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After all my bitching about the rainy weather, I feel like a hypocrite to complain about the heat. But there is a layer of humidity that has given me an all-day headache. Add that to the allergies that I got hit with this week giving me a bad cough and a sore throat and I have to say that I have felt better before. Of course the coughing has hit just in time for me to start singing lessons tomorrow. rolleyes.gif
I have enjoyed my time while The Geek has been in Vegas but it will be nice to see him tomorrow. I saw Away We Go yesterday and really enjoyed it. Anyone else see it?

I'm so envious that Sheff has parents who are secretive about their love life. I want that.


{{{crassy's girly bits}}}

{{{all kvetchies}}}

Kitten, sorry to hear the weather is doing a number on you. What's this about singing lessons? I don't remember you mentioning that before. What kind of singing? Are you doing this just for fun or are you working towards some sort of goal? I want to hear all about it!

Anti-kvetch: Sounds like Sheff's dad is going to visit us soon. He's bringing his girlfriend with him, so we'll finally get to meet her. We haven't seen Sheff's dad since our wedding and that was more than 4 years ago! It's hard to believe so much time has gone by.

Kvetch: He's planning on showing up in about 2 weeks, which is REALLY short notice. He's still trying to work out the exact dates because he's trying to fit this in around his various commitments. His available dates seem to change twice a day ... which is how often he's calling us. The problem is he's calling at terribly inconvenient times. Last night he called when we were already in bed and then he called AGAIN this morning one hour before Sheff's alarm went off. The guy keeps cutting into our sleeping schedule & it's driving me nuts. So unfortunately, I'm starting to long for the days when we heard from him once every blue moon. UUuuuuuuugh.

Anti-kvetch: It's nice to have something to look forward to & something to plan. Nothing motivates me like company.
Kitten, sorry about the weather affecting your cold. sad.gif

Rose, I'm sorry about FIL. Why is calling at such bad times?

CCG, how did it go with the A?

Kvetch: We took Bailey in for a checkup today because I thought he had a cold. Now the vet is saying it may have something to do with his heart murmur. We had to leave him with them for some xrays today. It makes me nervous.

Kvetch: Now Mcgeek wants to go to Berkley. He's been pissing me off lately, and even told me to change majors last night. It upsets me. Yet there's part of me that wonders if library science would be the best career move in the long run. Maybe I should go with speech pathology.

Anti-kvetch: Still in the process of finding a good realtor for the house. We've met with 3 (one didn't even want to sell our house! This was before she even looked at it...) so far, and liked one. It does give me something to do which is good. De-cluttering is a bitch, but I've become addicted to HGTV. We even put in new tile for the foyer this weekend.

Anti-kvetch: Having a little get together this weekend so I'm happy about that. It will be good to see some friends.

My allergies are still giving me problems today but nothing like this weekend. smile.gif Progress! I am spending today taking care of a few chores that I wanted done before The Geek came back, just some cleaning stuff as well as writing a paper. And I might find some time to give myself a pedicure and make my hair look pretty, just some girly stuff to welcome him home, tongue.gif .

Rose, I am starting an Irish singing class tonight. I used to have a nice voice and take classes but I haven't sang in public (except kareoke) since I was about 23. So...12 years. I just had so many friends (incl. you, actually) who were doing these creative things and taking artistic chances, I was getting jelous. The class focuses on all types of Irish songs, bar songs, ballads, sacred music, and songs of rebellion, I think it will be really fun.

Sassygrrl - while I don't think I know you well enough to tell you what to do, I have gotten the impression that you are not thrilled about a few things in your life, esp. career stuff. I don't know how big a change Berkely would be but a change might be worth considering. Good luck and keep us posted.
((((kitten)))) I hope you're feeling better. Humidity is awful because it makes all of the allergens hang in the air, even more so than usual.

(((rose))) good luck with Sheff's dad visiting. It sucks that he's calling at such awkward times. It would be better if he could just stay up at bit later, say 11pm or midnight his time and call so that it would be in the evening your time.

((((sassy)))) I hope Bailey is okay. As for mcgeek and school, well, who knows. It's hard to know what major is right for you. Can you picture yourself as a librarian for the rest of your life? Or as a speech pathologist? Maybe just try to go into whichever major would allow you to branch out more and give you more choices later on.

((((yuefie, syb, star, crassy, polly, christine, mando, everyone))))

One huuuuge anti-kvetch: A came over yesterday and we are going to give it another chance. I wrote more about it in the Moving On thread. I keep thinking about how yesterday he said he was listening to music and Broken Social Scene came on and he had to turn it off because it made his heart hurt. I guess it's just reassuring to know that he missed me too.

It was kind of funny because at first we were both making suggestions about how to continue but we were wording it differently and then finally I was like, "I think we're saying the same thing." We were on the same page about so many things, it was really nice.

And now, one kvetch: Toronto's workers are on strike which means no garbage pickup. And this city is huge. And they have sealed off regular garbage bins so you can't even throw away a coffee cup while you're out walking around. And it's summer and around 28 degrees celsius. This is nasty. I hope it doesn't last long. Oh and the news stations keep making bad jokes about how we won't be able to drink our sorrows away because the LCBO will probably go on strike tomorrow. Blech.

Oh, and one more thing: all this is happening during Pride week! That means that there is going to be sooooo much garbage because Pride brings in like, a billion tourists and it's just going to be gross.

((ccgirl)) Iím glad you and A have decided to give it another chance. I hope the trash issue is resolved, hot weather and trash makes for some bad times.

((kittenb)) Good luck with the singing class. I loved Away We Go, the acting was great and had so many funny scenes.

((sassy)), ((bailey)) I hope Bailey gets better, and you and the Geek can come to a mutual agreement about where to live. Good luck on selling the house.

((rose)) Iím glad Sheff gets to see his father, but doesnít he understand that he should call at better times, even with the time difference. Belated congrats for your brotherís job opportunities.

((crassy)) Iím glad everything went well with your appointment.

((syb)) Congrats on completing your thesis.

((christine)) Iím glad to hear your sisterís wedding was nice. Good luck with all the housing stuff.

((polly)) I hope the foodie trip was nice.

((yuefie)) Wow, I canít believe how Aís mom is acting especially about his sexuality, and telling him to not ďactĒ gay. Itís terrible that she is taking A away from you and R, and then acts so horrid towards her own child. I hope somehow things can get better.

((mando)) You are right, you do deserve a more rewarding job, and I wish you luck.

((star)) Iím glad you were able to get away from your house for awhile. I hope things are better this week.

Mr. DM and I went to NYC for a short vacation, and had such a fun time. We went to a gallery showing nudes from the 1930ís, Jamie Foxx performing for the Good Morning America concert series, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex for a John Lennon exhibit, the NYC LGBT pride rally, saw three films (Away We Go, Whatever Works and Moon) and did lots of walking, shopping and eating. This is first vacation we have taken by ourselves in a few years, so it was very nice. The weather was rainy for some of the time, but the temps were in the high 60ís to low 70ís, that was so nice especially coming from Florida where the temps are in the mid 90ís. We had tickets to see reasons to be pretty on Broadway, but the show closed early due to slow business, it was okay because we had plenty of other things to fill our time.

Today Twin DM and I went to see Management, it was an okay film. I go back to work tomorrow, and Iím dreading it a little, but thatís life.
Oh yes, foodie trip was good. Pictures.

Sorry for my mono-syllabicness.

I have a sinus infection.


((hugs to all))
((((polly))))) sinus infections are teh suck. ~~~~feel better~~~~

I'm sorry, but I am just too exhausted to vibe everyone individually. The past week has been so unfuckingbelieveably difficult.

On top of all the stress with the kidlets departure, someone very close to me is having a serious mental health crisis. And unfortunately last night I had the task of confronting them about them going through my belongings and stealing things (medication, small amounts of money) from both R and myself. It was just awful and emotionally draining, to say the least. I found out that my job is, again, on the chopping block in the Governators new California budget proposal. This time around the cuts to the program are absolutely devastating, as in about 90% of the program stands to be cut. Basically what he plans to do is gut the program that allows for the elderly and disabled to stay in their homes instead of being institutionalized (which saves the state thousands upon thousands of dollars every year as nursing homes and such cost WAY more) instead of, I dunno, raising taxes on the wealthiest 10%. Oh, but of course not, because that would mean taxing himself and his cronies. And the union I belong to is shitting bricks because there is a good chance this time it will pass with the state being in such dire financial straits. Father's day was hard as hell. We went to visit my dad who's mind is seriously slipping. He swore the entire time we were there that there were flies buzzing around him. There were NO flies anywhere. He also thought it had been months since we visited him last, not even remembering that we were there for his birthday back in March and at least two dozen other times since. I had to ask him where he thought the new stereo and Johnny Cash & Elvis cd's came from. He called me today and didn't remember seeing us on Father's Day sad.gif. Then we headed up to R's dad's and he was so pale and tired it was jarring to us both. We are moving him down here near us next week, which means this weekend will be spent packing up his house because he is unable to anything. The thing is, neither of us are sure how much time he even has left. He is too stubborn to accept help other than from us and won't even entertain the idea of hospice, so the only thing we can do is try to get him moved and settled in down here. The kidlet informed me that he is under a serious gag rule in regards to life out there and that he is afraid to say anything because he doesn't want to be punished by that evil bitch. R's sister won't discuss her cancer diagnosis with him and appears to be trying to get her affairs in order for her children. R is stressing himself into an early grave over all of this and went to see his doctor today because he feels like the antidepressant she gave him isn't helping at all. He hardly sleeps and has lost at least 15lbs in the past two weeks. Not that he is complaining about that, but c'mon. I am having some serious anxiety, the kind I haven't had since my life fell apart and became a living hell with the asshat king a few years back. Enough that I am trying to get in to see my doctor because I feel like I need some help managing all this stress.

I am reading through and I will get back here to vibe ya'll. In the meantime, thanks for always being here and being so supportive.
(((yuefie))) so sorry to hear what you're going through, that sucks big time. it seems like it's coming at you from all fronts! how long till the kidlet is back? i really hope that the governor doesn't pass that budget- i know that things have to be cut but it's always services for people in need. (we might lose a program at my work because of nj budget cuts.)

(((candy))) how did the visit w/family go? very glad to hear you and a are going to try to give it another shot!! smile.gif

(((mandy))) nice to see you in here!

(((kitten))) glad the allergies are getting better. and that class sounds fun!

(((rose & shef))) hopefully you'll really like the gf. it seems weird to me to hold off telling someone that long too- esp. when she's living with him! but most of my family is all about 'too much information'!

(((sassy & bailey))) hope bailey is ok. since you'll be dealing a lot w/the realtor you choose go with someone you like if possible. and good luck with the major career and moving decisions- is there someone you can picture doing that makes you happy?

dm, your trip sounds fun- i cannot wait till my vacation next week.

(((polly))) ugh, sinus infucktions suck!

*gross alert*
i only bled for one day- and then 2 days later a substance that looked like chipotle sauce came out (the dr. said there would be dried blood so i'm assuming that's what it was.)

anti-kvetch: in 2 weeks i'll be camping in the adriondacks (upstate ny) with no cell reception, tvs, of anything else to distract me from taking it easy. please cross your parts for us that it won't rain (it's rained almost every day here for weeks!) we're in a tent with all our activities based outdoors. i want to alternately blow up my floaty, put a bottle of beer in each side's cup holder and float for hours and lay in my hammock reading. not to mention sitting around the fire telling stories and smoking pot. a perfect relaxing vacation.

kvetch: ugh, i'm dealing with a peeing cat and husband that wants to get rid of him, and a very stressed workplace too. (i have a big event but have to take vacation 2 weeks before since the whole family booked that date well in advance- my boss is clearly irritated though.) plus i can't have sex for 3 1/2 more weeks and my husband is lookin' fa-iiiiner than ever!!
((((Yuefie)))) Does R take anything to help him sleep? When I was on antidepressants they gave me the regular one for daytime and they gave me a different one for night time if I needed help falling asleep. I can't remember the name off the top of my head, but I could find out for you if it would help. It was an early antidepressant that they stopped using because it basically keeps you from being depressed by making you to sleepy to care about anything. I still have some because it was a take as you need it drug. I still use them from time to time if I am having trouble sleeping. And I would ne ENRAGED about the gag rule thing! My divorce decree spefically lists telling your kids what they can and can not say to the other parent as a big no no, rigth up there with pumping them for informtion , and using them to deliver messages to your ex.ARRRRGGGGHHH! Now I am angry for you!

((Rose)) Hope you enjoy your visit with FIL and mystery GF.

((((Mandi)))) lots of love hon!

((((CCgirl)))) I'm glad you guys are giving it another shot.

(((crassy))) yay for only bleeding 1 day, and I am jealous about the vacay!

kvetch: I want to finish my kitchen remodel ASAP. Mr. Pixie is so over home improvement projects now that I feel like to get the rest of it done I am pretty much on my own, which really wouldn't bother if he didn't keep raining on my parade by pointing out just how much work is involved in what I have left to do.

Antikvetch: Minipixie is coming home tonight! I ihaven't seen her in 10 days and that is the longest she and I have ever been apart!!

Wow. So we got home late tonight from our trip to upstate NY and the Mr.'s MAC seems to have been stolen. Nothing else is gone. Our two good friends are the only ones with keys, and the one we spoke with says he did not have anyone else in here with him when he checked on the kitties. They both helped us with the cats.

People have been working on the building next door, and someone could have gotten in a second floor window on that alley. But I would think they would have stolen more stuff in that case.

Wow. This sucks. He has his art photography backed up, but a lot of pictures of art work not backed up. Didn't help that the friend he spoke with laughed and said it would turn up. We sometimes do put it away when we leave town, but we looked in all those places. I told him things could be a lot worse, but he's pretty bummed out.

((((amilita and Mr.)))) That sucks big time. I'd be kind of pissed about a friend just laughing and saying it will turn up. I'm sorry the Mr. didn't have some of the art work backed up.

(((pixie))) I hope the rest of the remodelling goes well and goes by quickly.

((((((yuefie)))))) I'm so sorry that everything is happening at once. As for R, maybe if the antidepressant still isn't effective within a week he can go back to the doctor and get something else. I just say that because I remember my doctors always warning me that an antidepressant can take at least 4 weeks to become effective.

((((polly)))) feel better.

((((crassy))) you too!

kvetch: money. Or rather, the lack of it. I still can't find a job. My mom is worried that she might lose her job because her workplace just hired a guy known as a "hatchet man" and apparently her boss has already been told that the medical library has too much staff. The staff (not including the boss) is just my mom who is 58 and has taken a lot of time off for various surgeries while the other guy is young and very computer literate. Guess who looks like the better candidate to keep on. And if they do get rid of my mom she hasn't been working long enough to even get EI. As for my dad, he took on a sales job that pays less than half of his old job and they're getting on his case about not selling enough but it seems like the sales manager is sabotaging him.

kvetch: the heat. It's like there is absolutely no breeze in the air and my ceiling fans are doing nothing to help. I am so hot and sticky.

anti-kvetch: candycane_boy (that's what I'm calling him now) and I have plans to go to two concerts already. And one of them is free!

Holy shit, Yuefie! I guess when it rains it pours. sad.gif
(((((((((((((((((Yuefie, R, A, Yuefie's dad, R's dad, R's sister, and the whole damn family))))))))))))))
~$$$~$$$~ funding vibes for Yuefie's workplace~$$$~$$$~
There just aren't enough vibes in the world for you right now. I don't know how you manage to pick yourself up and get things done everyday. I hope your doctor has some good, helpful suggestions for you. I'm so so sorry to hear that all of these things are hitting you at once.

Hi, Pixie! So good to see you in here! I'm guessing that MiniP was with her dad, right? Did they go away on vacation somewhere? As for the kitchen remodel, there will certainly be a lot of work, but it can be fun, creative work! And it'll be SOOOOO worth the effort. I want to see what sort of things you're wanting to install - flooring, your new range, everything! I'd like to do some work on my own kitchen, so I'll enjoy living vicariously through you.

~~~~ soothing for Bailey pup ~~~~ What's the latest from the vet, Sassy? And why is McGeek suddenly interested in Berkley? Did he meet somebody who went there & really likes the program? What makes him think it's a better option than moving further north like you've been planning? I'd love to hear about the tiles you put in the foyer. I want to put new floors in our bathrooms, so I'm starting to get interested in all the various options.

Kitten, I'm dying to hear about your singing class! That sounds so damn cool! I'm flattered that I was able to inspire you somehow. Frankly, I think what you're doing is a whole lot cooler than what I've been up to. Makes me feel tempted to see if there are any similar classes in my area.

CCGirl, hope things are getting better in Toronto. I haven't hear a word about the strikes down here. Glad to hear that there's hope with the boy! Just remember to take it easy. Take it slow. It'll be worth it!
~$$$~$$$~ money vibes for CC & her parents ~$$$~$$$~

Welcome back, DM! That trip to NYC sounds great. It's a shame that play closed early (I was interested in seeing it, too), but at least when you're in NYC, there's always plenty of other things to check out. It must have been wonderful to get away as just the two of you. Sheff and I haven't taken a proper vacation alone since ... well, our honeymoon 4 years ago! Eek!

~~~~~~ soothing for Polly's sinuses ~~~~~
Food tour, eh? What a great idea!

Crassy, so you're going to the Adirondacks with your family? Or is that a different trip? Your description of just floating and relaxing sounds positively heavenly.

Amilita, that really sucks! Does home insurance cover stuff like that?

Anti-kvetch: Yesterday I met with Director Guy to pick out costume pieces for the video we're filming next week. Just before I left, he mentioned that he and some friends will be seeing a play this Sunday & hinted that maybe I should go. It wasn't like a proper invitation, but I can't imagine why he would mention that information unless he was suggesting that maybe I should consider going, too. I guess I'm just afraid that if I go, it'll seem kinda stalker-y, but that's probably my negative thoughts & self-consciousness talking. Sheff has agreed to go with me, so I think we'll give it a shot.

Anti-kvetch: While I was downtown, I went to the farmer's market and bought ingredients for ratatouille! I've never tried it before, so I'm hoping I like it.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff's dad is officially coming to visit! He bought his plane tickets for himself and his girlfriend yesterday. They will arrive in North Carolina on July 8th. So soon! But they won't come to our house first. Sheff's dad found out that there's a big annual meeting of Quakers in NC in early July, so they're going to go to that for a few days & then stay for an additional week just to hang out with us.

In the mean time, I have a LOT of work to do around the house. I've been neglecting the garden over the last month, so I've got to get the place back in tip-top shape before they arrive.
My singing class went well as was fun. However, I am so used to structure (starting on time, following a plan, etc.) that I have forgotten that with musicians things tend to be a little looser and less planned. At the end of the class, we were playing with an old Irish song and suddenly everyone was debating if it should be sung in certain keys, counts and all that, tossing around words/phrases, "A? C? 3 count? 4 count?" really fast and leaving me to feel like I was in a math class. It is an awful feeling for me that I compare to mental nausea. However, next class I a ready to just ask them to speak slowly. The class specifically said no experience needed, so they just need to remember that I can't read music. Maybe I should take a music reading class next.

Last night was my going away party at work. Due to unexpected emergencies, 2 of my supervisors couldn't make it. Due to last minute "Oh didn't I tell you I was doing something else that night?" 3 coworkers didn't come. My boss and I had made plans for Monday as she is in FL. So it ended up being me and 2 coworkers. To celebrate my 5 years. I was really upset and sad. However, The Geek is taking me for drinks when I get out of work at 11 PM on Friday, my last actual shift. So that will make it better.

Have fun w/the house prep RV.
CCG - I feel you on the heat. I've heard rumours that there is an AC somewhere in this apartment and I intend to find it. And congrats on working things out with the boy.
Amalita - So sorry to hear about the Mac. sad.gif
Pixie - Looking fwd to seeing kitchen pics. Good work!
crassy - while I wouldn't want 2 wks of camping, sometime on a floaty w/booze sounds lovely. Enjoy!
{{{continued vibes for yuefie and family}}}
{{{polly}}} I hope you are feeling better.
DM - now I am looking fowd to my mini-vacay. Just a few days in Pittsburgh, but I think it will be fun.

Have a nice Thursday all!

Kitten, that sounds so cool! I hope you keep going & they can teach you a bit about reading music.

Yesterday an ice cream truck drove through our neighborhood, but it was playing Christmas music. Not just "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer", either. It played "Joy To The World" and "Silent Night" and other religious songs. It was sooo bizarre to hear the ice-cream-truck version of "Silent Night" in late June!

Anybody have plans for the weekend? Sheff and I will probably see "Up" and, if I get up the courage, go to that play on Sunday. I still feel kinda weird about it. I don't want to seem too desperate, but if I want to make more connections, this is what I have to do. Bah.
Kitten, congrats on the singing class! Reading music is actually pretty fun.

RV, you'll love Up. That's very strange about the ice cream truck. I heard "Ice Ice Baby" playing out of one the other day. It made me laugh.

((jobbie vibes for CCG))

Amilita, sorry about the Mac.

Pixie, redos are really stressful. The tile in the foyer of our house only took a day. I'll try to post some pics. It looks really good for the $20 we spent on it. Our bathroom took two weeks, and by the end I was ready to pull my hair out (and Mcgeek's). Home Depot suuuucked.



((yuefie and family)))



((everyone I missed))

We had real estate agent #4 over last night to give his talk. He even did a walk thru, and many said to clean and paint. Luckily, he didn't say get all new appliances, etc. However, he's listing our property for under what we can sell it for. We'd end up owning money. Now we may consider waiting a bit(spring?) to put it on the market. We just have a lot of cleaning and doing little repairs, also the whole situation of many foreclosures in the neighborhood. It will probably take months, and I can't do this all by myself. Mcgeek can only help me on the weekends. We had considered hiring a friend of ours to help, but he may be going to college. I'm just worried that people won't buy houses in the fall. We're meeting with Real Estate agent #5 tomorrow to get his advice.

Kvetch: Fighting with my mother over this whole thing. She was once a real estate agent, and just went nuts on me the other day. Completely criticized the house and the neighborhood. I just wanted her support and some love because it was really hurting me to keep hearing the same old song about my neighborhood not being very desirable. Sometimes she can be such a mega bitch. We ended up hanging up on each other.

Kvetch: Mcgeek doesn't know what he wants. He send me a list of good schools for library science and English programs. He's always talked about Berkley, but more as an afterthought. It did shock me though.

Kvetch: Bailey now needs to go to a heart doctor, and get a EKG. We can't really fix the heart disease, but just hope to make him feel better. Poor old dog. We've have the worst luck with pets lately. It makes me so sad.

Anti-kvetch: Trying to have a fun weekend. We're doing a board game night over here tonight with some friends, going to this thing called Corndogarama which is with corndogs and local bands tomorrow, and another friend of ours is having a pool party on Sunday. Today I may go see The Proposal just to get the hell out of the house.

Undies report: Blue boy shorts and navy with flowers demi bra.

Everyone have a great weekend!
Did I kill the thread??

I just got engaged! One of my friend's dared Mcgeek at a pool party we went to of basically why haven't you yet, and I thought it was all a joke. He proposed when we got home. Of course, I said yes. The cool thing is that we're seeing my family this upcoming week for my dad's birthday, so he can get Dad's blessing.

I'll post some pics of the ring to my FB page. ,

Isn't this awesome!!!????

I had to tell my busties, as half of the world is asleep right now!

Congrats sassy! That's sweet of him to want to get your dad's blessing.

btw, I appreciate the job vibes but I have to say that the term "jobbie vibes" gave me a laugh because jobbie was the word that Billy Connolly used to describe for um..crap. Here's a video of some of his standup.
Congrats, Sassy! I hope the house/school/dog stuff works out, too!

If anything, the Christmas music probably gets people's attention in June. laugh.gif

Ugh, kitten, reading music...I've never been able to do it. But glad the class is fun anyway! I hope Friday went well.

Did you go to the play, rose? How'd the ratatouille come out? If I liked zucchini and eggplant, I'm sure it would be delicious!

((cc_girl)) hope the employment situation for you and your parents works out. That sucks.

Any updates on the Mac, amilita? I've heard of people catching the thieves who steal MacBooks themselves because you can turn on the webcam remotely. I don't remember the details, but if you think this would help, let me know and I'll ask LeBoy about it.

How's the kitchen coming, pixie?

What do you think is causing the peeing, crassy? There's been a lot of discussion about that problem in the Here kitty, kitty, kitty thread lately. Sounds like a great vacation, though.

(((yuefie))) Wow, that's a lot of crappiness. sad.gif Any updates? A big F-You to kidlet's mom. I'm telepathically placing a bag of flaming dog shit on her doorstep. So, is telling you how the new boyfriend is one of the things that falls under the gag rule? That's what I'm most worried about unsure.gif I think pixie's right- there needs to be some serious divorce decree tweaking for this to work.

My sinus infection settled into a chest cold by Wednesday, and now I'm just coughing. Yuck. I had an okay weekend despite this- Friday we went over to the Selena's. Saturday we didn't do much of anything. Yesterday, went to a party for my great aunt's 80th birthday (my boss/cousin's mom). The party was okay, but I did get to see some relatives I don't get to see very often, so that was good.

Found out that one of my cousins got engaged. I don't think they have a date set, but probably June/July of next year. It will probably be in the DC area, as that's where the bride is from I guess. Not sure if we'll go or not. But I'm not sure if they're coming to ours; one of their relatives on the other side might be getting married the same weekend as me. Sad- they're some of my favorite relatives. I also found out my Talibangelist cousin on my mom's side is pregnant. Ah, another fundie brought into the world. This is the cousin whose wedding this picture was taken at, if you recall. rolleyes.gif (That's, from L-to-R, humanist, LeBoy, and me, looking very perturbed during the ceremony, if you weren't around when I originally posted it.)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that my poor engagement ring is in the shop! I noticed some damage to some of the metalwork on Father's Day, so I gave it to my aunt and uncle, who own the jewelry shop we got it from. I thought it was no big deal and they'd give it back to me yesterday, good as new....turns out there's more damage to it than I could see and they're trying to figure out a way to reinforce it so it doesn't happen again. sad.gif I miss my ring. I had to pick the delicate one, didn't I?

I only have to work today and tomorrow, though, so I'm not too unhappy!

(((hugs to all)))
CCG, Billy's hair was cracking me up!

I'm really stoked! I can't believe it happened. He was very sweet when we got home (heck, we were still in our bathing suits), and ran and got the ring. He said he loved me, and asked me to marry him. We may actually have the wedding at my friend's house. It feels so weird to have a engagement ring on.

We finally picked a realtor. Yet now with planning the wedding that may have to wait. I don't want to get too overwhelmed.


Congratulations sassygirl!!! I had thought you were already engaged but I am happy for you. biggrin.gif

{{{polly's ring}}}

{{{ccg, rv, all kvetchies}}}

This weekend was really great. On Saturday, we went to see Transformers: Rise of the Fallen. I don't think there has ever been a movie more directed by Michael Bay. Not great but there was some fun to be had. Yesterday, I spent the day at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. It was a hot day with a strong cool breeze, perfect outdoor weather. Then I made a dinner of corn-on-the-cob, asparagus and chix salad afterwhich we went for ice cream. Chicago's Pride Parade was yesterday so we walked down the main party center at about 9:30 PM to see what we missed. Clearly it has been a few years since I've been to Pride b/c the party was no way near over. rolleyes.gif

Today is the first day that I would normally be at work but no longer am. I am tempted to go back to bed but I have things to do and I am afraid that lazyness will become edgy, tense depression. So I am going to give myself until 11 AM to do nothing and then get to work on the HUGE to-do list.

Have a good week all.

Congrats Sassy! That is awesome!

Polly, My first engagement ring (and maybe this should have been a sign) the band completely disolved on a pool once! I was on vacay and went swimming and I got out to towel off, called the exasshat on the phone and as i was speaking to him, my band just disolved and broke!! Those were some crazy ass pool chemicals! needless to say, i didn't get back in the pool and I do usually try to remember to remove my rings now just in case.

Rose, hope you had fun at the movie.

I just realized this morning that I have another 3 day weekend coming up. I am going to try to get my painting done then! Mr. Pixie will be so thrilled-NOT! I did take some pics this weekend but I haven't had time to upload them yet.

Thanks everyone!

Kvetch: I'm worried the ring doesn't fit well b/c I've gained weight. I can only get it to my knuckle. The problem is that the jewelry store is in Seattle. Ugh! I feel like a fat cow. This could be PMS water weight maybe?

CONGRATS, SASSY!!!! How exciting! I guess he's been planning this for a while since he had a ring ready and everything. Of course, now the flood of questions will begin : when, where, etc. etc.!

~~~~~ soothing for Polly's chest & sinuses ~~~~~ I remember that photo from that wedding! So unintentionally hilarious. It'll be interesting to see how that kid turns out in that household. Hope your ring turns out okay. Do they have any suggestions to keep it from being damaged again?

~~~$$$$~~~ money vibes of all kinds for CCGirl and fam ~~~$$$~~~

((((((((Yuefie and fam)))))))) Check in with us when you can.
~!$!~!$!~ keep-that-funding vibes ~!$!~~!$!~

Crassy, hope your bits are healing properly. When will you hear some results?

(((((((((Mandi))))))))) Hope you're coping okay, sweetheart.

Kitten, good for you for sticking to a To Do list! It's the best way to keep you from wasting your life away on the couch.

TMI Kvetch: Unhappy digestive system for a couple of days. We didn't go to the play yesterday, didn't see "Up" as we had planned and I haven't made the ratatouille yet. I wasn't sick the whole time, but I was nervous about getting sick again, so we chose to stay home.

Anti-kvetch: I think I'm better now. Not 100%, but definitely better than I was this weekend. And since the tickets to the play were, like, $17 each, I kinda don't mind that we stayed home.

Kvetch: This morning I went out to work in the garden and found that something had eaten up all of my double impatiens! Only stumpy stalks are left. How annoying!

Sassy, I know your ring is pretty unique, but you should be able to find someone to re-size it locally. Don't feel bad- my ring is tight some days, loose on others. It's pretty much water weight- one salty meal and it's a struggle.

I take mine off for just about everything you're supposed to- I don't sleep or shower with it. if I'm doing something really manual, like laundry, I take it off. I think I just have a tendency to bang into things. I'm not as delicate as my ring. rolleyes.gif
I once saw Sylvia Brown on Montel begging women to stop taking their rings off when they do dishes! People were always asking her to to locate rings for them. tongue.gif

Sassy, my rings fit different sometimes day to day. Give it a few days to see what happens.

Why aren't you supposed to sleep in your engagement ring?
Because rubbing them against the bedding can wear out the prongs over the years.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Jun 29 2009, 11:49 AM) *
Why aren't you supposed to sleep in your engagement ring?

Because as you sleep, the fabric of your sheets will rub against the prongs that hold the stone in place. Over time, that can wear down the prongs which will loosen the stone. At least, that's what our jeweler told us.

ETA: Polly beat me to it!
Congrats Sassy!! It can take a while to take in the fact you're engaged... at least it did for me, and I wasn't surprised by the proposal. Telling people can be a trip.. although as I didn't get my ring until almost a year after the mister proposed (we bought it abroad) people got confused by the fact I didn't have a ring yet. Eh, we were never going to be hugely traditional about he process. wink.gif

'I'm not as delicate as my ring.' Ha, polly, exactly. I take off my ring for washing dishes, taking a shower, cleaning the house and when I'm asleep... but am always careful to put it somewhere nearby. I only worry when I'm on vacay and leave it (in the safe) in a hotel room while I go to the beach, but I'd rather do that than risk losing it or getting it covered in seawater and sunscreen.

I have been lying low as am tweaking the thesis for submission this week. It's done, but now I need to print it up and bind it for submission: aiming for Wednesday. I will be 100% happier when it is physically delivered to my department and out of my hands!
Congrats on your engagement, sassy!

Yay for your thesis almost being officially completed, syb.

Sorry to hear about the Mac, amilita.

((((polly's sinuses))))

((((rose's digestive system))))

((((crassy's lady-bits))))

~~~~healing and soothing vibes for mandi~~~~

~~~~money and job vibes for those who need 'em~~~~

Man, pixie, that must have been awful to have your ring dissolve like that. Good luck with the remodel! How's it comin' along?

Has anyone heard from billyb lately? I miss his dependable Friday undie check in's wink.gif

(((((candy, kitten, dm, star, everyone)))))

Things were pretty tense and stressful around here all week long, but R and I wound up having a pretty good weekend together. Friday night we slept over at R's dad's and started prepping for the garage sale at 4:30 am. We were out there until noon, and then I put a free stuff ad on Craigslist and changed the garage sale signs to free. There is still some stuff left, but we are leaving it out in the driveway until tomorrow hoping people come by and haul it away. The more they take, the less R and I have to deal with or move. Saturday afternoon R's long lost bff D came by for a visit. He was in town down from Oregon and it was the first time they've had to chance to catch up in almost 20 years, aside from the 20 minutes they saw each other at a psuedo high school reunion dinner a few years back. I really liked him, instantly. He just had a good vibe about him and seeing the two of them together was really cool. I could see the bond and it was like no time had passed. We are hoping to make it up to his farm to meet his wife and two daughters in the next few months. Yesterday we went and had brunch at the restaurant R used to work for because his very good friend is now executive chef. It was excellent, so much better than the food the chef before was putting out. Not that it wasn't good then, but it's great now. Then we had to drive back up to his dad's to get my cell phone charger I left behind. Since we up that way and it was Sunday, we stopped by to see my guy bff for a bit. Then we headed down the coast highway for a nice ocean drive and wound up stopping at the San Diego County Fair for a bit. We walked around, checked out the livestock exhibits, the gems and stones, and played some games on the Midway. R won a few stuffed animals, which we gave to some kids walking by. We also ate too much junk. Ugh, I feel like I have a grease bomb in my gut from all the stuff we ate yesterday. R had to have the deep fried snickers AND twinkie. I took a bite of each and eh, not really my thing. He loves them both. What I wanted to try was the fried avocado, but I wasn't terribly impressed. I took one bite and tossed it. I think if it was a lighter tempura like batter it would be good, but it was way too heavy and greasy for my taste. We shared one of those huge smoked turkey legs, a roasted corn on the cob and these Australian battered potatoes with sour cream and sweet chili sauce. We didn't finish any of it off, but it was still too much grease laden food in too short a time! I joked with him that this week it's gonna be nothing but veggie juice, wheat grass shots and coffee colonics for us tongue.gif
Sassy, congrats on your engagement.

Yuefie, sounds like you had a nice weekend, and you needed it.

Syb, yay for being done with the thesis, and only having to print and bind it.

((rose)) I hope you continue to feel better.

Pixie, have fun painting. Itís the perfect opportunity with the three day weekend.

Kittenb, yay for a nice weekend. We went to our local Pride parade as well, it was a fun time.

((polly)) I hope you feel better and the ring is fixed soon.

(($$ccgirl$$)) Money and job soon. Yay for having two concerts lined up with ccboy.

((amilita and the mr)) Sorry to hear about the Mac being stolen.

Crassy, enjoy your vacation.


This weekend Twin DM and I went to our local Pride parade. The parade was fun, and the rain stopped just in time. Twin DM met some people that have a female only softball league, and she may join. After the parade we had a nice lunch downtown, and then I came home and slept for like 5 hours because the sun drained me so much. I didnít do anything on Sunday, Mr. DM wanted to get out of the house so we drove to IKEA, and then realized they didnít open for another hour so we came home. Last night we went to see Jenny Lewis (this is my sixth time seeing her solo or with Rilo Kiley, and she was great), Heartless Bastards opened (they are too much of a jam band for me).

About engagement rings, I didnít have one for a long time, and people thought it was weird, but I didnít. Mr. DM gave me a ring that his mom sent, but I accidentally hit my hand against the bathroom stall at work and it shattered (it was old, and not the best quality I guess). It couldnít be fixed, too fragile, so then we bought a new ring for about $300 that I liked because it was pink. I wore that for a few years, but now I just wear my wedding band. Iím just not a jewelry person.

Yuefie, state fairs rock! Who doesn't love fried oreos?

Syb, congrats on the thesis!

((rose's tummy)))

Pixie, have fun painting. At least it's a long weekend.

Kittenb, glad you had a good weekend. Our pride weekend isn't until Sept, but I still want to a fundraiser.

((polly's ring))

((Amilita's Mac))

Kvetch: I did hear from our jeweler, and she said she'd have to charge a little to fix the metal. I just feel so bad. I didn't try on the ring when we got it in late January. I'm just having horrible "I'm so fat" thoughts lately. I know it's mainly in my head. We're just going to have to send it back, and that makes me sad. We're planning a graduation school road trip in the fall, but I don't want to be without it for that long.

Kvetch: My mother kept nagging me about the ring, and making the whole thing about the weight. She send me some money to join a gym, and we just can't find a good one we like. So, now comes the backlash. I tell you she can charge on a dime. I think my engagement has brought up some bad memories of my sister's engagement or something.

Anti-kvetch: I'm seeing my Dad tomorrow for his birthday!


DM, you always do the coolest stuff on your weekends. I wish Sheff & I were that motivated to get out into our community.

((((((((Yuefie))))))))) Glad to hear that you and R got to go out and have some fun. If anybody deserves that, it's you two!

Sybarite, you need to do something to celebrate after you turn in your thesis. Get a pedicure or stop by a patisserie and get something outrageous. Justmake sure you treat yourself!

Sassy, I have never had a deep-fried oreo. Are they really all that fabulous? As for the ring, please be easy on yourself. Finger sizes are weird and can vary a ton even within one family. My mom is heavier than me but her fingers have ALWAYS been a LOT skinnier than mine. It's just the way we're made. Also, remember that McGeek loves you just as you are & that's far more important. So what if your ring has to be altered a bit. It'll be worth it in the long run.

Anti-kvetch: Wedding fever must be in the air. Today at lunch a friend told us that she is basically "engaged to be engaged". She and her boyfriend had a discussion about their lives and their plans and she said, "Would you like to get married soon?" And he said, "Yes, I would," and because of various things in their lives that are coming up, they decided that November would be the best time. Sounds pretty solid to me! But there wasn't a ring or an Official Proposal or anything, so it doesn't really feel official to her. They're going to work on that.

In the mean time, the little planner in me wants to get this show on the road! They want to have a small wedding here in NC. Neither of them have family in this area, so they'll definitely need help from friends ... especially someone like me. biggrin.gif I know it's selfish, but I want to help so I can enjoy the fun of a wedding without all the stress that comes with being a bride. Plus I want to watch her put on wedding gowns & get weepy when she finds the perfect one!
Today biked all over Heaven's half-acre, I think. I had to run errands in opposite ends of Chicago's north side. rolleyes.gif As a treat to myself, I was going to indulge in some bra shopping at Lane Bryant. Well, I must have found the LB where ugly clothes go to die. There was one bra I loved and one that I would have been willing to buy but the sale was buy 2 get 2 free and I could not find 2 other bras worth buying. So about 4 miles of my biking could have been skipped. I'm going to check out the downtown store instead. My fav location that got good clearance and had a big bra selection was closed down after Christmas I guess. Stupid economy.
I had my Irish singing class tonight and I sang a few lines all by myself. My confidence was shaky but I think it sounded good. I try to remind myself, When in doubt, sing LOUD!

I had no idea that engagement rings needed all of that protection.

{{{sassy}}} That would be very hard to let go of the ring for any length of time. I'll ditto what RV said about fingers not indicating a lot w/regards to weight/being fat/etc. I weigh a little more than The Geek (I think) but his rings are almost twice as big as mine whereas my mom and I are similar build but she has doll hands. Rings just have to fit so snug that even the slightest change registers.

yuefie - I had a fried snickers bar at a bar a few weeks ago. It was part of a sundae and really rich. Too much for one person.

{{{sybarite}}} Woohoo! Almost done!

...and done. Thesis submitted. Thanks so much everyone for the ongoing well wishes!!

Now what do I do? smile.gif

RV, for starters I'm going to get my hair cut: I'm sick of my 'postgrad' hair!

All those deep-fried treats sound too rich for my blood, although I can usually get on board with baked cheese. Mmm, cheese.

Sassy, fwiw my engagement ring had to be cut off once, when my whole hand swelled up after a fall. I couldn't look as they cut it away, I think I only had it a few months by then. I got it repaired though and altough I scrutinised it with a jeweller's glass I couldn't see the join--which is a long way of saying try not to worry, you'll have it back before you know it.

(((miss yuefie, R, R's dad and the kidlet)))

Amilita, I was sorry to hear about your mister's Mac, I would have been a basket case if someone took my laptop.

Kitten, are you guys learning sean nos singing? I think that's so beautiful.

I am physically in the office of my day job this afternoon, but as I'm by myself you can best believe not much work will be done. Woo-hoo!

Christine Nectarine
I bought a house! yay! happy Canada Day! fireworks! sparklers! hot potatos! fun all around!

i'm so tired.

...more later

(need to catch up on this thead, and my zzzzzzzz's)
Congrats christine and syb! Exciting stuff!

I've never found the undergarments at LB to fit correctly or be comfortable. Most of the clothes are fine, but the bras & undies- feh. I'm pretty much loyal to Wacoal now.

I just had a fried twinkie for the first time a few weeks ago. It was okay. Not great. Fried oreo sounds more promising.

I had today (and the rest of the week) off. I stayed in bed long into the day. Then LeBoy came home, we went to his nephew's little league game, then dropped my car off at the mechanic's house. I think it needs a brake job. Hopefully it won't be too expensive. My mechanic is a saint, and I know he won't overcharge me, but some things just cost a lot, and I think it's going to need front and back, rotors, pads, the whole deal. Pbbt.

I've got to call some groomers tomorrow. There's a cat at the shelter who had the same liver problem that Albus did; he was in a foster home for about a year while he recovered, then the foster family moved and couldn't keep him so he's back. I don't know if they just neglected him or what (I think he's okay liver-wise, so they did something right) but he reeks, absolutely reeks of urine. I mean, it's a shelter, so every cat there smells a little pissy, [eta: I shouldn't say that- this shelter actually does a very good job of keeping conditions clean for the cats; the room smells pissy, but the individual cats usually don't] but this cat is absolutely awful. And he's got some matted fur and I think he's got dry skin, because he's all flakey. He's a little grumpy, but he's a sweet cat and I just want him to get adopted permanently. So, I'm thinking of taking him to a groomer on my own dime, but I want to find out how much it costs first.

I still don't have my ring back. sad.gif

((Hugs to all))
Kvetch: Woke up with pain & redness in my right eye. I did not need to wake up looking like this today!

Anti-kvetch: Still made it to the video shoot. It took less than an hour and I got a $20 gift certificate to the book store, so woo hoo!

Kvetch: Pain in my eye got worse. Very light sensitive. Went to doctor and was diagnosed with conjunctivitis (pink eye). Lord only knows where I got it.

Anti-kvetch: Doctors office and drug store are less than a mile from the house, so my exposure to sunlight was as minimal as can be expected.

Kvetch: Now I have to throw out my last pair of contacts. I'll need to fully heal before I can see an eye doctor & get a new prescription. Bah. And I still hurt. Even reading this screen hurts, so I'll need to log off. Hopefully the drops will do their work and I'll be back tomorrow.

If you can, send some mystery vibes in Pixie's direction today.
Congrats on the house christine!!

Congrats on the thesis syb!

((((polly and the kitty))) hopefully the grooming isn't too expensive.

(((((((((yuefie)))))))))) I'm glad you two had a good weekend

((((((rose))))) pink eye begone!

((((sassy)))) hopefully it won't take too too long to fix the ring. And also, you're not fat. Like everyone else has said, fingers aren't a good indication of that.

*~*~mystery vibes for pixie~*~*

(((dm))) glad you had a good Pride weekend!

Pride weekend was great here but I was tired by the end of it. I was going to go out with friends to a park yesterday for Canada Day but that was until we realized that bus service only ran till 10pm which probably would have been right during the fireworks. So instead they came over to my place and we had too many drinks and watched random fireworks go off from the view of my balcony.

This isn't really a kvetch but I'm worried about candycane_boy. I tried to call his place last night and I got some message saying that the number wasn't assigned. Whatever that means. It makes me worry that maybe he couldn't pay his bill and they disconnected his number or something. And yet, on the other hand, he just got us tickets to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I'm paying him back for my ticket but that would have been $80 for him to pay all at once. Oh well. I think I won't call him again until next week and if I still get that message then I'll just have to email him. I still think it's ridiculous that he was denied EI in the first place.

Anyway, I have kind of a kvetch/anti-kvetch combo. The anti-kvetch is that my mom will be visiting this weekend. The kvetch is that it's because I need Indian clothes for all the upcoming weddings and I just hate my size right now. Also, Indian people tend to be really blunt about size and since I'm PMSing I don't want to deal with comments from salespeople.

I tried on some of my outfits from only 3 years ago and I can't fit into them anymore. I'm really upset with myself. I'm working on my eating habits and thinking not just one day at a time but also one pound at a time. It's still frustrating though to know that I let it go this far. I'm hoping to meet with a counsellor to discuss my food issues because I know there's a huge psychological component to it.


I got the PT job at my school's library!!!! Yay!!!! I've been so flat-out scared about not bringing in any money. Obvs. it will be less than I was earning before but I won't be totally dependant on The Geek (load of his mind too, although he is polite enough not to say anything.) Now I just have to figure out how to request some time off for events that have already been scheduled. Isn't that always the awkward moment of new jobs?
This almost makes up for finding out that my mentor and former boss if being cut from the company. Her program is still new and unproven and with the budget cuts, it had to go. I think if I still worked there I would be crying over this. sad.gif

{{{candycane_girl}}} Just 'cause.
{{{roseviolet's eye}}} Pink eye begone!
Good luck w/the kitty Polly.

{{{sybarite and all Busties!!!}}}

Happy 4th everyone! I am in such a good mood now. laugh.gif
Congrats, Christine!!! That's fabulous news! When is your closing date? Here's hoping the inspection goes smoothly and there are no additional hiccups!

Sybarite, that's fabulous! What kind of haircut are you getting? Will it be a dramatic change?

Congrats on the job, Kitten! That's great! How many hours will you work per week?

Sassy, I think you should go out & get a temporary ring to wear while the engagement ring is getting sized. Nothing fancy. Just something fun from Claire's or a craft show or something. It'll keep your finger from feeling naked. If people ask, just tell them your real ring is getting sized. It's extremely common, I promise!

CCG, that sucks about the weight gain. I hadn't thought much about it before, but I guess a culture that expects its brides to wear mid-rif baring outfits is bound to be really focused on weight. That sucks. Here's hoping you maintain your sanity and patience through the shopping trip. Hope CCBoy's phone situation is straightened out soon, too.

Polly, hope your car can be fixed fairly cheaply. As for the cat, I hope you find a solution. How bad are the matts? Are they big enough that they'll need to be shaved off? Note that my Millie kitty used to have flakey skin, but I changed her to food for cats with sensitive skin and it helped a lot. Also, my cat gets little mats on her back haunches because ... well, she's rather rolly-polly and she simply can't bathe herself as well as most cats. She just can't reach! So I have to gently brush her or pick apart the mats with my fingers. Hopefully that's all you'll have to do for this kitty, but if the mats need to be shaved off, you'll need to find a groomer who can do sedation.

(((((((( con't vibes for Pixie ))))))))))

Anti-kvetch: My eye is healing. It still looks like shit & hurts a bit, but at least I can poke about on the computer again. I tell ya, I've never been so happy to have all of these trees around our house! They've kept the sunlight low, which is a real blessing.

Kvetch: Since I have to throw away my contacts, I'm going to be stuck wearing my glasses for weeks. Bah. I'll have to wear my glasses at the big company pool party tomorrow! Ugh! And I'll be wearing my glasses the whole time my FIL is here. Grr! This sucks!

Kvetch: This also means I'll have to spend a ton of money going to an eye doctor and getting a new prescription. I am super duper blind & my contacts and glasses always cost a fortune, but I've been needing to do that for ages anyway. That doesn't keep it from being annoying, though!

Anti-kvetch: Got an e-mail from Director Guy from the video shoot which included some great photos. I look so sassy! I'll post one of the pics on my blog later.
RV, shorter and (even) messier, hopefully. Fingers crossed! Also, the only time I ever had pink eye was when I was in our high school musical (um, Bye Bye Birdie). Maybe it's triggered by performance anxiety?

CCG, I have quite a few (fairly expensive) clothes that don't fit me anymore and it really pisses me off. Try not to get down on yourself, these things happen.

Congrats kitten!!

At work, doing nothing, out last night, out again tonight. Woot!

*Black sheer boyshorts and (coincidentally) matching sheer black bra. Wearing black makes life so much easier smile.gif*
Happy Friday, everyone.

((((rose's eye)))) ugh, pink eye is the suckage.

congrats on the house, christine!

congrats on the job, kitten!

(((polly & kitties))))

((((candy)))) what syb said, I understand the frustration (boy, do I ever) but try not to take it out on yourself.

I like rose's idea about the temporary ring, sassy.

~~~mystery vibes for pixie~~~

big hugs for ((((mando))))

(((((dm, amilita, sidecar, star, crassy, syb, kvetchies)))))

R got a couple days off to help us with his dad's move, granted it is without pay. But we were feeling overwhelmed with it all and it just needed to be done. Because we busted our humps and got so much done sooner than we'd anticipated, we are taking off now to the desert to do a little fishing.

All of you stateside, Happy 4th!

undie report: black hipsters and black & multi colored polka dot bra.
Yuefie, I hope you and R have fun fishing.

Syb, I really need to get my haircut too, but I just can't commit to a style.

((rose)) Pink eye sucks, I had it about 10 years ago, and I have no idea how I got it. I don't think I know your blog, can you send me a link?

Kittenb, congrats on the job!

Ccgirl, I hope the clothing shopping is not too bad and ccboy's phone issue gets fixed soon.

((polly and the shelter cat)) That's very dedicated of you to pay for the grooming yourself, hope you can find an affordable place.

Christine, how exciting about the house!

Sassy, I agree ring size has nothing to do with weight, don't feel bad. I hope you enjoyed your visit with your dad.

Kvetch: There is a Fourth of July parade on the road right outside my apartment tomorrow, and they close the road for hours. Somehow I always forget.

Today Twin DM and I went to see Away We Go (she hadn't seen it, so I saw it again, loved it the second time around as well). I also received a handbag in the mail which I had ordered last week, it was on sale from $168 to $25, and it is awesome. I love internet shopping, especially really good deals. Tomorrow I'm going to a pug meet up at a local dog park, but not planning on going to see fireworks. I think Mr. DM and I are going to see The Hangover on Sunday.
Happy 4th of July, to all the American busties!

We were supposed to go swimming today- Lady Selena's mom has a pool and is out of town, but it's 68 degrees and cloudy sad.gif Guess that's not going to happen. We'll probably still go over there, though, just so we're not lying in our own crepulence all day.

I called some groomers, but they all wanted $60 or more, because of the extra time they'd need with him. My car was $400 and July is already an expensive month for us, so I don't think that's going to happen. I'm going to have to just keep pushing the shelter to have that volunteer do it. It's definitely a case where he can't reach back there, but he doesn't like me trying to do anything about it, which is understandable- matted fur hurts!

I hope your eyes are feeling better, rose. With how...moist...this cold has been, I'm surprised I haven't given myself pink eye. Glad to hear the shoot went well, though!

(((cc_girl))) I hope the clothing situation works out. I know how that "great, another outfit that doesn't fit" feeling goes. sad.gif

Yay for the job, kitten!

Definitely get a back-up ring, sassy. I've been wearing mine for a couple of weeks now and it at least feels a little better.

(((yuefie))) I hope your fishing trip is going well! You deserve it!

DM, that's a great deal on that purse.

Well, I should get going for the day....the dreary cold day. Poop.

(((hugs to all)))

Congrats Christine!

Rose, how's the eye??

((polly and kittens))

Kitten, yay for job!


mystery vibes for pixie

Yuefie, how was fishing?

Hi DM!

Syb, did you get a cool haircut?

Kvetch: We did clean out the garage this week as part of cleaning out the house to sell it. We lost the remote to our Tivo in the process. I'm proud that we gave about 10 garage bags full of clothes and books to GoodWill.

My 4th was okay. We went to go see fireworks.

I do plan to get a funky replacement ring once I decide to send it back. A few of my friends still haven't seen it yet.

Anti-kvetch: I started to plan the wedding! We got a draft guest list planned out, and just sat down and started thinking about it. I want it outside somewhere, and small. My dad said my folks would give us money, but we never really discussed it. I think they're still in shock. They were too involved in my sister's wedding, and I think it's the best way to let us plan it.

Kvech: Got into my first pre-wedding fight with Mcgeek over my grandparents. I wanted to honor them with a picture, and he said that his parents would get pissed b/c they're separated. It's going to be weird anyway. I mean my folks are heading up to Maine next month and thought of actually meeting them until they realized that they
would have to meet them separately. Plus, Mcgeek hasn't mentioned to them we're engaged yet.

Kvetch: Overwhelmed. Getting the house in order, studying for grad school, and starting to plan a wedding. My head hurts.


Sassy - that's cool that you've started the planning already. But I am confused about the argument. McGeek doesn't want to mention your grandparents b/c his parents are divorced? How does one relate to the other?

Polly - can the cat just be shaved?

roseviolet - how is the healing coming?

{{{DM, yuefie, sybarite, all kvetchies}}}

I had a great weekend. We missed the fireworks on the 3rd, either the website was wrong or the fireworks started early. However, we went to a cookout on the 4th and, once the rain stopped. the whole neighborhood started to set off illegal fireworks. Some of them went off right over our heads which was scary but funny. Today my cat is at the vet's trying to find out if something is wrong or what. Fingers crossed!

Hello ladies! I'm guessing that most of you are enjoying a day off for your long weekend.

((((kitten and kitty))) I hope your cat is okay.

(((yuefie))) I hope you had a good fishing trip.

(((sassy))) I'm with kitten on this one, I don't quit understand what the argument was about. Either way, hopefully you two can get things sorted out.

(((polly))) just because

(((rose))) hope your eye is better.

Well, the outfit shopping was interesting to say the least. First off, people always stare because my mom is white and I pretty much look white so we always get lots of looks that seem to say "what the hell are you doing here?" Luckily, we were only in there 5 minutes when we ran into my friend R and her sister N. R is the bride of one of the weddings I'm going to and they were in there to make sure that N's sari top was properly fitted. Anyway, the salespeople looked at me and basically told me that they didn't have anything that would fit. I shouldn't be surprised. Like I said, my outfits from a few years ago don't even fit and when I was that size the selection was very limited. Luckily with Indian stores they always have fabric in addition to ready made outfits. So I picked out fabric for 3 outfits. I'm going really traditional because the pants for a salwar kameez (that's the name of the outfit) are really loose and I figured that would be more comfortable.

As for my weight, the reason I'm so annoyed with myself is because 5 years ago I lost 30 pounds and then gained more than twice that back. And now I'm at this point where I can't even try on clothes. Anyway, I'm trying to stay positive. One of the good things is that lately I haven't felt so obsessed with food. Usually food is always on my mind but lately I've been thinking about other things and I actually feel free.

Overall, having my mom visit was really nice. She'll be back in a few weeks when we go to pick up the outfits.

As for CC_boy I tried calling again and I still got that same message. I think I'll email him tomorrow or Wednesday.

kvetch: I'm having one of the heaviest periods I've had in a looooong time. I feel like I'm going through tampons left and right and the cramps have been horrible. Yesterday my diva cup filled up halfway in like, an hour. Sorry if that's tmi.


Wow!! It's been a while since I've been here, and the only thing that has changed is the format!! Good Grief!! Crassy is still here! and Roseviolet?!! Polly!! The list goes on. I'm so excited to see you all here! Anyhoo, Hello. Its only been about 4 years, but hey, who's counting. So glad the thread didn't get lost in my works' websense!

Love! skc

(formarly Skcharlie)
hi all -

is the pinkeye gone yet?

sassy - how did i not know that you're engaged? congratulations!!

my house is still on the market, but we're buying a house in columbia md. hope to settle at the end of the month. realtor is earning his keep by running all over the place putting up flyers on my house, in addition to the various websites it's posted on.

i have nasal polyps so i have to have surgery soon. i'm actually glad - i finally know why i've had sinus infections almost constantly since november.
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