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I'm glad people have liked The Watchmen movie. I was wary of it as well. I really loved the book. I think Mcgeek and I will go this weekend.

Kitten, congrats on the internship!! Also, thanks for the DVD title. I really need to start working out again myself. I've gained way too much weight due to weather.



((rv)) I felt similar when I went up to UGA last week. I was around all these graduate students, and then got really sad about myself. Please just know you're awesome.


((star, morn, mando, kvetchies))

If I could ask one big health vibe please? My mother has been diagnosed with a strange type of hypertension that doesn't respond to medication. Her doctor isn't sending her to the hospital, but it's scary to me anyways. Her blood pressure keeps rising and falling on a daily basis. Her and my dad were supposed to come up for my late birthday this weekend, and instead are heading to a specialist. Thanks!!

Kvetch: Had a seizure on Weds night. I was on my home to have a dinner party!! It may be due to this new medication. I've taken two days off.

Anti-kvetch: Maybe this is stress-induced, but I've lost two pounds.

undies: pink boyshorts and sports bra.

Happy Friday all!

Martini saw it at a critic's screening about a month ago and liked it. He said it hewed pretty closely to the original but said that the woman who played Laurie is so bad that it significantly detracted from the movie. (He wasn't crazy about the fellow who played Adrian Veitch either -- and he liked the actor in other stuff. He just wasn't right for the role, but then Martini admitted no one except young David Bowie would be and there's not much one can do about that.)

I just read the book last summer, and I found it really spoke to our post 9/11 world. He's prescient, that Alan Moore.

I left work early yesterday and took today too, as I could barely wake up this morning. Kitten, I think you're right on it. When I hit a peak of stress, my body just gives up. Hopefully a quiet, restful weekend will be what I need. And what I get. (I mean, this is my life, so who knows what will happen.)
Christine Nectarine
bestfriends dad died on wednesday night. she and her mom were with him, and her sister was in the house too. i'll be going to the funeral on sunday, and she’s asked if I will come to the family viewing first, which of course I will.

(cross posted in Hip Mama's thread)
i could use some feedback on this dilemma - I asked A if he will come with me to the funeral (it’s a good 4 hour drive to get there) and he said wouldn’t he need to stay home with kiddo. I had just assumed I would be bringing her with me, but he’s not so sure it’s a good idea.

she has been to a funeral before, almost 2 years ago when my Oma died. she saw the open casket and everything, and was pretty understanding about it all, amazing for a kid who was 3 at the time. It was within a few weeks of that that one of her grandparents dogs died, which she was really upset about. after all of that, she did develop sort of a weird obsession with death for a while - she had a lot of questions, and talked about death a lot. she would matter of factly state at dinner time “mommy and daddy, I don’t want you to ever die”. she even informed us that her imaginary sister, whom she had been playing with for months, had got sick and died. she was soon replaced with 2 new imaginary sisters. to me, this was just her way of processing everything that had happened, and I figured it was better for her to become familiar with that at a young age, as opposed to when she was older and it would be more of a shock to her. A was always pretty uncomfortable about it. his mother was pretty clear when my Oma died that she thought it was really inappropriate for me to bring kiddo to the funeral.

bestfriends family are an especially kid-loving family, and I’m pretty certain there will be other kids there from their church and extended family. they are trying to take a really positive view of the end of his suffering, and i think they would be happy to have a smiling 5 year old around.

am i wrong? is this too much to expect kiddo to deal with? am i being selfish and using her for my own comfort?

on the up side, i’m taking my sister out for a surprise bachelorette party tonight. she’s 3 months pregnant, so we had to scrap our original cocktail party idea, but it should be fun, which I know she could use right now. so can i!

i feel like LIFE is really hitting me right now. all the incredible complexity of it. it feels like spring today, and i’m really glad.


Sorry for the long post.

*cream coloured knickers with brown flowers and trim, black and white bra. terribly clashing!
((((((((((((christine))))))))))))))) you are a great friend for going to be with your bestfriend. as for wanting to bring the kiddo to the funeral, each family has their own tradition and way of handling death and grief. kids were always involved and present at a funeral for a family member in my life. we never felt the reason to shelter kids from the funeral. i guess A and you need to talk about how you want to share death and grief as a family with kiddo. it doesn't sound to me that you are being selfish. you just want your family with you during this tough time.

*~*~*healing vibes for sassygrrl's mama*~*~*

(((sassy))) i hope you are feeling better.

(((sidecar))) i hope you get a relaxing weekend! you definitely deserve it!

(((sybarite))) Yahoo for progress on the thesis! May our thesis/dissertation mojo help us to finish this year.

(((rose))) damn. i don't know what i didn't think of it, i could've taped the new season of BSG for you! damn. let me know if you need to tape the newer ones. my folks are total sci-fi geeks and are BIG fans of the show. i can send the epi for you on a dvd for you.

antikvetch: i'm feelin' like i've gotten my dissertation mojo back. my goal is to spend today and sunday finishing the damn thing.

antikvetch2: i'm going to spend tomorrow with polly going to the sockmonkey fest. it is my 1 day of freedom during the dissertation finale.

kvetch: still no word about a training site. i still have some tension i feel as i get some distanced from the fallout with my friend. but, it is small tension and no big deal.

oh, and can i ask for some vibes for zoya's little niece? she went back into the hospital. zoya left today to be with her family. thanks!


undies report: going commando
(((((((christine)))))))) Have you discussed it a lot with A? When I was little one of our family friends died and I wasn't taken to the funeral. It's possible that it might be a bit much for the kiddo because now she's even more aware of what's going on.

(((((sassy and mom)))))) I'm sure she'll be fine.

(((((zoya's niece)))))

(((((sidecar))))) anti flu vibes! I hope you're getting lots of fluids and resting.

rose, I know how you feel about the identity crisis thing. I always feel silly because I'm 24 and I'm only in my second year of university. I'm with a bunch of 19 and 20 year olds. I mean, I did get an advertising diploma before this but I feel like if I had just started with university then I could have had a master's or at least be close to getting one by now. I'm in a program with a lot of artistic and interesting people but I myself don't feel creative at all. I'm hoping to get involved with more things this summer.

I hope everyone who's going to see The Watchmen enjoys it. I'm not familiar with the story except that I know it takes place in 1985 and that superheroes are supposed to be a part of everyday life. Or something.


kvetch: the boyfriend apparently has plans to hang out with his friend tonight AND tomorrow. But it seems like that doesn't even matter since I have an essay and an assignment to work on anyway. Blargh.

undies: white with little penguins on them.
Health vibes for (((zoya's))) niece. Thanks, star, I was going to post the same.

(((christine and best friend))) I think you and A should talk. IMO sheltering children from death can be a very tricky and negative thing.

(((sassy and sassy's mom)))

(((ill busties)))

(((thesis and homework vibes for needful busties)))

(((star))) belated on the wedding thing but you did the right thing. Not the same but the boy's sis and nephew will be home in Glasgow later this month and we can't afford to go to visit them so we're not, even though we didn't see them last time either (two weeks after we moved here).

happy birthday to the, kidlet, yuefie! are franpa still visiting? (very belated reply to kittenb: franpa is the collective name for yuefie's grandpa and his partner fran).

I hope gradgal is having a lovely honeymoon.

(((rose))) hun, I commiserate on the whole "what am I doing with my life/what am I contributing" schtick.

(((mandi))) ongoing love and soothing wig brushing vibes (that's intended to make you smile).

I can't really contribute to the Watchmen chat ... haven't read or seen although intend to, at some point. zoya is a huge fan and has been telling me about it for quite a while.

anti-kvetch: my aunt treated me to a lovely lunch today and it was good to catch up and actually have some daytime conversation for once.

another (!) anti-kvetch: I'm meeting crazyoldcatlady on Sunday! persiflager and I are going to show her around London a little.

undies: matching pink with cream trim.

Car visited Mando, sounds like she's doing really well, and said she'd tell us all about it -- I'm guessing that she'll probably post here in addition to LJ...?

Hate to post and dash, but I'm giving myself 15-minute breaks every so often with the work I've got to bang out today. Hitting the job search hardcore and (fingers crossed) I might finally be making headway... xo
Things have been hopping here, but I'll stick my head in for just a minute or two. I've got all the work I can handle at the moment and just keep forging ahead. My mom has been hospitalized for 48 hours with an infection, but it's going to be ok. But, we're just sort of losing her by degrees and I don't know what else to say. I'm not sure that the lifespans we're seeing these days are all that desirable.

Many of you mean a lot to me... thanks for being around.

Grey boxer briefs, of course. No penguins or flowers at this time.
((( billy and billy's mom)))

fingers crossed, raisin! we shall find something...

yay for sock monkey festivals!

So I'm really posting twice today so I can gush about going home for a few days later this month! bunnymama and close friend kinkykatykins paid for my travel. I will be able to see the boy's sis and nephew who will be over from Canada at the same time and spend time with family, friends and mandoo. The boy can't come with me as major stuff happening around that time in work but I'm travelling back down the day before my birthday so I can spend it with him. Some of you know that I have been majorly homesick recently so it will be lovely to be home.

We received a gift voucher for seats with footrests at a fancy, independent cinema for Christmas so we're going to use those in a couple of weeks for Watchmen (it doesn't open there for couple of weeks yet so going once it has).

(((everyone))) have a great weekend.

Christine, I was listening to some parents talk about this dilemma on the radio last weekend and one of them suggested a good compromise. They didn't take their child to the funeral but they had a mini service with him at home, where they talked about the person they'd lost and planted a tree. This gave him a chance to say goodbye without the stress of the big occasion. I think the boy was 5 or 6, so similar to your kiddo.


Quiet around here today!

I have a little cold and only have about half of my voice. I think I'll still be okay enough to go into work tomorrow.

I went to the Sock Monkey Festival yesterday with LeBoy, my mom and Stargazer. We brought our monkeys and met up with Ululah while we were there. It was fun. It's the third year I've gone (I missed last year's because of my eye surgery). My cowgirl monkey, now known officially as Calamity Jane, was selected as a finalist in the Mr./Ms. Sock Monkey pageant. Unfortunately, when I entered her, they neglected to mention that I'd have to come back for the pageant today. And come up with and demonstrate a talent. And answer a question (to which, her answer would be "World Peace", no matter what.) Well, it's an honor just to be nominated and I wasn't going to drive 90 miles back there.

I'm very proud of myself- I figured out how to turn on the XBox and get to the instant Netflix queue by myself. LeBoy went to see Watchmen (for the second time this weekend) and I found something that he wouldn't be interested in watching- a PBS documentary about Frank Lloyd Wright.

((billy & mom))

Hooray for your trip, bunny!

~*~*~*job vibes for raisin*~*~*~

~*~*~*healthy immune system vibes for sidecar~*~*~*

~*~*~*healthy mom vibes for sassy~*~*~*

~*~*~*thesis vibes for sybarite~*~*~*

Thanks for mentioning the exercise videos on Netflix, kitten- I don't know why I didn't think of that before, and I found a few available instantly.

rose, I'm also someone who has no interest in being defined by my job, by myself or others. There's so many other things I do and am interested in outside of my job. Anyone who judges people based on their job (or lack thereof) isn't someone I'd want to know.

bunny, I think kittens suggestion for a temp position, assuming such a thing exists over there, is a good idea. I've done it before and they've led to more permanent positions.

yuefie, I hope you've had some good times with Franpa- how long are they there for? And Happy Birthday to the kidlet, too!

Ok, I need to go hop in the shower. And hopefully the steam will help clear some of the crud out of my lungs.

Happy Monday, all. Hope the Americans out there remembered to fix their clocks yesterday.

(((((((((((Sassy's mom))))))))))))

(((((((((((Christine's best friend & family))))))))))))))))
What did you decide to do with the kid?

((((((((((Zoya's niece)))))))))))))))))))

*!*!*!*!* sprakly, brilliant writing vibes for Sybarite & Stargazer & CCGirl *!*!*!*!*

Stargazer, how much did you accomplish on your dissertation? Hope you got a lot done!

((((((((((((Billy's mom)))))))))))))))))) I hope she's out of the hospital now.

~$~$~$~ job hunting vibes for Raisin and so many others ~$~$~$~

Bunny, glad to hear you get to go back home for a bit! How sweet that your mom and Katy are footing the bill. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

~~~~~~~ soothing for Sidecar ~~~~~~~~ Hope you're feeling all better today.

Polly, Sock Monkey Fest sounds fabulous! Congrats on making it to the finals.

Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words. You all kick so much ass, so your kind words really do help me a LOT. I'm feeling more optimistic now. I mean, I'm young & healthy & I have plenty of time to explore life & learn new things. I just need to get out & experience it more.

Kvetch: Sheff has been sick all weekend. He's too exhausted to get out of bed, coughs if he talks, & has a fever. Luckily, his temp is a little lower today. It was 102.3F last night & it's 100.5F this morning. Hooray for progress! It's just a shame that he had to miss such a gorgeous weekend. He wants to be left alone which I understand, but I spent most of the weekend at home just in case. I ran out to buy soup (and lip stain) but that's it.

Anti-kvetch: Finally got to see Paris, Je t'aime and really loved it. I also made tabbouleh for the first time. Lord only knows why it has taken me this long to do that! It was the perfect thing to eat on such a warm weekend.

Kvetch: I'm afraid I've caught Sheff's bug.
**comes in wearing a surgical mask**

dood, alot of people are getting sick? unsure.gif

(((bunnyb))) yay for free trips home! how is hangin' with cocl in london??

*~*~*get well vibes for polly*~*~*

*~*~*stay well vibes for rose*~*~*

*~*~*get well vibes for billy's and sassy's moms*~*~*

antikvetch: well, i made alot of progress on my dissertation. the last 2 chapters will take a little longer than i anticipated, but, i think just getting back on that horse has helped me to finish this sucker. thanks for asking rose!

kvetch: i didn't want to declaw the kitten. then, for a brief time, i was like, uh, no he needs to be declawed. now, i'm on the don't declaw kick again. unfortunately, mama is like, once he destroys something downstairs, he's not allowed downstairs again. argh. i find it amazing that a woman who would say how she wanted to have a big family has no patience for a little kitten. i mean, i always knew mama had little patience, she used to tense me out awful as a kid, but seeing how she is with the, yeah, she has no patience. i did feel better after reading some info on the anti cruelty society about ways to train a kitten to not scratch work. so, i'm gonna go that road.

antikvetch: i had a great time at sockmonkey fest with polly, le boy, and polly's mama. i ate fries like they were going out of style at lunch. then, had a little food coma at the sockmonkey fest. only to be ready for thai in the evening. omg. my food was just as good the next day!

Happy Monday all. I just ate M&Ms at 10 AM. I was hungry and GOD FORBID there be something healthier in the vending machine. I try to convince myself that I could do worse than M&Ms because they have a lot or protein and less chocolate than a candy bar but I am not sure if my body blieves my words.
Your welcomes to everyone for the Netflix tip. When someone suggested it to me I kind of went, oh, yeah, what a good idea.
Polly congrats on the Sock Monkey. So there was a talent competition? Wow, that is intense.

{{{Health vibes to Sheff & preventive vibes to Rose}}}

Star - try to get a good and ugly jute/coir scatching post. Not something that is carpeted. I can't swear that it has saved all of my furniture but I think it helped.

I think Watchmen is becoming an real divisive "love it/hate it," esp. among the fans of the book. The Geek wants to see it again. I am curious what my best friend will say. He is seeing it with his comic book loving boyfriend tonight. I can see a lot of the criticisms that people had with it, I just liked it anyway.

{{{persiflager, bunnyb, candycane_girl, billy, yuefie, and all!!!}}}

Yay for dissertation progress, star!

And yeah for sock monkeys! Your post cracked me up, polly. "World Peace" heh. Are there photos?

It is a bit of a germ fest in here. *Passes some Vitamin C around*.

rose, have you made Sheff some soup or is it too warm?

star, my personal opinion about de-clawing cats is that it's cruel. Evolution gave cats claws and if people don't want their furniture scratched then they shouldn't have cats. Sorry to be so blunt but it's a subject I feel strongly about; I'm sure that's probably where your ambivalence stems from on some level. I would try one of those scratching stands; Mandoo never touched his but then he doesn't scratch, except for every so often on the side of doors (which we don't mind) or when he swipes at somebody pissing him off.

I had fun with cocl and persiflafer yesterday; persi I had met before when zoya came to visit and cocl is a seriously cool and intelligent lady. Our plans were scuppered due to crazy rain (after a lovely few mild days) so we went to a trendy indoors market instead, ate tapas, went to the huge bookstore I used to work in, wandered, went to a pub.

Thanks for the temping suggestions; such things do exist here and I have signed up to agencies. I am willing to do anything at this point (I even submitted an application to Starbucks over the weekend) as I am poor, bored and worried so pride has to take a backseat. I'm not too grand for any work that pays, as long as it keeps me in the life I have grown accustomed to (food, wine and books - once the bills are paid).

I'm still giddy about going home in a couple of weeks smile.gif.

eta: I forgot to add that I successfully baked banana bread for the first time this weekend, using a lovely recipe yuefie provided. It was delicious!

thanks bunnyb and kittenb for your scratching tips! polly gave me the same idea about getting kitty his own furniture to scratch. he onlys scratches on the sofa arms when he comes downstairs just to put his scent on it. he is easily redirected and listens to me. so, i know he can be trained. he doesn't scratch any of my furniture upstairs because he has a scratching post. so, i just need to get one for the downstairs. thanks again!

star, congrats on getting further with your dissertation!

bunny, I'm glad you had a good weekend.

(((((billy and mom)))))

((((rose and sheff)))) don't be sick! And yes, I'm sure that by my just telling you not to be sick that it will work and you two will be healthy.

kvetch: I'm not sure if I'm sick or if it's just allergies. I couldn't breathe through my nose last night and I have a bad headache right now. I'm not sure if it's the change in weather (it rained like crazy last night) or what.

Also I could really use some vibes for my parents and my grandparents. It seems like all of a sudden, things are getting really bad. On Saturday my grandmother's knees buckled under her and she fell but she was okay. However, at one point during the day she was having a bath and then she couldn't get out. My grandpa had to call my dad to come over and get her out.

Then yesterday it was even worse. She fell again as she and my grandpa were going out and this time she pulled him down with her. My grandfather managed to get up but he couldn't pull her up so once again he had to call my dad. So my grandmother was lying out in the driveway in the pouring rain until my dad and his friend could come over and get her up. We think that my grandma needs a knee replacement but at 87 I don't know if she can even be operated on or if it's too risky. It's very likely that my grandparents will be moving in with my parents soon and I know that it's going to be stressful on everyone.

Sorry for the long post, it's just that this is all happening really fast and I'm worried about them.

((candycane & grandparents)) My grandparents are starting to get up there, too. My grandma is okay mentally, but is physically going down, and my grandpa vice versa. I just hope they can both be okay in a year for my wedding.

Star, I'm glad you're not going the declaw route. I have some bitter apple spray I can give you. Sometimes that helps (although it's more for chewing)....also, if the info you already read didn't include this, try putting aluminum foil on the parts of the couch- they hate how that feels!

Mmm, banana bread. I haven't made that in awhile. I bought the ingredients for some apple oatmeal muffins that I have to make.

Rose, I hope sheff feels better and you don't get sick!

((hugs to all))
(((((((((((((((((CCGirl's grandparents & parents))))))))))))))))))))))))
My family went through that about a decade ago. It's tough. I hope your grandma's doctor has some ideas.

Star, kittens can be difficult because they're still exploring & learning. They aren't that aware of the pain & damage their claws can do, so the earlier you can get them to use a scratching post, the better. It's a good idea to have more than one scratching post or pad around the house. My Millie prefers the horizontal scratching pads that she can sit on as she scratches (she has 2), but I know plenty of other cats who like the up-right posts that allow the cat to stretch as they scratch. Also keep in mind that there are lots of different textures. Millie will use the post wrapped in rope from time to time, but she definitely prefers the scratching pad made of layers of cardboard. It's a bit messy because little bits of cardboard come off as she scratches, but it's easy to sweep up.

Bunny, banana bread sounds lovely! Sorry the job hunt continues to be so rough. I think Starbucks is supposed to close some locations here in the states, so I wonder if something similar is in the works over there.

Kitten, I understand your vending machine pain! Everything is chocolated-coated this or deep-fried that. So frustrating!

I made some soup for Sheff for lunch & he ate almost all of it, so that's a good sign. I didn't take his temp, but it feels like his fever is breaking. I gave him a fresh glass of juice before I left him alone, so hopefully he'll drink that between naps. All he has done for the last 2 days is sleep. He doesn't even feel well enough to read, poor thing.
Thank you all for the concern. Mom went home from the hospital Saturday morning and is feeling good; she sounds good. I know Dad is concerned while she is in the hospital, but it gives him some respite which he surely needs.

CCGirl... you family has its hands full. Best wishes.

Rose, did you see where USF1 is now US Gran Prix Engineering? Bernie Ecclestone wasn't at all happy about having his F1 name used.
Glad to hear your mom is better, Billy!

Still coughing. Ugh. On the plus side, having two types of flu in two weeks has done wonders for my weight.
Christine Nectarine
so I decided to give up on my usual tactic of asking questions delicately, and just told A straight out that I would like kiddo and he to come with me to the funeral. And he said ok. Simple as that! Maybe this is a lesson to me to be more clear and assertive. As it turned out, A didn’t end up coming, but only cause he ended up working overnight the night before, so I took kiddo and that was ok. The service was really long, drive home SUCKED (3.5 hours of country highway in freezing rain at night) but bestfriend was doing ok, and I got to spend some good time at her mum’s house helping them sort out left over food from the neighbours, which was good. Kiddo was exceptionally good and understanding the whole time, but did almost make me laugh at an inopportune moment – while the minister was praying she was looking at the picture of bestfriends dad on the program -
“is that R----?”
(whispering) “yes.”
“he looks different in the picture than he did in the basket.” happy.gif

Right now I’m trying to concentrate on work, so everything is ready before I go on holiday Friday afternoon. i’ll be off for a week, and looking forward to hanging out with my sisters for most of it. Concentrating on work is not going so well….

(((ccgirl))) hope your family holds strong

(((billy))) be well!

(((sidecar))) hope you return to being are HEALTHY in every which way

Bunny – I’m jealous. I usually make good banana bread, but I tried to this weekend, and for some reason it failed HORRIBLY!

~~~health vibes to all the sickies~~~
((christine and family)) Glad you were able to clear and direct with A, and I think you made the right decision. Hope you are able to concentrate and work, and enjoy your vacation.

((sidecar)) Feel better.

((billy and family)) Glad to hear your mom is better.

((sheff)) Feel better. ((rose)) I hope you don’t get sick.

((polly)) Sounds like the sock monkey festival was a fun time.

((ccgirl and family)) I hope everything works out health wise.

((star)) I think de-clawing cats is cruel, and that’s why Mr. DM and I won’t adopt a cat. He loves cats, but I’m scared of the clawing. I’m not really concerned about furniture, more about carpet because we rent.

((bunnyb)) I love banana bread, yay for the success. $$$$job vibes$$$$

The Chicago job is not going to work out, but I’m okay with it. I feel like I go back and forth about wanting to move or not, so many things to consider. I guess if it’s meant to be then it will someday.
((((christine))))) glad it went ok.
((((dm))))) i'm sorry the job didn't work out, but i'm glad you're ok with it.

tonight was the 10th anniversary of the first date i had with martini. we went out for a nice dinner. hard to believe it's been that long!
Happy anniversary, Sidecar! Ten years is pretty amazing.

DM, sounds like everything worked out for the best afterall. Are you going to look for a different job in your area or just stay with your current employer?

((((((((((((continued love for CCGirl's family))))))))))))))))))

Billy, I hadn't seen that yet! Ha! I guess it isn't too surprising, though. Bernie has always been so fiercely protective of the F1 name & logo. Remember a couple years ago when that American network (CBS?) fucked around with the F1 logo & blended it in with their own? Bernie gave them a lot of shit for that & the hybrid logo suddenly disappeared from the telecasts. Hmm!

Anti-kvetch: Sheff finally went back to work today!
(((sidecar))) that's so cute that martini and you celebrate your first date. are you feeling better?

(((rose))) yay for sheff going back to work! happy to have the house back to yourself during the daytime? wink.gif

(((DM)))) i'm so sorry that the Chicago job did not work out for you. sad.gif

(((Christine))) i'm glad you were able to be there for your bestfriend and bring the kiddo with you.

(((billy))) good to hear your mom is doing better!

antikvetch: i finished another chapter on dissertation. i just have 1 chapter left! i'm surprised to be at this place...almost finished. *gasp*

kvetch: the daylight savings time change and finishing my, i've been SO tired this week.


Christine Nectarine - I am glad that things worked out for you. Sometimes it can be hard to say, "This is what I want." Good for you for doing so.

{{{sidecar and martini}}} Congrats! Wow. 10 years. biggrin.gif cool.gif biggrin.gif cool.gif

Very glad that Sheff is back on his feet.

{{{all kvetchies}}}

I was over at The Geek's place yesterday. He is donating some furniture and I had to meet the charity. I can see progress with the whole cleanliess issue. Actually, there is a TON of progress since the first time I went over there. I just can't belive that I am giving up an apartment that I adore to live in a place that, well, looks like that. I have expressed my concerns and he is working on it. I just know that there will still be work to be done come May. At that point, I might just have to take a firm hand. Everyone says that it is bad precident to clean a boyfriend's house, but there comes a time to choose between bad precident and my one mental health. rolleyes.gif

((Christine Nectrine)) I'm glad it worked out.

(((rv)) yay for sheff going back to work!

((sidecar)) 10 years is great! smile.gif smile.gif

((billy) glad your mom is better

((dm)) sorry about the job

$$ vibes for those who need them $$
health vibes as well.

My mom is finally better. We're both doing the drug hokey pokey in getting our medications right.
Thanks for all the vibes. We're all going to celebrate a very late birthday party next week. Hopefully, Mcgeek will finally get me a gift.

Anti-kvetch: I went to a grant writing seminar, and was able to meet some people, and hopefully they'll turn into clients. There was also a hot guy that I want as my new boyfriend. I'm such a flirt. wink.gif

Kvetch: Mcgeek. He's not letting me make a pie for PI day. We're both trying to lose weight. Therapy is working. I think it may be helping him more than me. Neither one of us have ever talked about our past relationships, so this therapist is making us do that.

Kvetch: PMS. Ugh.

Anti-kvetch: Although my internship is slowing down (I'm sad about not having a job), I did get the day off today.


Sassy, what do you mean he won't let you make a pie for Pi Day? Sounds like there needs to be some room for compromise here. Make the pie, eat one slice, and throw the rest away if you want. Go to the Cooking Light website & you'll find plenty of diet-friendly recipes. By the by, I've been watching my weight for some time (I've dropped 4 sizes since August!) and I am still participating in Pi Day just for the FUN of it. We're going to have friends over so that they'll eat the majority of the pie &, of course, enjoy the silly fun of Pi Day. That's what it's about, you know: fun!

Sorry if I sound cranky. I understand the desire to keep unhealthy food out of the house when one is trying to lose weight, but you've gotta make some room for fun & enjoyment otherwise you'll just drive yourself nuts. Plus I hate the idea of a man dictating what you can or can't do, even if it's something as simple as baking a fucking pie.

Kitten, sounds like the boy is making progress. It must be hard to move into a place that was just his for so long & transforming it into "our place".

Stargazer, congrats on the fabulous progress! What are you going to do to celebrate after the final chapter is complete?

I've spent the day trying to straighten out little confusions involving our insurance, our bank, and our cable provider (none of it related to one another). Other than that, I worked out a bit & watched a bunch of old Sifl & Olly videos. I really miss that show.
((kitten)) hey, it's going to be your place too! you have a right to leave in a non-sty environment.
((sassy)) i think you can compromise. and you know, make your pie and take the rest to work. That is what I do when I bake.
((RV)) congrats on the weight loss! I have lost 8 pounds since January myself. Of course, a chunk was due to being sick. But I am capitalizing on it!
((stargazer)) woohoo on the thesis! you can do it!

I am still a bit sick (a sniffle here, lots of coughing). Had a frustrating day at work, but it's over now. And the best thing to happen in awhile happened today! I was able to use my frequent flier miles for a ticket to Italy in April. We found Martini a cheap (well, cheap-for-Chicago-to-Rome) flight and we'll be in Italy for a week. I am so excited. I've never been to Italy before. It's nice to have something to look forward to.
Oooh, sidecar, I'm so jealous about Italy!

(((dm))) I'm sorry about the Chicago job.

star, yay for chapter completions!

(((candycane and grandparents))) It's scary when they deteriorate so quickly sad.gif.

I don't think I'll make pie tomorrow (1. I'm trying to lose weight 2. I don't have a pie tin 3. I can't be bothered making pastry). Contravening #1, I may make chocolate brownies as I have an amazing recipe and I promised the boy.

mornington invited me to join the book group she participates in so enjoyed that last night over Japanese food; man, I love tuna sashimi.

That's all, kinda quiet and uneventful here (work, money, the usual kvetches).

undies: still in PJs

Hoosier Mama Pie Company, who sells their pies in restaurants and coffee shops around here, is opening their own store and tomorrow is their first day. How perfect. We're going to be there bright and early! Mmm. chocolate banana pie.
Polly, that place looks so cozy and happy! And therefore quite dangerous. wink.gif

Sidecar, that trip to Italy sounds fabulous! And what a great time of year to go, too. It should be marvelously romantic. Where will you go? What do you hope to see?

Bunny, that book club sounds promising - especially since it's Mornington-approved. What are they reading?

Pixie, are you lurking out there? How are you? Did I tell you that Smokeboy moved into his own apartment?

(((((((((((((((continued vibes for CCGirl's grandparents))))))))))))))))))


Anti-kvetch: My parents leave on their big trip to the Holy Land in just a few days. They're going to Israel, Jordan & Egypt with a group from my mother's church. I'm so excited for them! I don't know if I've mentioned it, but my father used to be a full-time pastor and my mother is the daughter of a minister, so this is an especially personal trip for them. It's really the trip of a lifetime and I'm so glad they're going. My mom's minister is leading the tour & he's a huge sweetheart so I'm sure they'll have an excellent time.

Kvetch: Feeling slightly under the weather. Not to worry, I don't think I caught Sheff's bug. However, my guts & hips are aching as if Aunt Flow might be making an unscheduled visit. Does this ever happen to any of you? My back is cramping so much it even hurts a bit to walk. Hate this!

Anti-kvetch: It's raining. We need it! And Sheff always loves a soft, steady rain. Reminds him of home.

I need to buy provisions for tomorrow's pie party. The masses have requested cottage pie again. I think I'll make an apple pie, too. Sheff would also love a cherry Bakewell, but since that's technically a tart, I'm no longer sure if it's allowed. At least that's what I told him. Because I'm evil. And because I want to make something new.

All this talk about pie is doing some things to my system. Hmmmm. I might have to get a pie too. The other weekend I showed The Geek the movie Waitress. I made sure that we had some sweets in the house beforehand b/c that movie inspires eating!

Rose - I used to get that kind of feeling before my period. I think starting the Nuva Ring has made my cramps hit during ovulation which is annoying.

Bunnyb - enjoy your book club. I miss mine but it was beginning to feel like hearding cats to get together.

Sidecar! That is so cool. Congrats and enjoy. laugh.gif

Sassy - Glad to hear that the therapy is working.

Purple undies, no bra yet. Have a great Friday!

sidecar, I meant to ask if you were staying in Rome for the week or travelling further afield? Rome alone would be beautiful though. Um, are you going after Easter?

rose, we read this very interesting anthropological book, which has some very insightful observations of English/British rituals like our Eeyorishness and queue (line) fascination. As it was my first time I was allowed to suggest next month's read and I happily put forward The Red Tent, which I have already read many years ago but welcome the opportunity to re-read. Besides, it's one of those books I think all females should read, hence the suggestion.

eta: x-posted with kitten *waves*. I love The Waitress!
Bunny, that book looks like it is right up my alley! I'm so intrigued I think I'll order it today (and I'm never this spontaneous with purchases). As for The Red Tent, I completely agree. It's such a touching work. I know it's touted as a woman's book, but I think even men could get a lot out of it if they'd just try it.

Confession: I've never seen Waitress. As a person who loves to bake, I feel I need to correct this.

Yesterday I read an article on Jezebel that has really stuck with me. It was about Cootie Catchers (aka Fortune Tellers) and all the wonderful, silly games young girls play on play grounds and at slumber parties. In the comments, the ladies started talking about the hand-clapping games & songs we'd sing as kids. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane! What's especially amazing is that so many of us from all across the world sang the same songs & played the same silly games. In January I met a lady from New Jersey who knew the same silly clapping song - Bo Bo Say Watten Totten - that I played in Oklahoma, complete with the same hand moves. It was great! I told Sheff about the article & he told me that even he played with fortune tellers as a boy in England. Who knew!

Sidecar, ooooh yummy food! Do have spaghetti carbonara in Rome as it was invented there and tastes quite different to everywhere else, and lemon sorbet for dessert - they make it with limoncello and prosecco, mmmm.

(yes, I have found out since that limoncello is not widely regarded as a yummy drink, but as part of Roman liquor/sorbet tastiness it is delicious!)

I'll need to read that article, Rose. Do you remember how to make them? I was trying to remember recently but couldn't figure it out and I made a ton when I was younger.

The interesting thing for you reading the book will be how notice habits and rituals Sheff has, which you don't necessarily share, and whether its cultural and part of nationality. Reading it as a Scot I picked up on a lot of shared experiences; it really is more Watching the British, although I can see why she regionalised her study. It does make you far more conscious of the rituals we instinctively perform and notice when people deviate from them. Some of it is a little out of date (it was published in 2004), simply due to technological advances and the increased volume of mobile phone and music player usage, and film, TV and internet have affected a lot of the linguistic class indicators.

As a baker, you really should correct never having seen The Waitress!

eta: *waves at persi* the boy makes yummy carbonara the authentic way (eggs instead of cream).
(((Sassy))) I'm glad you and your mom are feeling better. smile.gif

*~*~*soothing vibes for rose*~*~*

(((sidecar))) congrats on the trip to italy!


nothing big to report. just trying to plow through the last chapter. i had alittle anxiety yesterday when i looked at the outline i created and the anticipation of making cohesive sense here, trying to keep it simple and not complicate the language. i did remind myself that i am on the final chapter.

(((mando))) i've been thinkin' about her lately.

undies report: nuthin' per usual.

Hello ladies.

(((star))) good luck with the last chapter!

((((rose)))) I hope you're feeling better. I tend to get cramps a day or two before my period. Also, congrats on losing weight! I really need to get it together. I only want to drop about 3 or 4 dress sizes. I want to keep my curves but get a bit slimmer and healthier.

((((sidecar)))) I hope you're not sick anymore.

sassy, I say, if you want to make pie then go ahead and make pie!

Christine, I'm glad everything worked out.

((((bunny)))) job vibes!

(((((dm, polly, mando, billy, everyone))))

I just wanted to thank everyone for the vibes. My grandmother has some doctor appointments coming up so we'll have to see what they say. My kvetch is that my grandmother refuses to take her pain pills. I guess she took one dose and they made her really dizzy. She's already almost completely blind so I guess the dizziness just makes it even worse. But then she complains about the pain. But I would figure that maybe if she allowed her body to get used to the meds then the dizziness might eventually go away. Does anyone know anything about percocet besides how addictive it is?

kvetch: I think I'm getting the recession blues. It's that time of year when I need to look for a job and I always feel so hopeless. Once again, my dad expects me to come home for the summer. I absolutely hate my hometown and will do everything in my power to avoid ending up there this summer. I must find a job so that I have an excuse to stay here.

one more: I keep looking at allrecipes for some kind of huevos rancheros recipe and it's making me hungry. I'm confused about things like chorizo though. Can you buy it or do you have to make it? I think that as a Canadian, we just don't have as much access to Mexican groceries and recipes.

undies: white with little pink and blue squares all over.

Good to hear your grandmom is doing well, ccgirl!

I found this thread talking about Chorizo in Canada. Mexican chorizo has a different taste than Spanish chorizo, but it is still good. Here is a recipe to make homemade chorizothat I've never tried. You should try it if you feel creative. Back in the days when I ate meat, my favorite chorizo came from El Popular. They seemed to have the least amount of fat in it. You can make chorizo and eggs or cook some homestyle potatoes with some chorizo. Oh, you can also add chorizo to your beans when you make tostadas.

Let us know if you can get the chorizo!
(((CCGirl))) i was thinking of your family today. we are going through something similar with my grandmothers, and Martini's parents, who are in/approaching their 80s. It is hard. (And while you can make chorizo, you can also buy it. I buy chicken chorizo sometimes myself.)

Bunny! I had to look up when Easter was (that is embarrassing), and I am going after Easter. Phew. I don't know what we're going to do yet. We're thinking we'll do three nights in Tuscany (Florence probs) and then 3 nights in Rome. We think we'll prolly rent a car for the time we're not in Rome and maybe try to do some exploring. I took my passport photos to get that renewed today.

I haven't seen Waitress yet, either! And I love baking and Nathan Fillion. One of these days...

Tonight we watched Role Models, and I made veggie tacos. It was relaxing, and kind of what we needed.

((((rose))))) i hope you feel better soon.
sidecar, your trip sounds divine! I am thoroughly jealous!

Sorry, ccgirl, I know nothing about percocet...

mmmm, chorizo!

Off to one of London's many museums today for a lovely day spent with my boy.
CCGirl, sorry to hear that the pain meds are hard on your grandma. I have the same problem. All of the hard core pain meds make me feel really dizzy & can even cause me to faint, so I understand her hesitation.

Bunny, I ordered that book! (Along with the first series of "The IT Crowd" and "Wonderfalls"). Oh, how I wish that box could get here today. Can't wait!

Kvetch: headache + sore throat = canceled Pi Day party. sad.gif
I'm curled up on the couch with a glass of juice & a cat on my lap. I feel really annoyed that I'm not well. I was looking forward to baking! But if I have, indeed, caught this bug, then no one should eat any food I might prepare. Bah.

(((rose))) sorry to hear you are not feeling well. sad.gif

(((bunnyb))) sounds like you have a lovely day ahead of you! smile.gif

mama said she is gonna pick up pie for us so i'm excited. i'm pulling an all nighter this weekend. i cancelled going out tonight for a meetup so i can finish up my final chapter of my dissertation. i want to email this baby off tomorrow night. all parts crossed for me!

HAPPY Pi day!!!

I decided to make a strawberry pie. I found a recipe on Cooking Light. I got on Mcgeek about him not letting me, and just decided to make the pie myself. Sometimes, he's such an ass!!

(rose))) Sorry about you not feeling good. I also love Wonderfalls.

Bunny, awesome day! I may buy that book on my next Amazon shipment.

Star, all parts crossed!!

Ahead a great day of watching Firefly and Pushing Daisies... smile.gif


Yay for strawberry pie, sassy!

Turbo sent out an open invitation on Facebook this morning for dinner tonight, to whoever replied first- my obsessive FB checking finally paid off, so LeBoy and I are going over there for dinner. She's making rack of lamb. I'm sure it will be delicious. I offered to bring something, she said I didn't have to, but I can't just not bring something; I'm going to stop by Whole Foods and hope they have a gluten-free pie left over.

So, is this your first draft of your dissertation, star? I don't think I ever asked you.

I hope you feel better rose sad.gif

Sidecar, your trip sounds wonderful. If you haven't already, talk to prophecy- she and prophecy guy went to Italy a few years ago, to some of the less-touristy places. Italy in April- just like The Enchanted April. *sigh*

((ccgirl & grandma))

ok, need to run to the post office to drop off my mortgage and assessment checks. Hopefully that automated kiosk will postmark them for today. I don't want no late fees!

((hugs to all!))
I'm making avocado cheesecake, which isn't technically pie, but close enough for me! I will let you all know how it turns out. It's baking right now.

have fun tonight, polly and say hi to the turbos.

*fly-by* sidecar, PLEASE blog the recipe for that pie! take photos if you can.

Sounds like lovely days/nights all around, except for poor (((rose))) being poorly and (((star's))) all nighter.

polly, I NEED to read/see The Enchanted April!

We went to the Victoria & Albert museum, walked lots, went to my aunt & uncle's for tea & blueberry muffins then ended up staying for dinner, which was lovely.

Have a killer headache and off to rest my weary head.

Happy Pi day!
Christine Nectarine

just wanted to let you all know that i am sitting back, eating some homemade apple-raspberry pie and thinking of you all!

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