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Hey all--my interview is today; any and all vibes would be very welcome... thanks.

(Black mesh knickers and pretty cotton lace brar)
Best wishes for the interview, Sybarite!! Happy Friday to everyone.

(grey boxer briefs)
Ugh. Interview went well but they went with someone else. Anyway, good experience etc etc...

Thanks Billy! And cheers for the undies update, nice to see consistency... smile.gif
(((Syb))) Rats. I was hoping it would work out for you.
((Syb)) sending you vibes for lining up another one soon.

Just got home from vacation/road trip and feeling that ruby red slippers feeling :-)
(((syb))) i hope you find something soon

(((suk))) welcome back smile.gif

billy! *waves*

not too much going on in my neck of the woods (for once) except that i just found out that car insurance for our two trucks and 3 drivers is going to cost us $185 a month *gags*. now, i know that this is nothing to some of you, but i haven't had car insurance in at least 4 years b/c i can't afford it and it wasn't required. now i still can't afford it and the state requires it. i'm not sure what stone i can try to get blood out of this time, but, apparently, i have no choice. *assorted political grumbling*

oh! it's friday! undie report time!

hot pink boyshorts and no bra
oh god. ohgodohgodohgod. ewww. i am so utterly grossed out... so remember a month ago when my lovely darling children brought home lice on the last day of school? well. i thought it was well and gone, until 5 o'clock this morning, when i scratched my head and felt something move. i have nitcombed my hair 3 times, for over an hour each time. in between i soak my hair in a strong tea tree oil solution and braid it tight so it soaks in good. i am so thoroughly squicked out, you have no idea. and none of the kids have them at all this time. i have no idea how this happened. i thought it was gone. the only way i can see i could have got it was that i've been washing all the stuffed animals that were in the bags from then and if there was something still alive in there and was on my hands and i happened to push my hair back or something... it's the only way i can see how it happened, cuz it's just within the last day or two that it happened, i'm sure of that. i am so disgusted. it's weird, cuz when the kids had i was exhausted and annoyed, but not as grossed out as i am now that i have it. with the kids it was kind of just "oh well, i knew it would happen sooner or later". but now that it's me i feel really dirty and nasty.

fuuucck. i so didn't need any extra stress right now. isn't it enough that we got the notice today that our annual inspection is friday morning?
(((Damona))) I would react exactly the same way. I hope the tea tree treatment worked! Hope the inspection goes well too.

Thanks all for your well wishes, they do help. Academic posts are seasonal, advertised by semester, so I think that's me for the time being... until the next round is advertised.
ew bugs sad.gif

*kicks away tumbleweeds* Happy friday all! I hope everyone has had a good week. Mine has been productive as well as social, which was nice. It may be time to start rethinking my hermitude...

(Green mesh printed knickers with pink trim, and no brar as working from home!)

Sybarite, I'm glad to hear you've had a productive week. Mine has been only marginally productive. I've promised myself I'll do two things I've been putting off before I go home today. Heh.

Something different: black boxer briefs!
billy! *waves* always nice to see you around here.

syb, productive is good smile.gif

where'd everyone go again?


we passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

took 2 tries, since i was so bogged down with dealing with the nasty, icky bug thing. which seems to be finally gone. *knocks on wood* but we finally passed our inspection. the down side is, she yelled at me the first time she came through and actually brought me to tears since i was so achy and exhausted from cleaning for 2 days without sleep, stopping only to comb through my hair every few hours cuz i was still so squicked out and she just wouldn't even give me a chance to explain. i hate power-mad little people.

now i have to deal with her coming through once every month "just to be sure, dear, that we keep up the good work!" i successfully resisted the urge to smack her huge, fakey, condescending smile and smiled back just as sweetly and said "sure thing, dear!"

i will be glad to see the back of this summer. it's been nothing but one disaster after another for the last 7 weeks and i am just so tired.

one good thing about the inspection, it forced me to get rid of a ton of stuff. i have a bad habit of holding onto scraps and things to fix and stuff that "might come in handy" (i partially blame my mom and my grandpa and their yankee thriftiness thing going just a bit too far). i can and will unload stuff, but i tend to like to be sure it's going to a good home (baby clothes and stuff), so it takes me a bit to get rid of stuff. but oh man, i unloaded this week. i'm so pleased with myself about it... 3 paper grocery bags of books, 6 bags of my and the mr's clothes (both of us have gotta lose more weight :/ ), 3 bags of dvds and videos, a printer, a radio, a carseat, 3 baby gates, a bag of kid shoes, 3 bags of toys, and about a dozen bags of kid clothes. my house looks much nicer now, even i will admit it.

oh! undie report! comfy light grey cotton hi-cuts and no brar. i've basically stopped wearing bras unless i'm going somewhere important. i've always hated them.
D, congrats on passing the inspection! What was the inspection for?

Syb, sounds like you are slowly coming out of your hermitude! wink.gif

Hi Billy!

I spent this Friday being terribly unproductive. Seriously.

kvetch: I'm hoping to get motivated to pack. Sooooo, not feeling it.

antikvetch: Only a couple of days until I get my keys to my new place! biggrin.gif
looks like things have slowed down enough for me to keep up with things in here... i'ma give it a shot...

i'm taking the week off since i'm pretty much not gonna be able to take anytime off for the next year and a half, two years. moving stuff around my apartment so it's geared to painting, printing and drawing. i'm hoping i'll have some $cratch to do the bustie con thing, but it's unlikely. i've got a shit ton of tattoo equipment to buy at the end of the year, and it's impossible to save on unemployment-- if it lasts that long, but i signed a contract, so i'm crossing my fingers that i can sell paintings enough to cover things. i'm loving the tattoo apprentice thing. i'm at work 2 hours before i need to be, and usually stay after about a half hour to an hour. my only week off, and i miss the shop like nobody's business. {sigh} i want all the moving stuff around to be done so i can get to paintins!

kvetch. no purty tattoos to look at.

anti-kvetch:a tattoo story: i met a girl on a bus who had a funny pair of tattoos beneath her collar bones: two cartoony rabid squirrels. she explained that there was a news report about angry squirrels attacking people for a few weeks a couple years ago. she's vegan so she loved the idea of nature attacking man, so she got the tattoos to commemorate the event. better than plates, right?

star! can't wait to hear about your new adventures! yay... so excited for you!

syb, summer is a good time to come out of your shell.

d: glad the bugs are gone. ick. me no likey.
*blows emerging cobwebs off thread*

Good to see you in here GT! I did something similar at the start of the week: I organised and cleaned up my study area. It's so satisfying to customise your space towards work you look forward to doing! The apprenticeship sounds like it's going swimmingly.

How's the move going SG? I hope you're at the fun stage of decorating your new place...

I've slid backwards towards hermitude again, because I am a)broke, and b)everyone is out of town on their holidays except me (whine). The summer has been cloudy and will likely continue that way, which is a drag. Hopefully I can manage a cheap sun holiday this year, although I have travelled a lot over the last 6 years so I really shouldn't complain.

I am getting some work done but have been procrastinating too; I'm more inspired by planning new projects than, um, doing the work. I do plan to do a monster edit on the chapter I'm currently writing today, if only because I'll enjoy the weekend more!

(turquoise mesh knickers, no brar)

Thanks for clearing off those cobwebs, Syb! Good luck finishing your chapter!

The move is going well. I realized that I should've just had my cousins load my moving truck with the minor things I had and I could've saved myself the pain of hauling things. Oh well. I think I have it figured out for the next move.wink.gif

I still have boxes to unpack and clothes to put away and pictures to put up....

GT!! I do not think you have to worry about kvetch since it does not move as fast as the Okayers thread did back in its heyday. I hope you enjoyed your day off.

I hope you are doing ok, D!

undie report: commando right now!
Big surprise: grey boxer briefs!

Star, congratulations on the moving progress. There are few things that are as trying as moving, but you seem to have a handle on it. Best wishes for the new chapter in your life.

Syb, you'll feel better when that chapter is done. Get after it smile.gif Today has had it's share of procrastination for me.

Happy weekend, everyone!
hi y'all *waves*

i've got 2 kids outside, 1 napping, and 1 in the bath tub. The Mr is sleeping and The Boy is off doing guy stuff... i am completely alone for at least the next 5 minutes laugh.gif

billy, i procrastinate way too much. it's probably my worst habit.

star, how goes the unpacking and settling in?

syb, i've been hiding out in the house a lot, too. been so hot and icky, and there is always drama going on around here... i just stay in. one of my neighbours actually came to check that things were ok since i hadn't been outside (well, in the back, where all the ladies sit) in a week!

gt, welcome! hang around, chat a bit smile.gif i like the rabid squirrel tattoos. it makes me happy when people have a story about how and why they got theirs.

the inspections i've been dealing with are because we live in subsidized housing. they come through twice a year to see if there is any damage, make sure everything is up to code, etc. unfortunately, she can and does come down on me for my housekeeping. we have way too much stuff for this little place, and the biggest problem is clothes for 6 people take up a huge amount of space. i'm starting to consider The Mr's point of view when he says we should have no more than a weeks worth of clothing for anyone, especially the kids! the inspector is coming back some time this week, so i need to whip through here and clear up all the surface stuff that has accumulated since last month. yay, fun. it makes me feel like a child being told to clean its' room. someday, i want to live in my own place again, where i can do stuff my way. grrr.
Good luck with the inspection, D!

I am 95% moved in. I am in the final week of being in school. Crazy. I cannot believe I will be done. My cat and I move in 1 week.

It has been kinda quiet in here. unsure.gif

Hope everyone is well!
Just delurking for the evening to shout out to the Busties in the house. Even though I'm facebook-less I still think of ya'll, and hope everyone's well, to echo stargazer.

~vibes for all, for no damn reason!~
Nice to see you both! I have been lax in here, it's true... but then I've been working offline and trying not to distract myself. I'm working on a scholarly article and I have only one more week until teaching takes over, so I'm starting to feel the pressure. I'm posting less because all my posts are boring and work-obsessed, like this one tongue.gif Today was glorious, hot and sunny, and I spent most of it wearing too many clothes, indoors at meetings. Bah.

However, off to rectify the above with 2 epis of True Blood. Hooray!

Hope you're happily settled in SG, that your inspection/s went well Damona(and that things are looking up across the board for you) and that life is treating you well COCL!

star, are you all settled in?

syb, how did your scholarly article turn out?

we finally had the inspection on the first. we passed. it was very strange. she was nice. she chatted. there was no fire breathing and glare of death from her this time. i told our building manager how nice she was and the manager choked on her soda and asked if i was sure it was the same woman.

last night we had some of that type of excitement that i could have lived without. my youngest woke up at midnight and was gasping and wheezing something awful. so we went flying off to the e.r. turns out he has croup. croup is a virus that infects the air passages around the area of the vocal cords. and makes your child miserable, with a hideous cough and gargling noises when he breathes. it's also great for nearly giving mom a panic attack when your child starts turning blue around the mouth. i knew what it was when he started breathing better once we got outside, but i didn't know what to do for him, so we still went to the e.r. i'm sure my insurance company is going to flip, but, that's just too darn bad. anyway, turns out they don't even give little kids cough syrup anymore. the dr gave him prednisone, told me to elevate his head when he's sleeping, and to take him into a hot steamy bathroom or outside when it happens again. yeah, not if, when. takes about a week to get rid of it, and, to my understanding, it's one of those that, once you've had it, you're prone to getting it again. which was, of course, just what i wanted to hear. /sarcasm.

it never rains around here.... it doesn't pour, either. i'm starting to feel like there's someone up there with buckets, following me around.

on a lighter note... i found a great website that i'm going to share here. this site is amazing. it's so nice to be reminded that there are such good people in the world.
I feel a little like I may be talking in an empty room now - but I just wanted to say hello for anyone who may see this and remember me!

It's been over ten years since I first came here and busties hold a special place in my heart.

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