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I think we were all in Evanston yesterday, kitten- we saw Coraline there. It was in 3D and it was amazing.

Hooray for moving in together!! That's so exciting!

Maybe the next Chicago Bustie get-together at Hot Doug's? It may be hard finding a spot in there for all of us to sit together, though. We'll manage.
(((polly))) I hope you get the accident stuff straightened out! The only time I have ever been in an accident that actually warranted using our insurance, we were on the recieving end of a rear end collison. It is such a mess to get figured out!

Kitten Congratulations on Moving in!!!

Yay for a better weeken Sidecar!

My weekend has been much better. Micropixie is finally starting to get better. Although there is a very strong possibilty that minipixie now had hand, foot and mouth disease. She's at her dads this weekend and she started having early symptoms yesterday. But Mr and I did some bargaining yesterday and both got somethign we were really wanting and everything has been happy at the Pixie home.

Hi all - I lurk in here every day, but just never really post anymore because it takes up way too much of my time when I get sucked into this thread! I read it, though!

I have to come in and ask you all for some bustie vibes... my lease is up at my place now, and I'm looking for a new flat. I'm viewing a flat tomorrow that looks amazing in the photos, exactly what I want, perfect neighborhood, and it's in my price range. I can totally see myself living there, and I really really want it. The only thing is, there are several other people looking at it at the same time as me. I know that I was the first person to call to arrange a viewing, because I called right after it had gone up on the listings, but the letting agency office won't take that into account - they're telling me that it's first come first served as far as who gets to put a deposit on it.

I'm kind of tempted to just go to the letting agents today and put down a deposit on the place, sight unseen, just based on the photos. But it makes me kind of nervous to do that. So I think it's going to come down to just getting there early tomorrow, walking in the door and looking at it quickly, and then heading straight to the letting agent's office. ARGH!

so I need some bustie vibes tomorrow, please!!! I've seriously looked at like 15 flats so far, and not only is it down to the wire (my lease ends March 4) I'm just plain sick of looking!!!


Zoya: in my experience in similar situations I went along with the (aforementioned) ££ in cash on me so I could pay a holding deposit on the spot. What this means, of course, is making a decision on the spot, so you want to rule out any dealbreakers quickly. Check power points, mode of heating, flush the toilet etc and be prepared to jump in there. My sister and I nabbed our (awesome) flat by literally showing the money ahead of the other guy who also got here an hour early. Kamikaze tactics, but they work. Good luck tomorrow!!

Kitten, that's so exciting! I'm pleased for you both.

The mister has to work part of the evening of Valentine's Day so we're trying to work out plans, or rather, I am. Neither of us are big fans of the whole V-Day schtick but I think a good dinner out could be nice and could be good for us. We'll see.

Iin the meantime, back to the Monday-ness...
thanks! they've already told me that I have to actually go to their office, that the agent on site won't take a deposit. so it's going to be a mad dash for the place. fingers crossed. I'm GOING to get that place. I want it so bad!!!!

I'm bringing cash, checkbook, every mode of payment that might work!
Christine Nectarine
~~~housing vibes for Zoya~~~ I know how tense that situation can be. I hope the place is good, and you get it! Maybe you could have a friend already at the rental office, and place a call to them to put the money down once you’ve checked the place out. A little flat-hunting slyness!

Kittenb, that’s great news about moving in!

~~~~hoping everyone in the Pixie household is healthy~~~~

I’ve been living on edge the past couple days. I got a second interview for that job, which is a good thing, but I hate the waiting. I went into the first interview feeling very nonchalant, since for once I actually have a good job already, and don’t NEED a different one. But then in the interview, the possible new job sounded so much better than my current one. Also, since they called to tell me they decided to conduct a 2nd interview that tells me I have some serious competition! I know I interview well, but this time I feel like I don’t know what to expect. Anyway, it’s happening tomorrow, so I could definitely use some vibes again!

Happy Monday everyone.
Congrats, Kitten! That's wonderful!

~!!~!!~ flat vibes for Zoya ~!!~!!~

~$$$~$$$~ inteview vibes for Christine ~$$$~$$$~

What on earth is hand foot & mouth disease? Hope the kids start to feel better soon.

Yesterday we had a really good time for Sheff's birthday. We had a bunch of friends over & we ate sooooooo much food! I made chocolate chunk cookies, ice cream (a special creation just for Sheff) & an almond bundt birthday cake. Plus a friend brought butterscotch blondies. I set out strawberries & apples for the couple of dieters in the group, but no one could resist the cookies. To keep us from lapsing into sugar comas, for dinner I made bangers & mash with onion gravy & green peas. Plus we had hard cider & beer & every other kind of beverage you can imagine. It was insane! And fabulous. We played Rock Band & card games & completely wore ourselves out. It was great & I think Sheff really enjoyed himself. So yay!

Tonight I'd like to see Coraline, but I want to see it in a theater that's showing it in 3D. I guess that means I need to call around? I wish there was an easier way.

pixiedust's kind like a mild chicken pox sort of starts with a fever, sore throat..and then progresses to a blistery rash on the hands, legs, and face that lasts a few days. little T is finally over his, but I suspect that minipixie is about to get the blisters. She had a fever at her dad's this weekend. (he sent her to church and school knowing she has been exposed to this! Oy vey!) Her birthday is Thursday, so if she's gonna get it, it needs to be tonight so she'll be well by the time her party gets here Saturday.

antikvetch:Saturday minipixie and I are both going to get our hair cut!

Good Luck on the Flat Zoya!!

Happy belated birfday to Sheff!
Oh pixie, how awful. ((((pixie & family))))

~~~~~soothing & comfort vibes for our dear mandolyn~~~~~

~~~~~interview vibes for christine~~~~~

~~~~~flat vibes for zoya~~~~~

((((polly))))) hope everything works out with your car

congrats, kitten!

rose, that birthday bash sounds both delicious and fun smile.gif
if you look up Coraline on Fandango it lists the regular & 3d, just put your zipcode in and see what is nearby.

syb, we aren't big on the whole forced romance of V-day either. we're gonna do what we did last year, which is some chinese take-out and some sappy flix rentals.

((((bunny, sidecar, amilita, candy, billy, dm, morn, everyone)))))

We enjoyed a bittersweet weekend with the kidlet. It was really nice when he wasn't crying and telling us how he didn't really choose Florida, but felt he had no real choice in matter when it came down to it because his mom was laying the guilt on so thick. Between that and her telling him that she wishes that I would stop trying to encourage him to be gay by giving him lip balm, I wan't to break my foot off in her ass so hard she'll taste my toenail polish. We did our best to make it really nice weekend for him. We baked, played board games and rock band, and watched movies. We ended up staying in all weekend because of the weather. I know it doesn't compare to anywhere else in the country, but we're spoiled here and don't know how to deal with any real weather. See, we're getting a whole bunch of rain and even some hail, sleet and snow in the county. It was hailing outside of my apartment today, which is pretty unusual. Fortunately for me I didn't have to leave the house today. Phew. Because if there is one thing Californian driver's absolutely cannot handle, it's precipitation in large amounts. Okay, I'm being *too* kind. Precipiation in any amount tongue.gif

{{{yuefie}}} That situation sounds so frustrating. And all this time I thought genetics was at the root of being gay. I never even thought to look towards the lip balm. I should be a lot more lesbianic. And I kiss my guy wearing lip balm. Will I make him gay too?

Zoya? Did you get the flat???

Roseviolet - that sounds like a great party. biggrin.gif

Pixiedust - how are the little ones coming along? Is she getting sick? Is he getting well?

{{{Christine}}} I hope you had a great interview!!!

{{{polly, sybarite, all kvetchies}}}

I am clearly not doing my homework at the moment. I have a ton of reading to do so I need to get the heck on it. I meant to read yesterday but I wasted time looking at apartment listings. The time was wasted b/c I will not be looking for a new apartment until June at the earliest, I just got all dreamy and fantasy-ish. I am annoying myself I feel so gooey. unsure.gif rolleyes.gif

kvetch: big storms with possible tornados heading here.

Antikvetch: the kiddos do seem to be well again. Minip never got the rash.

Lip balm? seriously? I don't even know what to say to that. Is it only flavored lip balm or does like carmex count? Cause like MiniP's dad always had carmex on him....Mwahhahaha
Kvetch: I caan't find my keys and it's driving me INSANE!!!!! I've looked everytwhere I can think of. I've looked under all the cushions in the living room, I've looked in every drawer, I searched trough the laundry & the pile of mail that I hid in our room during the party,and of course I've looked through my purse and in every pocket f every coat and on and on and on. I even looked in the freezer. I have no earthly idea where they could be. Sheff is telling me to just be calm & hopefully a 2nd pair of eyes will help. God, I hope he's right. I'm losing my mind here.

I'll vibe properly after I've regained my sanity.
Hey kitten & pixie, can I just hug you two really tight right now? I needed to be able to laugh at how asinine that was, 'cause it REALLY pissed me off. I'm talking so frustrated it made me want to cry AND punch her in the face. But whatev's, she is just so ignorant. You know, when I first met the kid he already had lip balm that she bought for him because he has chronically chapped lips. But that was okay because she wasn't trying to recruit him like I apparently am. Oh, maybe because it was a Hershey's chocolate lip balm... I dunno, not sure how it works rolleyes.gif

kitten, honey, you are entitled to be gooey. It's a big step and exciting smile.gif

~~~~~anti tornado vibes for the pixies~~~~~ unsure.gif

~~~~~rose's keys please magically appear!~~~~~


hope christine got the job and zoya got the flat.

Hi everyone! My problem is this -- I live in Western Michigan and it's a pretty conservative area. I actually live in the second biggest city in the state, but it's just kind of backwards here. So much so, that when I say I'm a feminist, a lot of times people look at me like I've said a dirty word. It really sucks sometimes. I work with mainly Republicans too...

Thanks for letting me kvetch. I'm kind of new around here. :-)
As you know, I'm not a religious person, but I do believe in the power of St. Anthony's prayer:

Dear Saint Anthony, please come around. Something is lost and must be found.

I am notorious for losing things, so I find myself chanting that a lot while I look through things fervently. 99% of the time, I find whatever I lost.

Good luck. I'm salivating over Sheff's birthday dinner. Yum.

I sent you hugs in the confessions thread, but more for you, (((yuefie, R and kidlet))) What ridiculous, ignorant b.s.
hi all!

re: flat - I was the first one to get a deposit down and rental application in. Now I just have to wait to see if I pass the approval process - (credit check, employment history, etc) keep sending those vibes!! will let you know asap.

- Does anyone else but me smell a bustie joke in the making courtesy of Yuefie and the gay lip balm? LIP BALM = gay. or LIP BALM is so amazing - it has the power to turn you gay! LIP BALM has the gay in it!

I am WAY too tired right now...must go to bed.
((Zoya flat vibes))

Yes, I see a whole brand based on this joke!! smile.gif

RV, did you find your keys? Sheff's bday dinner sounds amazing.

((Christine job vibes))

Today was my birthday, and it was boring. My parents did send some money(!!!), and I got some great calls from some friends (thank you star!), but I ended up getting my period in the middle of freaking Whole Foods. I did manage to go to a movie (saw random he's not that into you) after work so that was nice. Mcgeek had said something about a cool surprise. Now he tells me now that he didn't get me anything at all. Nothing. Yet, his Valentine's Day gift was on the front stoop when we came home. It just makes me feel like shit, because I spend money I didn't have on him, and he didn't even give me a fucking birthday card. Can you figure out who's sleeping on the futon tonight?

Sorry for the rant there.

Kvetch: Horrible cramps

Anti-kvetch: I'm considering becoming a grant writer. I wrote my first proposal this past week, and really loved it. I'm planning on taking a bunch of classes next week to learn more about it.

((Sassy)) I rarely scroll down to where the birthdays are, so I missed that yours was today! Sorry it's been pretty crappy so far! sad.gif
{{{sassy}}} I also never scroll down to the birthdays. As for McGeek THAT SUCKS! I hope he is playing a trick on you and actually has something amazing 'cause otherwise...nope...unacceptable!

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, Sassy!!! Sorry to hear that the boy is being an ass, though. He better cobble together a good surprise in the next 2 hours or he's going to be in the doghouse for months.
~~~~~~~ soothing for Sassy ~~~~~~~~

Yes, the lip balm definitely needs to become a part of the Bust lexicon. A euphemism perhaps? As in, "In high school I always suspected that Roger really loved lip balm if-ya-know-what-I-mean, but he didn't come out of the closet until he was 25." Call me evil, but now I feel like we should send the kidlet a bouquet of Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers shortly after he arrives in Florida. Preferably Dr. Pepper flavored.

Pixie, have you been watching the dog show? The judge of the toy group is from our hometown! I hope the tornadoes avoided you. I saw on the national news that Edmond was hit pretty hard. Scary.

Good luck on the flat, Zoya!

Christine, any news on the job?

The keys are still missing. Sheff continued to search for AGES after he came home, but no dice. He even searched through 2 bags of trash. I decided we should just quit for the night. Hopefully they'll come to the surface tomorrow. Luckily we have copies of the keys so it could be worse, but it's still such a major pain in the ass.

Anti-kvetch: One year ago while watching the Westminster Dog Show, I went to Petfinder & found my precious Millie kitten. This year as I watch the same dog show, my kitty is snoring softly by my side. Yay smile.gif
Hmmm, The Geek has responded well to my Bonnie Bell Dr. Pepper lip balm. Seriously. Now I am worried.
Ahahaha, you're killin' me laugh.gif
Man, I love how no matter how frustrated I feel about a situation, you all help me laugh it off. I like the idea of a Bonne Bell bouquet as a bon voyage gift. Seriously though, what is she going to do when she discovers that his favorite movies are Breakfast At Tiffany's and Chicago? I kid you not. And that has nothing to do with me or my *wretched* influence rolleyes.gif

(((((sassy))))) Happiest Birthday wishes, sweet pea. Sorry McGeek dropped the ball and your feelings are hurt. That is just super sucky.

Awww, rose, what a sweet story about Millie kitty. I hope your keys resurface, but what a relief that you have copies. You've reminded me that I have to go tomorrow and make copies of my car keys, especially since I have no spares.

~~~~~~~~~Safety vibes for the pixies, my family and anyone else in the path of Tornado's~~~~~~~~~~

Which reminds me, I forgot to share my good news that my grandpa and his lady, Fran, are comin' to visit us again at the end of this month. We are soooo excited! They are in Oklahoma visiting other family right now (I am hoping they are safe), then they are going to Arizona to for her son's birthday, then Las Vegas and finally, here. My sis sent me a text tonight that said "What day is Franpa arriving?" and I am still cracking up. Franpa tongue.gif. I dunno why, but it sure does make me giggle.
Wait, so you're telling me my boy is gay because he always carries lip balm (or chapstick or vaseline lip therapy but let's not go down that road of innuendo)? He too likes soppy films, musicals (he regularly listens to the Wicked soundtrack on his ipod), wants to watch all of Sex and the City as he's never seen it, wears pink, lilac and lemon shirts to work ... and here was me thinking that he likes what he likes and that he's secure in his sexuality unsure.gif. yuefie, you should do something outrageous! buy him a tee-shirt with a rooster on it that has "I love cock" emblazoned across front (okay, completely inappropriate for a child but still funny).

I love when franpa come to visit - you tell the best stories about them and make mouth-watering food!

Like rose's mouth-watering birthday meal for sheff! I love sausage, mash and gravy above the majority of other food stuffs. Hope you find your keys!

(((sassy))) I hope your birthday improved! McGeek better have been bluffing; ignoring your birthday is plain mean. One of my friends asked me whether her boy ignoring Valentine's Day after seeing each other for four months would be a dumpable offense and I said no but a birthday would be.

*~*~*~*hoping the checks go through for zoya's flat*~*~*~*~ I've seen photos and it's extremely cute.

congrats, kitten! you have every right to be gooey. Living with the boy has been fabulous for me; surreal but fabulous.

(((mando, christine, polly, morn, amilita, designermedusa, pixie, billy, candycane, tes...)))

mornington came to mine last night for dinner (the boy was travelling back from a meeting in another city) and we ate, drank red wine and watched early episodes of Sex and the City; it was a lovely night and great to have some female company.
The keys have been found!!!! When I woke up this morning, my first thought was, "I should check the pockets of my dressing gown again," but I didn't mention it to Sheff. Well, as soon as his alarm went off he sprung out of bed, went to the bathroom, & immediately checked the pockets of my dressing gown. And ta da! There they were! I was sure I'd checked there last night. Amazing. You wouldn't believe how many hours we spent tearing apart this house looking for those things!

Aw, Bunny, that's so sweet about the boy. I must admit that I miss being with a man who enjoys watching musicals. Glad you got to hang out with Mornington. Sounds like lots of fun.

Forget Brangelina. The world want to know more about Franpa!

We should totally turn the kidlet into a lip balm afficianado. Has he tried Burt's Bees balm with pomegranate oil? I like it a lot more than the minty variety.


Anybody spoken to Mandi lately? (((((((((((((((((((((((Mandi))))))))))))))))))))))
yuefie - wow, if you just include "Mommie Dearest" in your care package, I think you might successfully send kidlet's mom over the edge.

ETA: is it really bad that it's 4:00 pm and I'm in my pajamas, drinking a glass of wine, and attempting to get caught up with work while avoiding (fairly unsuccessfully) doing too much web surfing?
.. did I somehow manage to kill the Kvetch thread? How can this be?
No, Zoya, Kvetch can never die. It just needs to take a nap from time to time. Maybe Kvetch is a vampire! Rising from the grave to suck up your free time! Mwah-ha-ha-haaaaaa!

Yuefie, I think you should buy those ovies for the kid anyway. If he'll enjoy them, that makes them perfectly legitimate gifts. Seriously!

Kvetch: Yesterday's episode of Oprah really pissed me off. I may post about it in Corn Cob or Feminist Outrage. Grrrrr.

Anti-kvetch: A friend lent us the first season of "Battlestar Galactica". Sheff and I had never seen a single episode, so we're trying to catch up with the rest of the geek universe. So far we really like it, although I think I might enjoy it even more than Sheff. Who knew!
Christine Nectarine
Kvetch! Kvetch! We’re here! We're here!
i couldn’t focus enough yesterday to make a proper post. There is a bunch of shit going DOWN at work right now (I did vent in the works sucks thread) so there was crazy tension going on all day, plus I’m anxiously awaiting a call from the place where I did the interview. When I had the first interview, I was trying to be all cool about it and not invest too much hope in the possibility of a new job, but with everything that has happened now I’m really hoping it comes through. To be honest, I’ll be pretty upset if it doesn’t happen. I think the 2nd interview went well too, but you never know.

Whatever way it goes, I’ve decided that some fun and distraction is in high order. I’ve arranged for kiddo to sleep over at the grandparents on Friday night, and I haven’t told A, cause I want to surprise him with a night out.

I’m also going out for lunch with a friend…actually, ex-boyfriend (high school sweetheart!) on Friday, since we’ve been trying to get together for a while, and I will take any excuse to bugger off from work for a couple hours right now.

Hey y'all. We're heading home today from packing up the Mr's dad's house. It's been really exhausting. Good things are that the Mr. and his sis got along great the whole time, basically, even if there was some roughness with his bro-in-law. Bad things are that it was very close quarters and everyone was a bit edgy. And I felt scrutinized, which I'm not used to and don't take to very well.

I'm glad I was here for the Mr, I think he would've gone crazy otherwise. And everyone is dealing with the death well. And the Mr. feels really proud of himself that he saw his dad through to the end, which is good.

Can't wait to see the kitties tonight and to spring Shelby Lee from the kennel tomorrow! And to just be home. Will catch up properly later, in the meantime, (((everyone)))

God I am cranky. Cranky, cranky, CRANKY! The boy and I got in a stupid bickering session last night. We worked it out but I realized today that I was edgy yesterday b/c of something that happened at work. I was, unitentionally, made to feel quite stupid and it stayed with me all day. I didn't realize how much it bothered me until I realized that I was still irritated by it today. And last night we watched the webisodes of BSG (speaking of...) and they were so depressing and nialistic. That whole show is one long advertisment for why humanity kind of sucks. Don't get me wrong, I love it but I can't always deal with it. blink.gif And i just realized that my favorite jeans, the ones that make me feel hot and tall are getting holes in them where the fabric rubs at my thighs. Fuck it. I can't buy these jeans again. I actually went and bought the exact same pair, size and all, and they fit entirely different. I just need tomorrow, midnight, to get here so that I can start my weekend.

{{{amalita}}} Glad to hear that things went smoothly and that you are on your way home.

{{{christine}}} Fingers and toes crossed for you!

bunnyb- who is "franpa?"

(((((((Amilita & the Mr.))))))))))) They made you feel scrutinized? Whatever for? Glad you'll be home with your sweet pets soon.


Pixie, how are things? Are the kids any better?

Huge-ass kvetch: The company where Sheff works has been purchased. There was no warning whatsoever. It used to be owned by Such&Such Corporation in Japan. Now it's owned by So&So Corporation, also based out of Japan. The old owners had plans to expand Sheff's office in the coming years, doubling the workforce within 5 years. But now that they have new owners, who know what's in store. They got the impression from their office's head manager that all the jobs should be okay for maybe the next year, but he didn't sound terribly encouraging so who really knows if there's any truth to it. I'm scared to death that layoffs are in their future.

More Kvetchiness: The place where BestGalPal works looks like it's gearing up to close. She's been getting so few hours she feels like she's on vacation. And BestGuyPal narrowly avoiding getting laid off recently, but his company is reviewing things & there may be additional layoffs in a few weeks.

Scary scary shit.
*~*~*job vibes for Sheff, BestGalPal, & BGP's hubby*~*~*

*~*~*relief vibes for kittenb*~*~*
The kiddos are great, Rose. Minipixie never got the rash although she ran a fever for a day at her dads. She turned 7 yesterday! I can't believe how big she is getting! Tomorrow is our big bash with all her friends.

~$~$~$~$~$$~job vibes for anyone who needs/wants them$~$~$$~$~$~$$~$

Amilta I am glad your hubby was able to be with his dad at the end and that he is handling things so well.

Kitten, I am the same way when something at work makes me feel stupid too. It will ruin my whole day even if it something minor.

Everything is going great here. This week has been a lot less stressful than last week, even if aunt Flo is here with a vengence.
For Valentines day Mr. Pixie got me a tiny pomeranian puppy! He is so cute, I'll have to post some pictures this weekend. Those of you who are on facebook, I uploaded the breeder shots of him the other day.He's 12 weeks old and only weighs 3 lbs! He's such a great fit for us though. He loves playing with the kids, he gets along well with my other dogs despite the fact that all 3 of them are male, and he is almost completely potty trained already! My cats would like to eat him, but I think one of them is starting to come around.

Does anyone have any great Valentines day plans? Since we have all teh kids I am going to feed the kids early and let them go updstairs and watch a movie while i make me and Mr. Pixie a nice dinner of lamb chops with wild rice, sauteed onions and mushrooms, and a bagette with assorted cheeses. I'm also going to buy a nice bottle of wine and I thinking i'll make some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.
We have a gift card to Whole Foods that I've been saving- not sure what I'm going to make yet.

((rose and sheff)) I hope everything works out! Scary times- we had to let go of one of our assistants at work this week. Mostly because there's just not enough to do, but she also had some issues that didn't make it worth keeping her on.

((amilita & mr.)) Besides the problems with your BIL, I'm glad this turned out as well as it could have.

((kitten)) I hope you're having a better day today.

I bought this book for LeBoy for V-Day. It was written by a woman who did a blog called True Porn Clerk Stories about her experiences working in a video store. This led to a piece on This American Life. Some of the book is really funny. There are so many questions, though. A lot of it is just check boxes, but the open-ended questions are kinda hard. I should have started 2 weeks ago instead of last night!

((hugs to all))
I sort of have V-Day plans but I am feeling like such a bitch today that all I want to do is sleep. I HATE my current work schedule. HATE IT.

I'll be home at midnight tonight. I have a small chocolate cake and a nice bottle of dessert wine that I am looking forward to enjoying with the boy. But seriously, I just want to sleep.

Pixie - I'll check FB for puppy pics. That is such a cool gift. smile.gif

RV- that sounds really nerve-wracking. I hope it all works out well.

Undies report: white bra, white panties with strawberries on them.

Hey all! Thanks for the vibes about the Mr. and our trip.

Rose, the scrutinized part was partially about food, I bought chocolate muffins, which my m-i-l called cupcakes, as in cupcakes for breakfast. They all eat super healthy and were spending time making pasta sauce from and the Mr. were feeling like we're there to get stuff done, not spend time cooking. We would go out to eat on our own sometimes...and we sort of got criticized by the bro-i-l over that. And then, I wanted to watch a TV show my friend produced, which was a reality competition show, and everyone started watching it, too...and then were saying negative things constantly, like how terrible reality shows were, etc. Ya know? I just don't have cable and haven't been able to watch this show of hers, forgive me. I couldn't even finish the show it was so annoying. So we're like, bad, refined-carbs-eating, TV-show-watching baddies.

So glad to be home! When we picked up Shelby, she peed on the floor 4 times in between jumping around, she was so happy. And Wally has been sitting with me a ton and slept on the bed with us last night. Awww.

I will catch up better later...I'm still so tired. And it's the Mr.'s birthday tomorrow!!! I don't think I need to get him a gift, and we have plans to go to art stuff tomorrow night and go to dinner with reservations anywhere, we will just have to figure out something not fancy. And I don't need anything for V-day...things have just been too crazy! Maybe go out to breakfast; I love that.

x's and o's for all you kvetchies! Sorry on the me-me-me post.
Pixie, sorry I forgot to mention MiniPixie's birthday yesterday! I was kinda distracted by my own news. Hope you have a fun time celebrating. Congrats on the puppy!

Amilita, sorry to hear about the strangeness with the family. No wonder you're happy to be home!

Kitten, sorry to hear that work sucks so much right now.

Polly, is LeBoy going to fill out the book with his answers, too?

Thanks for the vibes for Sheff. Sounds like the new corporation will finish the acquisition in June. There is hope that Sheff's studio may not close, but in the official press release they mentioned something about "increased efficiency" in North America which sounds like a cheerful way to say "lay-offs". Our selfish hope is that the cuts affect the office in California instead of the studio in NC. Time will tell. Until then, I'm sick with worry.

As for the holiday, I would bet VERY good money that Sheff will not do anything for me for Valentine's Day. We don't tend to celebrate it. Some years I buy him a card, but I didn't this year. I think V-Day just follows on too closely behind Sheff's birthday. We're kinda partied-out after the stuff earlier this week, ya know? Plus we still have oodles of cookies & tons of ice cream to eat! So there's no need for chocolates & celebratory stuff. However, we might finally go out to see Coraline this weekend simply because most people will probably be watching romantic comedies. Or we'll stay home. We're not sure yet.

Anti-kvetch: I forced myself to work out for a whole hour today!

Kvetch: All I've eaten today is cake.

Big anti-kvetch: My second cousin is a daddy! Which means that my beloved Uncle Buster & Aunt Fay are great-grandparents. So bizarre, but wonderful! The new addition to the family is named Ava Nichole. That's the 4th girl in a row for our small family!

Undies: blue thong with hot pink trim & ice skates printed all over. Super cute & comfy.
(((((amilita))))) at least you're home now and don't have to feel scrutinized. I hope the mr. is doing okay.

((((kitten))) I hope you're feeling better today.

Happy belated birthday to minipixie!

((((((rose))))))) layoffs suck! It feels like everyone is on edge and can get laid off at any point.

I have plans for Valentine's today! The bf is coming over and I'm going to make him a romantic dinner. I'm a bit confused because it involves shrimp, which I've never prepared before. The bag says quick peel, de-veined. So I guess I still have to peel them which seems a bit daunting. And gross.

As for after dinner, let's just say my plans involve a Lush massage bar. tongue.gif

Overall, today is going to be fun. I have some errands to do and then I'm going to come back home and watch sappy movies on tv while getting ready.

Happy belated birthday to minipixie.

((rose and sheff))







I think Mcgeek is going to try to recreate our second date which involved a yummy Alton Brown dinner. Then maybe a Wii marathon of Lego Star Wars. I bought he some good teas before the big fight. He did say my birthday presents were on the way. We have so much sugar in the house! My friend made me a fab chocolate cake, and my parents send a cookie basket. I'm heading to the movies with a close friend to celebrate our birthdays tomorrow (hers was the 5th).

Mcgeek is still sort of in the dog house. He did tell me that his work review was also the same day as my bday. Maybe it was work stress, but honestly he was such a prick. It's one thing to forgot this when we were first dating, but 2.5 years into the relationship is weird. My gifts better be so awesome!

Kvetch: Work got cut to part time, but I'm going to focus on getting a new job and grant writing classes. I'm heading to University of Georgia in a few weeks just to check out some grad school programs. My eyes are still on PNW, with or without Mcgeek.

Kvetch: Emotional eating is back, but due to the weird week it's understandable. I gained some weight, and had a bad period.

Anti-kvetch: Seeing BFF next week for movie and lunch. So happy about that!!

No, I didn't get a copy of the book for him. I'm sure we'll end up talking about a bunch of them and I'll find out what his answer would be, though. Maybe I'll have him fill out the book in a different color ink or something. His handwriting's terrible, though. rolleyes.gif

He got me the Criterion Collection of Dazed and Confused, and we're watching it now. We got some tasty cheese from Trader Joe's (your favorite cheddar and caramelized onions, yuefie! And some of that mozzarella with oil and spices.) And some pretzel bread. And some feta and caramelized onion tarts. We went to our favorite breakfast spot this morning and we're still full, so we just got noshes for dinner- no Whole Foods. Humanist is over, too. All we need is some of doodle's magic brownies! wink.gif

((sassy)) I hope V-Day is better than your B-Day!

How'd the shrimp go, candycane? Once you've done it once, it's easy. Is it pre-cooked?

Kvetch: The auto body place called yesterday and said my car was ready. I didn't have time to pick it up last night, so they said they'd be open until noon today, and I could pick it up by then (I talked to three people who all knew I'd be there by noon.) I slept late and we got there at about 11:45....the place was closed! They've been really nice and accommodating this whole time, so I'm just surprised (and pissed!) that no one called me to tell me they were closing early. It's a national chain and I called their 800 number, and they were apologetic, they tried to call the owner of the location, but no one had his cell phone number. So now I won't get my car back until Monday night mad.gif Maybe they'll fill in the chips in my windshield for free for this (my insurance will cover it at no charge anyway, but it would probably affect my rates when it renews...and I'm sure I'll take a hit for this accident anyway.)

Crap, Tana just swiped some of the cheese off the table. That's gonna be ugly in the morning. blink.gif
I just survived the craziest fucking week.

So I haven't kvetched about it, because of the legal implications, but Martini's dad was charged last spring with a really high vehicular homicide charge relating to his accident. He ended up choosing to go to trial rather than plead out and the trial was scheduled for August, then November, then this March. His lawyer was able to exploit some holes in the prosecution's case (they charged way too high) and got a plea agreement together. FIL's sentencing hearing was this Thursday, so we drove down Wednesday to attend it on Thursday, with the plan of coming back Friday bc we had theatre tickets and dinner reservations on Saturday (V-day is when we got engaged, 7 years ago). His hearing went very well -- the judge agreed that the original charge was way too high, he plead guilty to a 4th degree misdemeanor (pretty much as low as one can go in a case where there's a fatality), gave him a $50 fine and asked him to surrender his license, which he did. This turned out to be the least crazy thing that happened while we were there.

The night before, the power went out at his folks during a freak windstorm. This meant the heat went out, as did the sump pump. So when we got up Thursday morning, there was still no power. And, it turns out, a flood in the basement. So we all got dressed and went to the hearing, and while we were there, MIL realizes that FIL is not wearing his diamond ring that he'd put on earlier. So we get back to the house, and there's still no power and the basement is still super flooded, but we HAVE TO FIND THIS RING! We're searching all over the house and she finds it in the car, between the seat and the door. Well, I have small hands, so I volunteer to pull it out, and then my hand gets stuck in the car and I can't get it out. We have to call 911 and have the fire department come remove my hand, and then my hand and wrist swelled up (in fact, it still hurts to type; I may see a doctor tomorrow), and I've had to ice it and take painkillers all weekend. At this point, I was like, "Martini, we are getting a hotel room. It's cold as hell and I haven't showered and my hand is mangled," so we argue with his parents about whether we should get a hotel ("the power could come back on!"), and in the end, we win. So we find two rooms at a hotel that'll let us bring dogs (as they have a dog, and ours was with us) and then we start to deal with the power company and the basement.

To make a long story short, the power ended up being off for 48 hours. The basement filled with 8+ inches of water and caused a gas leak, so we had to get everyone out of the house for an hour until the gas company turned off the gas. An environmental services company had to come in, remove 1100 gallons of water, pull out their carpet and wood panelling, biowash it for mold, and dry it out. They'll be done Monday or Tuesday. The flood ruined the furnace, the water heater and the sump pump, so they're working on finding someone to get replacements. We ended up losing our tickets and dinner reservation, staying Friday night, and then driving home yesterday afternoon. We came home, watched a bunch of TV, drank and went out to an Irish bistro that gave us a last-minute reservation.

So we're home, they're on the road to restoration, and the legal stuff for Martini's dad is all behind us. I think I may have sprained my wrist, but it doesn't hurt as much as when it was stuck in the car. It was totally insane and unpleasant, and I am sort of amazed that it all happened in four days.

I'd apologize for being me-me-me ... but seriously, all that in four days? It's a wonder I'm not still drunk.
(((((((((((((((((((sidecar)))))))))))))))))))))))))) omg. i'm surprised you are not drinking this very moment to forget everything. so sorry to hear about your chaotic week. sad.gif
((((sidecar, martini and family)))) Wow! May this all the craziness for 2009, all packed into 4 days! Glad to hear you're home safe and sound!
Holy cow Sidecar. Lawd. I'm glad it's over. It kind of makes me wonder when they're going to call and tell you you're on camera.
holy crap sidecar! I don't even know what to say. At least you got through it all.

polly, the shrimp itself turned out okay. It wasn't pre-cooked but everything went okay. However, I wasn't too impressed with the overall results. I used this recipe and the cheese kept clumping together and it just seemed to result in a weird runny buttery sauce.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good V Day. My guy came over but he was sick. I felt so bad but he said that he didn't want to cancel because he knew it was important to me. My poor sweetie. Mostly I just stroked his hair while we watched tv.

one big anti-kvetch: it's reading week! I'm going home and I plan on just chillin.
Wow, Sidecar! Do his parents live in Crazytown or something? That is bizarre! Glad to hear everything worked out for Martini's dad, but sorry to hear that there was so much damage to their house. I hope their home insurance is willing to cover it.
~~~~~~ soothing for Sidecar's hand ~~~~~~

Polly, sorry to hear you couldn't pick up your car. What a pain!

Sassy, how did things go last night? Did McGeek redeem himself?

CCGirl, sorry to hear your boy was sick yesterday. Poor thing! I have a looooong history of being sick on Valentine's Day, so I know how much that sucks.

Valentine's Day was kinda boring around here. We didn't have any plans to celebrate it, so I spent a good chunk of the day watching rom-coms on cable. I saw 3 films in a row that ended with ....
1. Male Lead suddenly realizes he loves Female Lead
2. Male Lead finds out that Female Lead will be leaving the town/country in less than 2 hours!1!! OMG!!1!
3. ML rushes through city in hot pursuit of FL. Hilarity possibly ensues.
4. ML finds FL & professes his love. The end.
Three films in a row! Same basic ending! And all of these films were showing on the same channel, too. I could hardly believe it.
I decided that what I really really wanted for dinner was tacos, so Sheff ran out & bought some. We ate our tacos while curled up on the couch watching old episodes of Battlestar Galactica. We finished up the night by having a sweet heart-to-heart talk in bed. Definitely not a conventional, romantic V-D, but that's okay.

Anti-kvetch: A friend of ours who has been out of town for a month is finally home! Yay! We're going to have dinner with her & her boyfriend tomorrow night so we can hear all about her new job (& so she can attempt to persuade Sheff to apply at this new company).
sidecar - my goodness. Your story made me want a drink. I am glad that you are home.

rv - were you watching Oxygen or Lifetime?

hey vixen-within! Good to see you here.


candycane-girl - except for the sick part, it sounds like a nice V-Day.

I had a really nice weekend. The Geek and I saw Coraline in 3-D on Saturday. Lots of kids and they were captivated by the movie. It was really fun. Then we came home, made dinner and watched Buffy and BSG. We continued our little "tacky gift" tradition. He got me the ugliest little serving dish from Target with a little chick on it and a cow head serving bowl. More Easter than V-Day but I laughed for 5 minutes after I opened it. Yesterday I had to buy an interview suit. Macy's had a good sale and I got a lovely grey suit with a knee length skirt with hem pleats. I also found 2 cashmere sweaters and a nice blouse. Now that I will be starting face-to-face counseling for my internship this summer, instead of Hotline work, I need to find more blouses that do not show any cleavage. As my girls are not small, it takes focus to keep them all covered up. rolleyes.gif Now I am struggling to get back in the work mode. Working from home for President's Day but I have a ton of homework to finish b/w now and Wednesday. *fingers crossed!*

Kitten, your V-Day tradition sounds fun! Good luck finding tops that properly cover the girls. Do you wear minimizer bras? If not you should definitely give them a try. They totally change the way my tops fit & help me keep the girls locked down.

Re: the movies. I was watching USA or TBS or something like that. The movies in question were "Notting Hill" (which I actually like a lot), "Along Came Polly" and "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days".

Sheff and I saw Coraline in 3D last night. We saw a showing at 9:55pm so there were no kids around. It was a bit different than the book, but it seemed to strike the same unsettling tone as the book so that's good. Unfortunately I've been sick today so I've spent the whole time on the couch watching a marathon of "Dead Like Me" on Sci Fi. Bryan Fuller kicks so much ass. I really love his shows. If only they'd stay on the air longer. Le sigh!

Anybody heard from Mandi lately?
long, ranting kvetch: I think this body shop that I took my car to is trying to screw me. All that stuff I posted a couple days ago, and then it got worse today. I got a voicemail this morning on my cell phone from a guy from the corporate headquarters, asking for an update on the situation. I didn't call him back immediately. Around 10:30, the body shop called me, asked if I'd like them to drop my car off at my house- it seemed like the person who called wasn't really aware of everything that happened over the weekend, and I didn't want to unload on her, so I said that would be fine. After I hung up with her, I remembered that LeBoy was home from work today for the holiday and his friend was coming over, so the two of them could go get it. So I called the shop back and then called the guy from the corporate office back. I rehashed what had happened and said everything should be okay now. He apologized for the situation, sounded sincere and mentioned that one of the regional managers for the company was supposed to be paying the shop a visit this afternoon and would go over it then, because I at least deserved an apology for all the hassle.

So, this afternoon, I get home from work and my car is back. It mostly looked okay. I ask LeBoy for the keys. "Um, they didn't give me any, I just used my copy." *Sigh* I had to pick up my mom so we could go to the animal shelter tonight, so I figured I'd get them tomorrow. Then I thought, "well, hey, if they were going to drop my car off for me, maybe they'd drop my keys off, since this was another screw up on top of everything else!" So I call them. They don't offer to drive them over and say I can pick them up tomorrow. Whatever, I just want to be done with it. I get to my mom's and as I'm leaning over to unlock the door, I notice that there's a six-inch long, curved crack in my windshield, from the passenger's side of the frame inward.

I immediately call the shop back and say, "I'm bringing my car back tonight, there's a crack in the windshield!" The woman I talked to was a little huffy, but whatever. So I call LeBoy and have him meet me there in case they took it back tonight. I get there, the woman was a little short with me, came out to the car and looked at the crack. She had my file with her and she said, "yeah, when we did the pre-check when you dropped it off, we noted that the crack was already in the windshield when you dropped it off and wasn't a result of the accident. You signed off on it right here." I told her that there was no way the windshield was cracked when I dropped it off. My mom piped in and said that she was sitting in the passenger seat at the time of the accident and she would have seen the crack- it refracts light like crazy at night, and that's when the accident happened. The woman said, "well, Dan [the owner, who did the pre-check when I dropped it off] said that we could look at it on Wednesday morning with a State Farm adjustor here and see what they want to do."

Now I have to go back on Wednesday morning, missing part of work mad.gif

When I got to the shelter, I called State Farm and gave them my side of the story. The guy asked if I got a copy of the pre-check report when I dropped the car off initially. I did not. Which means that they could have cracked the windshield while they were doing their work and then altered the report to make it look like it was pre-existing. If they were that interested in covering their asses as much as mine, they would have automatically given me a copy of it.

Another thing is that when the woman came out and looked at the crack, and compared it to the report, I told her that at the time of the pre-check, the guy never went over what he was indicating was pre-existing and what wasn't. I was missing a hubcap from a couple of years ago when I hit a nasty pothole, and he just assumed that was as a result of the accident and they put a new hubcap why wouldn't he assume that the crack in the windshield was as a result of the accident, too? Why pick and choose, and not ask me about it first?

The pre-check report is just a bunch of symbols on a diagram of a car, so when I signed off on it, how was I to know that the little swirly mark he made on the windshield means he determined it was pre-existing? He just wrote down a bunch of stuff without discussing it with me and had me sign. It could be argued that I shouldn't have signed it, but I didn't expect him to document every little scratch on the car after I'd been in an accident, so how would I know what he had decided was caused by the accident or not.....I don't know, it's just so frigging stupid.

I have not yet begun to fight, though. I'll be calling back that guy from corporate tomorrow.

Sorry for the rantiness. I'm partially typing it out here while it's fresh in my mind so I can review it on Wednesday morning.

I hope we get an update from mando soon.

Sidecar, I hope your hand is okay. unsure.gif

I have a headache from today. Too bad I have misplaced the anti-clenching device that my cousin made me- my jaw hurts and I could really use it tonight.

Christine Nectarine
Wow, some crazy things happening in here!
Sidecar, I’m sorry you had to go through that all, hope your wrist gets healing fast!
Polly, I feel for you! I hate when situations like that happen, hopefully it resolves before you have to pull out the big guns.
A and I had fun on the surprise night I planned for him Friday, went out for a really good breakfast Saturday, and snuggled the rest of the day away until kiddo’s grandparents brought her home at bedtime. Sunday was b-day celebrations with A’s mom, and a looong day. Monday was a stat holiday, we spent the morning house cleaning, and I had to take kiddo to a birthday party. It was in one of those indoor-play places…climbers, arcade games, about 150 kids running around with 150 frantic parents following behind…very headache inducing. All in all though, it was a pretty good weekend, and it’s been a while since A and I enjoyed each other’s company so much.
The feeling’s gone today… I’m feeling particularly low. I’m at work and once again, can’t focus on anything. I just want to go home and curl up on the couch in a big blanket. I think I need some “alone” time.

Kvetch: I think I’ve finally used up the last of my Aveda hand cream. I’ve been rationing it for so long!

Kvetch: haven’t heard from that job yet. This is in large part what is disheartening me today, as it seems less and less likely that I got it. Still, I kind of thought they would call me either way, especially since I did 2 interviews, and it was down to only 2 candidates. Guess I’m stuck here for a while.
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