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CCG, congratulations on the new job!!!

Yuef, I hope you feel better soon, ~*~*~*feel better~*~*~* ~*~*~*R and r's dad~*~*~*

RV, that is so horrible. What a horrible woman. Congratulations on the acting gig, too!!

PiP, I'm so sorry that you're having a rough time right now. (((((pip)))))

I hope everyone is doing well, I'm going to go "work" now, have a rather unpleasant headache, so this afternoon is mine to be had off.

((((DM, Amelita, CCG, RV, P, Prettyinpink, kitten, sassy, raisin, star, pixie, billy, polly, syb))))

(((((((((((((((((((( darling sweet PIP ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
I'm so so sorry. I can't say that enough. I wish you weren't going through this. It's so awful. Such miserable timing, too, since you're going to be moving across the country in a couple of months. I don't even know what to say. I'm just so sorry and I wish I could be there to give you a hug and take you out for pancakes or something.
((((((((((((((( PIP )))))))))))))))))))

Kitten, I hope you're having a fabulous birthday!

((((((((((R's dad, M, and Yuefie)))))))))))))))))))
I'm astounded by how quickly people are forced out of the hospital nowadays.

P, sorry the assholes are bringing you down. Happy Friday?

Amilita, what color are you painting the bathroom?

~~~~~~~ soothing for CH's noggin ~~~~~~~~

Kvetch: Total lack of motivation. I really need to get out of the house & do 10,000 things, but the list is so overwhelming that I end up doing NONE of it. I hate it when I get like this. Clearly I need a swift kick in the ass.

Undies: Black cotton thong with little pink and red hearts sprinkled all over.
((pnp))) I'm so sorry. This was such shitty timing. He's a prick, and he doesn't deserve you. I wish all of us Busties could meet with you to give you plenty of hugs and lots of yummy food to comfort you.

Kittenb, happy b-day.


((ch health vibes))

Dragoncon was fun, but very draining. I started feeling better again as of yesterday. My sleeping schedule was all thrown off and everything. I did love seeing Terry Gilliam speak about Monty Python.

Kvetch: Also a lack of motivation, but this may be from the hangover last night.
Kvetch: My old professor was doing a study abroad trip to Greece next year, and I really wanted to go. The price was outrageous though, and so I can't go. sad.gif
Kvetch: weight gain. Bummer. I'm really depressed.

Anti-kvetch: Doing an Americorps project tomorrow for remembering 9/11, and finally nailing down some wedding to-do lists on Sunday.

Undies: orange lacy bikinis.


hi all -

happy friday, work day is almost over!

pnp - try to enjoy your weekend! do something to pamper yourself, and you'll start to feel better.

prettyinpink - That sucks ASS and I am so sorry that his thoughtless and cruel behavior has brought up such painful childhood memories. mad.gif sad.gif You are not unlovable. It just isn't true.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. smile.gif Today we are being kind of low-key. I worked this morning but got a mani-pedi afterwards. My nails looks like shiney M&Ms. When I got home, I had a bitch of a headache and The Geek's cold was really bothering him. We are staying home tonight but tomorrow is all about fun. At the moment, I am indulging myself in Say Yes To The Dress on TLC.

{{{sassygirl, roseviolet, culturehandy, designermedusa, candycanegirl, amalita, yuefie, p_176, and aeveryone}}}
(((((((((PnP)))))))))))))) sad.gif

*~*~*kick in the ass vibes for busties who need 'em*~*~*

Running in to say

Happy Birthday to Star!!!!

off for more coffee....
Happy Birfday Star!!

ongoing for (((((((((pnp)))))))) stay strong sweetie.

anna k
((((prettyinpink)))) I am so sorry that he did this to you. It was despicable and so disrespectful, and you are a lovely, beautiful person who is quite loveable.

That's great on the medical acting gig and orchestra work, roseviolet!!!
Happy Birthday to Stargazer!!!

Bustie sighting today: I ran into Turbojen at the farmer's market this morning. Yes, I started my day with a 6:30 AM 6 mile bike ride to buy baked goods and veggies. Totally worth it. laugh.gif
Happy birthday, star!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday, Star!!!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAR! I hope it was lovely!

Thanks for the love and hugs and support. I'm .. I dont know. I have access to all of his email accounts now and I'm going to see if I can slowly get through this... I feel like I cant be righteous in my anger because I was tempted two years ago, but I think that its worse that he sought it out. He looked for someone to share something outside of our marriage... Implied that I'm not a willing partner... I still dont know how I feel. I'm in a strange limbo. I love him.. but I think I'm back to not liking him. This is going to be a long process, isnt it?

On the up side, I get to spend tomorrow with my friend doing girly things. She's sweet and evil all wrapped up in cute and we're like 6 year olds together, with the "wanna be my best friend?" "okay! Lets go kick boys!" "OKAY!"

The lack of motivation is totally in the air! What is with that? I have every desire to be creative and such, but my body is just telling me to go suck it.

Undies: Kelly Green boyshorts with Clover on the front

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! wub.gif

The weather is fantastic here. It made for a great night for going out to celebrate my birthday with some good friends. Polly, LeBoy, the prophecys, humanist, and a couple of other friends went to The Violet Hour. Tres chic! We definitely enjoyed ourselves and stayed there for about 3 hours! Today, I go out with my father. I'm still trying to figure out where I want to go.

(((RV))) Every time I think of your gig the hopsital, I can't help, but, think of the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer did a similar type of gig. May you not fight with another actor to play Hep C! laugh.gif

(((PnP))) I'm glad you are taking time for yourself. I can't be struck with the timing of your good news (culinary school and NYC) with this situation. blink.gif

(((CH, Billy, PnP, Rose, Kittenb, polly, amilita, cc_girl, syb, DM, and other kvetchies)))
prettyinpink - You're married? Wow...that makes things so different. I would feel crushed especially if he was talking about our sex life with a stranger. sad.gif

Stargazer - glad to hear that you are having such a great weekend.

I had a great weekend too. The Geek got much better on Saturday. We went to Celtic Fest. It was less fun than I remember but The Geek bought me a lovely silver claddah ring. I looked at several and I really feel that the one I got was the prettiest one there (of course I think that cool.gif .)

But, my weekend of self-absorption is over, sad to say. So I am saying hello now and I will be back when I am done with homework later this week.
Happy (belated) birthday SG!! May you have an awesome and fufilling year ahead.

(((((PnP))))) I'm so sorry to hear about what you've been going through. I do think SG makes an interesting point in noting how your mister's behaviour has emerged just when you're about to move into a great new phase of your work life.

Can you take a couple of days off and possibly stay with a friend while you process everything? Take some time for yourself to figure things out, then talk to him further when you feel ready--not just because he is there in the house, if you know what I mean. Handle this on your terms. /my 2 cents

I am back at work and situated in my new office, which is awesome. I woke up and was actually happy it was Monday and that I was heading to work. Long may it last... smile.gif

Raisin, please to post a post-interview update? (Apologies if I missed one; I was barely online last week...)
Good Morning!!

PnP, how are you doing today?? What does he have to say about all this mess he created? (((((pnp)))))

Oooh, kitten, I'm jealous of your farmers market!!

Star, sounds like you had a fab birthday!!!

This weekend was a gooder, stayed in Friday, Saturday i went out for dim sum and ate way too much, Sunday I went on a motorcycle poker derby with my dad, then crashed super early. It was a great day for it.

(((billy, syb, star, pnp, kitten, dm, sassy, polly, kvetchies)))

Thanks for the vibes. I got the job and I start tomorrow! Sooooooooooo excited! Syb, I hope that feeling lasts, too! I think what got me the job was the teacher observation I did -- when I got there, I was told that not only would I be observing, but I'd be helping out in class. Wasn't expecting that, but I rolled with it. I think the teacher must have said a lot of good things about me to her/our (!) boss about how I interacted with the students.

PNP, I don't know what to say except you don't deserve that shit from your husband. If I had a place for you to stay with me, I'd offer it. I'm really sorry.

Star, I haven't forgotten about calling you! I had dental work this weekend and was in pain and didn't feel like talking much, so I watched tennis and yelled at the TV screen instead.

RV, that gig sounds so cool. I've seen a few doctors over the years with zero bedside manner -- definitely something that needs to be taught to some people!

Mmm, dim sum. There's a vegetarian dim sum place in NYC. I have yet to go there. One day.
Ugh, Culture, Raisin... Thanks. Now I crave dimsum and the only place to get it around here is Seattle. I'm just not that motivated to ride the ferry. But yay for the new job Raisin!

Star, I'm glad you had a nice birthday.

We argued and talked last night about things. He says that he met with the woman for drinks once and left in the middle of it. He continued to send emails back and forth with her, but never actually met with her again. This contact was broken off in July. The other emails were sent at the end of August. Just starter emails to craiglist personals. He said they were an escape, a fantasy. I'm not sure. I'm sure his first one was an escape, a fantasy, but he crossed a line. What about when he finds a connection with one of the new craigslist girls and decides to cross a line? I dont know. I'm still really hurt.
I dont want to stay somewhere else because I cant help loving that I wake up next to him. Everything is good as long as he doesnt open his mouth. When he does, stupid shit comes out that makes me want to punch him again. I dunno. We'll figure this out.

Yesterday was super fun. I went with my friend to try on wedding dresses. She found the one! I'm super happy for her. Then we just wandered the Tacoma Mall and tried on a ton of clothes. I found this really cute dress at Lane Bryant for $7! Awesome. I'm window shopping for winter. I found great sweaters at The Gap and some at Anne Taylor's Loft too. I love shopping, but I just dont have the money for it. LOL

I'm working for a few hours today to help with the Harvest Meal we're putting on. Its pretty exciting. Its tomorrow and I'm just so stoked to be a part of it. Honored that Monica considers me her "assistant."

Glad you had a good birthday Star!

Good jobbie vibes for raisin....

RV, how's the gig going?

Kvetch: Mcgeek made an very off-handed comment yesterday in the store about me having too many deserts. Now, I had just gotten into a fight with a girlfriend of mine who told me to fast. Anyways, I'm not feeling too good about my weight, and he tells that gem. I wanted to kick him in the balls!

Those jobbie vibes must be helping! I have an interview this week!! It's with Americorps again, but it's still a job as a Vista. I talked to Mcgeek about the pay (which is really really low), and he said it was fine. I figure it's dealing with grant writing and that's something I need to start doing anyways. Also, I get some college money after the gig is over. It starts in Nov, and runs a year. I'm hoping I can still plan my wedding too.


ugh sassy! that sounds like a communication nightmare. i'm sure mcgeek thinks that he's being supportive, but he's not going about it correctly. instead of telling you to not eat dessert, maybe he can suggest a romantic walk after dinner instead? and your friend who recommended fasting.....i've fasted before, and i'd not recommend it to anyone, unless the other person asked about it specifically. make sense? fasting can help you lose water weight but it's not a healthy lifestyle change.
good luck with the new job!
PnP - i don't have words of wisdom. i am listening (reading) what you are saying. i hope this situation resolves itself quickly for you. what do you want to come of it?
me kvetch - still looking for a new job. working on my resume. it's hard to find time to do this, but i have ten jobs to apply for this week. none are govt jobs. many people are looking for a govt job, but now that i'm in one, i feel so stifled. i also feel completely left out of my department - like i won't get promoted no matter how good i do my work, because other people are favored because they are all of similar backgrounds (age, family style, religion). my guy told me that once i sell my house or rent it, i can take a paycut.
Raisin that is great news!!! Congratulations on the job!!

pnp, I hate to state the obvious, but are you two going to go to counselling? (((((pnp)))))

((((((sassy)))))) eat what you want, fuck that noise.

~*~*~*job vibes for p176~*~*~*

I got my cast off, this is all that currently matters.


busty interviewy vibes for 1 p.m. today please... I'll post afterwards. Thanks!!
~*~*~*~*kick ass interview vibes for sassy~*~*~*~*
Kick ass! The vibes helped! Thanks everyone.

I have a second interview tomorrow with a different member of the school! I'd be working as a development assistant, but it would be thru Americorps. I hate phone interviews and could barely hear due to the puppies barking, but I must have impressed her. I actually mentioned the seizures b/c I was talking about the epilepsy foundation. Luckily, she didn't freak out on me. Also, I got the peer grant reviewer job as well. That also includes a small stipend. GO ME!!!

As far as Mcgeek, I know he was trying to be supportive. It just annoyed the hell out of me. I actually have lost 3 pounds this week, so I have no idea where it came from. I'm still eating what I want. Honestly, Mcgeek could lose some weight himself. My friend was fasting for religious reasons. I wouldn't be able to do it myself. I tried for a day once, and got very sick.

off to take a nap....

((((((((((((((((continued love for PnP))))))))))))))))))))))))
Glad to hear you have a good girlfriend in your corner. That's sure to help. Feel free to turn to us, too, okay?

Raisin, congrats on the job! That's fabulous!

Sybarite, it's wonderful to hear you sound so happy to go to work. That is a rare, wonderful thing!

~*$*~*$*~ continued jobby job vibes for Sassy ~*$*~*$*~
May you continue to kick giant piles of ass!

~*$$$*~*$$$*~ extra job vibes for P ~*$$$$*~*$$$*~

CH, congrats on getting the cast off! Does your arm feel funky without it?

Anti-kvetch: Today was my first time to pretend to be sick for a bunch of med students. It was fun! I was nervous, but I think they had it worse than I did. I was in a room with 2 members of faculty and about 12 first year med students. Five of the students took turns interviewing me as if I were a patient who'd come to their office for a regular appointment. Occasionally they'd call for a time-out when the faculty members and other students would discuss the case & what they should ask me about next. All in all, it lasted almost 2 hours. Occasionally I had no idea how to answer the students' questions so I had to pull stuff right out of my ass, but it still seemed to work well. Both of the faculty members said they were very impressed with me (one said I was "wonderful") and they were very impressed that this was my first time. Hopefully this means I'll be asked to do this more often. I'd appreciate the extra cash!
I hate to keep zooming in here for vibes... but Bailey has gotten very sick again. Heading back to the hospital... good puppy be well vibes please... thank you. full report later.
Good Morning!!

Sassy, that is great news about the job, ~*~*~*~*bailey vibes~*~*~*~* I do so hope puppers is okay.

RV, fabu news about the acting!!

my arm is doing well, it's stiff, as the doctor said it would be, but I'm doing the stretches he gave me, and being very careful. Not overdoing it.


Off to work! I have a few projects on the go.
~*~*~*~puppy vibes for Bailey~*~*~*~ Poor doggie sad.gif Hooray for the good job interview, though!

Yay for castless arms, CH- how'd you break it again?

Yay for the new job, rose- that sounds like fun. Do they give you a list of symptoms you should have or not have and you go from there? Did you have to audition?

PiP- that's a shitty situation and he doesn't deserve you! Take care of yourself!

~*~*~*~job vibes for P~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~everlasting job happiness for syb~*~*~*~

Kvetch: Drama with my mama. She desperately needs a root canal and crown on one of her upper canine teeth. My cousin did a filling on it a couple months ago, but the decay was already very close to the nerve, so if it didn't work, she knew she would need the root canal. My cousin is a wonderful, generous, giving person and has always done my family's dental work for free, even before I worked here. We're all eternally grateful, but mom doesn't want to further impose on her. She wants to go to the dental school at the University of Illinois to have the root canal done. She hasn't talked to my cousin about it, because she's kind of embarrassed that she can't pay her for it, but I talked to my cousin and she said it would be a super easy root canal and she'd be happy to do it. And she genuinely meant it. By the time I talked to my mom, she had already set up the appointment at U of I. Okay, whatever- it's a good school, everything's supervised by professors and they're pretty trustworthy. After you have a root canal, you have to have a crown put on to cover the hole. I asked my mom if they were going to put the crown on there and she wasn't sure, but she said that if they didn't, she'd "just go to Sears". I don't want to sound like a dental elitist, but Sears dentists are like one step above getting an abortion from a back-alley abortion doctor with a wire hanger. The only place worse is a place in Mexico along the border. Or one of those nuts who pretend to be a dentist and work out of their garage. I know dentistry isn't cheap, most people don't have insurance and a lot of people go to places like Sears because they have to, but my mom doesn't have to. And my cousin wants to do this for her. It's one of her front teeth and we do a special kind of crown in our office that my cousin hasn't done on a front tooth before and my mom would be doing her a favor to be her first case with it (we've done hundreds of them on back teeth with great success, but never on a front tooth- my cousin just finished a 3-day class for doing the front teeth.) My mom is being stubborn about it. Ugh.

This whole thing, combined with this story just makes me more and more pissed off about the health care situation in this country.
but Sears dentists are like one step above getting an abortion from a back-alley abortion doctor with a wire hanger. The only place worse is a place in Mexico along the border.

I don't know much about Sears but I went to U of I for dental work and I thought that the staff treated me like crap. I've never been made to feel so like a welfare case in my life. The student was fine but by the time I saw her the admin staff had already given me so much bad information that I actually didn't get the full treatment that I could have gotten. I had a tooth pulled but was told that that was all the school did. For me, it was a back tooth so there was no real cosmetic harm but it was still a pain.
BTW, if your cousin wants people to practice on for doing front teeth caps (is a crown the same as a cap?) I'll gladly offer my mouth. The dental work I was mentioning a few days ago would be my three front teeth. So, seriously, she can practice on me whenever she wants. cool.gif
Hey polly, sorry to hear about the momma drama. I didn't know sears had dentists...

Here's what really gets my goat about the myths of Canadian health care coverage. People who say beaurocrats will decide on what kind of care, uhhh NO! it's a doctor, and what's worse a beaurocrat or the dumbasses, particularly in the story below?

Sigh. I know Canadian health care isn't perfect.

anyways, I fractured the scaphoid bone in my left wrist when i was roller blading. And where did I fall? Why in front of the firehall of course, and who was outside? some firefighters of course. To save my pride I skated back away from the firehall so I wouldn't do it again. Then went to the hospital the next morning.

ETA: x-posted with Kitten. hey!!!
Here in the states, they do have dentists, CH. I've heard horror stories.

Kvetch/anti-kvetch: I emailed my dad to try to convince my mom to come to my cousin for the work. He replied back and said that it's not just the money issue and my mom being stubborn; apparently, the last time she was here, a couple months ago, something my jackass office manager (who is my cousin's husband) said to her about the financial accommodations they make for my family made her feel uncomfortable and unwanted. They didn't want to tell me because they didn't want to put me in the middle. Grr. I'm pissed. I went and talked to my cousin about it. Luckily, we have a very candid relationship and everyone, even she, knows that her husband has to be reigned in and smacked around once in awhile. He can just be a snarky f-ing asshole. So I told her, she said she appreciated me coming to her about it, she's going to reprimand him and she is going to come in tomorrow on her day off to do the work. I am going to have to drag my mom out of bed and drive her here myself. I emailed my dad back and told him he needs to encourage her to take the opportunity.

ETA: My mom is going to my cousin tomorrow, thank maude.
((polly)) Sorry about the drama mama.

CH, yay for the cast coming off! That's happened twice to me, and it felt strange for a few days.




Kvetch: Bailey. He's in heart failure again. We're past of the point of not affording the costs anymore. We decided to put him in oxygen last night, and we'll take him home today. I really want to go to Athens once were there is now emergencies. The other great things: an awesome local coffee shop, and my hot vet crush.

My second interview went... okay. She called 20 minutes late which wouldn't be a bad thing, but it was such a shit day. It lasted 8 minutes so I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. I asked a bunch of questions, and it seemed to make her nervous. This is a lot of prep for an Americorps job, but Mcgeek and I really need the money. I also need to get out of the house. They're supposed to let me know next week.

Anti-kvetch: One of my bridesmaids/cool chicks and I have started a new meetup group based on skeptichicks.
I'm proud of myself. We're in Atlanta Science Tavern which is based on the science cafes, but it's gotten very political just for a volunteer group.

I hope tonight will just be chill. I'd love to just go catch a comedy or something. My parents are seeing Seinfeld this weekend... so jealous.

Undies: none yet.

Have a great weekend everyone!

((((((pink))))))) my heat aches for you, sweetpea.

(((((bailey, sassy & mcgeek))))) ~~~miraculous healing~~~

owww ch, glad it's healed up and the cast is off. can I just say how glad I am to see you posting in here regularly? it makes me smile smile.gif

polly, glad to hear your mom set aside the asinine comments of your cousins husband and accepted the dental work instead of going to the college.

rose, it sounds like you had a blast. hoping there is more of that for you in the future.

congrats, syb!


major kvetch: Ziggy boy is missing unsure.gif. I am very worried, it's not like him not to come home at all. I've never been happy with the fact that he is an outdoor kitty in the first place, but when we got him he'd already had a taste of the outdoors and we knew we were never going to be able to keep him as a strictly indoor cat. Also since he's not technically mine I couldn't insist we try. He usually will hang out across at our neighbors and sleep under their bed with their cats, but they haven't seen him either. I am trying to not give up hope because we had a cat that disappeared for ten days once and came home just fine. But Ziggy always comes home to eat, play with Jenny, sleep for a bit and get lovies from us. I miss him sad.gif

So the doctor gave me something for the anxiety and also something to help me sleep. So far so good. I've been sleeping for a change and the anxiety has lessened in both severity and frequency, so yay for that. We're going to visit BFF S and her wife Y for the weekend. Can't wait to get there!

under report: hot pink bra, pink & purple flower print hipsters.
hello hello!!

Polly, I'm so glad your mom decided to get things resolved with your cousin. The sears dentists sound very scary. no wonder some people have phobias with dentists.

(((((sassy))))) I'm so sorry to hear about your pooch, my heart is hurting for you. *slurpy kisses from Emily the ninja*

Awww yuef. wub.gif ((((yuef and ziggy)))) How are the meds treating you?? Anxiety is a crappy thing, I know my meds for my mental illness started working right away, a placebo effect me thinks.

oooh undy report, a black thong.

I really have nothing, things are pretty okay so far.


polly - glad to hear that you worked things out with your mom and your cousin.

sassgrl - How is Bailey responding? That poor puppy has been sick for so long it seems. sad.gif

culturehandy - I'll second the statement that it is cool to see you in here. smile.gif

yuefie - is Ziggy back yet? Glad to hear your axiety and sleeplessness is being treated.

{{{all kvetchies}}}

I don't know what is wrong with me. I keep thinking of the thread that was on Bust ages ago, "Help, I've Gotten Old and Suburban!" I never posted in there when it existed but I feel like that has pretty much defines my life right now. I'm not depressed or anything, I just don't want to go out right now. At all. I've lost interest in dealing with people whom I don't already know. When I do go out, I practically resent every minute that I am not at home. I have noticed an increase in crankiness as I get closer to my move date. Maybe I'll be more interested in a social life after the move. As it is, right now, the house is so crowded I can barely breath. That has always been a problem, now it is jacked up to 11 as we have added moving boxes to the mix. Is this just a natural phase of being in a settled relationship? Argh. I just feel lazy and I want people to come to me, not the other way around. As in, I would love to entertain, but I'd rather do it from my place not a bar.

Anyway, gonna get to my homework. Have a nice weekend all.
(((kittenb))) Sorry to hear you are feeling out of sorts. You know, I've ALWAYS felt that way. I just thought it was 'cause I was a curmudgeon-y Virgo. rolleyes.gif Sometimes, I just get annoyed with people in general. Now, make sure to snap out of your funk so you can hang with us this evening! Sangria will cure everything! wink.gif

(((yuefie))) Good to hear the anxiety meds are working for you! Yay for drugs! laugh.gif But, on a serious tip, I loved my klonopin when I had severe panic attacks. I only took 1/2 a tab for a month on a daily basis, but, dood, that shit worked.

(((polly))) So glad your mother is getting her grill done at your cousin's. I figured your mother would go.

(((sassy))) That's sad to hear about Bailey. How old is he?

(((CH))) Get well soon! Btw, when you are telling your story about falling in front of firemen, I thought, "Well, she does have a thing for them." Yes, I still remember an old FB pic of you with a whole bunch of firemen! Aren't they supposed to come to your rescue?? tongue.gif

This evening I'm getting together with polly, kitten, possibly humanist at turbojenn's for sangria and food. Really looking forward to chilling near the lake.

I think my body is getting used to working a 5 day work week. Plus, I've been going to the gym to do some cardio and sitting in the sauna in addition to yoga I do twice a week. I feel tired alot more lately. I find that I'm needing ALOT more sleep. That's a good thing though, but, I can't wait 'til my system catches up with things.

Speaking of ill pets, my folks think their dog might have cancer in the liver. Either way, the dog is just old. I feel bad for my folks. I think they are just going to make things comfortable for him. Though, he still chases and growls at my cat like nothing is wrong with him. At least, it is good to know he still has some fight in him. wink.gif

kvetch: I know it is only 1 month into my training year and I'm still haunted from not passing my previous training site....but, I'm kinda frustrated about knowing if I can trust my colleague and my primary supervisor. I really like my clinical director of the program. He is awesome. Either way, I'm learning to just be an observer right now. I'm too vocal which I think hindered me last year. Basically, it sucks to be in a position where I have to play the role of ingenue 'cause, well, I'm not good at that. I just keep telling myself...I only need to do this for year.

(((rose, syb, pixie, DM, PiP, and other kvetchies)))
Happy Sunday, y'all! Hope the weekend has treated you right.

(((((((PnP))))))))))))) How are you doing, hon?

I love seeing CH in here, too! That stands to reason, of course, since I ADORE that woman.
(((((( B(o)(o)BIES for CH! )))))))

(((((((((Yeufie)))))))))))))) Any news on Ziggy? (((((((Ziggy)))))))))

(((((((Bailey))))))) Poor puppers. Do you have an up-date, Sassy?

(((((((Stargazer's parents' dog)))))))

((((((((((((((((( all the Bustie furbabies ))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I wish I could pop up to Chicago and see the Busties who live there. You're sucha a fabulous bunch. Plus I want to try some of Jenn's fabulous cooking!

Kitten, I also feel like I've gotten "old and suburban". Then again, a part of me has always been like that. I'm a home body. I like my alone time. I get annoyed by noisy restaurants & bars. I'd rather hang out at home with friends who know me better than I know myself. Unfortunately, I don't have any friends like that around here. It's a huge frustration for me. I want to have relaxing, fun evenings at home, but instead I need to go out and "network" and meet people and hopefully find someone I click with who I might want to bring to the house, but even then there's no guarantee that we'll hang out again. And even if we do, it takes a long time to develop that level of familiarity. I feel too old and impatient to put up with all of that crap. I want to just curl up on my couch and watch Moulin Rouge with my BestGalPal, but she's 1000 miles away. SUCKS!!!

Sorry. Didn't mean to turn that into my own kvetch!

Stargazer, I know it's hard. I hope you'll find a way to appreciate the advantages of listening & taking in what everyone else around you is doing.

Minor kvetch: I was kinda hoping that Sheff and I might go out to a festival or see a show this weekend, but I simply could not find the energy for it. I felt really low and awful for most of Friday and Saturday. We ran a few errands together, but nothing brought me out of that pit of gloom and doom until I talked to BestGalPal last night. Sigh. I miss her. She has always been the best at putting more Life into my life.

Anti-kvetch: Survived the 2nd orchestra rehearsal. I finally have all of my sheet music! Which means I can practice! Which means I will hopefully get some of my confidence back and be able to play better. Fingers crossed!
Still no Ziggy sad.gif

We had a really nice weekend with the bff's, but coming home to learn he still hasn't come home has certainly put a damper on our moods.

((((((All the BUSTie furkids)))))))

Hope everyone had a leisurely weekend of nothing but fun.
zooms in....

Hey, Bailey got out of the hospital on Friday afternoon. He seems a little better. We're still taking him back to UGA tomorrow to a checkup, because he's not out of heart failure quite yet. They did add on a new medication. As much as Mcgeek and I love this dog, it's gotten so damn pricey. He's been in the hospital 3 times since July with the same issue. We were only really able to keep him overnight in oxygen for a day and a half this time. Thanks for all the vibes and well wishes. They really do help!

((furbabies and kvetchies alike)))

zooms out...

Good Morning!!!

Aww shuckins, you all are so sweet. wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

((((((kitten))))))) I'm sure thing will improve when you get into your own digs. 11 people plus boxes is a lot of space. There is nothing wrong with hating the bar either. I haven't been in over a year. Dreadful places they are now. Just a bunch of people getting drunk and trying to find a lover. Plus, you can't carry on a conversation without yelling at the person standing 2 feet away from you.

(((((star))))) So sorry to hear about your parents pooch, I know you will shine at the new placement!! The firefighters did ask if I was okay after I fell on my ass, though.

(((((((RV))))))) I'm so sorry that you are going through a rough time right now. C'est BOOBIES!

((((yuef)))) I'll continue sending Ziggy come home vibes *slurpy kisses from Emily*

(((((sassy)))) Yay!! Bailey is out of the vet hospital! How's he doing??

I have nothing, it seems to be that way a lot these days. Did nothing but relax this weekend, mind you last weekend was super busy.


Hey gang,

Bailey is better. We were up at UGA 3 times in 5 days! I joked that we should just rent a room up in Athens. It was nuts. Also, I'm okay. Luckily, our house isn't underwater. I can't believe all these floods in Georgia! It was a bitch getting home last night.

((kitten)) I'm starting to really hate going out as well. Then again, I'm a bit of a homebody sometimes. I'm sure your mood will improve once you get your place.

((star)) Sorry to hear about your parent's dog.

((RV)) I get you about not wanting to hang out in loud restaurants. I felt that way last weekend. sad.gif

((yuefie)) Any news about Ziggy?

Kvetch: Depression. I can't tell if it was from the dog incident again, or my mother being a bitch about the wedding as always.I'm just feeling really overwhelmed with no help in sight. I also haven't heard back from the company where I had the job interviews last week. I'm just starting to doubt myself. This totally sucks. Hopefully, my therapist will help tonight. I've just wanted to sit around for the last week and cry...and eat.
I didn't mean to bring the thread down. Sorry!


You never know, Sassy, when it comes to jobs. Even though I was half an hour late to my interview (I called them ahead of time to tell them I took a wrong turn and was lost), I still got an offer. It's not easy and I know this is going to sound trite (and believe me, I was out of work for far too long), but stay positive and something is bound to turn up.

I woke up early and exercised and now it's midafternoon and I've lost all motivation to do anything. Not good!
Thanks everyone for the support. 1 week and counting until the move date. We are getting on each other's nerves. There is just so little room for 2 people to move around boxes and such. But, next Wednesday, packed or not, we move so it just has to get done, I figure. wacko.gif

I'll viber properly soon. I must get back to work now. later!
~~~~~~~ continued healing for Bailey ~~~~~~~~ Poor thing.
I just found out about the flooding in Georgia. They showed some footage of the Six Flags in Atlanta & my jaw practically hit the floor!

Glad to hear you'll be moved out in one week. I'm sure that will help a lot.

Depression and a lack of motivation have been a common theme in my life, too.

Kvetch: Almost all of our doors have decided to fuck up at the same time. One of our back doors and the side door are sticking terribly & are hard to lock. The sliding back door will open and close okay, but it's leaking TERRIBLY! We got tons of rain this afternoon and water started POURING in. I don't know why this is happening! I don't even know who to call to fix it. Luckily the front door is functioning perfectly.

Anti-kvetch: My mom found a really fabulous new flute for me at a great price.
Kvetch: It's in Oklahoma so I can't try it before I buy it.
Anti-kvetch: It's a very nice flute! Nicer than I thought I could get within my price range. And it's being sold my an instrument shop that inspected it and took care of the pads & everything. What to do, what to do.
((((sassy and bailey)))) I hope he's doing okay.

(((Kitten))) I hope your move goes well.

(((rv))) I hope your door situation gets fixed.

(((star))) sorry about your parents' dog.

((((yuefie))) I'm sure Ziggy will show up.


kvetch: It's only the 3rd week of school and already I'm going crazy. I have two in class essays next week which the profs always say are an alternative to midterms. But that's stupid because usually are midterms are just essays anyway! Also I'm having technical issues with another class which requires us to use an online textbook. And most of my classes keep posting documents online for us to read. I hate reading things on a computer so this means that I'll be wasting tons of ink and paper just so that I can read stuff for school. I just tried to print out one document and my stupid printer printed out something else which just wasted 20 pages. ARRRRRGGHHHHHH!!

um, I guess the only anti-kvetch is that my friend is having a party on Friday so hopefully I will be able to get really drunk and have some fun.
i hear you on not wanting to go out. i don't want to admit that i'm old and suburban yet - though i moved out of the city to the county - because i do like city life, but i'm tired of the crime. there is still obviously crime in the county, but somehow it seems less obvious, and i'm now in a community where people tend to pay attention to what is going on, and are alert to if someone shady is hanging out.

on the tip about having people over - i like to, in theory. however, sometimes i get embarrassed about the state of my house or think i'm too boring or whatever. also, my guy's best friend hates where we live - we're in MD, and the friend is in VA. the friend says he does not like MD because it's a liberal state, but i think that's a crap reason. i think the real reason is because the friend bought a house [before we did], and really thought that all his friends would stay in VA to be near him. <sigh> or that he does not like me [because i "took away" his best friend??]

potential good news - someone maybe wants to buy my house. serendipity that the security guard at work saw me taking boxes home, and i said i was moving, then it came up that i was renting it because i could not sell it, and she was interested in renting it, but then when she saw that it was for sale and in her price range, and she likes the pictures.......she's going to see it in person on saturday. here's hoping!!
Good Morning!!!

(((((((sassy))))))) How are you doing today hun??

Raisin, I was also late to my first meeting with my supervisor (I got lost...) and all was well.

RV, I think you should get the flute. As a former flute player myself I know the value of finding a nice one.

(((((kitten))))) here's to a good move!!!

((((ccg)))) I was the same way in university, I could not do things early. ever. Just wasn't my thing.

P176, that is great news about the house!! ~*~*~*house selling vibes~*~*~*~*

it's nice here and I'd so much prefer to be outside, since I'm feeling tired and sick, I just may get my wish.

Good afternoon busties!


RV, are you getting the flute? I think you should.

***moving and house hunting vibes****


Kvetch: Still bad depression. I'm considering stream-lining the wedding, as it's just a pain in the ass to plan it. My parents are freaking out about the money (and the restaurant we're doing the reception at is getting some huge exposure), and right now I'm scared to ask for the wedding money. Mcgeek keeps telling me to relax, but it's not his family. There's a huge part of me is saying we just book a cruise, and be down with the whole thing.

There's also no word on the job. Ugh! I told them I was epileptic (they asked how I got involved with Epilepsy Foundation), and I'm considered that's the reason. Self-doubt. I hate to be all pity party here. It really sucks to be in an empty house every day. I wish I could drive, and get the hell out of dodge once and awhile. I really can't stand being dependent on Mcgeek all the time.

Anti-kvetch: I'm starting a film course next week! It's on revolutionary films.


I'm so sorry to hear you've been feeling so low. I feel like there's something in the air because I've been more depressed than usual for a couple of weeks. IT's has if there's a heavy pressure system over the southeastern US. Bleh. Wedding planning is a very stressful thing so I don't blame you one bit for feeling so stressed about that. How would you streamline it?
~$~$~$~ job vibes ~$~$~$~

P, what's the news on the house? I hope it turned out well!

((((((CCGirl))))) Sorry to hear you're feeling so overwhelmed at school.

~~~~~ soothing for CH ~~~~~ Hope you're feeling better today, dear.

Anti-kvetch: I've decided to buy the flute! The shop said that after it's mailed to me, they'll let me try it out for a week and if I decide I don't like it, they'll give us a full refund. Yesterday the man who maintains the flutes for the symphony fixed it up (took out one dent, adjusted the springs & pads, polished up the silver) so it should be in great shape. It should be mailed to me today, so I should get it early next week. I can't wait! This beginners flute I'm currently renting is really starting to frustrate me.

Kvetch: I woke up feeling terribly sick today, so ...

Anti-kvetch: I've spent the morning on the couch watching an Ab Fab marathon. I forgot how much I love this show! Hard to believe it's almost 20 years old.
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