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Holy crap! How ya doin', Charlie?! Give us an up-date!

(((((((((((Sassy))))))))) You have a hell of a lot on your plate there! You're seeing a therapist, right? Hopefully that will help you maintain some sanity through all of this change. I don't think I could take it!

((((((CCGirl))))))) All that shopping and a heavy period at the same time? That sucks! It's good that your mom is so loving and supportive so the weekend wasn't as low as it could have been.

((((((Kitten's kitten)))))))

Yuefie, does that mean that R's dad is moved now? How close is he to your place? Hope you had fun on your trip!

((((((((Polly, DM, Sybarite, Pixie, etc.))))))))))

Thanks for all the vibes for my eye. It's feeling a lot better now. I just wish I wasn't stuck in these glasses! The earliest eye appointment I could get to see an eye doctor is for July 24th, so I just need to get over my vanity for a couple weeks. wink.gif

One of Sheff's bosses hosted a huge pool party, so we went there on the 4th. There must have been about 50 people there. We had a pretty nice time. Sheff invented a drink for the cocktail competition which his boss LOVED, but unfortunately it didn't win. It's a shame because it was original and tasted great! He called it a Swinging Hammock and it's basically a rum & Coke with a healthy dollop of watermelon slushy dropped in it. It sounds kinda scary, but it tastes phenomenally good! I had 3 in a row & could have easily ended up drooling under a table if I'd had any more. So, yeah, it was all good!

Hey, I remember you, skcharlie! How's it going?

rose, that drink sounds delicious. my niece always orders a watermelon coke from Sonic and she swears by it.

((((candy)))) ~~~~cramps be gone~~~~

((((sassy, polly, dm, crassy, pixie, crassy, christine, syb, amilita, mandi, kitten, sidecar, sixela, flanker, pink, p176, bunny, mornington, billy, all the lurkers and MIA kvetchies))))

Our little fishing excursion was a great distraction. It allowed us to reset the ol' hard drives to get in gear for the big move, which was yesterday. I wound up catching nine fish total (four bluegill, one catfish, two smallmouth bass, one largemouth bass) and poor R only caught one and when he tried to reel in the lil' guy fell off. But that's okay, cause we're all about catch and release anyhow and he said it was just *my* day wink.gif.Yesterday was a looong day of hard work, but his dad is almost completely moved in about a mile and a half from our place. What a relief to almost have that done. Now there is the rest of the unpacking and putting away, which I will work on with him these next few weeks. It will be nice not to have to drive 45 minutes each way at least three times a week. It's more like five minutes, if we hit red lights. My job is still up on the chopping block and if the cuts made to other essential California programs (Medi-Cal, for one, has been severely cut. They took away all dental care, plus vision, podiatry, and a bunch of other stuff. I can only imagine how badly the diabetics are going to suffer. Oy.) are any indication, I will be looking for a new job, post haste. Even my bff S, who is a supervisor for the Welfare Department in her county, is waiting to see if her job will get cut. She and I were actually discussing moving elsewhere if the state budget crisis doesn't improve. R and I have been looking at Southern Oregon and thinking that maybe after our fathers aren't with us, we may actually relocate there. Tonight I am heading up to Simi Valley (North of Los Angeles) with my sis and niece so we can drop the niecelette off at her summer camp tomorrow morning. We are hoping to find an alternate route to drive because they way we know takes us right through the heart of LA where the huge Michael Jackson memorial service will supposedly be taking place tomorrow. The 405 freeway is already notoriously jammed up, I can't even imagine the nightmare it will be tomorrow if that's true!
Hey all! Thanks for the mystery vibes. I had told Rose, but wasn't sure I wanted to post about something I was stressing over. The Man I almost married before I met Mr. Pixie had a brain tumor removed Thursday. It was something that happened really suddenly, and he hasn't been in the best of health lately anyway, so there was som econcern that he might not make it through the surgery and if he did, would it be cancer yada yada. I was feeling like I was in between a rock and a hard place because I really loved this man, and I was worried about him, but on the other hand, because I am married to Mr. pixie now, I felt I couldn't really be open about my concern or go see him in the hospital or anything and some mutual friends made me feel like there were some expectations because we had been so close. Anyway, He made it through, he's home now, and although the official report hasn't come back yet, they don't expect it to be cancerous. So that is a big relief.

I also got my kitchen painted and the tile backsplash done. Whoo hoo! It looks fabulous! I'll post some pictures in a few days. I still want to change out on all the hardware on the cabinets to nickle and we are getting a fountain that will hang on a wall, but those are probably going to wait until fall. Next project is to paint my dining room which should be a breeze compared to what we did on the kitchen. I love the results, but the physical labor is killing me!
Hey Yuefie!!! Hi Rose!!!

The last four years, in a verse... Got married, accumulated a small litter of children, work, work, work
Play, play, play
a boyle of baby-mama-drama on my ass, a case of too-much-to-do-and-not
enough-time-to-do-it. Lovin life, and appreciating sleep!!!

Pretty good actually!!

How are things around these parts?
Wow, Charlie, that's a lot of change! Congrats on the marriage and the kids. That's amazing! Can't remember when you were last here, so here's my up-date. Remember a guy who used to post here named Sheffield_Steel? He and I got married 4 years ago. He moved to the states to be with me and we moved to North Carolina. No kids so our life together is definitely quieter than yours, but we're very happy!

Pixie, thank you so much for the up-date. Since I didn't hear from you over the weekend, I stuck with the no-news-is-good-news school of thought. Glad to hear he's recouperating well. Let me know when you find out the results of his tests.
(((((((Pixie & her friend))))))))))
Congrats on getting so much work done on the kitchen! Can't wait to see the results.

Yuefie, that's a lot of progress! Good for you! Glad to hear R's dad is so much closer to you. I know both of your fathers are going through very very difficult times, so it must provide a good deal of releif to be closer.
((((((((Yuefie, R, and their families)))))))))

P, nasal polyps sound painful! Poor thing! I hope the surgery makes a big difference for you.

Anti-kvetch: The promotional video came out today! Here's a link: "Just Around The Corner". You can see me at the 28 second mark. It's a shame you can't see Director Guy, though. He looked hilarious!

Anti-kvetch: Director Guy wrote to me today and invited me to see his latest play for free! We'll go tomorrow night. Hooray for comp tickets!
Rose.. I do remember that!!! So glad you all are still in wedded bliss! Ain't it Fabulous!!
polyps don't really hurt, but i'm sniffly lots of the time, and i can't smell much anymore. the dr was, like, making fun of me - like the main complaint after the surgery is congestion [because they pack you with gauze to prevent bleeding], but even so, i'd be breathing better than i am now! LOL.

i hope to be married soon. we have a contract on a house, but if it falls through... i don't know. i don't want him to live in my house, because that's where i lived iwht my ex,and i don't want the new guy to be there, you know? i hope to sell my house soon too, so we could live in the new house.
*flying by with mysterious vibes for Ms Mando...*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
Billy waves at SKC.. good to see you!
Billy! Where ya been?

***vibes for Mando***

skc, hi!

p-176, good for you!

Pixie, congrats on the kitchen!


RV, I really like the video! It reminds me of this great indie bookstore I used to shop out before it closed. I saw a ton of great authors give readings there.

CCG, I caught your bad period.

The fight with Mcgeek resolved. I just think now he's under stress to call his family, and tell them about our engagement. He hasn't spoken to his mother or brother in months. I still want to honor my family somewhere in the wedding. See more in the wedding thread.

Kvetch: I called the real estate guy yesterday to set up an appointment for this weekend. I think we're finally going to go with him. I'd just like to get the house in great shape to sell so it would be one thing off my plate. We finally did clean out most of the garage. Yet in the process lost our Tivo remote.

Kvetch: Really bad cramps today!

Anti-kvetch: I volunteered to work at the Atlanta Film Festival this next week. smile.gif


BillyBonka! how the hell are ya!

Hi Sassy! *~*~*~Midol fairy dust comin your way*~*~*~

Feeling the pain of house selling. My husband and I are STILL trying to sell both of ours. Sucks somethin aweful, and ya, we have to live in the house he lived in with his ex. He's more aggitated about it than I am, really, but we are soooo ready for OUR house... So, major selling vibage for you, dear Sassy!


Happy Hump Day!

~~~~continual loop of vibage for mandolyn~~~~

Billy! Where in the heck have ya been hidin'?

*waves at everyone*
I haven't been hiding, I've just not had much to say lately! I've kept up with what's going on here for the most part unsure.gif My vertigo (or whatever ya call it) persists and no one seems to be able to pin it down. It's not ruining my life, but it's make it uncomfortable and tiring more than it should. One of these days, we'll get lucky and find the answer.

Good luck on selling the houses, SKC. We've not been hit as hard in Texas as the rest of the country, but selling is still tough. On the bright side, if you are able to sell, it's a great time to buy the next one. Good luck to you, too, Sassy!
((((sassy)))) boourns to bad periods! p.s. mine is still going!

skcharlie, I don't remember you but I've only been posting in Kvetch for about 3 years, just under. Either way, good luck with house selling!

(((billy))) boourns to vertigo!

p_176, good luck with the polyps.

rose, yay for the promotional video!

Soooo, I finally got the phone situation sorted out with candycane_boy. I emailed him about our plans for this weekend and he told me that he cancelled his phone/internet service but he still gets internet service from the store that he lives above. Anyhoo, in even better news, he asked if I wanted to go not just to the show on Saturday but to another one on Friday night. We had both wanted to see the band earlier in the year but we didn't make it. And of course, this is all FREE!

I've been thinking about money so much lately and I'm so thankful that after a grocery shopping trip with my mom I've only spent about $10 so far this week.
Ccgirl, yay for free live music with ccboy.

((skc)), ((p176)) and ((sassy)) Good luck on selling your houses.

Sassy, volunteering for film festival sounds fun. Will you get to see any of the films?

Rose, I loved the video, it was cute.

Pixie, Iím glad your friendís surgery went well. Yay for getting a lot of painting done.

Yuefie, I hope the traffic wasnít too bad on your way through L.A.

((mando, polly, syb, bunnyb, kittenb, sidecar, billyb))

Can I ask for some health vibes for Twin DM. She was in an exercise class today, and hurt her foot. She went to urgent care, and they think itís sprained, but a radiologist needs to look at the x-ray, hopefully tomorrow. She is really upset because we are supposed to leave for Arizona next week, and are going to the Grand Canyon, and doing some hiking. Sheís determined to go even with this setback, but she is really mad at herself, even though she has no reason to be.
Christine Nectarine
Hey kvetchies!

Sassy, I donít think I said congrats on the engagement yet! Hope the plans are going well.

I love the video RV! I donít know if I spotted you, but it looked good.

Pixiedust, I would love to see the kitchen when youíve got pics.

~~~healthy vibes for TwinDM~~~

ccg, I would love to see the yeah yeah yeahs! Hope itís a good time, and Iím glad things with you and the boy are going well.

Nice to see you billy *waves*

P_176, good luck with the house ordealÖand all other house selling/buying ladies...

Öwhich brings me to the reason Iíve been so MIA lately. There has been sooo much work to do the past week getting stuff organized for the house. Today we got our financing finalized, which is a huge load off. We also decided on a real estate lawyer to work with. Iím feeling kind of frustrated that I havenít heard back from our insurance broker yet, so thatís the one major thing remaining on my list. Oh, and A is going to give our landlord notice tomorrow. We didnít want to do it until we were SURE we were going.

Our closing date is August 14! There is very little time to get everything ready, and on top of that we are away camping next week. Iím really looking forward to vacation though! Plus, Iím off the following week at home with kiddo, which will be great. I considered trying to change my vacation time to coincide with moving time, but decided I would benefit more from some time to relax first instead of creating a working holiday for myself.

Iím really glad we are moving before September. I was getting really nervous that it would not happen! The housing market in Canada has bounced back with a vengeance, and there are bidding wars like mad in Toronto. I think we picked just the right time, as things were picking up, but interest rates were reaaaaallly low. Theyíve started to climb in the past 2 weeks already.

((((((hugs to all))))))
**fly by to ask for some Bailey doggy kvetchies vibes! We're taking him up to UGA for some scary appointments. I know busty vibes work! ****

Be back later to vibe properly.p
~*!$!*~ mystery Mando vibes ~*!$!*~

~*~*~*~ healthy vibes for Bailey ~*~*~*~

((((((((TwinDM))))))))) I hope your sister is careful. Sometimes it takes longer for bad sprains to heal than broken bones. I learned that the hard way.

~!~!~!~!~ real estate vibes a-plenty~ ~!~!~!~!~!~

CCG, hooray for free concerts!

Good to see you, Billy! Hope you're enjoying the crazy soap opera that is Formula One this year. rolleyes.gif

Thanks for the compliments on the video! It really is cute, isn't it? I think I'm going to send a note to the director just to compliment him on his sharp work.

Kvetch: Really sick to my stomach today. Didn't I already go through this on Saturday? Bah.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff and I really really enjoyed seeing Director Guy's show last night. He's so talented! I don't know whether to be intimidated or inspired. wink.gif

Anti-kvetch: Tonight I'm going out to watch the famous dance troupe, Pilobolous, with a couple gal pals. Should be fun.

Kvetch: Still feeling weak and sickly. I hope I can make it through the show okay.

*** vibes for Mando***

****Housey vibes.*****


Kvetch: Damn. We had to put Bailey in the animal hospital up at UGA because they found a lot of fluid in his lungs, and he has congestive heart failure. He's going to have to stay there for 3 days. Then we'll just have to give him medicine. The doctor says he has anywhere between a few months to a year left to live. It sucks.

Anti-kvetch: The film festival actually starts tomorrow. They're doing a showing of "Do the Right Thing" and Spike Lee will be doing a Q&A. I tried to usher "500 days of summer", but instead got a free pass. I also am doing a Short Film festival near the end of the month. Free movies!

Anti-kvetch: I was able to see a very close college friend today who works at UGA. We got to talk about weddings, etc. We may get to met him, his new baby, and his wife on Saturday or Sunday. Mcgeek basically bought out the new gaming store that he loves(we picked up two games, and the owner and him talked in geek speak forever smile.gif). I just needed something fun to do tonight y'now? It's been a stressful day.

I feel like I killed the thread.

Good news! Bailey is breathing and alive. We picked him up from the vet this morning.

Bad news: I had a seizure this morning. Also, my aunt is in the hospital. I'm just sick of everyone being sick.

Anti-kvetch: Going to go show off my ring tonight to my friends so that will be cool.

sassygrrl - does stress cause seizures or make them more likely? I am very happy hear that Bailey is doing much better. laugh.gif Don't worry about killing the thread. I think everyone here has been too busy to talk much. And my Farm Town addiction on Crackbook is taking up a lot of my extra internet time. unsure.gif

Sorry that I have been MIA this week. I've read but been too tired to post, really. I started my internship this week. It is going to be a lot of work but I think I am going to really enjoy myself. The health update on my cat is that he is doing very well. They couldn't find a reason for his skinniness or slight tachycardia so we are going to monitor his stress levels and make sure he is eating enough. I finally got a hair cut yesterday so I am happy with the way that I look, yay! It doesn't look much different from before but I am letting it grow a little longer. I really like this slightly reversed bob on me. Feels soft and shiny.

roseviolet - be inspired!
christine - congrats on the move!
DM - {{{twin foot vibes}}}
Hi Billy!
{{{All Kvetchies!!!}}}
((((sassy)))) I'm so glad that Bailey is okay.


So tired. Going back to bed.
Drive by!

Glad to hear Bailey is okay, Sassy. So sorry to hear about the seizure, though. That's your second one in just a couple of weeks, right? Poor thing. You've been under buckets of stress lately, so I'm sure that doesn't help.

Kitten, glad to hear that your kitty seems to be okay.

~!@#(&#(&(@~) continued mystery vibes for Mando ~@(&(&$@!~

((((((((((((((( all y'all)))))))))))))))))

My FIL and his girlfriend will be here in just a few hours! And I still have tons of shopping and cleaning to do, so I should run along. Hope you all have a great week!
((rose)) I hope the visit goes well with your FIL and his girlfriend. Yay for director guyís show being good and seeing the dance troupe.

kittenb, glad the internship is going well, and your cat is better. Yay for getting a good haircut.

((sassy)) Glad Bailey is better, take care of yourself. Sometimes it feels like everyone is sick or hurt at one time, and it can be overwhelming.

christine, enjoy your vacation.

I went with Twin DM to see a podiatrist on Friday. He said that she fractured a bone in her foot, and that the tendon has torn away from the bone, I think Iím getting it right. Her foot was very swollen, but she goes back in two weeks and they will most likely put a pin in her foot. We cancelled our vacation to Arizona because she canít put pressure on her foot for 6 weeks, and she canít fly. She also canít drive, so she is very thankful to be able to work from home, and not have to go on short term disability.

This weekend was filled with film. Saturday we saw Bruno, and Sunday we did a double feature of Moon and The Stoning of Soraya M., all the films are quite different, but all good.

Designermedusa - that sucks about your twin's foot. mad.gif But I am glad that she is still able to work. It can be frustrating to be mostly okay and yet still have to be sick or injured in some way.

Rose - How was the visit? Still going on?

{{{sassygirl, candycanegirl, and all kvetchies}}}

I start seeing face-to-face clients today. I'm nervous and I am getting fussy about my apperance. Pretty typical for me to focus on the mundane when I can't control any of the actual stressers. rolleyes.gif
DM- how's your twin's foot?

Hi Rose!

Kittenb, how's the internship?

Kvetch: Went to the follow up visit yesterday, and we had to put the dog back in the hospital due to the fact that he wasn't eating. More money, but I know he'll get better. I feel a little better today.

Ant-kvetch: Went to the doctor yesterday to discuss the seizures. We decided to try another drug so I hope that will work. He congratulated me on the engagement, and actually told me that he could help me the week of the wedding just "in case" I feel like I may have a seizure the day of. Because, that would totally suck.

Anti-kvetch: Trying to still find venues. I was going to go with this great park, but they only let 15 people with no music, chairs, tents, etc. It would be free, but I'm worried about tourists and such. All we could do was to blow bubbles. Mcgeek wants to have it at my friend's house where he proposed. It would be cheap, and we could use our caterer (I want pretty good food). We'll see. Anyways...


back from vacay. it was mostly good but i'm not as relaxed as i hoped since it rained 3 days straight and soaked everything in our tent!! work is crazy but it's good to be back into a routine. be back when i get a breath to say more. (((kvetchies)))
I was just sweeping down my porch and watering my plants when a black widow spider, which was hiding on the underside of the watering can unbeknownst to me, danced across my right hand. I looked down and when I saw what it was I shook my hand downward as hard and as quickly as I could, dropping the watering can and flinging the spider off. This annoying neighbor happened to be walking by and saw it. As he was climbing up the stairs he said to me "Man, you sure can move fast when you want to!". If I hadn't been so startled and had my druthers about me I would have asked if he was implying that I moved quickly for my size, which I think he was being a hefty fella himself. Um, yeah dude, I'm willing to bet if you had a frikkin' black widow on your hand you'd move your quite large ass pretty fast too rolleyes.gif

Anyway, I will be back soon to read through and vibe everyone. In the meantime (((((kvetchies)))))

I've been pretty lazy about keeping up in here. My apologies. In case you haven't read elsewhere, I did in fact get a training position and turned in my dissertation to my uni. Very excited! I think I'm trying to remind myself that I can exhale. It is still hard for me to fathom.

(((more hugs for kvetchies)))
Drive-by ...

FIL and his gf are still here. I am reminded of the old saying about visitors and fish - after 3 days they begin to smell. Ugh. It's not that they're terrible people or anything, but since Sheff has to work I'm stuck with them all day, trying to think of ways to entertain them! And it's too hot &/or muggy outside for their delicate English sensibilities, so my options are severely limited. I am so sick and tired of being the Perfect Little Hostess every single moment of my waking hours! I would really like to be alone again. Plus, I must admit that I don't think I like the FIL's gf. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt and all that, but she doesn't bring up any feelings in me at all - I don't HATE her or anything, but I just can't say that I like her. Frankly, she just makes me miss the FIL's best girl friend, J. She was great. I wish he'd brought J instead of this new woman.

And now I'm rambling.

Kvetch: They don't leave until Monday. And since they ordered their airplane tickets wrongly, I have to drive them to an airport that is 2 & 1/2 hours away. I will spend 5 fucking hours on the road on Monday and I HATE driving long distances. Uuuuuuuuugh.

Four more days of this. Four. More. Days. Give me strength!

(((((((((Sassy, Yuefie, Crassy, Star, Kitten, DM, CCGirl, Pixie, Mandi, et al )))))))))))))
(((RV))) I totally sympathise. I get really claustrophobic when people stay, especially if they are the mister's friends. I have more or less instituted a policy of no overnight guests when the Resident Teen is in situ, as we don't have a guest room and it just gets crowded. Also, I tend to stay in hotels rather than inconvenience friends myself, unless they have a guest room and are really close friends. I think the absence of those polite morning battles for the bathroom helps harmony in relationships smile.gif

Ongoing wootiness for Star! Great to see things happening for you.

I have come in to request the patented Bustie vibes. We found a house to rent yesterday that would be *perfect* (it even has the aforementioned guest room!) and are waiting to hear back about the rent. If the landlord agrees, it is ours. I have almost given up hope of living somewhere that I'm really happy in while we continue to rent, so I'm so excited to have found this place. Please keep your fingers crossed for us over the weekend??

Also, it's my last day at my admin job! Happy Friday!! *black beribboned knickers, previously mentioned in the Friday underwear roundup, and (peeks) almost matching black brar!*
Kvetch - my house is still for sale. there's been little interest so far, it's only been 6 weeks - which is nothing considering average time on market is 6 months. however, i'm willing to bet that potential buyers have driven around the neighborhood. if a potential buyer sees my neighbors being noisy, or other evidence of drug dealing, they won't want to buy my house. i'm thinking of suing the neighbors for being noisy.

anti kvetch - i have an interview next week!
(((p176))) Sorry to hear about the houseselling struggles. But, good luck with your interview!

*~*house renting vibes for syb*~*~*

*~*strength vibes for rose*~*

I need coffee.

undie report: none. I just got up.

Happy Friday all!

My week did not go as planned. All of my clients and groups got rescheduled. That was unexpected. However, I have gotten a lot done in other aspects of my life so that balances the scales I guess.

{{{stargazer}}} Still happy for you!!!
{{{roseviolet}}} We are visiting my grandparents next week. We will be staying at a hotel but reading your post has convinced me that the short stay I booked was a good idea. laugh.gif
{{{sybarite}}} Best of luck with the rental!
p_176 - Can you sue neighbors for being noisy and nosey and effecting your real estate value?

Undies report - None, still in pjs. Have a great day all.
Happy Friday!!

((Star)) Still happy for you
((RV))) Yay that proverb stands for me as well. Strength vibes. Mcgeek and I are actually fighting over people staying over next week (we have a crappy futon, but they'd have to deal with the dogs). One of my friends is also epileptic and doesn't drive. Well, the party we're having won't get over until late, and I don't want her taking the train at midnight. I'm hoping if his dad comes down at some point (more on that in a minute) he'll choose a hotel.
((housie vibes for those who need them)))
p 176, I fear that in my neighborhood too. It's just loud with all the dogs and music and such. We also don't live in downtown Decatur either which is primo real estate.

We got Bailey home last night! I'm never seen Mcgeek happier to see his dog. The only glitch is we're going to have to buy him special heart failure dog food.

Kvetch: So Mcgeek finally spoke to his dad this week. Remember last year when we had to basically pay for his brother's wedding? As it turned at, Matt was too nervous to ask Mcgeek for the money and asked his dad to ask him. Now Matt isn't paying his dad the money back to give us. So now the brothers are going to have to fight it out.
He still owes us a couple thousand. It would be awesome if we could get it as a wedding gift, but I seriously doubt it. Also, his dad and his mom are still seeing each other, but just not living together. Weird. I'm trying not to get involved. Mcgeek still hasn't called his mother or brother to tell him about the engagement. That would be a strange conversation I think.

Anti-kvetch: In spite of stress eating these last two weeks over the puppy I managed to lose 2 pounds. smile.gif

Undies: Nothing yet as I just woke up.

Hey all! Need some Bustie vibes! I'll be back in to explain later!
i can sue my neighbors for beingn noisy. i am worried, though, that i'd win, and since i doubt they have much money, i'd end up wiht their house to sell also :-/ i'm'a call my lawyer again, see what else i can do - above calling the police every damn night.


Wedding stress planning vibes!!! sad.gif
*mysterio vibes for polly*

Star, mega congrats, my love! Síbout time the universe starting being nice to you, career-wise!

Kitten, congrats on your internship! I think I remember (counseling?), but could you tell me again what youíll be doing?

Sassy Ė so sorry to hear baileyís sick. Maggieís on a special anti-kidney failure diet, so I know what itís like to be a-worryin. Glad to hear Lovely Docís got your back. Whenís the wedding, btw? And is auntie ok?

(((twin DM))) poor thing. That so sucks about the vackay, too.

(((billy))) sorry to hear youíre still being plagued by the vertigo. you must be so frustrated.

*strength & patience vibes for rose* hosting can be exhausting. I hope theyíre at least cleaning up after themselves.

*smoothsailing real estate vibes for P_176 & skcharlie (welcome back!)*

Thanks for the vibes, yíall. My 2nd phase reconstruction surgery was a total success. I now have nice soft round foobies. No more iron turtle bra! And the additional scars arenít half as scary as I expected. I heart my plastic surgeon. Heís spectacular. The insurance is giving him a hard time about the lipo (I had ALOT of leftover fat under my arms from the old gargantua boobs) and he says he doesnít care if they pay. I told him Iíd give him the moon if I could.

So, um, yeah. I can go braless! in public! For the first time since I was like 9 ... heh! i do miss not having sensations, tho. but, you know, small price to pay and all that. i see my breast surgeon and my oncologist again in a few months, and i plan on asking for an MRI. they keep telling me i'm cancer-free, but i want to see for myself. i want that disease-free stamp of approval.

my hair's growing like crazy. still not comfy to go without the wig, tho. i'm nearly at the jean seberg "breathless" stage.
(ok. not really, but in a month or two. hopefully.) and it's so soft and silky and a nice brown (who woulda thought?!) and no grey! unfortunately the brows are still sparse and the lashes are nonexistent. le sigh.

In other good news, weíre christening my brotherís 4-month old little girl tomorrow. I canít wait to see her. I havenít seen her since the beginning of May! My mom watches her two days a week, and according to all reports, sheís a smartiepants and so adorable, she melts your heart.

In not so good news, work continues to be beyond-sad without bossman. But we talk often, heís still my rock. And bosslady loves me for some obscure reason. (Iím the only one in the place NOT licking her butt. I just do my job, professionally, pleasantly.) but Iím still polishing up the olí resume. Because the downward spiral is picking up steam. The inmates are running the asylum. I kid you not. le sigh.

(((yuefie, candy, dm, crassy, pixie, dusty, christine, sybarite, amilita, sidecar, sixela, flanker, pink, bunny, mornington, lurkers, everyone)))
Mando, great to see you!! And I love Jean Seberg's hair in that cut. Gorgeous, I'm sure it looks adorable on you. So glad to hear things are looking up and that you are cancer-free! Roll on that stamp of approval.

~~~~vibes for polly~~~~~

Celebrated finishing up job last night and getting ready to (finally) watch Twilight now... gotta love the weekends!
((((mando)))) I'm glad you're getting better.


((((sassy)))) good wedding planning vibes!

(((rose))) patience vibes!

(((p 176))) I hope the house situation gets better


I need some major vibes for my dad. He started a job trying to sell trucks a few months ago. They hired him to try to corner the Indian market. Well, so far he has only sold 1 truck. And now that it has been three months they don't have to pay him anymore (I think it's entirely commission based so what they were doing was paying him and then they would just take it out of any commission he would have made from selling more trucks). So yeah.... Really not sure where he's going from here. He doesn't know if he should go back to trucking or try to stick with the selling.



((((((((((((((catch-up hugs for everybustie)))))))))))))))))

~!*@*#*~ all-purpose vibes for those who need 'em ~*#*@*!~

Mando, you have been in my thoughts, and I'm sorry I didn't reach out over the interwebs to say so!

/the laziest delurk ever
Bailey's blood levels are normal!

((Mando))) Great for the haircut! Yes, auntie is feeling better. Also, the wedding is hopefully in April-May.

vibes for polly...


Kvetch: Mcgeek's clan. We found out that money we spent last year for Matt's wedding Matt really wanted to ask Mcgeek, but couldn't b/c he's got bad credit(and figured Mcgeek would say no). So he made Mcgeek's dad ask for it. Matt had to give the dad money, and then his dad would write a check. It just changes the story, b/c we always thought his dad was paying us. Now Matt and the mom are gone to a different house. Also, the dad told Mcgeek that Matt stopped paying us. His dad feels like he's in the middle, but told Mcgeek he would pay us. But, we could use the 2k for our wedding, grad school, etc. Mcgeek is just confused. He also spoke to his mom, and she didn't even mention the separation. Yet somehow they're affording rent of over 2K. Why they can't pay us back I'm not sure. It's so fucked up. I just wish Mcgeek would tell Matt that he knows the other side of the story, and ask Matt for the money.

Kvetch: Restless and grumpy. I'm hoping it goes away soon.

Anti-kvetch: Heading to a free screening of "HumpDay" tonight.


Boy, I have not been good at all about keeping up in here...not even lurking lately, which is unusual.

I just wanted to say, though I'm scared to say it for fear of jinxing it, that I think Shelby Lee has got a hold on this whole not peeing in the house thing. Woot. I know I was harsh on the little miss, at least in my thoughts and what I wrote, but I think she's got it, and I'm glad!

Vibes for everyone!! Mando, I think I'm pretty envious of your bra-less-ness, but you earned it, and that's for sure.
It's alright, amilita- I haven't been good about posting in here lately, either. I don't know why. I've been lurking, but I've just been too wrapped up in other stuff to put together something coherent to say.

I got my wisdom teeth taken out back on the 10th. I only had three to begin with, so that's good. One of them was somewhat impacted, though and has been miserable ever since. I didn't get full blown dry socket, but the oral surgeon says it was on its way to becoming so. So, after a few days in pain, I went back and they put this stuff in there- gauze soaked in clove oil- it tastes AWFUL, but it works. The pain was 100% gone after about 45 minutes. I have to go back every day to have it changed and have a new one put in, but it's okay because the oral surgeon's office is only about 10 minutes away and I can go on my lunch break.

Oh, the mystery vibes- the wedding dresses I'm most interested in are by a designer based in Arizona. It's a small business and they don't sell to outside stores, so you can either go to Arizona to try stuff on (and I can think of much better things to do with my money) or you do it by mail order, where you pay a deposit and they send a dress, you try it on, send it back, they send you the next one, etc. Well, I sent back the second dress I tried on (neither it, nor the first one, worked for me) and later that evening, realized that I forgot to tape the box shut blink.gif It was in a flat box that closed like a pizza box, so it wouldn't have been obvious it wasn't taped until it popped open somewhere in the UPS system and the dress went one way and the box went another. Well, I'm happy to report that, as we all already knew, Bustie vibes work because the dress got there yesterday, still in the box. I'm not sure if I just got really lucky and it stayed closed or if some saint at UPS noticed it and taped it shut. Whichever it is, I'm eternally grateful, because I didn't have it insured and I would have been out about $900 and would be getting married in a burlap sack.

Anyway, right now I'm in limbo with the dress- there are two more styles from them that I like and they're going to have them available in my size to try on, but not until September or so. In the meantime, I'm going to look at some regular brick & mortar bridal stores, just to see if there's anything I like. LeMom recommended a place near her house that sells designer samples, so dresses that were used in other stores, or in displays and stuff. I stopped in and made an appointment for tomorrow. They let me look through the two dozen or so dresses they had in my size and I found two that were pretty nice. I have no idea what designer they are or anything- they were in dress bags, so I couldn't even tell a whole lot about the overall style, just that they met my minimum requirements, which is that they be off-white, lace, and not strapless. They're both within my price range.

Not too much else going on. I posted something in the Inebriated Ramblings thread a few days ago, if anyone's interested in that sort of thing.

Mando, I bet that's a cute haircut on you, and yay for perky ta-tas!

ok, I need to get out of work now- they're letting me go early and i want to take advantage of it, so sorry for the lack of more individual vibes!

((hugs to all))
Hooray for Mandi's soft, perky boobs!!! That's fabulous news! Hooray for growing hair, too. I'm sure it must be strange to find yourself as a brunette for the first time ever, but I hope you learn to like it. Best of luck to you on the job hunt!

Hooray for Bailey's healthy blood! That's wonderful, Sassy! Sorry to hear about all of the money issues with family. It certainly complicates things.

~$*$~$*$~ money & job vibes for CCG's dad ~$*$~$*$~

Polly, so glad to hear that the dress got back safely. Sorry to hear about your mouth, though! I can't even imagine. As if oral surgery isn't painful enough already. When will the daily treatments stop?

Amilita, don't worry about it. a lot of us have been quieter lately. Just stop by and talk whenever you feel like it. Congrats on Shelby Lee's bladder control!

Sybarite, I'd love to hear what you think of Twilight. One of my friends saw it and loooooooved it. She watched it 3 times within 24 hours. I, on the other hand, watched the movie and felt kinda meh about it. I just cannot understand the appeal. Guess I'm getting old or something.

(((((((((((((((((((( all y'all))))))))))))))))))))))

My FIL and his girlfriend flew back to England yesterday. If you've been reading the BustSecret thread you know that I've been dealing with some anger during their visit, but I maintained the peace and worked hard to make them feel comfortable and happy while they were here. There were some times when I genuinely enjoyed myself during their visit, but I'm also glad to have the house all to ourselves again for a little bit.
Hello all!

Mando - yay for hair and health. My internship is as a counselor for people who have been sexually assaulted. My agency seems to deal with a lot of really long-term traumatic sexual assault stuff (incest, kidnapping, etc.) I like the agency but my clients keep cancelling on me. Such is the fact of community counseling I think.

Polly - those must be some lovely dresses because that is a LOT of work to put into finding one. I keep watching this TLC show Say Yes To The Dress (much to my shame) and WOW they are expensive! But it is a fancy boutique so I think that $3-6 K seems like a regular amount to spend. rolleyes.gif

{{{roseviolet}}} As the song says, enjoy the silence.

Yay for healthy puppies everywhere!

{{{candycane_girl dad vibes}}}

{{{sassygrl, amalita, futura, flanker, all Kvetchies}}}
(((kittenb))) Congrats on starting your internship! Does your site do any type of outreach for your clients, such as following up with missed appointments with letters or phonecalls?

(((mando))) Good to read you are doing well! smile.gif

(((polly))) Boo to teeth pain. sad.gif I really like that one dress you showed me. I hope you get to try that one on. I know I don't want to see you in your wedding dress until the day! I like surprises. And I'm serious when I said I would not be helpful for the cause since I would only cry with you trying on dresses. I am so sappy! I teared up at alot of my friends weddings 'cause they looked so bootie-ful!

(((amilita))) Yeah for the dog not peeing in da house!

(((Sassy))) Sorry to hear McGeek's family stuff is stressing you out. I would not try to resolve all of McGeek's family issues through your wedding. Just focus on planning the day and leave all of that other stuff alone. I think I noticed alot of friends take on way too much and causing themselves more stress than need be.

(((Rose))) I hope you are recovering from the FIL and his gf being with you. I will say that it is confusing why FIL chose not to mention this woman in his life and it might be one of those unexplained phenomenons, I guess.

Hi Flanker!

*~*vibes for cc_girl's dad*~*

Nothing new going on. Enjoying my time until I start my new job.

antikvetch: zoya and possibly AP coming to town in a couple of weeks.

kvetch: being an overachiever is a bitch. i still find that i struggle to exhale and acknowledge that i don't have to work from this place of fear that things aren't happening, something's won't happen for me, or something will go wrong. i find that i have to tell myself to relax, breathe, and i'm doing ok.
(((syb, futura, and other kvetchies)))
Hi everybody! ("Hi Dr. Nick!")

So I posted exciting news in the wedding thread!

My cousin took out the dressing that the oral surgeon put in on Tuesday. So far, it doesn't hurt, but I haven't had anything really cold yet. With dry socket, it should hurt if it's exposed to anything, so hopefully that means it's healed over now.

kvetch- I had to set some boundaries today and now I have a M.I.L.D.E.W. headache. LeBoy's mom and sister have decided to start coming to my cousin for their dentistry. I had no idea LeMom was going to switch (they've both been going to the same dentist for like 20 years), but I knew LeSister was thinking about it. I've been telling her since April(!) "if you want to get you and the kids in over the summer, you should call soon! We fill up fast during the summer!" I haven't pushed it, because it's rude to pressure them, but every time I've seen her this summer, she's said, "I've got to call you about making an appointment!" and I've been dreading it because I knew it would be hard to get her in, the longer she waited. Anyway, LeMom surprised me and made an appointment a few days ago; until someone who had an appointment on August 4th canceled and I moved her up, she was going to be scheduled toward the end of August. Thank cod I got her in sooner. Today LeSister calls in and wants to make an appointment; she was in the car with LeMom and when I told her I couldn't get her in until August 20th, she repeated the date out loud and I hear LeMom in the background, "August 20th! That's ridiculous!" LeSister is a teacher, like LeMom, so she has to work around her school schedule. She was pretty sure school wasn't starting up by then, so she took it. After I hung up with her, I went on her school's website and looked up the calendar. She doesn't start until the next week, so I sent an email to LeMom's smart phone (so that LeSister would see it) and told her about the school calendar and then added, "By the way, the reason these appointments get scheduled so far out is because the first appointment is 90 minutes and it can be difficult to find that much time, especially during the summer when all the kids are out of school. Future appointments are usually only 70 minutes for a healthy adult, and usually we can get patients in much sooner for those appointments. We do make every effort to accommodate students and teachers who have to schedule around a work schedule similar to ours; for instance, on holidays during the school year, we generally only schedule kids and teachers so that they can still come see us. During the summer, we just have to do the best we can." I resisted the urge to add "SO SUCK IT!"

Glad you have your house back, and you survived, rose. I can't handle more than a couple of days with people I like, so when it's people you have some tension with- eek.

Hope you have some patients that work out, kitten!

Star, go have a brownie! wink.gif

Roller derby this weekend, the Chicago vs. Philadelphia! During the first half of the year, the four teams within the Chicago league play eachother, then they play other cities the second half of the year. It's the first match we've seen against another city, so it should be intense.

((hugs to all))
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