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Oh no, Faithy! I hope I'm not being too forward, but what cup size were you before you went on the pill? I'm a 34D, but I'm creeping upon DD, so I kinda know where you're coming from.

Pixie, I'm sorry to hear that J & G felt uncomfortable around my mom. Maybe part of the problem was that the last time either of them saw my mom was at Karen's funeral. Maybe it brought back difficult memories for them. Maybe. I rather hope it's something like that. But you know, J isn't exactly thrilled that SmokeBoy and I are friends, so I imagine they may be projecting some of that discomfort onto my mom.
I must say, i kinda wondered if maybe MiniPixie is destined to have foot issues because she's your daughter! Think you can inherit that sort of thing? Maybe you should remove all glass from your house just in case! wink.gif I'm sorry to hear that dear little MiniPixie's foot is infected. But at least you caught it so she can heal properly.
~*~*~*~ more healing vibes for MiniPix ~*~*~*~

MsP, it's amazing what humidity can do, isn't it? Ugh!
~~~~~~~~ cool breezes for everyone ~~~~~~~~

Tes, Sheff wanted me to tell you that we have OODLES of silly fishes now! Our guppies have had babies twice since we got them 2 months ago. So cute! We also have neon tetras and, my favorite, the panda catfish. So we have plucky pandas, timid tetras, & a gaggle of guppies!

Kvetch: Sheff will be working late all week.
Anti-kvetch: Working late only means staying until 7 or 8 - not midnight or later, like at some of his old jobs. So it'll be okay.
Flyby to say that I'm glad RV's mom is well enough to be back at work (is that right?) and Mornington and the gecko are adorable.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jul 24 2006, 04:11 PM) *

Kvetch: Sheff will be working late all week.

Oh, I getcha. MrP's managing at a restaurant downtown these days, and you know the kinds of crazy hours restaurant workers put in. I think he closed every day last week, meaning I don't get to see him at all. If I'm lucky, he'll wake up as I'm getting ready for work and we'll have a few minutes to chat, but that's about it.
Yes, it is nice that late nights for Mr. Pixie are 7 pm. And once school starts on the nights he doesn't have class, he will be home waiting on me when I get there! Squee!

wow...look at this fancy-shmancy new lounge!

just wanted to poke my head in to say a quick hello to those who still remember me. Life is passing me by all too quickly these days, as I chase after my two wee-ones, but perhaps now that my maternity leave is almost over (sob sob) and I'm in need of some procrastination at work, I'll be around more often.

Yeah for car and the minicoopers! Hope you stop by more often!
MsP, what did you think of YearlyKos? I've been reading DailyKos for a while now but am getting more and more dissatisfied with the content of late. Contributors seem to take the smallest misstep by the idiots on the Right and extrapolate that into a Democratic House, Senate and White House all rolled up into one neat package. It's not they the Right doesn't deserve it and that I wouldn't love to see it, but, hell, any movement in the House and Senate is going to be hard work. The Status Quo at any level is hard to beat and the Right (most everyone, for that matter), if nothing else, is all about the status quo.

Pixie and Rose, I'm not sure anything beats the misery index in T-Town when it's 100 degrees and the humidity is high. That's f'kin wet heat. Sadly, I've witnessed it more times than I ever wanted.

This really doesn't look like my color. Grrrrrrr. I will have to finetune.
(((msp))) I know exactly what you mean about dry heat. last year I was walking to walk in 45+ heat; now all I can do is sweat and complain at 35. I can't abide humidity.

(((pixie))) & (((minipixie))) & yay! mrpixie's finishing school

(((rosev))) & (((rosemama))) & (((rosedad))) ***fingers crossed for tomorrow***



(((faith))) aw

(((curioushair, girltheory, ladylib, yuefie, bunny, mando, tyger, qspice, amilita, anoushh, fina, raisin, tes, txplum, tallgirl, sidecar, dm, damona & little d, the mcnastys and everyone else)))

mum's ok. She's been given two weeks leave as there isn't a good enough doctor in Algeria... this means we're going to be in Belgium with her man (he's going to be called P from now on) and I probably won't go out there at all. But she's just feeling a little grotty more than anything.

ok, antikvetch: I handed my essay on sheep in.

but, the kvetch: my mum rang earlier, to say she spoke to my dad. He's in tears. He's basically being forced to kick the Boy Wonder out because Step-Monster is giving so much grief. She's done the worst, and is just not speaking to either of them - and poor dad is stuck between a rock and a hard place. BW told him the other day that he could see why I did what I did, but that SM won - and he won't let her win again. BW is thinking of walking out tomorrow and not going back. I feel shitty because I thought that I was finally making progress with dad - but now BW is going the same way as me, which nobody wanted to happen. *sigh*

I really ought to toddle off and get some sleep. ***cool down vibes for all***

eta: (((billy))). hmm, wet heat. /dirty mind
Yeah for Mornington finishing her sheep essay! Boo for Step Monster for making things difficult for Boy Wonder!

Billy, you aren't kidding!

((((rosepapa)))) I know you are anxious Rose, but your mom really seems positive about what this surgery will mean for your dad. He's fought through cancer..he'll come through this with shining colors! to thinking about what you said about J not being thrilled you and smokeboy are probably goes deeper than that to, he's annoyed that you and I are still friends. But it makes sense. I think it's good that you and Smokeboy can have some sort of friendliness between you after all you guys went through together. I doubt J and I will ever get to that point. Frankly, it makes me uncomfortable when he starts acting like his old self. All my defenses go up because I know that the civility only lasts so long and then he will come back with some new asshattery. It's a vicious cycle I feel doomed to for the next 13 years. I can't help hopeing that maybe someday we can get to the point Mr. P and his ex are at. They aren't friendly, but they aren't unfriendly either. Just like neutral acquaintences.
~~~~~MASSIVE coolness vibes to everyone~~~~~

((((pixie, minipixie & mr pixie))) awww, poor baby's foot!

(((rosev & sheff))) & (((rosemama & rosepapa)))

(((damona & little d))) lots of vibes for you both sweetie

(((girltheory))) so good to see you around! how are you doing?

((((anoushh))) sending extra cool vibes your way mama

(((amilita))) how are you darlin'? dusty is right, that avatar of wally is too cute!

((((raisin)))) woohooo, congrats!

((((tes)))) I always enjoy hearing of your various adventures *mwah*

((((sidecar & martini)))) hopefully you guys had a blast and my fair city treated you well. sorry there wasn't enough time for us to meet up, but maybe next time wink.gif

Qspice, where in SD were you living?

((((((mornington, bunny, faith, fina, syb, polly, mandi, dusty, designer, msp, car, mavin, billy, skc, walkingb, vesica, tyger, crassy & mr mcnasty, txplummie & gb, tallgirl, curious, lys, northpole)))))) did I forget anybody??

I just checked and where I live is 101F with 32% humidity right now, at 4:20 pm. Saturday it was 113 here and so humid you could barely move. I got out of the shower, and was sweaty before I could dry off and put my clothes on. Coastal San Diego is a whole cooler than where I live inland, out in the East County, that's for damn sure. This last weekend was the Comic-con, and next weekend is SD's big Annual Gay Pride Parade & Festival so the city is buzzing. I am trying to get my girls from San Bernadino to drive down so we can at least go to the parade, but everyones whining about how hot it is. I'm trying to bribe them with my home made salsa, chicken tacos, & hot sauce and a trip to the beach. My niece will be gone on her next trip with camp, so she wont be here for it. She looks forward to it all year and is really bummed out, and made me promise to take lots of pictures. So regardless of how hot it is, I'm going. if for no other reason than to go with PJ. It always means so much to him when I wear my "I Love My Gay Brother" pin smile.gif

ETA: I forgot to ask for some vibes my good friend Vena. A close friend of her's lost her partner to suicide on Saturday morning. Her partners kids and family are pointing the finger at her because they had an argument on Friday. Nobody really knows what happened, but blaming someone for the fact that somebody that they loved took their own life just seems cruel to me. Vena is supposed to come out here for pride from AZ, but I don't know if she is going to want to leave her friend in her time of need, which is totally understandable. And because the coroner had already responded to two other suicides that morning, there is going to some lag time upwards of a week before they can really make any funeral arrangements. Poor lady, I think her name is Suzy. Oh, and those poor, poor kids. One of them found her slumped over the computer, with the suicide note partially printed (the printer jammed). They had to make statements to the police. Oh gosh, I feel so bad for them sad.gif

((yuefie's friend-of-a-friend))
((minipixie's foot))
((coolness vibes all around))

Went to the ear-nose-throat guy today to have him look at that spot in my throat- it's nothing- just a little cyst. Phew! He said if it gets bigger, starts to affect my breathing or swallowing, they'll get rid of it, otherwise they'll leave it alone. I told him I had strep throat many, many, many times in my childhood, then tonsillitis 1-2 times per year in my early twenties (so sad to think that my "early twenties" are gone and I'm at the end of my mid twenties/beginning of my late twenties...Now that I've gotten past early twenties, I just want to skip the rest and get into my thirties!) but not in the last couple of years [knock on wood], so my tonsils are a mess. He said that I am a candidate for getting them removed, and that now they use micro waves (would that be one word? I wouldn't want people to think they're going to stick my head in an appliance!) and it's far less painful than it used to be on adults. Anyway, if I were to get my tonsils removed, they'd just do the cyst removal then. He also said I have a slightly deviated septum, but nothing serious.

I had to take an online typing test for the staffing agency I'm going through, as well as a Excel and Word test. I'm so pissed at how bad I did, but part of it was the test's fault. It just didn't work right. I type more than 43 WPM, you bastards!! I'll talk to my contact at the agency tomorrow and tell her I know I can do better!
::::driving by:::: but slowing long enough to say hi to everybody. {{{{{busties}}}}}

this new format will take some getting used to. i guess i dont spend much time here anymore so who i am to complain. that is not say i dont think of you all often and ask how everyones doing [speaking of which, i heard youve threatened to head out here bunny!]. maybe i will stop by a little more often. dont i always say that? im so antisocial i cant even hang out on net message boards.
*fly-by* PINCHEJOTO!!!! I've already *seen* you in the TR*LL thread and rugby tackled you but some more hugs are in order! So good to see you around these parts sweetie and I hope you stay longer this time. Tesao and PJ back in kvetch? ***swoons***

Oh, and I've threatened to come visit? yup biggrin.gif

I don't have time to vibe everyone individually (we managed to have dissertation deadline put back until Sept 15th but still not long away!) but thinking of everyone *~*~*~*vena and friend and her family~*~*~*~

(((everyone))) espec (((pinchejoto))) tongue.gif
reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally quick fly by!!!

am on my lunch break and the next task that i have to do is HUGE -- and requires the presence of other people who are all at home at the moment (people return home for lunch here, and it lasts 2 hours and is often the biggest meal of the day), so i have a few minutes to pop in. i just bareeeeeeeeeeeeeely skimmed the archives, though, so please forgive me for missing people!

hi, pinchejoto!!! how COOL to see you! glad to know that you are alive and well!

car!!! i hate that your maternity leave will soon be over, BUT! it will be nice to see you in here every so often!

rosiev, it is tooooooooooooooo funny about your silly silly fishes!!! post a photo of the panda fish!! hee. and please thank sheff for remembering me and asking you to pass that along!

mozambique is a good place for me and my silly fishes! i don't go home for lunch, i usually bring something to eat here. i started doing it on the premise that i would LEAVE work earlier if i did that. HA! i leave at the same time. my work day has YET to be less than 10 hours. i think i may be averaging 12. this is a bad habit, but since i live alone ...... although mimi the mozambican attack cat DOES get lonely. (please don't yell at me for this next bit!) it could be worse, though, because my maid, Laura, is there during the morning and early afternoon, so meems isn't all alone alllllll day!.

msp!!!! is still here!! hurrah!!!!

polly, just WAIT until you are like me, and are as old as DIRT. wink.gif

i know there was more, but i've got to go!!!


hugs and kisses and silly silly gambas!! (i had leftover homemade pasta with baby shrimp -- they call them gambas here -- and langostinos -- for lunch today!! YUM!!

I love all the weather postings... even though they simply mean we're all sweltering together! Still hot here but I'm loving it (we're talking in the 70s/early 80s so it's pretty palatable, just unusual). For humidity, Washington DC has many places beat... I was there for a few summers and it was crazy. High-ass humidity and high-ass temperatures. We just went from air con shops to air con restaurants.

/mindless weather-related musings

I was away for a long weekend doing family things and it was awesome. We have family visiting and they had an engagement partay for us which was lovely. I don't often feel engaged as we've not made a big deal about it (we've another year and a bit to go) but the champers toasts and cake, and well wishes, were really touching.

Now, however, I have to do shedloads of work and catch up...

Congrats Raisin!!!

Mornington, I'm sorry that BW is going through this. That shouldn't be happening. Hope your mum gets better soon as well.

(((st louis and its people)))

(((RV and family)))

((((Damona and little d))))
I'm so jealous that Tesao has a maid! I want one! That is actually one of our goals for this next year, to get to making enough money to have someone come in on a regular basis and clean the parts of our house that we don't have time for!

Minipixie doesn't seem all that aflicted by the wound on her foot. It's actually on the arch, so she can walk normally without it bothering her. She is milking it for all it's worth though! She had me call my mom last night and ask her to come over so she would have someone else to whine to! But the pediatrician confirmed that she has a cavity so she will be off to her first trip to the dentist sometime this week! I am so glad I don't have to do this chore. Just being in a dentist office brings back bad memories!

Rose..bake something and wait for Rosemama to call and tell you that paparose is fine.

(((everyone else)))

Drive-by just to say hello! I have much to do today, but I wanted to pop in & say how FAB it is to see Car! Car, my darling, I certainly hope you get to check in more. I miss you soooooo much!
And Billy! And PJ! And Ms P is sticking around, too! Things certainly are looking up around here biggrin.gif

Thanks for the vibes for Dad. The surgery was this morning. When Mom calls with the update, I'll be sure to pass it along to the rest of you.

[blows kisses around the room & skips away]
~*~*~*fly by~*~*~*~

So fun to have a Car sighting! All my strongest thoughts go to Rose V's pops and family.

(((mornington, tes, pixie, bunny, pinche, sybarite, polly, yeufie, billy, dusty, msp, everybustie)))

Thanks for the sympathy re. my morphing figure, I have been holding steady at DD/DDD lately, so I think going off the BC might bring be back. I just want to be able to wear all my pretty bras and button my suits.

The weirdest thing just happened. I turned down a Senate-staff position a few months ago, because while the job was my dream job, it's the wrong timing and the Senator hates another Senator I want to work with. I just got a call from a third, different Senator's office, about an even better job. I'm still not going to take it, because of a million reasons, but I am really flattered, and also relieved that when I want to go back to the Hill there are real lawyer jobs I could maybe get.

Kvetch: I had dinner last night with a friend of mine who's fairly recently widowed (widowered? it's a man). He's not doing so well, and I feel like I didn't really help him. sigh.

antikvetch -- I can't put the details here but I am working on a very exciting case.
QUOTE(billybonka @ Jul 24 2006, 06:30 PM) *

MsP, what did you think of YearlyKos? I've been reading DailyKos for a while now but am getting more and more dissatisfied with the content of late. Contributors seem to take the smallest misstep by the idiots on the Right and extrapolate that into a Democratic House, Senate and White House all rolled up into one neat package. It's not they the Right doesn't deserve it and that I wouldn't love to see it, but, hell, any movement in the House and Senate is going to be hard work. The Status Quo at any level is hard to beat and the Right (most everyone, for that matter), if nothing else, is all about the status quo.

I had a grand old time at YearlyKos. I knew a lot of people, and hell... it was in Vegas, where I have family, and pretty good luck on the slots. And keep in mind, it wasn't strictly a DailyKos thing - they lent the name, but there were plenty of other A-list bloggers represented.

I work with the blogs for my work - I'm still in a press room, but I've left NARAL and am now at the ACLU. So for me it was just a huge networking opportunity - between NARAL and here I've been talking to some of these people for two years and we'd never met.

I go back and forth on DailyKos... or, I should say, Markos. There's no denying he's built something incredible. But I disagree with him on issue politics. He was certainly no friend to me when I was working at NARAL, but I was able to use that to my advantage - when he'd shit on women's issues, a dozen women bloggers would rally. Of all the front page bloggers, he's still the one I communicate with the least.

I agree with you on the election/campaign point, but I don't get that worked up about it. The other side does it, too. Or maybe it's just because, since I work on elections/campaigns less now that I'm here, I just don't follow it as closely. I've got enough issues to worry about without reading all 64,928 posts on the Lieberman/Lamont race.
DailyKos is now MidWeeklyKos Sometimes for me, for a lot of the reasons you both point out.

Uh, I'm back. It's hot here, too. I really haven't had much Internet time lately, as work is fairly busy and I've had a lot going on offline with travel, concerts, etc. Hope you all are doing well...

Hey all! I'm keeping up, but have a busy, I'll confess that sometimes when someone writes the perfect shout-outs, I get intimidated and don't post. Silly, I know.

I was thinking of Rosev's daddy today...

faith, you're so fabulous! I've been following local politics so much lately that Senators and Reps get me all worked up.


Tes, I love hearing everything you have to say about your location!

And everyone, I'm vibing as I read, but feel scatterbrained right now so can't report 'em.

Big news: We bought a car today! Mine has not been acting right...not shifitng gears smoothly or with the right timing. (And it's an automatic) Not confidence-inspiring in case of evacuation, and the Mr. has a pickup truck, so that won't do so well for the kitties.

So I got a minivan! Oh yeah! It's so, so uncool it delights me. Plus, ya know, we're signing Wally up for soccer. tongue.gif It's used, but new to me! And way fancier than my old hoopdie!

Still kvetching majorly at the persecution of the Dr. and 2 nurses here. And now they are announcing some of the events commemerating the one year anniversary of Katrina and they include:

a silent jewel auction

a masquerade ball at Harrah's casino requiring 'platnium' tickets


W! T! F!

Yeah, there are prayer breakfasts and wreath-laying things, but I'm downright offended at the idea of fireworks.

Wow...fireworks....that's tacky! We've been discussing the new movie about 9/11 and how we think it is too soon for that. I can't even imagine!

Rose, any word on your dad?

Mr. Pixie is kvetching about the car we "sold". The people left us a check to hold the car because they were having some money wired in from out of state( the girl just moved here) and the bank was going to put a hold on it. They came back to look at the car Saturday and the radiator blew! Since we hadn't signed over the title yet, we went in half to get it replaced. They called today about coming to get the car but hedged when Mr. P mentioned them(actually her, the guy is at work) going to thier bank to get cash before coming so we can swap the check. I think everything is fine. The couple is pretty young. I think the girl just doesn't realize that paying for a used car with a check just isn't done, and of course her fiance works crazy evening hours so she is having to take care of all of this.
Amilita, who is paying for the fireworks? And please please tell me that Harrah's will be donating the proceeds to a good cause.

Pixie, if they don't feel comfortable with cash, they could always bring you a cashier's check.

Good news! Dad is out of surgery. He's seriously doped up, but Mom says he's fine. He's on a liquid diet for 4 days, though. Let's hope that's the most difficult part of his recovery. Thanks so much to all of you for your vibes!
I'll be gone for probably a month with moving and getting a new computer and internet access. Packing the whole apartment and getting everything ready along with working full time is really tiring, but it will all be worth it.

Best of luck to everyone.

yay for rose's dad (and mom, who's feeling better!)

Yeah, amililita, I don't get that either. Charity things for people who are still in a bad place seems like a better use of time and energy than fireworks. On the other hand, a few weeks after 9/11 they did that big concert thing for all the firefighters, police, paramedics, etc. to help raise their spirits and show appreciation for them. The hurricane situation is a little different, particularly in the financial sense (NYC is far from being one of the nation's poorest cities, I'm sure), and I agree that fireworks are trite, but maybe a happy celebration for the "I Survived Katrina" people isn't all bad? I guess 9/11 did have the "us vs. them" aspect and the whole hurricane situation was "our own government fucked us".....

((everyone's car problems))) I'm just trying to save some $ to get my transmission and radiator flushed, the tires rotated, the oil changed. I'm a few thousand miles over for it all. I have a *very* good mechanic, but he works out of his house (on the side, from his day job at a regular shop) so he can't do anything involving fluids, since he doesn't have the disposal capabilities. But anything mechanical, he's great and cheap!

Amilita, I too hope the Harrah's ball is donating proceeds to charity. Otherwise it's like 'let's have a commemoration for the rich people!'

I do like to fulminate smile.gif

Today, again, is all about the work... so I should probably get down to it!
That's true, sybarite- it reminds me of the scene in Roger & Me where Flint, Michigan has a fundraiser at the newly-built prison (before anyone was being housed there) and all the rich people come and pretend to be in the cells, have their pictures taken and eat crudites.
Today, for me, should really all about the work too unsure.gif ! And yet here I am... I have no self-discipline waaaah sad.gif .

yay for papaviolet!!!

designermedusa, GOOD LUCK and we will miss you! ~*~*~*safe travelling vibes~*~*~*~

too humid.

amilita, fireworks seems so crass to me. A more fitting tribute is needed but I don't know what that would be, I'm sure you ahve better ideas what's needed.

~*~*~*~vibes for mornington mama~*~*~*~

can't remember if I said dissertation deadline put back until Sept 15th? my mama's birthday, day after C is due my surrogate neice/nephew and two days before the boy leaves to go wherever it is he is going (trying not to think about that too much.)

bought beauty and the beast the musical tickets for next Saturday night, going with lordfarquhar, the busker and clarabella - my bestest buds/workmates (well lf isn't anymore, he left recently but still my hairdresser) - so excited!

Fireworks pollute, big time.
Feh on the whole fireworks thing. That. is. just. wrong. mad.gif

Today would've been my mama's 54th birthday. I can't believe she's been gone for almost 6 years. I am feeling especially blue
today. I think PJ, sis, niece and I are going to do something special for dinner, something mom would've loved.

P.S. boys stink.

*flings self in*

(((dusty, amilita, polly, dm, rose, rosedad, pixie, minipixie's foot, rosemum, yuefie, pj, billy, msp, walkingb, tyger, the fantabulous bunny, syb, sidecar, car, faith, tyger, mando, tes, and whoever else wants 'em)))

I. am. so. effing. hot. *sweats over thread*

bunny... revision *ahem*. I have exams at the end of august and what am I doing? Procrastinating.

And I'm all alooooone; Daphne is staying with mum for a few days 'cos they're doing "routine maintenance" in the flats and she's not supposed to be here. It seems empty without her. Apparently she's doing just fine; she and mum get on suprisingly well (even though mum's technically allergic to her, but since when has that stopped my mother *eye roll*). I get her back on friday evening.

Fun fun day of fun today... mum finally bribed/browbeat dad into having a "family sit-down-and-talk" in the park today. The Boy Wonder was very good, apparently he didn't say as much as he could have done (he is seething inside) and kept cool... I was all "since when did you turn 'round and grow up BW?". But anyhow, I lost my temper as per usual (apparently BW nearly cracked up when I snapped "yes dad, but I communicate more with my ex than I do with you"). Dad is having problems, but it basically pans down to I'm sick of playing (un)happy families, BW is sick of feeling like a guest and being ignored, mum is sick of the whole thing, and we all agree that the Step-Monster needs to actually speak to us. Which she won't do - apparently she has her nest with dad, and because she's not responsible for us, she doesn't need to be involved (in her mind, anyway). I said that if she want to have a flaming argument, I'll have a flaming argument with her; dad said she wouldn't do that. I really don't know who's worse, me, him or her.

Enough with the essay. We shall see how it goes. *sigh*

oh, I forgot. I saw a doctor today (my practice has this wierd thing where you're not guaranteed to see the same doc twice) and, well... apart from mispronouncing my name (I know they have no "p" in arabic, but I've never had it so mangled) and generally being an idiot, he called me "dear". Because yes, there is nothing else more fun than being patronised by your doctor. Oh, and when I mentioned work, he said "and what do you do - are you a teacher?" *head/desk* He just assumed it - I don't know whether I'm overreacting but I got a distinct whiff of "because you're a woman". He also assumed I was in a relationship just because I was also getting my bc prescription - after asking me if there were any other side effects to the prozac, he then asked me "and your sexual function, is there any change?" I don't know, I just... couldn't stand the man. /end rant.

I'm horrifically gobby tonight. I'll bugger off before I thread-hog. *mwah* and vibes to all.

eta: biiiiiiiiiiig hugs for ((((yuefie)))) who is also fantabulous
Ha. Mornington is just faffing around when she should be studying.

Someone asked me if I was a teacher once, I took it to mean because I'm a woman. English, about fifty, as if that were an excuse. I've never liked him.

Mornington, I went through somethign similar. I was getting off my antidepressants and phasing out of the place I went to.(you could only go there if you were truely looney! ha) My caseworker who had been a really cool girl about my age got a better job and in her place I got this arabic guy that really annoyed the everlivingshit out of me! It made me even more determined to get off antidepressants so I wouldn't have to see him! I dunno what people were smoking to assign me to him anyway! I mena I was dealing with a divorce and breaking up with a long time were NOT my friends those days! Especially ones who couldn't pronounce my name and seemed to have just gotten out of school and hadn't figured out how to use a "bedside" manner. I used to LOVE my group therapist though! Le sigh. Probably the only man I have really truely enjoied being around without being the least bit sexually attracted to. Alex was the shit! I almost wish I could go there again just to talk to him some more. It was almost like the man could read my mind!

(((boobysquishing hugs for yuefie))) I hope you get through the day withoiut any more undue pain. My died 20 years ago last March. It was really hard for me even though I was just a kid when he died.
Thanks for the hugs. I kinda need 'em right now. I'm missing her something fierce and me wallowing in it and listening to George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" is not helping much. I just posted this in my LJ, the reason I said boys stink:

I had to cancel a date I thoughtlessly made for tonight and the guy seemed a little annoyed. Not outright, but I kind of got the vibe. His reply was "Oh that's fine since my friend So&So (just a friend) emailed and wanted to hang out tonight anyway. So yeah, it's cool with me. Later." Um, ok. Thanks for your understanding. It would have been just fine to say "I understand, have a nice evening with your family". What's with the I-had-a-better-offer-anyhow thing? And the need to qualify her as being just a friend. What's that about? Dude, we just barely had a date scheduled. Geez. I guess I really don't feel like going out with a passive aggressive weenie anyway. Or is it just me being overly sensitive? Cause well, I am feeling that way today. Am I blowing this out of proportion?

Hey all!

Mornington, that Dr. sounds annoying...but don't hate me because I think it's good for Dr.s to ask about sexual functioning, especially with drugs that notoriously mess ya up. It can be so hard for some people to initiate that conversation.

I have a sis-in-law who can only see her dad in restaurants/other public spaces because his children aren't allowed in his and the stepmom's house...oh, wait, now he can come to her house, actually. That's fairly new. The stepmom has gotten slightly better over the years, but it's such a hard, horrible situation. I really feel for you and BW.

(((yuefie))) time makes it better, but it never goes away, huh?

~~~don't get overwhelmed vibes for bunnyb~~~


The big Katrina anniversary party is, at this point, divided up into city stuff (procession, wreath-laying, prayer breakfast, fireworks) and some kind of Wynton Marsalis package deal (concert, gala ball, jewel auction, COMEDY NIGHT!) So as far as I know, the fireworks are paid for by the city. Bleh. And I was thinking maybe I'd go to the jazz-funeral-style procession, but I read that it is being led by Lt. General Honore. From what I know, he's OK...he kinda took a leading role in evacuating the city when Brown was failing miserably as FEMA director...*sigh* I just don't know if I wanna go to something that has a federal gov't presence.

I was talking to my friend today, and she was saying that maybe I should walk the route I got evacuated.

I could see if any coworkers wanna do it with me, maybe take the Mr. and whatever friends wanna do it. Maybe, maybe I could even tie it in to supporting the Dr. and two nurses who were send out a press release and carry signs. As I'm typing this, I realize there is gonna be so much going on competing for media coverage...maybe I shouldn't go that way. Maybe I should make a blog just for it instead...just thinking out loud at this point.

But I think even if I just walk it with the Mr., it could be real cathartic. I actually start crying when I think about it.

Oh, and polly, you have some points that I'm trying to accept...that some people may feel celebratory and sorta like, "We're still here! We're rebuilding!" And people's experiences were so different and people approach things differently...I actually think the concert is cool. I don't want to go, but music can be so expressive of different emotions and it's such a huge part of the culture here...and it doesn't seem at all disrespectful of the deaths and devestation. So complicated, all this.

ETA: Yuef, I don't really think you're being overly sensitive. I mean, he could've even said something kind to you like "sorry it's such a hard day for you" instead of reassuring himself that he still had plans for the night! I wouldn't necessarily write him off, but good to be looking for other clues with this guy. More ((hugs)) for you.

Oh, I just found this through a NOLA blog I read:

(not linking directly on purpose!)

This is more like it, IMHO. I'm not comfortable with a lot of rituals, but a big pot of gumbo might need to get made and shared that day.
(((amilita))) gumbo sounds good and I understand what you mean about music, sometimes everything can be summed up by music -the lyrics and the feel of it- and other times it exaggerates the emotion. The walk sounds as if it is important to you and I would be inclined to go for a group but maybe you need the catharsis? A meal with your man and the kitties and maybe a single lit candle would be worth consideration; sometimes these things need to be commiserated alone. Also, I'm following the coverage of the doctors sad.gif.

(((mornington))) I missed what happened between you and the evil stepmother? Also, it's a shame about no regular doctor -I've had mine for most of my life- but the sexual dysfunction Q a valid one (I haven't been dysfunctional but the sensation is different, sorry if TMI!) I've to return to the docs next month when we'll be discussing reducing dosage although we may have to postpone that until after September as not best time to be chemically imbalanced.

(((yuefie))) my thoughts are with you, have fun tonight as you know it's what your mum would have wanted (as well as lots of laughing and joking) and enjoy your lamb! Hug PJ for me too and forget about the asshat - how insensitive!

(((everyone else)))

so. bloody. hot.
(((yuefie))) no, you are not being overly sensitive. **extra big hug**

((((amilita)))), of course I'm not going hate! I've just had a run-in with this doctor before (over bc) and he just... squicked me out. I'm one of those who brings sex up when I want to talk about it. (to be fair, he wasn't to know that I'm not getting any right now, and anyway take bc to control the periods
/should be in the frustrated thread). He was creeeeeepy. I'm just sulking 'cos I actually liked the doctor I'd had regular appointments with up until then (sympathetic, could pronounce my name, sense of humour, knew the difference between "bedside manner" and "aging mustachioed creepyness"). *wanders off, muttering daily-mail-style about the NHS/foreigners*

Just finking, like, but walking the route sounds like a good idea... call it catharic or whatever you like. But if you're "meh" about the parade... I don't know; the procession seems like a nice idea though; can you get involved in that or just watch?

Dusty - biggrin.gif . I wouldn't mind but I believe it states my occupation as "dirty, lazy vet student" on my file.


ninja-edit: (((bunny))) I know perfectly well what you mean (not tmi, dear). It just pissed me off that he asked it after asking about "any other side effects"... I don't know, I just get the feeling "regular" doc would have at least been able to put it better. I prolly would have dealt with it if it had come from a female doctor rather than a guy who I already think's an asshat.
Hmmm...I think it is really saddest when it stops hurting so much.
((everyone)) I always run out of time to post here!

I know what you mean, amilita...I wasn't really arguing for the fireworks, just making the connection. I think a concert is a far more appropriate even to honor the dead, celebrate the living and enjoy the evening.
Jazz funeral procession sounds right on. Fireworks, definitely not that kind of celebration.
((((((((Yuefie & PJ)))))))) I read in another thread that last night went well for you (that cake sounds amazing!) Hope you're okay today.

Mornington, I know that you can't request to see a particular doctor at that clinic, but could you at least ask not to see this guy again? I mean, if a person gives you the creeps, you shouldn't have to expose your body to him. That's just a terrible message. Whether his questions were valid or not, the fact is that you don't feel comfortable with him. You shouldn't have to be put in such a vulnerable position with a person who disturbs you.

By the by, both BC pills and antidepressants are murder on my sex drive. But when I started on Prozac, I was so thrilled to not be suicidal anymore that I didn't care about sex!

I mowed for about 30 minutes last night before I ran out of gas. Poo. Now I need to buy gasoline & do more mowing. But I refuse to cut a single blade until 6pm when the sun is well on the other side of our pine trees!

Mom just called with a wee update. Dad's recovering fine. He can't eat any solid foods until late Friday. I cannot imagine the amount of willpower that requires!
Rose I am glad about your dad. I think I may break out the lawn mower tonight too. It is long overdue and since it is only 90 degrees right now, by 8 it might almost be tolerable outside.

Nothing much going on with me. I have done all of my "busy work" so now I literally have nothign to do at work besides Bust. can't you tell how broken up I am about that! Mr. Pixie finished his last final this morning, so he's done for a few weeks. I will be so glad when he is through! Unfortunately thanks to a very incompetant advisor he had to change majors, thankfully he only lost a semester or two of work. He shoudl be completely done this time next year!

rose, i'm glad your dad came out okay.


(((yuefie))) i think he was being very insensitive.

I think it is really saddest when it stops hurting so much.

ain't that the truth. when you lose someone close to you, and young, you see your life as before-and-after. And eventually, after seems a lot like before, but it's not, and you feel guilty for wanting it to be like before. And that's even worse. Or maybe that's just me.

dm, we'll miss you! good luck with the move.

(((((amilita)))))) i think the fireworks + ball is about the grossest thing i've ever heard. wtf.

i'm on medication for an infection, and it's making me nauseous and dizzy all the time. yuck.

this week has flown by. i'm going to a big concert festival this weekend though, with Spoon and Yo La Tengo and Os Mutantes! so the closer to Saturday, the better.
Awwww ((((rose)))), thank you. You're such a sweetie. It did go well, we had a nice time reminiscing about mom's craziness. And the cake, oh lordy that cake. I told my sister she needed to take that thing to work to get rid of the rest of it or I was not coming over to visit tonight. That thing is the devil, I tell ya! Glad to hear your dad is recovering nicely. So I'm sending lots more ~~~~healng vibes for rosedad & strength vibes for rosemom~~~~

Hey pixie, how's minipixie's foot doing?

((((amilita)))) My thoughts are with you sweetie. Perhaps walking the route you were evacuated might be a good idea. I agree that music is also a good idea. The jazz style funeral procession and the gumbo thing sound alright too. The fireworks/ball/comedy night things, not so much. Blogging sounds like it might be helpful, but we are here for you to bounce around ideas and vent too. We loves you, girlie *mwah*. And thanks for what you said. Yeah, he is a nice guy, and I don't think he meant to be a jerk. He's just kinda clueless. He could end up being a friend, but I don't think I want to date him.

(((mornington))) If a doctor squicks you out, you should not have to see him again. Period. (psst... I commented @ your blog. Just some music chatter)

((((bunny)))) Thanks to you too love.

(((dusty))) You are right, it does suck when it stops. Sometimes it's hard to keep that in perspective, but it does ring true.

(((sidecar))) feel better!

~~~car vibes for polly~~~ I feel you on the $$$ for fixing cars, mine is in need of some work too.

~~~moving vibes for DM & the Mr.~~~ we will miss ya! Speaking of which.. I'm missin' (((mandi)))!


PJ, sis & niece and I had a very nice evening together. We opted to stay in, instead of going to the restaurant. We thought it would be nice for us all to share the cooking, and to watch mom's favorite shows on Food Network (yay food porn!). After, we all went for a swim to cool down. Mom loved swimming and that was one of the hardest things for her to lose when she got too sick, so it felt right. Oh and the stories were flowing. The favorite story of course is the one where on my 18th birthday, the cake read "Happy Birthday Pooh", which of course was my mama's special childhood nickname for me. Yup, Lynnie The Pooh was me. I even had the sheets, drapes and dozens of stuffed pooh bears. My mother called me that 'til her last breath too. When I was younger it pissed me off to no end to hear her excitedly shout across a busy store "Pooh, come here and take a look at this!", but what I wouldn't give to hear it now. I hate sounding like one of those people who waxes all philisophical and tells you that you gotta appreciate what you have when you have it, but damn. It's just true.

She's doing ok...I didn't have her last night, but she's been getting along on it ok. It on the arch of her foot and I guess where it is located she doesn't put pressure on it when she walks.

Chocolate cake sounds sooo good!

I can not wait for the weekend. Time is just dragging lately. I'm ready to take the girls and head for the pool!

((rosev, rvmamma, rvdad))


((sidecar)) yay for concert, though! Tomorrow I finally, finally get to see Peaches. And the Mr. is going after his best friend and I talked him into it...he's not big on live music, and I'd rather he stay home so I don't have to worry about him having fun. But I really think he'll enjoy this. And I have earplugs for him.

((dusty, mornington, polly, bunnyb, tes and everyone)) where's crassy these days? i hope you're doing ok, lady!

My friend is leaving town of the few people I feel totally comfortable with lately. She may be back in some months, but I'm feeling a little down. And PMS is kicking in- woo hoo!
(((yuefie))) I saw. I now feel loved. how you doing now, deary? & (((pj)))

(((rosev))) & (((rosedad))) & (((rosemum)))


(((pixie))) & (((minipixie)))

(((sidecar))) yay for concerts! but boo for meds.

(((bunny))) acos.

(((polly, dusty, tes, crassy, dm, mando, tyger, everyone)))

Got back from a nice evening out (ok, a meal) with the ex. It's good to see him; we always got on and it was good to talk to someone who knows me so well. I'm shattered for some reason today. My memory is slightly wobbly too (I remember you telling me you had memory problems on prozac, pixie) which is disconcerting. I'm having to write almost everything down as I keep forgetting what I'm supposed to be doing. All good fun.

We had a thunderstorn earlier, but something tells me it's not going to cool down.
pixiedust short term memory was gone! I would answer the phone at work and forget who I was talking to before I could even grab a pen to write it down! that was more distressing than the depression and it cost me a job, so I had to switch to Lexapro.
I spent ten minutes sitting at my desk this morning going "what the f*** am I doing today?". I've taken to making lists. It comes and goes. I just hope it doesn't get worse. I can deal with the headaches, and thankfully there's no-one around most of the time when I get the shivers... but I kind-of need my brain.
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