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Mornington, I got the shakes sometimes while I was on Prozac. My legs would bounce & jitter, which is very unusual for me because I'm not a jittery person. It faded in time, though, and within a month or two the jitters were gone. I think I may've had some memory problems, too, but ... umm ... I can't remember! My memory has always been rather crap, though. [blush]

((((Amilita)))) At least you still have us, right? wink.gif

Pixie, I'm glad to hear that your honey is done with classes for the semester! I'm still pissed off about that advisor that screwed up & set him up on the wrong major and blahblahblah. But don't mind me. I'm just a big ol' momma bear! But I still thinks he should write some letters. That chick deserves a serious repremand.

My mom finished her Spanish 4 class today, too. I don't know if I mentioned it in here, but she took two of those intense-study courses one right after the other - 2 weeks of Spanish 3, then 2 weeks of Spanish 4. And of course, she had to deal with being violently ill and dad's surgery in the middle of it all. And, of course, she still logged in 24 hours of work at the hospital each weekend. So you can see why I've been so worried about her! Finishing this last class means she finally has time to breathe again. She is soooooo thrilled to have that out of the way! And as a bonus, she got an A! Yay!

Well, I was going to mow, but we've got thunderstorms all over the place, so I guess I'm staying in & possibly shutting down the computer.
On the plus side Rose...He did get a new advisor when he changed majors! One that helped him decide that for his career goals he does not need a Phd. And he helped him direct his focus a bit. And the first nutty advisor who told him he was the only person enrolled in that program...yeah there ended being like close to twenty! She just didn't know about the rest because they weren't bothering her to do her job! They did do some adjusting so that he could save as many of his credits as possible.
my memory was dodgy anyway, rose. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just paranoid about it. The jitters are hilarious, though.

did mr pixie complain about the supervisor, pixie? It's good that he got guidance in the end though, I guess.

kvetch: silly bloody O. again. grr. *strops*
I'm not sure he did. he has to have a sit down with his new advisor in a few weeks and I think he was going to bring it up then. But the University is now aware of the problem.

I'll admit I've always been a bit scatterbrained, but that was unreal! The doctor who put me on Prozac was also really pushing for me to be on Birth control pills too. I was like, umm. noo. That's a personal decision and I have decided against it. He still kept pushing, so I had my caseworker reassign me to a female doc and the first thing she did was switch medicines.
quick like a bunny (hi bunnyb!!!!) summary:

have not read all of archives, just skimmed (BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD tes!)
am busting instead of working because I need a break. WAY too much work !

(((((((((damona and little d)))))))))))

*sprinkles glittery silver and gold and pale pink fairy dust on little d*

there! that should get her what she needs!

rosiev, how is rose violet dad? Still on fluids? Sooooooooooooo happy to hear that he made it through the surgery.
~*~*~*~*~*~rose and rose dad~*~*~*~*~*

(((((((mornington)))))) sorry i’m late on those hugs.i sympathise; i get all upset when my mamãe isn’t doing well. i hope yours is doing better!

syb: hope the work level is well, leveling off some. and can I just say, YAYAYAYAY for champers and cake???? who could be unhappy with champers and cake and loads of people around who love you? enjoy this time before the wedding. it will be one of those periods in your life together that you will look back on fondly and with joy.

oh: btw, the reason that i have a maid is because i live in one of the poorest nations of the world. everyone sort of expects you to have a maid. if I lived in a house, i might well have a maid AND a cook AND a gardner (as well as security guards, which my building DOES have)

FAITH!!!! but of course you could get a REAL lawyer job!!!! you kick ASS!!! just ask any one of us in here!!! muito happy about your anti-kvetch, even if you can’t give us details!!!

yayayayay!!! we still have MsP!!!! didn’t know that you had moved from naral to aclu, but good for you for still fighting the good fight! hope you and MrP and the furry ones are all well. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand: 64,928 lieberman/lamont posts??? BLEAH!!! ((((((you deserve hugs and kisses!))))))

SIDECAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how was the convention??? How is martini????

amilita, that is very sweet of you to say. sometimes it is just easier to write about what is happening with me than trying to remember everything that is going on with everyone! yayayayay you for a new, totttttttttttttttttttttaly uncool minivan!! And… fireworks????? That is just POOR TASTE. c’mon. nahlens can do bettah that thaaaaaaaaat!

pixie, i agree: cashiers check is the way to go! good luck with that. i’m sure everything will work out just fine.

Yeufie, let’s hear it for CHOCOLATE CAKE and wonderful times with nieceoids!!

i have exactly ZERO to add to the prozac conversation. sorry. smile.gif
medusa, we will meeeeeeeeeece you!

speaking of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecing!!! I MEEEEEECE MANDO!!!

apologies to everyone i did not comment on, i really did barely skim archives. Who wants to spank me?

*looks around longingly for tes’ass plum wine*

okay, NOT so quick, like a bunny or otherwise! blink.gif

BIG hugs, leeeeeeeeeeeeeetle keeeeeces, and silly silly silly meixilões!!!

Well, I am going to be quick and I AM bunny (Hi! back tes smile.gif)

I'm sorry for being neglectful but I simply don't have the energy and can't follow on from a great tes post!

kvetch: I'm hungover. Had impromptou night out clubbing last night and now I'm feeling rather tender. It's too hot for clubbing so just as well it was a beach party themed night and I was wearing denim shorts anyway so I fit right in. Was good night, sometimes I have to have some silliness just to shake out the cobwebs and cluttered thoughts going around head. I hate that the day after is such a write off though.

anti-kvetch: three separate people last night said (with shocked looks and tone) that I do *not* look twenty-five but much younger; it's something I've heard a lot but still nice to hear. Hopefully I'll be youthful looking for a loooong time!

I must be lucky with the prozac (and bc) cos none of the side effects have really occurred with me; I'm quite breathless at times but that could be down to the fact that I'm incredibly unfit so apart from the changed sensation of orgasms I've noticed no adverse change - obviously the overwhelming sadness being gone is a good thing.

mmmm cake. My green&black's cookbook arrived. OMG do some of those recipes look divine.

I too miss mando-heart sad.gif. And where are tyger, crassy and txplumwine?

tes, no underwear report? tut-tut. I haven't put them on yet but going to wear black sheer pants with matching bra that have a cream lace design over the black.

(((everyone))) that is you and you and you and you and you and you and you.

*one dark brown eye peeks in surreptitiously and locates Tesao*

*big soft hand with neat, unpainted nails reaches around a corner, pulls back, and gives Tesao a hearty SMACK on the bum*

*waves to the rest of the room, spewing out wishes for healthy moms, kiddos, and BUSTies, and a fabulous baby-blue-bra-and-Asian-flowered-cotton-underwear weekend*

*dashes off before Tesao can return the favor*
(((Tes))) Thank you for what you said; it's lovely to hear. It really was a lovely weekend and now is a good time for us, you're not wrong. Good to see you here!

And you too Miz Plumwine! Come back!

My bc is pretty non-invasive as well, although I'm on the mini-pill because I still smoke some, which I find pretty mellow anyway. It can be a pain when travelling though.

Bunnyb I hope your hangover clears soon! Try green tea/bacon sarnie/a smoothie or the regional speciality Irn Bru! Yay for impromptu nights out though. Sometimes people tell me I look younger than I am and I have to confess to being far too happy when it happens.

I'm pleased it's Friday and the end of a fairly productive week. I need to speed up a bit though and get some more freelance stuff going, I think.

White mesh knickers (necessary with semi-see through skirt) and charcoal lace brar.

Plummie's always been such a flirt. Some things don't change.

Lane Bryant undies: royal blue cotton hi-cut briefs; slightly lined plain pink bra.

(((((Hugs and kisses to all and sundry)))))) I've been reading and vibing as always, but have been even more short on time, energy, and emotional strength to post than usual lately. Too many things going on in my personal life for me to find the extra that posting requires.

My mother-in-law arrived Wednesday. The last two days haven't been bad, but today she's starting to twinge my nerves a bit. The lady really needs someone to talk to in her normal life, because when she's here she tries to make up for the ongoing lack all at once. Do I really need to hear constant narration of every.single.thing she's thinking of doing? Didn't think so. She's splitting her visit between our house and my sister-in-law's, but will be in the area for two weeks total. Ten days after she leaves is when I'm supposed to go move my own mother into my house. (Temporarily - likely (hopefully) for less than 12 months.) So in addition to any other annoying points, my MIL's visit is bad timing, as it's hard to get things done and organized for my mom's move when I'm having to keep the MIL's schedule in mind.

Two weekends ago: emptied the spare bedroom, took down the chair rail, spackled the holes/damage the rail left behind, taped the spare room, taped the toilet closet.

Last weekend: primed and painted both the spare room and toilet closet. Bye-bye sunshine yellow and easter egg purple spare room!

This weekend, starting as soon as this post is done: tape, prime, and paint TallKid's bedroom.

And yes, I do know that painting TallKid's rooms can technically wait until my mom's already moved in, but my mom would want to help so bad but wouldn't know what to do with herself, so it's easier on me in other ways to get all the stuff of that nature done before she arrives.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. ***Kisses!***
Yay for Irn Bru! Or should I say Irn Bru ? cool.gif Last time I had some was when Sheff & I went to the Scottish Games last year. I wonder if I can find any 'round these parts. Hmmmmm. Granted, the stuff is vile if you aren't used to it, but there are times when you can really appreciate it.

(((many hugs for TallGirl))) So many mothers in such a short period of time! And all of that painting, too? Goodness! Much strength & patience to you, TG.

[blows kisses at Plummie] Hi, baby!

Nothing injects energy into this thread like a visit from Tes! Sorry to hear you are soooooooo swamped with work, you luscious thing you. And I totally understand what you're saying about the maid. When my parents were living in Mississippi in the '60s, it was a similar situation.

Undies: Cute polkadot thong with oodles of colors. But after my shower I think I'll switch to a sweet pink lace set.
I heart Irn Bru - a lasting symptom of my ill-spent time with ScotsEx. It also tastes a great deal like Texan favorite Big Red.

TG, her kid, and her icon all rule.

I'm posting from work so this must be short, but here's a *flutter* for TG and kisses for everyone else! I'm off to Austin tonight with 4 girlfriends to attend a Yarn Harlot book signing!!! It's enough to give a knitter the vapors. smile.gif

Love y'all!
RV, I just saw on Craftster that the Handmade craft sale is on in Raleigh again in November, so it doesn't matter that you missed the Rock & Roll one.

*smooches TxPlumwine and returns to "work"*
quick undie update:

tes in white satin
thong not covering rear end
damask rose pattern
floral lace cutouts
for the viewer to rend........

okay, must rush off now! (before i am thrown out of thread!
*toddles in*

first things first... white with many-coloured polka dot boyshorts. black bra.

(((tes))) I know where you're coming from - people always used to look at me weirdly when I talked about The Gate Guards (both sweeties), the Ayah or the maid/cook/chaffeur/gardener. I suspect at one stage I was in cahoots with the butler, but he wasn't my butler. On some occasions the help came with the house. (my parents are both diplomats). I kind-of feel that in third-world countries you're providing employment, and support for a lot more people. We always paid above the going rate. Our gate guards used to get embassy protection too, to stop them getting thrown out as they were technically illegals (they walked across the sahara).

(((rosev))) have you tried vimto?




(((bunny))) feeling any better now, deary?


(((amilta, yuefie, tyger, mando, vesica, faith, rasin, damona, dm, and everyone else)))

I have Daphne back! woo! She's not speaking to me as I sent her to live with mum (who is fine, just being arsed around by the wonderfulness that is the civil service healthcare) but she seems fine. And I'm going to sign for my house tomorrow... I'm now not going to Algiers at all (as there's really no point) so I'm hoping to move sooner than originally planned. Which will be nice.

*goes back to faffing*
ooh bunny tantrum! (daphne, not me)

How exciting to be signing for house tomorrow! Do you have any links of photos you can email?

Feeling better, thanks smile.gif. Had two bananas, Domino's pizza and can of (diet) Irn Bru - it really is a hangover cure, syb! How cool that so many of you know what Irn Bru is! I felt so bad earlier and my head was so incredibly sore but now I'm just tired.

tallgirl, make sure the m-i-l doesn't leave all her underwear this time or catches you naked (that was you, right?)

Ended up not wearing the black underwear as was wearing slightly see-through torquoise top so went for same colour in matching lingerie - it's new and lovely (although so is the black and several other sets I've splurged on recently). Do we still have the underwear thread?

The weather still hasn't broken here so we're still expecting our storm. It's cooler today but it needs to break soon as waaaay too humid although I've been reading about on BBC website. Pity it won't be nice over weekend as I could have done with some uni reading whilst sunbathing.

That's all folks, off to bed.
omg, the underroo thread! I had a little moment in the sales and stocked up...

I'll get photos once I move in, but it's basically the groundfloor of one of those victorian terraces - big square rooms and high ceilings; small but spacious (like my mind). I'm hopelessly over-excited.

I just have to remember what I'm supposed to be doing... unsure.gif .
Haven't made it to bed yet... watching CSI and trying to become rehydrated.

Underwear is the shnizz, sexy under the clothes, sexy in general. The sales for underwear good, got pretty sets from Oasis and love Topshop's underwear (hence the torquoise and the black). Have my eye on a lovely CK set I saw in Harrods which was bit out of my price range so hoping I'll catch it in sale.

Memory loss would be so very very inconvenient for me as I research dissertation.
*tries desperately to revise* (actually, I don't think there's much wrong with the l-term, it's just the short-term. but that's always been crap).

I've never tried the bras in topshop... love the knickers, though. Argh! I'm getting distracted! tongue.gif

Right, bed. Night *mwah all*

Awww man, I missed plummie, tallgirl, and tes in white satin? you know of course tes, that the song "knight's in white satin" is going to run through my head, only it will be "tes in white satin, damask rose print..."

((((bunny & mornington)))) cause I lurves ya both to pieces.

and ((((pixie)))) too wink.gif

where in the heck is crassy? and yeah, when is mando supposed to be back?

(((rose, syb, raisin, amilita, dusty, damona, faith, miri, fina, billy, skc, vesica, msp, mavin, dm, tyger, and lot's more fab bustie's & buster's I'm failing to mention)))

I am on my way out to some pre pride weekend festivities. I"m a litle bummed though, my best friend Shannon can't make it down after all cause her mother had to have surgery. And because she is not coming, my friend Natalie decided to pass too. My sis bailed out, best guy pal did too, Jerry forgot to request the day off. Our party is growing smaller and smaller as people keep dropping out. Usually it's a rather large bunch of us, but as it stands now it's just PJ and I meeting our friend Vena who is in from AZ. Does nobody have any pride left? hrrmmph. My sis just called and told me I need to report for coma cake duties. That woman has lost her mind, I tell ya. I am going nowhere near that sisnister chocolate bomb of doom.

undies: baby blue hipster bikini & matching cotton bra.

Ok, I need more detail on the sinister chocolate bomb of doom.....

Geez, I'd pay money to go to pride stuff w/ Yufie!
seconds both of anoushh's points!

(((yuefie))) love you back to bits biggrin.gif.

mornington, try topshop's bras. I have a number and like them all but the torquoise is my favoiurite as I love how my boobs look (it's a t-shirt bra style made of softest material, fantastic colour). Apologies for making this the new underwear thread and for contributing to the food madness in BUSTing the under-bridge-dwellers thread. I'm sorting out my issues and conflicts rolleyes.gif . That rolling eyes smiley is too cute to be as sarcastic as I intend the tone :pout:.

kvetch: my throat hurts. I really can't afford to be down with anything so trying to be upbeat.

Going to work my ass of today (not really an anti-kvetch is it?) Hope the revision at least going for you, mornington.

Happy weekend, ladies. I'm sure I'll be back - getting my posts up to 500 so I can change member status, any suggestions on my BUSTie title? wink.gif
Last night I kept humming a song in my head, wondering what it was. And of course, it was "Tes In White Satiiiiiiiiiin"! laugh.gif

I'm awake early today. Unfortunately, I had a dream that is making me feel very sad and guilty. I know it's stupid to feel guilty over what you did in a dream, but still. Le blerg. Blergidy blergidy blerg.

Anoushh, my darling! How are things? Please tell us you've been reconnecting with friends & enjoying lots of snuggle time with the puppers!

Yuefie, I thoughtshe was going to feed the rest of the cake to her co-workers? As for Pride, I'll chime in with Anoushh & say I'd be happy to go with you ... s long as it isn't ungodly hot outside, you understand.

Hooray for Mornington's place! I'm curious about what it looks like. For some reason I keep picturing the Regency style house we lived in while in Brighton/Hove. As for the Vimto, Sheff says that I have tried it (although I don't remember) because he bought some at the little Indian market back home.

Which reminds me, Pixie ... if you're interested in making your own Indian food at home, you can go to this Indian market, too. It is just east of the Super Walmart on 71st Street in BA. You can even rent Bollywood movies from them!

Sigh. I miss knowing where things are. I would dearly dearly love to know if there's a British market 'round these parts. I can find a few of the necessities (like HP sauce & Marmite) at a local gourmet store, but I think Sheff would like a larger selection.

VP. thanks for the heads-up on the HandMaidens! Luckily, I got something in the mail from them just yesterday telling me that they're having a get-together in August, too. Yay!

Formula One Qualifying is coming on. Must dash!
rose, have you found somewhere that stocks branston pickle by any chance?

(((rose))) I hate when I dream dreams like that.

Enjoy the motor racing!
I have come to the conclusion that I am obsessed with food. Or at least I am whenever I come in here. I ended up looking for vimto earlier in the supermarket.

I am now a proper house-renter. whee! The tube is frelled this weekend - I left the house at 10.15 this morning and it took me over an hour and a half to get to the estate agents. I have to go into London to go out again, if that makes sense... grr. Damn you ken livingstone.

*fling self at yuefie* ((((yuefie))) you know I luves you right back. and (((bunny))) too.

rose, I know this sounds daft, but if there's a british consul around (it depends on how "major" where you are is) they might well know where you can get expat foods. Just a thought.

how are you (((anoushh)))?

ok, revision. Yes. hmm.

Mando's returning this weekend. NOT THAT I AM STALKING HER OR ANYTHING! Sheesh, you people. I mean, really.

BunnyB, I have no suggestions -- as you can see, I'm using that precious space to quote Tori lyrics.

So this is officially my second-to-last weekend of working on the weekends before the new kickass job starts. (When I do work on the weekends at the new job, at least I'll be getting paid royally for it, thankyouverymuch.) I cannot effing wait. Real weekends not filled with work and work-related anxieties -- bring it on! I might actually find time to go hunting for the menfolk. I got so wrapped up in career advancement (blah, that makes it sound so boring when it is anything but!) for, like, YEARS, and I've kind of forgotten what it's like to date. Oops. Yep, married to my work but looking for an open relationship.

Also, what Sweet Anoushh (that's Sweet Sweet in Armenian -- you do realize that "anoush" means "sweet"? and "anoushig" is "little sweet" -- babies are often called anoushig, in fact -- just my little linguistic public service announcement for the day) said about the sinister chocolate bomb of doom and going to pride. I want to hear more, Yuefie!

I am drinking coffee from Tanzania, kind of making up for the fact that I won't be moving to said country to work. Ha! Not really. But it's damn good coffee, dark and rich, probably something that's only meant for export. Bah, now I feel dumb.

Okay, off to check a few more threads and then it's off to work I go. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go! Where are my seven dwarves when I need 'em?
yeah I'm lovin' the Tori lyrics, raisingirl. I too wanna hang with the conrnflake girl.

D'you know what bothers me about Disney? That, as raisingirl, says it's the seven DWARVES and yet they have DWARFS. Get with the grammatical program(me).

happy working! Yeah, not my ass isn't doing it yet.

I too am obsessed with food. i'm going on a B&J hunt later.

And yay for mando returning soon!
bunny, for some reason I want to write "show some love, hug a hoodie". But then again I have many problems.

I have taken the lid off my pen. this is progress, people! progress. *falls in behind rasin* hi ho, hi ho...

Hee hee like it, I'm thinking something bunny related like sweet, fluffy, loveable but not in a pot. Check back later for the update. Reminds me of the fun of engraving an ipod: the boy's is engraved with "Not dishwater safe".

Yes, pen and notebook at my side and a lot of notes about Freud and Poe.

Dopey (the dwarf) in France is Simplet (causes me no end of amusement, noticed it in Disney Paris and should have bought a cuddly Simplet) so I shall be him. Did anyone know that there is a porn version of Snow White that features real vertically challenged men?
Raikkonen made pole! Woot! But my darling Alonso is way back in 7th. Sniffle. Just as long as Michael has some competition. He grates my nerves.

Not that any of y'all care or anything tongue.gif

Mornington, your comment about your pen cap reminded me of this pen cap pendant. Not that I'm suggesting that you're a coke fiend or anything. wink.gif

Simplet! What a great name! Maybe I'll give it to one of our fish someday.

Anti-kvetch: Dad's clear liquid diet ends TODAY!!!! Woo hoo!
Kvetch: Sheff has to work today. He'll be there until 6. Boo.
Anti-kvetch: Since I haven't done anything for myself in lord-knows-how-long, he gave me $100 & ordered me to go out & spend it all on myself while he's out. Woo hoo! Anybody have any suggestions on how I should spend it?

I hate my mother-in-law. That is all.
tallgirl, has she eaten your ben and jerry's again (that *was* her, yeah)? Say it ain't so! (((tallgirl)))

Yes, I always bring in back to the food.

Must. go. work.

eta: yay 500 posts!!! *goes to procrastinate some more by thinking up sub handle*

bwahhaha rose! that's fantastic... I might have to make something similar. maybe with a birocap or something...

Shoes. always shoes... I mean, if it's splurge money, spend it on something you want rather than need. Even if it's underroos. tongue.gif

bunny - how about "this way up" or "handwash only". "gloves and pie" springs to mind too.
No, there's no Ben & Jerry's in the house this time. And she hasn't gotten dressed in front of an open door to where I have almost no choice but to see her naked (yet).

No, now she's making messes in my kitchen. And planning my day for me. And pointing out a million little things I need to do, implying that my priorities are messed up. (Although she "understands" that I've got more important things to do right now than, for example, meticulously cleaning my son's bedroom blinds.) And telling us what we can and can't eat, one of the few offenses guaranteed to make me homicidal.

hmmm. rosie v, i never managed to find branston pickle anywhere except fowlers. sometimes southern season. you know what? a happen to have a friend who is a scot married to an american man. she always has branston pickle.....AND she lives near you! send me a pm and i can give you her info if you like.

there are some good spas around you -- you could spend money on that, or go to a charming village nearby (the one that has the oreo cookie cows) and spend a nice day walking around the shops there and browsing in their bookstore (it used to have a resident cat but she passed on to the great litter box in the sky and they never replaced her but i think that they should! she used to come and jump in my lap while i read...and there is a very nice cafe where you can have a bit of nice lunch...frell. i wish i still lived there so that i could come and do all of this with you!!!! sometimes the world is cruel. i, too, miss knowing where all of the shops/places are!!

simplet. hee.

and NO I CAN NOT BELIEVE that there is a porn pic with 7 real life vertically challenged men. now, that is an odd one. i wonder if it could turn me on????

can i just say how much i LOVE it that everyone is going around humming tes in white saaaaaaaaaaaatttin.... ???

mandomyheart we MEEEEEEEEEEEEECE you!!

anoushh anoushh sweet sweet anoushhka! i love that they call babies that!

in finnish, they call babies bebsu. blame that one on rosie and her blathering about the finnish pilot. random thought patterns, right here in the kvetch up! thread!!

my father used to call the seven dwarves the seven dwarps. but we all know that he was warped. he used to tell us warped nursery rhymes. and make crazy things up that (brain challenged tes that i still am) i actually believed. like the fact that flamingos had only one leg.

i also need to mention that i am LOVING it that we all remember all of the frelled up things that tall girl's monster in law did the LAST time that she visited!!! we are eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil!!

hugs and kisses and silly silly panda fish named simplet!
((((tallgirl))))) how is it that these wonderful men have mothers that leave us confounded as to how she and he are related? i hope she settles/leaves soon.

The constant narrative on how we have misguided priorities and eat wrong is a popular one for my MIL; this week, Martini told her about some problems we're having with the building next door (they never walk their dog but leave it in the backyard to bark at all hours of the night, they don't take its shit to the trash but rather shovel it out into the alley they share with the rest of our block, and the dog is aggressive and tries to crawl through the fence to bother people in our building/our dogs whenever it can), and her response was, "Well, you need to move out further," that is, to the suburbs. Because I'm sure there are no irresponsible dog owners out there. *giant eye roll*

Anti-kvetch: I am going to the Pitchfork Music Festival today and tomorrow! I am very excited, as a lot of my favorite bands are there.
Kvetch: It is sunny, humid, and the temperature is going up to 92.

(((rosev)))) do you have a LUSH nearby? Because that's my favorite spot to blow money for me.

(((bunny and her hangover)))) Irn-Bru is pretty vile, you ask me. I think you can get it pretty much anywhere with a higher-end market now (I've even had it here in flyover country.)

Last night, we finally found a Chinese restaurant that is good! We are beyond thrilled, because it's even walking distance and it's cheap, too. We always eat a ton of Chinese food when we travel because they don't have decent Chinese in Chicago (it's the one thing we're missing) so I'm happy to have something good here.

*waves to tesao* We had a great time at the Con! I saw a baby dressed as Yoda and a guy dressed as Elvis and a Stormtrooper at the same time. And I bought a t-shirt that says "Will work for books," which is pretty much true.
The bru is an acquired taste (fina, what are your views?) a bit like olives - for all those who detest olives, as I once did, are you twenty five yet or tried them since you turned twenty five? Honeslty, I was told I would acquire a taste for them once I turned twenty-five and I did.

(((tallgirl))) I'm very lucky with my future m-i-l, she's like a second mother so I can't feel your pain but I empathise with it.

sidecar, funny you mentioned LUSH cos I was thinking of there earlier as amusing names for products, just like... ben and jerry's!

tesao, querida, I love ya and so good to have you back regularly kvetching.

simplet leaves again to do some more work (maybe shorter concentration span is side-effect of the prozac? mumble mumble)
Ok..I know Rosie pretty well..I can just about guess what she will buy...If tehere is a Victoria Secret nearby, she will hit that....then Barnes and Nobel....she won't be able to resist treating herself to some kind of gourmet food, probably chocolate...and then some sort of little kids thing, most likely Hello Kitty or rather Choco cat. Am I right Rose?

As mentioned in the troll thread, my kvetch is that minipixie took scissors to her hair this morning! Thankfully she didn't get too mauch and what she got she left long enough that I think we can blend into a short haircut pretty easily!

Anti kvetch: Mr. P's minipixie is coming around this weekend. It's only taken a year and a half! She actually hugged me last night and this morning she made me a card with Strawberry Shortcake stickers on it and a picture inside of me and her wearing tiaras.
Oh, pixie that is so cute about the other minipixie! In my terrible teens by stepdad and I did not get along but now we get along wonderfully and he's the dad I never had.

bunbun causes all types of havoc, usually with paints and hairs and bathroom products and more worryingly, with fire!!!
She can be such a horror and yet looks like an angel.

Ok, I should really go read Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex before dinner.

goodness, it's nearly seven already. where has the day gone?

(((tallgirl))) oh cod ***strength and sanity*** vibes.

(((pixie))) yay for mrpixie's minipixie! that really is good news. and as for minipixie... well, if you can blend it into a haircut, woo. Didn't you say you wanted it shorter anyhow?

bunny, don't say that! I'm on the prozac to improve my concentration (therapist thinks procrastination is a possible side-effect of the rest of my mental state, and I am incline to agree with him). I'm not too bad, it's the getting started!


(((rose))) what d'ya do?

(((sidecar))) _so_ jealous of you going to pitchfork. so jealous. I also want a tshirt that says "will work for books" now.

and as it's evening, I shall hug (((yuefie, pj, tyger, anoushh polly, dm, syb, fina, faith, raisin, damona mando, txplum, walkingbitch, msp, qspice, crassy and everyone else, especially those with evil MILs)))

I have discovered that Daphne is a complete harlot for those little treats you give to small furries that are probably really bad for them. The bunny equivalent of macdonalds. I feel guilty.

ok, I really really ought to go do something about nerves. or sheep. maybe sheep.
I think both dwarves and dwarfs are correct. Same with rooves and roofs, although actually rooves looks weird written down.

I love CK undies, they're my favourite. I like their colours and the way they fit.

Wtf is up with the Tube in London closing off half their routes at weekends during summer, when all the tourists are there?? *lightbulb goes off over head* Oh, now I see.

(((tallgirl))) Coping vibes enroute to you!

RV I too vote for shoes or a spa visit. Definitely something non-essential.

Irn Bu is disgustingly sweet but somehow that's what makes it work for me. Bunnyb, that's so strange... the same thing happened with me and olives. I used to loathe them, now I love them, especially when they're stuffed!

My future M-I-Ls lovely. She buys me little presents whenever they travel; I bought her something last year from thailand but I should really reciprocate more. I think she wants us to have kids though which, um, probably isn't going to happen.

I love Saturdays. I must clean the house for the mister's daughter, who is visiting next week, but so far I've done exactly nothing.

Pixie, you know me well! Actually, I was thinking of heading to the lingerie section of Nordstrom's first. Sadly, I have put on a fair few pounds & I'm having trouble finding cute bras in a D or DD cup at Viccie's. Then I was going to go to a book store to grab the latest Bust, & then get something yummy (like maybe more G&Bs) at A Southern Season. I don't know where I can get a Sanrio fix in this area. Yet another problem that needs fixin'!

But I'm putting off my little shopping trip until later. Afterall, one of the benifits of being a happy little housewife is that I can shop while everyone else is at work! So why shop on a Saturday when all the shopping areas are packed? Instead, I stayed in. So far, I have taken a luxurious jacuzzi bubble bath while listening to Wait WAit ... Don't Tell Me. And now I am enjoying a Good Eats marathon. Ah, the decadence!

((((((((Oodles of hugs for TallGirl)))))))) That's just not right. Oodles of strength to you, hon.

I am now more and more frightened of the up-coming visit of Sheff's mother. Eep.

Mornington? Bunny? Hope you two are being responsible! [raises eyebrow]

First time I tried Irn Bru it was warm. It tasted like pure acid. Scary. Sheff told me that it gets its orange color because it's made with real rusted iron.

Sidecar, I'm so glad you enjoyed the Con! Hope you have a blast at the music festival.

Tes. Darling dearest woman of my heart. You simply must tell me more about what I need to see & do in the area! And if your friends don't mind, I think I'd like to talk to them. I'll send you a PM. smile.gif
((((tallgirl)))) ~~evil MIL banishment vibes~~

((((anoushh)))) sweetie pie, how are ya? The sinister chocolate bomb of doom, aka coma cake, was this chocolate cake my sis brought home for us to celebrate what would have been our dearly departed mama's 54th birthday. It was a really moist chocolately cake, slathered with a deep, dark, rich chocolate icing, and a lighter chocolate filling between the cake layers, covered in shaved chocolate. It was a serious chocolate coma cake!

I am at home BUSTing instead of at Pride 'cause poor PJ had a seizure in his sleep last night, which left him pretty sore, out of sorts and bummed. I am going to go rent us a movie, get some Italian take out and some chocolate ice cream. It's been a little while since the last episode and he was so proud of that fact. Now he's just a little wigged out and didn't feel like he was up for the crowds or the heat. I don't blame him and was relieved, because I didn't think it was a good idea either. I just didn't want to be all mama hen like and tell him so. I feel bad though, he always looks forward to it so much and he is concerned about niecie pooh being upset because of the lack of pix and stuff. Of course I keep telling him she is not gonna care 'cause she will be way more concerned about how her fave uncle is doing. Gah, that poor boy is taking on his big sis's worrisome nature. Methinks chocolate will make him feel better smile.gif

Okay, I am off too cheer up little bro with yumminess!


Well, slap me on the ass and call me thread killah. Where's er'body at?

PJ and I are hanging out at home, soaking up the AC and watching the Good Eats marathon, leading up to the premiere of the new Alton Brown show. We also rented some movies and snagged the last container of chocolate malted crunch ice cream. The poor store's freezer broke down, and they were trying to squeeze a few containers in this tiny portion of freezer that was still working. There were people lined up to pillage through the remaining flavors. It seemed the only ones left were rainbow sherbert, pineapple coconut and vanilla, but I spotted the cmc and snatched it up. We ended up going out for lunch to his favorite place, because he was feeling a little cagey. Lunch was good enough. I'm not really a fan of the place, as I prefer smaller, locally owned places as opposed to corportate behemoths. But it was about cheering him up and not my gastronomical delight, right? Hehe, it was ok. It's not bad, I just know there are far better places out there. He really enjoyed it though, especially the little chocolate cake topped with vanilla sauce and fresh strawberries. On the way home I stopped to pick up some really plump, juicy mangoes for breakfast, some very ripe white nectarines, and some raspberries for the lemonade I'm making. I love summer and the abundance fruit. Okay, so here I am blathering on about food. Am I in the wrong thread for this?

Hope everyones having a nice, relaxing weekend smile.gif


well isn't this new shit super-snazzy!
it's about time the lounge got updated.
and it's about time i popped in here to say hello.
Dina! Hi ya, dollface! How the hell are ya?

Yuefie, you didn't kill the thread. I have a feeling that a lot of us have been too busy watching the Alton Brown marathon! I love how so many Busties love AB. As for the new show, I'm very curious about when they filmed it. I'm also wondering how many episodes there will be, seeing as the show ended in the same state where it began!

(((((( hugs for PJ ))))))
Dina! It's official the LJ ers are coming back!

Kvetch: I got a sunburn today hanging by the pool.

Antikvetch: after mentioning the chocolatier in teh other thread, we decided to stop in today. I had chambord in milk chocolate, Mr.Pixie had Baileys in milk choclate. Both the girls had peanut butter! We called it teh adventure a "mouthgasm". It was right up your alley, Rose! It had some birthday cards that had teacups on them, and it had a real package of tea in the cup!
Hi Dina! (You know me as editrix.)

((((rv)))))) I have been a d-cup at every single weight i've been for, oh, ten years now. I can hardly ever find bras at VS. I usually start at Nordstrom but Macy's/Marshall Field's and Carson Pirie Scott (not sure what you've got out there) have served me well, too.

I also had ice cream. The best ice cream in our area is produced by a company owned by a horrible right-wing nut. So I always feel like I'm giving up part of my soul when I go there (which is not all that often.)

Pitchfork Day One was awesome, but hot. Art Brut was my favorite today, I think. I'm not sunburned, which is good, but I still haven't quite cooled down. I'm very excited for tomorrow because of Spoon and Yo La Tengo!

(((yuefie))) i hope PJ is feeling better. What a good big sis!
I almost forgot Rose, Mr. Pixie found a notice today about Shakespear in the park in Edmond and is bothering me to go see it now! Funny how I just mentioned that he would like that a week or so ago in here. I wonder if any of your old friends are still around there.
I know who you're talking about, sidecar- I, too, feel guilty for going there, but on top of having decent ice cream, they have some of the best chocolate milk. Damn those right-wing bastards! Lucky you, getting to go to Pitchfork. Art Brut is cool.

So far, I'm still able to get bras at VS, but I have to go online to get most of them because I like the simple, all-cotton ones that they don't sell in stores anymore. The Body by Victoria ones started out good- I have one of the first generation ones and it's still my favorite- perfect amount of lining and the fabric's soft. I've bought a couple since then and they've changed them- they're lined with nylon and the seams around the underwire are pointy and dig in! The 1st gen one is starting to get a little threadbare, though. Oh no! Found out tonight that Target doesn't sell the brand of undies that I liked anymore. Very disappointing. Glad I bought, like, 50 pairs while I could.

Mmm, chocolatiers. I'd be in trouble if we lived near one of those.

(((hugs to all))))

*flings self at dina of doooooom*

*throws sparkly silver spangly things into the air*

*pops open a bottle of bubbly*

HUZZAH!!!! it is time to celebrate!!!

sidecarstevietrix: that sounds awesome! you are drinking tons of water, yes??? i assume that they named it that because it is so frelling HOT there???

(((((((pinchejoto)))))))) what a great sis you have!!! you had better ADORE her, you hear???? wink.gif

polly, are those sausages or condoms in your avatar? i can't decide.

and i agree with your assessment of the older body by victoria bras. SO sad to hear that they are all frelled up in the newer editions! they were my FAVE bras. soooooooooooo comfy. bah. le blerg.

rosiev, check your pm here in the lounge.....

sanrio -- there USED to be a place in the older mall there that sold aaaaaaaaaaaaaall sorts of hello kitty, etc etc etc. NOT the new one on the border between uni towns, the one just outside of campus. where southern season is now. go inside that mall. it used to be in or near metropolis. (i used to hang out a lot more there when i was in school there....things change quickly sometimes)

oh, and in case i just thought this and didn't mention it, there is also an outdoor shakespeare thing where you live....on campus. i want to say it is shakespeare in the park, or in the round, or something. pick up an "Independent" at your local whole foods, it should have it listed. oh, and btw. the BEST burritos i have EVER had in my LIFE are near you. "Carrburritos". check them out. even if you get them without sour cream and guac, they are heaven in your mouth. try the grilled veggis. the fish tacos are also yum. much smaller portion than the burritos, but still. YUM.

frell. can i just say how much it SUCKS that rosev and sheff and their silly silly fishes COME TO LIVE NEAR ME just as i LEAVE??????

the universe is thumbing its nose at us!!!

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