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Full Version: What size are your boobs?
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dang it all, my boobehs seem to be disapearing. sigh, i don't know what to do, i guess i've been skipping meals, especially brekkie in favour of flying down the street to catch the 7:30 bus for work, argh. i don't have much to lose already so now i can see the bones in my chest and my little handfuls won't even fill my hands anymore. what to do? i mean, i like them small but i have NO interest in having to replace all of my bras. again. pregnancy 5 yrs ago followed by 3.5 yrs of breast feeding saw them through about 4 bra size changes. over the last few years i have spent more money on underwear than i have on shoes and that just ain't right.
This may sound obvious, but go back to eating breakfast. Skipping that meal after all night with no food can kick your metabolism into starvation mode. If you don't give it calories, it'll find them from somewhere in your body . . . guess you know where.

Get some breakfast bars or fruit leather or individual sized yogurts or something. Something you can take with you and scarf down in a hurry (not that it's optimal, but life isn't optimal sometimes).
Pepp, I don't have any intention to be alarmist or anything, but a friend of mine with lovely tatas started losing hers a bit over a year ago. She also had some other odd health quirks going on. By the time she finally got herself diagnosed with Sjrojen's Disease (the upshot of the thing is it affects moisture/mucous production in the body) and began drug therapy a couple of months ago, her gals had shrunk from a good 36C to being smaller than my 34Bs. I saw her last weekend - she's back to a C again, and I have some very real suspicions there is a relationship to her recent treatment ...

Any change in your body could indicate CHANGE in your body. Never hurts to check things out.

[/dire paranoia]
hee, well. i'm pretty sure it's due to skipping out on meals and having only tea for brekkie and running around like crazy but... it's about time for a check up wo we'll head on over to the doc.
i was thinking about a protein shake thingy that i can take with me instead of eatting first thing in the am. i'm getting up really early and am out of the house sooner than i'd normally even be awake so food just does not appeal but by the time lunch rolls around i'm a space cadet. it's not good, i know, and my girls are suffering for it. i love my boobs, i really do, that alone is enough motivation to try and figure this one out.
Im a 17 a 30G and a size 10. Although all my mates say they'd love a figure like mine, ...its not all that good, i couldn't find any Bra's until now that where in my size...well almost, i found a 32G on and its gorgeous aswell. Which another problem i found was the larger the bra the less pretty it was.
My doctor said i could have them reduced on the NHS because i have a bad back but i find that ive got used to them and now ive found somewhere that i can get good, pretty bras from.
Having big boobs theres the problem of stretch marks ect. simple push ups Each morning (EVERY morning) has toned the muscle which is one of the hardest muscles to tone in your body.
34B but 36A fits me in a more comfortable way. yeah, yeah! Three hips for little boobies!

BTW, I hate going shopping for bras because designers assume that just cause your on the smaller side you wants the padding. I hate padded bras, a lil' padding is fine, but keep those big bulky padded ones away from me, Thank you very much!
My feelings exactly, hummingbird. I was at JC Penney the other day and ALL THEY HAD for a and b sizes were thickly padded/pushup bras. *Hello, folks, I don't feel inadequate because I'm small busted.*

it's nice having to go WAAAAAY out of your way and having to spend WAAAAAY more for a friggin bra because you have big girls. isn't it?
This may be a dumb question, but how exactly do you determine your bra size? I am currently wearing a 34A , but I don't fill the cups and was wondering if a 34AA or 32A would be a better choice for me. Anyone have input?
Hm... it looks like my post didn't make it.
I'm a 34A. To me, my breasts are like fun-sized candy bars: Good, of course, but they'd be even better if they were a little bigger. Oh well. They're still pretty great.
I'm a 36D...and I don't mind my boobs...I think they're ok. I wouldn't want them any smaller or any larger.

But for the longest time, I thought I was a C, and at the suggestion of my friend, we went to Victoria's Secret and they measured me and said I acutually should be a D. So you may want to try that out, jkat.
jkat, it's worth going to a lingerie shop and getting fitted, but there are several rules of thumb for fitting:

The band, when you first buy it, should fit snugly on the loosest setting so that you can tighten it as the band stretches over time. The band should stay parallel to the floor when you wear the bra (it shouldn't ride up at the back). If it rides up it is too loose and you need one back size down (or more). If the band doesn't fit properly, the bra isn't doing anything for you.

Straps should be tight enough to stay on your shoulders, but that's all. They should not dig in or anything.

As for cup size, other than fit, you need to remember that if you change the band size that the cup size also changes:

32B=34A=36AA All of these will fit the same size boobs, but fit different back sizes. Just something to keep in mind when you're trying to find something that fits.

A good lingerie shop will figure out your size and then bring you whatever type of bra you ask for in the right size without you have to pick through stacks of the silly things.
Thanks so much tatiana and cstars! I think I will make my way down to a lingerie shop....
38DD. My friend Johnny felt me up & was impressed.
Either 36B or 34C, depending on the fit. I love my boobs. Honestly, I think they're one of my best features! lol For a teen girl, I think my size is pretty practical.. noticeable but not too much of a hassle.

On a recent cottage trip my girlfriends voted me "best boobies". Supposedly I get to pass the torch on the next trip.

Today is a good esteem day. A good day to talk about my boobs!
36 DD or 38 D. In a recent gathering taking place in a hot tub, the women were rated in either bronze, silver, or gold.

I was the only woman, out of 5, to get the "gold." I love my boobs, they're what I've got going for me these days, but I'm wondering when they're going to start causing problems. :
I have the 34 ds. I hate them, I can't wear cute tube tops or swimsuits and, since they are rather disportionate to my body, I can never find a shirt that fits properly. I'm hoping that when I lose weight they will go down a bit, but I'm afraid that its just a dream....
34A With the assistance of The Pill, I can now fill out that cup size nicely. I love my body, and my breasts, but its really fun having more to..swing around.. I recently indulged in a rather padded, pushup bra from Vickies and was pleasantly surprised (and mildly irritated) by the extra attention the padding got me. So it goes.

I almost miss being flat, but the boy loves the new additions to our relationship - he has large hands, so being flat didn't bode well, even if they filled up /my/ little hands.

The one problem I regularily face is that noone seems to make clothes that fit properly... I'm rather slim so xs is mandatory. With larger breasts it is becomming easier to fit into shirts but now I just look really busty (even though they're only As). Seems as if I'm damned either way :P
I'm exactly like you french: 34A with OC's.
Although I haven't been on this pill for too terribly long (month and a third), and I hope they don't SHRINK again.
Mine are 38dd. I love my boobs! They are big but they arent saggy, which is always nice.
omg, yes! bettie seriously has the best boobs! They're sooo not saggy and she can walk around without a bra!
Wow! thanks cstars! You have a nice set too! lol
I was mildly dissapointed to find that my breasts didn't grow when I went on the pill. Ah well, they'll do.

I'm with you on the sizing, frenchtoast, except I have problems finding things that aren't too big around the boob area - it seems for my clothes size, I'm expected to fill a C cup at least. I'm not large, but really... Although I do like that I can wear low-cut tops without feeling like I should be saying "hello, I'm mornington and these are my breasts".
I never had size to go with my perk until I hit 30 and started working out (specifically, the pectoral/shoulder/arm weight training). I laughed my bum off the whole year, thinking "We must, we must, we must increase our bust" might actually have WORKED.

34B now, and perfectly happy with 'em.
I'm a 36B with NO cleavage. I used to be a little paranoid, even though they're a nice shape etc. Then my friend told me that 'reverse cleavage' is in. So I guess I'll be content until that trend is over!
what the heck is reverse cleavage? i'm trying to imagine it but i must be all wrong.
I'm thinking maybe it's good definition on the... underside?? That can be seen through clothes? Does that make any sense?
I dunno, I'm probably wrong.
it's having NO cleavage but wearing really revealing clothes. Imagine J.Lo in the green dress a few years back...I'll try and find a photo
i am still 34b/c, depending on the bra. really, because i have such a small back, i'm 32d but hardly anyone even makes that size. that and the fact that my boobehs point outwards-ish makes for very difficult bra shopping. if it fits around it never, ever fits in the cup. those cups are always too close together and chestally centered to accomodate me. it sucks. lately i've been wearing a lot of those reinforced chest tanks tops so i'm supported in a not so constraining manner. i hate underwire with a severe passion, it makes marks on the underside of my boobs that won't go away even after months of not wearing it. good thing the girls're still firm and perky-ish (i only breast-fed for almost 4 years after all).
You breast-fed for almost four years? That's a long time, is that supposed to keep them perky and firm?
I have the same problem with bras pepper- the cups are pretty much always too centered. I always end up with lines underneath, and on the sides of my girls
Not to be presumptuous--but here I go anyway--have you tried upping the cup size. I used to have a similar problem with the digging in at the sides, but it went away when I went up in size. Just thougth I would throw that out there, even though you've probably already considered it.
Do you mean, going from like a 34A to a 36A (supposing they make that)?
I actually hadn't thought about it...
Thanks for the suggestion!
no, that's not cup size. the number is the size around, the letter is the cup. and as you move up in number, you actually move down in letter.
for example, my girls fit into the c-cups of a size 34 but the same size cups on a size 32 are called d. if i went up to a size 36 cups of the same size would be called b. weird but true.

and yes, of course i try on at least three sizes of the bra i'm trying to fit myself into, adjust the straps, etc. my boobs are just too big for the size of my back, they point more on an angle than dead center. when i find a bra that actually fits my handfuls it's always too big around. i've taken to hacking them up and reassembling them to fit but that is just such a drag. and seems a bit funny to do to a new thirty or forty dollar item.
Never having been a girl, I feel a bit awkward explaining this, but you can verify the fact in an artist's text book on drawing the human figure.

They all point out. If you run a line through each nipple you find that they intersect at a 90 degree angle at the spine.

Any other angle would make you a freak. You can rest easy on that point and look elsewhere for the problem. A bra specialist probably can identify it for you.

boblink, Many bra specialists have helped me. seriously, my girls point OUT. like a comic book girlie. if my back were wider they'd point more forward but since it's not, i call them my hitchiking boobehs.
i'm not complaining about the girls at all, they're awesome, it's just finding a bra that's the pain.
OHMYCOD! I hate bras even more now since you told me about sizing!
I'm not entirely sure going up in cup size would be good for me, though. My jumblies also seem to be somewhat wide, rather than protruding, so if I went to a bigger cup size I'd probably have puckering. Does that make sense?
Upping the BAND size, not the cup size, is probably the way to go here. Instead of going from, say, 36B to 36C, go from 36B to 38B. I've had to do this recently myself. It can make the loveliest difference. (Ooh - and comfort. So much better.)
Tanks, maimy. I'm about to go and see if I can find something that works. I ought to find a specialist...
I tried out this little doohickey, and it told me I'm so small I don't need a bra (not in those words exactly, harhar). Should I be pissed, or gleeful?
Ahh, be gleeful whatever you've got, as long as you love 'em. I might be PO'd at the dismissive "analysis" that site handed down, but not about my actual tatas.
Wee! I found the cutest demi bra at Dillards the other night. I'm no longer pissed!
36D. I really love having big breasts, especially on an hourglass figure. Sometimes it feels pretty awesome.
Awww, Boblink, that's so cute, but while I'm willing to believe an "artist's text book on drawing" says all breasts sit in the same position on the human chest, even a cursory look around at the great variety in real live women will show that it simply isn't the case.

I myself ain't got no "90 degree angle" going on.
32B, been this size since I was 18, I'm 23 now. I wish I had a little more but not too much. I think a 32-34C would suit me fine.
I'm 34A, I wish I had a little more too, I've always wanted to fill out Bcups. But I'm thankful I grew out of my AA's. I guess it's natural to desire what you don't have.
hey solaria and Allison-Shine, there is the Small Breast Support Group Thread used for this topic.
I think I'm a 32a but I have nursed 4 kids and they have shrunk more and more everytime.I started out as 36c before all my kids.Nursing is worth it I just hate how it makes your boobs shrink.
thanks stargazer. I guess that did soiund a little whiny..... other than that though, I do really love my boobs I think they're fabulous.
they are growing exponentially as i sit here typing because i'm about to begin the process of expelling the lining of my uterus for the next 5 days so who knows how big they'll be by the time i hit "add reply".

that said, i'm normally a 36F or (DDD) and big fan of the "frederick's of hollywood." bra selections.

now when i say, normally , mind you, I mean the last 3 years during which i've had a graduate school induced growth spurt (yes, that's what i'm calling it) that has seen fit to manifest itself most prominantly in my chest area (as my dad used to call it)

i was a 36C for most of my life including about 1 year after I started wearing a bra at age 12 and now it's like "BOOBS BUSTING OUT ALL OVER!" at age 41.

i protest.
Ladylezbrarianny, there's a large breasted thread as well.
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