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~*~*~*~job vibes for cc_girl~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~orchestra vibes for rose~*~*~*~ Even friends and family won't come if the music sucks, rose, so they need good musicians, with or without deep-pocketed connections. Good luck!

How'd the test go, pixie? unsure.gif LeBrother and his wife have similar issues with their oldest; not so much the health problems, but they're both voracious readers (and she is the reading specialist at the school she teaches at), and their oldest son, who just started 2nd grade, has needed extra help in reading since Kindergarten. He's coming along and will catch up. I think making sure they enjoy reading, no matter what level they're reading at, is the important part. And I didn't talk much when I was little, too. My mom knew I was fine, but my dad's parents were convinced I was autistic or something, offered to send me to speech therapy. Eventually, I just started talking and now look at me....I can't shut up. tongue.gif

Hopefully a game night without that a-hole, sassy?

I had to look up John Oliver because I didn't know him by name, but once I saw him, I recognized him. He's very funny on The Daily Show!

PiP- that's awesome! Come back and give us more details!

Not much going on here. I'm bored with wedding planning. We're having our engagement pictures taken September 13th. We're going to a bunch of different locations- the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool for the main place, then outside Marina Towers (you've probably seen them on the cover of the Wilco CD, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot), underneath the Marshall Field's clock, inside the Chicago Cultural Center, and inside The Rookery building. I'm looking forward to it- I need to find something to wear!
fly by good interviewy vibes for ccg
Thanks for the vibes, ladies. I think the interview went okay. However, I hated one of the questions they asked and I'm noticing it in more and more interviews. It was basically about if I've ever had conflict with one of my bosses and how did I solve it. And to tell the truth, I really haven't had any conflict. I get paid to do a job, I do it, the end. Unless I had a crazy boss who wanted me to start peddling drugs then I really don't see how I could have a conflict.

Anyway, I won't know if I got it for another week and a half. Also the interviewer told me that I was the first person to be interviewed which worried me because I think that after another week of her doing interviews I won't stand out as much.

(((pixie and fam)))

((((rosev)))) I'm glad your audition went well.

(((polly))) I hope you have fun with your engagement shoot!

(((sassy))) congrats on appeasing your mom (for a little while at least).

(((kitten))) I'm glad you had fun at the show!

kvetch: I'm not going to see cc_boy for probably another two weeks. He's visiting our hometown right now and then going camping with friends and then I'm going back to our hometown on Sunday and there's not going to be any overlap between our visits. I'm coming back here on Labour Day and then school is the next day so I'm going to be a bit busy!

kvetch: It's freaking cold again. I honestly think that I would rather have the heat. It's been so depressing with all the cold and cloudy days that the newspaper even ran a piece called "The Summer That Wasn't".

anti-kvetch: My mom is visiting this weekend! We are going to spend Saturday at The Ex . It says it's only going to be 68F and rainy but hopefully that will change.

Hello All! TGI freaking THURSDAY!! (Normally, this is Margarita Thursday, but I think I might get my wine on!)
Anyhoo, praying for nonspecific awesomeness for you all today. Have a great one!

Kvetch: My PMS is getting really bad... Not the physical symptoms as much as, well, I go completely not-myself mental. Any suggestions for relief?
Oh Facebook, Facebook, you wicked little bitch. rolleyes.gif I would like to make a public statement that just because I once used to share baloney sandwiches with you does not mean that I want to know what it going on in your life now. Jebus! Someone I knew from kindergarten to 2nd grade has now sent me two FB msgs to friend me. I am not a person who idealizes my childhood and, frankly, I have no interest in friending anyone from my first hometown. I do not understand people's desire to find everyone they ever knew.


skc1 - good luck and happy healing vibes. Maybe try the Bloody Girls thread.
ccg - I've been asked that question too. It is such a tricky question!
{{{polly}}} Strength and endurance for all this work.
roseviolet - congrats on the good audition.
{{{sassygirl, p176, all kvetchies}}}

I'm coughing so hard today I've given myself a headache. So much for house cleaning today.
Kittenb, I hear you about Facebook. A lot of people that I used to know in high school have tried to friend me. Some of them were pretty bitchy back then, so I doubt they're changed much.

ccg-- I also hate that question, but have noticed it lately.
skc1- check out Bloody Girls, but boo for your PMS.
rv-- yay for audition
((p176, yuefie, star, morn, mando, etc))

I just found out one of my bridesmaids/cool girls dad died. Sucks.

Kvetch: Just some money problems this week. I was dealing with an outstanding hospital bill from last year, and was having a collection agency call me. I finally settled it though.

Kvetch: I started walking/jogging with Mcgeek and puppies. I have lost 1 pound! I also reduced my diet. However, we were jogging in the park with Zoe and Bailey. Zoe nipped a woman's hand. It almost drew blood. We found a trainer that deals with aggressive breeds, and her first lesson is tonight. It's strange. One minute she's barking and wanting to growl at people, and the next she was running away from them in fear. I just want her to get to the point where she's not extremely afraid of all people. We'll see. I just don't want to give her up.

Kvetch: Bad PMS!

Kvetch: Wedding. I have decided to take a break from planning for awhile. I'm only really working on the blog/wed-site and finalizing the guest list/registry. I did break up the tasks on a monthly basis. I also assigned one of the cool girls (the girl that got Mcgeek to finally propose) to be my parent's drinking bodyguard as it were. They're very bad drunks, and I really don't want them to ruin the day. She's mainly just going to watch them.

Anti-kvetch: Party tonight, and the asshole isn't coming! As it turns out most of the people from Josh's church group aren't coming back. I thought I was a good hostess, but I'm not pissed. I like smaller parties anyway. We mainly blamed the dogs.

Anti-kvetch: Trying to find a Mad Men style dress to wear to the Dragoncon fundraiser next week. I may check some of the vintage stores. Nothing fit in the mall. It could be due to PMS bloat.

Happy Friday everyone!!

Undies: Boring white ones.
<drive by>

hi all -

hope y'all have a great weekend without issues!

Happy Friday, kvetchies.

~~~super strength PMS be gone vibes~~~

hey rose, did you hear anything back on that audition?

did you hear anything back on that interview, candy?

~~~hassle free wedding planning for both polly & sassy~~~

congrats, pink! that's one helluva move and a very exciting one. keep us informed when you can, doll wink.gif

((((mandi, sck, pixie, star, syb, amilita, polly, sassy, dm, qspice, seven, candy, kitten, crassy, p_176, futura, flanker, raisin, sidecar, morn, bunny, billy, everyone)))))

This was a seriously trying week, I am so glad for it to be the weekend. I am exhausted and just wanna sleep in tomorrow until I am absolutely done.

Friday undie check: light blue bra, navy blue hipsters
Bah. My head is too full to keep sleeping. A certain someone is snoring so loud that it's a wonder the neighbors aren't pounding on the walls or something. In his defense, he has a cold. In my defense, I was sleeping so I don't care. mad.gif Add to that, the cat who insists on sleeping on my hip, thus making my hips ache and this is not the morning of my dreams. it's official. I'm grouchy.

sassygirl - Congrats on losing weight and upping the exersize. I'm going to follow your example. I feel like this is the summer where everything fell apart for me and I feel like it shows.

{{{yuefie}}} Rest up!

Happy Weekend Kvetchies!!!!
I am exhausted. Wednesday through Friday I was volunteering for the Planned Parenthood's Teen Council at their retreat... I have only slept for about 13 hours since Wednesday. I'm so tired. I had so much fun though. Those kids are awesome.

I also realized that its almost September... I'll be in New York in 4 months... are you kidding me??? This is crazy. So cool. I have so much to do. The terror is setting in.

I'm planning on coming back and actually posting and not being selfish. I'm just really tired....

Happy Sunday, gang!

PNP, you kick so much ass. On behalf of the planet, thank you for volunteering your time to a great cause! Only 4 months until you move! WEE!!!

Kitten, hope this was a better morning. Poor thing!

(((((((cuddles for our darling Yueferston)))))))

Sassy, I think it's a good idea to take a break from the planning for a bit. Some periodic breaks may help preserve your sanity. Congrats on exercising!

CCGirl, sorry I wasn't here to send you interview vibes at the right time. Have you heard anything yet?

Polly, forgive me for asking this, but what is the point of engagement photos? Do people do anything with them other than post one in the paper with an engagement announcement? I'm seriously wondering. Sheff and I did not have engagement photos done (no time!) and I've never missed them. Then again, we didn't even put a wedding announcement in the paper. I totally forgot until it was too late!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((( All of you. Seriously. Every last one. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Kvetch: I joined Facebook. I know everyone else n the planet is on there, but I'm honestly feeling a tad defeated - like I'm doing this not because I want to but because I have to. I found out that most of the community theater groups here post all of their audition info through FB rather than e-mail. So basically if I want to be involved in other local community arts groups, this is what I have to do.

Kvetch: I already feel like I can be contacted in too many ways. So far this morning I've responded to e-mails, posts on my FB wall, messages in my FB inbox, and a text message from my cousin. And it's only noon on a Sunday. I'm already longing for a simpler life!

Anti-kvetch: I GOT INTO THE ORCHESTRA!!!! They only accepted 2 new flutes and I'm one of them! Rehearsals are just once a week on Sunday afternoons, so it's the prefect way to do something fun and artsy while maintaining a life. This sounds like such a fun group - far less serious than your traditional orchestra - so I'm feeling more and more excited about being a part of this. WEE!
Congratulations, Rose! I'm so happy for you! And happy that you joined Facebook! wink.gif

Honestly, we're doing the engagement photos because they're included as part of the package deal from the photographer. If it were an extra cost, we'd probably skip it. I think they're definitely a hold-over from when people had their engagement announced in the newspaper, which seems pretty antiquated to me. Some people use them for those save the date cards though. We didn't, we just made magnets with a flower design and our name and the date. It is kind of nice, though, to have the pictures done- an excuse to dress up, and have nice portraits taken in our favorite places in our favorite city. Our photographer also likes it because it gives her a chance to get to know us, and gives us a chance to get used to having our pictures taken constantly.

(((kitten))) I hope you slept better last night. I, unfortunately, did not. When I went to bed, I left the windows open because it was cool and refreshing. By 6am, it was downright cold and all I had was my light summer blanket. All the heavier blankets from the winter haven't been washed yet from last winter, and were on the closet floor- ick- so I had to grab the throw blanket from the couch, cocoon myself in the two blankets. Albus was nice enough (and probably cold, too!) to come snuggle up with me, providing extra warmth. LeBoy was awoken by a car alarm at 4am, so he was out watching TV in the living room. No help, that boy! I was able to warm up and get a little more sleep, though.

I'm a little sad- humanist announced that she and her boy are thinking about moving to Madison, WI, where he's from, as soon as they can save up enough money. He just moved in with her this weekend because his lease ran out. So they're two people, two cats and a bunch of stuff in a small studio apartment until April, unless she can get out of her lease sooner. There's been a lot of violence in her neighborhood lately (it's been a particularly bad year in Chicago in general this year), and the apartment building has a crackwhore (literally! Her name is Tammy and she likes to pet my sister's hair when she sees her in the hallway blink.gif ) and a roach problem, so I totally understand her wanting to leave. Madison is only about 2 1/2 hours away and it's a great city, so I'd love a reason to go visit there every couple of months, but it still kinda sucks.

I hate questions like that on interviews, cc_girl. It makes me a little wary of the place when they need to ask you stuff like that. I know conflict happens everywhere, but to specifically ask it in the interview....I hope it works out, though.

Sassy, I hear you on the wedding burnout. When's your date? (ETA: Oh yeah, Pi Day! I forgot!) LeMom wants to go visit the rental place to look at place settings and table linens and blah, blah, blah, blah....I just want to use plastic plates and just rent real silverware, because we're trying to keep it casual, but I have a feeling that's not going to happen. Whatever- the woman is willing to go over budget so I can have ribs, so I'll let her have her little place settings. Anyway, our weekends keep getting busy, so it keeps getting put off.

*Sigh* I've got to get some laundry done today. No scrubs to wear tomorrow otherwise.

((((hugs to all))))
Hi ladies! Thanks for all the job vibes. I won't be hearing back for another week though so in the meantime I'm just not going to think about it. At this point I'm not getting my hopes up.

(((kitten))) sleepy vibes!

((((polly)))) have fun with the engagement photos. Also it sucks that humanist is moving but at least it's only 2 1/2 hours away! I just say that because my parents are 4 hours away and every time I take the train the last 2 hours of the trip are excruciating. I just want to be there already and not have to look out the window and farmland.

(((humanist))) for living in a studio with another person AND pets!! Good lord, I hope she survives.

Congrats rose!!!! Also yay for joining facebook. I only have one person from Bust as a friend (star) but maybe I'll add more. I wish I could meet you all in person.

PnP good for you for volunteering, especially with Planned Parenthood!

((((sassy)))) that sucks about Zoe but hopefully the lessons will do her good.

(((((((yuefie))))))) just because

kvetch: I'm feeling alone and friendless. I've been posting a lot in the socially inept thread. My issues include people who get a boyfriend/girlfriend and proceed to disappear, no longer being connected to any of my old hometown friends (and then seeing them post pics on fb about their trip to the Toronto Zoo and oh, I live in Toronto and not a damned one of them called me), and feeling like I always have to initiate plans.

I'm starting to feel like lasting friendship doesn't exist and that Sex and the City sold me down the river with their fantasy world of girlfriends who are there for you for life. I'm trying so hard but moving on is one of the most difficult things for me.
((ccgirl)) I hope you hear back about the job soon. Feel free to add me on FB if you want, Iím on the FB Bust group. Thereís a thread on the FB Bust group that says who is who.

((polly)) Sorry to hear that Humanist will be moving away from Chicago, but at least she will still be close by. I hope the engagement photos went well. I honestly must be oblivious to all wedding stuff because I never knew people took engagement photos, but it makes sense.

((humanist)) I hope you are able to get out of the lease, good luck.

((rose)) Yay for joining FB, and congrats on the orchestra! It is great to have a creative outlet.

((pip)) Congrats on getting accepted to the school in NY. Thatís awesome that you volunteer with Planned Parenthood, unfortunately I donít think we have one where I live.

((kittenb)) I understand the frustration of a partnerís snoring, I have to get to sleep first or I wonít sleep through the night. Someone sending you a FB request that you knew in second grade is kind of funny. I only accept school friends if itís someone I talked to, and had a friendship with, needless to say thatís not many people.

((yuefie)) I hope this week is better for you.

((sassy)) Congrats on the weight loss and exercise. Good luck on finding a Mad Men style dress. Twin DM started watching Mad Men recently, so now when we shop sheíll notice clothing that is very Joan or Betty.

((pixie)) I hope all is well.

((star)) How is your internship going?

This weekend I spent money like crazy, but you know what I donít feel bad about it. Thatís a major thing for me because I constantly worry about money. I got a new laptop, my old one was starting to get lines running up and down the screen. I also got a sewing machine (at a very good price), itís basic, but itís all I need. Sewing has always been a hobby, but I really want to spend more time working on it.

Mr. DM and I got a pug puppy, we named her Chun-Li. I feel a little bad because we got her from a private breeder and not a shelter, but itís the choice we made. I took her to her first vet appointment today, and she is healthy and well.

And one more change is Mr. DM and I are moving to a larger apartment at the end of September. We have a tiny one bedroom now, and we are getting an apartment with a den, so itís over 100 square feet more for a good price. We love our complex, and the maintenance people are awesome.

I hope everyone has a nice Monday.
Yay RV! (BTW, your PM box is full!)

{{{{polly & sassy}}}} The more brides I know, the happier I am that we decided to elope! We're going to buy a wedding package and send out wedding announcements after the fact (at least to my relatives).
Hey, Q! I made a little space in my message box. I hate cleaning that thing up - Lloyd only knows why. rolleyes.gif When are you and Brazilian Boy going to elope?

DM, congrats on the puppy! Love the name. Congrats on the new, bigger apartment, too! What sewing projects are you going to tackle? I really need to make a purse for a friend of mine (her birthday is in 2 weeks) but I'm starting to think I should sew something for myself for a change.

Can't wait to see the pics, Polly!

CCG, I'm feeling your pain. We've lived here for a few years now, but I've only made 2 good girlfriends, but I'm not nearly as close with them as I was with my old friends. Plus, none of our local friends are good at initiating plans. I have made some acquaintances & casual friends, but I don't feel comfortable asking any of them to do things with me. Although I can seem friendly, I am also painfully shy in my own way, so I have trouble reaching out. To compound the problem, I now feel self-conscious and shy about calling old friends when I'm back in my home town. I'm convinced that no one must be interested in seeing me because I don't think I'm very interesting.

BestGuyPal finds this amusing, by the way. He has observed that, deep down, we all feel that we're terribly boring people, but in truth we're much more interesting than we think & that most people would be thrilled if we just reached out to them. It's a nice thought. I guess I just wish it weren't up to me to do the reaching.

Anti-kvetch: I got a paid acting gig today! Although I won't be performing in front of the typical kind of audience. I'll be working for the medical school at the local ultra-posh university. Basically, I have to pretend to have the symptoms of a very particular disease (the professor will meet with me & tell me everything I need to know ahead of time). Then I just let the medical students ask me questions while I lie my ass off. Sounds like a nice way to make some extra cash, no?
Not for another year. I want more than $30 and a JoP (even if it isn't *much* more), and the immigration process (K1 visa, airplane) is not inexpensive. Undecided when (sometime between July and November).

Yay on acting jobs - doubly so, being paid! smile.gif

kitten: If he can reliably wake you up (or you have no problems waking up without an alarm), ear plugs can be wonderful things.
Rose - I've always thought those acting jobs sounded really interesting. Have fun with it!

Hi quantumspice!

{{{prettyinpink, polly, candycane_girl, desinermedusa, and everyone else reading this}}}

Exciting furniture news today. I found a sturdy dresser at a thrift store for $30! It has an attached mirror and is long and low enough to almost work as a vanity. I gave my dresser away before I moved in w/The Geek and knew I would need to buy one once we moved. I asked if the manager would hold it for a month, until I moved, if I tossed in another $10 and she agreed! It isn't the pretties thing ever, but it is in good shape and will look nice with scarves and bottles and all my "girly" stuff spread on the top. And it has lots of good sized drawers. So god for me!

Have a great week all. I'm off to watch Horders before I tidy up my kitchen. That show is great cleaning incentive.

Oh, big great wished to stargazer who starts her internship today I think!!!
Rose, that acting job sounds cool! Yay for the orchestra, too!

Yay for the dresser, Kitten!

Yay for engagement photos, Polly! I think will be nice to have the photographer know you better come wedding time. That'll be rough when Humanist moves. Boo on that.

CCG, I feel ya on the friend stuff, too. I had a good friend move away and I really miss having her to hang out with. (((CCG)))

Yay for the new pup, DM!!!

We went to the beach with Shelby today. She had lots of fun digging in the sand, chasing birds and trying to go after the jumping fish.

I wanted to drop in to tell you all this funny thing. I didn't take care of her (thank gawd) but a woman came to the hospital because her genital warts were "so big I can't fit my man's d**k in me." Wow.

On that cheery note, ((((everyone))))
Good Morning Kvetchies!!

Delurking to say HAPPY BIRFDAY PIXIE!

Congratulations on the orchestra RV!!

Amilita, that is pretty, wow...

~*~*~*jobbity vibes for ccg~*~*~*

(((qspice, DM, Kitten, p176, polly, PNP, yuefie, sassy, skc, seven, star)))

Have a fab day everyone.
Happy Birfday, Pixie, my Virgo sistah!

congrats rose smile.gif

amilita, holy crap. huh.gif if I would've been drinking something when I read that, I would have spit it all over the monitor!

Happy Birthday Pixiedust!!!!!

amalita - your story made we want to cross my legs, maybe for the rest of my life.

Howdy culturehandy and yuefie and all silent lurkers.

Sometimes I wonder what the hell I was thinking when I chose the grad school I did. A convienent schedule is great but...I registered for a purely on-line course this semester. It was offered, seemed okay, no big. Today emailed my department head and school advisor because i have yet to receive a syllabus or text book list. I get an email back saying problems like this are why we are told to not take on-line courses. Um, when EXACTLY was I told that? And if the school department head does not support these course, why the hell are they offered? I don't get it. Does this school want me to succeed? I swear, if my internship hadn't already been set and looking so good, I would transfer schools.
Happy Birthday, Yuefie! I know I'm jumping the gun by a few hours, but the Bust clock says it's Friday now.

Happy Friday to all. It'll be a few hours before I select my undies for the day, but there's little guessing what they will be: heather grey boxer briefs........... unless I go with the black.
I had to come in once I saw billy

Happy (belated?) birthday to yuefie and pixiedust!

Congrats on both gigs RV! Orchestra should be fun.

Kitten, I can emphathise with grad school=mixed messages, unfortunately... the courses are probably run by some org/body your university is in partnership with, or has some other relationship to. Best of luck with the internship!

The weekend approaches and the sun is already shining. Happy friday all...

*black mesh bra and black mesh(unmatching) knickers w/ pink ribbon...*

P.S. if anyone wants to send me mystery-success vibes for approx.10am EST on Monday, that would be cool...will disclose later!

Happy birthday to Yuefie!

Happy belated birthday to Pixie!

((syb)) Mystery vibes!

Busy day today, have a good weekend.
*delurks once again*

Happy Birfday Yuef!!!!

*goes back to lurking under the kvetchie bed*
Need coffee...

Happy Birthday to both Pixie and Yuefie!

Busy weekend with Dragoncon (I'll make fun of the costumes, but at least Terry Gilliam will be there to talk for a new Brit comedy track) and the Decatur Book Festival. The logistics of going back and forth from downtown Atlanta to Decatur should be interesting though. MARTA is going to be fucking insane with people. I just wish they weren't on the same weekend. Here's the links if anyone is interested:

Undies: no choosen yet.

Have a great weekend all the busties!
Yuefie, you best be having a happy birthday, you hear me? Huh? Do ya?

Hi there, Billy! Long time, no undie report! What did you think of the latest race at Spa? Those certainly were not the faces I was expecting to see on the podium!

~*@$~&%~@*~ vibes of all kinds for Sybarite ~*$~&%~!$~

~$~$~$~ continued job vibes for CCGirl ~$~$~$~

Kitten, so sorry to hear that grad school is already causing you so much trouble. Sounds like there's a lot of complicated stuff happening in your department. Congrats on the great score at the thrift store!

Amilita, I had no idea genital warts could get that big! blink.gif

Kvetch: PAIN! This period is seriously kicking my ass. I'm barely even bleeding anymore, but the pain is still there. What is with the sharp, stabby shit? I don't understand!

Anti-kvetch: Adorable cat curled up by my side. Aaaaaaw!

Anti-kvetch: I filled out the paperwork for that job at the local university today, so that means I'm officially employed! Even if it's just for about 5 hours a month. biggrin.gif Looking forward to making some extra cash on the side.

Anybody have any plans for the holiday weekend? We're going out to dinner & having friends over on Saturday night, but that's it. I imagine we'll just sleep in a lot.

Undies: Satin navy blue thong.
Awww shucks, thanks everyone wub.gif

rose, my dear, have no fear. I am having a happy birthday. I promise smile.gif
~~~~hair brushings and soothing pain relief vibes~~~~ do get plenty of R & R, sweetie.

(((kitten)))) boo hiss on the grad school aggravation.

~~~job vibes for candy~~~

~~~mystery vibage for syb~~~

so billy, darling, you aren't going to keep us in suspense are ya? Did'ja go with the black ones or stick with the trusty grey? inquiring minds want to know tongue.gif

((((everyone)))) hope you all have a relaxing weekend.

I overslept, which was good because it was the most sleep I've had in about two weeks. I went and had lunch with my friend D and he gave me a gift card for Barnes & Noble. Yay, new books! I went to an appointment and then came home to discover that R had surprised me and managed to get the night off from work. So we just got back from dinner. He was planning to take me to a really nice place that we both like, but it gets really crowded, especially on Friday's. I just wasn't feeling up for that so I asked him if we could just go to this much more casual place I'd been wanting to try instead. It's called Studio Diner, it's on the lot of Stu Segall Productions (where Veronica Mars was filmed) and it was pretty tasty. I had some lobster bisque and a chocolate egg cream to dink, which I hadn't had since I was a wee one. On the way home we stopped to get ice cream and I got Baklava & Caramel Cookie Crunch Gelato. Mmm, can't wait 'til I'm not so full so I can taste them.

The appointment I had today was with a therapist. I got to talk out some stuff, particularly some of what has been causing me anxiety like these traumatic childhood memories that keep springing up. I am set to take a class that helps you learn to cope with the symptoms of anxiety and also have plans to see the therapist again and also an appointment with a doctor to discuss my sleeping troubles. It was my birthday present to myself, it's high time I really take care of myself. I don't know how many times I've said I know that I can't take care of anyone if I don't take care of me first. But there is a huge difference between knowing it intellectually and knowing it emotionally and putting it in to practice. My goal for myself for the next year is to truly take care of myself better.

birfday undie report: red w/ white polka dots & turquoise ruffle matching set.

((yuefie)) Even with starting the process of therapy, sounds like a great birthday! That's so cool that the restaurant is on the lot where Veronica Mars was filmed and I'm drooling over that thought of that ice cream. Ben & Jerry's had a limited time baklava flavor and it was soooooo good!

Ooo, rose, what's the job? Sounds like things are starting to come together for you, with the orchestra and the job!

I don't even want to think about genital warts being that big, and why some dude would want to have sex with someone who had them (that large; not "at all".) The line from the SCUM Manifesto, "he'll swim through a river of snot, wade nostril-deep through a mile of vomit, if he thinks there'll be a friendly pussy awaiting him" comes to mind.

Sorry about the school crappiness, kitten.

Plans for the weekend: tonight we're visiting our friend Rick. He's the male half of the former "Selenas". *Sigh* Yes, bad news- they're the first couple in our circle of friends to be getting divorced. It's kind of a messed up situation, and we're trying to stay out of it.

Tomorrow, we're taking Tana to the vet- I noticed today that he's missing some fur from his tail, down to the skin and it's kinda raw. Not sure what's going on there. Then we're picking humanist up at work and going to a swanky bar in the city called The Violet Hour. I found out that Creme de Violette has gone back into production and they make a sangria with it. I'm very intrigued and want to try it before I buy a bottle for myself. Then, as if that weren't enough, after that, we're going to another bar to see prophecy's brother-in-law's band play.

Sunday, we're going to a bratwurst taste-off in Wisconsin with foodie friends, then coming back here and celebrating humanist's birthday at a pub. I think LeBoy's parents are doing something on Monday.

Busy weekend!

((hugs to anyone I missed))

OH MY GOD ROSE!!! You're in the ORCHESTRA!!!! Can we say SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?! That is so freakin' awesome.

and um, can we just say HAPPY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY (belated, I know...) YUEFIE AND PIXIE!!

Kvetch: I'm looking at a $8000 gap in tuition, but lets be smart and round it up to 10. Ugh. I have to spend my long lovely weekend searching through scholarship websites trying to find anything that will work for me. Sad....

Anti-Kvetch: I do plan on taking a slight break each day... one to see my future SIL's wedding dress. The next to get Blackberry Festival and get me some blackberry wine. ahhhyeah. I also have a massage scheduled for Monday. I cant wait for Monday...

Kvetch: I have no idea what I need for New York weather... Upstate NY... I know I need winter clothes... but winter here is way different. Do I need galoshes or should I just get some really good leather boots and weather proof them? I know I'm getting a wool coat, but what about the rest...? I have no clue...

Anti-Kvetch: I get to buy new clothes!!

Lordy I'm tired. This school stuff is stressing me out. I'm so excited, but now I'm worried. But I'll make it.

Kvetch: My nipples hurt like hell. If I barely brush them, they get angry, and (I can only assume from the way it feels) bite themselves. Bastards.

Undies: Ubercomfy VS spaceage material thong with a cute pink and blue plaid. Boring ol' nude bra.

I hope your birthday was special, Yuefie! So, for your eyes only......... black.

Spa was fun to watch, Rose. It was indeed nice to see some fresh faces on the podium. Kimi proved he's still got it. But who can explain the fall of Team Brawn into mediocrity? It should be fun to see who comes out on top. I think it's anyone's guess now.
(((PiP))) Congrats again on the NYC gig. So, you'll be moving there in the winter time? Oy vey.

(((Rose))) Congrats on the Orchestra job! Hope the cramps have gone away.

*~*~*mystery and strength vibes for Syb*~*~*

(((Yuefie))) I've been lurking and read your posts in the confessions thread. I've been extremely impressed with your determination to confront your past head on. I think it is a great sign of your resiliency and emotional maturity. Go you!

(((polly))) You do have an adventurous weekend! I'll see you Sunday night.

Nothing much to say. I started my internship the last week of August. My days go by pretty quickly which is a good thing. My program is going to be extremely laidback which I'm grateful for. My fellow intern and I had rough supervisory experiences in the past and I think we both realized that it is weird to have superiors who just trust our skills. Weird in a good way, I mean.

(((sassy, cc_girl, DM, kittenb, and other kvetchies)))
Thanks for all the grad school support everyone. Keep it up for the next year and we will get me through this madness.

The Geek and I went to Michigan for Labor Day to celebrate a friend's wedding (they got married a few months ago.) Spent time at the beach house (too cold to swim), danced a little, and had great food. So what is my strongest memory? The two kids who told me, seperately, that I have a twisted front tooth and it is "yucky." I'm ashamed to admit that 2 5 y/o's can make me cry. dry.gif I'm very sensitive about my teeth, not to the point of refusing to smile wide or anything, but any kind of comment about teeth makes me uncomfortable b/c I am always worried that I am being judged as unattractive. It damn near ruined the evening for me. Funny note, though; the kids were playing w/me on the hammock when they said this and I was mad enough that I stood up w/o thinking. The hammock flipped over & dropped the kids on the ground. They weren't hurt or anything but it made me feel a little better. The Geek told me later that, while the tooth thing didn't bother him at all, since it bothered me so much, we can start saving money for me to get caps. I have no dental insurance at the moment but I am going to figure out how to get an estimate on that.

sybarite - I hope the vibes helped!
Hi Billy!
sassygirl - dragoncon looks like a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed it.
roseviolet - congrats on the job, congrats on the orchestra.
yuefie - It sounds like you are making a wonderful start on taking care of yourself. Way to go!
polly - good luck w/Tana.
{{{prettyinpink}}} $$$ vibes.
stargazer - YAY! for the internship.
Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Bust is unfortunately blocked at work for me now for "mature content". Guess I can't really argue with that, but I wish it would just block the LTAS section.

Umm..WOW Amilita! Glad the ones I had were never that big.

Whoo hoo for Billy and his black boxers!

So Rose, you are getting paid to do the orchestra?

Anyway, I've been spending the weekend with friends and family and having a great time. We bought a new bedroom sheet/comforter set today. Painting will be happening soon!
I also used some birthday money to start buying my dishes that i designed my kitchen and dining room wall colors around.
(((pixie))) Oh, you must post pics on FB of all the home renovation you are doing!

(((kittenb))) That's sweet of the Geek to help you with the dental stuff. And, you know, if you ever need to vent about our school, feel free to message me. Our school sucks ass administration wise. I wish I would've known about schools you were looking into.


We went out to celebrate humanist's birthday yesterday. She had awesome weather for us to sit outside and drink some sangria. Her mom made the sweetest chocolate tart. Very good. Today, I went on another shopping spree with mama. I think my credit card is warm after how much I've used it this past month. So, I'm all good on the professional clothes which, I may say, I'll be looking awesome.


Ooh, Star, where have you had luck lately in buying work clothes? I saved one suit for interviews, but I'm totally lost when it comes to picking out clothes that toe the line between business casual (barf) and Raisin Style (not barf, I hope).

Hi, y'all! I've got a job interview tomorrow. Muy psyched.

May I please request some vibes for R's dad who is having surgery this morning? It's not a terribly complicated surgery (like triple bypass or something) to begin with, but with his health complications it is rather risky. The doctors almost called it off at the last minute because of concerns, but ultimately they felt it necessary to proceed. We heading up to the hospital right now. Thanks everyone.
zooms in...

***healthy vibes for yuefie's dad***

((interview vibes for RG))

zooms out...

more later, bad headache.

Sorry these vibes are late!

(((((((((((((((((R's dad)))))))))))))))

~$$$~$$$~ jobby job vibes for Raisin ~$$$~$$$~

Stargazer, glad you had fun with Humanist on her birthday!

Pixie, no I am not getting [aid for the orchestra. That's purely voluntary. However, I AM getting paid for my work with the medical school. Hooray!

Speaking of which, I just got back from my rehearsal for the acting gig with the medical school. It was interesting & fun. Next week I'll work with actual students! Eep!
(((((((R's dad))))))) recovery vibes. I hope he's doing okay.

Happy belated birthdays to yuefie, pixie and humanist!

I just wanted to pop in to say that I actually landed a job! I still can't believe it as I thought that the interview went terribly (every time I answered I felt like I was stumbling over my words). Well, apparently they thought differently so I'm now going to be working with my student union's feminist group!

Congrats, CCGirl! That's fabulous!

An old theater friend of mine - a big gay Bear - was at the convenience store today when a woman randomly came up to him and called him a fag. Oddly enough, she was wearing a WWJD shirt with Matthew 7:1 on it. For those who don't know, that Bible verse is "Judge not lest ye be judged". Oh, the hypocrisy!
What kind of crazy does it take to just walk up to a person and call him a fag? I don't get it.

Congrats on the job CCG! Sounds like you will have a great time. biggrin.gif

Soothing head vibes for sassygirl.

Raisingirl - Yesterday I complimented a friend for having a work wardrobe that was both creative and professional, a tricky balance.

There are so many Bustie Virgos, proving, I think, that Virgos rule. Of course it makes it difficult to hit all the Bustie parties in Chicago as at least three of us live here. Oh well, I think I'll just bring b-day cake to the next Bustie get together. Make everyone happy.

I feel like I have been pulling my stuff together since September rolled around. Moving in with The Geek was great but totally discombobulating. Now that I can see the end of the chaos I am doing good repairing some of the slacking off I've been doing (the few minutes it took me to type this notwithstanding.)

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

does not like people who don't like you and say snarky things to you, but then act friendly. it was one of those days.

the real story is i had to do site inspections with my supervisors today, and somehow we started talking about I-pods, and none of us had one, and i said my boyfriend has one, and my boss says, he has one so he does not have to listen to you talk.

he's an ass, and i know i should not be annoyed, but this ties in with why i hate my job, and i'm trying even harder now to get out.

on a much brighter and more interesting note, i am so pleased and smiley to see everyone's good news. it really makes my day happier when i see you are successful (hugs to all)
Congrats on the new job candy!

rose, that story is appalling. What a hypocritical asshole dry.gif

of course we Virgo's rule, kitten tongue.gif

Early birthday lovin's for star and kitten, just in case I don't make it back through here in time.


Thanks for the vibes. I meant to drop back in and say that it went well, but life kinda got in the way. After spending the entire day at the hospital waiting for R's dad to get out of surgery and then waiting for him to get settled in his room, we came home to find that my brother M's mouth was completely swollen from a tooth that cracked. He was in so much pain and the dentists were all closed so I took him to the emergency room. It was so crowded but thankfully they got him in and out fairly quick. I think we were there for four hours total, which is not bad considering it was an ER. The very next day the hospital practically shoved R's dad out the door, which really pissed me off because he has SO many health problems and is actually terminally ill. They told him 2 1/2 years ago he had about 6 months to live, but that guy is a serious fighter. Anyway, since he's home recovering from an abdominal surgery, R and I have been taking turns going over and hanging out with him. Between work and school schedules and being over at his dad's, I've hardly seen R in days. I am hoping to actually get a few moments with him this weekend. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment to discuss the anxiety. Wish me luck!

YAY for new jobs CCG!

*~*~*~*~*~*~*R's Dad*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
*~*~*~*~*~*~*M's Mouth*~*~*~*~*~*~

Anti-Kvetch: I am drinking home made raspberry vodka and eating a mousse cup.

Kvetch: I am drinking and eating said lovely things because I inadvertently read Irishboy's email today and found out that he's been searching for other women on Craigslist and that he actually met with a woman back in February. He claims he never actually slept with another woman... but after everything we've been through with the alcohol... How can I get over this? How can I trust him? My heart is breaking. It hurts.. Physically. Did you know it could do that? I forgot. It actually hurts.

On top of it all, I hit my knuckles really hard today carrying something around a corner, and then I made the injury worse by punching him in the face. Oh yeah. I punched the bastard in the face. Then I threw keys at his face. I want to hurt his face. A lot. He has a show tomorrow and I just want to make him look on the outside like he made me feel on the inside.

His emails made it sound like I dont like sex and that I dont have sex with him... I beg him for sex half the time. Its his "I'm too tired" that stops us... I'm so hurt by this. What if its all true? What if all the horrible things my dad and his girlfriend said about me when I was a teenager are true? What if I am unlovable? I dont know anymore. He's changed something fundamental in me with this.
I'm in so much pain. I just dont know what to do or where to go from here.
Ah, PiP, so sorry. Wow. This is about him, not you. Sometimes we give our love to people who don't deserve it. Be strong.

Yuefie, a friend's dad got run over by a car and was discharged the same day. Insane! Sorry things have been so crazy and hospital-y for you lately. Good luck for your appointment. So impressed with you tackling this stuff bravely.

Yay for the job, Candy!


Nothing new has been super busy, and I think tomorrow may be the day a paintbrush touches the wall of my bathroom...woo!
(((((((((PiP))))))))) I don't even know what to say. I'm really sorry you're going through this.
Happy birthday kittenb! Have a great day.

((pip)) Iím sorry to hear about what you are going through, stay strong, and I hope it gets better.

((yuefie)) I hope your doctorís appointment went well.

((Rís dad and R))

Ccgirl, congrats on the job!!!!!!!!

Have a great day everyone, got to run.

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