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Bunny, I think the Bru is pretty vile as well but I have seen it's miraculous hangover curing properties work their magic for Finaman. I should try it myself for that purpose but tend to go for the smoothies instead.

Dina! Honeypie!

We have had a nutty weekend so far, bbq at Finaman's bosses' place Friday night, then went to the pub, then over to other friends for more drinks and Perudo (a dice game- actually it's the same one they play in the new Pirates movie). Yesterday we went up the coast to my commuter buddy's birthday bbq, then went to his pal's place for more drinks and cards, then back to our town, popping into the pub on the way home to hang with our usual crew. Had a lovely 10 hour sleep and now must go for a run, then to Ann Summer to buy a cock ring for the boy and then TK Maxx for a nasty tracksuit for the ned party we are going to in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we will have time to stop at M&S on the way back for some posh vittles too.
A NED party? Cool! Remember your cardboard cutted out name in huge letters covered in shiny gold paper or tinfoil.

Diet Irn Bru is much nicer and dunno what it is about it's hangover curing properties but they work! I love smoothies too, especially in this weather and lots and lots of evian all year round.

Mmmm, you lot never fail in making me hungry in this thread! and others! chocolatiers, ice cream, cake, burritos. You are all nasty.
Oh and the fruit, yuefie, my mouth is watering! I have some mangoes that I must eat later, got to love the mango (and sorbet).

Saying that, the boy is taking me to dinner tonight where I too will indulge (and report - mwah) and then to cinema (Superman Returns - his choice) where Haagen Daz will have to be had. Prob Cookies and Cream.

Yuefie, so quiet in here cos mornington and I eventually went to do some work (and a sneaky little nap on my part)! You are such a wonderful big sis, I'm a neglectful wee one - pass on my big huge hugs and tell him to come vent in here.

Nap? Nap? Who's napping. Not me nuh-huh, nope. *shifty look*

(((yuefie))) & (((pj)))

(((bunny))) ooh, tell me if superman is any good.

(((fina))) ned party? ned is chav, yes? don't forget your white sports socks. Chav parties are always fun.

(((tess))) everyone is talking about burritos suddenly and now all I want to eat is burritos. *sulk*

(((sidecar))) please tell me they played "formed a band". it's in my head now. Art Brut rock.

(((pixie))) that chocolatier sounds divine. I'm going to have to go on a hunt while in Belgium.

(((rosev, dina, polly, anoushh, mando where are yooou?, and my brain has died so everyone else)))

Our uni got facebook the other day. I've been playing with it - more shiny internet toys - and caught up with a few people I went to school with. Daphne's mortal enemy is the lie-in. Or indeed the sleep. She bounced around until I got up, and then proceeded to ignore me for most of the morning. So I had to nap. *yawn*

hope everyone has fantabulous sundays!
Clearly I will do anything rather than clean the house. I have just spent 2 hours online doing sweet feck all.

Diet Irn Bru is better; not quite as heavy somehow but still retaining that odd bubble-gum-like flavour.

Fina, I can envisage the type of tracksuit you're after. In fact I could probably haggle one of the dudes outside for one of theirs. Our street has been compared to Coronation St aesthestically (they even shot a Spice Girls video here) but it boasts a lively crossection of grannies, sixty year old male alcoholics with perma tans and gangs of chavtastic young people who make fun of my shoes. Oh, and there's an urban farm at the end of the street.

I saw Superman Returns; I thought it was very old school, good will prevail etc. There's a few sneaky jokes in there though.

Yuefie, since raspberries are in season here I have been buying bucketloads. Raspberries for breakfast on a weekday=bliss.

*goes reluctantly to sweep the floors*
returns *shifty look* will let you know about uber-long film I am not looking forward to but hoping I will be pleasantly surprised by.

NED is chav, yes, acronym for non educated delinquent (not a nice term but preferable to bam).

The lounge is really PISSING ME OFF, it keeps crashing when I'm making posts and is taking mammoth amounts of time to load pages. I may actually have to go do some work - waaaaaah!

laughs at more bunny tantrums! mandoo (which i've just noticed is very like mando!) goes in huff with me too when I oversleep and neglect him.

Tes, they're Maurie and Flaurie!
heeeee! super dawg, flexing his all beefy muscles!! muito thank you for that explanation, pollyester!!

um, TOTALLY missing the NED party thingee. how exactly does one have a NED party? and what is a bam? bad assed motherfreller???


i may be talking about burritos, but i certainly can't GET them here! i can't even MAKE them myself, because there are no corn tortillas or flour tortillas, or wraps to be had here. gyros, yes. burritos, no. somebody eat one for me, esta bom??? sad.gif

greetings, kvetchettes! i'm back from vackay. (which i will probably detail in LJland.) (or not.)

here's the nutshell version:
- enjoyed seeing lil sis and where she lives.
- got aggravated by the CONSTANT bickering between her and her mr.
- did williamsburg ass-backward, but saved $$$ and avoided the mid-day heat.
- got aggravated by the CONSTANT bickering between the mr, myself & kidlet.
- discovered reserves of patience i didn't realize i still had.
- lucked out majorly with motel/hotel SUITES.
- got to pet at least one pony in chincoteague.
- busch gardens & ocean city md are certified circles of hell.
- should've planned better/brought the laptop.
- got a kickass tan.
- ate wonderful meals.
- gained 5-7 lbs.
- had my faith in humanity restored by true southern hospitality & charm.
- and drove over/thru the scaryass bay-bridge-tunnel just fine.

it was nice to get away & be unplugged and all that jazz. but 8 days was too long. i missed maggiecat & mamasan & my old-n-crappy-but-comfy home too much.

oh and next vackay?
must somehow involve women-friends, umbrella-drinks & cabana boys .... AND NO DRIVING!

promise to do a proper catch-up soon, tho possibly later in the week. i'm bracing for some sort of work-related crisis tomorrow. (tho i actually missed being at work! how fucked up is that?)

but i wanted to make sure to say hello/goodbye to (((mornington-luv))).
and tell (((rose))) i was thinking of her mama & papasan & (((editrix))) i'm thinking about her grampa and hoping all was well.

mwahs all around.
i truly missed (((you guys))).
Who hoo, Mando's back! It sure was nice to see that spash of blue!


I am not going after all. But I missed you muchly.

correct me if I'm wrong, but a bam is a complete nutter, yes? (I read too much christopher brookmyre).
So glad you had a great vacation!

QUOTE(mandolyn @ Jul 30 2006, 12:54 PM) *

- got to pet at least one pony in chincoteague.

Hee! Was a Pony Island? There were free ponies running around? A woman I work with just went to Assateague, where they also have ponies. We kept calling it Pony Island, because I could not keep the name "Assteague" in my head. When she first told me about it, I just kept going, "Assa-what? You're going to Assa-where?" But I can't believe there are just ponies, running around. That's incredible.


- busch gardens & ocean city md are certified circles of hell.

Not at all surprising.


it was nice to get away & be unplugged and all that jazz. but 8 days was too long.

I love my family to bits, and if it was my mother and sister, I could probably deal with longer, but I've come to realize that 4, maybe 5 days are about my limit. 8 would be way too long.

By the way, are any of you having this problem where the new software wants to center justify everything? Oh, and what do we think of the new color? My old green wasn't working for me anymore. It was the same code (#006633 - I've been using it for years), but for some reason it looks darker now.
Oh, I'm happy that Mando is back even though that means her vacation is over.

I'm just filled with hateration and blahness at my fucking horrible no-good weekend, so I'll just crawl off to read the other threads. I'm not even in excitement mode at the soon-to-be-old-job almost ending; instead I'm in procrastination hell and, yes, I take full responsibility for it. I guess I'm just putting off the inevitable, that the work won't get done unless I sit down and do it. ::shakes fist at self and looks around to squeeze self onto comfy sofa between Mornington and BunnyB::

Speaking of sofas, my bunny is just sitting all chilled out like the pretty little thing that he is on my sofa. Aww!

Wow, I posted here twice in one weekend? That must be some sort of personal record.
Argh! If any of you with kiddos have suggestions please tell me, I will probably cross post this in one of the parenting threads...

Minipixe, who is 4 had peed herself at least once everyday of this weekend! Not only that, but she's been changing underware and hiding it, so that I am just full realizeing what is going on! I called the ex and he claims she isn't having this problem at his house, so I wonder, is she hiding panties there too and he just doesn't realize it ? Is she just being lazy because she's playing with the other minipixie and doesn't want to stop playing? Her little bottom is getting irritated, and i think that moght be in soem part due to the chlorine in the in laws pool, it did a number on Mr. Pixie yesterday too, so I am wondering if it hurts to go pee pee and so she is trying to hold it and failing? Then I've wondered about bladder infections, but she is already on amoxi right now, so that should be clear that up??
If it's phchological, I have no idea what it causing it, and her therapist has cancelled the last 2 appointments because she has been sick.
Sorry Pixie, I've no idea at all.

Mandi's back!

Bam is short for bampot which is indeed a complete nutter. Neds are Scottish chavs. There really isn't a North American equivalent, perhaps urban rednecks would get the idea across but there is a class component as well (I think?!). Anyway for reasons unknown a friend is having a fancy dress (costume) party and the theme is neds. As there are really not very many famous men named Ned (Ned Flanders, Ned Kelly, and that's all I can come up with) we are pretty much stuck going dressed as generic neds. To be honest it's a theme that makes me a bit uncomfortable but everyone else thinks it's just fine so, yeah. We got shiny white tracksuit bottoms today for Finaman but I've already bought a set on eBay. It's by Rocawear so I get to be a hiphop nedette, yo. The best bit is that my coworker is going to give me a tenner if I wear it to work once this week. Am sure it will blend in great in the office *cough*.

Syb, your street sounds fanTAStic. What is the urban farm like? Can you get veggies there or is it an allotment garden?

Sadly we ran out of time and Finaman got shy about it so no vibrating cock ring yet. Apologies if TMI.
I never could bring myself to try Irn-bru. The slogan used to be "Made in Scotland from Girders!" though I don't think that was ever literally true. More that iron is iron, and it has a bit of iron in it.

Thanks for asking how I am, everyone who did. I'm ok, just tired lately and it's really hard to get motivated to put a sentence together enough to put it on here. Doesn't mean I'm not intending to.

I was just putting together a mental list of kvetchies I miss, and lo and behold Dina drops by! Now what about heven, sapphy, theredhead, and more who I've now forgotten but I swear I was thinking about the other day. And whoohoo for Manolyn being back, and Msp (I know i've said it before, I'm just really pleased!) and tes! And yay too for everyone who hasn't gone away in the first place, like fina, mornington, sidecar, raisingirl (yep, I'm half armenian. I hadn't thought about calling the little one anoushig, though. I think we will as we don't have a name that stuck until now--peanut or bean or whatever never seemed right!), sybarite, pollystyrene, roseviolet, and so on!

Geez, that may be the most tortured sentence I've ever written. I told you I was having trouble....

ETA--it is apparently illegal to import the original Irn-Bru into the US, but there is an export version. Info here: (I did a "find in page' search for it, b/c it's way at the bottom).
Polly, I just realized your icon was the Superdawg mascots! I haven't been to Superdawg all summer (Portillo's is more convenient to where I work). It may be time to rectify that, preferably with a Whoopercheesie.

(((Tesao)))) Pitchfork is this really pretentious indie rock review site, and it's well respected even though the writing is often unreadable. BUT they put on this kick-ass festival this weekend of 35 bands for $35 including fees, taxes and mailing, and it was really great. We left shortly after Os Mutantes, around 9:30. I would have loved to stay but I'd been out in the heat since 1 p.m. (and yes, I drank a ton of water -- four liter-sized bottles.) I was sweating in places I didn't know could produce sweat. My favorite acts today were Spoon and The National. (Yo La Tengo was good, but they only played new songs, which was disappointing. Then again, I've seen them four times now so it's not like I haven't heard all their good songs.)

Mornington, I think they played that song. They did "Moving to LA," adding in a line about drinking sherry with Bryan Ferry and Pinot with Brian Eno, which just about killed me. The lead singer's chest got amazingly pink during their set and before each song, he'd shout, "Art Brut, are you ready?" I can't wait for them to tour on their own.

((((mando)))) welcome back! i couldn't do eight days with my family. I love htem, but four is my limit.

(((pixie)))) I got nothing, as I am only responsible for a dog, but that is gross and I hope you resolve it soon.

Major antikvetch: I came home to a nice shower, an air conditioned living room, and We Are the 80s on Vh1 Classic. So far I've seen videos for the Replacements, Social D, the Clash ("Rock the Casbah") and now it's "Pictures of You." Such a nice way to end the weekend.
Welcome back, Mandi! And congrats on not killing your family wink.gif

Sidecar, my favorite show on VH1 Classics is The Alternative. Good times. But is t just me or is VH1C obsessed with The Alarm? I had never even heard of this band until I saw their videos on that channel & it feels like they's showing them/talking about them all. the. time!

I've had the Today show playing in the background this morning & in the last hour, two couples have gotten engaged. Live on TV! So cute!

Tes, I know which gift shop you're talking about! And I want to go to Carrburritos, but just haven't made it yet. I'll have to stop by this week in your honor smile.gif

Anoushh, I must say that the Irn-Bru I tried states-side was far more palatable than the UK version. I was wondering why I was able to drink so much of it! Who knew they'd have a different formula? Crazy!

((((((oodles of love for MiniPixie)))))) Poor thing. I wonder what's going on. And I agree, of course, that you have good reason to suspect that she's been hiding wet panties at the D House. It would be far too easy to hide her panties around there. I hope the Ex keeps an eye out for it. Will she be able to see the therapist this week?

Gotta start on some chores!
Welcome back Mando!! I didn't realise you were visting chincateague... I know people in DC who used to swear by that place for seaside fun and great crabs. The ponies sound cute too.

I will be heading off on a family vacay myself next week which I have mixed feelings about but as it's short-ish I'm hoping all will be well. The three of us haven't travelled en famille before but mister's little 'un is a sweetie so all should be well. The mister is a tetchy traveller though, so I may have to accidentally-on-purpose grab an aisle seat across the plane from him... *mostly joking*

I am faffing again today after catching a screening of Miami Vice this morning. Morning screenings are always surreal; you emerge blinking into lunchtime with car chases in your head.

Sidecar, I love those lyrics. I'd love to drink Pinot with Eno.

Fina, it's a private farm. I've never actually been in there but occasionally you hear (or used to hear) roosters crowing which is bizarre in the middle of the gritty urban realism that surrounds us otherwise.
kvetch. I am in a foul mood today. I just feel very irriatate dwith anythign and everything that crosses me. I did not sleep well last night and feel slightly nasueous. Unfortunately. I think it is not from the desired micropixie, but rather the heat and exhaustion ect.

Minipixie is supposed to have another therapist appt next week...if they don't canel...AGAIN! Talking to some peopel on another board, the most likely scenerio is that minipixie was getting caught up in playing and just got too lazy to go to the bathroom. It's a common 4 y/o problem. But it is still irriatting, not to mention gross.

(((hugs to everyone))) ~*~*~*multipurpose vibes because I don't have the energy for individual ones.~*~*~*

Where the heck has Amilita been hiding?
Does it help if you threaten to put her back in diapers like a *little girl*? Is that what you're supposed to do?
I dunno if it "helped", but I certainly threatened it until I was blue in the face yesterday! She didn't get to go outside and play in the sprinkler because babies don't get to do that.
Um, belittling her doesn't sound very nice.
QUOTE(sybarite @ Jul 31 2006, 10:51 AM) *
seaside fun and great crabs

My one and only experience with "crabbing" was on Chincoteague/Assateague (I don't remember which one we camped on. Is Assateague *just* the wildlife refuge?) Anyway, we bought chicken necks at the grocer, tied heavy string to them, and dunked them in the water off the dock... you wait for a "tug", just like in fishing, then slowly draw it up and stick a net underneath to catch the crab when it drops off. It was a blast, even tho' we didn't catch any keepers 'cause it was too late in the season for the big ones (they have to be something like 4" across the back, or they're too young and you have to put them back for next year.)
Annoush, I don't know if it's your pregnancy hormones or what, but I usually respect you as a Bustie, and I don't appreciate your personal attacks today. As I mentioned in the other thread. I have just as much right to my opinion as you do.
Pixie, that is way out of line. And yes, I've seen the other thread.
So, since its been forever and a day since I posted, I thought I would jump in here and say hello.
I'll be back to really post soon.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone with the way I phrased that. I'm just trying to find an excuse why a seasoned Bustie would attack someone else for expressing an opinion.
And carrying over the attitude from teh other thread and attacking my parenting technique is just as out of line.
pixie, anoushh, please give bustie hugs and make up? sad.gif Makes me sad to see two kvetchies argue. You are/will be wonderful bustie mamas so please don't criticise one another? We have enough with psycho trolls (pun intended) in here without in-fighting. You know I luv ya both and don't want to add fuel to the fire, I think we should put it down to a very heated debate with maternal feelings and experience on both sides that have taken different stances on it and move on.

kvetch: a negative lounge.

what bunny said.

kvetch: not working. procrastinating. again.
antikvetch: ikea! woo! I'm doing a little shopping for the new house.


(((anoushh))) it's good to know you're ok, if tired is ok.

(((pixie))) I was going to say that it does sound like normal four-year old to me; have you got any old clothes lying around - or could you go to the charity shops and get some? This worked for me - make her wear them; tell her that because she pees her pants, she has to wear old clothes. The embarassment alone is usually enough (it worked on me). But definitely talk to the therapist - she might have ideas.

(((syb))) there is nothing like roosters in the city. They're evil in the country, but I think that they should be mandatory in cities.


(((sidecar))) I now want to see art brut even more. I love reading pitchfork because it's so hopelessly up itself, but damn, there's some good music there. I thank them for introducing me to jens lekman.

(((fina))) chav/ned parties are kind-of the latest craze, or so it seems. I think it's meant to be ironic or somesuch.

(((raisin))) plenty of space on this sofa biggrin.gif

(((msp))) I like the new colour.

(((mando))) again, it's good to see you back. and hurrah for petting ponies (although boo for the bad bits).


(((vesica, tes - where is the lady in loud purple? she makes me laff - txplum, tallgirl, prettynpink, walkingb,
faith, girltheory, sonik and everyone else)))

Daphne and I had an argument because I had to cut her nails today. She's going into boarding while I'm in belgiumland and they were getting long. We seem to have made up via the medium of cucumber.

U (best gal pal1) and I are going to gang up and sell shiny things at a craft fair. It will be exciting.

confession (yeah, it's not the confession thread, but...) I joined okcupid. I got messaged, I feel speshul. I feel kindof embarrassed though, joining a dating site and all that, but i don't know, I'm not really an approachable person so maybe this will do something. /stops rambling.

bed. yes.
*mwah* all round.
Unfortunately Mornington, embarrassment doesn't seem to work with her. The therapist recommended restricting priviledges at our last session. So far it's been pretty effective with both our girls. We've had very little problems with his minipixie lately. She hates missing out on swimming and other fun stuff. The peeing isn't nearly as disturbing as the sneaky way she's hiding it.
maybe she's hiding it because she knows she'll miss out on priviledges... and it's a pretty good bet she's embarrassed about peeing her pants. I'm not much help, I know... I just hope she sorts herself out. (((pixie))) & (((minipixie)))

edited to add: a friend of mine wet the bed until he was about ten. Yeah, rewards used to work with him (obviously a wet bed is harder to hide). Embarrassment worked on me 'cos it was at school - nobody wanted to be the baby wearing the tatty lost property uniform - but I was four, too.
bunbun is 9 (10 in nov) and does the same (and soiling); the hiding and the lying is the worst but restrictions or "treats" seem to work i.e. if you stay clean and dry all this week or have a dry bed all this week then you can have [something she wants]. A sense of achievement and/or incentive works with her, she's really improved over the years (yes, years) and punishment/embarassment don't work as it's behavioural and -out of frustration and/or badness- she'll act out even more.
yeah...spanking her really doesn't get an intended result either. The thing is, she NEVER wets the bed, so I know that it isn't something she can't help. I think she's just being lazy. We've been trying to tell that if she does that when she starts school in a couple of weeks the kid are going to tease her and make fun of her.
QUOTE(pixiedust @ Jul 31 2006, 01:09 PM) *

Annoush, I don't know if it's your pregnancy hormones or what....but I usually respect you as a Bustie, and I don't appreciate your personal attacks today.

That sounds a lot like me saying, "Pixie, I don't know if you're constantly on the rag or what, but although I used to really enjoy your posts, I don't like the constant bitchy self-absorbtion I'm seeing lately." Does that sound inoffensive to you? I thought implying that a woman's hormones control her thoughts and actions was old-school sexual bias. Glad to know it's back.

Read any good parenting books lately? I'm looking for one that encourages using threats of humiliation and/or actual humiliation as a positive training method to accomplish goals while building self esteem in the young child. Likewise physical violence discipline. Thought you might have some suggestions.

Nevermind, I'm done.
Oh feck.

Plummy said that it was out of line, tallgirl, Pixie apologised for offending anyone and I tried to make the peace. What wasn't needed was someone else adding to the fray. The in-fighting is usually kept out of kvetch - can we please keep it that way?
I'll add to the fray if I feel like it, thanks. Just as you can ignore me if you like. Wonders of the internet and all that.

I wasn't trying to be sexist. I just know that pregancy hormones can make you extreamly sensive and volitale to things you normally wouldn't get upset over. I voiced an opinion in another thread that she didn't agree with ...several days ago!...and suddenly she's taken a very direct personal attack on me for not sharing her veiws. And yes, that pisses me off!

As for teh way i deal with my child...she is in therapy rigth now for behavioral problems. I am trying to deal with things that arise the best I can. If you wanna take pot shots at my parenting skills jump on in. Trust me, I don't feel insecure enough.

We were trying to move forward and away from all the negativity, but it's people who have to jump in and take sides after it's already over that keep it going. I apologized. I apologize to the entire lounge. Have a nice day.
Nice one. Add to the fray all you like and create negativity and upset all you want tallgirl. I'm fucking done. I don't add genuine busties to my ignore list but there is no need to be like that AT ALL. We all have bad days, fair enough, but do not take it out on me when all I was trying to do was take it out of here.
"it's people who have to jump in and take sides after it's already over that keep it going"

See, here's the thing. If I'm not in front of a computer that allows me access to Bust all day long, then I can't post until I get home. So it's maybe a couple of hours after you deem the arguement over that I get a chance to post my own reaction. Why should I have to shut up just so you can call it over? As you keep pointing out, my opinion is just as valid as yours.

"Add to the fray all you like and create negativity and upset all you want tallgirl. I'm fucking done. I don't add genuine busties to my ignore list but there is no need to be like that AT ALL. We all have bad days, fair enough, but do not take it out on me when all I was trying to do was take it out of here."

I wasn't trying to create negativity or upset. I was posting my own opinion. As I said, read it or ignore it, the choice is yours, but I won't be silenced because you want to play nice and smile and hold hands. Beyond that I don't give a damn either way if you ignore me, and never have. And for the record, I had a good day, and wasn't taking anything out on you. Just making a statement that I can post what I like and you can ignore it just as easily.
What would you have me do , Tallgirl. I've apologized.Twice. I could have edited the comment away hours ago, but I felt that was the cowardly thing to do. I guess I'm not perfect like you. And I'm probably going to scar my kid for life.
I suggest you take it to PM, ladies. Please. And I suggest this simply because this thread is meant to be for idle chatter, support, and other such positive feelings. Please don't derail the thread by taking it off topic.
Oh goodness. Echoing what wise RV has said: please take it to PM. There's no reason for the arguments to be here.
Can I just say that if you ask for advice about parenting--or anything--you might get some you don't like. That's life.

And what's off topic in this thread?
((I'm staying out of this one))

Selfish post- need some vibes!

I have a job interview tomorrow for an administrative assisstant position. I got it through the staffing agency I've been working with. I feel pretty confident because my contact at the agency helped me put my thoughts into complete sentences (like when they inevitably ask "what are your strengths and weaknesses" I have fully-formed sentences instead of a vague mental list of my strengths and a deer-caught-in-the-headlights stare for my weaknesses!)

My BGP and her husband are moving back to Chicago because her husband is ABD (all but dissertation) with his PhD and there's no need for them to stay in the bumblefuck college town they live in. She got a good job up here, but they're having housing issues. They have a lease until May '07 on the place they're in and have had no luck getting a subletter. This is a Big Ten College town- you'd think nice affordable apartments would be in high demand. And they don't have a certain answer on whether or not they got the apartment they want up here. They planned on moving in a week and she starts her job on the 14th....eeek! I hope they find a place to live and someone to take their apartment so that they don't end up paying two rents or paying rent there and no place to live here.

~*~*~*~soothing vibes to all~*~*~*~
I would guess the only thing off topic here would be everyone being snitty to eachother, in a place where we usually all support one another. I can see all sides but am sad that it's turned in to territorial pissing contest. And this time here, in Kvetch Up.

I really do admire and respect all of you. I may not know all of you that well, but do enjoy everyone's posts here. That has been the beautiful part of Kvetch Up for me. That and usually nastiness and arguments stay in the more serious toned threads. It's often a safe haven when everything in real life is feeling shitty.

Yes, we are all entitled to express our opinions here, and due to varying schedules, may not have the opportunity to post a reply to a particular topic right away. That is a valid point. We might not all agree on things and may not care for someone elses take, also a valid point.

And, (I am NOT implying anyone here was!) I know I've been guilty of posting when in a bad mood, saying something that came out the wrong way, or taking someone elses posts the wrong way. It's hard to tell what someone is really saying when you can't hear the intonation or inflection in their voice. Things can be miscontrued, feelings can be hurt, it happens. But for it to turn in to a bash fest is utterly ridiculous. And no, I am NOT saying anyone should have to "play nice" and "get along". But taking your issue with a particular member to a private message, instead of public attacks, couldn't hurt.

I am a natural peace maker, and hate when loved ones or friends fight. It is my natural inclination to want to smooth it all over, kiss everyones boo boo's and sweep it under the rug. Then there is the big mouth part of me that likes to tell people to shut the hell up. I was avoiding both of these natural reactions (hence the posts in the confessions thread) because neither one of them is the right answer. People disagree, it's life. But really now, must we all continue to tear eachother apart?

But hey, that's just my two cents and you can all tell me to shut my big fat mouth if you want to.

~~~~~GET THAT JOB vibes for polly~~~~~

echoing polly's ~~~~~soothing vibes for everyone~~~~~ ((((Kvetchettes)))) I love you all.

~*~*~*~*~get that job, polly!~*~*~*~*~

i'm baaaaaack from vacation! i have now officially met a bustie, and i saw cirque du soleil, broken social scene, and the dresden dolls. and got a second degree sunburn at warped tour. wheeee! plus, i've paid off my first semester at school and have enough money for second semester in the bank, plus i bought cool stuff whilst vacationing, the coolest of which being a barrel of monkeys.

i read the new douglas coupland book. do any of you guys read his stuff? it's pretty good, but the new one proves he is just as full of himself as i had always assumed.

oooh, oooh, oooh! and i saw matt good at the folk festival when i got back in town. he had an ann coulter doll, called her the 'finest in infotainment', and made her do a two-handed nazi salute, 'cause 'if anyone would do a two-hand nazi salute, it would be ann coulter'. it was awesome.

i've decided i should get a shirt made that says 'emotionally autistic', just so people know what they're getting in to with me. i never know when i like people, or if i tell myself i like like someone because i think i should, and i can't process those emotions properly anyway, so what's the point? feh. stupid boys starting tickle fights and being the nicest person i have ever met

love to all, esp. to (((((mando))))). vacations suck when you need another vacation to recover from them afterwards
Yay for good vacations and cool shows! Omg tyger, the Ann Coulter thing is hilarious! Sounds like you had a great time, sans the sunburn. Oh and feh on nice boys who start tickle fights? Hehe, sounds like a good one to me!

And yes, yay for (((mando))) being back from her vackay too.

okay i don't really understand how i have so many posts when i haven't posted in several years...
i guess that just goes to show how bored in IRL/active in bust i used to be.

rose, it's nice to see you. and i like your icon.
and of course i am happy to see my mandi-girl.
(and you other girls who may remember me!)
any time you want some margaritas and warm weather, come to texass
(just don't drive because that is totally insane).

i am going to make an effort to be more busty.
and get off my ass and be a better mod in the lj bust community.

and just because i haven't done it in so long...

1. apartment hunting sucks ass out loud
2. dealing with hostile customers who break their shit and want us to pay for it sucks ass out loud, sideways
3. missing all my old friends and feeling disconnected and depressed about my life sucks ass out loud, sideways and in the dark.

for those of you who remember, i still fantasize about the bust republic of anti-fucktards.
there will be losts of hairbrushing.
and rainbows and unicorns.
hi dina! i remember seeing you around, but i don't remember if we ever actually interacted. welcome back!
geez, is it the new lounge that is luring back all the absentee busties? i'm slowly getting used to it, but i still miss the old way it looked. oh, and everyone should go and vote for new post first over in the....part with the stuff about the lounge. it'd make me crazy if it got different.

oh, yuefie, he is a good one, i just seriously have problems dealing with/interpreting my emotions and/or feelings, so i honestly can't tell whether i like him as a friend or as maybe more. i'm trying to remember, me and another bustie had a 'relationship autism' club, and all my woes would totally fit into that vein. and, of course, to complicate matters before i went on vacation there was never any flirtyness or anything with the boy in question (which is odd for me, i flirt with everyone), his mom died while i was out of town, and i come back and it's ticklewars in the middle of a room of our other friends. so, you know, i'm completely clueless about everything. story of my life.

so, i wonder if i'll get to sleep before it's time for me to wake up for work. or if it'd even be worth it, as i need to get up in 2.5 hours. i just want snuggles. snuggles would make me sleep. i need a platonic sleeping-with-in-a-literal-sleeping-sense buddy for occasions like this
Kvetch: At about 6am, my cell phone BEEPED at me! Loudly! To tell me that the battery was running low. Which woke me up. And I am not the sort who easily returns to Slumber Land. I should have plugged my cell phone in to charge last night. But I didn't. Bah.

Dina, that's hilarious that the software somehow kept your old post tally! Ah, the quirkiness of Lounge software. Guess that's part of the charm of this ol' place biggrin.gif Hope you stick around. And because I'm not on LJ, would you mind telling us what took you to TexAss?

[wraps arms around Yuefie & plants a big wet one right on her cheek]
Who loves you, baby?
I do. That's who.

~$~$~$~$~ jobby jobby job job vibes for Polly ~$~$~$~$~

~^~^~^~ vibes for a safe roof over the heads of DinaDearest & Polly's friends ~^~^~^~

~!~!~!~!~ emotional intelligence vibes for Tyger ~!~!~!~!~
Sounds like a fantastic vacay! And I giggled when I read what you had to say about Douglas Coupland. He can be talented at times, but it's enrobed in this thick slimy layer of egotistic smarm that I have trouble getting past.

~~~~~~~ soothing happy-Tuesday vibes for all ~~~~~~~
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