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A lot of people went over to FB. CCG basically left the lounge as well. It's pretty dead, and it's a damn shame.
seriously? no one has anything to kvetch about? i refuse to believe that. i am dragging this thread back out of the mothballs. c'mon, i know at least some of you are still out there!

this was always my favourite thread. it's the best place to just bring up random stuff. stuff like:

i just got new glasses and my depth perception is so off i nearly fell down the stairs last night.


my friend started an account for me on okcupid so that we could take all the dopey tests and stuff that they have on there, and i haven't even put up a profile, and i'm getting guys im'ing me thru the site. i don't need another man! that was not the point in this exercise! lol.

so, come on! join me! it's lonely in here! newbies? old-bies? busties and busters, come one, come all, join the fun!

wow. i think i should ease up on the sugar, hey? we need a smiley for "vibrating with energy"
Hey damona! The randomness has been my favourite aspect of kvetch too; I don't have to organise my thoughts here!

This is a good thing today as I taught my last class of the semester this morning and I am TIRED. I love teaching but I get keyed up beforehand and am usually drained afterwards. The rest of the week isn't too crazy work-wise, which is a nice change.

Other things going on... I am broke because I put money aside to buy a new laptop, which I will order once I know which day this week I will be home for its delivery (wow, that's a tortured sentence.) This is my second ever laptop, replacing my old one of 6+ years, so I'm excited.

I need new glasses--my current ones are 4 years old, although I only wear them at home. I also need new clothes; almost a year after finishing the Ph.D and I'm still dressing like a grad student--a poor grad student. I did finally figure out eBay though and successfully bought a cute pair of brogues which I am delighted with.

K, am out of thoughts. Next!
And up from the ashes shall rise the Kvetchie thread!!!


Sorry for wearing a face mask, but, I'm battling some cooties. I have a sinus infection that decided to break on Monday. I was out of town this weekend, only to start my first day back to work feeling under the weather. Boo.
I really need to sleep, but, I need to get something in my tummy first.

kvetch: my momma's mood swings. I think it is my cue to be persistant with moving out this Fall if possible. I'm using my frustration to channel energy towards finding work following my internship. I have an interview this month for a position I don't think I have a flying chance of getting, but, I will try anyway. Either way, I need to turn up the heat and be proactive with finding work. I do not want to keep complaining about something I know won't change so I need to move for my own sanity!

*~*~*passes cranberry & Vodka's around*~*~*

(((Damona & Syb)))
(((((((stargazer)))))))) sinus infections suck. i (sort of) feel your pain. i've had a cold that mostly consists of a stuffy nose and endless sneezing. and good luck with your momma.

*sips at her vodka and cranberry* oooh, yummy! *raises glass* to stargazer!

syb, i hear ya about the glasses, too. this is my first new pair in 4 years. i haven't been able to drive much for the last year because i couldn't read the signs. at all. hooray for new laptops! i adore mine smile.gif

c'mon, y'all, jump in, anytime!

i got a new pair of shoes today, from the boy's mama. they're comfy slip ons. kind of goofy looking, but comfy counts more lol.

we're going to go visit my bgp tonite, a bunch of us are piling into my giant suv and heading to illinois to surprise her with a cake for her birthday. should be fun smile.gif thank goodness for teenage girls who are willing to babysit for 10 bucks and all the snacks and movies they want!

having a discussion with the boy via text about the relative merits of Sikhism. interesting.

i discovered today that i've lost 8 pounds. yes! *happy dance*

who's next?

so. i think i'm done with FB. ideally, i wish i could return to the boards, but in its current inception, i personally don't want to be the caliber poster i was before.

i want moderators.
i want a troll-less environment.
i want pictures re-enabled.
i want a delete option beyond a set time window.
i want, in writing, reasons for member suspension or expulsion SPELLED OUT so there's no confusion. including steps to be taken before the last-resort of suspension.

i think if debbie or whomever oversees the boards could, for the benefit of busties and BUST-ers alike, comply with the above, the Lounge would again be the swinging femme gin-joint we all knew and loved.

do you (collective "you") think can we do this? can we come to the table with a number of cooling-off months under our belts and actually turn it around?

x-posting with the FB...

cocl, i most certainly hope that we can have our Lounge, and eat it, too. i miss the crazy rockin', jumpin' old lounge.

i can't believe it's 5am and i've been up since 9am. i am loopy.

i was absconded with, earlier. it was awful. i was dragged to multiple bookstores. and i only had $20 i could spend. cruel and unusual punishment, i tell you. i didn't even care that by the time we got to the food court i only had 2 bucks for dinner. all the books i had to leave behind were tugging at my heart strings.

on the plus side, last night (wait, what day is it... friday. ok, so wednesday night) the mr, the boy, and the chick friend and i went to go visit bgp for her birthday. she'd had a bad day, so we picked up a cake and some munchies and dropped in. good food, good booze, good friends and good conversations. after we got home there was also good smoke, good sex, and more conversation. it was an all around great night.
Sounds like a good time damona! I need more nights like that. Ever since the last 18 months or so of the Ph.D I have been a hermit and I am only now starting to realise how much I cut myself off. Now of course I have less money to spend on socialising and I feel bad re-connecting with friends and expeecting them to buy every round... blink.gif None of us tend to socialise much at home unfortunately.

SG, I too am in (another) period of transition and need to find a new job. I love this one but my contact expires next month and there is no chance of renewal, so I am frantically applying for work in my field. Best of luck with your interview; don't be so quick to write off your chances! I always reckon once you have an interview you're in with a shot anyway.

I am working from home and listening out for my laptop delivery... although knowing the post here I expect it to arrive at the very last posited date. Still excited though. Also, thus far, there's been less 'working' and more pissing about the internet...

COCL: I think it's worth another shot with TPTB, but I am also cynical enough to not expect much, if I'm honest. Saying that, most of the requirements you list are do-able; only the t****s are beyond our (initial) control, but effective moderators could significantly reduce any who pop up. Adjusting settings such as delete options and picture settings should be straightforward enough; what would be harder is getting said statement regarding member suspension (which remains extraordinary and should never have happened--so again, I don't expect a 180 on that I'm afraid) and finally selecting a longterm moderating team which TPTB approves.

All of which is to say: I'll support agreed-upon action, but lack the psychic energy to contribute further, if I'm honest. This place continues to be important to me but the persistently hands-off approach of Debbie et al doesn't seem likely to change.
I'm listening to thunder roll around the city while my cats hide in fear and the boy sleeps thru it all. We both took today off so he celebrated by staying up all night with a Dungeons & Dragons marathon. I was going to color my hair today but the rain has made me change my mind. I'll get to it this weekend.

Star - you know we are in very miuch the same boat. Job searching is so depressing. And I think many of the agencies will wait until the state budget is announced in July to make any major hiring decisions. sad.gif

COCL - I've recently sworn off FB games. They take up too much time that I could use to read a book or pick up my crochet or study, study, study. I'm not ready to swear off the whole site although I understnad the temptation. I cannot keep up with the application changes and the privacy settings. It's annoying. As for Bust, I was mostly off for awhile. I was on Internet overload & this was the easiest for me to break from. But I missed it. I was recently annoyed when I read where Debbie made the crack that social network sites (or was she just talking about FB?) were like girls passing notes in school. It just seemed rude coming after the big blow up here.

Syb - *sigh* I miss having money for new clothes. I miss having a real paycheck.
That quote from Debbie (via Jezebel) was specific to women-dominated and/or boards defining themselves as feminist, from what I remember. Rude is right.

Eh, whatevs. No offense to other crafters but sod her: hope she's happy with her knitting.
D, that sounds like an awesome time!

Syb, being at the entry level of any field, getting oneself known as well as recognized is a lot of work out of the gates from school. I knew that going upon entering doctoral school; however, it is the feeling of being a newbie that, well, sucks. The other trainee said it best when she said going from place to place felt like being the new kid at school over and over again. I cannot wait until I can feel settled in my career. Here's hoping you find a position soon!

kitten, thanks for the encouragement! I think there are a lot of jobs in the field, but, I'm learning that one needs to expand one's horizons in order to find work. I'll let you know if I hear of any positions for you.

QUOTE(kittenb @ May 7 2010, 07:40 AM) *
And I think many of the agencies will wait until the state budget is announced in July to make any major hiring decisions. sad.gif

Good point! I didn't realize the state budget does not go through until July. It makes sense why my site has not created any new positions yet. They are working on a contract with the county right now so we will see what happens. If this interview does not bear fruit, then I'm hoping maybe something will at my current site. I keep plugging away applying to places all over.

*~*~*sending job vibes for Syb and Kitten*~*~*

cocl, I think Syb put it eloquently about the TPTB situation. Actually, I've given up on having any expectations with them. It seems like they are focused on this blog of theirs, which is horrible btw. If they wanted skilled writers, then they should've used some of the Lounge posters with more insight and wit in their writings. I do not use the FB group because I like my anonymity through the Lounge. I can handle the limitations of this public forum. I rather take a minute to be more thoughtful in my post than wish for an edit option to delete an entire post housr, days, or months later. I kinda found the deleting of posts later to be rather passive aggressive, but, that's my own view. Hopefully, I didn't offend you with that last statement. In the end, it would be great to have you back posting here if you feel comfortable.

kvetch: I've noticed that I've been having extreme bouts of loneliness in the past 3 months. It is sporadic and doesn't last long, but, it has been happening. Eh.

(((Syb, Damona, cocl, and kittenb)))
Hello all!

Just popping in - I'm listening to a new exercise playlist I just made on itunes, currently some Blink 182 but there's quite a mix going on that I'm happy about.

It's a dreary day here so the dog and I are staying in other than a quick pop out to get my eyebrows waxed (ouch). It always seems to be middle-aged european woman with scary eyebrows doing the waxing. It always makes me nervous but seems to have worked out okay.

Othewise it will be laundry, playing computer games and maybe another workout (did 45 min on the treadmill already, but I'm excited about my new music).

I was not really involved with the blow-up here a few months ago, but I miss the bust boards. I've not found anywhere else with such cool women.
i'm being totally lazy today. i haven't done anything but sit at the computer desk. well, i mean, i fed the kids and that sort of thing lol but... youall know what i mean!

the boy's friend is home on leave from the army, so i'm hopefully going to see him later, but i'm not going to hold my breath.

there is seriously nothing going on today.

you know, i don't think i ever used the edit function. and i don't think i ever deleted posts. i tend to figure that if i post something, it's public property, so i consider carefully what i'm going to put out there. just my .02.

being back online has made my ADD worse. lol. i started this post awhile ago but got distracted by other web pages. sheesh.
syb- i know, wishful thinking, right? i don't think anyone has the psychic energy to fight tbtb anymore, esp. since there's a large preference for fb amongst busties.

kittneb- that's how i felt about this place, too; the blow up here was a nice catalyst for me not to OD on the internets anymore.

damona/stargazer- re: the delete function. it's not so much i feel the need to censor my words later, it's more of about the cyclical bouts of paranoia where i think, gosh, could someone ID me based on some obtuse comment i make? b/c anonymity it a prime reason that this place allows such a free flow of ideas.

anyway, i'm not going to belabor the point, but i've decided to get off fb. i'm still keeping this account, and i may/may not post, but i'll still have access to PM's.
So I am off to a job interview today. I was more excited about the job before I learned a little more about the company but I decided to go anyway. The job is interesting although it involves a lot more travel than I am used to (meaning, any. I'm a public transit girl and this job would require a car.) When I woke up this morning I was edgy and stiff. I think the cat slept on my back all night or something. So I decided to work out outside for a change and went for a long & brisk walk. I never do that anymore because my feet hurt much more when I do fast walking but they have been healing. I'll know how they survived once I stand up again, I guess. rolleyes.gif I want new, non-plantar fascitis feet.

missJoy - homework overload inititated a laundry crisis. I don't know that I will ever catch up at this point.

Have a good week all!
*~*~*job vibes for kittenb*~*~*

kvetch: This sinus infection is still kicking my ass. Seriously, I want to feel back to somewhat normal.

kvetch2: I've been having heart palpitations and I think it might be related to caffeine in the coffee. sad.gif

kitten, how did the interview go?

cocl, i sure hope you stick around!

~*~*~*~get better vibes for stargazer~*~*~*~*~

the laundry pile in my house is, i swear, taller than i am. of course, the washing machine has been broken for months, and i've been hauling all my laundry over to the boy's apartment. pain in the ass, even if he does just live around the corner. dragging 6 peoples laundry over to someone elses place is a huge undertaking, especially if you miss a couple days. ugh.

stayed up far too late last night, eating vegan brownies and too sweet coffee, discussing the political climate of the u.k., whether hydrogen cars really are in our near future, and the economic futures of france vs. germany. it was a very interesting evening. but it lasted til 5am, and now i'm all out of sorts.
kittenb, yeah, how did the interview go?

Hi D! biggrin.gif

kvetch: When immaturity and insecurity hit the fan, I try to maintain cool, but, get all stabby thoughts.

antikvetch: Thank goodness for the Lounge so I can purge these vile thoughts in such a public forum. biggrin.gif

antikvetch: It is Friday!

And with Friday goes.......
undie report: brown bra and black underwear
mmm... plain rice for dinner. actually not being sarcastic, i love plain white rice. just a touch of butter and salt.

nothing much of any excitement around here today. blah.

undie report: none! tongue.gif just totally not feelin the restrictions today lol
Hey all... I'm down at my dad's place in the countryside so have been more or less offline for a few days, and I have to say I like it. I didn't want to totally abandon kvetch though! smile.gif

Now that teaching has finished I am under far less pressure at the uni. I'm trying to gear up towards writing a new critical essay though so am trying to clear space (head and time) to do that, while continuing to apply for jobs.

Kitten, when will you hear from the place that interviewed you? I too am a public transport user and would have to seriously think about any job which required me to drive.

SG, I get stabby thoughts for no good reason... often when I am on the aforementioned public transport! Purge away.

Damona, your evenings sound like great fun, sleep deprivation hangover notwithstanding.

I just finished brunch which today included tomatoes and olive oil, toast with egg and mustard, a heated leftover slice of takeaway pizza and a punnet of raspberries. Awesome.
blah. i am so... bored, i guess. tired, too. just generally dragging around. can't find anything interesting to do, or anyone i really want to talk to or even anything i want to read. it's one of those days where i'm annoying myself b/c i just don't know what to DO. *grumble*

syb, your brunch sounded delish smile.gif i have to go grocery shopping tonite, after little d's therapy. tomatoes sound tasty... i hope i can find some decent ones.

the boy's army buddy is getting married today. is it awful of me that i kind of hope he doesn't go to the party tonite? it's just that i know there will be drinking and drugs and debauchery, and, while i love him dearly, he doesn't always make the best choices. it scares me when he goes to parties like this. am i just being controlling or paranoid or whatever? sometimes i think i am, but then i think of some of the stories i've heard... *sigh* i dunno.
Hello all.
My job interview went well but it was definitely for a job I did not want. Too much case management, no health insurance. Back to the drawing board for me.
Currently, I am at a conference for my internship. I've attended this event before with my old job & I alwaya learn something new. Today was a seminar on emotional & psychological trauma. Tonight, of course, it homework for school. Soooooo close to being done.

Reading about the various food items has made me hungry. Lunch was terrible! Dry chicken & unappealing veggies. So tonight will be good burgers and tasty fries. smile.gif
Happy Friday all! It is warm and sunny here, for once, so I am using the weather as an excuse to go for a walk soon... before returning to correcting essays. I plan to have them all done by tonight. I am also avoiding Lost and now Grey's Anatomy spoilers... GA is usually my fluffy viewing but it seems something major has happened, so now I'm intrigued. Hopefully they killed off Shepherd's sychophantic PA and Avery got it on with Christina...

With you at the jobs drawing board kitten... but any interview experience is good, I think!

Damona, did your dude go to the party? My mister and I tend to give each very long leashes (within monogamy)and I always figure that people aren't there for me to try and change them... but then again it depends if you have to deal with any sort of aftermath to his attending parties like these, in which case it becomes your problem too. Hope everything is okay post-party!

Looking forward to a chilled weekend once these essays are done. Today's knicker report: black undies with a pink ribbon and no brar as I am working from home. (I must have typed that sentence so many times on kvetch: what can I say, when a bra is not necessary I don't tend to wear one.)
damona, sounds like you are just past all of that partying type of stuff. Did you find anything to entertain you and get you out of your boredom?

kittenb, sorry to hear about the job interview. At least, you were able to get the practice in with the interviewing skills.

syb, so glad to hear you are a GA AND Lost fan! We will have lots to dish about in the threads. WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT GREYS!

kvetch: As the result of said GA epi, I was up late working on a presentation. I've come to the realization that I cannot work at the last minute like I used when I was in my early/mid 20s. Me tired!

antikvetch: I have an interview on Monday for a position that sounds good on paper. I hope this site lives up to its expectations. If not, I have another interview coming up. I will need major vibeage on Monday. If anything else, I hope I can land a post doc by June. I would really hate for this thing to drag out all summer. sad.gif

Undie report: white bra and black underwear

as it turned out, i was getting myself all het up for nothing. the wedding ended up getting called off (long story, she was in it for the extra $$), and we all hung out in a group that night.

stargazer, i think you are right, i really am past the staggering-drunkenly-around type of party. i like to chill out with a couple friends, smoke up a bit, have interesting discussions... that's my kind of party lol.

syb, the boy has some physical issues that result from his drinking too much (he used to be on dialysis), but he still chooses to overindulge on occasion. and then for the next 3 days he's hurting and pissing blood and just generally ill. i know i can't make his choices for him, but it hurts me to see him hurting himself.

i don't think i really explained this, so... the boy is my boyfriend of almost a year and a half, and was one of my closest friends for a year before that. mr damona and i have had a polyamorus relationship for a very long time. the boy is also 20, which makes him 10 years younger than i. we've never said we were monogamous, but it's been more than a year since either of us was with anyone else (except me being with the mr). it's not just a physical thing, there is real love on all sides, and they are both my best friends.

all that said, i sometimes get those awful "nobody really loves me" feelings, and get myself all freaked out. i also have had a long struggle with jealousy, but that is, i think, directly related to my insecurities, because once i get comfortable with the idea, i'm don't go nuts anymore.

sorry this was kind of mememe, but i figured, what the hell, lay it all out there.
hey, my account still works! yay!

so relieved to see this thread hasnít completely died. Iíve wanted to check in for ages, but I've been too afraid that no one will be here. And I know Iím one of the ones who jumped ship - thanks to the antics of TPTB - and contributed to others jumping ship. So, kudos to you guys for keeping the kvetch fires burning.

I so canít stand FB. mad.gif I get sucked in so I can stalk and keep tabs on people like my brother & sister and cousins-who-annoy-me. Which is ridiculous. I feel like such an old fuck Ö ďwhatever happened to writing emails?Ē instead of ďwhatever happened to picking up the goddamn phone?Ē FB is such a cursory method of keeping in touch, which I guess has itís good points. At least itís a form of touching base.

I deleted a bunch of people yesterday. testing to see who notices, if anyone, hee.

I miss the freedom of bust Ė not having to always watch what I say in case it gets back to one of my husbandís crap cousins or my kid's friends' mothers. *serious eye roll* even with all this computer time on my hands, I have zero patience for FBís privacy controls. I'm toying with the idea of deleting everyone except busties.

k. enough anti-FB ranting.

Iím doing really well. very much cancer-free, despite being MORE afraid of the cancer coming back now than I was when I was initially diagnosed, go figure. (my beloved breast surgeon told me yesterday, ďstop worrying, stop trying to control everything, and LIVE YOUR LIFE! Leave the worrying to me.Ē) finally losing last year's chemo weight, exercising & even working out with my brother, the personal trainer.

i'm back to having hair issues. (yes, the world is back to its correct tilt now, hee!) it's better than being bald, tho.

Getting ready to send the kidlet off to college. Heís graduating at the end of june. Ack. I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around this. Like every other parent in the universe, Iím torn between being really really happy for him, knowing heís going to have a fabulous time Ö and being really really sad about not having him home every day.

Would love to know how everyone else is doing, because, yes, I am FB-challenged and have a hard time equating bust names with real names. but also because this place was always about honest, heart-warming touching-bases. *heart*

i don't just miss the freedom of bust, i miss busties & bustlandia.

Is anyone still LJ-ing?

(((damona, syb, kitten, catlady, star, missjoy)))
(((((((Mando))))))) So awesome to see you here! Glad to hear all continues well with you and your hair. I cannot believe himself is away to college, you must be so proud!

I hear you on FB... I totally compartmentalise everything there and refuse to add people who I know are just adding me for the numbers, who I don't really know anymore. Unfortunately enough people I care about are there, otherwise I'd quit--I may do that anyway if the privacy messing doesn't stop. It's a totally different environment without the safety net of relative anonymity and I am much more careful about posting there. I am still LJing, tho it's a little quieter there too.

I am good, finished my PhD and have been teaching in a good department in a university for the last year which has been awesome. Unfortunately my contract ends so I am on a (so far unrewarding) job hunt which has me a little anxious. Still domestically ensconced with the mister and the now very hip(but still lovely) Resident Teen.

Lovely to see you, you should stick around!


So good to see the blue again! smile.gif

Vent away, baby!

I had the interview on Monday for a position in the fall. It is a phenomenal program. I'm anxious about being rejected. Trying to stay positive. Vibes would be nice!

kvetch: Waiting to hear either yay or nay from the place I interviewed at this week.

antikvetch: I have another interview lined up.

How's everyone else?

((((Mando, Syb, Damona, and kittenb)))
*peep* hello, I'm just stopping in again too although I left for the same reasons as so many others, but happy that folks are keeping the community's heart beat.

i'm glad your health and spirits are up Mando, and yes I'm still (very occasionally) on LJ. (not sure if you would remember me though - I was at that party you held a few years back. I decided to wear the summer/prom dress and my hair was really poufy because of the damned humidity)
Hey, sukouyant! It is great to have you stop by! Come back when you can. smile.gif


:does snoopy dance:
Congratulations Stargazer! You are UNSTOPPABLE, madam!
omg, it's mando!!!!!!!!!!! holy wow, lady, haven't seen you around in ages. and he's off to college? just... wow. so glad you decided to pop back around! ((((((((((mando)))))))))))

sukouyant, welcome back, too!

stargazer! you got the job? rock out with your bad self!

you know, i never got into the facebook thing. it's just not for me, i don't think. too many ppl out there that i don't want to deal with in a relatively public forum, y'know?

been the usual chaos around here. my computer decided to overheat, so i have a little system set up with fans lol. gah, i wish this place had central air. it's the one thing i'm really spoiled about. i must have 7 fans going. one in every room, and 2 in the living room. i have a kinda crappy window unit, but in order to plug it in, i have to unplug everything else in my room, even the lamp. otherwise it trips the breaker. kinda not worth it. but i'm sure at some point i'll give in so that at least upstairs won't be as hot.

been working on some music stuff with the boy. it's been a long time since i really sang. it feels good smile.gif

Sybarite, good to hear all is well. things seem calmer with the teen, too - yay! sending you lots of perfect-job vibes!

Star, sooo happy for you! What will you be doing, and where?

Sukouyant, of course I remember you! Gawd, I canít believe that party was 4 years ago! Good times! I only wish I couldíve spent more time socializing instead of hostessing. *pout*

Damona, how are your little ones? I hear you on hating the heat. Iíve already put the AC on much more than I did last year at this time. Itís only june 2, for chrissakes.

Kvetch: waiting to hear back from the doctor, for the results of my (routine) sonogram. I know itís a good thing, having access to scans Ö early detection, yada yada Ö but itís also sooooo nerve-wracking. Guess Iíd better get used to this.

So good to see you all! We should get more kvetchettes to come back.
*Waves to Mando* Good to see you again!! And it's good to see some activity here. Maybe I can get back into the Bust habit again. I've missed it.

Things have been sucky here. Mom died three weeks ago. She had suffered with Alzheimers for a few years and her body just gave out. I should be very sad, but I'm not because her suffering and confusion are over. Dad went into cardiac arrest and came very close to dying 8 days later when things went horribly wrong during a urinary tract operation. He's out of ICU and the hospital (70 miles from home) and into a few days of hospital rehab (in his hometown) to get some strength back. He's got a great attitude about mom's death, his rehabilitation and the good days ahead. I think he'll be fine. The month of May was cruel; I'm looking forward to good things in June.

OMG, it's been so long that I almost forgot my color code.


((((((((billy))))))))) i'm sorry to hear about your mom, and i hope your dad gets better fast. (((((((billy)))))))

mando, how's it going? did you get your results back? all is well, i hope. ~*~*~*~*~*~happy, healthy vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

my monsters are doing pretty good, they're all huge... Dai is 11, little Z is 9 (tomorrow!), little D is 7, and baby W isn't a baby anymore... he's 5!

Dai is at that stage of outgrowing his shoes about every 3 months, likes his hair long (past his shoulders, now), on the "a" honor roll, and first chair cello in the school orchestra.

little Z just had me shave his head cuz he "wants to be bald". he's my most calm and quiet (but most stubborn!) kiddo. we're homeschooling him next year, b/c the school system is just not doing him any favours.

little D is nearly as tall as Dai, learning to read, and spends as much time as he can outside riding his bike. i've still got him on the gluten and dairy free diet, and he does great as long as we stick to it.

baby W... sorry... little W is a holy terror. the kid never stops moving, unless he's playing a video game (lego star wars is his favourite). he won't let me cut his hair, and he has gorgeous, dark blond, wavy locks, to his waist. can't believe hes starting kindergarten next fall.

so, that's the news from my side of town smile.gif

i was going to post something else, but i forgot. oh well. later.
(((Billy and family))) So sorry to hear your news: so much to cope with at one time. I am glad to hear you (and your dad) sounding so positive for the future though--which is as it should be. I know another bustie lost her mother to Alzheimer's and felt relief for similar reasons. All the best of luck for your dad's (ongoing) recovery.

Miz Mando--yes, all is calmer on the domestic front. I still don't see myself as a natural parental figure but I try to be consistent at least--and I take a lot of me time. Vibes enroute to you for your sonogram results!

SG, such awesome news about the new job: you continue to inspire me! Great to see such good things happening for you.

Busy day at the end of a busy week--but at least now I'm working on my own stuff rather than teaching, which is awesome. Scored a job interview which is encouraging and cheered me up. The weather here has turned warm and sunny; no need for the AC but it makes for a pleasant change.

(Black mesh knickers and nude bra. Happy Friday!)
who would have thought that doing laundry was a serious workout? laugh.gif yesterday, my bgp and i took all the laundry that i haven't been able to keep caught up with (my washer has been broken for months, so i was doing the bare minimum at the boy's place) and we went off to the laundromat. 4 1/2 hours and 60 bucks later, i swore i was going to donate a huge amount of clothes. how many fricken different kinds of white socks can there be? and why is there always an odd one that seems to be a different colour? i have at least a dozen socks that don't match anything. i don't get it. oh, and, the next kid that tells me "mom, i don't have any t-shirts" is gonna get bopped upside the head tongue.gif
Damona, I often seem to lose many a sock. Not sure what happens to them.

Syb, thanks for your support! smile.gif

It is really muggy outside. Part of me wants to go out, but, I have to head out early tomorrow to look for an apartment. I'm having lots of different emotions as I prepare to move again. First things first, I need to find a place to live.

undie report: grey boycut underwear sans bra


*warning - endless bitching ahead*

so. at 4am my 9yo gets up cuz he's hot, and thirsty, and has a sunburn so he's uncomfortable all around. so i put aloe on the back of his neck, which is the most scorched (games day for the last day of school. i forgot to send sunscreen. bad mommy.) as i'm rubbing the aloe in, i notice a little dark spot in his hair. and another. and another. so i pick them out, and guess what it is? no, no, please, guess...

head lice. motherfucking head lice. on the first day of summer vacation. so i think that it's not so bad, i only saw a couple, and i didn't spot any nits or anything, so i picked them out, kinda thought i'd got it before it got too bad, y'know? anyway, it's 4am. so i sent him back to bed, said we'd deal with it in the morning. just in case, i soak my hair in vinegar and braid it wet, as tight as i can.

in the morning, i check him in the sunlight and discover that i was horribly, horribly wrong. and it's not just him. it's all 4 of them. all. 4. kids. and i can't use the chemical shampoo stuff on them, b/c they're all too sensitive. *headdesk* so. out comes the shaver. i laid out the options to the oldest and youngest, who both had really long hair. dai chose to let me (well, our sitter actually did it) buzz him (he had lovely, thick, straight, just below his shoulders dark blond hair) along with little z and little d. little w, however, who hasn't had a haircut in almost 4 years, wanted to keep his long. so we started combing. and combing. and combing.

meanwhile, my husband has panicked and gone to mal-wart, and gotten his head shaved *sob* 15 inches cut off. he looks so weird! so when he gets home, little w takes one look at him and announces "i want to be bald, too!" so i shaved him, too. he had dark blond, silky, wavy/curly, absolutely gorgeous hair that was to his waist. he loved to have me just brush and brush and then braid it for him. i nearly cried when i turned the razor on.

so then i slathered the whole crew in mayonnaise, put shower caps on them, and made them sit with it on for about 3 1/2 hours. i made them help me strip the beds, gather all the pillows and stuffed animals, etc, and haul it all downstairs for a nice hot bleaching. i also got tea tree oil and made a good strong solution and sprayed everything that was soft that i couldn't fit in the washer. thank the gods that my washer got fixed, finally.

i forced the mr to let me order pizza and fries for dinner. we broke into the emergency fund. as far as i was concerned, this was a frickin emergency.did i mention that it was about 95 degrees in my apartment? and so humid that my jeans were soaked from sweat? it was like having a sauna while fully dressed. no fucking way was i going to cook after dealing with all this. of course, i'd lost my purse, and car keys... and totally freaked out and stood in the middle of my living room sobbing, since it was such a hellish day, i really didn't know what else to do. there just didn't seem to be a better option. but i found it in the car and food was had by all.

so i then spend over an hour washing out the mayo, combing their 1/4 inch of remaining hair, scrubbing, combing, scrubbing... i washed each kid 3 separate times. i swear, i don't have any fingerprints left. then i sprayed them all with the tea tree oil solution, just for good measure.

at that point, the mr has left for work and i'm trying to deal with 4 freaked out, overtired kids by myself, and i was so exhausted that i could literally hardly lift my arms, so i called the boy and he came over and helped me remake the beds and get them all tucked in and settled. this was at 11pm. i hadn't sat down for 12 straight hours.

so. that was my horrible day. tomorrow, i get to strip the beds again, bleach everything again, continue combing and checking and washing everything in the frickin house...

if you got this far, thank you for listening to my rant. if you just skipped ahead to read the ending, that's ok too. i feel better for having poured it all out here, even if no one actually reads it. smile.gif or maybe that's the vicodin and mountain dew combo. either way. lol. goodnight!
Hell's Bells Damona that's craaazy..Someone explain to me why a guy didn't suddenly jump out of the closet and yell "Surprise! You're on Candid Camera!" At least you know the worst is over now. I mean it's gotta be.

Billybonka I'm wishing good things for you and your dad.

Sybarite congrats on the job interview. How did it go?

Re heat: it's finally gone down up here - much more spring-like, less terryingly hot.

I just got back from a big much anticipated craft fair and am appreciating the sit down time/recovery. It went really badly, like ultimately to the point of tears in the arms of my ever-loving guy when I could finally let it all out.

It was my first big one and I had worked extra hard to get in after being passed over initially. I invested a wad of cash, time time time making my product, perfecting my display, crossed the border, all full of optimism and (over!!) confidence that I had made something people would want/be interested in, and was just left feeling like a fool. Like what the hell am I trying to do. It was rough on a lot of levels that I won't even go into here. And bitter because I know that I really did my best and still the result was very poor.

Still doing the post-mortem. Thankfully I have a friend to bail me out $$ in the short term so at least that stress is not there and it leaves room for some constructive thinking in my head. Optimism is kicking in now a few days later and I'm taking time to renovate my website, price structures, and applied to a local fair and will apply to another one today. See what happens. Hoping that my "best" can get better. Eye of the tiger! lol
Sukouyant, it's not actually until the start of July so am trying not to think about it until closer to the time, but cheers for your well wishes! I'm sorry things went badly at the craft fair; it's not the same thing but I freelanced for years (journalism) and can empathise with the cycle of pitching your work, putting yourself out there, and then being disappointed. As you say, don't let this setback stop you!

Damona, wow. What a nightmare. Sounds like you dealt with it all superbly; I probably would have lost it when I first found the wee critters. Hope all is well now and that you got to rest and recover from the experience.

I am battling a head cold and working on a book proposal; I want to make the best use of my working-at-home time. It's not hot here but at least the sun is shining...
Oh wow. Lots of hugs to go 'round!

(((suko))) Sorry to hear about the craft fair.

*~*~*Get Well Soon Vibes for Syb*~*~*

(((Damona))) I hope things have quieted down for you.

So, I found a place and got approved for it. It is hard to believe I am moving again. It is hard to believe I will be starting a new job. Excited and scared all at once.

((((suk)))) i'm so sorry that the craft fair didn't go well. i hope that things improve for you with your website and all. ~*~*~*~calm and happy vibes~*~*~*~

((((syb)))) i hope you're feeling better. summer colds are the worst. ~*~*~*~feel better vibes~*~*~*~

star, moving is always interesting. and best of luck with your new job! when does that start? ~*~*~*~sanity in moving vibes~*~*~*~*

so far so good. no signs of the creepy little crawlers coming back. my bald little children still weird me out a little. dai and little w both look so much older with all their hair gone. it's just odd. i'm still doing mountains of laundry (i swear, the stuff multiples when i'm not looking), but the worst seems to have passed *knocks on wood*

we walked to the farmers market today. it was gorgeous out. and i got grass-fed skirt steaks, free-range eggs, 3 quarts of amazing strawberries that were picked this morning, fresh made kettle corn and farmers cheese. not too much in the way of veggies yet, and no cherries sad.gif the orchard owner said the birds beat him to most of them. dang it. plus it was a 2 mile hike, roughly, and we took little d and little w with, so they were good and tired by the time we got home, which was a definite plus.

oh, and, i stepped on the scale this morning and *drumroll please...* i've officially lost 17 pounds in 7 weeks! woo!
Congrats on the weight loss, D! smile.gif

I move this Fall which is also when my position starts.

kvetch: The wind! It got a little scary here with all of the storms. A branch fell off our tree in front of our house and just missed my car. Phew! Thank you car goddesses!

undie report: black bra sans bra right now.

the storms on friday were pretty freaky. (stargazer, i'm so glad the branch missed your car!) i was driving to my mom's and the sky went that creepy greenish/blueish/black that spells "tornado weather". i hit 75mph trying to beat the storm into town. almost made it. just a mile from my mom's the trees went from being normal, straight up trees, to scary things that were bent in half and breaking off around me and i swear, i couldn't see 3 feet in front of me for the rain. *shudders* i love thunderstorms, but that was a bit much for me. oh, and, half the tree over the playground in our backyard split off and is *ahem* still lying on the playground. love the management in this place sometimes...

saturday was my old friend's wedding. known the girl for... 15 years. since my sophmore year. i'm so glad to see her in a healthy relationship, and a happy one, i can't even begin to describe it. i have to say, her family is the huggingest kissingest bunch i've ever known lol.

father's day started off with a whimper, since i kind of overdid the dancing in high heels thing at the wedding, but it was (for once) a pretty calm, cool, peaceful day, just lazing around the house. my bgp stopped by after dropping her girls at camp and we grilled those skirt steaks. yumminess.

(x-posting this part to the mama thread) today... i took my youngest to the dr. there is something wrong with his feet and/or legs. he's been complaining of his legs hurting for months. always at night, after he's been lying down for a couple hours. it's not growing pains, it's been going on too consistently for too long. the other day, i was walking behind him, and i realized that he is walking on the inside of his foot, practically on his ankle bones. he didn't used to walk like that. the dr called it "pronation" and she's concerned because it's usually apparent from the time a child starts walking, not something that suddenly develops. i made an appointment for him to see the ortho, so... i guess we'll just wait and see what he says.

oh goody, we're under a tornado watch again :/ time to get off the computer, i guess.

I kept coming across references to the recent storms in the midwest; glad to hear no-one here was affected directly. I like storms too but yeah, not when they reach havoc-creating proportions.

Thanks for the well-wishes for my cold--it finally ebbed away yesterday and I did manage to get work done through it, which I'm pleased about. I'm writing an academic article on sci-fi TV which is going well (so far: fingers remain crossed); probably because it is so much fun to write! It also keeps me from stressing too much about next year, which is currently somewhat up in the air work-wise. Other than this I have nothing to report: I am (happily, I must admit) being a complete hermit these days.

Damona, I seem to recall an urban myth that says hair grows back stronger once shaved... so your kidlets should have fine heads of hair again soon enough. I hope you get a sound diagnosis for your youngest soon, as well.

'K, must stop procrastinating... /vroom
Congrats on the weight loss Damona. Glad the critters seem to be totally gone.

Star that is really exciting. New job, new home.

Thanks for the perspective Sybarite - your article sounds fascinating. Do you go as far back as that show ...oh god what was it called 2525?...It was like Charlie's Angels, except with cyrogenics and space suits. It'll come to me..But yay for the hermit lifestyle :-)

(Speaking of storms - did anyone else in the North East/Ontario-Ohio just feel that Earthquake?)
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