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Hello, Kvetchies! I've had lots of trouble getting Bust to load in recent days. Am I the only one? I have SO much to catch up on! Please know that I missed you all.I'll have to do it later, though. Don't have much time to chat. Sheff just called & said a co-worker invited us over to his house tonight. We've never been to this guy's place before, but he's a really nice guy. Here's hoping he doesn't try to sell us any Amway products. wink.gif Also, we're hosting a big dinner party tomorrow night, so I probably won't have time to post again until Sunday.

((((((((((((((((((((((((All of you))))))))))))))))))))))

Undies: blue lace on top, white lace on bottom

Happy Friday night everyone. I am at work counting the weeks until I no longer work Fridays until 11 PM.
I had a pretty good week. I got all A's this semester in school (same as first semester laugh.gif ). I treated myself to a nice lunch and some new makeup and a new flat iron. I can finally make my haircut look like it is supposed to. The makeup was a mixed success and I am having limited success giving myself a French manicure but it was so nice spending money frivolously.
Oh, and I spoke to my old apartment company. Since I walked through w/the building guy and he didn't say anything at the time to me, I am only being dinged on the things I agreed with (holes in wall, broken blind.) So yay me!

RV - have fun tonight. I am looking forward to having dinner parties. Our current liviong situation is too small for too many guests.

stargazer - get some rest. I am glad that your dissertation review went well. So what happens next with that?

ccg - fingers crossed for you!

Welcome back crassy! Just stop by when you want.

amalita - your first tampon story sounds similar to my "first time w/The Keeper" story. I didn't actually wet myself but it was VERY messy. Not love at first sight.

{{{Yay sybarite for free time!}}}

{{{lanans, yuefie, and all Kvetchies}}}

I just saw a news story about how health officials are asking everyone to calm down about the Swine Flu. It seems a little hypocritical for the media to tell us we were overreacting when it was because of their constant 24 hour fear mongering. I don't watch cable news but I can only imagine the on-air graphics they must have used. dry.gif The Geek actually was sick this week. He had a really bad cold and missed a day or work and worked from home 3 days. On Thursday we were both worried that his coughing would send all of the bus passengers into a fear riot. He is better now.

((kittenb)) Congrats on the good grades, treating yourself and getting most of the deposit back.

((rose)) Sounds like you have a busy weekend, have fun.

((star)) Great news about the second interview.

((ccgirl)) Good luck with the potential job meeting.

((crassy)) Hello, glad things are going well.

((yuefie)) Glad you are feeling better.

((yuefie’s grandpa))

((syb)) Glad the holiday was fun.

((amilita)) Glad the m-i-l visit went okay.

((lananans)) Yay for almost being done with work. I was completely lazy and ended up not going to the Katy Perry show.


This week was so much better than the past weekend. I felt a little anxiety, but overall felt really good. Twin DM and I went to see Jessica Lee Mayfield and Ray LaMontagne, it was a good show. It was a seated venue and the people in front of us almost got into a fight with a bunch of people because they complained that they were singing. It was ridiculous, but also kind of funny. Mr. DM and I went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom on Thursday for his birthday, it was fun. The only downsides was it was really hot, and Space Mountain and The Hall of Presidents were closed for remodeling. Mr. DM really likes Space Mountain, and I wanted to see Obama included in The Hall of Presidents, but I guess they needed time to remodel.

This weekend I plan to watch Mad Men season 2 from itunes, and Mr. DM’s aunt, uncle, cousin and his wife are visiting, and we are going to dinner. It should be a fun time as I haven’t met these relatives before.
Star, hooray for the good stuff! Driving through Missouri on two hours of sleep- fun! Glad you're home!

Kitten, congrats on the straight A's- that never happened for me! I was a terrible student. I love to learn, but I was never good about that homework thing. Sorry about the asshat management company- at least it won't be as bad as they made it sound.

Crassy! Welcome back!

DM, glad your week was good! Sorry about all the crappiness with your mom. I hope things it gets better.

Rose, I've had trouble getting Bust to load, just in the morning, early, like between 5-7, my time. When I try later in the morning it's fine. Just since yesterday. Weird.

Good luck on the job, candycane!

Funny period story, amilita! laugh.gif Bless your pa! I remember I accidentally bled on my parents' bed one time; I think I'd just gotten out of the shower and was looking in a laundry basket in their room for a pair of underwear (the inability to put away clean laundry is a passed-down trait in my family) and sat on the bed for a moment and left a dime-sized spot on the comforter. My dad came in a few minutes later and was like, "Did you leave that there?" Uh...... He just sighed.

~*~*~*~*feel better, go away evil chemo vibes to mando, wherever she is~*~*~*~* She mentioned on FB, something about looking forward to something in 13 days-- any ideas what she's talking about? Her birthday? Last chemo treatment? Something else? I didn't want to ask there because I know she like to keep her Facebook a little vague.

((yuefie & grandpa)) That's a rough time of life to be in. There's already a little part of me that lives in fear of something happening to my friends- by the time my mom was my age, she'd already had several friends die, like in accidents and stuff. It's just creepy to think about.

The Flight of the Conchords concert on Wednesday was really good. The only complaint I had was that I wish they'd done more of their faster, upbeat songs. They opened with "Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor", which set a high bar for the tempo/energy and then it was mostly slow songs. "It's Business Time" was really good and they did a slowed down version of "Sugarlumps", during which they came to the front of the stage and gyrated. Yum. I've only seen a couple of episodes from season 2 (we don't have HBO and they're stupid and don't do Hulu or even iTunes while the season is current, only after it's ended; we'd even pay for a season pass on iTunes to watch it during the season!) so a lot of the songs were new to us. Some of them, according to prophecy grrl weren't in any of the episodes, so they were new to them, too. The guy who plays their landlord on the show was their opening act, doing a little stand-up routine. He was really funny.

We're going to another roller derby match tomorrow night. The prophecys aren't going to make it sad.gif so it will just be us. I drove downtown to the shop that sells the team's merchandise and exchanged the hoodie that prophecy got me for my b-day, so I can wear it tomorrow.

Speaking of birthdays, not a single one of my co-workers acknowledged my birthday 2 weeks ago. I'm the one that makes cakes for everyone on their birthday (and I make them, I don't just buy them) and I don't get a single Happy Birthday from anyone, not even my cousin. dry.gif Work's been kinda crazy lately- both of the dental assistants quit within a week of each other, but even if someone had said, "Happy Birthday, we'll celebrate when things settle down" I would have been happy. I think I'll not mention anything the next time someone else's birthday comes up and when they ask if I'm making a cake, I'll just say, "Oh, are we still celebrating birthdays? I wasn't sure." Passive-aggressive, but I'm not sure what else to do- bitching about it in a staff meeting doesn't seem appropriate either.

((hugs to everyone- syb, lananans, christine, sidecar, pixie, and anyone else I missed!!))

((polly)) Glad the Flight of the Concords show was fun, but too bad they didn't do faster songs. The past two years at work I've only had one or two people acknowledge my birthday, but no cake, this year I didn't even get a card from the department. Last year I got my card about a week late. It just sucks when some people get acknowledged on their birthday, and others don't especially since you bake a cake most of the time. Have fun at the roller derby.

I was also wondering about ((mando's)) FB post, but didn't want to ask due to privacy. I hope she is doing well.
Hey (((all))).

I'm pretty sure that (((mandolyn))) is having the last of her Chemo treatments this month, which is what the facebook status referred to; it was a four month course, starting mid-February, so mid-May is spot on.

*waves at crassy* I've wondered about you many a time!

Crassy, I'm gonna start calling everything low class. You'll be fixing your low class ceiling and I'll be fixing my low class bathroom.

Was Funny Face good, Candy? I like Barbara...old Barbara.

~*~*~spring abundance for Star!!~*~*~ I like that; I'll have some myself!

Rose, hope your weekend get togethers were fun!

Yay, Kitten, for the great grades and getting your money returned!

Glad you had fun this week, DM! We didn't go to the Hall of Presidents when we were at Disney, but I'd love to see Obama there, too.

That's a funny story about your dad, Polly. I feel like Flight of the Conchords has been a little more hit or miss this season...I watch on different places for free. Check out surf the channel dot com, it leads you to different host sites. I'd love to see them live, though.

I think your tactic for the birthday thing is good...sounds like they've gotten lazy since you've taken over the cake making, maybe? But that's not nice.

Wow - seems as if it's been both a long and a short time since Mando started her treatment.

I helped a friend get some shopping done today, and we were at the mall so I got some key lime truffles from Godiva - my favorite things. Eating them now, watching In Treatment, but must get ready for work now!


Happy Sunday, everyone.

(((((((((((((((((((((Mandolyn)))))))))))))))))))))) I hope someday she feels up to checking in with us.

Hi, Bunny! Good to see you in here. You too, Crassy!

I really want to read back and see what you all have been up to, but I think I may be a little too hung over right now. I have had WAY too much to drink over the last two nights. Oh my lord. I will be drinking SO much water today. We've had tons of fun, though, so that's great.
Happy Sunday!


I know I should be reading thru everyone's news, but I have been too hungover to do so today. I went to a great party last night, and didn't get in until the wee hours of the morning. It was hard enough shopping for Mcgeek's bday gift (I got him a teapot from Tevanda), and my mother's day gift. I did go to Intimacy and finally buy some bras. Star is right. I do feel like I have lost ten pounds with their bras. Besides, my basic bras were dying.

Nothing much to report here. Mcgeek and I are still not talking about the split up b/w his folks. I did consider my internship to pay me once a week so that's something. I'm considering going into a green job if I can find one in the non-profit field. We'll see.


My futon is calling me...

kitten- awesome about all A's!

the last time there was a big swine flu outbreak was during the last recession. seriously. i'm always cautious about catching something cause my respiratory system is my weakness- but i'm not going to panic- fuck the media!

(((polly))) your co-workers suck. you shouldn't make a cake- fuck them!! maybe i'm a little bitter- i will never forget working for my last job for 8 years and no farewell party, not even a mention when i left even though they did that for everyone else!!! asswipes- i'm glad to be outta there!

hey bunny!!- it's been too long!

everyone's weekend sounds fun. not mine. my low class ceiling was fixed- only $200 more than we thought it would cost- actually not terrible for remodeling work (and my dining room is hosting all of the stuff that was in the fixed room- i have bumped into things at least 4 times over the weekend!) now i'm onto my next task w/the tax refund- fixing the jeep so i can sell my low class car and have the wrangler as my regular ride (i'm super pumped about this- i've always loved jeeps!)

and tonight i have my belly dance class- i love it!!
~*~*~*~last chemo vibes for mando, into the ether~*~*~*

Key lime truffles, eh, amilita? I've never been a fan of the citrus-chocolate combination; when I worked for Fannie May in high school- the candy shop, not the mortgage company- the thought of the chocolate-covered orange peels would make me gag. Well, Godiva's never steered me wrong.

Woo, fun weekend, rose? Have you recovered yet/

Yeah, I think I'll definitely play the passive-aggressive card when the birthday thing comes up. I don't think there's another birthday until the end of June.

Kvetch: I'm today. Since yesterday, I'm suddenly kind of light sensitive. I was just at the eye doctor a couple weeks ago, so I don't think I'm having any problems, at least nothing like my retina detaching again- I'm not having any other vision problems. It's not like that reflex you have when you come out of a dark movie theater, to cover your's just like I'm really aware of how bright it is, especially at work. All I can think about, yesterday and today, is "it's too bright in here!". I'm completely pre-occupied with it. I talked to my mom about it today and the theories we have are that it's like pre-migraine sensitivity (I'm not having any headache-y feeling, though, and I've never had a migraine), could be eye strain from the computer (but I look up from my computer a lot during the day, which is what they say to do), I could be tired, which makes sense since I haven't slept well or enough for the past couple nights. I'm also really indecisive, which is somewhat normal for me, but it's more like I'm indecisive because I'm irritable. I tried looking at recipes online today to decide what to make for dinner, and I couldn't do it. Nothing looked good and the thought of going into a grocery store to buy stuff was just unbearable.

When I got home today, LeBoy decided we should go out for sushi, which I was really thankful for. I took a little nap before we went out and I just felt so drained when I got up, like beyond groggy. It was like, I wasn't nauseated, but felt like if I threw up, I'd probably feel better. I wasn't sad or depressed, but felt like if I had a good cry, I'd feel better. I noticed my face was just in this constant cringe. There's no place anything hurts, I just feel....yucky. Like I had the life sucked out of me by a dementor or something. I normally do the driving when we go out, and I couldn't even do that- I had to let LeBoy drive to the restaurant. I felt a little better after I ate. No fever or anything, so I don't think it's the swine flu or anything.

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday, a regular yearly exam with my GP, so I'll talk to her about it then.

I should go to bed. Hopefully an extra hour of sleep will help and I'll feel better tomorrow. I'm going to be pissed if this is leading up to my first migraine. I'd like there to be one health ailment I don't inherit from my mom. rolleyes.gif

((Hugs to everyone!!))

ETA: To end on a good note, here are some pictures of the crabapple tree outside my house, whose buds popped this week.

Is the time on the board totally off for anyone else? I have it set to U.S. Central time and it thinks it's 11:30pm on Tuesday, when it's 12:30am on Wednesday. WTF? I tried playing with the daylight savings time option, but that put it back to 10:30pm. blink.gif

Hello all.

Polly, I am also feeling off today. In my case, I am pretty sure it is weather related. I feel like I have an entire weather front sitting on my forehead. I want it to rain and just get it over with. I am going to take myself out to lunch. I think movement will help.

I need to check out the roller derby that everyone here seems to like. I'm missing something. smile.gif

{{{crassy, roseviolet, yuefie, dm, sassygirl, anyone I may have missed}}}

All right, I am gonna take my cranky ass out for food and fresh air.

I'm feeling a little better today. My eyes are still annoyed, and fffice manager is going to switch the can lights over my desk back to incandescent bulbs, so maybe that will help, even if it screws the environment. I did feel kind of pressure-y around my head yesterday, so maybe you're right.

My cousin has an extra ticket to the re-broadcast of the live This American Life thing for tomorrow night, so I might go to that- woot!

Next roller derby match is Saturday the 30th at 6:00, kitten- let me know if you're going. So far it's me & LeBoy, the prophecys and the turbos!

(((hugs to all))
Christine Nectarine
just popping in to say hello!

I haven’t posted for the past couple days, since I was having trouble accessing the site, and lost a couple posts. *grr* My laptop also seems to be kinda fucked, so that doesn’t help.

In better news, I am leaving for Ottawa tomorrow! I’m taking Gigi to visit petite sœur. It’s been ages since I’ve been able to spend any significant amount of time with both my sisters, so I’m really looking forward to it. We have lots of shopping and eating to do!

I will also be able to get in a visit with bestfriend while I’m there. A couple of her old university friends who I know will be in town at the same time, so we are all going to see the new Star Trek movie. bestfriend and I were major trekkers as kids, so I’m really excited that we can see it together. There are few people that I can be so geeky with!

‘til next week…

Hey everyone!

Have a good trip to Ottawa Christine! I really like it there. My boyfriend's from there, so I've spent quite a bit of time there with his family in the summers. Not sure if I'd want to spend a winter there however...

I hope you feel better soon Polly!


I have a busy day ahead of me today. Tomorrow is an all day orientation session for school, and classes start Monday, and I have so much to do around here. Our apartment is a disaster, I need to spend at least 2 hours cleaning. I don't want to start school with everything in a tip. But I'm going to clean, then go to the mall and get my haircut and buy a new outfit to wear tomorrow. It'll be a reward for myself for finally cleaning I suppose...

Another kvetchie told me to pop my head in again and kvetch smile.gif.

Have a great trip, christine! Is that the kidlet's name? It's pretty.

Hope your orientation goes well, lananans. It's your Master's you're starting, isn't it? what in?

polly, hope you're feeling even better now.

(((kitten, crassy, amilita, rose, designermedusa, mandi, yuefie, pixie, morn, candycanegirl, star, sassy, sidecar, sybarite, everybody)))

Yesterday morn and I went for some Japanese food (not sushi) then to see a preview (hasn't opened in UK yet) of Coraline in 3D with a Neil Gaiman and Henry Selick Q&A afterwards. It was fun, great to see Neil again who was on top form and very charming and highly amusing. I really enjoyed the film and it was great to be out and about.
Other than that, I am still looking for gainful employment and when I'm not, I'm reading and writing.
Hi kvetchies!

Lananans, good luck on your orientation!

Polly, I hope you feel better. Try to get to This American Life. I went a few weeks ago, and had a great time. Yummy Ira Glass.

Christine, have a good trip!

I'm heading to the mountains for a few days. Mcgeek's birthday is today. I got him a cool cast iron teapot from Tevanda. He leaves for math camp on Sunday, but will be back on the weekends. It will be our first time apart. He's only going to be in Athens though at UGA.

Okay, off to pack for the trip. I'll take my camera with me.

(((crassy, star, kittenb, rv, mando, yuefie, pixie, morn, designermedusa, candycandygirl, syb, anyone else I'm forgetting))

christine- time with sisters and best friends sounds awesome!

(((polly))) the mr. had a similar light sensitivity issue and it turned out his crackberry was causing it (according to the dr. anyway)- he tries to use it less now. i'd love to see t.a.l. too cool you're going!

bunny, awesome you saw Coraline and Neil- did you like it. i love like everything he does so i, of course, loved it.

(((sassy))) it's hard to be away from loved ones, even if it's just weekdays! how long is math camp?

i knew i was going to be a crazy auntie- but i just found out it's a girl. i am beyond pumped, i'm going to spoil the heck outta her!! can't wait until sept.
Mmm, Polly, I love chocolate covered orange peel. My friend and I once made these orange-filled crepes with chocolate sauce...drool. But I must say the Godiva orange truffle, as opposed to the key lime one, isn't that great. No zippiness. Bad to be thinking of all these yummy desserts while I'm trying to get in better shape!

So weird about your eyes...I wish I had some ideas, but I don't. Hope you continue to get better.

Shelby Lee got spayed today...oh, this is after she started her period last Sunday, and let me just say, "Ew." Our sheet is probably ruined, and I'm still finding tiny dots of dried blood here and there on the floor. But back to the spaying...she is so pitiful right now. I took the white collar off her, and she's leaving the incision alone, but it seems hard for her to just settle down and rest. She seems confused. Poor girl.

This month is gonna be rough. I have jury duty, for which I must get up early, and I signed up for a lot of work, too. Ah well, busy is good, right? I'm also back to the gym, so trying to build up the stamina and whatnot.

(((everyone))) Have happy weekends, all!!!
Drive by ...

Sorry I've been MIA all week. I've just been SUPER busy. My mom arrives on Tuesday and my dad and oldest brother will show up a few days later. Then a couple days after that, we'll drive out to the Outer Banks where we'll meet up with even more family members and we'll spend a whole week at a house right on the beach! Should be fun, right? But before all of that, I have work to do. My immediate family will spend about 7 days at our house, so I've been busy getting the house ready for their arrival. I've painted walls and put up new curtain rods and curtains and I've planted flowers and and and! I still have some work to do around the house, plus I'm making a purse for my mom for her birthday/mother's day present. Basically I think I'm going to be too busy to post until after my family leaves (aka the last week of the month). So until then, I hope life treats you all well!
my neighbors have been trespassing on my front porch and littering. i've called the cops every night for the last few nights. i'm furious. thank cod i'm selling the house soon.
Good to see the thread hoppin' again! smile.gif

(((Bunnyb))) Nice to see you hear. smile.gif

(((p.176))) Sorry to hear about the loiters.

(((rose))) Have fun with your family in town!

kvetch: it is attack of the killer ants here. with the spraying to get rid of them, they have become more aggressive. we had orkan come out. it seems to be working, but expected to see more of them because they are looking for food to feed off of. it makes me itching thinking about it.

antikvetch: i met with my chair and he is signing me off to send my dissertation to the editor. *phew* big hurdle here with the dissertation. the editor just makes grammar corrections, etc. so, it is pretty much officially done. thank goodness.

kvetch: just feeling bummed the past couple of days. lonely. sad. i'm hoping soon to have news about my next training site.

(((polly, amilita, sassy, candy, pixie, crassy, DM, yuefie, and other kvetchies)))
(((shelby lee))) poor bebe!

rose, have fun with your family visits and beach trip! The work will all be worth it when everyone comes and then again when everyone leaves and you have your beautiful house to relax in.

(p 176))) that sucks!! good that you're selling it though. getting out of my old neighborhood is one of the best things i've ever done- i feel so much safer, less annoyed and generally happier now.

(((star))) i just noticed ants in my house for the first time ever. i'm irritated that the mr. hasn't taken the trash out- but i don't think that's the only reason. i think there is an opening outside the house near the new fan we installed for the kitchen. ugh. i hate killing them but what else can i do?

kvetch: my house STINKS! i think my male cat (schafchen) is spraying! it smells horrible- it's like the worst odor ever- it's the worst when i walk in or get out of the shower. i think i have to get new cat liter cause i got that new breeze system and it worked well for a while but now he's peeing outside the box. why can't he be good like his twin sister guinness? ugh.

anti-kvetch: i'm going to a par-tay tonight that's walking distance from my home (read: no designated driver required) and then sat. the mr. got us awesome tickets for the mets game (it's a luxury suite that a co. he works with gave him- best seats ever plus a fridge full of beer and munchies too!) we're tailgating first so i got all the fun supplies today during my lunch break and i dipped pretzels in chocolate (in met's colors) too. yay!
Happy Friday everyone!

{{{Bunnyb}}} Nice to see you stop by. biggrin.gif

{{{Christine & sassygirl}}} Have nice trips!

{{{lanans}}} I hope you got everything taken care of.

{{{amalita}}} I hope jury duty is a breeze. I've only been called once so far and it was just sitting in a room w/more than 300 ppl. I never got called.

{{{Roseviolet}}} If you get a chance to read this I hope everything goes well.

{{{p176}}} THAT SUCKS!

{{{stargazer}}} I hope things start feeling better very VERY soon.

For some reason I decided to have some ice cream tonight, just a few bites, even though I have an unpredictable dairy allergy and I didn't have my Lactaid. In more news, I am an idiot who might never want to eat mint ice cream again. Goodness did I get sick.
Tomorrow I am going to see the new Star Trek movie. We talked about seeing it late tonight but now I am really glad we are waiting until tomorrow when I feel better. rolleyes.gif

hello my darling kvetchies!

I’m doing ok, for the most part. Last chemo is weds!!! I’m beyond thrilled!!! I never thought it would get here. 2/1 - 5/13 was the slowest damn time period of my life. It didn’t help that I spent most of it on the couch, reading. (I read a ton of great books, tho. Anyone who isn’t on yet, sign up and friend me!) thank god i was able to work, that kept me sane. I hope to get more physically active as the weeks go by and this poison circulating inside me melts away.

I’ve met with two radiation oncologists and my breast surgeon, and they all agree I should have radiation treatments because I had nodular involvement. 'Standard of care' for my sitch is a bit of a grey area, tho, since I only had one node involved. But my cancer was weirdass, not huge, but sort of like a comet, & two different kinds. Bottom line is I don’t want to ever ever ever go thru this hell again, so I’m going to do everything I can to make sure my chance of recurrence is nil.

The good thing is, my plastic surgeon (whom I adore) is recommending I have my tissue expanders exchanged for implants before radiation, which is not the norm, but we’re not shrinking a tumor or anything (thank all things holy). My other option would be to do rads first, but then have to wait up to 6 months for my implants – which would mean i'd have these damn things in for a year, which makes me cry to even think of. So as of july 8th, I will FINALLY get rid of this uncomfortable perpetual iron bra and have soft squishy boobies again, albeit fake but healthy and perky C-cup boobies! If all goes well, then I can do rads in august or September. When he told me this would be the best plan for me with the best outcome, I cried happy tears. Now, hopefully my oncologist – who wanted to wait until I was done with chemo to discuss rads, I know not why, but I trust him implicitly - will be on the same page.

Pretty miserable about what I see in the mirror these days. I've gained 15 lbs thank you very much, steroids & miracle anti-nausea drugs. (and too much carb-y comfort food, I cannot lie.) my entire wardrobe is too tight. Le sigh. Oh, and I’m still bald. Le heavy sigh. Hating having to wear the wig and scarves and hats 99% of the time, ‘specially with summer heat fast approaching. My online cancer buddies talk about ‘embracing the bald’. Yeah, um, fuck that shit. It’s the most depressing thing in the universe. My eyebrows are still hanging in, but my lashes are pretty sparse. I can still wear mascara, but I look like liza Minnelli. Again, le sigh. They say the brows & lashes are the first to come back tho. Luckily I’ve figured out how to disguise the cancer patient look with makeup. (Anastasia brow shadow rocks!)

on a happier note, Danny’s doing marvelous. He just made national honor society (!) & he's going to caddy at a club nearby this summer. still no learner's permit, but i'm not rushing that one. we get to start college hunting soon ... weep. now he wants to be a vet and he's volunteering at a no-kill shelter. Zoey and Maggie continue to cheer me up immensely. They seem to know when I need lovin' the most. Niecelette in VA is growing like a weed, becoming prettier by the minute, learning new words every day. Her latest trick is putting food articles up her nose. (!) My sister flew up last weekend to meet our new niece, my brother’s kidlet (2 months this weds), who’s a complete joy. Better than therapy when I hold her in my arms. She and I are having a hair-growing race, hee! the mr takes good care of me, food-wise. housecleaning, he still massively sucks at. (always has, always will.) i've learned to embrace the dustballs. sort of.

Ok, that’s my horribly self-absorbed update. LJers feel free to spread the word in LJland. I’m going to try my best to catch up with everyone here, but don’t hold it against me if it doesn’t happen right away. I’m still gonna be woogled for a month+.

And happy birthday to everyone whose birthdays I've missed and generic feel better vibes to those in need and virtual foot rubs & hair brushings to anyone feeling bluesy ... and of course, happy mother’s day to the mamas of humans and furbabies!

Many mwahs for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. You all continue to help more than you know. I wish I could repay you all somehow. Perhaps a big thank you party next year? perhaps my house will be clean by then. wink.gif

Aww, mando, thanks for the update- it made me happier than you'll ever know. Sounds like you have really sensible doctors who, whether they agree or not, are really looking out for you. Cod, colleges for Danny.....didn't he just start high school? I'd totally come out there for a pressure to clean up or anything wink.gif I can't talk- my place currently looks like a laundry/random-pieces-of-paper/dirty dish bomb went off in here.

I'm in a bit of a predicament- earlier this week, I asked LeBoy to start talking to his family about what was going on for Mother's Day. I told him that my family would be getting together on Sunday evening, as it's the only time no one is working. He called his brother, who has been hosting family events at his house lately. His brother was going to talk to his dad and figure it out. Yesterday, LeBoy tells me his dad sent him an email on Wednesday that he didn't read until yesterday, saying that the gathering would be at their house....on Sunday evening. Grrr. My suggestion was that we could go have lunch with his mom on Sunday, hang out for a couple of hours and then go to my family's thing, but apparently that's not good enough. His solution was that we'd just go separately to both events and my opinion was that we're nearly 30 and over 30, respectively, and about to get married and I'm not playing that game anymore. It makes me look like an asshole to his family and him look like an asshole to mine. Plus, humanist is introducing her boyfriend of one-month to the family tomorrow and he should be mom thinks it's too soon, but whatever. After much thought and arguing, I think we'll go to his family first (they're starting at 3:00), I'll stay a couple of hours, go to my grandparents' by myself, and he'll join me there around 7:30 or so. I think that will be okay. *Sigh*

Oo, sorry about the lactose-y ickiness, kitten. I hope you're feeling better.

Leboy included me on a mass email he sent to our friends about going to see the Star Trek movie. I replied back, "I'm sorry, was I included in this email because you thought I'd be interested in going?!?!?!?................................ok, I've stopped laughing now." Yeah, I'm not a sci-fi person. tongue.gif

Crassy, have you tried using one of those neutralizing products, like Nature's Miracle? Even if changing the litter is what he wants, sometimes they'll be attracted back to the "scene of the crime" and continue to spray. Hope something works for you! And congrats on the niece!

(((star))) I hope your ants go away. At least they're "clean" bugs and they don't fly- flying nuisances are the worst- we had a fruit fly problem last summer that just wouldn't go away until I found out about the vinegar in a plastic-covered bowl trick. We get ants sometimes too, but just those little traps on the floor are enough. Sorry you're feeling down. Most nights, I'm looking for something to do, and I'd be happy to meet you halfway somewhere, like in the south suburbs or something, if you want to get together. I got your FB email, I just haven't had a moment to reply specifically yet. After I'm done Busting...

Wow, that's a lot you've accomplished there, rose! I hope you have a good time!

Amilita, is Shelby Lee doing better? Yuck, jury duty. I've only got called once, but was rejected. Best rejection ever- it was a murder case!

P_176, that's some bullshit. Have the cops helped out at all yet?

I hope you're having a good time in Ottawa, christine!

I'm glad you enjoyed Coraline, bunny- we saw the 3D version, sans-Neil, though. Loved it!

I should do laundry today- I'm about out of everything. Meh.
((((((((((mando))))))))) it's so good to hear from you! I'm glad things are improving and it sounds like you're surrounded by a lot of great people.

((((polly))) sorry to hear your Mother's Day plans aren't going well. To be honest though, I would be fine with doing a separate Mother's Day plan. In fact sometimes I get a bit touchy because I feel like my brother is always bringing his girlfriend over to events that I feel should be just for family. But to each their own.

((((kitten))) boourns to dairy allergies! Now I kind of want some mint chocolate chip ice cream. I haven't even had breakfast yet.

((((crassy)))) That sucks about your cat spraying everywhere. I'm not even entirely sure what cats spray since I know nothing about cats but it doesn't sound like a fun situation.

anti-ant vibes for star!

Christine, have fun in our nation's capital! Be sure to have a beaver tail and harass Stephen Harper.

I hope you have fun with your family visiting, Rose!

p.176, that sucks about your neighbors. What do the cops do when they show up? Just tell them to move along?

amilita, boourns to jury duty!

kvetch: trying to figure out cheap things to do when hanging out with the boyfriend. He doesn't have a job yet and has not yet received anything from employment insurance. He's stressed out about it too, understandably.

Anyway, it's okay to get stoned and just watch tv once in a while but we can't do that all the time! I like actually getting out and about with him, that's when we have the most fun. But everything I think of costs money. Going for drinks, getting dinner, going to movies, going to museums it all costs money! We're hanging out on Monday so I'm just trying to think of what I can cook for dinner.

anti-kvetch: I've been having fun lately! On Wednesday I had plans with the boy to go out for burgers. His favourite team was playing and he didn't want to miss it so I suggested that we go to a sports bar. I actually enjoy hockey once it gets down to the wire. The game went into overtime and his team won!

Then on Thursday I went out with a friend to the OCAD grad art show. It was really good except for a few hacky pieces in the mixed media part.

And last night I went out to Hot Docs with another friend.

I'm finally staying in tonight and taking it easy. I wanted to go out and rent a movie but it's been storming on and off all day. I'm sure I'll get out eventually but in the meantime it's nice to have an excuse to stay in.


(((((((((((((((((((((((((mando)))))))))))))))))))))))))) thanks for the update!!! much love coming your way!!!

(((polly))) gosh. it is tough to work as a couple to decide how to visit each other's family during holidays. your solution in the end sounded reasonable. thanks for the offer to meet up! wub.gif I think the loneliness issues really stem from wanting a relationship right now. So, I'm hoping things will settle down in other areas of my life (um, hello school!) so I can get myself out there. I think I need to talk to your sis 'cause I don't got her skillz. tongue.gif

(((kitten))) I hope your tummy is feeling better. What time are you going to see Star Trek? I'm going with a friend to the 9:30 showing at the IMAX.

(((crassy))) eeck! Does the change in weather or spring make the spraying increase?? I swear the mating calls outside my window have been terrible. He have a cat couple that hookup near our house. All I have to say is thank maude I'm not a cat 'cause I would hate to make those sounds being in heat. Although, I think I could try it at a bar and see how it works. wink.gif

So, the ant situation is not bad. We just have to clean compulsively after we do anything in the kitchen. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, thing will be better. They are just aggressive right now 'cause they are trying to find food to survive. What really makes it annoying is that my mother is really OCD about the cleanliness of the house. Really bad. I mean, my stepdad and I can never have anyone unexpectedly over as a result of my mom's irrational belief that the house is perpetually a pig sty. Now, her behavior is two fold. rolleyes.gif

kvetch: I am hair indecisive. It is getting worse because I'm getting my haircut next week when I go to Boston. I've thought about getting a mid length bob, but, I've worked the bob in all of its variation since I was a teen. The bob looks well on me. Best bob haircut was when I was 28. You can see the photo on my FB pics. I'm feeling "meh" about it. I think I would rather get a hair that could work with my long hair.

Ok. I need to go work out.

The new Star Trek movie was a treat! I had a great time. There was a big audiance too so I think it is doing really well.

{{{Mando}}} Great to hear from you. Congrats on the coming end of chemo. I'm on Goodreads and I love it. I'll send you my link so you can friend me there.

About Mother's Day (I might have mentioned it before), my mom actually does not care for the "holiday." She thinks it is silly and doesn't want to celebrate it. However, The Geek's family does a brunch and gift every year. I decided that wasn't fair to my mom (who has also had a terrible year, anyway) so I bought her a gift certificate to her favorite bookstore. It just makes sense to me. And I get a good brunch tomorrow so everybody wins!

Have a great weekend everyone! Go see Star Trek!

*slips through okayland-kvetch secret passage*

Mando, I am *beyond* thrilled to hear that you are nearing the end of treatment and doing well! Yeah, the bald sucks, and especially the sensitive scalp - my momma looked radass in her wigs, but mostly wore scarves or soft knit caps because they were more comfortable. And lemme just say, momma got the implants 15 years ago, and at age 65, she's got better boobs than me! She's got lovely 25-year old C-cups, and they haven't sagged yet! And, her hair grew back thicker than it had been previously! Much love to you as you complete treatment, and feel your energy returning!


(((((((mando))))))) It's so good to see you in here, and I'm glad that things are improving!

Much love and support to you.


Ooooh, and Happy Mothers Day to all whether it be bebes of the human or pet variety!
Happy Mother's Day to all the bustie mommas!

Polly & others, sorry to hear that the holiday has created headaches for you.

Mando my love!!!!! How wonderful to see you here. I can't tell you how often you pop into my thoughts. It's so good to hear that you're approaching the end of this nightmare. How cute that you and your brother's kidlet are having a hair-growing race! Love it. As for Danny, I can't believe it's time for him to start thinking about college. They really do grow up fast!

Bunny, I'm so glad you finally got to see Coraline. I must admit that I'm a bit jealous of you for seeing Neil in person again. Hopefully someday I'll get to experience the man in the flesh!

Stargazer, ant invasions are a pain in the butt. I found something a couple of years ago that has helped a lot. It's Terro liquid ant bait. They have lots of different products, some for use inside the house & some outside. I bought these cartridges of the bait that I put outside our house near the kitchen. I found that, instead of coming into the house, the ants went to the bait cartridge. I started using these things nearly 2 years ago after a bad infestation & it's worked amazingly well.

I feel you on the hair indecision. I've been thinking about chopping off my long locks again (summer is approaching fast, you know) but I love the variety that long hair provides. Bah.

CCGirl, as the weather gets warmer, there tends to be more and more free festivals. For instance, there are 2 free arts festivals in my area next weekend. Also, some of our local museums have free days. Hopefully you can find something like that in your area soon.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((all y'all))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Remember about a month ago when I told you all that Sheff had applied for a job at a new studio? Well, they finally got back in touch with him this week. They sent along an engineering test that he has to complete within the next week. It's a pretty stressful thing & there is a lot riding on this, so send him a couple buckets of vibes when you get the chance.

In a strange twist of fate, last night we met the guy who will probably interview Sheff if he does well enough on this test. See, the guy who owns one of the local game companies (NOT the company Sheff hopes to work for) invited EVERY employee from EVERY local game company to his house for a "dry t-shirt party". There are hundreds and hundreds of people in this industry in our area, so only a fabulously crazy guy would dare to do this! We weren't going to go, but the power went out at our house & we had nothing else to do, so we decided to go. There must have been at least 200 people there. It reminded me of one of those crazy parties they show in high school movies like "Can't Hardy Wait" or "Sixteen Candles". They even had jello shots, fercrissake! It was fabulous! Anyway, we met this guy, S, who told us he worked for the new studio where Sheff just applied. We all got to talking and we got along really really well. Sheff and S really seemed to click. It was only after we'd chatted for, like, 20 minutes that we found out S's job title at the new studio. He could potentially be Sheff's boss! Thank goodness Sheff didn't realize this beforehand or I'm sure he wouldn't have been nearly as comfortable chatting with S. Here's hoping we get to see him again soon!

Enough rambling. Must get back to cleaning!
happy mothers day all!
i hope you all had a great weekend. the neighbors who are annoying me seem to be staying on their own property lately. i don't even bother to hide the fact that i'm frequently looking out my window to make sure they're not bothering my house or car. i'm not sure what the cops said to them but i hope it sticks. and, i hope to sell my house quickly.
*delurks* (((((((Mando!))))))) So good to see you post here. I will update the LJers. My ma only did the bald thing at home, the one true place where she could let her hair down, so to speak.

Star, am I gonna see you this week or next?! Squee! My phone number is the same.

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you Muthas!!

(((raisin))) I am flying in Thursday night and leaving Monday evening. I will call you Friday. What do you want to do? I'm heading to Newberry to get my haircut Friday. If you want, we can catch lunch at The Other Side. Or, we can play it by ear. There are some yummy veggie places I miss in Beantown. I need to hit Burdick's. Damn. Their drinks are awesome.

(((p.176))) Good to hear that the neighbors are staying off your property! Good luck with finding a new home.

*~*~*many vibes for Sheff with potential job*~*~*

(((Rose))) Oh, I hope things come through for Sheff. Hey, what about you? Any word about your audition? I wish my choice for a haircut had to do with wanting versatility. It is more laziness. Heh. I just don't want to deal with the maintenance of shorter hair. I had supershort hair which required me to get my haircut every month.

(((kittenb))) How did Mother's Day go with the Geek's family?

(((polly))) I hope the holiday was interesting for you too. wink.gif

Nothing much to report. I think I stayed up too late on Saturday that I was tired all day Sunday. I'm having trouble getting motivated today. Hopefully, the coffee will kick in that I'm drinking right now. I have lots to do before I leave for the East Coast.

*also delurks*

Star, am I gonna see you this week or next?! Squee! My phone number is the same.

w00t! star, u got time for a meet-up, riiiiight?

*also relurks*
Hells yeah, cocl! smile.gif
Christine Nectarine
Hello again!

The extended weekend in Ottawa was lovely. The best thing while I was there though was learning that petite soeur and her husband are seriously considering moving to Toronto, and soon! They are interested in an area very close to where A and I are looking to be. I love my sisters, it would be so awesome to have them both living nearby.
Gigi is my youngest sister. It’s a name that kiddo started calling her when she was a baby. We’re not sure how it happened, as she was “Auntie Em(ily)” but it was cute, so it stuck. “petite soeur” is a lame family joke, since my other sister is younger than me by 2 years, but taller than me by about 4 inches!

On the house-hunting front, some progress has been made. We went neighbourhood hunting, and have some idea now of where we would like to be in the city. We have made one application for pre-approval on a mortgage, and when they get back to us, we will compare with other lenders. We also got a referral for a realtor, which I’m hoping will work out, since I’m really intimidated by the prospect of finding one on our own!

Also, I finally got to the doctor yesterday. She sent me for a bunch of blood work, and I have a follow up in 2 weeks. I’m afraid it’s going to be nothing, and I just have to deal with my life better, but on the other hand, if there is something I can be doing to feel better, I want to know what it is. Meantime, the headaches, chest pains, lack of focus and extreme tiredness continue. Bleh.

(((star))) how’s that motivation-thing is working out for you? Hope your mini-vacation is as good as mine!

p.176, good luck with the neighbours.

Roseviolet, that’s an awesome story about the party! What luck! Hopefully it will work in Sheff’s favour.

And btw candycanegirl, I totally had a beaver tail in Byward market. No sign of the ol’ PM though, so I could give him a piece of my mind. Or a swift kick in the butt. What did you see at Hot Docs?

((polly)) hope the mother’s day fiasco worked out.

~*~*~*~much love and wellness vibes for mando, hang in there! We’re all here for you~*~*~*~

QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ May 11 2009, 05:18 PM) *
*also delurks*
w00t! star, u got time for a meet-up, riiiiight?

*also relurks*

Woman, you'd better have time for me, too! wink.gif

((mando)) Hi! So glad for the update!

The trip was wonderful. I was able to get some hiking in which was great. The only problem was that Mcgeek got bit by the dogs. Both of them got into a huge fight when blood was drawn. Mcgeek stuck his hand in foolishly, and got his wrist bite. I think it was Zoe. We went to the ER to just check it out, and he's fine. I was sort of relived that I wasn't the patient. He was laughing the whole time while getting shots. Weird. The dogs are fighting a lot lately, and I'm not sure what to make of it. I know it's happened more since Bailey got hurt.

Mcgeek's math graduate workshops camp lasts for two weeks, but he'll have the weekends off. The nights are really the worst, but I'm trying to keep busy. My best friend is hanging out with me this week, and going to go do a bunch of yoga. The hardest part for me is getting around town. Public transit is just so crappy. Mcgeek did tell me that he's telling his friends there that I'm his fiancee. I felt so happy when he said that. The last time he mentioned that I freaked out.

Kvetch: Bad cramps and heavy period... sad.gif

Kvetch: I really wanted this development grant fellowship, and have not heard anything back in three weeks. They did tell me that they were fielding my resume, but I have no idea if I should just write it off. I'm getting sick of this shitty internship, and really need a good job. Very sad today.

RV, Sheff vibes! That sounded like a fun party.

((star)) Have fun in Boston!

((ccg, christine, mando, morn, kittenb, bunnyb, raisingirl, polly))))

(((Sassy))) I hope the grant fellowship works out for you.

(((Christine))) You sound very energetic since your vacay!

(((Raisin))) But, of course, I will have time for you!! wink.gif

kvetch: I've been feeling pretty lethargic this week. My sleep schedule has been poor. I usually go to bed at 1:30 am and wake up at 5am to feed Shiloh (or, rather, I should say the cat wakes me up). I can't go back to sleep 'cause he keeps waking me up by doing attention seeking things, like crying, trying to knock down the pictures on the wall... *sigh* I love him though.

antikvetch: I got my haircolored today and it looks really good. Now, I just need to get my haircut on Friday.

(((Mando))) so glad the chemo is almost over!

!$!$$$!!$$work vibes for Sheff!$!$!$$!$!

(((((Cocl, bunny, rose, star,sasy raisin, christine,p_176, everyone else)))))

Things have been absolutely crazy at my office. This is my busy time of the year anyway, but add to that computer problems and an IT person who hasn't been here much in the last 3 weeks, and AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Anyway, evrythign is going well. Had a great Mother's Day. Belateds to all the other Bustie Mama's!
((pixie)) Glad to hear everything is going well other than work being really busy.

((star)) It's funny how so many cats and dogs insist on getting up early to eat. Lucia (the pug) wakes my sister up starting around 5:30 begging to eat. Can't wait to see pics of your new haircut, I am such a wimp when it comes to getting my hair cut. The last time I got it cut was two years ago, but I have no idea what cut I would want. Also, I can't stand ants. We had a bad infestation when we lived at another apartment years ago, and my sister constantly has them in her bathroom.

((sassy)) Glad you had a nice trip, sorry about Mcgeek getting bit. I hope you hear good news soon about the fellowship or a job.

((christine)) It's good to hear you had a nice trip to Ottawa and your sister may move close to you. Good luck on the house hunting.

((($$$$$Sheff$$$$$)))) Good luck with the potential job.

((rose)) Have fun with your family.

((ccgirl)) Trying to find cheap/free things to do with the boy can be difficult, but I'm sure there are lots of free or almost free art events in the city. I know it's difficult when one person has some extra money, and the other doesn't. Good for you for having a fun week, sometimes I like to chill at home, but also enjoy really busy social weeks.

((polly)) I hope the Mother's day celebrations went well.

((mando)) I'm so happy to hear from you. Congrats on almost being done with chemo, and the next steps sound really positive. I'm glad to hear that Danny and the family are doing well as well. Good luck on the college hunting.

((kittenb)) Glad you recovered from the dairy allergy incident, and got to see Star Trek.

((crassy)) I hope you had fun at the party.

((amilita)) Glad Shelby Lee was okay after the spaying, it seems like they are quiet for a day, and then are back to acting like normal.

((bunny)) I'm glad you got to see Coraline and got to attend the Q&A. $$$$$$Job for bunnyb$$$$$$

This past weekend was nice, but I spent too much money due to IKEA opening very close to my apartment. We went for a Mother's Day breakfast, it was nice other than the food orders were all wrong. I have started working out regularly again, and feel really good. Tonight is the Fringe finale and then Lost tomorrow, then I'm going to start watching more films again. I posted some news in the Childfree By Choice thread if anyone is interested.
Yay for good vacations and impending vacations and impending haircuts and wealth, health and happiness! yay too for bustie meet ups and ikea (both of which I am particularly fond). Good food is always worthwhile of yays too.

I'm ignoring the boos sad.gif (take the yays as vibes too for those with ill health, no money, and looking for jobs. I'm in that sitch too, which is why I'm avoiding.)

(((mandi))) thank you for the update, hun. You never fail to amaze.

(((sassy))) I am due my period and I am DREADING it. Last month I was crawling because I couldn't walk (apparently my ongoing tummy issues are exacerbated more each and every moontime).

(((dm))) I will check out the CFC thread. Yay for finales and future movie watching. The boy and I are watching the first season of Fringe just now, about halfway though, and I'm looking forward to the Lost finale, providing it doesn't make my head explode.

amilita, how are you and the mr getting on with Buffy? I hope to introduce the boy to Buffy soon.

christine, thanks for the gigi explanation!

candycanegirl, at least it is approaching summer and you can take walks to the park and/or have picnics. The boy and I have to do free things just now so we're discovering our local museums and parks.

rose, how providential for sheff to meet his potential new boss! I hope it works out for him.

star, I haven't had my hair coloured or cut since moving to London (or had my eye brows shaped) as I don't have the money so I'm envious. Hope you're happy with it come Friday! Also a few days away should help your sleep pattern.

polly, the BUST clock is out an hour for me too and it is most annoying.

*waves at crazyoldcatlady and raisingirl*

(((kitten, polly, sybarite, sidecar, pixie, yuefie, crassy, everyone)))

Could I ask for some vibes please? Job and money vibes are also welcome but a writing opportunity was presented to me today that I would love to come to pass so any spare energy my way would be much appreciated. I received a lovely vote of confidence from a friend last night who read something I'm currently writing and it brought home how much I want to write professionally; hopefully an opportunity brought to my attention today by another friend, when my confidence has been boosted, is auspicious. At any rate, it's worth a try.
((star)) I am thinking of Zoe and Miles about the pets. I really don't need an alarm clock anymore. Miles gets on my head, and Zoe wants to literally climb into bed. Good luck on the hair! I tend to always go for a bob as well. What color did you dye it?

((christine)) Yay for your sister moving closer!

$$Sheff$$ money vibes

((ccg)) Check the local papers, and try to find free arts festivals.

((polly)) Did Mother's Day go well? I'm glad my mom liked her book.

((rose)) Have a good time with family...

((kittenb)) Glad you saw ST.

$$jobbie vibes for bunnyb$$$ and still awesome you got to go to Q&A...

Kvetch: I called my boss to tell her that I would be a little late to work due to the buses. She told me not to come in at all. I'm really pissed, b/c while I organize the workshop, I also help out the office. She knows Mcgeek isn't here, and she knows that it's 2 freaking hours away to get to the damn office.

Kvetch: I realized that it's only been 2 weeks about the fellowship, and I'm being paranoid. I will give them another week, and then send an email.

Anti-kvetch: May head to a movie if it doesn't rain. I'm going to try to not let her ruin my day!!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

kvetch - last night the same neighbors were outside swinging a metal stick at each other, near cars that were parked there. so my other neighbor and i both moved our cars. the kids went in soon after. i did actually talk to an adult who lives there, and he said he'd take care of it so there was no more trouble with the kids.

kvetch - i'm trying to sell my house, and in talking with realtors, it seems as though my house has lost around $30K-$50K of value. so i'm not sure what sales price i will list.....

both kveth and antikvetch - my guy got a job offer! i'm trying to not be jealous, since he looked for a job for like a week, and got teh offer after giving his resume to his friend, who passed it to his boss. i've been looking for a long time with no results - that's govt for you :-(
(((mandy))) so happy to hear from you and that chemo is almost over and that you're getting implants sooner than you thought! wow, i can't believe the words danny and college hunting together- he's grown up so fast!!!

amilita- how was jury duty?

(((polly))) i did use nature's miracle and it seems to work for in the other area - so i'll give it a shot. and i hear you big time on the separate family plans thing- the mr. & i yet (after almost 7 years of marriage) to figure out a plan that works every year. but i think that's cause his mom's a psycho- more on that later...

candycane, it's pretty cheap to rent a video game or movie and order pizza. i used to do that a lot with mr. mcnasty before we got married. unless you need cheaper- then we would take a walk to the ice cream place and get cones and eat them in the park, then walk back. also, is there a cheapo theater near you? we have one that nearby is 2 for the price of one on mondays- and across from that an italian restaurant where we can get soup. that's a $10 date!!

star- i never thought about the season thing- i thought it was the litter box, then i thought it was that he was stressed and got a 'cat feromone' spray which actually worked really well for a long time.

~*~*~shef do well on the test and get that job*~*~*~

(((sassy))) i'm on the red train too. ugh. *crossing parts for that fellowship* maybe your boss thought she was helping out giving you some time w/'don't come in' i guess you would know what she meant.

~*~*~bunny get tackle that writing opp~*~*~*~

(((p_176))) bad neighbor kids suck.

kvetch: people suck. i have this event for work tonight and i promoted the hell out of it- both in house and out. and i've got staff calling me NOW to say they want to come. um, did you not see the RSVP date i posted allover the place and put in each and every staff mailbox??!?! bastids! i think they're now coming cause they saw me bring in some really awesome chocolate favors. i hope ithe party is successful, this is the first time i've been heading up all the work, and my budget was suck-tastic so ii had to make due -i didn't skimp on the chocolate though wink.gif

kvetch two: my m-i-l is off-her-rocker crazy. her apt. is a sty (i mean disgusting, like it smells like pee and food garbage is everywhere!) and mr. mcnasty offered to clean it- and his uncle said he'd pay for a cleaning service but she refused the service and is making mr. mcnasty do it!! selfish bitch! she's also holding her medical info from him (she was in the hospital and was pissed when we came to visit and won't tell us why she was there!!) and she told her dr. not to tell him. he only wants to fuckin' help crazy cracklady! *end rant
Ai, Crassy, your m-i-l does sound nuts! I don't get people who won't share medical info; I'm sure it's a control thing but sheesh.

Sassy, good luck on the fellowship. I always think Tues/Wed are good days to send emails...

~~~~Job vibes for Bunny and Sheff and 176~~~~

DM, I'm envious that you have an Ikea near you! And yay for your childfree news!

Hello, Pixie! Hello, Sidecar! Hello, Raisin! Miss you 'round here.

Oh, Star, add me to the list of people who get awakened by their kitties! Eli will sit on the tall dresser and knock our glasses off one by one sometimes! What a punk.

I need a haircut...still daydreaming of bangs but scared to take the plunge. Especially because it's hot already and bangs plastered to forehead with sweat is not cute.

Any news on the health stuff, Christine?

Busy, busy Rose! Hope things are going well.

Candy, lots of museums have free days or nights...and here we have gallery nights where there are lots of openings on the same night. Bonus with that is some offer free wine!

Polly, how'd the whole mother's day thing go?

((((Mando)))) Thanks for updating us!

Shelby Lee does seem to be healing fast from her spaying. And her girly bits had swollen to an obscene degree when she got her period, so we are relieved they are going back down! We wouldn't have loved her less if they didn't, but yikes! And *knock wood* she has not peed inside once since we got back from New York!

Bunny, the Mr. never got totally into Buffy, but watched a little when I was watching. He just doesn't have the attention span or interest to really get into a TV show like I do...although he did say he thought it would be stupid but it was good. Heh. I have rewatched through season 6 and have to Netflix 7.

I'm half over with jury duty now. We have to go twice a week for 4 weeks - insane, right? I go Tues. and Thurs. So far I have been in voir dire 3 times but not chosen. On both Thursdays, no jury has even been called at all. It's such a huge commitment here. Bleh. It's so hard for me to get up so early.

The Mr. and I both need to see an orthopedic doctor. His foot has been hurting and my shoulder has been. My shoulder isn't super bad, but it's been months. Plus I need new orthotics.
Mother's Day, in terms of the logistics, went okay. We went to LeBoy's family first, together. The plan was for me to pay my respects to his mom & family, then leave after a couple of hours, go to my family's thing, where LeBoy would join me a couple hours everything's going well, we get to his parents' house, get out of the car and look at each other, and realize....we only brought one car. blink.gif We both just totally blanked on it, even though, earlier in the day, we both thought to ourselves, "we're going to drive there separately..." Fortunately, his brother lives really close to us and our house is in between his parents and my grandparents, so he rode back with them, picked up his car and made it over there.

There were a few *interesting* moments from his parents' house, which I've posted about in the Childfree by Choice thread....his mom never misses an opportunity to express her need for more damn grandchildren. *Sigh* Like I said there, right now, it causes mild bemusement and is a source of kvetching for me.....I'm sure once we get married, they'll kick up their campaign into high gear and I/we may have to tell them to suck it up. As of right now, they still don't know about the vasectomy and we have no plans to ever tell them about it.

I'm going to humanist's bff's wedding today. I'm wearing that fabulous dress that I got a couple months ago for that great deal. Yesterday, I went shopping for shoes and a wrap to wear with it, and got more great deals. I went to Kohl's (a middle-of-the-road department store, for the non-US Busties) and was perusing their jeans selection. I haven't had a pair of Levi's in years, but found a pair that fit me. The tag said $44....a lot, but they looked great, and at the moment, I have one pair of jeans, except for the ones I wear to the shelter. I also found a pair of shoes, also $44. I get to the check-out and the jeans ring up for $3.49 blink.gif Nope, that was not a mistake- I didn't notice the clearance sign, plus some further discounts they had going that day. Unfortunately, they were the only pair in my size sad.gif And the shoes were also half-off. Then I stopped at Lane Bryant to get a wrap- I had a "$15 off any purchase $15 or more" coupon. They had wraps there for $14.50, so I could have thrown in a pair of earrings or something and paid almost nothing, but I liked one I'd looked at at Kohl's better. I did find a cute skirt to spend the coupon on, which was more than $15, but oh well. I saved so freaking much on those jeans and shoes I didn't care, plus I still got $15 taken off the normal price on the skirt. Then I went back to Kohl's, got the wrap (which was $25, but because of the sales they had going on, it was only $11!!)

Sorry, I get really excited about great shopping days. I went to my parents' after work and tried on the dress with all the stuff- everything looks great and I'll post pictures from the wedding tonight.

I'm going to the Restaurant Show on Sunday with my cousin- one of our patients works for Chicago Metallic (they make bakeware) and got us passes- woohoo!

Rose, that sounds like a fun party; hopefully things work out for Sheff! I hope you're having a good time with your family!

~*~*~*mortgage vibes for christine~*~*~*

~*~*~*job vibes for sassy & bunny~*~*~*

~*~*~*neighbor-repellant vibes for p-176~*~*~*

Ugh, sorry about the MIL, crassy. As much as mine drives me crazy, I'm continuously reminded of how lucky I am when I hear stories like that. I hope your event went well, too.

What kind of crazy jury duty is that amilita? Are you on a grand jury or something? Around here, you go one day, if you don't get picked, you go home and that's it, until you get called again. If you do get picked, you serve every day (except weekends) until the trial's over.

Well, I fell asleep on the couch and LeBoy knew better than to wake me up. It's 5am, I should get into bed for a couple of much to do today! I have to do laundry, dye my hair, shower.....

((hugs to everyone))

P.S. I had to explain to someone on Facebook the other day what the "(( ))" thing meant- are we the only ones that do that on the internets?
Christine Nectarine
Happy Friday. Uhg – I need caffeine. For some reason, I decided to book myself a full day with clients, just before the long weekend. What was I thinking?!?

Ah, polly, good luck with the whole pressure-to-have-kids thing. We still get it from plenty of people, despite having one child already. Add that to the total inability to register the fact that we are not getting married…

Ooh amilita. Jury duty? That sucks. I’ve never had to do it. here’s hoping it ends quickly!

(((crassy))) yes, people do indeed suck!

P_176: they were swinging a metal stick at each other? Is that actually what it sounds like? I don’t get it. who does that?

(((sassy))) sorry for stupid bosses

$$$$$$$$heff jobby vibes!

~$~$~$~$~$~jobby money vibes for bunnyb. Good on you for pursuing your passion!~$~$~$~$~$~

Ah, Ikea. They get us everytime, don’t they DM?

Pixiedust, my advice to you: embrace the craziness. Sometimes that is all there is left to do!

(((star))) I feel your lethargic pain. Pics of the new hair???

Candycanegirl, my favourite (almost) free activity at this time of year is a picnic. They can be a good chance to do some exploring too, if you go to a park/conservation area/random place you haven’t really been to before.

*waves to raisingirl and roseviolet, and all the lurking busties*

Whew, so much posting activity here lately! It’s nice to see.

It’s the Victoria day long weekend here. Yay! I’m looking forward to having Monday off, esp since I have to waste several hours of my Sunday at a cousin’s wedding. Advantage of having a 5 year old – you can bow out of family obligations early, cause you have to get the kid to bed!
This week at work has really run me down, as I’ve ended up doing a bunch of overtime. I don’t go back to the doctor until the 26th to get the results of my blood work. I’m worried that it’s going to come back indicating nothing is wrong, and that I’ve just been stressing myself out. And yes, I realize I should get over this.

Undies: white with black polka dot bra, red y-fronts. No matchy-matchy here!

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