.

I too was very touched by the "one of those dogs it was an honor to know" comment. (((sidecar and doggie family)))

Is it wrong how much I'm enjoying (well, that's the wrong word--maybe "appreciating" is a better one) the "hot mess that is my family" stories? I think they just help me feel more comfortable with the idea that relative sanity can still emerge from insanity.

I know there's more I wanted to be saying in reply to other posts, but I finally resolved to let myself off the hook a little and remember that it's ok to not be such a stickler for getting everything "right." So if I left anyone out, nothing personal.

((((Amilita, again))))

I went for another interview today- this one was with a small company that designs and installs water features (like ponds, waterfalls and they're just starting to do swimming pools.) I'd basically be their office manager. It's the owner, a project manager and the workers. They want to spend as little time in the office as possible, so I'd handle phones, all the accounting stuff, mail, etc. Upsides- I get to wear jeans to work, they've got a big plasma TV, so I can watch TV and movies while I work, they close down for a month from December 15th-January 15th and I'd still get paid. The downside of that is that any other vacation time you take during the year is not paid for. Also, they don't offer group medical insurance- you have to find your own and they reimburse you for a fair portion of it. We didn't really get into salary, so I'm not sure how it compares to the place I interviewed with on Tuesday.

Funny, though- 5 minutes before I left for the interview, the HR person from that big electronics store (the one you were at, Sidecar) that I applied for back in April, the ones who screwed up the whole job process for me, and wanted to pay me $5K less, called me...I told her it was not a good time and she was supposed to call me back around 6:00....two hours later and she hasn't.

((Sigh)) When it rains it pours! On the upside, my staffing agency lady said that the place I interviewed for on Tuesday are actually going to make a decision in a couple of days, not 3 weeks!

QUOTE(raisingirl @ Aug 2 2006, 09:47 PM) *
Yuefie, oh yes, I do know about Naturally Curly (I even have one of their old t-shirts), but I did not know they have a message board. Do you post over there?
Sorry raisin, somehow I missed this the first time around. I did register a long time ago and have posted a few times, but not so much these days. It's actually been about a year or so since my last post there. I do browse the threads from time to time, but yeah, keeping up with the bpal board and BUSTing is hard enough! Love the shirt, btw!

More lovin's for (((((((amilita)))))))

more ~~~~get that job vibes for polly~~~~

(((anoushh))) feel better sweets. ah, water aroebics are fantastic.

bunny, I actually hijacked the queasy frowny/smiley from yahoo. I had just sent an email to a friend and used it there, so I just copied and pasted it. *hangs head in shame* I am a cheater.

G'nite everyone!

Oh ((((amilita and family)))). I am glad it was peaceful.

Glad you're feeling better yuefie.

Hi Pink! At the time I made that post I wasn't actually acutely aware of the contradictions involved in addressing (female) feminists as dudes... so your post made me giggle too! And congrats!!

Bunny, 'twas white wine. And cava. And I can't get Irn Bru where I live, so went the smoothies n' toast route.

Much better today so will try and get some work done as we are going to Italy for a few days on Sunday!

Mismatched (when am I not?) pink mesh knickers and black bra.

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