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*!*!*!* happy travel vibes for Bunny *!*!*!*!*
Hope you have a wonderful time! Give Mandoo a cuddle for us.

((((((Sidecar)))))))) So sorry to hear the hard times have hit your workplace. Hope you can continue to hold onto your job.

Pixie, congrats on the kitten! Glad to hear it was just one so you won't have to give any away. Glad to hear the show is over without a hitch, too. I'm so curious about what may have happened with the people at the theater. Where do you think they'll do the show next year? Perhaps the Williams theater at the PAC? Or are they wanting something that seats 500 or more? When is the PAC in BA supposed to open, anyway?

Christine, glad to hear you had such a nice time away! Sorry to hear you're so slammed at work, though. As if returning to work after a vacation isn't hard enough!

((((((((Star)))))))))))))) I wish I had something helpful to say. If there was some way I could reduce your frustrations, I would.

QSpice, thanks for the up-date. Do you know if Tes is coming back to stay in the US this year? Or is Mr. HB going to go there?

Kvetch: Very sick. Stomach bug + first day of period = uuuuuuugh.
Sidecar - what does furlough mean?

{{{stargazer}}} I just do not understand why you are having such sucky luck and such a hard time. You deserve better. If there is anyway that I can help, please let me know.

{{{rv}}} general abdominal area warmth and vibes.

{{{candycane_girl}}} It sounds possible that your friend misunderstood your tone and lashed out from his own pain. I think that the reaction to job loss can be really gendered in emotional reaction. I am beginning to worry about my best friend and his boyfriend. They just moved in, the bf lost his job, and now they have become The Bickersons. They were kind of that way before but it has lost the teasing edge.

{{{vibes sent to the universe for tes and mandolyn}}}

Pixie - Fuckhead (Fred) Phelps protested an Elton John concert? So annoying it goes back to being funny. Doesn't he have an abortion clinic to terrorize somewhere?

I have been busy lately, packing and school and work. This morning The Geek suggested that I weed out some of my glassware for space reasons. Now, I could understand suggesting that I thin out my books (not that I am going to) but glasses? I have some really pretty stuff. So no, I am not thinning out the glassware. I am also not thinning out my bed linens or my blankets or my clothes. Well, I got rid of some clothes but only stuff I don't wear anymore. So he will just need to accept that I have stuff. cool.gif

Kitten, I'd love to see your pretty glassware. What sort of things do you have?

By the by, a furlough is when you're forced to take time off of work without pay. In Sidecar's case, if you add the 3 furlough days plus the 2 unpaid holidays, that's a whole week's worth of income she won't be getting now. As she said, it could be worse, but it's still a bad sign.

Pixie, I forgot to comment on the protest outside the concert. How utterly bizarre! Hope you enjoyed yourselves anyway. I imagine Elton John really knows how to entertain a crowd. I think BestGuyPal went, too (he is a closet Billy Joel fan).

It was recently announced that a major film will be made in my town soon. I just found out that auditions for extras are on Saturday afternoon. I wasn't terribly interested until I heard who was in the cast: Orlando Bloom, Ellen Burstyn, Patricia Clarkson, and Colin Firth. Yes, Mr. Firth, the man of a thousand rom-coms! If I felt I had any chance of meeting any of those people, I might go to that cattle call, but I suspect half the town is going to show up. Anybody done one of those things before?

Anti-kvetch: I think I'm finally past the worst part of the stomach bug. Thank god because, man, I was in rough shape for a while there. And Millie was doing that annoying worried-cat thing while I was curled up in the bathroom, which didn't help at all.

Now I'm going to zone out while watching a film, preferably something light. I don't want to add crying onto this mess of cramping & nausea.
*~*~*healing vibes for rose*~*~*

(((rose))) if you are feeling up to it, you should totally go to the casting for extras. why not? what do you have to lose? what movie did you end up watching?

(((kittenb))) well, at least, moving has you spring cleaning your pad. i'm sure if there was anything you need to get rid of that there are local busties who would take your stuff.

(((sidecar))) ok. for some reason, i thought you got laid off. furlough isn't reassuring, but at least a job is better than no job.

(((qspice))) thanks for the tes update! tell her we meece her.

thanks for the support with the internship stuff. i got a notice today from school from regarding a position that is open. still waiting to hear from another site. and to answer your question kitten, with my prior experience (which resulted in a failure), this field is proving to not be forgiving, take a chance on someone, or even give them another chance. psychology is not the best in modeling change, forgiveness, and being supportive of its own.

kvetch: oof. i was feeling low yesterday after the rejection. still dumbfounded, like, how did i go from being on top of things to most places avoiding me like the plague professionally speaking? i felt like i had alot of doors close on me professionally as a result of the previous training experience. well, i was never fond of following someone else's rules so maybe this is a sign i need to have my own private practice.

antikvetch: after 1 1/2 weeks of pacing, reading articles and books, typing of words, the eating of alot of junk food, i think i finally figured out how to write my final chapter. off i go...

Rose, I don't have stuff that is collectable or anything. It is more the stuff that I bought when I worked at Crate & Barrel. This might sound silly but having nicer things that last makes me feel more grown-up. My family sort of gave up on the idea of having fancier items and I always wanted them. I don't buy expensive crystal but there is very little that I buy if I don't love it. I want my house to be full of pretty things that I love. The Geek is more practical than that. He is looking at space and storage and doesn't care much about decor. He will get over it. What is funny is that niether of us have even considered asking the other to cut down on books or comic books. That we understand. I don't read comics but all I asked it that we find a nicer way to display them. I don't want them sitting around in white cardboard boxes when they would look interesting in magazine holders on a bookshelf.

this field is proving to not be forgiving, take a chance on someone, or even give them another chance. psychology is not the best in modeling change, forgiveness, and being supportive of its own.

That sucks and, frankly, pisses me off for you! We, of all people, should understand that the world is all about second chances. Idiots.

I got my moles removed today. It kind of hurts and it looks really weird. The doctor cut one off (felt like he was carving it) and shaved?burned (?) the rest of them off with some kind of radio frequency machine. It did not smell good. I just hope they heal okay w/o scarring. Fingers crossed!
try out rose, try out!

(((stargazer)))) how incredibly frustrating.

kitten, the hardest thing me & Martini ever did was move in together. I moved into his place, and there were a few problems. One was stuff (his place was half the size of my old apartment, which I shared with someone but still) and the other was that I didn't feel like I had my "own" space. None of the artwork was mine; we shared a desk. We eventually rented a storage locker, both put stuff in it, and distributed things equally. But it took me a month or two to figure out that's why I was having a hard time adjusting.

welcome back, qspice! and glad to hear at least your part of the show went okay, pixie!

(((bunny))) i hope you can have a kitty soon.


Yeah, so I'm not laid off. 10 people will be, but I'm not one of them. And yes, I am losing a week's pay (it works out to about 2% of my salary, or my entire raise from last year). I feel like the cutbacks now aren't as bad as they could have been, but there are some things that aren't being cut (like travel budgets) that make me wonder how things will go in six months. I'm lucky to have a job and I know my boss will do a lot to protect me. But it's still worrisome.
(((Stargazer))))Ongoing hugs and support for you. I like the idea of you starting your own practice. How soon could you get that up and running, what would it involve?

Sidecar, sorry to hear your news but glad your job is secure; from your occasional mention of your workload I imagine your boss is keen to keep you. All of us in the public sector here are beign increased to yet more tax levies, chipping away at out paychecks... but I too am happy to have a job right now.

RV, go for it!

Btw, where is mornington?

I am glad to hear others have found it difficult moving in with the other half; the mister and I still wrangle over space, almost four years and a house later...

Glad it's Friday, busy busy as per usual but on track to meet submission deadline Tuesday!

*black mesh boyshorts and unmatched boring beige bra*
Christine Nectarine
i had a total emotional meltdown on Wednesday...i had been really stressed at work that day, and when A got home he started arguing me about some small thing and i FLIPPED on him. freaked out, started crying, told him off and stormed away. this is not like me at all. he was taken aback, and told me off before going outside for a few minutes, and then came back and apologized, saying he hadn’t meant to argue. it was one of those days where i had no particular reason for crying, but i just kept going. this doesn’t happen to me often, and it always sort of throws us both off, since it is A who has a tendency to freak or overreact, while i am the sensible, calming one. i’ve been having tons of cramps etc the past few days so i am attributing it to hormones+work stress. the good news is, i went to bed early that night, got a good sleep, and have been feeling much better since. i’m looking forward to doing not much this weekend.

(((roseviolet))) sounds like you’ve been having a rotten time. Hope you are much improved!

((syb)) yay for meeting deadlines!

((sidecar)) I’m glad for you that the worst did not happen, but it still really sucks.

((stargazer)) hope all the internship stuff gets sorted out. Sounds like what some of my classmates went through with counselling placements, although for the most part, I find the community/non-profit sector much more accommodating than the professional and clinical settings.

~~~kittenb~~~ hope you heal up well.

Happy Friday everyone

*sheer black undies, black satin bra. Comin’ off the minute I get home!
Thank you Kitten! I couldn't remember the name of the Guy behind the wacky protesters. It was almost comical, but still really sad and pathetic that these people are so hate filled that they would come all the way to Tulsa just to protest a concert. One of them had a sign that said "Gays will eat you babies" blink.gif

Rose, I would go ahead and go to the audition. I know someone here who was an extra on The Outsiders and he ended up spending a lot of time hanging out with Tom Cruise back when he was a nobody and relatively sane. And you've been an extra before.

((sidecar)) that really sucks!

Moving in with someone is always an adventure. I'm with you on feeling more grown up having nicer things, but Mr. Pixie had a collection of star wars, GI Joe, and other various toys that I had to make room for.
Happy Friday, everyone! Hope it's treating you all well.

(((((((((((((((Christine))))))))))))))) Poor thing! Hope the weekend leaves you feeling more relaxed.

Kitten, moving into someone else's place must be really difficult - especially if the other person has been living in that space alone. The mental transition from "my place" to "our place" is bound to take a while. Good luck getting rid of those long boxes!

I completely understand about the love of quality home goods. Sheff is the same way - almost to a ridiculous degree. We don't have a lot of dishes and glassware, but what we have is pretty nice because Sheff is very picky. Combine his degree in materials science (glass) plus his youth spent in the Potteries and you'll get a crockery snob! He also strongly believes in buying quality cooking implements that are designed to last a lifetime, so we have pots & pans by Le Creuset and All Clad and some very nice knives made with genuine Sheffield steel. My parents always had cheap pans & knives, so working with quality cookware has been a real eye-opener for me. Now that I've used the good stuff, I can't go back.

~*!*~*!*~ brilliant writing vibes for Sybarite ~*!*~*!*~

(((((((((((many hugs for Star))))))))))) Is there any way you could tell people that you've overcome the things that held you back with your last internship?

((((((Sidecar)))))) It must be really stressful around the office right now. I know it's good that you still have a job, but it's also difficult to be one of the ones left behind, wondering if the other shoe is going to drop.

Hi, Pixie!

Yesterday while I recovered from my stomach bug, I watched "Happy Go Lucky". There are other films I want to see more, but this suited what I was in the mood for yesterday: colorful lead character, not much of a plot, etc. The only problem is now I really want to take flamenco lessons. And find a place where I can jump on a trampoline a few times a week.

As for the cattle call for extras, we shall see. I think we have plans with friends during those hours, so it might not be in the cards. I'm not desperate to go anyway. About a decade ago I had a role in an independent film so I am very familiar with the hurry-up-and-wait aspect of film making. However, I had quite a few lines in that film so it felt worth the extra time and fuss. By comparison, being an extra sounds really boring. But we'll see.

Undie report: comfy granny panties, of course.
So, here's what LeBoy and I did last tonight! Yeah, that's Heather from She did a book signing, so we went. It was fun- she looks just as I expected her to in real life. Unlike Oprah- she's much shorter in person than I thought she'd be. I had all this stuff I wanted to talk to her about when we got up there- about being Childfree By Choice, but still loving her site (she's now known as a "Mommie Blogger", but she's so much more than that and started the site long before having a kid); about also suffering with depression and getting kicked out of college because of it; about LeBoy having some pre-cancerous moles removed, too; about nearly getting dooced myself for reading her website ("Dooce" became a verb- she's famous for getting fired from her job because of things she was saying on her blog; I caught up on all the archives several years ago while working at a dull job where I wasn't supposed to be on the internet and nearly got nailed) but all I came up with when I got up there was to thank her for introducing us to The Walkmen, a really great band she talked about on her site. Oh well.

My period came two days early this month. WTF? I was at work and had to go out and buy pads, because it's never early and I didn't have a LunaPad with me. It was such a relief when I got home to be able to switch into one. Reaffirmed my commitment to them.

Anyway, sidecar, that sucks; but like you said, anyone who has a job at all has to be grateful for it. sad.gif

Kitten, LeBoy and I both came from our parents' houses to move here, so it's always been OURS. I think he's had the "you're bringing that with?!?!?" reaction towards me more than me towards him. Well, actually, he's still got a bunch of RPG/D & D stuff at his parents' house that we have no place for, but he refuses to give up. If it's been this long and he hasn't missed it, I say he should get rid of it, but whatever. There's a game store out here that has an auction for used stuff that I keep wanting him to donate it to. If you do decide to purge some glassware, I'll be happy to take some off your hands!

Oh rose, being married to a man with high standards for cooking equipment must be a terrible burden for you to bear. tongue.gif Just kidding, honey. I'm lucky to have a man who is okay with my kitchen equipment addiction. No Le Creuset or All-Clad, yet (actually, our pot set is Emerilware, which is made by All-Clad, but isn't quite as well-made as the real stuff) but we have the Forschner knives that Cook's Illustrated loves (and at a fraction of the cost of the Wusthofs or Henckels that they say are overrated). LeBoy gets to buy Apple computers, I get to have my kitchen stuff. It's the reason we're registering at, along with Crate & Barrel, because the stuff at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target, where everyone registers, just isn't going to cut it for me.

I'm glad you're feeling better, christine. I think we all have those freakouts every now and then.

Fingers crossed that your landlord lets you get a cat, bunny!! Hope you're having some quality time with Mandoo.

((((Star)))) I won't give you the "things don't work out for a reason" line, but I will say that things have a way of balancing out- 2008 started crappy with my eye surgery in March and then the pipe bursting in July- both very expensive. Also, LeBoy's pre-cancerous mole removal, but that wasn't such a big deal. But then we got LeBoy's inheritance from his grandpa, which meant we've been able to mostly pay off the medical bills and get engaged. *If* you weren't to get an internship, what would that stop you from doing? Would you not get a PhD and would just be a therapist (I don't mean "just a therapist" in a diminutive way)? Or would you just not be qualified for certain jobs, like through the VA? Could you do private practice and try the internship thing again in a few years when the climate has changed?

Pixie, glad to hear your show went well! Did you end up with a good dress? Yay for the kitten! Solo's a great name!

Futura and qspice! Glad you're back!

*sigh* I must get out of bed now. I must clean the litterbox, the dog's cage and the refrigerator. The fridge is sticky and stinky and I want to do it before it gets warm out and I can't put the food outside while I do it. 41 degrees today, and cloudy, so I should be safe.

(((hugs to everyone I missed)))

Polly, cool about the book signing. I've heard about that book. I'll have to check out her blog.
The same thing happened to me about my period last month, and was so pissed that I didn't have a Lunapad.

Kitten, one of the hardest things I'm still learning is the use of space and "stuff." Mcgeek also doesn't want to give away his ton of D&D and comic books(which he never reads). Then there are a ton of Star Wars stuff.

I also have a kitchen addiction now, and cannot go into William Sonoma. I only have a few All-Clad pans (these are Mcgeek's) and one Le Creuset dutch oven. He just loves expensive knifes, but we don't have any. I just want some cool Kitchenaid things.

((many hugs to Star)) What are the steps you need to take if you want to start a private practice??

((Sidecar)) It sounds stressful, but you still have a job.

Kvetch: Bad cold since Weds. I took three days off of my not really job. I'm sick of bad tv, and getting serious cabin fever.


Undies: Light blue boyshorts.

Sassy...Mcgeek and Mr Pixie would get along really well! We have an entire shelf of our library full of D&D books...and he has tons and tons of the minatures! But it's been over a year since he has even played. Unfortunatley he seems to have switched out WOW for D&D.
pixiedust - Gays will stop eating babies when breeders stop making them so damn tasty.



My day is going well. My face is healing. The doctor had told me that I didn't need to cover with Band-Aids but I kind of felt like other people did not need to see open wounds on the bus. So I decided to be subtle and use neon green Band-Aids. Looks much better. biggrin.gif They don't hurt today like they did yesterday so YIPEE!

Undies report: White undies w/french poodles, white bra.

Remember about 5 or 6 years ago when a bunch of Busties were joking about recipes that included sweet, delicious babies? Good times.

Pixie, my brother says you may get some snow tonight. Stay safe!

Sassy, I was thinking about you this morning. Sorry to hear about the cold! I understand the need to stay away from Williams Sonoma. Luckily, I now feel that I have most of the hardware I need. My weakness is the gourmet food store. Yumnumnumnum.

Polly, that's so cool that you got to meet Heather! I love her site. She's hilarious & has such great style. Yes, I am well aware that I am blessed to live with a crockery snob. When we go out to a fine restaurant, sometimes he'll flip over his bread plate to find out the manufacturer. Having good food isn't always enough; you must also have fine china! Luckily he never judges our friends' dishes. That would be embarrassing!

Kitten, how many moles were removed? You should pick up some Hello Kitty band-aids just for fun.

It's Friday night & I am relaxing on the couch, watching the world figure skating championships while my cat sleeps on my lap. And I'm drinking hot chocolate. I feel like a cliche, but I'm enjoying myself, so it's all good.
Ha ha, rose- I do that, too. Only if it's a style I like and want to know who makes it. There's a Thai restaurant here that used to have this beautiful silverware- it was very Asian-influenced, but not blatant, like bamboo or something. There were no markings on it (none that I could see, anyway) and they've since switched to plain old commerical-grade silverware. I can't wait to register so I can get some nice, restaurant quality plates. When I worked at William-Sonoma, I learned about how good plates are made with stuff in the porcelain that strengthens it, so it doesn't break quite as easily. Right now I have Corelle (vintage "Crazy Daisy" Corelle) that is fun and I like, but sometimes I'd like to eat off stuff made in this century. At least the Corelle is pretty indestructible.

I've been pretty productive in the three hours I've been out of bed- went to city hall and got new vehicle stickers, walked the dog, cleaned his kennel, gave him a bath and scooped the cat box. I deserve a cookie.

I found out that humanist's friend's brother died of an overdose. Not sure to what. I used to go to her to do my hair, but not in awhile since my grandma started taking me to her place (can't beat free!) Humanist went to the wake last night and said her friend was just despondent. Her friend had an iffy relationship with her brother- I think he had a lot of problems and was doing drugs for awhile.

A girl I went to high school with, who was more of "a friend of a friend" died a couple weeks ago of a brain tumor. It's sort of sadly funny- she had a Facebook page, and didn't have any privacy settings, so I would occasionally poke around. After she died, I went to check it out and there were a lot of posts from friends saying how much they'll miss her and how nice her memorial service was, etc. One of her friends must have gotten hit with one of the spam viruses going around Facebook that goes through your address book and sends spam to your friends that looks like you are sending it to them. So in the middle of all this stuff, there's a post from this girl inviting her to join her sorority party or something. Um, whoever's maintaining her page may want to remove that. How embarrassing for her friend! The posthumous Facebook page is a little weird. I think I'd at least want someone to change my status to "Polly dead."

Ok, so to end this on a good note, here's some cuteness for your Friday night! Hover your mouse over those pics- the captions are funny!
I wish I'd been smart enough to register for nice things when I got married. I mostly felt awkward asking my friends to buy me stuff. Over the years, we've tried to upgrade -- we have Fiesta plates now (although they break easily and I haven't been impressed), some Le Creuset bakeware and Kitchen-Aid made our pots and pans. My great regret is that I registered for a knockoff stand mixer, as I didn't bake much back then and felt deeply uncomfortable asking anyone to spend $300 on something I thought I'd never use. Now, whenever I make a cake, I am like, "fuck me and my principles." I told Martini that when we start our family, I'm registering for a Kitchen-Aid. Baby's going to go to school, and that means he/she will need cupcakes eventually.

Yeah, so I turned 40 on Thursday. I still haven't managed to get my head around that, even though many of my over-40 co-workers told me I'm "still just a baby." I know 40 is still young, but I guess my issues with growing older revolve around the fact that I still feel like I haven't accomplished everything I'd hoped to accomplish by this age.

Wednesday night, the eve of my b-day, I got a call from my mom's housemate, telling me that my mom was in the hospital, and went in last Sunday. My mom is 86 and not in the best of health, so this was worrying news for me. The hospital doctor and nurses weren't telling my mom's housemate much of anything, and my mom was so doped up on pain meds that she couldn't remember what they told her. She finally came home Thursday afternoon, although the doctor wanted her to go to a convalescent care facility for a few weeks before returning home. My mom was not about to go to the convalescent facility, so home she went.

My mom was a nurse herself for over 40 years, and like they say, doctors and nurses make terrible patients. The standard of care they receive is never good enough for them, and this is very true for my mom. When I spoke with her on the phone on Thursday night, it was obvious her hospital stay was very traumatic for her and had really depressed her. While I empathize with her physical pain and mental anguish, it also brings out the worst of her personality, particularly her idiotic racism and mistrust of any non-white person. During our phone conversation on Thursday night, she complained about the Latina nurses speaking Spanish to each other at the nurse's station ("How rude to speak Spanish around the patients. What are we supposed to think, except that they're talking about us?"), and complained about the attitude of the African American nurses and aides, going so far as to say "They must have gone down to Skid Row in Los Angeles to find some of these people they've hired."

When I talked with her on the phone this morning, she wasn't much improved, complaining again about health care and how Obama is going to 'socialize' it, adding the comment, "I hope people turn against him soon and get him out of office. He's just ruining health care!" as if some of the poor treatment she received during her hospital stay was directly due to Obama taking office.

All my mom's craziness aside, though, I'm worried about her. This was the longest hospital stay she's had so far. In the past 3 years, she's had a few hospital emergencies (maybe one or two per year) where she's gone in for a day, maybe two at most, and she or her housemate has always told me about them after the fact. There was something more serious about this time, and it seems my mom's pains are getting worse. The doctors still aren't able to identify what's causing the physical pain, and none of the tests they gave her during this hospital stay showed any conclusive evidence. She has several different ailments, including fibromyalgia (which is like very painful arthritis, only all over your body, and it causes lots of fatigue), colon/bowel issues, heart issues, and sciatica. The point is, she's aging and it's really beginning to catch up with her. With this recent hospitalization, I'm beginning to fear we're nearing the end. And I'm definitely not ready for that.

In other news, things are still on hiatus with the long-distance guy. We still talk on the phone. We've had a few rough patches in the past month, largely due to things being on hold with us, and I've been slowly sinking into a depression over that. After our last rough patch, though, he was able to reassure me, yet again, that he's still very interested and that if it wasn't for his money and DUI situation, he'd come visit me every other weekend. So far, I've been able to maintain my mood and keep it stabilized, but I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up, what with turning 40 and all the crap with my mom.

I haven't even *begun* to unpack all my feelings about all this, and I'm choosing not to deal with it at the moment. I think it would really destabilize me if I did. ...And on top of all this, my 10 year old Panasonic tv has finally started to show its age and the picture tube is beginning to go (at least I think it's the picture tube). Point being, it's time for a new tv, which I can't really afford. But I am, unfortunately, a major boob tube addict and I can't be without my tv. The fact that I'm not getting a clear picture right now and will have to deal with it until I find a replacement tv is not helping my mood any.

I'm trying to take it one step at a time, but I'm kind of afraid of what might happen if all of it starts to surface at once. And need I repeat again, I just turned 40?? ...Ach. I'm struggling to look at the positive, but right now I'm losing the battle.
You do know that you're largely farting in the wind around here anymore, yeah? I mean, it's *not* just ME. I received a grip of PMs thanking me for giving you the straight business.
AP, if you dislike someone that much, please just put them on ignore or take it outside. I think I can safely speak for the regular Kvetchies when I say that we don't want this thread to dissolve into a shitstorm.

Thirties, what a miserable birthweek! I hate the way birthdays that end in a 0 are so much harder than others. Glad to hear your mother didn't have to stay in the hospital, though. That's got to be a relief.

Sidecar, I have wedding registry regrets, too. I felt so self-conscious about it. I hated the notion that anyone might feel forced to buy us gifts - especially fancy ones. Plus we had a small ceremony anyway & I felt terribly guilty when anyone who wasn't invited to the wedding asked where we were registered. Thank goodness Sheff insisted we register for our Wedgewood place settings or we wouldn't have any nice items from the wedding.

(((((((((Humanist's friend's brother))))))))))))))) I can't even imagine how hard that must be.

Polly, the posthumous Facebook pages sound eerie. However, I think it's nice the way people were able to go there and pay their respects. I'm sure a lot of people felt more comfortable leaving remembrances there than they would feel sending a letter or speaking to the bereaved directly.

As for those vintage Corelle dishes, I think they're developing quite a following. Any idea how much you could get for them?

Pixie, how much snow did you get at your house? My brother said he got a few inches at his house, but it was very very slushy.

Saturday was quiet 'round here. Lots and lots of rain. Sheff and I went out for a bit, but for some strange reason the traffic was crazy! Worse than rush hour on a weekday. So after we visited a bookstore, we came straight home & we've spent the whole time reading and watching TV.
Look, Luke Skywalker, you don't have the authority to speak for anybody but yourself whether you "feel" you can "safely speak" for all Busties/Kvetchies or not. You are not the majority voted Obi Wan Kenobi of the Busties/Kvetchies. As far as I know, no vote was put forth giving you such Jedi power. Nor was it given to me, I'm pure Darth Side. The Force is not strong with you. No Jedi mindtricks. BUT. A LOT of regular Busties/Kvetchies aren't fans of Thirties*. I've got the PMs to prove it. Tha Cantina Band is playing her dirge!

Anyways, no shit storm intended, O, great goddess of the Busties/Kvetchies! I bow before you!

Thirties previously opted a few weeks ago to take her ball & go home, which MANY people agreed with. I'm not going to feel bad for encouraging her to go with her earlier tack. I support her in her decision to go away. If she wants to take me up in the Take It Outside thread, then she will without YOUR encouragement. Many of us just want her to STFU & go away, Ms. Magnanimous.

*I guess now Forties.
AP, you're a bully and I don't waste time with them. Why would I want to Take It Outside? You haven't shown me you have an ounce of class.
I'm going to stay out of this one. I don't know enough about Star Wars to participate. dry.gif

Anyway, I have no idea how much they'd be worth- I started collecting them off eBay several months before I moved out of my parents' house. I have a pretty full set- three size plates, tea cups, saucers, two sizes of bowls, a butter dish and I think I have a gravy boat. I might be able to get more if I sold it as a full set rather than the separate components. There's still lots of other stuff in that style you can get- glasses, mixing bowls, pitchers, serving plates, I think I've seen napkin rings. The downside of it being pretty indestructible is that there's a lot of it still around, so I think they're pretty common on eBay.

I don't anticipate having too much guilt about setting up my registry. In the nearly 4 years we've lived together, there's a lot I've held off on buying- I'm still using my childhood set of towels (which I swear, are more absorbent than newer ones I've used!) I buy sheets on clearance at Target. My dish towels are mismatched. No KitchenAid mixer (though I did get a Cuisinart for Christmas a couple years ago). I have been adding to my pots and pans, but there's still some stuff I'm missing. Other than the mixer, I don't plan on putting anything super pricey on there.

LeBoy and I met stargazer for an impromptu dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant. It was delicious and we sat there talking, probably longer than the waitstaff would have liked. Eh, it wasn't like anyone was waiting for our table.

Tomorrow (well, technically, today) I'm going to lunch with an old friend from high school, then helping her set up a Facebook account. She's a teacher and wants to make sure her page is student-proof.

((hugs to EVERYONE))
That's cute that Sheff is into kitchenware! Whenever I go to Marshall's, I look for Le Creuset stuff, but so far, they have only had the oval dutch ovens and I'd like a round one. Someday I may break down and buy one.

It's funny because while I fully support getting awesome wedding gifts, I have been thinking lately that I would like to pay back my family for our wedding expenses. If you remember, we got hitched while evacuated, and my family came through for the little that we spent money on - the minister, the photographer (I hate all but one photo, but that's not my family's fault!), the food and the cake. I think that's it, and I think my mom paid for most of it. So I'm going to talk to her about amounts.

Instead of wedding gifts, we got checks from family members, and sometimes I feel bad about the amounts...but I figure they were helping me when I needed it, and I would do the same for them. It really did help me - I had the luxury of not having to rush back to work and of getting counseling. I think sometimes it's good to be a gracious receiver and just be willing and ready to give back. And certainly, nothing happened the way I wanted! I wish I did have gifts that were from my brothers, my sister and everything...things with meaning. Ah well! Things just happen how they do.

And I dream of a Kitchenaid...even though I don't even have a normal oven in which to bake. The super cool thing to do with one is take it to a car place and have them paint hot rod stuff on your mixer. A friend did that in a couple contrasting colors and it's so hot! And Sidecar, I think a mixer is a very appropriate baby shower gift! You'd use that for years and years, a diaper genie or something just for a couple.

I watched Happy Go Lucky recently and really liked it. I thought the main character was deceptively complex, or at least really interesting. And I would take flamenco, too, if I could have a teacher like hers!

Polly, you reminded me about the Luna Pads I already own! I need a backup on heavy days, and forgot I had those. Perfect.

(((Kitten's face))) I've had a bunch of moles removed, including one on my cheek, and you can barely see any scars.

Thirtiesgirl, sorry things have been rough lately. I'm turning 40 in a couple weeks and I'm glad about it. Wish I could give some of my good feelings about it to you. I do hate that my mom is getting older, too, though...I can relate to that.


You guys are making me need Thai food soon...
Hugs thirties - stay strong!

One day I'll have wedding and we'll get nice wedding gifts - once we're both done school!

Polly - I love Dooce! Heather has been a real inspiration to me, as I struggle with depression as well. A lot of the things she has talked about in terms of dealing with it I can really relate to, and she's gotten me through some hard times, really. I emailed her once, just to say hello and thank you for talking so honestly about everything, it's really helped me - and she emailed me back! Too bad I live in Canada, I would have gone to a signing for sure!

So I did something really stupid. The other night I went out with my friend who is kind of a party animal. I drank way too much, spent too much money on booze, and don't remember getting home, although my boyfriend says that when I came in late, I took a taxi. I also arranged for someone to take my shift yesterday at work, because I was too drunk/hungover to go. I feel really bad about putting myself in the position where I can't remember anything - it's not the first time its happened to me, maybe three other times in my life. But I just have to learn from this and move on. I can't change the past so I can't dwell on it. Lots of people end up in that situation - just not all of them make such a big deal out of it. I'm just really hard on myself. Yesterday was a really rough day, I was in a really really bad place mentally - but my boyfriend talked me through it and I'm much better now. Going to get ready for work and start a new day.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

(((((((((Mandi)))))))))))) Just 'cause she's on my mind.

Billy, are you lurking out there? I'm going to watch the race this afternoon at a friend's house, so I can't comment on it yet. I watched qualifying, though, and it made me feel like I've been dumped in Bizarro World. My best friend and my brother both called me Saturday basically to say, "What the hell?!" a few times (and to talk about the snow in their corner of the world, of course). What do you think of the cars this year? I think they are uuuuuugly. Last year's designs were so much more sleek and sexy. Damn you, FIA, and your annual rule changes! By the by, I noticed in a preview show that Lewis Hamilton is now wearing a pinky ring. Creepy. Combine that with his Pussycat Doll girlfriend and his appeal starts to fade fast.

((((((((Lananans))))))))) Sorry to hear you were in such a bad place yesterday. I've certainly done some things while drunk that I regretted later, but I've never blacked out. That sounds really scary. Glad your boyfriend was there to help you. That's really cool that Heather wrote back to you! She seems really generous with her readers who have experienced depression, too.

Polly, that dinner sounds nice. I love it when you have so much fun with friends that you lose track of time. Now I'm craving Thai food, too.

Amilita, glad you liked "Happy Go Lucky". It's a shame we don't live in the same town because I would definitely take a flamenco class with you! As for the wedding stuff, I think what your family did for you was much more special. They didn't just invest in a collection of fancy flatware. They invested in you and helped you recover from a nightmarish situation.

I'm not sure how I feel about getting a Kitchenaid mixer. Part of me would love it because I like to bake. However, I hate the idea of this heavy, hulking thing taking up so much space on my countertop. The only appliance we leave out is our electric tea kettle because we use it a couple times a day. Everything else gets put away. At least that's the excuse I tell myself to keep me from running out and buying one! Besides, how do you pick a color? There are too many to choose from!

I've heard that you can sometimes find Le Creuset cast iron pieces at Tuesday Morning for great prices, but usually in discontinued colors. There are Le Creuset outlet stores around (there's one about an hour from my house) but I don't know if their prices are any better than elsewhere. Sheff bought our Le Creuset items on sale for my 30th birthday - yes, one of those dreaded birthdays that end in a 0! I found it slightly depressing to realize that the dutch oven I held in my hands was guaranteed to be useful far longer than I was, but a week or so later I got over the birthday blues & I've loved the pots ever since.

Anti-kvetch: The sun is out!!! We've gotten a lot of rain recently - especially on the weekends - so this is amazing. Millie is spread-eagled in a sunbeam, soaking up every bit she can before the clouds return.
You guys, it fucking snowed! I am so glad I have no reason to go outside today.

RV, I have a city-sized galley kitchen and I don't have much room either. Most of my appliances (Mixer, blender, ice cream maker, etc.) are kept in cabinets in my dining room. The appliances on my countertop are the food processor, the microwave and the coffee pot.

I liked Happy Go Lucky a lot when I saw it. I liked that the lead character was very cheerful but she wasn't some kind of childlike innocent, just someone who always saw the positive.

((((amilita)))) what rose said.

Polly/star I'm glad you guys went out *last* night! It is ugly outside.
Wow. Everyone keeps saying how awful things are outside. It doesn't look that bad where I am at. We had a dusting of snow, but it looks like it is melting. blink.gif

(((rose))) send the sunshine our way!

(((lananans))) try not to beat yourself up too much. like you said, it is a new day.

(((polly))) yeah for spontaneous meals!

(((amilita))) are you going to NYC for your bday? i thought you had some cool bday plans, but i can't remember.

I had a great night last night. Initially, I was going to a meetup, but traffic was bad and I was terribly late. The rain didn't help matters. So, I rung up Polly and Leboy for dinner at a Thai place they turned me onto. I'm now obsessed with this place. I had a great dinner and convo with them. I, then, went to meet up in the city for a friend's bday. I'm glad I went because she seemed genuinely happy to see me come. I got to catch up with some former coworkers. Belly full and good company. Yes!

antikvetch: so i have an interview this coming friday. internship vibes needed!! also, the big D will be finished tonight. Keep an eye on the "I Did It" thread. wink.gif

Rose, I recorded the race during the early morning hours and will watch it later today. I've steered clear of any websites with sports information. I'll give you my impressions at a later time!
Rose, ready when you are smile.gif The cars are butt-ugly. From head-on they are boxy looking, a step backwards. That race was a tough one for almost everyone.
((stargazer)) -- good internship vibes coming your way!

sidecar - snowed here too, wtf?!


-- thanks for the good vibes -- I wasn't feeling so hot when I woke up this morning but I look at comments like don't beat yourself up and I feel better a bit.

I can't believe this snow though! It's not even a lot but its really annoying.
~*#*@!&@*!~ internship vibes a-plenty for Stargazer ~*#$*!*~
Hooray for seeing the finish line on that dissertation! That's HUGE! What are you going to do to celebrate?

For those of you who got snow, does it seem to be melting fast? Hope so.

(((Lananans))) Hope today is better. Be kind to yourself, okay?

Billy, I guess the only way these cars are better is that they no longer have those funky bumps and fins that made last year's cars look more like warthogs than cars. But I do not like the higher noses or the stupid, boxy back wings. Bah. Other than that it was a fun race to watch! We were joking that the bookies out there must be really confused by the events this week. The whole season is up in the air! I was really happy for the entire Brawn team. What a great underdog story. It was great to see Barrichello up on that podium again. Button, too (never thought I'd see him on top again!). I hope we continue to see great things from that team.

Kvetch: My stomach is still flaky. Not as bad as last week, though. Today I think it may be more of an emotional response than anything else.

I don't know if it made the national news, but there was an awful shooting in NC yesterday morning. A man walked into a nursing home of all places and killed 8 people. It is rumored that his ex-wife worked at that nursing home, but was not a victim in the shooting. Seven of the 8 victims ranged in age from 78 to 98 years old. All of those harmless, elderly people - people who were too frail to even run to safety. The whole story just rips my heart out. Sorry to be a downer. I just can't help but think about the facility where my grandparents lived in their final years & all the people who lived there with them. I imagine those sweet little ladies who we used to visit & give manicures as they sat in their wheelchairs. Yesterday's victims were just like those people.
***** internship vibes for Star, and yay for finishing D!! *****

We didn't get snow, but the rain finally went away. It was amazing yesterday.

((Lanaannas) Are you feeling better?

RV, I heard about that on the news.

Kvetch: I too, still have a bad stomach ache. Mcgeek caught my cold, and I hope he's not sick when he takes the GRE this upcoming weekend. Bailey(his dog) is sleeping by his side. I'm also still a little depressed from yesterday.

I wanted to rent Happy Go Lucky, but it wasn't On Demand. sad.gif


I'm feeling better - I keep telling myself that everyone does stupid things when drunk, and I've been in worse situations before so I really shouldn't beat myself up over it. I just keep thinking about worst case scenarios and don't know who saw me falling down drunk and am almost afraid of going outside because of it. I can't explain, it's just this tight feeling in my chest. It comes and goes though. I spent the whole morning cleaning our apartment and doing laundry to keep my mind off of things...

(((kvetchies))) I hope everyone is doing well today.
*delurks briefly*

Hey lananans, those guilty feelings of shame and badness are all part and parcel of the hangover nuisance! Like PMS, they have a physical cause. Keep yourself distracted til they pass, and trust that they are not proportionate reflections of reality.

ETA: Fresh air and exercise will also help to speed them away.

QUOTE(roseviolet @ Mar 30 2009, 09:44 AM) *
Hooray for seeing the finish line on that dissertation! That's HUGE! What are you going to do to celebrate?

I feel like a dork 'cause I wasn't even thinking of doing anything celebratory. I guess I could do something. blink.gif

*~*~*healing tummy vibes for rose and sassy*~*~*

(((rose))) i read about the shooting at the NC this morning. so sad.

(((sassy))) what happened yesterday? Did you post about it and i missed it? I hope you are feeling better.

*~*~*strength vibes for lananans*~*~*

Hi Persiflager and Billy!!

I went to bed at 3am. After the past 2 weeks of poor sleeping and eating habits while finishing my dissertation, my body crashed this morning. I feel like I still just need to sleep the day away. It is a good feeling that I don't have to worry about it. Now, I can do things like read for leisure! Yippee!

star, you should definitely celebrate once you're done! At least have a cocktail or something. Also (((((internship vibes))))).

rose, I just heard about the shooting on CNN. I don't understand it at all. They're saying that he didn't know any of the residents or workers. It's just completely random.
((((good tummy vibes)))) for you.

lananans, glad you're feeling better. And just remember, almost everyone gets incredibly drunk at least once in their lives. It's just one of those things.

amilita, I think it's nice that your family helped pay for your wedding. In my family it's still kind of considered customary for the parents to pay for everything but I don't know what other families are expected to do or not do.

As for all this Kitchenaid stand mixer talk, I used to think I would want one but I'm afraid they could be difficult to clean. Also, my hand mixer only cost about $20.

(((humanist's friend's brother))) I don't really know what to say.

Polly, I find the whole facebook/myspace thing to be really weird when someone dies. There's actually a website called My Death Space or something that has the pages of people with myspace accounts who died. It's kind of weird though. Since it's almost entirely young people most of the deaths are either overdose, car accident or suicide. Actually, nevermind. I just went to go search for it and it's far different from what it used to be. It was a really weird site, though.

(((sassy))) feel better.

I had a pretty decent weekend. On Thursday night I slept over at the boy's place after we had some mediocre Mexican food. I swear I am on a hunt to find at least one decent Mexican restaurant in Toronto. Anyway, I had already decided that I didn't feel like going to my philosophy class the next day so I slept in. Then he got up and found out that his class was canceled as well so we were able to spend all morning cuddling and sleeping in.

We hung out until the late afternoon on Friday and then spent most of yesterday together. I found it kind of funny that he pointed out to me that ever since we started having sex there hasn't been a single date we've had where we did not end up making love. That was up until Thursday night though. Apparently he had been a bit too rough with himself when he was with me the night before and he was all...well, swollen. And not in a good way. sorry if that's tmi for everyone.

I can't believe school is almost over! I'm still a bit frustrated with group work (see the cob thread). My presentation went well last week but my partner was fucking stoned!! I don't think it was noticeable but still, that is fucking unprofessional. Anyway, our final group paper is due in less than two weeks and I just know that I'll have to pull the whole thing together otherwise it will be a mess.

On the upside, I recently had a stats assignment and I managed to get 100% on it! Wheeeeee!

Thanks everyone -- it helps to be able to talk about it, and you're all right/have made me feel immensely better. It means a lot to know I have somewhere to talk about these things.

congrats on the stats assignment candycane! And for you star for finishing your dissertation!


Congrats, Star! I think it makes perfect sense that you would crash a bit as soon as you finished. Enjoy! Relax! What book do you think you'll read now that you can read any damn thing you want?
~$*!@~ continued internship vibes ~*@&$!~

Candy, I haaaaaate group projects. There's always at least one asshole in the group who doesn't do anything & skates by on the work of others. At least you get to have some stellar nookie in your free time, right?

Hi, Persiflager!

~~~~~~ soothing for Sassy's stomach ~~~~~~~
What has McGeek been doing to study for the GRE? Did he take a class or read a book?

Anti-kvetch: I think my stomach is finally better! Took long enough.
QUOTE(thirtiesgirl @ Mar 28 2009, 11:30 PM) *
Yeah, so I turned 40 on Thursday. I still haven't managed to get my head around that, even though many of my over-40 co-workers told me I'm "still just a baby." I know 40 is still young, but I guess my issues with growing older revolve around the fact that I still feel like I haven't accomplished everything I'd hoped to accomplish by this age....

I know what you mean, cause I feel it on my birthdays too. It's a good time to reassess, even though it's sometimes a painful moment. I found out a lot of people feel this way, even the ones you would never suspect, who appear really accomplished to you. I think when you feel this way it means you're awake and still have ambition and drive.

Your stress over your mom is completely understandable. It's hard when it's someone you've known your whole life even with the crazy bits.

I don't usually post here - my kvetch today is my anticipation meeting my new roommate next month, and my goal to de-clutter my space before she arrives. I wish there was an anti-clutter genie who would come here and ruthlessly throw things out (or at least list them on ebay for me.)

(((lananans))) i'm glad you are feeling better.

(((rose))) you too! wink.gif

*~*~*healing vibes for candy's bits*~*~*

well, i think i'm gonna get a mani/pedi a a pamper/gift for me today. my stepdad did get me some pretty roses yesterday for finishing my dissertation. smile.gif


Happy birthday Hunny-Bunny!!!!!!
Hope you are having a glorious day & eating some wonderful food!

I feel like total crap for not mentioning that earlier. I'm always forgetting to scroll down to the bottom of the main page & check on that sort of thing!

Star, how sweet of your stepdad to send you roses! He must be a real sweetheart. Enjoy that mani-pedi! You deserve it!

girl_logic, if you find that cleaning genie, send 'im on to me. wink.gif

Anti-kvetch: I did something kinda wacky today. I went ice skating! On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, there's a special skating session for adults only (18 & over) with a coach there to help. I used to be a competitive skater, but that was over a decade ago & now I can't do a lot of things that used to be second nature. It was really great to have the coach there to help. She reminded me of some basics that I'd forgotten before. The other adults were very sweet and encouraging, too. Unfortunately, the price will keep me from going as often as I like, but maybe we can find room in the budget for me to join them a couple times a month. It felt really really great to feel the ice under my feet again.
Thanks for the birthday wishes (((everyone))).

mandolyn sent me an e-card, which was so touching smile.gif; she is truly an inspirational woman.

I had a lovely visit at home although it was emotional. Mandoo was fabulous and sends miaows.

Today has been great: the boy spoiled me within our current limit. He treated me to a beautiful boxset of the Penguin Great Loves series and made me a fabulous meal: chicken breasts stuffed with chorizo & ricotta, wrapped in pancetta, and served with spring onion mash and green beans cooked with butter and garlic & raspberry pavlova for dessert ... mmmm, it was amazing.

So ... some of you have possibly detected that I have been a little discontented with the lounge of late and I've decided to take a break. I'm not flouncing, at least not yet, but I need to focus on other things without entangling myself in petty disputes and people that don't matter. I've been considering this for the last month or so and it is apt that I choose my birthday to implement my decision as it's time to grow up. Many of you I engage with more on facebook nowadays anyway and the rest of you who matter I either know in real life or you have my email address. This was the only thread where I wanted to say the above and I don't want it to come off as if I'm doing a dramatic pugs' routine, but as considerate of the posters in here (and a few others) who may wonder where I am. Much love.
The cleaning genie is currently locked in my closet where he will remain until is is all cleaned!!!

Happy Birthday BunnyB!!!


candycane_girl - I hate group work in school.


After a rough night at work I came home and slept until noon. It sounds decadent but god did I need it! I have been getting more packing done (yay!) and I just had a lovely blueberry and peanut butter smoothie. The weather is nasty but it gives me less reason to leave my house. Have a nice day all!

happy birthday, bunnyb!

As for the skirmishes, I found a few years ago that it was a waste of my energy and time to get involved. I have enough drama IRL (in fact, my neighbor who didn't pay her fees for months, resulting in our building suing her successfully, sent an email today telling us not to make small talk with her and that our "extreme" responses made her feel as if her home was no longer her home) to bother with it here. It can be hard, but I've learned to just ignore it, and I stick to certain threads -- well, mainly this one.

star, you go girl! congrats on finishing the big d. and i hope you enjoyed your spa day!

i have to stop posting and finish a bunch of freelance work.

(((bunnyb))) well, it sounds like you know you need to focus your energies on taking care of yourself. once you are able to feel some movement there and create more of a balance for yourself, then coming back to the lounge will seem like just catching up with old friends.

(((sidecar))) oh lordy. talk about drama. that's gotta be a tough position to be in when you see each other in the hall.

rose! i forgot to answer your question about the book i am reading. it is gabriel garcia marquez's 100 years of solitutde. i know the busties are gonna scream cause alot of you love this book. i'm also reading the second book of A.N. Roquelaure's the sleeping beauty series.

I'm gonna have a glass of wine and get ready for sleep. The mani/pedi relaxed me SOOOOOOO much.

Christine Nectarine
Star, wine+sleep+mani/pedi sounds blissful! (and yes! 100 years of solitude – one of the only books I can read repeatedly and only come to love more!)

((bunnyb)) you gotta do what you gotta do. But there is always a place for you here!

my sympathies are with all of you having crap weather right now. I’m appreciating some overdue sunshine here.

Rose, the skating sounds like fun! We manage to take kiddo skating almost every weekend in the winter when family skate is on for about $5, but I would love to get out on the ice by myself sometime. Hope you can get out there again!

((lananas)) hope you are totally recovered and forgiven yourself. It happens to me too easily sometimes – blacking out leaves you with such a terrible feeling, even if there are people who can attest to the fact that you didn’t do anything truly regrettable.

((candycanegirl)) hope your last weeks of school go by quickly! Is this your last term?

Kvetch: headache. blech.
Roseviolet, that's awesome. Nothing like re-visting a skill your body has mastered before - it's like finding an old friend smile.gif

Kitten no shame in napping! There should be a themepark called napland, with all of the rides devoted to comfy naps. (nap teacup ride. afternoon sun hammock-ride. nap in a ferris wheel booth with simulated rain pounding on the roof.) imo.

Christine your poor head. Do you get them a lot?

Stargazer *envies!!* to finish a dissertation (!) and roses from dad.
Happy April Fool's Day, everyone. Hope you haven't been fooled yet!

Bunny, sometimes a break is a good thing. Just imagine all the things you can get done with that extra free time. It can really help to clear your head, too. Enjoy it!

~~~~~ soothing for Christine's head ~~~~~~

~*@#$#*~! continued vibes for Star's approaching internship interview ~*@#&!*~
Oddly enough, I've never read that book. I'm not sure how I've managed that.

Sidecar, what an uncomfortable situation. Sorry this continued to be a problem for you all. How long before they consider putting a lien on her property?

Kitten, a blueberry and peanut butter smoothie? Sounds intriguing!

Girl Logic, that afternoon sun hammock ride sounds fantastic! Mmmm ... hammock ...

Huge anti-kvetch: I just finished our taxes!!! Woo hoo!!! It took over 3 fuckin' hours, but it's DONE! And we're getting refunds from both federal & state, thank maud, so it's all worth it. At times like this, I really miss being single. Back then I could complete my taxes in 15 minutes. This itemization crap is exhausting. I'm sooooooo glad I only have to do this crap once a year. But it's done! It's all done!

Now I need a nap. And possibly some quesadillas.
Happy April Fool's Day, everyone. Hope you haven't been fooled yet!

No comment. dry.gif
The blueberry/PB smoothie was really good. I highly recommend it.

girllogic - as I am terrified of roller coasters, I want to go to your theme park.

A few months ago I was talking about 100 Years of Soliutude on a different thread. I called it 1000 Years of Solitude by accident and was talking about how much I hated it b/c it was endless. Bunnyb thought my mis-naming was very funny.

Today The Geek became an uncle for the very first time! Yay!

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