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redding -

After I had my copper IUD inserted, I expected to go through hell. But I didn't. I had a few crampy periods and I still have heavier flow than pre-IUD. However, it's still within the range of "normal," and I just make sure I have lots of extra giant tampons for the first couple days of each period now.

obelix is right about the spotting before and after menses. But I was thinking this week, while I began to spot, "Oh! I better get the extra giant tampons ready." And somehow it seemed like a convenient warning.

And the strings - I got them trimmed because my guy partner could feel them. Now they hide most of the time and if they get moved around I can move them back pretty well (depending on how high my cervix is and how I'm sitting :-)).

BUT! Truth be told, the cramping in the first month or two was pretty sucky sometimes.

And, though I didn't have any real expulsion, I did worry, and I even had a dream it came out in the shower and I was going to get pregnant. Yikes!
this has kinda become my log for my iud. i started bleeding again yesterday after a glorious maybe, 10 days, of not bleeding. it's weird how much more i appreciate NOT bleeding now.

anyways i checked back to see when i last complained about bleeding and it was june 14th. so i'm thinking it IS getting further apart. It'll be 3 months next week that I've had mine, so hopefully after this it'll be smoother sailing.

i'm still having small cramping more regularly. i can feel the thing going through my cervix and sometimes it makes me kinda freak out, like i just want it out! but then i think at least i'm not worried about getting pregnant.

i dunno, i guess i didn't think i'd be able to really feel it, which is dumb i guess, cause it's a piece of plastic in my body-why wouldn't i be able to feel it....
I wish that I'd known about this thread before I got my IUD.

I got the copper T in January. I think that I've had good luck, apart from the killer cramps and intense bleeding during my period. I only spotted a few different times during the first month. But, does the heavy bleeding and cramping ever go away?
I just got the Paraguard on Tuesday. The insertion wasn't too bad, but I have a pretty high pain tolerance. The worst part for me was when she clamped my cervix with some thing, I forget what it was called. I felt a bunch of cramping right then, but it didn't get any worse when she actually inserted the thing. My 'gina was all weird and dry and sore feeling that day which I think was due to the Betadine, and now I am having some brownish spotting, but other than that it's doing pretty well. I am anxiously awaiting my next period to see if the cramps and bleeding are horrible. I hope not!
Gargh- still spotting a bit from that last period that started, oh, July 6th. Nice 11 day period. I mean, it's totally light except for 2 days, so it's not so bad. But I have to basically wear a pantiliner every day, just in case. I don't like that, and I hope that changes. It's now been 3 months. I'm praying that this month goes better and I stop fucking bleeding already!
i feel so bad-my boyfriend's penis has two small hole-like things on the top of it. it's from my iud strings. i guess when he pounds me hard, it stings and hurts. crap:( i mean they looked painful-like something had just been poking it and poking it.

i'm going to the dr. since i haven't been since insertion (whoops, my bad-my dr. left and i'm scared to go to a new one). i hope they can trim the strings or something, otherwise he's going to have crazy looking scars.

does anyone know?
I talked to the nurse practitioner who inserted mine about whether it was likely to bother the guy since I had read about that here. She said that in her experience, the Mirena tends to cause more problems, because the strings are stiffer. I don't know which one you have, but that might be the issue. For the Paraguard, the strings are softer and she said she likes to leave them longer so they kind of curl up. The first time I had sex with mine in, the guy didn't notice it at all. I have been having sex with him for a while, and he is pretty big, too, so it seems to be working out. Unfortunately, it kind of seems like getting the strings cut shorter could cause it to be even worse, because they might be more prickly. I guess get it checked out and see what they say!
thanks-yep i have the mirena. my sister has it too and never mentioned this. you're right, i don't know if cutting the strings will help or hurt. tha'ts like, a pretty major downfall, i'd say. blah. i hate stupid birth control.
bump for zahia smile.gif

Wellll, I have been bleeding for over a week now, and it's not too fun. It started out with what seemed like a pretty light period, and I was all excited, because I thought maybe the iud was somehow making my period *lighter* for some reason. Ha ha. On Thursday it got super heavy, and it's been that way ever since. I've had mild cramps off and on throughout which really haven't been bad at all, however I used to only get cramps on the first day of my period, so it is a little more than usual. I hope things even out over the next few months, because it is definitely not going to be fun to have my period for half the month. That almost cancels out the benefits of the iud in the first place. Although I do kinda like fucking while I am bleeding. But as more of an occasional thing rather than daily! smile.gif
Thanks Maddy! smile.gif
It really sounds like the first few months can be pretty rough, but I think I'm gonna give it a try. The only worry I have is that I have a PT test (swimming, sit-ups, push-ups) coming in the beginning of October, and my promotion hinges on it, so I've gotta be able to perform well. I think I might wait until after that. I'm afraid the heavy bleeding/cramping will mess with my swimming routine. But after October, I will be able to take a couple days off here and there if I need to. I'm not gonna see Mr Z until January or February, so I won't know for a while whether or not the strings affect him. I'm thinking about Mirena, just because of the whole cramping issue, but then there's the poky strings to deal with. Argh!!
Thanks so much to all of you for posting, FINALLY i get to hear what real women say about it, not just some promotional advertising website, or my mother, who is basically convinced that if I get an IUD my uterus will fall out into the toilet or something
I got the paraguard today and the insertion didn't hurt at all! I was expecting it to be really painful. I did just have a baby on July 6th, so the pain may be more of an issue with women who haven't given birth.
i'm still having random periods and spotting on my mirena. i'm fuckign sick of it, it's been 4 months. it better chill out.

my sister has two kids, and she got her mirena and didn't have another period after that-seems like maybe for some reason it works better when you've already had kids? or maybe it's just random.

i have to go to the dr. to get my strings cut or something.

i think it's a good idea to wait until after your test, because there is some weird new random cramping that i've had, and wouldn't want to have to perform in the first month or so.

i'm really frustrated, because i've been bleeding so much. the whole point was so i can have sex, but i'm all bloody all the time and don't enjoy sex when i'm bleeding. grrrrrrrrrr
my sister has two kids, and she got her mirena and didn't have another period after that-seems like maybe for some reason it works better when you've already had kids? or maybe it's just random.

i think it's a good idea to wait until after your test, because there is some weird new random cramping that i've had, and wouldn't want to have to perform in the first month or so.

i'm really frustrated, because i've been bleeding so much. the whole point was so i can have sex, but i'm all bloody all the time and don't enjoy sex when i'm bleeding. grrrrrrrrrr

maddy, word.

altho, I've had a kid and the insertion hurt like bloody (ha) hell anyway.
then again it was 11 years after her birth, so maybe that it's better if it's more recent?

and yah, I got mine in what, Oct was it, or was it Aug or sept of last year? and I've more or less resigned myself now to the freakish misery of it; longer periods w/ little rhyme or reason to cramping etc etc, altho there does seem to be a decrease in pyschotic pms- always a good thing!

I pissed the mr off when I told him I'm ready to embrace menopause, bc I'm frickin' sick of dealing w/ all this and want to be done w/ it once & for all. I've fought & struggled w/ bc for the last 17 years of my life, at times getting really, scarily (depo) sick from side affects. it really shouldn't be this hard.
I'm only 35.
it made him very sad I think to hear me say I'd rather give up my fertility. and with it his too, than fight it anymore. ( & no, getting him fixed isn't a -le sigh- option either, but that's a whole other topic in and of itself.)

I never went back to the dr for a follow up.
damn. either way I'm about due.

we just changed med clinics and I'm a little stressed now, bc I have no idea who my new pcm is, if they even have a seperate gyno there, what hoops I have to jump thru or who's ass I have to kiss to get an appt there.


zahia- are you military? I ask bc you mention PT Test.
my mr is a soldier. I'm w/ maddy on the waiting til it's over, just to be safe.
i think i'm finally over the spotting. knock on wood. but, it seems like things have normalized in just the last few weeks. i haven't bled since i actually had a period, so that's good. i'm really hoping it'll continue to get better.

I've had my Copper IUD for 3 years now. My periods are heavy, and crampy, but no different than before my IUD. I've been ignoring my one side effect for years though, since I've been so happy to be BC hormone-free. My cervix has been sensitive since having it put in. Sometimes it's too painful to have sex in certain positions, and when I put in tampons I sometimes feel a little pain if it's deep. This, plus pokey strings freak my husband out, so I finally realized maybe I should go have my IUD checked again.

I can't find anything on the internet about pain during sex except relating to men or infections. Does anyone else experience this?
I posted a while back that my boyfriend had two holes poked into his penis from my iud strings. Whoops. It doesn't hurt me at all, but we found that position doesn't really work anymore, sadly. But hey, at least I don't have a kid.

I'm not sure why it would be hurting you though, I'd definitely go get it checked out. That seems weird that a tampon would hurt. I don't know anything really about the copper iud. I wonder if there are any discussion/message boards about it? I found a bunch on the IUD when I was trying to decide.
I spoke to a woman yesterday who also had the copper t and just had it removed, due to similar problems we've been discussing along w/ possible endimertiosis issues too.


her insertion was totally painful like mine was, and she too expected to have to have it surgerically removed, but nope!
she said they put her legs in the stirrups like for an exam, the lady got the strings and pulled it right out w/ no trouble, easy as that. didn't feel it. said a pap smear hurt worse (which they did while she was there anyway).

this is encouraging news for me.

I'm somewhere wavering in the middle of yes & no as to it's removal. ( see rant in a letter to my mr late last week in the Letters thread.) part of my fear was how much it might hurt based on the insertion.
minus that I still don't have a Plan B alternative I'd totally have it taken out now.

were I given the chance to do it over again? I wouldn't have done it sad.gif
oh freckleface, i just read your letter to your mr. i really feel bad for you sad.gif YOu should NOT have to be going through all of this misery with hormones and pills and stuff that makes you hurt!

it is SO fucking frustrating that women still completely carry the burden of birth control. i mean, condoms are one thing, but you have to use another method besides condoms anyways! so really, it's up to us.

it is so annoying that my boyfriend doesn't have to deal with it or worry about it. i understand why he doesn't want to get snipped-but why is it all or nothing for men? we have a bunch of different kinds of B.C., but why don't men?

my iud is feeling a lot better, i'm back to sorta regular periods and i feel ok about it. every now and then i want to just rip it out of me, cause it's just this foreign object in there and sometimes it really freaks me out that it's there.

(btw, treehugger did have a tubal and recovered really well, i think-might want to ask her about it-i mean, i know it's surgery, but once it's done, it's done)
Hi, I recently tried the IUS, or Mirena coil and it was terrible, all sex was painful and worse than that even after masturbation I had really bad cramps the next day and I put on loads of weight, had at least 14 day periods and the water retention was terrible. In the end I just stopped any sexual activity, it was like aversion therapy. I had it removed recently (and painlessly) after 8 months, and my periods have been ridiculously heavy ever since, but I'm just glad it's out. However a friend at work has had one for years and she hasn't had a period and it's great. So I suppose it works differently for different people...

I think I'm going to get my copper t removed.

the mr realises now how totally shitty it's been for me, (now that it's affecting him <le sigh>), and as I'm unsure at this moment about a tubal, I guess we're just going to go back to condoms for the time being. (his actual words, to ease my mind, that he would actually voluntarily wear them).

who my actual dr is is somewhat up in the air as w/ the mr's job change also came some changes in where I go and crazily, I want to go someplace I feel comfortable enough to return to and can discuss other options (such as the surgery), but at this point, the mr is actively encourgaing me to just do it now.
he's right.

this hasn't gotten any better.

edingirl, your removal (tho not the same type of iud ) really was painless?
Ok, here's my next update post on the Mirena IUD. I think I've finally really smoothed out my cycle. My period is VERY light-like tampon for 1-2 days and then panty-liners for the next few days. I used to use super tampons, etc. So, that's pretty cool. I had a bit of breakthrough bleeding between periods, which is a pain, but it's not too bad.

My boyfriend hasn't said he can feel it anymore, so either we've just adjusted or the strings have moved or something...

I get cramps now the day before I start, which is weird to me. They are different cramps, more from the cervix or something.

Also, I've lost weight since going off of the pill. My boobs have shrunk back to their normal B- cup size. I'm glad to lose the few pounds, but I have to admit I'm a bit sad about my boobs-I finally got to have biggish boobs for a couple of years!

So, to sum up-I love it! I'm soooo happy I don't have to mess around with pills and worry about forgetting or anything.
Sorry to all you guys who are having trouble with your IUDs! That really sux. An update on my copper one which I have had for about 4 months now: I really haven't had any problems. My period is slightly heavier and a little longer, and I usually start spotting several days before it actually starts. That's about it, though, I am very happy with it. No one that I have had sex with has noticed it at all. The only weird thing is that my right boob has been sore more than usual. Like my boobs used to get sore right before my period, but now the right one stays a little bit sore kind of all the time. It's weird, and I'm not totally sure if it's related to the IUD, because I can't think of any rational explanation for this, since there are no hormones in the copper one, but it only started after I had it inserted. The soreness feels exactly the same as the pre-period soreness felt prior to getting the IUD, so I don't think it is something completely new. Who knows? Good luck to everyone else with getting your problems resolved!!
Another update-for anyone who is interested, on my Mirena IUD.

Ok, I got it in April, and for months my period was all over the place. for the last few months, it's totally been regular and normal. it's MUCH lighter, mostly just spotting for several days, and 2-3 days of actual period. i only use a few tampons during the whole week, because its' just really light. yay!

i was hoping it'd stop like my sister's did, but ah well.

other than that, nothing. no side effects, no discomfort, nothing. once in a great while me or my boyfriend can kinda "feel" it during sex, but it's only happened 4 times, and it's really not a big deal, we just switch positions a little bit.

i just love it. i don't have to think about it at all. i never have to think about taking a pill or worry about getting pregnant. (i mean of course i still could somehow..) when i think of it being in there, it kinda grosses me out, but mostly i just don't think about it. i am aware of it right before my period and a bit during-just a slight sensation and i can tell it's there.

i don't check the strings-i can tell it's in there. i just finally got my check up and dr. says it's there, looks fine. she did say that the strings were pretty short, and that might be why my boyfriends cock got a couple tiny red holes in it. whoops wink.gif so i'd advise people to not go too short on the strings....

anyways, i just love it! it was extremely painful going in, and getting used to it was hard, but now i just never even think about it. and, i'm set for 4.5 more years! i don't have to thinka bout birth control until i'm 34! woooot!!!!! at that point i may just get my tubes tied and be done with it!

the other thing-my cramps are totally different now-less painful but also just different, in a different area and feel like a slightly different kind of pain...
Hello! I've been hanging out in the BV area...but I thought I'd come over and share with you all my IUD experience...
I have a 3 year old daughter, and my current boyfriend and I are not ready for more kids, so, I thought and IUD was a practical, non invasive, responsible choice.
My GYN suggested Mirena due to the fact that it "decreases " periods. When I had it inserted, it really was only slightly uncomfortable for a seond. Shortly after getting it, I developed an infection, which they are more prone to. Treated that with metrogel, but the profuse offensive odor never really seemed to leave. I did everything I could...douching with tea tree oil...etc...
Also, there was constant spotting, all month long. Sometimes during sex, which would promptly end it. I really wanted the IUD to work, it seemed like it would be so great once all the nonsense stopped.
Well, from there, the spotting was constant, and inbetween was discharge, REALLY REALLY stinky and thick, sometimes brown, which I was told was blood..gross?! I though if I just gave it time that my body would adjjust and adapt to it being in there.
I still had periods, too, they say they go away, to sometimes only 4x a year. I had mine every month, but it was dissipated to alot less, and brown alot ICK!
Anyway, this basically went on for 9 months, including the part where my boyfriend and I temporarily broke up because of so much frustration, and I had a naturopath treating me, and did a total diet change and cleanse, boric acid, you name it.
After 9 months I finally had it taken out. That thing and I just didn't agree with each other. It was a waste of money, unfortunately. And seeing as I paid out of pocket, when it was all said and done, it was around $1500.
IUDs apparently aren't for everyone. I still wish it would have worked though.
I'm hoping to get some reviews on the copper IUD (not Mirena). I've read all the posts in this thread, and they've answered some of my questions, but I'm still wondering about some things.

I really want to go hormone-free (been on pill for 10 years!) and there is just too much risk involved with barrier methods, so copper IUD seems the best option. So, I know I can expect heavier periods, more cramping/pms, but what about other side effects from coming off long-term use of hormone BC? Acne, weight issues, etc.?

Also, does someone feel comfortable elaborating on what specific positions cause pain/discomfort during sex? When does your partner feel the strings?

I've got my yearly gyn exam next month, so I do plan to discuss it with my Dr., just wanted a little user-feedback first . . .
prophecy grrl- I'm not sure about the issue with coming off bc pills. I guess your body and natural hormones would have changed a lot over 10 years, so it's hard to say what you might expect. In my experience with the copper IUD (have had it for about 6 months), my periods were quite a bit worse for the first few months, but now they have stabilized pretty well. They're slightly heavier with a little more cramping than before the IUD, but it is very manageable for me. The strings on the copper one are softer and seem to cause less of an issue than the Mirena. My sex buddy's dick is over 8 inches, and he says he has never even noticed them in any position. I haven't felt anything different either. Very occasionally I will get a tiny bit of spotting after very deep penetration, but no pain or anything like that. That's just been my experience, hope it's helpful.
I can't help you with the IUD info, Prophecy, but I was looking for info on bacterial vaginosis (I don't know why- I don't have it, but after lurking in the BV threads here, I'm freaked out about it...just being paranoid, I think) and one of the pages I read said that having an IUD puts you at increased risk for BV. The BV thread here has some *very* informed people, so maybe they can provide more information about that, but it's something to consider.

Have you considered Essure? Not sure how permanent you're looking for, though.
hey prophecy grrl, this is my first post i just joined today. i immed. wanted to reply becuase i just got a copper iud last month. you should do fine with the insertion as you are a mother, apparently that makes it a lot easier, lucky u! as for positions my bf told me he could feel the strings only once in like a low doggy style. cramping is definately worse and period length doubled in my case, but it's only been a month. i recommend it though despite this as hormons can kill you and they last 3-5 years. good luck!
Thanks all for the feedback - it is most helpful.

polly - My understanding is that you are at more risk for BV with multiple partners and that's not an issue for me. No, I'm not quite ready for the leap into permanent BC and when I am, it will be prophecy_guy's problem. I've been responsible for BC for 10+ years, so he can have his turn!

hellkat - not sure how I gave the impression that I'm a mom, cuz I'm definitely not! huh.gif Still the installation (or insertion, I guess!) does make me nervous. Not just the pain, but the whole risk-of-perforated-uterus; yikes!

Still not making a definitive decision 'til I talk to my doc.
sorry i must have read that elsewhere....gooodluck either way!!

sorry i must have read that elsewhere....gooodluck either way!!
The risk of perforated uterus thing really freaked me out too. But then the nurse practitioner reminded me of the risk of death and complications associated with pregnancy which is actually like 2% or something, and that made me feel a little better. Anything we do with fertility, sex, etc. has some amount of risk associated with it, so it's sort of a risk/benefit analysis, I guess. We all have to find our own comfort levels though, obviously.
just wanted to revive this thread....

i just got the paragard inserted a few days ago and have had some light bleeding and cramping, but nothing too serious. i usually dont have any cramping with my period and only bleed for a few days. i was wondering has anyone used a menstrual cup with the paragard.....should i wait awhile to use it?? i dont see why there would be an issue, but just wondering if anyone had info.....
hi there all. i have been reading about the paraguard and im interested. i have an appointment for insertion thursday, but i won't be on my period. the doctors says this is ok, but may be painful. just how painful is this? im wondering if anyone can tell me. also, does anyone know if it matters that i had the LEEP procedure 5 years ago for cervical cell displasia? i am also concerned about the heavy bleeding. it sounds like everyone has it! yikes! im having second thoughts about going through with it!! any suggestions?

i only had bleeding for a few days following insertion, and it was more like spotting. i'm having my first period on the iud now and ive had a bit more bleeding (maybe twice as much as i had while on the pill), but its definitely manageable for me.

as far as the pain goes, for me, it was pretty painful, hurt a lot and i had bad cramping during insertion, and some mild cramping the rest of the day, then nothing really. but the insertion only lasts for maybe ten seconds or so. ive also never had a kid, and i hear that if you have the insertion is less painful. hope this helps.
bellakay, i got my iud about 2 years ago and am soooo happy i did it. yes, the insertion was a bit painful, but no more so than the LEEP you had done (i had also had a LEEP and colposcopy prior to getting my iud). the pain is more crampy than sharp; at least it was for me.

i'm a little embarrassed to say that i can't remember what kind of iud i have; the one without, maybe that's the paraguard. see how little you think about an iud after you have one for awhile? it's awesome!

Yes, my bleeding is heavier now, and my cramps are actually a little worse than they were before. But, i really feel like those are small prices to pay for not having to remember to take a pill, or deal with hormones, or any of the other shit that comes with the various birth control methods that just never felt right for me.

the iud isn't for everyone; i found that it was the easiest way for me to be more responsible. either way, you can always have it removed if you don't like it. your gyno will probably tell you to give it at least a 6 month trial, though.

my two cents...good luck!
Bump for deschatsrouge
I'm getting A mirena inserted to treat my polycycstic ovarian syndrome. any advice? does it hurt? Will I need time to recover?
hey, i have a mirena-you can scroll down through this thread to see my experiences with it.

it hurt bad. honestly, it did. BUT, it was very fast. but dang, it hurt in new and special ways. definitely take a painkiller beforehand. if you can, bring someone with you. my roommate hung out in the waiting room and then called the cab to take me the 3 blocks home, because i had puked and pooped a bunch at the doctor's and my stomach hurt so bad i couldn't stand up straight.

my dr. said that messing around with the cervix can cause problems with blood sugar levels, so afterwards i couldn't sit up because i kept feeling like i'd pass out. she gave me some juice and that helped, but then i had to run to the bathroom to pooh and puke at the same time smile.gif it was lovely smile.gif i think a lot of it was that i was SO scared about it-so i had all this adrenaline in my system and stuff.

not to scare you-it wasn't THAT bad. once i got home into bed i was ok. it is a weird feeling. i took some pain killers. mostly it was just these new weird feeling cramps. i would plan on going home afterwards and if your partner can be there that'd be great.

it took a while for the spotting to ease o ff, but i LOVE it now. i pat my belly all the time and am SO happy that i have it. my periods are so light-i even use the slim tampons now! instead of supers, so it rocks my world!

hope this helps-check out the rest of this thread.
Does anyone know or know where I can find statistics on the risk of expulsion for women who have not been pregnant before? I'm not sure if there is a difference in this case between the Mirena or Paraguard-but I am specifically interested in the Paraguard. I think this possibility is the only thing that bothers me about them-because they are expensive, and I'd hate for it to pop out after a week of having it--but if the chances are low, then it might be worth a try. Thanks!
After much deliberation, research, and speaking to my Dr., I've decided to get the Paraguard. My appointment is mid April, but maddy, I gotta say the pain you speak of is scaring me a little ohmy.gif

Humanist - I found the Mayo Clinic and Planned Parenthood sites to be the most helpful when I was researching. I asked my Dr about expulsion, as I have never been pregnant. She said expulsion occurs in about 7% of all women, with non-moms being at a "slightly higher" risk. I also asked her about increased risk for BV and other infections. She said as long as you have a history of normal paps, no current or untreated STDs, and you don't have frequent multiple partners, the risk is negligible. They'll probably want you to have a pap and STD screening before you get the IUD inserted. Interestingly, often when expulsion occurs, you don't realize it. It's more likely that it will just become "dislodged" but still remain in the uterus, which means you could have an accidental pregnancy. Expulsion usually happens in the first few months, so you may want to use a back up method of BC for awhile.

As for the cost, my Dr's office contacted my insurance provider and it turns out they'll cover the whole thing, I just have to pay the office visit co-pay, so I'm actually saving money by not getting a prescription every month.
Hey there-sorry to scare you about the pain. i was REALLY scared about it so i think a lot of it was nerves. but it hurt-i mean, things aren't really supposed to go up through your cervix, ya know? so there is cramping. mostly it was just that it's a new feeling of pain, so i didn't know how to manage it, ya know? although my sister's didn't hurt much at all, she said. and, it really was very fast. and i never have to remember to take a pill or anything!

the first several months i was really aware of it being there- i could feel it, and sometimes it did feel like it was falling out or something-very weird sensation. but i guess i got used to it, caues it's been a year now and i can rarely feel it at all. around my period i can feel it a bit. again though, my sister is like "what? you can feel it? how weird" so i dunno...she has 2 kids though so maybe it's different.

i love my light periods and i have like no cramping now, soo nice! and no worries i mean, i can still get pregnant but i just don't have to think about it anymore, which is an amazing freedom for me-to not be a fertile woman smile.gif yay!!!!

Just got my mirena inserted today! It was fine. Felt really crampy but not worse than my usual menstrual cramps. I took a motrin and now there's no cramps. I am bleeding like it's my period now though, even though I had it last week but the doc said that's normal.
Cool! Hope you like it.
Newbie here... I have loved reading everyone's stories/opinions

I got my IUD April 20th .. this was my story then:
was EXTREMELY nervous about the pain. I had read and read about women who had not had children getting the IUD and each story was a story of pain but no regret. One lady even commented that the few seconds her cervix was dilated she felt the "single most excruciating pain of her life".

The no regret part assured to me to bite the bullet and have the Mirena IUD inserted into my uterus.... uncharted territory.

All in all .. the only pain I felt was mild cramping for a few seconds during the insertion. It was uncomfortable, but only because when you typically get a bout of cramps like that, you don't just lie flat. You usually try and console your abdomen. In this situation, I just had to lie down and take it.

Before I knew it... it was over. She tucked the string of the IUD up around my cervix for me.

Here I am, 6.5 hours later, not really feeling a thing. Every now and then I have a very mild cramp... but nothing at all like I had read about.

In the end...besides a little bit of cramping and the usual pressure that comes with a yearly exam... there was no pain.

I can't believe I wont be taking the pill every day for the next five years! Hooray!

**here I am a month later, and Saturday May12th I started my period like I was supposed to ... horrible cramps but they subsided after an hour... my period is still going on day 6! guh-reat. ugh. I hope I don't get the legendary never ending period... but we'll see.
I'm pretty new with this blog but I have read all the comments about IUDs. I had my Paraguard IUd inserted 16days ago. The reason why I started reading reviews is because I'm bleeding like a hell since then.

I don't have a kid, I had an abortion before and thought it wouldn't be more painful than an abortion procedure, but almost half way to insertion, I was giving up. It was sooo painful and I started taking deep breaths and counting backwards, then I don't remember anything because I passed out!.. My Dr. stopped and the strings were hanging down my pelvic, could be seen like a tampon string. I didn't even have a power to cut them out, I was soo in pain, my blood sugar went down so bad, no pulse at all and they had to give me IV from the vein... Sweet juice didn't even help pump up my sugar. I was worse than having an accident. I had to stay in the hospital for 3 hours and almost every five minutes, then 10 minutes, tehn half hours they took my pulse and blood presurre, when it was normal, I was sent back home after my strings were cut!...

Dr. told me I was going to bleed a lot but she didn't tell me it would take more than a week. IT's been 16days today without any break, full-time bleeding, I finally called my doctor and she told me that it's pretty normal, there is nothing i can do even if I have bleeding every single day for the next 3 months.

I'm not sure what's going to happen next, I haven't had sex yet after the insertion, and until I read this reviews, I had no idea that my b.f could feel it.. now I'm worried sad.gif sad.gif
but I don't regret because i was on mini-pills for a long time and they secrewed up my body.. Gain weight + Depression + Therapy...

For other ladies, who is waiting for the insertion, please make sure that you have a good breakfast and take strong painkillers like iboprofen... That's be my advice.
so sorry to hear you had a bad experience, sib. I'm probably going to get a Paraguard inserted next week. I know everyone has a different experience, some bad, some not so bad.
Thank you for the advice; I hope it won't be so painful.
Does it still hurt, or are you only bleeding now?
QUOTE(humanist77 @ May 30 2007, 07:30 PM) *
so sorry to hear you had a bad experience, sib. I'm probably going to get a Paraguard inserted next week. I know everyone has a different experience, some bad, some not so bad.
Thank you for the advice; I hope it won't be so painful.
Does it still hurt, or are you only bleeding now?

No it doesn't hurt right now. I only couldn't sit on my butt for a couple of hours after the insertion. I laid down most of the day that helped. I was also told not to drive to the clinic that day, they suggested me take a friend with me, or take a taxi to go home, but definitely don't drive.
I had mild cramping for the next 2 days and I had to take 2 ibuprofen every 4 hours, which was very helpful.
Now I don't have any cramps but for the 16days I've been bleeding sad.gif that sucks... mad.gif
I'm still spotting, about a month after my insertion. No cramps or pain though. My Dr. said it took 2 months for the spotting to go away for her. I have mirena though, paragard is probably different.
Sorry you guys are having so much bleeding! That sux. Sib- the one good thing is that I think that the strings are much less noticeable for the guy with the Paraguard. At least that's been the case for me and seems to be with others, too. They are much softer and more like a thread consistency rather then a fishing line consistency like the Mirena. The only time my guy has ever noticed them was when he was fisting me! He said he freaked out and yanked his hand back, because he was afraid of pulling it out or something. I didn't notice what was going on until he told me later, but everything was fine. He has never noticed it on his dick during intercourse or with a couple of fingers either.
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