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((christine)) Glad you had a nice weekend with the mr. I hope you get a call about your interview, maybe they are just taking a long time.

((polly)) I'm sorry about all the trouble with the body shop. It sounds like they are trying to get away with some shady shit.

((rose)) Did you know there is a Dead Like Me direct to dvd film that was released today? Twin DM is a big Dead Like Me fan so I am going to get it on NetFlix.

((sheff)) Hope the company being bought brings only good things.

((kittenb)) Glad you and the mr had a nice Valentine's day. Also, congrats on deciding to move in together.

((ccgirl)) Yay for a nice V-day, hope the boy is feeling better.

((sidecar and family)) That sounds like a crazy weekend, hope your hand and wrist are better.

((sassy)) Happy belated birthday.

((amilita)) Happy belated birthday to the mr.

((pixie)) Glad this past week was better for you and the family.

((star, mornington, bunnyb, yeufie,mando))

Mr. DM and I didn't do anything special for V-day, we just did a little shopping. We first met on V-day five years ago, but dang it doesn't seem like that long. I saw The International on Sunday, it was just okay. I had yesterday off from work just to chill, I worked out and watched some tv. Back working today, but I have no motivation.
Howdy all.

(((sidecar))) eek, what a week! Looks like I'm a poet and don't know it...

(((polly))) grrr, stupid car place! did you speak to the guy from corporate again?

(((rose and sheff))) these are hard times. I hope that lay offs don't feature in your future.

(((christine))) good luck with finding a job. I empathise with the disheartening emotions.

(((yuefie, pixie, morn, designermedusa, amilita, kitten. star, candycanegirl, sassy, zoya...)))

I emailed mandi last week but haven't had a reply yet. Has anybody else heard from her?

*~*~*~*healing vibes for mandi*~*~*~*~*

where's syb?

Our Valentine's Day was quiet and lovely. We cancelled it gift-wise but the boy brought home a dozen Valentine's Krispy Kremes on Friday and on Saturday we had lovely steaks and apple pie with custard. We also saw Milk (really liked it but I don't think it was amazing) and I watched Revolutionary Road alone (I thought it was wonderfully done and posted about it in Reel Life).

One major kvetch about Valentine's Day was that my macbook hard-drive died a sudden and shocking death (it's less than 18 months old but sometimes hard-drives break for no reason at all). I stupidly don't back up so I thought I'd lost EVERYTHING (all of my writing, photos, music, job-related stuff, all of my uni work from old laptop) but luckily the boy still had everything backed up from last month when he installed Leopard operating system on my mac; relief doesn't cover it (I lost the most recent thing I've been writing and it's devastating but I'm chalking it up to bad experience). The luck continued with my apple care package covering the cost of the replacement - this was a huge concern as money is incredibly tight. The dire money situation wasn't helped by a crack across the entire car windscreen last weekend, which had to be replaced (just the insurance excess but it was still close to £200 we can't afford just now); we think it happened as a result of the cold weather, but we're not sure. Anyway, we hope that nothing else requires fixing any time soon as it is not good timing. I just need the universe to allow something nice to happen for a change.

Speaking of which, any vibes for me job-wise would be lovely; I found the perfect job advertised yesterday and I'm crossing all parts that I get it.

Tonight I'm going to mornington's for dinner smile.gif.

I was in such a good mood 20 minutes ago. Stupid MySpace. Stupid step-sister who thinks it is the height of coolness to post pics of herself smoking pot on her page. Fuck I wish she would grow up!

On to happy things....I am doing better this week on my schedule than I thought I would. I have to write a paper today but I have my research and I have the whole day to do it. I made a point of getting plenty of sleep last night so that I was ready to go. Once I get that paper done, I can relax and enjoy the week.

bunnyb - all parts crossed for your job needs. I swear I never knew Krispy Kreams had a V-Day doughnut.

DM - I could never get into Dead Like Me but my sister loved it. I wonder if it got better after the first half of the first season? That is when I gave up.

Christine Nectarine - sad.gif Don't give up yet. Sometimes it takes a long time for companies to pull it together.

Polly - not to sound like I am laughing at you but I swear that sounds like a case for People's Court. Judge Milian would be all over that.

{{{kvetchies}}} Have a great day all!

kvetch: i really hate cancer. too bummed to even do a fuck cancer shout out. my friend told me her pap smear came back abnormal with cancerous and pre cancerous cells. this is her 3rd time with cancer. we are hoping it hasn't spread for her. i just felt awful about this news. to receive it during an already stressful week and around the anniversary of a good friend's death. not cool.

antikvetch: i'm glad i'm not working now. i told her i would help with her kids or grocery shop when needed. she is due to have the procedure in april.

((stargazer's friend)) ~*~*~*~super-powered NO CANCER vibes~*~*~*~

I know, right, kitten? The only reason I sometimes watch that show is because she cracks me up!

Well, bunny, you and I might be in the same boat. The field agent for the insurance company this morning says the cold weather, combined with a chip from a rock or something is probably what caused the crack in my glass. I still have to talk to the claim adjuster to make the actual decision, but it's looking like they're siding with the body shop mad.gif I think it's an awfully big coincidence that my window happens to crack when I bring the car in. The field adjuster said I should call my agent and have them lower my deductible for comprehensive coverage so that they'll just pay for a new windshield. That sounds slightly fraudulent, with the damage happening before the coverage goes into effect. I changed the coverage anyway, but I haven't decided what I'll do about the claim.

We've been watching Dead Like Me on Netflix, DM. The only problem is that for some reason the last disc of each season isn't available with the "Watch Instantly" feature through our XBox. So we're sort of at a standstill until we return the disc we have. I like the show- it's taken me a little while to get into it, though.

Christine, if you haven't heard from them yet, is making a follow-up call an option? As long as you're not pestering them, it shows initiative.

((hugs to all))
~~~~job vibes for bunny~~~
~~~~anticancer vibes for star's friend~~~

I ended up in the ER on Sunday, found out I pulled a ligament and strained my flexors. So I couldn't type for 2 days! I still have some pain and swolling, but it's better than it was. So Sunday - Tuesday, I sat on the couch, took pain medicine and watched movies. It could've been worse.

Still! Thank you all for the hugs/vibes! Their heat/hot water went back on last night and they're back home. The basement process is continuing, but at least they're in their home and not stuck outside of it. I'll be happy when it's all settled.
I am in a much better mood today. I finished up the homework assignments with enough of a leeway that I can go back and review and fix before they are due. Today I can spend all day on Oscar party stuff. The house will be full of yarn, monkeys and sparklies!

ETA: I forgot to add that I picked a box of Hersey's Pot of Gold on a post V-Day clearence so I will be eating that while I craft. I love post-holiday candy sales!

{{{sidecar}}} Glad you got your hand looked at. Let the healing begin!

{{{stargazer and friend}}} Whatever happens next, your friend is lucky to have you.

{{{All Kvetchies!!!}}}}

How is Mandolyn?
Christine Nectarine

((stargazer & friend)) she’s lucky to have such a good friend as you. Crappy news though.

~~~hand healing vibes for sidecar~~~

~~~job vibes for bunny~~~

Sorry about the insurance business polly!

Thanks to everyone who sent me vibes and commiserated with me. The job did not happen (I heard from them shortly after posting) but they did say they would love to have me if I wanted a relief postion (which means p/t, on-call) so at least I know they liked me. I’m not looking for relief right now, but I sent them a thank you letter saying I’d love to be considered again in the future.
I had a bit of a melt down that day…not getting the job, combined with various other kinds of stress…and A was really good about it. He was kind of annoyed when I asked him to come home early from where he was working, but once I actually managed to communicate to him, he was understanding. He doesn’t always have the easiest time dealing with my bad days, since it is such a role reversal for us.
I’m taking Friday off to indulge myself, and have some good alone time. Work is still really terrible, but I just keep swimming…
just a quick fly by...

after some sweating it for a few days over a technicality in my application that looked like it was going to get me turned down, I GOT APPROVED FOR THE FLAT!!!!!!


thanks for the bustie vibes!!

((((((((((((Stargazer's friend)))))))))))))))) So sorry to hear she's going through this again. What a nightmare.

What's the deal with Bustie windscreens lately?! So bizarre!

~!@#$~ vibes of all sorts for Polly ~!@#$~

~$$$~ jobby job vibes for Bunny ~$$$~ Sorry to hear about your hard drive & windshield. What terrible timing.

Christine, sorry to hear you didn't get the job. Better luck next time!

~~~~~~~ soothing for Sidecar ~~~~~~~~ Glad to see you can type again!

Kitten, your step-sis ... wow. Are you going to try to talk some sense into her? Or do you think she is incapeable of getting it?

Zoya, congrats on the flat!!! When do you move in?


Kvetch: Got some bad news today. BestGuyPal is getting laid off. March 1st is his last day. This is complicated by the fact that BestGalPal's employer is severely cutting hours (she isn't working at all this week) & it looks pretty certain that she'll be laid off soon, too. Luckily they have some money in savings, but it's still really damn scary.

Sheff is polishing up his resume. A new studio is opening in our area & a friend just got hired there & LOVES it. She really wants Sheff to work there, too, so he's thinking about it. We're feeling pretty nervous about the fate of his current employer, but still not sure what to do. There are pros & cons for both. We shall see.
... ok, I feel bad for not doing shout outs to individuals, but just know that even if I'm not saying anything specific I read everything, and even when I'm not posting I lurk, and if you need good vibes I'm sending them, and all that other jazz.

so anyway (((everyone again)))

So.. I can technically move in on March 13th, but I don't think that realistically I'll be able to move until the 17th ish. I'd rather move in on Fri, 13th (always a lucky / good day for me) but I have to do some work stuff so I dont' want to push it. It will be interesting, I have to move out of the place I'm in now the 1st.... my flatmate is going to let me stay at her new place for 2 weeks, which means I have to move twice... but I will enlist the help of a bunch of friends and it shouldn't be too bad (I hope) it will be worth it, though! it's an awesome place.

I also found out today that, contrary to what I thought, I DON'T have to get my auto drivers license first to get a motorcycle license! So I'm going to apply for a provisional license and then take a motorcycle safety class, which will basically get me through the driving part of the test. That will be one new years' resolution out of the way. (then just getting a frigging motorcycle...I must say, I certainly have my priorities straight, considering I have bills to pay blink.gif but fuck it. that's what being single with no kids is for. Hell, I can't get a damn relationship off the ground no matter what I do, so I might as well have my toys...) I also still have R's spare helmet, so I might as well make use of it until he remembers... (I KNOW I left a necklace at his place, so I suppose fair is fair.. heh)

Yay for the flat and doing things that make you happy, zoya!

(((star's friend))) I hope she'll be okay. You're a great friend (((star))).

(((christine))) I try and stick to "what's for you won't go by you"; if the job was meant to be then you would have been given it so it means that the universe has something better in store.

(((rose bestpals))) It's very scary just now.

(((sidecar))) your poor wrist.

(((polly))) any developments?

(((kitten))) enjoy your oscar/sock monkey party! I would love to see the sock monkeys; I think a Harvey Milk and a wrestler one would tickle me. I'm going to see The Wrestler tonight or tomorrow; I doubt I'll be able to fit anything else in before the Oscars.

(((morn))) a'cos.

(((everybody else)))

kitten, I don't think anybody has heard from mandi unsure.gif. I emailed her last week but haven't heard back from her yet; I suspect she wants some quiet time.

kvetch: I've been feeling a little depressed over the last couple of days; I'm pre-menstrual, which means clockwork downtime (even being temporarily off BC pill) but it's not helped with the stress of finding a job/lack of money. I feel better knowing that it's more or less hormonal and that I'm not slipping back into the darkness. The boy has advised watching a cheerful movie before he comes home and cheers me up; I have the feeling that some chocolate will help too.

anti-kvetch: the boy, chocolate and movies smile.gif.

undies: I'm still in PJs and bra-less but have on white girl shorts with hot and baby pink hearts all over.
*~*~*healing vibes for sidecar*~*~* sad.gif

(((polly))) so sorry to hear your car troubles. i was frighteningly surprised with how great progressive was with dealing with my car accident. they handled everything. i hardly had to do anything involved with my accident. i hope the situation gets resolved soon for you.

(((rose & Bestguypal))) gosh. that is so scary. i'm so sorry to hear about your friend. i'm glad sheff's friend is looking out for him and mentioned about potential job prospects. kudos for sheff for being on his toes and revamping the ol' resume.

(((christine))) i hope you are feeling better.

(((kitten))) i can't wait for my oscar sock monkey. i think i will be taking said sock monkey with me to the sock monkey festival in rockford. polly told me about the festival. if you don't have anything going on, you can come with me.

(((zoya))) at least the hard part is over. you got approved for the flat. it is a sweet flat. so happy for you!

(((bunnyb))) funny movies sound good indeed. along with chocolate and the boy! i hope your day improves for you.

kvetch: well, i didn't get what i want. i didn't get an internship position. shite. i was ballin' my eyes off all morning. i still do on occasion. like, how did i get in this position? i got an internship already. i should not have to go through this process again. is life tellin' me to change careers? it should not be this hard to finish school? as much as i want to crawl under a rock, i'm working against this tendency by keeping myself busy. still going to have dinner with a friend tonight. still going to kitten's oscar party. just keep swimming, just keep swimming.... on monday, i apply with open positions for training positions. i was in this place before. it is kinda like a rat race to get your application first to these sites. so, hopefully, things will be settled in the next couple of weeks. at least, i'm hoping for that.


i was just hoping all of this stuff would be settled by now. ok. i'm getting all choked up again. time to go cry.


ETA: for some reason, these Craftser Shirts have been cheering me up. and i don't even craft. smile.gif
Hi all, I just wanted to send well wishes to all those who need them, polly, rose and friends, christine, star's friend, bunnyb. Hugs for all!

Zoya, congrats on the new place! It sounds as though you are really ready for a change of scenery and the good news is that it is coming v. soon.

Kitten, your party sounds awesome and it is makde even better by getting your assignments done early. What a relief!

Star, I'm sorry to hear about your internship position!!! Do you mind if I ask if you are in a clinical psychology program? I may be jumping the gun by assuming that you are but I had many friends who were part of the match today as well and were waiting on news about matching. I know that things are stressful now, especially when getting ready for monday, but if it makes you feel any better, many people in our program have not matched in the past and went on to find/make their own internships. Many of their experiences turned out to be far superior to those in the match and no matter where they did their internship - match or non-match - all of them are employed in good positions now. Maybe all of this information is a little premature but my thoughts are with you! It is an agonizingly long process!

kvetch: I should really be motivated to work now as I have just had some time off but I am feeling burned out and tired. I am sleeping well, but it is just not enough. Winter blues are setting in and vacation time cannot some soon enough.

anti-kvetch: Vitamin D from my sunny vacation should help to beat away these winter blues.
hello my luvlies ... just thought i'd drop by and say hey and let you know i'm doing really well with chemo. second treatment was two days ago, and it was a piece o'cake. i'm able to make it into work, no problem (ok, well, took a hooky day yesterday, but there was a good reason). this time i didn't even get metallic mouth. of course, it's day to day, i could get slammed tomorrow or sunday or monday ... but i'm much more relaxed about it this time. it helps that i have super duper miracle drugs and my oncology team is very laid back. maybe it's all mind over matter, who knows?

a little down today. there's no way i could deal with manhattan tonite - i do tend to get tired and lightheaded in the eveings, plus it's too frickin cold and windy - and then there's the anxiety that i'll get sick or have a panic attack and ruin everything ... so the mr is taking danny to see kathy griffin. this was supposed to be our day, me and danny, way back in october when i ordered the tix. i know danny's a little bummed. i told the mr to make sure he has a good time. i know they will. maybe it'll be televised and we can watch it together someday. maybe part of it will wind up on the D List.

also, The Great Shed has begun. trying to be brave about it, but it's truly heartbreaking, knowing i'll be bald or very straggly in a week or less. i have a date with my Wig Angel on sunday ... she's going to trim my wig and give me a good shampoo and scalp massage, so perhaps most of my hair will be gone then. she's such a luv, but she's adamant about my not buzzing my noggin. i'm not that into it either, truth be told - altho my cancer buddies tell me it's much easier and it feels better to do so - like an empowerment thing. i just ... can't. part of me wants to just go outside later and brush the shit outta my hair and let the birds & squirrels use it for their nests. part of me wants to curl up in a fetal position and cry. eh ... this too shall pass. soon enough i'll have a fab & sassy lowest-maintenance-possible 'do everyday. no more bad hair days for moi, not for another 8 -12 months. cripes, what will i find to complain about then ... wink.gif

i'm not even gonna apologize for not keeping up, cuz i know that you guys know that i love you with all my heart, and perpetually send hugs and vibage good thoughts and thanks for all the same stuff you're sending my way. it's just a given.


thanks so much for the update!!! it sounds like you are managing the best that you can. good for you! as for the hair issue, i was watching the Sex in the City episodes where Samantha was going through chemotherapy. my fav scene was when she was wearing a foxy brown wig. you should get one! i also love the episode where she whips her wig off because her personal summers were getting the best of her.

ps. it is good to see your sense of humor is still intact! smile.gif

(((gradgal))) thanks!
(((((((((((((((((((((((mandi))))))))))))))))))))) you're damn right that this will pass! try not to feel bad about Danny; he understands. Seems like our constant "how's mandi?" pleas reached your ears!

I wanted the Samantha cancer eps of SaTC recently and I can see how the buzz-cut would be empowering but I can also imagine the sense of loss you are feeling.

(((star))) I hope you' have a great weekend. It's good to force yourself out sometimes.

I watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day then Top Chef, which really did the trick and now the boy's home smile.gif. Oh, and receiving a big cheque in the mail from my grandmother helped too!
(((((mando)))))) Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear you're going to miss Kathy Griffin with Danny. She'll come back through town again when you're feeling better. Providing nest fodder for the wildlife sounds like a great idea.

I've gotten too much sleep and now I feel permanently attached to my bed. Don't want to move. I fell asleep at 7:30 last night without eating dinner...woke up at 3:00am, muddled around online until 5:30, then fell asleep. Woke up at 10:30, haven't been up yet. Haven't eaten since lunch yesterday. I should find something to eat and then clean my fridge. It's in desperate need and it's cold enough out today that I can just put the food on the balcony.

Just have to get out of bed first.

((star)) That sucks- was that the North Chicago one? sad.gif Glad to hear you're making it out on Sunday.

Christine Nectarine
happy friday!

(((mando))) you are such a trooper! (as my mother would say). if i were you, i'd go for a hot pink or lime green bob wig...

kvetch: slight headache
anti-kvetch: thoroughly enjoyed my day off today!
kvetch: slight caffeine headache from being all off schedule today...sleeping in, eating out of order...nothing to really whine about i guess!

undies: a little black lace number, and the white w/ black polka dot bra
Just dropping in to give endless hugs to ((((mando)))))

and say FUCK CANCER!

be back later on to catch up properly

belated undie report: light blue bra w/ light blue & red argyle print hipsters
(((((Mando)))))) I've been thinking about you and am so glad to hear that the chemo is going well. You are so strong lady: there will be down days but that is natural and as others have noted your sense of humour is clearly still A-OK. Your wig angel sounds like just that.

((((Starg)))) I'm sorry to hear you didn't get an internship; good for you for staying positive. I'm sure you'll get something that will be a good fit for you, which will help restore your confidence. I agree with what gradgal said as well. Best of luck on Monday!

*waves to all* Having my usual work-free Saturday and revelling in it. Soon I will be off to watch some daytime TV and DVDs. My mister thinks I'm very boring these days (or at least that my life is) but honestly, at weekends these days all I want to do is recharge. Once the thesis is done I should be able to get a life again.
Help please!

My older sister called me this morning. My mom is in the hospital and needs some kind of surgery. It might be her gall bladder that needs removing. She is REALLY sick. My sis told me not to worry about coming home yet. I have class all weekend and a party tomorrow. I don't know how nervous I should be. blink.gif unsure.gif
Drive-by! We set a date and place for our wedding! May 29, 2010 at the Byron Colby Barn! Hooray!

ETA: Cross-post with kitten: Scary! There's been lots of people here and IRL for me with gall bladder issues lately. If you need to not have the party tomorrow, let us know! unsure.gif
((((((kittens mama)))))) so sorry, hon. I know first hand how sick a rotten gall bladder can make you. If they can get it calmed down enough to do the surgery now, it would be better. Mine was too bad and having to wait SUCKED.

WOOT, polly!

((((star)))) something great is going to come along, darlin'.

(((((everyone else)))))

Still catching up, but I am sending out vibes for each and everyone of you wink.gif

I'm a bit stressed out. I stopped by to check on my dad yesterday because he wasn't answering his phone and found that he is really, really sick. They aren't quite sure what it is, but he can't keep anything down, was babbling incoherently and looks just awful. unsure.gif I left there really frustrated because I couldn't get any answers. I asked to speak to the doctor and they said that wasn't possible. Then I asked what he's been diagnosed with or at least what the doctor had to say and what his course of treatment is. The nurse on duty was clueless and there was also a language barrier keeping me from understanding what little she did have to offer. It didn't help that she told me the doctor prescribed a medication (Phenergan, an anti nausea) for "something". Um, why do I know what it's for but the nurse doesn't? I went to talk to the social worker, but she was out of the office already. I've called to check on him several times and they say that he is stable but I don't know that I'm buying that. I think they need to transfer him to the hospital to let another doctor take a look, but they insist that a doctor has already determined that he is okay to stay put. I want to move him somewhere closer to me so that I can stay on top of his care. I've proposed this to him before and he was adamant that he wanted to stay there. But I don't think I can abide his wishes any longer if I feel like he isn't getting proper care there.
(((kitten))) if you feel more comfortable being with your mom, then you should be there. parties can be easily cancelled. i hope your mom is ok. sad.gif

(((syb))) thanks for the support. smile.gif i hear you on feeling more full of life AFTER the dissertation done. i don't think some people can understand how the big D can feel like an albatross around one's neck in school. have that lazy weekend!

(((polly))) you don't know how happy i'm hear that you set a date! i need to live vicariously through other people's good news. yippee! are you doing save the dates stuff? you know, the best friend and alot of her friends do the save the date stuff. i never heard of such a thing. we just send the invites. that's how we roll.

(((christine))) i hope your head is feeling better. has drama slowed at work? i think i remember you saying this were stressful.

(((sidecar))) i hope your hand is doing ok. sad.gif

kvetch: i'm a little peeved with the best friend right now. i will set her straight cause i usually do. she can be self centered and coupled with moments of bridezilla right now...she can be VERY self centered. so, i was all upset yesterday. i heard from so many people (some of you busties too--thanks wub.gif ) and not one word from her. not a text. or an email. no phone call. nothing. so, i call her. then she starts telling me that she was going to call me when her cellphone minutes were cheaper. wtf? like, i'm going out of my way to be there for you and have in the past and you can't spare some minutes for me. yeah, that's not cool. dry.gif

((((((((((((((((((((endless love for Mandi))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Thank you so much for the up-date, sweetheart. I gotta be honest .... if I were going through what you are & I had to get a wig, I would probably get 3 in all different colors! One day I'd be a blonde, the next a redhead. I would probably pick up a cheap pink or blue bob, too. I mean, hell, you gotta get some enjoyment out of this shitty situation, right? And if cancer doesn't give you a license to be kinda kooky, what does?

(((((((((((((((Yuefie's dad)))))))))))))))))))
That's just terrible. I wouldn't blame you if you just bundled him up into your car & drove him to the closest ER.

(((((((((((((((((Kitten's mom)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Keep us informed. Here's hoping she's on the mend super quick!

((((Stargazer)))) I'm so sorry about the internship problems. I bet it feels like this is never going to end. I wish there was something I could do or say to help.

(((((((((((((((((((all y'all)))))))))))))))))))

Kvetch: Feeling really really low. Barely capable of dressing myself. Haven't left the house in days. Desperately need to shower. Blaaaaah.

Anti-kvetch: BestGalPal sent me a box of happy things! Stickers and candy and cute embroidered handkerchiefs and a Regina Spektor CD and a really cool belt that I think I'll wear tonight.

Anti-kvetch: We have dinner plans with my friends D & B! Sheff has never met these ladies before, but I've hung out with them a couple times & I think they're great. D is kinda chatty like me, but B is quieter like Sheff. I hope we all have fun. We're going to go out for Mexican & then come back to the house to hang out & play games.

Kvetch: Despite the above stuff, I still feel really low. What is wrong with me?

Yesterday's undies: I honestly can't remember. Bah.
((((yuefie and dad)))) I can see where "medical care" like that might be a little worrisome. blink.gif I hope your dad gets better. sad.gif

((star)) Sorry about the bridezilla. It's my daily mantra: I will not be a bridezilla, I will not be a bridezilla.... So far, I think I'm successful. Yes, we will be sending out Save the Dates (people on the wedding message board shorten that to "STD", so it's a little disturbing when people say, excitedly, "We have our STD's!" laugh.gif ) Mainly because it's a holiday weekend and we want to make sure they don't book themselves.

Dinner sounds fun, rose!

(((more hugs for mando and kitten's momma)))
((((mando)))) I'm with teh others...go for something really fun with at least one wig!!! I was trying on some hairpieces earlier tonight just for the heck of it and it feels good to trade the normal day to day look for something sassy or crazy.

((polly))Awsome about setting the date!!! So exciting!

(((yuefie))) I would definitely look into getting your father moved closer! I would not be able to handle the stress of not being able to stay on top of my loved ones health,especially if they weren't able to do it themselves.

(((Rose)))Sounds like you have a touch of the winter blahs! I've had themself lately. !$!$!$$job vibes for sheff and the best pals!$!$!$$!

(((kitten, bunny,mornington, star, sybrite, sidecar, christine, and everyone else)))

So I have finally started rehearsals for the show I'm in in, lets see 4 weeks!! It's a little scarey, but I think it has some potential. We had such a low turnout for auditions that I actually scored 3 solos because I was the only decent female singer. I'm turning into quite the Diva. trying not to let this all kind of go to my head. there are definitely advantages to having been formerly romantically involved with the director. I've been given lots of freedom for creative expression. My only concern is that one of the songs I am singing has not been chosen yet. But costuming has given me a perfect excuse to buy a dress I have been coveting for months.
I dropped by to check on my dad tonight and he looked better but I still couldn't get any answers from anyone there. I understand it's a weekend, but c'mon now. When I lived about 40 miles north of here it was easier to stop in and check on dad all the time, but now it's hell between traffic, the cost of gas and my schedule. I really have to put my foot down with him and move him somewhere closer. I have a place in mind, a place that my dearly departed aunt once worked at. I checked out the website and it looks way nicer than where he is now. I am going to stop by and check it out and person and get his name on the waiting list, hopefully Monday or Tuesday. I just feel bad about it all the damn time because I am unable to care for him myself. Coming to the conclusion that I had to place him somewhere was not an easy thing for me and I really do struggle with feeling guilty about it. I just know that there are limits on what I can handle. Not that it didn't take me actually trying to care for him myself for me to realize that. Anyway, thanks for listening, I really needed to vent about it.

(((kitten & kitten-mom)))) any news? unsure.gif
((((((((Yuefie & dad))))))))))))))
Best of luck with the other place. I hope the waiting list is super short.

Pixie, congrats on the solos! I'd love to know which songs you'll be singing (and what dresses you'll be wearing).

We had lots of fun with D&B! We couldn't find the original Mexican restaurant we'd heard about, but they took us to a different Mexican restaurant that was amazing. There were tons of vegetarian options that sounded fabulous, but I chose a cuban pork quesadilla with pineapple mango salsa. So yummy! Then we came back to the house, played Rock Band, and laughed so hard I could barely breathe. It was just what I needed.

Today is all about the Oscars. I'm watching the Red Carpet stuff right now. Sheff, who is not interested in any of this, will spend the evening playing games on his computer. I'll lure him downstairs for dinner, though. I'm making cheese souffle for the first time ever, so I hope it turns out okay.

Anti-kvetch: Exactly one year ago today, our Millie kitten officially became our cat & came home to stay with us forever. Hooray!

((Yuefie and Dad))

((Star)) Sorry about bridezella and the internship. Good for being positive!

((polly)) So great about the date!! STD makes me laugh...

Kittenb, how is your mom?

Pixie, what show again?

RV, sorry to hear about the blahs. I think I have a touch of those myself lately. I'm also watching all the pre-shows for the Oscars. smile.gif Mcgeek is upstairs playing video-games, and my mother and bff are going to be calling and texting me all night. I wanted to head to this great Oscar party, but Mcgeek has been sick.

Mcgeek sort of made it up on Vday. He got some great tea infused truffles(Tevanda who knew?), flowers, and a new fossil watch. He said he wanted to head to Tiffanys(?) to get me a watch, and couldn't afford it. I guess he'd never been in a Tiffany store! I never mentioned wanting anything from Tiffany's before... We're still fighting a lot though. No ring yet, and no birthday present. More in the committed thread.

Kvetch: I lost the job at EFGA, as the woman has come back full-time. I'm back to being an intern again, and trying to find a new job. I knew this was going to happen, but it was nice to get a small paycheck. I'm heading to a job fair this week, so we'll see.

Anti-kvetch: Oscars!!!

I need a bustie vote...As I mentioned before there is a dress I have been coveting for months that I am thinking of buying for my show. It's a fundraiser for the local Cerbral Palsy Association. The solo I would be singing while wearing the dress is Danny Boy and it is during an Irish theme in the show, so the second dress looks more Irish, but I have been told I can wear where I want, but I like them both, and both would look good with my hair and skin tone...dress 1 or dress 2

Rose the other song I know that I am singing is Sinatra's The way you look tonight and it is a WWII scene with period costume. The third solo is the poster child tribute which they haven't decided on a song for yet and I'll wear a gorgeous red dress. I'll have to take a picture of it.
Pixie, I say you should go ahead & get dress #1. The green dress is nice, but I think wearing green while singing "Danny Boy" is too much of a cliche. Plus, dress #1 is so unique! I love all of the colored layers of the skirt.

Sassy, sorry to hear about the job loss. I know it's tough out there. Here's hoping McGeek continues to work his way out of the doghouse.

Anti-kvetch: The cheese souffle was a success!

Kvetch: They still haven't gotten around to giving away Best Actress yet. That's the thing I'm really waiting up for. Unfortunately, my TV just said that I'll have to sit through a tribute to Jerry Lewis first. Uuuuuuuuuugh.
martini and i have the stomach flu. i was up all night vomiting. uuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhh. when will this horrid month end?
(((sidecar)))OMG! i hope things get better soon! sad.gif

(((sassy))) sorry to hear the job ending. i hope you land another job soon.

(((pixie))) i agree with rose. i like the first dress. wearing green might be too obvious. make sure to have a photo of yourself and whatever dress you get.

(((yuefie))) acos

(((rose))) it sounds like your weekend went well. are you feeling better? still down?

massive vibes needed today or the next couple of days so that i can match with an internship. the process starts today.

kvetch: minor headache-y, hangover goin' on right now. the wine flowed alittle too freely last night at kittenb's oscar party. i had a really good time. i got dressed up and got to hang with humanist, polly, and prophecy_girl. i'm actually surprised with how much wine i drank myself. laugh.gif

((star internship vibes))

((sidecar and martini))

Kvetch: While a little hungover myself (we skipped that cool Oscar party b/c Mcgeek was sick; it was benefiting the Atlanta Humane Society which is where we got Zoe), I have this damn stomach bug again. I'm going to miss GRE studying with my friend tonight, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's IBS.

Pixie, I really love dress 1. I love all the colors.

The Oscars was 4 hours of talking back and forth with my mom. We always do this to gawk at the speeches and the dresses. My grandfather knew Jerry Lewis (he was a drummer back in the day), and said he was an asshole.
Hello all. Sorry about dropping the big news bomb and then disappearing. My internet was down all weekend. Because I needed ONE MORE THING this weekend. rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif

My mom is still in the hospital, still have tests done. They are looking at her hiatal hernia and a possible ulcer. She has been hospitalized for anemia before and I think that is a problem again. However, she feels much better and is getting sleep.

{{{yuefie}}} So sorry to hear about your father's health issues. I can't imagine how hard it would be to have to do something against your dad's wishes because it is what is best for him.

{{{roseviolet}}} Are you feeling any better? Please take care of yourself.

Yes, the wine was flowing freely at my house last night. I woke up with a massive headache because, while I drank A LOT, I forgot to eat. So I am eating a ton this morning and feeling better. It felt weird having such a big party while I was waiting to hear about my mom, but there was really nothing I could do. And there were a ton of people at my house. I think that might be the first time that everyone who said they would show up actually did. Glad I used paper plates as I have a lot of glasses that need washing. I'll post pictures as I get them!

Hi all, well it sounds like I am one of the only busties without a hangover this morning. We layed really low this weekend and caught up on sleep and relaxation time. Who knew that planning a wedding could take so much out of you. It was worth all of the effort though! I think that I avoided being bridezilla for the most part - 99.9% of the time - but we made a real concerted effort to do what we could in advance so that nothing felt too stressful or overwhelming. I also had a really involved partner (immensely lucky). The week before the wedding will still managed to have downtime. Last night we decided to forgo the Oscars to instead watch reruns of How I Met your Mother smile.gif

Polly - Congrats on setting the date and finding your wedding location. How exciting!

Star - Good luck in the clearinghouse today! I hope that some amazing internships did not match and that you can swoop in to get them smile.gif. I don't have much advice other than not to forget to interview the internship sites a little and find out if they are offing what you want as well. You have to be a good fit for them but they also have to be a good fit for you. Take care and my thoughts are with you throughout this process.

Kitten - So sorry to hear about your mother!!! What a shocking call to receive. It sounds like you did the healthy thing by continuing with your party and surrounding yourself with good friends. Like you said, you are still waiting on information and there isn't much to be done right now. I hope that you all receive answers soon and that everything turns out for the best.

Rose - it sounds as though your weekend was filled with some really high moments but also mixed with some really down moments. How are you feeling today? I hope that this message finds you well!

Pixie - I agree with Rose and Sassy - I like dress 1 as well
*drive by*

healing and healthy vibes for (((yuefiedad))) & (((kittenmom))) & ((sidecar & martini)))

(((star))) sending you tons of positive good internship wishes, sweetpea.


Awww, poor (((((sidecar & martini))))) sad.gif ~~~tummy soothing~~~


Pixie, both dresses are gorgeous and the colors would look lovely on you. My first instinct was to say the green one, but I like what rosev said.

R and I went up to visit dad last night and I sat down and explained to him why I think it's best he moved. He was resistant at first, but after discussing my concerns and what the new place would be like, how much closer it would be and how that would mean more time with all of us, he was on board. Can I just WHEW. I am relieved that he is both feeling better and was lucid enough for me to discuss it with him. I really do feel bad about having to make his decisions for him, but so often he is just not lucid enough to do so. He paid R a compliment in telling him that he was so glad that I finally had someone good by my side and then proceeded ask us if we were married yet three times in the hour visit tongue.gif

Grandpa called me yesterday to say that they will likely be arriving on Friday. We are soooo excited! R began his new job last week and is still in the training portion, which lasts 8 weeks, but so far so good. Though it is not in the culinary field and is in fact the field he left to attend culinary school, he is just relieved to have a job. He keeps saying how thankful he is for it. It also helps that it's a great company who really takes care of their employees and is also big on community outreach. He got the option to donate money to United Way to be allowed to wear jeans to work. That took all of a nanosecond to decide wink.gif
Thanks guys! The decision has been made for me since the green dress was on clearance and was bought with a buy it now. The first dress is the one I have been trying to find an excuse to buy for months anyway. I have a wedding coming up in May that I am goign to, but I think I would far fancier than the bride in that dress. And I thought about the whole cliche thing. The green dress would have been easier to find other occasions to wear it for, but you only live once, right? And if I am going to buy a fancy prom type dress in my 30's I might as well get the one I really want!

(((hugs for mandi)))

~!*~!~!(~)(~(!~)antihangover vibes~*~*~*~*~*)~)!(

Yuefie, glad thinsg went well with your dad. It sounds like this is the best decision for everyone!

((((decar, kitten, bunny, Rose, polly, gradgal,sassy star))))
Damn, it seems like everyone is getting sick!

(((kitten and mom)))

(((yuefie and dad)))


(((((internship vibes for star)))))

yay for choosing a dress pixie!

((((happy vibes for rose))))

polly, congrats on choosing a venue! How many guests do you think you will have? My mind is totally on weddings because one of my closest friends is getting married and it makes me think of getting married someday and what I want. However, I will have to just cross that bridge when I come to it.

I haven't been up to much. Last week was reading week so I was just at home, hanging out. I missed the boyfriend and whenever we talked he said that he missed me sooooo much. I went to see him yesterday and he was really hungover. He was so upset that I thought something bad had happened at first. But he was just mad at himself for getting so drunk and not being any fun when I came over. I took care of him though and it was kind of nice just to hold him. Now he's going home for reading week so I won't see him till next weekend.

kvetch: I have a stats midterm tomorrow. I don't get this class. I am so nervous. I'm afraid that I'm going to fail as I've already failed the first assignment.

kvetch: I am also a burning ball of hormones right now. I realized last night that I have cried once a month right around my period, like clockwork.

kvetch: my toilet is broken. Whenever I push the handle nothing happens. What's even worse is that my dad put in a shelving unit right over top so I can't see a damn thing. I'll have to get the maintenance guy to fix it.

Anyway, sorry for all the complaints. It just seems like everything happens at once

((yuefie)) Glad to hear that your dad is feeling better and is willing to move closer to you. Yay for R’s job working out well.

((mando)) Thinking of you and your family.

((kittenb)) Sending good health vibes to your mom. Glad your Oscar party was a success.

((sassy)) Feel better, and good luck on the job search.

((star)) ********Internship********The right one will come along, but I can only imagine the stress you are dealing with right now.

((star’s friend)) Sorry to hear she has to go through this ordeal again.

((sidecar and the mr)) Feel better, it’s almost March.

((pixie)) Good choice on dress #1. It is too cute.

((rose)) Yay for a nice weekend with friends.

((polly and leboy)) Congrats on setting a date.

((bunnyb)) $$$$$$$$$job search and money vibes$$$$$$$$$

((ccgirl)) Good luck on your midterm and getting your toilet fixed.

((gradgal, syb, christine, morning ton))

I have been applying for some jobs with my current company, and I got an email last Friday asking to set up an phone interview. The really exciting part is the job is in Chicago. Mr. DM and I decided at the beginning of the year to explore new places to live, and Chicago is on our list. I have the phone interview next week, and then I guess an in person interview if all goes well. I am busy researching apartments and moves because I want to be prepared for a quick move if needed.
**kicks door open and runs in after reading DM's news**

um, i know DM you gonna ring me up so i can show you the chi. dood, i was so happy to read this info. omg. so cool. smile.gif

Yet another reason to visit chi-town one of these days wink.gif. Good luck, dm!

((((the cocktails and their tummies, yuefie and her dad, mandi, rose, candycanegirl, kitten's mom, star)))) all poorly busties and their relations.

The Oscars: so happy that Kate and Sean Penn won (I thought Mickey Rourke was incredibly good in The Wrestler but Penn immersed himself in the role and became Harvey Milk). Although I haven't seen Vicky Christina Barcelona yet (intend to soon) I can't help but be happy for Penelope Cruz and of course Heath Ledger's award was heartbreaking, even if expected. My favourite dress, by far, was Marissa Tomei's.

I'm watching one of my favorite food experts - Mark Bittman - on PBS & they just showed him on a pork farm in England wearing, of all things, a baseball cap for Oklahoma University. It even says "Sooners" across the back. Speaking as an Oklahoman who spent a long time in England, this is quite a surreal sight.

Anyway! Happy Tuesday, everybody!


((((((((((((KittenB's momma )))))))))))))))

(((((((((((Yuefie & dad)))))))))))))))
I hope the waiting list is short & he can move soon!

~$$$~$$$~ jobby job vibes for DM ~$$$~$$$~
Chicago! How exciting!!!

Polly, that venue looks great! I love the beams.

~~~~~~~~ soothing for Sassy, Sidecar, & Martini ~~~~~~~~~
I hear that a flu bug is spreading around. Hope you get over it soon.

A+A+A+A+A+ fabulous mid-term grades for CCGirl! A+A+A+A+A+
Sorry to hear about the toilet. You never really appreciate a toilet until it stops working.

((((((Stargazer))))))) Just 'cause.
~!$~@$~!@$!@~ internship & happiness vibes a-plenty ~!@#@$!~

Pixie, looks like fate intervened! That dress is going to be gorgeous on you.

Bunny, I was also very happy for Kate. I loved the part when her father whistled! That joy on her face & body when she heard that sound was so great. I love that they weren't so eager to cut off people's speeches, but there was FAR too much filler. There were a couple of montages and at least one big musical number that NEEDED to go.
~$~$~ job & money vibes for Bunny ~$~$~

Gradgal, I love "How I Met Your Mother". Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday night.

(((((((Mornington, Sybarite, Christine, & everyone))))))))))

Anti-kvetch: There's a performance group here that does this cool series about real-life storytelling (knda like a live show of This American Life). I got to see one performance by this group back in the fall & I LOVED it. However, I've missed the last 4 shows because the word has spread & now they sell out super fast (in less than 30 minutes). In the past I didn't know that tickets had gone on sale until too late. But not this time! Yesterday morning I snagged 2 tickets to the next show! I'm sooooo excited!

dm, good luck on the interviews and moving!

The toilet has been fixed. It flushes now. That is especially good news because my period just started and I am bleeding like a mofo.

I just got back from the test. It was mostly okay except for one question where I got really confused about probability. But anyway, I'm just happy to be home. I'm debating between watching Oprah and having a nap. I declare tonight to be TV night.

congrats on getting tickets rose! I miss listening to all the unique shows on NPR. I used to live right on the border so I got almost all American stations but now that I'm in Toronto I can't listen in.

anti-kvetch: I'm not quite sure how to put this into words but I feel like my relationship with the boyfriend is progressing really well. He's gone and I miss him right now but I can handle it. I think I'm past that infatuation stage and at a more comfortable stage now. However, when he comes back there is a good possibility that I am going to jump on him and tie him to my bed. tongue.gif

kvetch: I just realized that this is Mardi Gras and I have no donuts to speak of.



(((ccgirl))) i forgot it was paczki day too! blink.gif

(((rose))) that sounds like fun. i haven't gone to the theater for some time. shame on me.

kvetch: no word on a training site yet. maybe i should start taking suggestions for potential future careers. juggler? beach comber? any suggestions.

It's Mardi Gras?! I had no idea! Doesn't Google usually decorate their main page for holidays like this? Honestly, that's how I find out about most holidays. I hope Amilita is enjoying the festivities.

CCGirl, hooray for a working toilet & happy relationships!

~smile.gif~smile.gif~ vibes of happiness for Stargazer ~smile.gif~smile.gif~

Billie, are you lurking out there? Did you hear about the new American F1 team? I'm intrigued, but I wonder how long it might last.

I suppose Sheff & I will celebrate Mardi Gras by eating Chinese food & watching BSG (we're on season 3). That doesn't sound nearly decadent enough. Maybe we'll eat ice cream, too. Edgy!
Well, apparently I should say Happy Mardi Gras everyone! I never remember that holiday as it kind of means nothing to me. I took today to do nothing but sit on my couch. I also had lunch with my best friend but that is about it. No homework, no work-work, nothing that required me to think or move too much. Tomorrow I have to get in gear. I still haven't even done the dishes from my party. My mom is home from the hospital now. She has bleeding ulcers but she is home. Arguing with me at this moment about her meds. rolleyes.gif

c_cgirl - glad to hear you are happy.

star - I think you should look into becoming and inspirational speaker (hmm, I almost wrote "thinker.") Or some kind of non-pretentious Life Coach. Seriously, though, I think you need to stick with your plan. You can do this! Someone just needs to realize that and give you a damn chance. mad.gif

rose - Sounds like you are really whipping thru BSG. Has it gotten depressing yet? I've learned that when I watch too much, I get depressed.

bunnyb - if you haven't yet, check out Frozen River. I watched it today. it is INTENSE!

DM - Chicago would welcome you with open arms!

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