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polly, this draft will be my first final draft of my dissertation. i'm a strong writer academically. once i get it turned into my chair, i'm pretty close to being done. my school doesn't require us to have a dissertation defense. once my chair gives me the final ok, then i just need my committee to sign off on it. unless they have major concerns, my work is pretty much done. my editor starts the process of going through my dissertation after my chair signs off on it. like i said before, doing this writing now is the hard part. anything after this will be minor. i'm not really worried, but maybe i should be. mellow.gif

**scurries back to finish last chapter**
K, gang, I have been offered a very interesting opportunity, but I'm not sure if I should take it. Tell me what you think.

BestGalPal is the lead in a play that opens in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, a lady just dropped out of the show & needs to be replaced. BGP, the director, and the head of the theater company were sitting around, trying to figure out what to do, when BGP said, "You know who would be great in this role? RoseViolet." According to reports, everyone's face lit up. "Yes," they said, "RV would be perfect! Is she coming to town? Could she do it?" I was not scheduled to be there, but everyone loved the idea so much that they decided to give me a call. They asked if I'd be able to come to Tulsa for 2 weeks to take this part. It's not a huge role - just a few scenes (I would play the best friend of the lead). But it's something, you know? It would get me on-stage again & might boost my confidence, which would be great. We all know I could use that! And it certainly feels nice to be wanted. However, I'd have to leave in one week. And I wouldn't come home until April 6th. And we'd still have to pay for my airfare (which will probably cost about $250).

The director said I need to tell him yes or no on Sunday because they don't have time to dilly-dally. I'm sure there are dozens of other women out there who could perform this role perfectly well, so maybe I should just let someone else have the opportunity. However, if I don't do it, I know I'll just sit at home & mope & be miserable. As for the money, I was thinking about spending about that much on a stained glass class. If I go to Oklahoma for this show, I can learn the same things from my mom for free AND do the play. So in a wacky way, it's more cost effective to go to Oklahoma and do the play ... right?

It's crazy. But is it the good kind of crazy or the bad kind?
Do it, do it, doooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiitttt!! Plays are always fun!

I hope everyone enjoyed Pi day. Sadly, I had no pie. sad.gif
It's crazy good, rose- do it.

Had a fabulous time with the Turbos (as always!) It was the Turbos and then some- they were dog-sitting two other greyhounds, so it was 45mph couch potato city there. They're so sweet, though. And we did get to have pie. Turbo had some homemade cinnamon ice cream, so we stopped at Whole Foods on the way there and got a gluten-free apple pie.

Bunny, you'll have your tickets to Italy before the movie is over, I swear!

I think you'll be fine, star- I just wasn't sure how much more you had to go through after this.

How'd the avocado cheesecake come out, sidecar? I had a really good avocado smoothie a couple weeks ago.
Do it, rose! you'll regret it, if not. It's definitely good type of crazy.

polly, now I'm scared of reading it! I don't have the money to go to Italy! I read a book once set in Paris and a few weeks later the boy and I went to Paris so I know from experience that I do impulsive things like that...

turbo's dinner sounds yummy and I am also very intrigued about sidecar's cheesecake.

yay for the final chapter, star!

I'm planning a lazy Sunday of reading, writing, and emptying the clean washing basket.


rose, in situations like this, I always remember one of my favourite quotes:

"you miss 100% of the shots that you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky

do it. it can only be good. everything you said is positive. the only person who can talk you out of it is you, and it sounds like your gut is saying 'go for it.' listen to your gut without getting in the way. It's always right.


Warning: Long-winded self-absorbed rambling ahead.

Thanks for the support, everyone. I don't think I properly described the other side & why I'm not sure this is a good decision.

First of all, understand that I am a big fan of following your gut. I have jumped on a plane & flown far away simply because my gut said it was the right thing to do. Sometimes the best thing you can do is follow your impulses. But sometimes your gut tells you not to get on that plane. I think that's what's happening to me.

A part of me feels that taking this role & going on this trip would be a major step backwards. I love my old town and my old theater friends, but I really need to focus on building a life here. I don't live in Tulsa anymore so I don't think it will help me to build more ties there. I think if I go, I may feel a huge high at first, but then I'll come back to NC and I will crash HARD and I'll lose the momentum I've been building up in recent weeks. Tulsa has this way of getting its tentacles wrapped around me, throwing me into the familiar comfort of the past, & making life much more difficult for me once I return to NC. Yes, it would be fun to be in a play, but at what cost? I don't want to take one step forward if it means I have to take 2 steps back. I don't want to look backwards; I want to move forwards.

I need to find opportunities in my own community & meet people here so that I'll feel more satisfied with my current life. I don't want to be burdened by the past anymore. I don't want to try to recreate who I was 5 years ago. I just want to feel content with myself here & now and build on that. Taking this role ... well, it feels kinda like an act of desperation. I can't fly all they way over there and put my life on hold for 2 weeks just for the opportunity to say a few little lines in a play. Honestly, it's one of the smallest speaking part in the whole play. Three short scenes. It's not worth it. There has to be more to this trip than that. But there isn't.

Here's the nail in the coffin: If I go, my parents will be out of the country the whole time. Amongst other things, this means I won't be able to work on the stained glass business with my Mom. I won't be able to spend time with family and, frankly, I will only be there because of this little part in this little show. That doesn't feel right. In addition, I've found out about some interesting things that are coming up here in NC that I'll miss if I go to Tulsa - shows I want to see, classes I may take, plans with friends, etc. I don't feel good about sacrificing those opportunities.

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was that I should stay here & nurture my roots in NC. My gut is telling me to stay. I know it's crazy. I know it sounds like I'm turning down a great opportunity, but in my heart it feels like I'm growing & embracing what I have - like I'm saying no to one thing so that I can say yes to others. I want this place, this town to be my home & I'm on my way to making that happen. I don't want to mess this up by putting myself into an emotional tailspin. So I think I'm staying. It feels like the strong thing to do.

But enough about me! I want to hear more about those fabulous pies & cheesecakes!
(((rose))) it sounds as if you are conflicted and there are definitely pros and cons to both going and staying. However, there is a small part of it that comes across as if you are talking yourself out of it; perhaps you are and there are certainly valid reasons for doing so. If you are looking for opinions then I would suggest that you stay in NC but actually use those two weeks that you could have been in Tulsa to put yourself out there in NC and find out how you could be part of the theatrical community there and the community overall (I'm not sure what your aspirations are/how you want to contribute there).

I can certainly understand the fear of going home, of feeling homesick, of the doubts in what you are doing in your new city/new life but it can be validating also to go home and feel reassured that you made the right choice ... although I think my above suggestion is overall the best as it is being proactive and productive.

I'm in a tell-it-like-I-see-it mood today.

kvetch: I've come across a job today that is a little out of left-field but would be more or less ideal for me/would allow me to explore other areas of interests without limiting myself and still being connected to what I want to do overall. The kvetch? the deadline was on Friday! Ugh. I'm applying anyway, in the hope that if it arrives before Monday morning then they'll allow it.
Bunny, good for you for applying anyway. I'm not sure about other offices, but at the places where I've worked, those deadlines were never set in stone. If the right application showed up just a little bit later than the others, it didn't matter. The point is to find the right person to fill the job. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

By the by, I agree with your points. I decided to stay in NC and make good use of my time here. I told BestGalPal a few minutes ago & she understands. She said that maybe this will be a catalyst for positive change - the extra little shove I need that will get me moving in a better direction. I think she's right. I feel really good & strong about this decision. My confidence was boosted just knowing that these people were so eager to work with me and so sure that I'd do a great job on such short notice. I don't need to take the part in order to confirm that. I can take that knowledge and their support & use it to move me in a new direction here.
((rose)) I think you made the right decision about staying in NC. Yes, the play would have been fun, but as you said you don't want to be who you were five years ago, and you don't want to feel worse once you would return to NC. I can understand how it was a hard decision though.

I feel like I am at a crossroads in my life at this moment, I'd say it's my upcoming birthday, but it's been building for years. I was so excited about the possibility of the Chicago job, and then I got overwhelmed thinking about important things like money and the stress of moving and also thinking about trivial things like how would I handle cold weather. Then I have my current job where it's been over nine years, I don't hate it, but I don't love it. It's not that I even have anything that I aspire to career wise (and I don't think that's wrong), but I'm bored. There are so many more issues that keep me torn about making major decisions, but on the other hand I can be very impulsive. I'm rambling now, but I kind of feel like when I am I going to feel fulfilled with life and the choices I make.

((bunny)) Job deadlines don't always matter, good for you for applying.
I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so conflicted and unsatisfied. Sounds like you've found yourself in a rut, but you're not sure how to break out of it. Nine years is a really long time to work at the same place. No wonder you feel bored! I can see how a fresh start in a new city might sound promising, but I can also understand why it might be best to stay where you are for the time being. That's tough. What does Mr. DM think?

Hope you all had a nice evening. We curled up on the couch with the cat & watched a little "Firefly". Good times.
Hello all! I am going to write a long rambling post while I have little else to do.

Roseviolet - You seem like a very smart person. All signs point that way. If your gut is telling you to focus on NC, then do it! There are times I miss performing and times I consider going back to it but no time has been right for it. Having The Geek perform improv can be a mixed blessing. I love watching the shows but I often feel like his groupie. But it sounds like you are keeping it creative in your life and that is very important.

Designermedusa - I wish I had great words of wisdom for you. I've been where you are and it is very very confusing. I hope things start to make some sense or answers make themselves clearer.

{{{bunnyb}}} All available limbs crossed!

{{{zoya, polly, candy_canegirl, all kvetchies}}}

It has been a long and tiring weekend. The reality of my current family crisis has been settling in. I'll post more in the "Dysfunctional thread" but I will say that it is draining me. I had class all weekend. It was Group Counseling class. We spent many hours divided into smaller groups led by doctoral students. It was far more interesting than I thought it would be. Our focus was career and educational development. But then, today, one of my classmates brought up an experience that happened last semester where a teacher and one student challanged her and told her she was defensive. The other student in this incident was me. I was the only one in today's group (other than her) who knew the full story of what she was talking about. I clearly remember the incident as I was so mad at her I was shaking. The way that she tells the story every student, other than "the one", approached her afterwards and told her how she was in the right and every student, other than "the one", did not like the teacher. This is how she tells the story today in our group with me sitting one person over from her. I had no idea what to do. As she seemed to want, everyone in the group sympathized with her. I said nothing. I did not want our group time to become a rehash of that argument. It was a very unpleasent way to start my day and it has put a serious crimp on our relationship which was just getting to the point that we were relaxed with each other. It also made me really scared about running a part of the group in our next meeting. I already struggle with feeling that I do not have friends in this school (a feeling greatly exacerbated by this argument last semester) now I know there is someone in group who is holding a grudge against me. To wrap things up on a great note, as the whole class gathered to journal about our groups, the classmate sitting next to me asked me if I was sich yesterday b/c I had looked so tired on Saturday. Keep in mind, I had not asked her opinion on anything. I wasn't even talking to her when she told me this. I almost burst into tears. She did tell me that I looked better today. It was all I could do not to snap back at her, "Of course I look rested today. I got laid last night!" just to shut her up but I choose to remind her I didn't ask her opinion and went back to my work. WTF?

To recover from my week, tonight I had a nice dinner with The Geek and a good friend. Ribs, mashed potatoes, and Baily's cheesecake. It isn't pie but it did just fine.

That's f-ed up, kitten. At least it's just a class, it's just temporary- I have a co-worker like that, so I have a more permanent situation with someone like her. It's just hot and cold with her and when it's bad, she's a hostile person who seems to have her target set on me. There are days where I seriously hope she crashes her car into a tree.

((DM)) Sorry the Chicago thing didn't work out, and not just for my own selfish Chicago Bustie reasons. I know jobs are limited these days, and I'm not sure what field you're in, so it could be even more limited for you....are there any other options, Chicago or elsewhere? Don't let the cold weather prevent you from at least trying it here- Chicago has so many redeeming qualities that get you through the winters.

((Rose)) I understand the decision, given the other factors. I just hate to see you wallowing in your own crepulence.

~*~*~*~*job vibes for bunny~*~*~*~* I don't think it's a big deal if you send in the application after the deadline. Any place that is that neurotic isn't a place you want to work.

I had a good day- we went out to lunch with my parents and LeBoy's parents. First time we've all gotten together since we got engaged. It went well. We went to the BBQ place we want to have cater our wedding and LeBoy's parents liked it. His mom can be a little picky about food, but she liked it. We talked to one of the owners about catering and it sounds like they'll be well within our budget. Hooray!

Well, I have to be up in five and a half hours, so I'd better go.

((hugs to all))
Kitten, that does suck. Some people are just impossible to deal with, and yet we are forced to do it! I have some coworkers...bleh.

DM, I'm sorry things are so...muddy now.

Rose, not that you should listen to me, but I think you made the right choice. I have moved around a fair amount, and I think it is really important to have the mindset of fully investing yourself in the place where you are.

I also wanted to respond to something you wrote awhile ago, I just didn't have time was about feeling like you were having an identity crisis. I don't even having anything deep to say about it, but just that I feel ya! I feel like I go to all these art things with the Mr. and people always assume I'm an artist, too, or even seem kind of...something...when I say I'm not.

Some people seem to appreciate what I do for a living and we have a good conversation. The thing I hate the most is when people are like, "oh, do you cook?" and I say yeah, knowing what is coming and they say, "cooking is an art!" or some such. Bleh. I love to cook and sew and do crafty things, but I don't need to elevate that stuff by calling it art, especially when we are in a fine art setting. Not that I'd never call cooking an art, but me baking some salmon with teriyaki sauce is not art. I feel that it's kind of patronizing, and I don't need it. I'm happy with my life and what I enjoy. And that stuff is great for what it is - it doesn't need elevation in my eyes.

So, I'm rambling.

Good luck on the job, Bunny.

~~~vibes for Polly and Yuefie and Sassy and Zoya and Candy and Pixie and Mando and Tess and everyone~~~

I'm having lots of fun planning my birthday trip to NY! Miss Shelby Lee is doing well during her treatment for heartworms. I'm trying to eat well and go to the gym like I need to. Things are OK down here.
Hey home chickens. Leaving for Brazil in a few hours to see Gostosinho for the first time since December. So excited! Too bad it's only for a week.

~*~*~*~*~ everybustie ~*~*~*~*~

Rose, I think you made the right choice too. For whatever that's worth! smile.gif
Have a wonderful time in Brazil, QSpice! Stop by and give us a full report when you return.
~~~~~~ ->-- safe flight vibes for QS ~~~~~~ ->--

Mmmmmm ... BBQ ... It's been sooooo long since I've had some good ol' fashioned BBQ ribs. Around here, eastern-Carolina style pork BBQ rules. It is very different from the sweet, sticky sauce we ate back home.

Kitten, wow! Sounds like a textbook case of passive aggression to me. No matter whether you were in the right or not during that previous incident, that does not excuse the way she unnecessarily brought up that topic again in that situation. What an asshole. Sorry you're having to deal with her again.

((((((((Shelby Lee))))))))))
So you've been a victim of The Blank Stare, Amilita? I'm sure it happens to all of us from time to time. And I'm sure when they say, "Cooking is an art!" and things like that, they're just trying to find common ground, but that can fall really flat sometimes. When do you get to go to NY?

~$$$~ job vibes for Bunny ~$$$~


Thanks, everyone, for your support. It means a lot to me!
qspice, have a safe flight and a good trip!

mmm, barbecue sounds soooo good right now! I love sweet saucy ribs.

(((kitten))) that sounds like a really bitchy thing for that girl to do. But you won't be around her forever, right?

(((((DM))))) I'm sure that eventually you'll figure out what to do.

((((Amilita and Shelby))))

rose, I'm glad you made a decision that feels right. After reading what you wrote after your initial post I think you did what's best for you.

Good luck with the job search, bunny.

I don't really have any kvetches. I've been feeling a little bit depressed lately but I'm trying to fight it. I'm hoping that maybe just eating better and getting some exercise will make it go away. It helps that the weather is getting warmer too. It's nice and sunny out and I'm seeing the boyfriend tonight after not being able to see him all weekend.

((ccgirl, polly, morning ton, bunnyb, pixie, sassy, star, christine, mando))

((quantum)) Have fun on your trip.

((amilita)) Glad Shelby Lee is responding well to the heartworm treatments.

((sidecar)) Yay for the vacation to Italy.

((kittenb)) Your classmate that brought up the old issue sounds like a very manipulating person. Also about the classmate saying you looked tired, that is so rude. Even if you were tired, what is the point to mention it.

Thanks to everyone for listening to my issues. Mr. DM is the kind of person that just goes with the flow of everything, I think it’s a major burden for him to give an opinion. He says he will live wherever I want as long as it’s not in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes I think I should have moved to Canada instead of him moving here, but I know it wouldn’t of worked because of the close relationship I have with Twin DM. I think one of the main reasons I want to move is because I want to be away from my parents. My father and I don’t really have many problems, we don’t talk that often. My mother on the other hand is very dependent on myself and Twin DM. I often feel like I am the parent.

I guess I just need to take some time to think about what I really want career wise and then decide where to go from there. Right now is a scary time to be making a change, but I still need to decide what I want to do. I work in insurance, so if I want to stay in that industry I could really work anywhere. I also need to decide if I should go back to therapy.

On a lighter note, I just found out that I can watch IFC films that are currently in the movie theatre on my cable box for a small fee. This has made me very happy.
(((dm))) I’m sorry the job didn’t pan out for you. Fwiw, I’ve been at my job for 8+ years, and now I’m even more trapped, due to health insurance. Ruts do indeed suck. Yet the thought of leaving scares the bejeezus outta me. i'm a firm believer in fate dropping good things in one's lap, however. all my best jobs happened that way.

(((rose))) you had me when you said your folks wouldn’t be there. you made the right choice, sweetie.

waitress is one of my all time faves. one of those movies you just want to walk around quoting.

(((kitten))) I don’t envy you that awkward situation. Try not to let the bastids get you down. You’re so much better than them.

so jealous of sidecar's italian jaunt!

*~*~*~*job vibes for bunny~*~*~*~*
*~*~*~*safe & fun travel vibes for q ~*~*~*~*

(((Polly))) did you set your date? A bbq wedding … *homer drool*

“I'm having lots of fun planning my birthday trip to NY!” – um, please do elaborate, miss amilita … pm or email me!!! And I feel you on the worm issue … zoey’s got roundworms. Ick. I keep asking her, “how’d you get worms, you worm dog you, i give you your heartworm medicine every month?” she just looks at me with her sad pathetic corgi eyes. Hee. (meanwhile, I had to sanitize EVERYTHING last week … I have no idea if people can get these things, and with chemo and low blood counts and everything, I can’t take any chances.)

antikvetch: i have a new niece! my baby brother and his wife had a little girl on friday! she's beautiful!!!!! everyone is doing well.

kvetch: i can't go see her in the hospital because (1) i'm still getting over the flu or a nasty sinus infection that laid me quite low last week (fainted at the wig salon, blood work and catscan at urgent care, raging high fever, missed 3 days of work, NOT FUN) and i certainly don't want to infect mama & baby bear; and (2) now is when my counts may dip, so i don't want to take the chance of getting anything else from being at a hospital.

other than that ... and being depressed about being bald & having hard plastic pretend-tits & not getting a semblance of normality back for many many months yet ... i'm doing ok.

hey, lookit that! a real post! go me!

Go you, indeed, (((mandi)))! great to see you, hun. It brightened up my day.
yay for a new niecelette!

(((kitten))) and (((star))) a'cos

(((dm))) I hope you find your path.

(((ccgirl))) I feel you on the depression.

have a great trip q'spice!

(((rose, amilita, sidecar, sassy, polly, morn, yuefie, pixie, christine, raisin, everybody)))

Watched Rocknrolla tonight and it was very funny with typically Ritchie crazy humour.
MANDI!!!!!! It's so damn good to see you! Congrats on the new addition to the family. I hope you get to hold her soon & enjoy that sweet newborn-baby-head smell.
(((((Zoey puppy)))))
I can't even imagine what you must be going through. To say it sucks barely touches the surface.

(((((((((all y'all))))))))))))

Can't linger. I have too many things to do today.

Mandi! ~~~~~oodles of soothing and comforting vibes~~~~~

be back to catch up with ya'll asap.

(((Mandi))) Glad to hear an update from you! So sorry you have been sick. That has really been going around. Per heartworms and people...when I used to work for a vet...and this has been like 10 years that time there had only been 1 confirmed case fo a human getting it. And I don't think he got it from his animal but from the mosquito that would be able to infect dogs. Hope that eases your mind a little.

Kvetch:I am through ordering things off ebay for a while. First the Betty Paige style wig was very Walmart costume quality and didn't look right, and then the other person sent me the wrong dress and since it came from across the pond there was not time to get the right one out to me, so I had to go to the mall to get a dress for the show.

Antikvetch: The show is going pretty well now, and it will be over in a week and I can have my life back!

Rose, I'm sure you made the right decision, but you could always come and visit friends! You never seem to have enough time to see everyone when you are here.
Hello Mandolyn! It is really nice to hear from you. Do baby heads really have a smell?

pixie - it is funny you would say that about Ebay. I just ordered a nightgown from there. It was spotlessly clean and lovely but A LOT smaller than I expected. I am going to see if a friend might want it.


Today is a great day to live in Chicago. One of those spring days where I want to drag everyone I know who does not live here down to the lake and say, "This is why we put up with the winters! It is gorgeous here!" I did grocery shopping, went to the library, laundry, and turned my bike in for an annual tune-up. Can't wait to get on it.

Have a great day all!
((((Mando)))) Lovely to see you but sorry to hear you've been sick! Not fun indeed. Congrats on your new niece, I hope you'll get to see her soon.

Also, I think if I had a dog the big sad eyes would stop me from ever disciplining it... so it's probably good I don't.

This is a fly-by: we have Paddy's day off (yay!) but as usual I'm spening it on the damn diss. So close now to being done, but I want nothing overlooked so I'm probably being a perfectionist.

However, the weather is lovely which is such a relief.

Should get back to it... *vroom*
(((((mando)))))))) so good to see you around here and i hope you feel better soon!

((((dm))))) it is very hard to be in a rut. and i feel you on the parents thing. my brother lives 15 min. from my parents, and it can be unhealthy for both of them. i hope you two figure out where you want to go soon.

((((((kitten)))))) how frustrating and unpleasant. i hope you have some good days, after the whole drama in your group!

i have been so, so busy. lots of work, both at the office and freelance-wise. i am still recovering from the flu and would like to quit coughing so i can work out a little. I gotta buy clothes in Italy! smile.gif
I've been meaning to post in here and catch up with everyone for the past 2 weeks and it keeps not happening. So please forgive the lack of individual vibes. Just know that I am vibing for each and every one of you.

~~~~continual loop of vibage for mandikins~~~~

~~~~health & de-stressing vibes for all~~~~

Wow, the past few weeks have been crazy busy. I had a wonderful visit with Franpa, but it was cut short because Fran's hip was acting up and she was in a lot of pain. It was so hard to say goodbye, especially seeing them both get all teary eyed. Grandpa wants to come back out in October for my cousin's wedding, but that depends on his health. I want to try to make it out there some time in the next year to visit them at home in Michigan. R is still in the "academy" at his new job and will be starting back to school in a couple of weeks. We won't have much time together once he does, so we took off and enjoyed a little stay-cation at a beachfront hotel in San Diego. It was really nice and the coolest part is that my sis booked the room for us on Hotwire and it was relatively cheap. And we were upgraded to a much nicer room because they were all out of king beds. Neither of us minded sprawling out across our own queen bed when it was time to sleep wink.gif . The building where our room was located had an area called the "adult retreat" which had waterfalls, tropical foliage, chaise loungers, a jacuzzi, and a fire pit. The weather was a bit cool, but we still walked along the beach, soaked in the hot tub and sat around the fire sipping cocktails. It was blissful and getting back to reality has been like a cold slap.

(((((((((continued snuggles for Mandi-my-heart)))))))))))

Yuefie, that sounds heavenly! How nice to have a romantic weekend together after all you've been through lately.
~~~~~ soothing for Fran ~~~~~~

Sidecar, you're still coughing? So is Sheff. Hmmm. This bug is sounding more and more like something I had last year. I coughed for a whole month after I got past the worst of it. I hope it's completely out of your system before you leave for Italy. And you should DEFINITELY buy some clothes while you're there! Just remember that if you continue to lose weight, you can always have things taken in.

Kitten, is the weather still lovely in Chicago? Do the trees have buds?

~*!*~*!*~ productivity vibes for Sybarite ~*!*~*!*~

Pixie, congrats on almost being done with the show! I hope you guys raise a lot of money this year.

As for my visit, I would have been busy every night & on weekends, too, so I wouldn't have had much time to visit friends anyway. Perhaps a lunch here and there, but that didn't seem worth it. Plus, Sheff and I are going to Kentucky & Ohio to visit family the week before Easter. So basically, I would be in Oklahoma for 2 weeks, fly back, and the next day we'd take off on another trip. I don't want to spend 3 whole weeks away from home right now. That feels like FOREVER!

Bunny, my order from Amazon came in yesterday & I'm already enjoying "Watching The English". I wonder how many of Sheff's little quirks I'll understand better after reading this!

Anti-kvetch: Last night Sheff and I went to a presentation by the guy who runs the Post Secret website. It was touching - especially the part when people stood up & told their own secrets. Some of the things they shared sounded SO much like things Sheff and I have experienced. It was kinda eerie, yet comforting. That probably doesn't make much sense, but if you read the Post Secret website regularly you probably know what I mean.

The weird thing is ... well, this morning when I heard the news about Natasha Richardson, I remembered that last night I was standing in a lot of the places where "The Handmaid's Tale" was filmed. I know it sounds silly and self-indulgent, but that made me feel so sad.

Tonight we're going to see a play by this bizarre, twisted puppetry/marionette troupe. I'm afraid it might be a bit too edgy & weird for Sheff's tastes, but he's being a good sport & going along to keep me company.
Scratch that. I decided I'd rather stay at home & watch episodes of "Wonderfalls" instead.
Chicago weather is pretty and clear today but not as warm. That is okay, though. I like a slow slide into spring because then summer doesn't slam into me.

Yuefie - that sounds like a lovely little escape.

Healthy thoughts to sidecar!!!! When are you going to Italy again?

Disertation vibes to sybarite and stargazer!!!!

I went to a plastic surgeon today to discuss having some facial moles removed. It felt funny, like stepping into the enemy's lair. Of course there were a ton of pamphlets about breast agmentations. I tried not to look at them but then I got too curious. Looking at the pics I realized I could have used my first breast lift at about 25. rolleyes.gif I would love it if my insurance approves the mole removals. Fingers crossed! Now I am off to do homework. Later ladies!

Atlanta weather is the same. I was able to go to a great little pub in Decatur...

Kvetch: I took the day off of work (they're paying me now to do temp work basically) to meet this client who needed help with a government grant. Well, she stood me up. I called her to tell her I was late (due to the train), and her phone was disconnected. Ergh. I'm just really depressed. I spent a lot of time last night (and ever said no to a party) to work on research on her organization.

Kvetch: I'm really sad about Natasha Richardson.

Anti-kvetch: I lost 5 pounds! Now, I just ate fish and chips and great beer so that's probably back on my body. now. It was great fun to flirt with the boys at the pub though. wink.gif


Dissertation vibes for star and syb.

Happy Saturday all.

No one posted here yesterday. Hmm, I will assume that everyone was too busy have fun in lovely spring weather. I am feeling a little better than I have for much of the week. I slept in for a change and then ran errands. I got my bike back from the shop. biggrin.gif Here is a picture of how she looks with her pretty new purse (bike bag.) So I got to run my errands in style. Tonight I have a little party and dinner. Should all be lovely. As tomorrow is all catch up reading and homework, I am going to enjoy the day I have today.

Have a great weekend all!
Cute bag, kitten! Nice wheels, too. Hope your insurance is willing to help with the mole removal. I think you've got a god shot, though. My mom had some moles & her doc begged her get them removed (because I guess sometimes they can become cancerous later even if they aren't cancerous now?). Her insurance took care of all of it.

Sassy, congrats on the weight loss! That's fabulous!

I was, indeed, happily busy on Friday. The weather has been really nice here - jacket weather. I bought 2 dresses for $30 which look super cute on me - a reward for being a smaller person now, but also because I need an Easter dress. Did I mention that we'll be visiting family in Kentucky that weekend? Because we are. Anyway! I also bought oodles of happy groceries, including strawberries! I love it when strawberries show up in stores again. We spent the evening cuddling on the couch, watching BSG (I'll reserve my comments on that to the Frack Me thread).

Today we've been SO lazy! I worked out a bit & made pink lemonade sorbet, but then I planted my butt on the couch & that is where I have stayed. Hopefully I'll do more tomorrow.
(((rose))) it sounds like you are enjoying the lovely weather. what part of kentucky will you be visiting??

(((kittenb))) nice bike addition!

(((sassy))) congrats on the weight loss even if it was unexpected!

i had a goodnight last night. the weather was spectacular in chicago. i went to my first roller derby game with polly, leboy, and the prophecys. we loaded up on dinner at this great mexican restaurant before the game and then went back to the prophecys' place to eat polly's yummy cake. it was so good and rich that i felt bad that i couldn't eat more.

kvetch: i swear i've become hazardous with parking lots like some senior citizen. i suck at backing out! so, as i was pulling out of this cramped lot...i hit a car that was sticking out. damn! i have damage to the rear of my car. blah. i thought my car had all its bad karma it could get this year after the accident in january. sad.gif

Happy Birthday, sidecar! I hope you have a lovely day.

We used gift vouchers we received for Christmas for two seats with footstools at plush cinema in Notting Hill on Saturday to see Watchmen; the seats were incredibly comfy and I thought the movie was dreadful. I was bored to tears although the boy enjoyed it. Last night we saw Marley & Me and although I was reduced to tears it was because of the emotion, not boredom.

Seeing a puppy onscreen made me want kittens badly. The boy and I have always known we would have cats together but I think the timing is imminent as I am very broody; I don't think it's too much of a commitment for us, we are solid as a couple and up to the responsibility for other heartbeats. We will see what happens ... our lease doesn't allow for pets (although I imagine rugrats are acceptable).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIDECAR!!!! Hope you're having a fabulous day!

Bunny, maybe if the Boy isn't ready to do a permanent adoption, you could try fostering kitties for a rescue group. I know a number of people who've done this & really loved it.

Star, so sorry to hear about the car issues! When is the world gonna give you a break? Glad to hear you had fun with those fabulous Busties. I've never watched a roller derby game before. How long do those last?

Sunday afternoon I saw the show by the freaky, edgy puppet troupe I mentioned last week. It was amazing! Dark and creepy and strange, but so amazingly creative. They used shadow puppets & these amazing marionettes & there were people on stilts & a guy who played "Love Me Tender" on a saw and it was SO unusual, but really really good! I mean, this kind of thing can be taken too far & can turn into a cheap circus side show when done poorly, but it wasn't like that at all. I look forward to seeing more from this troupe. I don't know if I have the right skills to volunteer with them, but I'll enjoy supporting them in other ways.

The only other thing Sheff and I did this weekend was watch many episodes of "Wonderfalls". We've almost watched them all now which makes me kinda sad. Sheff has really loved it, so maybe I'll introduce him to "Dead Like Me" next.
The boy wants cats, it's our landlord that doesn't.
HAPPY BIRFDAY to our beloved sidecar!

Aww bunny, I wish you could have a kitty. Stupid landlord.

((((star))))) honey, I feel you on the car issues. I feel like I got out of one money pit and in to another. But then I try to remind myself that at least I have one to fix up. Doesn't always work, but sometimes it does wink.gif

(((sassy)))) being stoop up never feels good. in fact, that is one of my biggest peeves in life. If you didn't find a way to call me, you'd better be still unable to speak or you'd better run.


Yesterday my sister and niece found a cute little doggie wandering around. It was sprinkling out and he was all wet and cold and shivering, so they took him inside. He was coughing so my sister took him to a vets office that happened to be opened on Sunday. She found out he was a little old guy around 10 years old and had a pretty bad heart murmur which is why he was coughing. The vet didn't even charge her for the visit. She was deciding on whether to keep him for a few days to see if she could find any reports of a missing dog matching his description or drop him off at the pound when the people who live behind her rang the doorbell. The doggie heard their voices and began barking and it was just the cutest reunion. They tried to give my sis a reward and even offered to pay for the vet bill (even after she told them there was no charge!) and food, they were so thankful he was safe. I hope my sis decides to rescue a pound pup now.
thanks for the birthday love! We went to Madison for the weekend, and tonight had dinner with some friends. Martini got me the complete New Yorker and an ice cream maker. Can't wait to try it out.

(((yuefie))) that's such a happy, sweet story. thanks for sharing.
It's a bit late but happy birthday sidecar!
OMG. FINALLY i have internet access at home so i can AT LAST get back into my old busting mode...
I clicked on this thread, and for some reason i landed myself deep into the archives. The first sentence i read was:

"Is it wrong of me that I can't stop focusing on Michelle Obama's fashions?"

That totally cracked me up. I have been away too long!

*****Happy Belated Birthday Sidecar!******
Thanks guys! I had a fabulous trip, complete with lots and lots of portions and giggles and walks on the beaches and what not. I really enjoyed it and totally didn't want to leave. My luggage was lost (which was ok, it's not like I planned on wearing much clothes anyway - but came two days later), I had to get entrance forms at Immigration, and I met his father at the airport after dealing with both of those things (he gave us a ride to the hotel as Gostosinho doesn't have his own car -- most people don't in Brazil, as a tiny Fiesta costs about $15k US) ... I was supposed to go home with him to meet the rest of his family but we decided to push that off until May, when I'll be back for a longer time. The only downside, besides not enough time, is that I totally got used to sleeping with him (again) and haven't slept well since coming back (aka, last night - despite being up for more than 20 hours, I only slept 4). It's just not the same without my little heat factory in bed with me, snuggling with me. (Especially since it's not even 60 out! It didn't even get this cold at night there.)

I did get him thoroughly addicted to Stargate, though, and plan on introducing him to BSG and Babylon 5 as time goes on XD
qspice, it sounds like your vacation was great!

sidecar, I'm glad you had a good birthday.

yuefie, that story brought a smile to my face. That's so sweet.

sassy, congrats on the unexpected weight loss. I think that's the best kind.

kitten, your bike looks awesome!

bunny, that sucks about not being able to have pets. I don't think I would ever be able to keep a pet in the city but I swear almost everyone in my building has a dog.

rosev, that puppet show sounds really interesting.


I have one kvetch. And it is people being bitchy on the internet. One of my lj friends (more of an acquaintance in real life) made a post about getting laid off. I mentioned that I was starting to get freaked out that people I actually know are getting laid off and it is making the recession seem more real. He responded by sarcastically saying things like "Poor you, this must be so horrible for you". It was just really bitchy and uncalled for. I had also commented and said that at least in this city he could probably find another job easily and he was bitchy once again and acted as though I was ignoring our province's huge job losses when in reality I was just trying to be positive.

And then I get annoyed by myself for letting this guy get to me. But what the hell? I was just trying to be supportive and he totally ripped on me. I never know if I should say something or if I should just ignore the person. Internet fighting always seemed kind of stupid to me.
Happy hump day, everyone!

QSpice, so glad to hear you had such a fabulous time in Brazil. He sounds like a keeper! Do you know when you'll get to see each other again?

Futura, congrats on the internet access! Hope the withdrawal symptoms weren't too bad. wink.gif

Sidecar, which ice cream maker did you get? I have one by Cuisinart & I really like it. I especially love making varieties that we can't buy at the store. The other day I made some diet pink lemonade sorbet (with Splenda instead of sugar) that turned out really nice.

Yuefie, hooray for happy endings! Poor little pup. How wonderfully generous of your sister to take him to the vet!

CCGirl, sorry to hear about the argument. You probably shouldn't take it personally. Sounds like he was hurt & angry about his situation & decided to vent his feelings by attacking you. I'd just give him space for a while.

Life is pretty quiet 'round here. BestGalPal is ultra busy, though. A couple days ago there was an article in the Tulsa paper about her & the play. Today she'll be interviewed by 2 local TV stations. Here's hoping they put them up on the internet so I can watch them.

Anti-kvetch: Yesterday I discovered something that confirmed that we did the right thing by moving here. When I went to that newspaper's website to read BestGalPal's article, I found a story about the company that Sheff could have worked for in Tulsa. I could tell that the writer was trying to make them look good, but all I saw were red flags. By reading between the lines, I could tell that they'd developed a number of projects, but haven't been able to find a publisher for any of their work in about 5 years. Remember that no publisher means no published games which means NO income. For 5 years. They laid off most of the staff & the owner moved away for a while, but now he's back & trying to scrape the company back together. They're working on another project (a fashion game aimed at little girls for the Wii), but yet again, they don't have a publisher. Siiiiiiiiigh. Thank god we didn't get stuck with that mess.
Hey all!

Rose that does suck! Good thing you and Sheff dodged that bullet.

CCgirl, I think that sort of thing is in the air. Yesterday I watched a friend and her husband have verbal fight in the status section of her facebook page...umm...there are some things the rest of us just don't want to know! But I think it is the economy that has so many people stressed.

QSpice, sounds like a great trip!

Bunny, sorry you can'y have any kitties where you live!

My show went really well even though we had a very small audience. Unfortunatly, I think our time in that venue is over. We had a lot of problems with the actual people who ran the theater. (yes, Rose, the people you worked with) Anyway, I am glad that is over and it is basically back to normal life.
Things are really busy and hectic here at work. That is kind of a good thing though because we've been having a lot of budget cuts at work lately, and right now is the busiest time of year for my position, so at least I know my job is safe until fall.
We got to go see Billy Joel and Elton John in concert on St. Patty's day! It was an awesome concert. I was really appalled that the crazy baptists that picket soldier funerals and stuff came and demonstrated against Elton. So ridiculous! but it was the first time I have been up close and personal with that kind of hate.
When we got home that night we found out Mr. Pixie's cat had had 1 kitten! Is that still considered a litter? Mom is a siamese, dad is a silver shaded person. At the moment the kitten is mostly white with some grey shading on the ears and along the back. I am pretty sure it is a female. We have yet to name her, but let's be real, there is no way we are goign to be able to get rid of that spoiled little kitten. It has been living in minipixies room and I am lucky if I even get a chance to see it. One of my co workers suggested a name like. Solo.

(((pixie))) omg. I love that name, Solo! It made me think of Han Solo, of course. rolleyes.gif

(((rose))) I think any job that pays in our economy right now is a blessing. Good for Sheff and you!

(((cc_girl))) that wasn't cool of your friend. words can be easily misconstrued. i mean, you've seen what happens in the lounge from time to time, right? wink.gif

(((bunnyb))) yeah, i can understand wanting some furry love. what were the reasons for being anti-kitty for the landlord? usually, people don't want dogs with the potential for noise complaints.

kvetch: i feel grumpy today. i had trouble falling asleep last night. 2009 is hands down a shitty year for me. so, i got another rejection in the email. i'm still awaiting response from another site, but i'm not holding my breath. rejection has become my middle name. so, now, i'm just hustling to see if i can create my own training position. i just don't understand how i got to be in the position i'm in right now. i really hate hearing the whole "things work out for a reason" song and dance. i've been following that way of thinking for the past couple of years. yeah, can you tell my optimism for myself is gone, dead, and buried?

has anyone heard from tes?? i miss seeing her posts. sad.gif

(((star))) sorry you're having a shitty year so far.

(((ccgirl))) he's scared and stressed but it doesn't excuse him taking it out on you; it's tough times for most just now.

I like Solo and suggest Shadow.

I too miss Tes and her purple posts.

Our lease is a non-pet lease, as it's easier to find here (and one of the reasons we didn't bring Mandoo with us). Also, if you remember, this is our second flat and we took whatever we could. We don't know our landlord's reasons and we are hoping he will be open to us having a cat if we promise to have the carpets professionally cleaned once our lease is up or pay for any damage that may occur. However, at the moment we can't afford a cat so the impetus is on me to find a job as quickly as possible so that the boy can try to persuade the landlord.

Off home tomorrow until Monday; I'm really looking forward to it, especially seeing Mandoo.

Have a great (long) weekend (((everyone))).
Christine Nectarine
i've been away too long! it's taken me most of my day flitting between work and bust to read up on everything i missed. i had a lovely (though busy) time off last week, and got in a lot of time with my sisters. back to work has been depressing. we have one more person on sick leave (they are dropping like flies) and go figure, it's the woman who had been given the largest case load since we lost other staff. what do they expect us to do? of a total team of 14 people, we are down to 7.5 + a temporary manager from another program. it's ridiculous. but enough work!


bunnyb - i'm desperate for a pet! i feel for you!

((rv)) glad the show was ok

candycanegirl - ignore the internet bitches! i think people are generally ignorant of "tone" when typing.

kvetch: my skin keeps breaking out. yuck.


Guess who has two thumbs and is being furloughed? This girl. We had a big staff meeting today where we were informed 10 people (about 5% of our company) was being laid off, the rest of us have to use all of our vacation by end of August and can't carry any over to next year (we usually get to carry over at least 5 days to use in the fall or for the holidays), we're taking two holidays unpaid and we have to furlough three days.

It could have been worse, but it was hella depressing to hear how bad we're doing.

((((hugs to the rest of you))))
I talked with tes fairly recently. She was doing ok - a little stressy from work and what not - and is looking forward to July quite a bit. She spent the holidays with Mr HotBuns, so that was excellent, especially after not going home at Thanksgiving.
(((((((((sidecar))))))))))))))) omg. you so didn't need this news. i am so sorry. sad.gif
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