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{{{sassygirl}}} If a streamlined wedding is what you want and what you can afford then I support the choice. You deserve to be happy and supported in this. Sorry about the job stress.

p_176 - My guy has not had people over for years. Since I moved in we've had company twice. His mom has been strongly hinting flat out saying that she will be over very soon after we move, as in possibly the first day we are there. At this point I find this amusing not annoying. He might feel otherwise.

candycane_girl - Let's hear it for a school induced nervouse breakdown!

rv - did you get the flute?

{{{raisingirl, polly, all kvetchies}}}

Ahhh, I have the house all to myself at the moment. So much to do and I'm actually doing much of it so good for me!

X-post w/rose: Congrats on the flute. I never knew that there were flute "stages."
zooms in...

Hey busties,

I'll be back in awhile. Just running in to ask for more jobbie job vibes. They're making their decision today, and I hope I get a positive call.

Also, Bailey is coughing again. Fuck.


zooms out....
Kvetch: I am sick. Pleh. So I'm taking care of myself by not being at work and staying home. I feel guilty about it.
I'm feelin' you Rose. I'm going to curl up and watch a few of the shows I have recorded. Probably do some laundry. There's no point in not being useful even if i dont feel well.

*~*~*~*~*Job Vibes for Sassy!*~*~*~*~*

P- YAY for potential buyers. Even if it doesnt work out, renting is still a pretty good option.

*~*~*~*~*~Moving vibes for Kitten.~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Anti-Kvetch: I think I'm okay for a little while. I'm still wary with Irishboy, but I think we're going to be fine. Its been a lot of talking, and me reconsidering the situation by removing my feelings and then examining my feelings about it. I truly believe that he didn't physically cheat on me or emotionally cheat on me. It was a type of porn. It was about cybersex, about fulfilling a sexual fantasy without actually doing it. I understand that. I can get through that. It still hurts, and it was still a careless, thoughtless, horrible thing for him to do. I dont appreciate it, and I hope that it won't happen again.

Kvetch/AntiKvetch: I'm pretty sure i'm taking in a teenager. She's got a bad home situation, her dad has "disowned her," her mom is moving an hour away with her boyfriend, her sisters are getting an apartment together and she's sleeping on a cot in her grandparents dining room. She's an AP student and involved with the local theaters, which is how I met her. She's smart, respectful and rather sweet, if a teenager. Before she lived with her GP's she was pushed, by her mom, into living with a friend and some young navy guys who took advantage of her. So, needless to say, she needs a safe home. I have that. I have an extra room and no problem sharing. I want to help her, but I want to be smart about it. I'll meet with her mom and see if her mom is okay with it, etc. *sigh* I hope I'm doing the right thing. What is with me and the lost causes? First Irishboy, then this girl...

Okay, I'm off to bed armed with Irish Oatmeal (with Lemon curd in it!), scottish breakfast tea (sad, no cream) and laundry to fold.


hrmph. serendipity did not work out at all for me. the security guard drove by my house after she got off work. she thinks that the houses are too close together. i said, trying to make it sound light, that's what you get with rowhouses.

i have no idea where she lives now, or what she was expecting, but the majority of homes in baltimore are rowhouses. the street my house is on is a main street, so it's wider than most other areas. i really don't understand the reaction she had. maybe my realtor can still convince her to see it, but i'm not hopeful.

i know i have to get a renter, but i'm don't like that idea at all, because most landlords have only horror stories about tenants. if a renter messes up my house, i have no money to fix it, and then i'm looking at bankruptcy or foreclosure, which would possibly jeopardize my career (real estate financing and insurance). i can only hope that the girl who wants to buy my house (she'll rent-to-buy) won't mess it up.

i am endlessly frustrated with this situation. i know it's the current market conditions dictating this, and my realtor says when the market turns around, i'll be glad i still have it, because i'll make a bigger profit. but in the meantime, i am in a tough financial situation. i regret buying my house; it has brought me nothing but bad memories.

much love to all the kvetchies, and all the busties in general! i have high hopes of restoring my computer access in the near future. *fingers crossed*

Hey Damona!

P176- I'm sorry about the security guard. I really feel your pain. We're considering trying to rent-to-own after the wedding, and hoping the housing market picks up a little. Good vibes all around.

Anti-kvetch: I emailed my dad the reception contract, and they seemed to like it! I was so scared to talk about money with them. I'm glad things are going well for now.

Kvetch: I think I lost the job. I'm trying to put it in perspective of that they didn't need me. I've just been anxious all week. I called yesterday, and no call. I tried emailing today just to get a yay or nay. I hate job hunting, but maybe this company is not where I want to be right now. I just need a job. It's not so much the money, as just getting out of the house more.

Anti-kvetch: Studying for my film class and seeing "Whip It" tomorrow!!

Undies: Blue and sparkly boyshorts.

Afternoon all.

~*~*~*~*ongoing jobbity job vibes for Sassy~*~*~*~*~* ((((sassy))))

Hey RV! How are you doing? YAY on the flute!!! ((((rv))))

pnp, you are an amazing woman. Do you know about taking in the teen yet? ((((pnp))))

P, shitty deal about the house. ~*~*~*ongoing selling vibes~*~*~*

It's Damona!!!!

I'm feeling mostly better today, took the day off yesterday and slept most of it. Not too sure it was actually food poisoning, maybe just a bug. Still a little bagged today, so me thinks it'll be a quiet weekend this one.

aside from that, not much going on.

undies: black g-string


Sorry for just kvetching but this is driving me crazy.

kvetch: every time I think I might have time to cc_boy or even just *gasp* have time for myself, I realize that I am wrong. For example, I thought that I might have time to see him on Wednesday because my last lecture of the day was cancelled. That was before I was reminded that I have a 12 page group paper due next Tuesday that has not even been started.

This leads me to my next kvetch: group work. I have 3 group projects due this semester. I am trying to juggle meetings with a total of 11 other people, all of whom have completely different work schedules, class schedules and some of whom are commuters so they can't stay in the city too late. I know that a lot of jobs require group work. But seriously, why can't we just be judged by the value of our individual work? Out of the 3 projects, the only class where I think it's warranted is my marketing class.

anti-kvetch: these projects will all be over within 3 weeks and I will try not to hang myself before then.


I need some kittykat vibes. Sammy spent 3 days in the hospital with a bladder infection. He's home, but won't eat. He's going back in tomorrow if he doesn't start. And his brother Rusty is being exceedingly ugly to him. The whole situation sucks bigtime.

Great pictures Polly!!
Healthy Sammy vibes!!!!!!!

Quick runthru. Guess what ladies (and gentelman) I MOVE TOMORROW!!!!! We picked up the keys today, movers are coming tomorrow about 11AM. I CAN"T WAIT!

Thank you all for listening to me bitch and moan for the entire Spring/Summer. I love you all.

Proper posts later...
Thanks Billy!

Good luck tomorrow, kitten! Moving sucks. Just breathe and remember you're going to be moving into a fabulous place with your fabulous man!
Good Morning.

((((ccg)))) I hope your projects and school go well. I remember the chaos of it all.

Polly, the pictures are wonderful!!!! Now that I can acess them, couldn't yesterday. Hmmph.

(((billy))) ~*~*~*~*Sammy get better vibes~*~*~*~*

yay kitten on your move!!!

Kvetch: I have cramps, I'm tired cranky and moody as all hell.

Anti-Kvetch: I'm mostly keeping it to myself and not spreading my ickies.


Morning people!

((ccg)) I hope school gets better!

Polly, I love the pictures!! Especially of LeBoy laughing, and you both lying in the grass.

((billy)) Sammy vibes...

((moving vibes for kitten)))

Kvetch: Bailey again... back to the vet...coughing a lot more.... ugh!! Hopefully this will be a good checkup.

Kvetch: Ch, do I have your cramps??

Anti-kvetch: I've decided to try to find masters levels textbooks on the subjects I'm interested in in grad school. So I'm off to find ones in film studies, English, library science, and speech pathology.

Anti-kvetch: Went to my first film school to discuss Reds and Dr. Zhivago last night. I would be going next week, but some friends and I are heading to U2!! The class was only myself and the teacher, so it was a little awkward.

I also feel like I have a great deal of courage right now. I emailed my parents about wedding $/budget, and we didn't scream at each other!! It


Bit of a drive by ...

(((((((Sammy kitty))))))

(((((((Bailey puppy)))))))

~!~!~!~!~ smooth move vibes for Kitten ~!~!~!~!~

Polly, I don't think the link is working for me. It takes me to a page with a slideshow of lots of other people's photos. sad.gif

(((((((((((((((((CH))))))))))))))))))))))) I'll join you in the Red Tent.

(((((((((((((((((All the Kvetchies)))))))))))))))))))))))))

Today was wacky. It started out simply enough, but then it ventured into the Twilight Zone for a while. Or a screwball comedy or something.

Short version: Years ago my mother loaned my flute to someone. It hasn't been seen since. Mom blamed herself, so she bought a flute for me. The new flute arrived in the mail yesterday, but I don't like it very much for various reasons.

Today Mom told me the name of the young woman who borrowed my flute. I found her on Facebook. In her profile pic, she is holding a flute ... a flute that looks suspiciously like MY flute. With a little more searching on-line, I found a site where she advertises as a math tutor. Her profile photo is the same pic. Her phone number was listed on the site. Mom recognized her from the photos, so she called the number and left a message saying that she needed to talk to her or her parents. Also, I sent the young woman a message on Facebook saying that my mother desperately needs to talk to her or her parents.

So now we wait. We wait and see if I get my flute back. I cannot tell you how surreal it was to look at that photo & wonder if I was looking at my own, missing flute. It made me feel extremely emotional. Luckily, Mom is handling the situation for me. I'm afraid that these people will claim ignorance or refuse to give my flute back. That would absolutely INFURIATE me! I might be able to find some peace if they pay my mother for my flute, but that is not the result I'd prefer. We'll see what transpires.
((RV)) I hope you get your flute back!!!

Kvetch: Bailey puppy is fine, but heading up to the university was a waste of time. We had a different vet, and he was cranky old man who was really pissed off that we were even there. Half of the appointment he was on the phone talking to his daughter, or calling the dog a "she". He told me that I needed to take Bailey's respiratory rate, and didn't even show me how. He also didn't tell us anything new, but told us to keep on the medication. I kept asking questions (they did a pointless ultrasound of his heart), and he just ignored me. Not to mention yelling at Mcgeek and I for feeding him the meds with his food. Our cool vet never said not to do this. This guy was such an asshole. I'm going to request we have our other doctor next time.

Kvetch: Period.... sucks. I'm trying to do things around the house, but have no energy. Evil cramps!!


Howdy all! My move went about as smooth as moves can go I suppose. I can now recommend a great mover in Chicago should anyone need it. We had movers who were very detailed and thourough. After we (finally) had everything back in the new place, The Geek had to go back to clean and check out of his old place. He gave me the option of helping him or staying at the new place. I stayed, though I felt guilty leaving him to do all that work. I justified it by reminding myself that I cleaned my old place with no help. While he was gone, I set up our bedroom and made the madness look livable. We both worked our ass off that day.
Yesterday, we did some unpacking, and a lot of resting. We love the new place. The kitchen is a little less functional than I remembered so I am getting creating with counterspace and small shelving units. Otherwise, everything has been pretty simple. I love the bathroom. The tub is deep and long and the shower pressure is great.
Funny/gross cat story that I will post in the cat thread when I get a chance.

sassygirl - glad to hear that Bailey is fine. What is up with that vet?
roseviolet - that is surreal. I hope you get your flute back.
{{{cultrehandy, polly, star, ccg, billy, and all}}}

undies: red panties and pretty salmon bra that I forgot I owned. Moving has it's benefits!
Sammy update: he's doing better. The vet called early this morning to say that he's eating. It's just not the food they want him to eat for bladder happiness, but we can deal with that later. The vet said, in retrospect, that he took the catheter out too soon a few days ago. If all goes well, Sammy will be home tomorrow. This time, we're going to keep Sammy and Rusty separated for a few days. I'm feeling much better!

Sassy, I'm so sorry you had to deal with the jerk vet. It's bad enough to see your beloved pet suffering. You don't need the other grief, too.

Rose, good luck on the flute. Surely T-Town has a Flute Repo Man that can get your flute and bust her lip at the same time.

The usual: grey boxer briefs.

Happy Friday!!!!

Sassy, the vet sounds like a wank, but so happy to hear that Bailey is well!!!

RV, how strange about the flute. I'm with Billy, you need a flute repo man.

Kitten, horray for good moves!!! YAY!

Billy, it's so good that Sammy is also doing well!

Not much here, feeling better than i was yesterday and the day prior, a chat with a friend and some morning lovin' helped.

Undies: what am I wearing?? *checks* oh yah, black boy cut with a gray bra.


RV, that's weird about the flute.

((((sassy))) I'm sorry you had such a horrible time at the vet's office. I guess they can be just as much assholes as regular doctors (although thankfully I have a really nice doctor who is not yet jaded).

(((billy and sammy)))

kitten, I'm glad your move went well! Personally I hate moving. I've only lived in 4 different places my whole life (old house, new house, college residence, and my totally awesome downtown apartment). I just find it so difficult to actually pack everything up and try to get rid of anything that isn't necessary. Also, I think it worked out that the geek went back to the old place to clean up while you were able to start setting up the new place!

(((ch))) glad you're feeling a bit better.

kvetch: stupid marketing project. It's this big group project but we're actually supposed to fit a lot of info into a small amount of space (I guess to teach us how to be concise?). Anyway, the prof himself has said that the project was poorly constructed and he didn't write it and he doesn't like it. So why couldn't he make us do something else?! He also regularly expresses disdain for the author of our textbook. It's just ridiculous.

Anyway, I'm working on it right now. I'm hungry but I'm so close to being done that I refuse to eat until I finish! Enchiladas and refried beans will be my reward for the night. It's cold and rainy outside and I'm looking forward to a night of getting stoned and watching Say Yes to the Dress.
<drive-by> i'm in a funk 'cause of the house not selling but i'm trying to get over it.

kittenb - i found nifty under-the-sink shelves at walmart - they are SO useful.

sassygirl - i hear you on the Period Blues. i've had my cycle now for 6 days.....i've had my period since i was 10 and never has it gone past 4-5 days. what's going on?!

ccg - you will kick ass on the marketing project!

undies: blue.

enjoy your weekends ladies.
Can someone please explain to me how my city has been infected by a massive case of Stupid? I think it is contagious and I can tell that it is spreading and it might become lethal should I start hurting people.

{{{p-176, sassygirl, and anyone else who needs it period vibes}}} Apparently we are cycling together. rolleyes.gif I cannot find any of my Luna Pads so I had to actually buy some. That made me sad.

candycanegirl - Nice to know that I am not the only one watching that show. I have now gotten so bold I will even watch it when The Geek is in the room.

{{{sammy and billy vibes}}}

Have a great day everyone!
i inadvertently lied. i think my period finally ended. but i'm not sure.

kvetch - the show we were going to see tonight has sold out. boo! but tomorrow will be a long day, so i guess relaxing tonight is good.

i bought new clothes today at target. i was pleasantly surprised to see that there were clothes that actualy fit and covered up the twins. so now i have some fall clothes to wear to work. yay! and new matching (men's) workout clothes to inspire me to actually exercise.


Rose, I hope you get your flute back.

RED WAVE VIBES! I heart Mirena. I dont get a period any more. Just random cramps. its excellent. except for the cramps, since I've never had them before.

So I have an off again on again teenager. She's stayed here a few nights and will be moving her stuff from storage into my spare room... well, her room now.

Irishboy's birthday was today. It was a good day. I think, anyway.

I'm wading through scholarship applications, so I am a little brain numb.


<<in a funk....>

Kvetch: My body. Combined with my period that won't end(Day 6?), it's causing really bad migraines as a result of reducing one of my medications plus insomnia. Anyways, long and short of it I felt I was going to a seizure in the bathtub today on the way to getting ready for the U2 show. I hate my body sometimes. Damn! I know it's just a show, and they'll tour again. But I had just bought my ticket last night from a friend of mine, and was looking so forward to the show. sad.gif Turns out that Mcgeek is sick at home with some seasonal cold, so we're just going to get takeout and watch crap reality shows tonight. Do I sound Debbie Downer or what? Sorry gals and Billy.

Anti-kvetch: I know this is silly, but getting the new Wizard of Oz DVD yesterday.


ccg, how's the project going?? (((ccg)))

(((p176))) how are you feeling??

(((pnp))) how are things with you and the mister? When are you set to start school??

(((sassy))) I hope you feel better soon, and the wizard of oz rocks!!! I think I may get it for my mother. ~*~*~*healing vibes*~*~*~*

I saw Zombieland this weekend, and it is totally awesome! I highly recommend it.

kvetch: I drove to work today, and feel bad about it (given I have to pay for parking, and the whole carbon footprint thing)

anti-kvetch: not my fault the bus didn't come, I waited in the cold for 30 minutes, and I have a civic, so it's low emission vehicle.


hi all -

period finally ended sometime between saturday and sunday. so i'm relatively back to normal, in that, it's no longer bloating - i'm just fat :-P

i'm now heading into my third day of exercise in a row. doing it right when i get home from work is a good idea for me. i'm not likking the Wii fit yet; i have yet to break a sweat doing it, but hopefully it will get better.

got family drama, but i'm trying to let it roll off me, like it's their dysfunction not mine. i'm generally feeling disappointed with my family lately.

house is still not sold or rented, and i'm still at the same job - but at least i have one. i'm trying to stay positive today since i know it may be hard to do so later on.

and, i've kicked my soda habit, it seems.

*sigh* I miss having too much time to spend in the Lounge. What if it dissapears while I am away? unsure.gif

Anyway, I am settling in to my new apartment very well. Finding things that I love about it. The internship and school and my part-time job are keeping me so busy that I barely have time to turn around sometimes.

p_176 - my family is also gearing up for some major weirdness called the holidays. When I can have a sense of humor about it, I just think of Lily Tomlin in 9-5: "I'm a tree, I can bend!"

culturehandy - I am hoping to see Zombieland very soon.

{{{sassygirl}}} Enjoy your Wizard of Oz DVD set.

{{{prettyinpink}}}scholarship vibes!!!
Hi ladies. Just thought I'd stop by for a few minutes. I just finished a group meeting and then I'm grabbing lunch and then it's off to class for a presentation.

(((kitten))) I think I know what you're going through. Between work and school (and more importantly all the reading I have to do) I feel like I don't have much spare time at all. When I do have spare time I just want to sleep or do something completely mindless.

((((p 176)))) boo on family drama. I know we all have it to some degree but I hope that yours goes away or at least shrinks down to a reasonable level.

(((ch))) at least you tried to take the bus. In my hometown, anyone who has a car wouldn't bother even trying to take the bus because it is such a hassle (believe me, I could rant about it for a looooong time).

(((sassy))) I hope that your period is over by now. For me 6 days is pretty average but I'm sure that for other people that is waaaay over time.

kvetch: I'm finally starting to empathize with cc_boy when he said that he felt like he was being pulled in all directions. I'm going home later today for Thanksgiving weekend and I know that I need to read this weekend but it's like everybody wants me to do something. My grandparents want me to go to Sears and pick out a new stove for my place. I am extremely grateful that they are willing to get me a stove but they don't seem to understand that all I need is a stove that works. Other than that, I don't care.

My dad wants the whole family to go to the temple tomorrow to do ardas which is like, a little ceremony to give thanks, because it's my birthday. I appreciate the sentiment but I really don't believe in any religion and I know that going to the temple will take up at least a few hours. My friend K asked me if I could hang out with her "for just a few hours" on Saturday. As much as I would like to see her she apparently forgot that it's my actual birthday so I will be spending the evening with family.

In addition to that, my friend who just got married and moved to England will be visiting and I'd really like to see her but I just feel like I don't have time. I have two novels to read, one is 300 pages and the other is 200 pages. I need to at least get through the first half of each novel so that I can keep up with the class and then maybe I can finish the second halves next weekend.

My ideal weekend would be to just stay in all day Saturday and then have dinner with my family and then do the same thing on Sunday and have Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday evening. As much as I'd love to just relax and hang out, I can't afford the time and the only person who seems to understand that is my mom.

Gaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Okay, I'm done now.

undie report: big ole granny panties because I'm going to be on a train for a long time and I want to be comfy.

Long time no post. Bad me. unsure.gif

Not much new going on. LeBoy and I went to a wedding last night. A friend from high school, who I've had some ups and downs with. He can be kind of a jerk. We were sorta surprised to be invited, but whatever. The wedding was okay. Nothing to write home about, really. The DJ was kinda weird- he'd play the first half of the song, then drop the vocals, add the vocals from the next song and transition into that. It would make sense on some songs, but it was annoying because he almost never played an entire song and the songs he mixed were so weird together. Salt N Pepa's "Push It" transitioned into Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" WTF? This is why we're having an iPod DJ.

Yesterday was also my mom's birthday. We went out on Friday with her. I drove her to her mammogram (fingers crossed that comes back okay! Her sister had a double-masectomy a few years ago, but no family history other than her), then we picked up humanist and went for Thai food. Then we picked up LeBoy and drove up to Milwaukee for frozen custard at our favorite place, Kopp's. They do crazy flavors, different every day, and Friday was macadamia. They put so many macadamias in there that they actually lose money that day.

Not too much else going on. I'm contemplating getting the flu and H1N1 shot. I haven't had a flu shot in years and haven't gotten sick in years, either. But this year sounds like it's going to be nastier and I definitely don't want H1N1. Not sure how much is hype, though. Does anyone know if you can get an injection of the H1N1 vaccine? All the pictures on the news show people getting it up the nose, and that seems way worse than a shot to me.

Early Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbors to the north, eh!
I usually start thinking about what I'm making for Thanksgiving about a month before...I've made the stuffing the last couple of years, recently two kinds: a somewhat traditional sausage & challah stuffing and a White Castle stuffing. Yes, White Castle stuffing. Last year was the first year I made it and people loved it, so I'll make a full batch of it this year. It's been a couple of years since I made a dessert and I think it's time. Probably something from these pumpkin recipes that prophecy posted on FB...yum!

How did your birthday go, cc_girl? Hope it was fun, no matter what you ended up doing!

Sassy, I hope you and McGeek are feeling better. sad.gif

~*~*~*~all-purpose vibes for PnP~*~*~*~*~

Update on the flute, rose? Does The Pink Mafia need to show up on their doorstep? And I know this is referencing another thread, but how's Millie? I hope things are improving.

Well, I should go. Upcoming this week: getting humanist into the bridal shop to get her bridesmaid's dress on Friday, blowing off LeBoy's cousin's kid's 3rd birthday party to go see a dance performance and roller derby with the prophecys on Saturday, and a Roadfood outing to Milwaukee on Sunday! Woohoo!

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all the Canadian Busties.

Polly, I think you can only get the H1N1 vaccine via nose for now. I got the regular flu shot today, Iíve never had it previously, but my doctor convinced me to get it. Iím glad you mom went for her mammogram (I seem to remember you kept asking her to go, right?), hope it turns out okay. Happy belated to your mom. Sounds like you have a fun week ahead.

Ccgirl, happy belated birthday. I hope you were able to enjoy your weekend.

Kittenb, Iím glad to hear the new apartment and the internship, school and job are going well.

p_176, congrats on making a commitment to exercise. I always feel better about myself when I make time to exercise.

Culture, I saw Zombieland last week as well, it was hilarious.

((sassy and mcgeek)) I hope the two of you are feeling better.

((pip)) Good luck with your school preparations.

Billy, hello. I hope Sammy continues to do well.

Rose, any news on the flute? Itís so weird that this woman would just keep someone elseís flute for years.

Iíve been sick for a couple weeks, nothing major, but it was just wearing me down. Mr. DM and I moved apartments a couple weeks ago, and I got sick right before that, it made moving such a bitch. But we love out new apartment, so much bigger, and no more stairs. The stairs were becoming a chore with having our new puppy, Chun-Li. Chun-Li is growing and pretty much being a puppy, she is aggravating sometimes, but her cuteness makes up for it.

Twin DM finally got her cast off her foot a couple weeks ago, she is still healing, but is doing much better.

Iím on day four of a six day vacation, just hanging around and relaxing. I saw Amreeka, Paranormal Activity and The Invention of Lying, and tomorrow I have the first of three films at our local LGBT film festival. Mr. DM and I are going bowling today, and we are hoping to play air hockey as well. Happy Monday everyone.
Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian busties!

Polly, I also think you can get the H1NI vacine for the nose. I should probably get the flu shot this week. I haven't gotten one in years.

CCGL, Happy Belated Birthday!

Kittenb, yay for everything going well!

P-176, Good for exercise! I've noticed just walking the dog around my neighborhood is helping me. I also fixed the treadmill, and plan to get back on the bandwagon after this damn cold.

CH, I haven't see Zombieland yet, but want to. I hear Woody is great in it.

Pip, how's school going?

Billy, how is Sammy?

Rose, any word on the flute?

DM, yay for the puppy and new apartment!!


Kvetch: Stupid cold! Mcgeek is over his cold finally, but I'm still stuck in the house. I'm amazed that I didn't go nuts in the house. Mcgeek and I were so sick(oops sorry for the crappy pun) of each other, b/c we couldn't leave the damn house. I'm hoping to feel better by tomorrow. I have my trivia showdown on Weds, and hope to be better by then.

Anti-kvetch: Lost two pounds but I think it's water weight.

Anti-kvetch: Watching too much tv? I'm just bored, but started watching Fringe and new House episodes.

Sammy has turned the corner, I believe. When he came home a week ago, he was eating and drinking but that didn't last long. On Friday, we took him in again to find he was running a fever. He was constipated also; that we knew. So that was taken care of (better them doing it than me) and he was given some fluids. He's been eating and drinking regularly since. He still seems to skinny, though. Neither cat really likes the new blend of food that's designed to keep bladder problems to a minimum, but they're eating it. I hope this is the end of his vet visits for a while. He's still got a few more days of oral antibiotics. He's not a good pill taker, but we're all learning how to make it easier!

Sassy and DM... get better soon!
Good Afternoon!!

(((P176))), how's the exercising going since your last post??

(((Kitten))), I'm so happy that things are going well in your new digs.

Happy Belated ccg!!! (((ccg))) how was your birfday!!

Polly, I'm also feeling the same about H1N1. your weekend sounds really full! (((polly)))

(((dm))) I hope you feel better soon!! enjoy your vacation.

(((sassy))) I hope you feel better soon, too!

Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian Kvetchies!!

This weekend was slow key, went to dasters yesterday and ate my face off. I brought a delicious pumpkin loaf. It came out well. Off today, and back to work tomorrow. then I'm off on vacation on the 19th.


ETA: x-posted with Billy. So glad to hear that Sammy is going better.
I just wanted to pop in to say that I ended up having a wonderful weekend! I got home late on Friday and my mom and I chatted and watched wedding shows.

On Saturday my mom took me out to Red Lobster, just the two of us, for a birthday lunch! It was sooooo delicious. I didn't end up having to go to Sears, my mom went on my behalf and I will be getting a new stove in a few weeks. I went to the temple to do ardas with my dad and it actually didn't take very long and it was nice to just do something with him as well.

Anyway, on Saturday night I was with the whole family (brother, parents, grandparents, dog) and we ordered pizza. Then just before cake time my best friend who I've known my whole life came over and then we did the whole cake thing, which as always was delicious.

My dad had to go to sleep because he had a truck run to do at 2am but the rest of us sat down and I opened presents. I got a beautiful opal ring, Chanel perfume and Hocus Pocus on DVD! I know it sounds silly but I freakin love Hocus Pocus. My mom had gotten it for my birthday on VHS like, 10 years ago and it was getting horribly worn down from years of watching so she got it for me on DVD and I was thrilled!

Yesterday we had our Thanksgiving dinner, however the night ended up really badly for me because I got terrible stomach pains amongst other nasty stomach related stuff but I'm feeling much better today. My mom said it could have been too much stuffing or too much sparkling wine. Who knows.

Anyhoo, I'm back now and I'm proud to say that despite all the festivities I managed to read over 200 pages this weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian busties!!

Just dropping by to say that, yes, I'm alive. Sorry I've been MIA lately, but I've been feeling emotionally exhausted. I don't feel much like talking about myself. Plus, sometimes reading about other people makes me feel overwhelmed. Blame FaceBook. I wish there was a way people could prioritize their posts there. Sometimes the important stuff gets lost in the chatter. For instance, last week I didn't notice that a friend's father was in the hospital because it was wedged between random posts about what so-and-so ate for breakfast or another droning post from whats-her-name about how her life is shit.


Anyway, despite all of that, life is good. I kept the flute & rehearsals are going well. I took Millie to the vet and, other than an ear infection, she is healthy. Unfortunately, that means that she was peeing outside of her box because of stress. We made some changes & she's been okay for about 5 days now (she has not peed outside of her box in that time), so that's good. Other than that, I've been knitting and baking and doing other happy, domestic things. It's all good.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((darling Kvetchies))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
candycanegirl - Except for the stomach pains, that sounds like a lovely birthday.
polly - what is a Roadfood outing?
billybonka - is turning a corner a good thing or a bad thing?
culturehandy - Oooo, pumpkin loaf! What a great tidea.
sassygirl - I've gotten into Fringe this season and love it.
dm - Yay for new bigger apartments!

Everything is busy right now and my internship has me a little stumped. However, I've been having fun in the new place. I used my new ice cream maker the other night and made a yummy strawberry/chocolate chip ice cream. Very tasty!
Roadfood is a website started by the food writers, Jane and Michael Stern, who wrote a book of the same name, a guide to restaurants around the U.S. that are "off the beaten path"- mom and pop-type places, places with good, but sometimes unusual, food, stuff like that. So, the site has their articles and pictures and a message board for people who are into that sort of thing and I post on there sometimes (as "Abe_Froeman", the Sausage King of Chicago wink.gif ) and every couple months, I get together from people who also post on the site (our core group is comprised of people from Chicago and Milwaukee, but sometimes people from Michigan and farther join us) and we go on these food tours, where we pick a theme or a neighborhood and check out restaurants and other places in the area. Sometimes we just meet at one place, too.

So, on Sunday, we're meeting in Milwaukee, going to an Italian deli and bakery, a Greek grocery store, driving through a neighborhood with a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright houses (I'm as excited about that as I am about all the food!), a Columbian bakery and restaurant, a Mexican grocery store, the public market in Milwaukee and ending it with frozen custard.

FB used to have a feature like that, rose, where you could customize/prioritize what you saw, so less "relationship" changes, more status updates, and you could say you always want to see what particular people post, and never want to see others unless there's nothing else going on.

Every few months the brilliant minds at Facebook make updates that they think we'll love and usually they just suck. dry.gif
oh the lounge... how i miss thee...

polly, roadfood sounds like an awesome idea, i love trying new things. and a happy birthday to your mama!

rose, it sounds like the flute saga is ending well? i hope millie gets better soon.

kitten, that ice cream sounds amazing!

ccgirl, glad you had a good birthday (except for the tummy issues sad.gif )

culture, have fun with your vacation!

billy, it's good that sammy is on the mend

sassy, i hope you feel better soon. being sick is no fun at all.

dm, hope you get better, too. hooray for puppies and new apartments!

apologies and (((((hugs))))) to anyone i missed.

so. i'm on my 2 day "vacation" at my bgp's house. loving it! it's been crazy at home. nothing really new, just the mad chaos that comes from having 4 kids lol. not like it's less crazy here, just a different sort. we went apple picking the other day, and we've been canning applesauce and apple butter. my hand is cramped from peeling the darn things!

kvetch: the little bugger down the street that shot the window in the little boys' room with his frickin' bb gun and shattered it. i hope the cops put the fear of god into him, 'cause otherwise, i'm gonna do it, next time i see that little snot. this kid is a total menace. seriously. this is not the first time we've tangled with him.

anti-kvetch: dai is turning 11 at the end of the month, and we're having a trick-or-treat party. i love halloween.
Hi damona!
Hi Roseviolet whom I missed when I posted the other day.

So I've come to a comfortable decision about the Holidays this year. I might have mentioned it before but now I am actually excited and at peace with it. The geek and I are going to my family for Thanksgivinga and staying in Chicago for Christmas. With all of the drama and sadness of dealing with my step-sister's pregnancy (and now, no one is talking to anyone, although I have been messaging the step-sis on MySpace a little) I just don't want to be there for the Christmas. And, in other holiday news, I think I found what The Geek most wants at a price I can afford. He wants a USB Turntable, something that converts records to digital format. I thought they all cost $150+ but I found one at $99 that got great reviews on C-Net (my usual spot for my tech deprived brain.) I can get it on Amazon for no shipping (I think.) And, it is small enough to work in our entertainment area and cute enough that I won't mind looking at it.

Have a great day everyone!
Hi KittenB, Damona, Polly, CCG, P-176, PIP, everyone....

I'm no longer sick!! I actually went out with my friends last night, and we're considering forming a trivia team. We tied for 4th place! I'm happy that I organized it, and it was a success. I was worried with the rain that no one would show up. We were Ardi's Army, and are considering using geeky names.

Anti-kvetch: Started a wedding website on, and having fun playing around with the link. I'm also maybe going dress shopping next week. Wish I could take some busties with me!

Anti-kvetch: Heading to the Decatur Beer Festival this week, a friends party, and a MP double feature that proceeds go to charity this weekend. It's going to be busy, but I'm excited about spending a weekend out doing things, instead of trapped on the futon.

I just wanted to fly by to say...

kitten, my mom wants almost the same thing for Christmas! She found one that's like a usb turntable, cd player, tape player, radio all in one AND it plays 78s!

damona, your story about the evil BB gun kid brought back a memory for me. When I was little there was this awful kid on my street who decided one day that he would throw rocks at the street lamp to try to break the glass. Well, I just happened to be sitting on the curb looking at clouds when one of the rocks came down and hit me right in the fucking eye!

Then that winter as my friend was walking to school, he threw a fucking block of ice at her face! This kid was a total terror. Finally one night my dad happened to see him messing around in one of the neighbours' bushes and it seemed like he was trying to mess it up so my dad said something along the lines of, "If you break that bush I'll break you!" We didn't deal with that kid much after that.
drive by as well -

exercise has been hard since i last posted. i strained my delts picking up a heavy box, after surgery when i had not been exercising. so now i'm going to the chiropractor and doing PT on it, so my exercise level is still building. the last week the guy and i have had errands to run almost every night. but i do try to do yoga every day, even when i can't get in a more aerobic workout.

dealing with stuff at work (see my post on everything work related). i filed a complaint.

otherwise, just trying to stay dry - it's supposed to rain straight through to sunday.
Hey Ladies,

I used to post on here ALL the time a few years back under the slightly crabby name Surly. Anyhow, I thought I would pop in to say hello and see if I still knew anyone around here. So, hello, do I still know anyone around here?


--Drive by--

I think I remember you. I used to be beatnikbaby if I recall. Anyways, how you doing?
Happy Friday everyone!

Kvetch: Zoe at the vet and other things. She bite Mcgeek the other night, and we had to muzzle her today. I'm a little scared that she'll be out of control. I don't want to give her up, but it worries me.

Anti-kvetch: Seeing one of my bridesmaids tonight for a chick flick and coffee.

Undies: Boring white ones.

hey everyone -- long time, no post. i hate to just drop in out of nowhere with bad news, but i am in ohio as my father-in-law passed yesterday. he's been in decline all summer and fall, and at the start of last week, they discovered a brain clot.

everyone is doing as well as can be expected. funeral is wednesday.

on top of everything else, i have a cold, although my husband's office had an outbreak of h1n1 so it could be worse.

hope everyone is well! once things calm down (this has been a crazy difficult month) i will try to pop in more regularly. love to you all!
((more hugs to sidecar & martini & family)) LeBoy and I send our condolences. sad.gif

Went to roller derby tonight with stargazer and the prophecys. We won! But it didn't really matter because our team is already in the nationals. They're in Philadelphia for that next month and LeBoy was trying to convince me that we should go (this was after prophecy told him about all the good food in Philly) and then I reminded him that we'd have to board the dog while we were gone because I wouldn't want to impose on my parents for dealing with him- it's best left to us or to the professionals at the vet's office. That ended that discussion.

Well, I should go to bed- food tour tomorrow!

((hugs to all)) Hope everything works out with Zoe, sassy! unsure.gif

Good Afternoon All!!

(((ccg))) you're Thanksgiving weekend sounds really nice. That childhood kid sounds like a real bastard. I wonder if he's in jail now.

Hey RV!! Enjoy your week!! (((rv)))

Kitten, I'll post the pumpkin loaf recipe in adfab. it's so easy and so wonderfully easy.

(((polly))) Very cool about the your team being in the nationals!!

(((damona))) I think you should shoot the little fark face in the ass with a BB gun. What a little terror.

(((sassy))) so glad that you are feeling better!!!

Hey P176!

Hey Pants!

(((((((sidecar))))))) I am so sorry about your loss. Stay strong, we are always here. ((((((side car and family)))))

Not much new here, this weekend was lovely, twas my bday on Sunday, so PR Boy took me out for supper, then we went and chilled at his place. ahhh. It was a truly wonderful birfday. Now I'm on vacation and it's wonderful.

Surly/Pants -- I remember you. I was Shizuku in the before time. I just came back too.

Kvetch: Cried in class today because my professor asked if I was all right. No, I'm not really, and now I've just embarrassed myself. Lovely. (Best friend is ill. I don't know how its going to turn out. Too serious to be a kvetch of its own.)
Long time no kvetch. *waves*

I must go back through and read to get caught up but for now thought I'd send out some
~~~~~~~all purpose super duper good things/anti bad things vibage for all~~~~~~~~

and extra tight hugs for ((((sidecar, martini & family))))
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