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Rose, it's me, I have a cat named Chairman Meow (Miaow in UK spelling!). I freely admit I stole the name from Surly though, after she met a Chairman Meow who was the meanest cat in all Chicago. We're not getting another cat for awhile so I just renamed the cat we had who already had name issues (people thought we had named her Vagina... we didn't, but explaining it constantly got old anyway).

It's so lovely to see everyone!
Nooo!! I didn't know you'd started smoking again... what made you fall off the wagon?

I started back up maybe a year ago. I know, bad girl. I blame MrP for the fall. He started back up, then I started smoking again just when I drank, and then... you know how it goes. I'm up to about 4-5 a day, more when I'm drinking. But we're getting ready to move to a new apartment, farther from work. I got a bike that I've been riding to work (see here for the story of my inaugural ride), and I want to be able to make it back and forth from the new place without passing out.

msp...Mr. P is short for Mr. Pixie, I get tired typing the whole thing out all the time. He even uses the Id on here occasionally.

I know, baby. Them's just jokes. Don't take anything I say very seriously. I talk. a lot. of shit.

It is also my moontime, Tes, and couldn't be a worse time. I've been crazy like I can't even tell you this week. Not that that differs much from any other week, but still... I need to schedule my periods so that they only come during Congressional recesses.

I'm going to need to keep playing with my colors here. I just used the same color - 006633 - for so long on the old boards, and I'm such a creature of habit.

Oooo, they're voting on the Voting Rights Act reauthorization right now - gotta go!

My big old fat kvetch:I sent the ex a diplomatic email this morning about school starting and suggesting we go to meet the teacher day together. Then I told him what I had been able to get minipixie in the way of school supplies and clothes and asked him how he would like to pitch in...suggested maybe he would like to take the rest of the school supply list and go shopping with her. I really did try to figure a way to split the cost equally kind of following the outline of what Mr. Pixie and his ex wife have set up. Hie respons to the e-mail "I pay child support" Nothing pisses me off more than men who are only willing to do the bare minimum for their children! So now it looks like we will be buying both minipixie's school supplies unless I take this to the parenting coordinator. I am almost mad enough. I mean, I bought Kim a bunch of new clothes last month...the first time she wore one to daddy's house... it came back stained. He let her ruin the last 2 pair shoes I bought her! one he let her walk through ashes at his house that burned the day after I got them....the second pair he let her pour a quart of oil on! Don't even get me started on the way was she even near an open bottle of oil!
I have to recheck my divorce papers but I am almost certain school expenses are listed as extras that we need to share. You know, it's not even that I can't afford to buy the stuff myself...I can. There isn't many supplies needed for preK...but I knwo this will set the precedence for years to come. If it were me, I would WANT to give my child evrything I could. Mr. Pixie likes buying his daughter school supplies.
Go Faith! Kickin' boys to the curb! I meesed you!

**pixiedust** your ex sounds like a real winner. ugh. how selfish can he be to not want to help out with school supplies??it's half the fun, going shopping while your kid picks stuff out. i spit on him. PTOO!
Pixie, as a child's expenses grow the issue of child support often is revisited - I mean, you wouldn't want to be feeding a teenaged boy, for instance, on the support calculated on feeding a 4 year old. If MiniPixie is just starting school, that's an expense that wasn't applicable when you split up, so either he can work with you on extras like school supplies (and other extras as they arise), or he can go back to court with you to revisit the support order - right?
Technically it can revisited as we each get new jobs and such... we have a court appointed parenting coordinator who would normally have the ability to change child support amounts without having to go back to court, but one of the things his lawyer INSISTED on in the settlement was making sure the coordinator could not change the amount and that I would actually have to go through the process of getting a lawyer and taking to family court for more child support. Of course that menas she gets more money when she represents him. rolleyes.gif We could always see the coordinator and if the ex would agree, not have to see a judge, but we are not to the point of willingly cooperating yet.
He responded to my inflamed response by telling me that emailing him that he had to give me more money was not the way to go about it and if I had Asked it would have been an entirely different matter....Now this goes back to something that happened when we first spilt. I got a protective order against him, but at that point he was not ordered to pay child support or anything yet and I didn't have a job. I didn't have money to buy us food and I tried letting his momknow that she would pass it on to him or help me out herself. They all refused unless I were to call him and ask in person thereby breaking the protective order and making it unenforcable. I have no intention of giving in and letting him control me like that. I will take it to the parenting coordinator if I have to. Nothing says that I must communicate with him face to face. And what is really stupid is that I never said he had to give me more money. I was asking what he was willing to do!

For an antikvetch: Mr. P just called, we have 2 people coming to look atthe car for sale at the same time tonight! Hopefully we will have it sold by dinnertime! Nothing like putting the presssure on the buyers with other people looking at it.
Thanks for everyone for the kind welcomes and wishes.

It's so hot here I can barely function, so forgive me in advance for what I'll forget, get wrong, etc.
But here's my attempt at an update:

I'm now closing in on 26 weeks and other than the fact my legs are always tired (and of course it's too hot for support stockings), I get dizzy in the mornings, and I have a chronic yeast infection, things are fine with the little one. Had a scan nearly two weeks ago and everything was just fine. (Yes, Tes, much to our surprise, I found out I was pregnant in mid-March or so. So now the mister and I are both unemployed, back in the US, and expecting a baby. Not that I'm stressed or anything.... But it happened the first cycle after we got his appt letter to get a visa to come to the US, which I don't think is a coincidence at all! On the plus side I qualified for the Oregon Health Plan, which means I have medical coverage--phew! At least until the baby's born.)

We were thinking of renting a place from a friend who is going to China to teach for a year, maybe two. I'd been there once before, and both of us went there together shortly after we arrived back here for dinner. Now, I knew that A didn't have the same standards of cleanliness that we did (for a naturally untidy person I'm pretty picky) but it wasn't until we went back a couple of weeks ago to go over some details that we both realized just how utterly decrepit and filthy the house was. So the rental is off (to spare his feelings we told him we had an unexpected financial crisis come up and couldn't afford it. Which actually isn't far from the truth.) To top it off I aquired at least 65 flea bites from the approx 1-1 1/2 hours we spent at the house. Those were just the ones I could count/see, so I don't know how many were on my back, but I'd say at least 15 more.

The mister got none.

So we are still with my parents, and will probably be for a while. M. is working on getting his CDL here, and he is of course frustrated at the time it all takes, as he's been driving trucks for 30 years, and it's almost like having to start over. But it's moving along, so eventually he should be able to find work. My ability to find work is apparently really minimal, considering my pregnancy and all. Have been thinking about temping, which I've never done before.

It's very hot here. (Where isn't it? Scary.) No A/C. Actually, I bought one, but the window needs to be replaced before we can use it. My heat tolerance is even worse than before.

Lily dog is well, though, and has the benefit of even more people around her to take care of her and love her. And the cats are doing well--they love it here.

(Speaking of cats, I too knew a Chairman Meow.)

(Ms P!!!! Is it really you!!??!!)

Ok, I swear I had more interesting stuff to share than this, but I can't remember now. We might go to the beach tomorrow to try to escape the heat for a bit.

Have an appointment with the midwife Monday morning. I'm starting to have all kinds of questions about what their approach to labor and delivery is, etc.

The stupid neighbor spent 7 hours yesterday pressure washing the sidewalk. He started up again today. We had words. Jackass.

I havn't properly thanked everyone for the kind and supportive words, and all the interest in how we were getting on. I still can't seem to find the right words now, but I do really appreciate it. I particularly remember Mornington and Yufie asking/commenting several times, but I know there were others, and I'm truly sorry for anyone's name I forgot. I just know that you've all been so lovely and supportive as always, and I want to really thank you all.

hey everyone, remember me? i have been so busy lately with the travel and the work that i've barely had time to come in and say hi.

(((((((DM!!!))))))) CONGRATULATIONS! I know this is something you've wanted for a long time, and I am so thrilled for you!

(((pixie)))) ugh. best of luck.

(((tesao))) what a drag, although I'm glad that you're loving the job.


(((((yuefie, mornington, rose, mando, qspice, mavin, and i know i'm forgetting dozens...)))

*waves to msp* I used to be editrix and steviek.

i am in san diego for comic-con (yay!) and having a blast, although getting here was ugly. The train I needed to take to transfer to the airport-bound train wasn't running, so I had to walk about ten blocks in the stifling, awful heat to get on the airport-bound train. I ended up having to stand almost to the end of the line (about 45 minutes) in a packed train, next to a bunch of old-lady tourists whining about how unpleasant the subway was while clutching bags full of Wicked merchandise. So I get to the airport, and have dinner and a drink (I hate to fly and Martini had an earlier flight 'cos he's here for work), head to my gate, board and then the pilot announces we have a delay. Then, a half-hour later, he announces another delay, this one of an hour. We finally take off, and once we're up in the air, the pilot announces that San Diego won't let us land because of a curfew, so we're being diverted to LAX and they'll send us down to SD on a bus. I got to my hotel at 3 am Pacific or 5 am to my poor, confused body clock. I'd been up, save for a catnap on the plane, for nearly 23 hours. Yay!

Comic-con has been super fun (yuefie, if I have some more free time I would try to hook up for a drink; PM me? I'm staying in Old town, and I can't guarantee a visit, but it's prolly worth a try.) and Martini and I are enjoying a His Employer-subsidized trip. I, naturally, got my period today. Oh well. Good thing my man's not squeamish. wink.gif

Anyway, I need to get some dinner. Hello, margaritas! See you babes later!
Ooh, sidecar and yuefie I'm so jealous if that drink comes about!

anoushh, I feel your pain with the flea bites - I've been eaten alive recently and developed (I think) a dust mite allergy which is really pissing me off. Don't know what/where is causing it. Grrr.

I love the name Chairman Meow/Miaow! That is so cool - my cat Mandoo is named after Katmandu.

Where are mornington and mandolyn? Hope both are good and not down.

undies: torquoise padded bra with cream trim and bow with matching panties.


it's friday knicker day!!!

i am wearing a fahhhhhhhhbulous black and nude mesh bra with black swirly flowers around all the edges and only nude mesh in the middle, thus creating a tattoo effect around my bosoms.

my knickers do NOT match, however. it is my moon time with a VENGEANCE and in honour of that i am wearing bordeaux satin demi-briefs that aren't bikinis and aren't full either. i don't care if they get destroyed by the dark goddess.

it is SO quiet in the office today. i wish it were a little rowdier, i'm falling asleep. fast.

and it isn't because i had a heavy lunch. i had a nice cup of curried pumpkin soup and a caprese salad with fresh buffalo mozarella. and a glass of fresh mango juice mixed with tonic water. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. but certainly not heavy enough to put me to sleep!!! sad.gif
Well, we sold the car! Yea! That ends our financial worries for the month of August while Mr. Pixie is changing jobs. That takes a lot of stress off! My birthday is over labor day weekend and we were planning a trip with the girls that I was afraid we would have to cancel.

I bought a journal last night. I know that may not sound like a major thing to most people, but it is for me. My exhusband used to invade my privacy a lot and I got to where I was afraid to put my thoughts down on paper and stuff because then the thoughts just weren't mine anymore and I was made to feel like I had to share them with him like it or not. Anyway, because I still have bouts of depression on and off Mr. Pixie asked me the other day to buy myself a journal and write down all the stuff that is bothering me....all the unresolved issues from the divorce and anything else I feel like I need to get out and can't publish anywhere. When picking it out, he even urged me to get one that closed with a latch so that i felt more private. This is a big leap of trust for me to believe him when he says he will never touch it and never open it.

I am soooo glad it is Friday! I am caught up on my work. My boss is out and I basically have a free day to do whatever.
(((bunny))) for missing me.

sorry i've been scarce. truth be told, i'm having a hard time with this new lounge format. a combination of not having the time, due to prepping for vackay. i plan on spending an entire day here when i get back (7/30). maybe then i'll feel comfy here again.

loving the return of so many longlost kvetchettes, especially msp & tesao & vesicapisces & mavin!!! please oh please stay!

(((annoush))) glad to hear all is well, especially with your lil' bean! we have a neighbor who also loves to powerwash. for no apparent reason. i don't know who i hate more, him or Leaf Blower Man (who blows his lawn. when there aren't any leaves. wtF?). but 7 hours would unnerve me completely. thank god we have a/c and can shut the world out when necessary.

vesicapisces, glad to see you're ok. i was worried about you and jules, watching the news last night and seeing all the storm damage.

speaking of which, last week we had a tornado pass just to the north of us - pretty unheard of in these parts. this tuesday night, we had a storm that wreaked even more havoc. our town looks like a war zone. so many trees down. luckily no one was killed. and luckily we didn't lose power, but my mom didn't get her electricity back until late last night. these freaking storms have been fierce.

oh and get this one: an unarmed tomahawk missile fell off of a truck on the thruway this morning.

tis a good thing i'm not an end-of-days believer. *severe rolling of eyes, because i sort of am*

i can't even share my undie report, because i'm trying to forget just how too damn TIGHT they are.

i'm getting a little agoraphobic, thinking how far from home we'll be. (fyi: my sister's house in VA. and then williamsburg & then over that fucking 20-mile scaryass bridge/tunnel thingie and then on to chincoteague and ocean city). and i already miss maggiecat, even tho mamasan will be taking good care of her.

love to all. don't forget me! *sniffle*
see you on or before 7/30! MWAHS!
QUOTE(mandolyn @ Jul 21 2006, 09:54 AM) *

vesicapisces, glad to see you're ok. i was worried about you and jules, watching the news last night and seeing all the storm damage.
Um, storm damage? Not here! (Not that I know of. I am SO bad about keeping up with the news...) But thanks for worrying 'bout us... tongue.gif
QUOTE(mandolyn @ Jul 21 2006, 06:54 AM) *

love to all. don't forget me! *sniffle*
see you on or before 7/30! MWAHS!
Bye bye mandi, have a safe trip and tons of fun! Nobody 'round here's gonna forget you, love. *mwah* & ((((((mandi))))))

Sidecar! You are in my neck of the woods eh? Ok, sending you a PM.

((((anoushh)))) so good to see you!

Be back later to properly vibe ya'll.

Soooo jealous of Sidecar. Not for her traveling woes, of course (How horrendous!), but because she's in San Diego! The comic-con sounds so fun. Have a great geekend in SD!

I've been missing Mandi. Now I'll have to miss her even more! Le pout! Have a great visit, sweetness. And breathe!

((((((((Huge hugs for Anoush))))))))) So good to see you around here. I've been worried about you since the big move.

Huzzah for the car getting sold!!! And for journals, too.

Dad should be out of his surgery soon. Just waiting for mom's phone call. [nervously twidles thumbs]

Smokeboy just called & said that he had a dream that my husband had worked on the new Pirates of the Carribean movie ... & that Sheff even had an audio commentary track on the DVD. Bizarre! Sheff is working on a major-movie-related project, but he won't be getting any commentary tracks any time soon. smile.gif

I made some blondies yesteday. Anybody want some?
[offers platter of tasty baked goods to all]
fyi: my sister's house in VA. and then williamsburg & then over that fucking 20-mile scaryass bridge/tunnel thingie and then on to chincoteague and ocean city

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up, wait up... are you going to be anywhere around DC?
wow. the lounge sure looks different!! i have been away for awhile. this is ladylibrary but i had to register under a new name. how is everyone? so nice to see familur faces. things here have been good but busy. i really missed all of you guys. i will have to read through the past posts to see what is going on with everyone. i just wanted to pop in and say hello. (((busties)))

mando, have a great time on vacation! you know I'll miss you.

yuefie, i wrote you back.

Rose, I'm already having a greatk geekend. Yesterday, I met Chip Kidd, the most famous book designer in the world, and completely geeked out. I also met Andy Runton and got an Owly book signed. (Owly is the cutest thing ever and his creator is so sweet; you can learn more at his Web site.) Today, I'm going to a panel on Battlestar Galactica with Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell and the guy who plays Gauius Balthar, and then another panel with the director of Donnie Darko, and then a panel for Bruce Timm, the mastermind of Batman: The Animated Series.

And that's before the Veronica Mars panel tomorrow!! This is the best vacation EVER. (Plus, San Diego is gorgeous. And Martini, who is working officially, gets reimbursed for his meals, and the food here is great.)

Martini is meeting Samuel L. Jackson today and he's very nervous...I, on the other hand, will be attending a preview of the show "Heroes" with one of my favorite comic book writers on the panel.

((((tes))))) my moontime is also here with a vengeance. Uck.
Ok jealous! I would LOVE to meet SLJ! How freaking cool! I have/had?(haven't seen him in over a year) a friend who could be his double! It was kinda fun going to lunch with him and having everyone do double takes. Of course, a lot of people think Mr. Pixie looks like David Arquette, too. Anyway, SLJ kicks Ass!

And I am especially jealous that you might get to see Yuefie! Hey Rv...I'm thinking road & me...go see Yuefie and BGP, what do you think?

Whoo hoo for Girl theory/Ladylibrary returning to the lounge! I responded to your pm, BTW.

~*~*~crossing fingers for RV's daddy~*~**~* He'll be fine with your wonderful nurse mama to look after him!

Mando, we will meeece you! I hope you get used to the lounge soon. I do not want to see you defect!
QUOTE(pixiedust @ Jul 21 2006, 08:26 AM) *
Hey Rv...I'm thinking road & me...go see Yuefie and BGP, what do you think?
Hee, Pixie c'mon! Getting to hang out with you & Rose would be freakin' fabulous!

In fact, I vote that a few other's come along. Txplummie, I'm lookin' at you kid! And Mandi, she's just lucky her vaykay wasn't on the west coast wink.gif If Bunny & Mornington ever make it anywhere near me, I had better know so I can at least try to collect some hugs in person. Hell, if any of YOU make it out this way, I wanna know!

And yeah, it sounds like sidecar and martini are having a super fun time!
(((yuefie))) you know you're always welcome here too. And Daphne will be pleased too!


(((mando))) have a good hol and I'll be thinking of you! You'll have to post when you get back or I will be gone again!


(((bunny's co-worker & family)))

(((sidecar))) sounds like some serious fun going on. and woo! for martini meeting SLJ

(((tesao))) that was inconsiderate of your coworkers.

(((pixie))) your ex is being an asshat. School supplies are expensive even if the minipixie is only wee. My situation is different, but I remember my father paid for my school supplies and other neccessities on top of what he gave my mum; it was fair that way as he didn't do any of the day-to-day looking after for more than three weeks a year. but... woo! for selling your car

(((rosev))) & ****rosev-dad***

(((anoushh & the bean & mr anoushh)))

(((tyger, mavin, fina, vesica, msp, walkingbitch, and anyone else who I've forgotten!)))

I missed my appointment with the doctor today; luckily I've got another one sorted, but I'm still kicking myself. I spent days thinking "I must do something about that".

Other than that, it's super-hot, I've nearly finished at the stables and it's been great, and I have to take a shower because I'm meeting mum in less than an hour and I smell of horse. Finn (yes, bunny, the horse is called finn. I will have pictures shortly) was being very loving again. He kept nudging my arse... which was fine, except he'd been in his water basin and I went home with a damp patch on my jeans. And dribble down my tshirt. I suspect I also have dribble in my hair where Roxy decided I looked tasty. rolleyes.gif

Mum goes to Algeria on sunday, with the Boy Wonder in tow. I'll be joining them on the first of august. I'm looking forward to it.


oh, nearly forgot. black mesh bikini briefs, no bra, just a kaftan. It's hot here.
QUOTE(tesao @ Jul 21 2006, 09:27 AM) *
and it isn't because i had a heavy lunch. i had a nice cup of curried pumpkin soup and a caprese salad with fresh buffalo mozarella. and a glass of fresh mango juice mixed with tonic water. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. but certainly not heavy enough to put me to sleep!!! sad.gif
sounds super nummy! much better than my average lunches (today's was different - leftover mexican... mmm, spicy shrimp burrito!)

QUOTE(vesicapisces @ Jul 21 2006, 09:57 AM) *
Um, storm damage? Not here! (Not that I know of. I am SO bad about keeping up with the news...) But thanks for worrying 'bout us... tongue.gif
cleveland seemed to be fine yesterday, but down in akron, the residential grid spent about three hours flickering off and on. my plant down there? yeah. residential grid.

you shoulda seen the it people freak because their dumb asses don't have UPSes on some of the servers. (but hey, the interweb equipment was on some! talk about priorities...)

me? i unplugged my laptop and spent the afternoon typing in the dark and using the internets for non-work stuff coz there wasn't enough light ot see the paperwork i was workin with.

QUOTE(yuefie @ Jul 21 2006, 11:38 AM) *

Hee, Pixie c'mon! Getting to hang out with you & Rose would be freakin' fabulous!

In fact, I vote that a few other's come along. Txplummie, I'm lookin' at you kid! And Mandi, she's just lucky her vackay wasn't on the west coast wink.gif If Bunny & Mornington ever make it anywhere near me, I had better know so I can at least try to collect some hugs in person. Hell, if any of YOU make it out this way, I wanna know!

And yeah, it sounds like sidecar and martini are having a super fun time!

you know, i spent all of last summer working in san diego and knowing all of ... my craigslist-obtained roommates and a bunch of peeps in los angeles (which isn't exactly conducive to a social life!) tongue.gif
v, sorry. it was st louis that got walloped. got my OH cities mixed up there ... hee!

no time, sorry, but msp and mornington, i am sending youze PM's!
Holy CRAP IS THAT MSP I SEE!!! AND TES!!! I'm so excited I could pee! How ya ladies doin'?

Mando, it is always wonderful to see you on these boards. If I didn't see a little blue in here, I believe there would be no fun!

I miss ya'll awful, but work went from busy to HOLY FUCK in the matter of a couple of months, so please forgive my lack of hanging out. Also, I was so happy to see some green and purple in here, I didn't read any posts. Shame on me, but I hope you all are doining well and if you need any vibes I am happy to throw some around for you.

Lots of love, hope to be around

Bad news from the homefront. Dad got up early & went through all of this awful, painful prep stuff for his surgery today. Then he went to the hospital and they had to cancel the surgery! The procedure they were going to do is very new and the company that developed it sent in a rep to bring all the necessary equipment for the surgery. However, the rep got in a car accident on his way & ended up in the emergency room! We feel bad for the rep, of course, but my poor father has been through so so much & he's in a lot of pain. The surgery was rescheduled for Tuesday. Keep those fingers crossed.

And unbeknownst to me, my mother has been violently ill for the last 4 days! Every single thing she has put in her body has quickly left her body. She can't even take a sip of water. And this has been going on for over 100 hours! And she still went to her Spanish classes every day. Poor thing is beyond exhausted. So when dad's surgery was postponed, they ended up taking Mom to the ER so she could be hooked up to an IV for a while. She sounds so miserably ill & if she isn't feeling better tomorrow, she'll probably have to go back in for another IV treatment.

I feel so guilty for being here. I should be there, taking care of them.
Wowee wow! Lots of folks around who used to be around more back when I was more of a lurker!

Aww, rosev. That sucks for your dad. And mom! We'll be vibing him Tuesday. I wish I could say something to make you not feel guilty for not being're where you need to be, but I know how it feels to want to be there for your family, too.

Can't wait to see horsie pictures, Mornington!

Tes, I was wondering what the food was like there, so I loved the lunch recap! Yum! I'd be so thrilled to meet ya if you ever came down to New Orleans! That goes for everyone else, too!

Yay, sidecar for your awesome vacation! What's the Donnie Darko director up to these days? I lurv that movie!

Mando, have a great vacation!

Pixie, bleh to the uncooperative ex!

Hi skc, girltheory (love the new name!), quantum, yuefie, bunnyb, fina, vesica, mavin, anoushh and bean, msp...hope I haven't forgotten anyone!

My family did get whalloped by the storm in St. Louie, but all are fine...some of their houses were still without electricity, so they were gonna do sleepovers for air conditioning until it's back on. Scary, scary, scary.

I went to the gym for the first time since before the floods! Yay! I am always saying that my friend's son who is depressed needs to be marched around the park every morning to help his mood, sleep patterns, etc...and so it's sorta ridiculous that I wouldn't follow my own advice, eh? And I just called my other friend's therapist who she likes to get an appointment. It's good, it's good. And I feel really good right now after just the one gym visit.

And tonight we're seeing Strangers With Candy! I can't stop my expectations from being high, and I know it's not getting stellar reviews, so I hope I'm not super disappointed.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
That is CRAZY about your parents, RV! Do they need anything? I don't mind running over and playing surrogate daughter if need be.

This day has been long and tense! We had someone give two weeks notice yesterday...and today someone was out and out fired. I don't know the circumstances but it has been high drama with a lot of unusual happenings. At least I confirmed with someone that they have nothing to do with a budget meeting earlier this week.

A co worker brought her cocker spaniel to work after lunch! He's like 10 weeks old and soooo cute!

We have pets on the brain. We stopped by a pet store on teh way home last night on a whim. They had the cutest, fuzziest, himalayan kittens! (RV they looked just like KC) But they wanted $500 for them $500 for a CAT! And Mr. P had decided he wants a leopard gecko. I have a nice size fish tank with nothign in it, so he wants to put a lizard in it.

(((RV and fam)))

I thought of another synonym for faffing: fucking the dog. You know, I should really stop talking about fucking the dog and refer to it as faffing off.
vroom vroom... drive-by posting...


So the dream job at sexy brainiacs headquarters that I've been wanting for, like, forevah, she is mine, all mine, I tell you! WHEEEEE! Please just let me brag for a moment. I've worked so, so hard to get to this place and it is like one of the best feelings in the world to know that my hard work, perseverence, and sacrifice is going to finally start paying off. Sometimes at my lowest points I never thought it would happen. I can't even explain how excited I am, mainly because I don't think the news has sunk in yet. Career satisfaction! IT EXISTS! ::bounce bounce bounce::

OMG, THIS MEANS I'M GOING TO HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE AGAIN! And and and and and like five gazillion things that I don't have right now! Like even the small things like freedom to wear whatever I want to work! (well, uh, within reason) How many more exclamation points can I use?!


But, uh, not looking forward to breaking the news to the current boss next week, but that's a couple days away and there's a big rawk concert to be enjoyed in the meantime (that would be tonight).

Sadly, with this new job will come less time for BUSTing. I'll still have Internet access at home, though.

Purple cotton briefs and no bra because I had to take it off because it was fuckin' killing me (but it was a horrid white minimizer that was good for about a month before it started wearing out or falling apart or whatever).

*~*~*~Get-the-job vibes to any and all of you who need them because I obviously have more than enough to spare!*~*~*~

((((Every Kvetchie and Kvetchie family member)))))
Congrats Raisingirl! Take all the moments you need to brag

ETA:yes, we bought the gecko tonight!
so tonight we made it through with no storms and my parents got their electricity back. i live in st. louis and it has been a nightmare for the last few days. between the storms and the heatwave it is almost unbearable, especially since my car has no a/c. blech. our power didn't go out but a lot of people are still w/o power and may be w/o it until sunday! it is crazy. it finally cooled down tonight and i even shut off my air and opened the windows. i am now ready for fall. also, my upstairs neighbors are driving me crazy!! they have been banging around up there all night. and this is like everynight. i have gone up there about four times and asked them to please have some respect for their neighbors and keep it down but to no avail. they get drunk and play video games and act like asses. plus they creep me out. i don't know what to do.

(((RV))) that is awful. why would they reschedule the surgery? and your poor mamma!! i hope that both of them get better fast and that your father makes a full recovery from his surgery. (((RV's mom and dad)))

(((amalita, pixie, mornington, raisingirl and everybody else)))


o and raisin girl...


you deserve it! i am so happy for you.

ok, that's all.
CONGRATS raisingirl! woot - you and designermedusa in same week! bustie vibes sooooo work - does anyone fancy throwing some my way for my dissertation to go smoothly and successfully? eventually given submission date and it's September 4th. Eeeek!

(((mama and papa violet)))

yay to see bookish/ladylibrary/girltheory back in here!

mando, have a GREAT holiday and I'll be sure to miss you more than I already have.

yuefie, maybe mornington and I can arrange a road trip together to come see you and PJ!

mornington, hurry up with pics of finn! I LOVE horses and my friend kinkykaty is taking riding lessons just now and I so want to join her but I'm going to pass my driving test (Sept/Oct planning to take test) before I attempt to manage a horse!

Geckos are so cute!

Co-worker's son's funeral is Monday morning but I'm not going, I think it would be too heartbreaking. It's selfish of me but lots of other people are going and between moontime Monday, prozac and my sadness at it anyway I think I would be a wreck.

Went out for a few hours of cocktails last night for a friend's leaving night from work and had fun and laughs. Tonight is Bard in the Botanics and our picnic, around that is lots of dissertation work and hopefully some unbelievable portions as boy's parentals are away on holiday.

QUOTE(dusty @ Jul 21 2006, 05:18 PM) *
I thought of another synonym for faffing: fucking the dog. You know, I should really stop talking about fucking the dog and refer to it as faffing off.
One thing I always appreciated about you, Dusty, is how informative you are! tongue.gif I think I'd be worried about a visit from the SPCA...

So much to catch up on in here...

((roseviolet)) sorry to hear about complications with your dad's surgery. That's just awful that on top of having to be anxious about the surgery in the first place now you're anxious even longer. And your mom being sick on top of it all, poor thing (you and her!)

((pixie)) yay for selling cars, geckos, boo for asshole ex's.

((anoushh) I hope it gets less hot there and the CDL thing works out for M.

((mando)) yay for vacations! I know what you mean about the board format...I like it, but for some reason it seems like it takes more time for me to check all the threads I visit, so I only get to do one thorough run-through a day, and maybe have time to post something.

((raisingirl)) congrats on the job. I need some job vibes myself- I had a meeting yesterday with a staffing agency. She's got a couple of positions that would suit me- one of them only pays a little more than I currently make, one pays a few thousand more...neither of them are jobs that would be interesting, but at least they'd be more challenging that where I'm currently working. I feel like my brain is dripping out my ear there.

((girltheory)) I hope your weather woes clear up, and you can do something about your jackass neighbors.

((bunnyb)) I don't think it's selfish to not go...obviously you care about the situation. My co-worker who has terminal cancer, was at work yesterday with her daughter. I just saw her in passing, but I asked someone if they'd heard anything about her progression and they said she's still doing chemo but it's not getting any better. They said one of her sisters will probably come here from the Phillipines to take care of her daughter. So sad.

Not much else going on here...except the job thing. I hate looking for a new job, just the anxiety of it- the social awkwardness of the interview, the wait for the decision, fear of being rejected, fear of being accepted, quitting my current job, making the switch.....

Anyway, we're having friends over tonight for dinner. I'm making grilled pork chops with Indian spices. First time venturing into Indian cuisine. We'll see how it goes.
Yay raisingirl! Brag all you want!

~~~job vibes for polly~~~ and mmm Indian food! I am planning a Bollywood night with some friends, where we watch movies with Big Dance Numbers and I'll probably make vegetable briyani (rice with tons of veggies and spices...and cashews on top.)

~~~disertation vibes for bunnyb~~~ I think it's fine to not go to the funeral...maybe send a card and/or take some food over to the family.

((girltheory and other st. louisans)) I gotta call my mamma and see if all my siblings have electricity now. And Boo for bad neighbors! Can you call the landlord or the cops? Hate to take things to that level, but if they are jerks anyway...

Pixie, yay for the gecko! I still don't get why people buy purebred, million-dollar animals...I get it a tiny bit more now that I've worked with people who get them and asked them about it. But me, I just go into an SPCA and fall in love with someone (animal someone.) I can't imagine getting a pet any other way.

Hope everyone's havinga good weekend!

hey everyone, long time no see! the curse of not having internet at home.... i'm going to cheat here b/c i don't have time to read everything (and b/c of the new boards i can no longer check the lounge from my phone...grrr... but anyway) and just say ((((((((((((YOU))))))))))))

i'm at my friends house and i spent the night here and her kids are with their dad and my kids are with their dad, so it's just all kinds of peace and quiet! we went out for dinner and didn't even have to see if they had a kids menu!! (is it sad that i'm excited about that???)

it's been stress and a half lately. we took little d. to the autism reasearch center nearby and they've done a zillion blood tests and some of the results are, well, not so good. they tested him for disease titres (to my understanding, those are the markers in the blood that show your level of immunity to certain diseases. if i misunderstood, someone please tell me!!) and his titres for rubella and measles are extremely high. which, apparently, has led his body into believing it has these diseases. but, since he doesn't, the antibodies have nothing to attack, so they are turning on his own body. this is NOT a good thing. there is apparently no way to prove without a doubt that this is because of the vaccines (the MMR, specifically) but to my mind, there is no doubt. i wish i had read up on these things before blindly following what conventional medicine reccomends.

also, just for a double whammy, they did some genetic testing and it showed that he has some sort of genetic defect that makes it very hard for his body to absorb certain vitamins (the B's and vitamin A) and certain minerals (iron and zinc and.... shit... something else i can't remember.) soooo..... my poor baby has more problems than we had thought. on the plus side, we know about this early on (he's 3 1/2) and may be able to help him through diet and various therapies. on the minus, we have no idea if he will ever catch up to his peers or even be able to go "mainstream" when it's time for school.

he's on a gluten and casein free diet (complicated!!! if anyone has any recipies, please share!) and i now spend most of my time in the kitchen, making everything from scratch (bread, pasta, everything) and trying to modify recipies so that he can have them (casein is a milk protein). it is hard, but if it makes him feel even a little bit better, it's worth it. he's also getting a vitamin "cocktail" everyday to try to replace some of what he's missing AND we are going to have to start giving him vitamin B12 shots twice a week (the fun never ends...)

oy! sorry for writing The Great American Novel here, but i've been totally absorbed in all this for the last few weeks. the rest of my life hasn't changed much, just the usual crap.

so... sorry for being a thread hog and i love you all dearly.
(((damona))) & (((little d)))

yay! (((rasin)))

(((amilita))) I'm the same with pets... I can't stand pet shops, and there are so many dogs/cats/bunnies/horses in rescue centers, it just makes me sad.

(((bunny))) It's not selfish not to go, I'm sure they'll understand. & ***dissertation vibes***. roadtrip roadtrip roadtrip!

(((polly))) ***job vibes***



(((dusty))) laugh.gif

(((rosev))) & (((rosedad))) & (((rosemama))) lots of thoughts for you

(((mando))) woo! pictures! fankoo deary!

(((yuefie, skc, msp, qspice, walkingb, tyger, syb, crassy & mrmcnasty, and everyone else)))

Horse pictures! there are also some pictures of a certain bunbun...

nothing going on here... got up at five to shovel horsepoo, finished at nine-thirty, slept a bit, and I'm now faffing and prevaricating over my essay. It has to be in by monday, and it's tedious... and about my lambing. If there's snoring in the corner, that's me.

on the other hand, it's cooled down no end as it keeps raining! woo!

***weekend love for all***
Damona, if it makes you feel any better, the "evidence" for problems from MMR just doesn't hold up. I know it's a drive to find a reason so you can think of what you could have done differently (this is one of my main subconscious coping styles) but you didn't do anything wrong with getting your baby the MMR. The diseases you were vaccinating against could have killed him, though, so you did the right thing, in my opinion anyway.

Anyway, good luck with it all. He's clearly got a devoted mama, which will only do him good.

Oy, I'm all worn out after typing just that little bit. It's so fucking hot here.

I love Amilita's avatar. Makes me smile every time.
Ok I know it's not as cute and cuddly, but I took Gecko picsfor another community and thought I'd share them here too! The little bugger eats crickets which in and of them selves aren't expensive...but the little varmits require this vitamin food stuff so they will be healthier for the gecko...that stuff was not so cheap. So we are paying more to feed the food than we are on the food itself. We will probably end up haveing to buy a cage for the food. For now I have a tupperware dish of baby crickets. Oh well, it makes my hubby happy!

(((damona and little D))))

I am anticipating some decadence this evening. Mr. Pixie's best friend's birthday is today and since they are coming over, I am duplicating the grooms cake from our wedding! it is basically a milk chocolate cake (in a castle shaped pan) with a can of cherry pie filling poured over the top of it! There was none left at the wedding. I didn't even get a piece!

(((everyone))) Happy weekend!
pixie, i think that geckos are adorable! (it IS funny that their food's food costs more than their food, though! hee.)

i love horses. thanks for posting the wonderful pictures!

i appear to have the attention span of a flea lately. i've been lurking and not posting because i want to know what is going on with everyone but i can't keep it all straight (nothing straight about me, never was, never will be!) and WORSE, i can't seem to keep it together to remember who said what so i can't respond to everyone individually! sad.gif

dusty, you ALWAYS make me laugh. MUITO thank you for that.

mandomyheart, i will miss you. WE will miss you. have a good time, come back soon and tell us about it. we will ALL tell you how horrid it was to pop in here and not see blue. sad.gif

amilita, this is for you (and for q, if she is out there0:

the things that this country is the most famous for are HUGE shrimp and cashews. when i say HUGE, i mean that you can order what they call tiger shrimp, and each of them is as big as your hand. headless, cooked (you know how shrimp curl when they are cooked? BIGGER THAN YOUR HAND).

i eat a lot of fresh fish. mostly grouper and barracuda, but sometimes red snapper, depends on what is fresh. caught that day. i also eat a LOT of squid. the squid here is fabulous. again, i think it all has to do with freshness. plus knowing not to overcook them. the big shrimp are marinated in fresh lemon juice and minced garlic, and then grilled. generally the smaller ones are cooked in things, such as (this is VERY portuguese) a big pot of rice with shrimp, fish, squid, clams, mussels, whatever seafood is fresh, along with tomatoes, onions, garlic, a bit of green pepper, and spicy peppers called piri piri. this is served in a big tureen; it isn't quite soup, but it does have broth/sauce. it's delicious.

the produce here is amazing. mostly my maid and i buy veggies from individuals who sell what they or their neighbors grew, from little stalls on the street. there is a constant supply of fresh veggies and fruit. when i first got here, i was eating at least two mangoes a day. now i'm eating fresh pineapple and papaya and citrus. mostly i eat tangerines, and use the oranges to make juice. there have always been bananas, because there are over a hundred different kinds, and they all seem to produce fruit at different times. last week someone from up north drove down and brought me fresh pineapple, passion fruit, tangerines and coconuts. YUM.

another staple here is called caril, which is curry. it is generally made with whatever meat you want to use, and potatoes. the curry sauce is brown, and not usually SUPER spicy, just a little bit of heat. there is always piri piri sauce around to add to whatever you are eating. when my maid makes it for me, i ask her to add veggies, whatever is fresh. this past week she made it with potatoes, carrots and cauliflower.

another VERY popular thing is baby chicken marinated in piri piri and grilled. there is a restaurant right across the street from me called (astoundingly enough tongue.gif ) PIRI PIRI, and their logo is a chicken. that is where i tend to eat piri piri chicken, as it is best eaten right after it is cooked.

whoops. sorry to take up so much space.

hugs and kisses and silly silly fishes to YOU, and YOU , and YOU!!!! :X
Rock on Raisin and DM! And best of luck with the move DM!


(((everyone else who needs 'em)))

I want to eat what Tes eats!

I hate my oven. And I hate people who write recipes and tell you to bake things in too-small pans. I made a raspberry coffee cake tonight (Finaman's rasp harvests will only be for another week or two) and it rose too high and dripped all over the oven and still took twice as long to cook because the temp in there is so wonky. I hate having to bake something new 3 times just to figure out how to do it right in this oven.

On the upside, it does smell good and might even be cooked all the way through.

Got my hair cut and highlights refreshed this weekend and it looks great. I even went for a bit of a fringe/bangs which I haven't had for over a decade.
(((fina))) our oven is the same - the temperature is so cranky.


(((pixie))) geckoes are cute! at least I think they are, we used to have lots living in our house when I was a kid. They're really good luck.

(((rosev and fam)))

(((everyone else)))

This is a bit of a drive-by but... can I get some vibes for my mum? She's got a blocked sebaceous gland (and belongs in the gross-out thread) and it got infected... she's having to have it drained every day, and as she doesn't have a doc in london she's going to A&E every morning. She can't have surgery to remove the gland until they've drained it. It's not particularly dangerous, but the infection is making her woozy sometimes. And she was supposed to go to Algeria today, but she can't because there isn't a doctor at post. We don't know how long she'll have to stay in the country, but it might mean I won't go out there at all this summer. She's just fretting.

And the boy wonder is having a battle of wills with his stepmonster. Apparently although he can understand why I did what I did, but she won. He's not letting her win twice.... bloody-minded teenager.

antikvetch: I finished my essay on sheep! woo!
Rose...I saw your mom today. She is doing fine and looked good for having been so sick just a few days ago. She was bragging on your cooking!
Anyway, that leads to today's kvetch: Minipixie ended up in the ER that Rosemama works at. Mr. Dust took her fishing and she got a big old rusty fish hook in the bottom of her foot! She has to go for a tetnus shot tomorrow so I'm sure she is going to be thrilled!

~*~*~*~*mornington's mom~~**~**~

We slept until almost 1 today! Unfortunately, now I have a headache that I can't seem to get rid of which means I will be going to bed early.
Aww gee, thanks, everyone, for the well-wishes! I read them this morning but didn't have a chance to respond. Kvetchies are awesome.
QUOTE(girltheory @ Jul 22 2006, 03:17 AM) *

so tonight we made it through with no storms and my parents got their electricity back. i live in st. louis and it has been a nightmare for the last few days. between the storms and the heatwave it is almost unbearable, especially since my car has no a/c. blech. our power didn't go out but a lot of people are still w/o power and may be w/o it until sunday! it is crazy. it finally cooled down tonight and i even shut off my air and opened the windows. i am now ready for fall. also, my upstairs neighbors are driving me crazy!! they have been banging around up there all night. and this is like everynight. i have gone up there about four times and asked them to please have some respect for their neighbors and keep it down but to no avail. they get drunk and play video games and act like asses. plus they creep me out. i don't know what to do.

(((RV))) that is awful. why would they reschedule the surgery? and your poor mamma!! i hope that both of them get better fast and that your father makes a full recovery from his surgery. (((RV's mom and dad)))
(((amalita, pixie, mornington, raisingirl and everybody else)))

o and raisin girl...

you deserve it! i am so happy for you.

ok, that's all.

For a minute there, I almost thought we have the same neighbors. MIne were partying in the alley behind my apartment Saturday night UNTIL 4AM!

I just got my power back Saturday. Thursday and Friday were absolutely brural without AC. Hang in there St. Louis busties.
(((((((( hugs & vibes for Mornington's mum )))))))) That sounds just awful! Keep us updated on how she's doing, k?

((((((MiniPixie)))))))) Poor little thing! I hope she's recovering well. And I hope my mom's presence put you at ease, Pix. And thanks for the report on my mom! I've been so worried about her.

Fina, I feel your pain. Our stove at our last place was the same way and, yes, I had a few things overflow on me (most memorably a peach cobbler). Just one frustration compounded by another!

Tes, I can't get over that giant shrimp!

GT/LL, how are things going in St Louis?

Last night I was on the phone from about 8pm to 1:30am! Insanity, I know, but I had a good time catching up with friends out west. Hearing about the weather in Vegas & LA is really scary. I cannot imagine what 115F must feel like!
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jul 24 2006, 10:20 AM) *

I cannot imagine what 115F must feel like!

Hot. wink.gif And painfully dry. I have family in Vegas, so I go out fairly regularly. I was just out there twice in the last month or so - once for a family wedding, once for YearlyKos. Anyway. It's weird in that 115 is actually far more bearable than say, 100 in DC. There's a reason why you always hear people saying, "but it's a dry heat." Yes, it's like sitting in an oven, but it's still not nearly as oppressive and stifling when the humidity's at 7%.
It's really humid here where me and Rv are from..that is why she is amazed at 115. 115 here would be unbearable! I thought Mr. P and I were going to die last week when it was 107 with high humidity!

to real suprise, but minipixie now has an infection in her foot. At least she got the tetnus shot this morning. The hook she stepped on was extreamly rusty and corroded. I am really shocked that A) the hospital didn't have an juvenile doses of tetnus and cool.gif they did not give her any kind of antibiotic shot or something! Mr. Dust says we have to soak her foot in epsom salt twice a day and give her antibiotics now. RV, do you think my child is going to be cursed with my foot ailments?

And yes, it was comforting to see your mama when I got to the ER yesterday. I have missed her. Mr. Pixie mentioned how Mr. Dust and his father kind of ignored her, at leats in front of us and said, "well I guess she isn't really anything to them anymore." I was like," no, you don't understand. These people were FAMILY! We went to Europe together! We spent Christmases and birthdays together!"

This is Mr. Pixie's last week of school...for like 3 or 4 weeks. tongue.gif He has finals Wednsday and Friday. It will be so nice to have him home waiting on me for a few weeks.
(((minipixie's feets, sidecar and the crazy comic adventures, rosev's mom, mornington's mom, everyone's mom, Mando and her vacation, MsP resurfacing, amilita, congrats to raisingril, anoush and her man and pregnancy, every bustie's oven, fina, peripatetic and cosmopolitan Tesao, damona and little d, designermedusa, polly, bunny, vesica, ladylibrary, geckos, horses, tasty treats)))

~*~*~*~*break in the weather, considerate neighbor vibes~*~*~* to all.

kvetch: I think my bc pill made my boobs bigger. This is just ridiculous, I look like a circus sideshow. Attack of the E cup woman!
Poor faith! I had a friend who was a naturally a JJ, she had a reduction down to FF, which is still mighty large!

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