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Sassy - GREAT news about the offer to do some proposal writing! Excellent!!!

To be honest - I think that technology - mainly facebook and other social networking sites - can sometimes lead to our demise. Without them we wouldn't know about/be able to constantly track what all of our long lost exes, friends, and acquaintances were doing. However, because the internet and these sites make it is so easy to follow people online it seems like a much bigger deal when these old connections seem to be getting 'ahead of us' whether it actually be true or not. As you know, I have already expressed that your ex is probably not as happy/successful/fulfilled as he appears if he is still contacting old flames and 1. he has been asked not to and 2. he should have other things to concentrate on like his own engagement. I know that it is hard to turn it off but sometimes this constant social comparison gets to me too. I find that taking breaks from social sites and email (other than for work) can go a long way toward rectifying these feelings. A break also provides a chance to refocus on the things and people who are TRULY important to us and present participants in our everyday lives.

I don't know what you think about taking a break - other than BUST because we want you around smile.gif - but I think that it may help as it sounds like you do really need to break away from these individuals for your own health.
{{{mando vibes}}}

sassygirl - I agree with what coffeebean said about where your ex might be if he is contacting old gfs even after he got engaged. What is he looking for? What are looking for in getting back in touch with him? Happy hear about the new grant writing oprotunity. Good luck!

I will need some serious peaceful vibes over the Thanksgiving holidays to get through them without killing someone. I am already practicing my relaxation breathing right now.
I honestly don't know. I basically wrote him an email stating that I'm happy he got a Ph.d., but have a nice life and goodbye. I figured that was okay. Then I thought he wouldn't write back. It's strange. I don't want to tell him to fuck off, but it may come down to that. I don't get why he's responding. I agree with coffee, and may take a little break from the social networking especially with the wedding and my engagement. I need to be around people that love me as corny as that sounds. I'm going to talk this out with my couples counselor next week and see what she says. It's odd that all this shit would happen now.

I wouldn't leave BUST though! I need you around.

((Thanksgiving vibes))))

Hi Sassy,

I guess my next qeustion would be: why are YOU still responding or responding at all? To be honest, it sounds as though you are BOTH writing each other for a particular reason or to fulfill a particular need. For example, instead of ignoring your ex's initial attempt to contact you out of the blue - his email did evoke both good and bad feelings in you (see crush and letters threads) and you felt compelled to write back to let him know that you were engaged almost to have a one up on his other accomplishments. Unfortunately that backfired when you found out that he was engaged as well and left you feeling worse than before.

Additionally, given that this ex has been contacting you - again even though he has been asked not to and he is engaged himself - I don't really think that it is reasonable to 1. be surprised that he wrote back or 2. expect him to not respond to an email that was essentially saying goodbye. It sounds as though it is important for both of you to 'get the last word.' Given that's not possible - could you walk away without further contact? What would that mean to you if you did?

I definitely don't want to come off as harsh as I have not been around all that long but ultimately this situation doesn't sound healthy for you or your relationship with your fiance (screw what it is doing to your ex and his relationship). None of us want you to be hurt any further. Perhaps working through some of these questions with your counsellor would be helpful. Just my .02. I wish you the best with this. (((Sassy)))
Sorry to hog thread:

I just wrote my ex back. It was sort of a form of a break up letter basically telling him that I didn't need him, and please quit writing me. It was sort of bitchy b/c I did mention he was in my past, but can no right to be in my life anymore. I feel bad for telling people to fuck off, and I do believe that he's still trying to hold on to his past. I mean college was a decade ago. I just hope I don't run into him, because he teaches at a local university here. I'm just so happy that I have Mcgeek and not him. Life works in strange ways sometimes.

I'm also going to take a break from social networks for awhile. I miss human connection. Conversations.
Besides all the social networking sites are depressing the hell out of me.


Hey gang! Just stopping by to do 2 things.

1. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( all the hugs in the universe x 100 for our Mandikins ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

2. Just wanted y'all to know I'm not dead. The power cord for my netbook has stopped working, so I can't use it until my new cord arrives (hopefully in a few days). On top of that, our internet connection has been flakey, so even during the day when I had access to Sheff's computer, I still can't reliably get on-line! It's not so terrible in the grand scheme of things, but it keeps me out of touch with my beloved Busties. And that makes me unhappy.

(((((((Mucho lovinz for CH, Kitten, Sassy, Ketto, Seven, Sybarite, Futura, Tree, CCGirl, QSpice, and on and on and on!)))))))))

((((welcoming hugs for our newbies - coffeebean, pants, and anyone else I may have missed))))

Pretty great weekend! Crashed and hung out on Friday, and then had a very good puppy training class on Saturday.

My first bridal party went so successful! I was so worried that none of the bridesmaids/cool chicks would get along.
We had a huge potluck at my house, and got to see some great friends. Mike was there but mainly controlling the dog. We also used it as a training experience to get her socialized around people.

I'll also be working out some feelings about the ex in therapy tonight. Coffeebean, I don't consider you to be harsh b/c perhaps you're right. I'm just trying to sort thru this all.

Small kvetch: Parents. My mother bitching at me about how she hated "Up." I think it caused her to deal with her own age bracket and other things in her life that are beyond her control. I also talked about getting Mcgeek a smart phone(Droid maybe) b/c my father bitched about me using too many minutes. I thought Mcgeek and I could be on the same plan. I believe that this has to do with the wedding, and not the damn smart phone. Whatev. I don't think they want to realize I'm growing up.

sassygirl - I am so glad to hear that you had fun at your bridal party. biggrin.gif Why would your father care about your cell phone minutes?

rv - nice to see you hear again. You do realize, don't you, that you were the last Kvetcher to discover FB so if this thread dies a slow and painful death I am pretty sure it will be all your fault, right? Okay, just checking. wink.gif

Hello coffeebean!

This week has been ROUGH! I lost my cell phone and learned that my phone company no longer sells my kind of phone. Damn you PALM! Make me fall in love with your product and now make it impossible for me to replace it. And damn you AT&T for giving me a good enough plan that I don't feel like switching to Sprint so I can keep my PALM Centro. You both suck. mad.gif
runs in

Needs puppy vibes for Bailey. He's back in heart failure again from last night.

runs out
{{{{{comforting vibes for sassy and bailey}}}} sad.gif
(((sassy))) I hope that all goes well with the pup!

(((kitten))) sounds like you have had a bad week. Perhaps some rest and relaxation is just what you need. Will you be able to take some time for you this coming weekend. It is thanksgiving right? An extra day off sounds like it is much needed.

My mantra for this week: Thesis, thesis, thesis! Gah. It is such a bummer to have to buckle down and produce.

I hope that all kvetchies are doing well. I know that I am relatively 'new' here but have been a long time lurker and it definitely seems quiet in here when compared to months past. I know that many of you are on facebook now but I must admit that I'm not on facebook and like the relative anonymity of BUST because I can't share some of things I would share here on facebook with the other women in my life smile.gif

Good Morning!!!

((((((((sassy)))))))) ~*~*~*~*~*bailey vibes~*~*~*~*~* slurppy licks from Em.

(((((kitten)))))) Did you ever find your phone? May I recommend a crackberry?!? They are GREAT! I loves me my crackberry.


(((((coffeebean)))))) So glad you are contributing!!! I have a love hate relationship with crackbook. There are things I just will not post on crackbook.


there is really not much going on here. Managed to fight off a cold that the fuzz gave me.
Afternoon/Night ladies!

Update: Bailey has heart failure again. We just got an update though, and he's eating/drinking again. He tends to bounce back pretty quickly, and his kidneys look good. Athens was pretty, but I overate and got into a fight with Mcgeek about money. He told me he may have to dip into our wedding money b/c of Bailey. I really don't want to do that, but we may have to. Then we talking about me working again, and then I saw an article on Georgia's shitty unemployment. It ended up with me feeling pretty grumpy the rest of the day. Bleh.
Kvetch: Our lawn guy is being way too loud, and I have a headache right now! sad.gif
Anti-kvetch: Got the new Michael Buble cd in the mail from my parents!

((kitten))) Mcgeek and I are thinking of getting those new Droid phones for Christmas. My Verizon is about to bite the dust, and I miss not being able to look up directions and such in the car. I love the IPhones, but hate AT&T.
((coffeebean))) Glad you're here!
((ch)) Yay for beating the cold!

Hate to hog thread again.

Kvetch: Not an vet update yet. I'm getting concerned, and got very depressed about putting him down today which lead to thinking about other pets in my life. Ugh!
Kvetch: Due to Kvetch 1 we have no money.
Kvetch: Wedding stress and PMS

Anti-kvetch: I'm heading out of the house to catch a flick.


Undies:: Blue.
*coffeebean sticks head in a looks around sheepishly*

wow it is really quiet in here. I guess that could be good or bad. I hope that everyone is well and had a good weekend. I personally caught up with some girlfriends with some much needed good food and girlie movies. It was so much fun! Now back to reality and back to work.

Toodles smile.gif
I feel like I killed the thread.... sad.gif
Naaaa Sassy. it's jut quiet in here.

I do feel the same in okayland.

How's Bailey?? (((((sassy)))))

Hey Coffee!! (((((coffee))))

As always, I don't have a whole lot going on. Spent Saturday with PR Boy, sunday with a friend, my car died on Sunday but good news, it's just the battery!!! YAY!

that is all.
culture....sorry to hear about the car. I am glad that everything turned out though. It sucks when cars are a necessary part of life but such a money grab. Thanks goodness for extended warranties smile.gif Your weekend sounds wonderful safe the car stuff.

So I'm an aunt now. My step-sis delivered a healthy 6+ lb. baby boy this morning. I think she named him Connor. I guess it is time for me to stop being in denial that she is pregnant, huh? I have to say, The Geek is getting less and less excited about visiting my family for Thanksgiving but he is just going to have to deal. I need him there! I am also glad that she delivered before Thanksgiving so I can see the baby while I am home w/o having to make a special trip. She is living with her mothers at the moment, as is her sperminating idiot. I swear, if I ever knew his name, I think I blocked it out. I'm going to have to remember before I go home. I just know what to expect, some 18 y/o who slouches into oversized clothes and grunts more than speaks. Yay. My mom keeps telling me to be nice. I promise to try.

In other news, I am almost done with my semester! I have a 6-8 page final paper to write today. It is all reflection so I think it will be quick to get down once I care enough to start writing it.

Sassy - What is the latest on Bailey?

Culturehandy - Lets hear it for simply solved car problems!

Hello Coffeebean!
Kittenb, be nice I guess. Sounds like Thanksgiving should be interesting to say the least! Yay for being done with the semester!

We finally got Bailey home yesterday. I've never seen Mcgeek so upset. We ended up buying a Wii game to blow shit up(it's the Lego Batman one but it's cute) because I was so scared the poor dog was going to die. I wasn't used to having him there an extra day in the hospital. He'd been there since last Weds. I know it's just a dog but we were very worried. He seems better now. They put him on yet another drug (another diaretic). That dog is on six drugs!

I was going to go see Al Gore speak tonight (he's hawking his latest book), but I'm too damn tired. We had to take two 3-4 hour trips to Athens this past weekend and I'm just exhausted. Thanks so much for all the busty vibes. They helped.

CH, good news about the car!

I'm looking forward to having Thanksgiving family free. Mcgeek and I and the animal house.

Anti-kvetch: off to watch Glee.
Congrats kitten!

(((sassy))) I think anyone who has a pet knows that it's never "just" a dog. They really are family.

CH, yay for having a warranty!

Can I get some "put on a happy face and don't let this fucker see how much you hate him" vibes? I have to go meet with a prof that have a true, passionate hatred for to talk about my essay. I also just noticed that he has said that it's impossible to have an essay "stand" on just four or five references. Actually, fucker, it is possible. In fact, most of my profs require that we don't reference at all because they want to hear our opinion and not the opinion of some scholar.
Good Morning!!

Coffee, I'm with you on that! (((coffee)))

(((((kitten))))) I hope your turkey day goes well!

(((((sassy))))) I'm with ccg, as someone who has had dogs fairly consistently since I was 4, they are members of the family. They are wonderful additions. I'm glad that puppers is back at home. *slurpy kisses from Em*

(((((ccg))))) you can do it!!! Put on a happy face, then kick something after.

So, I got my car back and all is well! Picked it up yesterday and had a better battery put in. Went for a walk with the dog, soaked my piercings, then seriously fell asleep at 7 and slept right through to the alarm this morning.

Now I must eat. FOOD!
Happy Thanksgiving American Busties!!!!
Happy T-Day to my U.S. busties!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow American Busties. I hope that today is a wonderful day and you fall asleep after eating turkey and pumpkin pie smile.gif
I've been away from Kvetch too long. Bad me.

Kvetch: We have no mayonnaise with which to make day-after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches and going to a store on Black Friday sounds like the ninth circle of hell to me. We're also low on toilet paper, though, so I may have to take one for the team.

How's the family visit going, kitten?

Yay for Bailey being home, sassy! Do they know what's causing this problem?

Thanksgiving was good. Went to cousin's/boss's house. I made two kinds of stuffing (yuefie's sausage & apple and a shrimp/bacon/collard greens one) that came out really good and a Nutella-banana pie. I was supposed to make the soup, too, but it was taking too long and we had to leave without it. I'll make it today, though. I'm not sure what to do with butternut squash soup for 20 people, but it'll freeze. Anyone who wants to stop by for some is more than welcome. smile.gif The highlight of the night was when my grandmother tried to set up humanist, who is in a committed relationship, with my cousin's brother-in-law. He's one of those people you try to avoid- he's a jazz musician, mostly does weddings. He's very talented and all, but the guy doesn't stop self-promoting for a minute and is just annoying as hell. Not to mention the fact that he's 20 years older than humanist. Anyway, during the meal he pretty much dominated the conversation at our table and boasted that he was named one of Chicago's most eligible bachelors (cousin's husband, his own brother, can't stand him, and says he hasn't been able to find any proof of this) and my grandmother says, "humanist, did you hear that? He's one of Chicago's most eligible bachelors!" "Um, and I live with my boyfriend who I love." "Oh, that doesn't matter." She was being dead serious and we laughed and laughed. While the brother-in-law sat there awkwardly. God, we're such bitches. laugh.gif When you mention stuff like that, though, you're just asking for ridicule.

Then LeBoy and I went to Thanksgiving, part 2 at his aunt's house. My cousin said next year, his family should just come to our dinner. I agree. This two-meal crap is getting old. Especially since we race out of my family's thing as soon as dessert is over to do his family and we pretty much eat dinner and everyone leaves at like 8:30....I was half-tempted to drive back out to my cousin's house, where people would be hanging around, socializing for another 2 hours. rolleyes.gif
polly, who needs may when you can have a hot turkey sandwich with gravy? However, as a mayo devotee I can understand the disappointment.
Foodgasm pictures!
I thought I'd pop in and rescue kvetch from obsolescence with a Friday knickers report: beige mesh boyshorts and no brar as am working from home.

I have not posted here in an age but have been following events elsewhere in the lounge. Life IRL has been fantastically busy, as usual, but I get a good long break over christmas and hope to go away in the New Year, so I just need to muddle through next week and I'm done. Still love my job teaching which sustains me enormously. I am looking forward to 2010 though: 2009 was bloody hard work.

Happy Friday all!
Awesome syb!

Knickers: Boring white ones.

Technology kvetches today.
Kvetch 1: My phone broke into pieces last night. Mcgeek and I are going to get Droid phones tonight! Yay!
Kvetch 2: I was trying to send an application for a job I really wanted, and it kept going thru blank on their end as a pdf file. I ended up snail mailing the damn thing b/c I couldn't get to the office in time. I missed the deadline, and probably lost the job.
Anti-kvetch: It's really cold tonight, so I'm making cottage pie. smile.gif
Sammy has had a relapse and is in the hospital again this morning. Liver and kidney functions are not good. Sigh. Just two weeks ago his liver was looking good.
oh no billy, I hope they can get him fixed up and home soon.
(((Billy)) (((Sammy)))
****pet vibes******
Sammy is back home, eating and drinking. The vet doesn't know why he stopped this time, but it's serious business. If it keeps happening, it's not fair to Sammy to put him through that ringer over and over. There's nothing fair about this whole affair.

It looks to me like Bust is on life support these days. Is social networking the force that's causing this? Not being a social networker and only a marginal Buster, I could soon be SOL. It's pretty freaking sad when two of the last four posts are from ME! This has been part of my life for 10 years. Sigh.
I don't think Bust is on life support. Kvetch might be. It has been slow in here, much of that b/c of FB.

It isn't fair that Sammy is doing poorly. I am very sorry to hear this. sad.gif

I think I am off to bed now. Have a nice night everyone!
I'm sorry to hear about Sammy, Billy. Of course it's not fair.

Coming up to 9 years for me... I don't plan on going anywhere and I think a lot of people are sticking around. Kvetch is slow though.

Keep us posted on how things are going...
(((((((((((Billie and Mrs. Billie))))))))))))))))))))
Billy, some of us have been uncomfortable posting much on Bust since some shit went down with a moderator a couple of weeks ago. That's the reason why I'm not around as much lately. I can tolerate the occasional tr*ll, but when the people who run this place suspended the account of a regular member of the community it really shocked me. The head moderator said that there will be some new rules around here, but I haven't heard anything yet. At any rate, the who situation has been really unsettling to me. Maybe I'll get over it eventually and start posting here regularly again, but right now I'm kinda keeping my distance.
Merry Christmas, my friends. Be safe and be happy.
**Jaila cautiously enters after a loooong absence...**

Hellooo? How is everyone? Merry Christmas and happy various other hols! Been a big year for me, J and I got married (twice! Once was in Italy) and now we're pregnant! Meaning, of course, that *I* am pregnant, although if there were ANY OTHER WAY...

Hope all is well and everyone is safe and happy.
I don't think Bust's on life support either. I frequent a lot of other threads besides Kvetch, and it's business as usual. Like others said, it prolly has to do with FB, but a lull in this thread shows immediately, 'cos it moves so friggin fast yo.

I got the rest of the week off, so i'm here typing with a nice cuppa. Got some drawing to do. I'm hosting a aprty tomorrow evening, so i have to do some shopping as well. Rake in the bubbly and all that.

So, if i don't check in here before the new year, i wish you all a very merry NYE, see you on the other side!

Jaila! * waves * Now there's a name from way back when! Congrats on the marrying and the pregnancy!! (I used to be sonic/sonik)
Welcome back Jaila. I don't remember you from before but it always nice to see people return.

Hello Futura. I had last week off. Going back to work yesterday was difficult! I'm at that phase where I probably need to get done with the holidays and resume my regular schedule. Due to a mix up with my school, I have no classes until March. It will then be totally crazy busy.

At the moment I am absolutely totally negative bank balance broke. The small pay check that comes this week will mostly fill the negative balance. It really sucks. Thank the goddess someone else is paying for my groceries but WOW I feel like a burdan at the moment. This tends to make me really start cleaning house with a frenzy. I figure if it the one thing I can do in this relationship, I better do it pretty damn well.

Happy New Year all!
Happy new year all! I am happy to see the end of 2009, I have to say...

I too have had this week 'off' but have work to correct and final vacay planning stuff to do before heading off next week. I am looking forward to what feels like a well deserved break.

*waves at jalia* I remember you! (I used to be celluloidchick; wincing at the name) Congrats, on both counts!!

Bring on 2010... Cheers! *clink*

...where did everyone go? I hope you guys have been having a great 2010 -- I have been! I've got a week left in Brazil before heading back to the cold winter and moar school.
I haven't posted in a (long) while but it appears some stuff has gone on here lately with trolls and mods that have left many unhappy.

Quantum I am totally jealous of you being somewhere warm. This cold Canadian winter is getting to me - mostly the snow when I need to commute to and from work quite far in the dark.

Perhaps I'll just dream about being in Brazil... lalalala...
Happy New Year Kvetchies!

Hi missJoy and qspice! Some of us are still here, some are on FB, and some of us, like me, do not have the time to post in here like I used to.

Brazil....OoOoOo....sounds nice right now! smile.gif
Is the fb thing an actual group, or isit more a loose connection of busties? I have a handful of busties on my fb, but that's about it.

Don't be too jealous of me being in Brazil. Sure, the weather's nice, but I am in a developing country (not quite third world, but definitely not yet developed first world) and possess only rudimentary language skills tongue.gif No hot water (I have to boil water to rinse off the dishes and I shower very very quickly), no fans (or places to plug them in if I found one), an ac unit that barely cools the bedroom enough so I can sleep, "broadband" internet that is slower than dial-up, etc. Don't get me wrong: I like living here. But it's probably not the tropical paradise you're picturing. (Plus, next Monday, I go from 90s to 20s-30s! FML.)
Sent you a PM about the group, qspice!
Actually, I couldn't PM you- your inbox is full.

Dammit, when are TPTB going to give us back our "more-than-10-minutes" editing button?!?!?! mad.gif
I know that no one comes in here anymore but I just wanted to come in here and say goodbye. I think that I will be gone for quite a while or maybe forever. All I know is that I'm done for the next little bit so see ya! And as they say, thanks for the memories.

What the hell happened here?
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