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Happy Birthday, mandolyn!!!
Happy Birthday, faerietails!!!

I was at Lollapalooza with stargazer this weekend (and got to meet the lovely zoya!) and I am beyond tired. If we hadn't fired another assistant at work on Thursday, I would have stayed home, slept late and gone out with star & zoya. Poop.
Happy Birthday Mando and Faerietails!!!!!

Awesome news: I just heard back from the bandstand people, and we got the venue for March 14th!
I'm still sad about the seizure, but I'm greatly happy! I can finally stop looking for places!

Polly, how was Lollapolooza?

Happy Birthday, Faerietails!

A special Happy Birthday to (my longest Bust friend) Mando!

And Happy Monday to everyone!

It's good to see CH post over here...

Happy Birthday Mando and Farietales!

Not nearly as exciting as Pi day, but today is national S'mores day! So go burn some marshmallows!
So much for a fly by. Now I need to vent!

In June we let my ex know that we would not be taking Minipixie on a vacation this summer because we were planning a trip to Disney next summer. Guess what the ex is planning now? Yep, a trip to Disney! And since my job keeps me from being able to take my vacations at the begining of the summer he is ensuring that he gets to take her first. What a freaking asshat! I knew he would doo this as soon as I told him I was plannign it. He has to compete with me! He even started taking his family to the same church as Mr. Pixie and I a couple years ago knowing that we went there, so we ended up changing churches.
Happy birthday to Mando and Faerietails!

Happy belated birthday to Syb!
Happy Birthday Mando and Fairie!

Pixie - your ex sounds like an assclown douchewaffle.

(((( sassy )))) hope you're okay!

Work went by okay today... stressful time, but getting through it. It is really nice that everyone always thinks I'm right on top of everything all the time - but it almost stresses me out more about messing up!

Just got back from a walk with the dorg - making some kd for dinner. I'm watching What Not To Wear. I wish I didn't need to see ads for John and Kate Plus 8 or any show where religious nuts have more than 10 kids. People - your body is not a clown car. Grrrrr.

Time to feed the hungry hungry dog.
Happy Birthday to Faerie and Mando!

kvetch: i have the worse sinus headache that i feel like my head is gonna explode. on the plus side, i think it is breaking, but, my stomach is all quesy from the nasal drip. not to be grossy mcgrossness. advil should make all things right in the world.

Mandi, I hope you had a fabulous birthday! And I hope you're celebrating all week long. You really deserve to enjoy this!

Faerie, if you're lurking, happy b-day to you, too!

Pixie, that is so fucked up. However, I suspect you don't really have anything to worry about. Just think about it. The man just moved his family into a shack with plywood walls, concrete floors, and no windows. How the hell is he going to afford to send himself, his wife, and 4 kids to Disney World? I know as well as you do that the members of that family are very good at coming up with big ideas, but they aren't so great on the follow through.

By the by, Pixie, I was thinking about you this week because of a book series my cousin has been reading. It's a YA vampire series that is set in BA and Tulsa. How weird is that!

Sassy, so sorry to hear about the seizure. Hope you're feeling better. As for the venue, that bandstand looks really cool! Congrats! Everything will fall into place SO much more easily now that you have a venue. Onwards and upwards!

MissJoy, I want to hear more about the bag you're making. Do you have a link to the pattern or anything? This spring I made the Buttercup Bag for my mom & she loved it. I plan on making a bigger version for me and for a friend. I already bought the fabric. I just need to get off my ass & do it!

((((((((Billy, CH, Amilita, Yuefie, Syb, Star, Polly & all y'all))))))))))))))))

Kvetch: We took my cousin back home and now the house seems quiet and lonely. It's kinda nice to have time to myself again, but now my life seems boring and empty and meaningless. I hate that I always fall into funks like this after visits from loved ones.

Kvetch: One of our friends said some HIGHLY inappropriate things about my young cousin in front of Sheff and a co-worker. See the Letters thread for some of the details. What an ass. The odd thing is that I'm not really angry with him about it. Mainly I'm just disappointed. I knew he was low, but I didn't realize he was THIS low. I think I'll be giving him a wide berth from here on out.
Awww, thanks all for the birthday wishes!! I haven't been here because I was up to my ears moving house, and then I was away for a week in the sun with my family, which was awesome but too short. Now I'm back and alternating between unpacking and preparing lectures for September. Ikea is due to drop in a bunch of flatpacked furniture this afternoon...

(((Sassy))) Sorry to hear about all the stress you've been experiencing. I agree with the others: keep the wedding simple and all about you and McGeek, that's the point of it after all.

((((Mando)))) I am sure you will rock any interview, and IMO a woman always looks more confident with short hair. I've said it elsewhere but happy (belated) birthday to you and to faerietails!! Interesting how many Leo busties there are... wink.gif

((((amilita, Pollyv, designermedusa, RV, pixie, yuefie, CH, billy and everyone I'm forgetting...)))

Happy Birthday(s) to sybarite and mando and fairietales! Sorry that I am late with the wishes. I miss being able to post pictures as birthday wishes but I suppose that is a decent trade off for less troll pics. rolleyes.gif

I found out yesterday that we got the apartment we saw on Friday. laugh.gif I am sure that the reason we got it is because we were the first couple to look at it. It was very cute. I cannot wait to move. And the next time a Bustie wants to visit Chicago we will have a guest room to share.

polly - I hope you are more awake today. Glad to hear you all had fun at Lolla.

{{{star}}} happy sinus vibes.

Hey Billy!

{{{pixie}}} Since the image of "douchewaffle was pretty disgusting, I'm going to have to agree with MissJoy and ad "immature and insecure to the point that I want to step on him like a little bug."

rose - that purse is darling!

Have a great week everyone!
Kittenb, congrats on getting the apartment!

Syb, yay for a sunny vacation. Iím glad the moving is done.

Rose, glad you had a nice time with your cousin. I read your letter about that guy who made nasty comments. It makes me wonder do some people have no idea what is right and what is wrong.

((Star)) I hope your sinus headache goes away soon.

Missjoy, is that your dog in your avatar? Iíve always wondered because he/she is adorable.

Pixie, wow your ex is such an ass. I hope he doesnít go through with the trip, itís not right after you already had it planned for next year.

Billy, Hi.

Polly, loved the Lollapalooza pics on FB.

Sassy, congrats on the venue. Take care of yourself, I know all this wedding stuff is extremely stressful.

Amilita, I want to live somewhere with a close dog park. We have to drive a long way, and the dogs donít really care for car rides. I need to move to a city that is more of a walking city.

Yesterday I had a bad migraine to where I had to throw up multiple times. Today I feel better, so Iím very happy.
Kittenb, Congrats about the apartment! Yay! '

Pixie, the ex seems like a such an asshat. I agree that he is a douchwaffle.

Hi Billy!

Polly, I'm glad you and Star had fun at Lolla.

RV, I read in the Letters thread about your cousin. What a total prick. I'm glad you had fun with your company. I'm sorry you're in a funk. That purse is lovely!

I'm feeling better. Thank you. I just have a bad backache today. I'm going to catch up on True Blood. I think couples therapy is helping me. A lot of this is first bride jitters. I think I was thinking that I had to entertain all the guests at my wedding. Mcgeek also didn't seem to be helping. I'm staying away from my parents right now (especially my mother). I was SO exicted about finally getting a venue, and calling my mother was probably the wrong thing to do. All she did was ask about money. Mcgeek and I are paying for the venue and the rehearsal dinner. His parents just can't afford it. I have decided to contact my sister to get her side of the story with her wedding. I need to get over my anger with her though. I'm a little freaked out by my parents drinking at the wedding. Anyway, the wedding will all come together. I'm just trying to have fun with it.

Anti-kvetch: The Paul Mcccartney concert and our silly game night on Friday night. The dinner party has gone from 4 people to 14! I wish my busties could come to play!

Anti-kvetch: I'm going on a Lush shopping spree, and buying the box set of Black Books. It's a modern day Fawlty Towers. Bernard would be me if I owned a bookstop. smile.gif


Rose, While I agree with you that his money would be better spent, I don't know, building a real house for his family! I guess he has found a way he can make payments on the trip. It's Like layaway! *gigglesnort*

I am also seriously appalled at how much Disney cost these days! If we didn't have a free timeshare to stay in, I don't think we'd be able to afford it. I know last time I went I didn't have kids, but he and I spent less than a third of what we are expecting this trip to cost even with our timeshare.

And you SOOO have to tell me what the name of that book series is now!

Sassy enjoy Paul! I get to see him Monday!

((Dm )) Migraines are the worst. I see a chirpractor once a week and that seems to be the only thing that keeps them at bay for me.

~*~**~smooth Moving vibes for everyone who's moving~*~*~*~*

Miss Joy, just wait, I heard on the radio this morning that Octomom got her own show too!

Things are crazy here as we start trying to settle into the school routine! Eep! I can't believe the summer is gone. Mr. Pixie took Little T to the babysitters for the first time since May yesterday and was in an absolutely unbearable mood last night because little T didn't even cry when he dropped him off.
My Friend who applied here got the job and started yesterday. It is really nice to have an allie here. Especially since the economy has cause a few layoffs here.

Pixie, it's the House of Night series by PC and Kristen Cast. The first book in the series is Marked. You'll find it in the Young Adult section of the bookstore. The very first scene takes place at South, so it'll probably feel especially freaky for you! At one point a character goes into a bathroom there & I knew exactly how it should look before I even read the description. The same thing kept happening as I read about other places in the book (especially Utica Square). I think when I go back to T-town over Xmas I'll make a photo tour for my cousin. Note that if you decide to read these books, you should keep in mind that it's definitely a YA series. The language of the first book feels a bit silly and childish at times, but the tone gets darker and more serious as the series progresses.

It's so cute that J was hurt that Little T didn't cry at the babysitters! You'll have to tell us if today was "better" tongue.gif Congrats to your friend on the job!

Sassy, glad to hear you're feeling better today. That dinner party sounds great! I wish I could watch a Black Books marathon with you. I haven't seen much of that series, but I like what I've seen. Good luck to you on opening up communication again with your sister. I'm afraid it may add even more drama to your already stressful life, but it might be better for your family in the long run to get this out & over with.

~~~~~~~~ soothing for DM ~~~~~~~~~ That sounds terrible! Do you often have migraines like that? I can't believe it's been nearly 5 years since you and Mr. DM got married. Do you have any other plans other than going to dinner?

Kitten, congrats on the apartment! When do you move in? Don't be surprised if I take you up on that offer to use your guest room. wink.gif

Sybarite, good to hear from you. Sounds like you had a nice break before you start the new job. There are so many exciting things happening for you right now! It's fun to read about them.

Kvetch: BestGuyPal did not get the job in Dallas. He's been unemployed since February. Scary.
Anti-kvetch: At least he doesn't have to worry about moving in a hurry.

Anti-kvetch: We got a text message from my cousin saying she misses us & can't wait to see us again. Awww!
OMG! It takes place in South???!! Wow. You do realize they have added a wing since our days. I also have some inside knowledge about some major changes that will be happening to the BA school system in the next few years. I'll have to tell you next time we talk. Speaking of eearie...Mr. Pixie changed classrooms at the high school this year and is now on the top floor of the English building right next to the teachers Lounge. When we were moving his stuff last week, I noticed that one of my classmates had climbed up on the building and wrote class of 95 in shoe polish on the outside of the window and it is still there 14 years later!!! Methinks the custodians get paid too much for doing too little! LOL
Just wanted to stop in and say hello since it's been a while!

Very belated happy birthdays to syb and mando!

rose, I'm glad your cousin's visit went to so well!

I can't believe that American kids are back in school already! I know they start vacation earlier but I think that would have depressed me when I was younger. We don't start until after Labour Day.

((((sassy)))) boo to seizures but yay to wedding planning!

(((dm))) migraines suck! I don't get them but my mom gets horrible migraines and I feel bad for her.

(((star, polly, missjoy, amilita, everyone)))

So this past weekend I went to a family friend's wedding. It was alright, I guess, but the whole time I kept thinking, "Damn, this is just one big clusterfuck." First off, there were 300 people at the actual wedding ceremony alone. That part took 4 hours. It starts off with the bride and groom's family meeting (only the men of course) so they have the fathers shake hands, then the grandfathers, then the brothers, then the uncles, then allllllll the male cousins. And prayers are said. That took a good hour. Then there are snacks. That took another hour. Then the actual wedding which was an hour and people were talking the whole time and it's so not what I want if I ever get married. Also, it was so hot that an old lady fainted. After the actual ceremony there was lunch.

The reception was the next day and there were approximately 800 people there! I cannot imagine having an 800 person wedding. One thing that was out of character was that they actually had a seating chart and although I was seated with friends from my hometown it kind of sucked that our table wasn't anywhere near the other tables with people from our hometown. Anyway, I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't feel like dancing and although I talked to old family friends we're not really close or anything so it was kind of hard to make conversation. My mom and I got home by 11:30. It was probably the earliest we've ever left a reception.

Anyhoo, my really close friend's wedding is in a few weeks. It's also going to be a big Indian wedding but with far less people (I think around 300 or 350). I had fun at both of her sisters' weddings and I know I'll have fun at her wedding as well.

It's not really a kvetch but I'm starting to get freaked out by the fact that people in my age group are getting married. Granted, the two brides I just mentioned are both two years older than me but next year my cousin who is two years younger than me is getting married, as is my other cousin who is 6 months younger. It's scary! I think the absolute earliest I could get married would be two years from now and even that's pushing it. I still feel like a kid who's figuring out what to do with her life while other people are making these huge life decisions.

Hey Kvetchies, this is my first time posting in here, although I've been lurking for some time. I've kind of been hijacking the moooooving on thread lately, as some of you no doubt have noticed, and as I start to slowly get my life together again I feel like I have new issues to vent about and I need to find a new thread to vent about them in.

What specifically made me want to post in here today was something I heard at an Al-anon meeting this evening. It was only my third meeting, so it's all still really new and strange to me, but my mom's been urging me to go for months, and I saw how much her AA meetings were doing for her, so I checked it out. What I didn't realize is how comprehensive the program is. Lots of people there are using it to deal with much more than just their alcoholic friends and family - it's like a spiritual guide and social support network for dealing with all the shit in their lives, large and small. I'm hoping to learn some things to help me get over this horrible breakup I've been through and get my life back on track again. The discussion topic today was resentment, and it couldn't have been a more perfect topic for me, because I realized for the first time how much of my life has been tainted by resentment. Resentment for my most recent ex, resentment for my predatory 9th grade boyfriend (BIG one there...still feeling sick about that one), resentment for my dad's harmless but incredibly annoying cluelessness, resentment for my little brother's shallowness and lack of respect for other people, resentment for my elementary school bullies...I've always had someone to resent. It's like I need that target for this resentful energy I have in me. I'm going to make it my mission to exorcise that resentfulness, because I realized today that it's ruining my life. What I heard at the meeting that I really liked was a straight-up AA cliche, but a wise one: "resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the person you're resenting will die from it."

Anyway, it's actually really late and I have to sleep, so I don't have time to write a proper post, but I just wanted to pop in and introduce myself and post something about that.

Welcome epinephrine. I don't think that you've been hijaking the Mooving On thread but it is nicve to see you poking around in some of the other threads as well. smile.gif It sounds like Al-Anon is going to be a good experience for you. I can see how resentment would be an important conversation for family members of people with addictions. As you are exploring and exocising your resentments I wish you great positive energy. By the way (and I'm being presumptious here) if you have any need of it, The Survivor's Space is also under the "F Word" catagory. I know nothing about your boyfriend situation but Survivor's Space if for anyone who needs it.

Allright, I woke up early to finish my last homework assignment of the semester and all I'll done is harvest crops on Farm Town (Facebook) so I am off to type! Have a great day everyone!
Welcome epinephrine. I can relate to your thoughts about resentment. Even after going through much therapy I sill have issues with resentment. Iím glad you found a good place to help you.

Kittenb, FB is such a distraction for me, especially when I donít want to work,

Ccgirl, I can understand worrying about marriage when everyone around you is getting married, but you should not feel pressure to get married. I honestly thought Iíd never get married, didnít have any interest in it, but then I met Mr. DM and that changed.

Rose, I have been getting migraines for over 10 years, but they arenít always bad as long as I take my medicine early enough. Mr. DM and I decided to just do dinner to celebrate our anniversary, we were going to go away for the weekend, but decided it was a better idea to save money.

((Roseís bestguypal)) I hope he finds a suitable job soon.

Pixie, itís nice to have a friend at work, congrats to your friend for getting the job.

((Sassy)) Iím glad the couples counseling is helping, and Iím sorry your mom is ruining your good news about the venue. Yay for the concert, games night and shopping spree.

I think Iíve been watching too much cable news during the day because the other night I had a dream (or should I say nightmare) about the health care town halls.

I finally watched No Reservations (the Chicago episode) last night. I now understand why so many Busties love Anthony Bourdain.

Happy Thursday, everyone. Hope you're having a good one!

Hi, Epi. Welcome to Kvetch! Sounds like Al-Anon is an amazing resource for you. As for resentment, I used to have some issues with it, but I've never been in the kind of situation I think you are in. In my case, my resentment was just a way of passing responsibility. I didn't want to accept that I had an element of control in my situation; I chose to blame everyone else & that lead to resentment. When I started to embrace my own strength and take some control and responsibility, things got better. My ego took a hit, but I think I needed that. wink.gif However, as I said, my situation was different. In my situation, if I couldn't fix the problem I could walk away from it. I suspect that your situation is far more complex. Good luck to you as you continue to work through this.

Sassy, how often are you two going to couples therapy? It's good to hear that it's helping. Does the therapist ever speak to you individually or are the 3 of you always in the room together? I've never gone to couple's therapy before so I'm curious. I imagine that it would be a HUGE help during all the stress of wedding planning!

CCGirl, how old are you? Do people tend to marry younger in your family's culture? I wish I could do something to ease the pressure on you. I got married 3 weeks before my 30th birthday. Sheff was 36. I certainly felt some pressure to marry younger (especially when I was with my ex), but I'm soooooooo damn glad I waited.

DM, I was paying less attention to the news while my cousin was in town. Now that I see what's been going on, I'm glad I was able to avoid a lot of it. It's madness! It's just a bunch of shrill shrieking and nonsense. There's absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions or even disagreeing with some of the proposals, but I wish people would just be civil and willing to listen as much as they talk.

Kitten, homework sucks the big one. Good luck finding some motivation!

Speaking of motivation...
Anti-kvetch: I finally got off my ass & worked out today! I always let my exercise go by the way side when we have visitors, so I've gotten WAY off schedule. I feel better for doing it, though. I don't feel as low and depressed as I have been this week.
(((epi))) It sounds like you are really working on healing yourself. Good for you! It sounds like addiction/alcoholism with a loved one has been in your family. You might get additional support in the Family Thread. Also, having grown up in an alcoholic family, you might want to pick up this book I found to be helpful for me.

(((kittenb))) Congrats on the new digs! Can't wait to hear more about it.

(((DM))) OMG. I've seen snippets of townhall meetings about healthcare reform and those people are scary. sad.gif

(((rose))) Good for getting back on the exercise horse!

kvetch: I can't wait for the contractors to be done with the renovations with the house. They have been dragging their feet I think because they are working on other jobs. My stepdad is a bit permissive and not one to rock the boat. I've been spending more time in my bedroom watching TV since we don't have a living room right now. I'm in one room and my folks are in another room which makes me feel more isolated and lonely. Even the poor cats and dog are weirded out by their living space being temporarily displaced right now. Can't wait to get our family room back!

(((pixie, syb, polly, cc_girl, and other kvetchies)))
It was a bad night last night. I had my internship seminar where I presented one of the cases I am working on. The catch is that we are encouraged to present a session that we do not feel that great about so we must be braced for constructive criticism. Unfortunelty because my stress level has been a little high lately, it is hard to hear any criticism without feeling attacked. Also, the suggestions were things that I have been dinged on before and thought that I had made progress on. It is so frustrating! So I came home, watched my favorite TV shows and fell asleep. Then the real bad happened.
About an hour after I feel asleep, I woke up to find The Geek looking freaked out. He said he was hearing some woman scream in our buliding. We went to the living room and yes, she was screaming, she was crying, she was saying no. We called the police and The Geek called out the window that the cops were coming. Soon after that the noise went stopped but I heard her crying a little bit longer.. We could not figure out where the sound was coming from and were both too scared to go out and prowl the building/neighborhood. I don't know if the cops came or not. They never called, I saw nothing on the news this morning. I think we should have gone looking for her but it was really scary and I guess we wimped out. Thinking about it now, he might have been afraid to leave me alone but I would have gone out with him but I was too half-asleep and freaked out to explain all of that.
I feel like I barely slept last night. I do not want to be in this building anymore.

Lighter note: Before yesterday went to hell I bought some great new jeans.

stargazer - that would be frustrating.
rose - Congrats on the workout!
dm - yes, turn off the news for a few days.

Undies - red bikinis, no bra yet.
Friday. Finally!

(((((((Kitten))))))))) How terrifying! Was the noise coming from within the building or outside of it? In any case, good for you for having the presence of mind to call the police. Hope today is better for you.

Star, when are the renovations supposed to be complete?

Feeling a bit concerned today. My brother had an appointment with a doctor yesterday & the doc's reaction was worrying. Further tests were ordered in a hurry (he had an MRI yesterday afternoon). My mom is freaked out since you usually have to wait 3 weeks to get an MRI, not 3 hours. I'm trying to tell her that maybe it isn't an emergency and maybe this doctor is just really efficient or the Scheduling Gods were smiling on my brother or something. We'll see.

Other than that, we're all good. We don't have any big plans for this weekend, but that's a GOOD thing considering how busy we've been. Looking forward to a new episode of Mad Men on Sunday!

Undies: Blue cotton thong with little ice skates printed all over.
Happy Friday!!

((Kitten))) That's scary. I'm glad you called the police.

((Star)) Get some rest. When are all the renovations done?

RV Brother healthy vibes....

I'm okay. We're having a huge game night today. It's expanded from 4 people to 15. Zoe and Bailey are going to go nuts. I don't think we've ever had that many people at our house. It's on FB as Dweeby Game Night if anyone is interested. I'll probably put pictures up at some point.

Kvetch: Mom. Her birthday was yesterday. She's still being bitchy. I just don't get it.
Kvetch: Some weight gain, but I think it's water weight. I really need to start working out again.
Anti-kvetch: Heading to the concert tomorrow, and then finally meeting the caterers on Sunday!

((DM, Ccg, syb, missjoy, everyone)))

Undies: Blue boyshorts.
Drive by to say that my brother's MRI came back clear. He still has to see a specialist, but the doctor was initially concerned that something REALLY bad was happening. Now we know it isn't.
[wipes sweat from brow]

Sassy, you kick so much ass. Wish Sheff and I could go to your game night. Sounds like tons of fun!

Kvetch: Exhausted. I went to the grocery store and before I was done I wanted to curl up in one of the aisles & take a nap (The loaf of bread in my basic looked like it'd make a great pillow). Sheff said that this morning he was so wiped out at work that he wanted to quit just so he could return to bed. So it seems there is a bug going around that is robbing our energy. Anybody else feel like this lately?
With all this wedding talk, I feel I must confess: I think I am missing that wedding gene. And the wedding registry gene. And the bridal shower gene. I am so screwed next year.

CCGirl, dude, I'm freaking 30, and in some ways, I feel like *I* am too damn young to get married. I totally get where you're coming from. All sorts of my college friends got married in the last 3 years, it's crazy! (And, like, 5 more are getting married in the next year.) And yet, for the most part, it was the right time *for them* with where they were in life/school/the relationship to get married. All things come at their own time. Live your life fully now - and don't worry if you're too young to get married (unless you're in a serious relationship and it's come up). If you're not ready, it's not a big deal. I definitely wasn't ready when my friends started marrying off (when I was about 22). I wasn't ready when the rest of my friends got married (when I was 28). I think right now, of my college friends, I am one of TWO who aren't married (or divorced), and I'm absolutely OK with that. My relatives and friends can fuck off if they want to make a big deal of it.

Anyway. I now have this 15" long, 3-4" diameter monster in my fridge. When I wake up, I'm turning a chunk of it into zucchini-banana bread & freezing a chunk of it for more zucchini bread, and freezing the slices for miscellaneous use later. Thank goodness I bought a food processor recently, now that I've moved out!

(Unrelated tangent: a few days before she moved back State-side, tesao and Gostosinho 'met' on skype, and it was everything I thought it would ever be. They are SO Brazilian! Too bad they insisted on speaking Portuguese -- I didn't understand 100% what they were saying, but Gostosinho says I had a firm grasp of the general topic.)
Hey again!

rose, yay for a clear MRI!

sassy, how was the concert?

((((kitten)))) that must have been really scary. But at least you guys called the police.

Welcome epi!

star, how much longer are the renovations going to take?

qspice, what kind of wedding are you having?

As for the wedding stuff, I know that I want to get married someday. But I think it will be another 3 years before I'm ready just because of logistical stuff (I need to finish school first and get a job). Anyway, I guess I'm a girly girl because I'm always imagining what I would want at my wedding. I've always wanted a nice small wedding so when I go to these big loud Indian weddings my reaction is usually "No, no, no!" I think that I'm thinking ahead because I know that when the time comes there will be huge issues with my dad. He will want me to have a traditional Indian wedding where he can invite alllllll of his friends and it would turn into a huge circus.

As for the age thing, people in my culture definitely get married young. However, a lot of the engaged people I know are in love relationships (as opposed to it being arranged). My friend who just got married is 27 and my other friend getting married is going to be 27 soon. However, another family friend just got married and she's only 22. Another family friend getting married is 24. Cousin #1 will be 23 when she gets married next year and my other cousin will be 25. Right now I am 24 going on 25 and seeing all these girls get married freaks me out because I know that I am so not ready.

Another thing is that in my family (and I'm guessing most Indian families) they care more about getting the girls married off than the boys. Honestly, my dad has said that no one really cares if the boys get married while my aunt recently started talking about looking for a boy for her daughter (who is my age!). It's just one of those things.

Eep, sorry for the novel!

CCgirl - Oh! Gostosinho and I are not engaged at the moment. But he's asking me in December, when we go on vacation. biggrin.gif
((Rose and brother)) Iím so happy to hear that your brotherís MRI came back clear.

Sassy, how was the concert?

((Kittenb)) You and the Geek did the right thing with calling the cops. Iím glad your moving soon since you are unhappy with this building.

Star, I hope the home renovations are completed soon. It sucks to have your routine disrupted.

((quantum and cc girl))

I had a nice weekend, we had our anniversary dinner on Friday and then we came home and watched a film. Saturday and Sunday I took a little shopping, but other than that we just relaxed. Iíve been doing pretty good about exercise, mainly jogging.

I loved True Blood and Mad Men last night, the perfect ending to the weekend.

Have a good Monday.

((RV and brother) Glad for the results.



((quantum and ccg))) I hate to say that I used to share your wedding woes a couple of years ago. My sister was getting married, and a few of my friends were as well. I was in my late twenties, and I think people were thinking the same question. Luckily for me, I didn't up in a bad marriage. Anyways....I'm 32 too, but I waited 3 years with Mcgeek. I'm so glad. Neither one of us wanted to rush into anything.

My weekend for the most part was fab! The concert was incredible. He played for almost 3 hours. I did get soaked due to the rain, but it was such a cool experience. The best part was seeing it for free. I didn't have the best seat(me and 40000 of my best friends!), but now I can cross seeing a Beatle off my concert list.

We met with the owners of this Cakes and Ale restaurant, and we talked food porn for an hour. We didn't really decide on a menu yet, but we figured about 36-40 people could fit in the restaurant. This will narrow down the guest list. I was so hungry after the meeting!

Kvetch: The party. I really wish some of my friends could have made it. My friend Carol managed to come by, and we managed to drink 2 Buck Chuck and laugh. Yet, these were Mcgeek's friends who basically via FB decided to come. I have no problem with people being a few people over my house, but 16! One of my Mcgeek's friends has become involved heavily in the church (yet he says he's an athetist), so it was his church group. I didn't mind it until the end of the party. Some guy got all in my face and asked me to go to church. When I said no, he got really offensive. The dogs were going crazy, but Miles the cat seemed to love the attention. I hope I didn't offend anyone here. I should probably talk to Josh. It just felt really rude he'd invite so many people. I've hung out with them before, and felt a weird vibe.


Sassy that is awesome about the concert! I go tonight. I wish I was more excited but I didn't get much sleep and have a headache this mornign. But Yeah, just being able to say I saw a Beatle in concert should be cool! I even bought a new outfit last night so I could rock my inner hippie chick!

Rose, Glad your Bro is fine. Getting old saure sucks. I feel like all I talk about with friends anymore is medical stuff.

Q-I was the same way. And I knew long before hand that Mr. Pixie was going to propose on the night he did. Heck, i showed him the ring I wanted on like our 2nd or 3rd date. I came so close to getting engaged to the man before him that i already had the ring picked out. And wouldn't you know it, the price dropped in half when Mr. Pixie and I went to look at it.
(((Rose))) Good to hear your brother is ok! I'm sure that was scary for your family and you. sad.gif

(((qspice))) Congrats on the engagement (even if it won't happen until Dec. wink.gif)! You can create the type of ceremony you want for yourself. So, don't think you have to have the cookie cutter type of ceremony that you see on websites or magazines. Btw, Tesao is back in the States?!? Tell her to get her booty back here to post!

(((sassy))) Good to hear you enjoyed the concert!

(((DM, kittenb, polly, pixie, and other kvetchies)))

Last week of lazy before I start my internship. It will be good to work again! Yippee! Income again! I'm going to do a mini detox Tuesday and Wednesday, meaning, no sugar, carbs, etc. Sweat like a mofo by going to the sauna. Then (and my favorite part), I'm getting a 90 min. massage by humanist on Wednesday. I thought it would be a good way to release whatever I've been holding the past 1 1/2 years and enter this internship in a different place.

Hello! Seems that my internship site thought to block out Yahoo but not Facebook and not Bust! Yipee! I have had a bitch of a time getting on-line this week at home.
Star - Have a great week! I am still very happy for you.
Early congrats to quantumspice.
DM - I thought that MAD MEN started on a good but odd note. Loved the stuff b/w Don and Sal. After all, who is Don to judge anyone else's behavior?

Lots of wedding talk in here. biggrin.gif The Geek and I went to a wedding this weekend and I realized, first that he has way more friends than I do (and I have a pretty good circle) and all of his friends are married or engaged. It was weird. I was so grateful that the bride did not do the bouquet toss. It would have been me and.....maybe some spinster aunt? But we looked great and did a lot of dancing. Also saw JULIE & JULIA and loved it.
Iím never going to the dunkin donuts in my building again Ė I have not gone there since the last time, when the girl was really rude to me. I went there yesterday and today Ďcause it was too hot to leave the building, and all I wanted was something to drink (and the ice cream yesterday). The rude girl was not there much, or else she was in the back Ďcause I did not see her.

no, instead there were two guys, neither of whom speak English, working the cash register and handling orders. The guy asked if I was from India, and I said yes, and he asked how long had I been here, and I said, forever. He laughed at me. and I was like, did he just really laugh in my face? ><
Sorry Kvetch was turning into wedding talk...

Hello? It seems like it was pretty quiet in here.

Kvetch: My weight. I can't seem to lose much this week. It could be due to stress. Mcgeek and I are talking finally. I really didn't like my party last weekend, so we're trying to figure out who to invite. Also, some wedding details. I'm trying not to obsess.

Anti-kvetch: Seeing 'Plan 9 from Outer Space' with the Mst3k guys last night. It's a movie I never thought they would mock. We were going to head to see John Oliver and Seth Meyers tonight, but found out it's only for Ga Tech students. Boo! We're still heading to a nice Italian restaurant that we got a deal on last month.

Undies: Blue bikinis.


Kvetch can be lots of wedding talk. From the sounds of it there is (almost) as much to kvetch about with a wedding as there is to jump up and down w/happiness. laugh.gif

I am happy to announce that I will be seeing John Oliver perform tomorrow. I do not know if I will be catching Cinimatic Titanic when it comes to town though.

p_176 - the Dunkin Donuts I use to go to was very weird. Rarely rude just kind of stupid.

Have a great weekend all!

Undies - Blue flowered bikinis and red bra. Who cares about matching?
Ahem. Anti-Kvetch:


Yay PIP!!!! laugh.gif biggrin.gif smile.gif
Congrats PiP!!!!! New York is going to be awesome!!!!!
YAY PIP! That's going to be awesome! What a neat school!
Woot PIP!
congrats!! when's the first big meal to celebrate? haha.

kvtch - on the biggest loser, one of the "contestants" says he is overweight because he used food [and humor] to deal with [how he felt about] being adopted.

apparently no one told him there's nothing wrong with being adopted. ><
PiP, that's fabulous! That's a really big move for you, too - all the way to the whole other side of the continent! I can't imagine! When do you move?

Kitten, how was John Oliver? Was he performing stand-up or something?

P, there are a couple of people in my family who've been adopted. Even though there's nothing wrong with it, it can be very difficult & painful to deal with on a deeply personal level. It's a complicated issue. I'm sure that guy knows on a rational level that there's nothing wrong with being adopted, but whoever said that human beings were rational animals? I hope that guy is getting some counseling to help him with the feelings that helped him put on the weight in the first place.

I'm doing something crazy today. I'm auditioning for a local community orchestra. I just found out about the auditions this weekend. Note that I have not touched a flute in 18 months! Eep! I ran out & rented a flute this morning & I'll audition at 6pm tonight. So nervous!!!
Rose, good Luck on the Audition!

Kvetch: On MicroP's 2 year appointment he had a heart murmur and tomorrow we have to go have an EKG to make sure he doesn't have the same congenital heart defect that the oldest Minipixie has. Next month he has to have a hearing test and speech evalution.

Kvetch: MiniPixie is below level on her reading and is going to have to have to have a tutor.

This is so hard on us. Mr Pixie and I have always excelled at school and stuff and to have all of our mini's struggling with devlopmental or learning delays I can't help but wonder if things have gotten a lot tougher since we were in school or something. Even Micro P...I mean he does "'talk" just not in sentences yet. What is "normal" development anyway?
{{{pixie}}} I have no answer to your question although I do believe that there is now a tendancy to diagnose learning issues in children earlier in order to prevent problems. However, some speculate that this is actually creating problems where none exist and/or stigmatizing children unnecessarily.

{{{roseviolet}}} Good for you! How did it go?

John Oliver was very funny and well worth the money. The tix weren't even that expensive. He was suprised at how vocal the audiance was having never played in Chicago before (we were a loud & chatty bunch laugh.gif ) but there was one guy in the audiance who was trying to participate too much. In a very polite and British way, John eviscerated this guy. It was hilarious! The guy was deeply embarressed but was a good sport about it. So I think everyone had a good time.
rv - i know that! :-) i'm adopted too. i guess i had the impression that the biggest loser was really going to make an example of it.....we'll see what happens when the season starts. but if the guy is like, woe is me i'm adopted, i'm going to be very annoyed.
Kitten, that's great about John Oliver. I still find it weird he only played to Georgia Tech for the students, and not the general public. It would have been a lot of fun. Mcgeek and I did head to a really yummy Italian restaurant.


p-176, that's strange. I just hope that they don't make a big deal about it. I love that show, but there was a couple a few seasons ago that was always talking about their child with autism. They seemed to bring it up every show, and it got so woe is me.

((rv)) how did the audition go?

Not much happening here. I had a decent weekend. I'm just preparing for another game night on Friday night, and a science museum gathering on Saturday. It's a huge dinosaur one so I'm stoked.

Oh! In good news, I was able to shut my mother up about the wedding for a little while. I know it's a very small thing, but it made me feel so great!

Drive by!

I think the audition went pretty well. While I was chatting with the conductor, I mentioned that yesterday was the first time I'd touched a flute in over a year & his eyes practically fell out of his head! But once I started to play, he seemed satisfied. He said that I have "good tone quality", so that's encouraging. However, he mentioned that they're "really bad" (they're called the Really Terrible Orchestra) and he'll have to decide whether I'm terrible enough to join the group. wink.gif To be honest, his main concern seemed to be what connections I might have on a professional and social level. They need members who can bring in money & donations. My housewife status does not help me much there. We'll see.

Gotta go run all the errands I should have done yesterday. Hope you all ahve a great day!
Just a fly by to say that I have a job interview in an hour and a half so if anyone sees this please give me some vibes!!
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