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crassy - how about Bumblebee, like the Transformer. He's a pretty kick ass Camaro w/great taste in music. smile.gif

candycane_girl - I am glad that you had a nice weekend. It does still feel good to cry to our mothers. That is as it should be.

star - that sounds like a lovely weekend.

It has been proven to me again and again that I would never survive the Apocalypse or being stranded on a desert island. What I thought were allergies is actually a sinus infection and I think I am loosing my will to live. I have been waiting to hear back from my doctor. I just need a prescription for antibiotics and a VERY STRONG ibuprophen pain killer. As it is, if I don't have this by tonight, I don't think I will be sleeping. I can't eat solid foods so I am living on smoothies and soup (yesterday, I had to puree clam chowder.) Even sucking stuff off of a spoon makes my teeth hurt. So, basically, I am very wimpy and I don't have enough energy to be bothered by that.

Hi, gang.

Just dropped my parents and my brother off at the airport. This is my first time to be alone in 2 weeks. You'd think I'd be relieved, but I'm terribly sad. I really hate seeing them go. Siiiiiiiiigh. I think I'm going to curl up with my cat and cry for a while.

(((((((((CCGirl)))))))))))))) I'm happy to hear you had such a good visit with your mom. It's good to hear that you'll see her again soon, too.

(((((((((Stargazer)))))))))))))) Because you always deserve extra lovinz.

PiP!!!! How good to see you! I want to hear more about this culinary institute stuff.

Kitten, that is so devastating. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you. I guess she's planning on keeping the baby, yes? Any possible chance she might consider adoption?

Sidecar, I've been MIA for a while, too, so don't feel badly!

((((((((Crassy & christine and Yuefie and Pixie and DM and all of you))))))))))))))))

Anti-kvetch: The visit with the family was great. We had tons of fun at the beach house with the extended family. It was such a success that next year we're going to do this again (we're aiming towards Myrtle Beach). And did I mention that I didn't get a sunburn? Hooray for SPF 70!

Kvetch: Lonely.
Rose, dont worry. being alone is a gift in itself.

CCGirl I'm so glad you had a good weekend.

Kitten YOU MUST LIIIIIIIIIVE! stupid sinus infections.

You can just paint a complimentary almost matching color, Crassy. YAY on new oven! Saffron is a type of yellow. You could name it the Saffron Scrambler.

Star! I've missed you! You'll get everything figured out. Dont worry.

BIG FAT HAIRY KVETCH: I HAVE FUCKING MONO. MONO. Are you kidding me??? FUCKING MONO??? GAH! And to add to the frustration, I was told to come early to my 8:30am appointment because they'd see me early and I could get out of there. Cool. Got there at 8, was in the exam room by 8:10. The doctor left me waiting until 9. REALLY? 50 minutes? so you could walk in and say "You have mono, but since you're not running a fever and dont have a sore throat, we cant do anything for you. Here's a printout of information on Mono."

LIKE THEY COULDNT HAVE SAID ALL THAT TO ME ON THE PHONE?!?!?!?!?! I HATE HPPA regulations. They can suck my left testicle! I will sign whatever fucking waiver needed to have them tell me shit like that over the phone so A. I dont have to worry all weekend long and B. I dont have to wait in a damned office for an hour to here a crap ass answer delivered with not even a sorry you're supposed to be at work right now and I kept you waiting cause i'm an ass.

Fuck mono.

oh. and I threw up at work today. super.

Anti-Kvetch: At least I know what I have.

Anti-Kvetch: My house is partially clean. I'm proud of Irishboy and myself. We did good yesterday.

I'm gonna take another nap. mwah!
Christine Nectarine
Tut tut – looks like rain!
It’s a blustery day.

Ooh prettynpink, who have you been kissing? How long is the expected recovery?

RV, it’s great that you have a family you can enjoy spending that much time with! Hope yer lonely blues roll away soon.

((((kittenb)))) I’m sure surviving the apocalypse is overrated anyway. Spare yourself the suffering! ~~~~get healthy vibes~~~~

Candycanegirl, it’s great you had your mom around to comfort you. Kiddo is 5 now, and I sincerely hope that when’s she’s grown up, she will cry on me if she needs to. Sounds like you had a much deserved good weekend. Be as mememe as you like!

Hmm Crassy, I am not a “yellow” person, so you probably don’t want my opinion. The first word that comes to mind is “jaundice”. I’m guessing that’s not what you’re going for!

Anti-kvetch: we’re looking at houses tonight!

Anti-kvetch: had my follow up appointment at the doctor’s yesterday. As it turns out, I am vitamin D deficient, so I need to start taking a supplement, and they recommended exercise. Any of the more scary tests came back ok, which was a huge relief, and also relief that I wasn’t just imagining my symptoms. I go back in a month, and hopefully the additional vitamins will have helped by then.

*~*~*strength vibes for cc_girl*~*~*

(((rose))) It sounds like you had a lovely time with the fam. I saw your pics on your blog. It is funny how we long for alone time after too much family time, then realize "Wait, I want some company!" rolleyes.gif

*~*~*healing vibes for kittenb*~*~*

(((kittenb))) I think you need to consult with Turbo and I about a brief detox, my dear. I hardly have the sinus problems I've had in the past. I do feel your pain. When I get sinus pain, my teeth hurt. Ugh.

(((PiP))) At least, they figured out what is wrong. I hope you are feeling better. How do adults catch mono anyway? Most importantly, who were you swiping spit with? wink.gif

(((crassy))) I liked the name Old Yeller, especially after you described the color of the car. It made me think of a Labrador. I like Daisy too.

(((christine))) Good luck with the househunting! Let us know what you get.

kvetch: School as usual. Oh, and I think my hard drive is dying. I need to take it to the Mac Doctor.

antikvetch: I am taking on the role of a leader for this project I am working on which makes me feel good. It is good to know that someone sees my potential and that I'm willing to work. Now, if I can ever get paid in the future that would be great. I guess when starter one's career you have to do alot of footwork done before you start to see the rewards.

So my sinus pain (& my doctor's consent) actually sent me to the ER yesterday. All I needed was some damn pain killers but my doc couldn't see me. They gave me fabulous Tylenol 3. God love it. I slept so much, 3 hours in the afternoon, 12 hours last night. I am still really tired but I feel a lot better. I'm taking it easy today but I am going to try to get some stuff done around the house, just moving very slowly. I haven't been a patient at an ER since I was a child. I would rather not do that again any time soon. It did give The Geek time to read a full book so "bright side."

{{{star}}} What is the project? I hope you do start getting paid soon.

Christine - I've read that vitamin D deficiencies are causing a bit of an argument b/w dermatologists and some other doctors. Since we get D from the sun, sunblock can prevent its absorption.

{{{PIP}}} Take care of yourself. I've only known one person w/mono and it was awful. Get as much rest as you can.

Roseviolet - Oh yes, she is keeping the baby. Many of her friends seem to have 1st graders by this point so I guess I should be happy she waited this long?

{{{health vibes for all Kvetchies as they seem to be needed}}}

*peek* Crassy, yellow is my favourite colour! Makes me think of dandelions. I like, The Bee
(((((((Kitten)))))))))) Sos orry to hear you had to go to the ER, but glad to hear you got some good drugs out of it. I've never tried Tylenol 3, but it sounds amazing!

*!*!*!*!* kiss ass vibes for Star *!*!*!*!*!* Granted, you already kick some serious ass, but I figure a little extra can't hurt, right?

(((((((((((continued love for CCGirl)))))))))))))))

~~~~~~~~ soothing for PnP ~~~~~~~~ I'm totally gobsmacked that you have mono. Mono?!? Any clue how long it will be before you start to feel better?

Crassy, I'm voting for PnP's suggestion so far. You could call it Saffy for short!

Christine, good to hear you may be able to fix the health problem. Can't wait to hear what you think of the houses!

Big kvetch: Last night was uuuuuuuugh for so many reasons. Sheff and I had arranged to go out with a couple of friends - sort of a pick-me-up to cheer me after my family left. Well, it totally backfired.
1. First of all, we went out with our friend who works for the company that Sheff wants to work for and couldn't even get an interview. She's a nice person, but landing this new job has inflated her ego a bit too much recently and she said some embarrassingly pompous things. Her attitude was a bit hurtful towards Sheff. Luckily, at one point she put her ego aside and said that she thinks what Sheff does is "magic" and she's really impressed by the things he can do. Note that she is a designer, while Sheff does programming and engineering which is MUCH more technical and difficult. Her words were nice, but I know Sheff was still hurting because it doesn't change the fact that she got hired and he didn't.
2. We went to another storytelling show (kinda like The Moth in NYC or a live version of "This American Life"). Before the show started, I recognized a woman in the audience. It was the woman who auditioned before me one month ago - the woman who went on and on for more than 4 minutes even though our monologue was supposed to be just one minute long. I said, "I bet she's one of the storytellers tonight." And unfortunately, I was right. And just like in the audition, she went over her allotted time by multiple minutes. But just like at the audition, she was engaging and entertaining and amazing. And she's so accomplished, too. The program for the night revealed that she's a college professor and a writer and a singer and an actor and she's had a book published and has done some reporting for NPR and and and and .... and it was awful. Here was this amazing, entrancing, gorgeous six foot tall woman with this amazing energy about her and these fabulous accomplishments. And when I realized that I was the one who had auditioned after her, I finally saw why none of those 13 directors remembered me or called me back. Who would possibly remember little ol' me and my scrawny monologue after watching that?! It was awful. I've been doing a good job of hiding my pain about this, but last night I couldn't anymore. It took everything within me to keep the tears inside. Last night Sheff and our friends got to see what I was really up against. And I was forced to see that I'm just not good enough. I am nothing compared to this woman. I'm a fucking housewife, for chrissake, while she's out there doing a thousand amazing things.

So basically, a nice night out ended with me and Sheff feeling hurt. We were forced to face that both of us have tried to reach for something more and both of us have been rejected. We thought we were good enough, but we're not. We thought we were progressing, but now we feel stuck. Stagnant.
Was anyone else unable to access the lounge for most of today?

(((((((rose and sheff))))))))) I know that deep down you two both know how wonderful you are but I know how it can feel to be around people who seem to have accomplished so much.

(((((kitten))))) I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. I am, unfortunately, kind of a veteran when it comes to allergy and sinus issues. It started when I was 12 and often involved a sore throat, loads of post nasal drip, stuffed nose, clogged ears and all sorts of pain. I spent most of my life on antibiotics, antihistamine and decongestant and the only thing that helped me was moving out of my toxic hometown. At least we have medication to help us but I know how annoying the whole situation can be.

christine, yay for looking at houses! I wish I knew which neighbourhood you were in. Okay, that sounds stalker-y but I just love all the different areas around here and all of the beautiful houses.

(((((((PiP)))))))) I hope you're feeling better. Is there any way to know how you got mono?

crassy, I vote for the name Bumblebee as well!

kvetch: myself. I didn't even look at the notes for my online class, found out today that there were already two assignments due so I dropped the class. It's my own fault but still. I have no job and now I can't even tell my parents that I'm taking a class. My mom's gonna kill me. Or be very disappointed which is even worse.

anti-kvetch: I haven't cried at all today and I barely cried yesterday.

Anyhoo, I'd like to take a poll. What should I have for dinner, Chinese or pizza?

one more kvetch: cramps. I'm not even on my period. This is ridiculous.
(((kittenb))) How awful. sad.gif I'm glad you are feeling better.

(((rose))) Ugh. I think Sheff and you need a do over night! Seriously. I will say that I think one of the downsides of FB is seeing where some of my friends are in their lives and brings up the monster of jealousy and envy for me. I have to remember that I am still a work in progress. I just progress really slowly. wink.gif

(((cc_girl))) You've been through alot recently. Be easy on yourself. Don't fight too hard when whatever you are feeling arises. If you need to cry, then cry. There is no good or bad about crying if you are just feeling that way. If it feels like too much to manage, make sure you have someone you can talk to. Keep posting in here.

kvetch: working on sending out emails to create my own training position. there is part of me that wishes a great site would just appear. wishful thinking. i keep trucking.

antikvetch: i've been sleeping pretty well lately. not sure if it is the rain or depression connected with school stuff. but, i welcome it! rolleyes.gif

ETA: I found out my folks got the new Star Trek movie on bootleg.
ccg - pizza. I hate Chinese food.

Roseviolet - I TOTALLY get where you are coming from!!!! When we hang out w/The Geek's improv friends I try to not mention that I have a theater degree b/c performers never understand the idea that I switched careers, that I don't want to do it anymore. At this party this other night this very "actressy" woman practically tried to force me into improv classes. It was very annoying. And when this happens, my own insecurities kick in and I start to feel bad about my career switch. Never mind that this was years ago and I have made my peace with this (mostly.) If you do decide that you want to get back into performance, go for it. If you want to start dabbling in it, go for it. You and I both know that it takes a long time to make a dent, no matter what theater community you are reaching for. Rejection is the nature of the theater beast. However, you knew that when you auditioned and you still reached for it. That takes some guts, drive and ambition. That is what you clearly have. I don't think you are "just a housewife," whatever that means. However, even if you were, you are still a kind and lovely person who makes the world a better place just by being you. That takes skill and talent and uniquness. I'm sorry that your night out was so awful. I hope you start feeling better soon.
(((((((star)))))))) I can't believe I forgot to send you vibes. I hope that you find some kind of intern position. I have to admit, this whole situation seems strange to me. The one time that I had an internship (for my advertising program) it was found for us by our teachers. Although I'm still pissed about how mine turned out. My teacher had a great internship lined up for me until he found out that I had applied to university. Since that internship probably would have led to a job he switched me over to another one at the last minute and gave my original internship to a girl who just happened to be my worst enemy. I ended up spending a month filing and playing sudoku online.

As for the crying thing, I don't hold back tears unless I'm in public. I've been feeling a bit better about the fact that I haven't felt the urge to cry so much. However, I will admit to fantasizing about me and him getting back together but I can't help it. I know I shouldn't do it but whatever.
You are correct, Candy. It is a strange situation. Whoever heard of a school not helping their students? dry.gif
Quick response: My SIL had it in like November, but other than that, I have no idea. I am not a good patient. I hate being weak and tired. I hate sleeping all day. So I dont and so I feel worse. I hate this. A LOT. I'm going back to bed now.

((((RV and Sheff)))) You know, I often think the US in particular has a real achievement culture, for lack of a better phrase. It seems like every time I visit I hear of, or meet, people who do about 4 different things... in addition to a 'day job'. Such a culture brings unrealistic expectations of everyone in it.

You and Sheff pursue work and activities you love. Most of the world doesn't do that; most people still settle into a job and maintain the status quo. I have another friend who is an actress and it is a hard and long road, but she keeps at it because it's what she wants to do. A night like that sucks for sure, but you were both presented with arguably extreme examples, and both in one night. The coincidence of that, and the timing, is almost surreal, so if possible try not to read too much into it.

Also, whatever her accomplishments, this woman is using whatever charisma she may have to not play fair, going over time limits and getting away with it... which is not on. FWIW.

PIP, so sorry to hear you have mono! I know it's boring as hell, but do try to at least rest, so you can get better sooner!

Crassy, I vote for 'Saffy'. Also, you have my belated sympathies for your gynie visit; so sorry to hear it was so uncomfortable. Hope all is well on that front now.

Dudes, I am probably happier no than I have been in... a long time. The teaching job I was offered has been confirmed; next year I will be lecturing undergrads in my subject at a very good uni in my city, fulltime. I am so, so excited. I feel I have been working away at this thesis and in a day job I pretty much hate, with no feedback and in relative isolation, and now the sun is literally coming out. Also, we get to move back into the city which I can't wait to do. Finally, the sun is shining here and it's a beautiful day! I feel like I'm coming out of hibernation. /gushing

I wish you all equally awesome Fridays!

*inadvertently matching black mesh knickers and nice new black mesh brar*
(((candy))) it's awesome that you & your mother are so close and she can comfort you! can you register for another class?

(((kitten))) feel better soon! my allergies kickity kicked my arse this season- they still are actually. the constant headache made me want to kill people.

(((pip))) stinky dr!!! that sucks- you're right about the telling on the phone, i hate that shit. mono is the worst. hang in there.

christine- awesome news on the medical front! and looking at houses rocks!

star- glad they're seeing your potential. *~*~here's to getting that training positions together*~*~*

(((rose))) everyone is amazing for something- and while she might have accomplished more on paper i bet she doesn't come home to a lovingly wonderful husband like you do! it's good that you're reaching for more and just because you didn't get it right away it doesn't mean that you won't ever get it. you might have been spared for something better. who knows? i find this to be the case often when i want something and don't get it. i never see it at the time though. sorry you guys are going through this (but at least you're together!) i used to look at others to measure my accomplishment but now i realize that my experiences and life are different from anyone else's both good and bad- and i now try to measure success by my own life experiences.

syb, congrats on the teaching position!! smile.gif

re: my yellow jeep. thanks for all the suggestions. (i did like and considered saffron scrambler) but i've decided on 'top banana'- for a couple of reasons 1) i can incorporate a monkey into the 'logo' for the tire cover 2) i can envision a 'top banana' running over all kinds of stuff like i plan to do in my jeep and 3) it's a nod to the mr's father who passed away who called every convenience store 'top banana' since it was the name of the one where he grew up in queens.

anti-kvetch: love my new oven, made banana bread from scratch last night and plan to bake a little this weekend. i also plan to go to the art star craft bazaar in philly this weekend and I 'won' the staff lottery at work so that's $50 of 'found' money that i can spend there! yay! and i'm rockin' an awesome personalized necklace i made today and have gotten a lot of compliments and ever some offers of $ to buy one!

i'm also walking a 5 mile walk for domestic violence awareness tomorrow. i'm hoping my feet will hold up (it will be the longest i've walked since breaking my foot in dec (on my birthday no less!) i raised almost $200 which is more than the mr. which was my real goal. wink.gif
forgot to post this: here's the necklace (my name is andrea, i go by an-d)
((ccg)) Take care of yourself, and I think it's great that you and your mom are close.

Crassy, cool on the name and necklace. Have fun at the walk.

((rose)) You auditioned for the part, and that took guts. I am having a hard time myself trying to measure myself to other people's accomplishments, but I keep telling myself that people go down other paths in life.

Pip, sucky doctor. Mono is horrible. I didn't know you could get it as adult. Then again, I had chicken pox in college.

Syb, congrats on the teaching job!

Star, yay for taking control in looking for training sites.

((Kitten)) Glad you're feeling better.

Kvetch: Mcgeek is being a bit of a dick lately. I think that maybe it's due to feeling like he wants to go back to grad school. I keep telling him that he'll get in, but I think this math college workshops spoiled him up at the university. He's just been super anxious and grumpy, and ignoring me. I really had gotten used to being alone for two weeks, and then to have to deal with him hasn't been great. sad.gif

anti-kvetch: I've lost 7 pounds, and next week I will be seizure-free for 3 months(knock on wood)! That means in another 3 months, I can drive! I am also considering joining a gym. I actually am having a very good day, and it's the first time I've said that in many months. Also, so looking forward to new movies and pushing daisies episodes. smile.gif

Undies: pink bikinis and new beige bra.

((Candy)) Keep taking good care of yourself.

Sassy, glad you had a good day yesterday!

Crassy, cool necklace! How did you make the heart part? I'm thinking of making some stuff to sell on etsy or maybe even some local shops...maybe you should take some special orders if people are serious about wanting one for themselves!

Yay Syb!! It makes me happy vicariously to hear that things are going so well for you! Enjoy it fully!!

~~~Healing vibes for PiP~~~ I hate being sick, too. Bleh.

(((Star))) Sleep is always welcome in my world. Continue to be strong. I sort of love that your parents bought a bootleg movie. Is that wrong?

Rose, it is so hard to avoid comparing ourselves to other people. It's inevitable, but so unhelpful. There will always be someone more accomplished, prettier, luckier, etc. *sigh* But we ALL go through tough times in our lives, and none of can really judge someone's life from the outside. I know it's easier said than done, but try to shift your focus to the things you have and enjoy rather than compare. Easier said than done, I know. I also try to remember that as much as we all feel envious of others, we don't even know when someone has envied us, ya know?

~~~Healing vibes for Kittenb as well~~~ and also some ~~~strength and family coping vibes~~~

Hi to everyone!!

I am finally done with jury duty!!! Cripes. I was only chosen one time out of the 8 days.

I saw the doc about my shoulder, and it's just muscle stuff, thank goodness. I went to PT the other day to get exercises to do and I got an intense massage. Also taking anti-inflammatories and a muscle relaxer at night. Feeling better in some positions and worse in some...but overall, I think I'm improving.

I think I'm going into a bit of a funk. My favorite coworker is leaving town. I really love working with her, and I admire and trust her...I confide in her and complain to her. It's not going to be the same without her. Also, one of my good friends is actively job hunting in her hometown. Two places are interested in her, and she'll leave in 4-6 weeks once she gets an offer. I have gotten close to her in the last couple years and she inspires me to do crafts and sewing projects. I don't like either of them leaving, even though I know that it's the best thing for both of them for really big reasons.

I'm also plugging away with eating well and exercising. It's not easy; in fact, it's hard. It is rewarding and working well, but it takes a lot of energy and effort. I'm trying to update on Bust the Blubber, but it would be more fun if y'all were posting, too. *hint, hint* PM me if you're interested but never joined us over there.
YAY Syb! Congratulations.

Rose, you are anything but "just a housewife" and I cant tell you how angry it made me to read that. You are so astounding. I only spent a small amount of time with you and yet you just blew me away with this aura of beauty in so many ways. Dont ever doubt how amazing you are. You are more than "just" anything.

Crassy, good job on beating the Mr. I'm sure you walked your tush off! the necklace was adorable and I think Top Banana is an excellent name.

Star ((((big love)))) you are progressing and thats what matters. Your pace is no one elses.

Sassy, booo on dicky McGeek, but yay for 3 months with no seizures!

Amilita, yay on self improvement! I'm sorry your fav. cow orker is leaving, but change is good. something excellent will come from this.

Kvetch: I am going to whine, so prepare yourself.
Because I am a bad patient and seem to think that my mind has more control over my mono ridden body than the mono, I have pushed myself too damned far. Irishboy is threatening to have one of his Dr. friends write a note making me stay home for a week.

Why would my hubby try to force me into resting when he would never try to force my hand at anything? Well, maybe because since I was almost symptom free besides tiredness and weakness before I found out I had mono, now I have pain from my enlarged spleen due to too much activity and a cough, oh yeah, and rashes where my underwire rests.

Why, you might ask? Well, thats simple. I am an idiot that refuses to take care of herself. So now, i am actually trying to stay in bed, instead of pretending to rest and really doing housecleaning like laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I have allowed myself to sleep the instant I feel tired and yet, I think the damage has been done. So now, I'm possibly going to have to take a week off of work, which we can handle money wise, but I'm not sure my work can deal with it. We have a very small staff and its rather necessary for us all to be there. Calling in sick is almost unheard of because we rely so heavily on each other due to the fact that there are 4 of us.

I'm tired, my left side hurts like hell, I'm coughing and I have rashes under my boobs so I cant wear a bra. Oh yeah 40FFFs should be unleashed like that. DAMMIT! I HATE THIS! I want to cry and throw things.

On top of it all is a guilt that comes from watching my mom die and the years that she was confined to bed and me not understanding (yes I know I was a kid, but it doesnt change my adult mind now) how frustrating and painful that must have been for her. I cant help but think that I'm not being a good daughter because I'm not able to lie there and heal. And that hurts too. I dont want to be like her, not even for a little while. I'm too scared that if I'm not moving against the illness, then I'm dying. Whether thats rational or not, its how I feel.

dammit. Now I'm crying.
((PiP)) Humanist had mono a few years ago, and she didn't have the responsibility of going to work, so she did sleep all day and it was still awful. She had an especially bad bout of it, it went on for over a month, and being stuck inside all the time without any energy caused a round of depression that lasted longer than the mono did. It was awful. I totally feel your pain on the taking time off work thing- I work in a small office too, and one person being out just throws everyone off, but when you're really sick, you should think of yourself first- you won't make anything better by only working at half-power.

((amilita)) Sorry about the funk.

((sassy)) Boo on McGeek and yay! for the 7 pounds. This past Friday was the one year until my wedding and so this weekend was my last gastronomic hurrah. I don't really have a concrete plan- I'm going to just try eating less and moving more. I'm not sure I have the will/interest in doing anything more formal (i.e., WW or South Beach) but this is a start for now.

crassy, yay for the $200!

Congrats on the job, syb!

(((more hugs for cc girl)))

(((rose))) I think everyone's already said good stuff. I've gone through Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D.....I think I'm almost out of letters for where I am now. I've mostly stopped comparing myself to other people and learned to accept where I am now. It's all one day at a time.

((kitten)) I hope the sinus infection is getting better.

I had a good weekend- I went to the oral surgeon for a consultation on getting my wisdom teeth removed. The doctor I went to is one that our office refers out to all the time and so they cut me a good deal. I am going to schedule for sometime in July.

Albus went to the vet on Friday afternoon, just for a check-up. The vet I go to happens to be the vet's office that took him in as a stray and transferred him to my shelter. Once I told them this (I knew what they had named him while he was there- Jinx), they remembered him and were fawning all over him. He's on the healthy end of heavy- 14.75 pounds! I gave him some steak when we got home (that steak he knocked on the floor on Christmas Eve? I chopped it up, portioned it out and froze it; no sense in just throwing it away, so he gets a chunk of it every now and then.) I think he's forgiven me for the indignities he suffered.

Friday night, I crossed the border to visit stargazer. We had Chinese food, watched Paris, je t'aime and played with Shiloh. Oh, and watched the Mayim Bialik epsiode of What Not to Wear. It was a good night!

Saturday we went to roller derby with stargazer, the prophecys, the selenas and some other friends. Turbojenn & turboman were there, too- it was bustie-riffic!

Today LeBoy and I drove up to our wedding venue to see what it looked like this time of year, since we'd only seen in in the dead of winter. It was lovely- everything green and in bloom. They were set up for a wedding, and I can only hope that it's as lovely outside on my day as it was today- 68 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Perfect!

((hugs to all!))
Happy Sunday night, all ... although I suspect it will be Monday morning by the time I'm done writing this.

Polly, glad to hear that the wedding venue is so lovely. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I really loved Paris, Je t'aime. Each little story was like a delightful morsel all its own. It was like eating 20 amuse bouches one after the other.

~~~~~~~~ soothing for Pink ~~~~~~~~~
I'm so sorry to hear that this illness has dredged up so much pain from the loss of your mother. That must be awful. I can't even imagine. Have you told IrishBoy about this? I completely understand the workplace guilt. I know they'll feel your absence, but I gotta say that if I were in their shoes and I heard all of your symptoms, I would definitely tell you to go home and rest for a week. Better for me to work a little harder than for you to risk permanent damage to your organs, you know?

Amilita, I posted at Bust The Blubber! You are not alone! What a relief to hear that the shoulder problem is muscular. I know it still hurts, but it sounds like surgery will not be in your future. What a relief! Sorry to hear that you'll be losing your work friend, though. That must be so tough. I know it doesn't help much, but you can talk about sewing and crafty stuff with me whenever you want.

Star, I keep wishing that I had some advice or something - anything - to say that would help your situation, but since I've never been to grad school or worked an internship, I don't know what to say. Just know that I think of you often & send the best, most encouraging thought I can muster out in your direction whenever I can.

Sassy, congrats! It's wonderful to hear you sounding so optimistic about your health.

Crassy, that necklass is made of awesome sauce. How did the charity walk treat you? Any blisters? And what did you get at the crafty market? Wow, you certainly had a full weekend!

Syb, WOO HOO!!! That is AMAZING! I'm so excited that I CAN'T STOP USING CAPS!!! You're an inspiration. Hooray!

((((((((((Candy)))))))))))))))))))))))) I hope you got through the weekend okay & maybe even found something that made you laugh.

Kitten, I understand! While it's true that I have a Theatre degree (well, theater & business), the truth is that I don't intend to work in theatre. I don't need to be a part of some swanky repertory company and I have ZERO interest in joining an improv troupe. I just want to act for community theatre companies like I did back in Tulsa. I don't even have to be the lead or anything! But for some sad reason, it seams I'm not even worthy enough to play 12th Spear Carrier To The Left around here. It's depressing.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. They really do help, but I'm still hurting. I can't believe it. Thirteen directors. Thirteen! And not a single one took an interest in me. I'm absolutely flabbergasted. How is this possible? Where do I go from here?

I think what hurts most about this is that it affects how I define myself. In the past, I have taken up various interests and then discarded them when I was done. Therefore, I used to be a figure skater and I used to be a flutist. I can still do these things, but I identify those skills more with a past version of myself. When I visualize what I want from the present version of me, see that person as an actress (amongst other things). I've been acting for 15 years and I enjoy it. I don't want to stop. However, if nobody here is willing to cast me, then what does that mean? Does it mean that my acting days are behind me? I don't want that. I don't want to be forced to give up this thing that has been such a huge part of my life for so long. Acting is one of the few things I do just for me. Without it, I don't quite know who I am.

I have dedicated so much of the last year towards getting back in touch with myself & working to feel more like me again. I started taking care of my body and lost 20 pounds. I got out of the house more. I did some of the things I've been longing to try but was held back by fear. I was starting to feel so much stronger. When I heard about that big audition, I thought it was God's way of telling me that I was finally ready to take that big step and get back to being me. But it didn't work. And these damn companies only do auditions once a year, so it'll be ages before I get another chance to prove myself. What do I do until then? How do I fill this emptiness?

I know that there are plenty of volunteer opportunities out there and blahblahblah. But that doesn't fix this. It's as if my boyfriend broke up with me. Yes, there are other fish in the sea, but I don't want other fish. I want the same ol' fish I've had for 15 years. Le siiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

Anti-kvetch: Made a new friend (aquaintance?) who (1) is from my home town and (2) feels my pain about the local theatre scene. He suggested we go see some shows together & say snarky things under our breath, which sounds fab.

Anti-kvetch: Had friends over for dinner tonight. Two words: potato rolls. Yummy!
I'm home from work after saying goodbye to my coworker and crying with her and I'm a bit out of whack over Dr. Tiller being killed. I used to work in an abortion clinic and I used to feel at risk sometimes and I admire people like him...I'm sort of at a loss for words over it.

And when I came home, the Mr. told me that Shelby peed in our bed. I'm just beyond frustrated with her. It's not medical. I really don't even want to look at her right now. If I knew she would go to another home, I would get rid of her today. I don't especially want advice, I just want to vent. I feel resentful over all the treats we lavish on her, walks and outings we take her on, all of it. I know it's illogical because she's a dog, but I do feel that way right now. We are really not regimental people, and I suppose that she needs more of that. I don't want to work so hard on having a dog that behaves reasonably. I'm not sure the Mr. will even do what we need to do; I don't want to, but I would...I'm really not sure he'll do it. She sleeps on that bed with us!!! Why would she pick there?

Also, I'm PMSing and need to sleep. Sorry for the selfish post. I read through new posts, but don't have any energy to respond well...(((PiP, Rose, everyone)))

ETA: And it's the freaking beginning of hurricane season!!! Ain't that a bitch?
So it seems that my sinus infection is gone leaving room for my allergies to flare up rolleyes.gif . Whatever. At least this won't leave me crying in pain.

{{{pip}}} What you are saying makes a lot of sense to me. After all, the mono os weakening your system so any emotions would be that much harder to manage. Please take care of yourself. I don't think mono is one of those illnesses you can fight or resist. I think it just makes you sit and sleep.

Amalita - when you decide you want some suggestions: is Shelby anxious? My cat went though a long phase of peeing on the bed, where we all slept. It ended with her being placed on anti-anxiety meds for almost a year but she hasn't done that since. Maybe your dog is picking up on your hurricane anxiety? Or it could be anything. That just seems to be how animals process stress, by marking territiry. Until then, you have my sympathies.


polly - good luck with the new eating habits! I hope you enjoyed your big hurrah this weekend.

I can't see any other postings as I write this so {{{vibes}}} to {{{you}}}!

I had a great weekend. On Saturday I saw a belly dance show and then went and saw Unwigged and Unplugged, a live concert w/Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and Harry Shearer doing songs from Spinal Tap, Mighty Wind & Waiting for Guffman. It was a trip! Sunday was errands and then we joined a friend for his birthday at a Korean BBQ. I am notorious for being a boring and non-adventurous eater so I was apprehensive but the food was FANTASTIC! Even the dumplings and the sauces. And we grilled everything ourselves over the little grill they give us so it was fun too. Afterwards, we went to a friend's house where I learned that The Geek is quite a good pianist. How have I known him this long and not known that? Anyway, we couldn't stay long but his friends want to have a music night again soon so it should be fun.

All of this culture has lead me to take a chance and I signed up for a singing class at the local music school in town. It will be Irish singing, ballads, bar songs, songs of rebellion. Mostly, it is just me taking a chance. It has been 15 years since I last performed as a singer. I am just tired of being jelous of all of my creative friends. I want to show off my talent too.

Have a great day everyone.

Wow, kitten, that's so great that you're going to start singing again! When do those classes start? Are you going through Old Town School of Folk Music? I keep trying to get LeBoy to take bodhran (that flat Irish drum) lessons through them.

I wonder if kitten's theory is right, amilita. Can you keep her kenneled when you're not at home, if you don't already? I'll stop with the suggestions. Medical or behavioral, a peeing dog is a PITA, I know.

rose, I guess I just made the decision a few years ago that I wasn't going to define myself by my job, my education, or my income. It's all family, friends and how I spend my free time that I get satisfaction from. My job just allows me to do that stuff, and if I can get more money, great, if not, oh well (not that I'm implying $$ is your concern, of course.) Seems like the theater industry, professional or volunteer is very clique-ish anyway; maybe it's just a matter of getting into the clique through friendships? I know you're an accomplished actress already, but are there any acting classes you can take? My dad did acting since childhood, and did it on the side when I was a kid. He was always doing classes, like at Second City, in addition to working in another small theater (acting, directing, stagehand, etc.)

Alright, out to lunch- Subway for me today.
Wow, kitten, that's so great that you're going to start singing again! When do those classes start? Are you going through Old Town School of Folk Music?

Yup, that's where I am going. I took singing classes in my early 20's and I am actually pretty good. At least I was then. Hopefully, I can get back what I have neglected. When we left the belly dancing I was just feeling such conflict, happy and inspired and jelous as hell. I told The Geek that I wanted to try some classes and start singing again. I specifically said that it would be fun to try something like Irish singing. When I checked the website the next day The School had one class listed at a time I can take specifically for Irish singing. It was like God was telling me to stop whining and just do it already. biggrin.gif
Christine Nectarine
(((PIP))) please don’t let the mono get you! I can understand how you feel about leaving your work colleagues, but it is likely better that you miss 1 week than do more damage to yourself. Would you feel better if you laid on a couch instead of in bed?

((kittenb)) glad you’re feeling (somewhat) better. The singing class sounds like fun! one of my goals in moving into the city is to find a good chorus or chorale to join. I really miss performing and using my voice. I hope it’s a lot of fun for you to rediscover!

I’ve been lurking and reading posts over the weekend, but at work right now can’t go through them all so (((((everyone))))

Anti-kvetch: found a house we are seriously interested. It is far from a sure thing at this point, but my tummy is full of hopeful butterflies! I think we’re going to see it again tonight for a “mini-inspection” which may lead to more definite plans.

Kvetch: had a petty argument with A last night, leaving me too wound up to sleep. I’m trying really hard not to feel mad today because I know our fight was stupid, but it’s hard when I’m lacking sleep, and feeling my cold flare up again. Also, it’s cold and rainy. booo.
i am going to try to keep up in here, from today on.
there. i said it. so now i have to do it.
i miss you all too much. i need to be here again.

i'm doing ok. physically. feeling more and more "normal" and less toxic each day.

emotionally, psychologically, not so much. they're firing my beloved bossman - who's become my dear friend and confidante and knight in shining armor - and they're doing it in an incredibly disrespectful, callous and shitty way which he so doesn't deserve and i'm devastated and i don't want to be here anymore because i hate them and i probably should've left years ago but can't just quit because of course i need my insurance, at least until i have my surgery and radiation treatments, so that means i'll be job hunting in a few months and the thought terrifies me because who the hell is going to hire a nearly-50 year old cancer-survivor with outdated computer skills when they can get someone much more qualified for a lot less money and i have no idea what i want to do except it's not going to be anything related to anything corporate or country club-y or retail or real estate i just want to have my own private office with a great stereo system and be able to wear jeans every day and get paid alot of money to do something internet-related. *deep cleansing breath*

so i'm pretty miserable. i upped my antidepressants. again. le sigh.
/end self-absorbed rant.

(((sassy))) grumpy boys are no fun! but woohoo on the no seizure and 7lbs news!


(((amilita))) when my cat peed on the couch on purpose, i felt betrayed, so i understand how you feel regarding shelby (it's weird that she peed where she sleeps though-are you sure it wasn't an accident?) glad to hear jury duty is over and your shoulder is feeling a bit better though. the heart and birds are both shrinky dinks, i just got #6 plastic, drew them on w/sharpies at 3X the size i wanted, then popped them in the toaster oven for a minute and walla- they were ready to attach chain to.

(((pip))) you should totally take some time off work- the more you push yourself the worse it will get! you can always have work call your cell, turn off the ringer when you're sleeping and then check it when you wake up. that's what i do when i'm really sick. if you came in to work you would only get worse, thus having to be away longer at a later time- plus you might get others sick! and as for feeling guilty: as a child you had no idea what your mother was going through- you couldn't comprehend that at that age- so do not punish yourself for it now- no good will come of that! no child should never have to go through something like that, but you did and it's not a reflection on you as a daughter if you didn't understand at the time or if you have trouble lying down to heal now. ((((((((extra hugs for pip))))))))

(((rose))) acting is SOOO not over for you!!! i'm sure that you'll be able to act again. maybe the scene there relies on word of mouth or who knows who and you just have to break into it- then it will flow from there. you could always take a theater class at the community college- they always do a show for their final. i think if you could meet some people that way and had a chance to show what you can do it would help.

kitten, that show sounds awesome! and congrats on signing up for a singing class- that sounds like a lot of fun.

(((christine))) that house sounds very promising.

(((mandi))) awesome to see you here. that sucks big time about boss-man- maybe where ever he ends up can hire you. he knows your skills better than anyone. the pay isn't the greatest, but it sounds like non-profit might be the way to go- check out for jobs.

thanks ladies- i got a lot of compliments on the necklace on fri and it even caught the eye of a cute boy- which is always flattering.

had a nice weekend, got a lot done too. 5 mile walk didn't hurt my feet at all, and it was awesome to see so many people walking for domestic violence awareness. plus as a bonus the walk was on the waterfront with the skyline of nyc as the backdrop- a beautiful day too! and then we went to lunch w/a friend and finally picked out covers for our new futon couch and a matching one for the loveseat- so they will almost match. then to an international supermarket and the mr. found awesome ingredients for his next homebrew. the craft fair on sun was fun (my friend was selling there), i got a necklace, a onesie for my to-be-niece, and cufflinks for the mr. made from the can of one of his favorite beers. then we all went to an awesome restaurant w/the best beer cheese soup i've ever had in my life (sorry mr. mcnasty- yours is almost as good). afterward we picked up our new futon and frame (new to us, it's from my friend but still has 9 years on the warranty). so it was a full but fun weekend- i'm tired now though since we didn't get home till late. i wish i lived closer to a lot of my friends!! tonight a new session of my bellydance class starts- i'm looking forward to it (but also wish it started next week so i could relax tonight.)
KittenB, that's awesome about the Spinal Tap, I saw in EW about them coming out with a new album, that sounds TOO classic. And speaking of classic TV in the making, although I just saw this today, how's about that Bruno and Eminem? Was it all an act? Eminem didn't look too genuine it had to be staged.

What's up with me? Oh just still unemployed and watching my soap... I've already become an old lady and I'm only 23. Sad. Searching for a job anywhere.

glad you are back here wub.gif

I've calmed down since I got some sleep. You know, Shelby's problem could partially be anxiety...I think we need to get some formal training help, and maybe they'll be able to give us input about the anxiety possibility, too. She has a crate and really likes it; she goes in it to lay down voluntarily sometimes. She's peeing when she's up and about with us right there.

Also, part of my frustration is sort of anticipatory frustration with the Mr. - I'm concerned about his willingness to follow a training program and be consistent. Ah well. Thanks for sympathy and input.

Yay Mando!!!!
Thanks all for the congrats!! This opportunity, and the sea change it represents, has been a long time coming, so I'm still taking it in. I'm sure once those pasty undergrad faces are looking up at me expectantly it'll hit home though wink.gif

RV, honestly, it took me a while to decide what 'career' to pursure; I used to joke I was too greedy and wanted to work in too many different areas to settle down to one. What I do think is important is pursuing work you love, in whatever context it comes in; and that's what you and Sheff are doing. More power to you both.

Amilita: sorry to hear about the funk; it's so important to have someone at work you can really talk to and be yourself with. Best of luck with Shelby and the mister's upcoming programme...

Man crassy, I would love to take up belly dancing but I don't think there are any classes in my vicinity.

Mando!! Lovely to see you back, but sorry to hear you're so stressed. I like crassy's advice, on (potentially) following bossman to new job and pre-emptively looking for jobs. Also, fear not on the IT skillz; you can brush up significantly on your own, or even have an IT-savvy friend give you a day crash course. I suck at most IT applications but have found it's just a matter of writing down all the steps. Maybe post in the Gen Knowledge thread for suggestions?

Back at work today following a 3-day weekend here (so. awesome. Did nothing.) Bosslady is away so I am sneaking around doing Ph.D related stuff. The sun is out and the weather is probably better than it has been for about 2 years, which helps a lot. I am enjoying wearing cute summery clothes for once!
syb, congrats on the new job.

Rose, I hope you're feeling better. I like your friend's idea about saying snarky stuff under your breath, it made me lol. Sometimes being snarky just helps.


(((((amilita and shelby))))))

(((((PiP)))) I hope you are resting so that you can get better.

crassy, good luck with the class! That sounds like fun. I'd love to take a class but I have no money right now.

Speaking of classes, my mom was not pissed at all that I had dropped my class. She was totally understanding and I love her for that.

((((christine))) boourns to fights and also boourns to this crappy weather. I got caught in that crazy storm on Saturday but it was nice to see the rainbow afterward.

So, the good news is that I'm back home. I think it's nice for my mom because right now both my brother and my dad are out of town so I'm keeping her company. And of course she's listening to all my woes about the boy. I hate it. I've been thinking about him every single day, usually for hours. I just wish I could go back in time and do things differently.

Anyway, besides that the bad news is that I have a sinus infection and I feel like death. I have so much pain in my sinuses, I have a phlegm-y cough and I can't totally breathe through my nose. It has me feeling exhausted and kind of annoyed since I wanted to try to do more while I'm down here. But I went to the clinic and got an antibiotic so hopefully it will start to clear up in a few days.

Also, I have a kvetch: my grandparents. I know that sounds horrible to say but they're just at the point where all they do is complain about every single minority or basically anyone who is not of British background. This includes complaining about Indians. I'm half Indian but apparently I'm not supposed to get offended by the comments because I'm also half white. And just the things that they say are so ridiculous.

Example: My grandmother was actually saying something nice about some Chinese couple that she met at our family friend's bridal shower.

So then my grandfather says, "Oh we'll have to introduce you to the chief of the chinks". (??? Even without the slur it didn't make any sense).

Me: Um, you know that's a racial slur, right?

him: Well I'm not saying it while we're out in public!

Yes, because that makes it so much better. Anyway, I don't know, maybe I'm too PC but it just bugs me so much. Gah!

(((cc_girl))) Good to hear you are back home and getting plenty of rest and lovin' from the folks.

(((rose))) It sounds like you really miss the sense of community back in Tulsa. It is tough to try and break through the wall of a community where you are not known. It feels so clique-ish. I've experienced it in professional organizations. I just remind myself to keep networking and working hard. It seems to be paying off lately. I hope the same can happen for you in the theater community where you live.

(((kittenb))) I'm glad you took the risk to start singing again. I expect an Irish serenade by you. wink.gif

(((syb))) It sounds like you are really hitting your stride right now.

(((Mando))) Glad to see you 'round these parts. smile.gif

(((crassy))) Beer cheese soup sounds amazing right now.

(((amilita))) So sorry the puppy is peeing in the house.

(((polly))) Ugh. I did not like the after effects of my wisdom teeth being taken out. Good luck dude.

(((PiP, bunnyb, pixie, DM, other kvetchies)))
(((missb))) ~*~*~*find a job*~*~*~*

amilita- my schafchen is a cat but he had anxiety and was spraying. i got one of the feliway plug ins and spray (it's supposed to calm cats) and it totally worked on him. i'm pretty sure they make some for dogs too. he's more lovey dovey too- which i love! and on the anticipatory frustration- i totally hear you, but give him a chance maybe he'll surprise you- my mr. has a few times! no use in getting upset before you have to.

syb, i found the belly dance classes by accident at the community college- so they were cheap too! maybe there are 'continuing education' classes in your area? that's what it was listed under for some reason. i love it so much, it's the only 'exercise' i like. i am getting much better too- i was actually used as a 'see what she is doing? it should look like that' model for the class!!

(((candy))) ~*~*~feel better soon*~*~* i swear when people get older they just stop caring what they say and to who. sometimes my mom says things and it feels like she's a completely different person than the one i grew up with. maybe she just feels like she can say these things now that i'm an adult.

(((star))) just cause! smile.gif

anti-kvetch: put on a skirt this morning that i haven't worn for a while and it practically fell off of me cause of the weight i lost. i have to try to alter it though- cause it's cute and matches everything (and i don't have the $ for a new wardrobe.)

kvetch: yesterday on my way home i was driving onto the road when this guy came around me (it's hard to explain but he was cutting across the road i was on perpendicularly). i wasn't doing anything wrong and i didn't hit him but did have to slam on the brakes when he suddenly cut in front of me. anyway he stopped his car in front of me and started yelling at me so i flipped him off (bad move i guess). he puts his car in park gets out and walks over to my window. i rolled it up cause i didn't want him to punch me. i couldn't back up cause there was a car right behind me. he starts pointing at me and hitting my window and yelling about women drivers. not being a person to let a guy get by with that especially when he's on foot and i'm in a 2-ton death machine i screamed back at him 'who the hell do you think you are!?!?" he starts banging on the window and i'm getting a bit concerned so i backed up a little to go around him and he moves to stand right in front of my car. so i took my foot a little off the brake and inched up. well he throws himself on my windshield and acts like i hit him!!!!! then when i backed up he fell on the ground like he was hurt. i knew there was no way i hit him, and even if i did bump him at that speed (less than 1 mph) it wouldn't have thrown him onto the hood. so i backed up more and drove around him quickly while he was still on the ground. after a mile i pulled over and called the police. the police officer was all like 'what do you want me to do?!?' i didn't know what to do- he might have gotten my license number and i'm scared he'll try to say i hit him! the worst part is that there was a woman in the car and she didn't say a damn thing, she just sat there looking. my husband or friends wouldn't do something like this but if one of them did you can bet your arse i'd be out of the car trying to calm him down. the whole thing really shook me up, i'm bracing myself for the police to come to my door. he was all in an expensive suit, he's probably a fuckin' lawyer or something!!! fuck!
This is making me smile today: Daniel Craig ice lolly. Dearest darling UK Busties, please attempt to get your hands on one of these babies. Then tell us how delicious it was to lick Daniel Craig's torso. Yum!

Mandi darling! Wonderful to see you in here! Sorry to hear about BossMan, though. I actually gasped when I read that. From everything you've said, he sounds like such a wonderful human being. I agree that you should keep in touch with him. Maybe you'll both find something better.

Crassy, congrats on the weight loss! I've been having the same issue this year (I lost 20 pounds). It's exciting because I can wear things I haven't worn in years, but unfortunately most of my clothes are falling off of me. I have some cute sundresses that now look like potato sacks on me. Pretty annoying, but oh well!

Sorry to hear you had to deal with that asshat. Don't be so hard on the woman who was in his car, though. To be honest, this guy sounds a HELL of a lot like my ex: Classic anger management issues, especially behind the wheel. I bet that woman has suffered a lot of verbal abuse from that guy & is now too frightened to say anything when he goes into a fit like that. I learned with my ex that when he went on a rampage, there was absolutely nothing anyone could say that would calm him down. Any attempt to calm him would make him angrier. It was even worse when this happened when he was driving because I knew my life was in danger. She was probably just hoping it would all blow over soon & that he wouldn't turn his anger on her. Assholes with short tempers who create dangerous situations on the road are the worst. Don't worry about him suing you, though. If he's anything like my ex, he's all bluster. He was probably too blind with his own rage to remember your license number.

Star, thanks for the kind words. I had a feeling you'd know how I've been feeling (unfortunately). I'm working on it. I think I just need to throw the occasional pity party in the meanwhile.

~~~~~ soothing, healing vibes for Candy ~~~~~
Glad to hear you're staying with your mom for a while. She sounds like a fabulous support system (and she probably makes a great bowl of soup!). As for the grandparents, uuuuuuuugh. I think the only people who use the word "chink" nowadays is at least 70 years old. Sorry their words have hurt you so much.

~~~~~~ soothing for Amilita's nerves ~~~~~~~

Kitten, that show sounds cool!

*$*$*$* jobby job vibes for Miss B and anyone else who needs 'em *$*$*$*

Christine, what's the latest news in your real estate quest? Have you put in an offer yet?

Kvetch: Very upset stomach this afternoon. I'll spare you the details. Plus, Sheff came home sick from work. We're making quite a pair this afternoon.

Anti-kvetch: Some friends of ours are looking to buy their first house, so today the female half of this couple met with me at lunch and we drove past 2 of their top contenders. Well, we didn't just drive by, of course. We walked around both properties and took note of the pros and cons, but didn't go inside. We had a great time together. It's so much more fun to shop for houses when you don't have all the stress of making a final decision hanging over your head!

Now if only I could be sucking on Daniel Craig's torso right now. I'm sure all of my stmach trouble would vanish immediately!
i would like a hugh jackman lolly, please!

i'm upset about david carridine. i used to be a kung fu addict, not even reruns, prime time. (yes, i'm that old.)

*~*~*~*~*~*~ feel better soothing vibes for rose & shef & candy & kitten *~*~*~*~*~*~

Rose & crassy, congrats on the weight loss! It’s the greatest feeling of accomplishment, isn’t it? Color me jealous. I have to do something, but I can’t find my weight watchers groove. So depressing, I have all these cute skinny outfits from last summer hanging in my closet. But then again, I was hatching cancer last summer, so, I guess it’s all relative, eh?

Crassy, that is just too scary!!! ie road rage man. I always drive away fast from road ragers … they could have firearms. And kudos to you for the belly dancing … that is beyond cool!

You too, kitten … I’m very impressed that you’re taking a singing class again.

Sybarite, that is good advice, teaching myself some new computer tricks. Danny’s going to give me a crash course in power point, and I could probably teach myself how to mail merge via word here without them knowing. I do think I’d better take “desktop publishing” off of my resume, tho. Do they even call it that anymore?

Amilita, since you’re sure it’s not medical, could you try buying Shelby a dog bed and maybe some new toys, and playing with & walking her more? A tuckered-out dog is a less anxious dog. I don’t know, I’m just trying to think of what Victoria Stillwell from “it’s me or the dog” would suggest. (sorry. I’m addicted to that show!)

Re bossman: unfortunately I can’t go with him anywhere. He’s retiring. sad.gif but we have plans to stay in touch, I’m sure we’ll see one another now and then. But it’s so not the same. sad.gif

Omg, You can cut the tension with a knife. (bossman & newbosslady avoid one another like the plague. It’s gonna be like this for 3 more weeks, too. argh.) I go home with the intention of doing yoga, meditating, or walking, but all I wind up doing is lying on the couch, I’m so emotionally drained. I just want to bury my head and escape this crap reality.

where's yuefie & bunny & morn & sidecar & everyone???

(((polly, stargazer, missb, GT, christine, everyone)))
I am going to lose my mind and I need to vent. I have been assigned to do a project w/a classmate that I do not get along with. This is the one who was so mean to me last semester. I considered asking to be reassigned but I didn't want to make a big deal over it. Group projects in my school are tricky because of the schedule. We just don't see each other often enough. Well, we are not communicating well. We both understand the project a little differently. Each email she keeps saying she feels my presentation makes it look like she didn't do any work. The truth is she did more work than I did. I offered to pull it all together because I felt bad. I keep apologizing to the point that I am about to choke on my own words because I keep telling myself, "This is 1 hour of my life and then we never have to do another project together again," but I can't help but be worried that she is going to yell at me tomorrow or something. She seems to think the project is all falling apart. I disagree and am trying to appease her. I don't know what to do. I've gotten good grades on all of my projects. However, I feel like this is going back to the fact that she has a lot more friends than I do and I don't want her telling people I am bad to work with. I'm not. I just missed a week on this project b/c I was sick. I thought I had made up for it but FUCK she makes me crazy! I just need to get through Saturday...

{{{crassy}}} That is so freaky! I don't know what I would do in that situation. I am just glad that you weren't hurt.

{{{tummy vibes for RV}}}


I'll put my order in for an Anthony Stewart Head lolly, thank you. True love never dies.

Christine Nectarine
wow crassy, i can't believe that story! it must be incredibly frustrating that you can't really do any thing about it, and have no idea what that guy was on about. but what else could you do? i'd have been cautious about rolling up the window too. yikes.

((kittenb)) group work. bleh. just do what you can!

(((mando))) glad to have you back! sorry work sucks. i can relate!

so the house was a no go. although a lot of major stuff had been updated, and the knob and tube wiring we were originally concerned about was ok, some other major (read $$$$) problems turned up which had been incorrectly identified in a previous home inspection. we were really disappointed, but it's a risk when you are looking at a 97 year old house. i know we'll find something, but i hope it's soon!

this week has left me exhausted, with more house hunting, work being intense, and my sisters wedding coming up on saturday, i am feeling totally burnt out. fortunately, i took tomorrow off to get stuff done before the wedding. a is out at work tonight, and kiddo is in bed, so that means i am now going to finish watching "so you think you can dance" and relax before a busy weekend.
Hello all! Sorry to burst in like this, but I am in DESPARATE need of BUSTIE VIBES, and I know they work. Our damned drummer has to WORK tonight and tomorrow and cannot make our gig....we need to find a drummer FAST, and I know bustie vibes will do the trick! Please, please, please, and thank you!!!
sybarite as should be working...

Kitten, this too will pass; as you say, just get through Saturday (meaning tomorrow?) and then you're done with her. It sounds like you are consistently communicating over the project from your end, and that is all you can do. Best of luck!

Christine Nectarine, house hunting is so stressful; I'll be doing it next month so I feel your pain. It'll be worth it in the end though!

Mando, instead of desktop publishing maybe substitute 'IT skills' or provide info on your IT knowledge by listing the applications you're familiar with such as Xcel, powerpoint etc (I have resisted powerpoint but know I must give in sometime soon...) Mail merge is straightforward, just go to Tools in Word, with your letter document already open, and then to Letters and Mailings, and then to mail Merge, and then it gives you a series of steps. You'll be pulling names, addresses from a 'data source' (an Xcel spreadsheet) which you find through Browse. Then you just 'match fields' which allows you to select which lines from the spreadsheet you want to include on the address bit on the letter, on labels etc. Just play around with it for a bit. FWIW I still can't put together a spreadsheet which adds figures so perhaps check with more IT savvy folk too.

And bad atmospheres at work suck the big one. I'm sorry you have to experience that.

I'll take a Clive Owen lolly, thankyouverymuch.

Home from day job and now working on the thesis, after which a large glass of wine awaits! And I found the most adorable pair of knickers(black, transparent, beribboned) I bought last year for cheap in Lanzarote, so am sporting those in honour of friday!

Working on thesis all weekend but I submit in about 2 weeks, for good, so will soon be done!

ETA: Drummer vibes for doodle and the band!
~*~*~*~Drummer vibes for doodle~*~*~*~* I'd stick LeBoy on a plane right now if I could!

Enjoy your wine, syb!

Sorry about the house, christine *fingers crossed for the next one*

I hope your project for school works out, kitten. She sounds like a royal biatch.

Sorry to hear about your boss, mando. The mail merge is so stupidly easy- I didn't know how to do it and then was tested on it on the aptitude test for a temp agency a few years ago- I literally figured it out on the spot. In the 9 years I've been working in "the real world", I've never had to merge any mail. Is there a computer refresher course you can take? Of course, vegging on the couch is good too. Pretty much how I spend every Friday.

Feel better rose & sheff!

Mmm, Daniel Craig's torso- so lickable!

Yep, there's a Feliway-esque product for dogs, called Comfort Zone. Also, Bach's Rescue Remedy- good for people, too!

Crassy, that is a crazy story! Glad you're okay!

(((cc girl))) glad your mom's okay with you dropping your class. Sorry about your grandparents.

No exciting plans for this weekend; I was supposed be going to Kansas City with my mom to visit her cousin; she has a lot of leftover stuff from when her daughters got married and wants me to take what I can before she sells it all. But my mom waited too long to email her and he cousin had other plans. Maybe we'll go at 4th of July or something.

((hugs to all))

rose, i know basic sewing and have a machine so i'm trying to figure out how to 'take things in'. that way i don't lose my cutest wardrobe pieces! i hope you're right about that asshat road rage guy and he doesn't sue! i was thinking that the woman in the car probably was indeed just glad that the anger wasn't directed at her. she might even have been in a dv situation- i wish i could have helped her.

(((mandi))) i was upset about david carridine too! on another front, the weight loss thing is hard enough on it's own- there is no way in hell i could do it battling cancer at the same time! it's good you're keeping in touch with bossman- if nothing else maybe he knows someone and can certainly give you a heck of a reference!

(((kitten))) just a few more days. i wouldn't worry about what she is gonna say- if she's mean then she might something callous regardless of what you do!

re: crazy road rage guy: the police haven't come to my door and if he sues he will be sorry. i have like 10,000 character witnesses that have driven with me! i doubt anything else will come of it- i'm pretty much over it- almost seems like it happened a million years ago.

(((christine))) when i was house hunting a couple of places i wanted really bad fell through, but i realized later it was so i could get the perfect house- i love love love my house! so hang in there...

doodle! awesome to see you! *~*~*get a drummer before gig*~*~* too bad we're not close i could give you 1/2 a dozen people around here.

this will be a relaxed weekend so that's good- i needity need need need to clean my living room and kitchen.

kvetch 1: just got a letter from the gyno that says my pap showed 'abnormal cells' i had to have a growth removed from my uterus last year. it was benign though. i just made an appt. for the followup so hopefully it won't hurt like the first one and hopefully it will come back as no big deal.

kvetch 2: i work until 6pm and am not off yet but the woman who locks things up left at 5 and frikkin' locked the restroom. ugh. i don't have to go too bad but i hope i can hold it till i get home!
Happy Friday ladies!

I'll take a James Franco lolly, thank you very much.

((((crassy)))) that road rage incident sounds downright scary! I don't know what I would have done in that situation but I'm glad you're alright. Also, boourns on locked bathrooms!

((((kitten)))) just remember what you already said, you just have to make it through till tomorrow. Group work sucks but it seems that we all have to go through it.

((((((mando))))))) sorry to hear that your work situation sucks right now. However, good for you on improving your computer skills. IMO, powerpoint is actually a lot of fun! You can do all sorts of silly visual and sound effects. It's fun to play around with.

(((syb))) good luck with your thesis.

(((((((((doodle))))))))) drummer vibes!

(((((polly, rose, yuefie, christine, everyone))))

So, today was okay. Yesterday was really bad because it had been exactly two weeks since I last saw him. I was depressed all day and I cried a lot more than usual. It was kind of hard too because my mom and I went over to my grandparents' place to help my grandmother figure out what she'll be wearing to church because it's their 65th wedding anniversary and she wants to look nice (she's blind so she tends to want a second opinion on certain outfits). And maybe this is selfish but I just started to think about how I truly thought that in a few years maybe A and I would have been engaged and eventually we would have had a life together. I just feel like he's the one. Oh well.

kvetch: last weekend was my friend's bridal shower but I didn't go because a) I had made a volunteering commitment in Toronto and cool.gif she was only getting gift cards anyway so there wouldn't really be any present opening. Originally I was only going to come home yesterday but I was lonely so I came back last Sunday. Well anyway, mother of the bride found out that I missed the shower by "just one day" and was kind of giving us attitude about it.

On the other hand, this weekend is my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary and suddenly they can't make it because they have to go out of town to get the bridesmaids' outfits in order. Who knows, my grandparents could end up making it to a 70th anniversary but I think it's kind of rude for people that we have been so close to over the years to get snippy about me missing one shower when they can't make it to something that is such a milestone. Meh, maybe I'm just being petty. I feel like I'm on Desperate Housewives or something.

anti-kvetch: tomorrow I'm going out to our local Art in the Park show with my mom. I've done this every year for...omg like 10 years. Anyway, we always have fun.
I don't know where else to post this- I think we just need a general "WTF?" thread.
Bustie vibes WORK!!

Details later....
Thanks for all the happy thoughts everyone. My presentation went fine and my classmate and I both just calmed the hell down and worked together. rolleyes.gif Now I am at home with the cats, channel flipping b/w Independence Day & Titanic, two movies that were made for Saturday night channel flipping. The Geek is off at a bachlor party and I am just so relaxed. On my school weekends I never want to do anything but sit on the couch in the evening.

{{{crassy}}} I hope all of the cells are doing fine by the time that you have your appt. I don't know much about abnormal cells but I hear the procedure is unfun.

So sleepy now. I am going to log off and curl up w/Entertainment Weekly. I'll vibe more later.

Peace all!


((((((((((((((love of all kinds for Mandi)))))))))))))

Christine, how was your sister's wedding? Hope you had fun. Sorry the house didn't work out, but I'm sure it's all for the best. It's a shame that house hunting is so stressful! It's kinda like wedding planning: it looks like so much fun until you actually have to do it for real!

~*~*~*~*~ vibes of all sorts for Crassy ~*~*~*~*~*~
Here's hoping that everything turns out fine and the doctor doesn't have to do anything drastic.

Sybarite, those are some swanky knickers! Mrowr!

Glad to hear everything worked out, Doodle. Sorry I wasn't here to offer vibes.

((((((((((CCGirl)))))))))))))))) Sorry to hear about the crap with your friends. Hopefully it will all blow over. Did you have a good time at your grandparents anniversary party?

Polly, I think Burts Bees has some sort of solid cologne for babies, too, although the only people I've ever known to use it are adults. Strange, isn't it? I thought most people liked the natural smell of babies. Well, most of the time at least!

Kitten, congrats on surviving that assignment! That must have been so difficult. I'm glad you were able to work around your differences and produce a good result.

(((((((((((((((all y'all)))))))))))))))))))))

We're having a wonderfully lazy weekend here. Yesterday I made ice cream and spent a long time reading the hilarious-yet-endearing posts on Postcards From Yo Momma. Laughed 'til I cried numerous times!

Possible anti-kvetch: This week I decided to do something kinda wacky. I signed up to take 2 little one-night classes at a local theater company. One of the classes is about collaboration and working as part of a theatrical team and the other is about cold readings. The classes are taught by directors from 2 local theater companies that really interest me. Both of these subjects are near and dear to my heart, so I figure that this is a good chance to hear about their perspectives & philosophies and get a feel for how they run their companies (or how they would run them in an ideal world!). The first class is tonight.

The only problem? Now I'm thinking of not going. I hate that I feel the need to buy my way in to these damn companies. It seems sad and desperate. But the check has been written so it's too late now. This class better be good. I'm missing the Tony's for this!

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