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Glad your mom is home and okay (ish) kitten!
~~~~stargazer~~~~~~ i hope you hear something soon.
((cc girl)) paczkis are the best thing ever, but sadly my tummy was not up for doughnuts today.
DM, you'd be coming to a great town. smile.gif Good luck!

I had a real meal tonight! Not made from broth! Woo! This is counting for a good day in my world.
*apologies for the me kvetch below*

I am so scared and upset at the moment and want to curl up in a ball and hide; I've spent most of today crying and feel hopeless. Life is so incredibly hard and being unemployed with no money is unbearably difficult. It is such a dreadful time to be without work and looking, the harsh realisation being that I am going to have to suck up my pride and apply for jobs outwith my field, anything that pays a wage even if it is soul-destroying. Money is the root of all evil. My debts are a millstone around my neck, preventing me from breathing. The stress of having the boy being the breadwinner and struggling to support us both is suffocating me; the fear of it affecting our relationship is killing me. I know that I have it easier than most, that I have a roof over my head, the boy is working, I have unemployment benefits (even if they are minuscule), we have free health care in the UK in the event that I need any, I have family who can help out where they can... it's rough all over but it doesn't make it any less frightening. I've been slipping down a slope into depression over the past week but today it really hit home how shitty this situation is. I may lament the unfairness of my life and wish that the universe would bring me something good for a change but I've realised that I'm the one who has to make good things happen, that they're not just going to land in my lap.

{{{{bunnyb}}}}} Be as "memememe" as you need. We understand. Your life is scary right now. I believe in you. This time period sucks, without question. But you are strong and you are making the choices that you need to make to survive. {{{{{love & light vibes}}}}}}
(((((((((((((((bunnyb)))))))))))))))))))))) are we drinking from the same punch bowl?? i swear what you wrote below that i said almost the same thing about money, a job, and life in general yesterday. i'm sorry you are feeling so down. sad.gif
((((((((((((((((((((((((Bunny's boy)))))))))))))))))))))))))
It is, indeed, a scary time. But this will not last forever! Just hold on for now. This will pass.

Sidecar, congrats on returning to solid food! Glad to hear you're finally starting to get better.

Kitten, glad to hear your mom is home, but sorry she has bleeding ulcers. That sounds terrible! Hope the meds are helping.

We've been watching as much BSG as time will allow! There's another guy at Sheff's office who is borrowing these boxed sets of BSG, but they're one season behind us. We're watching the episodes as fast as we can so he & his wife won't have to wait for us to finish. We're currently on Season 3. There were a few little things that annoyed me like Apollo's sudden weight loss. Honestly, they made it look like he lost 40 pounds in 2 weeks. Ridiculous. Plus Starbuck's cheap hair weave annoyed me the whole time they were on New Caprica so I'm glad she cut it off. I know these are piddly, silly complaints, but that really irritated me! The whole New Caprica portion of the series felt like a weird, unsatisfying dream sequence, so I'm glad we got past it last night. There are other little things, too - questions & such -, but I think they'll work themselves out as the series progresses.

Kvetch: I was feeling super hungry, so I decided to eat my lunch an hour early. Five minutes after I finished, a friend called & asked me out to lunch. D'oh!
Anti-kvetch: We're going to have lunch together tomorrow instead.

Possible big anti-kvetch: My mom went to a networking breakfast yesterday where she met a woman who is wanting to hire someone almost exactly like BestGuyPal! The job sounds very similar to what he's been doing for the past 3 years, so it could be a perfect fit. As a bonus, it pays better than the place that's laying him off. Fingers crossed! They really need this because BestGalPal is not getting any hours at her job & it looks like soon they'll both be unemployed.
Ugh. I feel the same way as well about being jobless. People keep telling me that I'm going to have better chances of getting a job if I keep my name out there and talk to everyone I know and then talk to everyone they know, etc. But it's hard to stay positive when I haven't had an interview in months. I can charm the socks off people, but no one has offered me a job yet. Even if I get a shit retail job, it's not going to pay rent. Collecting unemployment is not my idea of fun.
(((((((((((((raisingrl)))))))))))))) sad.gif

*~*~*job vibes for for rose's bestgalpal*~*~*
Oh, and seriously? WE ARE SMART WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are, raisin, and that's what makes it all the more UNFAIR sad.gif. We are intelligent, educated and talented and yet we are on the dole ... go figure. We (and star too, of course) deserve good things and a career that fuflfils us as well as, importantly, pays the rent.

Thanks for the support, everyone. I'm feeling better but I'm so tired and drained. I made soup, which comforts me, and the boy brought me home lots of chocolate; now we are watching Madagascar 2 as I needed something light and funny.
(((Bunnyb))), (((raisin))) and (((SG))) I have been there and in searching for an academic post may be again soon. The crapshoot is that apparent requirement to stay positive (as noted below) to increase your chances, so that addition to the job search, generating CVs, writing letters and so on, you're also required to spend your energy bolstering your professional self-esteem. I mean, it's important and healthy to remain positive, but when it turns into a near necessity it can suck.

Which is to say, I hear you. You are all smart-ass women and will find something fulfilling. So say we all!

(Perhaps I too have been watching too much BSG lately... RV, Season 3 gets better. Honestly.)
(((((raisin))))))) (((((((bunnyb))))))))))))) ((((((((((stargazer)))))))))) ((((((((((((syb))))))))))))))

times indeed are sucky. i hope something comes through for all of you soon.
Christine Nectarine

(((((((hugs to all kvetchies, happy ones and sad ones))))))))

work continues to be crazy (i really need to find a better adjective, considering i work for a mental health organization) as 2 more staff have left, and we just found out today that our manager (still on her 3 month probation) was fired. this should be good news considering she was a shit-disturbing battle-axe, but it's a bit of a shock, and means lots more craziness to ensue.

i'm tired.
((christine)) Hope work gets better.

$$$$$$$$((bunnyb and raisin))$$$$$$$$$$ I know it’s hard to stay positive when it seems like no matter what you do you still don’t get results. We had a time where Mr. DM could not find a job, and it is really hard on both the person looking for the job and the person who is the provider. It does get better though. I wish both of you the best of luck, something will come soon.

((rose’s bestguypal)) Hope the job opportunity works out.

((kittenb)) Glad to hear your mom is home from the hospital, hope her health continues to improve. I’ll also add to the Frozen River love, such a good film.

***!!!!((star))****!!! Hope you hear good internship news soon. I definitely look forward to meeting all the Chicago Busties if I get the new position.

((ccgirl)) Yay for being in a good relationship that makes you happy.

((rose)) Yay for getting tickets to the show.

((sidecar)) Hope you are continuing to feel better.

((syb, mornington, polly, mando))

I’ve had a fun week so far, Tuesday I went to see Lenka and Missy Higgins perform (Lenka was so good) and then last night I went to see Kathleen Edwards perform. I’m a huge Kathleen Edwards fan, and it was a small venue with tables (yay for seats), and Twin DM and I got to sit right in front of the stage. It was a really nice experience. Other than that I am trying to not let my mind worry too much about a possible move because if I get the new position I know it will all work out. Have a nice Thursday everyone.
$$(bunny and raisin)$$ Something will happen soon. I know we're all smart incredible woman, and it can be frustrating. I literally had the same talk with Mcgeek last night, about him providing for the whole household. I'm going to have to register for unemployment next week. I've also been slipping into some bad depression over the last week or so with the same thoughts. We will all survive this.

((star))) internship vibes

((rose)) yay for show tix!



Kvetch: Depression and medicine side effects. I started this new one yesterday, and woke up with the worst headache. I stayed home today.

Kvetch: I worked half a night on Tuesday preparing for a job workshop on my internship, and got the worst criticism for it from my boss. Half of the class didn't even show up, and those who did weren't paying attention.

Anti-kvetch: Saw Milk yesterday. Really good movie, but plan to just watch silly tv all day.

Hello all.

work continues to be crazy (i really need to find a better adjective, considering i work for a mental health organization)

This comment really made me laugh. tongue.gif

{{{job vibes for all who need them}}} ANd it sounds like they are needed!

hey, it's been kinda quiet in here today. unsure.gif

kvetch: i have a phone interview tomorrow. BUT, i didn't realize speaking spanish was a requirement. argh. so, one of my friends was encouraged me to still have the interview and be clear about my limited spanish. may that internship site be desperate for an intern that they take a mexican with limited spanish. frack. i can't believe i overlooked that requirement. anywho, i am requesting internship vibes tomorrow at 2pm cst. although, i'm kinda sure it is a lost cause, but vibe away if you feel the need.

~~~~job and internship vibes~~~~

~~~~general vibes to the few of you who don't need the other ones~~~~

I just watched the Top Chef finale and am bummed that Carla didn't win. I hated to see how the others seemed to discount her so easily as a competitor. I was totally won over by her midseason.

Must get to bed as we have our tax appointment tomorrow bright and early. Hope I have all the information he needs, so I can be DONE.

(((Bunny, Raisin, and Sassy))) Job hunting and money vibes! Actually money vibes for everyone really. I'm sure that something will come up soon. I know that it can be frustrating and disheartening but you are all v. smart women. Remember to take care of yourselves as it will also help to keep your spirits up.

(((Christine))) Sorry to hear about all of the job craziness! Every time you turn around something seems to be changing at your organization. Sounds like you have a reason to be tired. I hope that things get better soon or that something comes up with another jon opportunity.

(((Star))) Internship vibes coming your way. I agree with your friend. Just be upfront about your Spanish skills and go from there - you can sell your other skills and I'm sure you and your supervisors can troubleshoot the rest. Let us know how it goes!

DM - that is great news about the position in Chicago. I moved to Chicago for a job and lived there for a few years right out of university. I can honestly say that it was the best place I have ever lived and if all of the stars aligned for me and my husband to move back I would go in an instant. I loved the city so much and learned so much about it, I became a little mini-tour guide even for my friends who had grown up there smile.gif. Unfortunately, neither or my parents are American and not having dual-citizenship makes it harder to move back there from the great white north sad.gif

Kittenb - glad to hear that your mom made it home and can now relax and get better in the comfort of her own home. I'm assuming that you are feeling somewhat relieved.

Kvetch - it is my last day of work before my honeymoon and I should be so productive that it is not even funny. I mean papers flying off my desk and my keyboard keys on fire. Unfortunately, the only thing that has set my keyboard on fire so far is bust. Which is not bad but you all know what I mean.

Anti-kvetch - one word, honeymoon! tongue.gif
gradgal - I never get anything done the day before a vacation. I always think I will but it never happens.

{{{stargazer}}} The internship interview from last week was looking for a Spanish speaker too. That is a big thing with living in a city. I go back and forth on whether it bothers me or not. When it bothers me I feel like I am being a xenophobe. The job I currently have was supposed to go to a Spanish speaker. Actually, the HMO job I had before that was also supposed to go to a Spanish speaker. I do have another interview next week for a different place. It sounds like a tough assignment, working w/young mothers w/mental health issues but it sounds like a great challange. I just wish our school would stop with the pressure. Yesterday my advisor told me that most people have accepted offers already. That just cannot be true considering that most places I am applying for are not even interviewing until March.

My mind is on overload at the moment. I have some great stuff coming up in the next few months. I cannot post it here but it will be good. But getting there is just a day by day march of frustration. rolleyes.gif My mom told me that she and her partner will not be able to visit me this year because they are too afraid to leave my step-sis alone in the house. It has gotten that bad. And mom will not travel with her. Can't blame her. I just feel like there is something I could be doing but I don't know what. I have a little care package I am sending home to my sis, a book, a mix CD with songs I think she will like, and a letter than tells her I love her and want her to be nicer to herself. Other than moving back to Ohio, I don't know what I could do. sad.gif Sigh.

Friday undies report: none. Just wearing a bathrobe.

Hi, Amilita! I was wondering where you've been hiding. I thought of you a lot while watching the last two episodes of Top Chef. How was Mardi Gras?

*!*!*!*!*!* fabulous interview vibes for Stargazer *!*!*!*!*!*
Kitten makes a really good point. The fact that you know even a bit of Spanish will certainly help. Their ideal candidate may be fluent in Spanish, but I bet their candidates will not be & they'll have to make compromises. It happens all the time.

~$$$~$$$$~ continued money & job vibes for Raisin & Bunny & Sassy & Star & DM & Christine & everyone who needs 'em ~$$$~$$$~
I've been thinking about that year when Sheff couldn't work & we had to live on the crappy salary I made at the bank. It was a really stressful time for both of us. I can only imagine it's even harder of you all because of the bad economic news. I know it's hard to stay positive right now.

Sassy, good luck on the new meds. I know starting new stuff can be hard.

Christine, use whatever term works. If you work in CrazyTown, so be it. wink.gif

Kitten, you are such a caring person. You make me wish I had a sister. The step-sis is really lucky to have you.
~?~?~?~ mystery vibes for Kitten ~?~?~?~?

Gradgal, I sympathize. It's as if my brain leaves for vacation one day before my body does.
~!*!~ motivation for Gradgal ~!*!~
Have fun on your honeymoon! Give us all the details (well maybe not ALL the details) when you get home!

Our personal BSG marathon progresses (it's been less soap-opera-y in the last few episodes, thank gawd). We didn't watch much last night because we had friends over. Our pal, S, just finished her midterms & wanted to celebrate with a bit of Rock Band. I also had lunch yesterday with, J, another gal pal, so it turned out to be a great day with some great women. Now I'm just trying to figure out what to do with our weekend. I'm in the mood to get out, but I'm not sure where I want to go.

Anti-kvetch: The daffodils in our yard bloomed! There are buds on the trees & a warm breeze blowing outside. Winter is finally ending!

Undies: white cotton thong with multi-colored polka dots all over, plus purple workout cami with built-in bra (I just finished exercising).
(((kittenb))) well, that is encouraging to know that you've gotten to jobs initially wanting a spanish speaker. good luck with your interviews! chicago is really big for children and family psychology which students at our school our largely interested in. so, i wouldn't focus on the sites those people are landing. i'm sorry to hear things are so unpredictable with your stepsister. that has to be upsetting. your package sounds very thoughtful.

(((rose))) thanks for your encouragement. oh, and daffodils! i had to remind myself that the rain we are getting is nature's way of working the transition from winter to spring. i'm ready for flowers and sunshine!

(((gradgal))) thanks for your support! smile.gif where is your honeymoon? when did you get married? congrats either way!

antikvetch: i've been really able to channel my energy and focus in my yoga classes which i seem to be improving and strengthening alot of my poses. may i be able to do a headstand soon! well, maybe not.. wink.gif

kvetch: trying to stay calm for interview today. thanks AGAIN for reminding me that anything could happen. so, i just need to express the skills in spanish i do have and my willingness to learn before the internship. you know, i have been wanting to learn spanish on my own. maybe life is trying to tell me to get a move on it. either way, i do have other options if this site does not work out. just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

undie report: none.

rose, yay for daffodils blooming. It seems so many Busties really like BSG, maybe I’ll check it out sometime.

((kittenb)) Good luck on your internship interviews.

((gradgal)) Enjoy your honeymoon. I find the last day at work before time off is useless, I maybe get an hour of work done.

((amilita)) Hope the tax appointment went well.

((star)) Good luck on your phone interview for the internship. I don’t think it matters if they are asking for a Spanish speaker, most listings I see say it is a want for a second language, but I don’t think they can make it a mandatory requirement.

((sassy)) Good luck on the job search, and hope the new meds get better.

$$$$$$$$!!!!!!money, job and happiness vibes for all the wonderful Busties!!!!!$$$$$$$$

I have worked out using the Wii Fit two days in a row, and I feel great. I have also been working on some self-help affirmations that put my mind in a good place. The good news for today is Mr. DM received his new Canadian passport in the mail. We aren’t planning any immediate trips out of the country, but it’s a relief to have it. Not sure what I am going to do this weekend, may go to a film festival.

Undie report: black sports bra and green panties.
Christine Nectarine

((sassygirl)) side effects suck. Hope your headache’s gone.

~~~job vibes for stargazer~~~ hope your Spanish is sufficient!


Gradgal, hope you and your honey have a good trip.

((roseviolet)) wink.gif back atcha!

I can relate to so many of the posts lately. My whole situation with work and not getting that other job has been stressful, and on top of that, A has hardly had any work the past 2 months. He works freelance, and during the summer and fall, he could book himself steady, now we’re lucky if he gets 1 or 2 jobs a week, maybe 4-10 hours total. Winter is typically slow since most of his gigs are in the entertainment industry, but this is way worse than last year. He’s really been struggling with his depression as a result, and we’re both getting burnt out. I’m really grateful to have a pay cheque right now, so I try to remind myself of that.

Kvetch: someone in the office is eating fried chicken, and the smell is sickly
Kvetch: my anxiety about phone calls
Anti-kvetch: i'm not a "spring" person, but it's good to know that daffodils are growing somewhere!

Thanks for hugs and vibes lately everyone.
I think we all need a mental vacation.

Undies: lazy day knickers (worn out green cotton w/ stretched out blue elastic) and pink bra that I can’t wait to take off when I get home!
Thanks for the vibes.

Damn. The interview was over in 5 minutes. I did not get the position because they need someone who speaks Spanish since 98% of the client population there speaks Spanish speaking only. Oh well. The search continues...

I am really overworked these days, and it's tough. I feel like I'm ready for a change, but with the economy the way it is ... I feel lucky just to have a job and don't want to tempt fate until the economy rights itself.

((((((kittenb))))))))) such a hard situation with your family.
*~*~*soothing vibes for sidecar*~*~*

(((sidecar))) being overworked and having a shitty month, I'm sure makes you want to change things in your life.

kvetch: with me. dude, i feel like a major asshole, but i had to do it. i'm sure the timing of things does not bode well. but, i had to do it. i backed out of the destination wedding and maid of honor duties. i just feel too cookoo right now with things in my life being up in the air. i really need to make sure the $$ i'm spending is going towards getting me an internship. plus, i'm feelin' hella guilty for my folks willing to foot that bill especially in this economy. at the same time, my friend's behavior really made it an easy decision for me. i couldn't stand the selfishness. i need to take care of myself right now. but, i KNOW she thinks it is mainly because of how she reacted to me last week. blah. i feel like the worst person right now. but, i know i will get over it. i usually do.

*~*~*job vibes for DM*~*~*

(((((star)))))) you did what you had to do. if she feels like it's all because of the bridezilla behavior, then that is something she will have to deal with. I feel like if a person can't understand how their friends may be unable to shell out money for their special day as shitty as this economy is, well they need to get their priorities straight. Everyone's hurting and nervous right now, most people are not sure if they are going to have a paycheck they can rely on.

But you know, I am all about keeping things simple. R and I are choosing not to have a wedding simply because we don't want the inevitable stress that comes along with planning it. That's not to say you can't have one and it turn out great, it's just that we've both already done it was tremendously stressful for us both and left a bad taste. We are going to have a friend of his (who is obviously ordained) marry us at our favorite spot up in the local mountains, with his wife as our witness. Then we can celebrate with family and friends at a reception. I know this kidlet was disappointed, but we just had to make it clear to everyone else that is our special day and as much as we'd love for everyone to share and celebrate with us, that portion of it is for us.

(((((sidecar))))) extra hugs after the positively craptacular month you had. I sure hope you are relaxing today.

~~~~~health, job & $$$$$$ vibes for all kvetchies who need 'em~~~~~

(((((mandi)))))) ~~~~continued vibes~~~~


I am up baking banana bread, counting down the minutes to Franpa's arrival. YAY! Grandpa said they were leaving early this morning and it's about a six hour drive, give or take depending on traffic and if they stop for very long or not. They were supposed to get in yesterday but Fran got either food poisoning or the 24 hour stomach bug, poor thing. We are all so excited. My sister and cousin and their families are coming over later as I am hosting dinner today. Oh, my place smells heavenly already.
Destination weddings. Bah. I feel for you, Star. That can get really super expensive really really fast. I always felt that if a bride & groom insist on having a destination wedding, they should cover the travel & accommodation expenses of the wedding party. It's just too much to demand of people. That's even more true at a time like this.
Sorry the job didn't work out. Onwards & upwards.

Happy March! Hope it treats you better than February.

Yuefie, your wedding plans sound lovely. Have you set a date yet?

Last night I dreamed that Sheff & I were re-staging our wedding for our family members who could not make it to the original ceremony. It was really really strange.

Kvetch: Bleeding & cramping. And more cramping. And I need to go to the store (need tampons & groceries) but I'm hurting too much. Plus it's cold & raining. You know that persistent rain that goes on for days & seeps under your skin & chills your bones? That kind of rain. I don't want to drag my achy, cramping body out in that. Maybe if I ask sweetly, Sheff will go shopping for me when he wakes up.

Anti-kvetch: "Sita Sings the Blues" is available to watch for free on-line! I've been wanting to watch this film for about a year, so this makes me very very very happy. I'm going to curl up under a blanket with a nice cup of chai (and some ibuprofen), put on my good earphones, & soak it all in.
(((((star)))))) i hope she understands eventually. it is a lot to ask.
((((yuefie)))) if it's what you and r want, it'll be lovely. if i were getting married again, i would probably do something similar. i loved my wedding, it was fun and awesome, but I would rather spend the money/effort on something else.
~~~~anticramping vibes to rose~~~~

i'm feeling better today. i went to a party last night attended by a number of coworkers and had a good time. plus we watched xanadu.
Sidecar, glad the party was fun!

((star)) Destination wedding. I don't know. A friend of mine got married in Costa Rica a few years back. I just couldn't afford it. My sister did the same thing when she got married in Hilton Head. I may go Yuefie's route. I'd much rather spend the money on a great party or something really needed. I'm sorry.

((rose)) Cramps...ugh.

Franpa yay!


DM, WiiFit is great! I love the balance games. I just wish they made more games. The Jillian Michaels one is crappy by the way. I'm considering selling my game.

Kittenb, internship vibes.

Kvetch: Job depression still... just keep swimming I guess right?? I thought I was hearing back from a freelance grant writer position, but nothing. I just miss having a little money. I hate having being supported by others, but I know I'm not the only one here that feels that way.

Kvetch: Couples therapy tomorrow. I think we need it, but I'm nervous.

Anti-kvetch: It's snowing here!! This rarely ever happens in Georgia, maybe once a year. Yes, Miles is out playing in it, having a cat adventure. Zoe not so much. I'm just happy about the weather, and I've had a decent weekend. Lucinda Williams was really good in concert, and heading to UGA to look at graduate schools was a fun trip. I still don't know what I would want to major in, so I just looked at the English and mass communication depts. Mcgeek loved the math department of course.

(($$$ vibes and happiness and love))

Stargazer - I don't think you are being a bad person. The bride had to have realized that your funds were low, being a student and not having a job. I think that people who do destination weddings need to recognize that that means not everyone will be able to make it.

sassygirl - I hope your therapy session goes well.

sidecar - I think that Xanadu is a very fun movie to kill time with but I cannot understand how people are paying $70+ for tix to see it "Live On Stage!"

Mmmmmm, banana bread.

{{{rose}}} Feeling better?

I had a really nice weekend. Did a big Target excursion w/The Geek and my best friend. TG got his bonus this week so he treated himself w/Rock Band! Saturday night became a Rock Band and homemade soup night w/another friend (the best friend does not see the point in the game, or any games really.) The soup was great, a beef & barley from Cooking Light. I bought myself an iPod Nano w/my tax refund. It is purple and lovely. I am sure it will be crammed with my NPR podcasts soon. Oh, I also got a very nice chaise from my besties boyfriend. Good quality and much better and newer than the furniture it is replacing. On Sunday, we watched DVDs and the snow fall. I am looking forward to the date where our weekends no longer have an end date, you know? Ah well, May will be here soon. I am trying to force spring into existance by wearing a white skirt (with tights and my winter boots under it.) I think the outfit looks quirky.
kittenb, yay for a nice weekend. Twin DM just got an Nano to replace her Zune, and she loves it.

((sassy)) Good luck on the couples therapy session. I had the Jillian Michaels Wii game, and I agree that it sucked. We sold it to a used music/movie/game store.

((rose)) Feel better.

yuefie, I think the way you are R are getting married at your favorite spot is a great idea. Enjoy Franpa’s visit.

((star)) Don’t feel bad about having to cancel on the destination wedding. I agree with Rose that if a couple is having that type of wedding then they need to pay for it. To me a destination wedding makes more sense if it’s just going to be the couple and immediate family anyways.

$$$$!!!!!Money and job vibes!!!!!!!$$$$$$

Slight annoyance today as I went to my dentist appointment, and they said my appointment wasn’t until the end of the month. I checked and had the appointment card with today’s date and they called and reminded me of the appointment. The office was apologetic, but I just wanted to get it over with as I hate going to the dentist. I was able to reschedule for tomorrow, so at least I don’t have to wait and think about it more.
DM, that's so strange re: your dentist appointment. Especially since they called you & everything.

Kitten, that sounds like a great weekend. Thanks for helping the economy with your spending spree!

Sassy, I hope the counseling helps. That sounds tough. (((((((((Sassy)))))))))

Anti-kvetch: We got snow! About 3 inches fell here overnight. It was a very pretty surprise. The roads stayed fairly clear, so we're really enjoying the benefits with very few inconveniences.

Kvetch: Still cramping, but it'll all be over soon.

The game that Sheff has been working on for the last 2 years finally hits store shelves tomorrow! I've already been searching for reviews. I really really hope it does well. I want the corporation that just bought the studio to see that they create great, original, profitable products (and therefore are worth keeping!).
Mmm, Kittenb, I love beef and barley soup. I may have to check out that recipe. Yay for new nano! I love all my podcasts, too.

DM, that is odd about you appointment. I think they screwed up.

~~~vibes for Sheff's game~~~ Let us know how the reviews and sales go.

Yuefie, I think your wedding sounds lovely and I agree that you should do whatever you want!

And Star, I agree that you should not feel bad about a destination wedding. Either the couple should pay or they should not have expectations about people going or not. That's just a lot to ask.

Sassy, good luck with the counseling.

Sidecar, I loooove Xanadu. I especially love how the clothes are this weird mix of the lingering 70s and cutting edge 80s fashion to come. And I love rollerskating movies. Roller Boogie with Linda Blair is a great one.

~$~$~job vibes for anyone who needs 'em~$~$~

~~~all-purpose vibes for everyone else~~~

I am back to work's been 4 weeks between being off to go help the Mr. with his dad's house and off for Mardi Gras, because it's so hard to get to the hospital when there are parades. I really didn't do a lot for Mardi Gras...we just walked around, didn't costume, ate fried chicken. It was a nice day, but we didn't even drink at all!

I am starting to plan my trip to NYC for my 40th birthday in April! I have always wanted to go and see a bunch of plays, so that's what I'm choosing to do. Yay! I'm having fun reading all the reviews and stuff to plan what I want to see...and Sidecar, it looks as if Desire Under the Elms will be in previews during the week I'm there. I don't know how that works - do you get to buy tickets just like any other time?

ETA: I finally found a non-underwire bra that is comfortable and pretty's Fruit OTL and of course, is now discontinued. But I'm determined to find some more non-underwire ones. Any suggestions? I'm 40D, so it's no easy feat to find good ones.
Amilita, I think you can just buy tickets. We saw Macbeth in Chicago in previews, and just bought them off the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre's website. I don't know if Broadway is the same!

Kitten, we have a gift certificate for Broadway in Chicago that we need to use. I would probably not go if it weren't for that!

It is cold here and I'm tired of it.
Christine Nectarine
I wanted to drop in to ask for some special vibes. I got some sad, though not unexpected news last week. My best friend’s dad has been sick for a long time, and she’s gone home to her parents now because he is dying. Apparently it could be a matter of a couple months, or a couple days. Fortunately, he’s at home, so they can all be with him, and he’s not really cognizant anyway.
We’ve been best friends since we were 8 years old, so her mum and dad are like second parents to me. I talked to her mum a bit on the phone the other day, and was lost for words when she was cheerily telling a story about how they only really ever had one big fight in their 30+ year marriage, and it was when they took my friend and I to Wonderland, but she could laugh about it now.
In a way, I hope he goes quickly and peacefully now, since it will let the family move on. On the other hand, this man isn’t even 60, and won’t be there for his family any more, so it’s just really terrible to see this happen.
I think the family (and me) could use any positive vibes available. It’s hard knowing that you’ve got a funeral to go to, but you’re just waiting to find out when.
((((((christine))))))) that is so hard. i wish him safe passage, and comfort to you, your friend, and your families.

((((((((((((((Christine's best friend, her father, & the whole family))))))))))))))))))))))
That's so difficult. I certainly understand the conflicting feelings that come up at times like this.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff and I saw a really great show tonight & laughed our asses off. It was a great mid-week date. We definitely need to do this more often.

Plus, the first reviews came out today for Sheff's employer's latest video game. A couple have been a bit harsh, but others have been pretty nice. The amateur reviewers have been encouraging, so hopefully they'll keep the audience from ignoring this game altogether.
((((christine, best friend, her dad and family)))) my sympathies. I lost a surrogate parent, the mother of my best friend, a number of years ago sad.gif.

I need to lurk less often and post replies more as I forget all of the kvetches I've read. Sorry, (((everyone))).

kvetch: I am officially obese. I finally went to the local planning clinic for my BC pill and I've put on more weight so I actually shouldn't be on this pill any longer as I'm at greater risk for thrombosis, as well as all of the other dreadful health risks that obesity entails. I've to lose half a stone over the next three months (and kickstart more loss, I hope) and also have my blood pressure monitored as that is currently too high. Ah, the joys of adult life. I feel ugly and I'm really worried about my health so it's time to proactively fight the flab (where's that blog?) instead of just complaining about it. This is real and when somebody dangles mortality in front of you it's time to take it seriously.

I don't have an anti-kvetch just now unless you count reading a good book. Sorry to be so down.

((bunny)) do you post on Bust the blubber? Does anyone anymore? I gave up cause no one else was posting.

(((busties in the cold snowy northeast)))

Nothing much going on here, I am just busy getting ready for my show. I got to choose my own song for the last song that hadn't been picked. It's Bon Jovi's Welcome to wherever you are. I am having fun with it. Not thrilled about my Sinatra song, but I bought a very sexy Betty Paige style wig to wear for that number. And I am waiting for my fabulous dress to get here from across the pond.

(((Rose, Yuefie, Bunny, mando, Mornington, Star, polly, sidecar, everyone))))
With the Bust the Blubber thread, I just got lazy this winter. No great excuse. I kept my gym membership but my intrest in going is at an all-time low. I think the cold weather and the long walk there really deterred me. But these are just my excuses. Next pay, I am taking my bike in for a seasonal tune-up and then I'll be using that more again. biggrin.gif And I have started getting work out DVDs from Netflix. I just did my Fat Blasting Dance Party. It felt really good and a lot more fun than the treadmill.

{{{Christine and friend}}}

Rose - can you tell us what the game is?

Pixie - when is your performance?

Bunnyb - I am sorry that everything is so rough at the moment. Does England have office temps? It isn't always fun but it can help just to get you out of the house. {{{hugs}}}

So I agreed on an internship today. Starting in July, I will be counseling sexual assault survivors in group and private sessions at a center near me. The hours are good and NO WEEKENDS!. I interviewed at a very exciting place yesterday but, after much consideration and a conversation with Stargazer, I just don't think that is the place I should go. And the SA place gave me an offer. So at least now my searching is over.

Last night I had passes to see The Watchmen. The Geek was ecstatic. I knew almost nothing about the story but I enjoyed the movie. It is a long and thoughtful examiniation of the psyche of people who would want to be superheros, not what I was expecting. Worth the $$, I think.

Congrats on the internship, Kitten!

Bunny, I think health issues are a very good motivator. Once you get going, you'll start to feel the benefits immediately.

I'm kinda sorta getting back into the blubber blog. My motivation has been WAY down since Xmas, but I'm trying to get back into it. For instance, I worked out for 30 minutes & used my food journal today. I just need to make sure I keep up with it & do it tomorrow, too.

Sheff's company's new game: I don't feel comfortable posting the name of it here because I don't want this page to ever come up in an internet search. Howzabout I just say that it's called "Xeat Xlead: xthe xreturn xof xmatt xhazard". Just remove the x's. The whole game is meant to be a sort of parody of the first-person-shooter genre. There's a really creative backstory that's playing out well in the marketing campaign. It's a shame that the reviewers have been so harsh, though. Sometimes it seems like they just haven't gotten the joke. Luckily the regular gaming customers who've picked it up seem fairly happy, so we're hoping word of mouth will help.

Glad to hear you liked "Watchmen", Kitten. Sheff's boss is taking the whole office to see it on Friday afternoon & I'm going to tag along. I'm really looking forward to it!

Kvetch: Having a bit of an identity crisis here. We got to see some AMAZING people last night - inspiring people whom I'd love to get to know better. But when I saw their bios in the program for the show, I was overwhelmed & intimidated by how cool they all sound. I can think of no reason whatsoever why these people might want to befriend me. I don't have an interesting career. Hell, I don't have a career at all. I don't sing in a band, I've never had any writing published, I didn't go to a posh university, I don't have a blog that is read by hundreds of people a day & I don't have any quirky hobbies. I just like to hang out at home, play about in the kitchen, & occasionally take some photos with my cheap little camera.

Anti-kvetch: The show was still really inspiring.

(((christine))) sad.gif

(((amilita))) that sounds like an awesome 40th birthday celebration!

(((pixie))) um, pics please of the betty paige wig and costume you will be sportin'! wink.gif

(((sidecar))) the weather is kinda warming up now.

(((rose))) just try to stay focus on your own journey. i know it is hard to do. your presence does matter. you have alot of interests which you can use to join any group. you know, i don't like that i use the whole "what do you do for a living?" as an icebreaker in conversation. i don't want to seem like i judge a person by what he/she does. i think when you try to put yourself into something, like a role or job or career, the stress makes it harder to come to a conclusion of what feels right for you. i'm sure you will find something whatever that is that suits you.

(((kittenb))) i really am happy about your internship site. it sounds amazing. one less hurdle to complete your degree!

Rose - it makes me laugh that Sheff's boss is taking the crew to see The Watchmen. That is some hardcore geekin'. As for the amazing people, what you wrote about yourself kind of reminds me of Erma Bombeck and I always wanted to meet her. She was hilarious. Try not to run yourself down. You don't know what others think of you.

Kvetch - My ass hurts. I am more out of shape than I realized.

Antikvetch - that workout DVD was more intense than I realized and a lot of fun. I love dancing workouts.
(((((bunny))))) I'm ready to start reposting over on our blog, too. I'm counting points again. February was a wash, between my inlaw drama and illness, but I am down 5 pounds since January 1. I have a chest cold this week (it's always something!) so I am waiting to work out again until it goes away.

(((kitten))) i'm glad you got a good internship! Also, did you see the Watchmen preview where the print showed up two hours late? Martini's coworkers were at that one. (Martini saw it last month; we bought tickets for Friday night.) I also love, love, love the original graphic novel. I just read it this summer, and it's amazing.

Oh, RV, don't sell yourself short. You're awesome!

Martini is watching Howard the Duck for a freelance project and ugh, it is the worst movie ever.
Also, did you see the Watchmen preview where the print showed up two hours late? Martini's coworkers were at that one.

Yes. People keep asking me if the movie felt long but I cannot trust my perception. I got to the theater at 5:30 for an 8 PM show, in my one and only business suit as I was coming straight from an internship interview. There were at least 100 people in front of me. I sat on the floor for about 2 hours. The we went in the theater and realized that over ten rows were blocked off for press, none of whom were there yet. We found two seats together in the second row from the back. And then we waited..........there was no announcement until almost 8:30. By that point I had flagged down a staffer and learned that the movie hadn't arrived yet. It is a good thing that I liked the movie as I basically gave up half of my day to see it. rolleyes.gif

I feel compelled to defend Howard the Duck. I cannot comprehend why Martini has to watch it for work but when I was a kid I loved that creepy and weird little love story. And I think the backstory, how it was supposed to be HUGE is hilarious. Heads rolled over that movie. What were they thinking?

Howard! The Duck!
No way to control it.
And he shot an arrow straight thru my heart!
Kitten, it's being released on DVD for the first time, and it's going to be a piece about how much the film differs from the comic book it's based on (plus the story of the comic itself, which is really interesting.) It'll be in xSlatex (remove the Xes) in a few weeks.

I think I have the regular flu now. I had a cough earlier this week and it went into my sinuses today. I thought it was a relatively minor cold, but now I have aches, a fever, and dizziness. Joy. I may not be well enough to see Watchmen tomorrow. Boo.
Cheese and rice, Sidecar, I can't believe you're having another rough week! Why does life continue to kick you in the shins like this?
~~~~~~~~ soothing for Sidecar ~~~~~~~~~~

Kitten, which dance workout is it? I love dance exercise routines because they always feel more like I'm just having fun rather than exercising.

Has anyone heard from Mandi? I hope the chemo is going as smooth as can be.

What about Tes? I've been wondering whether she's going to stay in Africa or come home. Back at Thanksgiving she & Mr. HB were still undecided.

I'm looking forward to The Watchmen, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. I read the graphic novel back in the early '90s & re-read it a couple of years ago. That story comes off VERY very differently in a post-9/11 world! I can't help but wonder what changes they may have made to the story. It'll be interesting to see. And yeah, Kitten, Sheff's company takes everyone out to see a big fan-boy geek film a couple of times a year. They don't pay for spouses or friends, but we're always welcome to join the group.

Anti-kvetch: Sheff and I finished watching all of the BSG DVDs!

Kvetch: I cannot find the first 2 episodes of the current season ANYWHERE! They're no longer on Hulu or the SciFi channel's website or on our on-demand channel. I can find all of the other episodes we've missed this season, but not those first 2! Which means we can't catch up with everyone else & watch the rest of this series until it comes out on DVD! Bah!!!!

Millie keeps tapping my leg with her paw & giving me that look that says, "Can we go to bed now? Or may I at least curl up on your lap? Please?" So I suppose I should shuffle off. 'Night, all!
The DVD I have right now is Ten Minute Solutions: Fat Blasting Dance Mix. I am looking forward to trying Ten Minute Solutions: Tone It Up, Dance It Off as well. I like trying them on Netflix. If I like them, I'll look on and get them cheap.

The Geek said that The Watchmen hewed very close to the book. I might have said this before but, if that is true, it doesn't feel crammed in like the first Harry Potter movie.

{{{sidecar}}} I hope you are feeling much better now. I wonder if your body has done like mine does sometimes and just stops after all of the pressure has gone away. Sucks when it happens.

Hmm, I am becoming quite the thread hog here. wink.gif Oh well. This is about the only one I will have time for today. I woke up with my head full of unfinished homework. I decided to get on that and just go back to sleep afterwards. So I will get on it.

Happy Friday all!

I was wary of the Watchmen movie as I love the darkness and nihilism of the book, but I enjoyed it (saw it at premiere on Tuesday.) I did find it moved uneasily between being slavishly faithful to the book (dialogue + images, in particular) and departing radically from the story though. Also, they cast an idiot as Laurie which was annoying.

Kitten, I'm sorry you and your dude had to wait 2 hours to see it! Belated congrats on the internship!

(((RV))) I hate those feelings of social inadequacy; remember they are informed by external definitions. We can all attest to your awesomeness!

(((sidecar))) Hope you feel better soon and that things get easier for you.

No updates on me except for work-related ones sad.gif Thesis is really in endgame, which feels awesome. However, admin day job is getting much trickier as we're suddenly fielding a lot more requests for info and networking with more orgs, which means we have to rely on their timeframes etc. There are a lot of clueless people in the workforce out there!

However it is Friday, which is fantastic. I am becoming someone who lives for the weekend.

*turquoise silk knickers and cream lace bra--unmatched, as ever*
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