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My counselor near my mom's house is available for phone sessions if I need 'em (and I think I'm gonna do one soon) you have an old therapist back home you could do that with? It would be money well spent!
(((rosev))) feel better. I can't offer anything but lots of vibes & listening
(((amilita))) luck tonight & hope all goes well. and snuggle wally for me
I'm also jealous of fina, lys, bunny & le garcon... have fun!
(((txplum))) hope you're headache goes soon
****wedding vibes for pixie****
((((((((everyone else)))))))

not much to report... trying to find the motivation to do some actual work (I have 4000 words on fondling sheep to do) instead of lying on the sofa attempting telepathy with the rabbit... because I really do want to know why she keeps licking the skirting board.

kvetch: locking myself out. and realising there was no-one in my flat, i didn't have my phone to call anyone - not that anyone was in - and I needed my keys to get to reception to get the handyman to let me into my flat to get my keys. bah. I was rescued by the lovely girl in the flat opposite.

antikvetch: finding H his birthday present. and resisting the temptation to buy him socks

oh, underroo report *salutes*. pink shorts, aging white bra, totally mismatched but feh, I'm comfy.
i don't remember who else needs what! i'm sorry, forgive me? i flove you all.

no way you're overreacting to the gum chewing, mandi. i mean, we got the 'no gum because it's awful for the intruments unless you're a percussionist and you can chew in time with the music because otherwise you look like a knob' talk at least once a month

i have a job! whee! it's at a little family-owned asian buffet, and they actually have next to no turnover (they're just hiring now because they have a bunch of people out of the country for family emergencies and stuff). i don't know how many hours i'll be getting, but there's a gas station manager who has promised me his next opening if i can manage it with my job (and he was all sincere, i have his email address and he's already sort of interviewed me, so i'm thinking he wasn't just saying it to be nice).

anti-kvetch: i spent today with my bestest friend mountaincougarlion, and we played in expensive makeup at the mall. she drew a sparkly silver tear on my cheek because i wasn't 'emo enough' today :P. i closed out a bank account, went shopping, and dealth with locker fees at school and nobody seemed to find my little tear odd, which makes me worry for the human race.
anti-kvetch: i emptied out an old bank account today that had 280 in it, which is going to pay for a bus ticket for one trip i'm going on this summer and gas for my car for the other trip. yay!
((Rose)) I'm sorry this is so difficult. It will get better, and if not I will come and visit. I sure wish you were going to be here tomorrow. I have had about a million fits today.

I went to my spa appointment and this lady used what can only be described as a medieval torture device to "exstract my pores" I reached a new level of pain today that I never knew existed...and I have given birth!

My low life step father is playing clo9wn tomorrow morning until noon, which means my mother won't get to the wedding until an hour before hand! Words can not describe my outrage!

Then I came home and Mr. Pixie had done NOTHING the whole 4 hours I was gone and I just freaked out all over him because there is so much to do and I felt like it was alll being left to me even though he is the one who will have to do everything in the morning.

But we got the license, it's official. Everyone will sign it tomorrow and Monday Mr. P will walk it to the court house so I can get my license and everythign changed ASAP for the cruise.
((((Pixie)))) ~~~~relaxation & anti stress, every-go-smooth-for-pixie-&-mr. pixie's-wedding-day vibage~~~~
good luck and best wishes on your big day!

(((((RoseV))))) huge hugs and lotsa love for you darlin'


Sorry for the lack of specific vibes. I am feeling a tad under the weather. My girlfriend called to inform me that she and her toddler came down with a nasty stomach bug yesterday and they were hanging out here all day Wednesday. Fun, I feel like I'm on a roller coaster that won't stop too. PJ and Jer are both feeling like crap, so it's a real infirmary 'round here tonight.
((((rosev))))) I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I might be mistaken, but you've never really lived away from your family on a permanent basis before, have you? That must be majorly stressful--and moving is hard, too!

I totally wish I was in the Scottish highlands today.

I missed undie check yesterday (sorry! busy day at work, and it's not gonna let up 'til the middle of next week) but can't help you out today, as I'm just back from the gym and all I'm wearing underneath my gym clothes is a frog bra. And it's not sexy AT ALL.

We are pug-sitting and this is what Sophie has been saying to me all weekend: OH MY GOD THERE'S A DOG IN THE HOUSE A DOG! ANOTHER DOG! OH MY GOD!

And I mostly think about how I'm happy I have no children.
thinking of (((rosev)))...I hope you and Shef are doing something fun today and that you're feeling at least a little better.

also of (((pixie))) hope everything goes well and that you enjoy yourself, above all.

Last night went well...not a huge turnout for the gallery walk, but it was a nice crowd and I had some good conversations. Also felt glad to be having a business with the Mr. and our wonderful friend and partner. It's neato that we all are indispensable in certian ways and that we work so well together. I'm feeling the love.

The article about our house is out today...the pictures aren't on the paper's website, though. I may scan them and cut and paste something together. Thank goodness I don't look horrible in the photo! I am seriously unphotogenic. I'll let you guys know when I have something together to show you.

Tomorrow I go to Jazz Fest to see Elvis Costello play with Alan Toussaint...and will probably stay for Bruce Springstein, who I don't particularly love, but I don't abhor, either. And I will hook up with some old coworkers, which I am excited about. AND I got a free ticket! Woot! So I may try to spend the $40 I saved at one of the art or jewelery booths. I didn't realize until this year that the food is supposed to be great's my first time going! Usually I don't love crowds or the burning sun with no shade in sight, but I gotta go this year.

Next week I will open the gallery every day, so today I plan to relax and do as little as possible. Everyone have a good weekend!
(((RV and Sheff)))

And happy wedding day to pixie; hope all goes swimmingly.

Me: domestic meltdown. Really, really bad. I'm numb.
(((rv & shef)))
yay! for tyger's job

I'm off to get myself ready for a night out. We're (hopefully) going to see Panic! At The Disco and dance silly dances. It will be good...

although I'm supposed to have a friend (who I haven't seen for a year) coming with me - but she's looking like a no-show. I hope she's ok as she's coming with a boy & she hasn't known him long. I'm torn between being pissed-off and worrying myself to death.

hope all are having sparkly fun weekends, hugs & vibes all round
vibes to pixie on her big day!
((((((((Syb)))))))) Much love and hugs to you.

Well, our dear Pixiedust should be a married woman by now! Woo hoo! Hope she's having fun at the reception.
~*~*~*~ continued happy wedding vibes for Pixie ~*~*~*~

Hooray for new jobs! And pug-sitting! Boo on getting locked out of one's home. And the flu. And no-show friends.

Today is a better day. Sheff and I went out for a bit. Got drinks at a cafe. Bought nice cheese & some Green & Blacks. Fretted about our new place. Blah blah blah. I've also spent many an hour wrapped up in Girlbomb's book. So damn good!!!!
I dunno, it might be the best thing. I would expand but I would feel disloyal. I remember posting on here years ago, unhappy and in love. I wouldn't be as foolish to say I never thought that would happen again, but... I had hoped I would never feel that I had to, that I wouldn't feel that alienated from the person I most need to speak to.

Thanks for the hugs. What's happening does need to happen, I think. Have a great Saturday all.
Happy wedding to pixie. I hope it was stress free.


((rose and sheff)) I'm sure you will get comfortable in your new place soon.

((amilita)) Glad the gallery walk went well. Have fun at the Jazz festival.

((sidecar)) Have fun pug sitting. I love pugs.


I missed Busting all week because I was in a bad mood all week. I'm feeling better now, today I got so much exercise. I worked out this morning and played tennis. Tomorrow is Mr. DM's birthday, but we celebrated today by going out to lunch. No big plans for Sunday, just relaxing and job searching.

I missed lots of posts from this week, much love to all. ((Busties))

Happy wedding to Pixie! Hope it was unbelievably fabulous!
:::tiptoeing in:::


that is all for now but ill be back soon
Hello lovely Busties! I am a happily married woman! Our wedding was very ...eventful! We got married under a tornado watch. I know RV can appreciate that. It stormed through the whole ceremony, but it cleared off and got sunny right afterwards. But there was so much rain...and we were in "garden room", Half way through teh reception the pipes on the wall started gushing water and it was like a waterfall on the wall. It almost seemed on purpose! SO the botom of my dress is thoughly black from sweeeping along the wet grimy floor. Not many people besides family came because of the weather and we got almost no presents because everyone decided to give us cash...not complaining! The carriage ride was almost an hour long through some rural neighborhoods and it was really great to sit back and discuss the wedding and wave to people who passed us.
RV, you have GOT to stay at the B&B you picked out! OMG! The food was indescribable! The owner waited on us hand and foot. We had a wonderful bubble bath.

This morning we decided to visit historical places around the state and ended up taking a 2 hour drive around a lake and stuff. It is so gonna suck big hairy balls to have to go back to work tomorrow!
OMG, I am so tired from pugsitting. As Martini said, the baby has now been put off for a few more years, because if a baby is as much work as an unhousebroken, not for awhile. Although now she is sleeping quietly next to me. Too bad she couldn't have been so calm while I was working on a freelance project. Making edits in Acrobat is not easy when you're holding a wriggly puppy in one hand!

(((pinchejoto and lively)))
((((amilita))))) hope the show was good! i am seeing Elvis in Chicago tomorrow at a special radio station show. And I hope you stayed for Bruce -- Springsteen live is *incredible* (but especially if you're a fan!)
~~~job vibes to tyger~~~

OMG, I am so tired from pugsitting. As Martini said, the baby has now been put off for a few more years, because if a baby is as much work as an unhousebroken, not for awhile. Although now she is sleeping quietly next to me. Too bad she couldn't have been so calm while I was working on a freelance project. Making edits in Acrobat is not easy when you're holding a wriggly puppy in one hand!

(((pinchejoto and lively)))
((((amilita))))) hope the show was good! i am seeing Elvis in Chicago tomorrow at a special radio station show. And I hope you stayed for Bruce -- Springsteen live is *incredible* (but especially if you're a fan!)
~~~job vibes to tyger~~~

OMG, I am so tired from pugsitting. As Martini said, the baby has now been put off for a few more years, because if a baby is as much work as an unhousebroken, not for awhile. Although now she is sleeping quietly next to me. Too bad she couldn't have been so calm while I was working on a freelance project. Making edits in Acrobat is not easy when you're holding a wriggly puppy in one hand!

(((pinchejoto and lively)))
((((amilita))))) hope the show was good! i am seeing Elvis in Chicago tomorrow at a special radio station show. And I hope you stayed for Bruce -- Springsteen live is *incredible* (but especially if you're a fan!)
~~~job vibes to tyger~~~

Interesting.....I read sidecars message an hour ago...and now it has miraculously posted 2 more times.....Dingos?
Yeah, i guess so. Sorry guys.
sorry to barge in only to ask for vibes and to be vague about why, but I really need to some emergency vibage desperately. and a hug. I'm emotionally drained and exhausted. There was a major meltdown here tonight, which ended with a broken window. I am amazed nobody called the police. I know that loved ones who decide to stop taking their meds are not a problem that I have any control over, but I feel like I am one huge drama magnet. Holy shit on a shingle, I am tired of freakin' drama.
(((((lively))))) Sorry to hear about more drama. I agree, you've gotten way more than your share. Hope today is better for you and yours.

Dunno 'bout the dingoes, but I did find accessing the site tricky yesterday *fingers crossed against dingo shenanigans*

Pixie, so happy your day went so well! The weather sounds kind of romantic actually, very dramatic. And congrats again Mr and Mrs! (whether or not you're taking his name)

Yeah, sidecar, that's my main objection to the bambinos; the hard and endless graft involved. Parents are heroes IMO.

National holiday today but am still hoping to get work done from home. Still in emotional suspense; any vibes would be appreciated.

Hope everyone's Monday goes well...
(((sidecar))) hope the pug sleeps for longer!
yay! for pixie!
(((dm))) & happy b-day to mr dm
(((rv & shef))) hope the move is going more smoothly & yay! for better days
(((amilita))) elvis costello and bruce springsteen. I am jealous; hope it was goooood.
(((((((everyone else))))))

hope everyone had a super-fantastic weekend? Bank holiday here today so... yeah. another day off. I finally finally managed to see my friend yesterday evening. It seems the guy she came down with had decided what they were going to do already & so... she's not the most assertive of people, and well, her boy isn't exactly a poster-boy for equality in relationships. and I just thought he was really rude for not making any effort to speak to me, and speaking to his cousins in french or arabic in front of us.

But... Panic! At The Disco was hillarious. Apparently my flatmate has never seen me look so unimpressed by a band before. We waited for nearly two hours to get into the club, and made it just in time. The band were... so brash. Didn't bother trying to make jokes, interact with thier crowd - and assumed that everyone there was a hardcore fan. At least half of the audience was there because they'd heard the name, heard one song, and decided to pitch up because tickets to any other gig of thiers is twice the price of the club. So... we took the piss a lot, and then danced ourselves silly once they'd gone.

kvetch: this is an odd one. I'm re-thinking my views on peope - ok, men more than anything - from north africa. I'm almost afraid my views are really racist - they're certainly not flattering - but at the same time I'm trying to justify them by examining my past experiences. I guess I'm not going to be looking favourably on any country where I get abuse/followed/treated like I'm the world's worst slut and then talked down to for being a woman.

returning-to-normal kvetch: I want a freaking doctor's appointment. Now. I've waited all damn weekend.
I didn't want to post the details here but I had to get it out, so oh fucking well. I don't care. I posted in the letters thread.

I am going to try to get a few hours of sleep now. Thanks so much guys.

((((((((syb))))))), I meant to do that earlier in the weekend. Hope things are okay on your front as well.

and pixie, congrats! so, are you mrs. pixie now? :-)

*antidrama vibage* for (((lively)))

(((sybarite))) i read your letters. wish there was something i could do for you, hon.


congrats mrs pixie!

and congrats to Employed tyger!

(((rose))) try not to let yourself get so overwhelmed, love. (and check your email!)

sorry for not catching up proper, and i know i said i hate asking for vibes without reading, but it's been a crazy weekend. my bro had an emergency appendectamy fri. he's home and ok, they luckily caught it in time. but danny's making his confirmation on saturday, and my bro is his sponsor. he should be ok for the rehearsal thurs night. but now danny's home sick with his mysterio pukey bug - except he ate his little fanny off at a bat mitvah on saturday and then at our friends' yesterday, so i'm thinking it's just a too-much-food thing. but he's got rehearsal tonite in addition to thurs night. i let him stay home from school today, but he so can't miss tonite.

but some healthy vibes for my boys would be greatly appreciated. and not just for the confirmation. i'm worried about them period. *fret*
Yes, I am a Mrs.! I took my maiden name back after the divorce for the sole purpose of being able to put it on my wedding invitations and license. Because I was only Miss maiden name for 7 months, I never even bothered to have my last name transferred on a lot of things so now I am glad I can finally transfer everything into my new name and not have to think about what name I am signing to what.
Many congrats to Pixie & her Mr!!! They say it's good luck to be married on a rainy day. My parents were married during a terrible storm & they've been together for nearly 40 years!

((((((((endless love for Lively))))))))
So sorry you had such a rough weekend. If you can find the time, get yourself to a nice peaceful garden & soak in the beauty. Nature and quiet will provide relief from the drama.

((((((((more love for Sybarite)))))))) The above goes for you, too, dear.

((((((((DesignerMedusa))))))))) I was wondering where you were hiding! Hope this week is better for you.

~~~~~~~~ healing vibes for Mandi's son & brother ~~~~~~~
Goodness! What a busy weekend! And check your e-mail, dollface ;)

~~~~ clarity vibes for Mornington ~~~~ So, are you saying that the friend's new boyfriend is from northern Africa? Is that what has prompted this? No matter where he's from, his behavior was rude. Hope your friend sees the light soon. And hope you get a doctor appointment, too!

Sidecar, I sympathize with you on the puppy situation. They're soooo cute but soooooo exhausting. Welcome back to your normal routine!

Also, thanks to Sidecar & all of you other gloriously wonderful gals for thinking of me. And you're absolutely right, too. Even when I went to college, I was just 90 minutes away from my parents so I could visit them on the weekends. So it's strange to be away from them, but the hardest thing so far has just been living in such a foreign environment.

I think this week may be better, though. We should be moving into the house. In fact, the rental agreement begins today, but we don't have the keys yet (I think that'll be fixed tonight). Our POD will be dropped off tomorrow so we can start to unpack. The cable & internet will be hooked up on Thursday. So if you don't see me around much this week, that's why!
Dang, sidecar, I was hoping that I'd see Elvis Costello walking around the Quarter today, but he's off to Chicago, huh? His set with Alan Toussaint was SO GOOD. They recorded an album together that is coming out in June; Elvis loves New Orleans. Awww.

I didn't stay for Springstein...I just loved E.C. and I was having a nice time and it was time to go. Ya know, end things on a perfect note. I did go by the art/craft booths on my way out and bought a neato letterpress print that is super layered and pretty. I wanted to spend some cash, especially because I got a free festival ticket.

Gosh, lots going on!

Yay! Mr. and Mrs. Pixie!

(((lively, sybarite, mornington, mando's boys, rosev, designerm, everyone!)))
(((Mandiboys))) Yikes!

(((RV)))...I'm guessing that when you arrived in England, you a) didn't think you were going to stay and b) were in such a state that being away from home didn't seem such a big deal and c) you could go home anytime?

Gotta run (((everyone)))
Amilita, I forgot to say this earlier, but I'd love to see that article about your place! If it's possible, would you mind sending me a link?

Dusty, you nailed it exactly. The whole time I was in England it was really just a long visit. I was supposed to be there for just 1 week, but expanded it until ... well, until I felt ready to come home or my visa ran out, whichever came first! After 6 months over there I came home.

It's bizarre to think that it's been 3 years since I was living there. Time flies!
Time really does fly! Mr. dust and I have been split for 2 years, Mr. Pixie and I have been together for over 1 year, Minipixie is 4, and I have been at my "new" job for 5 months! I was just sitting here looking at my calendar a bit ago thinking how quickly the time flies on my 4 month calendar!

You know, it was really great being a bride and being the center of attention all day on Saturday, But being asked "so how do you feel?" with this really expectant look, or "how come you are here and not on your honeymoon?" is starting to get really old! How am I supposed to feel? I am relieved that the pressure and stress is over. I still love Mr. Pixie just as much as I did Friday. We have been living together for so long, nothing really changed Saturday except my name and tax filing status. I am far too old and cynical for the whole Blushing bride routine. We both have kids, nobody is going to be fooled into thinking Saturday was the "first time".
hope the pixies had a fantabulous wedding!! i was thinking about you saturday!

~*~*~emergency vibes for lively *~*~*~

~*~*~get well mandibro & danny~*~*~*

(((rose))) i'm sure it doesn't seem like it, but it. will. get. better. i promise!

amilita, glad the gallery thing went well!

tyger, congrats on the job!


(((sidecar))) pug pup sounds cute even though i'm sure he's a handful!
pixie, I'm so glad your wedding went well. It rained on our wedding day as well with a hurricane on it's way. The weather doesn't matter when you are marrying the person you love.

((sidecar)) Your experience with the puppy is exactly why I'm getting an adult dog whenever I get another dog. When Twin DM and I got our boston terrier it was so hard to housebreak her. It really wears you down.

((lively)) I'm so sorry there is more drama in your life. You deserve so much better from life.


mornington, your description of Panic! at the Disco really made me laugh. I've never heard any of their songs, but they are exactly how I'd imagine they would be just from all the hype.

((mando's boys))

((rose)) I really hope getting to move into the house will make you feel more at home. It takes courage to move somewhere that you don't know anyone, and are unfamiliar with the area.

amilita, glad you enjoyed Elvis Costello.

Work was slightly annoying today because our dress code if business casual, so when someone dresses really nice people always joke they must be going on an interview. So today I had on what is perceived as a really nice outfit, and so many people asked me if I was going on an interview. It gets really annoying after awhile. I wanted to say "No I just know how to dress". Anyways, nothing terrible just annoying.

So today, I had a major meeting at work and it went *great*. So that was satisfying. (Um the following is gross.) Then Martini and I left work early to take Sophie to the vet, and came home to discover her crate absolutely coated in diarrhea (she'd had a little last night and this morning, and wasn't as enthusiastic an eater as she usually is this morning). She also had a fever and was dehydrated. The vet thinks the puppy might have given her an intestinal virus, so we have to keep an eye on her for a few days and go back next week (not to mention being out $230 for blood work and other tests.)

So we're not seeing Elvis tonight (and it was a private show at a tiny venue so I am bummed), and depending on what her blood work shows, Sophie probably can't join us on the 5K walk we were doing for her shelter on Saturday. So a pretty big bummer.

(((mandi's brother)))
~~~~emergency vibes for lively~~~~~
(((Sidecar, Martini and Sophie))) Baby put off a little further?
Hee, dusty, I thought the same thing.

(((Sidecar's sophie)))Sorry about the gig too!

(((Mandi's boys))) As has been evidenced, I am the queen of fretting, so I hear you. Hope everyone is comepletly healthy very soon.

(((RV)))It's true, it will get better. It's good you can settle right into your new house instead of house-hunting forever... that's a leap forward in itself. But then I'm weird; I quite like moving somewhere new. It'll be cool, especially 'cause you're there together.

So dudes, sorry about being so drama-tastic at the weekend. Mr and I finally had a chance to resolve things a bit and ultimately I think we'll be okay. But my cod my weekend was just spent freaking out on my own, not eating, not sleeping, leaving me in a limp unhealthy (if relieved) heap today. But thank you all for your support for my cryptic emotive ramblings.

I just had a bacon and avocado and mayo sandwich which was the best. thing. ever. Mmmm.

(((sidecar, martini & sophie))) poor pup! my dog had a similar thing happen and the vet put him on a pill to kill viruses, he was good as new the next day! so maybe sophie can join you on the walk! *crossing parts*

(((mandibro + danny)))

~*~*~emergency vibes for lively~*~*~



(((rose))) when i first moved here (650 miles away from the home i had always known), i made a game out of finding new places, i challenged myself to find a new way to the bank, the store, home, etc. you have a wonderful man by your side to explore with!

asshat finally got fired yesterday. yay yay yay --now hopefully things will get back to normal at the office. my workplace is pretty cool normally, we don't get paid a lot but the schedule is really flexible, advocacy is promoted (anyone who wanted to protest was given yesterday off), and there's a positive feeling in the air that we're doing something good. it had been shakey since this a-hole was here and no one felt supported by the executive director because he wasn't let go, but i'm hoping now thigns will get back to the good working conditions we were used to.
(((sophie, sidecar & martini))) sending lots of healthy vibes to the poor pupper.

(((sybarite))) glad to hear things are resolved. but i'm still worrying about you, darlin. take good care.

No I just know how to dress ... hee.

*jealous of the jazzfesters*


kvetch #1: many thanks to everyone who sent healthy vibes. please keep 'em coming. danny's home sick again today. i feel like i caused it, because for months i've been afraid he'd get sick either for the play, his confirmation or for the DC class trip next week. i mean, not obsessively worrying like i am now but the please-god-no was in the back of my mind.

kvetch #2: and i'd promised my bro that i'd come by and take him out for a little while today. because he's not used to being laid up and he's going stir crazy. but i'm stretched a little too thin right now, and don't feel up to facing rush-hour traffic. i am a sucky sister.
Poor Sophie! Sorry you had to miss Elvis, too.

Crassy, one person can really change the tone of the workplace, so I hope things get lots better.

~~~continuing vibes for mando's boys~~~

(((sybarite))) Don't apologize for anything!

Designerm, you're funny. And stylin', I'm quite sure.

Rose (and anyone else who wants to see the article) I'm gonna see if I can scan the pictures and make a file of those to go with the, like by the end of the weekend. I really do want to share it! It made me feel so famous...someone on our neighborhood online board mentioned it, and this guy who works for a French Quarter magazine stuck his head in and said he saw it.

Hi to everyone else- mornington, dusty, bunnyb, pixie, lively, txplum, tyger, everyone I'm not naming...

Tonight I'm going to get Vietnamese food from the popular place that just re-opened! Woot! And last night, I drove by our favorite Chinese place, and almost fainted because it's OPEN! They got serious water there. It's really exciting to see places getting back on their feet. I got all teary, actually.
Hello all!

Our Highlands weekend was really good- we went to Carrbridge, near Aviemore, Vesica- the bunkhouse was sweet, it was sunny and beautiful the whole weekend (Bunny got a bit of a sunburn) and much fun was had. We went to a forestry heritage theme park and ran around like 6 year olds and had the bbq to end all bbqs. Sadly we didn't get around to firing up the sauna as it takes too long to get hot but there is always next year!

There was much talk of Kittenwar and we were able to explain the Suri Cruise conspiracy theories in great detail to the others, and Le Garcon prompted an explanation of glory holes so I feel it was an informative weekend as well for all concerned.

Still not convinced that haggis and polenta go well together tho.

~~~Vibes to all~~~
fina, glad you had a nice weekend, it sounds like it was much fun.

amilita, I'd like to see the article too once you get it online.

((danny)) ((mando's brother))

((crassy)) Here's hoping work is cool again with him gone.

((syb)) Glad things are getting better.


Nothing to report here, same old normal work day.
((((sidecar & sophie)))) oh, poor sophie. I hope she gets better soon!
(((amilita))) oooh, yes, I'd love to see the article
(((dm))) yay! for knowing how to dress - but boo! for annoying
(((crassy))) yay! for the firing of asshat
(((mando, mando's bro & danny)))
Yay! for your weekend fina! and bunny & lys & le garcon.
((((lively))) may your life become drama-free, rapidly


still quiet here. First day back at uni - two lectures & nothing exciting. Got to see H; it feels so good to have someone around I can be honest and open with. And who knows how I feel when I say "I'm failing, I'm fucked, and I am so tempted to walk away now before it all goes tits-up" while knowning that neither of us will walk away because we're so desperate to become vets. But I have a backup plan so I'm not that fucked if it does go tits-up come july, and remains tits-up after retakes in september.

kvetch: still no doctors appointment. Finally managed to get through to the reception, only to be told there's no appointments left. And I have to ring tomorrow. I was so frustrated I burst into tears (poor H was terribly confused). It wouldn't be so bad but what's wrong with me has been wrong since thursday and I'm scared it's serious.

right, off to write a long, rambly blog about the whole attitudes thing. You're all welcome to read & comment away - I could do with some input.
It's been a long time since I've done some good kvetching, but man do I need it! So, I have a huge paper that needed to be done 2 hours ago, and is only half finished, a group project that just keeps heaping more assignments on me, four assignments due at noon tomorrow, and a law final due on Thursday, and all the while I have to work tomorrow through Friday. Did I mention that with the group project we have a presentation tomorrow evening that our professor just sort of surprised us with? Never mind that we all have lives, and his presentation time doesn't really work for any of us. I hate my whole life right now... My BF and I are supposed to go to Arizona Friday night to camp and hike, and I should be looking forward to it, but it feels like another deadline! I need mucho vibes to get through the evening!

Much love to all the other Busties that need vibes, or are stressed!

P.S. I'm so wrung out, that I spent the entire night on the bathroom floor, dry heaving about every hour or so. I need sleep!
(((mornington))) the dr. should really have a couple of windows to free up an appt when it's an emergency! geez! ~*~*get an appt today*~*~

(((kissmypineapple))) hope it gets better & everything just gets done and finished so you can enjoy your camping!

well asshat left the building on monday, we got a new woman in yesterday which we thought was really good (and may i add really nice!) but she looked at the mess she would have to clean up and resigned at the end of the day! so now we have a temp in, he seems ok but quiet, so we'll see. i really would have prefered a woman --especially since i have to share an office w/the person, but at this point someone who is just not an asshole would suffice.
~*~*~*health vibes for Danny and Mando brother and Sophie~*~*~*~

Congratulations and best wishes to the newly solemnized Pixiefamily!!!!!!

(((rosev, crassy, mornington, kissmypineapple, sybarite, dm, fina, amalita, dusty, everybustie)))

Kvetch: my earlobes are infected, Mr. Fling is weird and my job is boring.
OMG, its all tv cameras outside my office window, interviewing film makers. I hope the telltale leopard print border doesn't make it into any news reports, hee.

Anti-post-fling reality vibes for (((Faith)))

(((Mandi and her boyz)))



(((Kiss))) I'm always like that with vacations (well, ok, not heaving all night, ick), but I'm fine once I'm on my way. Havasupai! *sigh*

Oh. Truth be told, Fina, I *did* think you were drinking yerself to sleep every night due to jealousy that my boy is hairier than your boy.

just to let you know, car's water broke this morning, and she headed in for probable delivery. will update as soon as i hear. :-)

danny's still home sick. this bug is laying him low. bro was doing better as of this time yesterday.

i'm frazzled and drained and it's probably best if i don't bust til i get my head on a little straighter.

but i'm thankful for all the love.
please know i'm reciprocating.
Yea for Car!

I have been battling a sore tooth for the last few days. I am unsure if a) I'm grinding my teeth at night b)My wisdom teeth are shifting(ha dthe bottoms out but not the top c)Allergies and sinus pressure, especially from my ears could be causing the pain.

At least things have gotten back to normal and I am not egtting 50 questions a day about why I am not on my honeymoon right now. God, I can't wait....

Mr. Pixie finishes up his semester today, so it will be nice having him home in the evenings again.

I think I am going to do the bob and highlight tonight....
Hooray for Car!!!! This is so exciting! Thanks for the up-date, Mandi.

Crassy, so glad to hear that the asshat is gone!

Amilita, glad to hear that things continue to improve in your area.

Pixie, I'm intrigued by the hair!

~~~~~ healing vibes for Faith, Sophie-puppy, MandiBro & Danny ~~~~~

Well, the good news is that we have the keys & we've started to move into the house! The bad news? We have no water. It's complicated & annoying. I was able to set up all the other utilities over the phone, but the town won't let us set up the water over the phone. Instead, we have to go into the office in person and show them our rental agreement & all kinds of crap. And their office hours are virtually the same as Sheff's office hours, which is frustrating. The thing that's really holding us up, though, is that we don't have the rental agreement (it's supposed to be in the mail on its way to us). So. No water. Which means no showers, no flushing toilets, you name it. Uuuuugggggghhhhhhhhh. If this isn't fixed by Friday we're screwed because that's when we're supposed to move out of this temp place. I'm afraid we might actually have to get a hotel room ... which will be imposible because this weekend is graduation weekend & we're surrounded by universities!!! AAAGGGHHH!!!
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