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((((rose)))) if i was there, i would take you for some dessert and alcoholic beverages for the bday celebration. Sugar and liquor are a heavenly couple!

OMG. I totally forgot to mention about the kitten. So, his test results were fine. I think he is just working out a bug from the vaccination. I read online that some kittens have side effects related to distemper vaccinations. He is drinking water and eating dry food, smaller portions than usual. But, at least, it's something. Thanks for all the vibes! Funny how losing his kitty bits and getting a vaccination has slowed him down some and made him a lap kitty. Not that I'm complainin'! smile.gif

whoops, wrong forum
Haha, when i finally left the house on Saturday i went windowshopping (i was looking for black pants, but no one seems to carry the kind i want anymore), then i bought groceries. After that i got my book and went ou again. I sat on a bench in the sun, reading until i got too cold to be outside.

So i guess the job fell through. They were supposed to let me know at the start of this week, and i have heard nothing. Ideally, i should have to start today. Bleh. No money is becoming a serious concern now. My parents offered to loan me money when things get tight, but i'm holding that one off as long a possible.

Back to writing more applications.


((((Stargazer))))I'm sorry to hear people are giving you such a hard time. When i read you were going to 'push onward' anyway i thought 'yes, that's the spirit'. I will apply that to myself.


Good luck with writing your paper, Kitten!

Candycane; normally i would wait as well, as in not calling him. But in this situation i would try to get in touch and say you need something important to discuss.
I need some major exam vibes today! For the first time in a long time I actually have butterflies in my stomach and I am soooo nervous! However, in a few hours I will never have to know anything about stats ever again!
~*~*~*~exam vibes for cc girl!~*~*~*

(((rose))) I hope your tummy feels better. I hope your birthday is better than expected- can you get your party on after the audition, even if it's just you and Sheff? I'm supposed to get hit with the MRG tomorrow, if is accurate. I brought a LunaPad to work just in case there's a repeat of last month where I was a few days early and had to go buy pads- yuck!

amilita- has the Mr. been fully converted into a Buffy-holic yet? That's how I started- I had no interest in watching it, but LeBoy started and it piqued my curiosity, even if I pretended it didn't. It took awhile for me to fully admit I had a problem. And if that's wrong, I don't wanna be right! laugh.gif ~*~*~real estate vibes, too~*~*~

Here's a link to the foodie tour star and I did on Saturday! It was lots of fun! I'm already organizing the next one for the group.

Sorry about the impending divorce, sassy. I think a lot of people stay together until the kids are out of the house, either intentionally or unintentionally. I have an aunt and uncle who we fully expect to get divorced any day now. Their youngest will be graduating college next year. Even their kids are pretty sure it will happen. My aunt is kind of a shit-stirring beyotch, so I won't miss her much if they do get divorced, but I think it's sad when people stick together for the kids. I guess it's somewhat understandable if one partner couldn't make it financially on their own, but even then, I think it's rare that they wouldn't survive without their ex's paycheck somehow. I think it's a bad example for the kids if they stay in an unhappy marriage out just for them/the money. Of course, this is coming from someone whose parents have been happily married for nearly 30 years, so what do I know?

Don't let the man get you down, star wink.gif

I don't feel too bad about the gray hair- I just think it's funny that the first one I find is on my 29th birthday, right in the front and center of my forehead. I've been dying my hair regularly since high school (currently, it's been about 4 months, so that's why I found this one) and plan on continuing to do so. So far, it looks like I've dodged the genetic bullet of inheriting my mom's hair. I love my mom, but over the years, her hair has gotten coarse and thin, and hasn't grayed very well. My dad, on the other hand, still has all of his hair and only in the past couple of years has gotten any significant gray. My mom thinks I've inherited her mother's hair, with still hasn't gone fully gray and she's in her mid-eighties. Cod, I hope so. It's the thinness and texture that I'd hate to get. There's probably some hormonal reasons behind it, but my mom, with her lack of medical insurance, hasn't gone to a dermatologist or endocrinologist about it. sad.gif

~*~*~*~job vibes to futura and anyone else who needs them~*~*~*~

I have an eye doctor appointment on Friday- the first one since I hit my one year anniversary of my surgery. We're supposed to have beautiful weather here the rest of the week and I'm sooooo looking forward to it. Saturday night, prophecy_grrl & guy are making LeBoy and I a birthday dinner at another friend's house. Sunday night we're celebrating the April birthdays on my side of the family- me, my dad and grandma. Yes, April is a busy month for us!
Drive by!

As requested, I posted some photos from our garden on my blog. If you want a link, just drop me a PM.

~!(&@($&(@&)~* oodles of vibes for CC Girl ~!(&#&~!)*)*~


Kvetch: I'm thinking of refinancing our mortgage. It will cost us a bit up-front, but it looks like we'll make up the difference in just 12 months (which translates to about $40,000 in savings over the full life of the loan!). Sounds great, right? Too bad I hate dealing with all of this financial junk, but it's too important to let it slide. I just wish I could get a freakin' loan officer on the freakin' phone. I'm hoping I can haggle them down by .25% or so, which sounds small but it translates to an additional $10,000 in savings over the life of the loan, so it's really important.

That was probably the most boring kvetch ever posted in this thread. Hope nobody fell asleep while reading it!
Ah, Rose, contrary to being bored, I'm dying to know what your rate is. We just got approved for financing and the Mr. said we're getting 5 point something that is a little over 5.5, I think. My mom says you can get as low as 4, but I'm OK with the rate we got.

I don't love financial stuff either, but when you can save a bunch of money, that's pretty exciting. I got a credit card company to lower my interest rate once when I had debt, and that was neato.

Polly, I don't think the Mr. will ever be fully converted to love Buffy, just because he doesn't get to where he wants to see every episode of anything, but at least I'm not annoying him by watching them...and he chuckles sometimes. It's funny you say the "if that's wrong, I don't wanna be right" thing because one of the things he says to me is, "If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right" and with silly elaborations. Ha. Rose, I am lucky that my friend has all the seasons except 7. I remember that I need to figure out how to hook my laptop up to the TV, though, for stuff I watch online.

Polly, I know what you mean about the different ways of graying - some people get it all good, some people look best if it's dyed. This is kinda weird, but I know these things because of my job...I had a patient the other day who was 27 and had lots of gray pubes! No gray hair on her head, though. I had to stop myself from saying something dumb like, "Hey, you have a lot of grey pubes!"

Hope the eye appointment goes well and enjoy the nice weather! We ate outside tonight and it was so lovely.

I'm too late for vibes, but hope the exam went well, Candy. I guess I could send you some ~~~grade vibes~~~!

Sorry about the job, Futura. ~~~money and job vibes for you, you talented woman~~~!

(((Star))) I hate feeling scrutinized. Pushing forward is good.

Rose, I hope your birthday isn't sucky...maybe just hanging out with Sheff will be what you feel like that day anyway. And maybe you could celebrate again once your audition and people's exams are over?

I'm pouty about missing my family, too. I'm dying to go see my mom, but I have jury duty in May (you have to do either M/W or T/T for 4 weeks!!!) And then the Mr. just got a wedding invite for June, so that's probably what we'll do that month...maybe drive up to upstate NY and drop off some sculpture while we're at it, so a rather long trip, potentially. But I don't think I can wait 'til July to see my mom! *sigh*

Right now, the Mr.'s mom is in town volunteering to help build a house, and she comes to stay with us Sat-Thurs. That's a rather long visit, to me, but I'm sure it will be fine. It's just neither she nor the Mr. plan anything and that makes me nervous. And I can't watch endless Buffy episodes, either.

Kitten, hope your paper is all done and your back starts to feel better. I will be sure to post pictures of the property if we get it - it's hard to get even looking at pictures, but they help a lot!

DM, I forgot to say that I'm envious of you meeting David Sedaris, too! I'm generally not interested in meeting celebrities, but I'd love to say hi to him!

((Sassy and McGeek)) That's rough.

(((Yuefie, Mando, everyone I've missed)))

I have a few friends coming over for dinner tomorrow night, and I'm making a Thai red curry with shrimp. Yum. Gotta clean the house for that and for m-i-l visit, too.
Thanks for the exam vibes. Good lord, as soon as I saw the exam I wanted to cry. I think the only thing I did remotely well on was the actual math. I want to get rid of the evil stats textbooks asap and delete all of the powerpoint presentations that we had. Oh and on a side note, I was so nervous before the exam that I threw up just before I left the house. Awesome.

amilita, what kind of job do you have? I'm just curious because of the mention of pubes.
Hopefully you can see your mother soon. When was the last time you saw her? I call my mom almost every single day and I'm really hoping that she can come up for a weekend visit or something soon. She used to take me up to Toronto all the time and it was so much fun so now that I live here I want to take her all over the city.

Rose, maybe the actual day of your birthday won't be tons of fun but you can always celebrate the day after! I support the mix of alcohol and sweets. Go and enjoy yourself!

((((futura)))) hopefully you'll find something soon.

DM, I am sooooo jealous about you and your David Sedaris experience! I love him so much. However *braces for reaction* I didn't find his last book all that funny. My faves are Me Talk Pretty One Day, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim and Naked.

((((star)))) keep on trucking! Yes, I mean that seriously.

Christine, I watched Being Erica on I really like it, I think it's an interesting concept and the season finale was pretty good. And like I said, it's nice to finally see a Canadian show with good production.

Well, I finally talked to the boy. He came over last night and things were a bit awkward at first but then we sat down and I told him things from my point of view (like how I was worried that he could have been badly hurt or worse) and he actually admitted that he hadn't thought of that before. He said that he hadn't wanted to see me last week because he probably would have acted really obnoxious and he just needed some space (which is what I had figured). So things are pretty good. He's currently laying nekkid in my bed.

((ccgirl)) Glad the exam is over, and I’m sure you did good. It’s good to hear that you spoke with the boy.
About David Sedaris I’ve only listened to his books on cd, his voice makes it even more funny. I can’t remember which ones I’ve listened too, but I am currently listening to his latest that I got for Christmas.

((amilita)) I hope your mother-in-laws visit goes well.

((rose)) Good luck with refinancing, I agree its worth the time if you can save a lot of money. I heard about This American Life in theatres, but I don’t know if it’s playing near me.

((polly)) I hope the eye appointment goes well.

((futura)) Sorry about the job, maybe something else will come up soon.

((star)) Glad the kitty is okay. I’m sorry all this internship stuff sucks so bad.

((christine)) It’s so great that you and A volunteered with such a great organization. I hope you are able to make it to see a doctor about your health issues.

((kittenb)) I hope you paper writing went smoothly, and your back starts feeling better.

((sassy)) I hope McGeek and his family can make sense of the divorce.

I’ve not had a great week. I was walking my sisters dogs, Lola and Lucia (a boston terrier and pug) on Monday when a huge dog came and charged at Lola. This dog is never on a leash, and the owner just ran over, put the dog on a leash and left. She didn’t even apologize. Lola and Lucia were visibly afraid and Lola had slobber on her back, that made me think the other dog tried to bite her. I checked, and they didn’t have any bites, but it was still unsettling. Twin DM made a complaint to her homeowner’s association. That incident led me to having so much anxiety about things not related (I guess it was an anxiety trigger for me).

This morning my mom called me from the hospital. The doctor said she had a mini-stroke and she is going to have a spinal tap. I feel like my mom has one health issue after another, and it has me very concerned.

I am so glad I had my therapy appointment today, so I got to get stuff out. I know things will get better.

CCGirl, good for you for mustering up the courage to say something to the boy. Glad to hear that everything turned out okay in the end. So sorry to hear that the test was so stressful! How awful! At least it's over now, right? Any chance you can toss the textbook onto a bonfire?

Amilita, our credit union is offering a 30 year fixed at 4.75%, no points, about $2500 in fees. Our current mortgage is 5.75% which was a great rate when we got the house 2 years ago. Luckily, I have really good credit (knock on wood!), so I'm hoping I can talk them down to something closer to 4.5%. That's the rate for their 15 year mortgage right now. We can't really do anything for at least a month or 2 (remember that Sheff just applied for a job), but the credit union will lock in our rate for 60 days, so we'd have time to make a final decision. Hopefully I can dedicate more time to this next week.

Your story about the grey pubes made me snort! Have you heard about the pubic hair dye that's on the market now? They even have pink and green. Now that would brighten up your work day!

I'm getting ready for the auditions, bit by bit. I don't have any professional headshots, but I figured that something was better than nothing so last night Sheff took some pics of me. They did not turn out so great, unfortunately. Every line and shadow and imperfection were glaringly obvious. It was rather crushing. I felt old and ugly and miserable and even succumed to a crying jag (poor Sheff!). This morning I decided to try again - this time by myself. Amazingly enough, I managed to snag a few good shots! I'm trying to decide which one to use. I posted them on my blog. I wish I could post them here & find out what you all think!

Edited to add:
So sorry you've been through so much. Has your mother had a mini-stroke before? My mom has had a couple. They can be scary, but many people recover fully. I hope your mother is doing much better soon. As for you, I'm glad you can lean on your therapist right now. As if the dog attack wasn't hard enough on your nerves! I hope you're feeling stronger after your appointment.
~~~~~~~~ healing for MomDM ~~~~~~~~
Christine Nectarine
*pops in*

RV, i like shot #1! but they're all lurvly.

*pops out*
Thanks, Christine!

I think I found a way to post links to the pics. Let me see if I can get this to work...

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3
*good health/relationship/happy healthy pet/parents/exams vibes for everyone... I'm trying to catch up!

I've been away for a bit -- just kind of busy with work and getting my financial aid worked out for school (which starts in two weeks! Yippee!!

kvetch -- I have had a terrible cold for the last week and a half. My throat is killing me and all I want to do is sleep. I've had the last two days off so I've been relaxing, and feel a bit better, but I've still got a headache. It's pretty yucky.

Also, like rose said earlier, I've forgotten when my period is supposed to be this month and I'm getting worried. It's now the 23rd... and nothing... But I'm sure it's alright.

*~*~*healing vibes for DM's mom*~*~*

(((DM))) I'm sorry things are tough for you. I hope you mom recovers quickly from this mini-stroke. Isn't there leash laws for dogs where you live? I'm still surprised that people will walk their dogs without a leash. I'm sure that dog was trying to attack Lola. I'm glad she wasn't hurt.

(((candy))) Oh, I'm so glad things worked out with the boy! What a difference talking does, huh. wink.gif Make sure you update in the relationship thread. I hope you did well on the exam. I hated stats. I feel your pain.

(((Amilita))) Grey pubes? I will never look at my bits the same way again.

(((Rose))) I liked your first photo. The links didn't work, but I was able to check out your blog. And, how I love your garden photos! You have a great camera. It captures the colors so vividly. Makes me want to plant right now.

*~*~*audition vibes for rose*~*~*

(((kitten, polly, christine, sassy, and other kvetchies)))

Well, i know i didn't want to say anything, but i do have another interview tomorrow. This place sounds like a good fit. I went to school and felt good touching base with my school contact. I feel that with distance more people are able to understand the suckiness of the situation. But, there is nothing we can do now. just move forward. I would get to stay here, save $$, and work with the population I want to work with. Vibes would be welcomed.

Oh, this info made me think of Rose. Rose, if you get the chance, please go to Intimacy for a bra fitting. Best shopping experience I've had ever. I put down a good chunk of money (I should've left with just 1 bra and a bathing suit. Oh well. rolleyes.gif). I was SO off on my bra size. My new bra makes me look thinner. It was really weird. I should forewarn the ladies that the saleswoman is in the changing room with you as you try on the bras to make sure you have the bra on right and get the proper fit. Just in case anyone is uncomfortable being topless with a stranger. It was well worth it!

(((((!!!!!!!!!!star!!!!!!!!))))))) The interview will be great today!!!!!!!!!!

((rose)) Happy birthday to you! I hope you have a fabulous birthday weekend. I tried to look at the pics, but the links would not work for me.

((lananans)) Feel better.

Update on mom DM, she has had a mini-stroke before, and she told me yesterday that her mother and grandmother also had strokes. She had the spinal tap done, and there was blood but they couldn’t tell if it was just from the needle, she had to adjust because she was hurting. She is going to have another spinal tap today, and the doctor said she may have a brain aneurysm. She is trying to stay as calm as possible, and she knows they are just trying to do every test possible to determine exactly what is wrong, but she is worried. I went to the hospital to see her yesterday which was difficult, I have really bad anxiety about being in hospitals, but I did pretty good. Twin DM and I are a little frustrated because the doctor told her that she needs to exercise and eat better, and that this could help with her cholesterol and high blood pressure, and she basically dismisses the advice. The frustrating thing is she has been in the hospital many times over the past few years, and she never takes this advice. I know all we can do is support her, and hope that she makes the right decision for her health. Sorry for the long update, but it helps to write it out.

Happy Friday to all, and have a great weekend.

Happy Birfday RV!!!


Happy Friday all!

Happy Birthday Roseviolet!!!!!

I hope all who need and want one gets a period soon. Maybe the Kvetchies are aligning in our cycles or something. blink.gif

{{{stargazer}}} You always have our vibes. smile.gif

Rose, I can't bring up the pics. COuld you pls send me a blog link? I thought I had it but it is gone.

CCG - I am glad that you survived your awful test and had a good talk with the boy. Congrats!

{{{DM, twinDM, and momDM vibes}}} It is so frustrating when people that we love just will not take care of themselves.

{{{amalita, polly and all}}}

I need fashion advice. The Geek has his 15 (maybe 20) year reunion tomorrow night. I am trying to decide between 2 dresses. One is a lovely dress that I bought for a wedding a few years ago, with a brown and cream pattern all over it, made of a sheer fabric over a silk liner. The other is a black cotton sundress with lovely orange and blue embroidery on the skirt. Both are strappy and revealing, showing cleavage. I don't know what people wear to reunions and this one will start with a church service before a bus takes us to a bar (something I find hilarious.) So, what do people wear to reunions? If the women will be in sparkles, I don't want to wear the cotton dress but I don't really have great shoes for the other one. Advice please!!!

Hi, everyone! Thanks for the birthday wishes.

I started my day by running out to the drug store to get a pregnancy test (I was starting to freak out). I ended up going to 2 stores, though. The one closest to our house keeps the pg tests behind the counter at the pharmacy which, of course, wasn't open yet. What the hell?!?! Lucky the other store did not have that ridiculous policy. The good news is that I am NOT pregnant! Woo hoo! So I can go to my audition tomorrow as scheduled.

I hope the second spinal tap goes more smoothly. I can't even imagine! If my mom had one of those, she chose not to tell us about it. Mainly she had MRIs and EKGs and such. I'm sorry to hear that your mother hasn't taken these health scares seriously.

~~~~~~~~ bleeding vibes for lananans ~~~~~~~~

Kitten, that's a tough one! If it's a daytime thing, I'd go with the cotton sundress. If it's evening, go with the brown & cream.

Star, that sounds like a great bra shopping experience! I am a HUGE fan of getting properly sized and I have very little shame around people who work in such stores (I don't have anything they haven't seen before). The right bra size makes such a huge difference, doesn't it?
~!*~!*~!*~ interview vibes a-plenty ~!*~!*~!*~

Where's Sidecar? And Pixie? And tons of other people?

Kvetch: Microsoft Word 2007 sucks SOOOOOOOOO much ass. I hate it! I wrestled with it for hours, trying to get my resume into a format that would fit on one page. Eventually I decided to start from scratch on Google Documents.

Anti-kvetch: Still not pregnant! Woot!

Too much to do! Mustrun!
Happy Birthday, RoseV!!

Again I was unable to upload the picture, so here and here are links. The second one looks just like Ziggy.

Happy Friday to everyone else.

~~~~interview vibes for star~~~~

~~~~job vibes for futura~~~~

sorry to hear about McGeek's parents, sassy.

candy, yay for the good talk with the boy.

kitten, are you all settled in now?

((((lananans)))) feel better

(((((DM))))) ~~~~spinal tap and general health vibes for mom DM~~~~

and as always ~~~~~continued health vibes for mandolyn~~~~~

(((amilita, polly, sidecar, pixie, morn, bunny, billy, and everyone)))

Sorry I've been MIA so often lately. I do miss it here and all of you. It's not just that I've been sucked in to crackbook, I've also felt like I've gotten so behind that I can't catch up properly. I still lurk all the time and am always sending out good vibes and thoughts for everyone. And then there is the fact that I've been been kind of stressed and in a bit of a funk. I've been feeling like I am sick most of the time and I am sick of being sick. I've also grown weary of people saying things like "Wow, you're sick again?" I know that most people don't mean anything bad by it, but it hurts my feelings. So yeah, I've been kind of laying low, or rather avoiding hearing that from anyone. I'm just getting over a nasty ass cold that turned in to bronchitis, which everyone I know caught. But I feel like my crazy allergies keep me feeling sick what feels like most of time. I've asked my doc to refer me to an allergist, but she refuses. I did however get her to test me for asthma because I seem to wheeze a lot. But the pulmonary function test came back in the normal range for my age and height. Not that I am complaining about that, I just don't understand why my allergies always seem to settle in to my chest and turn in to bronchitis and why nothing, not the Zyrtec or Claritin or the Flonase seem to help. I have a good idea that the ton of construction for the freeway expansion which will run directly behind where I live has been kicking up all sorts of nasty crap, particularly from the wild fires we've had the past few years. Our neighbors 2 year old was just diagnosed with severe allergies and asthma so they are looking to move. I am wondering if I should do the same but the construction seems like it is close to completion and the thought of moving makes my stomach churn. There has been a lot of stress on the kidlet front too. He's having a difficult time with the impending move and has been acting out a lot. And because it was spring break and both his mom and dad are working long hours and dad also has school, I've been having him the majority of the time. He's just settled in to the 14 year old attitude and vacillates between being on my sack so hard I can hardly breathe or being a complete grouch and doing anything he can to piss everyone off. It has been no picnic. My dad has been getting sicker, by what seems like the day. He's had a bunch of seizures and an episode of chest pain that wound him up in the ER. Thankfully it was not a heart attack. And of course there have been all sorts of other little things popping up and I didn't want to come in here all Ms. Complainy-pants. But here I am rolleyes.gif

My current kvetch has been that right ovary hurts like mad. For the past week or so it has been feeling like someone is occasionally grabbing and twisting it. And the rest of the time it's a dull ache that feels pretty strong, if that makes any sense. I've dealt with this sort of thing before, but never this intense. My period has been rather inconsistent since my gallbladder surgery in January, but that too is not out of the norm for me. This week my breasts hurt so bad wearing a bra felt like hell and I've just felt all bloated and nauseated from the ovary pain. I called to make an appt. with my GYN, but the soonest they could see me is May 19th. This morning I'd decided that if the pain continued or worsened that I was going to go to urgent care, but then I just discovered that the MRG has arrived. So there's my anti kvetch: It seems this has been just one hellacious week of PMS.

~~~~all purpose vibes for everyone~~~~

undie report: red cotton hipsters (how appropriate) and a white cotton sports bra because it's the only thing that isn't torturous to wear.
Happy Birthday Roseviolet!!

Happy Birthday Rose!!

Happy "Not Pregnant Day", too! laugh.gif

Is Windows 2007 where they switched over to the "ribbon" style menus? They got that version for me at work and I hated it so much they got me an older version. When it takes 5 minutes to figure out how to save a document, that's a bad thing. I don't know why they had to screw with what was a fairly logical layout.

Sidecar's still in Italy- not sure when she gets back. She posted on Facebook on the day she left that the plane was delayed because the plane didn't have the number of Band-Aids as required by the FAA rolleyes.gif

Sorry about the sickies, yuefie. So, do you think the ovary pain was just your period coming on, or could you have a cyst or something? I can't believe your doctor won't refer you to an allergist! HMO, I assume? What's her reasoning (besides kowtowing to the insurance company, maybe)- does she really not think any of this has to do with allergies? Sorry about the kidlet- being 14 sucks (it was my worst teenage year) and he's got extra reasons for it to be sucky. And then your dad....((((yuefie))))

Kitten, I like the sound of the brown and cream dress. That's a favorite color combination for me. Pictures?

My eye doctor appointment went well- I don't have to see him again until December. My mom and I went to Goodwill. I got a copy of The Red Tent for 89 cents! Didn't find a wrap for the wedding, though.

((hugs to everyone!))
Happy Birthday Rose!!

(((Rose))) Reading your not pregnant news, I thought of the SaTC epi where Samantha had a PG scare and after hearing the not PG news threw a party for herself. rolleyes.gif That's something I would do! Good luck with your audition tomorrow! It was a great bra fitting experience. I was feeling myself up at the counter! I asked the saleswoman if most customers do this type of behavior. They nodded their heads.

(((Yuefie))) I'm sure the construction is totally contributing to the uckiness. Of course, when western medicine fails, I go the naturopath routine. Although, I'm hesitant to talk alternative medicine with people cause I wonder if they think I'm a quack or are just tired of hearing me wax poetic about cleanses, detoxing from sugar, wheat, gluten, yada yada yada. wink.gif I hope you find some relief soon!

(((DM))) acos

(((Polly))) Good to hear your ojos are fine!

(((kittenb))) I saw the brown and cream dress. I have pictures posted from my HS reunion tagged on FB profile. They are the ones where I have a bob and a purple dress. Dress to impress I say!


Ok. I'm pooped. Running around all day. I was late for my interview 'cause I got lost! Oh well. I still feel I did good in the interview. It is a preliminary interview so I may have to go back for a 2nd interview (if they want me). I still have other applications out and things keep opening up. I can't wait until I can come in here and say I have a position. blink.gif
Happy Birthday Rose!!!

Sorry I've been MIA. I lurk a lot, but I've just been so busy at work it's hard to keep up.

The biggest news in our life is that Mr. Pixies ex is considering letting his minipixie transfer to our school district which would require giving us joint custody. She wants her to continue to live with her and she will drive her daily, but chances are after a few weeks of that (45 minute drive each way) and she'll give up and just let her move in. So cross fingers! We were hoping to do this anyway, but she's the one that approached us about how bad her school district is, so that may have saved us a court battle.

My little baby kitty is 5 weeks old now! We discovered last night that it's actually a boy and Mr Pixie got irrationally mad at me for letting him get emotionally invested in it for 5 weeks after telling me he didn't want anymore male cats. Too bad! We'll just have to neuter him.
Christine Nectarine
happy birthday roseviolet!

~~~~~~~~~vibes for all who need them~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

i don't have then energy to post anything coherent, but i'm thinking of you all wub.gif

it's nice just to know you are here.

*pink lace undies with white trim and MATCHING BRA!!! NO WAY!
I forgot to say woohoo to the not PG news, rose. ~~~audition vibes a plenty~~~

fingers crossed for the minipixie II situation. I can understand mr pixie's disappointment with kitty being a male after all, but I hope he realized you didn't do it on purpose.

~~~energy vibes for christine~~~

Hope that sidecar and martini are living it up in Italy wink.gif

~~~continuing interview vibes for star~~~ I can't wait for you to come in to announce you've found a position too. I know it has been an ongoing struggle for you, but some day soon it will pay off because you deserve nothing less than wonderful.

Oh and you know star, I am actually interested in anything that could possibly help me find some relief. I don't think it's quacky at all, I've found plenty of instances where the alternative cures have helped me more than western medicine. If you have any suggestions or advice for me I would appreciate it. You can message me on FB smile.gif

polly, the Red Tent for $.89?! That is one of those books I am still meaning to read but haven't gotten around to yet. Currently I have about 12 books in my bookcase collecting dust while they wait for me to get out of my reading slump. To answer your question, I have polycystic ovaries which is not the same as an ovarian cyst but does cause ovary pain sometimes. I was starting to think maybe I did have one of the cysts that would require removal from all the pain I've been having but now I think the combination of me having PCOS and the not having a proper cycle in a couple of months (I was having a week of PMS symptoms followed by spotting for a day or so and then nothing with the cycle repeating about every three weeks. Ugh!) just made the fact that I was about to actually bleed for real unbearably painful. The flood gates have opened and it feels like my uterus is staging a revolution. It's hard to explain, it feels like gravity is weighing heavily like a pulling downward sensation along with cramps that feel like contractions enough that I have to breathe through them. I have cramps in my lower back and the tops of my thighs even. My face has exploded and I feel all bloated. Oy, that just rhymed. The only thing that seems to have eased up just a tiny bit is how much agony my poor tata's have been in. Seriously, a couple of says ago R came home and hugged me like he always does and I screeched and jumped back away from him because it hurt so badly sad.gif


and as always ~~~~a cushy bubble of comfort and continual loop of good vibage for mando & family~~~~

I forgot to say "break a leg" at the auditions today, rose! I hope it all goes well- which monologue(s) did you end up going with?

Oh, duh, I forgot you have PCOS, too! Strangely enough, since going off the Pill last August, which I was put on 10 years ago to regulate my period, my period's been more-or-less like clockwork. I'm 3 days late this month (no, no worries about being pregnant) but that's only happened once before in the last 8 months.

Sounds like an especially miserable cycle, yuefie. sad.gif I assume you've tried a heating pad (especially one with moist heat, like the Bed Buddy)? That usually makes a big difference for me.

(((hugs to all)))
drive by to say:

Happy Belated Birthday Rosie-V!!! I hope your day was good and that the audition went well today. Can't wait to hear about that. And yay for not being pregnant!!!

(((Star))) (((Yuefie))) (((everyone)))

I'm a little in a funky mood because we are not getting the property. It's a sort of complicated tale, but the warehouse is 7 inches wider than the lot, her appraisal company got that measurement wrong, and then the lady started acting funny and refused to let us use our closing company.

So, it just got weird and something isn't right and we could have been getting ourselves into a difficult situation. We stood firm on the closing company point and she canceled the deal. Seems for the best, all considered.

Also, quick kvetch...m-i-l arrived, the Mr. has made no plans whatsoever. We go to lunch then he just falls asleep in the chair. Gah. I'm beyond annoyed right now.
How was the audition Rose?


{{{amalita}}} Sorry about the property but I agree, something wasn't settled thjere yet.

pixie - Why was the Mr. annoyed about having a male cat? I have one of each and I don't think they behave that different for gender reasons although I have a friend who thinks male cats are more emotionally needy.

{{{Healthy, happy ladybits vibes for yuefie}}}

This has officially become the most annoying and drawn out move of my life. I swear, at one point to day I actually thought, "That security deposit is only $600. Do I really need it?" I just cannot get my shit together and finish cleaning and packing and getting the fuck out! Today I discovered 2 entire book shelves had somehow gotten missed in the packing. WTF? To make it more annoying, they were all theater books, anthologies, directing books, etc. Stuff that I keep moving around even thought I don't read them anymore and everytime I unpack them I feel bad (I have a BFA in theater but switched careers after a dismal failure, for thoes who haven't heard my tale of woe. rolleyes.gif ) Anyway, I just picked up all of the books and took them to the laundry room to pass on. As I put them down I burst into tears. As I walked out of the room, my iPod shuffled to Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway." That seemed like a good sign. I still cried though.
However, giving away the books was the right thing to do. Carrying them around was just baggage (literal and emotional) that I just don't need.
In Carrie Fisher's Postcards From the Edge (one of the best books EVER!) the main character, Suzanne, muses that God lives in her radio. She can tell how happy He is with her by what songs He chooses to play. Sometime I feel that way about my iPod.

Happy Sunday, all! Thanks again for the wonderful birthday wishes. You make me feel all melt-y and happy. smile.gif Thanks, too, for the audition vibes. I'll spill the details in just a minute.

((((((((Kitten))))))) I know you felt like you were letting go of more than just a bunch of books. Just remember that the things you own don't define you or what you can do with your life.

Amilita, sorry the property fell through, but it sounds like you made the right decision. Are you two going to keep looking for another place?
~*~*~*~ mother-in-law survival vibes ~*~*~*~

Yuefie, I'm sorry to hear you're hurting so much. PCOS is an awful awful awful condition. One of my cousins has it and she's been through so much pain.

Polly, it's funny that you say that going off the pill helped your PCOS. For years I took birth control pills because they were supposed to help regulate my endometriosis. But a few years ago I decided to stop taking the pill & I've had far fewer problems. I'm not completely cured, of course, but I'm better. Exercise helps a lot, too.

Lananans, has The Red Storm shown up yet? Mine hit 2 hours after I took that pregnancy test. D'oh!

All this talk of lady bits reminds me of a silly thing I learned when I was in Kentucky a few weeks ago. I was enjoying some girl talk with my aunt & cousin and the conversation came around to periods. I told them about how my first period arrived on Christmas morning when I was 14. Worst Xmas present EVER. Little did I know this is a family tradition! At least two other women in my family (two of my cousins) also got their very first period on Christmas morning. How bizarre is that?!

Pixie, good luck with Older Mini-Pixie. I hope you all can get that straightened out really soon. As for the animals, is the Mr. afraid a male kitten will spray? Can't you just nip that in the bud by getting him fixed early? I don't know much about the problems of male cats because the only one I've ever had was our sweet Gary kitty. As you may recall, he was one of the most mild-mannered cats ever.

Christine, I bow to your matching underclothes!

((((((((((((((Buckets of love for Stargazer)))))))))))))))

Hi, CCGirl!

So! The audition. There are good things and bad things to report. First of all, they had us audition in groups. My groups was made up of 6 people - 4 females and 2 males. Before we entered the audition room, we were told that we would be watched by 13 directors. Yes, THIRTEEN!!!! ALL at once!!! Can you imagine going on 13 job interviews simultaneously? Because that's what this was. I was expecting only 4. Astounding! Most of them were theater directors, but there were a few film directors, too. We were told that part of the point of them holding a group audition like this is because they're trying to compile a big database of area actors. So that's nice. It means that even directors who were not there might get a chance to see my headshot and resume, so that's a good thing.
The 6 of us were escorted into the audition room. We were called one at a time to step forward & perform our monologue. And that was it. That's all the time we were given. But a problem immediately became apparent to me. In case you don't remember, we were asked to prepare a one minute contemporary monologue. Just one wee little minute. In all the pre-audition FAQ stuff I read, they seemed to make a point of emphasizing that we should follow directions and find a monologue that fit this exact description. Unfortunately, it seems that I was the only person from my group who read that information. Everyone else performed monologues that were AT LEAST 2 minutes long. One woman went on for over 4 minutes. And no one interrupted them to say their time was up! They just let them go on and on and on. Which meant that they had more time to show off their talents, more time to show their range, more time to tell a full, colorful story and more time to make an impression on the directors. I worked so hard to find a piece that met their requirements! It wasn't my favorite monologue in the world & I knew I could better show my strengths if I could perform something longer, BUT I didn't perform anything longer because I'm not a fucking diva!
I honestly don't know how well I performed. I kinda went into "the zone" and just let it all flow over me (which is really for the best). But I fear that, since other people spent 400% more time on stage than I did, then they're all going to stand out in the directors' memories better than I did.

There is good news, though.
Ours was the last group before the directors broke for lunch. I was the last female they saw perform in the group (the 2 guys went after me). Therefore, the directors were given a nice mental break to digest the performance/s I/we gave. They had more time to think about what they saw and (hopefully) to remember me and maybe even discuss me amongst themselves. Plus, they probably appreciated that I kept things short because at least I wasn't the one cutting into their lunch time. Also, after we left the audition room, I got to meet 2 of the directors briefly and they shook my hand and they definitely seemed interested. The look in their eyes was not just mild politeness, but genuine interest in me. So. I'm trying to hold onto those happy thoughts.

Anyway! With that novella behind me, I'm going to run along & take a nice shower.

ETA: Before I forget! I had a nice birthday. I kept things quiet because I was preparing for the audition all day, but I took some time out to go to an Indian restaurant with Sheff. He gave me the prettiest earrings! Aquamarine stones in a white gold setting. He bought them from our favorite jeweler in Oklahoma back at Xmas & he had kept them hidden all this time. Isn't he a sweetie?
Awww, Sheff is definitely a sweetie. Glad you had a nice birthday.
I'm sending lots of ~~~remember RoseV vibes~~~ out toward those directors.

((((kitten)))) Ugh. Moving is so stressful and the worst part is once you're mostly in the new place but not quite out of the old place. It's hard to just get it all done 'cause by then you are exhausted and over it!
~~~super energy and strength to get it all done vibage~~~ for kitten

(((((amilita)))))) argh. Sorry about the property snafu and I hope the mister straightened his act out today before he digs himself in deeper. Good luck with the rest of the mother in law's visit.

you know polly, I'd forgotten you have PCOS too. I can honestly say that before I went on the pill for several years my symptoms were not nearly as severe. Once I stopped taking the pills I was okay for a little while but then began having more serious problems. The doctors tried putting me on a few different kind of BCP's and I was miserable and much worse off on each kind. I am due to go back to the reproductive endocrinologist but have to wait 'til I see my gyn next month for another referral since mine expired. I do have a heating pad I've been using but it's the regular old plug in kind. I also have this Aroma Bear that a dear friend sent me a couple of years back. You put him in the microwave and then use him as a heating pad. He smells so good and I find the scent relaxing.

This is officially the worst, most painful and heavy (non miscarriage) period of my life. I am supposed to be going the biggest Farmers Market in San Diego and then to a street fair in my old neighborhood which is also in SD proper. But I feel as if I can't even run across the street to the store without most likely having an accident. I really want to go and think that the exercise would fabulous help, it's the leakage accident probability that makes me want to skip it. That and the fact that the smell of hot, prepared foods probably wouldn't go over so great with my sensitive tummy. I woke up to the kidlet baking chocolate croissants for breakfast and nearly hurled. Why do I feel so nauseated? unsure.gif

Oh rose, your story about the Christmas morning tradition amongst the women in your family cracked me up and reminded me of my own embarassing story. My first period came on my second day of 7th grade. I discovered it when I stood up and saw blood on my seat. I was positively mortified and had to discreetly wipe the seat off and then make a mad dash to the nurses office. They asked what I was there for and I tried whispering to her but the nurse very loudly asked me if I needed a sanitary napkin. There were boys in the office too! My face must have been beet red. Thankfully I was wearing a black skirt. My mother only made things worse when I got home by telling EVERYONE, including all the men in my family. My poor sister started on a camping trip to Catalina Island. She had to tell her male camp counselor and was incessantly teased the rest of the trip by the boys who heard through the grapevine. When my niece began hers a few months back my sis and I were very casual about it, while still asnwering any questions she had and offering up little tips. I brought over some of those stick on heating pads for her and we actually went out for ice cream to celebrate. We were determined to make it a positive thing for her so she wouldn't walk around feeling ashamed or humiliated the way we did.

Man, I didn't realize how much I was missing you all until I got back in swing of things. I heart me some kvetchies wub.gif
Sounds like the auditions didn't go too badly, rose! I think you'll probably be okay going with the shorter (as required) monologue. Do you have piccies of the earrings? You know how I feel about aquamarine! wink.gif

My embarrassing first period story- technically, it wasn't my first period, it was my second. I got my first one on July 29th, 1992, about a month before I was going to start 7th grade. I don't remember anything extraordinary about the first one- I had come out of the shower and there was blood. No big deal. About 4 weeks later I started junior high- I had bought a new outfit for the first day- a black and white print sleeveless top and white pants (stupid, stupid, stupid). That morning, before school, I started bleeding. I don't remember thinking it was a big deal; I just put a pad on and went on my merry way. Well, I must have put the pad in the wrong place or something. We only went to our homeroom that day, and it was just for a couple of hours. About 3/4 of the way through, I could tell something was wrong. At the end of it, I waited until everyone left the room and slowly stood up. The entire back of my white pants were red. It was on the chair, too. I somehow managed to get out of there, carrying my backpack with the loops around my elbows so it hung really low and you couldn't see my butt. My only best friend (damona) was going to a different junior high, so I didn't have anyone to talk to, which was good because I could just get the hell out of there. Fortunately, my mom was on time picking me up and I got in the car without anyone noticing. It was a miracle, but it was also an omen to junior high, the deepest pit in hell. I don't think I've worn white pants since then.

Assuming the possible spraying issue is Mr. Pixie's concern about the kitten, getting him fixed as early as possible will make all the difference. I've heard there are some vets who will do it way earlier than others, when they're under 6 months (isn't that when they usually do it?) Albus must have been fixed early enough because he's never sprayed and never shown any signs of it, like when they do that little dance with their tail up but they don't actually spray.

LeBoy and I went to our friend's house last night and prophecy and her husband made dinner for us- bacon-stuffed pork burgers and beef/lamb burgers. It was soooooo good. And I got some great gifts- a cute necklace with an Albus cat on it (except for the black on the chin, it looks just like him! I love it!) and the Stuff on my Cat: Wet Cats book. I got a monkey puppet and a Windy City Rollers hoodie. Stupid American Apparel's Women's XL is more like a medium though and it doesn't fit! I'm going to have to exchange it for a men's size, because XL is the biggest women's size the store sells. mad.gif Oh well- just glad I got one!

Sorry about the property fubar, amilita. What a pain in the ass.

(((kitten))) moving sucks.

~*~*~*soothing vibes to yuefie~*~*~*

Well, I've got to get laundry together and take it over to my mom's. We're having the April birthdays dinner tonight with my family, so I've got to get it done.

(((hugs to everyone)))
Yes, spraying is Mr. Pixie's issue with male cats. I didn't get daddy cat fixed, obviously! ..and we never had a problem with it until I got my puppy for Valentine's day. now that there is a another male animal in the house he is spraying like crazy and I am having to keep him confined to the upstairs until we get him neutered, hopefully next week! Now DH is worried that even neutering won't make him stop and we have another male animal to add to the mix! Whoo hoo! He seems to have gotten over it now. But I guarentee this little is going to gte neutered just as soon as he is old enough someone will do it.
((polly)) Glad the eye doctor appoint went well and you had a nice dinner with friends, and got some cute gifts. American Apparel sizing is the worst, but I’m glad you can exchange it.

((yuefie)) I hope you feel better, and were able to make it to the farmer’s market.

((rose)) Sheff is the sweetest about the earrings. Glad the audition seemed to go well, keeping good thoughts for you.

(kittenb)) Sorry this move has been so hard. I can understand that it is hard to give things away, but maybe the books will be a key part of someone else’s life, and while you won’t know it, you will be doing some good.

((amilita)) Sorry about the house.

((pixie)) Sounds like good news about the mister’s minipixie, good luck.

((star)) Continued good vibes for your interviews.

((christine, ccgirl, culture, mando, bunnyb )) I hope things are well.

This weekend sucked really bad. Mom DM got out of the hospital on Saturday, went back today and was released again. I’m not even going to go into all the issues regarding all this, but there is so much manipulation from my mother it is ridiculous. It’s hard to explain without going into my life story. Twin DM and I are just exhausted and didn’t really have a weekend at all.

I do have a question for the Busties, didn’t there used to be a thread in the health forum about quitting the pill (I can’t find it)? I’m just at a point where I don’t want to take it anymore, but I’m concerned about what’s going to happen when I stop taking it. I’ve been on the pill for almost 10 years straight with no breaks. Mr. DM and I are not having children, so he’s either going to get a vasectomy or I’m going to get an IUD without hormones. Mr. DM is just the best and he sincerely cares about my health, and what is right for me. I couldn’t ask for a better husband. If anyone has any advice or experience you can either post it here or message me, I would really appreciate it.
((((((DM))))))) Candycane_girl bumped the Quitting the Pill thread for you. I'm so sorry your mom's health issues is so tough for you right now. Is she not following doctor's order to get well? I think you mentioned something like that before. Is she putting alot of pressure on twin DM and you to take care of her? There is also a thread for caregivers I will bump up for you. It seemed helpful for some Busties who were taking care of friends or parents with health issues.

(((kittenb))) Transitions sucks even when we are welcoming the change. Just one of many transitions you'll have this year. Make sure you do something relaxing for yourself! I'm big on the self-care in our profession because, unfortunately, they seem to value martyrdom. Pfft.

(((polly))) It sounds like you had a good April birthday weekend! Lots of presents make Polly a happy Bustie! wink.gif

(((rose))) Well, I'm hoping that you followed the instructions will leave an impression with the casting directors. No one wants someone who is coming in with their own agenda. All parts crossed you get the part! Btw, which photo did you end up using??

(((Yuefie))) Gosh, that pain does not sound good. sad.gif I'm totally loving that Aroma Bear and want one now. Shiloh has taken my bear and sleeps with him. Aw. I need to get a pic of it.

(((Amilita))) I hope you are feeling better. How did things go with the MIL??

(((pixie))) That's interesting about male kitties. Shiloh didn't do that with my folks male kitty or the male dog. It is like a gay male pet brothel here! Hopefully, mr. pixie will be ok once he gets neutered.

Well, I'm in the Show Me state for the week on vacay. I made good time driving down here. I really enjoy road trips especially by myself. I am staying at Lake of the Ozark. It is beautiful here. Really. My jaw dropped where I saw where I would be staying. My uncle got a sweet timeshare here. My uncle can't afford much of anything, but I guess he has done what he could to keep this place so he can give it to my cousins. I will post pics on FB once I get back home. I forgot my cable for my phone. rolleyes.gif


ETA: DM, I bumped the Support 'hos thread for you. Feel free to vent there.
hello everybody! i am back from italy (which is where i'd been hiding, rose; happy belated birthday to you and polly!)

it was so fun and so beautiful, and i didn't gain any weight despite having gelato twice a day and splitting a bottle of wine with Martini each night, probs because we walked 8-10 hours each day. we had such a great time; i'll post pictures soon (we took almost 1,000!). my favorite things were this town called San Gimignano, which is known as the medieval Manhattan because of its security towers, Florence (maybe the most beautiful city I've ever seen), the Roman Forum and this fun little artist's neighborhood in Rome called Trestavere.

i wonder if there is some kind of 10-yearish itch when it comes to hormonal birth control, because i quit mine last fall, after being on it for nearly 12 years. i was on the pill for 5 years, then i went on the shot for 3 years, then on the patch (which i loved but had to quit taking because my doctor was worried about its side effects), then on the pill for a few years ... last fall, i just wasn't happy with anything i was taking and i went off it. I can't quantify how but I immediately felt better, like more myself than I'd been in years. AND the bakery shut down, which was a huge fucking relief.

(((DM))) i am sorry about your mom, that is tough.
(((amilita))) sorry you missed the property
((yuefie)) i hope you feel better and am sorry for all the sickness

(((everyone))) i am never going to catch up, but hope all is well! i have to finish putting away groceries and then i think my jet-lagged ass is going to nap on the couch.

(((((DM))))) it sounds like you're going through a really tough time. I hope things get better. Also, as Star said, I bumped the thread about quitting the pill.

((((((yuefie))))))) feel better.

sidecar, that trip sounds absolutely wonderful!

star, it sounds like you're having fun too.

These period stories bring back some awkward memories for me. I got my first one when I was only 11 and I was out in B.C. on vacation with my dad. And not my mom. Strangely enough before I left my mom packed a small bag with pads "just in case". I thought she was crazy but then lo and behold I woke up one morning and there was blood allllll over my underwear. For some reason I tried to just take care of it myself and was too embarrassed to mention it to any of my numerous aunts and older female cousins. The worst is that for years I've woken up to getting my period and it's never ever light.

kvetch: trying to find a job. I'm losing my mind. I would even settle for an unpaid internship, just so long as I can do something with my summer!

((DM)) I'm sending you good vibes

(rose) happy belated birthday! That's really annoying about the other people in the audition but it sounds like you did really well!

hi yuefie!

sidecar - sounds amazing!

good luck with moving kittenb!

candycane -- good luck with the job/internship hunt! At least you're done school for now, so that's positive!

So I finally got my period. Thank goodness! And a funny period story. I got my period in 5th grade, during gym class. When I was wearing WHITE SHORTS. And to top it all off, I ran home for lunch (thankfully I was one of those kids who just lived down the street) and I was crying because I had no idea what it was. My mom hadn't explained it to me yet. Maybe because I was only ten years old, maybe because I grew up in a family of boys, who knows. It was awful. I too was cured of the wearing white pants/shorts/skirts thing. Never again. I even have trouble feeling comfortable in khaki.

I went to my family doctor yesterday to get one script filled, and left without a refill for my BC, now I have to go to a clinic today after work. I'm just kicking myself! How did I forget!!!!

((ccgirl)) Good luck on the job search. Thanks for bumping the quitting the pill thread for me.

((sidecar)) The trip sounds fabulous, can’t wait to see pictures.

((star)) Enjoy your vacation. Thanks for bumping the caregiver thread for me.

((lananans)) Glad you got your period.

My getting my first period story is I was in 6th grade, and we went to this outdoor field trip called Nature's Classroom. So we are outside all day looking at trees, plants, animals, going in canoes, and I got my first period. I had white pants on, but I think I had a really big shirt or sweater, so I could cover it. By the time I got home my pants were just soaked.

Monday was a good day, the stress of the weekend kind of just blew over. Mom DM is better, so we’ll see what happens, and if she tries to take better care of herself.

Tonight I’m going with Mr. DM and Twin DM to see Katy Perry, I’m sure I’ll have fun, but I’m not that excited. They changed openers after the tickets were bought, and that is bullshit in my opinion.

Tomorrow Twin DM and I are going to see Jessica Lee Mayfield and Ray LaMontagne, it should be a good show. Thursday is Mr. DM’s birthday so we are going to Disney (can’t pass up free admission for birthdays), so this week is busy. The good thing is, busy is good for me.

Busties, have a good rest of the week.
Christine Nectarine
(((dm))) enjoy your fun week, you deserve it! hopefully it will be an opportunity to destress, or at least distract yourself.

(((sidecar))) sounds like you have a lot of fun! italy is one of a bazillion places i'd like to go to. we want pictures!

((ccgirl)) hope you find something. Have you ever looked on they post work and volunteer listings for non-profit orgs. There is usually a lot for Toronto (if that’s where you are going to be for the summer!)

(((lananas))) glad you don’t have to worry anymore! As someone who had unpredictable periods for years, I feel your pain.

(((stargazer))) enjoy your vacation. How long are you there?

~~~~roseviolet~~~~ vibes for good audition results. Hopefully those directors will appreciate that you paid attention to what they were requesting. i’m sure you made that minutes count!

Ok, since we’re sharing: I was a “late bloomer” and didn’t get my period until I was 14. it was great, because I think I was definitely better prepared to handle it then than I would have been when I was younger. I didn’t tell anybody, but my mom figured it out, because we went out for dinner that night, and I was making frequent trips to the bathroom, cause I had bad cramps, and wanted to make sure my pad was in place.

Lananas, I can only imagine what it was like not knowing what was happening to you! I’m making a mental note now not to buy kiddo any white bottoms beyond the age of 9. of course, she already knows what a period is, so hopefully we are ahead! I remember how hard it was for my bf when she got hers at 10. it just doesn’t seem like a fair thing to do to a kid!

Kvetch: I tried calling my doctor’s office yesterday to make an appointment. Apparently my doctor is only in 2 days a week now, so of course she was already booked up. Her office works in a “family health team” model, so we can book an appointment with any of the other doctors in that office, but I really like my doctor, and since this is not urgent, I’d rather wait to see her. I’ve been going to her since I was 11, so she knows me pretty well. I dread moving anywhere that I won’t be able to access that office anymore! I feel lucky to have a doctor I’m comfortable with, but I guess the downside is I will have to wait to see her.
Christine Nectarine

Kvetch: we’ve been provided with medical masks and hand sanitizer at work, and instructed to call all our clients before meeting with them to check if they are ill, or have flu symptoms. i’m glad we have a pandemic plan, but I don’t even want to think about putting it in place. We’re considered an “essential service” so I would have to work if I was well, although likely mostly from home.
Hello all.

Stargazer - Enjoy your vacation!

Sidecar - Glad your vacation was great. I am getting vacation envy.

{{{CCG}}} Anti-stress & happy job vibes!!!

Designermedusa - Wow, it sounds like you have a really fun week lining up!

Christine Nectarine - That is kind of intense that your company has a "pandemic plan." What do you do for a living?

Kvetch: I handed over my keys from my old place today. I had gone over in the morning to clean, sweep, mop, etc. I had a walk through w/the maintence guy who said everything was fine and I took some pictures of the place before I left. It wasn't spotless, I am not going to lie, but I had the stove/fridge/bathroom clean. There was just some dust on the walls and stuff. Not 5 minutes after I biked away, my mgmt co. calls me about the excessive trash I left in the trash cans (?!?) and the dirty applicances. I didn't get the message until I had gotten home (I had biked today) and the compant told me that I still had time to make it better to save more on my security deposit. I called them back and left a message saying that the time to make it better was when I was doing my walk through and that that was why I had scheduled one in the first place! What the heck? The maintence guy said it was fine and then he called in the painting guy before I even left my hallway. Now it is dirty? I'll say it again: longest move EVER!

{{{Any kvetchies I left out!!!}}}

DM -- I'm glad your Mom is better. How was Katy Perry??

Christine -- I know what it's like to want to see your own doctor. I could have gone to a clinic here in town to get my prescription filled, but my family doctor is two hours away, and I've been with her since I was born, so I went to see her instead. I feel better talking to her about things.

kittenb -- I hate moving and management companies. I had a really sketchy landlord while I was doing my undergrad, and I ended up having to pay $100 for trash removal after I moved away. That was just the last problem in a series of problems with that goddamned man! Sounds like they're just trying to get money from you... I hope it works out for you.

So this is my last week of work. I'm not working during my Master's degree, which starts in less than two weeks. I work every day between now and Saturday and then I can say goodbye to the computer store. But it's so beautiful outside and I really don't want to go to work today! The leaves are comng back on the trees and the sky is blue... *sigh* only seven hours today. I'll be thrilled on Saturday when I finish!


Gah, Kitten, I have had landlords keep relatively small parts of the security deposit for bogus stuff; it's such a scam. Are you going to fight them?

Rose, it sounds as if the auditions went pretty well...I had when people don't stay within parameters. Gah again. Are there any specific things you may hear back about soon? How does this work, this big ol' audition? And yay for your birthday!! Sheff is a sweetie, indeed.

Pixie, good luck with neutering all the boys! Miss Shelby Lee gets her procedure on the 7th.

Yay for all your gifts, Polly! Glad you cleaned up. And word on the goofy sizes at AA. Shoo. Fuckin' hipster clothes. At one boutique, my friend, who would usually be a small, was trying on this size large dress and it would not close. I just laughed and said I guess they didn't want any of my money, cuz sure as heck nothing was gonna fit me.

DM, I'm sorry things have been so stressful with your mom...I get the feeling we're only getting the tip of the iceberg and I'm sorry you have so much to deal with. (((DM)))

On the birth control tip, I know that some doctors don't like to place an IUD in someone who has never had kids. Mine would, but then the Mr. got his vasectomy. I highly recommend those!

Hope you're having a great vacation, Star! We used to go to the Ozarks yearly, but not for a long time. It really can be beautiful out there, even if it's crazy touristy. Can't wait for pictures.

Sidecar, your vacation sounds great! Any pictures coming?

~~~job vibes for Candy~~~

Lana, we've been having some beautiful days, too! Why can't it stay all springy for a few months?

Yuefie, how ya feeling?

M-i-l still here...she goes home tomorrow early afternoon. It's been good; the Mr. stepped up to the plate a little more, and I think she's had a good visit. I have a hard time knowing what she'd like to do, but the Mr. has taken her here and there. She helped us clean up our storefront studio room, and we went to a museum today.

It's funny, but I can't pinpoint why I have a hard time with her. She's nice, but an unusual pop culture references, can't figure out her sense of humor. And I still feel scrutinized for what I eat with her, which makes me act like a child and order cheeseburgers. And buy ice cream.

I shaved the Mr.'s head today. He likes to do it about once a year in the spring or summer. It was fun. I imagine he'll still be looking at real estate like he always does. He was hot for another warehouse already, but it's a dry cleaning operation, so bad chemicals...I really want a get away place somewhere else, but I guess a commercial property to rent out could be a good investment.

Can't wait to watch endless Buffys tomorrow and maybe go out for steaks. Woo! It's gonna feel luxurious to not have a guest!
Ugh, kitten, I have had landlords siphon off some of my deposit for 'damage' that was either pre-existing or downright fictional. I hope you get most if not all your deposit back swiftly.

Hi all! *waves* I was away on holiday, and since I've been back I've been overcome by laziness... I think I'm decompressing after working nights on the thesis for 15 months. I'm loving doing nothing but watching TV in the evenings now, long may it last...

I got my first period at 14 too, and it was quite light for at least 6 months. More embarrassing than my first period was when I ordered the rest of my family to leave the house for an hour, so I could lock myself in the bathroom and try to figure out how to use a tampon. blink.gif I can't believe I was so demanding... and so indiscreet.

Glad you had such a great vacay sidecar!

(((DM))) I hope you get a chance to throughly de-stress.

Long weekend coming up!
hey ladies!!! sorry i've been MIA. i'm still around, just laying low i guess. yuefie convinced me to come back and say 'hey, hey hey'

so i'm still in joisee, still in the same house and job. i'm generally pretty content and i'm still madly in love with mr mcnasty. had a major health scare last year and lost my sweet enzo kitty, but other than that it's all good.

hope everyone's well- i'll try to drop by more often. please don't be put out if i don't respond to everything (it's not that i don't love y'all!!) that's what sort of overwhelmed me last time- i just couldn't keep up.
Yay, crassy came back smile.gif

I get overwhelmed too, but then I miss it 'round here so I gotta poke my head in.

kitten, I've had problems with just about every place I've ever lived no matter how clean I left the place. The landlord I have now was the only one, ever, to return my entire deposit when I moved out of the complex the first time back in '04. That and the fact that they take dogs were the reasons I moved back here. I hope this gets settled quickly and doesn't drag out too long. I know what a bummer that can be, especially when you are pooped from moving in the first place!

((((dm & dm mom))))

yay for a great vacation, sidecar.

glad things got better with the MIL's visit, amilita. I am feeling a whole lot better, thanks for asking.

has anyone hear from mandolyn lately? she is on my mind all the time, but I don't want to bug her. I can imagine it must be hard getting through the day to day, let alone answering email and the like.
~~~~endless comfort vibes for mandikins~~~~

(((((rose, syb, pixie, polly, star, sassy, lana, christine, candy, billy, raisin, morn, bunny, sixela, flankerj, crassy, sidecar, dm, amilita, everyone)))))

My grandpa called me today feeling all out of sorts and blue. Five different people he knew passed away in the past week and a half, he attended three of the funerals. He said he understands at his age that people start passing away left and right, but the one that was really getting to him was his sister in law's son (my grandma's youngest sister's son) who was only 26. They aren't sure what the cause of death is yet. I haven't been in touch with my family out there since my grandma and aunt passed away in '03 because they just always seem to in the middle of some self imposed drama, but I feel I should at least send a sympathy card. No parent should have to bury their child.

The horrendous cramps and never ending flow seem to have eased up today, so I think I am finally at the end of the period from hell. Thank maude! Aww, saying Maude just made me think of Bea Arthur sad.gif
Add me to the ones who get overwhelmed also. I usually keep up with reading but sometimes take breaks from posting; I just do my best. It's nice to see you in here, Crassy! Little posts are nice mixed in with the long ones, anyway!

I've been thinking I need to regulate my internet time. Not sure, maybe limit the actual time or no foolin' around 'til after a certain time at night? Between here, Crackbook and google reader with all the blogs I subscribe to...gah!

Poor gramps, Yuefie. That has got to be a hard part about that stage of life...loosing so many around you and facing your own mortality, too. Glad you're feeling better.

Syb, it sure is hard to get back into the swing of things after holiday, but you sure deserved a break!

All your first period stories have made me realize I don't remember mine at all! I do remember the first time I tried a tampon, however...I took one of my sister's, so it was an O.B. I put it in, and it was not in high enough so feeling kind of weird and uncomfortable. Then I have to I'm thinking that surely people don't pee and get that string all wet and then TOUCH it later, right? Gross! They must remove it, then pee.

So I pull it out, and I'm clenching cuz it's still just a hard little pellet as it's only been in a short time. I'm in the bathroom off the kitchen, and I'm pulling it out...ow, ow, ow...and then I get it out...ah! Relief! And I unconsciously relax and pee all over the floor!

The pee is running under the door; my parents are cooking in the kitchen. I'm yelling out to them to not step in my sweet father mopped it up. He was a gentleman and a friend. The end!

I only heard from Mando when we discussed a possible meet-up when I went to NYC this month...she did not feel up to meeting me in the city and I didn't have time to go out to her. Sounded as if the chemo treatments were still wiping her out pretty good...she said that the last one threw her through a loop. (((Mando))) I need to drop her a line.

I'm thoroughly enjoying watching tons of Buffy today with no company!!! One of the funniest things my m-i-l said during her visit was when the appraiser was here (already paid for and related to our efforts to refinance) and she said something about our "low-class sink!" Granted, the sink is a small, wall-mounted one that has seen better days and is quite stained, but who calls things low-class?! Har.

good to be back- thanks ladies! i'll try to pop in from time to time.

oh my! (((mandi))) i had no idea. she's the sweetest too! *lots of hugs and keeces !!* i'm just an out of touch jerk!

(((amilita))) too funny about the tampon & the 'low class' sink. i've never heard a sink called that!

((yuefie gramps)))

i have a guy coming sat & sun to finally fix my low class caved in ceiling- very glad that's finally happening (we had to wait for the tax refund to do it)

Hello, ladies. I just wanted to pop in and say hello.

(((((DM and mom)))) I read your post in support hos. I'm sorry you're going through such a stressful situation.

((((kitten)))) boourns to that management company.

lananans, good luck with beginning your Master's degree!

(((((yuefie and grandpa)))) I can't imagine how he must feel. I know that my own grandparents get depressed sometimes because out of their entire circle of friends the only ones left are them and one friend.



anti-kvetch: I just called a place I applied to two weeks ago and the owner said she wants to meet with me tomorrow! It's not much and it has nothing to do with what I'm studying but hey, a job is a job.

anti-kvetch: I went to my new favourite video store and they finally had a copy of Funny Face! I've always wanted to see it but I could never find it anywhere.
All the period talk makes me think we are one step from becoming a YM magazine. wink.gif

Hi Crassy!!

(((yuefie))) how are you feeling?? any better??

*~*~*soothing allergies for yuefie*~*~*

*~*~*strength vibes for DM*~*~*

(((kitten))) well that blows. what an ass of a company. are you just gonna lose the couple of bucks?? i probably would do the same thing.

(((candy))) i hear you, a job is a job. and it money too!! smile.gif

(((rose))) any news about the audition?? unsure.gif

(((amilita, syb, polly, other kvetchies)))

i'm about to hit the wall. i drove straight through from missouri. i only got about 2 hours of sleep the night before. i don't sleep well the day before i leave for somewhere. i made awesome time though. i'm so glad to be home. i need to rest so i can put my stuff away.

ya know, about the catching up thing...i hope no one feels pressured to read through the archives every time to post here. just pop in, say hi, and give props to what ya feel like. i'm a little laidback about being responsive on here. it's good to see everyone stopping by!

antikvetch: so, i'm hoping may will spring abundance for me. i got a 2nd interview at the place i went to last week. my dissertation committee made their suggestions and, now, i just need to work with my chair on making the revisions. all in the all, the feedback was very positive which makes me feel really good. this project is my first stab at research. so, the fact that i've gotten props for articulating my results is a definite confidence builder. all parts crossed that i get some resolution this month!

((((((more hugs for kvetchies 'cause stargazer is one tired biotch)))))

undie report: blue hipsters with beige bra
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