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woah amilita! and i thought jury duty sucked here!

(((shelby))) glad to hear she feels better.

(((amilita's shoulder & mr amilita's foot)))

polly, awesome deal on the jeans!!! i'm going shopping this weekend and jeans that fit (all of mine are too big now) are opn my list- i was gonna go to the thrift store first, but i think i'll swing my kohls, just to look you know!

i've gotten pressure to have kids for like 7 years- no one knows i'm on the pill for the last 2! it's not for b.c. it's actually so i bleed regularly and the cysts don't grow again. i did have a miscarriage once so i just mention that and usually they shut up.

~*~*~continued job vibes for bunny & shef*~*~*~

i also have waking cats- but not every morning, thank gawd. every night about 3am i have to get up and pee (never fails even if i go 10x before bed) and schafchen hears me and runs up the stairs for kitty-lovin. i pet him a little but then try to get back to sleep but he keeps rubbing up on my hand until i pet him again and he gets enough. i'/m used to it by now, one night he didn't come and i got worried and looked for him and it turns out we closed the basement door w/out knowing he was down there.

that party i organized kicked ass- we had tons of people show up (good thing i got extra food!) and it seemed like everyone enjoyed their time- i had 5 e-mails waiting for me this morning from guests to say it was awesome. yay!

undies black w/assorted color large mod polka dots and black workhorse minimizer (the best bra in the world for my body and boobies, i have 5 but they're discontinued so i have to buy them off e-bay for now, hope i can still get them for a long time, these are getting a bit old...)

btw, is anyone going to the craftacular in brooklyn on sunday? i'm pretty sure i'm going.
Well, after spending the last 4 days correcting our computer glitch by hand with the help of like 4 spreadsheets, one of which was 60 pages front and back when printed, and staying an extra 2 hours tonight to get the invoices stuffed into envelopes...I am now chilling with a pitcher of blue margarits! Yehaw! Maybe I'll end up in the inebriated ramblings thread before the night is through!

I finally got my daddy cat neutered yesterday! Poor thing looked stoned out of his mind when I picked him up last night. Rose, our old boss did the surgery!!

Mr. Pixie and I have been trying to decide if we are going to reproduce again. Originally we weren't going to, then for a while we had changed our minds and now we are undecided. We are heading into shit or get off the pot time. As soon as we make a decision we will either start trying right away, or go get the big snip! I feel for those who are being pressured to produce grandchildren! Thankfully Mr. Pixie and I have enough nieces and nefews that we don't get too much of that.

!$!$$$!$!$job vibes to thos ewho need them!!!!$!$$$!$$!$$$!$

I've wondered too if we are the onloy ones who do the ((())). The other board I post on a lot has like 5 billion emoticons so we have like 6 different ways to hug. They don't have a booby squishing emoticon though! I am up for a refill!

Love you all! Mwah!
Happy Saturday all... and good to see you again crassy!

I've been a bit AWOL as there's been a lot going on. I have been given my final corrections for the thesis and it looks like I may have a fulltime teaching job at a uni here next year! It's being handled in an ad hoc way but it seems definite; once I sign the contract I will give notice at my current admin job which has been driving me insane, so it's all good. I am cautiously excited, it's a fantastic opportunity.

Is there a season for jury duty in the US? It seems like half the lounge are currently doing jury duty.

Polly, I could do with a good shopping day like that. I seriously have no clothes; I dress like the postgrad I am wink.gif

Amilita, I hope you and the mister get some pain relief soon.

~~~continuing job vibes for ms bunnyb and sheff~~~~~

Off to loaf around for the rest of the day, hooray!
Happy Saturday!

Kvetch: I've been up since like 6 a.m. to help volunteer for a race. I'm so trying to leave this internship. My boss didn't even thank me. Plus, it was raining. Ugh. There were some hottie runners though.

Syb, that's great news!

Polly, that skirt is so cute! I need new clothes...


Crassy, that's cool about the party!

Mcgeek is home this weekend, and we're heading to this neat Mystery Science Theatre show. It's the actual cast! I'm so happy!

((job vibes))

((star, ccg, mando, morn, bunnyb, kittenb, raisingirl, everyone I'm forgetting)

I had to explain the (())) to a board I'm on too.

Everyone have a good weekend!!

Hey gang! Just dropping a note to say that I am at the beach house with my family and we have wi-fi! Woo hoo! But it's raining. Boo. But I can see the waves crashing on the beach from where I'm sitting right now! And they're big and dramatic and pretty. It's all perfectly lovely as long as we stay indoors. tongue.gif

Anyway, I actually wanted to make a vibe request. On Thursday Sheff turned in his engineering test for that job. They said they'd get back to him today or Tuesday. Sometime in the next 2 days we will find out if they think he's good enough to deserve an interview. Keep your fingers crossed. I'll let you all know when I hear something.

Must run. Please forgive me for being so crap about vibing over the past few weeks. I miss chatting back & frth with you all in that way & letting you all know how much I think of you!

((((((((((((((((((((((( all my darling Kvetchies )))))))))))))))))))))))
Happy Monday, ya'll.

Sorry about being MIA for the past while. Last week was intense. I no longer have to worry about what my first fight would be w/The Geek, now that we live together, because we got two of them out of the way last week. Everything has been aired out now and it is all good but it was not fun. rolleyes.gif Last night we just had a stay in "sci-fi" date night. Has anyone else seen Caprica? Very boring and I don't really see where it is going.

sassygirl - the MST show comes to Chicago sometimes. I really want to catch it.
{{{vibes for Sheff and engineering}}}
{{{fingers crossed for syb}}}
{{{health vibes for Christine}}}
amalita - that jury duty does not sound like fun at all.

{{{polly, crassy, pixie, roseviolet, all kvetchies}}}
There's a live MST3K show? And it comes to Chicago? How did I not know about this? ohmy.gif I found the info for anyone else who's interested.

Glad things worked out, kitten. It's always an unpleasant hump to get over.

~*~*~*job vibes for sheff~*~*~*

The wedding on Friday was good. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home, so I'm going to have to wait until the bride gets the proofs from the photographer back to have a picture.

We went to the National Restaurant Show yesterday. It was lots of fun, and huge! Thousands of vendors! About half were restaurant supplies/equipment/etc. and the other half was food. We tried tons of stuff- cheeses, soups, dips, gelato, ice cream, hot dogs, other sausages and meats, crackers, breads, sandwiches, Asian stuff like dumplings and egg rolls. So much fun. We were stuffed by the end of it! If we get to go again next year, we'll try to go earlier in the day so we can go a little slower.

We're meeting with a wedding photographer tonight. They're not our first choice, but I didn't want to only see one. We're meeting the one I do like on Wednesday. Then talking to the hotel we want to book rooms with on Thursday....once that's set up I can sent out our Save the Date magnets! Woohoo!
The MST3K was great polly and kittenb. I even got to meet the cast, and they signed a poster. It wasn't of the movie we saw on Saturday, but the one on Friday. Polly, that restaurant show sounds yummy. There's one that comes to Atlanta every year, but it's way too expensive.

Kittenb, good to know about Capcria. Mcgeek wanted to buy it.

Kvetch: Getting ready for the show, I found Mcgeek's old wedding ring in a drawer. Yeah, not cool. I'm actually happy that he's not going to be here for a week. I guess I thought he had gotten rid of it I guess. We almost didn't go to the MST3K show. I hate fights. I was so stoked b/c last week, he actually called me his fiancee to his classmates, and that's huge for him.

Anti-kvetch: This week to just chill out.

((vibes for Sheff))
((all kvetchies))
(((pixie))) computer glitches suck!

*waves at sybarite* thanks!

*~*~*~get that teaching job syb so you can leave current job*~*~

~*~*~get the job shef*~*~

((((((sassy))) working at 6am on a sat. sucks big time! especially when the boss doens't even thank you! and finding the old wedding ring sucks too- maybe he kept it waiting to sell it or something- or just didn't know what to do with it- at least it was in a random drawer and not in a memory box or something!

(((kitten))) at least the first fight (and 2nd) are out of the way! time to enjoy being together...

i also didn't know that mst3k had a show (esp. w/original cast!)- i'll have to look at up...

polly- that's some serious wedding progress- good for you!

weekend w/out the mr. was awesome. went shopping at the thrift store, had awesome tacos, brunch with the girls, and the bust craft thingy. best of all i got a new soft comforter, washed tons of sheets so i'll be in fresh sheets for a while, and got new super comfy pj's for $6!! the price was so good i got two of them (even though i didn't really need pj's- but oh well). so now my bed is heavenly (and i'm anxious to get back in- this morning i was late to work because of it!) plus i found 3 pairs of $4-$6 jeans and a pair of $3 work pants at the thrift store in a size smaller than i was wearing (and they all fit perfect- one was new w/the tags still on!) yay!!

kvetch: for some reason the gyno wouldn't renew my b.c. prescrip and called me that i need to immediately see her. i didn't take any tests- so that can't be it, but i'll know after my 5pm appt. tonight (they never have appt's that soon- i wonder what's up!) i hate the exams though. ugh.
Happy Monday night, everyone.

Crassy, sometimes it is so wonderful to have a weekend all to yourself, isn't it? I hope things are okay with the Ob-Gyn. Maybe they got someone else's files mixed up in yours? That has happened to me a couple of times.

Sassy, that show sounds really cool! As for the ring, maybe the McGeek could just keep the ring in the closet instead of his drawer? That may sound weird, but I kinda think of a drawer as a more personal space than a closet. Does that make sense?

Polly, that restaurant show sounds amazing! I wish I could have been there. I'm glad you're meeting with multiple photographers. We thought we knew who we were going to hire for our wedding photography - this guy had won tons of awards, took great shots, and came highly recommended - but when we met him, we just didn't click. His personality grated on my nerves & Sheff thought he was weird, too. Luckily, Sheff found a different photographer whom we loved.

Kitten, congrats on surviving the first fight. It's a good hurdle to get over!

It's been cold and windy here on the shore with a high temp of about 58F. We spent the day indoors at the aquarium. We braved the weather this evening and walked along the beach before sunset. I think I'll post some photos on the blog tonight.

Kvetch: Sheff didn't get the job. Today he got one of those form e-mails - "thanks for applying, we don't have any openings for you right now, we'll keep you on file for 12 months" blahblahblah. Sheff seems to be taking it well so far. I think I'm taking it harder than he is, oddly enough. I was on the verge of tears when he broke the news, but Sheff said lots of encouraging things. For instance, we haven't lost anything that we had yesterday. We're still doing okay. Plus, he has his annual review & raise next month, so even though he may not get the vacation time he wants, he should have more money coming his way. Life goes on.
Hi ladies. I just wanted to quickly stop in and say hello. I'm not doing well at all. My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday. I am feeling really hopeless and I just want to stay in bed all day. I just really thought that I had finally found the guy for me. Before him I had been single for 4 fucking years. I'm so sick of being on my own all the time. I just wanted to be with him but he said that it couldn't work. I needed more than he could give me because he can't be with anyone right now. Whatever. I think it's fucking stupid to tell someone that you love them but that you can't be with them.

All that's helping is watching the Sex and the City episode La Douleur Exquise and the SATC movie.

I keep trying to be positive and think about working on myself. Getting into shape, concentrating on my one summer class, volunteering (although it's only once a week for a few hours). But all I can think about is him. And I don't want to do anything at all right now. I just want him. I never even got to see him one last time. We broke up on the phone.

I'm sorry for hijacking, I know this belongs in another thread.

((((CCgirl)))) It's great that you're thinking of new projects for yourself, but take time to feel sad. You will anyway, so acknowledge it(like you are here) for a bit, let yourself process. I am sorry.

Kitten, the mister and I fought like the proverbial cats and dogs when we moved in together. I'm glad you're figuring out how to work through it with the Geek. (I liked Caprica actually, although I wasn't sure for the first third or so.)

(((RV and Sheff))) Sorry to hear this, but Sheff is right: you haven't lost anything and you guys have some great stuff going on.

Crassy, I love love love weekends to myself (no offense to the mister). Glad it was awesome.

Thanks all for the crossed fingers and well wishes on the job. It's such a great opportunity and it's coming at the perfect time, so I'm anxious to sign the contract!

Went to my first spinning class last night. All I have to say is: oof.
(((((((((((((((((((((CCGirl))))))))))))))))))))) I'm so sorry you're hurting. That's got to be really confusing, too. "I love you, but not enough to make room/time for you in my life"?!? Wha..?!? How awful. Sybarite said some very smart things. I like her advice.

Syb, here's a weird question. Does your spinning class require you to get up off of your bike seat a lot? One of the things that bothers me the most about stationary bikes is that it hurts my crotch a lot. Don't know why. Maybe I'm weird.

Pixie, I can't believe that you guys are thinking about having another baby! As I've gotten older, I have so much admiration for parents. I don't know how you manage to do all that you do.

Kvetch: I'm still upset about Sheff missing out on the job. I think I wanted this more than him, though, so that could have been part of the problem. He also wonders if he asked for too much money (but I doubt it). I suppose this is our Spring of Rejection. A month ago I auditioned for 13 directors and have not been contacted by anyone and now Sheff won't even be interviewed by this new studio. Bah.

Anti-kvetch: We discovered this morning that you can see the local lighthouse from one of the decks here at the beach house, so that's cool. Sheff will join us here tomorrow. I can't wait to see him.
((CCG))) I'm so sorry. Try to process the emotions, but I commend you for working on yourself.

Syb, I've never taken a spin class. I'm trying to find one at a YMCA or something. '

((rv)) Sorry about Sheff's not getting the job.

Kvetch: I wrote the follow-up letter to the fellowship. I'm weirdly feeling jealous of Mcgeek and his graduate school camp. No, I don't want to study math variables, but he's doing his dream. I want to be a supportive partner, but I feel like a character off of 'Mad Men." This past year, I've only had a shitty internship and become a house wive. I see all this old friends on FB having lives(kids, jobs, etc). I'm just depressed, and trying to deal with it. Maybe b/c I feel I'm comparing myself to others. I still have no idea where to go or what to do in my life. I still don't even know about going out west. Mcgeek still says it's in the plan, but there are no steps b/c he's in debt. These are the days when I just want to move now by myself. I probably need to set some goals.

Sorry for the vent guys.


I think that Mad Men is a dangerous show for women to watch when we are having career frustrations. Not that that will stop me but it can be tricky. rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

{{{roseviolet}}} so sorry about the rejections. That really sucks about the 14 directors=no calls, esp. considering they seemed so positive to you.

sybarite - I did spinning class three times. I thought I was going to die. Absolutely die. My fingernails were sweating by the end.

Crassy - you've left me really wanting to go thrifting. It has been awhile.

So, after the confusion I got my entire security deposit back + intrest. biggrin.gif So I am going to hold on to it for the deposit on our next place. Between that and my financial aid overage, I'll be full of money that I cannot actually spend. The Geek and I are planning a weekend trip to visit my grandparents in Pittsburgh this summer. When I talked to my grandma about it, she got very quiet and awkward for a moment until I added, "Grandma, we will stay at a hotel." Oh well in that case we were very welcome! As if I was going to ask my grandparents (88 & 89 y/o) to let my boyfriend and I share a room at their place. It was very funny. laugh.gif They are looking forward to meeting him.

(((ccgirl))) i hope you are taking care of yourself.

(((crassy))) how did everything go at the gyno?? i hope you are ok.

(((rose))) send my regards to Sheff. i was bummed to read the news. i hope you hear "something" soon about your audition.

(((kittenb))) so good to hear things worked out with your former apartment!

(((sybarite))) congrats on the new job and your thesis!

(((sassy))) hang in there with the applications. alot of us are in the same place you are.

i had a good time in beantown. i was able to meetup with raisingrl, cocl, and lunasol for brunch on sunday. raisin, lunasol, and i laughed that we felt like adolescents being unemployed and living with our folks in our 30s. classy ladies we are! it was good to see some of my colleagues on saturday. i'm glad i went there. i did alot of catching up, eating lots of good vegetarian eats, and lovin' with friends.

kvetch: like others in here, still no news from the internship place. ugh. no news does not feel like good news to me right now. they could either reject me or accept me. i don't like those odds. it is hard to be optimistic about landing a training position right.

antikvetch: i was able to squeeze some more financial aid money somehow. hooray!!

(((bunnyb, pixie, sybarite, mando, polly, and other kvetchies)))
Kvetch:Socially inept irriatant on crackbook.

Would you or wouldn't you defriend?....This is a person who is very needy. We hung out back in high school, but were never really tight...she always wanted the asshat I married right out of high school. First she found me on Myspace and i rejected her because I post way too much personal drama there and didn't want any of it accidently making it back to the exasshat. But I had another mutal friend defriend me for not friending her. Now she's on crackbook. I went ahead and friended her because half a dozen of my old friends have already done so, and I rarelypost anything terribly personal there. I figured what is the harm, right? So the first thing she does is post a big soppy message about sorry she is that things didn't work out with asshat! Just having his name on my wall makes me feel a little violated. I very firmly told her i do not wish to discuss him, but still, the damage has been done. Another mutal friend messaged me that he thought she was inappropriate
Hmm, I think that's worthy of a defriend and a block.

I have an awkward FB friend situation, too- I ended up befriending the ex-wife of one of my mom's cousins.... she sent me a friend request after she friended my mom. I don't even know her; she kept her married name after they got divorced a couple of years ago, and when I got the request, I thought it was my mom's cousin- I met him at the family reunion a few years ago and he seemed like a nice guy. Her first name is sorta gender-neutral, and I just didn't think about it and accepted the friend request.

I've regretted it ever since. I feel weird because I really don't know her, but she also makes weird, non-sequitur comments about stuff I post and she sends me friend suggestions for her grandkids, who are like's like, what part of my Facebook page is child-friendly? blink.gif And she posts pictures of her drawings, stuff she did after 3 weeks of drawing class that doesn't even qualify as "outsider art".

I'm just waiting a few weeks until she loses interest in me and then I'll defriend her. rolleyes.gif

((cg girl))

((hugs to everyone!))
Polly and pixie, honestly life is too short. Defriend them, although I like polly's suggestion of waiting a few weeks so you can defriend them under the radar, as it were.

SG, both my sister and a good friend are currently living at home with parent/s. Both are in their 30s, both have awesome careers; they each for different reasons moved back home while they look for opportunities here. You guys are so not alone in this.

And thanks for the congrats... I'm holding my breath until I get the contract but I'm excited. Thesis not quite submitted; a few more weeks of corrections.

Kitten, woot on getting the deposit back!

RV, one of the hardest things about spinning class is that you do have to lift your bum off of the seat regularly while you're pedalling. I thought I'd have all manner of difficulties with staying on the bloody thing and/or grappling with the seat and/or handlebars, but it was fine. No, the problem I had was with the intensity of the workout itself. Saying that, I'm going back: something that hard has to work, right? blink.gif
Happy Wednesday, everyone. The sky at the beach is CLEAR! Finally! And Sheff will be here in just a few hours, which is wonderful. I've missed him a lot.


Sybarite, all of that work has GOT to help. Holy crap, that sounds exhausting!
~!~!~!~ Contract arrival vibes ~!~!~!~

Pixie & Polly, you've reminded me yet again why I'm not on Facebook. It would feel very strange to me to have this place on the internet that brings together my friends, family, internet pals, odd acquaintances, and those people whom you kinda sorta know but don't really like but feel obligated to "friend" out of guilt. Ugh. I think I prefer my life a little more compartmentalized.

Stargazer, so glad to hear you had so much fun! Thanks for the PM, by the by. smile.gif

Kitten, that's fabulous news about the deposit. Plus interest! Amazing!

~!(&$(*@~)#)*~@*&~ internship and fellowship vibes a-plenty ~!(&@$&@#*)~~)@@*)~

Kvetch: Aunt Flow arrived and she is feeling particularly bitchy this month.
Anti-kvetch: Luckily Mom has some super-strength prescription stuff that is doing a world of good. Aren't drugs wonderful?

Thanks for the support for Sheff. We got some info last night from our friend who works at the new studio that has made Sheff feel better about the situation. In the past year, the company Sheff applied to has received hundreds and hundreds of applicants for Game Play Programmers. Of all of those people, only 100 received engineering tests (the others were rejected early based on lackluster resumes). Of those 100 people - of which Sheff is one - only 10 made it to the interview stage and only ONE single person has been hired. Obviously this company is exceptionally picky, so Sheff should take it as a compliment that he even got the engineering test.

We're doing our best to make lemonade out of these lemons, people.
Hate to do this, but I needed to tell to someone...

Kvetch: I just walked outside to do some laundry, and called for Mcgeek's cat Erwin b/c all of his food was gone. He died. I found his body. A little shaken up right now, and could really use some vibes. This wasn't even my cat, but it is freaking me out. Very sad right now.


I hope everyone is having a good day.

((((((((((((((((sassy & mcgeek))))))))))))))))))))) first his dog gets hurt and now his cat dies. poor mcgeek! sad.gif
Aww, poor kitty! And poor you & McGeek! sad.gif
((((((((((sassy and mcgeek))))))))))))) I don't know what to say. I hope you two can be okay dealing with this loss.
Thanks everyone.

It was just shocking. I thought he was sleeping, and there was a possum incident last night. So, I thought the possum killed him. He was pretty old (at least 13), but still. It creeps me out that I have to dispose of a dead body.

Poor Mcgeek. Issac ran away in Nov, Bailey hurt his leg last month, and now this. I still have Miles and Zoe. I just have to wonder if it's a sign of something. He seemed okay on the phone, and I was obviously more shaken up than him.

I just want someone here to comfort me right now. This sucks he's away. I could really use a hug!!

{{{sassygirl}}} That is such a shame. sad.gif I am sorry that you have to be alone right now.

I just scheduled a vet appt. for my boy cat. I am one of the "bad" cat owners who never takes her cats to the vets. He never gets sick and never goes outside. However, when I picked him up last night, I realized he has lost some weight and has been very cranky. Just seems like a good idea to get a check up. God is this going to piss him off.

Cleaning my apartment today. It is lovely weather so I want my living space to feel as nice as nature feels right now.

Have a great day all.
Awww, oodles of hugs for ((((Sassy & McGeek)))) sad.gif

((((Candy)))) How are you holding up, hon? ~~~soothing~~~

~~~~health vibes for kittenb's kittyboy~~~~

~~~~continued vibage for mandikins~~~~

pixie, I too have someone on Facebook that I wish had never found me. We are just on such opposite ends of the spectrum now and knowing her back in the day as well as I did and seeing the crap she posts now just makes my mind scream "Hypocrite!". I keep thinking she will unfriend me with all the pro gay marriage and acceptance stuff I post, but she hasn't yet. Guess I need to put my big girl chonies on and just do it.

On the other hand a very dear friend of mine that I lost touch with some years back was able to find me on Facebook. Turns out that she divorced and moved back to CA and is now living about a half hour drive from me. I saw her last week and we sat and talked for hours. It was great!

(((((polly, star, rose, syb, bunny, kitten, amilita, crassy, dm, sidecar, christine, flankerj, raisin, billy, futura, everyone)))))

Things have been crazy busy and rather stressful 'round here the past few weeks. I've been trying to help R's dad find a place to live down here closer to us because he really needs more help and driving 45 minutes each way three times a week minimum is killing us both gas and time wise. But finding a one bedroom ground level apartment in his budget is proving much more difficult than I'd anticipated and his deadline to move is quickly approacing unsure.gif. The kidlet moves to Florida on June 19th, so we've arranged to have him for the remaining weekends. Unfortunately in the mean time he has been acting out so badly that he's having major troubles in school now. He actually got himself expelled and is now finishing off the year in an alternative studies program. This happened a few weeks back but I didn't want to discuss it until I was sure what was happening with him. He got caught with a pocket knife in his backpack, which he put in there to defend himself from the bullies that have been following him home, threatening him, toilet papering his house and all sorts of other BS. This isn't something new either, he's been picked on and bullied since day one at that school. A really annoying part of the whole situation is that the day he got caught was the day that his mom had a meeting with the Principal that very morning to discuss the dog poop that had been smeared on her car along with the nasty note left which the little morons stupidly signed their nicknames to and he was finally going to do something about it! *headdesk* So yeah, he was expelled but so far is doing quite well in his new program. It's designed for kids who are first time offenders and aren't really cut out for continuation school. Last night he called to tell us he had straight A's on his progress report, so at least there is that. But then R and kidlet's mom got in to a shouting match over the fact that this weekend we're planning to take him up to see his best friend once last time before he moves. She thinks he shouldn't be allowed to anything but rot in the house. But the deal between them is that what each parent does when it is their time is none of the other parents business. And SHE is the one who set this rule, but of course she has a double standard with this just like she does with everything else. When it really turned ugly was when the kidlet had to sneak to tell R never mind on us driving up there because his mom told him that if he disobeyed her or told his dad why he wasn't going that he wasn't going to be able to live with her and move to Florida. WTF? How can you basically tell your son that if he doesn't do exactly what YOU want that you won't love him anymore? Because that is what it felt like to him, he was crying and asked R why his mom would say that to him. So then R called the douchebag and they had it out but good. She told him that she just won't allow us the time with him if he doesn't do what she says. He wound up telling her that if she really wants to fuck around and play these games then they can just go back to court and let the judge decide if she can take him with her on June 19th seeing as she seems to not want to take him with her any longer. I had to laugh when I heard him say to her "Go ahead and bring it because you're the one who is going to look like the unfit parent to the judge." Amen to that. That woman doesn't even see what a great kid she has because she's so busy trying to force him in to some mold of the perfect child she has in her mind. I just don't get why these selfish idiots have no trouble having kids. /rant

The good news is that not all of it has stressful. Weekend before last R and I took a road trip up to the Bay area to meet up with some friends. We went to a concert, enjoyed pizza at midnight on Haight St. in San Francisco, plus a bunch of other fun stuff. I was hoping to be able to meet flankerj while up there, but our trip ended up being cut short and there wasn't enough time. In fact, we almost weren't able to go at all, but I am so I thankful we did. And this past weekend we took the kidlet out to Yuma, AZ to fish. It was just way too hot to camp so we stayed over night at a hotel and were able to fish both days. We all caught fish which we released. I caught the biggest bluegill that R has ever seen and boy did it fight hard!

I'll be back to read through more and catch up with everyone just as soon as I get this wicked headache to kick rocks.
(((yuefie & R & kidlet))) It sounds like things have been hectic, but, you are managing which is a good thing.

(((Kittenb))) I hope the kitty is ok. If he is an indoor cat, it is not uncommon for people to not take their vet in annually. You are such the responsive mama kitty.

(((sassy))) I hope you are feeling better. I know virtual hugs aren't much.

(((ccgirl))) I hope you are doing ok.

(((polly))) pretty excited for our lunch date on friday!

All the talk of defriending on this board, I went ahead and defriend the former BFF, her fiance, and her dad from my friends list. It is surprising the amount of guilt I was having about defriending her, but, it didn't stop me in real life so why should it on the interwebs. What a cathartic move for me.

Kvetch: One of our Chicago Busties, avaadore, is moving back to her home state. We will give her a good send off.

Antikvetch: This freakin' weather is awesome in the Chicagoland area! Not, that I've been outside or anything, but it is great to have the windows open with the sun shining brightly outside with clear blue skies. smile.gif

(((Yuefie, kidlet & R))) Sounds like you're definitely making the best of a tough situation, and I think the kidlet will know where his home truly is.

Oh, no, Ava's going back? Boo. When is she leaving?

The weather has been amazing the past couple of days- it's supposed to be 66 and sunny on Friday, star- perfect lunch and zoo weather!!!

We met our second potential wedding photographer tonight. We really liked her and she's sooooo much cheaper than the other guy we met with on Monday. I'm not sure if I should try to find one more option or just go with her.

We're going to another wedding on Saturday- it's LeBoy's brother-in-law's brother. He and his wife got married in a civil ceremony several years ago, but are getting married by their church, with a reception afterwards. It's a Catholic church and everything, but they're big Grateful Dead fans and have requested that everyone, including them, wear tie-dye shirts and jeans. I hope someone's told the priest, because I've heard about how strict Catholic churches can be about "inappropriate displays" like that. Anyway, it's been years since I've owned a tie-dye shirt, so LeBoy and I stopped at the local hippie shop and got some. Mine's the standard tie-dye colors with a pink heart tie-dyed into the middle. LeBoy's is Rastafarian colors with a guitar shape tie-dyed into it. Groovy.

Kitten, I hope everything's okay with your kitty!

((((more hugs for cc girl))))
((((more hugs for sassy & mcgeek))))

Oh, just read the FB email from ava sad.gif
((Yuefie, and kidlet))) Sounds like alot is on your plate, but you're dealing with it.

Polly, that wedding sounds really fun!

So, Mcgeek came home last night, and we had a funeral for Irwin. I ended up saying things at his funeral, not Mcgeek. This cat didn't really like me much. Maybe there was some bitterness b/c it was the ex's cat. We planted a really pretty plant on his grave. Although I was totally paranoid the whole night checking on everyone and making sure they were breathing. It may fuck me up for a bit.

Thanks everyone for the virtual hugs. They were needed.

Anti-kvetch: Yummy Chinese food and ben and jerry's ice cream(which we rarely ever eat) last night, and some Simpsons cartoons. smile.gif

I think I'm going to head to a movie today, and get a mani/pedi. I need the day away, and I just hope it doesn't rain.


((((((((((((((((((((((sassy & mcgeek))))))))))))))))))))))))) oh. that's terrible. poor thing. it sucks big time that you had to find the cat, that's like my worst nightmare!! sad.gif

((((((candycane)))))) that sucks! and on the phone! argh!! *brushes candy's hair* syb is right, that taking time to feel sad is good- otherwise it will come out later (believe me, i know!!)

rose, sorry to hear shef didn't get the job- but he is right that you haven't lost anything. also, my dad always said 'when you think about the things you didn't get that you wanted, think about all the things you don't want that you didn't get!" (i think that's how it goes)

stationary bikes hurt my crotch too! i stick with the elliptical.

(((sassy))) first, i wanted to say that some people on fb lie- so maybe their lives aren't that perfect. also, you'd probably feel better if you talked about some steps with mcgeek to move west- even if it's not for years and years- that way you have a plan and a light at the end of the tunnel, something to look forward to. as i've gotten older i've come to define 'success' much differently. but i still have pangs of regret for leaving radio- i still have the dream of being a big city dj (but also have a realistic side to keep that dream side in check). and lastly- i'm on fb, why aren't you my friend yet? smile.gif

kitten, i'm cracking up that your 'fingernails were sweating'- too funny!!

(((star))) *~*~*~super turbo vibes to get that position~*~*~*~*

re: facebook
i would totally defriend the crack lady, pixie. i don't friend anyone that i barely knew in h.s. much less didn't like! if it hurts their feelings tough- and if someone else defriends because you 'rejected' that's just super lame- they must not have been a good 'friend'. also, you can delete stuff on your 'wall'. fb is for connecting -not to be annoyed!!

polly, can you 'quietly' defriend?- how long has it been? cause if it's only shortly you could go 'oops, thought you were someone else.' hell, you still can, how the hell would she know what you meant (you thought she was normal and she isn't- so there!)

in short: defriend, defriend, defriend! if only it was this easy to get rid of annoying people in person! (good for you stargazer!)

(((yuefie, r & kidlet))) how could you ever tell your kid he or she cannot live with you!!! i mean what the hell?!? that's your child! people really suck sometimes.

ugh, the gyn appt sucked. it was just a checkup since it's been 6 months since they removed the tumor. my uterus is always frikkin' twisted, so they have to use the fuckin' metal 'duck lips. and it hurt- bad. and i had cramps the rest of that day plus the next whole day. i even had to leave work early. ugh. but i'm better now and next step is to get a mammo and a pelvic ultra sound. she did say if i ever wanted to have kids i better decide right away- but i still don't want them right now. i hope i don't change my mind after it's too late!!

kvetch: some bitch at my work just got me in trouble!!! she said she wanted to send an e-mail to me to forward to the board, so i said ok, but it needs to be approved by the e.d.- she said 'of course, no problem'. so when she sent it i assumed it was approved- well, guess what- it wasn't and now i look bad. i explained that to the boss and she seemed to be fairly understanding but i'm still pissed! especially cause i don't like the woman- i swear she took stuff that was donated for the domestic violence shelter for herself-- i just wish i had proof!
So my step-sister's pregnant. Yup, 18 y/o and knocked up by some illiterate Ohio half-wit who don't wanna be no bitch's baby-daddy. I swear I don't know who I am madder at. I am sure that she planned this. Just sure of it. And I want to grab him by the balls and squeeze them until they pop like the tiny little grapes they are.
On the bright side, she has stopped doing drugs. half full?

{{{crassy}}} Oh that sounds painful. I hope you start feeling better very soon.

{{{sassygirl}}} I hope your movie & mani/pedi day went well.

{{{polly}}} Did you pick the photographer.

Way to go to the FB defrienders!

{{{yuefie & kidlet}}}


(((kittenb))) oh gosh. i just don't know what to say. sad.gif

(((crassy))) ouch. i hope you are feeling better. ugh on office "personalities."

(((polly))) that wedding sounds like fun! take pics this time! wink.gif

kvetch: ok. i feel like i'm cursed. wtf? i've lost all hope with my situation. seriously. i'm so desolate right now. i emailed the site after not hearing from them last week. the positions were filled. *sigh* i just don't know what to do. part of me wants to use the money i got from fin. aid to sue my former training site. i've heard they've had lawsuits filed against them in the past. ugh. i feel so cheated right now. i'm so clueless about what to do next and i feel like my school just doesn't care or want to make things easier for me or treat me with understanding. my heart just hurts so much with school right now. an internship is the ONLY i need to finish school. i feel like such a failure right now like my life is in some terrible limbo, stuck there for life.


antikvetch: i finally mastered headstand tonight.

Kvetch: I'm lame. I havent posted in Mod only knows how long. I lurk. I'm not even a good lurker. I miss you and so I've come back to Kvetch my heart away. Well, my heart is away for now.

<3 loves to you!
OMG!!! PiP!!!!! Seeing you post in here totally made me smile! ((((((((((PiP)))))))))))) Feel free to stop by and post again when you can. smile.gif
((((SG)))) I'm so sorry your situation hasn't been resolved by now, that must be so frustrating. All I can think to say is try not to internalise this; you are awesome, you've finished your thesis!! And you're doing and have done good work. You will transcend this; to move on from crassy's dad's slogan, what's for you won't go past you.

Hey PiP!

Kitten, wow. Can you talk to her at all? Being off drugs is good news...

Yuefie, we are regularly compensating for Resident Teen's mother's random parenting. So frustrating, but you know kidlet feels the love and stability you guys give him.

Anti-kvetch: the weird black cloud which seemed to be hanging over me has cleared, and I'm getting excited about the new job and moving. And it's Friday!

*matching new black mesh bra and boyshorts!*
((SG))) Echoing what syb said, you're done with your thesis, and you're awesome. Try not to internalize it. You also mastered the headstand!

Hi PIP!!

Mcgeek is coming home tonight! I found out from my boss a few of our clients have jobs! Also, I lost 5 pounds! For the hell that I've been thru this week, maybe Mcgeek should leave more often. It has been nice playing my music loud, and watching all the crappy tv I can think of while he's been gone.

Kvetch: I think our beans in the garden died. What's up with the death this week with me?? I'm hoping there's an upside to this.

Anti-kvetch: Plan to finally complete the 5 job applications today, and start drafting an important letter for my parents this weekend.

Undies: white boy sports and sports bra.
(((kitten))) wow, you think your stepsister planned it! this is the 2nd time this week i heard a similar story about a young woman who got pregnant on purpose and the guy is an asshat! glad she stopped doing drugs though.

star, that sucks! what do you need an internship doing? if you don't need to get paid, you might want to try a volunteer site (like volunteer match) i found a intern for the summer there even though i was only looking for some volunteers- i can really use help though, so i was pleased. she's coming next week, i'll let you know then if i'm still pleased...

(((pip))) nothing wrong w/not posting for a while- i just took like a 2 year break!

gotta get a pedi soon- i've got like a quarter inch growth under the nail polish line- you have to really look to see it, but still....

sassy, glad mcgeek is coming home, the mr. really showed me he appreciated me this week after being away. he's even fixing up his jeep (he has a work vehicle now) so i can have it and sell my less-than-exciting car. i saved up to get the jeep painted metallic orange (next i'm gonna make a 'orange crush' tire cover for it!)

kvetch: i want to do fun things this weekend but i have to paint a room so i can move all the crap that used to be in there out of my living and dining rooms- my house is a wreck. i hate housework, if i was rich i think i wouldn't do much differently but i'd totally have a housekeeper. maybe if i do a lot of work tomorrow i'll be done and have sun and mon to enjoy. here's to not procrastinating or drinking so much tonight i'm hungover and sleep in too late on sat! *raises glass* (wait, does that defeat the purpose?!)
I decided to be brave and go look at my step-sister's MySpace page. The baby's father looks much like I expected him to look, buzz cut hair, black tee-shirt, scraggly little chin pubes. Can I make a blanket statement that I hate all Ohio males b/w the ages of 16-21? Does that make me a bad person? Anyway, she has pics up, including one of her pregnancy test. I just cannot figure out how I helped raise someone who grew up with so little class, taste and common sense. Okay, fine, many teens get pregnant. But this, on top of everything else, I just don't get it! My mom is as upset as I am but has asked that I not tell my step-sis that I am upset about this. I mean we haven't even talked since winter but now I am not supposed to be honest with what I am thinking. God, these people make me INSANE!

{{{stargazer}}} I wish I knew what to suggest that you do. I can't think of anything. Have you asked the school about suing your site? If it is a possible course of action, look into it.

prettyinpink - Welcome back. smile.gif

crassy - A jeep is one of those vehicles I've always thought would be interesting to own.

{{{sassy, sybarite, all kvetchies everywhere}}}

I decided to be brave and go look at my step-sister's MySpace page. The baby's father looks much like I expected him to look, buzz cut hair, black tee-shirt, scraggly little chin pubes. Can I make a blanket statement that I hate all Ohio males b/w the ages of 16-21? Does that make me a bad person? Anyway, she has pics up, including one of her pregnancy test. I just cannot figure out how I helped raise someone who grew up with so little class, taste and common sense. Okay, fine, many teens get pregnant. But this, on top of everything else, I just don't get it! My mom is as upset as I am but has asked that I not tell my step-sis that I am upset about this. I mean we haven't even talked since winter but now I am not supposed to be honest with what I am thinking. God, these people make me INSANE!

{{{stargazer}}} I wish I knew what to suggest that you do. I can't think of anything. Have you asked the school about suing your site? If it is a possible course of action, look into it.

prettyinpink - Welcome back. smile.gif

crassy - A jeep is one of those vehicles I've always thought would be interesting to own.

{{{sassy, sybarite, all kvetchies everywhere}}}

(((((kitten))))) this sounds like such a sticky situation. I wish I knew what to suggest. As for posting a picture of the pregnancy test, I'm starting to think that's just what people do now. I saw a post at STFU Parents where someone had done the same thing. I can't imagine ever posting a picture and being like, "Hey, check out my pee stick!"

((((crassy)))) good luck painting that room. The last time I had to paint a room I put on an oldies station and just painted away. It was tiring but fun.

(((PiP))) good to see you!

(((syb))) good luck with the new job.

((((star)))) I wish I knew what to say or suggest. You are NOT a failure! These days it feels like it's hard to get a position doing anything at all, let alone an internship. Keep your chin up.

(((((yuefie))))) that sounds like a tough situation.

Thanks for all the vibes. As anyone can see, I've been spending a lot of time in the moving on thread. Today is day one of no contact with him. We're going to talk again in a month. On one hand I don't want to get my hopes up but on the other hand I want him to realize how great we are together. Actually, I know that he already does and I think it kind of scares him.

anti-kvetch: My mom is coming to visit this weekend. She is the best mom anyone could ever wish for and she is so supportive of me. It will be nice just being able to hug her.

kvetch: I stupidly cut myself a few days ago so I'm going to have to spend the weekend covering up my arms so that my mom won't see. I don't know why I do it. I always regret it and it just ends up in me trying to make sure that no one sees it.


((ccgirl)) I’m sorry to hear about you and the boy, but I’m glad to hear your mother is visiting. Take care of yourself.

((kittenb)) Sorry to hear about your step-sis. I was just watching this show on MTV about a young girl (18) who was on drugs, got pregnant and turned her life around through quitting drugs and an open adoption. Maybe this will help her grow up, and understand priorities. It’s definitely a tough situation.

((crassy)) I hope the painting and house cleaning go fast so you can enjoy the rest of the long weekend. Boo to the bitch who got you in trouble at work.

((sassy)) Sorry to hear about the cat, but glad some other things are turning around.

((syb)) Yay for good things.

((pip)) Hello.

((star)) I know it has got to be frustrating as hell when you know you are a super qualified and intelligent woman. I say do what you must about the previous training site.

((polly)) Have fun at the tie-dye wedding, sounds fun.

((yuefie)) Glad you and R had a nice trip to the Bay area, and the fishing trip with the kidlet.

((rose and sheff)) Sorry about the job, but at least Sheff is having a good attitude about it.

I’m so happy for the long weekend for the U.S. Busties. I’m going to see Terminator 4 tomorrow, mainly for Christian Bale because I’ve not seen any of the other movies all the way through, but I liked the Sarah Chronicles tv show. Other than that I will probably just watch some IFC films on demand, and exercise. Have a good weekend.
(((ccgirl))) sorry about you & the boy. i hope you & your mom have a good time together and it can help you.
(((kittenb))) ugh, awful. is there any chance you could talk to her and try to help knock some sense into her? i am so sorry that this has happened.
((RV)) sorry sheff missed out on the job.
(((((((star)))))))) i wish you could just get this last piece in place. i know you're ready to move on, and this is so, so frustrating.

um, so hi everyone! i've been busy with work & freelancing, and travel and hosting, so i haven't been into the lounge much. i just finished a lovely visit with my parents, and martini and i are heading out for mexican shortly. between entertaining my parents and the dog park this morning, the dog is tuckered, so we're going to take advantage of it and go out tonight.

hope everyone is doing okay! and btw, the few times i've taken spinning, i've spent the whole class convinced i was going to drop dead at any second. i'm sure it really works, but i'm not sure the misery of taking it would be worth it!
So I'm still catching up to everything, so (((((((everyone))))))). I'll be bringin' the individual vibes on after a week or so when I get my Kvetch bearings again.

Kvetch: I'm feeling like crap on toast. I'm tired and weak all the time, but I got my blood drawn and tested for a bunch o stuff and have an appointment on tuesday to tell me what the abnormalities were that they found. Yeah. Lovely message that. "hey we found some abnormalities and we need to talk to you about it, but cant do it on the phone and you'll have to wait till next week for an appointment." asshats. I assume its anemia or a thyroid problem. Those are the most likely.

Anti-Kvetch: I have an awesome boss who thinks that I have syphilis instead. I told her not to worry about me having syphilis until I try to take over various nations on horseback with a fuckin' fantastic hat and a coat with buttons up to here.

Anti-Kvetch: I have given up pretending that I am anything nearing tidy. I like a tidy space, but cannot seem to keep it that way, so I am hiring a maid. I have made room in my minimal income to do so because I have 4 cats and 1 dog and an Irishboy. The shedding done by all is not to be tolerated! Plus, knowing someone will see my house once or twice a month will shame me into cleaning it.

Kvetch: Wicked worried about school, but I'm applying to the Culinary Institute of America in New York. Hopefully I'll be there by January, but I'm wicked worried that I wont get in. But I will. I will.

Anywhoodles, Love you all. Mwah!
God I wish I could hire a maid. Even a monthly cleaning service would be a gift. smile.gif

Sidecar - it amuses me that you worded your evening as if you were able to go out because the dog was sleeping. I understand what you are saying but it still made me laugh.


DM - How was Terminator: Salvation? I'm going to see it tomorrow.

I had the nicest day yesterday. Started with a charity rummage sale where I got a puzzle, Cranium (in great condition) and a nice black wood bookcase. Then I did brunch and a quick trip to the library. After that, I was fine with spending the rst of the day on the sofa. My allergies are starting to flare up (that of I am getting a sinus infection so I am praying it is allergies!!!!) When my sinus's clog it makes eating uncomfortable as it is the cavities right over my front teeth that get stuffed. I was not able to get the good Sudafed yesterday b/c I went to the grocery store after the pharmacy had closed. I really hate Illinois' restrictions on buying pshodephedrine (sp?). I'll be the first person at the pharmacy when it opens at 9 AM today.

Today is The Geek's b-day. biggrin.gif We are doing brunch w/his folks and then having dinner and games at his house. I told him to invite whomever he wanted so, of course, he asked 1-2 ppl, neither of whom is he sure is coming or when. I told him yesterday that from now on, I plan the parties. I am making lime chicken tacos and I ordered a strawberry ice cream cake from Cold Stone. It should be another nice day as soon as I can eat without pain.

Have a lovely day ladies.

(((kittenb))) I will cover my Virgo ears about such a monstrosity as uncleanliness! wink.gif I hope the Geek and you have a good time celebrating his b-day. Btw, I've learned that some guys just aren't into celebrating their birthday.

(((sidecar))) It sounds like you had a good time with the 'rents. Hey, are you gonna post pics from your Italy trip on crackbook?

*~*~*soothing vibes for PiP*~*~*

(((PiP))) I hope they figure out what is going on health wise. Good luck with the culinary application! Would you and the hubby relocate to NYC?

(((CC_girl))) I hope you are doing what you can to take care of yourself.

(((DM))) Did you like T4? I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for all the support everyone. I have no clue what will happen next for me. It is literally take it one day at a time with the school situation.

kvetch: Getting paperwork from my chair coupled with mom's work fax being tricky. mad.gif

antikvetch: I've had a good weekend. Polly, Leboy, Humanist, and her bf went for lunch on Friday. Polly, Leboy, Humanist, and I went to the zoo. The weather was gorgeous. We spent alot of time in the monkey house so Polly could get her monkey fix. Then, we walked so much and were out all day that we ended up going for dinner and cupcakes. Yesterday, I went to the movies and dinner to see T4 with the folks. I was pretty ambivalent about going to a party, but, I forced myself out. I was awake when I got home and didn't go to sleep until 4am only to be awoken an hour later by the kitty who was on hyperactive mode this morning. dry.gif Now, the little fucker is asleep while I'm wide awake. rolleyes.gif I think I may head out to go flower shopping with my mama. Tomorrow, my plan is to just read.

(((rose, bunnyb, sybarite, pixie, yuefie, crassy)))
Christine Nectarine
hey everyone. i've been a lazy lurker lately, but i'm going to blame the fact that we were a household of sickies for a good few days. we're recovered now (except A a little bit) but i'm feeling the tiredness, as always. follow up appt with the doc is on Tuesday.


esp. candycanegirl, that's crap about the boy. hope you're looking after yourself right now.

and kittenb, i have seen that situation from all sides, and of course there is no way to know how it will turn out, but my heart goes out to you. it's hard to be supportive of someone when they seem so bent on self destruction, and i can only imagine how long you've been dealing with your sisters bad decisions.

anti-kvetch: met with a realtor this weekend, and she seems really cool. i'm looking forward to working with her. i can't believe we are making real progess on buying a house!

hope everyone had a good weekend (continued tomorrow for you amer-icans? lucky bums!)
(((kitten))) i don't understand why you can't tell your step sister how you feel. why should you hold it in? i swear the people that make meth are not going into the store to buy pseudoephedrine- so it's only people who actually have colds or allergies who are suffering!

(((star))) hang in there!

(((candy))) it sounds so cliche but it will be if it is meant to be. this one guy broke up with me and i was devastated for a long time, but now i thank gawd that he broke my heart because it made me know how awesome and perfect for me the mr. is. he's 100x better than the other guy on so many levels so if it doesn't work out for some reason maybe it's so the right person can come into your life. i know it's hard to think of that now, but i promise it will feel that way later. ((((((extra boob squissy hugs)))))

(((pip))) dr's are jerks for doing that! why can't they give you a little info, so you're not scared shitless for a week?!?! and i hear you on the maid thing- i should probably try to do the same cause i have 2 cats, a dog, and an irishboy. smile.gif and it is indeed impossible for the place to always look tidy. i might be able to afford it if i cut way back on other stuff, i should look into that...

christine- woohoo for the house progress!

uh, painting didn't get done. i lost the little paint chip for the original color and don't remember the name! but the jeep got fixed and washed, now all i have to do is replace a lightbulb or a fuse (hopefully the problem is that simple) and then get her inspected and i'm ready to roll (literally!) and i finally got an oven- it was $150 cheaper than orginal price and has everything i wanted and was in my affordability limit! it's coming on thurs. (now my cakes won't fall and i won't be heating the whole house instead of just food) plus it means everything i needed to do w/my tax refund is almost done- just one more thing to do- get a futon loveseat and couch.

i decided it's just too expensive to paint the jeep orange (i was gonna name her 'orange crush') but now i need a cute but not too cute name for her (cause the mr. will drive it too sometimes.) she's yellow w/ a black top. at first i thought "ol yeller", but even though she's a bit old she's not that old. so then i thought 'yellow' fever, but i'm not feeling that. maybe 'daisy', but i don't know. any ideas? something that sounds kinda cute but also kinda bad-ass. (the winner gets a ride and my eternal gratefulness) wink.gif
Hello again, ladies. Well, I finally had a good weekend. As I said, my mom came down to visit me. She came down on Friday night and left on Sunday. It was so great, I wish she could have stayed longer. On Saturday we went down to her old neighbourhood and walked around and window shopped. We even went to an open house. It was so great because I've always wondered what the houses in that neighbourhood are like on the inside so I finally got a chance to see. We had a great pub lunch. She got the all day breakfast and I had a delicious burger with sweet potato fries and chipotle sauce (speaking of which, I need to figure out how to make that stuff on my own).

Later on we had dinner in my neighbourhood although I was a bit disappointed with my food. However, I got a free cocktail! We had ordered crab cakes to start but never got them, some guy who wasn't our waiter just gave us our entrees. So our waiter made my drink complimentary.

Then on Sunday my mom took me grocery shopping and we had lunch out so that was fun. It sucked to see her go but I'll be back home in a couple of weeks and I'll be able to stay for a week.

I think it really helped me just to be able to have a good cry in my mother's arms. God, that makes me sound like I'm 5 but it's just that we've always been close and it was nice to have her comfort me.

Anyway, sorry for being so mememe. I'll be back to give out proper vibes later.

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