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Happy Friday all! I'd apologize for not posting much recently but it loks like everyone is taking some time off. blink.gif This week is kicking my ass. At my internship site I have had two cases that kind of got under my skin. By Wednesday, I was having a harder than normal time letting the stories go. Add to that, I was doing a research paper of the effects of child abuse and trying to get ready for this weekend's final and, wel, yesterday turned into a suprise sick day. I dind't have to work but I had a night class. I called my teacher and told him that the weather change was giving me a major headache (actually kind of true. I have had a headache for days that won't completly go away.) So I spend yeasterday sleeping in, running a few errands, reading and cooking. I can always tell when I am over-stressed because reading (sitting still) becomes almost impossible. I made myself sit still long enought to read Carrie Fisher's Wishfull Drinking and then made butternut squash soup and crock pot country apples. I feel much better today which is good as I have class all weekend. I've told The Geek that his job on Sunday is to get me drunk.

sassygirl - Well??? How was dress shopping?
{{{yuefie}}} Good to see you here!
Hello to spiderbaby and pants!
{{{candycane_girl, p-176,
{{{sidecar and family}}} Sorry to be so late in posting my sympathies. I hope Martini & his mother are doing ok, or as okay as can be expected. sad.gif
pollystyrene - Ah yes, when the pets you love mess with your travel plans. I know that story.
Happy Belated Birthday Culturehandy!!!

Friday undies check - well pretty much what can be expected having gotten dressed in the dark. Old but comfy panties w/martinis on them and a green bra.
Happy Friday Busties. Hugs to all mentioned in Kittenb's note and another belated birthday hug for CH.

I'm almost afraid to mention Sammy. The last time I did, I thought things were going well. I really did. But he was back in the hospital the next day and for 5 days after that. He had quit eating and drinking. Although the bladder had cleared up, he was/is suffering from Feline Hepatic Lipidosis. The liver can't process fat properly and begins to store it, resulting in anorexia, liver malfunction and death if not treated soon enough. Tube-feeding, appetite stimulants and liver medication seem to have done their job. He came home again Wednesday evening and is eating quite healthily on his own. He's been a trooper. Over the weekend, we were really afraid we were going to lose him. It was such wonderful news on Tuesday morning to find he was eating on his own again. I know he's not out of the woods, but he's giving it all he has. He'll be on the liver medication for another month.

I feel so bad for brother Rusty. We're keeping them separated for a few days so Rusty can get over the anxiety of having to share again. Sammy is getting way more attention than Rusty, of course.

A word from my vet to cat owners. If your cat quits eating and drinking for any period of time, it's usually a result of disease and not behavioral.

It's Friday so..... grey boxer briefs. No surprise.

So glad to hear Sammy is okay, billy. Albus had Hepatic Lipidosis when we got him and I force fed him every day for 10 weeks before he finally started eating on his own- I made this before and after picture for the's pretty amazing, so I hope Sammy's progress continues!

Sassy, was there dress shopping? Are things better with Zoe?

Kitten, glad you're feeling better; at least you won't be missing any good Chicago weather this weekend rolleyes.gif

I'm trying to find the motivation to do anything today. Started my period last night and I just want to lay on the couch and watch bad, bad (like WifeSwap bad) TV. I need to take a shower and call the maintenance guy to come kick-start our heat. It happens every year, the first time we go to turn it on, it won't work.

My parents are on a road trip right now- they drove to Missouri for my grandma's birthday on Monday, then to Arkansas, now they're in Mississippi and on their way to New Orleans (say hi to Amilita!). They'll probably stop in Memphis and/or Nashville on the way home and be back by Wednesday or so.

In other good news, humanist and her dude found a new apartment! Better neighborhood (near sidecar!), 2 bedrooms...I don't know how 2 adults can live in a small studio apartment. I guess if you can make it through that, you know your relationship's okay.

Hi Spiderbaby- hope things are ok with your friend unsure.gif

((hugs to all))
Hi kvetchies:

Kvetch: Puppy. She's doing better in her training classes, but waking me up early in the morning sucks. We also found out that she sleeps on the bed with us. With the cat! Weird. I'm glad Sammy is doing better Billy. We've had a hella year with all our pets. I hope what you're going thru!

Kvetch: Went out with my parents last night. My mother was blizzed! Then again they'd been drinking since 3-4 p.m. The worst part of it is they tried to give the restaurant a scotch history lesson. At that point, I wanted to crawl under the table. She also commented on my weight (which I'm losing!). Ugh!! I did give them the Save the Date magnet. I haven't been dress shopping yet, but hope to this week. I really wish my bridesmaids would have been there to at least meet them. I think my friend Laverne is great at keeping me calm. My mother brought up my sister,and I almost squeezed Mcgeek's hand to death. This all belongs in the wedding thread so sorry.

Anti-kvetch: They met the owners, and got to taste the yummy food. I had a braised duck leg that was out of this world. I rarely eat duck (I had a pet duck growing up actually), but that was fab. It was also great to see my dad. They also gave me some $ for the wedding finally. I can't bitch about that. The owner of Cakes and Ale is so cute!!

Anti-kvetch: Heading apple picking and a pumpkin patch if the weather isn't cold today. I'm making apple butter for the wedding as a favor...

Anti-kvetch: Deciding about grad school and maybe going back to get a library tech certificate. I don't know if this would help a lot, but it would get me out of the house, and studying classes. I could use my old Americorps money.

((ccg, polly, billy, yuefie, p176, rv, bunnyb, kittenb, star, hi damona, ch, everyone))))

Have a good Sunday!

---Don't mean to hog the thread ---

Kvetch: Exs. This is one I really loved. One of those that got away b/c I was so stupid in college. He emailed me on FB. Fucking A. I also feel like an idiot around him. He now has 2 Ph.d.'s, and I'm still not working. Fuck fucky fuck.
Depression of course.

Did I kill the thread? Shit!
While this thread might be on life support, I would not say it is dead yet. Facebook has taken a chunk from people's Bust time, I think.

{{{sassygirl}}} I don't think I have ever seen my parent's drunk. That would just be so weird. As for the ex...well, every jokey comment that I could think of might just sound mean over the internets so I will just say {{{sassygrl}}}

polly - I hope you are feeling better today!

{{{billy and sammy}}} Honestly, if my cats ever stopped eating I would have to assume that folks were wearing snowshoes in hell.

Today I am on-line the way I have wanted to be since I moved. I got spoiled w/the wireless at The Geek's old place. Since the move, I have had to work from his desk and stay in one place. AS IF! Anyway, today I bought 25' of cord to be able to sit on the couch, watch TV and be on-line the way god intended!
Hey, gang! Bit of a drive-by here. Sorry I haven't been around, but that's because I went to Tulsa for a week.

Kitten, that's usually the way I'm set up! I am currently on the couch with the TV on while I poke around on the internet. Sometimes I put the netbook aside while I knit. I'd hate to be stuck at a desk while at home. I must have the freedom to multitask!

(((((((((((((((((Sammy and all the furbabies))))))))))))))))))))))))))

(((((((((((Sassy)))))))))) Two PhDs?!? Holy crap! I feel shitty enough when they have just one. To make yourself feel better, you can imagine the mountains of debt that are saddling him.

I'm getting my hopes up about something that will probably fall apart. Uuuuuuuuuuugh. I felt optimistic an hour ago, but now I'm thinking of all the reasons why this will fail.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Anti-kvetch: Director Guy asked if I could take a small role in his company's latest play!
Kvetch: Some of the rehearsals conflict with the orchestra. And there's a chance that one of the performances might conflict with the orchestra's concert.
Anti-kvetch: It's just a small part - two scenes with some dancing and movement stuff. I'm really good at that sort of thing, so I'm sure I could learn it all really quickly. I would still easily make it to the other 5 rehearsals per week.
Kvetch: No matter how you put it, I still have conflicts. Bah.
Anti-kvetch: The director said I sound perfect
Kvetch: ... but he said he needed to check the schedule and other leads first. Certainly he'll find another female out there with no conflicts. Dammit all. I finally FINALLY get an opportunity in this town, and it gets fucked up by the goddamn orchestra.

I haven't heard the final word yet. The director has my phone number. I'll let you all know what happens.

~~~vibes for rose~~~ hope that it works out! i am thinking positive thoughts for you.

thanks everyone for the hugs and wishes; everything went as well as it could. everyone is doing okay - martini's mom is in relatively good spirits. it's not easy for her, but i think there's an element of relief that's kicking in, as he required *a lot* of care in the last month and it was a huge burden for her. martini is doing all right. getting back to our old routine has been tough, and i think we both realized we just need to take it easy and not go crazy trying to meet every social obligation and see every person we like all the time. we'll be fine, and you know, losing my brother was good preparation for the grieving process.

billy, i hope your kitty continues to improve!

i'm watching baseball (of course) and baking for a craft sale tomorrow. looking forward to lunch with prophecy and then martini and i are going to xoco for dinner before seeing "where the wild things are."
~~~~vibes galore for rose~~~~

((((sidecar & martini)))) it's a good idea to take it easy. sending more vibes for you guys and the family.


((((kitten, star, pixie, amilita, polly, crassy, candy, futura, dm, pip, ch, sassy, mando, billy, pants, spider, p_176, damona, txplumwine, tes, raisin, bunnyb, morn, sixela, lurkers, everyone)))))

Sorry I haven't been around much. I don't have the excuse of not having time to be online because I sure as heck find time to play all sorts of useless games on crackbook (Um, Cafe World, anyone? Or Farmville? Really, it's just CLICKING!). *hangs head sheepishly* I just suck at keeping up.

Lemme see, what's new since the last time I was here? My cousin Art got married last weekend at a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The weather was perfect and we all had a great time. I managed to switch the kidlets x-mas flight so that we get five extra days with him, including New Years. Yay! I've been having some health issues which have resulted in a slew of doctors appointments. But I finally found out that there is an actual reason why I seem to catch every single cold and virus lurking about. I have a rare skin disease which is autoimmune in nature. Basically my T-cells attack eachother and it shows up as these bumps on my skin. I was diagnosed with it at age 9 but it went away and I never even remembered what it was. I started having this really bad outbreak of them so I ordered my medical records from 1983 and took them in to my doctor. You should've seen her face when she read them. She said in her entire career she's never actually seen a case, only heard about it in medical journals. She immediately referred me to dermatology and internal medicine. Also I've been having a lot of stiffness, swelling and pain and in my hands and fingers so she ordered a few tests to check for inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. The one that measures inflammation came back as 48 (normal is range 0-20) and the rheumatoid arthritis one was kinda iffy, so she referred me to the rheumatology department. But the lupus one came back negative, whew. I was worried because that is what my mom died from at 48. I've been taking Celexa for the anxiety I was experiencing and that has been a tremendous help. Sunday was the 9 year anniversary of her passing and I didn't even cry or feel depressed that day, which is a major improvement. Not that I didn't feel twinges of sadness or loss, but I dealt with it in a much healthier way. Sadly I have to report that Ziggy never came home sad.gif. R got rehired at the restaurant he used to work at and shortly after it closed down. They claim to be reopening sometime in 2010 at another location, but we'll see. He's not holding his breath. The job thing has just been really sucking. His friend up in Southern Oregon needed some help and was willing to pay his travel expenses so he has been spending five days up there and then coming home for a few and heading back up. Of course we haven't been having much time together but the money is pretty good and beats the hell out of no job at all. It's only seasonal so hopefully something else will come along in the meantime. His dad has been touch and go, some days he seems entirely normal and other days he can hardly get himself to the bathroom or stay awake long enough to hold a conversation. We also just found out that one of his 2 female bff's has stage three breast cancer. She is a single mom with a teenage daughter and 7 year old twins. And the topper of that shitcake is that the poor thing has no real family or support network nearby sad.gif


Okay, I think that pretty much sums it up.

Thank you for the belated birfday wishes!!! wub.gif

(((kitten))) sorry to hear about the crappiness at the internship.

(((billy))) how's the situation with sammy??

(((polly))) the same thing happens with our heat every year. Sucks.

(((sassy))) the food for your wedding sounds wonderful, bummer about your parents. And I know how you feel about exes. the high school I went to produces the most MD's out of all the high schools in the province. Don't I feel inadequate some days.

(((RV))) How are you doing today??

(((sidecar))) How are you??

(((yuef))) I am so sorry to hear about your skin condition, but thank goodness the lupis test came back negative. That's a HUGE relief. ~*~*~*healing, get better vibes for bff and friend~*~*~*~

I have nothing. it's Hallowe'en and I'm on candy patrol. Things have been pretty alright lately.


Sammy is doing better. He was on an appetite stimulant the first week home and has been eating regularly (more or less) in the week since going off the stimulant. I think we are *too* observant of what he eats; I'm sure he's weary of being watched. He's added a little bit of weight. Rusty and Sammy have been back together for just about a week now and only occasionally does Rusty act ugly. Sammy is still less spunky than he has been, but, all in all, I'm pleased with the progress.

We bought a pill-popper last week. Lordy, what a difference that makes. Pill-taking is quick, easy, stress-free now... for both us and Sammy.
Hey, gang.

((((((((((((((((((((((Yuefie)))))))))))))))))))))))) Good to hear from you. Sorry life continues to be so stressful for your loved ones. I'm glad to see that you've found some motivated doctors who are finding some answers for you. I know the news isn't exactly good, but I also understand the relief of getting a diagnosis that makes sense for a change! I'm so happy to hear that you'll get to spend extra time with The Kidlet at Xmas! That's really wonderful.

(((((((((((((((((Martini's family))))))))))))))))) Sorry for your loss, yet I understand the relief his family is feeling. It's so hard to watch a family member struggle so much for so long. What's this about baking for a craft sale? What did you make?

(((((((((((((((((((((Sammy)))))))))))))))))))) My BestGalPal's cat has been going through something similar. It's so heartbreaking when our furbabies are ill!

((((((((((((((((((((CH, Sassy, Polly, Kitten, and all the rest of you))))))))))))))))))))

Warning: I'm in a funk. Bah humbug and all that.

Kvetch: I was offered the part in the play, but I had to turn it down. It all boils down to a conflict one one stupid Wednesday night. The play has a performance the same night as the orchestra's winter concert. I'm already committed to the orchestra, so it gets first priority. Bah! I really REALLY hated turning down this role. It shouldn't mean as much to me as it does, but it has been 4 YEARS since I've been on-stage! I'm desperate for ANY opportunity, so it made me sick to turn this down. Ugh.

So, yup, I'm a grumpy puss. But I'm fighting it as much as I can.

Anti-kvetch: In an effort to make more girlfriends, I joined some groups on Last night I went to my 2nd meet-up for one group and had fun. Tomorrow I think I may go to my first meet-up for a knitting group. I'm hoping this will help alleviate some of the pain of turning down the play. Not all, but some.
{{{roseviolet}}} Hopefully, the director will be impressed with your loyalty and remember you for future performances.
{{{billy & sammy}}} Glad to hear all this. Nothing has ever made pilling my cats easier but glad that you found a solution.
culturehandy - I really wanted to pass out candy this year but, saldy, I had to work.
Hey yuefie! Glad to hear from you but I am sorry about Ziggy. sad.gif
{{{sidecar & martini}}}

I spent this weekend on homework and parties, just like college should be. We had friends over for Rock Band on Friday and then dressed for a Halloween party on Saturday. I went as a Freudian Slip (slip w/pic of Freud pinned to my chest.) It was fun but I was happy to have no plans yesterday.

Have a great week all!
((rv))) The director will remember you. Also, meetup is a great thing sometimes. I met two of my bridesmaids thru it. Some of the groups are meat markets, but you can meet some cool people.
((sammy and billy)) We found Pill Pockets, but they're for dogs. Pretty cool though.
((yuefie)) Sorry about Ziggy.

This weekend I went to a Halloween party that my friend threw. I helped her decorate the house, and went as a go-go dancer. There was a girl there that was trying to be a sexy alien, and was sending out these weird sexy vibes. I guess from the silver leotard. She didn't have the body for it! Mcgeek even picked up on them but mainly she was acting all slutty to me. I'm glad I didn't do much yesterday as far as plans.

Kvetch: I finally wrote back my college ex on Facebook. I had a talk about him to Mcgeek, and decided that it was causing me too much pain with the whole grass is greener thing. I actually found out he got his Ph.d. today. I think he has two MA's. Whatever. I de-friended him. Part of me thinks if I saw him for coffee again, he'd be all snotty. It's just weird that he would write me now. Not 5 years ago (we kissed then). Strange. Yes, I'm weirdly jealous, but it could be due to not having a job. It could also be that my self-esteem is bleh lately.

Anti-kvetch: I found a good photographer, and have started getting wedding dress shops to look at. I'm just too scared at the prices I think. Everything is $1500 and up for a dress. Freaking wedding industry!!!

Anti-kvetch: This morning I found out I don't have to take the entrance exam for that certificate. I'm still researching, but that's now one thing off my list.


Did you look at the wedding dress designer I was considering before I found the one I ended up with, Sassy? Martin McCrea

Kvetch: Once a month or so, a couple of LeBoy's friends come over and they watch a movie or two. Tomorrow night was supposed to be one of those nights. The clutter has been building up around our house for a few weeks now, and I was probably going to take the entire week of Thanksgiving off to really deep-clean the house. For tomorrow night, I was just going to do a quick "grab all the laundry, throw out the garbage, get the dishes out of the sink" type cleaning after I got back from the shelter tonight. That is, until LeBoy informed me at 8-f-ing:30 that one of his friends will be bringing his new girlfriend, who we've only met once before, with him. AHHHHH!!!!! So now I'm packing about 6 hours of cleaning into 3 hours before I go to bed tonight and the 45 minutes or so I'll have tomorrow night before they get here.

I'm going to throttle him. Oh yeah, and I have to whip up a batch of chili to feed all these people.

Back to the grindstone.....
Good Morning!!

(((billy))) so glad to here that the fur babies are doing well.

(((((rv))))) How are you doing today?? I know the director will remember you.

(((kitten))) sucks that you had to work, but I'm loving your costume!!! A few years ago, I had my mom help me make a friend egg costume, then I got devil horns and a tail. I was a devilled egg!!!

(((sassy))) If there is one thing I have learned about some of the higly educated is that they may be book smart but they don't know shit. I know how you feel though.

(((polly))) leboy should be helping clean the house, too.

kvetch: uhhh, no hbi this morning?? I have nothing.

Have a good day all!

QUOTE(culturehandy @ Nov 3 2009, 08:11 AM) *

(((polly))) leboy should be helping clean the house, too.

Oh, he did. He handled the bathrooms and living room while I did the kitchen. I still have to mop when I get home today, after he vacuums. We just have very different cleaning styles- when he goes on a cleaning tear, I usually leave the house because we can get at each other's throats. He likes to get up early and do everything all at once, whereas I'm more of a "do what I'm inspired to do, when I feel like doing it." And I haven't felt much inspiration lately, so the place was kind of a pit. But it's better now, at least the "public areas". Our bedroom still looks like a laundry bomb went off. Oh well.

Kitten, my laundry twin, how's that situation been in the new place?

Sometimes I think it would be easier to get a whole new place than try to fix up what we've got. dry.gif

I told him that I better not be expected to entertain this girl. I met her once (Stargazer, she was the one at roller derby a couple weeks ago) and she's nice enough, but kind of vapid. Who knows, maybe we have something in common. I just usually disappear into the other room while they watch their horror movie, because they're just not my thing, but now I can't. LeBoy seemed to imply that she liked horror movies so maybe that will keep her busy.

I enjoy entertaining, just not under these circumstances.

And to make things more miserable, I never got around to calling the maintenance guy to come over and start our heat, so it's a little chilly in the house, since it dropped about 10 degrees overnight.
Ahh, well at least he is!!!! Excellent.
Anti-kvetch: House is clean, chili is cooking. Friend with girlfriend is running late. Other friend is here, but he's cool. Found out he just broke up with his longtime girlfriend and his parents are getting divorced. Sad, but the girlfriend break up was mutual, and the parents have seemed like they're better off being divorced anyway (they stayed together for the kids, which the kids have always known and were expecting this.)

I even squeezed in a nap before LeBoy got home!

Rose, sorry about the conflict. That really sucks. But yay for new IRL friends!

Billy, is it one of those pill guns? I've always wanted one of those.

((((Lots o' hugs for yuefie and those around her))))

(((And more hugs for everyone else)))
Polly, we found 3 different ones bundled together on for less than $10. The best of the bunch is called "Bullseye". All of them are syringe-shaped. On the Bullseye, the pill drops in the barrel and you push the plunger to pop the pill out. The other two work as well, I'm sure, and seem to be made for smaller pills. For $10, you can't go wrong.
Quick drive by....

Kvetch: Seizure two nights ago in the middle of the night on the stairs I think. I blame day light savings time. The only good thing is I had gone 7 weeks! That's pretty impressive.

Kvetch: My bridesmaid and her freaking drama. I was all set to head wedding dress shopping(just window shop) today, and found out that she broke up with her boyfriend. I think I may just end up heading by myself. I hate to shop by myself for such a big item, but she can't seem to get her shit together on when she can go with me.


Hence in a shitty mood.

{{{sassygirl}}} Wish I was there. I would go shopping with you. I'd even bring some cheap champagne to make it fun.

polly - funny you should ask about the laundry. It is actually keeping up okay although I am constantly suprised at how fast it piles up. I have the option of using one of the two washer/dryers in our building, or piling everything on the granny cart and walking half a block to the local laundrymat. I like that better even though it costs more. I can wash so much faster! I actually enjoy doing laundry I just have trouble staying on top of it. So Mondays have become laundry day. It is also easier to keep up with as I don't have the big closet like I had in my old place so there is not floor on which to hide the dirty clothes.

All right, I am supposed to be doing homework at the moment so I will see you all later!
***drive by****

I actually did end up going dress shopping but my bridesmaid was bitching the whole time about her guy drama, kid drama, etc etc. David Bridal was so damn busy though and I felt like a number. I did figure out that I don't want a long dress so I guess that's a good thing. I think next time we'll head to different stores and I'll have some more people with me. I still wish my busties were there. I just wanted it to be a fun occasion, and I felt more like a babysitter.

Speaking of housework, gotta go do some!
((((Sassy))))hope you have a better crew around you next time you go looking for a dress.


Right now i'm at my bff's house. I fled my town yesterday, because things between me and a guy i really like came to a crash and burn. He's been coming on to me like crazy (this is not the first time), and during a drunken confrontation (initiated by me) he did nothing but say we were 'just friends'. He alwasy resorts to this tactic. I didn't care his friends were there. I cussed him out, in tears and i walked away. He just stood there. At the moment we are having an exhibition in the building where i work. He exhibits across the street. I was like 'fuck it, i'm leaving'.
So this is the second day. I hope i'm not hogging the thread, but i feel alternately ok and like shit. My bff is so supportive. I'm glad i'm here.
this guy's been playing with my feelings just to boost his ego. It looks like it anyway. I never even wanted to admit to myself i really like him.

I'm going to be busy this week. I'll be working on a project i hope will come through. And i got a job on the side since 5 months, as a receptionist. It's not bad, and it will keep me busy. That's what i need right now.

I'll be fine. I have done this before. But then i think back to the good times this guy and i had and i just want to cry. Even though i realize he was just as big a douche then as he is now.

I killed it! Or perhaps it's just because of the weekend? And FB?

Could you please send me some vibes for the assignment i'm working on? If this goes right, it will be absolutely fantastic.


Knowing that the lounge is here is of incredible comfort to me right now.

(((((Polly, Billy, Sassy, Kitten, Culturehandy, Yuefie, RoseV, Sidecar))))))
(((Futura assignment vibes)))
I don't think you killed it. I think many of us are on FB now too...

My friend was just going thru some boy stuff, and I don't think I was in the best mood myself. Also, DB wasn't the best place to go shopping. I didn't feel any magic trying on wedding dresses. It could have been that I was in an hurry.

Back to housework, but feel just blah today.
Futura - you didn't kill the thread. I think people were just sleeping wink.gif . That being said, I am sorry that things go so hairy for you but happy hear that your BFF is there to help you.


I had a nice day off yesterday. Biked the the library and then did a little thrifting with The Geek. First thing we found was a quality wrought-iron wine rack. It holds 20 bottle, bunches of glasses and has a flat top for liquor bottles. All that and it was only $35! Afterwards we saw Paranormal Activity. I thought it was really fun and really scary. We saw a 7:20 show so I thought I would be okay for sleeping. We watched some TV when we got home but, as soon as we went to bed, I was AWAKE! He, of course, dropped off the sleep right away, thereby leaving me alone with my "Oh my GOD! Did you hear that?" movie-induced paranoia. I tossed and turned all night. Stupid movie. mad.gif rolleyes.gif
~~stellar assignment vibes to futura~~

roseviolet, sounds intriguing. I hope it goes well.

i've been awol from the lounge for a bit, building my business, and working out life with my man-to-be (maybe?) and with my family. i hope everyone's enjoying autumn. i think it's the most beautiful fall i've seen in years in my town.
futura, you definitely didn't kill the thread! kvetch has been pretty quiet lately, I think people are just busy. I know I am! I'm trying not to go crazy but I have 5 major assignments due at the end of this month and between that AND all the reading...well, it feels like the walls are closing in on me.

I'm kind of feeling like I just shouldn't watch tv at all and I'm even laying off the calls back home because my mom and I can talk on the phone for at least an hour, easy. I'm even regretting the fact that I went out with a friend today to see a movie. Or rather, I don't regret it but that was a good 4 hours that could have been spent reading. And now I'm being a hypocrite and wasting time on here! lol.

Anyway, futura, I'm sorry things went so awry with that guy. *hugs*.

Eeeeee! I got a PM from Maple! Holy cow, talk about a blast from the past!

Also, I talked with tesao tonight, she is good but suuuuper busy now that she is back state side smile.gif
I'm turning in the final tomorrow. Thanks for the vibes!

I'm doing better, actually.

Went to see Grizzly Bear perform last night, it was pretty awesome.

*drive by*

i miss kvetch & the kvetchettes. i guess everyone's on FB now, huh? does anyone still do LJ?
wish i knew how to just do the secret list FB thingie, so only busties can see what i'm writing on my wall. figuring out all the nuances of FB makes my head hurt.
i could use some super-strength all-will-be-well vibes, if anyone's around.
details to follow.

Maple!!!!!! Quantum, please hook me up! She might not remember me, even by my old user name, but I want to ask her about a former Bustie that we've both met, (and that I am secretly engaged to).

(((Mandolyn - wishing all the good will you've ever shared in this lounge (which is a tons and tons of it) back at you.))) There's a secret society of Busties on FB (which I don't really use either) but I think someone else could show you where. Secret wall thingie.. Culturehandy once posted the step by step somewhere around here...
QUOTE(girl_logic @ Nov 10 2009, 12:13 PM) *
Maple!!!!!! Quantum, please hook me up! She might not remember me, even by my old user name, but I want to ask her about a former Bustie that we've both met, (and that I am secretly engaged to).

Not so secretly now? Dish me by PM, and I'll hook you up tongue.gif
So it seems that some of the crazy at my family has settled down. My step-sis has moved back in with the mothers until her baby is due and the Idiot Who Knocked Her Up (IWKHU) can finish setting up the baby's room at his place. Whatever. At least everyone is talking again. I feel better at not being home for Christmas now as most of the focus will be on the new baby and not on the Missing Daughter (being me.) I even was willing to get step-sis a Christmas gift. I found a roomy Baby Phat diaper bag that I think she will really like. Once I get through the Thanksgiving trip, my semester ends and I can spend all of December relaxing for a change. biggrin.gif

{{{Mandolyn}}} Super strength mystery vibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q-Spice - Thanks for the tesao update.

girl_logic - a "maybe" man to be? Hmmmm, sounds interesting...

{{{kvetchies}}} Have a great day all!
Mandolyn!! Lots of love to you. I hope you are doing well.

I have stupid lousy cramps that the Feminax is slow to aid today. I also have a sick Senor Pants at home and a cat who is currently being terrorized by a bohemoth tabby named Bruce. While I would rather he were terrorised by a cat named Bruce than a cat named Pebbles as he was in the past, I would still much prefer it if Bruce would stick to his own garden and leave Oliver be. Clearly, my life is very difficult. I'm going cd shopping to console myself this evening. I'm pretty sure The Mountain Goats will help cure me.
Mando love as always!

Kvetch: Frigging FB! I opened up my email on there, and there was another email from that ex. I defriended him, and he still wrote back. Basically, he's engaged and is trying to move. Sort of the same thing myself and Mcgeek are doing. For some reason, that pissed me off. I asked him if he was engaged just to sort of say: Ha! One of my best friends (who knew this guy in college) just told me : So what? You're happy. I don't see the problem. I guess this girl could have been me. Not that I want this guy, but maybe it's just time to grieve the relationship. I didn't expect him to have a doctorate, a fiancee, and a house. I guess I wanted to be one up on him. I know that sounds harsh, but he did hurt me.
Kvetch: Due to Veterans' Day, none of my support system is around to hear me vent.
Anti-kvetch: Getting my meetup group to use Google Wave, and my trivia team tonight.
Anti-kvetch: I went for a jog/run with Zoe and felt better.

Sorry for the anger gals.
ok. so. I had a breast sonogram last week and they found something. I had a biopsy Monday, and the doctor just called to tell me that it's not cancerous, but it contains "atypical cells". I'm going back this afternoon for a larger tissue sample. Depending on what they doc says, I'm going to push for a PETSCAN (whole body scan).

Before this new shit hit the fan, I'd decided to go ahead with radiation treatment. At my checkup two weeks ago, my breast surgeon said, "It wasn't only that one node was involved, I saw the cancer, and what concerned me was that it was outside of the nodes." Of course she had told me this back in April, but I was so bent on getting thru chemo and having my implant surgery, I wasn't seeing the big picture. I'm a little peeved that my oncologist didn't discuss this with her earlier. I'm supposed to start radiation Monday. I guess it's going to depend on what pans out over the next few days.

think good thoughts for me.

Don't worry. I'm trying to be positive about this. it's hard, though, especially since this is all happening nearly a year to the day of my diagnosis. I guess if it's something bad this time, they're finding it very early.

Love you all ... xoxo
(((((((((((((mando)))))))))))) I am so sorry that you are going through all of this. I really hope that whatever it is, it gets taken care of. You will be in my thoughts. *hugs*
(((((mando)))))) my thoughts and good wishes are with you.
Mandolyn, i'm so sorry to hear that. My thoughts are with you. {{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
((((Mando))))) Thinking of you and all parts crossed. Keeping positive momentum going can be hard but you are doing so wonderfully and with grace. (Also, by recent evidence you're looking cute whilst doing so!) Take care, ongoing vibes enroute to you.

Good thoughts your way, dear lady.
Mando, lots and lots and lots of love to you

I just found out today that they started demolishing the Lafayette building in Detroit last month. This makes me very sad. I have some hugely fond memories of that building from 12 years ago. I'm not surprised to here that they're pulling it down, but it's such a beautiful old giant. One of many there, it's probably silly to have such a sentimental attachment to a derelict building, but I do.
(((mando))) All my positive vibes are headed your way.
((mando)))) ((pants)))

Anti-kvetch. One of my friends has put me in charge of writing a proposal to bring
this physicist Dr. Brian Green to Atlanta for a talk next year. It would be with a science festival that would be live-streamed throughout the country. We're setting up a committee to write the grant. I've had a hella week self esteem wise, so it's raised my confidence a lot.
Anti-kvetch: My trivia team won first place a few nights ago!!

Kvetch: Gaining 4 pounds. I realize this is from emotional eating.
Kvetch: Debating about writing back my ex. There is also this girl I knew in college that is doing so much better than me that found me on LinkedIn. I blame technology for both. Hence why my self esteem is shit lately.

Undies: Flowered bikinis.
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