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kittenb -- I never would have thought to put blueberries and peanut butter together!

sidecar -- I was once in a situation where an ex-girlfriend of my boyfriend's housemate sent EVERYONE she met through him an email saying that since they didn't support her in the breakup she would no longer be talking to us, have a nice life. Very awkward.

Christine -- I am feeling much better now, thank you. Today was the first day that I woke up and felt fine. Such a relief. I hope your headache is better!

Girl -- hammocks are good, unless you fall asleep in them in the sun and get a hammock pattern burn on your leg/arm on one side -- true story. It happened to me.

rose - boo taxes! Yay for being finished though!

kittenb -- new baby!! Yay! When i'm sad sometimes I watch videos of babies laughing on youtube.

kvetch -- It's a beautiful day outside and I have to spend it inside selling computer parts.

Anti-kvetch -- I had a 45 minute long conversation with my favourite Aunt who is living in Qatar right now... I didn't realize how much I missed her, and she made me feel so happy.
(((kittenb))) congrats on the Geek becoming an uncle!

(((rose))) i'm so impressed that you completed your own taxes. i wish i had the patience for that. i hope you rewarded yourself for your work!

(((lananans))) i hope you get to sneak out of work to enjoy some of the nice weather.

Hi girl_logic!

kvetch: sinus problems. i've not been drinking much water which is not good of me. plus, with spring upon sinues are dry and giving me a headache. i do have lovely dark circles under my eyes from the sinus infection. rolleyes.gif

antikvetch: i have my interview tomorrow! maude, i hope it goes well.

Good luck with the interview star!!!!

It's pouring rain here. Booo!
~!*!&$#@&!!~ vibes of all sorts for Star's interview ~*!#&!&@*~
Kick some ass!
~~~~~ sinus soothing vibes, too ~~~~~~~

Kitten, you hate roller coasters? Sheff doesn't like them, either, but I love 'em!
Congrats to the Geek family on the new addition.

Lananas, glad to hear you had such a great conversation with your aunt. I don't talk to my aunt and uncle very often, but when I do I'm always reminded of how much they kick ass.

Which reminds me that we will be seeing that aunt and uncle in less than a week! Sheff will finally get to meet some of my cousins while we're there, which should be fun.

Kvetch: Bra shopping. Can't stand it, but many of my bras are falling apart. I wish I could afford to buy all of my bras at Nordstrom. The service there kicks so much ass & I never appreciate that more than when I'm shopping for bras.

Anti-kvetch: Yesterday was our 4th wedding anniversary. Oddly enough, we've never eaten out for our anniversary before, so we decided to fix that this year. We went to our favorite restaurant, ordered our favorite entrees, & even sat at our favorite table. We took our dessert to-go so that we could eat it while relaxing on the couch at home with a glass of wine and old-school Doctor Who on the TV. Low key & lovely.

Report: white Hello Kitty underpants today. Kinda wrong, but cute nevertheless.
Thanks rose for the internship vibes!! smile.gif and from my girls to yours, i need some new bras stat!

kvetch: kinda nervous about interview. unsure.gif

will stop by later to let you know how things went.

**off to get ready**

rose, happy anniversary! It sounds like it was a nice one.

christine, I wish this was my last term! I still have two more years. Actually, on second thought I would hate to be a grad trying to find a job in this economy. But I can say one thing, I'm done with taking philosophy classes! Blech.
Anyway, I hope you don't get headaches too often.

good luck with the interview, star.

(((sidecar))) that situation sounds pretty awkward.

kitten, congrats on the geek becoming an uncle! That must be exciting.

kvetch: I'm hungover. Technically that's my fault but still, it sucks. Also it's ridiculously windy and rainy outside and my umbrella kept getting blown inside out when I was walking to and from school. I wish my boy was in my bed so that we could spend the day cuddling.


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*interview vibes for stargazer~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Ugh, I'm taking Tana to the vet today. It's time for his yearly exam anyway, but the past few weeks, he's been losing weight and I think he may be dehydrated. He's eating and drinking the same, so I'm not sure what it is. At first I thought the weight loss was because the medicine for his Cushings was working. Cortisol would make you bloated and puffy, so I thought, "well, now he's going back to what he should be at." But in the last 4 weeks or so, you can see his ribs and feel his spine, so something's not right. Hopefully, whatever it is is solvable, and not expensive.

Happy anniversary (again!), rose & sheff- sounds like a great evening!

Tomorrow is the Chicago bustie brunch! So excited! I hope there's good news to drink mimosas to!

(((hugs to all)))
****interview vibes for star****

RV, Happy Anniversary! It sounds like it was a lovely night. I also hate bra shopping, but may do it in a few weeks. Some of mine are falling apart as well. I wish could always shop at Nordstorm or Intimacy, but can't afford to.

Kittenb, say congrats to the Geek.

Polly, good luck at the vet and have fun at brunch tomorrow.

Kvetch: Been really tired lately, and not been sleeping well. Maybe there's something on my mind...

Anti-kvetch: I heard back from a non-profit that wants to work with me on grant writing. It would still be volunteer, but I need the experience. It's dealing with epilepsy.

Mcgeek has his math GRE tomorrow. Could I ask for some vibes? I'll honestly be glad when it's done, b/c I'm sick of hearing: "I have to study!! Go away!!" every day for the last few months.


Undies: Boring blue boy shorts.

Christine Nectarine
~~**~~massive interview vibes for star!~~**~~ hope it goes well!

lananas, in this humble bustie's opinion, EVERYTHING goes with peanut butter, especially sweet stuff like blueberries. *runs off to make one of those delicious sounding smoothies*

((candycanegirl)) oh well. you're probably right that your prospects will be better in a couple of years. plans for summer break?

((sassy)) are you alluding to something there...hope you can get some rest! i'm feeling the same way lately.

((polly&tana)) hope he's ok

congrats on finishing your taxes rose! i've got to tackle that beast this weekend.

congrats also to the Geeks family on the new baby!

i just found out that one of my co-workers is pregnant, expecting in October. she and her husband had tried for 2 years, and experienced miscarriages and had given up (they already have a 4 year old), so this was a surprise. i'm really happy for her! i seem to be surrounded by pregnant women lately. i wonder if it's catching.

undies: hot pink with black and white tropical flowers. black satin bra.
Happy Anniversary Rose & Sheff!

(((Christine))) congrats for your friend!

(((sassygrrl))) good luck with getting an internship!

*~*~*passing GRE vibes for mcgeek*~*~*

(((polly))) poor 'tana. i'm excited for tomorrow too!

*~*~*healing vibes for 'tana*~*~*

*~*~*soothing hangover vibes for ccgirl*~*~*

(((lananans))) Sending sunshine your way!

Thanks for the support everyone! So, I'm not sure what to make of the interview. I actually felt like I was a spazz while answering their questions. Nerves couple with on the spot thinking and wanting to make sure I am saying the proper thing. Ugh. I just feel like after places know I've had a previous internship that I am immediately disqualified. Who knows. It was a great place, flexible hours, and it would offer great training. They will have a decision by late next week. At this point in the game, I'm not getting my hopes up.

Undies report: Beige bra and black underwear--eh, I'm topsy turvy. rolleyes.gif

Thanks so much for the anniversary wishes!

~!@*#@$*~!@!~ internship vibes for Stargazer & Sassy ~@!*#@!~@!&@*~
Sassy, that group sounds really promising! It's especially wonderful because they're bound to be more understanding about your condition. Hope it works out.

~*!!!*~ pass that GRE, McGeek ~*!!!*~
He's going to feel SO much better once he has this weight off of his shoulders.

((((((Tana))))))) Poor thing. Something similar happened to my BestPals' cat a few months ago, but with a little medication and time, she got through it. I hope the vet can find the problem soon & has an easy solution for you & Tana.

CCGirl, I haaate it when that happens to my umbrella! Cold, windy rain like that is so damn miserable.

Hope the Chicago Busties have fun at brunch. Mimosas sound perfect right now.

Good luck on the taxes, Christine. You'll feel so much better once you're done.

Pixie, I thought of you when I was out bra shopping. I miss the days when we'd go shopping for lingerie together ... mostly because I could still fit into so many cuter, smaller bras back then! wink.gif

Kvetch: I wish lingerie departments were organized by size rather than by design or manufacturer. I had so much trouble finding anything in my size. After 3 hours of shopping, I left the mall empty-handed. Siiiigh.

I have a big announcement: I'm auditioning for a theater company! Actually, I'm auditioning for 4 theater companies at the same time, which makes it much more insane. They're holding joint auditions for the up-coming theater season. The auditions are 3 weeks from today & I already have an appointment time. I just have to bring a one-minute contemporary monologue. The problem, of course, is finding the right monologue for me that's just one minute long! I have a few ideas, but I need to hurry up and find those pieces, review them, and make a decision so I can get the piece memorized really really well. It's been 3 & 1/2 year since I've auditioned for anything, so I'm already nervous. Eep.
rose -- Happy anniversary! I also hate bra shopping - I can never seem to find my size in the cute ones that I like, and end up getting ugly but comfortable and supportive ones that were in the boxes/drawer instead of the lacy fun ones on the shelves. I hope McGeek feels better once the GRE is done! And good luck with the audition, that sounds very exciting.

candycane - I bought an umbrella yesterday, only to have it blown inside out within minutes. I don't know why I even bother trying.

((polly)) -- I hope Tana is okay! Let us know how it goes!

christine -- your undies sound very cute.

((star)) -- Just relax, the internship is out of your hands now, and you gave it the best you had, which is all you can do! Good vibes being sent your way on my part!

kvetch -- one of the guys at work is friends with our manager and as a result gets special privileges -- like leaving early so they can go play videogames together. Not cool. Today it sort of came to a head and everyone was mad at everyone else. Boooo. At least I have tomorrow off!!!

My boy is currently at a med student "house" party in a classmate's apartment upstairs in our building. He just came downstairs and grabbed our hammer. Apparently they broke her bed. those med students get craaaazy! I was just happy because I got to go upstairs, have a beer, say hello, be social, and come back downstairs, all without having to go outside.
Yay, Rose! What kind of monologues are you looking for or thinking about?

Ugh, bra shopping. I hate it.

Stargazer, don't lose hope over the interview. When LeBoy went to interview for his job, he got lost and was like 45 minutes late. They still hired him. I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you this week.

The vet called this morning- they said Tana's thyroid levels were low, so he's got to take medication for that. Fortunately, it's less than $20 for two months worth of meds.

I had a wonderful brunch with star, turbo, sidecar, ava and prophecy this morning. When I drink coffee, which isn't very often, I usually get half regular and half decaf. This restaurant we went to had all these fancy coffee drinks (and boozey drinks, too) and there was one that I couldn't pass up- it was called the Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy: cinnamon, omanhene cocoa, espresso, caramel, whipped cream & grated Mexican chocolate. It was really yummy, but on the way home, I had to stop at my grandparent's house (about halfway between the restaurant and my house) to pee and because I was so buzzed, I really didn't feel safe driving. It was that potent. I felt safer driving after the martini I had at dinner last night. It was almost the same feeling I had when I went off Zoloft cold turkey. Without the sweating and crying, though. I stayed at my grandparents for a couple hours until I felt better.

I have humanist's bff's bridal shower tomorrow. It's at this really crappy restaurant in our hometown. Wish me luck. Hopefully there will be alcohol.
Bustie brunch sounds fun, Polly! Glad Tana's medication isn't expensive.

I have been lucky with bra shopping lately, and have found a couple non-underwire ones that are supportive enough. They are so comfy!

Rose, the audition sounds very exciting! Any luck picking out a monologue?

Star, I'm thinking good thoughts for you about the internship! Ya never know what they're looking for and what the other applicants are like, right?

I was supposed to work tonight, but got put on call. I'm watching TV and movies and mostly wasting time. Hm.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Polly, Brunch sounds like it was yummy! Glad meds were cheap...

Speaking of pet visits-- I noticed late last night that Bailley(Mcgeek's dog) was limping. I realized earlier when I was trying to take Zoe for a walk, that he ran out of the house down the street. I was hoping that someone didn't hit him. We took him to the a emergency animal hospital, and she told us that our assumption was right. His eye was bleeding too. I feel guilty, but he's a fast dog. Yet when I called him back to the house he seemed to be walking fine. He's better today, but the meds were very pricey. A lot of pain killers. So, big expensive kvetch.

Anti-kvetch: I found a fellowship (similar to Americorps) with the Georgia Center for Non-Profit. It pays a very small stipend, but I thought I would apply anyways. I'm still looking forward to grant writing with the epilepsy npo.

I think Mcgeek passed the GRE, but has to wait 6 weeks for results. Ugh.

Rose, I'm so excited for you about the audition! Any thoughts on a monologue?

Star, I'm sure you did well on your interview. Regardless, it's in the past.

Lanas, what's up with that at work?? Weird.

Amilita, glad you have the day off.


(((sassy)) congrats on applying for the fellowship! you never know what can happen.

*~*~*healing vibes for bailey*~*~*

(((polly))) i hope you are surviving the shower today! oh, how i would've love to see a wired polly. wink.gif

(((amilita))) a lazy day and watching TV sounds lovely!

(((lananans))) i didn't know med students were so crazy. blink.gif

Yeah, thanks for telling me to relax about things. This past year has been the most neurotic emo mess I've ever felt in my life. Sheesh. dry.gif

As Polly said, our brunch was good yesterday. The drinks! Oh my goodness. The drinks. Awesome. If I still lived in the city, I would've have another drink. They had the type of drinks that where the liquor hits you after the fact. Yum!

kvetch: i feel like i'm fighting off a sinus infection. i've slept alot today. not that there is anything wrong with that. rolleyes.gif

ETA: my stepdad was helping me trim kitty's nails when he said that i need to get him declawed. i told him of my decision to not declaw him. he said part of the agreement with getting kitty would be to declaw him. uh, i don't remember that. i'm pretty upset. not sure if he is being crabby or what. my parents are both pro declawing because our previous cats are declawed. i just don't want to do that with this kitty. sad.gif

Psst, star, I think you meant to type "sassy" in that first part!

Wired polly is just miserable polly. The talkative, bubbly part was what you saw at brunch. The unpleasant, anxious, ADD part happened afterwards. I was better after a nap on my grandma's couch. Phew!

The shower was okay. Not the most annoying one I've been to. Humanist [I'm sure she'll be so thrilled I shared this with all of you] was nearly 2 hours late for it, and it was her bff and she's in the wedding. Oh, the bride was not pleased. No bridezilla moment, but humanist was her personal slave for the rest of the day.

Afterwards, we went shopping at Costco. LeBoy's school is on spring break this week (they go really late!) so he needed sustenance for the week. When we got home, it was going to be impossible to fit the Costco-sized stuff in the fridge, so I ended up spending three hours this evening cleaning it out. Ugh. I'm pretty sure there were a few different antibiotics growing in there. I'm still trying to figure out how cat hair gets in the fridge blink.gif I think it must suck it in whenever you open the door. I don't really leave any food just open in there, so it's not like it contaminated anything, but gross nonetheless. I have sooooo many condiments, it's not funny. About 8 different mustards, 4 or 5 mayonnaises, a bunch of jellies, bbq sauces, salad dressings.....I threw away a lot, too. Bottled sauces, like from Trader Joe's, that I never used and the "Best by" date was 2007 or so. A Costco jar of pickles that was best by some time in 2008. The last of some store-bought minced garlic, since my mom reminded me it's notorious for developing botulism as it ages. Eek! After all then, I realized I have lots and lots of components of food, but nothing I could make an actual meal with, unless you're into mustard sandwiches.

((star)) Stay strong on the declawing thing. It's all about education- people don't even think about *not* declawing their cats. It's just automatic. If you need me to come over and help again, this time with some polar fleece to swaddle him in, now that he's bigger, let me know. Has he actually been scratching stuff around the house, or was your stepdad just annoyed that he had to help you? I'm happy to help. It's good for my car to take long highway drives, too. wink.gif I don't even require tamales this time!

Ok, I have to be up in less than 6 hours. Off to bed!

(((hugs to all)))
sassy -- good luck with the fellowship. Too bad about the dog - hope he's better soon!

polly -- glad to hear that Tana's okay, at least it wasn't more serious or expensive.

((star)) -- I feel like I'm fighting off a cold too. It feels like any second it could hit me, but it's just at bay.

So this weekend is Passover and Easter. I was going to go with the boy to his family's for passover -- he told me the dinner was on Friday. Turns out it is on Thursday. I had booked the day off, but when he said Friday, I told my boss to schedule me, since I need the hours. Now I can't go with him to his family event, that we've known about for months. He doesn't pay enough attention to details, and often I get left behind because I need more time to plan, with work. It's happened before. However, I feel like I owed him one in the screw-up department, so oddly I was almost happy when it happened. I feel like we're even again.

anti-kvetch -- I still get four days off for Easter! I'm heading up to my parents' house, where I can just relax for a bit. Woohoo!

lananans - pls tell me what it is like to be able to relax at your parents house. I have heard of this phenomenon but have yet to experience it.

polly - come on. Cat owners are not supposed to share our cat-owning secrets to the non-cat owning world. Non-cat owners do not understand the whole "cat hair in the fridge" thing and think that we are bad house keepers when it happens. Now my shame is exposed.

star - I hope you are feeling better today. A sinus infection is the last thing you need now.

{{{sassygirl & Bailey}}}

roseviolet - break a leg on your audition! That is very exciting. biggrin.gif

{{{amalita & christine}}}

I am so tired this morning. I am really beginning to regret choosing the school that I did. The schedule works well but sometimes I feel like I am going to a diploma factory. The class that I am in now was so poorly managed. It was Group Counseling. We had no lecture, were members of a group ran by a doctoral student for about 6 hours and then sat in groups that were run by classmates for another 6 hours. We had to write journal entries about our time in the group. The time schedule was so f'ed up. We always ran a few minutes over and that meant that the next group started late. There were no scheduled breaks and we lost our lunch time on Saturday because one of the groups ran over and our teacher wanted to talk to us. Oh, and have I mentioned that I have no friends at that school? Well, except for Star and it's not like we have classes together cool.gif. There is this one woman, whom I have mentioned before, that I really cannot trust. And the feeling is mutual. Everyone loves her. I swear I did not set out to piss her off. So yesterday, she mentioned something that I had said (once again saying it as, "Some of our classmates have said...") and said that instead of listening to a common statement in the African American world this student (me) objected to it and challanged it instead of learning from it. Well, I did challange it, I did object to it, but I had no idea that it was a common statement in the African American community. I had never heard it before. None of the white people in the group had. So I called her on it asking why my challange meant that I wasn't learning from it. She responds, "Was that what I said?" So I repeated her words to her verbatim and she just throws up a wall and said "Fine." Conversation over.
It seems to me that at her age she had built up a community of people who find her inspirational and fantastic. She has a strong personality and everyone comments that she has such a good heart. She is a 70 y/o preacher who is so set in her ways that everytime anyone tries to challange her beliefs of behavior she shuts that challenge right the hell out of the room. And let me tell you, people are not exactly lining up to take my side or even have lunch with me. It hurts. I don't think that I am that bad a person and I cannot figure out why, everytime I am in an academic setting, I feel like I am back in high school (or elementary school. God I hate being in school settings.)
And I am sick of people saying, in carefully modulated tones, "Well, Kittenb is a very passionate person," when it is clear that what they want to say is "Kittenb can be kind of a bitch sometimes." And it is hard that people actually act like they are afraid of me and my opinions. I want to stress that I have never raised my voice at anyone in that school. I've never hit or even flounced out of a room. But this joke that I am such a scarey person also seems to remove the concept that I have feelings and therefore it doesn't hurt me when people who have issues with confrontation say that they felt the need to defend someone against me questioning them. I want to point out that in that case the guy who needed "defended" actually held his own quite well and never even backed down from our conversation.
The problem is me. I do come off strong. I just don't know what to do about it.
*delurks again*


Do you come across strongly when you talking to people individually, or just when you're in groups? I don't think the problem is just you, it must be partially the other people involved.

Of the people who speak of you in well-modulated tones, do you get the impression that they dislike you? They might just be trying to find a compromise because they don't want to criticise or 'take sides'.

Are there any nice, quiet, neutral people in your groups that you could talk to? It'd probably be really awkward, but if if you said to them (or your doctoral students) - 'Hi, I think I'm coming across more aggressively than I mean to in our group situations - have you got any ideas on how I could get my point across in a way that would make people more comfortable?' They'd probably appreciate you making the effort even if you didn't change much.

P.S Though, um, don't change too much because it sounds like a lot of the people in your groups are idiots!

*delurking as well*

Let me interject here-I would have been two hours EARLY if I hadn't been having an all-night (and morning) some-of-the-best-sex-of-my-life fuckathon. yes, the bride was a little irked at first, but we've known each other too long and are too close for her not to get over it. After the shower when i explained everything, she was PROUD of me biggrin.gif

I just felt like we had balanced the score yesterday-I was late to her shower, but I set up her and her fiance tongue.gif
humanist - well okay then!

persiflager - thanks. You both gave me good advice and made me laugh. I appreciate it.
(((kittenb))) so sorry about this class. it sounds horribly managed with no leadership involved on the teacher's or TA's part. make sure you mention that on your class evaluation. it sounds more like lord of flies for that course.

as for our school, it is a weird experience if you are an older student. older students tend to take a more direct and assertive voice in the classroom settings. i felt that way as did alot of other students over 30. fortunate for me, i started with a class that was pretty boisterous. i was almost quiet. ha! i noticed that the younger students with no life experience, coming right out of undergrad, tended to be more passive in the classroom setting. our school has become a mill, unfortunately. a poorly run mill. i can't wait until we both get our degrees and be done with them.

as for the class, itself, that woman was definitely pulling a power play. i can analyze it in all kinds of way, by race, gender, social class...all those elements sound to be there by the information you presented. and it sucks. bravo to you for speaking up! of course, now i want to know that statement she was referring to and in what context. is this an experiential group? hang in there! i hated my group experience my first year of school. i was stuck with a bunch of overpriviliged students who felt race was unimportant ("we are all part of the human race"). *insert gagging noise*

(((polly))) that's the pointing out the typo! i corrected it. oh, you are sensitive to caffeine. i feel your pain. i've had the same reaction before. oy vey. yeah, i'm hoping stepdad was just grumpy in general yesterday. he has no problem helping out with the clipping. i just think i need to consider if keeping kitty is best for him right now. mama didn't want the kitty. when the decision came to get him, she deferred to stepdad, thinking he would say no. since he's been here, she's created all kinds of rules of what the kitty can or can't do, but of course, her cat can do anything 'cause, well, it's her cat. i feel pretty bad keeping him in my room most of the time. he really needs room to run and play. i cried my eyes out after my stepdad left the room, all night, and this morning. i really should've thought more about getting a pet while living at home with my folks. i didn't think mama would be so controlling about things. then again, she is a controlling, unhappy woman. so, i might have a sophie's choice type moment about letting go of kitty. or, hope i get a decent paying intern position where i can find a cheap apartment.

Hi perisflager!

(((lananans))) gosh, that has to be so tough with the work situation. i worked at a hospital where i had to work every other weekend. the holidays, we had to take turn working. so, my celebration of holidays was dependent on whether or not i was working. but, like you said, you get 4 days off!

*~*~*general hugs and vibes for who needs 'em*~*~*

ETA: Congrats humanist! I think someone needs to visit the portions thread. wink.gif
Happy Monday.

((((((((Bailey)))))))) Poor puppy!
Glad to hear you have a back-up plan re: the internships, Sassy.

Kitten, what a terrible position in which to find yourself. My BestGalPal can come off too strong sometimes, too, and I don't know how to help her with that. I mean, who am I to tell her to deny who she is, you know? Persiflager's suggestions sound really good. I hope they help. As for that woman .... ugh. I hate people who think they always deserve more respect just because they're older or because they have a certain job or whatever. The truth is that shit is still shit, no matter who's ass it came out of.

Star, sorry to hear about the conflict between the 'rents and the kitty. That's just awful.

Hooray for fuck-a-thons!

Polly, I admire your fridge cleaning skills. I need to do that, too.

Amilita, where did you get your bras? Details please!

Lananans, sorry to hear about the schedule mix-up. But yay for 4 days off!

Thanks for the encouragement about the audition. I'm still working to find a monologue. I found something from "Stop Kiss" that might work. It isn't terribly interesting, but it's the only thing I've found so far that's just 1 minute long. The time limit is such a pain! There are some really good monologues out there that I can't use because they're simply too long. It's a really tough limitation. Luckily, some of my friends in Oklahoma are looking, too. Fingers crossed!

Had a fun weekend. We invited a couple friends over for a spontaneous dinner party on Saturday night. We had a ton of fun, but I was dehydrated so the wine hit me HARD & I felt pretty sick overnight. On Sunday a different friend came over & we watched the Formula One race together (and wow, was that race ever fucked up!). We spent the rest of the evening watching episodes of Veronica Mars, but I continued to feel pretty sickly. I hate hangovers!
(((rose))) i'm so glad you are auditioning for the local theater troops. very cool. let us know how things go. i think it takes alot of guts to get onstage and perform. break a leg! smile.gif
RosieV, right on with getting back into theatre life (is that the preferred spelling?)!
geez, that bustie brunch sounds like it was a lot of fun.

rose, congrats on getting back into theatre! It sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

humanist...daaaaaaaaaamn. That sounds impressive. Also I'm glad the shower was a success.

lananans, yay for four days off! I pretty much get the same but I'm in school. However, it drives me crazy that colleges and universities don't give people Easter Monday off. I'm only taking it off because my prof cancelled our tutorial next week and I'm not coming all the way back here for the other single one hour class.

(((((kitten)))))) I wish I knew what to say. What kind of course is this exactly? Is it post grad or what? Anyway, I'm slowly realizing that people are jerks. Lots of people. And there is nothing we can do about it. At least you can speak up for yourself. If I was in your situation I would probably just go bright red and not say anything.

I have a biiiiig kvetch: once again, it's group work. I'm in a group with two other girls and one of them is just a gigantic bitch/idiot/fucking waste of space. Our final group paper is due this Thursday. I emailed her in the last week of March to tell her that I needed her part of the project by last night. So yesterday I check my email to find that she has not sent me her part but instead a message wondering what the rush is because according to her it's not due until Friday (obviously she's too stupid to even look at our assignment outline). I emailed her back telling her that I'm editing everything and that I'm really busy this week and I can't do it all at the last minute so that's why I need it now.

I woke up to find that she sent me two emails at around 1am. Once again, there is no work done. Instead she's all "don't worry about it, I'll compile it and also I don't even know how to do my part" (only imagine that every single word is misspelled). So I had to email her AGAIN and try to give her pointers on how to do her part (which, by the way, only needs to be about 5 pages double spaced) and I said that I would be editing it because the last time I left it up to her there were numerous grammatical errors amongst other things. So far there is no email.

I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel like it's too late to talk to the prof or if I do say anything it will end up being sort of after the fact like "by the way, she didn't contribute a goddamn thing to our paper". It's just ridiculous. She has had more than enough time to work on this and I just want to get it over with and never see her fugly ass face again. I swear, the next time I have a class if it says that we have a group project I am just going to drop it immediately. I should not have to deal with complete fucking morons and take over the amount of work meant for 4 people just to get a decent grade. Fuck.
Hey all!

Bailey is getting better. The worst case scenario is some torn cartilage in his left knee. His eye is still pretty swollen though. The vet wants to see him again in a week.

Gigantic Kvetch: This internship. The woman that I work for told me last week that the interim director would start paying me for the workshop we hold each week. It's some money, and I will take it. I find out today that the director can't pay me, and then bitches at me for having too many doctor's appointments, and never being there. WTF? These appointments were either for my foot doctor or neurologist. You would think a epilepsy non profit would be more understanding! I've saved them asses on many occasions when they haven't needed to hire temp agencies for clerical work and fund-raising events Their office is located 2 hours away by public transit. I really trusted these people, and now I'm just very wary. I wanted to frigging hit her. Did I mention we share an office? . She even told me that she was letting one of her friends volunteer with the workshops to help the clients. So, why do they need me? I feel like I've helped these clients almost more than I've helped myself look for jobs, tutor, etc. I kept asking her: What is it that you want me to help you with in these workshops? I never got a clear answer. I would have talked to the interim director, but she's gone for the week.

However, I did reach the other agency and got a voice mail. Once I finish the paperwork for the felllowship, I'm sending that off as well. It just made me realize that perhaps other companies hopefully treat me with some compassion. I still want to work in the non-profit field, but this one is just all sorts of crazy.

Sorry for the rant.

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek has Friday off due to Good Friday/Easter. I think we're finally going to have a very late Valentine's Day trip to the mountains. We both need it. We're going to take the dogs too.

((kittenb)) I'm sorry about your class. It seems as though she's holding her age over you.

((star)) I'm so to hear about the kitty situation. Hopefully, you can find an apartment, and keep the kitty.

Yay for fuck-a-thons humanist! Damn, girl.... smile.gif

((ccg)) what a moron.

((polly)) I hear you on the condiments. I have so many different types of mustards and hot sauces, it's really amazing. Good for cleaning out the fridge.


(((polly))) i did something similar with my fridge. Next up, cabinets!


yowza, humanist!

break a leg, rose. (i thought of you this weekend 'cos I made my own dulce de leche)

I had a great weekend. Chicagobustie brunch was pretty kickass (guys, I had breakfast whiskey. BREAKFAST WHISKEY.) and that night, we saw Morrissey then watched Crank. Sunday I went to the gym for the first time since getting the flu. It felt pretty good.

Kvetch: I am still dealing with my idiot neighbor. The short version of this story is that we asked her to pay the $2K+ that she owed, she refused, we told her we'd sue, our attorney told her we'd sue, she did nothing, we sued, she started sending us batshit emails in all caps about how victimized she was, we took her to court, and she paid. Since then, she's continued sending us batshit emails and last week raked us over the coals for the "extreme" measures we took (i.e., taking her to court when she refused to pay) so I sent a polite but firm email explaining we weren't exterme. So today she emails me and says, "It was extreme to me." So I wrote her back, explained that I found her behavior extreme and then told her to grow up. Then, she wrote me back and told me to "let it go." Ummm...I'm not the one who keeps sending crazy emails! I am so over this woman. She is 50 years old and she acts like she's 12. I hate adults who act like children.

((( sidecar))) really? the crazy neighbor is still being crazy? sheesh. i'm so sorry for your situation.

(((cc_girl))) i would let your professor know your situation prior to turning in your work. my stepdad had a similar situation and the professor was considerate in grading their work.

(((sassy))) i hope those other offers turn out for you! all parts crossed!

(((humanist))) spring fever has hit you big time!

So i know i posted like a million times today in here bein all mememe. Well, my parents spoke with me tonight and said that I reneged on my deal to get kitty declawed if I got him. My mom said I was being manipulative about getting the cat. All kinds of good things. I mentioned how I was thinking of not declawing him and emailed them info about not declawing and my decision back in January. They mentioned again mentioned my pact. Then, they wanted to hear why I wouldn't want to get the cat declawed and I mentioned that it was in humane and what I read, but then they said I was calling them in humane with animals. They kept resorting to how it is proven with our previous cats as a reason for pro declawing. My stepdad got argumentative using neutering as being considered in humane too. My mom then went the next step and said how would I get an apartment with a cat not declawed. Then, she said, what if she wanted the cat, and I said I wouldn't give it to her 'cause she would declaw him. She was already doubting I would be able to find someone who would take in a cat with his claws.

Yeah, I was in a no win situation. Crazy. I'm 33 and my folks are talking to me like I'm a kid getting a pet for a first time. They did say I could keep the kitty, but he would have to stay in my room. That doesn't seem fair to him too. Lots of thinking to do.

Who knew getting a kitty was so tough? Or, rather, wanting to treat a pet differently would be such a major deal? Oh maude.

I need to get some sleep.

Here i am, busting while i really should be working on something that needs to be done today. Bust has worked its magic again and sucked me in for reals yo.

Sassy, you deserve better. Those people are asshats! I hope you find a position somewhere else that's more rewarding.

Sidecar, breakfast whiskey? I'm having a Pavlov reaction right now! And ptoo on your crazy neighbor!

I'm waiting for the sun to come out so i can go outside with a book. Enough cold and rain already.

Stargazer, i have never heard of declawing. I knew a girl once who clipped the claws of her kitten and it couldn't climb on anything. Everyone thought she was crazy to do so. But de-clawing is common practice then?

Two weeks ago i went to the supermarket to get some groceries. And beer. When i came to the checkout the girl behind the counter asked me for my ID. No kidding! I'm 31! They're not allowed to sell alcohol to people under 20. After hearing my age the girl offered a thousand excuses. I said it didn't matter, and i thanked her for the compliment. She tried to get the people in line behind me to agree with her that i didn't look my age. It was too funny.

Ok, i drank my coffee and the inevitable has to be done; work.

futura, I have to laugh at the fact that the girl apologized for carding you. I'm only 24 and at this point I actually thank people when they ask for my ID.

star, thanks for the advice. I talked to my cousin about my situation as well and she told me to do the same thing. I look to her for advice in these kinds of situations because she always seems to know what to do and the right way to say things. Anyhoo, I sent my prof an email last night and so far there has been no response.

I'm still really frustrated. The girl sent me an email in response to me mentioning that there were some mistakes when she was in charge of editing and was all "I don't need your attitude". Anyway, the paper is virtually done (just not her part) so hopefully I can just finish it all tonight.

((((star and kitty))) I wish I knew what to tell you but I'm not a cat person. I've heard that if they have their claws then they scratch everything in existence but if they don't have their claws they tend to act way more aggressive.

(((sidecar))) that sounds like some batshit craziness right there.

(((sassy))) hopefully you'll end up with another company that treats you with more respect.

Is it just me or are a lot of busties dealing with crazy or unreasonable people? Geez.

kvetch: sinus pain, post nasal drip, the fact that it's April 7th and expected to snow today.
~~~~~~~ waves of warmth for Futura ~~~~~~~
Don't you just love getting carded? I know we're supposed to be above such things & we're supposed to look down on society's obsession with youth, but I must admit that I always loved it when clerks demanded to see my ID.

Sassy, that really really sucks! Sorry to hear they're renegging on the promise of money, but the insults about your "excessive" doctors appointments is a horribly unnecessary kick in the gut. Of all people on the planet, you'd think they'd be more understanding.

Sidecar, sorry to hear that the wacky neighbor woes continue. Hopefully her comment about letting it go means that she's finally going to move on, but maybe I'm being too optimistic. She does post in all caps, after all. Maybe she just needs to have whiskey for breakfast more often. You could introduce her to the concept!

((((((((((((Star & the kitten)))))))))))))))
Maybe you can tell your parents that you do not think that they were being inhumane in the past because they simply didn't know the details. Now that they're more informed they can make a different decision.

CC_Girl, I agree that you should talk to the professor about the situation now rather than after you turn in the assignment. They assign these group projects because sometimes you have to do something similar at work. If this were a work project and I was in your position, I would probably talk to my supervisor about it. Don't just be a tattle-tale, though. Voice your issues & ask for advice. This way the professor will become aware of the situation, but will also know that you're being proactive & working towards a positive solution.

Did I mention that my parents are back home from the Holy Land? They had a great time, despite the distinct lack of proper plumbing in Egypt. My mom said that when they got on the plane for their return flight, she went into the airplane bathroom, saw a proper toilet, and cried with joy! Unfortunately, they both have terrible colds now & Mom has lost her voice, so I'll have to wait to hear their stories.

Vibe request!
Last night Sheff did something major. He applied for a job at a new studio that has moved into town. The company makes cool games, pays better than his current employer, offers tons more vacation time, & the office is just 5 minutes away from the house. As a bonus, the head office is in California rather than Japan, so there won't be the major disconnect with the Head Honchos that he's feeling now. A friend of ours started working at this new studio in January & she really loves it & has been hoping that Sheff would join her there (I've been helping her with this endeavor, although I've tried to be subtle). If Sheff gets the job he's applied for, that means he'll be doing the kind of work he likes best, too. And did I mention the annual company cruise to the Bahamas? Yeah. So please please PLEASE send along tons of vibes & cross your fingers & do whatever else you can think of to make this happen!

Tomorrow morning Sheff and I leave for our trip. That means I have a TON to do today, so I must run. Hope you all have a great week!
Christine Nectarine
wow RV, that job sounds amazing! ~~major vibe wish granted~~
can't wait to hear how the theatre troupe audiontion goes!

ah, all these busties with school/group work stress is making me nostalgic (sort of!) and reminding me why i'm just not ready to head back to the academic world just yet. good luck to all!

sidecar, lousy neighbours suck. sounds like it's time to place her on your spam list.

star, i feel for you with the kitty situation. hope it works out (in your favour)

sassy, that internship deal sounds lousy. i know we always hope that people in the non-profit sector will be above petty office politics, and be flexible and understanding, but it's so often not the case. sometimes people are burnt out, or they lack resources and support. sometimes they are just in the wrong business. hope you are able to find something better.

anti-kvetch: i am now part of the "i got my taxes done" club! i have to get my code sorted out for NETFILE, but that should be no big deal. it's was a little depressing since our return will not be nearly as much as it was last year, but that was to be expected. it will still be a good chunk of change to invest.

*~*~*massive job vibes for Sheff*~*~*

(((rose))) have fun on your trip! Sheff's potential job sounds awesome. I hope it works out for both of you.

(((ccgirl))) i'm glad you sent an email to your professor about the project. get well soon!

(((Christine))) congrats on the taxes being done!

(((futura))) isn't getting carded in your early 30s so flatterin?!? i blame my catholic raising, guilt/shame inducing education as provided that look in my eyes of "I shouldn't be drinking" as a reason why i still get carded.

thanks everyone about the kitty! well, my folks were willing to compromise and i can keep the kitty in my room (which i do already). so basically, nothing changes. good. thanks to polly for dealing with my craziness about the kitty in the past 2 days. she has become my kitty guru with her excellent patience and kitty knowledge. i was gonna ask her or her mom to take kitty in if i couldn't keep him. at least, i know he would be spoiled rotten by them! tongue.gif

antikvetch: while i've got no offers yet for a position, i've had 2 internship positions posted recently. so, i think that is a good thing. gives me hope that i will land something.

has anyone heard from Yuefie or Mando?? i know yuefie is on facebook, but, i haven't seen her around lately. i guess i could send her a message on FB.

(((Candy))), good luck with the paper!

Job vibes for $$$$$$$$$$Sheff$$$$$$$$$$$$!

Stargazer, glad to hear the kitty situation worked out well.

Since this afternoon, i've been figuring out Facebook. Like i need anymore time online. I thought there was a thread about it in Media Whores, but it seems to have vanished.

I got the job done today. Which is good. I may have turned boy-crazy. That is a term i never would've associated with myself, but there you go. Pffffft. Must be the hormones. Must be spring. Or what it resembles.

QUOTE(futura @ Apr 7 2009, 01:57 PM) *
Since this afternoon, i've been figuring out Facebook. Like i need anymore time online. I thought there was a thread about it in Media Whores, but it seems to have vanished.

I bumped up the thread for you.
Thanks Stargazer!
Okay, I just had to come in here and say that the evil paper is finally done!!! Granted I ended up writing 10 or 11 pages out of 15 but whatever, it's fucking done and I never have to deal with that moron again.

Still no response from the prof in regards to my email though.

one kvetch: I'm having major sinus pain. I have a bad headache, my face is burning up and I have painful post nasal drip. blargh.

((kittenb)) -- I'll probably end up fighting with my parents, but still I'll be happy to see my brothers, and my dog. Mostly I miss my dog.

((candycane)) -- I'm glad the paper is done! Hope you're feeling better soon!

((star)) -- happy kitty vibes -- I had to give up my cat because my boyfriend developed an allergy to her, and we recently moved in together, very sad. I'm glad you get to keep her!

Kvetch -- One of our coworkers gave us the complete silent treatment yesterday. Like, actually did not say a single word to any of the other three employees on the floor. It was so awkward. When the manager came out he was all gung-ho and helping customers, when he was just ignoring them before. SO ANNOYING!


I am so very very tired tonight. I am practically in tears just from that. Work has been intense this week and my lovely home, normally such a resting place to me is a total bomb site. Seriously, I think running away w/only my clothes and the cats would be preferable to moving and packing and cleaning and so on right now. However, that is just my mood talking. I am taking the night off of packing, eating pancakes and watching Lost. My usual Wednesday night date got cancelled b/c The Geek has so much work and his job is making him nutty. I am okay with it but I wish he was coming over anyway. sad.gif But it will be better next week.
So I can finally announce my big news. I turned in my notice at work today. I'll be quitting at the end of June. I gave a ton of notice but that is just how my place works. We take care of each other. My boss almost cried. Her boss actually did cry and her boss just said, "No, she can't leave." rolleyes.gif It nice to know that I am appreciated. I am going to focus on my internship and school and take temp office work as I get it. I will also be responsible for the housekeeping/cooking as The Geek is responsible for bringing in the rent (the other reason I really can't complain when the job takes priority over our hanging out on Wednesday night.) So many big changes all happening soon. But it is all good stuff so I am just going to focus on the positive an d not on the messy apartment.

{{{candycane_girl}}} yay for finished papers!

{{{stargazer}}} kitty resolution vibes. Glad it is working out.

{{{futura, lananas, roseviolet, christine nectarine, all kvetchies!!!}}}

((kittenb)) My apartment is a bomb site pretty much now too. I've been working a lot, and my boyfriend has school all the time, so it's uuugly. Good luck with the internship and school!!! I'll be watching Lost tonight as well, can't wait!
Woo...I had 3 busy nights at work. I'm exhausted. I also feel as if I need to have a big, cathartic cry. I had killer PMS all week and we've made a decision to buy a new place. It's a really unique property, and I'll write more details later. I'm glad, but nervous. It needs a lot of work, which is daunting. Nothing firm yet, but it's in the works. Good thing I'm not having issues with turning 40! At least so far...I have 'til Friday, eh?

Yay, Kittenb! I think that sounds pretty exciting!

Lanan, that coworker sounds pretty annoying and nutty.

Candy, yay for your paper being done, and I hope you are feeling better.

Yay, it's Futura! Being boy crazy sounds like a good time, so yay for that, too!

Star, glad things mostly resolved with the kitty. What a stressful situation. Bleh.

~~~~Major job vibes for Sheff~~~~ Wow!!! Any time frame that you guys know of?

Sidecar, those stories about your neighbor are so insane. Boy, there are some people who have no capacity for normal interaction.

((((DM, Yuefie, Sassy, Pixie, Christine, Mando, everyone))))

I wanted to take a shower this morning...water is COLD! I can't reach the boiler by myself (it's in my attic and i haven't got a long enough ladder. And i was in an accident a month and a half ago, so i don't trust myself in acrobatics right now). So now i'm going to have to buy a ladder (more expenses i don't need). Then i have to find someone who can give me a ride home with it (because i don't have a car. And i can't lift heavy things). Bleh.

((((Amilitia)))keeping parts crossed for the house!

Omg, Lananas, that coworker sounds so childish. And then to be all busy and stuff when the boss comes in?..pathetic. Why did he give you guys the silent treatment anyway?

As for bomb-site-apartments..i'm working on it. Every night i promise myslef i will clean up and read a book. But instead i ride around on the interwebs. Glued to my laptop. I'm pathetic. Well, not so much anymore; i made a start at cleaning up yesterday evening And i will do so again tonight.

Christine Nectarine
((futura)) eep, cold water! good luck with that.

((amilita)) cry if you want to...

((kittenb)) congrats on moving on!! it sounds like a big decision. i hope it's for the best and you and the geek can see each other through. there is always tomorrow to clean house!


i'm looking forward to the long weekend. lots of family time, so hopefully all goes well. A is away doing some recording right now. it's only been one night, but he's been in his own little world lately, so it feels like i haven't seen him for an even longer time. we're starting to talk seriously about buying a house sometime soon. whenever big decisions like this are happening, he tends to get quiet and contemplative, while i tend to get excited and talkative, so this is pretty normal. i just have to remember to be patient while he wraps his head around things.
amilita, i'm curious to hear details about this property you are looking at...all things real estate are suddenly very interesting to me!

hope everyone has a good Passover, Easter, or non-religiously affiliated weekend!
The only thing i had to do is reset the boiler (it's not exactly a boiler, but more one of those nifty things, like with buttons an all). I got help from a friend purchasing a ladder. So all is well. The thing is, my donwstairs neigbor and i share the boiler. That's why i have to get the damn thing going otherwise she's stuck with cold water too.

I just ate a selfmade salad with tomatoes, onions, curry masala, courgette and a bit of mayonaise. Now i'm going to make pancakes.

((((Christine)))) Sounds promising, buying a house!

Have a great extended weekend y'all!
*~*~*strength vibes for kittenb*~*~*

(((amilita))) Congrats on the new place! I can't wait to hear the details.

(((lananans))) Ugh. How annoying and childish of your co-worker.

(((Christine))) It sounds like you are looking forward to the weekend.

(((futura))) I had an old apartment that did the same thing until the landlord realized he had to get a new water heater.

kvetch: So, yeah, I think I'm cursed or something. Another rejection. Eh. I have an interview next week. Plus, another position came available, but, the deadline for applications is early May. I was hoping to have things resolved by this month, but I think that is unrealistic.

Thanks for the strength vibes everyone. I have been packing and doing laundry all day. My house looks different although maybe not better. I think, at this point, it will need to be totally empty to look better. rolleyes.gif

{{{{{stargazer}}}}} WTF? If you want to talk, give me a call. Or we can not talk about it at all. Let me know what you need.

{{futura}} Pancakes and salad. Love it!

{{{amalita}}} Wow, buying new property! That is intense. Get some rest now.

{{{{{all kvetchies}}}}}

I just found out that another friend lost her job. Now this friend has some attitude issues, I know, but that makes 4 in as many months. And then here is my dumb ass just quitting my job. It kind of makes me question my sanity.

(((stargazer))) really sorry to hear it stargazer.
((stargazer)) Call me if you need to. Okay?

~~~strength vibes~~ kitten

Well, I was going to go away to the mountains tomorrow... Bailey has gotten worse. He can barely put any weight on his back leg. We're back to the vet first thing in the morning. This brings back really bad de ja vu from my from my family dog who had very bad arthritis, and ended up dying on cancer. Sucks.

Anti-kvetch: My parents sent Mcgeek and I an Easter basket full of eggs containing some mad money, yummy chocolate bunnies , and travel sized flavored vodkas. They wouldn't be my family without giving me some sort of booze in a surprise package.

Anti-kvetch: I saw I love you, man today. I thought it was really funny. Paul Rudd is so cute.

Undies: brown and pink lace boy shorts.


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