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Quick fly by

Kvetch: Very tired due to new medication. However, there don't seem to be any weight gain side effects which is awesome. I think it's just getting used to the medication. This also leads to be wanting to be very lazy and not write or work out today.

Anti-kvetch: Having a small get together tonight. Making spaghetti and meatballs!

Undies: Pink boyshorts

Be back to vibe properly tomorrow!

Sassy, have a nice get together tonight.

((Polly)) Congrats on picking a wedding dress. I looked at the pic in the wedding thread, and it is very lovely. Iím glad the pain in going away from the wisdom teeth removal. Have fun at the roller derby, I think that would be fun to watch.

((Star)) Enjoy your time off before you start your job. I can totally relate to your kvetch about being an overachiever, I am always thinking about the future, and what I need or want to do. Itís like I canít just live in the moment.

Rose, I hope you are enjoying some quiet time now that your in-laws have left. After a day or two having guests it just annoys me because I like my space.

Amilita, glad Shelby Lee is doing well on using the bathroom outside. It just reminds me of how much work pets can be.

((ccgirlís dad)) I hope the job situation gets worked out, and he gets paid again.

((ccgirl, yuefie, bunnyb, pixie, sidecar)) Hi!

Syb, yay for completing your job.

((mando)) Iím so glad things are looking bright for you! Best of luck with the job search.

Kittenb, glad things are going well.

Iíve been a little worried about work this week. One of the departments (not mine) was told they will be out of work in 30 days. A good friend of mine is one that is having her job move to another city, and I feel bad for her. We all knew there would be changes when the company was bought, but itís still a hard thing. So now Iím worried about my job because my boss told me they are looking at one area to see if it is profitable (that word scares me in this particular situation), and the thing is this area of the company has never been profitable really. We donít know much, and thatís what makes me worry more. Then my coworker told me that my boss basically accepted an award and credit for something she didnít do in a meeting I missed, it was actually a project headed by me, and two other coworkers. This makes me angry because we worked hard, and she took the credit. Itís not worth saying anything, but it really makes me not respect my boss.

Twin DM goes back to the podiatrist on Monday, and we are really hoping she can get away without using the boot cast. She canít go up stairs, and we both live in places with stairs. Itís not the same having her stay at my parentís house because I canít go hang out, itís too uncomfortable due to certain family issues.

No plans this weekend, so I will just hang and probably watch a film on dvd.
(((rose))) I'm glad you survived the visit even if it was trying at times.

(((polly))) congrats on finding a dress! Is the future MIL always like this?

(((dm))) that really sucks that your boss did that. I've heard so many stories like that and it makes me angry that people take credit for work that isn't theirs.

((((twin dm)))))

(((((((star, kitten, mando, syb, amilita, everyone)))))))

I'm frustrated and feeling really sad for my dad. The other day he met with this guy who was interested in making an offer on a truck. The guy was really interested so he gave my dad a check and everything. The next day my dad called the dealership to tell them that he had an offer only to be told that someone else had just sold the truck that morning!

It's like he can't catch a break. Although he should have called them first thing in the morning but still, what are the chances of some other customer coming in and wanting the exact same truck? And it was a used one so it's not like they can just order another one for my dad's customer. Gah. It seems like every time he gets close to closing a deal something goes wrong.
Hey, gang.

Feeling a little quiet lately. Not quite sure why. I'm not unhappy. Just feeling a little more quiet and not feeling much like talking or posting a ton. Maybe I feel I've talked too much over the last couple of weeks & I need to recover!

((((((((((((CCG's dad))))))))))))))))))))

That story about your boss really pisses me off. That's really low. Grrr!

~~~~~~ continued healing for TwinDM ~~~~~~~

Sassy, sorry to hear the new meds are making you feel sleepy. Should those side effects wear off over time? Hope you had fun with your friends last night.

Polly, the dress is lovely!

Star, it's hard to let go, isn't it?

Life is fine here. Sheff and I spent the week watching the Torchwood miniseries on BBC America and enjoying having the house to ourselves (if ya know what I mean, heh heh). I've been terribly lazy, though. I really need to work out more, but I've gotten out of the groove again. Damn you, out of town visitors, and the way you disrupt my happy routines!

Big anti-kvetch: Remember how I said my brother would have one of his photos in Spin magazine? The issue is now for sale! My brother's pic is on page 26 I think. It's of The Decemberists. Pretty damn cool!
Where is everyone? blink.gif

I'll have to look for the latest Spin, rose! Very cool!

((cc_girl & dad))

~*~*~*~*~no-stress vibes for DM & foot vibes for Twin DM- what a pain, literally!~*~*~*~*~

Sassy, I hope the side effects get better!

My dress is now ensconced in my closet. I went to The Container Store on the way home from the dress shop and got a natural cotton dress bag, a padded hanger, a lavender sachet to keep moths away and make it smell nice and a jar of these crystal things that are supposed to absorb excess moisture. I don't think I have a moth or moisture problem, but I'm not taking any chances. I realized this morning that the dress, without tax, cost the same as my engagement ring, with tax! blink.gif That's pretty scary, considering I'll wear it once. I'm not sure what I'll do with it afterwards. No kids to pass it onto someday. Unless a niece wants it, I got nuthin'. And it's lovely, but it's just polyester, so not worth making into something else. I should donate it, but right now, it still feels like a lot of money I just spent to give it away. I wonder if I could sell it, then donate some of the money. We'll see- there's a very good chance I'll end up spilling barbecue sauce on myself during the reception, making this all a moot point. rolleyes.gif

Yeah, this is the usual MO for LeMom....she's generally a nice person, but she can be a little "center of the universe" sometimes. And patience is not a virtue she possesses- going to restaurants with her can be nerve-wracking because she thinks all restaurants should move at "fast food" speed.

((Hugs to all))
Happy Monday, everybody! Hope it treated you all well.

Polly, when is your wedding? How long do you have to wait before you get to wear that gorgeous gown? Don't worry yet about what you're going to do with it afterward. You have tons of time to decide.

I had an opthomology appointment today. My eyes hadn't been properly checked for 3 years and I was a bit nervous about it. Luckily, everything went well! My vision is a bit worse, but I expected that. Mainly I was worried about the pressure/glaucoma reading, but luckily my levels were normal. Mom will be really happy to hear that!

Anti-kvetch: Free pair of contacts! Woot!
Anti-kvetch: My eye doctor is pretty cool.
Anti-kvetch: I'm making pizza for dinner. Hooray for homemade crust!
Anti-kvetch: My adorable Millie kitty is purring/snoring by my side. What would you call that? Snurring? Whatever you call it, it's sooooo cute!

Notice the new avatar? It was that or Betty Draper holding a shotgun. I might change it to Betty afterall. Hmmm.
Well, now I want to be Betty Draper shooting pigeons.

Polly, I was going to write what Roseviolet wrote. I think you have some time before you have to figure out what to next with your dress. Get married first. laugh.gif

I spent the weekend visiting my grandparents in the Pittsburgh area. They kept asking if there was anyone I wanted to see while I was home. I was tempted to say, "Except for you two, I don't think I would notice if this tiny little town dropped off the planet," but I don't think they would appreciate my sense of humor. Overall, it was a nice trip. The Geek was with me and we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and a science museaum as well. I'll post some animal pics on FB soon.

Have a great week everyone!
kevtch - i have surgery on sept 1 and my parents act like it's a huge task to drive me to the hospital, wait for the one hour that the surgery will take, and then take me home. therefore i'm looking to basically hire someone to drive me. !@@%#@$ my parents. my mom is also babysitting my nephew today, and she's all bitchy about that because "she really does not like 2 year olds". my parents are only 60 but they act like they are 95. it infuriates me when i see characters on tv or the movies that are older people who are still active. it's not real!

antikevtch - settling on the new house tomorrow.
P, that's awful! I'm so sorry to hear your parents are acting like that. I suggest you contact your doctor's office &/or the place where you're having the surgery and see if they have a transportation service.
~*~*~*~*~ sparkly real estate vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~

Hope all is well for everyone out there & the only reason why people aren't posting is because they're so busy doing wonderful things. If you've all simply retreated to FB, I'll be terribly sad!

Life is fine here. On Saturday we will pick up my 16-year-old cousin for her week-long stay with us. Last night we made reservations at a hotel at the beach where we'll stay fr a few days. There were not a lot of options (most places are fully booked) but Sheff managed to find a place right on the beach! Woo hoo!
Hello all!

Polly, I'm glad you got a dress. Is your wedding next year?

rose, yay for new contacts!!

(((((p 176))))) I'm sorry your parents are acting like that. Is it feasible to take a cab home? I would guess that you'll need someone to actually help you into your home and take care of you for a bit. Are there any siblings that could help you out?

kitten, I'm glad you had a good visit.

kvetch: I have been in the worst mood lately. I spent so much of my trip at home just complaining and it was like, I knew I should just shut up but I felt like I couldn't stop. I know it's always a bit hard for me to go home and get back into the family dynamic when I'm so used to being on my own with no one telling me what to do. It was also hard dealing with my incredibly lazy brother whom I feel has no respect for anyone in the family.

Anyway, the next time I go home it will be for my friend's wedding so I'm sure I'll be in a good mood. There will be lots of excitement over the wedding and the pre-wedding ceremonies should be lots of fun.

I don't know what the deal is. I know I'm happier being back in Toronto but I'm still a bit irritable. Like, today I was getting annoyed trying to get to my volunteering job because it's in a very touristy area so I kept getting caught behind huge groups of people who were walking at the pace of a turtle.

Also, I was having major food issues while at home. I wouldn't even want fast food and yet it was like I forced myself to eat it despite knowing the consequences. I'm really feeling messed up about it. My doc referred me to a counsellor but since it's free I will have to wait a long time before my first appointment.

(((candy))) I hope things get better for you.

(((rose))) Yeah, alot of busties are on FB. But, I think alot of people still lurk and post occasionally here. FB is just sooooo instant gratification to keep in touch with people. Did you ever think about ideas of to do things with your cousin? I always looked forward to hanging out with my older cousin when I was a kid 'cause we usually did alot of things that I wouldn't normally do.

(((kittenb))) Glad you enjoyed your trip!

(((polly))) That's awesome about your dress. Do you find yourself looking at it alot?

(((p176))) Sorry to hear your parents are being supportive with taking you for your procedure. Congrats on the home!

*~*~*job vibes for DM*~*~*

kvetch: my sleeping and eating schedule have been all over the place which leaves me feeling alittle off today. lazy, feeling a little tense for some unknown reason, and just pouty. mellow.gif i'm skipping yoga and chillin' at home. i'm so lazy to even head out the door to grab some din din for me and the thought of cooking is not exciting me right now. i wish there were more options for delivery out where my folks live. ok. enough whining for now.

Hi everyone!

Oh, the end of a looooong week, one filled with ups and downs. We're getting a new kitty!! The little black kitty I wanted, who got adopted a few weeks ago, is getting returned. The adopter's other cat doesn't get along with her. Anyone who knows how cats are, knows that it can take months to get cats to warm up to each other. She's also moving and can't take the cat with, why didn't you think of that when you adopted her 6 weeks ago? Whatever- her loss is my gain. We're only taking her on a trial basis until we know if LeBoy is allergic to her or not. *fingers crossed* We pick her up tomorrow night! biggrin.gif

Yeah, sorry rose....Facebook is sort of a distraction. We'd never leave you, though! You could always come join us all in the dark side....I know, I know.

P, that sucks. Do you have a friend or other family member that could take you? Is it something where you'll be sedated? I know when we do sedation in our office, we make sure it's a family member or friend taking the person home because someone needs to monitor you the rest of the day.

I know, I shouldn't worry about the dress thing. My wedding's May 29th next year, so 10 months from now.

((cc girl)) I hope you feel better. Funks suck.

Star, I hope you get back on track with eating and sleeping and exercise and all. I know how that goes- whenever I have more than a weekend off, I slide right back into going to bed at 4am and eating once a day.

We got an invitation to LeBoy's cousins' graduation party- brother and sister, they both graduated from college....what do you get someone for their college graduation?

I'm going to lunch with an old friend tomorrow. She's a good person, but she has some personality quirks. She talks about herself a lot. I really don't think she's self-centered, it's just a habit for her. Like, until recently, I'd only see/talk to her maybe once a year, and if we ran into each other somewhere, nine and a half minutes of the ten minute conversation was her talking about her. To make matters worse, she just started dating a guy, so I'm sure she'll have a severe case of diarrhea of the mouth. She can just be very bubbly and "high school". Wish me luck. At least she picked the Thai place out of the list of restaurants I sent her. I can drown my annoyance in a plate of pad se ew. rolleyes.gif

*Yawn* I think it's time for my Thursday night nap.
Facebook is where I chat. Bust is where I talk and listen. biggrin.gif I'm just learning how to balance my new schedule.

Let me get this off my chest. Today SUCKED ASS! I was in a fine mood until I went to school to do homework (I find the library much more conducive to studying than my apartment.) I checked my school email to find a message from my substance abuse teacher that the homework that I thought was due on Friday was actually due Wednesday at midnight. That would be yesterday!!!! I have no idea how I had that wrong but at least 2 other students were confused. I scrambled to write it up and turn it in late. I had another email from the woman who runs my school library wondering why I wasn't at work last Friday. Um, maybe because as I mentioned at my interview and as I reminded my supervisor by conversation AND email I would be in Pittsburgh that day? I emailed her this and explained that I had told my (perceived?) supervisor. She wrote back explaining that I also need to mark these days on the calender which I will be happy to do now that I have been told to do this. And then I was reminded that I was supposed to present a case in my internship class but I totally forgot to prepare. Luckily my teacher was very cool about. It might have helped that I was almost in tears when I spoke to him.

Now I am home by myself with ice cream, the cats and THE MENTALIST. It's all better.

{{{p_176}}} Thats sounds sucky. I hope your surgery is a breeze and your recovery is quick.

Rose - Have fun at the beach!

{{{calming and grounding vibes for stargazer}}}

Fingers crossed for polly's new kitty!!! XXXXX

{{{soothing and settling vibes for candycane_girl}}}

kittenb - i hope today is much better for you! i've had those moments where, like everything got confused. oy.
my solution for the surgery is to take a cab there, and have my guy pick me up on his lunch break. that way, no one has to sit in the waiting room for 2 hours. the last time i had sugery where i had anesthesia, they would not allow me to take a cab home. i guess it's like you said - someone's supposed to monitor me for the first 24 hours. that's not happening anyway! i'm a big girl, and i know how i react to anesthesia and surgery. give me some apple sauce, a yogurt, some water by the bed, and let me sleep!!
hope the new kitties work out!! if you wash and brush the kitties, it will reduce dander and reduce your guy's allergies.
((p)) Sounds like you found a solution. Congrats on the house!]

((kittenb)) Have a better day today.

((polly)) Yay for new kitties!

((star)) Feel better.

((ccg)) Get out of the funk!

Rose, FB can be sort of distracting. I try not to be on too much, and still lurk here. I'm glad things are better.

Kvetch: Our house. The real estate agent we were going to go with told us due our neighborhood and the economy he wouldn't work with us, and our house would only sell for 77. We just can't afford to sell it at the price. It sucks, because we were going to hire that guy. Now, back to square one. I plan to clean this place again, and try to hire painters. My mother told me to get it show ready before we start interviewing agents again. It just really depresses me. All I want to do is move.

Fighting with Mcgeek over said issue yesterday morning. He believes the real estate guy, and I don't. My problem is that I have a feeling we'll be in the house another year, and grad school applications were due in next year. It's just the only thing standing in our way.

Kvetch: Bailey is better, but now he needs surgery on his knee. More money to UGA. Bleh.

Kvetch: PMS.

Anti-kvetch: I think I may be volunteering for the Paul McCartney show in a few weeks. It's at this huge park called the Green Concert, and I can't afford the tickets b/c with the ticket fees they end up being $200 for two people. Mcgeek doesn't want to go(he hates concerts), but if I can volunteer for free that will kick ass. I thought about heading to Steely Dan, but with LiveNation/Ticketmaster prices as well they end up the same. Stupid Ticketmaster!!

Undies: Brown and pink boyshorts
Sassy- Mr. P and I will be going to the Paul McCartney concert when it is here in a couple weeks! the tickets are completely outrageous, but Mr. P wants this to be part of his, I get a coach purse, he gets to see Paul Mccartney. Win-win for me!

Rose, I still think you should join Fb even if you only want to talk to the Busties on there-there are a lot of us! I like Fb because it seems more personal knowing everyone's real name and seeing thier pictures. Plus you get to see sides of them you never see here. I feel like I know the FB Busties more better than I ever did the 6 or so years I was on here prior to FB. Best of All, you don't have to worry about the fundie trolls.

Polly- yay for new cuddliciousness!

Things are going ok here. I had a kidney infection a few weeks ago that messed me up for a while. I finally back to normal. And this weekend I should definitely finish painting my dining room! Whoo hoo.
If anyoen could send soem spare job vibes, my friend K applied for a job here with me and we really hope she gets it! I would have someoen to carpool with which would be awesome, and we would also start working out on our lunch breaks and stuff.
Sassy, have you thought about renting the house out while you live somewhere else? I guess if you're relying on the sale of that house to buy another one, it wouldn't really work, though. LeBoy's brother does it- he lives here, but he also owns a house up in Michigan and rents it out. The town it's in has a deal where residents whose kids go to public schools in that town get credit (financially speaking) towards going to a state university, so it draws a lot of people in. He went to school up there and his wife's family lives there, so his brother-in-law keeps an eye on things, does little repairs on it.

Facebook is where I chat. Bust is where I talk and listen.


Kitten, glad to hear your day improved!

Well, gotta get in the shower! Lunch and then shopping for kitty stuff!
I don't know if I feel right about that. I guess that would be a last option. I think a friend of mine did that when he was living in TN. We may end up renting out west first. It's just frustrating.

I am stoked about the concert though! A friend of mine is having a pool party that night, but I'm going to see if I can do both.


Yay for kitty stuff!

She's here! I intended on keeping her quarantined in the bathroom for a few days until she adjusted and i could introduce her to Albus. I got home with her and was holding her for a few moments. She jumped out of my arms (she never was too fond of being held- likes to sit near you, but not big on the holding, unlike Albus) and ran straight under the couch. rolleyes.gif She's still under there, in a catatonic state (sorry, couldn't resist). Hopefully, she'll come out soon. I don't think Albus has figured out she's there, and i'd prefer for him to not figure it out in the middle of the night or something.
Polly, congrats! She's very pretty. I kinda hope that Albus does NOT find the new kitten in the middle of the night. That's not the sort of noise I want to hear at 3am!

((((((((((((((((((Kitten)))))))))))))))) Poor thing! Sounds like you've been living one of those horrible nightmares. You know, the one where you realized that it's finals week and there's a test you have to take that you completely forgot to study for? God, I hate that dream! Here's hoping your professors are understanding.

Sassy, have any of these realtors shown you the comps for your area? If not then you should look into that. Ask them for the details. Or do a little investigating yourself. If you know of any homes in your neighborhood that have sold in the last year, look up the tax records & see what they sold for. The square footage & acerage should be listed on the tax records, too. With a little math, you can get a basic idea of how your property might compare. Note that there will always be little details that affect the value that will be unknown to you (Was the kitchen renovated or not? How old is the roof?) but it's a start.

Personally, I would not trust websites like Zillow too much. Zillow is a great, easy way to find out how much a specific house has sold for recently (they up-date the site with info from tax records and such) so definitely give that a whirl. However, their estimates are not perfect. There's a very good chance that your house is not worth what Zillow says it's worth. There are just too many factors Zillow can't consider - garage or no, fenced or not, quality of landscaping, up-dated interior, etc. etc. Plus I've noticed a number of listing on Zillow that had the basic facts of the homes wrong. It listed incorrect square footage, acreage, number of rooms, and even the number of floors! So be wary.

~~~~~ soothing for Bailey ~~~~~~ Poor puppy has been through a lot lately!

P, is this a routine surgery that you've had before so you know what to expect afterward? Or is this something new? If it's something new, please reconsider being alone after you get home. Anesthesia is serious business - there's a reason why they don't trust surgeons to handle it alone - so if the docs say to have someone there to watch you, I'd heed their advice. The by can certainly sacrifice a couple of hours of work in order to be there for you, can't he?

Anybody heard from Sidecar lately? She hasn't updated her blog since May & I'm starting to worry about her.

~$$$~$$$~ job vibes for Pixie's friend, CCG's dad, and anyone else who could use them ~$$$~$$$~
... and that includes my BestGuyPal! He has been unemployed since February & in a couple of weeks, BestGalPal will be unemployed, too. Luckily, BGuyP had a telephone interview today! The job is in Dallas so he's afraid he won't get it simply because he doesn't live there yet. But I'm crossing my fingers anyway. Take a second to close your eyes & send some vibes his way because he could REALLY use 'em!

Must run. We will pick up my cousin tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately, I've been a bum this week and I'm still not quite ready for her arrival. Gotta clean up a teensy bit more and run to the grocery store and then I'll be done. Wish me luck!

Undies: Periwinkle blue thong and red satiny bra. Not a good match, but oh well.

Nope, didn't have to wait until the middle of the night for them to meet!

She snuck out from under the couch when I wasn't looking and next thing I know she was coming down the hall towards me and Albus in the living room, and Albus was cool as a cucumber. It was like she had always been there. There hasn't been a single hiss or swipe at each other. Albus has been keeping his distance- if he hears her in the other room, he goes and checks it out, but then comes back in with me. She's been out, exploring the house. So much for quarantining her. She hasn't really met the dog yet. She's sort of come around the corner to his cage and runs away as soon as she realizes there's a live animal in there. We'll work on the dog later.
She is a very pretty cat Polly. smile.gif Glad they are gettting along okay.

Rose, it felt exactly like that dream, yep it did.

I've started dosing my cats with Bach's Rescue Remedy. Ya-ya is getting so anxious in the morning that The Geek and I can't sleep. It already seems to be helping. Ya-ya is back to his old habits (wakes me for food but lets me go back to sleep afterwards, YAY!)

I can't remember who all wanted to know but Cinematic Titanic is coming back to Chicago's Lakeshore Theater! I am not sure which show I'll be going to. It happens on my birthday weekend and I have plans for the whole weekend except my actual birthday (Friday).

Have a great weekend all.
Awwww, pretty new kitty! does she nave a name? Kudos to albus for his nice manners! *anti-sneezy vibes for leboy*

Whoa, how did I not know about zillow!?
then again, i knew naught of until 5 days ago.
For an internet whore, Iím pretty clueless.

ďwhat do you get someone for their college graduation?Ē Ė Iíd suggest cash or Best buy gift cards.

Polly, your dress is stunning! I canít stop looking at it! Iíd keep it but Iím a huge sentimental wuss. I still have nearly all of dannyís baby/toddler/tween/adolescent clothes. unsure.gif

*job vibes for bgp & k & everyone else in need*
*healing vibes for baileyís knee*

(((P176))), what rose said. Anesthesia reactions can be unpredictable. Wish I could be there for you.

I have issues with faceplace. I wish I had just "friended" busties & not people like my kid's teachers & my brotherís pals *eyeroll*. Iím not comfortable with the worlds colliding thing. And Iím too nervous to "de-friend" anyone.

A hotel at the beach. So jealous. Le sigh.

anti-kvetch & kvetch: I let danny drive to work this morning! It was a struggle to stay calm & supportive, but I did it. He hugs the middle divider too much and has to work on his speed consistency and wide turns. But otherwise, heís doing pretty good. Heís only been driving for a few weeks. He turns 17 in 14 days. Eeeep.

anti-kvetch & kvetch: i stopped wearing my wig at work. go me. it just looks like i have a very drastically short haircut. everyone's been kind & supportive, but really. who's gonna tell cancer girl she looks bad? i'm trying to be brave & nonchalant, but i really really feel fat & ugly & ... vulnerable. i'll post a picture on a day i'm feeling prettier.


Definitely refer to Zillow with a grain of Salt. I check it occasionally when I know of a certain house that is for sale or has sold recently. I was just on there this weekend because my old house is for Sale right now for double what I paid for it 12 years ago and I wondered if property values were really that high with the economy the way it is. It also showed my ex's property being valued at $200k which is really ridiculous. I am guessing because we have an enormous Wal Mart going in near by it has skewed property values on Zillow a bit because it really is a piece of shite property. Maybe worth $50k if my ex is lucky.

Mandi, congrats on moving forward without the wig! In a few months you probably won't even be able to to tell.

Yay for no kitty drama!

I am SOOO happy to be done with my dining room! I still need to do linens and dishes, and some kitchy stuff, but I don't consider that part work! My little guy wants his room painted too. He's started peeling the wallpaper off the walls. but he is going to have to wait a while before I start any more homeimprovement projects.

I can't believe the summer has gone so fast! School starts again next week! Eep! Minipixie will be in 2nd grade and Mr. P's minipixie is starting Junior high!
hola all -
apparently my parents feel guilty so now my dad's taking the whole day off to get me settled after the surgery.
the new house is good. we made good progress in the unpacking. it will still definitely take time. we already know that in teh next year, we will buy a new sofa, and in the next 5 years we will redo the kitchen cabinets.

zilllow is supposedly overpriced for their house value estimates. but other sites are really low. from what my realtor tells me, there's no good appraisals - they'll basically do what they can to get to the sales price.

we're officially engaged :-)
(((p. 176))) Congrats on the engagement!

(((pixie))) Can't wait to see the pics of your dining room through crackbook.

(((mando))) it is always great to see a post from you! crazyoldcatlady said in the confessions thread that there is a way to limit who sees what on your friends list. you do have alot more control on FB than people realize. it sounds like you are feeling stronger.

nothing much to report. busy weekend.

happy belated birthday to sybarite! hope it was lovely!

ooooo, congrats, p_176!!! i wanna see your ring!

how could minipixie be old enough for 2nd grade?! does not compute!

could someone please kick me in the butt to finish updating my resume?
altho the thought of going on an interview with microshort hair is muy daunting.
Happy Belated Birthday Syb!!

P, ring pictures please! This must be the summer of engagements! Come to think of it, did I ever show mine? I may put them on FB.

((pixie)) Awesome for dining room.

((mando)) kick in the ass for the resume writing.

Kvetch: The neighborhood is working on the pipes, so we have no water. sad.gif

Kvetch: Blah weekend. I got into some fights with Mcgeek over the house. Thanks for all the Zillow information. I just started freaking out, and we're just going to sit on the house for awhile. We spent the majority of the weekend cleaning up the workout room and bedroom. This may delay some plans for grad school though.

Kvetch: PMS and bad period cramps.

Anti-kvetch: I think our venue is going to be either the gazebo in Decatur Square or maybe a park nearby in the sqaure! I looked into the old courthouse, but it's too pricey. I just need to crunch some numbers. We got this awesome restaurant for the reception, and the food. I want it to all be nearby. I'm getting a book called The Anti-Bride Book, and a wedding planner binder. I'm also going to ask my girlfriends for some moral support. Also, dad hasn't exactly given me a budget yet.


I need vibes Busties! The apartment building that I have been somewhat cyber-stalking since I knew that I was going to move in with The Geek has an apartment open. I have an appointment for Friday morning to look at it. Before Friday, I need to hear back from financial aid about my grad assistance loan and I need The Geek to get a few hours off that morning so we can look at it together. We've already agreed that if we find a place w/the stuff that we want and we like it we are applying that day. Neither of us are crazy about apartment hunting. rolleyes.gif Fingers crossed!

{{{mando}}} job search energy vibes!
{{{sassygirl}}} moral support vibes!
Congratulations to p_176!!!

General vibage and happy energy to all.
*holds fingers to temples and viiibbbbes kitten apartment-getting-vibes*
Hey busties!

Well I haven't posted in here in a while but i thought i would pop in and say hello. I was cleaning up my office/sewing room/guest room the other day and came across my shoebox full of bustie posties! I'll have to pull them out sometime soon and take a closer look through. It kind of boggles my mind how long this community has been part of my life (whether I'm posting a lot or not!)

((((( busties))))))
That's funny miss joy, I was just looking at some old links someone sent me from the waybackmachine, and all those old threads, and wondering whatever happened to the bustie posting thread. Makes me sad to see all of these old names - i misses them!



p.s. is anyone ancient enough to remember when the homepage looked like this? link
/thread derail
Congrats to P on your official engagement!!!! And moving into the new place, too. What an eventful week!

And many belated-yet-happy returns of the day to Sybarite!

Holy way-back machine! It's amazing to see those old pages again. I don't recognize the old main page, but I certainly recognize the names on the other pages. Makes me feel a little dizzy.

MissJoy, so good to see you! I still have a big pile of posties, too. Unfortunately, people started to lose interest in the list a couple of years ago. I had been maintaining it since April 2003 and it seemed like it just wasn't worth the effort anymore. If someone else would like to revive it I'd be happy to hand over the reins, but no one seemed terribly interested. A shame really. I used to get some FABULOUS posties from Busties ... especially in '01 and '02.

~$!~$!~$!~ financial aid and apartment vibes for Kitten ~!$~!$~!$~

I cannot believe that MiniPixie is starting 2nd grade! How amazing! I hope she enjoys it. I absolutely loved that year of school.

And Danny is 17?!?!?!? Holy freakin' shit! Now that REALLY makes me feel old. Mandi, I think it's great that you're not wearing the wig lately. It's wonderful to hear how much you've recovered. I'm thrilled to bits for you!
~*~*~*~*~ vibes of resumee brilliance ~*~*~*~*~

Sassy, I think I looked at thta anti-bride book when I was doing my wedding planning. Is it pink and orange? I think it's a really good idea to keep the reception and ceremony locations close together. Saves a lot of hassle.

~*(&!#)*%!)*$)&%)*!)* help yourself to this smorgasbord of happy vibeage ~@$)(*()#!~$$~*~

Things are fine here. Sheff and I are having a good time with Cousin T so far. She's become REALLY chatty since the last time we saw her, so we've had hours and hours when we've just sat around and talked and talked and talked. It's been great. Today she and I will have lunch with some of my friends and run some last minute errands before we head to the beach tomorrow. I will think of you all as I lounge under my beach umbrella!
girl and miss joy, I think I was beatnik back in the day. I remember going thru a pretty bad relationship. Schmuck ended up being my fiancee, and was pretty abusive. That's putting it lightly. It's over thank God.

(((apartment and fin. aid vibes)))

((P vibes))

Thanks for the moral support everyone! I got my caterer finally, and we're renting out their restaurant! I'd like to have the reception and ceremony very near by, so people can basically walk to the restaurant. The cool thing about the downtown area is every place is walkable. I dig that. RV, that's the book. I'm waiting for it in the mail. Most of the books I've gotten are Mcgeek's science books. Enough wedding talk. I just need to get my parents to give me a budget. I have no idea what my sister's wedding cost, but I don't think it was cheap. My mother told me her dress was 15K. That's insane!

(((kvetchies vibes))),
Those were fun links girl_logic. smile.gif I have the vaguest memory of the site looking like that but I know it was before I posted. It might have been set up like that when I first started reading the magazine. I posted briefly here when I temped in 2000-2001 and then I was gone for a long time. I've always been Kittenb, though.

*sigh* I am pretty sure that I have another sinus infection. I'm blaming this weird summer weather. At the moment that pain in okay but I swallowed b/w 6-8 ibuprophen to make this happen. I'm waiting to hear from my doctor about a perscription. My usual doc is on vacation but the office is pretty good about helping out, esp. once I said, "Last time I went to the emergency room."

Anyway, enough about me.

sassygirl - 15K is beyong expensive! I've been watching Say Yes To The Dress and I just can't believe what that show costs!

roseviolet - glad you are having so much fun. Enjoy your umbrella beach time.

Have a great day, all.

Side note: My sister was one of those wedding people that wanted a HUGE princess wedding. I have no idea what it cost my parents considering she bailed at the end of it. I just know that I don't want a wedding like her's. I still find it insane considering you're only going to wear the dress once.

whoa, a missjoy siting!!! how cool is that?!

i'm also a little teary nostalgic for gone-but-not-forgotten busties. sniff.
it's more than a little scary that NOTHING ever goes away in the interwebs. eep.
there were some pretty great-named threads back in the day. warms my cockles just reading them. heh. thanks, girl_logic!

*echinacea & money & perfect-new-home vibes for kitten*

Wow...I think that pages are from before I started posting, but was still lurking regularly. I remember a lot of those people and a lot of those threads. I was Venusrival for a while, but I Think I had a different handle even before that. I don't think I starte dposting regularly until 03ish.

Rose glad you are having a good time with your cousin.

I agree with you Sassy. Some peopel spend way too much money on weddings when they could use that money to better thier lives. Mr. P and I paid for our wedding ourselves. I think we spent in the neighborhood of 5k. We picked key elements that we wanted to be really special and didn't spend a lot of money on the rest. One of the areas we really saved was photography. Honstly, do you really need 1000 pictures of yourself that no one really wants to look at 6 months later anyway? So we hired a girl right out of college for like $400 and she took some really decent pics. I bought my dress at a consignment shop for $400 also.
Wow...I killed the thread.
Nah, you didn't kill it, pixie. It has been super quiet these past few weeks. Well, it's actually been slowing down for months, but especially the past one.

In no way am I complaining, since I've hardly been around to post myself. But seeing the links to the old posts and the old board made me think how special this place has been to me and got me to thinking how sad I would be if it were to disappear, so here I am.

Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY for sybarite!!!

(((((mandikins))))) all I can say is go on with your bad self. You are beautiful no matter what the length of your hair happens to be. It takes a lot of courage and spunk and you got it, lady.

~~~~get that apartment & feel better vibes for kitten~~~~ sinus infections are teh major suckage!

rose, hope you had a wonderful time lounging on the beach with your cousin.

congrats on your engagement, P!

and I forgot to say yay for pretty new kitty and love the dress, polly!

My cousin and fiance are planning their wedding right now and the $$$ keep racking up, causing much tension between the two of them. The more time I am around them witnessing how miserable they both are with the escalating cost of the wedding, the more sure I am about my decision to keep it simple. I understand someone wanting it to be a very special day, especially if it's their first time getting married. And I know that making it special can cost a pretty penny. But really, I cannot see spending THAT much money on one day when you could be using it towards a better car, better place to live, a fabulous vacation, or I dunno, your future together. R and both agreed right away that we didn't want our marriage to be a source of stress or tension between the two of us, because it's supposed to be a celebration of us and not something to tear us apart. He really went through it something fierce with the second wedding, but says the first time was pretty bad too. Someone asked me if it bothers me that he's been married twice and that actually makes me smile. As he likes to say, the third time's a charm wink.gif

((((star, sidecar, amilita, sassy, everyone)))))
It seems that both Kvetch Up and the "Okayers" threads are slow right now. There are some less active regulars that I miss hearing from (BunnyB, Lady Selena & mornington to name but 3). I don't know how much can be blamed on Facebook. Facebook is fun but there are no on-going conversations. Eh, maybe this whole internet thing is just a fad and is on its way out. wink.gif

Noooooo... ohmy.gif
Part of me does blame FB, but it's cool to see Busties in a different light. I miss BunnyB and Morn too!



Kitten, how goes the infection? Any word on the apartment?

Rose, hope you're having fun!

Hi P!

Polly, love the kitty and the dress. Now I have kitty jealously. But, I know I can't get anymore pets right now.

Yuefie, I'm trying to not experience that myself. I do understand your logic though. I don't want to spend a lot of money on my wedding either. I'd rather put it towards moving, a new house, nice vacay, etc.

Speaking of which.

Depression in the form of wedding and house bs:

Kvetch: I heard from my real estate agent last week that my house wouldn't sell for the price we want it too right now in the market. I got very depressed. We just can't sell it for the price he said. We're going to wait. However, that puts our plans to move on hold until 2011. This depressed me.

Wedding kvetch: I've been thinking about my sister lately, and the hell her wedding caused. I found out that she's still working the same job. We haven't spoken in 4-5 years due to the wedding chaos. I sent my mother (stupid me) the link to her job. My mother flipped the fuck out, and railed on me. Everything-- thought I was talking to Mel, my lack of job, Mcgeek, etc. I got off the phone more depressed. The problem is that I don't know the full story of what caused my sister to stop talking to us.

Anti-kvetch(still weddding sorry)-- We found a reception at that really good restaurant which was just named in Bon Appetit: That's not the reason I'm choosing it. They just have yummy food, and it's close by. Also, we're getting married on Pi Day. I thought of it, and not Mcgeek. We're trying to secure the Observatory at a local college, or the Decatur gazebo. I'd love to just have the ceremony, and walk to the restaurant. I hope we can secure a venue. Cross parts.

Going tubing tomorrow, and playing trivia on Sunday! I'm heading to a movie and a bookstore today. I'm trying to have one day a week where I don't think about the wedding, and have a day just for me.

Oh undies: White bikinis.

Happy Friday night all! It is a class weekend for me so I am happily spending the evening clearing off my DVR while The Geek games in the bedroom. This morning we saw two apartments one of which we applied for. The place was announced available (in October) just on Tuesday and we were the first of three couples scheduled to see it today. It is a first floor, 2 bdrm, hardwood floors, dining room, sunny and really pretty. Close to transportation and close to the neighborhood that was our first pick. I know that the company was checking our references by 3 this afternoon. We are keeping our fingers crossed. It isn't everything we wanted (no dishwasher or deck) but it is a good size and worth every penny. biggrin.gif

{{{sassygirl}}} That sounds really crazy. I don't know what to do with unresolved family stuff so you have my sympathies.

Good sunday morning all!

I thought I would pop back in as I woke up early to give my dog medication and am now sitting and surfing the interwebs - and sharing my laptop powercord with my hubby playing warcraft who forgot his power cord at work.

I bought some fab fabric last week to sew a bag. It's called a kimono bag because the handle is tied. I bought dark denim as the lining and a light green and white graphic fabric pattern with black outines for the main fabric. Now I just need to wash it, iron it, draw the pattern, pin, cut, sew, edge.... so a while before the bag is done! smile.gif

Kittenb - sinus infections cannot be fun. HOpe you get your prescription and get better!

Large weddings are crazy - I was very happy with my 80 person wedding - worked well for us. Even then there were a few people I could have done without.

I know a woman who went kind of crazy over her small wedding though - so it's not only large weddings that drive people nuts. Of course, now she is pregnant and she is also going nuts over that. No offence to nice preg people, but some go way over the top with not talking about *anything* except being pregnant.

(((( sassy )))) hope things look up.
miss joy, that handbag sounds really cute. I wish I had the patience to sew, but I get frustrated just trying to thread the needle.

((kittenb)) !!!!####%%%Get the apartment$$$^^&&&& That apartment sounds great, good luck.

((sassy)) Sorry to hear about the real estate hassles and the family drama. My sister bought a condo a few years ago, and now she owes more that itís worth most likely. She did a proper mortgage and everything, but the home values just keep dropping. Fingers crossed the housing market turns around eventually.
Yay for finding a venue for the wedding.

yuefie, Iím with you on the cost of weddings. I much prefer putting that money to travel or other fun things,

rose, I hope you time at the beach with your cousin was fun.

p_176, congrats on the engagement.

pixie, yay for completing the dining room.

((mando)) Yay on going without the wig. You are such a strong woman! Congrats on Danny driving.

I agree with Facebook it has definitely been quiet in here. There are some things that I wouldn't post on Facebook, especially things about work or very personal things that I feel fine posting here. Iím determined to post in here more.

Everything has been okay with me. This coming Friday is my five year wedding anniversary with Mr. DM, I canít believe itís been that long. Weíre going out for dinner at the place we had our wedding celebration.

Twin DM, Mom DM and I went to see Julie and Julia today, and to my surprise I liked it.

Twin DM had surgery the week before last for her broken foot, sounds like sheís going to have the cast for at least another 6 weeks. We had to cancel yet another trip, but itís okay because we are all trying to save money anyways.
Well, I sew on a machine - so it's less frustrating. And I'm very new at it - so we will see how the purse actually comes out!

Congrats on the five year anniversary DM! Me and Joyboy are just past three - although I'm a little grumpy with him lately - but I think that is because we are both job stressed. I think it will pass in a while. We're used to not seeing each other much, but right now it is ridiculous!

I'm feeling a bit down lately. As I said, the job has been stressful and Joyboy isn't home so I find that I head out to work at 7:00am - back at 5:30 pm and then I don't end up doing much in the evenings but watching tv. I haven't even been eating healthy because I don't have the motivation to cook. It's not cool and I need to get over it and get my butt in gear. Never mind keeping the house tidy. I'm so lazy all week and then I don't want to clean on the weekends because that is my time with Joyboy. Le sigh.
Good luck on sewing the bag, missjoy! I do a little sewing...I'd like to start making more clothes. I bought a Built By Wendy pattern for a top that I think will be really cute in a lot of different fabrics.

But speaking of sewing frustrations, kitty Wally likes to chew the thread coming off the spool, and then I have to rethread the whole machine. So annoying, and I have to be mean when I chase him away, otherwise he won't stop! I guess it doesn't help that I always get an extra long piece of dental floss so he can chew on one end while I floss with the other. I'm an enabler sometimes and a mean mommy sometimes! You should see how he comes running when I brush my teeth, though! He waits patiently for me to floss.

Congratulations on five years, DM! I want to see Julie and Julia, so glad to hear you liked it.

Fingers crossed for the apartment, kitten!

Sorry for all the stress and drama, sassy. And I agree, Yuefie, that keeping it simple is the way to go.

I haven't been around a lot, but so very good to see Mando's blue posts!

Vibes and love for everyone - pixie, syb, rose, star, polly...alla youse.

My new thing is the dog park! Shelby likes it, too. Occasionally, there are drunk people (mostly I love that you can have open containers anywhere, but sometimes it sucks) or bully dogs. But mostly, she has tons of fun and I think she really likes playing with other dogs. She likes to join in any kind of running, and she tries to get other dogs to run. Cute! I'd get her a doggie pal if we weren't already overloaded with cats.

I also like the park because it makes me feel like I live in a neighborhood. I live on the busy street that borders these neighborhood, so mostly I feel like I'm on the urban frontier. I see a lot of the same folks at the dog park and it's cool!
fast fly by

Kvetch: Fucking seizure this morning.

Anti-kvetch: I think we finally found a venue for the ceremony part. As it turned out as we went to go look at it, it was already set up for a wedding on Saturday. I just have to call to see if I can get the date. Here's a link:

(((kvetchies love))))


well, it says it's one busties Birfday today, so Happy Birfday to Mando!!! I hope you're doing fabulously!!!



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