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hellooooooo kvetchettes!

i've finished playing with the lambies and sheepies... and the next small, fluffy creature I hear going "meeeeeeeragh" (or "baaaa") is going to get an iron bar applied to thier skull with some force. Or battered against the floor in the defra-approved manner.

so, how is everyone? I promise I'll read the archives properly but... I got as far as Wally and decided that not only should that much sweetness be, well, illegal, I'm not in any fit state to read anything. And sapphy... awwww. Kittins.

anyhow... ****much love and vibes to lively, otter, pixie, bunny, damona, amilita, polly, sidecar, rv, faith, sapphy, vesica, sonik, tyger, rasin, dm, mando, txplum, tallgirl, fina, and anyone else I've forgotten***. I've missed you all!
(((mornington))) *tackles, covers with keeces* i've missed you sooooo much! welcome back to the five and dime, jimmy dean, jimmy dean!

(((lively))) oh that we could get drunk together someday.

antiotter, glad you didn't get shot. your neighbor's a fucktard.

(((pixie))) people can be so heartless and thoughtless, and when you're the bride, everything good or bad seems to be magnified, emotionally. but, you know, i gotta say, a stroke and dying is pretty major. here's hoping all works out well for you as well as mr p's fam.

vesicapisces, hope your show went off swimingly. please report back to us.

(((sonik & faith))) so nice to see you!

(((damona))) (((polly))) (((sidecar))) (((rose))) (((bunny))) (((sapphy))) (((tyger))) (((raisin))) (((d-medusa))) (((crassy))) (((fina))) (((tallgirl))) (((amilita))) just cuz.

kvetch#1: i fear i left someone out.
kvetch#2: i didn't get nearly as much done today as i'd planned to. i sucketh.
welcome back mornington!

*~*~*~*stress-free wedding vibes for pixie~*~*~*~*

~*~*~*~house and job vibes for all~*~*~*~*


kvetch: I am still in deadline hell.
anti-kvetch: took yesterday off and sporting very funky new hairdo which I love - I've joined the bob club with rosev and mando! Also had lovely dinner out with boy and his family at our favourite Italian and then went back to mine together to watch a movie.
kvetch: depressed friend who tries to project negativity onto me by telling me my relationship is doomed once it becomes LDR in September :-(.
atikvetch: being positive and not allowing her to get to me :-).
((((( hugs to Mr. Pixie and his family & the grandfather and everyone))))))
~~~~~~~~ soothing vibes for Pixie ~~~~~~~~
So sorry to hear that so many stressful things are hitting you & Mr P at once. The week before your wedding is stressful enough without fueding family members, threatened lawsuits from exes, and gravely ill family members. I'm sure it's taking quite a toll on you. Just stay focused. Take care of Mr. P, take care of yourself, and maintain the sweetest disposition you can.

Welcome to The Bob Club, BunnyB! And as for that friend, you can simply inform her that you have some on-line friends whose relationship was LDR and they ended up getting married and being very happy together (which is all quite true for me & Sheff & many other couples out there). Then you can stick your tongue out at her as if you were 8 again. Yes, LDRs can be hard work. It can test your communcation skills. But in the same way, it can strengthen your communication skills. And that's a good thing.

~~~~ kisses for Mando just 'cause she's so sweet ~~~~

Welcome back, Mornington!!! I wrote a postcard to you yesterday & was wondering how that sheep fondling was working out for you. Great to see you here again!

Lively, you are far better at typing while drunk than I am. And that gift for the bride sounds beyond fantastic!

Antiotter, I would love to hear that interview if you decide to do it! Let us know if the German raidio station has a podcast or streaming audio.

(((((( big love for Damona )))))) You have been going through so so so much. I wish so very much that I could just go over there and give you a big hug and brush your hair and give you a pedicure (complete with foot massage) and just make you feel better, you know?
~~:-)~~:-)~~ big happiness for Damona ~~:-)~~:-)~~

~$~$~$~ jobby-job vibes for Polly ~$~$~$~

~[^]~$~[^]~$~ continued house & money vibes for TG, Mando, & me ~[^]~$~[^]~$~

Well, we toured the house & we love it. The problem? There's competition! Another couple was there to view the house at the same time as us! Talk about stress. I think we have some things in our favor, though, so that's good. We filled out an application which the neighbor faxed to the owner (Did I mention that the owner of the house is living out of state right now? That's why the place is for rent). Last night Sheff got a call from the owner and she said that she'd like her daughter to meet us, so that means we've made the finals. I'll let you know what happens next. Eep!
*~*~*draggiong self in*~*~*~
After telling muyself for three days that it was allergies I have admitted defeat and faced the fact that I have a cold. I spent most of yesterday in bed and I feel somewhat human again. We got SIL fitted for the dress. My dress is completely finished now. Mr. P's parents assured him that no matter what, they would be back before Saturday.
Now I don't want to bring any negative Karma on seems to have hit by the truckload the last few days. But woman dying(I guess she is technically Mr. P's step grandmother, but he has never met her)had a massive stroke and has been in a comma since Friday. She has a DNR which states that they can't put in a feeding tube which she needs to live at this pount, so basically they are waiting for her to starve to death, much like Terry Shivo. I am hoping the family will be spared that and that she will have another stroke/heart attack or something and die as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Today I think I am off to buy wedding shoes. I bought wedding shoes several months ago, but somehow in moving and everything one has vanished. And by vanished i mean mr. Pixie and I have gone through all closets and the attic and anywhere imaginable that the missing shoe could be. My dress is dependant on having extreamly high heeled shoes or it will need another round of altering to make it shorter for me to walk in. My mom has threatened me that I need to go buy platform shoes if necessary, she isn't touching the dress again!

We did get our wedding present from my mom yesterday. Leave it to her t find the one thing that wasn't on our registry , we didn't know existed, but had to have! She bought us this big 8-in-1 George Foreman toaster/roater/bun warmer thing! We are big fans for George Foreman grills! Very cool gift. Now I can get rid of the old toaster oven I got at my first wedding that is now yellow with age and grease. This one has a rotisserie attachment and everything.
Happy lazy Sunday lovelies!

~~~super belated b-day wishes to surly~~~

(((((pixie)))) ~~~smooth wedding prep, anti-stress & icky cold be gone vibage your way hon~~~

(((bunny))) well some people feel the need to project their own misery, so pay her no mind. LDR's are not all doomed, some are more rock solid than conventional ones. have I told you lately what a sweetie pie you are? really, cause you just are!

~~~job vibes for polly~~~

~~~house vibes for TG, Rose & Mandi~~~

WB ((((mornington)))) we've meeced you oodles 'round here!

((((damona)))) I second what Rose said, ~~~lots of love, R & R and continued strength vibes your way~~~

Awwww ((((mando mah'dear)))) I would be honored to party with ya. If I make it out your way, I will definetly be looking forward to hangin' out with you, even if it was just for a cuppa' joe. Who knows, it just may happen someday soon... I did enter a contest for tix to see Dave at Randall's Island. Maybe what I need now is some win those tix vibes, hee hee :-)

((((faith, fina, miri, designer, dusty, sonik, plummie, crassy, tes, lys, sidecar, vesica, sapphy, rasin, tyger, syb, KMP, antiotter & everyone I missed))))

I am actually impressed with the drunk post myself, I thought for sure it would be far worse, hee :-). Yeah the party was very cool. I had a really good time and the bride really liked all of her gifts, and even called me yesterday to say that the picture was such a great idea.

I am off to my other "neice's" 16th b-day party. I feel so old, I was her preschool teacher! I am so glad to be included in her family and that I am not entirely too lame for her to want to hang out with just yet.

Last, but not least I would like some vibes myself. I need a job NOW. I am beyond broke and havent had any job luck yet. Please send me out some uber strong bustie vibage, cause I really need it. The manager here has decided I have to pay an additional $300 pet deposit now, some new rule that I managed to slip past but he caught it :-(

Also, PJ & Jer have decided they should take it slow and just be "friends" for now. They both seem okay about it, but I am saaaad. They were just the cutest couple, I tell ya. Oh well, it's probably for the best but I can't help but get a little misty eyed.
20 zillion shoe stores, 2 breakdowns, and 1 spanking for minipixie later and we have shoes!
I am doing better with the cold. If I have to, I will go to the doc for drugs now that I have insurance. I think the stress just got my immune system down. I think I am losing bridal stress weight now. Suddenly things are fitting that weren't before(and now my dress is a tad big)
I made a scarey realization today. Mr. Pixie and I are both shoe whores! He got really bummed and pissy at the first shoe store because he really wanted some shoes we could not afford. We ended up HAVING to go to a final shoe store(after I got the wedding shoes) because they were having a buy 1, get one 1/2 price sale and he just HAD to have some retail therapy to perk him up. It wasn't too bad though. I found a cute pair of Keds for $5 that I can wear when we go hiking through the jungle on our cruise. We even got minipixie a piar of shoes. All in all $75 for 4 pairs of shoes, not too bad.
((((((((RoseV))))))) Good luck with the house, i hope it's going to be yours and Mr. Shef's!

(((((Pixiedust)))))))Feel better soon and lots of luck with the planning for your wedding. (and yay for that grill!) I can imagine the stress you're under, it'll turn out ok in the end, promise!
((((((((((Mr. P's step-grandmother))))))))))

Sofar i've had a party at firday, the surprise party Saturday, i visited my parents today so that leaves tomorrow for the training and Tuesday for working in the store. After that i can work on my 2 drawings again, which really need finishing. I hope no one calls me for assignments! Because i really need to find some relax-time too.

Ptoo on your friend , Bunny. As depressed as s/he may be, this is not the way. And how does anyone know how your relationship will work out besides you and your bf? ((((((((Bunny and Bf))))))))). Good for you by not letting your friend's comments get to you.
And i demand pics of that hairdo of yours:-)

*waves at Mornington*

Happy to see Chat and Faith back!

hey hey, whaddya know? i'm BUSTing on a sunday!!!!

((((((((((((((((pixiedust))))))))))))))) and (((((((((((( mr p's family ))))))))))))))))

mornington!!! nice to see you back around! are you done with fondling sheep for awhile now?

(((((rosev)))))) you are so sweet. and good luck with the house! (ETA: you have inspired me with your tale of cutting your hair for locks of love. my own hair is so long i sit on it if i don't pay attention, and i've been thinking about cutting it. i think i will do the same thing you did!)

our housing sitch sucks. i checked the paper this week and there is nothing that has 3 or more bedrooms and that is $800/month or less. i know i know... it sounds like i am asking for a miracle, but up here, in the back of beyond, it's not all that impossible. it just is right now. like, since i've been looking.... grrr...

since myself and the mr, and all the kids have been sick on and off for weeks, i decided thart i was going to strip all the beds, not just sheets and pillowcases but the waterproof sheets and matress pads and comforters and everything and take it all to the laudromat for some heavy duty cleaning. $30 later... ye gods, i couldn't believe how much they charge for the damn washers! $4.50 a load!!! i was there for 3 hours too. BUT it's all done now and it was so nice to have everything nice and fresh! i also tossed the kids pillows and got new ones. i'm so glad we got our tax refund and i could do these things!

todays project... (well, once i get my ass home and off the computer...) take down the screens in my kids' rooms and repair them. my little genius Z decided that he wanted to talk to the neighbor kids while he was supposed to be napping yesterday, and tore a hole in the screen so that he could stick his head out and talk to them! there were holes in 3 of the 4 screens anyway, but really... kids... oy.

i know this is cheating but ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((every single kvetchie))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
((((pixie)))) plenty of stress-free vibage, wedding vibage, health vibage and love
(((bunny))) much boo! for friends who try to bring you down
(((mando))) just 'cos she does not sucketh at all
woo! lively and her drunken posting - highly entertaining and comprehensible.
yay! for antiotter not getting shot (and being a minor internet celebrity)
***house vibes for mando & tallgirl & rv & anyone else***
(((crassy))) 'cos I just realised I missed her out
***relaxing vibes for sonik***
((((much love to everyone who needs it, and even those who don't))))

not much to report here... slacked off, ate waaaaaay to much ice cream (if it is indeed possible to eat too much phish food) while watching supersize me, which may not have been such a good idea as I now feel distinctly lardy. Made plans to pick Daphne up from the boarding place - I'm back early & H isn't back either so she's a little in-between. I want to buy her treats and make a huuuuuge fuss.

oh, I spoke to my mama today - she's back from thailand in about a week & I haven't seen her since october. We had one of those discussions where I had to stop & think "now which one of us is the mother?". While I'm very very glad she's found herself a nice man, how come she told me off for moaning about i[my] boy, but I have to listen when she moans about hers?

I've finished with the sheep for now - it's cows or piggies next. I'm off to put pictures of two of the lambkins on my myspace (now I haven't been near a sheep for two days I'm starting to miss the silly things). Oh, and stare at my phone going "text me now with a bloody good excuse for dissappearing off the face of the earth just when I'd decided you were a Nice Boy".
We had a little Pina Colada time while minipixie napped. All is calm and much less stressful at the moment. Thank you all for letting me vent in here.
I have to cheat too because I got pina colada brain(((every bustie)))
Our best friends got a pug puppy this weekend! We went to see her today, and she is beyond cute. Martini took our doggie over to see her today and the pug was a little scared, but warmed up to her by the end of the visit. We are watching her next weekend because they had a trip planned when they thought they wouldn't get her, so we're curious to see if the dogs get along well.

We also went to Trader Joe's and the fruit market, and stocked up. I now have a full wine rack, lots of free range meat, fresh fruit and veggies, and toilet paper. I will be making pizza with fresh dough tonight!

We went to a birthday party Friday, then yesterday Best Pal C came over and we got manicures. Last night, Martini and I saw "Brick," which is an amazing noir film set in a high school (fans of Dashiell Hamett and/or Veronica Mars should check this one out) and went out for Mexican with some friends we ran into at the theater. It's been a great weekend...very relaxing, and just what I need!

((((((everybustie)))))))) i'm cheating too. hope you all are doing well!
We decided to go to IHOP for dinner, first mistake. But it was brand new and we decided to go there cause it is pretty close to the house, and who can really mess up eggs and pancakes, right? Argh! 50 minutes after our order was placed we walked out because everyone around us had gotten food and the manager just kept standing there with his back to us as this pimply faced kid who looked like he was gonna wet himself kept telling us he didn't know what was taking our food so long. Mr. P is so mad he won't eat now. It's like a principle thing or something. I can't belive 50 minutes and teh manager couldn't be bothered to even com eover and apologize. We told everyone out in the parking lot not to eat there.
Me tipsy. Which means I have to post in here, yes? :-)

Pixie, are you talking about the place by the Lowe's? Just last Sunday my dad and I were talking about that place and wondering when t would open. You two should have just gone to the Sonic around the corner. M<mmm..... Soooooniiiiiccccc ...

Yay for puppies! And relaxing weekends!

Lively, please give PJ a big hug from all of his sisters at Bust.

I know I'm missing people. But Sheff and I just split a bottle of wine at dinner and I am soooooooo fucked up right noiw! So forgive me, my darlings.

Good news! About the house, I mean. Today we met the daughter of the owner of te house we want to rent. I guess she was checking to see that we're cool and can be trusted and all that. Well, it went great! In fact, I thought this gal was super cool. she could SO be a Bustie! She's a painter and she has a nose ring and I felt ultra comfortable around her. So we got along very well and met some neighbors and got along with them great, too (Cool neighbors! Woo hoo!). So we filled out a contract which will be faxed to the owner & the owner will call our references (former landlords & Shef''s employer) on Monday. And based on that info, she';ll let us know if the house is ours. But it is SOOOOOO ours, babies! I can feel it! Woo hoo!!!!!

By the by, tomorrow (Monday) is my birthday! I think I will go down to the cafe/gelato place with my laptop. Sounds like a lovely, relaxing way to celebrate.

Right now, though, I'm too tipsy. So I think I'll lay down and watch the ceiling spin. Wee!
{{{{everybody}}}} Sorry some are having such a rough time...but glad to see you all!

I am just back from TallGirlLand and my *first* trip of the season to the Ren Faire Up There. The weekend was bookended by some minor comedies of error...including finding that some "period" clothing I'd ordered was sub-par and unwearable, and having a bad headache that morning.

Things did, however, improve noted here, in a public LJ post. I have the sinking feeling that the subject of said post will catch wind of it somehow...but if I cared, I guess I wouldn't have posted it!

A note: Mandi, I'm so giggly right now I think I may have out-fanned you. :-)

*kisses to all...because she apparently has some to spare*
Thanks, ((((everyone)))), for the house vibes. Unfortunately, (unless something miraculous happens, always a possibility) it appears our purchase was never meant to be. The "final" appraisal was received late Friday, and as feared, it was $15,000 under contract price. We received word yesterday evening that the seller's realtor says she has some additional information that the appraiser didn't include - like the fact that the sellers still owe more on the house than the appraisal number - but I don't know that it will make enough of an impact to make the appraiser change his total. I can pretty much guarantee his response will be "It's not my problem you let yourself get upside down on your mortgage." It's just how the market works. As a result, the odds of this getting resolved in such a way that we still get the house have become very very small. But thanks anyway for the vibes and good wishes, and who knows? Bigger miracles have happened before - I just don't think I'm gonna hold my breath for this one.


I'll be back to post more later, but for now send some vibes for the whole newspaper story on our house, please! They are coming early this afternoon...I cleaned real good yesterday, but I'm still nervous about the walls having waterstains and various art needing to be hung or moved!
Happy Birthday Roseviolet!!!!

Yes, hon. That would be the IHOP now known as purgatory.

I can't believe I am actually glad it is monday and the weekend is over and I am back at work! Things are looking better. I think I have a handle on my cold. My face is claering up. Mr. P's parents are coming home today. They will fly back to Iowa for the actual funeral,but they have put the old lady on a morphine drip and they decided they didn't want to just sit around and wait for her to die. The good news is she came out of her comma long enough for them to say thier good-byes.
Now if I can just avoid any calls of the legal kind today, everything will be back to normal.
Happy Birthday, Rose!!!

Belated birthday greetings to Surly and Chat!!!

Tallgirl said 'dusty' in her lj, hee.

I think waterstains in NOLA should be a badge of honour.

O.M.G. (((Antiotter)))

On the weekend I got to watch the DVD Mr. Dusty gave me for my b'day. How blessed am I that someone filmed a movie, completely on location, in the city where I went to high school (a city that would unrecognizable if I went back today) with most of my friends as extras? Such a snapshot.
happy birthday rose!
((dusty)) that dvd sounds like an awesome gift.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, (((ROSE)))! hope your day is going exactly how you want it to!

*perfect interview/story vibes for amilita*

dusty, how neat re that dvd!

(((tallgirl))) sorry things look so dour, sweetie.

(((plummie))) you are just too cute. any pictures, especially of the shirtless-sweaty-and-wearing-a-kilt kind? i'm also jonesin hardcore for tallbean pics too hint hint hint!

rose, keeping all parts crossed about the house! how's shef liking the job, btw?

(((damona))) i bet your perfect home is right around the corner. keeping all parts crossed for you too, luv.

sidecar, your weekends sounds heavenly. especially the manicure part. i'm so in need of both a mani/pedi and a TJ's run ... alas, the bank account dictates not-eth this week.

vibe request: thanks for all the loan vibes, but if you wouldn't mine keepin 'em coming? the appraisal's this afternoon. trying not to be too nervous. eeep.
happy birthday rose!!! i hope you're having a good day & all is well

that sound's like a cool dvd, dusty
***house vibes for amilita***

I'm picking up Daphne tonight! It's her first birthday about now - I don't know exactly when she was born, so I'm going to pick a date. I'm all excited.

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! What a sweet, wonderful bunch of people you are!

And my day has been simply superb. For one thing, we got the house!!! Woo hoo! Granted, the lease is for only one year, but that's okay with us. Also, I got flowers from my family! So totally unexpected. And I've spoken to both parents, my brother Mike, and SmokeBoy, so plenty of birthday wishes from loved ones. Now Sheff says I need to figure out what I want to do this evening. Hmmmm. I'm serious considering going to a local bakery for dinner & just chowing down on croissants & pie for dinner!

((((((The Tall family ))))))))

~~~~~~ vibes for AMilita & the gig with the newspaper! ~~~~~

~$~$~$~$~ marvelous appraisal vibes for Chez Mando ~$~$~$~$~

Unfortunately, I have a miserable headache at the mo, so I'm going to lay down.
Whew! The newspaper people came and were super nice and took a bunch of pictures of the upstairs (home) part of our house! I thought they were gonna do mostly the, so glad I cleaned. And I rehung a few peices of art, too. And they took pictures of us. I'm scared! It comes out Saturday. If it's online, I will send a link to whomever wants it; I'm not sure I wanna link directly.

Same with the gallery website. It should be up very soon, and I don't want a direct link between here and there, but I'll send the site to ya'll if you wanna see! It's gonna be totally bloggy, with text about the art and being in the French Quarter and New Orleans and stuff like that.

Hope your headache is gone, rose! Glad your day is so great...a bakery dinner sounds fabulous, especially if you had some nice cheese to eat with yummy bread. Oh, and yay! for getting the house!!!

Sorry things aren't looking good, tallgirl. Boo.

~$~$~continued loan vibes for mando~$~$~

dusty, what a cool gift! wow.

give daphne a birthday carrot from me, mornington!

gotta go read txplum's LJ soon...

(((hugs))) and ~~~vibes~~~ for all!
It's now officially time for everyone who is interested in shirtless... etc. man-hotness to head on over to my LJ. The post after the Big Story has sample photos. Mmm.

And I know I talked to you not too long ago, but {{{{TG}}}}...that miracle could still happen.

ETA: YIPE! Happy birthday, Rosie!
Yay for Rose, now for (((Tallgirl))) and (((Mandi))). I think I just learned a thing or two about house financing.

Yay for Amilita, I would love to see the article if it goes online...
Hot sexy men with delicious accents? My birthday just got even better! But please forgive me, Plummy, if I prefer my own gorgeous man with a sexy accent. Just check out that dimple in his chin! Damn, my hubby is the hotttness!

Amilita, so glad to hear that things went well! I'll definitely want to see the story if it's on-line & I totally understand why you wouldn't want to just put a link here.

Hooray for being reunited with adorable bunny babies! Give Daphne a snuggle from us.

And Mandi, thanks so much for asking about Sheff & his job. He's really enjoying himself! He has a deadline coming up on Wednesday, but he's ahead of schedule. What's great about this company is that Sheff feels that he can really trust his co-workers and the management team. They're so much more responsible & organized than the last company he worked for ... which is probably why they get to work on such interesting projects!

Dusty, that DVD sounds super cool! Mr Dusty certainly sounds like a keeper :-)

((((hugs for Lys)))) Hope the stress eases up enough for her to post sometime soon.

Which reminds me, where is Lady Library? And Billy? And lots of other people?

I think I've decided what I want to do for my birthday evening. First I think we'll try to find the Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke University & then we'll go to a little cafe/coffee house that's set back in the woods in Chapel Hill. Should be gorgeous!
RV, what a sweetheart to think of me! Happy birthday, m'dear! ::fingers crossed the deadline hell ends tomorrah!::
Rv, 1. you need to teach me how to link pics
2. Lady library has been busy at work. I just got an e-mail from her today. She just hasn't been online a whole lot.
3. See kvetch below, doess your mom know anyone? 4. The pics of the house...OMG!!

Kvetch:I've been calling around to see how much it will cost to have my wedding dress pressed for the wedding...I am getting quotes from $15-100!
As much as I hate ironing.....I am not spending $100, and I am a little scared that the one place is charging so much less.
For a little Monday fun, I thought I'd post a link to a picture of Wally nestled in the loins of Eli.
GOOD maude amalita, that is just WAYYYYYY too friggin' cute! So cute, it should be illegal to post. I would love to see the article too.

I thoroughly enjoyed your posts here and on LJ plummie, you vixen you :-)

And a very Happy Birthday to the ever so lovely RoseV. I hope you are having a fabulous and most relaxing day and that you guys are happily settling in to your new digs. I must say, that is a gorgeous pic of you and Sheff. You are both Hottie McHotness! (I sent that hug PJ's way, and he appreciated it muchly.)

~~~~multi purpose vibes for all~~~~ and lotsa hugs & *smooches* for ((((everyone))))

I am still stressing about my lack of job prospects. I am ready to begin applying anywhere that is hiring. I'm depleting my savings at quite a rapid rate: the dog needed to see the vet, twice, had to purchase costly prescriptions for her, not to mention refilling my allergy meds I can't survive living out here without, which runs $88 for a one month supply, I still have to pay the additional pet deposit, my car's been on the fritz, it needed an oil change, tune-up, and a few other minor things. Plus I still need to get new brakes, and soon! And today I woke up to an ant infestation in my kithcen, along the sink. They are coming in from the electrical outlet, oh joy. So I am off to pick up some ant bait and various other household goods we are low on. I honestly can't remember being this broke in a loooong time, but I know that good things are ahead of me.
drive by.... happy birthday roseviolet!!!!

drive-by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSEVIOLET! and, wow, what an adorable wedding pic :-).

speaking of adorable pics, wally is too cute. funny, for some reason, last pic I took eli to be mr amilita and was bit startled to read your post "nestled in the loins of eli"!

(((lively))) sending job vibes your way (and tyger's) and loan vibes mando's and house vibes to rose, damona and tallgirl.

also, lively, give PJ a big squishy hug and tell him to PM if he wants to talk (((pinchejoto))).

~*~*~*anti-stress vibes for lys~*~*~* here's hoping lys has a nice relaxing weekend in fun surroundings with fun people to make up for the tension of late.

bunny, I did the same thing re: definition of Eli! LMAO!

Now, who could those fun people possibly be...?
Me three on Eli!

I'm off to a baseball game with the co-workers. I could really give a crap - not that I hate it, just that I have no interest - but I like the people I work with, and I said I'd go. I think I won't stay all that long, though.

And if I don't, that means more {{{{lovage}}}} later.
Just a drive-by to say Happy Birthday Rose! And much congratulations on the house.

What did you think of the game Rose, and that second period of overtime? Ummm, you guys *did* go to the hockey playoffs on your birthday, right? Hee hee.
not sure who i want to make into my next desktop wallpaper, Bryan Blaylock *homer drool* ... or wally. hee.

*jobbie and/or money from heaven vibes for (((lively)))*

amilita, glad the interview went well. definitely keep us posted.

kvetch: the appraiser cancelled on us last night. claimed a last-minute scheduling problem (which sounded suspiciously like a babysitting-for-grandchild issue). rescheduled for weds. thanks for the well wishes, but you can uncross parts in the interim.

antikvetch: luckily we got our tax refund. talk about nick of time. hope the damn thing clears soon. *fret*

kvetch: not that i can use any of it, even for a mani/pedi.
Mandi - then try this one on for size.

ETA: Not that Wally isn't The Cute, mind you. Because he is. :-)
Wally can totally kick that little drummer boy's kilt-covered arse! :-)

He's busy killing a plastic lid as I type!
well my oh my... i wander in here, cuz i'm wasting time at the computer shop, and i see that plummie is posting tasty-guy pics. my lucky day...

yeah, i have a ton of stuff i should be doing, but i'm just totally slacking off today. all the kids are back in school after being off all last week (and sick almost the whole break!), and it is definitely time for mom to take a break! can't stand being cooped up in that house anymore! and today is such a crappy, cold, grey day... yeah, i'd rather be sitting here.

i'm such a sci-fi geek too. i came to that conclusion last night about 1am when i ran down my phone battery searching for Stargate SG1 websites. this was after watching (finally!) the last 2 episodes of season 7.

my best gal pal and i are thinking of starting a little web-based business. she makes satin crib blankets we call "silkies" and i do fancy crocheted blankets in my "spare" (read: it justifies me sitting on my ass and watching tv now and then!) time. so we are thinking of joining forces and setting up a site to see if we can get anywhere with that. any ideas?

i was trying to figure out how to link to some pics off my cell phone, but i am such a computer dork... i so can't figure it out.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*these vibes are for YOU!~*~*~*~*~*~
Happy belated birthday RoseV, very belated birthday wishes to Chat, Surly and Dusty, congrats Amilita on the news story and all the new developments, I am sure it's going to be good,

~$~$~$~$ vibes for Mando, Lively, and hell, everybusty ~$~$~$~$~

(((pixie and pixie wedding))) congrats to plum for the sexy Ren Faire exploits, congrats to Damona for her pretty singing, congrats to Mornington reunion with Daphne, (((Tallfamily))) Hopefully the universe will get its karma right and find you an even more wonderful and even cheaper house, (((sidecar and martini)) I am not so much of a pet person -- not that I don't have lots of dear friends who are, so I get that they are important family members, I just don't usually have an instant attachment to animals -- but even my cold little heart got melted recently by a pug puppy.

I went to Atlantic City this weekend with Mr. Fling, it was fun but also strange, spending so much time wtih someone who I am sleeping with but have no "romantic" relationship with is weird. I am used to a lot of physical affection from those I love, giving and receiving, including my non-sexual relationships (e.g. my family, my friends), I do a lot of touchy-feely hugging, etc. Mr. Fling surely does not, and so it's weird for me. He surprised me with tickets to see the Strokes though, so that was very fun. Unfortunately we impulsively decided to stay another night (in the hotel) so he drove me to Philly at 4:30 am to catch the 5:55 train to DC, then I had my firm photo taken (I hadn't slept in days, it was NOT CUTE) and then I went to a fun DC event (the portrait ceremony for the president/first lady paintings of the Clintons) and it was very cool but I was sort of too tired to appreciate it, and left a bit early. I felt bad because my Dad brought me, and as I hadn't shared with my parents that I was going to Atlantic City for a weekend of sinning, he just thought I was tired from overwork. Which, in general I am, but still.

~*~*~*~* productivity vibes to everyone, especially those with looming deadlines! ~*~*~* And I include myself in that, since I am working on a deadline myself tonight.
driveby to say hey! and (((multipurpose hugs)))

hope that rose had a nice b-day & found a place, pixie's wedding is coming along smoothly, lively is loving her new place, damona & the kids are well, sapphy checks in more often, amilita's gallery got good coverage, mandi isn't stressed and all other busties are happy. whew!

oh, and the the arsehat at work is currently closing up the 2005 books then his ass is outta here! (i don't even think he should be doing that but our accoutant advised it would be a good idea).

eta: forgot to leave some head scritchs and snuggles for wally
Happy belated b-day, Rosie Vee! Hurray for finding a nice place with cool neighbors!

So nice to see Ms. SarahPlumWine. Mwah!

(((Crassy))) Just because.

Dusty, that DVD sounds like a wonderful gift. Mr. Dusty is obviously excellent.

~*~*~anti-stress wedding vibes for Pixie~*~*~

Sidecar, that sounds like a great weekend. I love pugs! Any pictures of your friends' pup?

(((((TallGirl, Faith, Mandi, Amilita, Lys, DM, Bunny, Damona, Mornington, Lively, everyone I've missed)))))

Brief re-cap of the past few days: my kung fu knitting student stood me up (her mom thought the lesson was set for this Friday), Saturday I drank much wine at NextDoorNeighbor's cookout/party, Sunday brunch with two friends from work, Monday worked at the shop, yesterday worked on jewelry stuff. There, you're all caught up on me.

Anti-kvetch: SapphMan got a BIG ($$$) freelance job, which he worked on all weekend, and the client was so pleased that they recommended him to another company for another freelance job that looks like it is going to be even bigger. Wow!
Mr. Dusty thinks you're pretty cool too, Sapphy, she who will be forever known as 'you know, the Bustie who took off her shirt to stop her husband going after the burglar'...
I've only read Dusty's post below as I'm off in just a couple of minutes to the doctor, but I have to say I cannot believe I'd forgotten that. I mean, that deserves to be immortalized!

So, I'm just doing a drive by for a selfish vibe request. I'm going for a nuchal translucency scan in a few minutes (leaving in a few minutes--it's in just over an hour, but I have to go home first, etc.) It's to screen for down's syndrome. As I'm 40 in June, this is obviously a worry. I know that what's done is done, and worrying can't change it, but as it gets so close I am nervous.

So vibes to handle whatever comes up would be much appreciated.

I'll let you know what happens, of course. Thanks in advance, everyone.

Martini and I fought all the way to work this morning. It's really stupid (it was about how we were late two days in a row, and this is my fault entirely, and even though we're rarely late). I guess we're okay now, but man I hate fighting, and I hate fighting first thing in the morning, and I really hate it when he's being unfair.

(((everyone))) I'm too annoyed and angry to do individual vibes.
((((anoushh))))Thinking of you and vibing for the test and results. Good luck.

((sidecar)) I hate fighting with the mr too. It just makes me want to move to Australia.

I'm so damn behind on the birthdays. Happy belated RV, and I'm glad you're settling in so well!

I'm being productive but damn am I moody. I blame PMS, as I've also become clumsy as hell. I so want to go off and buy shedloads of lovely summer stuff, but I can't because I'm broke. Wah.

Also, after bombarding me with affection and emails en masse, friends from different parts of the world have gone all radio silence, leaving me all 'guys? Guys? Where'd you all go?'

Work is going well though.
Good news so far! Thanks!!
~~~vibes for anoushh and the little one~~~

((sidecar)) I hate the fighting, too. The Mr. and I have been way too much lately. Bleh.

I get to help watch a friend of a friend's newborn tomorrow morning...she is getting her an in-home massage. I'm excited because I don't get any baby time these days. Yay! It's also fun to pitch in and help a friend do something nice for someone else, even if I don't know her.

Got lots to do at the gallery today, but I'm BUSTing and doing KittenWar endlessly in the hopes of being able to vote for Wally. Ha. :-) He's won most of his battles so far!

~~~general vibes for all!~~~
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