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All the love and hugs in the world for ((((((mandi))))))
along with copious amounts of ~~~strength, comfort and soothing vibage~~~

~~~~continued vibes for humanist~~~~

The situation with the kidlet basically boils down to this: a few months ago his mom met a (rich) man who lives in Florida and they began dating. She's been out there twice (the last time for ten days during the week I had my surgery) and has decided she wants to move out there NOW so she doesn't have to work anymore (I am not kidding, she said as much). She told the kid that they were moving there and that he had no choice in the matter, but forbade him to tell his dad. Kidlet walked around feeling crappy until he broke down, sobbing hysterically and told dad. While R was trying to calm the kid down and also calm down himself enough to handle it without it turning into out and out war, she came to him and tried to sell him on the idea of *us* all moving out there (living seperately, of course). When R basically scoffed at the idea and confronted her with her deception, it became heated and he told her it was time to let a judge decide. She was pissed that the kid told R and proceeded to punish him. R exploded at that news and all sorts of ugly things were said and threats were made. When they both calmed down and she realized he was serious about going back to court to fight her, she conceeded that the kid should be able to decide where he wants to live without the courts being involved. This is also because if they do back to court the support payments will be revisited and they would likely be greatly reduced according to how much money he currently makes as opposed to what he made when they first divorced. She also, for all intents and purposes, admited to this.

It's not that she wants to move that's upsetting either of us, she has the right to live wherever she wants and we're both happy that she's met someone. She is being so rash in her decision making, she barely knows this man. But who are we to say that's wrong? We hardly knew eachother and dove in feet first pretty quickly. But R did wait a while to introduce me to the kidlet, just to be *sure* he felt there was a future with us. And he wasn't trying to covertly move his son across the country either. She was so sneaky and underhanded to begin with, and the fact that she's so effing selfish that she won't find a way to hold off the seven weeks to let her son finish the 8th grade with all of his friends makes me sick, not to mention furious. R just feels defeated, he doesn't want to put his son in the middle any more than he already has been. I debated on whether or not I should post any of this, but frankly I don't give a fat rat's ass. I cannot even fathom how a mother could be so selfish. She can't wait 7 more weeks to let her gold digging commence? dry.gif

FWIW, I don't make it a habit to call other women "gold diggers". But if it walks like a duck and it quacks like one too... rolleyes.gif

Okay, whew. Thanks for listening. Be back later to get all caught up with everyone.
Crap on toast, Yuefie. What a nightmare! I agree - Why can't she just wait those 7 extra weeks? Hell, if this guy has enough money to support her & loves her that madly, then certainly he can pay for another ticket for her to visit in the meanwhile. Or he can wait a little bit longer. I know it's tough - remember there used to be a great big ocean & half of North America separating me from Sheff - but you just do what you gotta do. Not that I'm in any position to talk some sense into that lady anyway, but you know what I mean. I'm so sorry you're all going through this. Isn't there any way the kidlet can stay with you guys & finish up his school year then join his mom in Florida later? How far is his current school from your place? Or maybe he could stay with a friend for those last 7 weeks. That would certainly be better than starting at a whole new school that close to the end of term.

Pixie, best of luck during that meeting. I think you've got a good argument. Whether MiniP requested to sit there or not, you should have been notified. If she did chose to sit there (which I seriously doubt), any teacher with 2 braincells to rub together should realize that a student who chooses to separate herself from the rest of the class like that is having some major problems & the parents must be notified.

Today was okay 'round here. I think I forgot to mention last week that Sony America approved the latest build of Sheff's game! Hooray! Now they just need to hear the final word from Microsoft & Sony Europe and then they will FINALLY be done with this game. Uuuuugh! In less important news, I saw "Revolutionary Road" by myself today. I'm still recovering from the emotional fallout. It's good, but emotionally ... vigorous.
Christine Nectarine
((((((mandolyn))))))) extra strength vibes today


((((yuefie)))) yikes!

((((pixiedust)))) good! luck!

roseviolet - kiddo and i played lego this weekend cause she got her first set for her birthday, i forgot how much i loved lego!

sassy - sounds good!

damona - yay for good reports, and having fun!

(((kittenb, bunnyb, mornington, pollystyrene, candycanegirl, sidecar, sybarite, amalita, stargazer, everybustie!)))

i've got a job interview this wednesday! i got the call the same day as i was despairing about my current job in other threads. i'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, cause i have no idea if it will work out. however, can i request some "good luck" vibes? i'm still crossing my fingers!
(((RV)))) I watched Revolutionary Road by myself last week ... it was pretty brutal. Great, but brutal.
((((yuefie)))) what a terrible situation
~~~melting vibes for London busties~~~
Oh, I need to vent a little. So the Mr. is at his dad's house and dad is doing very poorly. He is out of it a lot and starting to have incontinence and the Mr. still says he doesn't want me to come out there. He is handling it so well, and to be honest, I wasn't sure he had this kind of care taking in him. He was just asking me about the effect of urine on skin and such...he's never really changed diapers or anything. I'm so impressed with him.

He says he is able to focus on his dad just being there alone - I said it's like a cocoon, and he agreed. He says he likes knowing that I'm available and that knowing it is a lot of support for him. I think the death part is hitting him a little more here and there.

It's hard being at home trying to just go about things...I feel as if I'm in orbit around something big and important, and my inclination is to be doing stuff to help. It's hard to just sit tight. He may not even want me to come out for the service, if there is one...he says he may rather I just keep helping the dog settle in and stuff. And not even sure if there will be a service...he and sis have said they'd do a few small commemorative things during the year that follows. Cremation is the plan.

And the dog is great, I love her, but she crapped downstairs while I was at is 12 hours, so I know that's rough on her. I bought a crate tonight and am thinking about restricting food and even maybe water later in the day, just so she doesn't have a painfully full bladder overnight...I don't know. This is a very unusual circumstance; she will not be alone for my entire shift almost ever, as the Mr. rarely goes out of town without me. I don't want her to establish the habit of going to the bathroom inside, though.

And I'm taking her for as many walks as I can so she is getting proper exercise and attention. In consequence, and just in general, I feel as if I'm neglecting the cats. Wally just had a major tail freak-out and I gave him some Valium; I'm thinking of taking one myself. Just feeling a little guilty and stretched thin.

Whew. So appreciate being able to rant. Also trying not to drown my emotions in pints of ice cream. It's hard not to. But I know I'd feel crappier than I already do. And I'd probably come down with something, as well. My immune system does not function well on junky food.

(((Yuefie))) That is indeed an awful situation. And good that you can be compassionate to her, as you must work with her and try to get along for the kid's sake, but I don't have to, so...what a beyotch! It would be great for the kid to be able to at least finish up the school year somehow, staying with R or something.


I am avoiding Revolutionary Road and such heavy things, though I imagine I'll see it someday. I actually may watch some total pap later like 27 Dresses or some sh*t. Any suggestions for good cheesy movies?

OK..I need a stiff drink, cigarette, valium, prozac, or something else today. I am just not dealing well with anything today. I really want to cuddle up under the kvetch duvet cover and not come out for a few weeks. I know nothing going on is particularly difficult but all the little things adding up are just too much for me today.
First, I did finally hear from mini P's dad. We are still in agreement and the 4 of us are going ot go to the school and put up a united front. I just don't expect this to be an easy meeting. I am still waiting for confimation that they are in favor of a teacher change, but we all feel that the teacher has been emotionally abusive and has created a negative learning environment. No one whowe have talked to about the seating arrangement feels that that is an appropriate way to deal with a student. I'm afraid the teacher will get hostile or that the administration will back her because they "have to".
And then on the heels of the problems with minip, we have issues going on with Mr. Pixie's mini. Her mother gets state assistance...has for several years, and when she renewed her benefits this year her new caseworker opened a DHS case against Mr. P for child support even though he has never missed a payment and has been paying more than the amount he was court ordered to pay for the last 8 years! Now they are garnishing his wages! It really pissed him off because he feels like he is being treated like a deadbeat dad. And DHS wants to do an income adjustment even though Mr. P's ex told them no. She tried to get this garnishment stuff stopped and was told that if she closes the case against him, the minip won't get any more benefits including title 19 health care! We are goign to have to contact a lawyer and see what our rights are if any. DH feels like DHS is going to try to get as much out of him as possible to make up for the fact that 2 of his ex's children have dad's that are true deadbeats. I am just sick to my stomach. I don't trust DHS after what they did to me and minip when she was a baby.
And little things at work are bugging me to today so I am stressed, wound up as tight as a piano wire, and I have to keep reminding myself just to breath until 5.
Gods, pixie, I wish I could help you w/your stress. Or at least figure out a way that you and Yuefie and Amalita could get together and have martini's or something.

{{{{{Hugs for all}}}}}

{{{{mandolyn}}}} I am looking forward to your return!

Job vibes for Christine!

Congrats to Sheff!

Hello to Rose and Sidecar and Polly everyone!

My cold from last week seems to have returned. I took a nice quiet day today, cleaned out a closet and Freecycled several things. So I got stuff done at least. smile.gif

[mixes up something fabulous involving Kaluah & Bailey's and hands glass to Pixie]
It won't cure what ails ya, but maybe it'll help you forget what ails ya for a bit. wink.gif I'm sooooooo sorry to hear about the mess involving T's mom and DHS and uuuuugh. Absolutely ridiculous. I mean, garnished wages?! Why??!? Good luck with the lawyer. My thoughts are definitely with you.

That is such a tough call. I can totally understand why you want to be there to help him. But considering his past relationship with his dad, I can understand why the Mr. might want to kinda compartmentalize the situation. God, that's tough.
(((((((((((((Amilita's Mr., his father, and the rest of the family))))))))))))))))

(((((((((((((((((((((((((endless hugs for days on end to our precious Mandolyn)))))))))))))))))))))))
I have misplaced the contact info to send stuff to her! Could someone send it to me in a PM? Thanks!

((((((((((((Yuefie, R, & the kid))))))))))))))))))

~~~~~ soothing for Kitten's cold ~~~~~

~$$$~$$$~$$$~ interview jobs a-plenty for Christine ~$$$~$$$~$$$~
Hope you & the kids are all healed up & healthy.

Sidecar, you should post your thoughts on "Revolutionary Road" over in the movie thread. I really want to talk to people about it, but nobody I know has seen it yet! It's driving me a little batty.

Bunny & Morn, how are you coping with the snow? Has it started to melt away?

Life is okay around here. Aunt Flow made my day far less comfortable than it could have been, but I survived. I think I'll be much better on Wednesday which is ... [drum roll] ... our 4th elope-iversary! Yay! I'll have to make a small batch of spice cake cupcakes (the official dessert of elopement amongst our circle of friends), but other than that I don't think we're doing anything special. I just don't know what there is to do on a Wednesday night other than go to the movies & I'm still a little too shell-shocked form watching "Revolutionary Road" to see any other Oscar contenders. We're going to see "Coraline" on Friday & that's good enough for me.
Mandi update: the port surgery on Monday went well and today is the first day of Chemo.

*~*~*~*smooth chemotherapy vibes for mandolyn*~*~*~*

She is rocking her new girls, a wig she loves (and 2 flapper style cloche hats and a headscarf), and a positive attitude. Being around her family at the weekend was therapeutic and now she's taking names and kicking ass. Honestly, this woman astounds me and I have nothing but love and respect for her.

(((amilita, pixie, yuefie))) ugh. Spend the day together under the kvetch duvet.

rose, happy elope-iversary! I am so envious of you being able to see Coraline, it's not out here until May. Is the dessert place that you and Sheff used to go to, there or in T-town? maybe you could go for dessert tonight; that would be a nice anniversary and Wednesday thing to do.

Oh, and I don't have the contact details to send something (I have her address myself, if that helps?) but if you search under members for car and look at posts then it will be contained in her last post.

The snow is melting and things are, more or less, back to normal. The boy had a snow day yesterday (he was off on Monday anyway, as he's taken a post-superbowl holiday) so it was lovely having him at home but today he's back to work sad.gif. morn has sweet photos of Indigo and Tank playing in the whiteness and her rockin' hair.

The Mr.'s dad died this morning, basically in his sleep, or after he got some morphine for pain in the early morning. Waiting for the Mr. to call me back; I hope we can figure out what he wants me to do. He said he may want my help packing boxes, so may go out there soon.

In the meantime, Shelby Lee has taken to peeing inside a lot. Like, just now, after I just took her out. I read up on house training and we're going through all those steps. I'm trying to not get mad at her, and just do the training, but it's making me feel like I can't leave her with anyone if I go out of town. Or that if this is all because of stress on her part, that me leaving will only stress her out more and we'll have to start from a worse place when we return.

Have barely spoken with the Mr....I think he's busy making calls and dealing with the hospice people and all that. They were both having a hard time yesterday, so I'm grateful he went fast and in a fairly peaceful way.
Happy Anniversary, rose & sheff!
And many, MANY happy returns! ooh, bunny's dessert place idea sounds good smile.gif

~~~~~~mega strength smooth chemo vibes for Mandi~~~~~~

(((((amilita & mr. amilita))))) Sorry to hear about the Mr's loss, but glad it was relatively peaceful. The waiting to help part is a toughie, for sure. You sound like me in that you're a helper, it's just what you do. And not being able to help just feels odd.
Is there a small area where Shelby can be contained to while you are gone where you can put down training pads?

(((((pixie & family))))) UGH, you poor thing! Between the school stuff with miniP and now all the other crap, I feel for ya. The whole DHS thing is just wrong! I just don't understand how a system can be deisigned to punish the parents who actually pay their support and yet let the ones who are sneaky enough to work "under the table" get away with being deadbeats. I've seen it several times over and it never stops making me sick.

((((humanist)))) How is she doing, polly?
Of course I thought of you when I watching Anthony Bourdain in Chicago. R & PJ were practically drooling on themselves over that "Mother In Law" sandwich and we all wanna go to Hot Doug's now tongue.gif

~~~~cold be gone vibes for kitten~~~~ I've never heard of Freecycle, very cool! I need to do the clean out and organizing thing, *desperately*, myself. There's an Easter Seals Thrift Store on the corner of the street I live on, so I usually just take the stuff I'm getting rid of over there, but Freecycle is a very clever idea.

~~~~super duper good luck & kick ass interview vibes for christine~~~~

(((((sidecar, bunny, morn, syb, sassy, candy, everyone)))))

So R is meeting with kidlet & his mom tonight to discuss this whole move to Florida thing. I am really hoping this meeting goes well and doesn't turn into another fight. I know R will be doing his best to stay levelheaded, especially since his son will be present. To try to make things easier on him I've volunteered to drive the kid to and from school every day for those seven weeks, with the stipulation that she pay for gas and an oil change on my car since it's 45 minutes to an hour each way (X4) of driving every day. It's not really a stipulation, I'm going to take him regardless. Just because she's so selfish she wont let her son finish the 8th grade with his friends doesn't mean I'm going to let him suffer. But damnit, I'm not trying to make this easy on her ass either. She's taking him out to Florida for his birthday weekend, March 6th, so he can meet everyone and check out the lay of the land. I really, in my heart and soul, hope that everything works out for his mom and this man. I'd hate for her to uproot their entire lives to the other side of the country and then it not work out. The kid has already suffered that sort of thing before, just on a much smaller scale, and I think it happening again would really crush his spirit. He is sounding much more positive about it all now that he knows that he will be spending the entire summer and winter vacations out here with us. He's called me every night for the past four days counting down until Friday when he gets to come down here. He's excited because we are going to the movies, just the two of us, and then he is also cooking dinner for everyone on Saturday. He is such a sweet and loving kid. I asked R last night if we can buy him a webcam and also put him on one of our cell phone plans so that we don't have to worry about him wanting to call us when he is in Florida. I just want him to be able to contact us every single day if he wishes to and to not have to worry about using too many minutes or running up the phone bill.

I took Jenny to get another series of shots last night, because she is going to get spayed tomorrow. She was very mad at me and cuddled up near R all night.
((((((((((((((((((Amilita & the Mr.)))))))))))))))))))
Sorry to hear of your loss. And sorry you're juggling so many balls of stress right now.


((((((((((((((Yuefie, R & the kid))))))))))))))))))

(((((((((((((((all of you))))))))))))))))))))

Doing a bit of a drive-by here. I have lots to do today. Just wanted to say that I posted some pics from our wedding on my blog. True, it is NOT our actual wedding anniversary today (that's in April), but since I recently got a disk of our wedding photos, I thought it'd be fun to share them. If you'd like a link, send me a PM.

[blows kisses while running out the door]
((((((((amilita & Mr)))))))))) sad.gif

(((((((((Yuefie, R, & kidlet)))))))))
((((amilita & mr.))))))
(((((yuefie & R & kidlet)))))
((((pixie & fam)))) how awful!

happy anniversary, rose & sheff!

(BTW, I've seen all but one best picture nominee: Slumdog is fun, Milk is great, Frost/Nixon is good, and Benjamin Button is a snoozefest. None of them will make you lose your faith in humanity the way that Revolutionary Road will.)

Hot Doug's is awesome. I love love love it. I just watched that episode of No Reservations myself.

((((Amilita and Mr))))
I am feeling somewhat better today. Mr. Pixie took me to my favorite restraunt last night to unwind. Unfortunately when we woke up this morning micropixie was running a 102 fever and sobbing uncontrollably. I spent the day soothing him after taking him to the doctor to be tested for Strep. Thank gods it was negative becuase I jut don't think I could have handled that on top of everything else.

So the meeting is in the morning at 8am . All vibes would be appreciated. We are meeting Minip' dad for donuts in the morning to break th eice and ease into the united front we have to project to the school. What a way to start a morning! I'll try to update when I can, but I have a meeting scheduled at work right after the time I project I'll get there in the morning.

And the Mr got in touch with the DHS caseworker and found out why the change in the laws is affecting us now. And for the moment they don't seem to be going after the income adjustment. This is something that is required by law now so we are just going to deal with it for the short term. Th eminipixie turns 12 in June and will lose teh daycare assistance that started all this. She has special needs so she won't be able to stay home alone next school year so the Mr has made up his mind to try to get his ex to agree to transfer custody to us since his work schedule would coincide with her school schedule. we've been talking about it for a long time, and now seems to be the right time to make that move though i don't know how easily it will be to convince her mother.
(((((amilita and mr, and mr's family)))))

Yuefie, I hope the meeting between R and the ex goes/went well!

Happy belated, not-actual anniversary RV and Sheff!! Hope you had fun!

Sidecar, even the idea of Benjamin Button leaves me cold. I'm going to Milk tomorrow which leaves Frost/Nixon and Slumdog for me to see next.

((((amilta and mr and his family))))

I hope that R's meeting with the ex goes smoothly and the pixies' meeting with the school!

I hope mandolyn's first chemo session yesterday went as well as such a thing canl.

I'm hoping to see all of the big Oscar contenders before the awards and so far I've only seen Slumdog Millionaire so I need to up the ante. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button doesn't appeal too much but I am going to make an attempt at watching them all. sidecar, what about The Reader? I read the book a few weeks ago so I'm looking forward to comparing them. I think I'll need to watch Revolutionary Road alone as a major dampener doesn't appeal to the boy (I tried to convince him by saying that it will make us thankful for the life we have, a struggle or not).

eta: rose, I looked at your wedding photographs and you made such a beautiful bride! It looked like such a happy, perfect day.

rose, I agree that you were an absolutely radiant bride. Hope you two enjoyed your elope-versary!

~~~~~smooth meeting vibes for the pixies~~~~~

(((((mandolyn)))))) ~~~~~a continual loop of soothing and comfort vibes~~~~~
hope your first day of chemo wasn't complete hell unsure.gif

sidecar, I watched that episode again last night with my sister and it looked even better the second time. I recently introduced her to AB and No Reservations, and she's fascinated. We're looking forward to next week's "Food Porn" epi tongue.gif


Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. I can't say that the meeting went exactly smoothly out of the gate, but everything seems to have worked out in the end. Apparently the kildet was hanging out at a neighbors house for the meeting. R calmly but quite firmly told her that her selfish need to be in a hurry to get away from whatever it is she's running from was not going to rob their child of finishing the last 7 weeks of school yet again. See, she did this before already when he was finishing up the 5th grade at the school he began from kindergarten, took him out with only 9 weeks left and made him start over in a new city. She just decided one day and picked up and moved without any consideration to how it might affect her kid and it was really hard for him to adjust. Again, it's not a matter of a job or any sort of deadline, it's just her being in a rush. He told her that while I'd offered to drive the 3 to 4 hours a day to make sure he got to school, that he was not allowing it because it isn't my responsibility to see he finishes school, it's hers as his mother. He then pointed out that he'd already talked to a lawyer about his rights, but that he really didn't want to have to take that route. He told her he was willing to work things out, but that didn't mean she was going to be allowed to bowl everyone over and call all the shots. He told her that since they'd put the decision in the kid's hands, he feels it would grossly unfair for either side to show disappointment with his decision and planned to cooperate to make it a smooth transition. He also told her that if kidlet really gave it a chance out there and was still terribly unhappy, he should be allowed to come back out here. And wonder of wonders, she totally backed down and agreed. He asked to hear more about the school kidlet would be attending, because that was one of the major "selling points" she'd been talking about. It seems the school not only offers a culinary program starting freshman year, it has a drama program too and he would be able to begin both with his current grades. These are the two things he is most interested in, and the school has an excellent academic record. Seeing as California is ranked 47th in the nation for education, I can see why R is agreeing that the move may be in the kidlet's best interest in the long run. But man is this hard for him. He's never lived more than an hours drive from his son is and is used to seeing him at least three times a week, if not more. I'm proud of him for putting his son's best interests above his own wants and also for standing firm, but not letting it turn into a shouting match last night. So yeah, she's agreed not to move until the end of June.

*huge sigh of relief*

ETA: Can I please request some vibe for my state's budget crisis? It appears there are talks of them freezing certain public benefit programs and social services and that would impact not only my job, but my best friend's too. She was told that they might suspend up to seven months and her office would likely close. I don't know what the program I work for is doing, but it sounds like we are both in danger of losing our jobs sad.gif


((amilitia and Mr)) I'm sorry for your loss.

((pixie vibes))

Sidecar, I almost fell asleep in Ben Button. I'm wanting to see Milk and Frost/Nixon maybe this weekend or next week.

Some busties vibes for my body please? I had a horrible stomach bug Monday, and then last night (during Top Chef!) I had a seizure. Mcgeek told me that it didn't last long, but my body feels like crap today. I'll already missed one day of work. Ugh!!

Kvetch: Work. I really needed to crawl under the kvetchie duvet yesterday. I actually decided to start working on a grant proposal for the company, and my boss doesn't think I can write it b/c I'm an intern. She asks one of my other co-workers to write it instead of me. Yet, this person has no grant-writing experience either. We tried to have a meeting about this, and every suggestion I came up with got shot down. I have started to take some classes on it, b/c no one seems to want to help me out. My boss got pissed at that. Not to mention, the other co-worker and I got into an heated discussion about a job fair. I was trying to get our clients a discounted rate, and then got an email from her saying to them that she knows nothing about it. Also, one of my co-workers mother's just died. All around, work is just sucking so much lately. I may be going to part-time next week, and I honestly don't mind.

The good part of my day was having some friends over for a GRE study session.

Anti-kvetch: I am taking a day off due to the seizure. My body needs it.


{{{{Rose and Sheff}}}} Pls send me the blog link. I want to see the pictures.
{{{{Amalita and her guy}}}} I remember when you first posted that the father was sick and you were not sure that your guy was going to visit. I am glad that he was there. As for Shelby, if you are sure that she isn't sick in anyway, it is possibly stress. You got her about 1-2 weeks ago right? It might be just an adjustment issue. However, I would check with a vet right away. They can screen for infections and, if all is clear discuss some medication for anxiety stuff. When you go to the funeral or whatever, you might consider a kennel. It can be costly but your house will be spared and she will be cared for. And I know from deep traumatic experience that problem peeing from animals can be treated. Good luck!
{{{sassygirl}}}} Take care of yourself today.
I am seeing Benjamin Buttons this weekend and The Reader next week. I just have to squeeze in Milk soon.
How have I not been to Hot Doug's yet?

I have some good news that I am not quite ready to share but I wanted everyone to know that I am in a very good mood today. biggrin.gif
Kitten, I'm pretty certain Shelby's issue is anxiety/adjustment, because she had been sleeping with me in the bed since the Mr. left and she never has any incidents of going inside far as I know, she never gets out of the bed at all because no matter when I get up, she's there! I can even push the sleeping a little and she waits in the morning. I can get up in the middle of sleeping and there she is.

And I did end up kenneling her - I had started on a little house training routine, but I'm just assuming the problem may even be a little worse when we return and we'll start on the routine again all fresh. I'm sure she'll be able to learn to be a good pet! She's smart and eager to get love and praise. I feel bad that I had to kennel her, but I think it was best, too.

Can't wait to hear your news!

(((Yuefie, Sassy, Pixie, everyone)))

And thanks for the condolences, everyone.
((amilita, the mr and family)) I'm sorry for your loss.
!~!~~!~!~Continued Vibes for Yuefie and Mandi~~!~!~!~!!~!~!

I swear my brain is mush from all the meetings I had today!

MiniP's meeting went ok. I'm not sure I could ever learn to like this teacher and she was a little defensive and CYA. I swear we get one problem cleared up and another one comes along! One of the things we brought up was that she appears to be behind reading level for her age just talking to other parents and stuff. And yet the teacher said she was on level or above for her class...hmmmm. I guess I am going to have to work on that more at home. I am still digesting things the teacher said. Some of the things minipixie says and does don't make any sense whatsoever.

(((Love to the kvetchies)))

(((((amilita & mr amilita))))) thinking off you. On the training thing - it is just a housetraining thing, if she's never done it before it can be quite tough, especially as she'll have picked up on your mr's feelings and yours recently. She might also be trying to mark "her" space (Indigo did this). Could you try a pheromone diffuser?

((((yuefie)))) I'm glad that's more sorted. The school sounds awesome, especially for the kidlet, and it's worth letting him see how it goes. Especially if he gets to spend lots of holiday time with you and R.

((((pixie)))) I hope you can get to the bottom of the teacher's nonsense. Is the minipixie at the reading-on-her-own stage yet? My friend's daughter, who is five and so just learning, is starting to read along when read to, but she's refusing to show that she can do it...



excuse me while I go turn tank into rabbit pie...
Did you all know that today is World Nutella Day? I just had a spoonful of the good stuff in honor of this auspicious occasion. I encourage you all to do the same.


(((((((((((((((Amilita & the Mr.)))))))))))))))))))

(((((((((((((Pixie & MiniP)))))))))))))))))))
That's strange that MiniP is not reading as well at home. I wonder if she's doing it to get attention. Hmmm. Good luck figuring that out.

((((((((((((((Yuefie, R & the kidlet)))))))))))))))
Glad you got to talk some sense into her. I know the situation isn't ideal, but I'm glad the kidlet will at least get to spend the rest of the school year in Cali.

Sorry to hear about the seizure. sad.gif

I definitely want to see Milk and The Reader, but I think I'll skip Benjamin Button. I saw something on-line that compared it to another film that came out a few years ago & I fear that has ruined it for me (I won't mention the other film so tha it won't be ruined for others).

Anti-kvetch: I got off my butt & exercised today! And it was FUN!

Sheff is on his way home & then we're going to a car show. We're not in the market or anything, but Sheff likes to look at all the new cars so why not, ya know?

Thanks for the compliments on the pics! If anyone else wants to see them, just drop me a line.
Wow, so much has been going on. Not much is going on with me except that I feel really busy with school and whatnot.

((((((((mando))))))))))) I hope you're doing okay

(((((((amilita and the mr)))))))) I'm sorry to hear about your family's loss.

((((((((the pixies)))))))) I don't know what to suggest about the reading. Do you read with mini pixie a lot? I always felt like I was kind of slow to start off with reading (around gr1 and 2) and then suddenly it just picked up.

((((((((yuefie)))))))) that whole situation sounds horrible. I just hope that things get sorted out.

rosev, those wedding pics are beautiful! You're so pretty and your wedding looks like it was lovely. I can only hope that if I ever get married I could have a nice small wedding. Although in my family, anything under 200 guests is unheard of.

kvetch: me, myself, and I. I skipped class today. I totally shouldn't have but I just stayed home under the covers. I don't know if it's because it's winter (aka -20 degrees outside) or what. But either way, that's no excuse.

I'm also feeling really down about my weight. I could seriously stand to lose 90 pounds and I just feel like that is such a huge insurmountable goal. What gets me is that last year I went to a dietitian. Now, I've heard over and over again that eating bad food can be like an addiction and yet I was just expected overnight to start eating totally healthy and the dietitian got really annoyed and said that if I couldn't it must be a psychological problem. I just don't think it's fair. People aren't expected to just quit drugs or even cigarettes cold turkey and yet I should be able to completely change my eating habits overnight? Gah, I don't really know what to do. I'm just really frustrated.

((((R&the kid))))
(((((candycane girl))))) I'm doing weight watchers and doing well. I think the deal is that you need to eat everything in moderation. It's hard to learn it, but it can be done. There aren't good and bad foods (well, there are some but you get what I mean) as much as there is food, and you need to eat certain things in certain amounts.

(((cont. love amilita and mister and mandolyn))))

i am so boring this week. i've just been working way too hard.

bunny, i haven't seen the reader. Martini saw it and didn't care for it, but I'm open to it. I just can't believe it's better than Rachel Getting Married or The Wrestler.
candycane-girl - 90 pounds really can feel like an insurmountable goal. Consider setting smaller goals, warm ups if you will. If you really want to loose 90 pounds, consider 9 different 10 pound goals. As you get through it, you will find the lifestyle changes easier. You may get to a point where you either plateau or simply choose to stop. Don't they say that even a 10% weight loss is a good step towards health?
Best of wishes!
((ccgirl)) I understand the whole eating certain foods as an addiction thing. For me it is extremely hard to give up sugary foods, so I just try to limit it as much as possible. And of course when you try to give something up you just want it more. I think a dietician expecting someone to completely change their diet in a short time is actually hurting the process. Best of luck to you.

((rose)) Yay for exercising and hope the car show was fun.

((pixie and family))

((kittenb)) Yay for good news.

((sassy)) Hope you feel better soon.

((yuefie)) I’m glad R worked things out to where his kid can complete the school year. I know it will be hard for him after his kid leaves, but at least his ex was somewhat reasonable in the end. I’ve been hearing about the California budget crisis, and it’s terrible. I hope your job will be safe and your friend's job as well.

((amilita and the mr))



As far at The Oscars go I’m actually a little disappointed. I saw The Reader, Milk and Slumdog, but had no interest in seeing Benjamin Button or Frost/Nixon (although I might see F/N on dvd). My choice for best picture out of those choices would be Milk. I liked The Reader, but I don’t think it deserves a best picture nomination. Revolutionary Road and The Wrestler should have been nominated.

This week has been kind of blah, but I’m hoping the weekend will be fun. I’m finally getting to see I’ve Loved You So Long (I love Kirsten Scott Thomas, and am happy that she is doing French films now), and I’m going to see Jennifer O’Connor in concert. Enjoy the weekend.

((candycane)) I'm in the same boat. I haven't officially started my diet/lifestyle change/whatever. I'm trying to eat healthier stuff, but ultimately, I'd like to try South Beach. I think small sets of goals is a good idea.

I got that book for mando I was waiting on. I had to cancel that Amazon order and order it from another seller. I can finally send it out this weekend! Hurray!

((amilita and mister)) sorry to hear about his dad. Sorry to hear about the dog troubles, too. I know how that goes. rolleyes.gif

((yuefie, R and kidlet)) glad to hear things are better for now. Cod, that must be so difficult, deciding to be okay with letting your kid go.

((pixies)) so, do you think there's more to the story than what minipixie was letting on? Either way, the teacher sounds pretty crappy. LeNephew is in 1st grade this year and has been behind on reading since Kindergarten. Last summer, they had a private tutor help him. If you really think reading is a problem, maybe something like that would help. Maybe a learning center? I did that when I was little. I don't think learning difficulties were my problem, though. Pretty sure I should have been diagnosed with depression around age 5. I know that sounds dramatic, but knowing now how depression manifests in me, I'm pretty sure that's what was going on back then. But I digress....

Happy belated anniversary to rose & sheff- I remember those pictures from way back when. You both look lovely.

Sorry about the seizure, sassy. sad.gif

I didn't see a lot of new movies in the last year. The only ones from the Oscar list I saw were The Dark Knight and Wall-e. LeBoy saw The Wrestler last weekend on a boys night out with my dad, uncle and grandfather. Loved it. Are any of the best picture nominees on DVD yet? I'm interested in all of them....except maybe Frost/Nixon. That just strikes me as being kinda dull. I could be wrong. We get movies at work (for people to watch on video goggles during long appointments) so I can borrow them for free. I'm sure office manager will get a few of them.

I fell asleep on the couch at 11:45 last night. Woke up at 6:00 when LeBoy woke up and went in the bathroom. I should go get in bed and sleep for a few more hours until humanist calls. It's so nice that it's getting light outside earlier. It's not completely pitch black when I leave the house at 6:30 for work! It's supposed to be in the 40's, maybe even 50's here over the next few days. Rainy, though. I'm sure there will be flooding, too, since all the snow's gonna melt. Fabulous. rolleyes.gif

(((hugs to all)))

ETA: forgot to mention- we got tickets to go see Flight of the Conchords in April with the prophecys!!! Woohoo!!!
Polly, I am soooooooooooo jealous! I would absolutely looooove to see FotC in person. I am turning quite green over here, truly. So, are you a Bretrosexual or a Jemainiac?

I honestly think Revolutionary Road has more right to a Best Picture nod than Slumdog Millionaire. I liked SM, but I didn't like it as much as I hoped ... possibly because I'd heard too much hype before I finally saw it. I think people are turned off by Frost/Nixon because they think it's just going to be My Dinner With Andre without the dinner. I get the impression it's much more than that. I must confess that I'm mainly drawn to it because the original play won the Tony and the same actors who were in the play are in the film. Sometimes that doesn't work out (see: Rent) but it sounds like they kept the spirit of the stage production this time. BestGalPal saw Milk and really loved it (REALLY really loved it). We talked about seeing it or Rachel Getting Married when she was here a couple weeks ago, but we ended up going to the local Bollywood cinema to see Chandi Chock to China instead (because we're pretty sure it was never going to show in Tulsa).

Call me crazy, but I think a lot of nutritionists have their own psychological issues with food. Some are so obsessed with eating healthy that I think they have trouble understanding what it's like to be on the other side.

I agree with Sidecar that Weight Watchers could be a good option for you. I did the on-line version of WW for a while last year. I liked that I didn't have to go cold turkey on all the food I liked (a couple times when I'd had a shitty week, I ate half a pizza for dinner & still stayed within my points). Instead I had to budget for it - the same way you have a financial budget. For example, let's say you spotted some $500 shoes that you're dying to have. Sure, you don't have a ton of money, but you can get them if you want. You just need to (1) cut expenses & save up first & buy them later, (2) buy now or later & work extra to make more money, or (3) buy now & cut expenses afterwards. Or, of course, you could just get the $200 shoes. They're still great shoes, but you don't have to work so hard to fit them into your budget. That's basically how WW works.

Good gravy, I'm ramble-y today. Just call me Sister Mary Loquacious.

Speaking of Neil Gaiman, Coraline comes out in the US today! I'm so so sorry you can't see it yet, Bunny. That is really screwed up. Sheff & I are now thinking that we are going to wait to see it next week. We're afraid that if we see it over the weekend, the theater will be filled with teenagers sending text messages during the whole film. All of those little glowing screens sprinkled throughout the audience is so distracting to us & really ruins the whole experience for us. It's not an issue on weeknights, though, so I'll just have to stay patient.

Must stop talking! Must run errands!
((((((((((((((((((Mr. Amilita))))))))))))))))))))))))
((((((((((((((((all y'all)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Good morning Busties. I see that everyone has forgotten what day it is.... black microfiber boxer briefs for Billy today.

I saw Frost/Nixon last night. I've seen neither Revolutionary Road nor The Reader yet. For reasons unknown, I've become a fan of Kate Winslett, so I'd like to see both. Frost/Nixon was very entertaining. It was particularly interesting to be because, I, ahhhh, remember that period of our history quite well (the summer of '74 looms large in my history). I thought Frank Langela did a fine job of portraying Nixon. He did the Nixonian mannerisms quite well. (Commentary: I don't think Nixon was in the same league as GWB as far as abusing the office).

Hugs to Mando, Yuefie, Humanist, Pixie, Family Amilita and all who need them. A nod to Rose just cuz I like her smile.gif
Christine Nectarine
Slight fly-by post, I’m at work with tons to do!

Thanks everyone for the interview vibes, I think it went really well! Of course you never know what you’re up against…I’m trying not to think about it too much, but any more job vibes would be appreciated!
On the subject of Benjamin Button…read the book instead. It has cute illustrations, and it will take half as long as watching the movie.
Ok roseviolet, now I’m curious and MUST see those pictures!

Hope everybustie has a good Friday!

Undies & bra – delicate pink sheer with white lace trim. So not my usual style!
(i seriously need to lay! off! the exclamation! points!!! ha!)
Drive-by for ...
Good to see you in here. How have you been feeling? Any better?

~$$$~$$$~ jobby job vibes for Christine ~$$$~$$$~

My unmentionables are not really worth mentioning today: white cotton thong plus beige minimizer bra that is starting to die. Booooring. Maybe after I do our taxes I'll use the refund to buy something nice.

Seriously, kvetchies, see Frost/Nixon. it is soooooooo good! I was on the edge of my seat just watching the performances. Nixon (langella) actually made me cry. I did not expect that. I don't think it has a chance of winning best picture as there is no buzz, but WOW it was a good movie. And Michael Sheen has been criminally overlooked.

I am also excited about seeing Coraline. I told the boy, blushing all the while, that I might actually be interested in seeing it as a Valentine's Day date. We are redoing last year's idea of finding the tackiest gift for under $10. Last year I got a terrible chocolate cow and a bottle of Boone's Strawberry Hill. I told him this year not to get my bad chocolate b/c at some point I am going to get desperate enough to eat is and bad chocolate is depressing. This year I got him a stuffed gorilla with a rose in his mouth wearing boxer shorts with chili peppers that say "Hot Stuff." He actually owns those boxer shorts so it is even funnier. (Hmmm, I think it is potings like this that makes him think I over-share.) If we don't see Coraline we might see an improv show called Cupid's got a Heart On!

{{{{candycane_girl}}}} Just 'cause.

{{{polly}}} I think that South Beach is good for those of us with serious sugar/carb addictions. While I have gained back some weight, I learned a lot about eating right for me. For example, before SB, my brealfast would have been cereal and vanilla soy milk. Lots of sugar. Today, I have a cheese quesadilla with a whole grain flat wrap (get from Dominick's; they are awsome) and a mango smoothie with soymilk. Vitamins, fiber, all kinds of goos stuff. What I missed most, other than sugar, was soup b/c I like creamy soups w/a ton of carbs. What sucks about SB is how, when I tell people that I rarely eat potatoes and rice anymore, too many people have responded, "So potatoes are bad for us." No, potatoes are just not worth it for me. No food is inherintly good or bad. rolleyes.gif

Billy: F/N spolier I think my fav F/N moment was when Nixon met that journalist who had written all the book about how terrible Nixon was and then ends up just shaking hands. The guy next too him (name escapes me) just says, "Oh, that was devestating. I don't think he'll ever recover from that." I'm afraid if I ever met Bush a similar thing would happen.

dm - Thanks for reminding me. I want to see that movie.

{{{yuefie, sidecar, pixie, mando, christine nectarine, all}}}

Undies - red cotton string panties, black bra.

kitten, I was going to tell rose that you'd described Frost/Nixon as "such a perfect movie" to me; it's definitely one that I'll watch over the next couple of weeks.

Oh and I'm excited about your news! hope you're still in a good mood, as a result.

christine, yay for good interviews! As for Benjamin Button, it's a Fitzgerald short story/novella, isn't it? Fitzgerald and I don't have a good relationship.

(((candycane))) I would take it slowly; it will be a shock to the system and such a task will seem insurmountable to begin with. I desperately want to lose weight too but I find it daunting and I like good food too much!

(((sassy))) sorry about the seizure.

polly, yay for FoC tickets!

rose, hope that you and Sheff enjoy his birthday celebrations.

(((ongoing love and support for mandi, the amilitas, yuefie and fam, the pixies)))

We're cancelling Valentine's Day this year as we simply can't afford it; the boy isn't a fan anyway and we're not even doing cards. I'm not that bothered but have demanded a V-Day Krispy Kreme.

undies: palest pink sheer bra with hot pink and white embroidered overlay and hot pink velvet trim, matching girl shorts.

Hoping to catch up on some of the Oscar films this weekend; we luckily have a couple of dvd screeners of some and cinema gift vouchers to use at some point. Also going to aunt & uncle's for dinner tomorrow night, which will be lovely.

Have a great weekend (((everybody)))
Rose, I suppose my health issues have been taken care of. Right after the upper GI, I asked the doc if she could sum everything up in a few words since insurance companies will want to know for the rest of my life. She said "anemia, mild gastritis and an adverse drug reaction". A legal drug (actually a supplement), I might add smile.gif I'm no longer taking the supplement, of course. Prillosec is taking care of the gastritis. Daily B12 pills, a monthly B12 injection and folic acid are taking care of the anemia. So far, it seems to be working. Allergies/sinus are driving me crazy, however.

The segment of F/N that epitomized Nixon for me was the drunken rant where he took off on "those motherfuckers" that tried to hold him back. I smiled to myself and said "yep, that's Nixon". I remember the Oliver Stone movie where the first word out of Nixon's mouth was "cocksuckers" said in the most withering tone. Same reaction.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Feb 6 2009, 09:07 AM) *
Polly, I am soooooooooooo jealous! I would absolutely looooove to see FotC in person. I am turning quite green over here, truly. So, are you a Bretrosexual or a Jemainiac?

Oh god, I don't know- can't I have both? laugh.gif

If I were to go by the history of who I'm attracted to, I'd be a Bretosexual (ha! love that term!!). But there's just something about Jemaine....I don't know. It's kind of like that study they did a few years ago that found that heterosexual women tend to be more attracted to the men whose looks are gentler, softer, more feminine when they're not ovulating/menstruating, but attracted to the more masculine men when they are ovulating/menstruating; the theory being that there's some genetic, instinctual drive that associates more masculine men with fertileness and being better able to reproduce than their more feminine counterparts. Either way, they both make me laugh hysterically, and that's what turns me on the most. I could never be with someone who doesn't have a good sense of humor.
Billy dear, do you mind sharing which supplement it was that caused the reaction? You can PM me if you'd like. And I'm so glad to hear that you're doing better, must be a relief.

(((((mandi))))) ~~~~soothing and anti nausea~~~~

(((((pixie & baby t & the rest of the family))))) ~~~~extra strength health vibes~~~~

boo on seizures (((sassy)))

polly, how's humanist doing? she's been on my mind. ((((humanist))))

((((amilita & mr))))

yay for good interviews, christine!

((((sidecar, bunny, morn, kitten, rose, syb, polly, candy, dm, everyone))))

I want to see Revolutionary Road, but I am alone in that. I'd like to see Frost/Nixon and Slumdog Millionaire, but I'm really excited to see Coraline too. I know the kid won't want to see FN, so we'll see which of the other two he's down with. I think our movie night may be cancelled because it's raining like crazy and renting and staying in sounds better by the moment. Maybe we'll catch a matinee tomorrow or Sunday instead.

You wouldn't know Jenny was spayed yesterday, she's running around like a lunatic. I'd like to know exactly how they expect me to limit her activity level. Please, I can't even get her bad ass to stop climbing up the window screens or stop getting up on the dining room table. Seriously, sometimes if my bedroom door is open I will look out and catch a glimpse of her up there. As soon as she hears me coming she jumps down and runs, so she *knows* she's not supposed to be up there. A spray bottle with water and vinegar? Not really a deterrent for her. She's terribly cute but as stubborn as can be, even worse than me tongue.gif

undie report: light blue and white polka dot hipsters & light blue bra
The supplement is CoQ10. It's often taken by anyone who is taking statins. My cardiologist started me on it last spring. When I told the gastroenterologist about it, she almost shit herself. She said that it exacerbates any stomach problems. My cardiologist said that was BS. I could see turf wars brewing. However.. my problems started 2-3 months after I started taking it and dropped dramatically 2-3 weeks after I quit. No way will I take it again.
Interesting- I heard it was good for people with high blood pressure. I've never had a doctor recommend it to me, though, so I'll stay away until one does.

Humanist is doing okay. She was supposed to do something with me today, but hasn't called me- I think her phone is out of battery and she misplaced the charger. My mom and I might drive down to her place and throw rocks at her window. Sorry, I think the last update I posted was in the Okay thread. I'm trying not to be too redundant and post it in both places.

I swear this week has been the shit! Micro Pixie has hand, leg, and mouth disease! It's a virus and he'll be fine in a few days, but it's one of those that you just have to wait out and I can not stand to see him so miserable!

I wasn't very clear yesterday when I posted and Itried again this morning, but it got eaten, so here we go again....

I am jealous of all the Busties who are seeing these fabulous movies. The last 2 I saw in the theater were Kung Fu Panda and Star Wars:Clone Wars. I really wanna see Revolutionary Road! Mr. Pixie wants to see Coraline, so if I get to go anytime in teh new future, that will probably be the one we see.

Anyway, with miniP...the teacher told us that sometimes she does things in class and immediately asks the teacher if she's going to email she wants her too. So we asked her to try more positive attention and reinforcement with her. And she's reading on level for her class...her teacher is unconcerned, cause she's learned what the teacher has taught...reading between the lines makes my blood boil. I have friends with first graders reading far above her level. And I grew up in this particular school district and thought it was one of the best in the state and I am disgusted that minipixie stepsis at her dad house, also in first grade, is reading at a higher level going to a smaller crap redneck district. If I could afford private school, I would yank her in a heartbeat.

Anyway, I know I had a lot more vibes this morning and I am sorry to be so me me me this week. I just feel all used up.
pixie, you've had a shit week. don't feel bad.

rose, i'm with you on slumdog. i liked it but didn't love it, and wouldn't give it best picture. from the nominees, i'd go Milk. oh, and Langella in F/N? Amazing. So, so good. Michael Sheen was really great, too. Benjamin Button ... oh god, I hated it. And it never fucking ends. I cried a little at the end, and I felt so manipulated into it.

Agreed on the "no bad foods" advice and the small goals. That's what's working for me, and that's why I think WW works for me. (Although i have not been a good WWer this week so far.) I do it online, too, as it's more convenient. And I don't need a meeting to tell me what's wrong. I just need to eat less crap and work out.

Our valentine's date is to see a matinee of Desire under the Elms at the Goodman with Brian Dennehy, Carla Gugino and the guy who played Niko in the second season of The Wire, then dinner at Trader Vic's. I'm looking forward to it.

Martini had a crap day (he had to let someone go at work) so we are having a few drinks and seeing a friend in a comedy show tonight. Tomorrow, we are going to Hot Doug's for lunch and then seeing Coraline. It'll be fun, and kind of just what we needed after a tough week.
Well, to round off the crappy Kvetchie Friday, I rear-ended someone tonight. I was with humanist and my mom on our way to a candle party at a friend's house. The woman in front of me stopped suddenly and I couldn't stop in time. My hood is tented, my grill is pushed in. It drives, though. I just renewed my insurance a couple weeks ago, thank cod. The cop's opinion was that it will be totaled, but who knows. This is the first car I've owned, so how does that work? They give me the money for what it's worth and I buy a new one....what happens to what I owe on the old one still (not sure how much I still owe) Will I be paying off 2 cars? Oy. Shoulda stayed in bed.
(((polly))) I have never owned a car so can't help, sorry!

*waves at Billy* Good to see you and to hear your health worries have abated.

Pixie, venting is what this thread's for, especially after a crap week. Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

I have been up to my eyes but made my deadline this week; now I have the weekend to chill (mostly, should write up an abstract) and then back into more revisions. Oy indeed. However, I am doing nothing today except watching TV, DVDs and maybe doing some tae bo if I feel like it. Bliss!

I saw Milk last night and loved it, although it's fairly mainstream for Gus van Sant IMO. Every time I get ready to write off Sean Penn as too hammy he impresses me with another great performance: he totally inhabited this role. The support cast were awesome too.

I can fit in 1 more film before I do a pre-Oscar roundup review; I'm torn between Slumdog Millionaire and Frost/Nixon, and although the director, Ron Howard, drives me nuts I'm leaning heavily towards Frost/Nixon. Michael Sheen has been great in everything I've ever seen him in.

Have a great weekend all!
((polly)) Do you have gap insurance with either the place you financed the car or the insurance policy? Gap insurance pays the difference for what you owe on the car and what it's worth. Some insurance companies call gap insurance the loan/lease payoff. Good luck.
Hmm, I don't think I do have that, unless they just didn't mention it sad.gif

The lady from the accident called me this morning; said that after the accident she went to the ER because her head hurt. She was filling out her claim form and they wanted my information. She asked for my social security number and I was like, "um, I'm not comfortable with giving that to you. My insurance company will have that on file and they'll take care of it." After I got off the phone, I called the insurance company to confirm that, which they did.

LeBoy said that if you refuse treatment at the scene of the accident, any medical treatment you get afterwards isn't covered. I don't know if she went straight from the accident or what. At the scene, she said she was on her way to work. When she called this morning, I'm not sure if she said she went after she got off or not. Hmmm....I mean, either way, my insurance is going to cover whatever she's entitled to having covered, but I don't want this any messier than it needs to be.
Glad you, humanist and your mom are okay! I hope that things aren't too messy for you and you get the car situated! How scary, but I'm glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Between my own terrible car accident 10 years ago and the one Martini's dad was in, I have sadly had a lot of car accident experience. I think that on the medical issue, you have to present yourself for medical care within 24 hours. When I had mine, I didn't seek treatment within 24 hours as I didn't feel effects until about two days later (and I was in the middle of an out-of-town trip for a newspaper internship). My own car insurance ended up covering my medical bills instead of the person who ran me off the road. My car basically crumpled up around me and was declared totalled on the scene by the person who towed it (I was driven to my interview by the state trooper). I was offered a lump sum for it, of the blue book value. Martini's parents' insurance covered their car's value and they got a payment too (he was determined at fault in his accident). Neither of us owed money on a car though, so I don't know how that works.


((((syb)))) enjoy the spoils of our hard work!

Martini & I had a perfect day. We went to Hot Doug's for gourmet sausages and duck-fat fries, then saw Coraline in 3d. I am still full. It was the only meal I had today, and I think it's all I need! It was a very stressful week, and today was kinda what I needed.
After I posted, I dropped off the car at the auto body place. They did a quick look-over the car and didn't mention the "t-word", so I'm cautiously optimistic. They'll do the real estimate on Monday, and then I guess it's up to the insurance company to decide.

I looked up gap insurance, and it looks like you usually have to put it on a new car, not used, so mine wouldn't apply. Poop.

Mmm, Hot Doug's. We went to Mitsuwa, an indoor Japanese shopping mall today. They have a food court and I had shrimp tempura udon and roast duck. My mom had an avocado smoothie that was amazing. I ran out of money before I could get one. We're going to see Coraline tonight! I don't know if it's 3D or not.
Happy Sunday all. smile.gif

Polly - I hope that the repairman's lack of the "T" word is a good thing. It has been so long since I owned a car that I have almost forgotten the stress that they can cause.

How have I still not been to Hot Doug's? It is in a slightly inconvinenent area from me. I have to get out there.

{{{{pixie}}}} I hope your weekend has been restful. Children's reading level is a really funny thing. I can't remember not being able to read and my parents and siblings were all good and avid readers. Still are. Our houses are always crammed with dusty books (the downside of reading.) However, I remember when I was in first grade, my teacher couldn't figure out where to put me, level-wise. We knew what reading class we were in by a square of colored paper that was on our desk. Mine changed several times, once when I had stepped out to go to the bathroom. I ended up in the highest class but I was always kind of a lazy student. Now my best friend was an excellent student but never owned a book for purely recreational purposes until I bought him something as a gift when we were 19. Now his house is also crammed with books but he is a very slow reader. So i guess we evened out.

I saw Benjamin Buttons yesterday. I really liked it. I thought the pacing was elegent, not rushed, but not too slow. It was 3 hours, but didn't feel the need to go to the bathroom so that is a good sign. I didn't realize that Brad Pitt had that performance in him. The whole day was gorgeous. The Geek and I went to Evanston (just north of Chicago) and walked around and shopped. It was great. Then we met with a friend and saw the movie and came home and played video games.

So I am ready to share my good news. The Geek and I are going to move in together. biggrin.gif I am very excited. My lease here is up in May and his lease is up in October. I am going to move to his place for a few months and then we will find a place together next fall. So yay!

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