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Sorry I've been MIA everyone. Last week was a bit rough, because I had a work review. It didn't go as great as planned. My boss was pissed b/c I missed two weeks due to no transportation (when Mcgeek was in math camp) Now, she tells me that she could have picked me up. The weekend was fun though. I got to go tubing down the river, but I did have to buy a bathing suit (ugh!!). I did get to see a hot-air balloon thing happen in the town where we were tubing at, which was pretty cool.

Kvetch: Got a horrible sun-burn as I left my sunscreen in the car.

Kvetch: Bad period. Lots of cramps.


((vibes for Crassy)))

Kitten, glad you survived the group work.

((polly, rose, ccg, star, everyone)))

(((sassy))) Ouch on the sunburn.

(((kittenb))) I'm glad things went smoothly for the presentation.

(((crassy))) Sending lots of vibes for your next pap smear! Please let us know how things for you.

(((Rose))) Read about the class you signed for. Damn.

(((doodle))) So glad the Bustie vibes worked for you!

(((cc_girl))) I hate the politics associated with wedding/bridal/baby stuff. Blah! I don't mind going and supporting people who invited me, but, I don't like the pressure for people to have to come or participate in it. I already told polly and leboy that if hell freezes over and I actually meet someone I want to settle down with. It will be an elopement and kegger. I don't want to deal with that kind of drama.

(((polly))) What did you end up doing this weekend?

(((Syb))) So happy to hear about the progress with your thesis! Remember when it felt like you would never get done? I got my remarks from the editor. So, now, I just need to make the revisions (just typos and margin changes) before I can get this baby bound!

kvetch: My great uncle passed away last Friday. We had his funeral today. I'm pretty sad. He is the last of my great grandmother's family alive. My grandfather is the only representative from that part of the family. His sister and brother are both deceased. I guess it is sad to realize how old my grandparents are. I really feel like their presence is what keeps the family together. Also, with this death, I'm aware of how fractured our family has become which is so sad. Over egos and stupidity really. My family has no idea of forgiveness. Just sad. I'm putting all work aside today. I thought I would have the energy, but, I'm just too sad.

antikvetch: I got to spend quality time with my family. With my great uncle's death, I was glad I could be near my family at this time. I really feel a great sense of responsibility for my family, I don't know if I can explain it well. I guess I just feel bad for my younger cousins. My older cousins are not good with keeping everyone together as a result of alot of family crap. Anywho. My 5 year old cousin spent the night on Saturday. We went to see Up which I cried like a baby. Then, on Sunday, I took my stepdad to an early father's day gift of a White Sox game. It was a good weekend.

kvetch: Worried I won't be able to hustle to find myself a position. I'm really hoping something works out this month. I have a couple of things going right now. We'll see. This whole process has really left a sour taste in my mouth regarding my field. Like, I feel like changing careers. I feel my spirit with this work has been killed. sad.gif

Sorry to be so mememe, but, I've been pretty down this weekend.

(((PiP, bunnyb, and other kvetchies)))
Happy Monday all!


roseviolet - I think that it is good that you took thoes classes. You are not paying to get into the theater, you are paying for the class so that people start knowing you.

Sassy - was the water moving fast when you were tubing? It sounds like fun unless it was rushing but then I don't know how to swim.

I'm 3 weeks away from leaving my job and I am bored outta my skull! As I know that I am leaving, there is less than nothing for me to do. So I have been just sitting here...playing too much on Facebook...reading too much Jezebel...anyway...I am interviewing for a PT job at my school library. As my actual plan is to do office temp work when I am not at my internship, the library job would be great. Regular hours and the hourly pay isn't bad.

Have a great day all.

((kittenb)) Glad the project worked out okay even though you had to deal that specific classmate. The school library job sounds like it would be a good fit, good luck.

((star)) I’m sorry to hear that your great uncle passed away. I’m glad that you got to spend quality time with your family though, it’s sad that a death sometimes is the only way to bring people together. I swear that I only see most of my family when someone dies. Best of luck on finding a position. Someone is going to realize what a great addition you will be.

((sassy)) That sucks about work, but I’m glad you had fun tubing. I’m a wimp, and would probably be too scared even if the water is very still.

((rose)) I hope the first class went well.

((ccgirl)) I hope you had fun with your mom at the Art in the Park. I wish that I could have a good relationship with my mom the way you do with your mom. Sorry to hear about the bridal shower drama.

((crassy)) I hope the follow up pap smear is okay.

((syb)) Yay for the thesis almost being done.

((christine)) Sorry about the house, how was your sister’s wedding?

((mando)) It’s so good to hear from you. Work sounds really bad, I really can’t stand when there is tension at work because you don’t know what to do. I’m sorry that your boss man has lost his job, he seemed like a really good support system through the years.

((amilita, pip, bunnyb, polly, sidecar, mornington))

Since my last post in here Mom DM got fired from her job. According to Mom DM her boss fired her because of her medical problems (she’s been in the hospital, on and off work, but had doctor’s notes). It is a bad thing, and really not what she needs physically or emotionally. She filed for unemployment, but I am unsure if she is going to consult with anyone about possible legal actions due to being fired for medical reasons. She just has to decide what’s best for her and her health. I’m trying to motivate her to exercise (which all her doctor’s have recommended) because it’s not good to sit around the house with nothing to do. She also might look into some job training which would be awesome.

I’m doing good. Mr. DM and I are going for a vacation to NYC in 9 days, and I am really looking forward to it.

This is just a drive by, but we're considering selling our house!! Argh!! This is so new to me. Be back later to vibe.
*sigh* I finally got my boy cat to the vet. I'll get the test results tomorrow but the vet is really thinking it is hyperthyroidism. It seems that all of his symptoms point that (weight loss, anxiety, rapid heartbeat.) It is treatable but not cheap and the best treatment would require some hospitalization. It makes me sad to think of him staying at a hospital and (of course) it will cost almost the same amount of $$ as the bills I just paid off. He is mad and cleaning himself rigourously. They had to shave his neck for the blood draw. So many indignities. On the bright side, though, he doesn't seem to be in any pain, he is just thin and anxious.
The news just showed a dance group of elementary school students doing the cha-cha & the jitterbug. Very cute and most of the girls were several inches taller than their dance partners. Made me feel better. Okay, and now I am almost crying about the story of a little 5 y/o who is walking thru his kindergarden graduation after being shot a year ago. It is possible I am hormonal.

{{{sassy}}}!!! That is huge news!

{{{dm and mom}}} My mother once got unemployment when she walked off a job. She proved that her hours were cut so unfairly that they might as well have laid her off.

{{{rv}}} I loved that postcards site. Thanks.

Oh, sorry about the kitty, kitten. Interesting, though- Tana has hypothyroidism and it's pretty cheap and easy to treat- $10/month for pills and that's it. I wonder what causes hyperthyroidism to be more expensive/difficult. Glad your class project went better than expected, though.

Sad/pissed about the Tiller clinic closing permanently. The commenters on Jezebel talked about resurrecting Jane. Or having an Underground Railroad-esque network of volunteers help get women from around the country to one of the few clinics that will perform late-term abortions. I said I'd volunteer as a driver.

Sassy, sorry to hear about the crap with your boss, but we're eagerly awaiting an update on the house.

((star)) sorry to hear about your uncle. I'm pretty sure the same thing will happen in my family- my generation doesn't keep in touch with each other, especially on my mom's side. There's just too many of us- when my grandma is one of 10 kids and each of them had at least 3 kids (my mom is one of 9), it's impossible, and add in all the family drama over the years. I have first cousins who I've met maybe once, ever. I talk on Facebook to one of my cousins who's 12-years-older than me and lives 1500 miles away, who I think I've met twice in my whole life and never really talked to before. That's definitely one of the benefits of Facebook.

((designermedusa)) I hope everything works out with your mom. That sucks.

This weekend, we hung out with the Selena's on Friday, went to my hometown's summer fest on Saturday (saw hairstyles that have been out of fashion for 20 years and lots of Crimes of Fashion!); Sunday, LeBoy and I saw Up and ran some errands. I didn't work yesterday because my cousin was at a seminar in Seattle, so my mom and I went to the antique store (didn't find anything worth spending money on.)

((hugs to everyone)) Watch out for those Gileadeans. rolleyes.gif
hi all -

glad to hear/read about all the positive things going on in everyone's lives! i'm sure the annoyances will soon go away too.

sassy - i hear you on the house. i've got mine on the market, and i live in an area that has not improved as much as it should have. i'm worried that i may end up owing more than it's worth because of the economic fall, and because lack of sales in an area also affects an appraisal. plus, just selling is stressful!

i think the last time i was complaining about my neighbors, they were sitting on my front porch. they have stopped doing that, but they are still dealing drugs. over the weekend, they were running around in traffic, throwing roman candle firecrackers at each other. (you know - it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye!!) i did call the cops, because they were throwing firecrackers at each other, but you don't know if they would start throwing them at someone else unrelated to the group. i say "they" because it was the kids next door, and they're friends/co-drug dealers. they're all around, what, 14. <sigh> the police and the DEA are very informed of the situation, and hopefully things will calm down soon.
((((p 176)))) your neighbours sound like quite a bit to deal with.

((((star)))) sorry to hear about your uncle. At least it sounds like the funeral went okay.

((((kitten)))) I hope the kitty is okay.

(((rose))) I hope your classes go well!

(((polly))) good for you for volunteering. It scares me so much to hear about the actions taken by pro-lifers in America. I know that we've had trouble here too but it seems like every time I hear about abortion in the states that everyone is afraid of losing their rights.

(((crassy))) good cell vibes!


Well, the bridal shower issue totally blew over and things went right back to normal, which is nice. This past weekend with all the stuff going on for my grandparents was good and bad so I guess I could break it down.

Good: having neighbours over for a barbecue on Saturday night.

Bad: My dad being a total asshole right before which resulted in me shooting him the finger and all sorts of drama that I will explain in a second.

Good: seeing my grandparents renew their vows.

Bad: having to sit through a 1 hour and 40 minute church service because the pastor likes to hear his own voice and we repeat verses from songs over and over and over. Also, the church my grandparents go to is totally against gay marriage so it is now considered a breakaway from the Anglican church and we got to sit through a stupid Q and A session at the end about the trial that is going to happen and how the church is splitting time between the breakaway group and the people that are okay with gay marriage. It sounded like a fucking custody arrangement.

kvetch: people picking and choosing which parts of the bible they want to believe in. I read the line about man not sleeping with man. A few lines down it also says it's a sin to have sex with a woman who's on her period. Give me a fucking break.

kvetch: my dad. I know this belongs more in the dysfunctional families thread but this weekend I just had enough. He doesn't seem to realize how much he hurts any of us because he thinks that he's always in the right. I just lost it and while I apologized for what I did, I don't know how much I meant it. So at this point, I will talk to him and be civil when I have to but other than that I will avoid him. I just can't do it anymore. I've always said that if it was any other relationship I would have cut it off years ago. I mean, how many more times am I supposed to put myself back out there just to get hurt again? I don't think I can handle anymore hurt from him and nothing ever changes so I'm just going to minimize my relationship with him as much as possible.

anti-kvetch: my brother is taking me to see the new Terminator movie tomorrow.

candycane_girl - I didn't realize that any part of the Anglican Church was cool w/gay marraige on a large scale. Interesting.

Well, my cat's thyroid is fine. However, since something isn't right with him they want to do x-rays & ultrasounds for heart disease. blink.gif This sounds a hell of a lot scarier. I won't know until July 6 when they give him all of his tests. I am taking heart from the fact that the vet did not seem to think I needed to get Yaya right there for ER care.

Good lord.



Another fly by to say that I got laid off today. I know it was due to the budget, but it doesn't make it any easier to hear.
Did anyone else have trouble getting on Bust yesterday? I tried and tried, but no luck. I'm glad it's working today. I really missed you all!

((((((((((((((((Star)))))))))))))))))) So sorry to hear about your great uncle. There have been some fractures in my little family, too, so I know how strange that can be.

(((((((((Kitten and her kitten)))))))))) I hope everything turns out okay with the tests. I'm going to take it as a good sign that they aren't rushing anything. I know someone whose cat was diagnosed with heart disease a few years ago & that kitty is still alive and doing well, so even if the diagnosis isn't good, there may still be reason to hope.

(((((((((Sassy))))))))))) I'm so sorry. I guess the good news is you can focus your energy on preparing the house for sale, right? Can you tell I'm grasping for silver linings here?

~$$~$$~ house-selling vibes for P ~$$~$$~ That is the worst! Here's hoping that someone with a great interest in urban renewal decides to take advantage of the big tax break & snaps up your house soon.

(((((((((CCGirl)))))))))))) Oh, that's rough. Personally, I'm proud of you for standing up to him. It sounds like he's been beating everyone else down for so long and no one in the family has had the courage to confront him about his shit. That may not be much consolation, but I bet there are a few family members who are glad you said what you said. Some of our elders don't deserve respect if they're not willing to give it, too.

Kvetch: I snapped yesterday. I've been sinking deeper and deeper into depression lately and Sheff didn't seem to grasp how bad it's getting and I basically exploded at him. This is the lowest I've felt in years and I'm scared because I don't know how to fix this.
Rose - I couldn't get on Bust at all yesterday and I really needed to. I need some magical mystery Bust vibes sent my way PLEASE! I'll let you know if it works.
Rose, I am sorry that you are feeling so down. Are you depressed or is it depression (does my difference make sense?)

{{{sassy}}} That sucks and I am sorry to hear it.

Happy Friday everyone!
Yep, Bust was down yesterday.

((rose)) I'm sorry you're feeling sad.

(((vibes for kitten)) I'm glad kitty is better.

((star)) so sorry to hear about your uncle.



((polly)) Good you're volunteering....

((p 176)) Your neighbors sound horrible!

Kvetch: Still sad about the job, but trying to focus on maybe selling the house (we meet with our first real estate agent on Saturday) and working on a career path. I'm worried b/c we're in a neighborhood with a ton of foreclosures. My boss is now trying to turn it around to say I quit. They stopped paying me, so I consider it a lay-off.

Kvetch: If that day wasn't shitty already, I came home and had a seizure. It had been over 3 months! Just so pissed at myself.

Happy Friday everyone!

Undies: pink boy shorts
Happy Friday, ya'll. It's funny how even though I haven't been posting much lately, as soon as the Lounge was inaccessible I nearly broke out in a cold sweat tongue.gif

(((((MANDIKINS!))))) so good to see you around here, sweetpea.
as always, a continual loop of ~~~~healing and comfort vibage for ya~~~~

~~~continued health vibes kitten's kitty boy~~~

((((rose)))) sorry to hear that you are struggling with the depression, honey. Have you contacted your doctor? Perhaps you need a medication adjustment? Whatever it is, I hope it eases up for you, and quickly.
*extra tight hugs*

(((((candy)))) sorry about the toxic relationship with your father. It sounds as if the best thing for your emotional well being is for you to keep your interactions with him as minimal as possible.

((((sassy)))) sorry to hear about you losing your job.

((((dm, sidecar, polly, star, bunny, amilita, crassy, morn, pixie, everyone))))

So a week from today the kidlet departs for Florida. R is not dealing with this well and went to see his doctor yesterday. He's been having nightmares every single night, grinding his teeth like mad and waking up with a headache which he has almost constantly. It seemed like he was not going to be able to get the day off but through some miracle yesterday it was approved (and with pay even!), so that is one thing that has been stressing him out that is now resolved. There has been a whole lot of tension between he and A's mom, mostly because of her selfishness and how it impacts the kid so negatively. Poor kid is also a wreck. He has been staying with us for the most part and we are having a little Bon Voyage dinner for him tomorrow night. My bff and her wife are coming down for it, which he is VERY excited about. He was supposed to stay with us until the morning when we go to the airport, but his mom just called to say she changed her mind about that dry.gif. It's not often I will say I hate a person, but that lady (and may I please stress that I use the term "lady" very loosely here), she just pushes it. I will say that I loathe the very thought of her. I just cannot believe that she is so self absorbed that she never even stops to think of anyone elses feelings. Okay, just needed to vent so that I don't knock her upside her stupid head. mad.gif /rant

undies: purple and lavender argyle print hipsters, purple bra.

((yuefie, r and kidlet)) I think we need to send the Pink Mafia after that woman. She's just so evil.

((sassy)) Sorry you're having such a wretched week. A pox upon them. I hope the real estate agent brings you good news.

~*~*~*~*mystery vibes for kitten*~*~*~*~

((rose)) Sorry you're feeling crappy. Maybe seeing a therapist would help- you're already on meds, right? Like yuefie said, maybe they need to be adjusted? unsure.gif

((cc_girl)) Feh on all the yuckiness lately.

p_176, any further mishegas with your neighbors?

So, I'm happy to report had a good day today! I had to get up early to go to Ikea and meet office manager there- he wants to get new desk chairs and we had to do some test sitting. He bought me breakfast, though- I got a piece of chocolate cake with breakfast (because I could!) and it was surprisingly good. Anyway, picked chairs and I bought a few other things. Then I went home, messed around on the internet for awhile. Then LeBoy got home and we decided to get those crabapple blossom pics printed. Here are the ones we chose. The prints look amazing and we got frames. Now I just need to get the hanging down. If you didn't see my post in the home decoration thread, here's what I'm trying to go for with how I'm hanging them. We'll see how that goes. After we got the prints and the frames, we stopped at Costco, picked up some amazing steaks and spinach salad, went to the Selenas and grilled them up. OMG, so freaking good.

Tomorrow is the Chicago bustie party and I'm soooo looking forward to it. I'm making ceviche! I remembered that I have a $50 gift card to Whole Foods, so I'm going to buy some nice fish.
Okay, first off a kvetch: not being able to get on Bust at all yesterday and even for a little while this morning.


(((polly))) I'm glad that things are going well for you. Those pics are really nice. I only have like, two things hanging in my apartment. I don't know how to hang anything myself because the walls are concrete and I don't want to fuck anything up.

(((((sassy))))) it's not your fault you had a seizure. I hope you're feeling better.

((((((((yuefie, R, and kidlet)))))))) that woman sounds like the kind of person who cares more about doing what she wants than doing what's right for her family. I can't stand people like that.

(((((((rose))))))) I'm so sorry to hear how depressed you're feeling. I don't know what to tell you except to just try to stick with what you love. I know that being rejected time after time can take a huge toll on a person but you are good enough. And I think that eventually you will find something that fits.

~*~*~*kittenb*~*~*~ magical mystery vibes!

I think I will explain more about my dad in the families thread but basically we keep going through the same cycle that never ends. First, things are fine, then he gets stressed (99% of the time about money) and decides to take it out on the family by acting like an asshole, I finally lose it and we have a blowout, then we have an awkward apology and a long talk sometimes with me crying out of frustration, he feels bad and acts really nice for a while, two weeks max. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Rose, at this point my bro and my mom feel that it's pointless to stand up to him so they just ignore his "moods". Which is why I'm going to do just what yuefie said and just keep my contact to a bare minimum.

Anyway, I'm not totally sure how I'm feeling about A right now. It's so weird. I have this overwhelming sense that we will get back together and it feels like more than just me wanting him back. I can't describe it, it's just this weird feeling that things will work out. I don't know. Obviously it's what I want. I feel pathetic, I've pretty much made a fool of myself in the Moving On thread but I am not going to give up on him yet. I've got about a week and a half before emailing him about having a talk. Anyway, I hope that what I feel isn't just in my head, that maybe it's something that will actually happen. How do I stay hopeful without getting my hopes up?


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(((cc_girl))) your relationship with your dad sounds like my mom and i. oh maude, i hope things work out for you with A. don't worry about how you come across in the moving on thread. i've felt the same way about how melodramatic i've been about my career.

*~*~*mystery vibes for kittenb*~*~*

(((kittenb))) i'm sure it will work 'cause things seem to be going your way this year.

(((polly))) those pics were amazing. i'm a big fan of the color green. the green is so vivid in those pics. part of the reason why i asked you if you photoshopped the color on those pics. i really love the pic with the cherry blossom tree and the night sky.

(((yuefie))) gosh. my heart just sinks for R. sad.gif lots of vibes will be sent your way during the transition for kidlet's move.

*~*~*soothing vibes for rose*~*~*

(((rose))) i sent you a PM.

(((sassy))) are mcgeek and you planning on relocating to portland?? it sounds exciting.

(((other kvetchies)))
My heart is breaking for both of them so much and I can't seem to stop tearing up. I've got to hold it together though, I don't want either of them seeing my crying. It's hard enough for them to relax and have a good time pretending it's not almost here without me blubbering. I just don't want to add to their sadness. What I forgot to mention is that R's dad's health is rapidly declining and his sister has ovarian cancer. He just has so much on his plate right now, I wish I had a magic wand sad.gif

((((((((((yuefie))))))))))))) Stay strong. Sometimes I find it best to just go to my room, lock the door for a few minutes and cry. Get it all out, as much as you can.

Thanks, star. I just feel like nothing is final yet so I'm not going to give up being hopeful about me and A. Heck, maybe some bustie vibes will help when the time comes. It may sound crazy and kind of like The Secret but I do think there is something to be said for positive thinking and self-fulfilling prophecies. I'm trying to just stay positive and visualize what I want. It's weird because I have pictured my situation going both ways (either staying together or splitting up) but lately I'm finding it harder and harder to picture him saying that he doesn't want to continue our relationship. Who knows, maybe it's the universe trying to tell me something.

kvetch: cramps. Seriously, my period is barely even here anymore and yet I am in pain and nothing is helping.
~!*&#(&!*~!*@*~ mystery vibes a-plenty for Kitten ~!&@#&(~!*~
Hope that helps!
(((((((Kitten's kitty))))))))

((((((((Mandi & BossMan))))))))

(((((((((((((((((((((((Yuefie, R, A, R's dad and R's sister ))))))))))))))))))))))
My heart breaks for you. I hope you can take a few deep breaths and enjoy our time together. Take plenty of photos! My only piece of advice is to plan when you'll see one another next. Set a date. Prepare for it. Look forward to it! You're basically starting a long-distance relationship with the boy, so you'll need to use some of the tricks that hep people survive during those separations. I know when Sheff and I had to be apart, nothing helped me keep my sanity as much as knowing when I'd see him again. It really makes a huge difference.
(((((((((extra vibes for R, R's dad and sister))))))))
Oh, and did I say, "Fuck you, cancer"? 'Cause cancer really should fuck itself. In the ear. Without lube.

So sorry to hear about the seizure. I was thinking just the other day that it had been a long time since you'd had one, but I didn't want to say anything (in case I'd jinx it or something). Please be kind to yourself. This really wasn't your fault. You're just under so much stress right now.

We had one of those in my family, too. Maddening! I, too, seemed to get more annoyed by it than everyone else. It was if the rest of the family got lost heart & didn't want to fight him anymore. Then again, they were all older than me, so it was as if I'd joined the annoyance party a little late. rolleyes.gif Good luck finding a healthy balance with him. As for the boy ... it's hard. From what I've read, it sounds like he may still be processing his last break-up. So maybe you two really can try again later, but I think it's important for you to give him some space in the meanwhile. Maybe eventually (in a month or so?) you can start talking on the phone occasionally, but don't push to see him. Let him make the first move there. If you respect his need for space, he'll be more likely to come back freely. At least, that's the way I felt when I was in a situation similar to his.

Here's another way to think of it: He's may be doing this out of respect for his feelings for you. It may not seem like it on the surface, but think of it this way. He's still hurting from the break-up with his ex. On some level, he's still thinking about her and nursing those wounds. He doesn't like having those painful feelings mixed up with his feelings for you. It's distracting. It makes him feel torn. When he moves on to his next relationship, he wants to feel more healed so that he can devote the proper attention and energy to his new relationship. But before he can do that, he needs space and time to heal. Of course, I'm only guessing here, but based on what you've written, ts sounds like a plausible argument.

[blows kisses at Stargazer]

Polly, I really like those pics of the tree! Who took them? Was it you or the boy? What software did you use on them? I recently started playing with Picnik for the photos I put up on my blog. It's pretty basic, but it's free & easy so it works for me.

Anybody talked to Pixie, Mornington, or Bunny lately? What about Dusty? She's been on my mind a lot lately.

Thanks for all of the support, everyone. That's why I love this place. Everyone is so kind when the shit hits the fan. Kitten, I understand your question. I feel that I am depressed about my situation and I am on the cusp of falling into a Depression-with-a-capital-D. I'm not on meds right now. I went off them at the end of my last bad depressive episode which ended in 2004. My problem, historically, is that sometimes when things get bad and I feel low for a while, I end up sliding into that deep pit that is Depression. If I'm in that pit, then I need professional help and medication to get out of it. Luckily, I don't think I'm quite in there yet, but I'm on the edge. I've stuck my toe over the edge a couple of times (like the other night when I went bat-shit crazy on Sheff), but I've managed to fight back successfully so far. My mom has helped enormously. Sheff has been a bit more difficult, but I think that's because he was taking it too personally. I think he's starting to understand now, so he's more of a help.

See ... well, forgive me for rambling on more, but the thing that was holding up Sheff was that he somehow thought I was unhappy with him. But I'm not. When I said I was unhappy with my life, he seemed to think, "Well, I'm a part of her life, so that must mean that she's unhappy with me!" That simply isn't true. He's one of the bright spots! But then I would say that I was unhappy because I missed being in theatre. Well, he would think, "The only reason why she isn't in theatre is because she isn't still in Tulsa. And the only reason why she isn't in Tulsa is because she's here with me. So it's all my fault!" However, I don't see it that way at all. I don't blame him. I definitely do NOT want to leave him just so I can go back to Tulsa. I just want to be happy here. I want to have a creative outlet that makes me feel that old joy. Mom says that when I talk about theatre, it's like a light inside of me flips on. I miss that light. I want to feel that light again. That's all.

Anyway. talking to Mom helped a TON. Sheff has helped, too. Plus he talked to a couple of our friends and they've reached out to me, which means a lot. To top it all off, I had a great conversation with BestGalPal today. Then my 2nd cousin, Tiff called & it sounds like she may be able to visit us this summer! Which kicks SERIOUS ass. She's about to enter 10th grade and she's super cool & we all get along great (she especially likes Sheff). So I'm feeling a bit more positive. At least I haven't cried today. That's a vast improvement!

Kvetch: This is pretty TMI, but I thought it might amuse you all. I have 2 mosquito bites in a very intimate area. You know that place that's kinda sorta where your vulva meets your butt cheek? That's the location of these mosquito bites. What would you call that place? Your bulva? Vutt? One thing is for certain: there is no way you can scratch it discreetly.

Anti-kvetch: Great phone calls, as I mentioned before. Plus I'm making a sweater for myself and I'm almost done. And tonight some friends are taking us out to eat! Then we'll go back to their place to play with their bunnies and watch a movie.

Kvetch: Still anxious about my acting class tomorrow afternoon. Plus I need to find a one-minute Shakespeare monologue for an audition in 2 weeks. Can you say "impossible"? Shakespeare certainly could, but it usually takes him much longer than one minute to do so. Ugh.
Thanks for the mystery vibes everyone. They worked and I have to say that I haven't ever been this relieved to get my period. Seems that the Nuva Ring is shortening my period to the point that it is almost like I don't have it. That is causing some stress. rolleyes.gif Otherwise it was a nice weekend of brunches, parties and a street fair. Nice to see all the Chicago Busties on Saturday!

Rose - it is good that you are planning another audition despite the depression. For the monolouge...maybe check Measure for Measure. As I remember it, that play has a lot of female monolouges and it isn't done that much.

{{{yuefie & co.}}} What a tough situation to be in. sad.gif Hang in there as best you can.

{{{candycane_girl}}} I don't think you've come off bad in "Moving on..." You're in pain. That is what the thread is for.

{{{sassy}}} Take care of yourself!

Happy Monday ya'll!

Kitten, so glad to hear the vibes worked! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll definitely look into it.

Well, I went to the acting class. I didn't do as well as I'd like, but I was okay. The best part was after the class. I talked to our teacher, told him I was fairly new in town & just starting to get my feet wet in the theatre community. We chatted for a while & he gave me some helpful information. He also told me that he is recording a little film to support one of our local independent bookstores. He needs some women to appear in the film. I wouldn't have any lines, but it would be a great way to get out there & do something. He said if I was interested to send him an e-mail. So I did and he wrote back & offered me the job - no audition or anything. So yay! I mean, I know it isn't much, but it's something! This particular guy is very important to the local theatre community, too. He's the Artistic Director for the 2 companies that interest me most and he's a theatre professor at our local fancy-schmancy private university. I'm making good connections already. Hooray!

But I'm still stressed out. There were some people at that class who were fairly crap, but there were some others who were REALLY good. Especially the women who were about my age and look similar to me. IF I have to compete against them, I don't think I've got much of a shot. Ugh. If only I could be content just working on costumes! Bah!
(((kittenb))) I'm glad Aunt Flo came to visit you.

(((rose))) Congrats on the part!

(((yuefie))) Hope you are holding up ok.

*~*~*soothing vibes for ccgirl*~*~*

I had a good weekend. I watched my nieces on Friday (my good friend's daughters that I am Auntie to. I like my friends who have a community approach to mothering.) Saturday, I was lazy early in the day. Then, I was scrambling to get ready for our get together. Avaadore made some kick ass mojitos. Mojitos are normally too sugar-y for me, but, her drinks were just right. Tons of food! Then, I had to try to get to another party for a friend who lived nearby. All I did was sleep on Sunday.

(((Polly, DM, bunny, sassy, ccgirl, pixie, syb, and PiP)))
((kittenb)) glad the vibes worked.

((rv)) Yay for meeting the director, and congrats on the part!



Kvetch: I played email tag back and forth with my boss telling me I wasn't fired on Friday, and she was basically telling me I was crazy for believing I was laid off. I sent her an email saying that I would be in on Weds if I still had a job. She sent me an email back today saying I resigned. I'm so pissed, but at least now I can focus on selling the house. Horrible internship that was. Not even a thank you. Bitch.

Anti-kvetch: My doctor called and congratulated me making it three months without a seizure. I really love that. I've finally found a good doctor.

My weekend was good. I hung out with my personal trainer and had a beer with him on Friday. Then hung out with some friends on Saturday night. Also, the first appointment with the agent went well. I'm trying to also get some other opinions. It's just going to be a bear to clean this stupid house. I saw a movie yesterday with Mcgeek and just started cleaning. We're going to be in for a LOT of work.


yay for no seizures, and for the opportunity - even though it has no lines roseviolet, you can wow them with your hotness!
hope everyone's weekends were good. mine was just ok. the bad part was my guy's apartment was burgled - some DVDs were taken - presumably by maintenance because there was no forced entry, and no one else has a key. funny - only adult DVDs were taken. thankfully they did not take the expensive video game equipment. so the locks will be changed, and he's moving soon anyway.
we also introduced our cats over the weekend. i have one, aged 15, and he has 2, aged 5. my 15y.o. totally took over while his cats hid under the bed LOL.
my neighbors....i am still talking with the police about them, since it's the three houses to the right of me that are feeding off each other with this drug dealing. however, as long as they are not on my property, i don't need to call teh cops. i am getting a security camera delivered this week - it goes in the peephole. yay!
(((rose))) good for you on the classes- it never hurts to brush up- it will keep you doing something creative for yourself- not them!! hang in there, men have this innate need to 'fix things' and 'make us happy' and maybe shef is feeling helpless and that's getting him. mr. mcnasty used to feel that way until we really talked about it, now he occasionally feels like that but not nearly as often and when he does we can usually get to the solution faster since we've been down that road. don't stress about other women who are good- they might be looking at you the same way! plus no use in stressing about something that hasn't happened yet- i mean you just got a part in a film!! and got to know someone influential in the biz at the same time! smile.gif

(((sassy))) ~*~*~sell the house for a good price~*~*~ sorry to hear about the job and seizure (that boss sounded like a real piece of work!) please take care of yourself, do not be pissed at yourself for something out of your control! (((more booby-squishing hugs)))

kitten- awesome news on the presentation! (((boycat))) glad the vibes worked!

(((star))) sorry to hear about your great-uncle. and i'm sure you'll find something- don't give up your field unless you really really thought it over!

(((momdm))) she should totally look into legal recourse!

(((candy))) i hope you can find the balance between being hopeful without getting your hopes too far up, i just don't want you to be disappointed and think about how elated you would be if it brought more than you wanted!


(((yuefie, R & kidlet))) what a witch you have to deal with, she sounds so selfish. how could you do that to any kid, much less your own?!?

polly- love the hanging arrangement and the prints.

my procedure (a colocopy) for my 'abnormal' cells is friday. i decided to take the rest of that day off and relax, the mr. is so cute he's taking a day off to 'care for me'! i told him he didn't have to- it's outpatient and they said i could drive home- but he insisted.

the mr. made an amazing cajun pot roast debris on sunday (he cooked that thing on low for like 10 hours till all the meat fell apart)- i just had some for lunch on a roll for w/a little bit of melted stilton- it was like the best thing i've ever tasted-gah!! and i followed that up with perfectly ripe cherries. yum!
take his help - colposcopies aren't fun. you'll want some ice cream to make it all better :-)
Drive by!

I have to run off and make dinner, but before I do I wanted to share some great news!

My brother - the amazing photographer who specializes in photographing musical groups - is going to have a 2 page photo spread in Spin Magazine! It's his first national gig! Woot! The guy who discovered my brother's work is really really impressed with him and they're interested in hiring him for additional photography jobs. How cool is that?! I'm beyond thrilled for him as you can probably tell.

Must go. The korma and na'an are calling me.
(((((((((crassy))))))))))) a colposcopy isn't too bad. I had one a few months ago and although it was a bit uncomfortable it was also interesting to catch a glimpse of my lady bits on the television screen that was set up. I hope your doctor is as nice as mine was.

((((rose))))) congrats to your brother! Does he know what band he's going to be shooting? Also, your dinner sounds good. I can't believe I was home for 2 weeks and didn't have any Indian food!

((((((p_176 and boy))))))) that sucks about his apartment. At least he's okay. And more boourns to those crappy neighbours.

((((((((sassy))))))))) that internship boss lady sounds horrible. It's not the same but just this morning I was listening to NPR and they were talking about companies that were making people go on mandatory unpaid vacations and the confusion and anger over being told that you still have a job but you're not allowed to work. Sometimes I wonder what the world has come to.

(((((Star))))) yay for a good weekend!

((((kitten)))) yay for getting your period! I've been in that same spot and it's such a wtf moment. But at least it finally came.

kvetch: My period is over but I have been having cramps since last Monday when it started. It's worse than regular cramps and it's so weird. They are absolutely horrible but only last for a few minutes but come and go throughout the day.

anti-kvetch: I'm back in TO! I have to admit that after two weeks of being with my family it's a bit lonely. I miss my mom and my dog so badly. I took Toby out for a walk one last time before leaving for the train station today. My poor baby, he's getting worn out just from walking around the block. I already talked to my mom on the phone but it's not the same as seeing her in person and getting a hug.

The worst part right now is knowing that A is so close by. I really want to get in touch with him but I'm going to stay strong and wait until Sunday. Gah. Crassy, you totally articulated how I'm feeling.


(((rose))) Oh, that's totally cool news about your bro. tell us more about the spread so i know what to get excited for when i pick up the rag the next time i'm @ the store.

(((candy))) I hope the cramps go away soon.

(((crassy))) I'm glad the Mr. will be there for you after the procedure. I hope things will turn out ok.

(((p.176))) Ugh. I hope you can move soon. It must be frustrating to have to deal with that much drama.

(((sassy))) I'm sorry your former boss is being so unsupportive of you. What's the news on the moving front?

kvetch: I swear the authority figures in my life can all go to hell. Seriously. Personally and professionally, there is a part of me that wants to yell, "Can someone act their age please and be responsible?!?" I want to punch my partner I've been working on this small task with to hit send on some emails so I can finish my part of the work. It should've taken 1 month tops to work on and it feels like if I don't say anything it will never get done. We are going on the 6 months people. Another leader of a project is sitting back wondering why people are not talking about the project on a forum, but, he does nothing to lead the project or create discussion. Just throws out ambiguous one liners. blink.gif Frustrates me to no end. Then, I got some news that I will probably post in the family thread. It has me screaming inside "I NEED TO MOVE!" But, I have no job so that is out of the question....

antikvetch: I'm so looking forward to getting together with polly, humanist, and prophecy this Friday. I'm also housesitting for sidecar. I wish I could bring Shiloh with me. But, I will still get some furbaby lovin' there. I just need another location and some friends to keep me sane right now.

Hi everyone! I haven't dropped off the planet, just been really busy at work.

((Rose)) congrats to your bro!

Star...I am so jealous that you get to have a Bustie meet up!

CC girl...enjoy being home and be strong!

((crassy)) enjoy some pampering! Sorry you have to have a colocopy!

((P, Kitten, Yuefie, Bunny, Sassy, Mando, and everyone else...has anyone heard from Tes?))

Kvetch: The Mr. is sulking because we aren't going on vacation this year! He feels his whole summer is ruined. Umm...he's a a school teacher so at least he's getting a break from work which more than i can say since i am workign my a$$ off right now. He's also got a bit of an attitude because of...

Antikvetch: We are remodelling our kitchen!!! I am beyond thrilled! We are getting a new stove this weekend and having our countertops replaced. We are looking at getting a glass tile backsplash. Then I am repainting the whole kitchen and dinning room and getting brand new dishes. I swear I am becoming addicted to HGTV!
(((yuefie))) poor R & kidlet & you. Sending love and light and copage vibes, darling.

(((star))) sorry about your great uncle, honey.

*crampies begone vibes for candy*

Rose, Im tres impressed with your brother, and also with your taking the class and making good connections! *success vibes* I too am fighting depression, and I know that the only way Im going to beat it is by putting myself out there. Im thinking about joining the YWCA, going to WW meetings, volunteering at the American Cancer Society, and/or finally going to that local Meet Up book club I found last fall (before my shit hit the fan) anything. I have such a sore need to find like-minded womenfolk to hang with. (But Ill take boys, too.) (oooo, that doesn't sound right.)

*jealous of bustie meetups*

Oh, and rose that sweater is to die for! Please do show it to us when youre done.

*perfect health vibes for Crassy* thats weird they said you could drive. The stuff they usually give you during a colonoscopy is A Wonder Drug youre totally out of it. One minute youre lying there on your side, making tasteless jokes with the nurse (if youre me), the next, youre waking up in recovery. I swear its really a lovely drug, but you really are sort of hungover & woogly all day. My mom and I aptly call it the colonoscopy drug ... hee!

(((kitten))) sending lotsa good healthy vibes your kittys way. my maggiecat had an ultrasound this week. The vet thought he heard a heart murmur at her exam last week. Needless to say, Ive been a basketcase. Luckily they didnt find anything not even signs of a murmur. She mustve been nervous. The mr is more than a little peeved about spending $350 to find out that she was just nervous. Im peeved that hes peeved.

Rosie, thanks so much for remembering me and bossman. Its pretty brutal right now. His last day is next Wednesday. *weep* the good news is, weve found our comic relief happy place about new bosslady and how the idjits are all reacting to her, brownnosing to the max. They are going to be in for a rude awakening and Im just gonna watch and laugh. (and go cry in the bathroom when i have to. le sigh.)

The other good news is, Im updating the ol' resume and realizing that I really do need to get a more challenging & rewarding job. Im not too old, and, hell, I deserve it. And theres that whole lifes-too-short thing, also.

(((polly, mornington, bunny, dusty, sidecar, sassy, p-176, pixie, dm, sybarite, amilita, everyone)))
Happy Thursday all. smile.gif

Thanks for the ongoing kitty vibes. He is still in good health. My vet told me to put down more of the food that he likes so I have been and he Hoovers it right the heck up. I'm wondering if his weight loss is simply that he doesn't like the dry food as much as the canned food so he only will eat when I put down the canned food. Does it make me a bad cat momma if my kitty is starving himself and I didn't realize it?

sassygirl - that makes no sense? How can there be so much confusion about your job status?

stargazer - have fun housesitting! {{{hugs}}}

pixie - a kitchen remodel sounds lovely. Have fun!

p176 - I hope your neighbor situation improves very soon.


mandolyn - it really sounds like you are ready for movement. Good for you!

crassy - Are you haveing a colposcopy or a colonoscopy? I've only known people w/colonoscopys to be knocked out but I think that colposcopies are not knock-out procedures. Good luck and take care of yourself. cool.gif

Yay for house sitting adventures and kitchen remodels and kitties being healthy after all! I was hoping to drop in and see some good news. I could use some this week, it has been HELL around here.

Sorry, this is going to be long but I need to vent badly.... this week, has just been hard. A has mostly been hanging out with me, until this morning when R took him to his aunt's house (his mom's even more evil sister -and that is saying a LOT!) to say goodbye to them. Lucky for us she had a moment of weakness and decided to let him stay his last night with us, so we pick him up around 10 pm tonight and then take him to the airport tomorrow morning. Saturday was his Bon Voyage party, which was really nice. My bff and her wife did make it down, we had a nice dinner and played Scattergories and other games for hours. Sunday we had a good time fishing and body surfing at the beach. R has been spending the mornings hanging out with him before heading off to work. Poor guy has just been trying to get through the work day without winding up in tears. The kidlet has been moping a lot and has even laid in our bed between us crying, asking us to hide him, to not take him to airport, etc. He's also been expressing a lot of concern about his mom not accepting him (she's told him she doesn't want him watching movies or shows or reading books that feature gay characters and also not hanging out with my gay friends too often because she didn't want them influencing him) and also about her barely knowing this man and wondering if he will accept him or if he will feel like he isn't welcome or doesn't fit in there with his kids. He also told us both stories of his mom already telling him to lie about things (don't tell him you think you're bisexual, don't "act" gay, don't tell him about xyz... ad nauseum).

All of this has been weighing rather heavily on R, so night before last he sat down and composed an email to A's mother. Now, I read the email and though he addressed things that she would't necessarily like, he was not rude or nasty. He told her he had reservations about her not waiting to get to know this man better before moving out their son out there and that he is concerned about her trying to restrict him from reading or watching anything with gay characters, acting as if he is going to catch the "disease" and become more gay. He said that he does feel some anger and resentment towards her and her selfishness, but there was no name calling or anything of that sort. He also reiterated that he was reserving the right to have A return back to California if he felt that he was not adjusting well after giving it a certain period of time or if he felt the environment was not safe or suitable for him. He told her that while he would be cordial and not outwardly upset or hostile, she shouldn't expect much past that and certainly not a goodbye hug because he was going to be there to see his son off and that was the extent of it, explaining that he was letting her know ahead of time to avoid an awkward situation or either of them feeling embarrassed. He also informed her that he would appreciate her forewarning her sister M (surely The Muse of Satan himself) to keep her big mouth shut at the airport, no lectures on parenting "tips", not a damn peep toward him or toward me. R and her sister have a long history of not getting along, he was trying to avoid having some sort of showdown at the airport with her. He asked her to please take in to consideration that he didn't take her to court to fight because he wanted to keep the stress off of their son so that he didn't feel caught in the middle. He asked her to bear this in mind and not place him in the middle of anymore drama, that if she wanted to be angry that she could direct it at him, but to keep A out of it. Anyhow, of course the very first thing she does when she gets out of work yesterday is call the kidlet crying hysterically, telling him that his father ruined her entire day by sending her this horrible, nasty, scathing email because (here's the kicker) he's insanely *jealous* that she is moving on with her life. Then she asked him why he was telling his father that she doesn't accept him because she *does*, she just doesn't want him acting "fanatical" about being gay or bisexual. I heard him explaining how he doesn't feel like she truly accepts him, especially when she tells him to stop "acting" gay. She then tried to somehow drag me in to the middle of it, accusing me of I don't even know what, but whatever it was it pissed the kid off enough that he yelled at her to leave me alone. Then I heard him saying things like "Of course I don't want to hurt you mom" and "No, I do love you and want to live with you" and "I know you don't know what you would do if I didn't come out there with you" and yes, even "No mommy, it's not that I love daddy or Lynn more than you". He was on the phone with her arguing, crying and pleading for almost an hour. I was in the next room but I could hear everything he was saying and it felt so awful to not be able to help him in any way through it. The worst part though was that by the time he hung up with her he was mad at R and was defending her, saying that "dad's mean and hateful email ruined everything and made mom sad". I had to spend the next few hours until R got off work with him stomping around the house, going outside to call her back to try to smooth things over. It was positively sickening, that woman is SO wretched and toxic. I then had to call R before he got home to explain all that had gone down so that he knew what he was walking in to. How sad that he had to spend some of the precious time he had left with his son trying to unravel all of her bullshit lies and manipulation. In the end the kidlet calmed down and talked to R, who was doing his best to explain things to him without completely attacking that poor excuse for a woman the poor kid calls a mother. I then had the oh so wonderful task of comforting R while he cried about his guilt over her being his kid's mother and being unable to protect him from her.

So yeah, tomorrow morning's activities are not exactly at the top of my good time list sad.gif

Thanks for listening, everyone. I am sending good vibes all around. ((((kvetchies))))
((yuefie, R & A)) I'm so sad about this, I'm like in tears over here. What an evil, evil person. Like I said before, you and R are a wonderful support system for him and he's going to know where his home really is, and that he has somewhere to go. It's so much more than a lot of kids, let alone ones going through everything he's going through, have. Maybe R should get some PFLAG info for her- I'm sure she won't dpo anything with it, but she's just so f-ing ignorant, maybe give her the option. He's not going to just *not* be gay. Cod, so damn infuriating. And then guilt tripping him like that. Please post a picture of her so that if any of us ever see her, we can just punch her. Hey, there's some Busties in Florida- maybe we need to send the Pink Mafia over to their house, pay her a little visit. Like Dumbledore and Hagrid, just bust in and grab him.

Oh, and a big FUCK YOU CANCER for R's sister!


kitten, glad to hear that the kitty's holding in there. Contrary to once-popular belief, wet food (quality wet food) is better for cats than dry food. It provides them with more moisture, which is important because cats typically don't drink as much water as they should. And cats are better off with more protein- they could just about live on a 100% protein diet. Dry food can really mess with them. Some cats are more prone to problems with it than others. We free feed Albus dry food, and he gets one 3-oz can of wet food every day. Also, if you can, avoid fish-based/flavored wet foods. They're basically like kitty junk food- they don't have as much nutritional value as other meats, they're like kitty crack- they can turn cats against the other healthier foods and they contain high mineral levels which can lead to UTI's and other problems.

Yay for good news about your cat, mando! ~*~*~*~fingers crossed that the perfect job opens up for you~*~*~*~ I know it's out there!

Ooo, new kitchen, pixie! Post pictures ASAP!

SERENITY NOW! Star! If you're looking to be sane tomorrow night, you're hanging out with the wrong crowd! laugh.gif

Be strong, cc girl!

That's so cool about your brother, rose! And yay for the little movie thing! Keep working at it- you'll find a way in! As for the tree pics, I took all of them. LeBoy hasn't figured out that most of the time, pictures look better without a flash, especially from a point & shoot, where you can't change the angle of the flash- it just makes everything look harsh. I took those at 9 or 10 at night with a tripod. We haven't gotten around to hanging them yet. They're in the frames, waiting. Maybe I'll get some input from prophecy, star and humanist tomorrow night about the layout. BTW, how did you even get mosquito bites there (or do I want to know?)

I'll be thinkin' of you and your girlbits tomorrow, crassy (when aren't I thinking of you and your girlbits?!?! tongue.gif) I've heard some people feel no pain with those, some people have an awful time. Hope you're the former and not the latter.

p- any update on the burglary?

Gawd, sassy- what a bunch of monkeypants going on over there!

Party with the girlies tomorrow night, then a foodie trip on Saturday- we're going to a Costa Rican place, a Cuban place and ending the day at a Mexican seafood place with a giant shark on the roof. Can't go wrong with that. It better be good, because I'm missing the roller derby championship game for it. After this, they start their traveling season, which goes for the rest of the year. Only the first match has been announced and it's in Philadelphia. Hopefully there will be a home game soon. Then Sunday is Father's Day. Blah, not feling enthusiastic about it yet.

Okay, I don't think I missed anyone, but (((hugs to all))) in case I did.

(((((((((((Yuefie & R))))))))))))))))))))
I can't believe that woman put A in the middle like that. If she had a problem with R's e-mail, she should have called R. What a manipulative little bitch. I have to admit, though, that it amuses me that she's worried about A acting "too gay" in fuckin' Florida. It doesn't sound like they're moving to some tiny little hick town, so I can't imagine that she'll somehow be able to shield A from all LGBT culture. Ugh.

I almost wish they could have moved there sooner just so that they could have taken a trip to Disney World during Gay Days in the first week of June. Just imagine her reaction!

~~~~~~~ soothing for Crassy's bits ~~~~~~~~ Here's hoping the procedure goes smoothly & there are no further problems. That's so sweet of the Mr. to take time off to help. Even if you don't need him physically, it'll be great to have the emotional support.

(((((((((CCGirl)))))))))) Just 'cause.

Mandi, is that ... could it be ... a spark of ... dare I say, hope in that post of yours? wink.gif
Oh honey, you know I love ya more that I love pudding. Good to hear you pumping yourself up for the next stage in life. I hope you find the strength to go to all of those clubs and do all the things you want to do. Because, hell, they can't be any worse than cancer, right? And you've been kickin' cancer's ass!
((((((((((((((( huge hugs for our dear Mandi-love))))))))))))))))))))

Pixie, I'm so jealous of the new kitchen. It's going to make a world of difference for you & your house! Any chance you can start planning now for next year's vacation?

Polly, I totally agree with you on the no-flash front. I only have a little point & shoot and sometimes it gets cranky if it thinks the lighting is too low. I've been learning to manipulate the different modes so I can force it to do what I want.

Stargazer, I'm so glad you're going to be able to get out of the house for a while and spend time with friends. You definitely deserve it.
[takes off dainty gloves and, one by one, soundly slaps each of Star's authority figures across the left cheek] Stop being so passive-aggressive, people. Focus! Get the job done!

So Sidecar is going out of town again? ~~~~~~ ->- safe traveling vibes for Sidecar ~~~~~~~ ->-

(((((((((( P )))))))))))))

((((((((( Sassy ))))))))

((((((((((((( everyone ))))))))))))))))

Thanks for the congrats for my brother. His work has been used in smaller, regional papers, but this is the first time one of his photos will be published in a national publication. Mom said they found his work through his portfolio on Flickr. How cool is that? The editor loves M's style & it sounds like they're interested in hiring him for additional articles. Fingers crossed! I'm not sure which issue will feature his photos - possibly something this autumn. When it hits the stands, I'll definitely pick up a copy. Or 5! For those of you who check out my blog, there's a link to his portfolio at the top of my blog roll. Those of you who say I'm talented with a camera will see that I am nothing when compared to my brother!

As for me, I guess I'm coping okay. I had a freak-out about this silly little promotional video. I almost wrote to the director & backed out of the project. I guess I kinda feel like I'm re-opening Pandora's Box.This theater stuff is dangerously intoxicating. I can't help but wonder if I might be better off if I stay away from it.

Kvetch: Bleeding heavily for 2 days.

Anti-kvetch: Not hurting too much, surprisingly. I just wish I knew why I'm bleeding heavier than usual. Stress maybe?

Anti-kvetch: Brownies and cheeseburgers. I promise I'll return to a healthier diet once the bleeding is down. My body can't take this much junk food for long, but dammit, sometimes a girl has got to go hardcore!

Kvetch: Today is Thursday? What the hell happened to Wednesday? God, I'm so confused!
Christine Nectarine
heeeey everybody! long overdue update/post...

Gigi's wedding went remarkably well. I don't typically enjoy weddings, or believe in civil marriage, so considering that, i really did enjoy myself. the weather was perfect for an afternoon wedding in the park. it was a 15 min ceremony, followed by a picnic lunch. people hung out on the grass and played frisbee while they did the photos. and kiddo had a blast running around with the other kids there. way better than a stuffy banquet hall with all your over bearing relatives in forced close proximity!

kvetch: work continues to suck. i am trying to appreciate what i have, and maintain positive thinking about the future.

kvetch: house-foraging (i've decided that we vegetarians do no house "hunt") contines. *sigh* this is largely the reason i've been relatively absent from the lounge. our search has taken up time, and tends to make me stress easily, so i've been concentrating on just chilling when i have the chance.

anti-kvetch: i've been reconnecting with an old friend, which is awesome. she was the photog for Gigi's wedding, and we hung out at the bachelorette and shower. she's A's ex (gulp) from high school, when we were best friends, and the 3 of us worked our part-time jobs together. she was pretty cool when A and i hooked up, until i got pregnant, and she freaked out. it just so happened tho that she had also starting going out with another high school friends ex-boyfriend, and then THEY got pregnant not long after kiddo was born. we've made attempts to be friends again in the past, and it's never been easy (especially since it took A longer to get over his bad residual feelings toward her) until now. it's been sooo nice to have another mommy friend that i can actually relate to.

kvetch: A is working crazy hours this weekend, which mean i ain't getting any. mad.gif

anti-kvetch: A will bring home some deseperately needed cash from said working weekend. wink.gif

(((((((yuefie)))))) this terrible situation just seems to be getting WORSE. I dont even know what to say..

(((rose))) i hope you're doing well. i'm really glad you have loving people around you. it sounds like you know what it is you need to do to look after yourself, which is amazing. take care.

(((sassygirl))) that rEALLY sucks about your job. ah, good riddance! p.s. if your house was in T.O. I'd buy it off you!

((p_176)) sounds like you and your guy have some wacky home-security issues. good! luck!

~~~~vibes for a good procedure tomorrow crassy~~~~~

((ccg)) hopefully we can get out TO busties meet-up rescheduled, and you won't be left so lonely!

~~~stargazer~~~ just keep swimming...

pixiedust, i want kitchen pics when it's all done!

(((mandi, polly, kittenb, everyone)))

good night all.
((((Mando)))) Lovely as ever to see your blue and to hear from you! The plans you're making sound great; I hear you about seeking out quality womenfolk. Why can't some of you live here? wink.gif Great news on seeking out a job that you're more into as well. Keep us posted! Glad too to hear that you and bossman are using humour as a weapon against evil bosslady.

(((Yuefie, R and A)))) Putting A in the middle like that is so far from okay. Poor kid! It's heartbreaking how hard kids try to make their parents feel better; his mom's a piece of work for putting him in such an unfair position. I'm so glad he has you and R to turn to.

(((Crassy))) Thinking of you today.

I am fried but my thesis is effectively done; my advisors have to sign off on it which will take another week (argh) but today is the first time I've looked at it and gone: dude, I wrote a book. And it's awesome. (Well, fingers crossed!) Turning the beast in later today, after which a weird-ish dinner with someone I used to know, then home to the mister and a weekend of indolence!

*New black lace boyshorts and black transparent bra...*
Thanks everyone.

especially ((((crassy))))

We are getting ready to leave for the airport, so please send vibes for us and keep all parts crossed that I don't knock that megadouche upside her head.
fly by....

((yuefie vibes)))


be back later to vibe properly....


(((yuefie, A & R))) i know R meant well, i understand he was trying to run damage control for his boy, but The Bride of Satan does not deserve sane explanatory emails. some people so should not be parents. i don't even know half the story, and i'm livid. and teary.

christine, that wedding sounds absolutely loverly! and whoa about re-friending your bff (and A's ex!) ... that's a pretty interesting turn of events!

sybarite, cheers for being done, doner, donest! i should hope you have some fabulous celebration plans (not that there's anything wrong with a weekend of indolence)? and, uh, er, you had me at black transparent bra! rawr!

where'd sidecar go this time? *jealous*

speaking of brars, black microfiber padded non-minimizer & beige moderate-control panties.

Yay, I made it through without resorting to violence dry.gif . Go, me.

Thanks for always being here when I need ya, my darling kvetchies wub.gif

undies: black lace demi cut push up and black lace cheeky shorts, 'cause on a day like today, a girl can use a lil' secret boost wink.gif.

P.S. see confessions thread about that selfish woman's comeuppance.
Yuefie - after reading your post in "Confessions..." I send this to you: I'm Not Sorry.

Yay Sybarite!

Polly - I give my cats both wet and dry. The dry is always down. I always knew he liked the canned better but it never occured to me he ate less (the cat eats often.) I am curious if he will register a weight gain when we get to the vet's office.

{{{roseviolet, stargazer, christine, mando, sassygiel}}}

I am so tired today and I look like hell. The Geek is going to Las Vegas for a few days and I am looking forward to some alone time. I plan on doing nothing but eating pizza on Saturday night. Sunday I am going to see Away We Go with some friends and I might check out a Unitarian Church I've been looking into. I'm probably going to miss him like crazy but I need sleep. Saturday bedtime might be 9 PM. rolleyes.gif

White lacy bra, purple bikinis.

((((((((yuefie))))))))) I'm glad you survived. I can't even imagine how hard it must be to be in that situation and have to deal with such a horrible person.

(((((kitten))))) I hope you have a good weekend.

((((((((mando)))))))) just cause.

((((pixie)))) yay for remodelling!

((((((crassy)))))) I hope you're doing okay.

(((((syb))))) yay for getting the thesis done! *throws confetti*

((((christine)))) sorry the house hunting isn't going well. Apparently there is going to be some 75% PST rebate for new home buyers on houses that cost $400k or more but unfortunately I think it's only for new homes being built. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the bustie meetup! I was just going to email all the other ladies.


anti-kvetch: I went to the doctor today for a much needed appointment. I've been throwing up like there's no tomorrow and it has just been so bad since A and I broke up. I also had a period for 12 days (I'm still cramping but there's no blood).

The doc said that it could very well be stress. He gave me a scrip for some kind of anti-anxiety med, something in the same category as Valium. I never thought I would need something like that. I guess that's what's getting to me. In the Depression thread a lot of people have been saying that they have thrown up from nerves before but this is the first time ever for me. I've been through worse so I don't know why it's happening now. Anyway, the doc is super nice and he said that if I ever really needed it I could make an appointment just to come in and talk. However, he also gave me the card of one of the hospital's counsellors so hopefully that will get underway soon.

kvetch: just to be sure, my doctor wanted me to get a blood test. Again. They took 3 vials and had loads of trouble finding my vein and I nearly passed out. My arm still hurts.

Anyhoo, mom and the grandparents are visiting tomorrow so that should be nice. I can't wait to see my mom. Unfortunately I have to clean like crazy to get this place ready for the grandparents.

undies: black and white striped boy shorts with a sailor motif.

(((((((((((((((((((((( R )))))))))))))))))))))))))))
(((((((((((((((((((((( A )))))))))))))))))))))))))))
I don't think there's anything I can do that can lessen the heartache you're feeling right now. So sorry.

Kitten, I hope you enjoy your own private Girl Weekend!

Hooray for an undie report from Mandi! Is it silly of me to confess that I've been curious? [blush]

Syb, congrats on the thesis! That's HUGE!!! What are you doing to celebrate?

Christine, good to hear that you're reconnecting with an old friend. Rebuilding those old bridges can be strange, but in this case it sounds like it could be quite healthy. How many months have you spent foraging for houses? Three?


(((((((CCGirl))))))) I hope the drugs help. I'm sure seeing your mom will do you a world of good, too.

So last night Sheff's dad called us at 1am (6am his time in England) to tell us that he wants to alter his will so that if something happens to him and he dies, his girlfriend can continue living in his house.

My thoughts
1. One o'clock in the morning, people.
2. Girlfriend?
3. Continue living in his house?!?

We heard rumors a couple years ago that Sheff's dad might have been dating someone. We had no idea he was still seeing her, much less that she had moved in with him 2 years ago. Two years!!! I will admit that we don't talk with them as often as I'd like, but I still figured that's something Sheff's dad might have mentioned in his occasional e-mails with Sheff. He has even been talking about coming to visit us, but has not once mentioned bringing this woman along with him. It's all so strange!

Kvetch: Formula One madness. If you don't watch car racing, just ignore me. It's too much to explain.

Undies: white hip huggers. Sexier than they sound, I swear.

everything went ok today- it wasn't too painful. i only had one spot that had to be removed for biopsy- the rest was just inflamed. they'll know the results in 4 weeks- but in the meantime the dr. said no sex. ugh. thanks for all the wishes and vibes- i'll post more tommorrow.
Ack, of course I forgot to give out vibes to EVERY bustie yesterday. I swear, if names aren't right in front of my face then I forgt.

((((crassy)))) I'm glad it wen okay. Boourns on no sex though. Perhaps you can replace sex with...exercise. Or chocolate. Or both, so that you could work out your sexual energy while also having something that pleases the senses.

(((((rose and sheff))))) that seems like a rather important thing for Sheff's dad to be keeping from him. Who knows though, maybe he had his reasons. I hope Sheff is okay with the situation.

(((polly))) I hope your weekend is going well. Same goes for you (((kitten)))!

(((((((yuefie, syb, star, mando, sassy, christine, everyone))))))

kvetch: Okay, so last night at like, 10pm my mom called to tell me that her parents didn't want to stay at my place overnight so after driving them 3 hours to see my nana's family she would be driving them alllll the way back. Well, I guess today my nana finally realized what a hike that is and how tough it would be on my mom to do all that driving in one day so my mom called and was like "Guess what, we're coming!" I just ran around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to dust, take out garbage, clear dishes, sweep AND swiffer and of course, hide my pot. It's not perfect still but it's the best I can do on such short notice.

Well, tomorrow is just the day to email A about meeting up but I would appreciate some bustie vibes because we could possibly end up meeting.

And okay, just humour me for a minute but ever since A and I broke up I have felt like my weekend horoscope has been eerily accurate. Example, when we first broke up it said that I should think positive thoughts because it would determine what I experience over the next 3 or 4 weeks (!!!) and that if I thought of all the good things I wanted to happen they would. Now, keep in mind that this was just after A and I said that we would talk again in a month aka approximately 4 weeks.

Then, when I shot the finger at my dad it said that I had someone to apologize to and I'd better do it soon because my apology was sincere.

And now today it says: whatever it is you want most out of life you will find a way to get, if not now then certainly before the summer is over.

Okay, so by now you all think I'm crazy but I'm telling y'all, this stuff is freaky! And also I hope it's true. smile.gif

Rose - dude, I know, right? WTF! I'm sure if it goes through, something else will just pop up in its place.

Mando - SO glad to see you!

And a PSA: if you didn't know, the antibiotics that tend to mess up hormonal birth control also tend mess up the morning after pill. Which makes perfect sense, if you think about it, but it's not something that's usually mentioned when antibiotics are thrown at you (usually just the birth control pill), nor is it something mentioned when the morning after pill is dispensed. So if you have sex while on antibiotics, use a condom. (This is not an announcement of spawning! But, uhm, given the timing, it is not entirely out of the question.)
((((((((((((Crassy))))))))))))))) Glad to hear they didn't have to remove as much as you'd feared. I hope you aren't hurting today. Will you be bleeding a bit for a few days? And did your doctor really tell you not to have sex for 4 whole weeks?!?! That seems a bit extreme, but hell, what do I know!
~*!*~*!*~ sparkly happy results for Crassy's crotch ~*!*~*!*~

Hey there, QSpice, you adorable little thing you! The thing that is really pissing me off about the F1 stuff is that the Speed Channel is. not. talking. about. it. This is the biggest news to hit F1 in YEARS, but it wasn't mentioned at all during Qualifying yesterday. The censorship is absolutely unbelievable!!! I bet fuckin' Bernie "Mr. Burns" Ecclestone has a lot to do with that. If this is how he and Max Moseley are going to run things, then maybe F1 should die. Grrrrrr.

CCGirl, I think the most important idea to consider in those messages is that you shouldn't expect a definitive answer from him today. Over the next couple of months, you'll begin to see what sort of relationship you two are meant to have. In the mean time, perhaps you should remain patient and open to possibilities. At least, that's my interpretation.

As for the FIL's girlfriend, I think I'm feeling more surprised than Sheff. His parents have been divorced for 20 years and I think he's kinda used to them being very secretive about their romantic lives. On the other hand, my parents have been together for 42 years so this situation is totally foreign to me. Luckily, it seems that this girlfriend is not new news to the rest of the family in England. Sheff and I have simply been WAY too out of touch. I'm taking steps to fix this.
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